linkinxpany software to watch TV online free? for ubuntu?00:00
unopxs142, try this again.   sudo useradd -G admin $USER00:00
Jordan_Usarah____, What benefits do you want specifically?00:00
co0lingFir3which tool can rip xvid video with 2 ac3 audio tracks out of a dvd?00:00
ChaosTheorykeit1: application/x-shockwave-flash Shockwave Flash swf Yes00:00
UnSuNgLoSeRa while back someone told me to install kppp!i tried to but it didnt work!said that my pc being i386 doesnt support the software!00:00
Cope57billy: I made a small tutorial already in a forum I visit http://usalug.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=103507#10350700:00
macdco0lingFir3, dvdrip.00:00
billysweet thanks00:00
orudiebazhang: there?00:00
Cope57no need for 32bit browser00:00
linkinxpUnSuNgLoSeR:  yea i had that error too00:00
sarah____stability, and security00:00
xs142unop I typed "sudo useradd -G admin $USER" and pressed enter00:00
ChaosTheorykeit1: And it has flash under .flv, too.00:00
keit1ChaosTheory:  billy: then flash should be working if you see that in "about:plugins"00:00
billycope57 it says i need to log in00:00
unopxs142, ok, now what does this report?  grep -i admin /etc/group00:01
UnSuNgLoSeRlinkinxp did u fix it?00:01
noname6474Hello there,00:01
keit1ChaosTheory: thats really weird.  I'd purge you mozilla folder in your home ~/.mozilla and start again00:01
orudiewhen is 8.04 coming out?00:01
noname6474Does anyone here run Ubuntu on their Mac?00:01
ChaosTheorykeit1: The required software to play this file is not installed. You need to install suitable codecs to play media files. Do you want to search for a codec that supports the selected file?00:01
ChaosTheoryThe search will also include software which is not officially supported.00:01
xs142unop, lpadmin:x:113:xs14200:01
keit1orudie: april 23rd?00:01
co0lingFir3macd: can i rip 2 different ac3 audio tracks to avi container with dvdrip?00:01
Someone7I have to manually start Metacity after each login. For some reason, Compiz is still trying to be my default windows manager. How do I fix this?00:01
unoporudie, it has been delayed by 3 months .. it's is now 8.07 :)00:01
ChaosTheorykeit1: Can I do that through Synaptics?00:01
macdco0lingFir3, yeah I usually grab the ac3 2.0 and 5.1 tracks00:01
linkinxpUnSuNgLoSeR:  i just choose all available applications00:02
Cope57billy: http://cope57.pastebin.com/m642777f700:02
co0lingFir3macd: great! i will try it asap00:02
orudiewhat are the main updates in the new version?00:02
unoporudie, see the topic for this room ..00:02
Cope57billy wait00:02
UnSuNgLoSeRlinkinxp: tried everything!it gives me the same error!00:02
ChaosTheorykeit1: I'm "completely removing" Firefox through Synpatic.00:02
Jordan_Uurthmover, I have a core duo and everything except suspend and Compiz worked with Gutsy, in Hardy Compiz is working with the new ATI drivers but if you have an Nvidia card compiz will probably work with Gutsy.00:02
billycope57: okee dokee00:02
keit1ChaosTheory: the video may use h264, have you enabled restricted & multiverse in software sources?00:02
orudiehow can i remove a user ?00:02
linkinxpUnSuNgLoSeR:  im not sure then :( sorry00:02
macdco0lingFir3, if you have more than one box to use with it, you can run its transcoder in cluster mode, it really speeds through a bunch of dvd's that way00:02
LjLorudie: man deluser00:03
keit1ChaosTheory: no don't do that!00:03
keit1ChaosTheory: no need! lol00:03
UnSuNgLoSeRlinkinxp: ne idea what i386 is neway?00:03
unopxs142, hmm, beats me really -- the useradd command isnt working as it should00:03
ChaosTheorykeit1: Oops. =P00:03
jamesishorudie: for the hardcore, man vi00:03
keit1ChaosTheory: lol00:03
Cope57billy:    sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree nspluginwrapper00:03
co0lingFir3macd: i dont get what u mean? can dvdrip do it's work on more computers simultaneously?00:03
urthmoverJordan_U I think I have a nvidia how do I check what video device I have?  is there a command line util?00:03
macdco0lingFir3, yes, it can, since its just a fancy gui frontend for a command line program called transcode.00:04
keit1ChaosTheory: look I gotta go to watch shameless! but w/e you do don't remove firefox completely you're gonna make more work for yourself00:04
unopLjL, maybe you know why a useradd command doesnt have any effect for xs142 ..00:04
ChaosTheorykeit1: Oh, okay. Thanks for your help.00:04
billycope57: it said i already had that installed00:04
ChaosTheorykeit1: I'll retry everything you told me.00:04
billynow what?00:04
UnSuNgLoSeRneone wid solid ubuntu knowledge,need help!!!!00:04
keit1ChaosTheory: i'll be back in an hour, meanwhile look on the ubuntuforums.org if you can't find help here00:04
LjLunop: dunno, why's he using that instead of adduser to begin with?00:04
keit1ChaosTheory: np good luck00:04
urthmoverbrb I'm gonna slap in 2 more gigs of memory brb00:04
Cope57billy, both of them?00:04
unopLjL, he isnt member of the admin group -- so i suggested "useradd -G admin $USER" .. but it doesnt do much00:05
knifepointI realise they're not part of ubuntu but does anyone know why when i upgraded last night i lost the resolution 1680 x 1050 on my nvidia drivers00:05
billynot the pastebin thingy00:05
Jordan_Uurthmover, lspci, lshw, or System -> Preferences -> Devices00:05
LjLunop, xs142: try just "adduser $USER admin"00:05
* ChaosTheory cries. 00:05
linkinxpUnSuNgLoSeR:   not really lol00:05
macdknifepoint, chances are your not running the nvidia drivers anymore00:05
billycope57: bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied00:05
co0lingFir3macd: wow that sounds fantastic00:05
Jordan_Uknifepoint, How had you installed the drivers?00:05
billywhen i do the first thing in your tutorial00:05
xs142LjL, "adduser: Only root may add a user or group to the system."00:05
macdco0lingFir3, yes, it is nice, I usually rip about 20 to the harddrive (stright vobs) then let dvdrip transcode them in a cluster queue00:06
knifepointcomplete removal and re installation and they're definitely running00:06
unopxs142, prepend that command with sudo00:06
LjLxs142: yes you certainly need to be root. are you in recovery mode already?00:06
EnderBlack_when kernels get updated they usually blow out propiertary video drivers00:06
LjLunop, if he isn't in "admin", he isn't going to be able to sudo :)00:06
macdknifepoint, well, once you bust out envy, I dont know what to tell you, other than remove it, and use the ubuntu packaged nvidia restricted driver.00:06
Jordan_Uknifepoint, Did the built in restricted-manager not work?00:06
unopLjL, yea, but he was able to sudo before thats what's entirely strange about this :)00:06
Cope57billy: System > Administration > Software Properties00:06
spiderexpertcan someone help me im new to IRC00:06
UnSuNgLoSeRis redhat any better than ubuntu?00:07
Cope57enable all your repositories00:07
billycope57 don't have that00:07
xs142LjL, unop - Adding sudo didn't report any issues00:07
LjLunop, xs142: well, try "sudo adduser $USER admin" then, also pastebin your /etc/sudoers though00:07
Jordan_U!best | UnSuNgLoSeR00:07
ubotuUnSuNgLoSeR: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.00:07
knifepointyeah restricted manager drivers didnt work at all thats why i resorted to envy00:07
ampex2KnifeHat: envy isn't necessary right now because the hardy repository has the latest nvidia drivers00:07
billycope57 just software sources00:07
Cope57that is it00:07
spiderexperthow do i join an IRC room?00:07
billyo okay then wut?00:07
LjLspiderexpert: /join #name00:07
unopxs142, also include the contents of /etc/group  with the pastebin00:07
macdknifepoint, do you have something newer than an 8800 or older than a geforece2 ?00:07
m_i love linux and the linux comunity00:07
Cope57 /join #nameof room00:07
knifepointnah 760000:07
xs142LjL, unop Wha'..?00:07
billycope57: then wut?00:07
sroojmanhey guys00:07
m_its great to be a partof it now00:08
unop!pastebin | xs14200:08
ubotuxs142: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:08
LjLxs142: start by typing « sudo adduser $USER admin », and see what it tells you00:08
sroojmando any of you happen to know how to access a network drive00:08
flagelDoes anyone know of a photo viewer that can show a continously random slideshow? E.g. you have there pictures: X,Z,Y that are shown in a similair order: X>Y>Z -> Y>X>Z -> X>Z>Y etc...00:08
zamnedixThey have a Hardy distribution?00:08
Positronickeit1, hey you wouldnt know how to acquire a list of modules for the current pc in linux?00:08
ethan961ubotu is back!00:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is back! - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:08
unopxs142, once you have run the command, use the pastebin to show us the output of this command.  cat /etc/{sudoers,group}00:08
Cope57billy:    sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree nspluginwrapper00:08
zamnedixI am so not running Ubuntu Hardy.00:08
ChaosTheoryYES! HUZZAH! I WIN! =]00:08
Jordan_U!hardy | Zambezi00:08
ubotuZambezi: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:08
macdknifepoint, well, Id prolly just go back with the ubuntu packaged drivers, they work fine for a 7600 I have, just make sure you install linux-restricted- and nvidia-glx-new, should work fine :)00:08
billycope57: already had that too00:09
zamnedixLol. I'm so sticking with gutsy.00:09
knifepointok ill uninstall envy drivers and give em another shot thanks mate00:09
armory555dose any one use Gizmo project lol?00:09
ChaosTheoryNow, to get my headphones to work. =(00:09
xs142LjL, unop, typing "sudo adduser $USER admin" just gives me a new line00:09
orudiewhat are the main features of version 8 ?00:09
UnSuNgLoSeRneed help!00:09
unopxs142, thats normal00:09
armory555dose any one use gizmo?00:09
UnSuNgLoSeRwhat does one have to do attract some attention over here?00:10
LjLxs142: then it worked, apparently. type « groups » and see if you're now a member of admin (do it in a new shell)00:10
ethan961!ask | UnSuNgLoSeR00:10
ubotuUnSuNgLoSeR: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:10
ChaosTheoryAnyone know how to make the speakers mute when you are using headphones?00:10
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR, asking a question may help00:10
PositronicDoes anyone know how I would go about disabling my bluetooth device under acpi-support?00:10
xs142LjL, a new shell?00:10
unopxs142, a new terminal00:10
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL i have been doing that00:10
sroojmanis anyone virtualizing their Ubuntu?00:10
billycope57: wut now?00:10
xs142LjL, what command? « groups » didn't work00:11
Cope57restart the browser00:11
unopUnSuNgLoSeR, ask again, we can't keep track of everything and everyone00:11
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL okay i have a huawei ETS2551 wireless UTMS modem00:11
LjLxs142: define didn't work00:11
ChaosTheoryHow do you mute the speakers in Ubuntu?00:11
billyhow do i switch to root?00:11
UnSuNgLoSeRi cant make it work with ubuntu00:11
LjL!root > billy    (billy, see the private message from Ubotu)00:11
xs142LjL, "bash: «: command not found"00:11
ChaosTheoryI mean. . . yes. How do you mute the speakers.00:11
LjLxs142, without the quotes...00:11
billyo okay00:11
ne78When upgrading to hardy, apt want to remove XMMS i want to keep it is there a solution, i don't care if it's not supported anymore just want to keep the binaries00:11
xs142LjL, xs142 dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner netdev lpadmin powerdev00:12
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR, a UMTS modem, that works how? USB?00:12
UnSuNgLoSeRthe device manager detects it00:12
spiderexperthow do i join a different server?00:12
UnSuNgLoSeRyeah USB LjL00:12
macdne78, just let it uninstall it, you can reinstall xmms200:12
LjLxs142, do it again in a virtual terminal (i.e. hit ctrl+alt+f2, login, type groups, see if there's "admin" there, then ctrl+alt+f7 to go back to your desktop)00:12
ne78macd i need xmms 1 not xmms 200:12
billywhy is access still denied to a file when i use sudo?00:12
UnSuNgLoSeRSomeone told me to install kppp but i get an error message saying my pc being i386 doesnt support the application00:13
unopbilly, what is the exact command you are using?00:13
billysudo echo "deb http://www.dipconsultants.com/debian etch main">> /etc/apt/sources.list00:13
m_have to reboot...ehm...maybe i have to reboot....have updated some files of ardour...from 2.1 to 2.3....probably...still showing 2.1 mmm00:13
macdne78, then dont upgrade to hardy00:13
billyunop sudo echo "deb http://www.dipconsultants.com/debian etch main">> /etc/apt/sources.list00:13
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR, i don't understand why you'd be getting such an error message. how did you install kppp?00:13
m_c u later00:14
UnSuNgLoSeRthrough add/remove programs00:14
unop_billy, you need this .. sudo sh -c "wget .. >> file"00:14
LjLbilly, because the ">>" is being performed by the *shell*, which is not running as root.00:14
ne78macd: i think a fake glib1.2 package would do the job00:14
Get_A_FixWile attempting to install Virtual Box in Gutsy, I get this error:  "FATAL: Error inserting vboxdrv (/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/misc/vboxdrv.ko): Invalid argument00:14
Get_A_Fix * Reloading kernel event manager... "  any help would be appreciated.00:14
xs142LjL, showed exactly the same thing00:14
macdUnSuNgLoSeR, what does uname -r tell you?00:14
billysudo sh -c echo "deb http://www.dipconsultants.com/debian etch main">> /etc/apt/sources.list00:14
billylike that?00:14
UnSuNgLoSeRkernel 2.6 smthing macd00:14
macdUnSuNgLoSeR, I have a feeling you just need to boot the generic kernel, not the 386 one00:14
sarah____anyone have their own ircd on ubuntu?00:14
Flannelbilly: Don't sudo the echo.  Just echo "blah" | sudo tee -a /path00:14
=== bluefoxx is now known as bluefox|gaming
macdUnSuNgLoSeR, well I need to know what the something is.... is it 386 or generic trailing the version number00:15
UnSuNgLoSeRi always boot the generic kernel macd00:15
LjLxs142: so you weren't added to the admin group. i don't quite undertand why... but do what unop said earlier: "cat /etc/{group},{sudoers}" and pastebin00:15
unop_billy, no, sudo sh -c "echo deb http://www.dipconsultants.com/debian etch main>> /etc/apt/sources.list"00:15
UnSuNgLoSeRgeneric macd00:15
sergevni have some problems with my pubkey login with ssh00:15
Cope57UnSuNgLoSeR: I am having a hard time looking for firmware/drivers for that particular wireless card. Where did you get it?00:15
macdUnSuNgLoSeR, meh doesnt make sense why kppp wouldnt install then00:15
ScuniziOk.. this is weird. w/Fspot I exported an image to ~/Desktop/Gallery and I can find and open the directory with Tracker.  However, I can't see it at all when I'm looking at my desktop or use Nautilus drilling to ~/Desktop/.  What's causing this?00:15
sergevncopyd succesfully to the remote users ~/.ssh/authorized_keys00:15
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR, what about « uname -a »00:16
UnSuNgLoSeRyeah i dont get it either:(00:16
sergevnwhen i try to login it keeps prompting for the password00:16
xs142LjL, "cat: /etc/{group},{sudoers}: No such file or directory"00:16
jdk1976greetings all. i am trying to install a wireles usb mouse. the present config is for Ps/2. I am looking at my xorg.conf and i am wondering if it should be as simple as changing the Ps/2 entry to usb, and or, what the proper syntax for this section is if the mouse is usb. Also, of course, i am worried about being able to change it back if the usb mouse doesn't work, etc00:16
stroyanUnSuNgLoSeR:  Have you seen http://www.openpages.info/huawei.html ?00:16
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL havent tried that00:16
jamie____jcan any one tell me how to stop kde resuming apps on login from the previous session please.00:16
LjLxs142: my bad - cat /etc/{group,sudoers}00:16
unop_xs142, this one instead.  cat /etc/{sudoers,group}00:16
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: tell me what it says00:16
macdne78, regardless of what you do, xmms1 isnt in hardy, and wasnt built against the libs in hardy, so you can 1. stay on gutsy 2. use xmms2 3. upgrade to hardy and compile xmms1 from source 4. build your own xmms1 packages for hardy00:16
UnSuNgLoSeRbut when i boot through GRUB its says kernel 2.6 (generic)00:16
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL i am currently using winxp00:17
ARGENTINOhello all00:17
UnSuNgLoSeRcant check it now00:17
orangepeelbeefis there any way to change my logon session in gdm from the commandline?  I have my box set to auto logon and its supposed to be starting vino, but it keeps starting up in xfce (mythbuntu)00:17
Cope57jdk1976: Is it a laser or optical mouse?00:17
orangepeelbeefi even set the default session to KDE and still logging me into xfce00:17
UnSuNgLoSeRall packages of Canonical aint supported on my pc that is what it says! LjL00:18
unop_macd, read the room's topic -- hardy not supported in here, #ubuntu+1 please00:18
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR, then i don't think i can help you without being able to troubleshoot using commands... just, make sure you aren't using the amd64 version of ubuntu (although it shouldn't really matter for kppp), and i've found this pretty generic howto: http://www.openpages.info/huawei.html00:18
jdk1976crap , i think i have it00:18
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR, i can't say without error messages and being able to look at files00:18
keit1ChaosTheory: do this then remove ~/.mozilla then reinstall again00:18
macdunop_, why dont you tell the person asking the question instead, Im just answering someone.00:18
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL i tried this in the terminal00:18
xs142LjL, unop - -http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61863/00:18
keit1ChaosTheory: this sorry ... sudo aptitude purge flashplugin-nonfree   then remove ~/.mozilla00:18
Cope57amd64 version will not install to a 32bit chip motherboard00:19
LjL*sigh* he hasn't removed the rot13 yet00:19
kazol_amenado: Are you there?00:19
UnSuNgLoSeRbut when i use the dmesg -c command it says operation failed!00:19
roffe__n00b here...I dl'ed americas army, and I installed it but nothing happens when I try to execute it00:19
LjLSEVEAS, it's past midnight00:19
ChaosTheorykeit1: Hi.00:19
ChaosTheorykeit1: I've got it fixed.00:19
ChaosTheorykeit1: I need to fix my headphones now. =(00:19
SeveasLjL, not in the states :P00:19
Cope57ChaosTheory; yay00:19
LjLSeveas: ¤%"## you00:19
ARGENTINOdo you know any IRC server just to have fun for a while?00:20
roffe__could someone please help me locate the error?00:20
kazol_amenado: I figured it out-second post in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20283400:20
Cope57 /join #funhouse00:20
billycope57: IT WORKS!!!! CHEA!! THANKS SO MUCH00:20
urthmoverJordan_U I'm back wow adding memory to this thing was a breeze00:20
LjLxs142: type « ls -l /etc/group » and paste the output here (it's just one line)00:20
ChaosTheorykeit1: Any ideas? My main speakers won't mute when I put my headphones in.00:21
Cope57nothing in funhouse, he just created the room, lol00:21
roffe__someone, please?00:21
xs142LjL, -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 902 2008-04-01 23:54 /etc/group00:21
UnSuNgLoSeRi installed ubuntu from the live cd i got shipped!might be something wrong with the cd i guess! LjL00:21
SeveasLjL, hint: the /plain urls are normal00:21
billycan anyone help with compiz?00:21
Cope57roffe__: no .exe allowed in Linux00:21
LjLxs142: look, reboot into recovery mode. type « adduser yourusername admin » in there. then type « grep yourusername /etc/group », and make sure something shows up.00:21
LjLSeveas: so is the edit box00:22
Cope57billy hold on00:22
orangepeelbeefah found it... ~/.dmrc00:22
roffe__cope: it's not an exe... I installed it even00:22
amenadokazol_-> and what did you have to changed?00:22
Cope57billy: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy#Advanced_Desktop_Effects_.28Compiz_Fusion.2900:22
LjLxs142: also, type now « sudo echo test » - does it say anything?00:23
Cope57version 2.5 right/00:23
ChaosTheoryCope57: Any ideas on how to make my headphones work properly?00:23
orudieis there a way to check the network's status like bandwidth usage00:23
billycope57: i have it up and running, i just want to make the desktop cube effect work cuz its not doing wut its supposed to00:23
roffe__It created a folder called armyops in /home/roffe/ and in there there's a file called armyops, but it won't execute... 2.5 yeas00:23
dimitreeHow to install libstdc++.so.5 ?00:23
jtravnickroffe__, where did you download it from? did they have any install instructions?00:24
LjLdimitree: tried « sudo apt-get install build-essential » ?00:24
Cope57in terminal type00:24
xs142LjL, just asks for password and then shows a new line00:24
unop_roffe__, you can't have a directory and file by the same name in the same directory00:24
kazol_amenado: It was a bug, so I had to add a symbolic link to a restart script for startup (after S40networking).00:24
LjLxs142: right. do as i said - recovery mode etc00:24
orudiewhat are the main features of version 8 ?00:24
linkinxphow i change my cursors ????00:24
kazol_amenado: *Many* people have the same problem yet did not receive an answer...00:24
unop_LjL, very strange problem he has00:24
amenadokazol_-> what bug? your script?00:24
ChaosTheoryCope57: Me?00:24
dimitreeLjL  no i have these00:24
orudiewhat are the main features of version 8.04 , 8.07 ?00:24
xs142LjL, Roger Wilco00:24
Flannelorudie: #ubuntu+1 for 8.04 questions00:24
ne78macd i patched the libglib1.2ldbl not to confilct with libglib1.2 and made a fake empty libglib1.2 packages, it weems to works00:24
kazol_amenado: It's the second post on: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20283400:24
roffe__unop the file is inside the directory00:24
smellynoseHi, I'm using VLC and V4L to stream /dev/video0 but it seems to be ctaking /dev/video1 also. Any ideas?00:24
LjLunop_: sudo should fail, since he's not in admin, but for some reason is doing so silently00:25
Cope57sorry, ChaosTheory getting lost in the flood. ;)00:25
unop_LjL, thats what i thought but hmm, this is very strange00:25
orudiei'm not allowed to ask silly questions in there00:25
macdne78, was that the conflict causing xmms to be removed?00:25
roffe__I can't remember where I downloaded it from, but I followed someones mini-guide00:25
ChaosTheoryCope57: Oh, okay. =D00:25
ne78macd: yes00:25
linkinxpanybody please how i change my cursors?00:25
amenadokazol_-> what exactly is the bug? and what did you do to fix it?00:26
Someone7I can't stop Ubuntu from wanting to load Compiz instead of Metacity. I've searched the forums, there apparently is a huge problem with this, but no permanent solution.00:26
unop_roffe__, maybe you need to do this .. chmod +x ~/armyops/armyops; ~/armyops/armyops00:26
Someone7I have to type "metacity &" after every login to get my menu bar.00:26
LjLunop_: well, i'm not going to suddenly remove myself from admin with the system running, but i wouldn't be too surprised if that cause sudo to fail silently. then of course, we don't know why he'd have been removed from admin to begin with00:26
Cope57roffe__: type in terminal armyops00:26
ne78macd: i hope someone will put an unoffcial xmms1 repository as i need it badly, it's the only software able to deal with my very huge sample and mp3 collection00:26
macdSomeone7, after you do that, goto system --> prefs --> session, and remove the compiz and make sure save current session is checked, your change should be perm then00:27
roffe__cope it says command not found00:27
UnSuNgLoSeRhow do i run mp3 songs on ubuntu?00:27
LjLdimitree: install the package libstdc++500:27
unop_roffe__, maybe you need to do this .. chmod +x ~/armyops/armyops; ~/armyops/armyops00:27
LjL!mp3 > UnSuNgLoSeR    (UnSuNgLoSeR, see the private message from Ubotu)00:27
Cope57roffe__: try sudo armyops00:27
linkinxpUnSuNgLoSeR:  just click it and it will install the codecs00:27
macdne78, ever tried amarok? it uses a sql backend, I have ~550gb of mp3, and it works well00:27
Someone7There is no Compiz there, macd.00:27
dimitreeLjL thank you :)00:27
macdSomeone7, then add the metacity command to the startup tab, and it shall be done00:28
roffe__unop... it didn't work :(00:28
Someone7That didn't work.00:28
Someone7I already tried it.00:28
roffe__cope it said command not found again00:28
Cope57UnSuNgLoSeR: install the lame plug-in00:28
unop_roffe__, what is the full pathname of that file?00:28
Someone7I also tried messing with the gconftool-2 and it doesn't work.00:28
macdSomeone7, do you have some 3rd party piece of software installed like the compiz tray icon?00:28
Someone7It keeps telling me compiz is my default manager.00:28
UnSuNgLoSeRlinkinxp tried it mate!no use!i connected via lan to the internet!didnt work!something's wrong with my copy of ubuntu!:(00:28
unop_LjL, that could make sense, but sudo should really fail if groups doesnt report you to be a member of admin00:28
ne78macd: i tried everything else, i have more and i want the playlist to be a flat list of full pathnames00:29
Someone7Not that I know of, though I'm not sure. This computer came with Enlightenment/Compiz on it, and I thought I got rid of it all.00:29
linkinxpUnSuNgLoSeR:  uff it didnt ask for codecs?00:29
unop_roffe__, what happens when you type just this then?  /home/roffe/armyops/armyops00:29
Cope57roffe__: think so00:29
macdne78, well if your into flatfiles, thats cool00:29
xs142LjL, unop  - - <300:29
linkinxpUnSuNgLoSeR:  if u think its the copy try reinstalling it00:29
tonyyarussoUnSuNgLoSeR: You'll need to state your problem more cleanly and succinctly for anyone to know what you're talking about.  Details are good.  Pastebins of errors and logs are better.00:29
unop_xs142, whats up?00:29
roffe__unop: ./armyops-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:30
xs142unop, it's solve, that would be a heart as a thank you :)00:30
linkinxpnow how i change the cursors??? :O00:30
unop_xs142, wow, what did you do?00:30
xs142unop, recovery console, the two lines LjL told me to write00:30
unop_roffe__, try this command first.. sudo aptitude install build-essential00:30
unop_xs142, nice.. you had a very strange problem there but glad it's fixed now00:31
roffe__unop it's installing something from the ubuntu cd now00:31
unop_roffe__, ok, you should have gotten rid of this error once that is done00:32
LaptopFamhi to all i am nre to linux i just downloaded ubntu 7.10 server amd 64x, i burn the iso on to a cd, but the  only file taht i see is a html file and the cd read 500+ megs i even try tobit strat with that cd but nothing happens00:32
roffe__soon done, so we'll see :)00:32
UnSuNgLoSeRcant i just download packages for ubuntu using windows xp?00:32
LjLroffe__: otherwise, try sudo apt-get install libstdc++500:32
LaptopFami am burning with win xp00:32
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: that's possible00:32
LjL!offline | UnSuNgLoSeR00:32
ubotuUnSuNgLoSeR: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.byethost14.com/00:32
xs142unop, command would be "adduser [name] admin" and then "grep [name] /etc/group" - - Now I'm off to ruin Ubuntu again ;)00:32
Someone7Oh crap...00:32
xs142LjL, thanks again!00:32
Someone7I think I've been hacked.00:33
keit1ChaosTheory: how did you fix firefox+ flash?00:33
unop_UnSuNgLoSeR, you could but you have to deal with dependencies of that package too, and you dont know what they are before hand00:33
Frederickfolks does ubuntu features any dc++ client?00:33
LjLSomeone7: what makes you think that?00:33
Someone7There is another user on this computer with space now called mekius.00:33
roffe__Ljl I did that too, can't be bad I guess :)00:33
LjL!dc++ | Frederick00:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dc++ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:33
amenadoUnSuNgLoSeR-> nope..stay with ubuntu, dont use xp to dowload packages00:33
mneptokFrederick: yes00:33
LjLFrederick: hm hold on00:33
Someone7There wasn't a mekius folder before...00:33
linkinxpomg u need to install a program for changing the cursors nice ;D00:33
LjL!directconnect | Frederick00:33
ubotuFrederick: Direct Connect clients: Valknut (Qt), dcgui (GTK), dc-qt (Qt, alpha), rccp (terminal-based) - See also !P2P00:33
=== kader_ is now known as abdelmalek
ChaosTheorykeit1: It turns out I had to put the *other* file in the same directory, too. =P00:33
LjLamenado, that's not an option if his connection won't work from ubuntu.00:34
roffe__something happens!!00:34
Someone7How do I change the root password?00:34
keit1the terminal install should do that (that is all it does! lol)00:34
mneptokSomeone7: you don't00:34
Someone7It doesn't appear to be the same as the sudo password.00:34
LjLSomeone7: don't. pull the plug, and reboot from a live CD00:34
keit1ChaosTheory: ^above^00:34
orudiehow can i monitor my network's activity ?00:34
mneptokSomeone7: Ubuntu uses sudo. so should you. :)00:34
ChaosTheorykeit1: What? =P00:34
ChaosTheorykeit1: I'm trying to fix my headphones + speakers, now.00:34
amenadoLjL okay..00:35
keit1ChaosTheory: perhaps you didn't press "y" at the right time enough times?!00:35
FloodBot3Clockwork: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:35
kazol_amenado: (sry for that, I changed my key), I did not fix the bug but fixed the problem temporarily.00:35
ChaosTheorykeit1: No, I just didn't put the other necessary file in the same directory.00:35
roffe__could someone of you please tell me why it got executed now, and not earlier?00:35
amenadoorudie-> its monitored now by the ip_conntrack00:35
keit1ChaosTheory: yeah not gonna have time to help you with that but glad you flash is sorted ;0)00:35
ChaosTheorykeit1: Thanks. =]00:35
ChaosTheorykeit1: Oh, by the way. . .00:35
keit1ChaosTheory: np00:35
roffe__I'm very thankful but I need to learn for other programs :)00:35
Cope57billy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AmericasArmy00:35
keit1ChaosTheory: yeah00:35
unop_roffe__, your executable needed a shared library that was missing00:35
ChaosTheorykeit1: I lose my wireless settings every time I restart. T_T00:36
tobberothIn Ubuntu you can switch CLI interfaces with Alt+FX, right? Well, when I'm running mplayer-nogui in one, i can't use the Alt+FX commandoes... is there any workaround?00:36
keit1ChaosTheory: you shouldn't... might need to do some research into that one00:36
ChaosTheorykeit1: I had to spend 3 hours yesterday to get them working and I had to do it again this morning.00:36
Someone7Wait, that folder was created before I got the computer.00:36
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL i connected to the internet using lan in ubuntu!tried to download packages!doesnt work!ne ideas?00:36
billycope57: is it free?00:36
ChaosTheorykeit1: In any case, I'm going to try restarting now (I just edited something with my speakers).00:36
keit1ChaosTheory: good luck!00:36
jacob_i have a torrent file, how do i use it with aria2?00:36
ChaosTheorykeit1: Thanks.00:36
roffe__unop: ok, will I need to dl more shared libs for other softwares too, or am I set now?00:36
LjLtobberoth, if it's using the framebuffer, then i'm afraid those won't work00:36
amenadokazol_-> so you can reboot and retain the keys? you may have to look at the pre-up options00:36
kazol_amenado: Yes00:37
Cope57billy: you were not asking about Americas Army/00:37
ludditehello friend- how are you?00:37
tobberothLjL: Allright, is there some other way of doing it? Using screen or something?00:37
unop_roffe__, if everything is working now, you should be ok.00:37
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR, should check /etc/apt/sources.list, but you really should reboot into ubuntu and come back here from there, so that we can give you commands to type and check output00:37
linkinxphow i keep my windows shared folders from being removed everytime i reboot from my desktop???00:37
kazol_amenado: I tried everything (I think that pre-up thing too)...nothing worked except this.00:37
amenadokazol_-> what was your solution?00:37
billycope57: nope, but sounds like fun lol, is it free and which version do i download?00:37
LjLtobberoth: not that i'm aware, but i can't say i'm particularly familiar with this00:37
roffe__well, thanks.. I'm going to see if I can get ingame now... Or I'll come back here =)00:37
tobberothLjL: Allright, thanks anyway :)00:37
kazol_amenado: It's on the second forum post on the url I gave you.00:37
DragginCheers everyone! Thanks for the help!00:37
orudiehow can i track usage of TCP/IP network subnets in 7.10 ?00:37
Cope57lost in the flood of chat that is all00:37
UnSuNgLoSeRokay LjL i'll be right back!00:38
unop_orudie, define usage in that context!00:38
amenadokazol_-> you created a script? to do what?00:38
billyoh wow thats gonna take days to download lol00:38
ludditeubuntu and windows and dlink wireless modem hate each other00:38
UnSuNgLoSeRwhat kind of info do you need?cud u plz lemme know before hand?00:38
kazol_How come there's no user limit in this channel? It might help to reduce flooding effects.00:38
kazol_amenado: I told you, it restarts networking.00:38
Cope57billy you like games, I have a few installed. http://img205.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gameslm0.png00:38
kazol_amenado: It's all described on the second forum post.00:39
ludditei have a OLD Macbook running PPC ubuntu. and my USB G54 wireless adapter wont connect to my wireless network00:39
amenadokazol_-> im like pulling a teeth here, the post just says create a script, never says  what does the script do00:39
orudieunop_: usage as in bandwidth00:39
kazol_amenado: It runs "/etc/init.d/networking restart"00:39
orudieunop_: usage as in bytes sent, received00:39
billywhoa why does ur desktop look like that? its purple lol00:40
LjLkazol_, why would users arbitrarily be limited from joining?00:40
jacob_nobody here uses aria2?00:40
LaptopFamhi to all i am nre to linux i just downloaded ubntu 7.10 server amd 64x, i burn the iso on to a cd, but the  only file taht i see is a html file and the cd read 500+ megs i even try tobit strat with that cd but nothing happens00:40
amenadokazol_-> okay, cool..00:40
orudieunop_: usage as in current up/down streams00:40
LjLjacob_: i guess i've used it. like, twice.00:40
jacob_i don't know how to use that bittorrent client00:40
StrawfoxHello guys00:40
xs142I need to find a folder named "~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/" What does ~/ refer to?00:40
kazol_LjL: But the limit would be dynamic-every minute it gets set to a certain constant + current users00:40
kazol_LjL: I've seen it done on some other channels.00:41
icesword!p2p > jacob_00:41
LjLjacob_, it's a bittorrent client only as a second thought, it's mostly a plain downloader... anyway, i believe "aria2 URL" should do!00:41
bastid_raZorxs142; your /home/username00:41
math_bHi, I have lots of repository configured in my source.list and apt-check nearly kills my machine by taking about 90% of my RAM, is that a known issue ?00:41
dazzahi all00:41
Cope57billy, adjust your color settings00:41
LjLkazol_, there is such a limit in place, anyway can discuss this in #ubuntu-ops if you want, this is not really the right place00:41
orudieunop_: are you there?00:41
xs142bastid_raZor cheers00:41
kazol_LjL: Just saying...00:41
unop_orudie, i've not seen anything that can do that over multiple computers .. though it seems entirely possible00:41
iceswordmath_b, no way,sir,that is linux,it will use mem a lot00:42
dazzai'm trying to clear my old logs in /var/logs .. but they are owned by syslog... and I can't su to syslog or seem to clear them with '> log.0'00:42
orudieunop_: only 1 computer00:42
LjLmath_b: apt-check?00:42
Nithdazza: you should be able to if you sudo00:42
iceswordor apt-spy?00:42
unop_orudie, you said subnets? :)  .. if its just one comp, examine the output of ifconfig00:42
math_bLjL: /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check a python script from update-notifier00:43
amenadodazza-> to clear as in erase them? sure you can as root00:43
LjLmath_b: ah00:43
xNULLhello, I need some help. I just did an upgrade from gutsy to hardy heron, and after it upgraded & rebooted my pc, the font is SUPER tiny and I get a message saying It can't start GNOME Desktop settings.00:43
tobberothHow can I activate my mouse in framebuffer?00:43
LjL!hardy > xNULL    (xNULL, see the private message from Ubotu)00:43
roffe__didn't take long.... the game forced me to make an account on their homepage so I clicked yes, and it wrote this "/usr/bin/xterm: Can't execvp links: No such file or directory"00:43
dazzaafter sudo I get  - bash: messages.0: Permission denied00:43
xs142I'm looking for "~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/" but there's no /.wine/, yet if I try to create it it says it's in use.. How do I see it?00:43
orudieunop_: subnents because i have multiple servers set up such as apache, ftp, and srcds00:43
math_bLjL: Usually using about 900MB of RAM, pretty ugly00:44
bastid_raZorfrom CLI how do i see how much RAM my box has?00:44
orudieunop_: i want to observe statistically the bandwidth of each one00:44
Cope57billy: that was a screenshot to show what games I have. here is my desktop http://img86.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotrr9.png00:44
orudieunop_: if pissible with a web interface00:44
iceswordxs142, it is ~ means /home/username00:44
LjLdazza, ">" won't work with sudo, because it's parsed by the shell, which is not running as root. use   sudo sh -c "command"   when you need that sort of thing00:44
bastid_raZorxs142; type it in the address bar ..  .wine is hidden for the reason of it having a . in front of it00:44
math_bbastid_raZor: "free"00:44
roffe__didn't take long.... the game forced me to make an account on their homepage so I clicked yes, and it wrote this "/usr/bin/xterm: Can't execvp links: No such file or directory"00:44
Nithroffe__: all folders/files that start with a '.' are 'invisible'00:45
bastid_raZormath_b; excellent, thanks00:45
dazzasweet all sorted - cheers guys00:45
Nithroffe__: use ls -a to see them00:45
Nithroffe__: sorry, I meant xs14200:45
unop_orudie, pissable?? :)) errm, there is an apache module (forgot what it is called) that can shows stats like that .. but that might be just for apache tho and might not include your other servers00:45
roffe__Nith: I needed that information anyway :)00:46
Nithlol, well, there you go00:46
orudiedoes anyone know a software tool that would provide statistics of bandwidth of my 7.10 server ?00:46
unop_orudie, i believe it is called mod_status00:46
macdorudie, ntop.00:46
LjLmath_b: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-apt/+bug/159638 or https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/107188 perhaps00:46
unop_roffe__, you might want to install links ..00:47
xs142bastid_raZor what adressbar...?00:47
macdorudie, web interface to traffic stats by proto/ip/tcp, and over time, in hour/day/week/month/yearly stats00:47
icesword!info phpsysinfo00:47
ubotuPackage phpsysinfo does not exist in gutsy00:47
Get_A_FixWhere would on find good instructions re: installing Virtual Box on Ubuntu 7.10 please.00:47
knifepointStill lost 1680 x 1050 on the nvidia drivers restricted drivers fall back to vesa drivers so thats no good... any ideas?00:47
LjL!vbox | Get_A_Fix00:47
ubotuGet_A_Fix: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox00:47
orudiemacd: perfect, thanx bro00:48
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL what info did u need?00:48
math_bLjL: ha you're a better bug reports finder than I am, haven't found those, thanks !00:48
Get_A_FixLjL: thx00:48
=== Alan_M is now known as speeddemon8803
roffe__unop: ummm.. you mean links as in shortcuts or some software called it? I guess this problem shouldn't be too hard though00:48
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: start by pastebinning your /etc/apt/sources.list file00:48
bastid_raZorxs142; how are you trying to get to .wine? nautilus or CLI? if in CLI just type cd ~/.wine/andtheRestofwhatyousaid00:48
unop_!info links00:48
ubotuPackage links does not exist in gutsy00:48
xs142bastid_raZor nautilus00:49
iceswordwho wants that bindwidth be seen by others of his server,have a look at this,http://info.shallax.com/index.php00:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about info - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:49
unop_roffe__, its a cli web browser00:49
LjLthe !info is broken00:49
urthmoverwhat is the CLI command for detecting what video card is installed?00:49
* Nith suggests elinks as it allows post/get vars00:49
macdorudie, just a sidenote, ntop hogs alot of ram at times....00:49
[[thufir]]what's that file you edit when apt-get prompts to insert a disc so that packages are installed by dowload instead?00:49
=== jeremy_ is now known as papisexy
LjLurthmover: sudo lshw -C display00:49
roffe__yeah... I had in mind that was a web browser... but why would I need it?00:49
bastid_raZorxs142; nautilus has an address bar at the top? or so mine does. you could do /home/username/.wine00:49
Get_A_FixLjL: I used that page, but received a fatal error after executing this "sudo module-assistant auto-install virtualbox-ose"00:49
genii!info links200:49
ubotuPackage links2 does not exist in gutsy00:49
LjL[[thufir]]: /etc/apt/sources.list - but you can also use the GUI Software Sources application00:49
orudiemacd: yeah i'm reading the docs right now, thats what they say00:49
LjL!sources | [[thufir]]00:49
ubotu[[thufir]]: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:49
geniiI think the bot lies00:49
LjLNOTICE - !info is broken00:50
xs142bastid_raZor mine doesn't o.O00:50
unop_roffe__, for whatever it is that the thing is trying to install00:50
orudiemacd: anything else similar to this?00:50
geniiLjL: Ah, OK00:50
LjL[[thufir]]: see the last link for Software Sources00:50
papisexykool i found how to get my name back00:50
bastid_raZorxs142; location bar possibly?00:50
unop_roffe__, it might be trying to download a file from a server and needs links inorder to do so00:50
xs142bastid_raZor nvm, found the button :P00:50
roffe__that's a good reason :) I'll give it a shot00:50
[[thufir]]LjL: thanks00:50
unop_roffe__, maybe .. sudo aptitude install links00:50
bastid_raZorxs142; awesome.. i was just going to look and see how to add it00:50
papisexy?joine #winehq00:51
xs142bastid_raZor the button right below the "Back" button00:51
=== teamcobra_ is now known as teamcobra
roffe__ok! should I take links 1 or 2?00:51
Zminepapisexy cool!00:51
ChaosTheory0Okay, I've fixed my wireless connection problem. =]00:51
ChaosTheory0Now, to test my sound. . .00:52
[[thufir]]LjL: I thought there was file which you can edit manually so that apt-get doesn't prompt for the disc?  that's not what the link mentions00:52
mneptok[[thufir]]: comment out the CD lines at the top of /etc/apt/sources.list00:52
ChaosTheory0OMG!!! YES!!! MY SOUND IS FIXED! =D00:52
bastid_raZorxs142; ahh yeah, good to store that info in my brain.00:52
bruenig /etc/apt/sources.list00:53
SeveredCross01 * * * * bojan fetchmail -akv -m '/usr/bin/procmail -d %T'00:53
SeveredCrossCan someone tell me what's wrong with that cron entry?00:53
ChaosTheory0I think I need to fix my screen resolution, though. =\00:54
macdorudie, not that I've ever seen really, I have it on a box that sits on a gig drop, and uses almost all of it alot, the box is a dual core 2gb ram, it runs fine00:54
SeveredCrossThe cron daemon keeps e-mailing me telling me that it got:00:54
SeveredCross /bin/sh: -c: line 0: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `''00:54
macdorudie, you can also give it a nicer "nice" value, it will just miss some packects here and there00:54
SeveredCross /bin/sh: -c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file00:54
Nithwhat, hardy delayed?00:54
ChaosTheory0OMG! I just fixed my screen resolution. O_O00:54
armory555dose any one kno a complete free pc-phone prgram cuz im usen gizmo and its not free:"( plz help!!!!!00:54
armory555pc to phone*00:54
LjL[[thufir]]: yes, i told you, it's /etc/apt/sources.list - just saying there is also a graphical way00:55
Nith-.- thats april fools juke00:55
macdSeveredCross, do you have a extra space trailing your last tick mark?00:55
SeveredCrossmacd: I don't think so, but shall check.00:55
iceswordarmory555, bluetooth?00:55
SeveredCrossmacd: Looks like I may have, not sure.00:56
SeveredCrossWe'll find out in 5 minutes, the tab is supposed to run at a minute past the hour, every hour.00:56
LjLSeveredCross: well i don't use fetchmail but, does it also happen when you run that command not from cron?00:56
macdSeveredCross, you are using "crontab -e" to edit it right?00:56
SeveredCrossmacd: Yep.00:56
SeveredCrossLjL: Nope.00:57
papisexyi have ubuntu 7.10 whats the web site for free linux games?00:57
macdSeveredCross, its also a good idea to always use the full path to a command in crontab @ fetchmail.00:57
linkinxpwhich one is the other ubuntu channel?00:57
Ceiling_paintuhhh hey guys? i was told to update to gutsy in order to get desktop effects to work with compiz fusion, but now i cant even turn desktop effects on, what do i do??00:57
macdlinkinxp, +100:57
linkinxpho ok00:58
roffe__unop: It worked.. I can't figure out how to operate in it now, but I gotta sleep now anyway... How does one know that links was missing there??00:58
papisexygusty whats that00:58
Ceiling_paint7.10 right?00:58
=== speeddemon8803 is now known as Alan_M
unop_roffe__, all you need to do is make sense of the error messages you get00:58
SeveredCrossmacd: That is a good idea, I should fix that.00:59
Ceiling_painti was having problems with compiz fusion when i turned desktop effects on, and someone said to upgrade from 7.4 to 7.1000:59
* rootpt boas noites.00:59
jtravnickso i installed "comixcursors and crystalcursors" from synaptic where do I find them?00:59
roffe__unop: yeah I figure, but e.g. what made you think links was missing there?00:59
papisexywho knows how to get free games 4 linux if so pm me plz00:59
macdjtravnick, system --> prefs --> mouse00:59
LjLSeveredCross: try enclosing procmail in *double* quotes, and putting a \ before the %01:00
macdjtravnick, ooops!  system --> prefs --> appearance01:00
SeveredCrossI'll try that if this time aroud it fails again.01:00
jtravnickmacd, ah i was going to say mouse was the first place i looked01:00
LjLSeveredCross, anyway if you google « fetchmail "looking for matching" », the first four or so result seem quite relevant01:00
unop_roffe__, "/usr/bin/xterm: Can't execvp links: No such file or directory" < tells you that xterm has spit out a message saying it can't execute something called 'links' ..01:01
billywhere can i get different desktop themes?01:01
LjLSeveredCross: as in, at least the first of them describes exactly the same problem (works from shell, doesn't work from cron)01:01
sarah____ubuntu is the best linux!01:01
papisexyis there a chat room 4 getting help on games for linux01:01
macdhe who googles first wins ;)01:01
sarah____what are some security measures i can take in protecting my linux?01:02
ChaosTheory0... now I can't hear sound at all. =(01:02
urthmoverman I'm really digging this macbook....I've been diehard PC all these years....and now that I can install any OS I want on a mac its like driving a whole new car01:02
Ceiling_paintwill a restart work for me?01:02
roffe__aha... that part was more simple than I thought :) I didn't recognize it said links as in the software links :) but I still don't understand how you understand all the others all the time01:02
LjL!security | sarah____01:02
ubotusarah____: If you feel the need to adopt security measures for your system, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall and !server01:02
jtravnickmacd, nope not there eather I have Theme Background Fonts Interface and Visual Effects but nothing in any of them about the mouse01:02
roffe__But anyway, I gotta hit the sack... thank you so very much for the help!!01:02
ubotuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support01:02
papisexyyo some1 help me dont u see me talking01:03
billyhow do i run an sfx file?01:03
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages01:03
macdjtravnick, yeah under theme, customize, then you get a tab for pointers01:03
Zminepapisexy maybe google for the free games and see what links come up01:03
RavenTriguncan someone help me.01:03
jtravnickmacd, ah ok found it thanks01:03
jodieNew to this and wondering why paste.ubuntu-nl.org is displaying the text I pasted in as Text only, Tex and ---- comes out as garbage or so it seem to me.. Is it suppose to be that way?01:03
osxdudeI noticed that in Ubuntu7.10 there is a Leave Message button on the lock screen. What is the treminal command for that?01:03
RavenTrigunHow do i run .x86.run files?01:03
sarah____is 7.10 gusty?01:04
DragonLotushey all.  How do I enable direct rendering?  I installed the restricted driver for my ATI Radeon01:04
LjL!fishing | sarah____01:04
ubotusarah____: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.01:04
papisexywhat is gusty?01:04
LjLsarah____: yes01:04
LjL!gutsy > papisexy    (papisexy, see the private message from Ubotu)01:04
sFEARsi'm having trouble copying a cd "dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/sfears/Desktop/cd.iso" gives an error `/media/cdrom': Is a directory 0 bytes written01:04
billyanyone? how do run an sfx file?01:04
RavenTrigunHow do i run .x86.run files?01:05
sarah____LjL whats your favorite linux distro?01:05
ludditesfx? as in a soundfont?01:05
roffe__well, I hope you get the thank unop... and the other guys that helped me! much appreciated! Good night01:05
ludditemy favorite linux distro is winXP SP301:05
Niththink sfx was a hashing method similar to md5 a while ago01:05
macdRavenTrigun, 'chmod +x file.x86.run'  then './file.x86.run'01:05
jlewisHow do I get Destop Effects to work? What I get is, "Desktop Effects are not enabled."01:05
billyluddite: no to install a javabased webbrowser in ubuntu01:05
SeveredCrossLjL: That did it, thanks for the idea.01:05
papisexywell i already have 7.1001:05
LjL!offtopic | sarah____, luddite01:05
ubotusarah____, luddite: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:05
* Nith hasn't seen it in a long time01:05
estethIs there a utility to set the position of the mouse every fraction of a second? A game i'm trying to play lets the mouse drift out of the side of the window, which is inconvenient01:06
macdesteth, I dont think so01:06
papisexythis chat room is fun lol01:07
ddaltonhey if you can help please pm me since I'm blind and its not possible for me to follow such a busy chanel. I have my wireless card in my ubuntu laptop v7.10 and it recognises it as eth1. How do I scan/connect to my home network?01:07
estethmacd. oh, ok. maybe i should try working on why the other mouse mode treats every tiny movement as a 270 degree turn01:07
Ceiling_paintcant someone tell me why i cant turn desktop effects on? i just just upraded from fisty to gutsy.  why would it stop working?01:07
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Ceiling_paintanybody somebody?01:08
ludditebilly: sorry mate- cant help you01:08
billylluddite:thanks anyways bro01:08
jodieCould you take a look at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61867/ need to get my hp nx9010 wireless working before I leave town. Thanks01:08
ChaosTheory0I had sound for a few minutes. I don't have it anymore. I have no idea as to what happened. . .01:09
papisexyany1 heard of a game called over kill01:09
LjLbilly: a java web browser? eww01:10
Ceiling_paintlast chance to help a first time ubuntu user before he tries windows tricks to get desktop effects to work, which will ultimately destroy his system somehow01:10
ZmineCeiling_paint can you explain what gusty is to papisexy01:10
Zminepapisexy asked what gusty is awhile ago and no one answered01:11
Ceiling_painteh, how do i pm with the red text them?01:11
LjLZmine: i answered01:11
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents01:11
Ceiling_paintno prob, how red text and i tell01:11
billyLjL: i dunno.. i just want to have two web browsers on here.. anything else besides firefox that i can get?01:11
LjL!browsers | billy01:11
ubotubilly: Browsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)01:11
Ceiling_paintor.... ubotu can do it...... :(01:11
ZmineLjL oh ok..sorry I didn't see that..what's what I get for going to get something to eat :)01:11
sFEARsi'm having trouble copying a cd "dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/sfears/Desktop/cd.iso" gives an error `/media/cdrom': Is a directory 0 bytes written01:11
LjLsFEARs: are you sure you're typing if=/dev/cdrom and not if=/media/cdrom...?01:12
jodiereally need some help getting this hp nx9010 wireless working blink blink http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61867/01:12
orudieany similar tools like ntop ?01:12
NebrisFEARs: is the cdrom still mounted by any chance?01:12
sFEARsyup.. but /media/cdrom gives me the same error LjL01:12
LjLsFEARs: what does « ls -l /dev/cdrom » say?01:12
sFEARslrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3 2008-03-31 17:28 /dev/cdrom -> hdb01:13
papisexyceiling pm me01:13
geniiuse /dev/hdb then01:13
sFEARswill try01:13
LjLorudie, possibly one of these: iptraf, bwm, iftop, mtr, vnstat01:14
billy are there any programs to call phones from ur computer for free?01:14
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Nebribilly: via your modem or voip technology?01:14
sFEARsno such file or directory genii01:14
LjLbilly: Ekiga (or any other SIP client) can do that, i believe for instance http://freecall.com offers free calls to some landlines using SIP, although you do need to run a windows program to setup the account01:15
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LjL!fr | cocohugo01:15
ubotucocohugo: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.01:15
orudiedoes anyone know a software tool that would provide statistics of bandwidth of my 7.10 server ?01:15
papisexyhow many ppl download free game 4 linux01:16
jodieAnyone able to help getting this hp nx9010 wireless working. Info at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61867/01:16
geniiorudie: Not specifically for bandwidth but a good tool is webalizer01:16
linkinxpis there a web for Intel 965 Gm video drivers???01:16
LjLorudie: bandwidthd01:16
LjLorudie, "apt-cache search bandwidth stat" will help01:17
LjL!offtopic | papisexy01:17
ubotupapisexy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:17
ubotuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions01:17
orudieLjL: isnt' a little to old ?01:17
literalquick question, will hardy include Perl 5.10?01:17
LjLorudie: what is too old?01:17
sFEARsi'm having trouble copying a cd "dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/sfears/Desktop/cd.iso" gives an error `/media/cdrom': Is a directory 0 bytes written01:18
LjLliteral: ask in #ubuntu+1, or check http://packages.ubuntu.com/01:18
LjLsFEARs, what you type « ls -l /dev/cdrom », is the /dev/hdb shown in red?01:18
Ceiling_paintalright that didnt work...01:18
orudieLjL: bandwidthd01:18
sFEARsyeah.. /dev/hdb but that didn't work either01:18
Ceiling_paintplease someone just help me01:18
LjLorudie: i don't know. it makes graphs, it supports relational databases. i can't really know what sort of thing *you* are looking for01:19
geniiLjL: I'm thinking if his /dev/cdrom is pointing to hdb but he says hdb doesn't exist then the symlink is messed up01:19
sFEARswait.. no, not shown in red LjL, shown in yellow letters with gray back01:19
Ceiling_painthow about just some kind of program that restores back to default settings, like after a fresh installl01:19
LjLgenii: that's why i'm asking if the link exists01:19
orudieLjL: i think its bandwidhd is what i'm looking for, but i dont know it wasnt updated since 2005 so i didnt think it was fully compatable with everything01:20
barnabyHi. I keep making my home directory disappear by changing the permissions on it- I can't figure it out. Check my results here: http://inkboy.pastebin.com/m76ac34b801:20
LjLorudie, if it's packaged in the official repositories (and it is), then it really should work with current Gutsy.01:20
DragonLotushey all, I have the latest ATI driver and it says I have restriced drivers in use and it says ATI Acceleration Driver in use, but glxinfo|grep render shows direct rendering disabled.01:20
barnabyI must be doing something stoopid.01:20
Dr_willisbarnaby,  why are you even doing that? or you are saying SOMTHING is changing it?01:20
LjLsFEARs, « ls -l /dev/hdb » shows what?01:20
sFEARsbrw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 3, 64 2008-03-31 13:28 /dev/hdb01:21
orudieLjL: so should i 'sudo apt-get install bandwidthd' ?01:21
barnabyLong story kinda. I saved my home dir before a reinstall, and changed permissions on / to restore it from an external drive01:21
LjLorudie: it won't hurt to try it out, for sure.01:21
Dr_willisbarnaby,  rember that /home/ has the following permissions --> drwxr-xr-x   3 root root 4.0K 2008-03-27 04:17 home/    /home/USERNAMES are like --> drwxr-xr-x 62 willis willis 4.0K 2008-04-01 20:19 willis/01:22
LjLsFEARs: *shrug* that's all correct... i don't know. does « mount | grep cdrom » show anything=01:22
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
sFEARsno LjL, shows nothing01:22
barnabyDr_willis> see what happens when I change perms? The question marks?01:22
Dr_willisbarnaby,  last time i saw somthing with permissions like ---> ?--------- ? ? ? ?                ? home/    the filesystem was currupted. and i had to fsck the disk.01:22
bluefox|gaminghttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61869/ >does that look good or bad?01:23
LjLsFEARs: try "sudo dd if=/dev/hdb of=/dev/null", does it complain?01:23
KyleS-homeHmmm...Ubuntu got another new theme?01:23
barnabyDr_willis> I change them back to 777 and all is well, but x whines when I restart it01:23
KyleS-homeexcept this time YOU CAN CHANGE THE COLORS! :)01:23
geniisFEARs: Are you using sudo with that dd command?01:23
billyhow do you set up samba?01:23
Someone7I am having to run in Failsafe Gnome mode.01:23
sFEARsyeah.. sudo doesn't make a differece01:24
Someone7It won't start any other way.01:24
Dr_willisbarnaby,  it could be its because your USER is looking at another dir that isent '+x' to them.01:24
kindofabuzzbluefox|gaming: looks bad to me because in a diferent language or something01:24
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:24
Someone7There is a white screen it never gets past.01:24
Dr_willisbarnaby,  do a 'sudo ls -la home'01:24
sFEARssame error with /dev/null LjL01:24
Ceiling_painthow do i manualy start compiz fusion?01:24
geniibarnaby: You can lock yourself out of starting gnome that way01:24
HorizonXPhey, if I'm installing a new OS (like WinXP), how do I make sure GRUB still works after?01:24
HorizonXPand how do I get GRUB to redetect the OSes for the menu?01:24
Ceiling_paintwith term01:24
Ceiling_painthow how how01:24
Dr_willisbarnaby,  the 'x' bit - defines if other users can even enter/seeinside a directory01:24
LjLsFEARs: i.e. "is a directory"?01:24
Ceiling_painthow do i start compiz fusion using terminal01:25
kindofabuzzDr_willis: wouldn't it be ls -la casa? =)01:25
sFEARsactually it's now an i/o error since the switch to /dev/hdb from /dev/cdrom01:25
HorizonXPhey, if I'm installing a new OS (like WinXP), how do I make sure GRUB still works after?01:25
jodieAnyone able to help getting this hp nx9010 wireless working. Info at http://inkboy.pastebin.com/m5706662b01:25
HorizonXPand how do I get GRUB to redetect the OSes for the menu?01:25
* Dr_willis pokes kindofabuzz in the kidneys with a rubber chicken.01:25
LjLbluefox|gaming, sorry if i sound like mr obvious, but i would backup your data. that thing looks like your HD is failing.01:25
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:25
sFEARsactually it's now an i/o error since the switch to /dev/hdb from /dev/cdrom LjL01:25
bluefox|gamingkindofabuzz: thats apparently they're aprils fools joke. scroll down for the readable version01:25
Dr_willisHeh,,  drwxr-xr-x  is what permission # wise?  744?01:26
LjLsFEARs: them put back /dev/cdrom (although it should be the exact same thing), but leave /dev/null...01:26
barnabyDr_willis> Now it looks better, but when I log in to x it tells me that my home dir does not appear to exist01:26
bluefox|gamingLjL: cant be. just got it in august, its a seagate and i got a brand new cable for it[after old one was shredded last week] and it should be good for around a few hundred thousand hours too...01:26
LjLbluefox|gaming, the mostly likely times for HD to fail are when they're pretty old, and when they're pretty new.01:27
Ceiling_paintsum1 help!01:27
Dr_willisbarnaby,  be sure /home is drwxr-xr-x   3 root root 4.0K 2008-03-27 04:17 home/, and the users /home/username is both proper permission AND owned by them - id bet one of those is incorrect.01:28
Chipsa964can someone tell me how I can add a recycle bin to my desktop instead of just at the bottom right corner?01:28
sFEARs/dev/cdrom & /dev/hdb with of=/dev/null gives a < dd: reading `/dev/cdrom': Input/output error >01:28
Chipsa964that little thing is way too annoying01:28
sFEARs/dev/cdrom & /dev/hdb with of=/dev/null gives a < dd: reading `/dev/cdrom': Input/output error > LjL01:28
geniiChipsa964: Oldie but goodie for desktop trash http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-263580.html01:29
Chipsa964genii, thanks01:29
geniiChipsa964: np01:29
Dr_willisHeh..silly floodbot.01:29
Ceiling_paintok, please, can someone just tell me how to MAKE compiz fusion work using terminal01:29
bastid_raZorCeiling_paint; #compiz-fusion is the perfect channel for compiz01:30
billycan anyone help with windows ubuntu networking?01:30
kindofabuzzCeiling_paint: compiz  -enabe?01:30
kindofabuzzjeez... compiz --enable01:30
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:30
Dr_willisbilly,  you mean seeing 'shared' directories on the linux machine, from windows? if so check out the !samba factoid url.01:30
Ceiling_paintconnect #compiz-fusion01:30
bastid_raZorkindofabuzz; does your irc client have a spellchecker? ;)01:30
kindofabuzzit's supposed to!01:31
bastid_raZorCeiling_paint; /join #compiz-fusion01:31
billyDr_willis: yea01:31
barnabyDr_willis> Thanks for your help.01:31
LjLsFEARs, know what? i don't have a clue.01:31
jodieok Please can Anyone able to help getting this hp nx9010 wireless working. Info at http://inkboy.pastebin.com/m5706662b01:31
zenosudo aptitude remove gdm did nothing, no errors, help?01:32
Chipsa964genii, that was easier than i thought :-p01:32
numanytime i use apt tools i get an error with timidity package, it claims that it needs to be reconfigured and errors occure. what can i do to correct this?01:32
geniiChipsa964: Not everything's an ordeal :)01:32
Chipsa964it took me a while to get everything working on this thing01:32
Chipsa964but im pretty satisfied01:32
Someone7How do I stop the terminal from opening a help window when I press F1?01:32
Chipsa964i just wished that openoffice supported office 07 files01:33
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spacechickenG'Day all01:34
Chipsa964do you know if a new openoffice is gonna come out that supports .docx and .pptx files?01:34
spacechickenI'm trying to install the Compress::Raw::Zlib perl module and it keeps crashing out01:34
osxdudethat's too ba01:34
NebriChipsa964: Yea they've mentioned that openoffice will be compatiable with microsoft office 2007 on the next release01:34
spacechickencan't find anything on google about it01:35
Chipsa964oh nice01:35
Chipsa964any word on when itll be out?01:35
=== andresj_ is now known as andresj
NebriChipsa964: at least a few months out I believe.01:35
spacechickenany pointers?01:35
Chipsa964heh cuz im gettin pretty frustrated having to convert in windows just to open in linux01:35
numisnt it possible to repair this problem with timidity package which causes apt-get to crash every time01:36
spacechickenit is a CPAN module01:36
Chipsa964and hopefully compiz-fusion works in hardy too, cuz my hardware isnt supported01:36
orudiei'm in the middle of installing bandwidthd and its asking me this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61870/ and i dont know what to specify01:36
sarah____how can i install avant-windows-manager for gusty?01:36
* Nith followed a tutorial01:36
billyhow do i configure samba?01:37
Nithsarah____: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58162001:37
sarah____thanks nith01:37
Nithbilly: /etc/samba/smb.conf01:38
Dr_willisbilly,  personally i read the 'samba books' in the 'samba-doc' package - then edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf as needed01:38
Nithif you're trying to set up for the first time though, you need to read the doc01:38
billyi installed samba and i can see my windows comp from ubuntu, but i can't access01:39
billyfile sharing IS turned on on my windows comp01:40
DragonLotushey all in xorg.log I get this err  (EE) fglrx(0): [pcie] Failed to gather memory of size 262144Kb for PCIe. Error (-1007)  any idea?01:40
bluefox|gamingok so the error giving >http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61869/ < happened approximately a week ago, the same time i tried to reinstall using a toasted cable[read:shredded and shorted out to the case]01:40
Dr_willisbilly,  there are no default shares defined by default ON the ubuntu box.01:40
sarah____hey Nith thanks a lot, great thread01:40
sarah____helped a ot01:41
Dr_willisbilly,  i alwyas edit the smb.conf file, enable the home shares, then give the users a smbpasswd with 'sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME'01:41
billydr_willis: huh? no im trying to get into my shared files on my windows comp from the ubuntu comp, but i can't?01:41
billyi don't care if i can access the ubuntu comp from the windows comp or not01:41
Dr_willisbilly,  That sounds liek windows firewall getting in the way01:41
billydrwillis: hmm okay.. ill turn it off and see wut the deal is01:41
bluefox|gaminghere is a readable version[aha! i figured it out XP] >http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61872/01:42
billydr_willis: wut port is file sharing on?01:42
Dr_willisbilly,  you may want to try the fusesmb tool also. (google for the 'ubuntu fusesmb wiki' page)01:42
Dr_willisbilly,  no idea really. i alwys disable windows firewall totally.01:42
frederichello all. is there someone that could help me ... I cut / paste a directory from my Destop to another place. paste didn't work and it seems my data are lost. How may I recover them ? thanks !01:42
Nithsarah____: np01:42
orudieNith: you think you can help me?01:43
billyDr_willis: still no luck after turning off the firewall01:43
Dr_willisbilly,  give it some time.. windows has some delay when setting some of the samba stuff. also checkout that fusesmb wiki page. its a handy way to get to the windows shares.01:43
billycool cool, thanks dr_willis01:44
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Nithorudie: I would but i've never used that tool and I don't understand the error message01:44
orudieNith: its not an error messege01:45
fredericno one can help ?01:45
Dr_willisfrederic,  use the shell, look where the stuff used to be?01:45
Nithorudie: its advising you put the ip and subnet in a particular form, but I dunno the context01:45
Dr_willisfrederic,  or where they are supposed to be. Ive never heard of cut/pasteing loseing info befor.01:45
bluefox|gamingso has anyone else had any luck at all booting ubuntu over a scsi drive?01:46
Nithorudie: your best bet is to find the conf file, find the ip and change it to your own01:46
fredericmy lost dir supposed to be there /home/frederic/Desktop/LOSTDIR01:46
bluefox|gamingcause it just hangs on me ...01:46
Nithorudie: you can find out what your ip is by typing "ifconfig"01:46
fredericand I wanted it to /home/frederic/newdir/DIR01:46
ludditeWTF - is it really delayed 3 months01:46
ludditethe beta 4 upgraded last night and wont boot past the loading screen now01:47
Piciluddite: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Hardy/8.04 support/discussion.01:47
billywuts so great about hardy?01:47
fredericDr_willis: well when I use shell, it was unable to get into my directory (seems as a link in red)01:47
HardyHeronworks fine here luddite01:47
orudieNith: so can i just put my ip address? the box is not on lan01:47
kindofabuzz# Bugs:01:48
kindofabuzz# * Hacks into root and issues rm -rf /    that's a helluva bug ain't it?01:48
linkinxphey guys i did this mkdir ~/src; cd ~/src; git-clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mes now what?? is the next step??01:48
Dr_willisfrederic,  thats... very weird.   ive seen where the gui filemanager dosent refresh properly, so you dont see new files.. but the shell should show everything .01:48
MeatGrinderI just installed ubuntu on an not so old machine (Athlon XP1900+) but seem to be having performance issues. For instance, viewing YouTube vids in FF eats 100% of CPU cycles. Also, playing Gnometris maxing out the CPU to the point of it greying out. Is this common?01:48
Nithorudie: the tool is meant to monitor bandwidth and you want it to monitor your inet bandwidth rite?01:48
Dr_willisI will be back in a while.01:49
Nith(likely affected by roger's new rules?)01:49
toorimaim installing hardy with the alternate disk, due to encryption setup, but i get to pick between 3 kernels, linux-generic, linux-image-generic and linux-image-2.6.24-12-generic, whats the difference?01:49
Picitoorima: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Hardy/8.04 support/discussion.01:49
HardyHeronMeatGrinder:    how much memory on the system01:49
toorimaPici: ok01:49
MeatGrinder1 gig01:49
MeatGrinderand a radeon 8500. I am running compiz with lots of effects though01:50
MeatGrinderstill... it's weird01:50
r00723r0When I play music for a few minutes gnome-panel freezes up and I can't open up gnome-terminal. What should I do?01:50
Someone7I am having to run in Failsafe Gnome mode.01:51
Someone7There is a white screen it never gets past.01:51
Someone7It won't start any other way.01:51
fredericDr_willis: I tryed to copy from filemanager. but when I use shell, my directory appears in red01:51
frederic(ok sorry)01:51
orudieNith: correct01:51
fredericnone as an idea ?01:51
r00723r0Any suggestions?01:51
xenoterracid1anyone know a good 'easy' command line tutorial01:52
xenoterracid1that's not easy. that requires previous knowledge01:53
Pici!cli | xenoterracid1 perhaps01:53
ubotuxenoterracid1 perhaps: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:53
Nithorudie: then yes, replace the ip with yours and the submet with yours01:54
Nithorudie: and if your doing this because of roger's new bandwidth rules, then note their website has a bandwidth monitor01:54
Cpudan80Hello all01:55
orudieNith: replace the ip and subnet with mine? its only asking to put in the subnet ip01:55
Cpudan80How do you reinstall a package with apt-get?01:55
orudieNith: and i dont know what it is01:55
PiciCpudan80: apt-get install --reinstall packagename01:55
frederichello all. is there someone that could help me ... I cut / paste a directory from my Destop to another place. paste didn't work and it seems my data are lost. How may I recover them ? thanks !01:55
Cpudan80Has anyone noticed a problem with mozilla-mplayer ?01:56
Cpudan80the plugin?01:56
BSG75anyone know of a good dvd burning app other than k3b ..01:56
Cpudan80It seems to have stopped working after the latest ffox update01:56
IndyGunFreakCpudan80: send me a link to what you're watching, it seems to be working for me01:56
lucas__hola alguien de argentina01:56
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL dude i wrote in the command u gave me in the terminal01:56
bruenigsomeone say my nick01:56
Cpudan80IndyGunFreak: Well it's an XMRadio stream01:57
IndyGunFreakbruenig: say my nick01:57
UnSuNgLoSeRi got the following error message "permission denied"01:57
IndyGunFreakCpudan80: oh ok01:57
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: which command was that again?01:57
bts3685brueni_: nevar!01:57
Cpudan80IndyGunFreak: But like the commercials on apple.com dont work right01:57
Cpudan80the sound goes all haywire01:57
r00723r0When I play music for a few minutes gnome-panel freezes up and I can't open up gnome-terminal. What should I do?01:57
bruenigIndyGunFreak: thank you01:57
IndyGunFreakbruenig: no prob01:57
Nithorudie: the pastbin link you sent mensioned the subnet mask (netmask in ifconfig)01:57
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: that's not a command.01:58
UnSuNgLoSeRwidout the comma01:58
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: type « gedit /etc/apt/sources.list », instead, and pastebin the output.01:58
bts3685UnSuNgLoSeR: still not a command01:58
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: still not a command.01:58
Cpudan80The reinstall fixed it I think01:58
bts3685LjL: lol.01:58
fredericDr_willis:  back ?01:58
linkinxpwhere do i put drivers that i compiled?01:58
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL why does it say "permission not granted"?01:59
markysHai guys01:59
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: because it's not a command.01:59
UnSuNgLoSeRso how do i write it?01:59
UnSuNgLoSeRthe thing that u just wrote?01:59
bts3685UnSuNgLoSeR: sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list01:59
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: gedit /etc/apt/sources.list02:00
LjLit won't give you any permission errors.02:00
bts3685or that'd work.02:00
UnSuNgLoSeRLjL i should use the terminal for it?02:00
fredericIs there someone that could help me ... I cut / paste a directory from my Destop to another place. paste didn't work and it seems my data are lost. How may I recover them ? thanks !02:00
orudieNith: dont really see anything prompting about ifconfig, but here is the output of ifconfig http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61878/02:01
LjLUnSuNgLoSeR: what else?02:01
UnSuNgLoSeRyeah sorry am a newbie:)02:01
unop_LjL, whats with pastebin and rot13 ?02:02
Nithorudie: your mask is
orudieNith: so the subnet is what? Mask:
LjLunop_: someone still thinks it's april 102:02
orudieNith: so in that installation question i would put this ? Mask:
n-lanefrederic: why did paste not work?02:02
unop_LjL, ahh right :)02:02
LjLunop_: look at the plain text version or at the edit box02:02
fredericn-lane: seems not. but the directory is not aviable anywhere (oldpath, newpath) ...02:03
fredericn-lane: any idea is welcome ...02:03
ZiggyFish_laptopI'm having a problem with gdm02:03
unop_LjL, yea, i was just wondering what it was all about, thats all :)02:03
ZiggyFish_laptopit seems to hang when starting up02:03
n-lanefrederic: in Trash?02:03
fredericn-lane: nothing02:03
billyhow do i view files on my windows comp from my ubuntu comp when they're both connected to the same wireless network?02:04
geZehi, i just wanted to create a launcher that opens a terminal in sudo mode, howere it isn't working: sudo gnome-terminal02:04
n-lanefrederic: is Show Hidden Files enabled?02:04
markysbilly: in gnome it should be in Places > Network02:05
billynothings showing up02:05
markysthen you can find you windows local network02:05
fredericn-lane: I am actually using a shell (ls -a) . may I try nautilus with show hidden files ?02:05
Nithorudie: can you please relink the question the install asks02:05
billyoh nvm its workin now02:05
ZiggyFish_laptopanyone know what the problem could be?02:05
markysI have a little question:02:05
markysI am trying to link my windows and ubuntu box with a crossover cable. I manually set up 2 different ip addresses, and give each computer the address of the other as gateway.02:05
markysDo I do the right thing?02:05
NithZiggyFish_laptop: try killing compiz02:06
DragonLotusI've been googling for a little while and I still can't find a fix to the error (EE) fglrx(0): [pcie] Failed to gather memory of size 262144Kb for PCIe. Error (-1007)02:06
billymarksys: you need to get samba before itll work right02:06
unop_markys, the gateway isnt necessary here -- but thats fine yea02:06
NithZiggyFish_laptop: while its hanging, hit CTRL+ALT+F1 then log in and "sudo killall compiz.real"02:06
markysbilly: yes, probably02:06
billymarksys: do you have samba?02:06
NithZiggyFish_laptop: then hit CTRL+ALT+F7 and see if it's unhung, if so you need to disable compiz, if not, then compiz is not the problem02:07
markysbilly: well, samba is only for file transfers02:07
billymy windows comp shows up in the network but i can't access any files..02:07
billymarksys: what are you trying to do?02:07
ZiggyFish_laptopcompiz isn't running02:07
markysbilly: I am trying to plug my 2 computers with a crossover cable02:07
fredericn-lane: no other idea ?02:07
NithZiggyFish_laptop: are you sure?02:07
n-lanefrederic: shell is fine. I have no idea what happened02:07
LaptopFamhi to all i am nre to linux i just downloaded ubntu 7.10 server amd 64x, i burn the iso on to a cd, but the  only file taht i see is a html file and the cd read 500+ megs i even try to boot start with that cd but nothing happens02:07
billymarksys: why do you want to do that?02:08
fredericn-lane: thanks anyway02:08
ZiggyFish_laptoptop shows that gdmgreeter is taking 100% cpu02:08
Picifrederic: How did you cut and paste? And what went wrong?02:08
billymarksys: i did it a while back and it worked for file transfers, but wut are u trying to do?02:08
atlefLaptopFam: how did you burn it02:08
markysbilly: because I need to :P02:08
fredericPici: with traditionnal (and stupid) method : right-click, cut, paste :(02:08
ZiggyFish_laptopNith: i did a ps -aux | grep compiz02:09
Picifrederic: And it errored out?02:09
billymarksys: games? wut?02:09
markysbilly: I am on wireless on windows, and would like e able to access internet with my linux box02:09
atlefLaptopFam: did you just burn a data cd, or as image02:09
=== genii_ is now known as genii
fredericPici: dunno. when I paste it says nothing and then my directory has become as a simlink02:09
billymarksys:oh  okay.. uhmm ya i dunno how02:09
orudiehow can i completely remove/kill a package ?02:10
LjLorudie: sudo apt-get --purge remove packagename02:10
Picifrederic: Thats very weird...02:10
NithZiggyFish_laptop: fair enough, does it freeze just after you log in?02:10
NithZiggyFish_laptop: or just before?02:10
ZiggyFish_laptopno before02:10
linkinxphelp installing MESA02:10
fredericPici: seems so ... in shell (console) the directory appears in red02:10
fatratplz.hlp.. b4 i go dload beta 8.04 could I update to stable later.. or would there be issues/best to wait?02:11
twistieshelo..anybody home?02:11
billywhen i try to access my windows comp it says that the contents cannot be displayed.. why?02:11
Nithso you never see the login screen?02:11
Picifrederic: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Hardy/8.04 support/discussion.02:11
Falling-InfernoHi, I got Ubuntu in the mail today. I was wondering is there a Guide or something that can teach me all I need to know about linux?02:11
LjL!hardy > fatrat    (fatrat, see the private message from Ubotu)02:11
LjLfatrat: "if you have to ask, don't"02:11
Picifrederic: Is this in Gnome or KDE?02:11
fredericPici: gnome02:11
Nithwhat happens if you try to start gdm from a tty?02:11
orudiehow can i find out if my network interfaces is lo or eth0 ?02:11
twistieswondering if is there anyone facing same problem with me... firefox crashed when upload file using flash02:11
ZiggyFish_laptopNith: same thing02:11
nikrud!training | Falling-Inferno02:11
ubotuFalling-Inferno: A desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training02:11
fredericPici:  shall I repeat my question in ubuntu+1 ?02:11
LjLorudie, lo is never a real interface, it's the "loopback"02:12
nikrudFalling-Inferno not everything, but it gets you going02:12
Picifrederic: are you using Hardy?02:12
billyorudie: lo is local loopback, thats not ur internet connection02:12
NithZiggyFish_laptop: sorry, that one's beyond me02:12
billyorudie: if eth0 is ur only one, then thats ur network connection02:12
Pici!en | marya02:12
ubotumarya: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are english only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat02:12
ader10Is shadowing or vnc sessions even possible with freenx?02:12
ZiggyFish_laptopNith: thanks anyway02:12
ThreecornersHi, I was trying the Ubuntu live cd, and it can't seem to do anything with my ethernet connection.  It recognizes my card, but can't send or recieve anything.  Any ideas?02:12
billycan anyone help me with my networking problem? when i try to access my windows comp from ubuntu it says contents cannot be displayed02:13
fredericPici:  nope . using ubuntu gusty02:13
=== nikrud changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Hardy will be delayed by 3 months | Official Ubuntu Support Channel | Important: type « /msg ubotu etiquette » | Be patient and read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FAQ | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Hardy (8.04) BETA support in #ubuntu+1
twistiesThreecorners try set static ip.. maybe u dont have dhcp server running on ur network02:13
orudiebilly: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61879/02:13
orudieLjL: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61879/02:13
ZiggyFish_laptopnith I am using the Hardy, could that be the problem02:13
ThreecornersI do have dhcp on my network, it runs just fine in windows.  I tried both static and dhcp and neither worked.02:13
orudiewhich should i pick ?02:13
Dr_willisbilly,  you do have some shares enabled on the windows box? it can see its own shares?02:14
billyDr_willis: yea02:14
NithZiggyFish_laptop: it might, have you tried #ubuntu+1?02:14
LjLorudie: well, so, use eth002:14
* Nith isn't using hardy and doesnt know any of its issues02:14
billyorudie: yupp. use eth002:14
fredericDr_willis: some more help welcome if you have a little time ...02:14
billyDr_willis: any suggestions?02:14
Picifrederic: Well #ubuntu+1 is only for Hardy, so probably best to just keep asking here... you could also try asking in #gnome and/or #nautilus on irc.gnome.org02:15
=== LjL changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | Important: type « /msg ubotu etiquette » | Be patient and read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FAQ | Support options: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org | Hardy (8.04) BETA support in #ubuntu+1
billyDr_willis: i've installed both samba and fusesmb but haven't configured them i don't know how lol02:15
nikrudsphinxx you around?02:15
twistiesThreecorners try check the duplex.... anything else i don't know02:15
Threecornersok, thank you.02:15
LukeL_The release was NOT delayed 3 months!?02:15
billyDr_willis: ive also turned off my windows firewal02:15
PiciLukeL_: april fools.02:15
twistieshurm.. anybody have ever face problem like firefox crash when upload file using flash?02:16
symptomErickj92: did you figure out that apache issue?02:16
ader10Is shadowing or vnc sessions even possible with freenx?02:17
fredericPici: asked question there ... thanks for your try02:17
orudiehave anyone ever set up this bandwidthd ?02:17
markysCan anyone help me to configure a crossover cable connection between Windows XP and Ubuntu?02:18
bts3685ader10: yes.02:18
ader10bts3685: Are both supported?02:18
fredericIs there someone that could help me ... I cut / paste a directory from my Destop to another place. paste didn't work and it seems my data are lost. How may I recover them ? thanks !02:18
linuxmongermarkys:1-3, 2-6, 3-1, 6-202:18
bts3685ader10: oh. wait. freenx... only used nomachine.org NX...02:18
twistiesah nevermind guys,. reinstall flash plugin seem to be working fine02:18
markyslinuxmonger: thx, butI already have my cable, and it is not the problem :)02:19
ader10bts3685: I wouldn't mind switching. What do you have to do to enable shadowing on !M nx02:19
linuxmongermarkys: What is it you're trying to do?02:19
bts3685markys: take cat5. switch two wires on one end. crimp jack on. done.02:19
bts3685ader10: well, just look through the server.cfg and uncomment it. ;)02:20
LaptopFami burn ans iso cd02:20
fredericis there something like "undelete" ?02:20
bts3685ader10: just remember docs, binaries, etc. install to /usr/NX/02:20
ader10bts3685: Simple enough! :D Does it scale?02:20
bts3685frederic: yes, undelete. and unrm. and the tct02:20
ChaosTheoryI have to go to screen manager each time I restart to make my resolution the right size.02:21
ader10bts3685: (my home computer has a large resolution and libraries are at 1024x768)02:21
ChaosTheoryHow do I have it use this resolution by default?02:21
fredericbts3685: will it work for my problem (cut/paste didn't work)02:21
markyslinuxmonger: that is what I did: windows = netmask gateway, ubuntu = netmask
bts3685ader10: i can't recall, but i think only two simultaneous users. or maybe not with the linux version... i've never tried more than one at a time02:21
markysand it does not work02:21
atlefChaosTheory: what vidcard?02:21
bts3685frederic: if it never pasted, then it never cut essentially..02:21
ChaosTheoryatlef: Nvidia something.02:22
ChaosTheoryatlef: lspci, right?02:22
linuxmongermarkys: Okay, so far it's good.02:22
joshritgercan I use metacity while running compiz?02:22
atlefChaosTheory: and what driver?02:22
bts3685markys: you need crossover cable, not vanilla cat5. don't know if you have that going...02:22
ader10bts3685: Heh, hard helping 2 people at the same time? You misread my question but that's okay :) Instead of that one, I'd like to ask if vnc gets any performance boost over nx02:22
ChaosTheoryatlef: How do I find out these things?02:22
bts3685ader10: OH! NX is way faster02:22
atlef!nvidia | ChaosTheory:02:23
ubotuChaosTheory:: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:23
bts3685ader10: NX doesn't use the vnc protocol. :)02:23
geniinx is definitely faster on slower connections than vnc02:23
markyslinuxmonger: It looks to be working that way for everyone, so I really dont know. I will try between 2 windows computers...02:23
linuxmongermarkys: Are you sure that Windows is sharing? Try connecting to //name/C$02:24
ader10bts3685: It's able to, though. There's a "VNC" session that you can select in the client, and I heard it's accelerated vnc basically :) Sounds like you haven't used it. Thank you for your advice!02:24
unop_markys, you sure that was a cross over cable you used?02:24
fredericbts3685: begin paste and fail02:24
unop_markys, also make sure that both windows and ubuntu have the network interfaces brought up02:24
fredericbts3685:  (I ain't that crazy you think loll)02:24
bobbo85Hi all, does anyone know how to uninstall a program that was installed using ./configure and make install?  I deleted the source folder, so I don't know if the make uninstall command still works anywhere...02:24
ChaosTheoryatlef: It says "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (latest cards)" is in use.02:24
bts3685frederic: sure you have write perms in the directorys you're cutting from AND pasting to?02:24
LaptopFamatlef: i burn and iso cd02:25
atlefChaosTheory: do you have nvidia-settings installed? that will most likely make your settings permanent02:26
Paddy_EIREfrederic: normally an undo move right click entry would appear on the last thing you cut if that helps.. try right clicking the desktop and seeing if its there02:26
ChaosTheoryatlef: How do I install that?02:26
atlefLaptopFam: as in burn image, yes02:26
ader10emma: oh, another thing... You may or may not know this. When you run a command at the console, if you put a "&" at the end, it will be "forked" to the background and you can continue using the same console. Example: firefox& (It will start firefox, but instead of not giving you a command prompt until you close firefox, it will give you one right away)02:26
unop_frederic, if you remember a part of the filenames, have you tried using find ?  find $HOME -iname "*keyword*"02:26
unop_frederic, or even better,  find / -iname "*keyword*"02:26
unop_bobbo, download the source again, ./configure (and whatever else is required by README/INSTALL), make .. make uninstall02:26
Paddy_EIREfrederic: although with all your clicking around since it may have since disappeared??02:27
Name141Does anyone know how to get a Dell Photo Printer 540 to work?02:27
atlefChaosTheory: search synaptic package manager for it02:27
LaptopFamatlef i chose the file whit my burning program and just sen it to be burn02:27
linuxmongerSo I'm back with my question; How do I get a text message from a root cron job to pop up on the screen regardless of who is logged in?02:27
Name141I was able to get my Brother , networked, printer to work fine from the linux drivers at the brother site.02:27
atlefLaptopFam: and your machine is set to boot from cd-rom?02:28
Paddy_EIREfrederic: any joy ?02:28
LaptopFamatlef: yes02:28
fredericPaddy_EIRE: thanks for your try. I already tried myself and the problem is that the paste did a problem (too late to "undo"). Thanks anyway02:28
Paddy_EIREfrederic: I feel your pain.. was it important?02:29
atlefLaptopFam: maybe you need the alternate cd, or burn it at a lower speed02:29
MeatGrinder!info ati02:29
fredericPaddy_EIRE: familly documents ... :(02:29
ubotuPackage ati does not exist in gutsy02:29
=== darklee is now known as killown
LaptopFamatlf: if i read the cd with windowws it only appear a html file but if i ask for the size of the volume it has more tahn 500 mg02:29
kreistenhow do i register?02:29
LaptopFamatlef i biurn it 2 times and same resulkts02:29
markyslinuxmonger: it works fine between 2 windows computers... I really don't know what is the problem. What do you think I could do to diagnostic the problem?02:30
emmaIt's nice to be able to talk in here again :)02:30
ChaosTheoryatlef: I installed the package, but it had to remove nvidia-new-glx or something. Is that okay?02:30
bobbo85thanks unop  - next question is this:  I had firefox 2 as the regular "firefox" command, and firefox 3 beta was installed in my home directory.  I just upgraded the regular firefox, so my question is do I have two copies?  Can I remove the one in my home directory?02:30
Paddy_EIREfrederic: I frequently use external storage on stuff like that.. gotta nice 1TB hdd for under £120... great for this kind of thing02:30
n-lanefrederic: I think you need y recovery tool if nothing else works02:30
atlefChaosTheory: that does not sound right. Hmm02:31
romistrubhow do I go about installing IE 7 on Ubu?02:31
fredericPaddy_EIRE: my fault ... I should have done a copy elsewhere :(02:31
linuxmongermarkys: It's been a long time since I touched Windblows, I'm honestly not the right person to ask.02:31
geniiromistrub: You don't02:31
unopbobbo, it depends on how the version in your /home directory was installed02:31
fredericn-lane:  tryed gogol and nothing (or I didn't understood)02:31
bts3685markys: can the machines ping each other?02:32
romistrubgenii: I hate it, but I need it for web development02:32
ChaosTheoryatlef: It is nvidia-glx-new.02:32
unopbobbo, if you just downloaded the tarball from mozilla.org and extracted the contents to a folder under your home dir, then you can just delete that folder02:32
ChaosTheoryatlef: To install either, the other must be removed.02:32
markysbts3685: not between linux and windows02:32
bluecakehow to hide my ISP address in irc? or proxy it?02:32
geniiromistrub: It won't run under linux02:32
unopbobbo, maybe you should tell us how exactly you installed firefox 3?02:32
billywhy can't i browse the files on my windows comp from my ubuntu comp?02:32
bts3685markys: can you ping from the linux box to the win box?02:32
atlefChaosTheory: do a lspci then and see what card it is02:33
markysbts3685: not in both ways02:33
romistrubgenii: new question, is there a way to get the IE rendering engine working in another browser?02:33
bts3685markys: let me guess- from windows to linux doesn't work, but from linux to windows works?02:33
ChaosTheoryatlef: What should I look for after doing lspci?02:33
markysbts3685: It does not work in both ways...02:33
bts3685romistrub: ies4linux google it. not sure it works with ubuntu though..02:33
DSoTSso, is anyone here on hardy heron?02:34
bts3685markys: answer me yes or no, please. does it work exactly in the way i asked ^?02:34
fredericunop: found something ... how may I get into /home/.trash-root/ ? (it's a root directory)02:34
bts3685markys: okay. so who can successfully ping who?02:34
Name141I heard that dell printers are really lexmarks?02:34
wuxiaI enter my ssh passphrase via ssh-add. How do I prevent the stupid window to pop up that asks me for my ssh passphrase every time something uses ~/.ssh/id_rsa ?02:34
bobbo85unop, thanks - I installed firefox 3 by downloading the tarball and extracting it, then doing ./configure and make install - it ended up in my home directory02:34
Paddy_EIREfrederic: "gksudo nautilus" <-- graphical ..02:35
markysbts3685: There is no successful ping02:35
bobbo85then I did an upgrade via synaptic for firefox... so now whether I type firefox or /home/bob/firefox/firefox I get the same thing02:35
atlefChaosTheory: 3d controller and vga compatible controller02:35
DSoTSanyone here having problems with compiz on hardy?02:35
unopfrederic,  try this -- gksudo nautilus /home/.trash-root02:35
fredericPaddy_EIRE: thanks unop thanks02:35
geniiromistrub: The closest thing you're going to find to IE7 under linux is ies4linux02:35
unopbobbo, ok, well, make uninstall would be the best way then02:36
Pelonikrud, are you around ? do you know anything about bash scripts ?02:36
romistrubgenii: which, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be working at all02:36
ChaosTheoryatlef: VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Unknown device 0531 (rev a2)02:36
bts3685markys: AHA! okay. THAT'S what i needed to know. :) did you do /etc/init.d/networking restart on the linux box?02:36
billywhy is it that when i type in the IP to my windows comp he files show up, but when i click the icon for the name they dont"02:36
ChaosTheoryatlef: I don't see a 3D controller.02:36
nikrudPelo a very little, only as much as I need to02:36
* AHA hides in a corner. Too... Many... Hilights...02:36
Paavi2_0bobbo85: instead of doing "make install" you should propably 1st do "make" and then "sudo make install"02:36
nikrudaha! There is one!02:37
atlefChaosTheory: ok then i really do not know02:37
Pelonikrud, that migth be enought , can you join me in #pelo so we don'T spam this channel02:37
bts3685AHA: oh noes!02:37
markysbts3685: Yes I did it02:37
bts3685markys: mind if i msg? it's getting cluttered in the chan02:37
atlefChaosTheory: try asking your first question again and see if anyone else can help02:37
Survivormandoes anyone know how to rename an sd card in linux? I can just rename it inline in windows, but rename is grayed out.02:37
juannicolasHi, how can I restore the default files for apache2? such as apache2.conf02:38
ChaosTheoryatlef: It seems that I've been able to fix it.02:38
ChaosTheoryatlef: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62563502:38
fredericunop:  Paddy_EIRE thanks a lot guys ! seems that you get it right ! I have found my "unpasted" directory into this special root_trash ...02:38
ChaosTheoryatlef: I followed the instructions in the second post.02:38
atlefChaosTheory: good for you02:38
geniiromistrub: Perhaps run a virtual machine with XP in it02:38
ChaosTheoryatlef: Thanks for your help -- it needed to install nvidia-settings for it to work.02:38
markysbts3685: go ahead02:38
bts3685Survivorman: tune2fs can rename filesystem labels IIRC, if that's what you're asking02:39
atlefChaosTheory: you are welcome02:39
* frederic do a stand up ovation for unop and Paddy_EIRE !!02:39
unopfrederic, dorien :)02:39
Survivormanthanks bts3685, I'll give it a try02:39
n-lanefrederic: congrats :)02:40
Paddy_EIREfrederic: I'm glad to hear you recovered your fam docs nice one02:40
bobbo85Paavi2_0, thanks for the tip, that would make that install go to the /usr directory rather than my home directory right?  Actually, I'm trying to get into the habit of doing 'make' then 'checkinstall'02:40
ChaosTheoryatlef: Oh, I have a problem with a CD, do you have time?02:40
billywuts a good program similar to itunes or windows media player for ubuntu?02:40
fredericn-lane: you helped a lot too. thanks !02:40
Paddy_EIREbilly amarok is the best IMO although Exaile, banshee and rythmbox are all good02:40
* frederic do a stand up ovation for n-lane and Dr_willis (thanks too).02:40
unopjuannicolas, delete or move the file so that it is no longer in /etc/apache2 and run this command - sudo apt-get install --reinstall apache202:40
obiwannekodyhello room02:41
node357hi obiwannekody02:41
* frederic says : it's nearly 4 morning there, in France ... I'm going to bed !02:41
billyPaddy_EIRE: which is most like windows media player?02:41
atlefChaosTheory: ask and ye shall be answered, if i know the answer that is02:41
obiwannekodydoes anyone here know a good AIM/Jabber client that doesn't use gstreamer?02:41
* Paddy_EIRE cringes02:41
romistrubnew question: how do I make an ext3 partition available in windows?02:41
Paddy_EIREbilly none of them hopefully ;)02:41
juannicolasunop apache2: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: No such file or directory02:41
fredericbonne nuit (good night)02:41
ampex2obiwannekody: what's wrong with pidgin?02:41
billyPaddy_Eire: at least looks like it, the way the library is set up and stuff, or like itunes02:42
bobbo85How can I fix/detect my sound card?  I did an update today and now I get this error:  No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.02:42
fantum13romistrub: google for the windows ext3 driver, it exists and I'm fairly sure you can map them to drives.02:42
billywhich one is it easiest to organize ur files and stuff, but still have the ability to do all kinds of advanced stuff?02:42
obiwannekodyromistrub, there are some drivers for it(somewhere), but the best way is probley using a from windows linux distro02:42
ChaosTheoryatlef: It says "Cannot mount volume: Invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume 'UDF Volume'."02:42
unopjuannicolas, ok, just tun this command then. sudo apt-get install --reinstall apache202:42
Paddy_EIREbilly all media players have a similar uniform layout so I would not worry.. you will only know by trying :)02:42
obiwannekodyromistrub, i understand that can work02:42
billyPaddy_EIRE: thanks02:42
Paavi2_0bobbo85: usually it does that... it all comes down to that configure script you run first02:43
juannicolasunop i did that02:43
rippedmonkeyHi everyone02:43
kazol_How do I get more advanced power management options? I tried looking in "Configuration Editor" but I still couldn't find other options (for example, I want to specify the time before the system hibernates, rather than going to sleep/standby).02:43
Pelothanks nikrud see you later02:43
billyPaddy_EIRE: which one do i dl?02:43
nikrudPelo likewise02:43
obiwannekodyampex, it pulls gstreamer as a depend - i'm trying to find something that doesn't, largely because i just don't want gstreamer(it's caused problems for me in the past)02:43
billyor how do i compile it?02:43
juannicolasunop that wont reinstall the apache2.conf file to the directory02:43
Paddy_EIRE!repositories | billy02:44
ubotubilly: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories02:44
rippedmonkeyhey can anyone help me with vmware server?02:44
ChaosTheoryatlef: Any ideas?02:44
nikrudto get back apace2.conf  you need to purge and reinstall apache2.2-common02:44
gluerripped: not working with hardy yet..use virtualbox02:44
juannicolasnikrud how do I do that02:44
atlefChaosTheory: when does this happen02:44
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about purge - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:45
ChaosTheoryatlef: I'm just trying to open the disc.02:45
unopjuannicolas, ok, backup whatever you need from /etc/apache2 and run this. sudo sh -c "aptitude purge apache2; aptitude install apache2"02:45
nickwebcoukokany ideas on how to watch dvd's in 8.04? I've installed the restricted drivers package, but still no joy :(02:45
ChaosTheoryatlef: It has some important books.02:45
rippedmonkeywhat do you its not working for hardy?02:45
unophardy discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:45
atlefChaosTheory: so you insert the disk, doubleclikk it's icon and get this message?02:45
rycoledoes anything like windows remote desktop exist for linux? i mean, isn't the desktop environment basically something that runs _on_ the base linux system... and, shouldn't it technically be able to be run remotely?02:45
ChaosTheoryatlef: Right.02:46
NicklePlateso like scons like make needs an uninstall target in it's script right?02:46
Paddy_EIRE!synaptic | billy02:46
ubotubilly: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto02:46
juannicolasstill no apache2.conf file02:46
ChaosTheoryatlef: It also tries to open it by default so I get the message after inserting, too.02:46
rippedmonkeywell how do i enalbe usb drives in virtual box?02:46
vaesoliAnyone here know about audio capture?02:46
rippedmonkeyanyone please02:46
nikrudjuannicolas sudo apt-get remove --purge apache2.2-common , then note the packages that will be removed and then apt-get install <that list>02:46
Paddy_EIREbilly read those and familiarise yourself with how linux deals with software... no need to manually download and install here :)02:46
fantum13billy: man apt-get02:47
Dr_willisrycole,  i use vnc for my 'remote desktop' needs. :)02:47
vaesoliI'm having problems with capturing sound from my mic input with my onboard sound card, yet I still get sound from the speakers.  Can anyone help?02:48
rycoleyeah, but, wouldn't it be more native, or whatever, if you could run the desktop environment over a network?02:48
rycoleor, maybe not more native... but more badass :P02:49
ampex2Paddy_EIRE: s/linux/ubuntu/02:49
Paddy_EIRErycole: that would be awfully slow and inefficient02:49
ampex2Paddy_EIRE: not all linux distributions even have package management02:49
Paddy_EIREampex2 err yes02:49
Paddy_EIREampex most do 1 or 2 dont :)02:49
rippedmonkeycan anyone help me with virtual box or vmware server so that they can reconize usb?02:49
AshexI'm attempting to build a mini-media center with a laptop of mine02:49
=== gus__ is now known as guspad
AshexIt's connected to a 480p tv, while it's booting, the bios displays on the screen, along with the ubuntu loading screen02:50
Ashexbut as soon as X starts, it switches to the laptops lcd02:50
atlefChaosTheory: and it happens with all cd/dvd's?02:51
Ashexthis should probably be in #ubuntu+102:51
Dr_willisAshex,  depends on the video card in the laptop - to a large degree.02:51
ChaosTheoryatlef: I haven't tried any others.02:51
davidconceicaoeh im too lazy to look in ubuntu web page so when is the new ubuntu release?02:51
AshexDr_willis, yeah, it's a pretty old ati card02:51
vaesoliI'm having problems with capturing sound from my mic input with my onboard sound card, yet I still get sound from the speakers.  Can anyone help?02:51
rycolePaddy: wouldn't it technically be less data being transmitted over the network?02:51
ChaosTheoryatlef: Let me try another CD.02:51
rycolei think it'd be faster.02:51
stbainok based on the documents I found by following the links in the channel topic, it looks like I need to be appending "ide=nodma" to my boot string to boot this live CD, but for some reason that's not helping. Anyone have any experience with the "exception Emask" errors on boot?02:51
stbain(p.s. 8.04 livecd)02:52
Picistbain: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Hardy/8.04 support/discussion.02:52
ChaosTheoryatlef: I put in another CD with books in it and it gives me the same problem.02:52
stbainok... just reproduced it with 7.1002:53
stbainso I guess either or, eh?02:53
jasonwhy do ppl use older versionS?02:53
bts3685stbain: what about a strictly livecd? like knoppix or something? i wonder if it's hardware02:53
MattJobiwannekody: I use Gajim (Jabber)02:54
stbaincould be... I was able to boot a rescue CD based off of sysresccd.org, but had to choose the altker32 option (doesn't use the libata support and sticks with old school /dev/hda style devices)02:54
obiwannekodythanks, MattJ02:54
vaesoliI'm having problems with capturing sound from my mic input with my onboard sound card, yet I still get sound from the speakers.  Can anyone help?02:55
=== reconnect is now known as recon
stbainhrmm... doesn't look like either 7.1 or 8.04 honor the ide=nodma boot options02:55
rikyriverajoin #AIX02:56
ChaosTheoryatlef: Any ideas?02:57
atlefChaosTheory: try reading here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/util-linux/+bug/4423302:57
atlefChaosTheory: may help02:58
AdrianStraysI'm trying to find a download manager that will handle Rapidshare files, does anyone know of one?02:58
davidconceicaowhen is the official 8.04 release?03:00
Picidavidconceicao: April 24th03:00
atlef24. april03:00
guspaddavidconceicao, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule03:01
ChaosTheoryatlef: I think I'm just going to do a transfer with a flash drive using the other computer.03:01
davidconceicaohope some kick ass features :)03:01
AdrianStraysDid anyone see my question?03:01
atlefChaosTheory: ok, sorry that i could not help03:02
fantum13AdrianStrays: rapidshare is just HTTP. I doubt there are any download managers that crack CAPTCHAs for you.03:02
vaesoliI'm having problems with capturing sound from my mic input with my onboard sound card, yet I still get sound from the speakers.  Can anyone help?03:02
ChaosTheoryatlef: No problem. =]03:02
AdrianStraysThere are on windows.03:02
AdrianStraysI use one called Rapget03:02
AdrianStraysI tried using Wine03:02
AdrianStraysDidn't work.03:02
geniiAdrianStrays: http://code.google.com/p/grapid/03:03
AdrianStraysThat works03:04
hazehis it possible to boot from a floppy into a ubuntu installer that can use my network connection?03:05
trollboya floppy?03:05
trollboya usb drive would be better03:06
trollboyand is fully supported03:06
hazehunfortunately i dont have one atm03:06
trollboyprovided there's HW support03:06
ColypsoI just leased a dedicated server with Ubuntu03:06
geniihazeh: Your computer doesn't support boot from network (PXE)?03:06
hazehand yeah, the motherboard does boot fine from usb sticks ;p03:06
ColypsoI can not connect with vnc03:06
hazehi've never tried it genii03:06
Colypsoi get a fatal server error fixed font03:07
hazehi've got a windows machine on the network i can use, assuming its simple and quick to set up?03:07
Colypsoanyone know how to fix this?03:07
davidconceicaovaesoli: maybe your mic input is muted03:08
kalaxalhey all03:08
fantum13Hey, my wanda-the-fish just "died" and it says I have to change the water to revive her; how do I go about doing that?03:08
Colypso I just leased a dedicated server with Ubuntu.  I can not connect with vnc.  i get a fatal server error fixed font. anyone know how to fix this?03:08
bts3685Colypso: X probably isn't (and shouldn't be) installed...03:09
balleyneis there a command line tool to lookup the type of software that a server is running?03:09
kalaxalI don't have a shutdown button anyone able to help me03:09
style23How do you know the right driver for your video card03:09
ColypsoI just leased a dedicated server with Ubuntu.  I can not connect with vnc.  i get a fatal server error fixed font. anyone know how to fix this? Pm me03:09
Boohbahballeyne: nmap03:09
balleyneBoohbah: thanks :)03:09
Boohbahstyle23: you look it up03:09
balleynekalaxal: sure, you mean the button is missing from your panel? Are you in Gnome?03:10
bts3685balleyne: ls /var/cache/apt? dpkg --get-selections ?03:10
=== earlmred_ is now known as earlmred
fantum13balleyne: also amap or vmap, there are many others.03:10
atlefkalaxal: right click taskbar add to panel03:10
trollboyColypso, I'd take it up with ubuntu03:10
kalaxalyes it is missing in Gnom03:10
trollboyits their box03:10
style23Google it03:10
kalaxali had seen other with the problem but hadn't seen a fix yet03:10
balleynekalaxal: I think you can right-click on the panel, hit "Add to Panel", and select the "Quit" applet03:10
nikrudstyle23 the automatic configurator is pretty good at it, and so is system->admin->restricted manager03:11
mauro-blskalaxal, u use compiz fusion?03:11
kalaxalok i have the have the quit button it jsut dosn't have the shutdown button on it03:11
balleynefantum13: thanks!03:11
style23it says my hardware doesn't need in restricted drivers03:11
kalaxaland i don't know about compiz03:12
ColypsoI just leased a dedicated server with Ubuntu.  I can not connect with vnc.  i get a fatal server error fixed font. anyone know how to fix this?03:12
=== monkeypoo2552 is now known as kumarphilly
balleynekalaxal: oooh, interesting... lol.... well, as a sidenote, you can shutdown from the command line with `sudo shutdown -h now`, but that's not a long-term solution... not sure what could be the problem03:12
Colypsopm me03:12
nikrudstyle23 then you're probably using the right one already. What video card do you have?03:13
stonddoes anybody know a really good video converter for KDE I am using Kubuntu 7.10 installed onto my PS303:13
atlefstond: convertit03:13
ColypsoI just leased a dedicated server with Ubuntu.  I can not connect with vnc.  i get a fatal server error fixed font. anyone know how to fix this? pm me03:13
kalaxalthe strange thing is its all there in KDE but I like the look of gnmoebetter03:13
nikrudkalaxal   type    groups    in a terminal, are you a member of the powerdev group?03:13
kindofabuzzgnome ftw! =)03:13
atlefstond: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56701603:13
mauro-blskalaxal, because some plugins on compiz make that bug03:13
stondatlef where do i get it and is it easy to use03:14
atlefstond: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56701603:14
kalaxali looked and yes synaptic shows that compiz is on it03:14
kindofabuzzmauro-bls:  what bug? sorry just joined03:14
style23intel chipset not really sure03:14
ColypsoI just leased a dedicated server with Ubuntu.  I can not connect with vnc.  i get a fatal server error fixed font. anyone know how to fix this? pm me03:14
bts3685Colypso: i just did. twice already.03:14
kindofabuzzColypso: what error?03:14
kindofabuzzoh font error03:14
bts3685kindofabuzz: 98% sure he isn't running X.03:15
Flannelbts3685, Colypso, suggest you just talk here.03:15
Colypsohow do i fix it03:15
mauro-blskindofabuzz, kalaxal dont have the button to shutdown03:15
Colypsoim just now learning ubuntu03:15
nikrudstyle23    lspci | grep -i  vga tells you accurately03:15
nikrud!who | style2303:16
ubotustyle23: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:16
bts3685Colypso: first off, i'd recommend against X on a server. one more thing to break, one more thing to manage, and one more potential for security break03:16
Colypsohow do i get rid of it?03:16
ChaosTheoryatlef: I'm periodically losing sound. =|03:16
j3kylli need help accessing my harddrive. I've been "locked" out of it and "force mount" doesn't seem to be working. what else can i try?03:16
nikkehow do i look at .mov movies in totem?03:16
bts3685Colypso: ..that's the thing. it's not on it currently03:16
=== nikke is now known as Nikke
linkinxphow i reset my video drivers???03:17
kindofabuzzColypso: follow this guide to the T, it's how i got mine working03:17
linkinxphow i reset my video drivers??? to installation ones?03:17
kindofabuzzColypso: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=12240203:17
style23!who |nikrud i will do in one sec03:17
ubotunikrud i will do in one sec: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:17
nikrudlinkinxp   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg03:17
bts3685Colypso: you are trying to access the GUI layer, via vnc, which does not exist and therefore is not running.03:17
kindofabuzzyeah is your server on ?03:17
Colypsoim connected via putty03:18
atlef!sound | ChaosTheory:03:18
ubotuChaosTheory:: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:18
linkinxpnikrud:  done thanks do i need to reboot?03:18
kindofabuzzpastebin your /etc/xinetd.d/Xvnc03:18
style23!tab |nikrud i will do in one sec03:18
ubotunikrud i will do in one sec: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:18
bts3685kindofabuzz: ..it's a *server* therefore it almost surely does not have X. X is what gives you windows. otherwise you get just terminal.03:18
nikrudlinkinxp no, just log out and back in. That will restart the X server, and reload the new config03:18
LainIwakuraHello, I installed phpMyAdmin and the documentation refers to a config.php file. Where can I find this file? How do I know where a program is installed to through apt-get? Thanks.03:18
nikrudstyle23 lol, you don't have to kick them back at me :)03:18
ChaosTheoryatlef: I did a bunch of stuff *twice* to get sound.03:18
kindofabuzzoh yeah, do you have a gui at all on your dserver?03:18
style23!who |nikrud sorry03:19
ubotunikrud sorry: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:19
Colypsoi tried to put fluxbox on it03:19
digeratianyone running 64bit here?03:19
ChaosTheoryatlef: ALSA is turned on.03:19
nikrudstyle23 no, just type     nickrud sorry , that's sufficient03:19
atlefChaosTheory: any of them muted03:19
kindofabuzzColypso: well is it on? and flux doesn't use gdm it uses xdm03:19
ChaosTheoryatlef: Nope, none of them are muted.03:19
kindofabuzzand i dunno if the setup is the same for xdm03:19
style23nikrud ok03:20
ChaosTheoryatlef: Both times I had to go in and change something in a text file and restart.03:20
bts3685Colypso: do this: aptitude show xserver-xorg|grep -i state03:20
j3kylli need help accessing my harddrive. I've been "locked" out of it and "force mount" doesn't seem to be working. what else can i try?03:20
kindofabuzzColypso: just try that guide i posted03:20
style23 nikrud still wrong03:20
nikrudstyle23 wrong? In what way?03:20
arthurCan somone help me please. in xchat how do u hide all the joins parts and quits in the room?03:20
kindofabuzzbut when you edit Xvnc make it /usr/share/fontsX11/misc and not /usr/share/X11/fonts/misc03:21
digeratiI'm following this guide, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone, which tells me to add a third party repo to my source list, but i get a 404 on apt-get update, which was lead to  http://ppa.launchpad.net/ipod-touch/ubuntu/dists/gusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz03:21
style23nikrud oh i didn't think it got to you03:21
digeratithis works fine on my 32bit box03:21
style23nikrud when you text me it shows in red03:21
atlefChaosTheory: and in volum mixer, can you change device and see if any of the other controls are muted03:21
linkinxpthat didnt help me i cant put the effects03:21
Cope57digerati: I am running 64bit03:21
digeratiCope57: wanna try that deb for me?03:21
nikrudstyle23 and here also. That's why you use the nick of the person, it does whats called a 'highlight' so it's easier to catch things said to you03:22
digeratiCope57: works great for 32bit03:22
kalaxalok i found a topic on the boards about my missing buttons but I am still a linux newb so i am not sure how to do what they are saying03:22
khadarthur, if you want to do it channel specific, just right click on the channel tab and uncheck Show Join/Parts03:22
linkinxpthat didnt help me i cant put the effects i use to but i change the drivers and now even putting the other ones from the list its something wrong :(03:22
nikrudlinkinxp what type of video card?03:22
style23nikrud i lost the command you gave me but i'll be back in one sec03:22
nikrudstyle23 no problem03:22
arthurdam that was easy.... lol thanks..03:22
kindofabuzzman this is nice, i found a script to change curserXP themes to X themes03:22
linkinxpnikrud:  INTEl 965 GM03:22
ChaosTheoryatlef: I changed the device and it is not muted.03:23
linkinxpnikrud:  but it was fine 10 min ago but i change the drivers and now it wont work03:23
Cope57digerati: what is the deb for?03:23
nikrudlinkinxp ah, that one is blacklisted, see http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Hardware/Blacklist . It has instructions for ignoring the blacklist if you like03:23
digeratiCope57: trying to get libgpod installed03:23
kalaxalanyone have an idea03:23
linkinxpnikrud:  okey thanks let me see03:24
atlefChaosTheory: and in the menu, preferences, sound does it say autodetect or have you changed it?03:24
digeratiCope57: following this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone03:24
atlefChaosTheory: and pressed test sound03:24
nikrudkalaxal that's for an old version of ubuntu. What version are you running?03:25
Cope57Looks good, but I do not need it.03:25
kindofabuzzgmail's april fool's if ya haven't seen it: http://mail.google.com/mail/help/customtime/index.html03:25
ChaosTheoryatlef: Menu, preferences?03:25
JustjadenHey everyone! Just installed 7.10, but had to boot in safe mode. The system can't detect my video card, and on start up, the intro music glitches to high hell unless I move my mouse around....is all this normal?03:25
nikrudkalaxal then that forum link won't help, that's not how compiz is started03:25
nikrudkalaxal *anymore, that is03:26
ChaosTheoryatlef: There is no autodetect.03:26
kalaxalok then any new suggestions03:26
atlefChaosTheory: system - preferences - sound03:26
linkinxpnikrud:  sorry , can u help me i dont understand where i need to put that?03:26
owen1is there daemon tool for ubuntu?03:26
ChaosTheoryatlef: Everything is on autodetect except "sound capture," which is on ASLA.03:26
digeratiowen1: thats a damn good question03:26
ChaosTheoryaltef: *ALSA03:26
Piciowen1: There is gisomount or /msg ubotu iso03:26
owen1Pici: thanks03:27
digeratiPici: followed by a damn good answer for owen103:27
=== earl_ is now known as Riskbreaker
Justjadenhow do I get Automatix2?03:27
PiciJustjaden: you don't.03:28
Pici!automatix | Justjaden03:28
ubotuJustjaden: Automatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »03:28
Cope57I thought they are not making that anymore?03:28
Cope57thought so, hehe03:28
d3Lf1n0sorry i'm italian girl...when i can go for italian's ubuntu03:28
Picid3Lf1n0: /join #ubuntu-it03:28
ChaosTheoryThere's a huge space between my trash bin icon and my desktop squares in the bottom panel -- how do I remove that?03:28
d3Lf1n0thenk ou03:28
d3Lf1n0thank you*03:28
kindofabuzzbut automatix2 is still available i think, still makes things easier03:28
Justjadenany other things I should download to get a basic user setup03:28
rycoleim trying to add my user to the sudoers list. should i just add the name to the line, in /etc/group, that has admin:x:0 ?03:28
atlefowen1: and Gmountiso03:28
Cope57right click it03:28
Pici!enter | Cope5703:29
ubotuCope57: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:29
Colypsono luck03:29
j3kyllcan someone help me with my harddrive problem? :03:29
nikrudkalaxal is this the original user you created when you installed?03:29
geniiApparently not03:29
dougskorycole: edit /etc/sudoers03:29
Colypsoi guess ubuntu cant be controled remotely :(03:29
Cope57ubotu is a spambot03:29
geniiColypso: ssh works admirably03:29
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is a spambot - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:29
ChaosTheoryCope57: Thanks. =]03:29
kindofabuzzColypso: mine works03:30
atlefChaosTheory: it seem you are running into a lot of problems. you could post in the forums, or just ask once mor, but to the cannel03:30
kindofabuzzi just followed that guide, undo anything you've done from another guide03:30
ChaosTheoryatlef: Thanks.03:30
dougskorycole: or just add your user to the admin group. thats probly the best way of doing things03:30
xb3rtDoes anyone here successfuly use secondlife on linux?03:31
dougskorycole: you can do that with: useradd -G admin <username>03:31
Cope57Still working on my 1st one03:31
rbilColypso: what are you trying to do in terms  of remote control of Ubuntu?03:32
Colypsothis is the guide i am trying to use03:32
digeratiWhen i add the http://ppa.launchpad.net/ipod-touch/ubuntu gutsy main repo, i get a 404 on reload, but only on my 64bit box. Is there a way to install the package manually?03:32
nikrudkalaxal  what does    grep -i allowlogoutactions /etc/gdm/gdm*  return?03:32
mweichertdoes anyone know how to downgrade a package to an alternative version?03:32
atlefChaosTheory: i am a self taught home user, and not well versed in unix, but getting there03:32
mweichertfor example, I have curl-7.16 and would like curl-7.1503:32
ChaosTheoryatlef: Oh, I see.03:32
digeratimweichert: have you tried sudo-apt remove?03:33
j3kyllwhat are my options on force mounting a harddrive that has log files saying it is scheduled to be in use?03:33
atlefChaosTheory: just like to contribute as much as possible.03:33
dougskomweichert: if there is not a package for that version, youll have to compile it yourself03:33
Colypsoi just need some type of remote connection03:33
mweichertdigerati: I understand that would remove the package, but would downgrading to the previous version?03:33
kindofabuzzColypso: use the guid that i told you, was the only one that worked for me03:33
mweichertdougsko: I see here that the version I want exists: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/c/curl/03:34
Colypsoi tried that guide03:34
linkinxpwhy when i put compiz i get this? Window manager warning: "" found in configuration database is not a valid value for keybinding "run_command_1"03:34
digeratimweichert: i would just sudo apt-get remove <package> then sudo apt-get install <older.package>03:34
digeratimweichert: no?03:34
rbilColypso: you trying to do a ssh connection?03:34
mweichertdigerati: how do I specify the order package?03:34
rbilColypso: so what's not working?03:34
digeratimweichert: good point03:34
digeratimweichert: i didnt think about that, lol03:34
digeratimweichert: compile it yourself03:35
kindofabuzzColypso: oh yeah you have fluxbox03:35
dougskomweichert: you can download the .deb you want and install that with dpkg03:35
kalaxalsorry about that03:35
digeratithat too, dougsko :)03:35
Colypsoi get a fatal server error: fixed font when i check my log03:35
kalaxali tried something ut it didn't fix it03:35
Colypsovnc log03:35
mweichertdougsko: but then I go into dependency hell03:35
brianlightanyone having crazy mouse issues today in hardy?03:35
digeratiColypso: whoa, that was happening on a Fedora install this morning03:35
nikrudlinkinxp in   ccsm , general button, commands tab -> keybindings you have something bad in command line 103:36
rbilColypso: oh, so you're using vnc. Can you do a plain ssh connection from a terminal?03:36
atlefbrianlight: ask in #ubuntu+103:36
Colypsoim connected with putty03:36
LainIwakuraHello, I installed phpMyAdmin and the documentation refers to a config.php file. Where can I find this file? How do I know where a program is installed to through apt-get? Thanks.03:36
rbilColypso: and you can get to Ubuntu's command prompt?03:36
nibsa1242I'm trying to track down the source of some wireless internet issues, everything seems fine, but it often seems to slow down a little bit. iwconfig looks normal, except that invalid crypt has a value of 406755 and I'd like to know what that means03:36
digeratiWhen i add the http://ppa.launchpad.net/ipod-touch/ubuntu gutsy main repo, i get a 404 on reload, but only on my 64bit box. Is there a way to install the package manually?03:36
kindofabuzzColypso: pastebin your /etc/xinetd.d/Xvnc03:37
dougskomweichert: yeah theres probly a smarter way of doing it. although if you install the newer version through aptitude or whatever, you should get all the deps. then uninstall it and use the deb you want. pretty hackish, but it should work03:37
StevenXHello all. How do I install UUDeview? I can't do it through the regular add / remove.03:37
kalaxali think that there is an issue with the gdm03:37
d3Lf1n0I would want to learn to use linux... you can help me?03:37
linkinxpnikrud:  Checking for Xgl: not present.03:37
linkinxpNo whitelisted driver found03:37
linkinxpaborting and using fallback: /usr/bin/metacity03:37
FloodBot1linkinxp: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:37
digeratiStevenX: does it need a third-party repo?03:37
Colypsoi dont know how to do that03:37
kindofabuzz!pastebin Colypso03:37
mweichertI thiink I found it: apt-get install curl=x.x.x03:37
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:37
StevenXdigerati, How do i add a repo?03:37
owen1is .img file is an image?03:38
digeratiStevenX: first, do you even need to add one? thats my question03:38
StevenXalso, how do I add the bar at the bottom of the screen. I took it off, but want it back.03:38
StevenXdigerati, I believe so.03:38
digeratiStevenX: let me check it then03:38
rbilColypso: so why do you need vnc? you should be able to remotely control your Ubuntu box from the cli03:38
kindofabuzzColypso: do a sudo nano /etc/xinetd.d/Xvnc then copy those contents and paste into pastebin then post link here03:38
Colypsoim confused03:38
StevenXdigerati, thanks.03:38
kindofabuzzrbil: vnc is so much cooler! =)03:39
digeratiStevenX: open up terminal and type sudo apt-get install uudeview03:39
rbilkindofabuzz: cooler than what? I don't know anything about putty. Does it not do X?03:39
owen1can gISOmount work with .img?03:39
nikrudlinkinxp yup, that's right. You need to try   SKIP_CHECKS=yes  compiz    in a terminal to test your card03:39
Colypsowaiting on the link03:39
kindofabuzzrbil: no, and you don't even need putty, just use terminal ssh <ip>03:39
rbilkindofabuzz: well I thought he said he was using putty. Must be from a Windoze box03:40
digeratiWhen i add the http://ppa.launchpad.net/ipod-touch/ubuntu gutsy main repo, i get a 404 on reload, but only on my 64bit box. Is there a way to install the package manually?03:40
linkinxpnikrud:  can  i open a PV with u?03:40
owen1anyone knows what is .img?03:40
PiciGutsy and higher has remote desktop (vnc) capabilities built into Gnome.03:40
digeratiowen1: same as a .iso03:40
linkinxpowen1:  image file?03:40
Colypsoyeah i have a windows laptop and my server is Ubuntu03:40
kindofabuzzoh Colypso are you trying to get vnc from windoze?03:40
nikrudlinkinxp I prefer to stay in the mainline here, so people can catch my mistakes03:40
cchilda new installation and encrypting the boot partition, any suggestions?03:41
kindofabuzzColypso: try #windows?03:41
linkinxpnikrud:  its a big line :(03:41
StevenXdigerati, thank you. that worked. can i ask how i get the bar at the bottom of my screen that is default in ubuntu? I took that off, but want it back now.03:41
owen1linkinxp: digerati  i am trying to mount an img file.03:41
digeraticchild: TRUECRYPT03:41
devanlIs there supposed to be a splash while Ubuntu(7.10) boots?03:41
rbilColypso: servers generally run headless. So what are you trying to control with a gui?03:41
RockDrumis there a plugin for firfox that will allow me to view quicktime videos03:41
nikrudlinkinxp ah, then in that case you'd put it on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org so many eyes can see it03:41
digeratiStevenX: right click the bar at the top, click new pannel03:41
MeatGrinder!info ATI03:41
kindofabuzzColypso: i know one thing, on your fluxbox you HAVE to have xdmcp enabled and allowtcp connections03:41
ubotuPackage ati does not exist in gutsy03:41
digeratiStevenX: right click on new panel, and add to panel03:41
PiciMeatGrinder: !info is broken temporarily.03:41
digeratirebuilt it from scratch03:42
nibsa1242I need someone to help me with my slow to almost not working wireless connection iwconfig & ifconfig is here: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61881/03:42
Pici!ati | MeatGrinder03:42
ubotuMeatGrinder: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:42
diagonis there a way to get previous versions on apt-get?03:42
MeatGrinder!info Gimme ATI NOW!03:42
ubotuPackage gimme does not exist in gutsy03:42
kindofabuzzwell those are off by default in ubuntu, not sure about flux03:42
diagonthe new audacity is so awful03:42
owen1digerati: linkinxp   but the gISOmount is looking for iso03:42
PiciMeatGrinder: Please don't do that.03:42
rycoleguys, i've got gcc installed, but i'm getting an error when trying to use 'make' saying the command isn't found. any ideas/03:42
nikrud!info xserver-xorg-video-ati03:42
ubotuPackage xserver-xorg-video-ati does not exist in gutsy03:42
Colypsoi installed flux03:42
Picinikrud: !info is broken03:42
nikrudyup, truly broken03:42
Colypsoit is installed03:42
linkinxpnikrud:  i put it there03:42
MeatGrindernah info just gave me ATI03:42
hommeenteteHello - I'm having trouble configuring snort-mysql.  I installed snort from the repositories and have installed mysql - here's some of my logs to help you help me if you have any ideas on how to get snort working on my ubuntu box - http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61880/03:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about encryption - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:42
node357rycole, install make03:42
kalaxalok sorry back03:42
nikrudlinkinxp now give me the link so I can see it03:42
PiciMeatGrinder: I told the bot to give you that link...03:43
linkinxpnikrud:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61882/ thats what i  get03:43
MeatGrinderthanks! pici03:43
MeatGrinderI'm having issues with flash playing dog slow in FF03:43
linkinxpowen1:  i havent used but it must be easy03:43
marcelIf I install default ubuntu and add kde-core, will I get a nice integrated menu system. or is that problematic03:43
StevenXdigerati, thanks again. How do I make that bar list the applications running?03:43
kalaxalok I know that it has something to do with the GDM03:43
Colypsoi get all the way to the connect part and i get that error03:43
node357wouldn't it be better to install kubuntu-desktop03:43
kalaxalbut I have no clue how to fix it03:43
rycolenode357: oh, woops. i thought it came along with gcc. :X03:44
Colypsome either03:44
node357lol nope, sorry03:44
nikrudlinkinxp ok, that means you have issues that I don't know, try asking on #compiz-fusion , they're the bright ones03:44
kalaxalbecause I get a GDM error message when i try to switch users03:44
node357package build-essential contains most of what you need for compilation03:44
kindofabuzzColypso: did you google the error?  i think i've read something about fonts before in vnc03:45
Colypsocouldnt find a fix03:45
nikrudkalaxal what does   grep -i allowlogoutactions /etc/gdm/gdm*   return03:45
linkinxpnikrud:  okey ill ask thanks03:45
kalaxalhold on let me check03:45
digeratiStevenX: Add to panel, add a "window selector"03:45
marcel If I install default ubuntu and add kde-core, will I get a nice integrated menu system. or is that problematic03:45
marcel Signoff: asdfgh (Client Quit)03:45
marcel Signoff: atlef ("A reboot or Exhaustion made me do it! KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies")03:45
marcel<StevenX> digerati, thanks again. How do I make that bar list the applications running?03:45
FloodBot1marcel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:45
=== [1]Rasta is now known as Rasta
kindofabuzzwhat's the exact error again Colypso?03:46
MeatGrinderhmm it seems those instruction only apply to Radeon 9500 or better and mines only an 8500 so I guess I'm stuck with what ubuntu uses03:46
digeratimarcel: that wasnt cool03:46
kindofabuzzand you still haven't pasted your Xvnc file03:46
devanl\join #ubuntu-laptop03:46
digeratidevanl: try again :)03:46
marcel If I install default ubuntu and add kde-core, will I get a nice integrated menu system. or is that problematic03:46
luis08Hello everyone! My computer is affected by a bug in SATA drive, which can be solved by booting the PC in RAID mode (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/153702). I was wondering what are the effects of using the PC in RAID mode instead of default SATA... can anyone help? Thanks03:46
Colypsofatal server error: default font fixed03:46
Colypsosomething like that03:46
kindofabuzzColypso: do a sudo nano /etc/xinetd.d/Xvnc then copy those contents and paste into pastebin then post link here03:46
MeatGrinderanyone know if there are any specific drivers for a RADEON 8500?03:46
diagonhow to do install from upgrade, Web version 2.0 on my server?03:47
marcelluis08: how many drives?03:47
nikrudMeatGrinder as far as that goes, the free ati driver that comew with ubuntu is best for that card03:47
devanldigerati: I do that waaay too much03:47
kindofabuzz!pastebin Colypso03:47
MeatGrinderthank you nikrud. Guess I'm stuck with poor flash performance heh?03:47
rycolewhat are the things you should issues after make? make clean ?03:47
kindofabuzz!pastebin > Colypso03:47
coldbootnikrud: I highly doubt the free driver has decent 3d performance.03:47
MeatGrindercoldboot, are there options for me?03:47
vsnchengu can use a 3rd parties pakage to install it03:48
nikrudcoldboot none of them do03:48
coldbootMeatGrinder: You can also get the proprietary driver from ATI.03:48
MeatGrindertoo bad, this is kind of making ubuntu unusable for me on this machine03:48
Colypsowhat is pastbin03:48
MeatGrindercoldboot, ahh maybe that will help03:48
vsnchengtry to see if direct redering is already enable03:48
Colypsoi dont understand03:48
MeatGrindercoldboot, didn't know they had linux drivers03:48
coldbootMeatGrinder: You can get it from the apt repository03:48
nikrudkalaxal hm. I've reached the limits of my troubleshooting then03:48
vsnchengif yes, no need to update03:48
MeatGrindercoldboot, how so?03:48
vsnchengno, then google abit03:48
kindofabuzzColypso: what do you not understand?03:48
coldbootMeatGrinder: They've had them for a while, and the install process can be clunky.03:48
Colypsoi dont see your paste03:49
kindofabuzzopen the file and paste the contents to pastebin03:49
=== mrigns_ is now known as mrigns
coldbootMeatGrinder: Do: apt-cache search fglrx03:49
Colypsowhat file03:49
devanlnow that I was able to join though I realize its not a support channel over there... anyone have advice on getting the output to switch correctly on a laptop? (ie FN+F4 to change from LCD to CRT)03:49
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:49
MeatGrindercoldboot, do you have a link to instructions?03:49
kindofabuzzthat link there03:49
marcel If I install default ubuntu and add kde-core, will I get a nice integrated menu system. or is that problematic?03:49
kindofabuzzColypso: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/03:49
HorizonXPhey, I'm trying to dual-boot Ubuntu and Mac OS X; Ubuntu works fine, but when I select Mac OSX in the GRUB menu, I get Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format. Any help?03:49
nikrudcoldboot according to apt-cache show xorg-driver-fglrx , it only supports 9500 and above03:49
mattiasfor installation of programs i always needs to choose fie with termination .deb ??? like yum or rpm for redhat instllation ?03:49
vsnchengdepend on ur model, u got any special button to enable tv out or so03:49
diagonIs there a way for apt-get to install older versions of applications?03:50
diagonones that aren't listed through synaptic?03:50
Colypsoare you pasting or am i pasting cause there was nothing in that link03:50
MeatGrindernikro, coldboot, I found this link which seems to indicate it's only good for 9500 or above https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI03:50
coldbootnikrud: Really?03:50
kalaxaldose that help nikrud03:50
kindofabuzzdiagon in the synaptic preferances you tell it to use older versions03:50
coldbootnikrud: Oh yeah, it does.03:50
diagonkindofabuzz: I'll give it a try, thanks!03:50
coldbootMeatGrinder: You have an 8500?03:50
MeatGrindercoldboot, yes03:50
coldbootMeatGrinder: Use the default driver then.03:50
Colypsonothing in pastebin03:51
marcel If I install default ubuntu and add kde-core, will I get a nice integrated menu system. or is that problematic03:51
MeatGrindercoldboot, hmm why does youtube vids lag out my machine?03:51
coldbootMeatGrinder: I've never used the other driver, I worked for ATI on the Linux Driver Team. =)03:51
kindofabuzzColypso: paste the contents of your /etc/xinetd.d/Xvnc to that link03:51
devanlvsncheng: I have a Compaq nc6000 that is supposed to use Fn+F4 to change outputs03:51
vsnchengohh, coolbot, have u try the restrited device manager03:51
kindofabuzzfor the 3rd time =)03:51
coldbootMeatGrinder: Probably a video issue, are they eating up all your CPU?03:51
Colypsonothing in my contents03:51
MeatGrindercoldboot, yup03:51
Colypsoits empty03:51
nikrudkalaxal I'm not sure what's going on there. You could try  sudo apt-get remove --purge  gdm   &&    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop   to reinstall gdm completely, see if that does anything03:51
MeatGrindercoldboot, i tried all the fixes in the forums03:51
MeatGrindercoldboot, no dice03:51
coldbootMeatGrinder: You probably don't have any acceleration, what driver are you using now?03:51
MeatGrindercoldboot, not sure03:52
kindofabuzzyou don't have a /etc/xinetd.d/Xvnc?03:52
coldbootMeatGrinder: type "grep Driver /etc/X11/xorg.conf" at the console03:52
MeatGrindercoldboot, default ubuntu installed i guess03:52
MeatGrindercoldboot, ok03:52
HorizonXPhey, I'm trying to dual-boot Ubuntu and Mac OS X; Ubuntu works fine, but when I select Mac OSX in the GRUB menu, I get Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format. Any help?03:52
Colypsosays new file03:52
coldbootMeatGrinder: Pastebin the result (pastebin.com)03:52
coldbootMeatGrinder: Then give me the link.03:52
StevenXhow can i tell apt-get to install multiple packages in one line? "sudo apt-get install package1, package2, ....03:52
vsnchengmaybe ur file system03:52
kindofabuzzok, follow that guid i told you about03:52
owen1what is a .uif file?03:52
nikrudStevenX exactly that, without the commas03:53
coldbootStevenX: No commas, apt-get install package1 package2 package303:53
Colypsolet me try it again03:53
hommeentetehorizonxp, did you partition the disk?03:53
Colypsowhere is that link again03:53
StevenXthank you both03:53
owen1is .uif the same is iso?03:53
kindofabuzzColypso: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=12240203:53
coldbootStevenX: Most commands that it makes sense to take multiple parameters like that actually do, and you never use commas.03:53
Justjadenhow do I get ubuntu to recognize my geforce nvidia 6150 go?03:53
diagonargh this is so annoying03:53
marcelHorizonXP: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28254503:53
StevenXcoldboot, will keep that in mind.03:53
coldbootJustjaden: Did you just fresh install it?03:53
hommeentetedoes anyone have experience setting up SNORT in ubuntu?  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61880/03:53
HorizonXPhommeentete: yes I did, MacOS X is installed (I installed Ubuntu first), and I set up my grub menu.lst to point to the appropriate partition03:53
MeatGrindercoldboot, http://pastebin.com/m686a270303:53
Colypsohow do i do the first step03:54
coldbootJustjaden: How do you know it wasn't detected?03:54
Colypsoim in USA03:54
rbilowen1: http://filext.com/file-extension/UIF03:54
ColypsoServer is in Germany03:54
coldbootWow, a few years ago I was this newbish. =)03:54
HorizonXPmarcel: I saw that thread, it didn't help; someone asked about MacOS and 7.10, but it didn't get answered03:54
coldbootMeatGrinder: The '"Driver "ati"' line tells me you're using the open-source driver already.03:54
=== digerati is now known as omgitsmit
Justjadenit tells me I have to boot in low graphics mode, and I can only get 800x60003:54
kindofabuzzColypso: wanna go privat? i'll try to walk you through03:54
MeatGrindercoldboot, hmm that good or bad?03:54
MeatGrindercoldboot, I'm in mass too!03:54
coldbootMeatGrinder: That's the driver you have to use.03:54
coldbootMeatGrinder: Fascinating, you know how to use IRC. =)03:55
coldbootMeatGrinder: I bet you're not Canadian.03:55
MeatGrindercoldboot, been a loooong time not since Q3 days lol03:55
=== [1]Rasta is now known as Rasta
coldbootMeatGrinder: I'm not sure what we can do to fix this problem. I've been using the proprietary ATI driver the whole time.03:55
xb3rtIn ubuntu gutsy, whats that beep that I hear in the background once in awhile03:55
HorizonXPmarcel: This link looks good, let me read it. Thanks. What'd you type in google btw?03:56
coldbootMeatGrinder: Let me look for you.03:56
the_edgehello! Is there a way to list the installed packages with their sizes? I want to remove big packages that I don't need to cut down the size of my virtual machine...03:56
MeatGrindercoldboot, i know, it's too bad, it's kind of a dog on my system, google earth runs like crap too03:56
owen1rbil: thanks03:56
MeatGrindercoldboot, flickers like mad..........OK thanks03:56
kelvin911hello, how come when i do speed test in ubuntu, i cant get the upload reading?03:56
owen1rbil: so i need windows to open it?03:56
rbilowen1: no idea. just found an explanation of that file extension, sorry03:56
kelvin911i try both speakeasy and speedtest.net.  both cant read upload03:56
kelvin911but in XP is fine03:57
rbilowen1: you can maybe try mounting it and see whether it mounts like a regular iso file03:57
kindofabuzzproxy maybe? i dunno03:57
omgitsmitkelvin911: thats really odd03:57
marcelHorizonXP: "ubuntu mac dual boot error 13"...... :o)03:57
hommeentetecan anyone point me in the direction of snort help?? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61880/03:57
omgitsmitkelvin911: dslreports test?03:57
kelvin911i dont think i install any proxy in ubuntu03:57
coldbootOh wait, guys, do you use the "radeon" Driver directive for the open-source ATI driver?03:57
kelvin911no cable03:57
kelvin911can u get the upload reading in speedtest.net?03:58
omgitsmitkelvin911: no i mean are you running the speed test from dslreports.com03:58
tritiumcoldboot: ati03:58
Colypsohey i answered you03:58
omgitsmitkelvin911: let me try both03:58
owen1rbil: ok03:58
Colypsoi guess you couldnt read my pm03:58
kindofabuzzkelvin911: you on dial up? maybe it's so low that it can't rea dit lol03:58
hobbzillawhere can I find the runlevels or startup order for networking?03:58
HorizonXPmarcel: lol nice. I was too specific then :)03:58
coldboottritium: MeatGrinder is having 2d acceleration problems with 'Driver "ati"', any ideas?03:58
kelvin911i am on shaw cable i-extreme03:58
kindofabuzzColypso: i sent you several03:58
kelvin91110 Mbps03:58
coldbootMeatGrinder: Is anything else that has to do with flash going slow?03:58
Colypsoi replied to all03:58
marcelHorizonXP: "kiss" ....03:58
hobbzillaI'm having an issue with S20samba bombing after rebooting -- but working fine after a stop/restart.03:58
coldbootMeatGrinder: Are you in 32-bit or 64-bit linux?03:58
Colypsodo i need to reg my nick on this server?03:58
kindofabuzzColypso: are you registered? i think that's the problem03:59
Colypsoyou couldnt hear me03:59
omgitsmitkelvin911: it seems this is a flash tester, try the java one over at dslreports.com03:59
Kl4mWho just posted the snort question03:59
tritiumcoldboot: do you mean 3d?03:59
MeatGrindercoldboot, 32 and yes all flash is 100% cpu03:59
Colypsowhat is the command?03:59
omgitsmitkelvin911: thats where i test03:59
style23nikrud ok i'm back03:59
ubotuBy default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.03:59
coldboottritium: Nope, just 2D, although 3D might have something to do with it. He says Youtube is lagging. I realize that could be some sort of other problem as well.03:59
MeatGrindercoldboot, haven't tried any 3d stuff other than google earth and that seems to be lagging to with all kinds of flickering prob due to compiz effects03:59
coldbootMeatGrinder: That's probably just flash.03:59
Colypsowhat is the nick reg command03:59
coldbootMeatGrinder: You're using compiz on a crappy video card, that's your problem.04:00
tritium!register | Colypso04:00
ubotuColypso: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.04:00
kelvin911omgitsmit: where is the link to click?04:00
MeatGrindercoldboot, i tried all the flash fixes on that post in the forum, noc improvement04:00
=== kazagista1 is now known as kazagistar
marcelPreferring Gnome - I need KDE for it's "Kipi" plugins.... can I install kde-core on Ubuntu without issue?04:00
coldbootMeatGrinder: Turn off Compiz, the 8500 won't be able to handle it well at all.04:00
omgitsmitkelvin911: "Tools" at the top nav bar04:00
CapaHHi all04:00
MeatGrindercoldboot, yeah but I disabled all effects and youtube still is slow04:00
coldbootMeatGrinder: I'm not sure what could be wrong with flash, what browser?04:00
omgitsmitMeatGrinder: choppy or loads slow?04:00
jake2point0sudo apt-get install compiz-config-settings-manager isnt finding the package04:00
marcelMeatGrinder: just youtube or all flash content?04:00
MeatGrindercoldboot, FF04:00
style23nikrud  i found the code and put it into the terminal04:00
MeatGrinderomgitsmit, choppy, and all flash marcel04:01
coldbootMeatGrinder: What version of Firefox and Ubuntu?04:01
nikrudstyle23 and the output?04:01
Flannelmarcel: Of course.04:01
MeatGrindercoldboot, 7.10 with updates and latest FF (let me ck v.)04:01
omgitsmitMeatGrinder: what are you running for flash in FF?04:01
style23nikrud  00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)04:01
MeatGrindercoldboot, FF is
marcelFlannel: thx04:01
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:01
MeatGrinderomgitsmit, tried it all, adobe and other stuff04:02
coldbootMeatGrinder: Is there some other 2d intensive graphics thing you can get your hands on that's not flash?04:02
omgitsmitMeatGrinder: there's only two i know about.. heh04:02
ChaosTheoryaltef: I've posted on the Ubuntu forums.04:02
style23nikrud  where can I find a list of commands to use in terminal04:02
coldbootMeatGrinder: I'm sort of out of ideas.04:02
omgitsmitMeatGrinder: just checking to see if you've already exhausted all of your options :)04:02
kelvin911i try it on ff speakeasy work04:02
nikrudstyle23   grep -i intel /etc/X11/xorg.conf , you should get back   Driver "intel" , that means you're using the right driver04:02
omgitsmitcoldboot: so am i, heh04:02
kelvin911maybe its the flash in opera doesnt work properly04:02
jake2point0anyone know how to control compiz in Gutsy?04:02
AutoMatriXhi folks, I seem to have lost the ability to use my touchpad ... is ther any testprogram for that ?04:02
nikrudstyle23  linuxcommands.org is a good start04:02
kindofabuzzFF ftw!04:02
marcelMEatGrinder: try my site for basic flash... http://www.specialmomentsphoto.ca & click on any gallery. There's no sound, just images. Still slow?04:02
* omgitsmit highfives kindofabuzz 04:03
style23nikrud  do you use windows04:03
StevenXguys, how can I fix this error? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61884/04:03
flybackis it possible to have a 2nd X session off the ubuntu livecd just for vnc? if so now?04:03
flybackerr how04:03
nikrudstyle23 no (I don't even use the office machine, I take my laptop to work)04:03
ChaosTheoryI've been trying to fix my sound for hours. First, I noticed that both my speakers and my headphone were playing at the same time. I was able to fix that (after *a lot* of Googling). About 10 minutes later, I lost all sound. A few hours later, I was able to fix that, too. I restarted the computer and I had sound back, except I now had sound in my headphones and speakers. I fixed that, using the same method as I did before. Some t04:03
ChaosTheoryime later, I lost all sound (this is my current state). =(04:03
kindofabuzzStevenX: install perl?04:03
StarnestommyStevenX: is libxml-dom-perl installed?04:03
MeatGrindermarcel, yes, it's slow loading pics04:04
jake2point0anyone know how to control compiz in Gutsy?04:04
kelvin911just confirm, speakeasy and speedtest.net upload work in ff04:04
style23nikrud  I just deleted windows 2 days ago and now i'm trying to learn linux04:04
kindofabuzzjake2point0: install the compiz manager, it's in the repos04:04
kelvin911maybe its the flash plugin for opera is not right04:04
style23nikrud  Output:04:04
style23 Boardname       "Intel 830"04:04
style23        Driver          "intel"04:04
style23        Vendorname      "Intel"04:04
FloodBot1style23: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:04
nikrudstyle23 nothing like diving into the deep end of the pool :) That's how I learned to swim when I was 904:04
Lunks!pastebin | style2304:04
ubotustyle23: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:04
marcelMeatgrinder: slow loading, okay - that may mean a slow connection.. but once pics are loaded, how's the transition between pics?04:04
StevenXStarnestommy, I will try that. I searched for perl and stuff, but I had a lot of results.04:04
nikrudstyle23 then you're using the right driver for your card04:04
jake2point0kindofabuzz on my cd?04:04
ChaosTheoryAny have any ideas?04:04
kindofabuzzjake2point0: no the online repos04:05
sjovanStevenX: try to locate XML/DOM.pm and make a symbolic link for it in all the folders named in the msg. if you can't locate it, then you need a pack of some sort04:05
=== Colypso is now known as Colypso1
lordleemo_can someone please tell me what version of ndiswrapper comes on the gutsy 7.10 desktop cd04:05
kindofabuzzjake2point0: use synaptic and search for compiz manager04:05
style23nikrud  oh ok04:05
xb3rtDoes anyone know what that beep is in the background that I hear once in a blue moon, "im on ubuntu gutsy"04:05
LunksCan someone tell me a good text editor which I can contract/expand nodes while programming? gedit is getting on my ass04:05
nikrudLunks the floodbot takes care of telling people about pastebin. Before long, we won't even need human helpers here ;)04:05
kindofabuzzxb3rt: your pizza is done?04:05
kelvin911omgitsmit: a try dslreports.com, the upload is not working in opera04:06
MeatGrindermarcel, transistions are choppy and slow, doubt it's my connection as speedtest show me at 20mb down04:06
coldbootxb3rt: Are you in Boston? I want some pizza too.04:06
jourdanxb3rt: probably some sort of system beep, mine does it too.  You can mute it04:06
xb3rtkindofabuzz: sounds that way,04:06
Steven1Lunks isn't there a kde text editor called kedit?04:06
StevenXStarnestommy, that fixed it. thank you.04:06
nikrudLunks emacs is good, eclipse has the kitchen sink04:06
Lunksnikrud: yeah, I noticed it right after I sent the message =D04:06
marcelMeatGrinder: what flash version?04:06
xb3rtjourdan: what does it mean though04:06
coldbootMeatGrinder: It's not the connection for sure.04:06
MeatGrindercoldboot, marcel, BTW I tried this link and tried all the fixes http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66183304:06
Lunksnikrud: isn't eclipse for java?04:06
coldbootMeatGrinder: I'm out of ideas. Maybe if you do a test of something 3d, it would help.04:06
jake2point0kindofabuzz compiz gnome manager04:06
MeatGrindermarcel, how do i tell what version flash04:06
nikrudLunks no, there are plugins for just about everything.04:06
jourdanxb3rt: any number of things.  happens somtimes if you hit backspace in a terminal with nothing to delete04:06
LunksI'd like a more 'generic' one. Not Kedit, plz. ;D04:06
jake2point0kindofabuzz i got it04:06
kindofabuzzjake2point0: yup04:06
Lunksnikrud: hmm going for it04:06
MeatGrindercoldboot, google earth is 3d and that seems to dog out a bit04:06
jourdani wouldn't worry about it04:06
style23nikrud  so how come I can't use the visual effect. it is set to none and when I try to change it, it doesn't allow me04:06
coldbootMeatGrinder: That's too heavy, find something lighter.04:07
marcelMeatGrinder: open FF and in the title bar type "about:plugins"  without the "04:07
coldbootMeatGrinder: Some OpenGL test would do.04:07
MeatGrindercoldboot, oddly gnometetris dogs out the machine on repeated keystrokes too but probably unrelated04:07
nikrudstyle23 try   glxinfo  | grep rendering, does it say yes?04:07
Colypso1what is the command to register my nick04:07
MeatGrindermarcel, ok04:07
Colypso1its not working04:07
MeatGrindercoldboot, need opengl test somehow04:07
Steven1Hey guys. My computer is really slow when it comes to running 2nd Life and I was wondering how to increase the swap size and also if that would even help.04:07
MeatGrindermarcel, yes trying that now04:07
coldbootMaybe... /msg NickServ REGISTER04:07
sjovanColypso1: just try to msg some one... you will get the info you need in your status04:07
icesword /msg nickserv help register04:07
Justjadenhas anyone had problems with bootup giving an error about pnpBios or something like that? Also during the login, the sound is crazy garbled and glitchy?04:07
node357MeatGrinder, i have a 3.0 ghz dual core and gnometris lags up too04:07
coldbootMeatGrinder: glxgears04:08
kindofabuzz!register Colypso104:08
Colypso1im trying04:08
MeatGrindernode357, lol that's da stinks04:08
kindofabuzz!register > Colypso104:08
MeatGrindercoldboot, ok04:08
Colypso1im using the command and its not working04:08
node357yesh :)04:08
MeatGrindermarcel,     File name: libflashplayer.so04:08
MeatGrinder    Shockwave Flash 9.0 r11504:08
FloodBot1MeatGrinder: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:08
coldbootMeatGrinder: apt-get install mesa-utils04:08
marcelMeatGrinder: how did you install flash?04:08
coldbootMeatGrinder: /usr/bin/glxgears04:08
MeatGrindermarcel, originally adobe flash but then i followed the instructions int the link above from forums04:08
MeatGrindercoldboot, ok04:09
style23nikrud   No (If you want to find out why, try setting LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose), but when I run the live cd it works04:09
Steven1Hey guys. My computer is really slow when it comes to running 2nd Life and I was wondering how to increase the swap size and also if that would even help.04:09
kindofabuzzColypso1: why don't you just follow the guide i gave you 4 times now? =)  it's what i used to get vnc right04:09
coldbootMeatGrinder: For future reference: sudo aptitude install apt-file && sudo apt-file update && apt-file search name_of_some_file_from_unknown_package_like_maybe_glxgears04:09
sjovanmarcel: have you even tryed ---> apt-cache search flash <--- ?04:09
=== Colypso1 is now known as Colypso
kelvin911anyone has fix the world of padman error with ubuntu?04:09
MeatGrindercoldboot, mesa-util is already newest version04:09
ChaosTheoryI've been trying to fix my sound for hours. First, I noticed that both my speakers and my headphone were playing at the same time. I was able to fix that (after *a lot* of Googling). About 10 minutes later, I lost all sound. A few hours later, I was able to fix that, too. I restarted the computer and I had sound back, except I now had sound in my headphones and speakers. I fixed that, using the same method as I did before. Some t04:09
ChaosTheoryime later, I lost all sound again (this is my current state). Any ideas?04:09
diagonI'm still having difficulties installing an older package04:09
coldbootMeatGrinder: Okay, just type glxgears and tell us the FPS04:09
coldbootMeatGrinder: It will report every 5 seconds04:09
marcelMeatGndr: I'm running Debian - d/l-ed flash tar ball, extracted, went to extracted folder, and as root run ./flash-installer    as path give /usr/bin/firefox (iceweasel in my case)04:10
kelvin911sometimes the game change to window mode by itself and my mouse and keyboard doesnt work and i have to press reset button to restart the computer04:10
diagonaudacity 1.26 in particular, which requires an old version of wxWidgets, which had a problem that I seem to have solved by changing something in the Makefile, but if I could just do this all via apt-get dependencies that'd be fine too04:10
coldbootMeatGrinder: Mine goes 10713.308 FPS, but I've got an nVidia 8800 GTS with the proprietary driver. =)04:10
diagoner 1.2.604:10
MeatGrindercoldboot, gears looks ok but using 72% of cpu04:10
kindofabuzzkelvin911: that's a padman problem not an ubuntu problem04:10
coldbootMeatGrinder: What's the FPS?04:10
style23nikrud   so that just means it doesn't work with this graphic card04:10
marcelMeatGrndr: I'd remove flash and reinstall the way I'd suggested04:10
coldbootMeatGrinder: Type glxgears from a console, it spits out to console.04:10
nikrudstyle23 I've never had an intel chip in one of my machines, I'm not sure what your problem is. But, you should  try    LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose  glxinfo  > ~/Desktop/glxinfo.txt , and copying the contents of glxinfo.txt to http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to show around04:10
MeatGrindercoldboot, dont see fps on gears04:11
Steven1My computer is running slowly and I was wondering how to increase swap and if that would help at all. Any ideas?04:11
coldbootMeatGrinder: Launch glxgears from gnome-terminal04:11
=== [1]Rasta is now known as Rasta
kindofabuzzSteven1 i don't think increasing swap is gonna help04:11
MeatGrindercoldboot, fps is 180004:11
MeatGrindercoldboot, in a window04:12
kelvin911kindofabuzz: but how can the OS's mouse and keyboard's focus got stolen by the game it runs?04:12
Steven1kindofabuzz: Isn't swap just like Windows virtual memory?04:12
marcelg2g - bye all!04:12
coldbootMeatGrinder: I guess that's pretty good.04:12
kelvin911kindofabuzz: is there a way to force the game terminate?? without hard reboot?04:12
kindofabuzzSteven1 yes04:12
Colypsoit wont let me register04:12
Colypsoim using the right command04:12
coldbootMeatGrinder: For a crappy old card. I would guess it's got something to do with flash.04:12
MeatGrindercoldboot, yeah i think 3d is ok, maybe it is my machine but youtube runs fine in windoze04:12
kindofabuzzkelvin911: did you try crtl alt backspace?04:12
coldbootMeatGrinder: You could try downloading Opera and see if flash still goes slow, then you can rule out firefox.04:12
kindofabuzzjust resets your gdm04:13
coldbootMeatGrinder: No, it's probably flash.04:13
MeatGrindercoldboot, good idea ill try it now04:13
=== ts-arm is now known as ApOgEE-
kelvin911i havent encounter that error so next time i will try04:13
coldbootMeatGrinder: If 3D is good performance, there will be nothing wrong with 2d.04:13
kindofabuzzSteven1: how much RAM do you have?04:13
=== bruenig_ is now known as bruenigphrik
Steven1kindofabuzz: Well mine is at 1.86gb of swap. You think I should increase it more?04:13
coldbootMeatGrinder: Flash for Linux is crappy and they don't pay much attention to it. It's always breaking on me.04:13
Steven1kindofabuzz: 2gigs I believe. Something around there.04:13
MeatGrindercoldboot, ahhh, i should try it on another distro just for hahas04:13
nikrud!lol | icesword (what's up, anyway?)04:13
ubotuicesword (what's up, anyway?): Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.04:13
xb3rtHow do I get WoW running on linux?04:14
kelvin911coldboot: flash has cause my ubuntu reboot 2 times04:14
kindofabuzzSteven1: your swap probably never even gets touched with 2 gigs of ram, mine doesn't with 1g of ram04:14
kelvin911flash in ff will crash in some heavy flash site04:14
jourdanswap is slow anyway04:14
style23nikrud http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61886/plain/04:14
jourdanin comparison, just get more ram if you want more speed...04:14
iceswordnikrud, sorry,sir ,nothing,i am testing this appeance,that smile yellow face,it doesn;t work04:14
nikrudI've got 2gig of mem, and a half gig of swap04:14
nikrud*in use04:15
Steven1kindofabuzz: Well I play on 2nd Life and I wanted to see if I could play it any smoother and with less lag.04:15
MeatGrindercoldboot, installed opera flash doesnt play, says to click to activate but I do and nothing04:15
nikrudicesword ah, that explains it.04:15
kindofabuzzSteven1: well that's where your vid card comes in play too04:15
coldbootMeatGrinder: At this point I don't know any more than you do about what to fix. I would just search for "flash 100% cpu linux OR ubuntu" in google without the quotes and keep going through the shit.04:15
kelvin911is 2nd life half life?04:15
jourdanand the *awesome* linux drivers no doubt available for it04:15
MeatGrindercoldboot, affirmative04:15
kindofabuzzkelvin911: no04:15
coldbootMeatGrinder: That doesn't mean anything, it usually never works in Opera to start.04:15
Steven1kindofabuzz: Well my vid card is pretty good. Maybe the drivers just suck.04:15
MeatGrindercoldboot, yeah opera's not offering any info04:16
coldbootMeatGrinder: Don't stay up all night, this is going to be very boring and unrewarding.04:16
kindofabuzzSteven1 do you at least have restricted drives on?04:16
Steven1kelvin911: No. 2nd Life is kind of like a social networking version of Gmod for Half-life 2.04:16
hobbzillahow can I find out what version of a package I have installed?04:16
MeatGrindercoldboot, I know, I should be working important stuff like getting my CAC card working04:16
Steven1kindofabuzz: Is there a repo to enable for that? Because I enabled the restricted driver when I installed Ubuntu. But haven't gotten any updates since then.04:17
kindofabuzzhobbzilla: apt-cache versin <package name>, i think04:17
kindofabuzzSteven just go to admin > restricted drivers manager and make sure it's on04:18
nikrudstyle23    dpkg -l | grep libgl1-mesa-dri , does it have   ii   in the first two columns of the return?04:18
lindzeynI do not know if there is an answer to this question, but is there an IRC client that is favored amongst power users in the ubuntu/linux community?  I am currently using bitchX and I do not want to get comfortable with its nuances if there is a superior client out there that I will eventually gravitate toward.04:18
allyunionOr you can do aptitude show <package name>04:18
=== djhyland is now known as zeroscan
Steven1kindofabuzz: AIT accelerated graphics driver - Enabled - In use04:19
nikrudlindzeyn irssi is used by all the self-considered elite ;)04:19
kelvin911lindzeyn: i think mirc is very good.  but it is only in windows04:19
jourdanlol, i broke my irssi04:19
Steven1lindzeyn: It's called Pidgin.04:19
allyunionQ: When I plug my USB drive in, the NTFS partitions refuse to automount -- they ID as a different partition.  Yes, ntfs-3g is installed, as well as ntfs-config04:19
kindofabuzzSteven1: i would try the 2nd life irc or boards, probably just the game itself, you don't need more swap04:19
allyunionWhat am I missing?04:19
jourdanhaving used both bitchx and irssi i definitely prefer irssi04:19
Steven1kindofabuzz: Alright will do. Thanks04:20
lindzeynSteven1: I was unaware that pidgin covered IRC as well.04:20
allyunion*different partition type04:20
lindzeynDoes irssi have colour?04:20
kindofabuzzlindzeyn: yup. so does kopete04:20
jourdanit can04:20
Steven1lindzeyn: Yep. I'm using it now04:20
nikrudSteven1 are you trying to run 2nd life and compiz at the same time?04:20
jourdanby default not so much, but there are all sorts of perl modules you can install to do all sorts of neat things04:20
Steven1lindzeyn: The default is this channel.04:20
pat5starwhat, no one likes konversation? :)04:20
kindofabuzzoh yeah good answer nickrud, try turning of compiz04:20
kelvin911allyunion: make sure u safely remove the USB in windows b4 u pull it out then ubuntu can automount04:21
Steven1nikrud: Yes. Running my pimp visuals and trying to run 2nd Life at the same time.04:21
lindzeynSteven1: Thanks.04:21
geniipat5star: I'm on konversation04:21
MoTecMmmm.. irssi and screen.. much goodness04:21
nikrudSteven1 definitely try    alt-f2  metacity --replace  , and run 2nd life.  gl games and compiz do not mix04:21
style23nikrud   yes it has II in the first colum of returns04:21
Steven1kindofabuzz: Do I just goto appearance and turn it back to Normal?04:21
kindofabuzzchatzilla baby! =)04:21
Peddycan anyone help me with this problem? http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62935904:21
kelvin911allyunion: last time i just pull it out without safely remove then in ubuntu it gives me error that the usb drive still has something about windows NTFS something like that04:21
kindofabuzzSteven1 yeah, or none04:21
pat5stargenii: I am too, I like it personally, I have irssi as well, just find I like konversation better04:21
lindzeynDoes the pidgin IRC module work in a shell?04:21
lindzeynor is it GUI only?04:22
* pat5star smells a vi vs emacs type war starting :P04:22
jourdanas in finch?04:22
Steven1lindzeyn: Nope just in Linux04:22
wittyphotonsi am looking for someone to walk me through the process of reconfiguring my mountpoints and stuff04:22
geniipat5star: Since I'm mostly in kde it's convenient :)04:22
Steven1lindzeyn: You run the IRC thing by adding an IRC account. Really easy.04:22
jourdanfinch + screen don't get along well in putty, so i tend not to use it..04:22
=== Ghoster is now known as xoRock
wittyphotonssince apparently i have sincerely fucked them up and can now no longer successfully mount my ipod04:22
kalaxalstill nu luck04:23
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: have you checked your fstab?04:23
MoTeci was using centerIM.. is there a better console IM client?04:23
=== jpastore_ is now known as jpastore
lindzeynSteven1: Thanks again.04:23
ColypsoOk im registered04:23
nikrudstyle23 then there's some kind of mismatch that I don't understand. Ask something like,  I'm running the intel driver on my Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03) , but glxinfo returns the following error:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61886/plain/04:23
Steven1Thanks nikrud and kindofabuzz. I'll try that.04:23
Colypsoi was using the wrong command for this server04:23
pkunduI have a Laptop which dual boots Ubuntu and XP. How can I create a restore DVD to install both in one go? Like the restore DVD comes with Laptop04:23
kalaxaland i don't get it my computer likes the gnome desktop but not a gnome login04:23
jpastorewhere can I download individual packages? I want to get syslinux.deb and mtools.deb04:23
wuxiai have my own iptables rules from iptables-save. what is the "correct" way to have ubuntu load them for me on startup?04:23
c-rondoes this channel have a java applet interface?04:23
wuxiai have my own iptables rules from iptables-save. what is the "correct" way to have ubuntu load them for me on startup? (i.e. something with an /etc/rc2.d/blah)04:23
c-ronsomething that can be access via a web browser?04:24
Picic-ron: http://java.freenode.net/04:24
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: i know its something to do with my fstab, but i've tried it before and have had no success. i assume it is just that i am not knowledgeable enough.04:24
LainIwakuraMy /etc/apt/sources.list is very sparse (a minimal server installation): http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61888/ What should I add? Thanks.04:24
lindzeynOn an unrelated note, Has anyone been able to get those closed-source Creative X-Fi x64 beta drivers to work with Ubuntu?  I am pulling my hair out over here!04:24
kelvin911c-ron: for easy and lazy user, i will say opera can handle irc channel nicely04:24
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: want me to paste my current fstab contents here so you can see?04:25
MoTecpkundu: try "ghost for linux"04:25
kelvin911c-ron: point and click now need to type command04:25
pkunduMoTec, thanks04:25
MoTecpkundu: http://sourceforge.net/projects/g4l04:25
kelvin911c-ron: now -> "no"04:25
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: if you can, send it to me in a private message, also see if this ubuntuforums link is of any help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45113204:25
kelvin911c-ron: opera can read http, ftp, email, irc, and even download torrent although i dont use the torrent in opera04:26
Peddycan anyone please help me to add templates into my create document context menu?04:26
style23nikrud   thanks for all the help... how long you've been using linux04:27
style23I'm running the intel driver on my intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03), but glxinfo returns the following error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61886/plain/04:27
c-ronkelvin911: I don't care about opera. I'm trying to guide a user in from the forums who just nuked his partition table with dd_rescue04:27
AutoMatriXHi again folks, is there any way to find out when the commands as listed in .bash_history were executed ? I mean the EXACT time04:28
nikrudstyle23 just over 8 years04:28
jpastoreIf I can't get internet on a laptop I"m booting from the live cd on...how can I enable the restricted driver to mount an ntfs volume?04:28
kelvin911c-ron: dd_rescue can read the partition that is destroyed?04:28
style23nikrud   this is my 2nd day... so when you goto work and lets say you right a word document on your laptop and send it to one of your co-workers... do you type the doc in linux or win04:29
nikrudstyle23 I write it in openoffice, and send it as a doc file04:29
style23nikrud write*04:29
style23nikrud before open office what where you able to use04:29
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: if i'm correct, i don't believe the livecd has the restricted repositories, but should contain the ntfs-3g driver allowing you access to the ntfs volume04:29
nikrudstyle23 staroffice04:29
iceswordthat smile yellow face for xchat doesn't work for me,i ve already copy it to home dir04:29
c-ronkelvin911: i don't think so... but it can certainly trash a harddrive with a good typo.04:30
style23nikrud linux is truly cool04:30
nomasteryodastyle23, well put04:30
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, just search synaptic?04:30
c-ronhi elexhobby04:30
TheOneAndOnlyc-ron: dd_rescue can, i believe assist in "ripping" the data from a lost partition04:30
style23nikrud so a good starting point is linuxcommands.org04:30
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: you are correct :)04:30
nikrudstyle23 yup. I do like the control it offers me over what the machine is doing, as much or as little as I chose to use. And yes, as well as:04:30
nikrud!training | style2304:31
ubotustyle23: A desktop course manual for Ubuntu 7.10 can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training04:31
elexhobbyhi c-ron.. tks so much for offering to help!04:31
c-ronelexhobby has this post on the forums: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4634118#post463411804:31
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: hey did my pm get through to you; i'm not sure if i did that right04:31
FlynsarmyWhy when i right click does it say 'Open with "Wine windows emulator"' ? I thought WINE wasn't an emulator :)04:31
style23nikrud thanx04:31
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: no, if you're not registered, it won't. you can just use the ubuntu pastebin :)04:31
nikrudstyle23 welcome to the Free world :)04:32
style23nikrud now I need to sell my xbox and get a ps304:32
wittyphotonsuhhh the what04:32
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/04:32
LainIwakuraWhat is medibuntu?04:33
pat5starubuntu for docs?04:33
LainIwakuraI don't think so04:33
CaptainMorganugh!! I can't wait 23 days.... please release... but eh, I guess I shouldn't push the no-bug issues... release-with-care please :)04:33
wittyphotonsdang neat04:33
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61889/plain/04:33
c-ronCan anyone can assist elexhobby on recovering data?04:34
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:34
nomasteryodathere ya go LainIwakura04:34
stbainelexhobby: what sort of data?04:34
iceswordelexhobby, what is up04:34
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: can you verify the mount point  /media/iPod exists?04:34
LainIwakuranomasteryoda: Thanks04:34
c-ronicesword and stbain, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=463411804:35
style23nikrud can this mismatch be the reason why I try to watch a youtube video the whole system crashes04:35
TheOneAndOnlyelexhobby: have you read the link http://www.linux.com/articles/5658804:35
ahyuwhiyewhy can i only login as root into my desktop?04:35
style23nikrud when I  try to watch a youtube video* sorry for the grammer04:36
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: uh. how would i check? there's a folder there that exists, if that's what you mean.04:36
elexhobbyHi all.. I've posted my problem on ubuntuforums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=742660 please go thru it04:36
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: that's exactly what i mean :) now, when you say it is not mounting, do you mean when you plug in your ipod it does not automatically mount?04:36
nikrudstyle23 could be. You definitely have some issue in your install that I don't understand04:36
ChaosTheoryI'm having some problems with sound.04:37
ChaosTheoryIt has been going on and off cyclically.04:37
style23nikrud I don't want to reinstall because it took me the longest to get the wireless card working04:37
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: what version of ubuntu?04:37
elexhobbyTheOneAndOnly: I shall go thru it04:37
TheOneAndOnlyelexhobby: ty, that should be of some assistance :)04:38
nikrudstyle23 that's why I helped you craft a good question, hopefully (since you'll be asking it regularly, every 15 min or so) someone will recognize the problem04:38
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: do you know what hardware your soundcard is?04:38
stbainelexhobby: what exactly is (or was) stored on /dev/hdb3?04:38
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Nvidia, I believe. How do I check, again?04:38
iceswordnever heard dd_rescue04:38
style23nikrud thank you again.04:38
askandHow can I check if my CPU supports reporting its temparature?04:39
elexhobbystbain: some videos/audios and documents..04:39
SpookyETWhen I launch Gnome Terminal, I get "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal" Googling reveals a potential fstab and udev issue, but no fix is mentione. This is my fstab http://www.paste2.org/p/1846304:39
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: in terminal try lspci -v04:39
stbainhow big is the hdb3 partition?04:39
iceswordaskand, want to know tem when os is running?or you can boot into bios to check04:40
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: it does not mount automatically and i am not able to mount it manually from the gui04:40
elexhobbystbain: 105GB around04:40
c-ronelexhobby:  isn't it hdb1 that is showing bad info?04:40
stbainok, and the DVD you were trying to back up?04:40
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio (rev a1)04:40
askandicesword: yes when the OS is running..I installed a lot of cputempmonitors but it doesnt seem to work04:40
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: try sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /media/iPod04:40
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: the msg returned in the error is 'mount: special device /dev/sdc2 does not exist'04:40
shachafIs there any change of xmonad 0.7 getting into Hardy (since it's already in Debian), or is it already pretty frozen?04:41
iceswordaskand, you cpu model is supported by that app04:41
elexhobbyc-ron: yes in /media it is named as hdb1 but for dd_rescue i'd typed hdb304:41
c-ronelexhobby: i see04:41
elexhobbystbain: that was full of mp3 audio files04:41
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, thanks that seemed to have worked it out...is there a graphical file browser with search like windows? or am I stuck with the find command?04:41
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: this may seem like a rather obvious question, but the ipod is connected and turned on, correct?04:41
shachaf0.7 isn't such a big change, but the better GNOME support would make switching to it easier. :-)04:41
stbainhrmm... very odd04:42
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: yeah, and it's got the 'do not disconnect' flashing shenanigan going on too04:42
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: i like nautilus in Hardy, it has that feature, catfish is a great all around search program though :)04:42
stbainelexhobby: the partition and the partition table may be corrupt04:42
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: the weird thing is, sometimes it'll automount on the first connection of the boot but then never again04:42
metbsdok, so the cable between bridge pc and hub/router, should be crossover or normal ethernet cable?04:43
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, kewl...I'll see if it's on the xubuntu live cd04:43
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: but it doesn't happen often enough for me to think it's a hint towards the real issue04:43
elexhobbystbain: what do i do now? can i recover the old files?04:43
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: can you do me a favor, against the recommendation of the screen, disconnect the ipod, and then reset it. after the reset, plug the ipod back in, see if it will auto mount, if it does not, try the mount command again :)04:43
stbainelexhobby: I imagine you'll have some data loss for the sectors that were overwritten04:43
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: yeah, alright04:43
style23I'm running the intel driver on my intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03), but glxinfo returns the following error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61886/plain/04:43
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: catfish i don't believe is included in the livecd =/04:43
stbainelexhobby: and there's a chance you may have overwritten the filesystem table04:43
elexhobbystbain: no problem.. i'd aborted the dd_rescue in almost 10 secs, so not much data would be lost04:43
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, I can download the package onto a thumb drive and bring it over...where I can get the package from?04:44
stbainelexhobby: you may want to boot off of a live cd and try to mount or fsck the partitions to see what can be salvaged04:44
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: what version of ubuntu livecd are you using?04:44
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, 7.10 xubuntu i38604:44
LainIwakuraHello, can someone tell me what the difference is between the 'deb' and deb'-src' prefixes in my repository source list?04:44
stbainelexhobby: I literally am in my datacenter (albeit at 11:45PM) doing much of the same thing you just did... using dd_rescue to transfer a disk elsewhere04:45
LainIwakuraIf I have a source URL with the 'deb' prefix, do I still need the same URL with the 'deb-src' prefix? Thanks.04:45
mindheavywhen i select a cursor and logout/login it looks like the cursor i selected is there for a second but it always gets changed back to some black one with a watch for the 'busy' cursor, anone know what might be going on here?04:45
jpastorehold on upgrading firmware on my router to see if it'll talk to my laptop04:45
Kl4mCan I set the language for a single app? I want to start a GNOME program in english to file a consistent bug report.04:45
TheOneAndOnlyLainIwakura: deb is the binary, prebuilt packages, the deb-src is the source files so you can compile them yourself04:45
StarnestommyLainIwakura: the deb lines are for regular packages, while deb-src are for source code packages04:45
Kl4mLainIwakura: deb-src is to download sources using "apt-get source x"04:45
elexhobbystbain: i'm a newbie to ubuntu.. do u mean i shud reboot and insert live cd.. what i do then?04:45
EruditeHermithi, how do I type accented characters in Ubuntu?04:45
TheOneAndOnlyLainIwakura: it is a good idea to keep the source repos, but not everyone does04:45
LainIwakuraTheOneAndOnly, Starnestommy, Kl4m: Okay, thanks for the help.04:45
stbainelexhobby: are you a newbie to all flavors of Linux or just new to Ubuntu?04:46
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: i'm looking for the package now, just one moment :)04:46
elexhobbystbain: to all flavors.. infact ubuntu is the first linux i've tried out04:46
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: well...something happened. i still can't mount the ipod to access its harddrive's filesystem, but some programs popped up and noticed the ipod. specifically, music player and gtkpod. gtkpod had this nice little message which i'll pastebin in a sec for you.04:46
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, awesome thanks!04:46
iceswordelexhobby, plz be more specific?give more details04:47
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61891/04:47
elexhobbyicesword: what kind of details wud u like?04:47
orudiedoes anyone here have experience with bandwidthd ?04:47
stbainok... someone else will probably need to back me up on this, but basically what you'll do is shut down the computer, insert the ubuntu cd you used to install, and let it boot to the desktop. Once it's there, you should be able to open up a terminal shell and try to mount the partitions to see what's left on them.04:47
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: if a program is popping up and recognizing it, that is a great sign, it means your ipod is most likely mounted, but probably in a diff location than that listed in fstab, one moment...04:47
tritiumorudie: be more specific04:47
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: np :)04:48
orudietritium: I installed bandwidthd, need help editing bandwidthd.conf04:48
elexhobbystbain: shud i do that immediately.. c-ron had asked me not to reboot at all04:48
iceswordelexhobby, in that post,you dd_rescue /dev/hdd ?what is hdd?you said you want to copy from dvd?04:48
c-ronstbain: AKAIK, the partition table on that drive is toast.. so trying to remount it will produce the same results as he's seeing now.. 105 gig showing as 1.5 gig04:49
AutoMatriXdoes anybody know how to install gutsy in dualboot without havint to install feisty first ? .... Gutsy keeps on telling me 'impossible' to handle ntfs stuff04:49
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Do you still remember my question? =P04:49
sixfortymouse settings in system>preferences are set fast as they go. How do I get the pointer to move faster yet?04:49
stbainc-ron: think a fsck could fix it?04:49
elexhobbyicesword: i'd read hdd stands for ur dvd drive.. also in my /etc/fstab it shows hdd for dvd-drive.. hence hdd for the dvd drive04:50
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: i'm sorry, it slipped my mind =/04:50
=== icesword is now known as youmean
Dex-FreudiiI want to create a floppy disk image file ... how can I do that?04:50
=== bluefox|gaming is now known as bluefoxx
c-ronstbain: fsck only fixes filesystems, not partion tables.. i could be wrong04:50
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, sorry I had to reboot my router...04:50
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I've been struggling with sound. Originally I had sound in both the speakers and the headphones -- I fixed that.04:50
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, if you sent the link could you please retransmit?04:50
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: About 10 minutes later I lost all sound altogether. It took me a few hours to fix that.04:50
Dex-Freudiiwhat I need is to creat an empty vfat into a .img file to be mounted with VirtualBox04:50
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: i found the link, i didn't send it cuz i saw you were kicked :p here it is http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/catfish04:51
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Then, I lost sound *again.*04:51
stbainelexhobby: what version of ubuntu are you running?04:51
wittyphotonsTheOneAndOnly: oh, it seems to be mounting at /media/DAVEPOD__04:51
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, thanks...04:51
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: i did a search for your hardware on google, i can't seem to find anything... i'm sorry =/04:51
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Then I fixed the sound, and now I've lost it altogether again. =|04:51
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio (rev a1)04:51
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Okay, thanks.04:51
LainIwakuraHello, can someone explain to me why this error occurred: W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.ubuntu.com gutsy/universe Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_gutsy_universe_binary-i386_Packages) I fixed with apt-get update, but I'd like to know why the error occurred. I had no duplicate entries in /etc/apt/sources.list. What is this /var/lib/... list and how does it relate to my repository source list in /etc/a04:51
TheOneAndOnlywittyphotons: i would recommend to update the fstab with that mount point :)04:51
Kl4mDex-Freudii: you can build your floppy then copy it to some file with dd04:52
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: it's not working at all?04:52
youmeanc-ron, so your point is his hdb 's partition table is damaged?or the problem is?04:52
Dex-FreudiiKl4m: how do I build my floppy??04:52
FlannelLainIwakura: check out /etc/apt/sources.list.d/04:52
stbainelexhobby: nevermind, I see it on your forum post (7.10)04:52
Dex-FreudiiKl4m: I don't have floppy drive in my computer04:52
freakout396so...i dled the installer...and when I run it my screen goes blank...it sounds like something is running though...any thoughts?04:52
stbainc-ron: if he can boot into the 7.10 livecd, he'll be able to fire up GPartEd to assess the damage04:52
LainIwakuraFlannel: It's an empty directory at the moment.04:53
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Nope.04:53
FlannelLainIwakura: So, you 'fixed' it by not changing anything?04:53
youmeanstbain, what about testdisk or parted?04:53
LainIwakuraFlannel: I did apt-get update, which fixed the error.04:53
LainIwakuraFlannel: But do you know why the error may have occurred in the first place?04:54
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: can you run alsamixer in a terminal?04:54
FlannelLainIwakura: That shouldn't have fixed anything.  The error would've occured during that same operation.04:54
stbainyoumean: gparted is just a GUI over top of parted (if memory serves me correctly)04:54
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I just ran it. What now?04:54
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: any time :)04:54
Kl4mDex-Freudii: ok, find out how many bytes a typical floppy uses, then dd if=/dev/zero of=myfile.img bs=howmanybytes count=104:54
fredmvI've got a question (might be somewhat irrelevant).04:54
TheOneAndOnlycheck to make sure the volume on all the channels are up. if they aren't, use the up arrow to move them up, the left and right arrows to move between them.04:55
stbainKl4m: bs=1440 (pretty sure on that one)04:55
fredmvOn Xfce4.4, why in the hell is there a tiny Gnome foot on the top-right corner of Thunar windows?04:55
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: They are all up.04:55
youmeanstbain, tha is not important,seems you and c-ron ;s point is he has to rebuild partition table04:55
Dex-FreudiiKl4m: but how do I create the filesystem then?04:55
chico__any of you have verizon fios and have successfully set up a server? (httpd, ftpd, etc.)04:55
stbainyoumean: possibly, but I think just getting in and seeing what's left will help clarify the next step04:55
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: can you also hit the tab key and make sure they are all up on other screens, and there are none w. no m's next to them?04:55
Kl4mDex-Freudii: mkfs.vfat myfile.img04:55
c-ronlooks like it's possible to rebuild with gpart and fdisk04:56
LainIwakuraFlannel: Yeah, that is odd.. but I did run apt-get update, get the error (which also told me to 'run apt-get update to correct these problems), which I did and which fixed the problem... Any ideas?04:56
c-ronnot gparted - gpart .. in case anyone's wondering04:56
EruditeHermitis there a way to have multi_key mapped to the windows key?04:56
Kl4mDex-Freudii: then you mount it with mount, but I don't know the options or if you need to be a superuser04:56
TheOneAndOnlyLainIwakura: that will occur sometimes if the repos are cached on the system, running the update again usually corrects the problem04:57
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: All of them, even after tabbing, are up.04:57
TheOneAndOnlyLainIwakura: assuming you do not actually have a duplicate source :p04:57
LainIwakuraTheOneAndOnly: Yup, double checked that.04:57
LainIwakuraTheOneAndOnly: Alright, thanks.04:57
youmeanc-ron, then he can download gpart and try04:57
TheOneAndOnlyLainIwakura: np :)04:57
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: What do you mean "w. no m's?"04:57
Dex-FreudiiKl4m: thank you man04:57
sjovanhey, is there a prog for just editing trackers for torrent-files?04:57
elexhobby7c-ron: should i run fdisk /dev/hdb3?04:57
orudieALL: I installed bandwidthd, need help editing bandwidthd.conf04:57
c-ronyoumean: yes it looks like dd_rescue overwrote the partition table (and some other data in 15 seconds) from a dvd or whatever else got read of off /dev/hddd04:57
Kl4mDex-Freudii: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=303295 this has the mount options04:57
LainIwakuraFlannel: Thanks.04:57
fredmvTo re-iterate: On Xfce4.4, why in the hell is there a tiny Gnome foot on the top-right corner of Thunar windows?04:57
c-ronelexhobby no04:58
elexhobby7c-ron: ok04:58
Daisuke_Idobecause that's the only place the xfce guy could fit his foot?04:58
c-ronelexhobby: not yet04:58
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, so catfish doens't allow multiple file selects from search results so I can move files in bulk to an external drive ... /sigh04:58
fredmvDaisuke_Ido, lol, I'd expect the little rat/mouse or whatever.04:58
=== Charitwo_ is now known as Charitwo
fredmvjust seems out of place04:59
taggartbgYou know how when ubuntu boots up you just see a bunch of line-by-line "starting up ______"-type code?  Is there anyway to see the output of a stock boot?04:59
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: i'm sorry, i didn't mean "m's" are there any of the channels that have a red L on the left, and a red R on the right?04:59
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: unfortunately, no :(04:59
Daisuke_Idoi just looked, because i thought it used to be the mouse04:59
gr8gatzbI am brand new to this. I am running XP and want a dualboot system with ubuntu 7.10. I have a 120gb HD with about 10gb free right now. I started the install process by booting the CD and when the partition wizard ran, it scared me. It wanted to set up a 105gb partition. I really don't want to lose anything on my hard drive and I don't have the XP CDs on me, so if things go wrong, I will be really really sad. How can I set up a small part04:59
c-ronis anyone currently using an Ubuntu LiveCD?04:59
=== artenius is now known as noble-
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Yes.04:59
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: "LineIn"04:59
stbainc-ron: yes04:59
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: is that the only one?04:59
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Yes.05:00
stbainc-ron: I have one up and running on a VM at the moment05:00
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, alright thanks let me see what else I can find05:00
stbainactually, I just restarted it, so gimme a sec05:00
c-ronstbain: could you try to run gpart to see if it's included on the livecd? note that that's not gparted, but gpart05:00
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: that is your input, it should be fine, but press the space bar below it, ans it should remove the Red letters05:00
freakout396Anyone have any idea why my monitor wouldn't show the installer?05:00
stbaink... gimme a sec05:00
taggartbgYou know how when ubuntu boots up you just see a bunch of line-by-line "starting up ______"-type code?  Is there anyway to see the output of a stock boot?  Because for some reason this fresh install is freezing, and i need to know what the next line is that it is freezing on05:00
_mawwhere is the kernel sources directory?05:00
sjovanc-ron: gparted is on the live cd05:00
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: any time, sorry i couldn't find you something better =/05:00
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I'm below <LineIn>, I pressed the space bar, and nothing happened.05:01
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: a good KDE based file manager is Dolphin, i believe it has the funtionality you seek...05:01
c-ronsjovan: like i said, NOT gparted, but gpart05:01
sjovanc-ron: what is gpart?05:01
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, let me see if I can find it by searching the packages05:02
sjovanc-ron: i don't even have that on my system...05:02
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: if you look under the channels, there should be some, or one, with an MM or a 00 under it, correct? and if so, which channels?05:02
c-rongpart != gparted05:02
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: IEC95805:02
TheOneAndOnlyc-ron: i like the  way you stated that, haha05:02
taggartbgwhy is it that on this fresh install it freezes while booting up (the last text displayed is "Running Local Boot Scripts (/etc/rc.local)"05:03
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: does it have MM or 00?05:03
sjovanc-ron: nwm... i used apt-cache show gpart05:03
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: 0005:03
orudieis anyone here experienced with bandwidthd ?05:03
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: hit the m key below it, see if your sound returns... that channel is currently muted ;]05:03
stbainc-ron: gpart is in the universe repository, so he'll have to enable universe and install it05:03
c-ronstbain: but it's not on the livecd?05:04
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: here is the link to the Dolphin site http://enzosworld.gmxhome.de/05:04
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, thanks!05:04
stbainc-ron: nope05:04
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: let me check one other thing, i think nautilus has it as well, to prevent you from having to use a KDE app, unless you're running Kubuntu?05:04
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: IEC958 now has "MM," but I don't have my sound back.05:04
c-ronelexhobby7, what partition is ubuntu installed to on your other pc?05:04
orudieanyone ?05:05
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: using tab, are there any other channels with the 00?05:05
samiamis wubi an Ubuntu product or just thown onto the hardy cdrom?05:05
stbaincrap, and even enabling universe won't let it install05:05
mindheavywhen i select a cursor and logout/login it looks like the cursor i selected is there for a second but it always gets changed back to some black one with a watch for the 'busy' cursor, anone know what might be going on here?05:05
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Actually, all of the others have "00," too, but they are at 100.05:06
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, this is an xubuntu install05:06
jpastoreI'm trying to recover some files from an old laptop05:06
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: But now the laptop says sound is muted.05:06
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: do the same thing for all channels then, hit the m key to remove the mutes :)05:06
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: After pressing "m" on all of them, that is.05:06
elexhobby7c-ron: do i check that using sudo fdisk -l?05:06
jpastoreTheOneAndOnly, I don't see where to download dolphin...cna I not run it under xubuntu?05:06
elexhobby7it says Linux opposite /dev/hdb205:06
c-ronelexhobby7:  check with df05:07
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: i'd recommend using nautilus then, or the xfce default file manager, but i'm not sure if either have the functionality you seek. I'm checking into it :)05:07
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: that was just the information site, not a link to the download, sorry05:07
elexhobby7cron: yes its /dev/hdb205:07
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VeN0mizerhey everyone :)05:08
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: If all of them are on "MM," then the laptop is muted, apparently.05:09
elexhobby7c-ron: yes its /dev/hdb205:09
tsukasa_hey guys, im trying to compile the cisco vpn client and im getting /interceptor.c:794: error: invalid operands to binary -05:10
j3kyl1anyone know how to mount a HD that is logged to be "in use" ? ... force mounting does'nt seem to be working...05:10
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: hm... can you install the gnome alsa mixer, to provide you a gui?05:10
tsukasa_any idea what im doing wrong?05:10
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Asla mixer? Should I install it through Synaptic?05:10
TheOneAndOnlyjpastore: i think i found the functionality you look for w.out using a seperate file manager :) check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21405905:11
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: there should be an alsa mixer gnome or kde package, depending on which you use05:11
jpastorehcecking into it now05:11
xb3rtGoogle alters time - http://scitech.blogs.cnn.com/05:11
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I see something called "asla mixer gui."05:12
tsukasa_hey guys, im trying to compile the cisco vpn client and im getting interceptor.c:794: error: invalid operands to binary -05:12
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: that should work :)05:12
Aristocleshi!  can anyone give advice on recording music in ubuntu?05:12
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: gnome-alsamixer05:12
Tu13eswhat can I use for a SCP client in linux? a GUI client, that is05:12
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: that would be it :)05:12
VeN0mizeradam...you have fios? *green with envy*05:12
c-ronelexhobby7 do you happen to know what filesystem is on /dev/hdb3 ?05:13
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: as do i ;)05:13
guesswhile booting into a debian partition the entire filesystem changes into a read-only mode. HOw to rectify this05:13
adamP_which adam?05:13
VeN0mizeryou :P05:13
adamP_I do, if you're talking to me05:13
adamP_yeah, it's pretty good05:13
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: it's not al that great, esp if the lines get water in them :(05:13
guessI am not able to do anything. Not able to open any applications.05:13
VeN0mizerhow do you two like it?...is it worth all the hype?05:13
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Okay, I just ran it.05:13
adamP_I haven't had any problems with it.  Had it for a year.  Had sat before that, and that was terrible.05:14
elexhobby7c-ron: its W95 FAT3205:14
tsukasa_hey guys, im trying to compile the cisco vpn client and im getting interceptor.c:794: error: invalid operands to binary -05:14
adamP_'bout the same as cable in quality, but a bit cheaper when you combine TV and internet05:14
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: None of them are muted.05:14
TheOneAndOnlyadamP_: deff, esp if you get it w. phone, the quality is great, but i've had the tech's out twice because of the water in the line05:15
guessI am able to boot only after remounting the / partition05:15
VeN0mizerquick question guys, not sure if I'm going about asking the right way...should be easy...is it possible to upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy BETA, and then from the BETA to the FINAL when it gets released without any hitches?05:15
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VeN0mizeryeah I got vonage now and I hate it, always one way audio even when it is right behind the cable modem...bleh05:15
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: i'm going to have you display all the channels, give me just a sec to install it on my end ;]05:15
TheOneAndOnlyso i can assist you a little better05:15
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Okay, thanks.05:15
AwpAre there a graphic calculator for Ubuntu?05:15
guessI there any way to recover the corrupted filesystem.05:16
diagoncould someone quickly break down what the difference is between a pkg1 and pkg1-dev ?05:16
diagonor not so quickly :)05:16
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: it should be, i upgraded from gutsy to the beta (running now) and it will automatically upgrade to the final via updates :)05:16
tonyyarussoAwp: could you explain more?05:16
VeN0mizerthanks! :)05:16
adamP_Hey, got a question for you guys, I'm brand new to linux, running xfce now - and wondering how I can set up german fonts.  I don't want to switch the keyboard to de, just add in a few letters.05:16
VeN0mizerI would suspect that dev means it is still in development, like a beta, but I'm not entirely sure?05:16
Starnestommydiagon: pkg1 = the package in it's useable form, pkg1-dev = development headers for using pkg1 in a program05:17
Lo_Panheroin overdose in st kilda05:17
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: if you go into edit -> sound card properties, check off all the boxes in there05:17
VeN0mizerwow...yeah I was way off05:17
ubuntufanboyi need help with java on hardy 6405:17
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: They are all already checked off.05:17
Awptonyyarusso like graphing calculator05:18
MidgetSpyhey all I have 2 daemons that I compiled (didn't come with an /etc/init.d/ entry)... how can I make them startup on boot like the rest of my daemons? (they need to run as root)05:18
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: awesome, down at the bottom  of the main window is there a checkbox for the IEC you mentioned earlier?05:18
Awptonyyarusso like graphing calculator graphmonkey05:19
ubuntufanboymidget try "crontab -e" to load a script with the command you need.05:19
tonyyarussoAwp: Depending on the complexity of what you need, there are many things, including octave and maxima on the more complicated end05:19
ubuntufanboy(when root)05:19
tonyyarussoAwp: or, graphmonkey...05:19
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Yes, there is.05:19
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: and is that checked as well?05:19
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Yes, it is.05:19
VeN0mizer*has learned more in the last 5 minutes of being here and listening about ubuntu, than in the past week using google*05:19
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: and still no sound?05:19
ubuntufanboythere is also a video on youtube training how to do the init.d thing (debian way...)05:20
Awptonyyarusso  graphmonkey05:20
diagonStarnestommy: so does pkg1 do a sort of configure/make style build behind the scenes, and then just remove the source, whereas the pkg1-dev would leave the headers?05:20
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Nope.05:20
tonyyarussoAwp: what about it?05:20
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: good to hear, my brother in law will be sitting in w. me tomorrow evening to learn about this great distro :p05:20
VeN0mizerawesome :)05:20
Starnestommydiagon: pkg1 is already compiled and ready to install in binary form.05:20
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: unfortunately, i'm now at a loss, if you don't mind me asking again, what was your hardware type?05:20
Awptonyyarusso   how would i install it?05:20
VeN0mizerit's the only distro that's made me trash windows entirely, others came close05:20
tonyyarussoAwp: With Synaptic, same as anything else.05:21
* ubuntufanboy has trashed windows 3 yrs ago.05:21
noobiHow do you force close an application ?05:21
VeN0mizerthe only thing I miss is fully working .NET...as I'm lazy :P05:21
diagonStarnestommy: oh I see, because it can be sure of the architecture of your system already, due to dependency-verification stuff05:21
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: Gambas, i believe can do .Net05:21
ubuntufanboynoobi. there is an applet that can force-kill the window you want....05:21
VeN0mizerGambas...hmm...*googles this*05:21
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP67 High Definition Audio (rev a1)05:22
ubuntufanboyalso you cando the terminal way: sudo killall nameoftheaplication05:22
elexhobby7c-ron: any further instructions? what should i do next?05:22
kitcheTheOneAndOnly: Gambas from my understanding is just Basic not .net05:22
noobiwhats it called ?05:22
kitcheand it's Qbasic at that I believe05:22
diagonkillall doesn't need sudo if it's killing processes it's spawned itself05:22
astro76noobi: xkill05:22
j3kyl1does anyone know how to mount a HD that is logged "in use" ? force mounting hasn't workedd.05:22
TheOneAndOnlykitche: i use it for .Net Dev, i could be wrong about which package i'm using though - i haven't deved in a while...05:22
ubuntufanboynoobi -> Force Quit05:22
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: check synaptic, just do a search for .Net ;]05:23
VeN0mizerI could be cheap and wine a copy of visual studio ;)05:23
c-ronelexhobby7:  okay write down the results for the /dev/hdb3 line  when you run df05:23
TheOneAndOnlynoobi, also, sudo xkill from term, or alt+f2 and typing gksu xkill will (as root) kill any open window05:23
* ubuntufanboy needs help with java on hardy 6405:24
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: i'm checking the forums now ;]05:24
VeN0mizernote to self: cannot open package manager while upgrading distro version....duhhhh to self05:24
Awptonyyarusso   how would i install it?05:24
Awptonyyarusso  thanks05:24
Awptonyyarusso  it work05:24
tonyyarusso!software > Awp05:24
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I've posted on the forums.05:24
kup3rt1n0VeNOmizer: been there...05:24
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I'm trying to install the newest driver. . .05:24
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: But I'm getting an error.05:24
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: not just the ubuntu forums :p05:25
Awptonyyarusso is there any way i can make all my windows to horizontal or veritcial or cascade view05:25
=== demonspork is now known as demon_spork
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Haha, okay.05:25
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/no-sound-with-nvidia-mcp67-hda-629627/05:25
tonyyarussoAwp: ask the channel05:25
TheOneAndOnlyhello rshives05:25
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: honestly, the only thing i miss is my Windows DDK, good bye writing windows rootkits using a windows tool :(05:26
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Following the links. . .05:26
AlexHooverI'm trying to add .cgi (perl) scripting support to Apache, however, when I view a .cgi or .pl script, it gives a "Forbidden" error. I've added http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61897/ to my /etc/apache2/apache2.conf so far. What am I doing wrong?05:26
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I've made nvidia the default card (no change).05:26
rshivesHello. using dvorak key map so slow typer for a while.05:27
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: have you tried running alsaconf?05:27
elexhobby7c-ron: /dev/hdb3 109959488 109424832 534656 100% /media/hdb105:27
VeN0mizerspeaking of rootkits (not in that sense) that's the problem I face with linux...if I get a virus, much less a rootkit, I'm SOL in terms of knowing how to get rid of it or even knowing one exists05:27
StarnestommyAlexHoover: for each .cgi or .pl script, sudo chmod +rx scriptname.cgi05:27
TheOneAndOnlyrshives: no worries :)05:27
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: How do I do that?05:27
sn00zerdoes anyone here use dvorak layout?05:27
AlexHooverStarnestommy, I chmodded all of my cgi scripts to 777.05:27
rshivessn00zer I do.05:28
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: actually, there are tools to check for rootkits, and removal is easy, not to mention, linux is pretty rock solid in terms of defending agains such annoyances :)05:28
AwpIs there any way i can make all my windows to horizontal or vertical or cascade view05:28
EruditeHermithi, can anyone tell me how to type accented characters in ubuntu? Is it possible to assign my Windows key to be a Multi_key somewhere?05:28
TheOneAndOnlyAwp: what window manager?05:29
sn00zerrshives, do you have problems switching back and forth with qwerty when you're away from your own boxes?05:29
AwpTheOneAndOnly where system ?05:29
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: open the terminal, type in alsaconf05:29
TheOneAndOnlyAwp: are you using kde, gnome, xfce? ie- ubuntu, kubuntu, or xubuntu, or some other window manager?05:29
j3kyl1does anyone know how to mount a HD that is logged "in use" ? force mounting hasn't workedd.05:30
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: bash: alsaconf: command not found05:30
TheOneAndOnlyAwp: or do you have and are currently using compiz?05:30
rshivessn00zer I just started using dvorak. so Im still learning it.05:30
* ubuntufanboy needs help with java on hardy 6405:30
AwpTheOneAndOnly ya its 7.10 should have compiz already install05:30
stbainj3kyl1: is it mounted elsewhere?05:30
j3kyl1stbain : no its just local05:31
AwpTheOneAndOnly it just default 7.10 updated05:31
stbainj3kyl1: what drive is it?05:31
stbainj3kyl1: /dev/???05:31
VeN0mizeryou mean, even with root, a rootkit has difficulty pulling off its magic?05:31
VeN0mizerwith linux?05:31
d0lphin_n0elwhat is the bether and secure linux music player to streamers radios and this stuff? :x05:32
sn00zerrshives, i just set mine up tonight and started learning home row but i'm already getting confused and wondered if it wouldn't kill my qwerty skills by confusing me and then once i am better at dvorak, would i lose my speed/accuracy on qwerty since i stop using it05:32
AwpTheOneAndOnly what next?05:32
stbainubuntufanboy: /join #ubuntu+1 for hardy help05:32
ubuntufanboytks stbain05:32
TheOneAndOnlyAwp: if it's a default gutsy, i don't believe it will have compiz, if you can use compiz and xgl (lots of info on the net to get it running on gutsy assuming your video card is supported) there is functionality in there to have the windows tile or cascade... let me see if metacity has it as well :)05:32
j3kyl1stbain : its /dev/sda105:32
stbainj3kyl1: and typing /mount and df -h commands don't show /dev/sda1 listed anywhere?05:33
rshivessn00zer according to their website. you wont.05:33
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: yep, even as root. I was reading an article about one of the kernels where they had to set up a lab just to get a virus to work. ie - unless you srsly mess up you should be safe :)05:33
d0lphin_n0elwhat music multimedia player do you guys ussually use?!05:33
stbainj3kyl1: err... not /mount, just "mount"05:33
j3kyl1stbain : no ... the problem i believe is that it has a "in use" log on it and won't open back up05:33
stbainj3kyl1: how about umount /dev/sda1 just for giggles?05:34
sn00zerrshives, ok, thats good to know05:34
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: wanted to make sure you knew i haven't forgotten about you ;p05:34
VeN0mizerTheOneAndOnly: Oh good, I often find myself easily typing in the root password when installing stuff in linux, and sometimes when running programs that shouldn't require but I don't know any better to trust them anyways...tracert for example!05:34
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Thanks. =]05:34
c-ronelexhobby7: are you able to see the contents of your home dir with ls ~/05:35
noobi TheOneAndOnly05:35
j3kyl1stbain :/dev/sda1 is not mounted (according to mtab)05:35
noobiThank you05:35
noobigksu xkill worked05:35
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: np, i know how frustrating it can get waiting for an answer, esp if the person helping you is talking to like 4 other ppl :p05:35
kelvin911i was playing world of padman, and i lost my mouse and keyboard, then i try Ctrl-Alt Backspace someone suggest and my ubuntu is restarted05:35
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I'm just glad someone is helping me. =D05:35
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I'm searching around, too.05:35
kelvin911world of padman's problem or ubuntu?05:35
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: hm, i would recommend avoiding root usage as much as possible :p if you get prompted for the pw, ctrl+c to abort :p05:36
rshiveshmmm my real name is purple?05:36
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: awesome, i appreciate you helping me, help you, makes things go smooth =]05:36
TheOneAndOnlyrshives: go pidgin ;p05:36
elexhobby7c-ron: yes05:36
j3kyl1stbain :/dev/sda1 is not mounted (according to mtab)05:36
AlexHooverGrrrr. Why do .cgi scripts keep giving me a forbidden error?05:36
VeN0mizerTheOneAndOnly: That's the thing...how am I to know what programs _should_ need it or not...I never would have thought tracert would need it...does it use raw sockets or something?05:37
stbainj3kyl1: not sure05:37
c-ronelexhobby7 well the good new is that your partition table should be fine.05:37
q_a_z_steveWhy can't I use my external DVD burner, with a Gutsy-live in another drive?05:37
q_a_z_steveread-only won't change!!!05:37
stbainj3kyl1: what type of partition is it?05:38
j3kyl1stbain : it was previously used with vista... i'm on my primary now... which is ubuntu05:38
elexhobby7c-ron: thats such a great relief.. tks :).. so shud i run fdisk or gpart now?05:38
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: if you get an error about pipes, or permissions, you can bet you'll need root, otherwise, try and stay normal... most packet programs like tracert, will need root, hping for example.05:38
mib_q40htm8ysomeone can help me with instalation ?05:38
tonyyarussoq_a_z_steve: probably because things buffer before burning, and you don't have enough ram for that.05:38
themimehow do i partition my disk via command line05:38
c-ronelexhobby7: do this first, unmount /dev/hdb305:38
VeN0mizeralrighty :) thanks for answering all my noob questions ;)05:38
TheOneAndOnlymib_q40htm8y: what version of ubuntu? i'm sure someone in here can help :)05:38
kelvin911when i remove a program in add/remove does it completely remove the software?  or do i need to go to synaptic to completely remove it fom my HD?05:39
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: heh, not so newb, and we've all been there before... a little google searching can turn up tons of info about linux though :D05:39
themimekelvin911: yes, synaptic05:39
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: synaptic05:39
kelvin911so add/remove is not good for remove prgram?05:39
VeN0mizerToo much info it seems :-D05:39
TheOneAndOnlythe add/remove will leave config files05:39
elexhobby7c-ron: ok did that..05:39
q_a_z_stevetonyyarusso: I see your point, but I do have 2GB of RAM... first issue is Why won't they allow live-user, (don't know how to get root to change this) to change from being read-only05:39
rshivesTheOneAndOnly Change it in pidgon?05:40
tonyyarussoq_a_z_steve: change what?  what are you talking about?05:40
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I don't have an alsaconf. Is that a problem? What should I do?05:40
j3kyl1stbain : it was previously used with vista... i'm on my primary now... which is ubuntu05:40
TheOneAndOnlyrshives: you are using pidgin right now, correct?05:40
kelvin911what if i install world of padman with *.run file?05:40
stbainj3kyl1: what command are you using to mount it?05:40
q_a_z_stevetonyyarusso: I don't want it to be read only, obviously, I want to burn...05:40
kelvin911do i uninstall it in synaptic?05:40
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: i'm missing it as well, and the package isn't in there, but i'm searching to see if there's a way to get it installed :)05:40
mib_q40htm8yTheOneAndOnly : 7.1005:40
elexhobby7c-ron: can i chat from the ubuntu comp itself? or u wud still recommend chatting from the other windows comp?05:40
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Okay, thanks.05:41
j3kyl1stbain : uhh... well just mount /dev/sda1 or mount /media/Windows Vista05:41
q_a_z_stevekelvin911: yeah, mark for Complete removal05:41
stbainj3kyl1: what's the fstab line for /dev/sda1 look like?05:41
kelvin911world of padman is piece of crap05:41
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: if you want to stick to terminal you can use sudo apt-get --purge remove package to remove :)05:42
j3kyl1stbain : that way has worked before... but now vista is dead and im just gonna put ubuntu on it after i back it up.. so i need to get it there05:42
kelvin911i dont know why some people say its fun , maybe it works fine in windows05:42
Awpkelvin911 play call of duty 405:42
j3kyl1 stbain: hold on ill look05:42
kelvin911i dont have cod405:42
Awpkelvin911 download it05:42
kelvin911maybe i will try download it later05:42
chainsim trying to install libmtp, but i am getting a unknown error: configure: error: I can't find the libusb libraries on your system. You05:42
chains        may need to set the LDFLAGS environment variable to include the05:42
chains        search path where you have libusb installed before running05:42
chains        configure (e.g. setenv LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib)05:42
FloodBot1chains: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:42
VeN0mizerwhat do packages leave behind if you don't do the purge/complete removal of them? Linux equivalencies of DLL's?05:42
Awpkelvin911 you can play in crack server05:42
c-ronelexhobby7: now run: sudo apt-get install gparted05:42
c-ronnot gparted05:42
j3kyl1stbain: sorry but how do i look that up?05:43
TheOneAndOnlyVeN0mizer: it's just the config files usually05:43
elexhobby7c-ron: i already have it installed05:43
stbainj3kyl1: grep '/dev/sda1' /etc/fstab05:43
c-ronelexhobby7: sudo apt-get install gpart05:43
elexhobby7c-ron: installed that too05:43
zcat[1]VeN0mizer: apt-get autoremove takes care of the unused DLL's and associated datafiles usually..05:43
stbainc-ron: apt-cache search gpart came up empty for me :(05:43
kelvin911Awp: please see PM05:43
mib_q40htm8ysomeone can help me ? The installation went fine till Grub install came up, then i got a fatal error message; Grub cannot be installed in MBR.05:44
elexhobby7c-ron: haha, installed in 2 mins back05:44
TheOneAndOnlymib_q40htm8y: you need assistance w. an install correct?05:44
q_a_z_stevetonyyarusso: I'm not allowed to change it, you know? I'm trying to think, I believe I've used this method before, should be fine... but if I mount it read-only (gee, I guess I could unmount, then remount as 777), then I can't even dd to it...05:44
j3kyl1stbain : nothings coming up with what you gave me ... its a command line right?05:44
* zcat[1] is upgrading #3 of 4 to hardy as we speak.. the last two went quite well.05:44
stbainj3kyl1: yes05:44
mib_q40htm8yTheOneAndOnly : yes05:44
q_a_z_stevezcat[1]: what beta are they on?05:45
kelvin911how do i find world of padman in synaptic so that i can remove it?05:45
zcat[1]beta 1 I think..05:45
ste-foyThx for your help stbain05:45
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: it appears ubuntu removed the alsaconf utility... huh, i'm looking for a way to reconfig alsa... you are using Gutsy you said, correct?05:45
ste-foybye bye05:45
tonyyarussoq_a_z_steve: uh, you can't dd directly to optical media.05:45
zcat[1]lots of packages upgraded since then though05:45
stbainste-foy: np05:45
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: That's correct.05:45
TheOneAndOnlyanyone want to assist mib_q40htm8y with an install of Gutsy?05:45
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu05:45
zcat[1]Cool! Bot's back!05:45
c-ronelexhobby7:  now run:  sudo fdisk -l /dev/hdb3 >> ~/Desktop/fdiskinfo.txt05:45
stbainj3kyl1: try mkdir /tmp/test ; mount -t ntfs -o ro /dev/sda1 /tmp/test05:46
q_a_z_stevetonyyarusso: you can, but I wouldn't, just an example.05:46
kelvin911TheOneAndOnly: i dont know what package wop uses??05:46
stbainj3kyl1: then cd /tmp/test ; ls -lRa05:46
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: i got what we needed :) i'll paste it in here in just a sec...05:46
stbainj3kyl1: (and get ready to ctrl+c)05:46
q_a_z_stevezcat[1]: he left?05:47
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: wop?05:47
j3kyl1stbain : mkdir /tmp/test ; mount -t ntfs -o ro /dev/sda1 /tmp/test05:47
kelvin911TheOneAndOnly: world of padman05:47
j3kyl1stbain : lol sorry05:47
mib_q40htm8yanyone want to assist me with an install of Gutsy?05:47
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Excellent.05:47
stbainj3kyl1: sorry... you may want to throw some "sudo" in there somewhere05:47
stbainI cheat05:47
stbain(sudo bash)05:47
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: wrong person, i don't play wop :p05:47
j3kyl1stbain : ill try05:47
q_a_z_stevemib_q40htm8y: where are you in the process?05:47
TheOneAndOnlymib_q40htm8y: can you send me a private message? i'll walk you through it in a seperate window if you can.05:48
mib_q40htm8yq_a_z_steve:The installation went fine till Grub install came up, then i got a fatal error message; Grub cannot be installed in MBR.05:48
kelvin911i want to remove WoP but i cant find the packagfe05:48
zcat[1]q_a_z_steve: he's been on and off the last week or so05:48
* zcat[1] loves wop!05:49
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: oh, sorry, in synaptic, search for padman?05:49
zcat[1]ark, playing wop05:49
TheOneAndOnlykraft: hi05:49
q_a_z_stevezcat[1]: sucks, who's got him? Aparently it's ubotu2 right now...05:49
rshivesHi kraft.05:49
krafti have an asus m2a-vm hdmi mobo, and i'd like to output from player to the s-video port, how do i do that?05:49
zcat[1]q_a_z_steve: there's been three in and out this week.. it's ubotu that replied to me tho05:50
kelvin911i install that game thru a .run file, maybe its not in synaptic?05:50
mib_q40htm8yq_a_z_steve:The installation went fine till Grub install came up, then i got a fatal error message; Grub cannot be installed in MBR.05:50
q_a_z_steveI saw05:50
j3kyl1stbain : uhh this is what i got drwxr-xr-x  2 root root 4096 2008-04-01 21:49 .05:50
j3kyl1drwxrwxrwt 17 root root 4096 2008-04-01 21:49 ..05:50
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: in terminal, run sudo dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base && sudo dpkg-reconfigure alsa-utils && sudo dpkg-reconfigure libasound205:50
stbainj3kyl1: run mount and see if it even mounted05:50
zcat[1]ubotu 8.04 -- Hardly Here05:50
q_a_z_steveoh, yeah, sorry, PM TheOneAndOnly?05:50
=== mib_q40htm8y is now known as Lucas_simao
donsmousehi everyone05:51
TheOneAndOnlyhi donsmouse05:51
d0lphin_n0elis amarok one safe multimedia player?! :x it uses mysql and everything :x05:51
donsmousecan somehelp me please05:51
rshivesHi donsmouse.05:51
q_a_z_steveTheOneAndOnly: did bot just kick mib........... ? what is -e?05:52
TheOneAndOnlyLucas_simao: do you have the live cd?05:52
j3kyl1stbain : ill pastebinit05:52
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Okay, I did that, and it gave me: You may need to execute the asoundconf(1) set-default-card macro.05:52
TheOneAndOnlyq_a_z_steve: he's now known as Lucas_simao05:52
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I think I've already set Nvidia as my default card.05:52
donsmousehow do i get the atheros 5007eg working in ubuntu 64 bit?05:52
j3kyl1stbain: http://paste.stgraber.org/220505:52
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: before we try that, are you on the same box that's having the sound issue, or is it a different box?05:53
kraftok, and general hints about s-video?05:53
stbainj3kyl1: doesn't look like it's mounted05:53
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Same computer.05:53
stbainj3kyl1: cd .. and try that mount command again05:53
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: It's a laptop.05:53
j3kyl1stbain : change to what dir?05:53
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: see if your sound has returned... if not, i'd recommend running the command it said, as sudo of course, and then restart the box...05:53
q_a_z_stevek, well I'll help with install where I can, for the next few minutes, especially if you can help with my issue at all. Shed some light on it: I booted into Gutsy-live and had an external DVD burner auto mounted, readonly, and I couldn't change it!05:54
berbsAny "mutt" users here?05:54
VeN0mizerTheOneAndOnly: about rootkits...people can write drivers for windows that patch kernel memory locations to manipulate kernel structures...etc...is the same thing not possible in linux? does the linux kernel protect itself somehow?05:54
c-ronelexhobby7: whoops.. typo rerun that command as: sudo fdisk -l /dev/hdb >> ~/Desktop/fdiskinfo.txt05:54
TheOneAndOnlyq_a_z_steve: if he has the livecd, you can install grub from there :)05:54
stbainj3kyl1: type type "cd" and it will drop you back in your homedir, then you can try the mount -t ntfs -o ro /dev/sda1 /tmp/test05:54
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: There is no sound. =(05:54
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: How do I do the command?05:54
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Or should I just restart right now?05:55
q_a_z_steveTheOneAndOnly: yeah... should be able... did you see my issue just there, too?05:55
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: at least we are eliminating possible causes =] keep positive, we'll get it working again eventually. btw, did it stop working after an update?05:55
c-ronelexhobby4: hi05:55
TheOneAndOnlyq_a_z_steve: i did not, what is your issu, sorry...05:55
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: No, each time it was completely random (or so it seemed).05:56
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I was listening to some stuff and it just stopped.05:56
q_a_z_steveChaosTheory: redo your modconf05:56
ChaosTheoryq_a_z_steve: How?05:56
q_a_z_steveif you have no other issues with install, reboot should do it... I think...05:57
q_a_z_stevebut explore manually doing it first, not my area, sorry.05:57
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory:  before you restart, run asoundconf05:57
q_a_z_steveChaosTheory: perhaps modprobe is a better suggestion.05:57
c-ronelexhobby4: rerun that command as: sudo fdisk -l /dev/hdb >> ~/Desktop/fdiskinfo.txt05:57
j3kyl1stbain : now what?05:57
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I ran it.05:57
stbainj3kyl1: did it mount?05:58
ChaosTheoryq_a_z_steve: How do I do that?05:58
q_a_z_stevedufeeducky: yes, your keyboard works05:58
berbsmutt users? need to know if you can open ms office attachments?05:58
q_a_z_steveberbs: probably will need OOo, but I don't see a reason why not.05:59
j3kyl1stbain : HELLZZZ yah lol... why ? you have to tell me why05:59
q_a_z_steveChaosTheory: man modprobe05:59
stbainj3kyl1: -o ro05:59
=== b0x is now known as b0xxy
j3kyl1whats -o ro?05:59
stbainj3kyl1: that puts it in "read only" mode. Since you said you're just going to be archiving stuff, I figured that would work fine for your use.05:59
TheOneAndOnlyq_a_z_steve berbs if it's a word document, abiword can read them (normally)06:00
berbsq_a_z_steve: I have ooo, it's just that office attachments loose their formatting when opened in ooo from mutt06:00
j3kyl1stbain: not to be a pain but what if i want to change that? ;)06:00
ChaosTheoryq_a_z_steve: What do I install?06:00
stbainj3kyl1: umount it and then change ro to rw06:00
tech404does x64 ubuntu's ndiswapper need x64 windoze drivers?06:00
j3kyl1stbain : alright thanks a ton06:01
stbainj3kyl1: np, glad I could help06:01
sphinxxis it a good idea to make a separate partition for /tmp?06:01
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: you shouldn't need to install anything to run a modprobe06:01
q_a_z_stevetry from Windows, OOo vs. office loses a lot, depending on understood formatting and that. Unless we're talking about total garbage06:01
q_a_z_steve!wrapper | tech40406:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wrapper - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:02
q_a_z_steve!ndiswrapper | tech40406:02
ubotutech404: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:02
q_a_z_stevetech404: the nature of a wrapper is that it needs something from somewhere else...06:02
berbsTheOneAndOnly q_a_z_steve: the attachments open, they loose their formatting. Are you using mutt, do you see something similar?06:02
TheOneAndOnlyberbs: what version of windows?06:02
q_a_z_steveberbs: no, I know OOo, make some change, then see what it looks like in Windows06:03
TheOneAndOnlywas the document created in06:03
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: What module do I install, though?06:03
elexhobby3c-ron: there's some problem with my internet connection i guess..06:04
rshivesAny way to save the rooms in pidgon?06:04
themimeubuntu created 3 partitions, a linux, an extended and a swap.  whats the difference between the ext and the linux partition? why 2? whats the other meant for?06:04
c-ronelexhobby3: run: sudo fdisk -l /dev/hdb >> ~/Desktop/fdiskinfo.txt06:04
tech404q_a_z_steve: thanks but I knew that and I have looked over the docs, but it is failing and i cant tell why06:04
q_a_z_stevendis may not be ready for 64bit, I've not delved into it for a while06:05
q_a_z_stevetech404: has it ever worked?06:05
berbsTheOneAndOnly q_a_z_steve : the attachments are from different word versions, but they open fine if I save them first and then open. opening directly from mutt is when the problem occurs06:05
kelvin911i got this when i am updating skype:  E: /var/cache/apt/archives/skype-common_2.0.0.68-0medibuntu0.7.10.1_all.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/skype/lang/skype_lv.ts', which is also in package skype06:05
tech404on x3206:05
kelvin911should i just ignore it?06:05
q_a_z_steveberbs: right, so make a change, then see what happens back at the source.06:06
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: modprobe then what?06:06
TheOneAndOnlyberbs: i think q_a_z_steve would be best to help you w. this issue.06:06
tech404thanks anyways maybe ill just try the x64 and see if it works...06:06
alex123hi guys. I've a 2GB partition formatted as linux-swap. But in system monitor it says I have 0MB of swap. What's going on?!06:06
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: i'm looking into what you may need loaded right now :)06:06
themimealex123: might have to "swapon /dev/hdawhereswapis"06:06
ChaosTheoryTHeOneAndOnly: Okay, thanks.06:06
q_a_z_stevetech404: so no? Good luck, join the mailing list, there's probably some serious work on 64, but It's probably totally in the amoeba stage.06:06
TheOneAndOnlyq_a_z_steve Lucas_simao i'm looking into your issues as well06:07
j3kyl1whats the command to change nickname? :p06:07
zcat[1]is it still April 1 in some parts of the world?!06:07
tritiumj3kyl1: /nick <newnick>06:07
tritiumzcat[1]: yes06:07
alex123themime, do I need to reboot?06:07
tonyyarussozcat[1]: yes06:07
zcat[1]oh.. I'll come back in a few hours then..06:07
kelvin911now my skype is gone ?06:07
alex123themime, actually nevermind. it shows up now! thanks!06:07
kelvin911how to fix it?06:07
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: sudo apt-get install skype should work06:08
q_a_z_stevebypazz: Your mother and I love you very much, but what does your post have to do with anything?06:08
themimealex123: its linux, you can solve nearly every problem by restarting services and such, you almost never need to reboot completely06:08
berbsq_a_z_steve: I am not sure what you mean make a change? You mean modify and save the attachment?06:08
zcat[1]well, than answered the question..06:08
kelvin911i downloaded skype-debian_2.0.0.63-1_i386.deb from skype site week ago and install it06:08
alex123themime, ok cool. thanks!06:09
VeN0mizerlater all, thanks for your help06:09
kelvin911then moment ago there is an update pop up in ubuntu saying there is an update so i click apply06:09
q_a_z_steveberbs: yeah, just type something in Tahoma and then save06:09
kelvin911now it has error and skype is gone06:09
zcat[1]/etc/init.d/kernel restart06:09
zcat[1]"almost never" :-)06:09
kelvin911do i need to uninstall b4 sudo apt-get install skype?06:09
AdrianStraysDoes anyone know of a compressor/uncompressor that doesn't suck?06:10
AdrianStraysThat can do like, rars and stuff06:10
kelvin911when i goto synaptic i have You have 1 broken package on your system!06:10
kelvin911Use the "Broken" filter to locate it.06:10
zcat[1]AdrianStrays: I rather like gzip06:10
tonyyarusso!rar > AdrianStrays06:10
kelvin911how to fix?06:10
c-ronsudo fdisk -l /dev/hdb >> ~/Desktop/fdiskinfo.txt06:10
tritiumAdrianStrays: bzip206:11
sphinxxcan someone help me- how do i create a partition that is completely encrypted, just a small partition that will hold a single folder for important data06:11
zcat[1]gzip and bzip2 can't do rars, of course..06:11
sphinxxnot the whole root06:11
elexhobby6c-ron: are u still there.. I'd lost my internet connection06:11
c-ronsudo fdisk -l /dev/hdb >> ~/Desktop/fdiskinfo.txt06:11
tech404q_a_z_steve: it turns out ubunt64 requires 64 bit windoze drivers for ndiswapper... just in case it helps someone in the future thanks for trying to help06:11
j3kyl1how do i change my nickname?06:12
c-ronelexhobby6 that command ^^^06:12
kelvin911i should have follow the philosophy "if it aint broken dont fix or update it" shit06:12
AdrianStraysWell, I need one that CAN do rars06:12
uboturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free06:12
_aXXe_<</msg uboto etiquette>>06:12
q_a_z_stevej3kyl1: "/nick Iwantsomethingelse"06:12
rshivesWhat repository is skype located in?06:12
_aXXe_<< /msg uboto etiquette06:12
AwpCan torrent programs shutdown ubutnu?06:13
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: still a broken package?06:13
AwpOnce it finish downloading06:13
Scunizirshives, www.skype.com and they have their own repo06:13
j3kyl1j3kyl1 thats not working.06:13
Awpkelvin911 you got my pm message06:13
rshivesScunizi thanks06:13
j3kyl1q_a_z_steve : thats not working06:14
berbsq_a_z_steve: the attachment is editable, I can modify it and save it in place, however the next time I open it it is unchanged (which is expected)06:14
kelvin911how to fix? i dont know?06:14
Scunizirshives, they also have their own .deb for ubuntu.. use the one for 7.0406:14
q_a_z_stevej3kyl1: what program are you irc in?06:14
j3kyl1q_a_z_steve : pidgin, is that okay?06:15
kelvin911Awp: i cant receive your PM06:15
Scunizij3kyl1, install xchat .. much easier06:15
kelvin911TheOneAndOnly: how to fix the broken package?06:15
j3kyl1q_a_z_steve okay ill look into that06:15
Awpkelvin911 you have aim sn? or gmail06:16
j3kyl1q_a_z_steve : thanks and night all06:16
kelvin911i use msn06:16
kelvin911Awp: kelvin911@hotmail.com06:16
q_a_z_stevej3kyl1: your local nickname will be different than whatever you set up in the account, just go change it there, and the next time you log in it will log you in to the new nick06:16
kelvin911Awp: and also kelvin911@yahoo.com06:16
q_a_z_steveberbs: email it back to the source06:16
kelvin911how to fix broken package?06:17
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: open synaptic up, go into custom filters and select broken... which package(s) are broken?06:17
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: are you still w. me buddy?06:17
q_a_z_stevesphinxx: http://www.osalt.com/freeotfe06:17
kelvin911TheOneAndOnly: skype is brojken06:17
q_a_z_stevesphinxx: may help, I've not tested06:17
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Yes. =-]06:17
goodhabitHello. Advice me please - how I can create dvd or video cd from avi | mpg | etc file? I was tryed devede - but it ignoring dvd size option, all vob files always 1024 mb. So I cannot write 1.4 gb dvd video.06:17
kelvin911TheOneAndOnly: it works fine until i just update it thru update manager06:17
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: do you know how you installed skype? ie - a downloaded deb, an extra repo, etc...06:18
Awpkelvin911 i sended06:18
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: awesome, i promise, i'm still looking man :)06:18
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Thanks. =]06:18
c-ronhey everyone.. elexhobby is having problems with his connection.. if he pops back in here.. scream at him to look at his ubuntuforums post06:18
kelvin911i did install skype a week ago06:18
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Should I restart just in case something happened? =d06:18
kelvin911it works fine until i see the update popup from the update manager so i close dwon skype and update it then things went wrong06:19
q_a_z_stevegoodhabit: miniDVD's ?06:19
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: i would recommend it, if the reconfig worked, it should automatically load the modules we need, we can check when you get back though06:19
TheSandmancould anyone please help me?06:19
goodhabitq_a_z_steve, yep.06:19
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Okay, then. One secnod.06:19
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: what version of ubuntu?06:19
sriramomanhow do i install rpm in ubuntu?06:19
TheSandmanmy ubuntu gutsy, on my laptop, keeps freezing06:20
q_a_z_stevehmm, well I'm not going to be much help, working on the conversion from Nero to Ubuntu myself06:20
TheSandmanafter startup06:20
rpclancyCould someone give a complete linux noob some assistance?06:20
kelvin911TheOneAndOnly: cant find broken package06:20
Scunizisriramoman, what are you trying to install?06:20
ubotuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)06:20
kelvin911i shouldnt update it in the first place...... :(06:20
sriramomani c06:20
q_a_z_steve!rpm > sriramoman06:20
Scunizisriramoman, I think virtualbox is in the repos.. if you try with an rpm thing will probably break06:20
rshivesSweet, got Skype working.06:21
rpclancyIm having so much trouble getting linux to work on this system06:21
Scunizi!virtualbox | sriramoman06:21
ubotusriramoman: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox06:21
elexhobbyc-ron: did u get my last message?06:21
TheOneAndOnlysriramoman: you can use alien to convert the rpm to a deb06:21
rpclancyIs there someone here who is really familiar with installing linux?06:21
sriramomanbut will it break my package system?06:21
ScuniziTheOneAndOnly, see ubotu post above.. you too sriramoman06:22
TheOneAndOnlysriramoman: the debs for virtualbox are on their site though, and for gutsy/hardy, it should be in the repo, as stated06:22
kelvin911TheOneAndOnly: http://img155.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotyw8.png what should i do ?06:22
Pici!ask | rpclancy06:22
uboturpclancy: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:22
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I have sound. =]06:22
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: New problem, though: my resolution didn't stay the same.06:22
rpclancy*nod* Will do. I have trouble following so many lines, so I was hoping to find someone to work with one on one. Anyway...  :06:23
c-ronelexhobby see your forum post06:23
q_a_z_steverpclancy: no, none of us, we're all talking about Africa...06:23
zcat[1]I imagine everyone here is 'familiar' with installing linux.. preinstalled is not that common yet06:23
TheOneAndOnlyScunizi, i was just stating you COULD use the alien pkg to convert rpms to debs, i wouldn't for vbox though ;]06:23
sriramomani know that it is available in repo, but i already have an rpm. i just wanted to confirm if it will be stable to install the rpm. coz internet here is limited.06:23
=== cody-somerville_ is now known as cody-somerville
q_a_z_stevezcat[1]: *sob* why can't we all get Dell's?06:24
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I think it's because I uninstalled one of the Nvidia packages I had early for something else.06:24
rpclancyI have a Toshiba A205-S5800 I just won. It has Vista on it, and was worthless, and Installing XP is difficult due to it not recognizing the hard drives on this laptop.  SO Someone suggested Linux. It worked, but I think a lot of my drivers are wrong, and my qireless card is missing in action. I know NOTHING about linux, so, i'm kinda lost.06:24
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: you'll want to reinstall your Nvid packages then...06:24
dn4how do I get irssi to output the uname -a command into irc?06:24
vorianrpclancy: maybe give ##windows a try06:24
sriramomancheck out restricted drivers under system06:24
zcat[1]q_a_z_steve: Dell do preinstalled? I can't find it on their website... :(06:24
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: How do I make the certain resolution the default?06:25
pluxdn4: /exec -o uname -a06:25
=== dufeeducky is now known as dery
rpclancyhow is ##windows going to help me get drivers for linux?06:25
Scunizizcat[1], you have to dig06:25
dn4plux, thx06:25
kelvin911TheOneAndOnly: problem solved i just reinstall them in synaptic06:25
pluxLinux plux.se 2.6.17-1.2157_FC5xenU #1 SMP Wed Jul 12 00:46:43 EDT 2006 i686 GNU/Linux06:25
pluxYep it was06:25
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory:  under prefrences, screen resolution i believe...06:25
zcat[1]Scunizi: 'HHGTTG' style display department..06:25
q_a_z_steverpclancy: check the top menus for Restricted Drivers, let us know what you see.06:26
sriramomanrpclancy: can u come private with me?06:26
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: awesome :)06:26
TheSandmancan anyone please help me about the desktop freeze06:26
Scunizirpclancy, System/Admin/Restricted Drivers Manager06:26
q_a_z_steveTheSandman: what are you doing before it freezes? Tell us about the specs of your system, maybe you're asking too much06:27
kelvin911i think the reason the update didnt went smoothly because i download skype and installed with .deb file06:27
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I lost my previous settings. . . =(06:27
TheSandmanq_a_z_steve: okay06:27
q_a_z_stevezcat[1]: They're the only one's check ubuntu.com06:27
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I'm back to just two settings now.06:27
kelvin911when update it thru update manager something wrong06:28
=== jeffd is now known as jdrake
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: did you go back into the restricted drivers manager?06:28
sriramomanrpclancy: did u chk?06:28
TheSandmanq_a_z_steve:  I have an ASUS X51RL laptop, Intel Core Duo, ATI Radeon x110006:28
rpclancyworkin on it06:28
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Yes, it says "in use.'06:28
onefunk_hey all, is there a gui i can use to see what is installed and manage all my programs06:28
TheSandmanthe problem occurs right after starting the X server06:28
c-ronelexhobby see your forum post06:28
rpclancy"Your hardware does not need any restricted drivers"06:29
Scunizionefunk_, synaptic06:29
q_a_z_steveTheSandman: how much ram, how much HDD space how much swap did you make...06:29
zcat[1]My laptop had preinstalled Linux.. but only 'cos I got it second hand from another LUG member .. :)06:29
TheSandmanq_a_z_steve: 2 gb ram, 160 gb hdd, 5.4 gb swap06:29
TheOneAndOnlyTheSandman: as q_a_z_steve asked, what were you doing when the system froze? also, what ver of ubuntu?06:29
TheSandmanUbuntu 7.1006:29
onefunk_Scunizi, thanks. does it show everything? even stuff that doesn't show up in applications?06:29
TheSandmanand I wasn't basically doing anything06:30
kelvin911Awp: thanks for the email06:30
TheSandmanthe X server starts06:30
TheSandmanafter about 20 secs06:30
kelvin911Awp: how come u cant send priate message to me? did u register your nickname?06:30
sriramomanrpclancy: pls tell us what all u feel are not working the way they should06:30
Scunizionefunk_, yep.. it's already installed > System/Admin/synaptic06:30
TheSandmanno input responds06:30
TheSandmani mean06:30
tengulrehow to using tcpdump capture very detail data ?06:30
rwilkinszcat: http://www.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/ubuntu?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&~ck=mn06:30
Awpkelvin911 i didnt register yet06:30
kelvin911Awp: do u use msn or skype?06:30
TheSandmaneverything keeps running, and I can move the cursor06:30
onefunk_Scunizi, nice. thanks.06:31
sriramoman(i'm sure internet is fine?) :)06:31
TheSandmanbut nothing affects anything06:31
kelvin911Awp: lets talk about it somewhere else06:31
Awpkelvin911 gmail06:31
zcat[1]rwilkins: Boy, that must've took some digging..06:31
optimusi find something really awesome on youtube06:31
Awpkelvin911 you can talk chat06:31
kelvin911Awp: gmail has chat client like msn , skype, yahoo ?06:31
optimuszelda main song in violin06:31
Awpkelvin911 email your sn to me06:31
kelvin911Awp: what sn?06:32
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: can you private message me real quick?06:32
rwilkinsor a carefully crafted search term of 'ubuntu' on dell's site :)06:32
zcat[1]hehe .. I could just buy a eee06:32
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: Yes.06:32
prettyrickyQuestion on skype for linux, does it have video?06:32
kelvin911Awp: do u use any instant messaging software?06:32
TheOneAndOnlyChaosTheory: (i'm assuming your nick is registered on here)06:32
zcat[1]actually if I had the cash I would buy a eee.. nice little machine that06:32
Scuniziprettyricky, the new beta does06:33
sriramomancan someone pls tell what is there in the ubuntu dvd that is not there in the community cd?06:33
kelvin911prettyricky: yes skype has video06:33
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: It isn't. =\ Do you have an AIM?06:33
TheOneAndOnlyi do, zgreatelitest06:33
Scunizisriramoman, xubuntu, kubuntu, edubuntu06:33
TheSandmannothing? :(06:33
kelvin911prettyricky: i use skype mostly because of webcam06:33
prettyrickydo I got to change my settings to be able to use video?06:33
sriramomanoh, so it doesnt have any extra packages?06:33
kelvin911Awp: hello u there?06:33
Scunizikelvin911, you should try ekiga06:33
j3kyl1how should i go about installing xp on a secondary hd for dual boot with ubuntu? does ubuntu have its own boot mananger?06:34
Awpkelvin911 ya Kiteblackrose06:34
TheOneAndOnlyTheSandman: if you could wait a few more mins, qaz will be back in a moment, he should be able to assist you w. that06:34
Awpkelvin911 ya for skype06:34
prettyrickyI've been thinking of using it, but not sure how to set up videp06:34
Awpkelvin911 and gmail06:34
TheSandmanTheOneAndOnly: sure06:34
zcat[1]Scunizi: most ppl's problem tho is that none of their friends use ekiga..06:34
Awpkelvin911 aim to06:34
TheSandmanTheOneAndOnly: thanks06:34
rwilkinsthe ee has piqued my curiosity, but I'm still somewhat skeptical06:34
kelvin911Scunizi: problem is my gf from other end is using winxp06:34
onefunk_anyone ubuntu-studio user here?06:34
HorizonXPis there a way to write to a journaled HFS+ partition in Ubuntu? I need to access something to fix my Mac OS install06:35
zcat[1]see.. told you so..06:35
kelvin911Scunizi: i either need msn or skype to talk to her via webcam06:35
prettyrickyDo you have to buy minutes or how does it work>06:35
TheOneAndOnlyTheSandman: np, i'm not trying to blow you off, i'm just helping out a few other users atm, so it's getting chaotic :p06:35
Scunizij3kyl1, if you install xp after ubuntu you'll loose ubuntu's boot manager and will have to fix it.. not a big issue if you hv a live cd.06:35
Crshmanhi all, is there a way to tell linux software raid to scan the drives' partitions for the raid information? the drive order of my box changes which each boot06:35
TheSandmanTheOneAndOnly: okay :)06:35
Scunizikelvin911, skype works fine and amsn also works06:35
elexhobby2c-ron: it says /dev/hdb3 has no valid partition table.. btw my internet connection has a problem.06:35
ChaosTheoryTheOneAndOnly: I just IMed you.06:35
amenadoHorizonXP-> not sure, but you can try to mount the subject partition and start reading it?06:35
j3kyllhow should i go about installing xp on a secondary hd for dual boot with ubuntu? does ubuntu have its own boot mananger?06:35
kelvin911Scunizi: but msn webcam quality is horrible06:35
TheOneAndOnlyHorizonXP: there is, there are drivers in the repos for that, you should be able to find it in synaptic, and google will turn up info on how to mount the partitions in a read-write mode06:36
HorizonXPamenado: yeah, I can mount and read it just fine06:36
Scunizikelvin911, but you didn't really want to look at her .... did you?06:36
kelvin911Scunizi: because her upload speed on the other end is only 256Kbps06:36
HorizonXPTheOneAndOnly: Google's telling me to disable journaling in Mac OSX06:36
Boohbahj3kyll: install xp then reinstall grub06:36
amenadoHorizonXP-> so try to touch a file on it.06:36
kelvin911Scunizi: i do have to look at her06:36
Scunizikelvin911, :)06:36
HorizonXPamenado: it cannot, read-only filesystem06:36
elexhobby2c-ron: cud u type in the instructions on the forum, or we cud irc sometime later? my email id is elexhobby@yahoo.com.. plz send me a mail telling when u cud be free..06:36
rwilkinskelvin911: sounds like a crappy webcam or a crappy connection06:37
TheOneAndOnlyHorizonXP: are you registered on this server? if so send me a pm, if not do you have a messenger client?06:37
kelvin911Scunizi: anyway she needs to look at me06:37
amenadoHorizonXP-> well try mounting it read+write ?06:37
kelvin911the problem is her isp06:37
HorizonXPamenado: /dev/sda2 on /media/MacOSX type hfsplus (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal)06:37
rwilkinskelvin: port forwarding maybe???06:37
HorizonXPamenado: it is rw06:37
Scunizikelvin911, use a static picture instead of motion  video06:37
kelvin911no her internet upload is crappy06:37
amenadoHorizonXP-> where does it indicate its read-only filesystem then?06:37
kelvin911Scunizi: she wants to use webcam06:38
kelvin911i have no other choice'06:38
HorizonXPamenado: when I try to modify any file it says it's read-only06:38
HorizonXPbut mount tries to mount it read-write06:38
kelvin911i try many webcam software, found that skype is the best06:38
amenadoHorizonXP-> i dont know then, as I've said you can try to create a file there?06:38
HorizonXPamenado: touch test results in touch: cannot touch `test': Read-only file system06:39
kelvin911Awp: let me check if pidgin can connect gmail06:39
Scunizikelvin911, it can.. i do it06:40
amenadoHorizonXP-> well then maybe your kernel only supports read only for hfsplus06:40
TheOneAndOnlyamenado: the kernel isn't what contols the read write, there are drivers for hfs06:41
kelvin911Scunizi: google talk ?06:41
amenadoHorizonXP-> am curious as to what your  cat /proc/filesystems    reports?06:41
Scunizikelvin911, yes.. pidgin will connect  to gtalk06:41
HorizonXPamenado: hfsplus is listed at the bottom06:41
* zcat[1] suggests mount -o remount,rw /mountpoint06:41
Scunizikelvin911, that is from one gtalk account to another.06:42
kelvin911Awp: what is your gmail account?06:42
kelvin911Scunizi: what is your gmail account?06:42
Awpkelvin911 Kiteblackrose06:43
catalyst_mediaHey guys. I have a corrupted disk running OSX, so I burned an Ubuntu live cd to see if I can get at some of the files and retrieve them. It turns out I can read the files, but they are in my home directory and I do not have permission to do anything with them. How can I change that from Ubunut?06:43
Scunizikelvin911, sorry I'm on a xp laptop and don't have it loaded.06:43
kelvin911my gmail email is kelvin911@gmail.com add me06:43
TheOneAndOnlycatalyst_media: i'm helping out an issue similar to yours, i'll have the person contact you when we reslove it :]06:43
catalyst_mediaTheOneAndOnly: That would be fantastic! Thank god for Ubuntu Live cd's haha06:44
TheOneAndOnlyHorizonXP: you are still on correct?06:45
Awpkelvin911 i don't see u on06:46
TheSandmanTheOneAndOnly: I found a possible sollution, and 'till now it seems to be working06:46
amenadoHorizonXP  lsmod| grep hfs  and lsmod |grep hfsplus  shows?06:46
TheSandmanTheOneAndOnly: if it re-appears, is qaz the person to talk to?06:46
TheOneAndOnlyTheSandman: a solution for what?06:46
TheSandmanTheOneAndOnly: the desktop freeze06:47
TheOneAndOnlyTheSandman: ah, he certainly would be :)06:47
TheSandmanTheOneAndOnly: i see06:47
TheOneAndOnlyand TheSandman congrats :)06:47
TheOneAndOnlyTheSandman: i'd assist you too, but i'm helping about 3 other ppl still06:47
TheSandmanTheOneAndOnly: thanks, let's just hope it'll keep working06:47
TheSandmanTheOneAndOnly: i saw that06:47
HorizonXPamenado: both show hfsplus                84872  106:47
CrshmanI have a drive on my system that doesn't seem to mount partitions after a reboot (/dev/sdf but no /dev/sdf1) i have checked the drive with fdisk and the partitions are there, and ideas?06:47
sriramomancan someone guide me how to triple-boot macosx86,ubuntu and xp?06:48
cycomsriramoman: as in a hackintosh?06:48
sriramomanyeah, sort of06:48
amenadoHorizonXP-> i wonder if you can  modprobe hsf06:48
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
themimei have an lzm of a kernal from "slax" that i want to use instead of the normal kernel.  is this compatable with ubuntu somehow?06:48
amenadoHorizonXP-> i wonder if you can  modprobe hfs rather06:49
gilligan_i want to upgrade a system currently still running feisty to gutsy, however a dist-upgrade leads to apt trying to remove apt & libstdc++6 which leads to a warning (obviously) about breaking the system ..  A normal upgrade doesn't seem to run in that problem - so maybe I should just do upgrade and then dist-upgrade ? It's just odd because I can't seem to remember that behavior from previous upgrades from feisty.. Does anyone have an idea 06:49
HorizonXPamenado: done06:49
HorizonXPhfs                    54664  006:49
HorizonXPhfsplus                84872  106:49
amenadoHorizonXP-> now try and see if you can write?06:49
HorizonXPamenado: nope, same issue06:49
zcat[1]gilligan_: yes, you should normally upgrade, I've been told, before you try to jump to a new version..06:50
amenadoHorizonXP-> oh well, am out of ideas06:50
Scunizigilligan_, there's a section for upgraded from one version to another at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FAQ06:50
HorizonXPamenado: thanks, I appreciate it :) TheOneAndOnly is trying to help me too06:50
amenadoHorizonXP-> maybe remount the partition as read write and then try the write again..06:50
zcat[1]gilligan_: also, are you using do-release-upgrade as you're supposed to?06:51
adantehowdy folks06:51
adanteif i accidentally set my keyboard layout to the wrong thing during install, where do i go to change it?06:51
Scuniziadante, system/preferances/keyboard06:51
q_a_z_steveadante: go dvorak06:52
MagoonDhow do you bring up taskmanager (ctrl+alt+del on windows) to kill an application thats not responding?06:53
TheOneAndOnlyhey node35706:53
amenadoHorizonXP-> is hfsplus package installed on yours? you can apt-get install hfsplus   and use the hpmount ?06:53
TheOneAndOnlyMagoonD: it's the system monitor06:53
themimeMagoonD: ps aux | grep applicationname  to find the pid of the process, then -> kill -9 pid06:53
TheOneAndOnlyalt+f2 and type in gnome-system-monitor06:53
themimeoh.. haha i do'nt have a GUI, so listen to TheOneAndOnly06:53
sn00zerMagoonD, i use top06:53
rwilkinsthemime: or you could just pkill appname06:54
MagoonDthemime, sn00zer theres no gui for it06:54
EdwardXp3where's the chat room?06:54
EdwardXp3<--- hasn't chatted in years on irc :D06:54
MagoonDwhat if i didn't know the app name, whats the appname for firefox?06:54
MagoonDok that worked sn00zer but how can i list all the apps currently running06:55
gilligan_zcat[1]: well of course i should upgrade to the most recent packages of X before upgrading to X+1 .. so much is obvious06:56
adantesculework: hrm, any idea where this option is in kubuntu? :]06:56
mawpgreets, I just patched my ubuntu 7.10 install for the bcm43xx driver to support injection mode. However, now I cannot see any AP. Any ideas?06:56
sn00zerMagoonD, ps aux06:56
gilligan_zcat[1]: and i am pretty sure that the do-release-upgrade python script doesnothing else than just executing apt-get dist-upgrade anyway06:56
MagoonDTheOneAndOnly, thanks i didnt read your answer06:56
rwilkinsMagoonD: ps aux, or top for a list of top processes06:56
TheOneAndOnlynp MagoonD06:56
MagoonDthx rwilkins06:56
Awpwhats the command to shutdown in 5 hours?06:57
linuxguyman shutdown06:58
=== Cosmosan is now known as Cosmo-san
kindofabuzzshutdown 300 -P i think it would be06:58
rwilkinsAwp: shutdown -h hh:mm06:58
rwilkinsAwp: where hh:mm are the hour and minute to shutdown06:59
q_a_z_steveAwp: shutdown -r 5:00 would be 5am system time, so you don't have to worry about a timer06:59
rwilkinsAwp: or man shutdown :)06:59
kindofabuzz-r is reboot06:59
Awprwilkins so its five hours for shtudown -r 05:0006:59
kindofabuzz-P is power down06:59
TheOneAndOnlyAwp: shutdown has to be run from sudo though06:59
Awprwilkins or its five hours for shutdown -r 5:0006:59
q_a_z_steveAwp: 05:00 at the end of that will indicate 5am, not a countdown of 5 hours07:00
amenadoq_a_z_steve-> is that 5AM local time or based on utc time?07:01
q_a_z_steveSYSTEM time07:01
Crshmanis there a way to force linux to rescan the partition tables of my disks?07:01
rwilkinsAwp: and use -h for halt, not -r for reboot07:01
kindofabuzzshutdown -P 300 or shutdown _p 05:00 is the same thing07:01
q_a_z_stevemeaning whatever time you are currently, regardless of time zone07:01
kindofabuzz-P i eman07:01
kindofabuzzmean lol07:01
q_a_z_stevethe computer clock could be running off of africa time07:01
christozHello guys i have a problem on setting up the menu.lst of grub's bootManager  (Ι have already Ubuntu) in order to boot slackware from there any help07:02
Awprwilkins halt also mean shutdown?07:02
kindofabuzzTIME may have different formats, the most common is simply the word 'now' which07:02
kindofabuzzwill bring the system down immediately.  Other valid formats are +m, where m is07:02
Awprwilkins so it would shutdown with out error?07:02
kindofabuzzthe number of minutes to wait until shutting down and hh:mm which specifies the07:02
christozI've mounted the slack on dev/sdsa607:02
kindofabuzztime on the 24hr clock.07:02
FloodBot1kindofabuzz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:02
rwilkinsAwp: yup (sorry, i'm not registered and can't pm)07:02
mmm4m5mQuestion: If I setup default boot option in grub menu and hide the menu, then is there option to show it? (like F8 when I boot windows)?07:02
christozand the slack's boot folder is  @ http://www.pastebin.ca/96620607:02
q_a_z_stevekindofabuzz: shutdown -P or -h 300 will count down, but then needs a time like "now" shutdown -h 5:00 means whenever the clock strikes 5am next, shutdown07:03
kindofabuzzAwp shutdown --help07:03
=== co-djail is now known as co-silver
_mawjust patched bcm43xx wireless driver to support injection mode. I can't see any AP now... any ideas?07:03
stunatraAre there any decent IM programs BESIDES Pidgin + Kopete for AIM?07:03
kindofabuzzkopete =)07:03
q_a_z_stevemmm4m5m: I think Esc ?07:04
stunatraBESIDES Kopete07:04
JustjadenDoes anyone know how to make the sound stop glitching? for some reason it plays normal if I move my mouse around.....which I think is odd.07:04
kindofabuzzthere is no other07:04
rwilkins_maw: get a separate card for injection... just my $0.0207:04
MagoonDdoes anyone use apache + mono to write .net apps?07:04
* rwilkins cringes at .net07:04
q_a_z_steveMagoonD: XAMPP07:04
_mawrwilkins: ok, I won't rule that out. In theory I just need *one* card though right?07:04
sn00zerstunatra, have you tried gaim07:04
stunatraGAIM  has gone to shit since they've made it Pidgin07:04
JustjadenI have 7.10 and the sound is all CRAZY!! Anyone encounter this problem before?07:04
kindofabuzzgaim is pidgin07:04
stunatrano shit07:05
Pici!language | stunatra07:05
ubotustunatra: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:05
rwilkins_maw: Correct, you only NEED one card. However, in my experience reinjection with a broadcom card is more trouble than its worth07:05
stunatrawhat is wrong with "shit" ?07:05
_mawrwilkins: do you know why those features are missing?07:06
Picistunatra: Its considered foul language.07:06
stunatrauh huh07:06
lindzeynDoes anyone know a good tutorial that can teach me the difference between SLAB & SLUB?  I need to change from SLAB to SLUB I believe in order to get this damn closed-source Creative X-Fi x64 beta driver to work w/ ubuntu.07:06
kindofabuzzstunatra: because like he said, it's a family channel07:06
nikrudstunatra think of this as the disney g rated channel07:06
JustjadenIt's the CIRCLE OF LIFE!!!07:06
kindofabuzzjust cause your parents raised you wrong don't mean you have to puyt it on us07:06
rwilkins_maw: Not sure actually...07:06
stunatrapeople need to lighten up and get a life07:06
_mawrwilkins: stop hax0rs I guess :o ?07:06
Justjadendude. Stunatra...your in the wrong. Don't tell us to get a life.07:07
kindofabuzzstunatra: maybe my 9 year old is reading this, did you think about that?07:07
rwilkins_maw: Probably something more like proprietary drivers07:07
Justjadenjust fess up, and take some responsibility07:07
stunatranot like your 9 year old never heard the word before07:07
_mawrwilkins: that is indeed true. The bcm43xx is a restricted driver07:07
_mawrwilkins: the patched version hacks injection code I think07:07
Hackerwdpi800pidgin is 10 times better  than kopete07:07
_mawrwilkins: I am still researching it07:07
gilligan_damnit.. stupid dist-upgrade is broken and/or apt package dependencies wrong.. can't seem to find a clean way to upgrade from feisty to gutsy07:07
rwilkinsI need to register so I can pm07:07
Justjadenserious question. Sound glitch fixes...anyone got any good ideas?07:07
lindzeynstunatra:  Why has GAIM gone to shit?07:08
kindofabuzzHackerwdpi800: what?!?! no way07:08
* rwilkins shrugs and realizes he is too lazy07:08
stunatraPidgin is better than Kopete, no doubt about that07:08
JustjadenI require a solution. Someone must have had this problem before.07:08
TheOneAndOnlypidgin pwns kopete07:08
TheOneAndOnlyhands down07:08
Hackerwdpi800maybe pidgin will have video in version 3.007:08
stunatraKopete doesn't even have a decent logger07:08
kindofabuzzKopete pwns all! =) actually i don't need the functions of netier, all i need to do is type words to the other end and reciever words07:08
stunatrawon't even let you add your own SN to the buddy list? LOL07:08
kindofabuzzdamn i can't type07:09
Hackerwdpi800ya stu07:09
jussio1!register > rwilkins07:09
kindofabuzzwhy would you add your own name to the list? you that lonely?07:09
MagoonDi couldnt send files with pidgin on yahoo, i have to use gyachi or something to do that07:09
stunatrabecause I want it there07:09
stunatrasimple as that07:09
stunatrawhy does Kopete so anal about such a stupid thing?07:09
LainIwakuraHello, I just noticed that upon typing "users", it shows the same user thrice: user user user. I often change to su then back to su user--is that causing the problem? Is it a problem having user user user, and how do I prevent this from occurring in the future? Thanks,07:09
kindofabuzzwhy are you so anal about adding your own name? lol07:10
stunatrabecause I want it there07:10
stunatrathat's why07:10
amenadoHorizonXP-> this seem to indicate you can write to hfsplus  http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=75f3411c5ec586a1d53ba013423f91cb&showtopic=94555&pid=674841&st=0&#entry607:10
kindofabuzzso you can have someone to talk to?07:10
_mawrwilkins: lol... I registered but never auth when I join the network07:10
stunatradoes Kopete have a reason why I can't add my own SN to my buddy list?07:10
kindofabuzzbecause it's smarter than you and realizes you don't need to do that?07:10
stunatraI WANT TO do that07:11
kindofabuzzlol that makes no sense at all07:11
rwilkins_maw: I should but its so... many... keystrokes...07:11
stunatraso what if it doesn't make sense?07:11
stunatrait doesn't make sense that the program wouldn't let me do that07:11
stunatraAIM lets me do it, as does GAIM/Pidgin07:11
stunatrawhy does Kopete have to be different?07:11
kindofabuzzbecause there is no reason to do it! that's why the programmers didn't do it07:11
_mawrwilkins: only cause we were talking about it I indentified myself >.<07:11
stunatraThe programmers are idiots07:11
_mawrwilkins: #linux banned me cause my name starts with an underscore07:12
kindofabuzzlol, i believe it's the user07:12
unop_LainIwakura, if you use the 'who' or 'w' commands, you should see how exactly the various users are interacting with the system .. it is quite normal to see yourself logged in multiple times07:12
dekis there a repository to get latest FF 3.0 beta 5?07:12
stunatrauh huh07:12
stunatrawhat's up with the logger?07:12
LainIwakuraunop_: I think that instead of su <user>, I should have typed exit to prevent this from occurring.07:12
stunatraall you see is this < > < stupid sh!t07:12
gilligan_dek: FF?07:12
dekgilligan_: Firefox ;)07:12
kindofabuzzwhat logger?07:13
unop_LainIwakura, you shouldn't be using su anyway, always use sudo07:13
themimehow can one format with fdisk or cfdisk?07:13
stunatrathe one w/ Kopete07:13
LainIwakuraunop_: ah..no wonder I see several <user> and root in ps aux07:13
kindofabuzzoh i dunno, never have looked at it07:13
LainIwakuraunop_: Thanks.07:13
rwilkinsunop: oh come on, i would kill myself if I didn't actually su to root07:13
stunatrainstead of showing the SNs in the logs, it shows this < >07:13
ChessmasterDoes anyone know of a GUI configuration editor / utility for the GRUB?07:13
LainIwakuraunop_: Now is there a way to delete these superfluous login names?07:14
blahblehthemime: i thought fdisk repartitions the disk, mkfs.ext2/ext3/vfat/etc formats?07:14
rwilkinsunop: security schmurity07:14
JustjadenCould someone please give me some information on how to fix my garbled sound problem?07:14
unop_rwilkins, the official ubuntu stance is to use 'sudo -i' instead of su .. there really is no need for su07:15
x1250does someone with hardy have any problems with tty's not working? I can't login through tty1-6, only tty7 works for X07:15
ampmaniachi! how can i install mysql gui tools using apt-get?07:15
kindofabuzzx1250 blinking cursor?07:15
Colypsohow do i install security updates in ubuntu server07:15
x1250kindofabuzz: yes07:15
unop_LainIwakura, you don't need to delete the 'superfluous' user sessions because they are you interacting with the system in different ways07:15
LainIwakuraunop_: Okay, thanks.07:16
unop_LainIwakura, like i said, use 'who' or 'w' to see how they are working with the system07:16
rwilkinsunop: fair enough, i normally sudo -s07:16
=== cE_eXeMpHe_ is now known as ce_macan
kindofabuzzthe way i fixed mine is go to your services and look for terminal multiplexor and enable it07:16
kindofabuzzdunno why it was enabled07:16
nikrudampmaniac   sudo apt-get install mysql-admin mysql-browser07:17
LainIwakuraunop_: Okay, I see. Each <user> is using a different screen window.07:17
kindofabuzzdisabled i mean07:17
kindofabuzzthat was to you x125007:17
unop_LainIwakura, right, so that's why you see your current username logged in thrice07:17
LainIwakuraunop_: Great, thanks for your help.07:17
Colypsoim logged in and  cant install updates07:17
kindofabuzzColypso: i thought you had to get to sleep? lol07:18
Colypsoim addicted07:18
mmm4m5mHELP: my ubuntu sometimes hand up. Very rarely. It happend just few minutes back. In such case nothing is working - keys, mouse - nothing. Which log to examine? Right now it hang during update. When I run synaptic it show <<E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. >>07:18
Colypsothese updates are bothering me07:18
kindofabuzzwhat updates? on the server?07:18
Colypsossh updates07:19
kindofabuzzgot all your repostiries checked off?07:19
Colypsognome updates07:19
nikrudmmm4m5m so run,   sudo dpkg --configure -a07:19
Colypsowhat are repostiries?07:19
kindofabuzzsudo apt-get upgrade Colypso07:19
nikrud!components | Colypso  (see the components link)07:19
ubotuColypso  (see the components link): The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories07:19
kindofabuzzyou on that server now through vnc?07:20
kindofabuzzsystem > admin . software sources07:20
chronosxhow to force expire the cached administrator password for Administrator tools(e.g. Users and Groups, GNOME Partition Editors) ?07:20
kindofabuzzcheck all on first tab07:20
Colypsoi dont have that option07:20
kindofabuzzuncheck cd07:20
gilligan_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/75527  <-- does anyone know anything about this bug where apt-get tries to remove apt ? It's filed as fixed yet I am running into exactly this same problem here07:20
mmm4m5mnikrud: will it proceed like default install? what if I remove/reinstall last packages?07:21
kindofabuzzoh you on flux?07:21
kindofabuzzwhat are you on?07:21
kindofabuzzwell then you do have that option07:21
Colypsoit wont let me do anything07:21
nikrudmmm4m5m until you run that command, and it completes successfully, you won't be able to use any of the package management stuff.07:21
JustjadenAnyone know how to fix glitchy sound? It sounds like a cd skipping anytime I play anything...including the log in theme.07:21
Colypsosays i dont have the right07:21
mmm4m5mnikrud: what about other questions - is it normal everything to hand including keys and mouse. Such case is very rary in windows.07:21
JustjadenPlease help me, I can't find the information I'm looking for on forums or anything07:21
kindofabuzzoh yeah we need to make your user have sudoers..anyone know how to do that?07:22
christozhey guys i'd like to tell me how can i open a file named README.initrd07:22
nikrudmmm4m5m usually I see that when flash goes totally fubar. You might see something in /var/log/syslog though if it's something else.07:22
luishello guys good night just a quick question, can someone tell me how can i install card games from the konsole please?????????????????????07:22
kindofabuzzchristoz: nano? gedit? kedit? emac? vi? vim?07:22
JustjadenI could really use some assistance....if anyone would be willing to help, I'd be really grateful.07:23
nikrudluis   apt-cache search card game , it'll list a bunch.  sudo apt-get installl <which ever tickles your fancy>07:23
rwilkinskindofabuzz: vi /etc/sudoers ??07:24
JustjadenIf you don't have the time, at least please tell me where I can get some help.07:24
kindofabuzzyeah you can do that Colypso07:24
nikrud!sound | Justjaden (and I think of sound as a black art)07:24
ubotuJustjaden (and I think of sound as a black art): If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:24
kindofabuzzwait, he doesn't have the right to edit that though07:24
mmm4m5mnikrud: I will check it now. If you are interested will give details if I find something in syslog. "dpkg --configure -a" is done. Synaptic shows packages are installed (not broken) - do I have to reinstall for any case?07:24
christozthe README.initrd file is blank07:25
Colypsoim ssh root07:25
nikrudrwilkins  never suggest that, suggest visudo . It does some simple sanity checks so sudoers doesn't break07:25
Colypsossh root07:25
Boohbah!sudo | kindofabuzz07:25
ubotukindofabuzz: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.07:25
kindofabuzzColypso: login as root and do echo 'loginname' ALL=(ALL) ALL' >> /etc/sudoers07:25
kindofabuzzhe can't sudo07:25
Mzalendogreetings everyone07:25
rwilkinskindofabuzz: haha good point07:25
Justjadenubotu: The sound plays, it just sounds like a cd skipping. but for some reason, it plays semi-normal when I move the mouse around in a circle. This can't be normal.07:25
nikrudmmm4m5m I'd try to keep track of what's running when it freezes. Also, ctl-alt-f2 often gets you a terminal in those cases07:26
MzalendoIs there any way to write-append-replace a CD that was formatted using NTSF software?07:26
rwilkinskindofabuzz: and he should "never" vi /etc/sudoers apparently07:26
akbrennanhello all07:26
rwilkinskindofabuzz: use visudo07:26
kindofabuzzColypso: how did you lose admin rights anyways?07:26
MagoonDcan i serve .aspx pages via xamp?07:26
Daisuke_Idocds aren't ntfs07:27
Colypsoi dont know07:27
rwilkinsColypso: you on a local system or remote?07:27
Daisuke_Idohowever, if you were using custom packet writing software...  probably not07:27
x1250kindofabuzz: I have no such service enabled, but I found this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/12991007:27
rwilkinsColypso: ouch07:27
nikrudColypso did you create a new user on the remote, and log into that new user?07:28
rwilkinsColypso: know any good 0-day priv escalation exploits? :)07:28
akbrennanwhen is a stable of 8.04 coming out?07:28
unop_MagoonD, what is X in this case? you should refer to it's documentation07:28
nikrud!hardy | akbrennan07:28
ubotuakbrennan: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu07:28
unop_akbrennan, 8.0707:28
Hackerwdpi8008.04 stable will be out in about 2 and a half weeks07:28
* nikrud checks the topic again07:28
Colypsoi created the user ssh on the command line07:28
Colypsothen logged in07:28
Colypsoi still have root access07:29
akbrennansweet. thanks07:29
=== Zelta_ is now known as Zelta
nikrudColypso ah, as root:   adduser ssh admin07:29
Madpilotunop_, um, No. There's been no mention of a delay in the next release. 8.07 is unlikely...07:29
MagoonDcan we upgrade to hardy heron via the update manager when its released? I am running gutsy gibbon07:29
MadpilotMagoonD, yes07:29
nikrudMadpilot the topic for april 1st said a 3 month delay07:29
rwilkinsColypso: oh, well log in as root and visudo to add sudo privs to the new user you created07:29
akbrennananyone know any cool iPhone tricks?07:29
MagoonDMadpilot, what if i wanted to save my current config before upgrading incase hardy messes things up07:30
unop_MagoonD, please take this to #ubuntu+107:30
Madpilotnikrud, heh. It's still the 1st here :)07:30
kindofabuzzakbrennan: yeah just chunk it as hard as you can then pick it up...fun07:30
MagoonDnikrud, aprils fool maybe?07:30
RkodI've been having problems with ubuntu recently, and i'm trying to install Kubuntu to see if there's a problem there as well. The problem is that everytime I turn the computer on, or log out and in of ubuntu, it tells me that it can't find my monitor, and sets me at 800x600 Resolution. So I pick my monitor from the list and it says "Please log out and in or restart to see changes", and well, when I do, it does it over and over again. So I 07:30
nikrudMagoonD probably :)07:30
kindofabuzzit's april 2nd!07:30
mmm4m5mnikrud: check first 10 lines from syslog. I do not see anything suspicious. This was first boot for today. As I remember: I did login, run pidgin, run synergys, run synaptic, start installing update, open "#ubuntu" and just typed a second msg here. About Alt+F? - usually I do try these, Not sure about Alt+F2, but I am sure, I did try Alt+F1 and Alt+F7, Alt+F8, Alt+F11. It is the same, right?07:30
MagoonDunop whats ubuntu+1?07:30
mmm4m5mnikrud: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61906/07:31
unop_!hardy | MagoonD07:31
ubotuMagoonD: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu07:31
MadpilotMagoonD,  #ubuntu+1 is the channel for pre-release discussion of the next version of Ubuntu07:31
nikrudmmm4m5m no, you need clt-alt-f* when in X to get to a terminal07:31
Colypsothis room is moving way to fast for me07:31
Colypsoim lost07:31
MadpilotColypso, this is pretty standard for #ubuntu, actually. Slow, even.07:31
Colypsowhat now07:31
IndyGunFreakColypso: and its really slow compared to how its usually running07:31
mmm4m5mnikrud: sure, in this case it was not working, that is why I told -  everything hang up - keys, mouse, just everything07:32
IndyGunFreakprobalby only 20-30 active right now.07:32
MagoonDunop_, my ? wasnt related to the next version but related to how do I back (create a ghost image in windows) so i can restore my config incase  something goes wrong07:32
Colypsowhat command07:32
nikrudColypso when you create a new user, it's not automatically given sudo privileges. You have to assign them by adding them to the admin group.   hence,     adduser ssh admin   to give your ssh user admin privs07:32
Colypsoso i type in adduser07:33
unop_MagoonD, you were asking a question about how to restore if hardy messed up :)07:33
nikrudColypso then, get back out of root on the remote and  try ssh'ing in07:33
mmm4m5mnikrud: update which I run was two "ssh" packages. I run my updates using synaptic (this way I am able to see more details before update)07:33
Colypsoi dont know what to type into root07:33
geirhaColypso: type « groups ssh » to see what groups that user is a memeber of. And if it is a member of admin, then it is allowed to run sudo07:33
IndyGunFreakMagoonD: if yuou have to ask a question like that, its probably bestto jut wait till Hardy is stable.07:34
Colypsowhy wont people Pm u in this room07:34
MagoonDok thanks unop_ , IndyGunFreak07:34
nikrudmmm4m5m could be memory issues. I had that happen to me once, so I ran the memtest function on the grub boot screen, figured out the bad mem stick and pulled it07:34
RkodCan anyone please help me? I am having problems achieving resolutions higher than 800x600 in Ubuntu.07:34
sidis405Rkod: what card do you have?07:35
nikrudColypso to be clear: you have root on the remote, right? And that's the place you want ssh to have sudo privs?07:35
RkodNvidia 5500 FX07:35
kindofabuzzx1250: well the service is called screen07:35
RkodWith drivers installed, but everytime I start up, it asks me about my monitor.07:35
Colypsoi have root through putty07:35
kindofabuzzx1250: terminal multiplexor (screen)07:35
Mzalendohi... am back07:35
sidis405Rkod: and what version are you running?07:35
sidis405Rkod: is it a fresh install?07:36
Mzalendodid someone read and answer my question?07:36
RkodThrough wubi07:36
nikrudColypso ok, and you want the user   ssh    on the remote to be able to sudo ?07:36
RkodThe newest stable, I believe07:36
Mzalendoi need to re-write an appendable CD... what should i use, and how?07:36
mmm4m5mnikrud: I never used memtest, have to try. this is P4 laptop - meaning I did not notice problems before. Anyway, will check it. Thank you.07:36
sidis405Rkod: the channel you want to join is #ubuntu+107:36
Colypsoi want the user to be able to do everything07:36
nikrudColypso ok, in root in putty, type:       adduser  ssh admin  .  After you do that,  anyone logging in as ssh will be able to use sudo07:37
RkodAllright, thanks.07:37
Mzalendothe DVD/CD Writer tool doesnt seem to do it... the CD was created with Sonic Read Now 8.0 on my previous WinXP build, which I am no longer using!07:37
sidis405for the beta release07:37
kindofabuzzx1250: screen is in the repostitories07:37
Mzalendoi have about 300 CDs that need to be re-written07:37
Colypsoadduser: The user `ssh' does not exist.07:37
nikrudColypso then, what user on the remote do you want to have sudo privileges?07:37
nikrudColypso    you said you'd added the user  ssh , we had a communication problem.    sudo adduer colypso admin07:38
kindofabuzzhe can't sudo!07:39
kindofabuzzwe tried that earlier07:39
nikrudColypso typo:    adduser colypso admin07:39
kindofabuzzoh as root07:39
Colypsothat worked07:39
kindofabuzzwhy didn't that work before?07:39
nikrudColypso now, try ssh'ing in as colypso07:39
Colypsodidnt try before07:39
kindofabuzzthought we did07:40
kindofabuzzx1250: you still here?07:40
* nikrud is so sudo-fied he often types it in when in sudo -i anyway07:40
Colypsoi probably couldnt keep up07:40
nikrudColypso what irc client are you using?07:40
nikrudColypso doesn't it colorize when someone types your name in a line?07:41
Mzalendobtw, i am new here07:41
kelvin911hey how come my ftp server home directory always change back to default /var/ftp ??07:41
nikrudColypso in fact, the only reason I was able to keep up with you was I kept my eyes on the screen all the time.  If you had typed, for example    nikrud nope  , that line would be red in xchat07:42
kelvin911i want it to be /media/NTFS500GB-A but everytime it changes back to /var/ftp07:42
TheOneAndOnlykelvin911: check the servers config file?07:43
Colypsosystem is up to date07:43
Colypsothanks guys07:43
Colypsoim sure ill be back tomorrow07:43
nikrudColypso is always welcome :)07:43
=== Colypso is now known as Colypso|sleeping
Mzalendoisnt there anyone who can assist/help me?07:44
Mzalendoi'm a "nood" peeps07:44
sidis405hey Mzalendo.07:45
BoohbahMzalendo: k3b07:45
Mzalendowhat's k3b?07:45
BoohbahMzalendo: sudo apt-get install k3b07:45
fyrmedicMzalendo: Just ask your question and someone will answer it. Be patient and ask again in several minutes if you don't get a response.07:45
LukeL!info k3b07:45
ubotuPackage k3b does not exist in gutsy07:45
nikrudk3b handles appendable cds?07:45
nikrudLukeL !info is borked07:45
Mzalendodoes it run from the command line or from GNOME?07:46
nikrudMzalendo it's gui, runs in gnome just fine07:46
sidis405can run it either way-07:46
kelvin911i use gproftpd07:46
Mzalendoit's installing07:47
kelvin911how to set it properly?07:47
sidis405can run it anywhere i guess.07:47
kelvin911last time it works now it doesnt work07:47
Mzalendoi guess i'll find it somewhere after install? where does it place itself? sound and video or....?07:47
nikrudMzalendo somewhere ;)07:48
sidis405Mzalendo : Applications->Sound & Video07:48
Mzalendodoes anyone know why my Evolution Mail is failing to send a simple attachment of 80 kb? it's a JPEG file07:48
Mzalendoi keep getting timeout errors07:49
nikrudas a long time lover of evolution, I'm using thunderbird07:49
Mzalendonikrud: so, if i go to thunderbird, is there a way i can export my evolution mail inbox messages to thunderbird's invox?07:50
pro-rsoftHi all, how to set geany as my default text editor? update-alternatives says that gedit is the only editor...07:50
corinthI'm a new Ubuntu user, I just switched from openSUSE. openSUSE automatically installed a driver so that my webcam would work, how do I get my webcam to work in Ubuntu? Using Hardy Beta 32 bit, Logitech Quickcam Ultra SE.07:50
Mzalendoi mean inbox07:51
Boohbah!webcam | corinth07:51
ubotucorinth: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras07:51
unop!webcam > corinth  ( see private message from ubotu )07:52
nikrudMzalendo hm, not sure. I've been using imap for a while, I don't have to worry about that stuff anymore.07:52
sidis405Mzalendo: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-export-your-mails-from-evolution-to-thunderbird.html07:52
pro-rsoftHi all, how to set geany as my default text editor? update-alternatives says that gedit is the only editor...07:52
sidis405don't be afraid to google my friend.07:52
Mzalendosidis405: am not... but when i get stuck this is where i come running to... thanks a lot!07:52
kelvin911should i add a link in /var/ftp?07:53
kelvin911to point to my USB HD?07:53
nikrudsidewalk heh, mbox files?07:53
syrusany body no how to get F1-F6 terminals back all i get is a curser07:53
kindofabuzzkelvin911: did you get that msg i just sent you?07:53
Survivormanpro-rsoft, right click on document, properties, opens with...07:53
sidis405Mzalendo: no prob man. basically rhetorical.07:53
kelvin911waht message?07:53
kindofabuzzguess not07:53
rrowelli've got a sblive (emu10k1) soundcard isntalled in addition to my MB sound (which isn't hooked up).  I have a .asoundrc which makes the emu10k1 (card2) the default and most everything works well, save for the volume up/down/mute keys on the keyboard which seem to ignore both the settings I specify in gnome-volume-manager (which I set the emu10k1 as the controlled/default card)  and asound.rc... Any clues on how to make my mute and v07:53
rrowellolume keys work?07:53
Mzalendosidis405: looooooooooool07:53
kindofabuzzthat one07:53
kelvin911whcih oenm?07:54
kindofabuzzwhat client do you use?07:54
pro-rsoftSurvivorman, i don't have a file manager installed. I hate them.07:54
kindofabuzzfor irc?07:54
pro-rsoftand 'ls' cant rightclick>openwith :P07:54
syrusanyone know how to get my terminals back07:54
kindofabuzzthe program you're typing on now, just wondering why you didn't get my messages07:54
syrusgetty says it is running07:54
kelvin911kindofabuzz: i am trying to set ftp hree07:55
rrowellsyrus, Where did they go?07:55
syrusgood ?07:55
kelvin911i am currently using opera to view irc07:55
kindofabuzzi had a possible wop fix for ya, sent you a message 5 times07:55
unoppro-rsoft, set the VISUAL and EDITOR environmental variables .. and also have a look at ~/.local/share/applications/defaults.list07:55
Viper111guys i am starting squid for the 1st time, but i am getting error msg which says that FATAL: Failed to make swap directory /home/techsup/cache/squid: (13) Permission denied07:55
nikrudsyrus what I found (for my ati) was removing the splash from the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst and rebooting got back my terminals07:55
kelvin911oh i see07:55
kindofabuzzwell opera sux if you ain't getting the messages07:55
syrusi had a crash so reset and they are gone my gui F& is fine07:55
kelvin911i didnt check the tab wait07:55
pro-rsoftunop, thx07:55
rrowellsyrus, I agree with nikrud, ditch the splash if you have one07:56
kelvin911ok so its the screensaver07:56
kelvin911so how to fix?07:56
kindofabuzzpossibly, i'm gonna try it07:56
kindofabuzzturn it off07:56
chrislabeardHey guys anyone know where i can get a driver for a linksys wusb11 v2.607:56
pro-rsoftunop, $VISUAL and $EDITOR are empty... defaults.list is almost empty07:56
syrusok ill try that , i had to reset my system and poof they were gone07:57
rrowelladvanced linux user with two sound-cards wants to know how to make volume up/down/mute keys work with (ALSA) card2 (which is an EMU10K1 device)... Anyone?07:57
kelvin911anyone can fix my FTP problem/07:57
rrowellkelvin911, what is the problem?07:58
kelvin911cant get it runnning now07:58
rrowellkelvin911, msg me07:58
unop_pro-rsoft, export VISUAL=$(which geany); export EDITOR=$VISUAL; echo -e "[Default Applications]\ntext/plain=geany.desktop" >> ~/.local/share/applications/defaults.list08:00
Viper111guys i am starting squid for the 1st time, but i am getting error msg which says that FATAL: Failed to make swap directory /home/techsup/cache/squid: (13) Permission denied08:00
GatestoneIs there a tool to share a desktop for tutoring? Preferably one which works across firewalls?08:00
unop_Viper111, how are you starting squid therE?08:00
Viper111unop /etc/init.d/squid start08:00
kelvin911rrowell: i did pm you08:00
unop_Viper111, using sudo?08:00
GatestoneI guess VNC allows the local and the remote user to share a common desktop?08:00
rrowelland i responded08:00
Viper111yes for sure08:00
unop_Viper111, sudo /etc/init.d/squid restart08:01
kelvin911Gatestone: try tightVNC08:01
rrowellkelvin911,  what FTP daemon and how are you changing the "home dir"?08:01
kelvin911Gatestone: works for me08:01
syrusok hod do i edit the line out just remove it08:01
Viper111unop_ yes thats wat am writing08:01
kelvin911rrowell: i am using gproftpd08:02
unop_Viper111, i wrote restart not start08:02
Mzalendok3b worked fine, thanks everyone08:02
syrushow do i remove the line for the splashcreen08:02
rrowellkelvin911, and how are you "changing the home dir"?08:02
kelvin911rrowell: is there a screenshot tutorial how to set it properly?08:02
kelvin911in default home dir: i enter /media/NTFS500GB-A08:03
kelvin911but everytime i click apply it changes back to /var/ftp08:03
Viper111unop_ yes the same if restart or start08:03
Gatestonekelvin911: what if both parties are behind a firewall?08:03
rrowellkelvin911, I'm not sure what you mean by "in default home dir: i enter /media/NTFS500GB-A", are you making a sym-link or ?08:03
kelvin911Gatestone: portforward i think08:03
pro-rsoftunop_. thx08:04
Gatestonekelvin911, or at least the desktop that should be shared is behind a firewall. Portforwarding is not possible: I have no access to these corporate firewalls.08:04
kelvin911rrowell: http://img301.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot1bu9.png08:05
nolfViper111: type chown -R nobody.nobody /home/techsup/cache/squid08:05
nolfthen /etc/init.d/squid restart08:05
code_killindenget compiz ubuntutify kristy!heart08:05
kelvin911Gatestone: then i am not sure?  maybe pcanywhere?  netbus??  sub7??  backdoor hack?08:06
rrowellkelvin911, and you have write perms to the file you are trying to modify?08:06
kelvin911rrowell: what do u mean?08:06
kelvin911rrowell: it works last night08:07
kelvin911rrowell: for some reason now wont work08:07
darkscripthow do you make ubuntu boot default to run level 308:07
Viper111nolf thanks man it started now08:07
rrowellkelvin911, that is the config file that the UI you are using to modify the configuration file is running with sufficient permisions to modify said config file?08:07
chrislabeardhow do you unblacklist something08:07
kelvin911rrowell: is there an easier ftp server then gproftpd?08:07
kelvin911rrowell: something like servU in windows?08:07
kelvin911rrowell: i think it is08:07
kelvin911rrowell: because it is in ugly theme which mean the program is running as root08:08
maekKelvin911 Nice theme !!!08:08
GatestoneThere seems to be xvnc4viewer installed by default in Gutsy. Which of the several vnc server alternatives should I use with it?08:08
kelvin911Gatestone: i use xtightvncviewer08:09
kelvin911Gatestone: its the best08:09
rrowellkelvin911, so you are running gproftpd as root then?08:09
kelvin911rrowell: i think so08:10
Gatestonekelvin911, I guess you recommend tightvncserver also?08:10
kelvin911it works last night but then it doest work today08:10
marlunHow much size does the Ubuntu partition need? Whats recommended?08:10
kelvin911Gatestone: yes tightvnc08:10
kelvin911marlun: i would say at least 50GB?08:10
rrowellkelvin911, it does the same for me08:11
tonyyarussomarlun: around 2.5 GB is needed.  Recommended depends on a) how many non-default programs you want to install, b) how much you have in files.  10GB is a good minimum.08:11
darkscriptis there any way to run ubuntu without x by default?08:11
rrowellkelvin911, but it looks like it is doing it on purpose08:11
justmozzyhi guys08:11
icesword2g is at least08:11
rrowellkelvin911, makes me wonder if it is a permisions thing08:11
kelvin911rrowell: what u mean?08:11
justmozzymy linux kernel source tree seems to be incomplete or missing... how can i update that?08:11
kelvin911rrowell: is there other better FTP server?08:11
iceswordmarlun, after the install just remove oopenoffice will save a lot space08:12
rrowellkelvin911, IE, maybe the UI knows the FTP daemon wouldn't have sufficient permisions to read/write that directory08:12
rrowellkelvin911, AFAIK proftpd is pretty damned good08:12
kelvin911rrowell: like more user friendly even your mom  can use it ftp server?08:12
nikrudjustmozzy sudo apt-get install  linux-source , it'll drop a tarball in /usr/src08:12
tonyyarussodarkscript: of course - servers do it all the time.08:12
marlunkelvin911: seems a little much doesn't it? :)08:12
marluntonyyarusso: Ok, thanks :)08:12
justmozzynikrud: thanks :)08:12
rrowellkelvin911, maybe not super user friendly, but you aren't running a MAC now are you ;-)08:12
darkscriptyes tony, but i want to know how08:12
kelvin911is there FTP server for dummy?08:13
tonyyarussodarkscript: if you already have a desktop setup, you can remove "gdm" from a runlevel, and boot that runlevel.  If you install a server, you don't have it in the first place.  :P08:13
darkscriptas i am running a server of regular ubuntu, however i did not have the resources at the time to use08:13
marlunicesword: I think I need OO since I want to be able to write from templates created for Word and Google Docs for example can't do that from what I know.08:13
tonyyarussokelvin911: vsftpd is the best I've found - reasonably good documentation out there.08:13
darkscriptyou cant just change a grub setting or add an extra line?08:13
darkscriptlike perhaps runlevel 3?08:13
kelvin911rrowell: is vsftpd gui based?08:13
tonyyarussokelvin911: no.08:13
kelvin911i need something easy08:14
tonyyarussokelvin911: good servers usually aren't gui08:14
iceswordmarlun, if you want a better choice,eioffice is alternative,but it is not fre08:14
albechkelvin911: search for 'ftpd howto'08:14
albechkelvin911: there are tons of very good guides available08:14
nikruddarkscript in ubuntu, levels 2-5 all run gdm (gui) . You can rename S30gdm to K30gdm in any of them to enable the action you're looking for08:14
darkscripthow do you edit runlevels in ubuntu, from command level08:14
Cheahey ubuntu!08:15
Cheahey ubuntu!08:15
nikruddarkscript best way is to install sysv-rc-conf08:15
kelvin911ok my task is very simple, just share my external hd i have 3 external HD on usb:  how to share them just allow download only08:15
s0rslol hey Chea08:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sysv-rc-conf - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:15
darkscriptthat in /etc nikrud?08:15
nikruddarkscript remembering that best is subjective, of course08:15
albechkelvin911: google for a howto.. its really simple08:15
tonyyarussodarkscript: if you don't know them already, use sysv-rc-conf :)08:15
CheaI dont even know what Ubuntu is...08:15
kelvin911they are /media/NTFS500GB-A    /media/NTFS500GB-B     /media/WDC120GB08:15
tonyyarussonikrud: and if you do, what is it, update-rc.d?08:16
kelvin911i google and spend like 3 night still cant get those command base ftp running08:16
Gatestonekelvin911, how do I run the VNC server so that it shares the existing local X server desktop?08:16
pteagueChea> you familiar with linux or unix?08:16
CheaNo sorry.08:16
albechkelvin911: so you want someone to explain how you should do step-by-step here?08:16
kelvin911my task is very simple ,  i just want to share 3 USB HD08:16
nikrudtonyyarusso yes, but the time it takes to construct the right command line (especially if you only use it a few times a year) is more than installing and running sysv-rc-conf08:17
pteagueChea> familiar with Mac?08:17
kelvin911yes please albech08:17
CheaNo. :(08:17
kelvin911i dont need fancy setting08:17
kelvin911but need username and password08:17
Boohbahkelvin911: what ftp server are you using? might want to try vsftpd08:17
pteagueChea> have you previously heard of any of those?08:17
kelvin911i install vsftpd the other nightm cant get it to work08:17
tonyyarussonikrud: of course :)08:17
CheaYes ofcourse, I wonder what advantages Ubuntu has over any other distrubtion around Linux?08:17
kelvin911command is too much for me08:17
CheaIs it only the fancy GUI and the nice start up sound?08:18
tonyyarussokelvin911: did you read the guide on help.ubuntu.com?08:18
CheaI tried emulate it on VMWare, it totally blowed.08:18
tonyyarussoChea: that would be a question for #ubuntu-offtopic08:18
CheaWell I have questions. Would it not be a suitable channel to get answers about Ubuntu?08:18
kelvin911offtopic people kick me back to here08:18
kelvin911so i am thinking people in here are more intelligent08:19
tonyyarussoChea: support questions, sure.  distro comparisons would be offtopic though.08:19
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CheaSo what has Ubuntu to offer me other than what I've read on the website?08:19
albechChea: a good community and plenty of tested software/tools08:19
CheaHow is it running a server off it?08:20
albechChea: i personally dont.. i prefer it for desktop systems08:20
kelvin911please send me a good easy guide to how to set up ftp with gproftpd or vsftpd08:20
albechChea: that doesnt mean it cant.. i hear its pretty good for servers too08:20
kelvin911assuming i dont know anything about networking08:21
pteaguealbech> for a desktop system you're running an x server...08:21
CheaHm interesting.08:21
CheaCan you shoop da woop with Ubuntu?08:21
tonyyarussoChea: I have five production servers running Ubuntu at work.  Great so far.08:21
CheaLike photoshop but on Ubuntu?08:21
tonyyarussokelvin911: the one on help.ubuntu.com is the place to start.08:21
Mzalendoquestion about k3b.... there is existing data on the cd, when i made a New Data Project the files were not replaced/rewritten... why?08:21
albechpteague: ?08:22
kelvin911i spent 2 night finding help on there no help08:22
CheaAny specific program that handles graphics, similiar to Photoshop?08:22
pteagueChea> the gimp is a good alternative to photoshop... it's pretty much the same thing08:22
tonyyarussoChea: gimp08:22
albechChea: gimp08:22
CheaAh thanks for the questions.08:22
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CheaI'll be considering Ubuntu.08:23
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albechChea: id recommend photoshop cs2 through wine though08:23
zenowhats a terminal with more features than xterm that doenst use gnome or KDE stuff?08:23
marlunicesword: never heard of eioffice, will take a look, thanks!08:24
rrowellkelvin911, and SCP won't work?08:24
Mzalendosidis405: do you know why the existing files on the appendable CD were not erased/replaced when i made a new data project and executed, with k3b?08:24
CheaSo what is WINE then?08:24
rrowelladvanced linux user with two sound-cards wants to know how to make volume up/down/mute keys work with (ALSA) card2 (which is an EMU10K1 device)... Anyone?08:24
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.08:24
abdorezahi all08:24
ubotuk3b is a feature-rich and user-friendly burning application for KDE (and, as all KDE applications, works fine on GNOME). For a guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/K3BHowto08:25
GatestoneHow do I run a VNC server so that incoming users can share the regular X server desktop (mouse, keyboard)  with me, for tutoring purposes?08:25
tonyyarussoGatestone: System > Prefs > Remote Desktop08:26
kelvin911Gatestone: i think u need to run tightVNC server08:26
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woodwizzleWhat would I need to do if I wanted to package something for ubuntu?08:28
abdorezabye all08:28
nikrud!packaging | woodwizzle08:28
ubotuwoodwizzle: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports08:28
bertvdphi, can someone help me with the inetutils-talk and inet-utils-talkd programs, I can't get them to work ?08:29
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LainIwakuraIs it normal that my admin user cannot even issue a mv command in /var/www?08:29
LainIwakuraOr does that folder normally require a sudo prefix to modify?08:30
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nikrudLainIwakura sudo is needed there, as it is anywhere outside of your home08:30
cody-somervilleLainIwakura, Correct.08:30
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MadpilotLainIwakura, that's normally a folder that needs sudo08:30
LainIwakuranikrud, cody-somerville, Madpilot: Okay, thanks.08:30
bertvdpdoes anyone here know something about the talk command ?08:31
rrowellkelvin911, it is a permisions issue08:31
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j3kyllis there an easy way to give user "guest" no permissions what so ever except to execute shared apps?08:34
Flannelj3kyll: What sort of things are you suggesting you take away?08:35
trevhegin the process of installing ebox on my computer, I removed sysvinit and replaced it with upstart. Now my computer won't boot up. Is there some way to undo what I did using a live cd?08:35
j3kyllFlannel : all priveledes, ...file making, etc... except for excuting apps. (essentially the user will have the same files each time they log in. so they won't "muck it up")08:36
Flannelj3kyll: Well, just having a non-admin user will restrict them to their homedir, without being able to make any system wide changes.  As for not creating files within their homedir, they need those files to do a lot of stuff (web browsing, etc).  but you could write something to clean out the homedir everytime they logoff, for instance.08:37
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mmm4m5mnikrud: hi, memtest done. I do not see log files. You were right. There are errors with test #5 (block moves), 200M-500M. Errors are consistent, but error address is random. What is the conclusion? I bought this RAM one year ago. It was bad or it become bad (for example because of temperature - my laptop from time to time is very hot)?