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sadmac2Keybuk: are there any events which a standard install of upstart generates besides startup and runlevel ?17:56
sadmac2Keybuk: we need a list for documentation17:56
Keybuk(no jobs are running)17:56
Keybuk(self explanatory)17:56
Keybuk(allegedly alt-up-arrow, but I've never seen it)17:57
Keybuk"power-status-changed" (init received SIGPWR)17:57
Keybuk"starting JOB"17:57
Keybuk"started JOB"17:57
Keybuk"stopping JOB"17:57
Keybuk"stopped JOB"17:57
sadmac2our fedora.serial_console_available thing should probably be in our list too.17:58
Keybukand as you say, "startup" and "runlevel RUNLEVEL"17:58
Keybukthere used to be an idle event as well17:58
Keybukbut I think I removed that17:58
Keybukyes, I did17:59
sadmac2heh. screensaver via upstart.17:59
sadmac2start 5min after idle ; exec /usr/bin/xscreensaver17:59
sadmac2and now to class18:00

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