Tuv0kanyone using pulse?00:12
ahyuwhiyeI just can orevent the xfce panel from taking gnome icons00:14
ahyuwhiyebut i would prefer the rodent icons00:14
ahyuwhiyeI do not intent to delete the gnome icons00:14
ahyuwhiyestill therE?00:20
ahyuwhiyehow can i prevent xfce4 panel from "loading" gnome icons automatically without deleting gnome icons00:20
ahyuwhiyeslightly off-topic00:21
ahyuwhiyebut people at xfce are not responding00:21
ahyuwhiyei hope you will understand00:21
ahyuwhiyemy english is bad ^^00:21
ere4siyou need to select the rodent icons in      settings manager - user interface00:24
Tuv0kpulse working for anyone?00:55
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cody-somervillemaxamillion, feel free to hang in -devel03:44
maxamillionah, will do03:44
jpastoreIf I can't get wifi to work, how can I enable the ntfs restricted driver?04:24
cody-somervillentfs doesn't have restricted drivers04:42
cody-somervilleIt works out of the box04:42
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Tu13esanyone know if I can install the hardy beta alongside gutsy?04:52
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zoredacheTu13es: what do you mean alongside?04:53
Tu13eswhoops, meant this for #ubuntu. but anyways, if hardy fails it'd be nice to boot back into gutsy04:54
zoredacheyou can easily do it on a second partitition... If you are feeling very advanced you could also do a 'chrot'04:54
|phryde|anyone else having problems installing wine on 64bit xubuntu?04:55
zoredacheTu13es: if you pay really close attention to what you are doing you could boot off the livecd and make a new folder off root (/gutsy perhaps) and move everything from / into that folder...04:55
zoredachethen do your install, but make sure you do NOT format the drive04:56
Tu13essounds like a lot of work04:56
Tu13eswhat happens if i install hardy and my wifi doesn't work? can I reinstall gutsy from cd?04:56
zoredacheif you moved stuff like I suggested, then you would reboot, move/delete everything the hardy installer created move everything from /gutsy back and re-do grub04:57
Tu13esthanks for your help zoredache04:58
zoredacheOf course really what would be far better would be to make a backup on external media04:58
Tu13esit's just my laptop so it's not of huge importance04:58
BunnyRevolutionlinuxmint is a branch of *buntu, correct?05:05
ManiDhillonHello every one!!05:50
ManiDhillonCan you help me choosing a good mail client for XFCE desktop rather than Thunderbird!05:51
ManiDhillonAnyone here???05:52
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sveakexwhat video player does xubuntu use by default?09:02
cody-somervillegxine, I believe09:03
marchooops 50 minutes 2 late ;)09:55
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clubber--Hello there. I have some issues with my soundcard (sb live! 5.1). It worked fine yesterday until I ran a reboot. Could anyone help me, please?11:52
gabkdll1clubber--: hi11:56
clubber--please help.. i have no clue ;P11:57
gabkdll1I am not the smartest man in the channel, but perhaps you want to check your mixer levels first. In a terminal, run alsamixer11:57
clubber--kk. 2 sec11:57
clubber--so... what should I do?11:58
gabkdll1look around (using the arrow keys) and check to see if the source that you are expecting sound to come from is muted11:58
gabkdll1muted items are marked "MM"11:59
gabkdll1select and hit m to toggle the mute state12:00
clubber--hmm.. seems fine to me :\12:01
clubber--i've connected only the front12:01
gabkdll1although, I have to admit, I don't know why a reboot would mute any of your mixer levels. You might want to wait till someone smarter than me comes along :)12:01
gabkdll1"PCM" and "Headphones" are two items you probably want to unmute if they are muted12:02
gabkdll1then again, your mixer items probably are not the same as mine12:02
clubber--i can't do anything with the PCM12:02
gabkdll1oh, that is interesting12:03
clubber--yeah? ;o12:03
gabkdll1well, perhaps it is just because we have different sound cards, but on my system having the PCM channel unmuted is essential for sound to work12:05
gabkdll1I just meant it might be a clue as to where your problem lies12:06
gabkdll1hopefully someone smarter than me will come along and will know what this clue means ;)12:06
gabkdll1sorry that I can't be of more help12:06
clubber--no problem12:06
clubber--thanks ;)12:06
gabkdll1can you maybe provide a little more information on what you were doing during the boot when everything was still working fine?12:07
clubber--nothing really. i've innstalled ubuntu yesterday with a sb extreme audio. after a while i figured that linux did not work with this card, so i inserted the sb live 5.1 card. when i turned on the computer the sound worked fine12:08
clubber--then i ran a reboot, and the sound was gone ;o12:09
gabkdll1well, I actually think that Ubuntu's hardware detection should work fine in a situation like this12:10
gabkdll1but perhaps you want to try booting from a live cd again12:11
clubber--hm? sorry man, i'm totally new to this12:11
gabkdll1actually, if it is not too much trouble, you might try reinstalling with the new soundcard in there12:12
gabkdll1then again, I am no expert12:12
gabkdll1you can always take your problem to the forum if you don't find anyone around here12:12
gabkdll1the forum usually gets lots of traffic12:12
clubber--ok ;) which forum?12:13
gabkdll1plus, in the forum you can document everything that happend12:13
ubotuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.12:13
clubber--ok then12:13
clubber--thx man12:13
the_alamois anyone here also connected to irc.gnome.org? i have been trying to get to the epiphany channel and i can't connect to the server.12:38
gabkdll1the_alamo: I seem to be able to connect without any problems12:59
the_alamothanks for checking.12:59
the_alamoand, i guess, it is better than the whole server being down.13:00
the_alamogabkdll1, does irc.gnome.org send you to irc.us.gimp.org?13:01
pirate_Hunterhell cna someone post a link for the minimum download size for xubuntu or is that only available for ubuntu?13:18
pirate_Hunterhello any help please13:21
cody-somervilleHello pirate_Hunter13:22
cody-somervilleThe size is listed on the download page13:23
pirate_HunterI know but that 600mb+ i need soemthing lower like ubuntu has a minimum download size of 9mb13:23
pirate_Huntercody-somerville: you qouldnt by any case know if xubuntu has soemthing similar13:25
cody-somervilleYou could use the same thing you use for Ubuntu13:26
cody-somervilleand then install the xubuntu-desktop package13:26
pirate_Hunterwouldnt that mean i would have ubuntu and xubuntu installed doubling the size also is that possibl without net access13:27
crimsuni.e., install ubuntu-standard and then xubuntu-desktop13:27
crimsunwith the server disk, it's quite straightforward13:27
crimsuninstall a minimal server, install ubuntu-standard, install xubuntu-desktop13:28
crimsun(in that order)13:28
crimsunafter that, you can install linux-generic13:28
pirate_Huntercrimsun: is it possible to do usb pen install to HDD?13:30
crimsunI don't know offhand.  I haven't followed the installer since breezy, and many things have been updated since then.13:33
crimsunit's certainly possible, but whether the installer makes it trivia is another story.13:34
gabkdll1the_alamo: how do I check that? I use Pidgin as my IRC client14:18
the_alamogabkdll1, i never really understood how to set up pidgin for irc!!  i think occasionally i would get it to work but it was more trial and error luck than skill.14:19
the_alamoi always wanted to do it with pidgin (and now empathy) but in the end i install xchat.14:19
gabkdll1well, I have been using it since it was called Gaim, and I have not needed to update my configuration since then14:21
the_alamookay, let's try.  i think you add an account.  set it to irc and put irc.gnome.org in the server.14:22
the_alamothen in the screen name you would put gabkdll1 (i think)14:22
gabkdll1I do have to admit, sometimes Pidgin gets disconnected from the server. It automatically reconnects, and generally it happens rarely enough as to be a non-issue for me14:23
gabkdll1well, normally I am gabkdlly, but I got bumped during this session, so Pidgin automatically renamed me14:23
gabkdll1you would of course want to put the_alamo instead of gabkdll1 ;)14:24
the_alamounless i wanted to be you!  (insert spooky music)14:24
gabkdll1yes, I suspect I should stop being lasy and register my user name one of these days14:25
the_alamoi registered once but i get bored of my user names and change them14:25
the_alamowhich, i guess, is better than changing my legal name when i am bored.14:26
the_alamowell i set up pidgin and it can't connect either. that is 3 for 3.14:27
the_alamo(pidgin empathy xchat)14:27
the_alamomaybe it has something to do with living in south korea14:27
the_alamognome has secretly been aligning itself with north korea and it hasn't manifested itself in any way except for this.14:28
gabkdll1maybe someone in south korea was spamming, so they temporarily blocked certain IPs14:28
the_alamothat is more likely than my reasoning.14:29
gabkdll1but I would guess they would put something like that on the news section of their webpage14:29
the_alamoconnecting with them has been tenuous for a long time but i have always been able to connect eventually14:31
the_alamoon a side note... i would love pidgin if i could change the layout.14:32
the_alamoin empathy, which is based on somehting but i forget what, i can set it up so that my user name and avatar appear above the text in a nice little box.14:33
the_alamobut in pidgin it is always along the side14:33
the_alamoi like the side setup for irc but not chat.14:33
ShaDowZSalut , j'aurai besoin d'un avi sur xubuntu car je croit bien que je vais l'installer14:56
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.14:56
ShaDowZThanks ;)14:57
ShaDowZcody-somerville and ubuntu-fr ? Do not exist ?14:58
cody-somervilleTry asking in #ubuntu-fr - they'll still provide support for Xubuntu or you can ask your question here in English :)14:58
ShaDowZOk Thanks you cody-somerville ;)14:59
ShaDowZcody-somerville 15:01
ShaDowZSorry I do not speak English very well but, it's true that on xubuntu graphical interface is not very nice?15:01
ShaDowZ( not very beauthiful )15:01
cody-somervilleUmm... I like it.15:02
cody-somervilleAre you talking about the current release?15:02
ShaDowZI do not know, I have seen comments on the internet which said that the interface was not very good15:04
ShaDowZIt is for this reason that I come here! To find out if this is true15:05
cody-somervilleCould you point me to those comments?15:05
sverihi, und hardy the network manager seems not to work with the wallet system15:06
sveriwhen i connect to a wlan and store the passwort, the nm-applet breaks everytime i want to connect again15:06
sveridoes somebody knwo where i can delete the information about the passwords in xfce?15:07
gabkdll1ShaDowZ: just get a hold of a live CD and try it out. You will notice soon enough if the interface does not jive with you.15:07
ShaDowZOk Ok15:07
ShaDowZAnd you think otherwise, with a personal opinion?15:08
ShaDowZ( for the Graphical interface )15:08
ShaDowZgabkdll1 ?15:09
ShaDowZor cody-somerville ?15:09
cody-somervilleIt is of course a personal opinion15:10
cody-somervilleJust because I like it doesn't mean you'll like it.15:10
gabkdll1Gnome does have some nice candy, and I hear KDE is configurable up the wazu (or so I hear).15:10
gabkdll1in a way, I feel that XFCE does a good job of keeping things minimal and simple. Although, I suppose it might sometimes require a little more familiarity with the command line than does Gnome.15:11
ShaDowZSo ..15:13
ShaDowZI will test it then, I think xubuntu is already better than Windows! XD15:13
cody-somervilleThank you.15:14
the_alamog'nite all15:31
ShaDowZWell I saw comment infact quite well on Xubuntu so I decide to install it: D ;)15:53
ShaDowZcody-somerville ? You have what you? ( OS )15:54
cody-somervilleI run Xubuntu and Ubuntu as well.15:54
ShaDowZOk ;)15:54
ShaDowZand 15:55
ShaDowZYou use more often that?15:55
cody-somervilleI use Xubuntu most often.15:56
ShaDowZOk Ok ;)15:57
ShaDowZbut cody-somerville15:58
ShaDowZHowever I have a small problem on windows i was forced to install drivers for the pc see my NIC. I do not know if this is in contrast compatible with linux: /15:58
cody-somervilleProbably not.15:59
cody-somervilleIt should work right out of the box.15:59
n4pp3lbl00dHallo zusammen17:13
n4pp3lbl00dJemand da?17:14
drmarwati need little help with this....> is it an error and how can i fix it ?.....>  http://rafb.net/p/oHPjVG67.html17:28
zoredacheso you are using a unofficial repository... They probably have a GPG keey somewhere on there site and instructions on how to import it17:29
drmarwatoh, thats the repo issue17:29
zoredacheyou can also just ignore the message17:30
drmarwati will check my repo list now17:30
drmarwatfew more issues17:30
zoredachethe instructions for adding the wine key are on the page http://winehq.org/site/download-deb17:30
drmarwatcan i enable single click on mouse to open drives etc?17:31
zoredachedrmarwat: start up a folder window go to edit->prefs->behavior17:31
drmarwatthanks, i will do that17:32
drmarwatit is activated17:33
drmarwatone another small issue,  my windows partitions are under file system, media, hdd....a long route to reach  them, can i enable them to be on my desktop?17:35
drmarwatplus how to enable auto login to system on reboot?17:37
zoredachedrmarwat: you should be able to create a launcher on your desktop that will load directly to whatever folder you want17:39
dahuihello @all, I am an absolute newbie here and no english native so please bare with my english, anybody out there who got some spare minutes to help me with my asus eeepc and eeexubuntu? all up and running apart I can connect to wireless only by dhcp, maual config doesn to work :(17:39
zoredacheor if you have the folder window open you can dag your favorite folders over to the sidebar17:39
drmarwatzoredache, how can i get that launcher please?17:40
zoredachedrmarwat: right click on the desktop and create a launcher.. the command should be 'thunar /path'17:41
zoredacheof course replace path with the actual path...17:41
drmarwati will do that17:42
zoredacheas for autologin you'll probably have to wait for someone that knows about that.17:42
drmarwatzoredache: thanks17:42
drmarwatopera and navigator is missing from the repo17:54
zoredachedrmarwat: what repository are you talking about?17:54
zoredacheopera would not be in the Ubuntu repository because it is non-free/proprietry software17:55
drmarwatzoredache, i didnt change the repo from default, i will check what repo i have17:55
drmarwatthey are official repo17:56
zoredachethe don't show up when I look at http://packages.ubuntu.com/17:57
TheSheepopera is in the commercial repository17:57
drmarwatbrb please, i need to reboot to get my nvidia card start working17:57
TheSheepyou can enable it in the software sources17:57
drmarwatTheSheep, thanks17:58
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praktora i am trying to install the latest ubuntu and i am getting this error Loading hardware drivers...error receiving uevent message: No buffer space available  can anyone help ?19:18
TheSheeppraktora: maybe check forums/google...19:28
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wweaselI'm having some trouble with my sound...my PC has an internal audio card and a Creative CT510 PCI card.  I'd like to use the PCI card, but xubuntu is outputting to the internal card...22:35
marchgoodnight :)23:14
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