poolieigc, spiv: call now00:00
schierbeckjelmer: could i get you to review the latest seahorse-integration?00:04
lifelesscore vf files passing tests with finished largely gone00:15
jelmerschierbeck: sure, one sec00:17
schierbeckjelmer: okay, another iteration coming your way -- we'll land this tonight!00:38
jelmerschierbeck: feel free to just merge - I voted bb:tweak00:38
jelmerather than bb:resubmit00:39
jelmerI trust you are able to remove that one line :-)00:39
schierbeckhehe :)00:42
schierbeckjelmer: by the way, i've got this in the works: lp:~dasch/bzr-gtk/branchview-selected-row-color/00:42
jelmerwe seem to be better on track than bzr.dev this week though ;-)00:43
schierbeckit adds a stroke of white around the line graph when selected00:43
schierbeckjelmer: yeah, they seemed panic-stricken00:43
jelmerschierbeck: any chance you can have a look at my mime patch?00:44
schierbeckjelmer: sure00:44
schierbeckjelmer: i've got an actual patch icon, if you'd like it00:47
schierbecktango styled and everything00:47
schierbecki see you use the bazaar icon00:47
schierbeckjelmer: i'll mail it to you00:50
lifelesslunch break for me00:55
schierbeckjelmer: can you receive over irc?00:56
schierbeckf00k it, i'll jsut mail them00:56
* igc reviewing spiv's patch for #207558 now00:58
schierbeckjelmer: this is also a possibility: http://tango.freedesktop.org/User:Dobey#Tango_Icon_Theme_Icons_.28CC-By-SA_2.5.2901:00
schierbeckjelmer: oh, just found where i got the icons i sent you from: http://www.quantum-bits.org/?page_id=301:01
jelmerschierbeck: ah, thanks01:18
* igc reviewing spiv's nosmart+ decorator patch01:41
* schierbeck is going to bed01:49
igcabentley: yes, please merge that01:52
abentleyAlready in PQM01:52
igcsorry I missed the assert issue - here's to jam's good catch on that one01:52
ubotuNew bug: #211122 in bzr "bzr help cherrypick would be useful" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21112202:05
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* igc reviewing the arch-independent site directory patch now02:14
lifelessgarh test_35_wait_lock_changing02:21
lifeless_so_ fragile02:21
poolielifeless: you can kill it02:23
pooliei think my branch to add another exception class makes it possible to write a much cleaner test but i have not yet done so02:24
pooliespiv: nosmar +1 from me too02:24
spivpoolie: ok, that's enough good enough for me.  Thanks!02:25
pooliethis should be rarely used anyhow02:25
pooliewe hope02:25
lifelessI was hoping for http-bzr02:28
lifelessjust for cool factor02:28
pooliesurely that would be the opposite?02:28
lifelesshttp minus bzr :)02:28
poolieoh i see02:28
lifelessstandards, pfft02:29
pooliepresumably we should use the unicode MINUS SIGN which looks almost but not quite like a dash? :)02:29
lifelessI'm so totally unsure that that would be valid in the scheme02:29
spivlifeless: it might not be valid, but "standards, pfft" ;)02:30
lifelessthough being able to type it in++02:34
poolieit will avoid people using it accidentally :)02:35
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* poolie is merging the test progress fix02:51
abentleylifeless: could I get your feedback on my "Playing with Stacked Branches" post?03:07
poolieyeah for some reason gmail thinks the time is 'undefined'03:09
pooliei wonder if i should reboot google? :)03:09
matthewlmcclureabentley: do you have a moment to discuss cygwin/symlinks (re: bug 209281)?03:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 209281 in bzr "Windows diff apps don't understand symlinks created by Cygwin bzr diff --using" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20928103:13
abentleymatthewlmcclure: Sure.03:14
matthewlmcclurei'm not sure how to proceed since several people have expressed concerns.  here are the concerns i understand:03:14
matthewlmcclure(1) you'd like "nice" pathhames, e.g., 'old' and 'new'03:15
matthewlmcclure(2) martin disliked forking a process to dereference the 'new' symlink03:15
matthewlmcclure(3) i want a windows diff program to find the files it needs to diff; and it can't dereference directory symlinks or understand cygwin full paths03:16
matthewlmcclure(4) you said you thought my original patch addressed (3) in the wrong place03:17
matthewlmcclurere: (4) do you have a suggestion where is the right place?03:17
matthewlmcclureit seems to me also that (1) and (3) are fundamentally in conflict, but maybe you have a better idea than anything i've come up with03:18
abentleyThey aren't in conflict.  You just make a copy of the file with a nice name.03:19
matthewlmcclureah, right... i can do that; it's a reasonable compromise, but it doesn't address:03:19
matthewlmcclure( 5) i'd like the right side of the diff to be the working copy (so it can be tweaked in the diff program)03:20
abentleyWell, we could provide that as an optional mode, and sacrifice (1) in that case.03:21
abentleyBut mainly, we shouldn't be creating symlinks if we don't want to use them.03:22
matthewlmcclureok... i understand now that your primary concern is not to create the symlinks if they'll only be dereferenced03:24
abentleyThat's right.03:25
matthewlmcclureso we have a choice: ( a) copy the right side files and get nice pathnames, or ( b) use the working tree directly and get editability03:25
matthewlmcclurethere's a precedent for ( a) on native Windows03:26
abentleyThe dereferencing was far more involved than fixing it at the source would be.03:26
abentleymatthewlmcclure: Personally, I would prefer to make a) the default, and b) an optional mode.03:26
matthewlmcclureok... i'll do ( a) in one patch, and worry about  an option for ( b) separately03:26
abentleyWell, maybe I'm being hasty.03:27
abentleyYou're the first person to ask for this.03:27
abentleyBoth a) and b) are analogous to our existing Unix behavior.03:27
abentleya) is the same as our windows behavior.03:28
lifelessabentley: sure03:28
abentleyYeah, let's do --use-real-path as a second step.  It should affect both Cygwin and Windows.03:28
abentleylifeless: thanks.03:29
matthewlmcclureok, will do.03:29
matthewlmcclurethanks for your time03:29
abentleymatthewlmcclure: no problem03:30
markhnoob question: Say I pull a "pristine" tree  from a public server, then pull a "working" directory from that pristine tree.  If I made a bundle from the "working" tree, the bundle references the local path to that pristine tree.  Is that a problem?  Do I need to tell 'bundle' what the real public tree is?03:35
markheg, if I want to send the bundle to the bazaar list as a merge request ;)03:36
abentleydidn't Google just unleash some sort of "customize your time" thing?03:44
PengThey also announced their partnership with Virgin to set up a colony on Mars.03:47
abentleymarkh: You should put the public location in the merge directive, either by specifying it, or by setting the "public_branch" config value on your local copy.03:47
markhabentley: ah, config value makes sense - thanks03:47
abentleypoolie: I've written a nanny script for Bundle Buggy to restart it if it gets a lock error.04:03
abentleyObviously, this is a stopgap.04:03
abentleyNo problem.04:03
abentleyI'm going to try moving it to Postgres, which I've wanted to do anyhow.04:04
lifelesssqlite does document its locking policy; like I said I think there is something crackful in the python bindings; they open new transactions implicitly AFAICT.04:06
abentleylifeless: It could be.04:28
abentleyIt could also be a hung thread, right?04:29
ubotuNew bug: #211139 in bzr "add reports partial success incorrectly" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21113904:31
lifelessabentley: possibly; if it is a hung thread one would expect contention in posgresql too04:42
lifelessabentley: I would like bb to continue to support sqlite; pgsql is a lot harder to deploy04:42
abentleyI don't intend to stop supporting sqlite, but I want to use postgres for myself.04:43
abentleyBut schema migrations are way too painful in sqlite.04:45
lifelessthey are ?04:46
abentleySure.  In order to add a foreign key column, you have to create a new table with the new schema, copy the data over from the original, delete the original, rename the new one into place, and re-create some indices.04:48
lifelessweird; sqlite supports alter table ... add column04:54
abentleylifeless: Yes, but as far as I can tell, that doesn't support foreign key relationships.04:54
lifelessit supports anything create table supports04:55
abentleyI have tried it.  I couldn't get it to work.04:57
abentleyNote that the foreign key relationship is not specified as part of a column definition.  It's some kind of suffix on the CREATE TABLE command.04:59
lifelesswhat syntax are you using05:00
abentleyIt has been a while since I tried it.05:01
abentleyWhat would you suggest?  I've got an sqlite prompt open.05:01
abentleyHere's something that doesn't work: ALTER TABLE vote ADD COLUMN dogbert INTEGER, FOREIGN KEY(dogbert) REFERENCES tg_user;05:03
markhso, while playing around locally, a couple of my local branches show "public branch" and "submit branch" values have been remembered as "related branches".  How do I remove or change them?05:04
lifelessso abentley, before trying to debug it, why are you using foreign key there at all - sqlite doesn't support foreign keys last I heard it.05:04
abentleyIt certainly acts like it does,05:05
lifelesstheres nothing in there that suggests anything more than accepting the syntax05:08
abentleyWell, I would like to add more columns that give such an impression.05:09
abentleyEnforcing the constraint would be kinda nice, too.05:11
markhand depending on what I try, I can manage to get my bundles showing both 'target_branch' and 'source_branch'.  Am I correct that I just want target_branch pointing at the public branch and no value for 'source_branch'?05:14
lifelessabentley: I think the add column syntax is infact invalid05:15
lifelessabentley: but i'm not sure immediately how to work around that05:15
abentleymarkh: If you are not publishing branches, you want no value for source branch.05:18
markhabentley: thanks05:19
abentleythe submit_branch is remembered by merge and send, the public_branch is remembered by send only.05:19
markhhow can I "unremember"?05:19
abentleyThere is not "unremember".  You may be better off just editing ./bzr/branch/branch.conf05:20
markhit only seems to remember first time05:20
abentleymarkh: If you want it to remember when it already has a remembered value, you can supply --remember.05:20
markhah - thanks05:20
abentleyBut by default we assume it's a temporary override.05:20
markhI do remember seeing that now - my head is kinda exploding still though :)05:21
abentleylifeless: The page you gave already says that columns with unique constraints and primary keys can't be added.  I think they just forgot to mention foreign keys.05:22
lifelessabentley: sounds plausible05:26
RAOFjml: Incidentally, hooray for bzr-svn.05:56
RAOFAfter the initial branch, it makes working with banshee much nicer.05:57
jmlahh :)05:58
jmlI need a new plunger :(05:58
spivjml: yours has taken it's final plunge?05:58
jmlI just got a mouthful of wet coffee grinds05:58
RAOFMmmm, coffee grounds!05:58
fullermdYeah, it sucks when they get soggy; all the crunch is lost.05:59
jmlheh heh05:59
Angelic13i'm having trouble getting "bzr viz" to work on my Windows machine.  i keep getting the error "PyGTK not installed".  PyGTK *is* installed, and i'm able to run use it in a python shell.05:59
Angelic13i'm also having problems installing tortoiseBZR that might be related. when i try to do so, it says it can't find bzrlib and it needs to be in PYTHONPATH. i've tried setting this to several different things and can't get it to work. should this be set to "C:\Program Files\Bazaar" or something else?05:59
jmlAngelic13: I'm no Windows expert, but your PYTHONPATH should be set to the directory that contains 'bzrlib'06:00
fullermdAngelic13: How did you install bzr?06:00
Angelic13and what does bzrlib look like in windows?06:00
Angelic13i see a bzrlib in python/Lib/site-packages/bzrlib06:01
Angelic13this only has a plugins directory and nothing else though, so i'm not sure if that's what it wants06:01
Angelic13fullermd: i believe i installed it with the bzr installer.  it's been somet ime06:01
fullermdI think this comes up with some regularity from using the standalone installer...06:02
Angelic13c:\Progam Files\Bazaar has the program files, and it has a lib directory, but nothing called bzrlib in there06:02
Angelic13i've searched through the whole system, and the only place there's a bzrlib is the directory in site-packages06:02
Angelic13trying an install again with the python bzr installer06:04
jmlthat sounds like a broken install to me.06:04
jml(note: I have never used Bazaar on windows)06:04
fullermdNo, I think that's what you get with the standalone installer.06:04
jmlfullermd: really?06:04
bob2is it py2exed or something?06:04
jmlfullermd: where does it find the libs?06:04
fullermdWith that, it doesn't use any external python stuff, it's all bundled up together.  And that doesn't work with external stuff like bzr-gtk etc.06:04
jmlso what do you do if you want to use plugins?06:05
Angelic13ah this intaller put some more stuff into the bzrlib directory06:05
* fullermd doesn't use Windows either; just going by what he's seen here and on the list06:05
Angelic13maybe that's what i needed06:05
* fullermd nods at Angelic13.06:05
Angelic13i used bzr-setup-1.3.exe before i think06:05
Angelic13i just used bzr-1.3.win32-py2.5.exe now06:06
Angelic13okay yay i can import bzrlib now ^_^06:06
Angelic13that must have been the problem. i didn't see any documentation anywhere saying to stay away from that particular installer though06:06
fullermdYah.  AIUI, that installs normal python stuff.06:06
Angelic13ok installing tortoisebzr worked.  bzr viz still isn't working, but perhaps another reinstall of pygtk will help06:07
Angelic13still can't get bzr viz to work, but tortoisebzr seems to work for now, so i guess that's good enough06:20
bob2if you start a python shell, can you import bzrlib and pygtk?06:21
Angelic13but bzr viz keeps saying PyGTK isn't installed06:24
Angelic13right now i have bzr-gtk in "c:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\bazaar\2.0\plugins\gtk", and i *think* that's right06:25
spivAngelic13: I think that's right.  If it wasn't, you'd get a different error (bzr: ERROR: unknown command "viz")06:26
Angelic13moving it to "C:\Program Files\Bazaar\plugins\gtk" doesn't seem to work06:26
Angelic13that is, it isn't working in the same way06:27
Angelic13also can't run scripts/olive-gtk directly :/06:33
kgoetzhi all. how can i bring a branch in line with a new upstream head? i want to blow away any unknown files/changes/pending merges etc and replace it06:36
abentleykgoetz: bzr revert; bzr pull --overwrite06:46
Angelic13hmm seems like i had to download libglade separately and put it into my gtk directory.  that was missing from some of the docs.06:48
Angelic13so now i can run olive with scripts/olive-gtk06:48
Angelic13but bzr viz still doesn't work06:48
kgoetzabentley: thanks.06:49
Angelic13ah but olive crashes with a GtkWarning *sigh*06:49
bob2bzr gtk only claims to require glade, gtk and bzr06:49
Angelic13bazaar-vcs.org/bzr-gtk only says you need bazaar and pygtk though06:50
Angelic13in the windows install section06:50
Angelic13this is the most informative doc i've found so far http://faq.pygtk.org/index.py?req=show&file=faq21.002.htp06:53
abentleypoolie: The nanny just restore BB successfully for the first time.07:01
PengWhat breaks BB exactly?07:01
poolieabentley: way to go07:28
spivabentley: great!  You may now enjoy your local timezone ;)07:29
spivigc: have a good holiday08:28
igcthanks spiv08:28
AfCWhat could one have done to do a merge, commit it - but not have the revisions consisting of the contributed patch not appear in the history?08:56
fullermdcherrypick, or revert --forget-merges08:57
AfC(I had to do the merge again, resolve a conflict, and then the contributor's branch showed up - but all the files were otherwise present)08:57
AfCyes, it said something about cherry pick.08:57
AfCWhat would have caused that?08:57
AfCI just did the usual08:57
AfCbzr merge ~/Desktop/contributed.patch08:57
fullermdThat being a merge directive?08:58
AfC"merge request" :)08:58
fullermdThen it would come from the person making it, making it as a cherrypick.08:59
AfCWait a minute. I did the same08:59
AfCbzr merge ~/Desktop/contributed.patch08:59
AfCboth times.08:59
AfCIt was only after I had committed it and run `bzr viz` that I realized something was wrong09:00
AfCdoing it a second time resulted in the revisions showing up.09:00
fullermdI would guess you did something in between that filled in enough of the 'missing' revs that it could be applied directly.09:00
AfC(I realized something was wrong when I tried to see the parents of the merge, and saw only one)09:00
AfCfullermd: fair enough, but09:00
* AfC is horribly confused, and his confidence is shaken.09:00
fullermdWell, that's why I'm here   :)09:02
fullermdRemember that when you merge a MD, it's not the same as merging the branch; in the latter case, you do the merge you ask for, but in the former, you do the merge that the MD creator asked for.09:11
AfCActually, I'm 3/4 way to being serious. I did a merge, and it decided NOT to merge the revisions. This is astonishing to someone who has been, for better or for worse, been trained by Bazaar in its behaviour.09:11
fullermdWell, if it's doing a cherrypick, it can't merge the revisions, because there's nowhere for the graph to hook up.09:11
igcnight all. I'm away on leave until the 14th now so happy Bazaar'ing while I'm gone. :-)09:12
fullermdIf you look in viz, what I suspect you'll see is that one of the revs in that merge has a parent that wasn't in your graph at the time of your previous attempt.09:12
AfCThis is one of the reasons the terminology behind "merge directive" has always distressed me. It's not a directive, because contributors cannot «tell» me to do anything. It's a patch, and I am considering it for merging, or not.09:12
AfCfullermd: no. It shows no parents whatsoever.09:12
fullermdUrr?  An unrelated branch?09:13
AfCI wish I knew what happened, so I could tell this contributor not to do whatever they did again. Better yet, I wish Bazaar wouldn't have permitted it in the first place.09:13
AfCfullermd: EXACTLY09:13
AfCchanges got committed, but not revisions.09:13
AfCI carried on as normal, no problem, la ti da09:13
* fullermd goes cross-eyed.09:14
fullermdStart over.09:14
fullermdAn unrelated branch would have revisions with number like 0.1.x.09:14
fullermdThat's the only way (aside from the left path, of course) you ever get revs with no parents; at the start of an unrelated merge-in.09:14
AfCWhatever. Grab the branch yourself and look:09:14
AfCbzr viz bzr://research.operationaldynamics.com/bzr/java-gnome/mainline/09:14
AfCrevno 461.1.109:15
AfCWhere are the revisions of the contributed patch?09:15
AfCThe code delta is there, for sure.09:16
AfCBut I had to do the merge _again_ revno 465 to make the revisions appear.09:16
fullermdIt's called 461.1.1.  That means that when you did that merge, you were at rev 461.09:17
AfCI would be thrilled if I could identify what I [presumably] did wrong.09:17
fullermdBut if you look at the revs when the merge worked, the merge revs are 463.x.x, which means those revs are children of rev 463.09:17
fullermdThus, where you did that merge the first time, you didn't have the revs in your branch, that were the parents of the revs to be merged.09:17
fullermdThus, they couldn't be attached into the tree 'normally', and become a cherrypick.09:18
fullermdThat means the cause is probably not actually the sender requesting a cherrypick in the MD creation, but rather that your branch was 'old' where you did the merge.09:18
AfCYes, ok, I can see that.09:19
fullermdIt speaks highly of the quality of your contributors that they keep so up to date, that _you're_ the one behind   ;)09:19
AfCso what gets me is that those  revisions didn't "appear" (or whatever) when I subsequently merged it to 'mainline' at 46409:19
AfCfullermd: nah, I had a 'cairo' branch lying around, and so did it there. I evidently forgot to pull from mainline first.09:20
fullermdBecause it was too late at that point; when you committed 461.1.1 (or 462 as it was called on the branch when you merged it), those revs couldn't be hooked to the tree, so they weren't included.09:20
fullermdSo when you got around to merging it in in mainline:464, there was no longer any link to them to be reconnected.09:21
AfCSo I merged a second time to "fix" it, but is there something else I should have done instead?09:21
fullermdWell, the 'rightest' thing would have been to stop when it told you it was cherrypicking, and figure out whether that was what should be happening.09:21
AfC[this will teach me not to do integration merges on 'mainline', but anyway]09:22
AfCfullermd: ah09:22
AfCfullermd: interesting.09:22
fullermdOnce that's committed and stuck onto mainline (and you don't want to uncommit and dump that rev), there's no way to rewrite the rev to say "Oh, this was a parent of mine".09:22
* spiv isn't really here, but as a drive-by comment, this sounds like surprising behaviour, so probably there's a bug to be fixed somewhere. Probably the original "bzr merge ..." should have made more fuss about the fact that the base revision referenced in the merge directive wasn't present?09:22
AfCspiv: I think so09:22
fullermdWell, it's tricky.  Cherrypicks can be intentional.09:23
AfCspiv: I think that's where I got off track09:23
spiv(and optionally, maybe, provide a way to say, "no, this isn't a cherrypick, just a ghost..."?)09:23
fullermdI don't think MD's explicitly say whether they were intended to be cherrypicks.09:23
AfCfullermd: put another way, I haven't knowingly done a "cherrypick" since, oh, 0.9109:23
AfCWell, mostly I'm glad to hear that it wasn't Vreixo who screwed up, it was me. I can handle that.09:23
fullermdWell, that goes back to the 'directive' part; when you merge a MD, the 'intention' is expressed by the person making it.09:24
* spiv -> really gone09:24
spivAfC: :)09:24
AfCfullermd: ... which is ass-backwards for anything other than a bot receiving it.09:24
fullermdUsing 'send -rx..y' can express an intent to cherrypick (in the case that rev 'x' isn't in the upstream already)09:24
AfCfullermd: I hadn't realized that cherry picks were that far along. I gather there is still a way to go, however.09:25
AfCfullermd: (it's that whole partial implementation thing you and I were talking about, I think)09:25
fullermdWell, it's where they've been since...  I dunno.  0.6 or something.09:25
fullermdPretty much the same place they are in everything but darcs.09:25
AfCfullermd: so that branch is now "safe", you think?09:26
fullermd"bzr send -ofile -rx..y ; cd $UPSTREAM ; bzr merge file" gives the same result as "cd $UPSTREAM ; bzr merge -rx..y $OTHER"09:26
AfCfullermd: yeah, ok, I can buy that09:27
fullermdOh, yes.  That -2 rev may have wacky files compared to what you wanted, but the branch is fine.09:27
AfCThen "fix merge bug" is a surprisingly accurate commit message, it seems :)09:27
AfCfullermd: thank you for your time.09:28
fullermdPrescient   :)09:28
ubotuNew bug: #211209 in bzr "bzr 1.3 fails with a ValueError" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21120910:16
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VSpikeAnyone got any ideas how I can work around this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/18185511:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 181855 in bzr "cygwin bzr branch crashes with IOError: [Errno 0] Error" [Medium,Confirmed]11:56
VSpikethe annoying thing is, I'm sure this worked a couple of weeks back11:58
VSpikeI'm beginning to wish I hadn't chosen bzr to work with a visual studio project... there's no working VS integration yet afaik, cygwin bash + cygwin bzr has the above bug, cygwin bash + windows bzr has problems with sftp and doesn't work, and the windows command line is loathsome12:00
VSpikeyou could argue that the mistake was using visual studio/windows rather than bzr and I probably wouldnt put up much of a fight12:01
VSpikehmm the original reporter got no answers at all on the cygwin list12:14
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muszekhttp://pastebin.us/?show=m2d341b75 <-- bzr died when I tried bzr revert.  Please help, I need to revert.12:59
muszekBazaar (bzr) 1.1.0.candidate.1, Debian Sarge (package from backports.org)13:00
AfCmuszek: you might do well to just install Bazaar manually. 1.1.0rc1 is a bit old.13:01
AfCmuszek: (assuming no one has a Debian package of bzr 1.3)13:02
muszekAfC: the one from hardy probably wouldn't install, right?13:03
AfCmuszek: you won't know until you try.13:03
AfCmuszek: We don't use Ubuntu at our company, sorry.13:03
muszekAfC: what do you use? (just curious, feel free to ignore me)13:04
AfCmuszek: we run Gentoo on our systems13:06
AfCAnyway, good luck to you13:06
* AfC heads to bed.13:06
muszekAfC: thanks, good night13:06
ignashow do I find out whether remote branch format matches the local branch format?13:07
ignasmy commits are taking ages ...13:07
AfCignas: bzr info URL13:08
AfCbzr info .13:08
ignas:/ can't do that while commiting apparently13:09
ignasso i'll have to look at it in 5 minutes13:09
ignasand it's a 1 line change in .bzrignore :/13:09
AfCignas: for what it's worth, I'd encourage you to maintain a branch locally and work there and commit there. You can then push your changes to the remote repo separately. That should work much better for you.13:10
ignasAfC: release managing requires a lot of pushing13:10
AfC... and if you have to merge, well, {shrug} you merge.13:10
ignasso i actually need my changes to appear in the remote repository13:10
ignasas soon as I do them13:10
AfCignas: you've got a modern 3rd generation distributed revision control system at hand. You would do well to take advantage of it.13:11
ignaswhen developing - yes i can work on an isolated branch13:11
ignasbut i need to do the push after merging and it is taking way too much13:12
AfCI assume you've got bzr 1.3 on both sides and that you are pushing via bzr+ssh. If not, try upgrading and changing protocols.13:12
ignashmm Repository branch (format: unnamed)13:12
ignasand Checkout (format: dirstate-tags)13:13
ignaswhat should i do to fix that?13:13
ignasand no it's not 1.3, it's the version that is available as debs for ubuntu gutsy...13:13
ignas1.0 i think13:14
ignasthough maybe i should switch to bzr PPA instead of using the old deb package repository13:14
AfCignas: well that's your first problem, depending on Ubuntu to give you up to date software. The hackers here maintain a "PPA" (whatever that is) which gives you more modern packages.13:14
luksignas: don't use bzr+ssh url for `bzr info`13:15
AfCAs for what to do, after upgrading to Bazaar >= 1.3.0, run something like `bzr upgrade` (probably `--default` on a test branch and see if that helps.13:15
luksbzr+ssh hides the real format13:15
ignasand what about the remote repository?13:15
ignasluks: oh13:15
AfCluks: how strange13:15
ignasmakes sense13:16
AfCignas: upgrade it too13:16
ignasyou can use bzr+ssh with old versions of bzr13:16
AfCignas: (again, modulo testing and backups etc)13:16
ignasRepository branch (format: pack-0.92)13:17
luksthat's the problem then13:17
ignasif i want to upgrade a repository not just the branch13:17
luksupgrade your local repository13:17
ignasi should run bzr upgrade in the repository13:17
ignaswill it upgrade all the branches inside?13:18
luksnot sure about that13:18
ignashmm, bzr upgrade says it's the most recent format already13:19
lukswhat version of bzr?13:19
ignasso it seems i will have to fix apt sources :/13:19
ignasthis makes sysadmins so much more enthusiastic about bzr ;)13:20
lukswhat does bzr info say in the local repository?13:20
ignasthe remote repository13:20
ignasi have a local checkout13:20
ignasof a branch that is in a shared repository on a remote server13:20
luksno local repository?13:20
luksthen you need to upgrade the checkout13:21
ignasno, don't need it, i am working on a single checkout at the moment13:21
luksthe remote side is already using pack-092, which is the most recent format13:21
ignasi see13:21
ignasbzr upgrading local one13:21
ignasneat, would have never managed to find out which one13:22
ignaspack-092 or dirstate-tags is more recent13:22
ignasyou should call the next version gruntmaster-6000 ;)13:24
ignasyippie it's only 60 seconds not 5 minutes!13:27
luksstill too slow13:28
ignasi know, i have a weird sense of humor ;)13:28
luksI'd try to use sftp instead of bzr+ssh13:28
ignasit messes up permissions on the remote repository13:29
awilkinsDoes bzr+ssh use the smart server or something faster?13:29
bob2smart server13:29
AfCawilkins: more or less by definition, that is the smart server.13:29
luksthe problem is that the smart server isn't that smart13:29
bob2smarter than sftp, less smart than...a brick13:30
lukswith packs it usually does more requests then dump sftp13:30
bob2or dumb http13:30
AfCawilkins: (you can also get to it by running one full time, ie bzr:// )13:31
bob2(for the intiial checkout, at least)13:31
awilkinsOh yes, familiar with that, just wondered if bzr+ssh was the same thing13:31
AfCawilkins: for some operations it is slower, but for many operations (notably, most of the uploading and data comparison cases) it is faster.13:31
luksyes, it's the same procotol over a different transport layer13:31
ignasbzr website sounds a lot more optimistic about these kinds of issues ;)13:32
awilkinsWell, I'd be optimisitic if I was so much faster than CVS and SVN :-)13:33
ignasemm, difficult to do, especially when repository is 70 megs, and an svn checkout is a few hundered kilobytes and the connection is around 10 kb/s13:35
awilkinsignas: Well, ok, that's less wonderful.13:35
awilkinsignas: But things like grabbing a checkout of 13,000 files over a local network kick it's ass.13:36
ignasemm - what about the distributed part13:36
ignaslike - some team members in US, some in Lithuania, and the server is in UK ;)13:37
awilkinsThat also kicks ass.13:37
bob2except for the latency!13:37
ignasnot when you tell them to try out a checkout from bzr ;)13:37
bob2rsync ftw.13:37
awilkinsAlthough my interactions with Lithuania are limited to storing my coke-and-hookers funds13:37
ignasso you are suggesting making the initial checkout using rsync and only then using bzr?13:38
ignasas in - bring a checkout to sprint on a usb stick and make everyone copy it13:39
ignasinstead of 5 guys making a branch from the central repository13:39
awilkinsBecause of the "distributed" thing, that works just as well as all getting grabbing a branch from central server13:41
awilkinsBetter, if your sneakernet bandwidth is high but your network bandwidth is low13:41
bob2well, not suggesting, but rsync is really quite awesome for copying data, and afaik bzr is not faster than it, yet, for the intial checkout13:42
ignasjust that - you can give the svn url using irc, and have them all with a check out faster than 2 guys can copy something from 1 usb stick :/13:42
luksdepends on how many files you have there13:43
lukssvn can be pretty slow on large trees13:43
ignasyes, but bzr is slow on large histories13:44
ignasand apparently we have a huge history with a moderate tree ...13:44
ignasand it's not the network apparently13:45
ignassvn checkout reaches the speed of like 50 kb/s13:45
TFKyleschierbeck: hmm, looking at the new seahorse integration in bzr-gtk, wouldn't it be fine to rely on dbus's autostarting (ie. just using get_object, or calling the stuff to autostart it on org.freedesktop.DBus if that isn't compatible enough) instead of checking if it's currently running/the name is owned currently in dbus?13:45
ignasbzr up - does not use the network compared to that ...13:45
awilkinsA use case for history horizons13:45
TFKylemm, also get an exception with current bzr-gtk trunk when seahorse is running13:46
ignasan svn checkout is 2 minutes 20 seconds, bzr up with no changes is 30 seconds :/13:47
muszekI've just upgraded to 1.3 and bzr still dies (I was writing ~half an hour ago about bzr revert failing).  I've also tried commiting (to see if I can revert on another machine), but it also fails.  http://pastebin.us/?show=d12b0633a13:47
bob2muszek: what does 'bzr check' say?13:49
muszekbob2: one sec13:49
TFKyle(on bzr visualize, ah it's calling discover with an empty string)13:49
muszekbob2: http://pastebin.us/?show=d2387e94d13:50
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-lunch
TFKyle(hmm, just when bzr visualize'ing the bzr-gtk branch though)13:55
TFKylealso, looks like bzr sign-my-commits was designed to give people RSI :P13:56
bob2muszek: that sounds like disc corruption or bzr bug13:56
bob2TFKyle: does it work with gpg-agent?13:56
TFKyleprobably, don't have it running atm though13:56
bob2no whinging then :P13:56
muszekbob2: prior to that error, I ran two scripts on the whole dir... one that changes ownership and permissions, other converts "leading spaces to tabs"... I haven't ran them in a while - possibly since I've started using bzr couple of weeks ago... and I haven't excluded .bzr from being messed by that script :/13:57
TFKylealso hmm, sign-my-commits seems to be signing with my main email for the key rather than the email I used for the commits13:57
andihitwhen I use bzr, can I checkout only one sub-dir of my repo? when I have some dir in my repository, and on some other PC i want clone only one directory from my repo - is that possible?13:59
bob2not directly13:59
bob2and not like svn13:59
bob2but 'bzr split' is something related (you could split to a seprate branch)13:59
spivandihit: there was talk at a recent London sprint to add a feature for that14:00
spivandihit: there's a rough plan for implementing it, but it's still some time away from being ready14:00
andihithm, I'm currently reading the "BzrVsGit"-wiki, it says 'Directories are branches. In Git they are branch containers where you switch to different views.' <-- that means, every directory is a branch. and that means, I can't checkout one specific branch?14:01
luksperhaps there is a terminology confusion14:02
bob2you can checkout one specific branch, but in a repository, not all directories are branches14:02
luksin your previous question by 'repo' you meant an actual bzr repository, or a branch?14:02
TFKyleah, hmm14:02
spivandihit: in bzr, each branch has its own directory on disk.  That doesn't imply that each directory is a branch :)14:03
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
andihithm then rewrite the sentence ;)14:04
andihitk thx14:04
ignashmm, bzr up from a remote branch is 30 seconds, bzr up locally takes like 1 second, downloading a file get's me 50kb/s, ssh feels sluggish, can i assume that bzr is doing a lot of connections and a lot of round trips14:05
ignasthus is very sensitive to latency problems14:05
spivignas: there's work on the smart server protocol to reduce round tips14:06
spivround trips, rather14:06
spivignas: also, make sure your branch/repo are in pack format, not knit14:06
spivThe knit format tends to require many many round trips.14:06
ignasthey are in pack format now14:06
ignashave bzr upgraded everything on both sides14:06
TFKyleschierbeck: another thing, would it be sane to just check that the key belonging to the signature is the same as one of the ones in opengpg.MatchKeys(email_address)? (or possibly comparing the fingerprints)14:20
schierbeckTFKyle: i've sent in a patch already14:25
schierbecki call dbus.validate_bus_name('org.gnome.seahorse')14:27
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brokencyclei've just tried to convert a CVS repository, but now I'm stuck using the output. bzr info says "shared repository", but i'm unable to "get" or "branch" from it.17:28
gioelebrokencycle: a shared repo is an empty place where you can put branches17:30
gioelebranches are *inside* a shared repo17:30
gioele(empty from a logical POW, it contains a log of small bookkeeping files from a practical POW)17:31
brokencyclethank you! now i got the "right" contents, but the naming inside the shared repository is not-so-good... need to export/import into a different shared repo to fix it, right?17:32
gioelebrokencycle: I'm sorry but I know nothing of the current cvs-to-bzr tools :(17:33
brokencycleno problem, your hint got me a big step forward already. Thank you!17:34
poolfoolbrokencycle: which CVS to BZR tool are you using? I hope to move a CVS repo to BZR some time soon, so your input is pretty valuable to me right no.17:34
poolfoolbrokencycle: /s/no./now./17:35
gioelewhat is the difference between the trunk and the dev branches?17:35
brokencyclewell, i only found 'cvsps-import' (I only need to go one-way, so 'tailor' would be really overkill).17:35
gioele(of bzr I mean)17:35
brokencyclebtw, the need for 'cvsps' could/should find some mentioning in the plugin's description. I only learned about it when I first tried to do the import, and failed.17:37
brokencycleI'm on bzr 1.2, if that matters.17:38
poolfoolbrokencycle: I remember someone on IRC mentioning one tool (I think tailor) working better then the other. IE. one tool was no longer in development.17:38
LeoNerdCVS is an acronym. bzr isn't.17:38
poolfoolYea I should get better control of that shift key, I have a bad habit of adding caps in the wrong place.17:39
gioelebrokencycle: what matters most is not the bzr version but the repository format version current default format is ok, older (pre 0.92 formats) are difficult to use with external tools17:43
brokencyclethat should not be relevant since i'm converting from CVS - so the bzr part of it should get created as recent as the "underlying" bzr allows.17:44
gioeleI never used tailor, but it has a very large user base, with some heavy user. I would use such a big and tested tool instead of ad-hoc smaller programs17:44
gioelebrokencycle: yes indeed17:44
brokencycleI also never used tailor, but assumed that it has a huge list of dependencies that I don't want/need on the target machine... the 'ad-hoc progam' is, at least, created by one of the core bazaar developers, as far as I can see: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrPlugins (~ 2 thirds down the page).17:46
gioelewill running bzr.dev overwrite something on the repository where it is used?17:58
pmezardbrokencycle: do you need it to be incremental ?18:00
brokencyclepmezard: do you mean, if i want to repeat the conversion process to import more and more CVS commits?18:01
brokencycleIf so, the answer is no. :)18:01
pmezarddid you try cvs2svn ?18:02
brokencycleNo. Then I would also need SVN, right?18:02
brokencycleAnd then i could import from there?18:02
pmezardi think there was some work on a bzr backend18:02
pmezardby reusing git fast-import format18:02
brokencycleI'd like to avoid having to drag along too many other systems. In this case, I'm only versioning /etc, wanting to keep the history.18:04
rysiek|plhi guys18:04
rysiek|plthis is an emergency: is there a way of UN-reverting?18:04
rysiek|plI just might have lost a few hours worth of work -_-'18:04
LeoNerdLook for the FOO.~1~ files18:05
LeoNerdOr ~2~ or whatever number it gave them18:05
LeoNerdWhen you "revert", any changed files get backed up to ~somenumber~, whatever is the next free number18:05
* rysiek|pl stops hiperventilating and dives into the filesystem18:05
LeoNerdfind . -name '*.~1~'18:07
rysiek|plyeah, just done that ;)18:07
brokencycle@poolfool: thanks  - I didn't check the development status of the plugin... but even then, maybe I've already "fixed" it, by editing something in the guts of .bzr. Will keep an eye on it.18:09
rysiek|plwtf... there were some pending local commits... and seems like THOSE changes were lost18:10
rysiek|plshit. they ARE lost!18:11
poolfoolbrokencycle: Yea ... I did a little looking at taylor vs cvsps and I think I want cvsps to bring over all of my history including branches ... talor looks to just do the root (head?) branch as a patch set.18:11
rysiek|plwhy the heck does bzr backup the uncommited files, but CLEANS the locally-commited changes?18:11
rysiek|plor am I missing something again18:11
gioelerysiek|pl: what kind of working tree is that? checkout? branch?18:12
gioelebound or unbound?18:13
brokencycleI just found out that I probably don't want to use tailor because there's no port of it to OpenBSD. For cvsps, there is... simplifies things quite a bit (probably).18:13
rysiek|pl(i think)18:13
rysiek|plgioele: checkout of branch: sftp://mike@(...)18:13
rysiek|plI am reading the manpages but cannot find the info is there a way to get my locally commited changes back18:15
rysiek|plwhy on earth does revert destroy locally COMMITED(!) changes by *default*?..18:15
gioelebecause revert thinks that you want to revert to what is consider the base: the remote branch you're bound to18:18
rysiek|plok, but it keeps backups of the changed files. neat.18:18
rysiek|plbut WHY OH WHY doesn't it keep some kind of backups of locally commited changes?18:18
rysiek|plone would think that locally commited changes - simply because they *are commited* - should be considered more... hmm... permament?18:19
gioelethey are18:19
gioelebut revert is more "going back to revision X, pass over everything"18:19
jelmerrysiek|pl: revert does not destroy committed changes18:20
gioelestill it should backup everything it throws away, committed or not18:20
rysiek|pljelmer: those were locally-committed changes18:20
jelmeronly uncommitted changes18:20
jelmerrysiek|pl: what was the exact command you were running?18:20
rysiek|pljelmer: well, the situation here is: I had two revisions committed locally; I made some additional changes and was ready to commit to the master branch18:21
rysiek|pljelmer: bzr ci ...  -> woosh, some conflicts emerged18:21
rysiek|pljelmer: I hadn't had time to resolve those, so I thought I simply revert (to the last LOCALLY committed revision)18:21
rysiek|pljelmer: bzr rever18:21
jelmerrysiek|pl: that is the latest local revision at that point18:22
jelmerrysiek|pl: I think "bzr update" is not doing what you expect it to18:22
rysiek|pljelmer: woosh - my changes from the two locally-committed revisions are gone, and I only have backups of the latest, uncommitted changes18:22
jelmerrysiek|pl: it updates the local branch tip to the master branch tip and adds the extra local revisions as pending merges18:23
rysiek|pljelmer: yeah, I know that18:23
rysiek|pljelmer: so? I lost my locally-committed revisions because they became pending merges?18:23
rysiek|pljelmer: after an update, that is?18:23
jelmerrysiek|pl: yes, because revert throws away pending merges18:24
rysiek|plso they are completely gone, are they18:24
jelmerno, they're still hidden in the repository18:24
jelmerthe heads plugin may be able to retrieve them18:24
rysiek|plthis is the point where you can save a man's life18:24
rysiek|pl'kay, on it18:24
rysiek|planybody knows if the heads plugin is packages somewhere (bzrtools?) for ubuntu gusty18:25
jelmerit's not packaged18:25
gioelerysiek|pl: it is easy to install "mkdir ~/.bazaar/plugins; bzr co --lightweight where-is-heads ~/.bazaar/plugins/heads"18:26
poolfooljelmer: Um for the cheap seats here ... if I 1) checkout from somewhere sftp://fool@... (call it r1) , 2) make some changes and commit changes #bzr commit (call it r1.1) , 3) make some more changes but 4) accidentaly do a revert  #bzr revert my local copy will be back to r1 ... is that what happened to rysiek|pl ?18:27
rysiek|plpoolfool: 1. r1.1 is a local commit18:28
jelmerpoolfool: no18:28
rysiek|plpoolfool: plus there is a 3.5 step18:28
rysiek|plpoolfool: 3.5) bzr update18:28
jelmerpoolfool: this can only happen to you if you use "bzr commit --local"18:28
poolfooljelmar: while 'bound' to the remote repo?18:29
jelmerpoolfool: yes18:29
gioelemind if I file a bug about this?18:29
jelmergioele: about what exactly?18:29
poolfoolSo is it step 3.5 #bzr update , that was the problem command? Now the 'local commits' are pending in limbo, yet the 'heads' plugin may save the day?18:30
gioelejelmer: local commits thrown away without a backup when update/revert is used18:30
rysiek|pljelmer: about not asking the user "man, you ARE going to lose those pending merges: ..."18:30
jelmergioele: what would the bug be exactly? revert throws away pending merges? update adds local commits as pending merges?18:31
rysiek|pljust asking would suffice, as that would be the point were I would jump, hit n, Ctrl+C and/or the master power switch18:31
rysiek|plgioele, jelmer: maybe a feature request18:31
gioelejelmer: the problem is that revert is *deleting* stuff without telling the user about that and without saving what it is tossing away18:31
jelmergioele: revert throwing away pending merges makes a lot of sense in 90% of other situations18:32
rysiek|plgioele, jelmer: "during revert, if there are any pending merges, ask the user if he knows those pendng merges will be deleted"18:32
gioelejelmer: better safe than sorry18:32
jelmerrysiek|pl: For unbound branches throwing away pending merges without asking does make sense18:33
rysiek|pland there can always be a config option"do not ask about blah blah"18:33
gioelerevert has backups, what is wrong with extending them to pending merges?18:33
rysiek|pljelmer: I am not saying it doesn't18:33
jelmerrysiek|pl: It would be really annoying if "bzr revert" started asking about throwing away pending merges18:34
rysiek|pljelmer: I am only saying that it might save some people some loose hairs and stress18:34
jelmerrysiek|pl: I understand the problem but I think the problem is with update rather than revert18:34
rysiek|plwell then, update saying "local commits are now pending merges, watch with that revert, mind you"18:34
gioelejelmer: what is the problem with throwing away pending merges *and* doing backups?18:35
rysiek|plare there any docs for heads?18:35
jelmergioele: backups are already done18:35
rysiek|pljelmer: where ;)18:35
rysiek|plbzr heads shows nothing18:35
rysiek|plok, --all18:36
rysiek|pljelmer: I only have ONE out of TWO local commits18:37
rysiek|pland have no idea whatsoever how to get it re-merged18:37
jelmerrysiek|pl: bzr merge -rrevid:<revid>18:37
jelmerwhere <revid> should be printed by "bzr heads"18:37
jelmerrysiek|pl: heads only prints the latest commit18:37
rysiek|plok, thanks18:37
rysiek|pljelmer: so the pre-last is lost? or by reverting (meh...)  to the one I get the pre-last, too?18:38
jelmerrysiek|pl: by merging the latest you get the latest-1 as well18:38
fullermdNo, heads only shows the heads.  The prior one isn't a head, it's an ancestor of that one.18:38
rysiek|plah, right18:39
rysiek|plfingers crossed18:43
johnnyso what's the recommended bzr web frontend these days?18:45
rysiek|plbzr: ERROR: No location specified or remembered18:48
rysiek|plbzr merge ... ./ or bzr remerge ?18:48
jelmerrysiek|pl: try .18:48
gioelejohnny: http://www.lag.net/loggerhead/18:49
rysiek|plok, done.18:49
johnnythat is the recommended one? i see bzr-webserver being updated more recently18:49
johnnyi like the ui of loggerhead, but the fact that i can't figure out how to not making it run as it's own user is weird18:49
johnnyand not as root that is :)18:50
rysiek|pljelmer, gioele: thanks a lot! I could have been banging my head against the wall on this for the next 3hrs, and then probably having to re-write it from scratch18:51
jelmerrysiek|pl: ah, cool18:52
jelmerrysiek|pl: one thing that would perhaps help is if "bzr revert" could tell you the command to apply the pending merges again18:52
rysiek|pljelmer: in fact, anything that would *hint* on the fact that you might lose (well, almost ;) ) your local commits would suffice18:54
muszekI have my local repo binded to a repo on an external server.  is there some neat command to update a remote working tree when I commit?18:54
rysiek|pljelmer: problem is with the obscurity of the problem - "local commits" becoming "pending merges"18:54
jelmerrysiek|pl: update already does18:55
jelmerrysiek|pl: at the point your commits become pending merges they're no longer local commits18:55
jelmermuszek: try the push-on-update plugin18:55
rysiek|plok, so I am the fool. whatever, I am just happy to have my changes back18:55
muszekjelmer: ty18:55
jelmerrysiek|pl: right, that's why I mentioned this is actually a problem of update18:56
ubotuNew bug: #211412 in bzr "bzr should never throw away changes without making backups" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21141218:56
rysiek|plmethinks that's a wee bit too broad, will get rejected :/18:56
jelmergioele: what would you like bzr to do on revert then though? SHould it write a bundle filewith the pending merges in it?19:03
rysiek|plok, just need to make sure:19:03
rysiek|plI have those local commits in again, and some new changes19:03
gioelejelmer: that would be cool19:03
rysiek|plI want to commit all to master branch - bzr commit should do the trick, right?19:03
gioelejelmer: but a simple cp of all the changed file is enough19:03
jelmergioele: that's going to kill performance though19:03
jelmergioele: all changed files are already backed up19:03
gioelejelmer: --no-backups then19:04
johnnygioele, have you set up loggerhead?19:04
gioelejelmer: As a user I would never trade safety for performance19:05
gioelejohnny: no19:05
gioelejelmer: if you fear performance issues, then make a non default --slow-but-safe global option for bzr, I'll enable it19:06
jelmergioele: that's simply deferring the decision of what to do to the user19:06
jelmergioele: and will still get it wrong in a lot of cases19:06
jelmergioele: my point also was that it's update that's throwing things away19:07
jelmersince it's removing local commits19:07
rysiek|pljelmer: humm... bzr help commit yields this at the end19:07
rysiek|pljelmer: (As a general  rule, when in doubt, Bazaar has a policy of Doing the Safe Thing.)19:07
rysiek|pljelmer: The Safe thing here would be AT LEAST asking the user19:08
rysiek|pljelmer: it doesn't hurt much to hit 'y' from time to time, but it saves time (lives? ;) )19:08
jelmerrysiek|pl: that's true for update, not for revert19:08
rysiek|pljelmer: whatever! I don't really care if it's in revert or update19:08
jelmerrysiek|pl: also, bzr doesn't have interactive stuff on purpose19:09
rysiek|pljelmer: I do care, however, that it's *somewhere*, as if I would get such info from update OR revert I would stop19:09
gioelejelmer: I agree with rysiek|pl: I don't care. I want my data back ;)19:09
gioelehow many ppl are going to came here asking for what rysiek|pl asked?19:10
jelmergioele: that's why I suggested "bzr revert" should tell you the merge command to readd those pending merges19:10
rysiek|pljelmer: and that would be just ideal, IMHO19:10
gioelejelmer: but then, as you said, that would be interactive and not needed in 90% of the cases19:10
johnnyso... loggerhead anybody?19:10
gioeleI think that silently doing the backups is the safest way19:11
jelmergioele: no, it's simply an extra line of output from revert19:11
gioelejelmer: and it will not be read19:11
rysiek|plgioele: it will19:12
rysiek|plgioele: after I run the command, I read the output19:12
rysiek|plgioele: ESPECIALLY when I have lost something19:12
gioelerysiek|pl: no you don't19:12
gioeleyou read messages *after* you've lost something19:12
gioelethe line appears *before*19:12
rysiek|plgioele: thing is: it is *not* lost19:12
gioelewait, I got lost19:13
rysiek|plgioele: I just needed some third-party plugin to tell me the exact revid of the "lost" commits19:13
rysiek|plgioele: thing is:19:13
rysiek|plgioele: 1. bzr ci --local once or twice19:13
rysiek|plgioele: 2. /code code code/19:13
rysiek|plgioele: 3. bzr up /local commits become pending merges here/19:14
gioeleok, I got it19:14
rysiek|plgioele: 4. oops, a conflict - revert /pending merges are "lost", but the changes are kept.. well, somewhere ;) /19:14
gioelerysiek|pl: an hell from an help-line pow ;)19:15
rysiek|plgioele: now, if revert had just told me: those pending merges were "lost", you can re-merge them with bzr merge -revid:<blah>19:15
rysiek|plgioele: I wouldn't even come here :)19:15
rysiek|plso technically, the changes aren't lost, I just did not know how to get them back - and I needed a third-party plugin to get on this19:16
rysiek|plplus info on how to use it. that's exactly what printing "you can re-merge blah blah" would give me :)19:17
* rysiek|pl EOF19:17
gioeleas long as the change are store somewhere, and accessing them does not require an external plugin (the revid can be outputted by revert itself I think), that is a perfect solution19:18
* rysiek|pl had a deja-vu - something has changed in the Matrix, I guess19:19
ubotuNew bug: #211434 in bzr "revert should tell the user what pending merges were thrown away" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21143419:25
mathiazHi - I'd like to be able to create (and then send) an email containing the diff and the log message for a specific revision in a bzr branch. Is there a command/plugin that does this ?19:52
johnnythereis an email plugin on the site19:52
johnnyin the plugin section19:52
poolfooljohnny: Were you asking about loggerhead vs bzr-web?20:00
johnnyvs bzr-webserve20:00
johnnyist here just bzr-web?20:00
mathiazjohnny: thanks.20:01
poolfoolJohnny: Sorry 'web-serve' ... I use 'web-serve' for personal use, very low traffic, but a great tool to graphicly check some things.20:01
poolfooljohnny: I am pretty sure launchpad(sp) is using loggerhead.20:01
=== doko_ is now known as doko
johnnypoolfool, have you setup loggerhead yourself?20:14
poolfooljohnny: sorry no ... loggerhead is a little to complex for me. web-serve gives me the features I need.20:16
johnnyloggerhead runs fine for me.. i just want it to run under my webserver20:18
johnnyinstead of as it's own user :(20:18
johnnya web thing that doesn't do any file system writing. should be able to run like every other webapp i have20:18
poolfoolUm ... how do you start loggerhead?20:18
johnny ./start-loggerhead :)20:19
johnnybut that's not the way i want to run it20:19
johnnybut it does work20:19
poolfoolso ... start-loggerhead is a perl script?20:19
johnnywhy would it be perl? turbogears is in python20:19
poolfoolsorry python ....20:19
poolfoolMaybe you can tell what I am trying to debug in the background?20:19
mxpxpodI ran into this problem when checking out an svn repo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/20672820:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 206728 in bzr-svn ""'NoneType' object has no attribute 'splitlines'" crash in checkout" [Undecided,Fix committed]20:21
mxpxpodbut when I grab the 0.4 branch of bzr-svn, I can't use it with 1.320:21
mxpxpoddoes anyone know the relevant change to fix bzr-svn for 1.3?20:22
johnnyerr poolfool ?20:22
poolfooljohnny: I am working on some perl in the background ... work.20:22
poolfooljohnny: Ok, probably not a good answer, but http://docs.turbogears.org/1.0/mod_python20:23
poolfoolJohnny: Use Mod_perl with apache to run loggerhead ?20:23
johnnyi don't use apache20:24
johnnyfastcgi is prolly the method i'll go with20:24
johnnyi found docs for it20:24
johnnybut they don't make sense without understanding turbogears20:24
johnnymaybe the people in #turbogears will be more helpful this time20:25
poolfoolJohnny: So you are actually looking to better understand turbo gears so you can change the UID of the process running loggerhead?20:25
johnnybut it seems that channel is more for people developing turbogears apps, not helping people deploy random turbogears apps20:25
poolfoolJohnny : Check out this link http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/02/09/%23bzr.html ... I think you may want to watch for 'mwh'20:34
poolfooljohnny: Are you trying to run your loggerhead on a low port? Something under 256?20:40
schierbeckjelmer: ping20:50
jelmerschierbeck: pong20:50
schierbeckjelmer: okay, it looks like we have two options regarding seahorse20:51
schierbeck1) call DiscoverKeys() before trying to get any info -- unknown keys will then appear in the local database, but marked as missing20:51
schierbeck2) call ListKeys() to get a copy of the local key database and check it ourselves -- this could be bad for memory consumption, however20:52
schierbeckhmm, wait a minute -- i think i have a better solution20:53
schierbeckgive me 520:53
mxpxpodjelmer: perhaps you can help me with https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/20672820:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 206728 in bzr-svn ""'NoneType' object has no attribute 'splitlines'" crash in checkout" [Undecided,Fix committed]20:58
mxpxpodjelmer: where in the 0.4 branch was that fix committed?20:58
jelmermxpxpod: the best way to find it is to run "bzr annotate" on the news file and see when the line that announces that bug has been fixed was last changed20:59
mxpxpodjelmer: ah, thanks21:00
jelmermxpxpod: rev 1031 apparently21:00
jelmerschierbeck: looks like a "Find when bug X was fixed" item in viz cuold also be useful :-)21:00
=== kiko is now known as kiko-afk
schierbeckjelmer: yup. submit a bug for it?21:01
jelmerno gpg here :-( I'll try to remember to file one later today21:02
schierbeckjelmer: i think i've finally cracked the key availability issue21:03
gioelewow, bundle buggy is cool21:05
jelmerschierbeck: cool, how?21:06
schierbeckjelmer: i use MatchKeys()21:07
schierbeckfirst i was a bit afraid, because the docs said it could take a while to return, but that's apparently not true if i give a complete key id21:07
jelmerschierbeck: what is "pattern" exactly?21:10
schierbeckjelmer: not sure21:10
schierbecki'll ask21:10
jelmerthe fact it fetches remote keys also worries me a bit though if it doesn't yet, I guess we're fine for now21:11
schierbeckjelmer: it only searches the local database21:14
jelmerschierbeck: I would actually expect seahorse to handle optional fetching of the keys itself21:14
jelmerwhen you call GetKeyField()21:14
schierbeckyeah, but apparently it doesn't21:14
johnnypoolie,  i was trying not to run it on a port at all, just be picked up by the webserver21:15
mxpxpodjelmer: thanks, that worked21:18
schierbeckjelmer: okay, i've sent in a revised patch21:35
schierbeckthis one really simplifies things21:36
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
* Peng kicks the PPA.21:43
PengHas everything in the PPA ever been compatible?21:44
jelmerI think bzrtools is not compatible with the rest or something atm21:44
jelmerOdd_Bloke: ping21:44
Pengbzr-svn for Gutsy is only
Pengbzrtools WFM.21:45
jelmerPeng: oh, right. I stopped uploading bzr-svn to the other distros because of .orig.tar.gz checksums mismatching21:46
jelmerbzr builddeb generates tarballs with different timestamps for the files21:48
jelmerthat causes different checksums on the tarball21:49
jelmerand ppa refuses uploads of the same filename with different checksums21:49
jelmerthat means I can only upload once (to hardy), other uploads are refused21:49
jelmerschierbeck: what does pattern match on?21:53
jelmerschierbeck: only on key ids or on names as well?21:53
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ubotuNew bug: #211523 in bzr "lack of repository upload progress indication" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21152322:10
wardi_question for a windows user: is tortoisebzr ready for non-developers?22:15
jelmerwardi_: not really at this point22:16
wardi_bummer, I really don't want to tell her to use svn22:16
jelmerbeuno: ping22:17
schierbeckjelmer: key ids and emails22:17
schierbeckjelmer: i'm not sure of the efficiency, but at least we'll only call it once per key22:18
schierbeckjelmer: i guess we could devise a solution where we could match a whole batch of id's, if that's more efficient22:19
wardi_(again for a windows user):  Is Olive a usable alternative to tortoisebzr?  I think she's coming from wincvs or somesuch22:19
schierbeckbut that would require us to call it asynchronous, which raises other issues22:19
beunojelmer, pong22:32
mlhwardi_: someone on the mailing list recommended qbzr22:33
mlhas being the most mature/easy to use/complete (<-- one or more of those; I forget which)22:33
jelmerbeuno: any news on the nautilus disable patch?22:33
beunojelmer, I'm a bit stuck on where to implement the global disable22:34
jelmerbeuno: Would it be ok with you if I made those two small additions and sent it in?22:34
beunojelmer, sure, go ahead, although I've got the per-branch bit thing down, just haven't figured out where to move the global disable in the UI22:34
jelmerbeuno: ah, ok22:35
jelmerbeuno: I wasn't sure where to put that either yet22:35
jelmerbeuno: There's no way to add items to the Nautilus Preferences dialog as far as I can see22:36
beunojelmer, that's my problem  :)22:36
beunowe can not have it for now if you want, and I'll send the patch in a while22:36
jelmerbeuno: Yeah, that would be nice; at least it's an improvement over the current situation.22:37
beunojelmer, sure, I'll send the patch in a few hours if that's ok. On the other hand, if you're in a hurry, go ahead and do it yourself22:37
jelmerbeuno: I'm not in that much of a hurry :-)22:37
jelmerthanks for looking into this stuff22:38
jelmerschierbeck, phanatic: I'd like to do a release this weekend22:38
beunojelmer, my pleasure!  I'm happy to be helping out22:38
jelmerwould that be ok with you, or do you think there's other pending stuff that needs to be fixed?22:38
schierbeckjelmer: i'd like to land my bug page fixes, and do a cleanup of the revision view22:39
schierbeckbut if there's not time for it, that's okay22:39
jelmerschierbeck: I think it's possible to get your bug page fixes in before then22:39
jelmerschierbeck: what exactly would you like to fix in the revisionview?22:39
schierbeckjelmer: i'd like to pull each page into its own FooPage class and use proper signalling to update them22:40
schierbeckand i'd like to use symbolic names for the pages, like GENERAL_PAGE, SIGNATURE_PAGE etc.22:41
phanaticjelmer: i'm fine with a release. do you want to do it?22:41
rysiek|plgtg, cu all22:42
rysiek|pljelmer: thanks for your help22:42
jelmerschierbeck: symbolic names where exactly?22:42
jelmerphanatic: Sure, it's been a while but I'll happily let somebody else do it if they're interested :-)22:42
schierbeckjelmer: just use constants that map a symbolic page name to an integer denoting that page's position in the notebook22:43
schierbeckjelmer, phanatic: i think we should also have gannotate use the general page only, instead of the entire notebook22:43
schierbeckjelmer, phanatic: by the way, i just sent in a crash-fix22:47
phanatici'll try to catch up with all patches tomorrow (at least i hope so). i was just following the mailing list, but haven't tried the new features yet...22:48
beunovila, ping22:52
beunobzr: ERROR: No such file: '/home/beuno/public_html/test_upload/.bzr-upload.revid': [Errno 2] No such file22:52
beunois that an expected failure?22:53
jelmerschierbeck: hmm, seahorse slows viz down really really badly here22:53
jelmerschierbeck: it takes >2 seconds to select a revision if the signature is from a missing key22:54
jelmerschierbeck: trusted keys seem to work better22:54
schierbeckjelmer: i'll have a look22:56
schierbeckjelmer: it's pretty fast here22:57
beunovila, got it, needed to use --full for the first time.  You rock!  I'm going to polish a few bits of it now, and start using it internally  :)   We might be almost ready to release a beta22:58
schierbeckjelmer: that must be MatchKeys() then22:58
jelmerschierbeck: How many keys do you have in your local seahorse database?22:59
schierbeckbut it should only happen once for a key22:59
schierbeckonly 66... guess that's why22:59
jelmerI've got >200022:59
schierbeckjelmer: still, it will only happen once for a key. after the release we should work towards an asynchronous solution23:00
lifelessspiv: ping23:18
jelmerschierbeck: it really makes viz unusable for me23:22
schierbeckjelmer: should i add a "Disable signature checking" option in the menubar?23:23
jelmerschierbeck: I'd rather avoid that sort of workaround but get the code right in the first place23:23
jelmerschierbeck: would it be possible to only determine the signature when the signature tab is viewed, for example?23:23
schierbeckyeah, it would23:24
schierbecki did that for the changes page23:24
schierbecklet me have a look23:24
jelmerthat would help things a lot23:25
jelmerschierbeck: also, do we validate the testament yet?23:25
schierbeckjelmer: nope, we need to do that23:25
schierbecki'm not sure what will be sufficient23:25
beunojelmer, finishing something with the upload plugin, and I'll review my changes and send 'em over23:26
schierbeckjelmer: i'll add the symbolic page names -- comparing with integers is really ugly23:26
jelmerbeuno: cool, thanks23:27
schierbeckjelmer: i'm having some smtp trouble23:33
schierbeckthink evolution just f00ked up23:34
schierbeckjelmer: okay, it's sent23:35
schierbeckalong with a crash fix23:35
lifelessyay all tests pass23:42
Kinnisons'always good23:45
* Kinnison pats lifeless on the head23:45
Kinnisonlifeless: Do you have any recommendations for C based test suite managers? I've been using 'check' but it's a bit clunky23:46
lifelesscheck with my subunit patch is kinda nice23:46
lifelessthe gnome one doesn't seem any better or worse to me as a programmer, but its less mature and has less features23:47
schierbeckKinnison: i've heard good things about the new gtester, but that's part of glib23:48
schierbeckat least as far as i know23:48
lifelessschierbeck: isn't that the gnome one I was referring to ?23:48
Kinnisonlifeless: subunit patch?23:48
schierbecklifeless: probably, not sure if they have an older framework23:48
Kinnisonschierbeck: I've only had issues with that and vala (well, libgee really)23:49
pooliehello Kinnison23:55
lifelessKinnison: there is a patch for check in subunit23:55
poolielifeless, spiv: call scheduled for 5m23:55
poolieas there is only spiv and me i propose to call you directoly23:56
poolieunless robert wants to come23:56
spivpoolie: sounds good to me23:57
lifelessI want to talk with spiv23:59

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