jbrefortany chance to have abiword-2.6.0 in Hardy?10:33
ogra_cmpcjbrefort, i think there was a bug asking for an update10:34
ogra_cmpclook at launchpad10:35
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cliebowany one know a fix if system hangs at "starting system message bus?15:14
Neo5967!seen Gabona20:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen gabona - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:56
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justme_can anyone point me in the direction of some LTSP/edubuntu documentation on setting up an edubuntu server from scratch using 8.04?22:36
justme_bah, so I just burned a bunch of time by downloading & installing 8.04 server, and then trying to setup ltsp by installing the ltsp-server-standalone? :P22:40
justme_have to go download alternate now.. :/22:40
justme_I had also tryed F4 on the boot menu, but it only had "NORMAL" with the server instal22:40
justme_install* cd22:41
ogra_cmpcwell, server was a bad idea indeed, you need a desktop installed to use ltsp22:41
justme_even the server side ?22:41
justme_or rather, you mean including the server side of the equation?22:41
ogra_cmpconly the server side :)22:41
ogra_cmpcyour think clients only run a minimal OS, everything thats needed to make the HW work plus X and a login manager ...22:42
ogra_cmpcthe display manager logs you in to a desktop session on the server22:42
justme_let me ask this: would be be better (is there an easy way..), that since I don't actually need edubuntu per say, I just need an LTSP server for application development, that going the 8.04-server version and adding the ltsp bits to it?22:43
justme_would *it be better22:43
ogra_cmpcdo you need a desktop or only shells ?22:43
justme_I was trying to use the edubuntu setup since it sounded like a quick and easy way to get an LTSP setup and running out of the box (from the 7.10 CD's anyway)22:44
justme_gui's.. for such things as quanta22:44
ogra_cmpcright, that exact implemetation was moved to the alternate CD22:44
ogra_cmpcso you are not forced to use edubuntu22:44
justme_well, I don't mind using edubuntu.. its really just ltsp aimed @ education and includes some default applications, is it not?22:45
justme_some default educational applications22:45
ogra_cmpcwell, with hardy its an educational addon cd22:46
ogra_cmpcthe ltsp technology moved to ubuntu22:46
ogra_cmpcwhere it makes more sense22:46
justme_so they are moving LTSP to ubuntu for some reasons which include the benefit of having a "ubuntu ltsp" server for other projects available, instead of defaulting to an "ubuntu educational ltsp" from the get go22:46
justme_makes sense.. just sucks in terms of lack of (easily found?) documentation on the subject so far22:47
ogra_cmpcnot all educational institutions want to use a desktop thats rather set up for 8-16yo22:47
justme_I wasted a bit of time earlier googling and found nothing, and finally decided to get onto IRC.. but not all people will get onto IRC, and I was trying to avoid it because generally I can find what I need on the web22:48
justme_thats also a good point... re: the setup for 8-16's22:48
ogra_cmpcubuntu in education is more than that, universities want to use a standard ubuntu themed desktop for example ...22:48
bart1105good day!22:49
LaserJockjustme_: well, we haven't even release 8.04 so the lack of documentaton isn't surprising22:49
lnsDoes anyone know when/if OOo 2.4 will be released/backported for Gutsy?22:51
justme_considering it is 3 weeks from release, I think having documentation ready for early adopters is an added benefit, it also precludes the fact that more people can beta test22:51
justme_precludes = wrong word, but you get what I mean22:52
justme_no idea lns... one could always build from 8.04 sources?22:52
LaserJockjustme_: well sure, but most of our testers already know how to install 8.0422:52
LaserJockwe'll have documentation as soon as we can22:53
justme_"most of our testers" ... hehe22:53
lnsjustme_, I'm sure.. was just curious, I didn't want to jump to Hardy right off the bat.. i had really bad experiences doing that from Dapper -> Feisty22:53
justme_how does one expect new testers to come on board? :p22:53
justme_lns: I have high hopes for hardy, being an LTS release.. the same as dapper22:54
LaserJockjustme_: not exactly sure, show up here, email edubuntu-devel, stuff like that22:54
LaserJocklns: Dapper->Feisty is not a supported upgrade22:54
lnsjustme_, i agree - but having 6 sites with ~200 users/ea, it would be baaad to try and jump right on the bandwagon without testing first ;)22:54
lnsLaserJock, i know =) but there were things in feisty i really wanted22:55
lnsand i was naive22:55
LaserJockDapper -> Hardy will hopefully be smooth sailing ;-)22:55
ogra_cmpcjustme_, ltsp in hardy has still a good bunch of bugs i plan to clean out on the weekend22:55
justme_lns: I wasn't implying you do jump without testing ;) there's no such thing as a bad plan to pre-test something22:55
justme_LaserJock: I think it is asking alot to go from a 2yr old platform to a bleeding edge platform without problems... (with an O/S)22:56
lnssooo..nobody knows about OOo 2.4 huh? =p22:56
lnsi'll jump on #ubuntu22:56
justme_you just can't expect everything to work when many things are version dependent like custom coding that will break when you upgrade your mysql versions or apache versions, etc22:56
LaserJocklns: what is your question exactly?22:56
justme_he was wondering if OOO 2.4 will be backported to gutsy22:57
LaserJockjustme_: yes, but that's why we do upgrade testing22:57
lnsLaserJock, OOo 2.4 has the pixmap fix for LTSP - i wanted to know if it was in the todo list for gutsy to have it backported into the repos or for us to "just upgrade to hardy"..22:57
LaserJockwell, but is he looking for a PPA or -backports or?22:57
justme_but no amount of upgrade testing can account for version differences of a program itself22:57
LaserJockI kinda doubt it'll be in official repos, it's a real beast22:57
lnsoh ok22:58
lnsthanks =)22:58
LaserJockjustme_: of course not, I was just saying that Dapper -> Hardy upgrades are official supported22:58
lnsI don't plan on upgrading from Hardy at all until the next LTS =)22:58
LaserJockwhere as Dapper -> (anything but Edgy) is not22:58
lnsof course the new 'candy' always tempts me22:58
johnnysoo OOo 2.4 with pixmap fix is in hardy?23:10
johnnyogra_cmpc, any specific bugs i should know about?23:10
johnnyones that aren't a regression from gutsy23:11
lnsjohnny, check out http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=8532123:26
ubotuOpenOffice.org bug 85321 in gsl "OOo caches large pixmaps to X server, crashing the X server." [Defect,Closed: fixed]23:26
lnsthaks ubotu =p23:26
johnnyi'm asking if it's in hardy23:26
lns2.4 is in hardy, yes afaik23:26
johnnythe fixed version :)23:26
lnshopefully.. =) Haven't verified it myself but that's what the devs say23:27
lnsnow onto more important bugs..like why frozen-bubble crashes on thin clients =p23:27

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