lucasvoakk: if you're willing to supply more info, why not? I'm sure you wouldn't get away with only trying out one version/install-mode00:00
akklucasvo: What other install modes would be needed? I can only use the alternate installer, the live CDs never work on this machine.00:01
lucasvoakk: oh00:01
co0lingFir4if i want to update my system i get the "partial update" notification. but that doesnt work. does anyone know why?00:01
lucasvoakk: cltr+alt+f8 still works?00:01
lucasvoakk: you could try to recover the logs00:01
lucasvoalex_mayorga: do you know why this bug has low priority and is only affecting gdm?00:02
akklucasvo: Um, what does ctl-alt-f8 do? I tried ctl-alt-f2 to get to another terminal, but it was too hung for that or for ctl-alt-del00:02
akklucasvo: It was configuring kernel modules when it went into its loop00:02
alex_mayorgalucasvo: honestly I don't know00:03
lucasvoakk: it's another terminal with syslog00:03
linkinxphey guys00:03
alex_mayorgaI guess my broken video is more critical :)00:03
akklucasvo: okay, probably wouldn't have worked (spin loops like this never give me any keyboard control)00:03
lucasvoh3sp4wn: is 150dpi sane?00:03
icanhasadminalex_mayorga: what's wrong with your video?00:03
lucasvoI used an online PPI Calculator for this number00:03
lucasvobut firefox still displays fonts way to big (I did not restart X, only firefox)00:03
linkinxpi uninstall something and now when im trying to run the updater it says that Not all updates can be installed select Partial Updating00:04
alex_mayorgaicanhasadmin, I only see a rainbow of colors flashing :(00:05
h3sp4wnlucasvo: You need to set it seperately for each output00:06
h3sp4wnlucasvo: The thing is xorg is updated to the new system but gnome etc is still not right yet00:06
icanhasadminalex_mayorga: what type of video card?00:06
alex_mayorgaicanhasdmin I'm doing a dist-upgrade right now in the command line and see if it fixes me up bug 14670600:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146706 in xserver-xorg-video-nv "[Hardy alpha 6] Live cd graphics fail with nvidia geforce4 440 go " [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14670600:06
akkI wish there were a way to get just a tarball of a base ubuntu install00:07
akkit would avoid so many installer problems00:07
tclinekscould someon look at my apt.log, i'm trying to upgrade to hardy but cant' make much sense about this error, apparently with openoffice http://dpaste.com/42855/00:07
lucasvoh3sp4wn: it only has one virtual display: http://dpaste.com/42856/00:07
h3sp4wnakk: You can install from grml00:07
JohnPhysakk: you can always use the alternate install00:07
akkJohnPhys: This is the alternate install -- it hangs.00:07
akkh3sp4wn: What's grml?00:08
JohnPhysakk:  well then......my suggestion doesn't help at all now does it? :)00:08
lucasvoh3sp4wn: I plugged out my second monitor00:08
ArandWhat was the deal about Human-Murrine? Why was it stripped?00:08
Killeroidtclineks: i get the same error, i  asked a few hours ago and  no could help me00:08
h3sp4wnakk: Its a live cd00:08
lucasvoh3sp4wn: I think this fixed it00:08
JohnPhysArand:  I haven't heard yet.00:08
h3sp4wnakk: They have a wrapper around debootstrap that can install Debian or Ubuntu00:08
h3sp4wnlucasvo: That output implies 2 screens - one at 1024x768 and one at 1280x80000:09
akkh3sp4wn: What I really need is a way to install without using a CD at all -- just something I can dd/tar onto the partition00:09
tclineksKilleroid: can you ping me if you solve it, i'll do the same00:09
lucasvoh3sp4wn: but it says screen0 but it does not mention screen100:09
akkh3sp4wn: Installers and live CDs always try to get creative and end up not working on lots of machines00:09
alex_mayorgaakk, do you have win there? in that case wubi should do00:09
coz_safe to update?00:10
h3sp4wnakk: http://www.grml.org/00:10
Killeroidtclineks: ok, will do so00:10
akkalex_mayorga: No windows. I have feisty, gutsy and sarge in other partitions on the machine, though.00:10
ArandI've heard there was some problems with that theme, but _what_ problems? I'd like to know... I quite liked it.00:10
h3sp4wnakk: Or you can just use debootstrap00:10
* akk googles for debootstrap00:11
spiderfirehow come there is a nvidia-glx, nvidia-glx-new, nvidia-glx-legacy?00:11
h3sp4wnspiderfire: Hardware support00:12
alex_mayorgaicanhasadmin, any troubleshoot procedure for when my dist-upgrade finish?00:12
icanhasadminalex_mayorga: i'd need to see your xorg.conf00:12
spiderfirei thought glx-new would include nvidia-glx00:12
h3sp4wnakk: get the deb for the hardy debootstrap and install it with dpkg -i onto one of the other distros00:12
JohnPhysI believe nvidia-glx contains a *slightly* older driver to support Geforce 4 cards, legacy is for cards before that, and glx-new does not have support for GF4's00:13
HorizonXPcalc ?00:13
spiderfireJohnPhys: thanks :)00:13
corinthWhy was glipper taken out of the default repos in hardy?00:13
tclineksany hints on Reinst Failed because of openoffice.org-l10n-en-gb00:13
akkh3sp4wn: And then I could use debootstrap somehow to install hardy to a specific partition? That would be perfect00:13
calcHorizonXP: huh?00:13
JohnPhysspiderfire:  that may be wrong though, just open up synaptic and check the descriptions of each of the packages00:13
tclinekscausing my hardy upgrade to fail00:13
h3sp4wnakk: Something like - debootstrap hardy /mnt gb.archive.ubuntu.com00:13
phreckAny Bison Cam support yet?00:14
calctclineks: yea wait00:14
akkh3sp4wn: Thank you! That may be exactly what I've been wishing for00:14
tclinekscalc: in the works?00:14
calctclineks: or ask HorizonXP how he fixed it ;)00:14
calctclineks: yea next day or so it will be fixed00:14
tclineksHorizonXP: ^00:14
spiderfireJohnPhys: yes00:14
tclineksHorizonXP: is it simple?00:14
HorizonXPcalc: I'm trying to install additional dictionaries using OpenOffice's stupid little wizard thing. I can't use it, the window's not big enough to see everything, and you can't resize it00:14
HorizonXPtclineks: what repo are you using? main?00:14
calcHorizonXP: turn off compiz00:14
tclineksHorizonXP: i think00:14
h3sp4wnakk: You have to deal with installing a kernel and grub and etc etc - the grml wrapper does that for you (slightly easier but nevermind)00:14
* calc needs to get back to work or it won't get fixed ;)00:14
spiderfireis the new kernel image suppsoed to not load the nividia module. im having problems therre00:15
h3sp4wnThere is no restricted modules yet afaik00:15
HorizonXPcalc: he has to remove those language-support packages, and then update right?00:15
calcHorizonXP: the language-support packs the language specific parts of OOo and then update, yea00:15
linkinxphey guys how i play with the Boot List at the begining when i start the PC00:15
h3sp4wnpress escape00:15
akkh3sp4wn: That's fine -- I already have a kernel that works (.23.17) and grub, so really all I want is a way of getting a / partition set up with hardy beta00:15
calcHorizonXP: assuming his mirror isn't out of date like yours was ;)00:15
linkinxpcause i ran a apt-get distro-update and now i have to vs of Ubuntu in the boot list00:16
tclineksHorizonXP: hey actually i already started doing that and it works now00:16
HorizonXPyeah, so tclineks, in synaptic, do a search for openoffice.org, remove all packages with language support, and then openoffice.org-l10n-*, and then update00:16
HorizonXPok cool00:16
HorizonXPcalc's working on fixing it00:16
tclineksi removed openoffice.org-l10n-en-gb which removed the other package as well00:17
tclineksKilleroid: ^00:17
Killeroidtclineks: yeah but language-support-en contains the english language files for a lot of other apps00:18
alex_mayorgais FF3 beta 5 now in hardy?00:18
akkh3sp4wn: Just to be sure: I can't aptitude install debootstrap on gutsy, but have to install the .deb for hardy's version onto my gutsy system?00:18
HorizonXPKilleroid: reinstall them afterwards00:18
HorizonXPit's a temporary fix00:18
shadowhywindhay all upgraded to hardy over the weekend and now myy scanner doesn't work any ideas?00:18
h3sp4wnakk: dpkg -L debootstrap00:18
h3sp4wn(after its installed for gutsy)00:19
spiderfirealex_mayorga: not yet00:19
KilleroidHorizonXP: kk, thanks00:19
h3sp4wnakk: The package has to contain - /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/hardy (or you can hack one yourself) Its only written in shell anyway00:20
HorizonXPhopefully it goes better for you than me!00:20
akkh3sp4wn: Ah, I see! Right, it doesn't have a hardy script yet.00:21
calci found out backlogged rosetta export is so i am just going to upload it without rosetta translations00:21
calcapparently its backlogged days currently00:21
calcbut they are working on fixing the problem00:21
h3sp4wnakk: The one in hardy does - you can either install that or extract /usr/share/debootstrap/scripts/hardy from it and add00:21
corinthHow do I upgrade Firefox beta 4 to beta 5 in Hardy?00:21
calcso it should be installable within ~ 10hr or so after i do the upload00:22
jaffarkelshaci would like to mount a hardrive over my netowrk, is that possible. currenly i have multifply shared folders.00:22
UnNaturalHighjaffarkelshac, sshfs00:22
jaffarkelshacUnNaturalHigh, does not help me much, what sshfs00:22
akkh3sp4wn: Got it. Thanks, this is awesome00:23
GeekthrasHi there00:23
UnNaturalHighjaffarkelshac, google is your friend00:23
tgelterjaffarkelshac: nfs is a good option, samba too00:23
GeekthrasI just installed 8.04 last night, but now all I get is a black screen with the cursor after login00:23
calcjaffarkelshac: if you want it just in gnome then just open a file browser window then type (ctrl-l) ssh://username@hostname/00:23
HorizonXPso someone's putting updates to the kernel in the hardy repos; except it looks like they're not going to work00:23
jaffarkelshactgelter, i used samba to share the files, but when i try to share the deveice folder in /media i get an error00:23
SliMMwhen will hardy be released?00:24
calcSliMM: in about 3 weeks00:24
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases00:24
jaffarkelshac21 days SliMM00:24
HorizonXP!hardy > SliMM00:24
JohnPhysSliMM:  www.ubuntu.com answers that question00:24
SliMMthat's exactly 3 weeks and that's what i thought, but i read yesterday or so that it will be delayed for 3 months00:24
HorizonXPApril Fools00:25
h3sp4wnjaffarkelshac: sshfs can have issues with file corruption (or did for me)00:25
SliMMoh, you got me with that one :))00:25
Geekthrasanyone have any idea how to fix this?00:25
HorizonXPApril Fools00:25
wraththeir changing everyones background one was worse >.>00:25
HorizonXPthe practical joke that keeps giving and giving00:25
icanhasadminyep very true that00:25
UnNaturalHighh3sp4wn, never seen that happen00:25
=== wrath is now known as Wrath
h3sp4wnjaffarkelshac: nfs or samba are more permanent solutions00:25
UnNaturalHighsamba is garbage unless you need to share with windows boxes00:26
WrathI did the updates yesterday and ended up with a unicorn background :s00:26
jaffarkelshach3sp4wn, i am googling right now00:26
h3sp4wnUnNaturalHigh: files over 4GB check the md5's00:26
calcif you use nfs use nfs v400:26
PrefixWrath, that was only for kubuntu right?00:26
calcnot v300:26
* HorizonXP slaps calc00:26
Wrathyea i think so00:26
* calc notes v4 is probably default by now00:26
HorizonXPget back to work!00:26
calcoh yea, back to work00:26
jaffarkelshaci read today, you can login in to ubuntu via sh or telnet, does anyone know  this00:27
Killeroidjaffarkelshac: but ofcourse00:27
Killeroidyes, i am pretty sure everyone here knows you can do that00:27
JohnPhys*wonders how many people are uploading the beta torrent*00:27
SliMMi can hardly wait for hardy00:27
icanhasadminSliMM: hardy is amazing, really it's like nothing i've ever seen before00:28
jaffarkelshacKilleroid, you seem to know what i am talking about, just read about it. do you know how this is done.00:28
SliMMi hope it'll work better than gutsy00:28
SliMMi can't even turn off my computer normally in gutsy00:28
Wrathhopefully they get the bugs fixed in the next 3 weeks00:28
h3sp4wnUnNaturalHigh: sshfs is a hack more so than samba even00:28
Killeroidjaffarkelshac: yes, i do know what you are talking about. and its not a big deal or a new procedure just discovered as you are making it to be00:28
dwidmannh3sp4wn: a very convenient hack.00:29
SliMMwhere can i look over a feature list?00:29
calcjaffarkelshac: to log in via telnet you must install the telnetd00:29
Killeroidahh, going to tak too long to odwnload all upgrade packages, going to do the upgrade via cd00:29
calcjaffarkelshac: its not considered secure you are probably better off installing openssh-server instead00:29
RAOFjaffarkelshac: But you really, really don't want to do that, because it's a hideous security risk.00:29
h3sp4wndwidmann: Until it corrupts files - luckily I checked then rsync fixed it00:29
Pedantic-SteveSliMM: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/beta00:29
jaffarkelshacits probably not a big deal but i am discovery new things since i switched and want to know for knowledge sake nothing more00:30
RAOFjaffarkelshac: You actually want what calc said - openssh-server.00:30
calcjaffarkelshac: telnet isn't encrypted which is why its not considered good00:30
Wrathssh has more features anyway00:30
RAOFusername/password in plain text over the internet is not cool.00:30
phreckits not?00:31
PrefixWith ssh client on windows, and i connect to my Ubuntu box, and start a gnome session, it wont work would it?00:31
* phreck blinks00:31
jaffarkelshaci am leaning a few things with this switch00:31
h3sp4wnYou can use opie with telnet00:31
phreckthey have programs that let you do that00:31
ExilantPrefix: no clue if x-forwarding to windows works00:32
Exilantbut i assume it doesn't00:32
KilleroidExilant: it does work00:32
Exilantoh, interesting00:32
KilleroidExilant: putty supports x-forwarding00:32
PrefixKilleroid, does it? wow that is awesome.00:32
Prefixgoing to install putty on my college pc then00:32
h3sp4wnYou need an xserver still though00:33
Prefixand log into my home box00:33
Prefixdoes putty not come with one for windows?00:33
h3sp4wnPrefix: You would probably get better performance with - NX00:33
Killeroidh3sp4wn: http://www.math.umn.edu/systems_guide/putty_xwin32.html00:33
=== Paddy_EIRE is now known as WireShark
ubotuFreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX00:33
KilleroidPrefix: http://www.math.umn.edu/systems_guide/putty_xwin32.html00:33
calcPrefix: x forwarding works if you have an x server on windows00:33
h3sp4wnKilleroid: xwin32 is another app00:33
h3sp4wnPrefix: www.nomachine.com00:34
h3sp4wnPrefix: Free for personal use - commercial version00:34
calcnote that x forwarding is SLOW in any case so xvnc or NX would be a better idea anyway00:34
RAOFAlthough X forwarding is dog slow if you've got a less than infinite bandwidth connection.00:34
phrecknx works well00:34
PrefixI can still use VNC from a xp to Ubuntu machine right?00:34
RAOFAnd, for those playing at home, you tcan00:35
RAOFcan tunnel that through SSH.00:35
Prefixwhats the disadvantage of VNC over one of these other programs?00:35
Killeroidahh, i just nearly had a heart attack, update manager was telling me it would take 35 days, 7 hours and 38 minutes to download all packages for the upgrae to hardy00:35
phreckease of use00:35
calcin process of uploading openoffice.org-l10n_2.4.0-3ubuntu1_source.changes00:35
Paddy_EIRERAOF: it keeps asking me for a mystery password that I am yet to fiqure out :S00:35
icanhasadminKilleroid: that's actually possible depending on your connection. it might take an hour or two tho :P00:35
JohnPhysKilleroid:  That might be accurate when the servers get hammered on release day :P00:36
Prefixlol killeroid, at some times during the update my dl rate was 100 B/s00:36
RAOFPaddy_EIRE: There are often 2 - one for your SSH connection (unless you're using a shared-key), one for the actual VNC connection (which you set up when you start the server).00:36
Paddy_EIREI always get a lightning connection to the repos :)00:36
levmattatoday ubuntu is almost fixed, YEAH!!!00:36
Killeroidwhew!!!! my connection just picked up and odwnloading packages at 250kb/s00:37
Killeroidone hour00:37
shadowhywindanyone else having problems with there scanner in hardy?00:37
PrefixPaddy_EIRE, your from Ireland right? Do you use the main servers or the irish ones?00:37
Antireligionwhere are the totem plugins for firefox 3 in 8.04 located?00:37
JohnPhysThey should probably publicize the torrent a bit more on the official site, so that people downloading an iso can actually get a cd image quickly00:37
icanhasadminKilleroid: it takes MUCH longer to install then it does download. i've seen upwards of 3 hours.00:37
Paddy_EIREPrefix: oh always the irish servers00:37
Prefixhmm might switch back to the irish ones then00:37
PrefixI live in teh black north :<00:37
Paddy_EIREyeah I'm living in the north too :)00:38
icanhasadminBy the way, i'm not sure if anyone has tried it, Hardy both installs, boots, and runs, flawlessly off an 8gb sandisk flash drive.00:38
Killeroidicanhasadmin: yeah, i remeber from upgrading from dapper to fiesty, i took me less than an hour to download the packages and four hours to upgrade00:38
tiredcan someone help me with an 8.04 update error??00:38
calctired: only if its not the OOo one ;-)00:38
Killeroidtired: what error do you get?00:38
Paddy_EIRE!anyone | tired00:38
ubotutired: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:38
calcthe answer to how to fix OOo is... wait about 10 hours00:39
tiredsyas not all updates can be installed00:39
calcopenoffice.org-l10n_2.4.0-3ubuntu1.diff.gz                                                                                  14%   14MB  51.7KB/s   25:42 ETA00:39
tireddo partial upgrade00:39
tiredthen fails00:39
derspanksterjoin the crowd00:39
calctired: its probably failing to install OOo and maybe bzrtools00:39
calcbzrtools seems broken on my box00:39
JohnPhystired:  yeah, just wait on that, they will probably upload the rest of those packages later.00:39
PrefixI got that error and disabled all the repos, updated, re enabled, updated and it fixed it for me00:39
tiredwasn't sure if it was something to do w/ me trying to get dvd's to play00:40
calcJohnPhys: they is me and i just posted the current status of the upload ;-)00:40
calctired: if its more than OOo broken then we might be able to help with that, but OOo is just really wait ~ 10hr unless you want to remove translations for it00:40
tiredhow do i tell what's broken?00:41
h3sp4wndpkg -C00:41
calctired: if you try apt-get dist-upgrade it will probably tell you00:41
* calc has never used update-manager so doesn't know what its output looks like00:41
JohnPhyscalc:  thanks, I wasn't sure if that was an upload or a download :)00:41
calcJohnPhys: ok :)00:41
calcit looks like part of the new kernel is still being held back also00:42
tiredit's getting the stuff.. i'll tell you in a moment : )00:42
* calc needs faster upload since OOo is so huge00:42
h3sp4wnNo restricted modules00:42
icanhasadminhm, hardy is telling me something about a partial upgrade... and trying to fix something..00:42
calc100MB diff.gz argh00:42
JohnPhysthe OOo wouldn't be affecting kernel updates, would it?  I also have linux-generic, linux-headers-generic, linux-image-generic, and linux-restricted-modules-generic that wont' install00:42
calcJohnPhys: no shouldn't be caused by OOo for that00:43
calcJohnPhys: all of the kernel (on i386) installed for me but one bit, which is probably due to what h3sp4wn mentioned00:43
akkWow, debootstrap is fast -- it's done already (including my 5 minutes of fiddling with getting the right mount options on the partition)00:43
ExilantjohnPhys: linux-restricted-modules is missing00:43
* calc uses debootstrap all the time to do builds :)00:44
JohnPhysExilant:  thanks for the info.  Do you know if there is an eta on that package?00:44
Exilantor linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-14-generic more precisely00:44
Exilanti don't know00:44
calcmuch better than downloading a lot of dev tools on main install then having to determine what to remove later00:44
calc /var/cache/apt/archives/bzrtools_1.3.0-2ubuntu1_all.deb00:44
Exilanti'm waiting for it :)00:44
fredrinAter upgrade to Hardy, emerald wont start by it self, must use 'emerald --replace' to make it start00:44
calc^ that is still broken for me, but everything else is fine for me (i manually fixed OOo of course)00:44
icanhasadminfredrin: on gnome, alt+f2 and gconf-editor00:45
h3sp4wnIts easy enough to clean up for aptitude users anyway00:45
fredrinicanhasadmin: k, thanks00:45
tiredcalc: it seems to work w/ terminal .. go figure00:47
tiredgoing to restart00:47
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone use the seahorse pgp software,i asked a question here earlier but nothing.00:47
tiredbefore i go though ... is there a way to get dvd's to play.. been reading through guides and gotten packages but nothing seems to work00:47
tiredi'd really like to not have to reboot into vista00:48
h3sp4wntired: Run the script00:48
h3sp4wnin libdvdread300:48
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs00:48
calctired: see ^00:48
HorizonXPhey, is firefox 3 beta 5 available yet?00:48
HorizonXPor should I just install the binary?00:48
fredrinicanhasadmin: What to edit in gconf to make emerald start?00:48
h3sp4wnsudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh00:48
* calc wants something as simple as libdvdcss for bluray disks00:49
jaffarkelshacso does anyone use seahorse00:49
calcaiui it is still rip and decode then use special playback with lots of manual hacks, to make it work00:49
ReL1Kcontemplating whether to update or not...anyone experiencing any major issues upgrading from 7.10 to 8.0400:49
h3sp4wnReL1K: I wouldn't do it right now00:50
calcReL1K: upgrading today might not be the best idea00:50
fredrinicanhasadmin: can't find anything about emerald with conf00:50
calcReL1K: wait until tomorrow (12hr+)00:50
ReL1Kalright, thanks for the insight :)00:50
icanhasadminfredrin: 1 sec, i believe it's desktop -> gnome -> apllications -> window_manager00:50
JohnPhysRel1K:  as a rule, if you're not ready for major breakage, don't upgrade during the prerelease period00:50
calcReL1K: i broke OOo today :)00:50
icanhasadmincalc: wait, what happened today?00:50
JohnPhyscalc : lol you should be less proud of that00:50
calcicanhasadmin: new OOo went in but OOo-l10n hasn't yet00:50
conformerthe update today totally messed up my X server or something. did that happen to anyone else?00:50
ReL1KJohnPhys: yea, i understand that, i ran 7.10 in tribe 2 last time, lots of broken deps and such but easy to fix00:51
icanhasadmincalc: and how is this your fault?00:51
calcicanhasadmin: it will be in about 15m but then has to build which takes 8hr+00:51
calcicanhasadmin: i am the OOo maintainer00:51
calcicanhasadmin: http://launchpad.net/~ccheney/00:51
conformeri have to run everything in low graphics mode00:51
icanhasadmincalc: that's very interesting. what exactly is OOo? :D00:51
thiemsterThe run menu has stopped coming up when I press alt-f2. How can I get it back?00:51
jaffarkelshaci am having problem updating, it saids something about parital install and even that cant be installed00:51
fredrinicanhasadmin: it looks like it, current and default is '/usr/bin/compiz/' other got no value,00:51
calcicanhasadmin: OpenOffice.org00:51
calcicanhasadmin: so its abbreviated to OOo00:52
icanhasadmincalc: oh, i like you.00:52
fredrinnumber_of_workspaces and workspace_names got no value, but i guess is ok00:52
tannerfinally, they're releasing a CCNP command guide =D00:52
jaffarkelshacwhere is the command guide00:53
conformerdid anyone elses X stop working after the update today?00:53
jaffarkelshacthere has been a lot of updates today00:53
tannerjaffarkelshac: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1587201879/ref=pe_5050_8574910_pe_snp_87900:53
calctired: check system->pref->keyboard shortcuts to see if it is mapped correctly00:53
calcer nm that was meant for someone who left so it completed wrong00:53
jaffarkelshaci tried to update recently but it wont install, only partial install is there and even that wont install.00:54
conformermaybe its for a reason00:55
conformeri did the partial upgrade and now my X server is messed up00:55
conformeri hope they fix that by tomorrow00:55
jaffarkelshacwell, good mine is not working then00:56
gluerconformer: damn, i'll restart x and see, just ran the partial updates00:56
calcdon't run hardy if you don't know how to use: dpkg, apt-get, (a package manager), and various other cli tools  :-)00:56
calcs/hardy/ubuntu+1/ whatever that happens to be at the time00:56
calcbtw if any particular deb is screwed up you can always download old ones off of launchpad by hand if you know what is broken00:57
calc5m too late to get installed in this hours round00:59
akreaoIs anyone else getting update problems?00:59
JohnPhysakreao:  everyone with OOo and a kernel installed, yes :)00:59
jaffarkelshacyeah, in the way that it wone update00:59
Killeroidakreao: what probelms do you have?01:00
HorizonXPsomeone tell me when Firefox Beta 5 is in the repos :)01:00
akreaoHold on, I'll bring it up again.01:00
gluermines OK01:00
akreaoFirst it asks to do a Partial Upgrade.01:00
akreaoSo I try that.01:00
conformerwhat just me?01:00
conformerthat sucks01:00
gluerconf: I'' see if there are any more updates01:01
akreao"Cannot calculate the upgrade"01:01
jaffarkelshacakreao, i have the same problem as you are01:01
gluerme too01:01
ion_stormum, is restricted modules broken? in the latest updates01:01
volkodav_check the disk space01:01
volkodav_df -h01:01
Exilantion_storm: yes01:01
conformeri've had graphics problems in the past, but then i just had to wait for a new nvidia-glx-new01:01
gluerconf: im also getting cannot calculate the upgrade01:02
volkodav_try another driver01:02
ion_stormExilant, any idea when this will be fixed01:02
gluerCould not calculate the upgrade01:02
gluerA unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.01:02
gluer This can be caused by:01:02
gluer * Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu01:02
gluer * Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu01:02
gluer * Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu01:02
akreaoI'm only using 21% of my HDD.01:02
gluerThis is most likely a transient problem, please try again later.01:02
ion_stormwhy do they release updates that break systems01:02
icanhasadminQuestion. WHY THE HECK does Hardy install and configure bluetooth when bluetooth isn't including on 95% of computers.01:02
calcion_storm: for OOo ~ 10-12h01:02
Exilantor probably, linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-14-generic just isn't uploaded/approved yet01:02
icanhasadminCalc: you broke the whole word. the update manager is freaking out.01:02
calcion_storm: its a development version, its not meant to be run by people who can't deal with problems :)01:03
Exilanticanhasadmin: you can buy a dongle for almost nothing01:03
calcicanhasadmin: heh01:03
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:03
akreaoAt least I have Gambas to play with until that's fixed.01:03
conformermine would let me update, but it told me to do like sudo apt-get install -f or something like that01:03
jaffarkelshacthe bluetooth thing is annoying but i actually have it on my pc01:03
volkodav_partial upgrade is a one way ticket in most cases hehe01:03
conformerthen the partial upgrade worked01:03
Dr_willisI really wonder where the term 'dongle' comes from..01:03
akreaoI can't do anything but a Patrial Upgrade...01:03
conformerbut it kinda messed up some stuff01:03
volkodav_who the heck figured that option? lolz01:03
shadowhywindIs anyone around that can help me fix my printer issues ? worked in gutsy doesn't work in hardy01:04
calcDr_willis: cause they hang out the side of laptops pcmcia slots? ;-)01:04
jaffarkelshacwell my update is installing, chances are my system is about to crash01:04
volkodav_you got that right01:04
tiredummm... i have a big problem now.. restarted after the update and ubuntu is no longer seeing my gfx card01:04
shadowhywindvolkodav_: well the odd part is that it says that my printer is ready and acceptting jobs01:04
calcEtymology: perhaps alteration of dangle01:04
calcDate: 198101:04
calcso its older than pcmcia by a fair amount01:05
volkodav_check the job section01:05
jaffarkelshacok now i dont feel like restarting01:05
Stwangehow's hardy looking? Is it still quite buggy, or is it nearing completion?01:05
tiredrunning in low gfx mode .. and went into restricted drivers and it's not seeing anything01:05
volkodav_see if any unfinished01:05
conformersame here tired01:05
Prefixoh wow, im 42p off a Ubuntu keyring :<01:05
tireddid u just do the update?01:05
* calc is pretty sure it was named that way as a reference to a certain male appendage01:05
Exilanttired: there is a problem with the new kernel and restricted-modules01:05
jaffarkelshaci did01:05
ion_stormwhy do they always release the kernel before restricted modules01:06
akreaoSo no one should upgrade yet?01:06
tiredi <3 ubuntu but it definately just doens't love me back01:06
Exilantuse the old kernel until linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-14-generic is available01:06
calcakreao: not unless you want to sort it out manually01:06
conformermine shows it, but its grayed out01:06
akreaoNot really.01:06
Exilantakreao: well, if you don't need it?01:06
conformerin the update manager01:06
shadowhywindvolkodav_: i canceled all jobs, and send a new page. and nothing01:06
jaffarkelshaccould not calulate upgrade is all i get01:06
calcdput -u openoffice.org-l10n_2.4.0-3ubuntu1_source.changes <- done!01:07
ion_stormppl are going to say, windows update doesnt break my video, why does ubuntu01:07
volkodav_Ш рфв ыфьу ерштп ещвфн щт щту ща ьн щаашсу ищчут01:07
calcso now just wait 10-12h for it to actually build01:07
tiredi'm going to reboot into vista until tomorrow i guess01:07
DanaGeek, Greek?  Or cyrillic?01:07
volkodav_I had the same problem printing on my office boxen today01:07
ion_stormjust use the older kernel01:07
akreaoThe kernal being better than windows also means that it's more complicated.01:07
akreaoMeaning stuff can happen.01:07
akreaoStuff you don't like.01:07
volkodav_missed the layout01:08
jaffarkelshacwell i am going to restart, if i dont come back coz its crashed, good  night01:08
tiredhow do i boot into the old kernel? .. is it in grub .. or do i need to do somethig in terminal?01:08
DanaGYeah, but they could delay the release of new kernels -- or at least, delay the update of the metapackage.01:08
akreaoAnd I guess we can't say too much because this version isn't even really released yet.01:08
* calc is never bothered by all these upgrade issues, probably since he doesn't use update-manager :)01:08
* tired just glowers at calc 01:09
conformerthe final is released on the 24th right?01:09
calci think i've opened it maybe three or four times in the past 4 years01:09
calcconformer: yea01:09
tiredcalc: ... how do i reboot into pref. kernel?01:09
akreaoI'm getting Heron for my birthday. ^^01:09
volkodav_I am looking at the list of updates and it is pretty heavy to do partial with a new kernel is a killer01:09
conformersweet. so hopefully they wont be any more bugs by then. or at least very significantly reduced01:10
calctired: did you uninstall it? if not just select the old one in grub01:10
akreaoIt should be done by my birthday.01:10
tiredoh .. ok .. i walked away when i rebooted01:10
tiredtks : )01:10
akreao18th birthday + Heron = <301:10
conformerwell, im getting sick of this low graphics mode. i think ill just check back tomorrow01:10
calci have two kernels installed on my machine currently the old one and today's (i guess)01:10
calci manually remove the old ones after a while01:10
calcif you never remove the old kernels there may be a lot of them in your grub screen01:11
Exilantwhat's with those partial updates? is that a gnome-packagemanager thing?01:11
calcbtw ooo-l10n took 445m53.173s to build on my relatively fast machine01:11
akreaoPartial Update = not work right now.01:12
calcso it will probably take longer than that on the buildd01:12
Exilantpuh, that's long01:12
akreaoNoob Question - Wth are you talking about? >.<01:12
Exilantso let's be lucky we're not running gentoo :)01:12
akreaoI'm fairly new to Linux.01:12
volkodav_путещщ шы ф зукаусе вшыекщ ещ дуфкт еру кщзуы01:13
calcakreao: upgrades are broken part due to openoffice.org-l10n package not being built and distributed yet01:13
calcakreao: it will probably take ~ 10 hours or so before its in the archive01:13
volkodav_gentoo is a perfect distro to learn the ropes01:13
akreaoI can easily wait 10 hours.01:13
calcakreao: it took my faster than build server computer 7.5hr to build it01:13
calcvolkodav_: i like LFS for that better ;-)01:13
volkodav_heh - that is too much01:13
calcakreao: so the build server probably will take 10hr or so to build it01:13
akreaoI'll stick with Ubuntu, I like it way more than Windows so far.01:13
calcit creates ~ 264MB of debs as a result of the build using LZMA compression01:14
Exilantvolkodav_: nothing against gentoo, has some nice points. but all that compiling...01:14
akreaoThough now I get to learn programming in this OS.01:14
akreaoAnyone have any tips for a Windows programmer comming into Ubuntu?01:14
calcso the openoffice.org-l10n builds a really big amount of data01:14
volkodav_I was running ~x8601:14
calcakreao: look for development doc packages and make sure to install them to find info about libraries, etc01:14
volkodav_for couple of years -01:15
calcakreao: also learn about automake, autoconf, libtool01:15
Exilantakreao: well, what are you planning to do?01:15
akreaoI'll go search though the package manager.01:15
akreaoI'm using Gambas right now.01:15
calcakreao: if you are going to be writing c/c++ code anyway01:15
akreaoExilant: I'm coding an RPG.01:15
calcif you are using java, learn ant build system, etc01:15
akreaocalc: Is there a CPP thingie for this OS?01:15
akreaoExilant: Yes.01:16
calcakreao: g++ compiler, yea01:16
Exilantof course01:16
akreaoI'll search for that too.01:16
calcakreao: for c++ automake, autoconf, libtool will be helpful to learn01:16
akreaoGambas doesn't get me very far.01:16
akreaocalc: Okay, thanks.01:16
Luckrider_Does anyone know how I can find out what Bluetooth hardware I have?01:16
co0lingFir4if i enter "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" in terminal, it wants to remove firefox and other apps. is that normal?01:16
calcakreao: thats stuff used for building the code though not writing it directly01:16
Exilantakreao: well, you can use an engine, or use sdl or direct opengl01:16
calcakreao: for writing code eclipse is supposed to be nice01:16
Luckrider_co0lingFir4, yes01:17
akreaocalc: Oh, nice, I've used eclipse before.01:17
Luckrider_it is installing the newest version01:17
co0lingFir4Luckrider_: oh thx for the info!01:17
akreaoSo automake and all that are compiler/linkers?01:17
=== Luckrider_ is now known as Luckrider
JohnPhysco0lingFir4:  what are you running?01:17
LuckriderIt is the FF beta that hardy uses01:17
calcAccepted: openoffice.org-l10n 1:2.4.0-3ubuntu1 (source) <- yipee01:17
co0lingFir4JohnPhys: ubuntu hardy beta01:17
co0lingFir4Luckrider_: so is it also normal that the update via GUI does not work?01:18
calcakreao: it lets you not worry so much about the different syntax for linkers on different platforms01:18
LuckriderI am not sure about that01:18
LuckriderI did Hardy off a disk01:18
Exilantakreao: you might want to look for example at http://eisenstern.com/01:18
calcakreao: automake lets you write makefiles in a less complicated manner, autoconf for configure script, libtool does linking, etc (iirc)01:18
Luckriderwhen I did Fiesty, it reinstalled FF01:18
Luckriderand other prgrams01:18
Exilantthey are building an rpg01:18
akreaoSeems that they've got all the angles covered.01:19
Luckriderso... does anyone know how I can find out my bluetooth hardware?01:19
calcakreao: most open source programs use automake/autoconf/libtool for building since it makes it a lot easier to deal with01:19
akreaoExilant: The shadows are good in that engine.01:19
akreaoI should check if they're lightmap for dynamic.01:20
co0lingFir4Luckrider: lspci? lsusb?01:20
Exilantakreao: i only know the game it's based on, newest package has no rpg in it afaik01:21
calcoh yea the new version of openoffice.org-l10n should allow you to remove openoffice.org (not the lang packs) without having to remove language-support-* as well01:21
Luckrideryou know what, instead I am gonna go to the thinkpad wiki, they have ll of the basic specs there (I have an IBM thinkpad T42p)01:21
akreaoExilant: Do you know if it's build on a public available engine?01:21
Exilantit is01:21
co0lingFir4Luckrider: so the update should install firefox 3 beta 5?01:22
akreaoNow I just have to get my hands on that engine. :P01:22
Luckridereither beta 4 or 501:22
mheathIs it a known bug that during the install, ntfsresize does not report its progress to the partitioner progress dialog?01:22
akreaoI suck for coding an entire engine.01:22
Exilantyeah, that's a lot of work01:23
co0lingFir4Luckrider: beta 4 is preinstalled with hardy beta01:23
co0lingFir4Luckrider: but it didnt install the new beta 5 for me...01:23
Luckriderso  yeah01:23
Luckriderit should be 501:23
Exilantand there are several 3d-engines, crystalspace, ogre3d, irrlicht, quake1(?)/2/301:23
akreaoI'm looking for an engine that looks good and can be used on Linux.01:24
co0lingFir4Luckrider: any idea why it didnt install it?01:24
Exilantavailable under gpl or other free licenses01:24
LuckriderI am not sure01:24
akkAnyone know why installing xserver-xorg-video-savage wants to pull in 40 other packages including things like python-glade2 and displayconf-gtk?01:24
LuckriderI haven't had to install version 5 yet01:24
LuckriderI still have version 401:25
Exilantakreao: well, afaik nothing looks as beautiful as recent windows games01:25
akkIs it really impossible to install an X server without also installing gtk? (I do want gtk eventually, but it seems like this shouldn't need it)01:25
co0lingFir4Luckrider: but u are using hardy beta?01:25
h3sp4wnakk: turn off treating recommends as dependancies01:25
akreaoexilant: Well, I don't need to try that hard. I just don't want it to look like Half-Life 101:26
co0lingFir4is firefox 3 beta 5 already in the repo?01:26
Dr_willistheres a lot of odd.. reccomendations in some packages ive seen01:26
LuckriderI havn't been promted to update again01:26
LuckriderI am not sure01:26
Luckrideryou might want to ask a developer01:26
Exilantbut you can install sauerbraten (it's own engine) or nexuiz (afaik some quake engine), play a bit and see how it looks01:26
Luckriderthey know morw01:26
co0lingFir4what if u do the "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" in terminal?01:26
Luckridervery bad spelling01:26
LuckriderI am not sure01:26
LuckriderI don't upgrade that way01:26
akkh3sp4wn: Thanks, will do01:26
Luckriderlet me check01:27
akreaoexilant: I'm getting and trying sauerbraten.01:27
LuckriderIt says that I am fully updated01:27
co0lingFir4Luckrider: hmmm strange...01:27
co0lingFir4maybe just a bug in my sys...01:28
Luckriderwhere are you located01:28
Exilantreally, no restrictes-modules held back?01:28
Luckriderlocation could be the difference01:28
co0lingFir4u mean lang?01:28
Luckriderpossibly update lag for region01:28
morphiris kubuntu hardy (w/ kde4) using pulseaudio?01:28
gregorywill pulseaudio be default in all incarnations of hardy heron?01:28
LuckriderI am in the states, it is possible that we aare slow to get the latest update01:29
h3sp4wnExilant: One day we should get ut301:29
co0lingFir4Luckrider: ^^ that wouldnt be fair...01:29
LuckriderI know01:29
gluerwhat the heck is sauerbraten?? its making me hungry lol01:29
Luckriderbut it makes sense01:29
Luckrideri am connecting to a local server for updates01:29
morphirgluer, a game (fps)01:29
gluermor: found it, installing now01:29
Luckriderit is possible that that server hasn't gotten those updates01:29
derspanksterFF3 B5 is available from Mozilla01:29
Exilantgluer: a 3d-fps01:30
co0lingFir4Luckrider: but the strange thing is, it said it would remove firefox but actually it didnt...01:30
gluerderspan: how to install FF3 B5?01:30
Exilantno real clue why they choose the odd name01:30
Luckriderthat is realistic01:30
co0lingFir4derspankster: yep, but not in the repos yet or am i wrong?01:30
derspanksternot in repos01:30
co0lingFir4how can i start an app always maximized?01:31
LuckriderI don;t know01:31
co0lingFir4because it's quite annoying to always click on the maximize icon in firefox etc01:32
calcooo l10n started building 7min ago01:32
GeekthrasI'm having some difficulty with hardy recently01:32
Geekthraswhen I log on, it shows a black screen with just the cursor01:32
Geekthrasany suggestions?01:32
calchttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org-l10n/1:2.4.0-3ubuntu1/+build/553481 <- shortly after this is done building it should be ok to upgrade01:32
Luckriderdoes anyone know hw to find out what cdc devices I have01:33
co0lingFir4whats cdc?01:33
co0lingFir4u mean cd?01:33
Luckriderthat is what thinkwiki says my bluetooth is01:33
Luckriderno, not cd01:33
Luckriderhold on01:33
Luckriderlook at the hardware01:33
Luckrider#  CDC slot with one of the following:01:34
Luckrider    * IBM Integrated 56K Modem (MDC-2)01:34
Luckrider    * IBM Integrated Bluetooth III with 56K Modem (BMDC-2)01:34
PiciLuckrider: I imagine it should be listed in lspci01:34
LuckriderI tied that01:34
Luckriderand it is all01:34
Luckriderwireless, and soundcards, and stuff of that nature01:35
calcLuckrider: doesn't show up under lsusb either?01:35
co0lingFir4Luckrider: did u try searching for "ibm" or related?01:35
Luckriderthere is no devices in usb01:35
Luckriderhow do I do that01:36
timboyltsp sucks without compiz01:36
LuckriderI am a device noob with linux01:36
PiciLuckrider: try: sudo lshw | less01:36
Luckriderit say the computer01:37
Luckridernothing else01:37
Luckridersudo lshw | less01:37
Luckriderwrong thing01:37
Luckriderdescription: Notebook01:37
Luckrider    product: 2373C6101:37
Luckrider    vendor: IBM01:37
Luckrider    version: ThinkPad T42p01:37
Luckrider    serial: 99G2NFF01:37
Luckrider    width: 32 bits01:37
Luckrider    capabilities: smbios-2.33 dmi-2.3301:37
Luckrider    configuration: administrator_password=disabled boot=normal chassis=notebook frontpanel_password=unknown keyboard_password=disabled power-on_password=disabled uuid=56731081-4723-11CB-B750-EB40E0AB59D301:37
Luckrider  *-core01:37
Luckrider       description: Motherboard01:37
Luckrider       product: 2373C6101:37
Luckrider       vendor: IBM01:37
Luckrider       physical id: 001:37
Luckrider       version: Not Available01:37
Luckrider       serial: J1YPH53N15P01:37
Luckrider     *-firmware01:37
Luckrider          description: BIOS01:37
Luckrider          vendor: IBM01:37
Luckrider          physical id: 001:38
calcer you should have used pastebin for that01:38
Luckrider          version: 1RETDPWW (3.21 ) (06/02/2006)01:38
Luckriderthat is the list it gives01:38
Luckriderhow do I do that01:38
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:38
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Eroickhey, today a new update was available for hardy, I installed it and now it wants me to do a partial upgrade. the upgrade fails every time though. anyone else having this problem?01:41
JohnPhysanytime someone logs in it should just show that pastebin link to that person01:41
ExilantEroick: there are problems with OOo-i10n and the new restricted modules01:41
Luckriderthanks to the thinkwiki page01:42
LuckriderI found out that my bluetooth was not enabled01:42
EroickExilant: ok, i also notice just now that something has happened to the ubuntu artwork. all the progress bars are blue instead of brown and everything is just uglier in general.01:42
Exilanti'm on kubuntu, don't know01:43
derspanksterEroick:mine looks just fine01:44
derspanksterhuman theme01:44
Dr_willison Kubuntu here also... :)01:46
Dr_willisand xubuntu01:46
Eroickok, so the update will work some time in the future?01:50
Exilantyes, ~10h for openoffice, restricted modules unknown01:51
Exilantgood night everyone01:51
EroickExilant: thanks!01:52
eghjayteeHello can someone please point me to a page that will help me figure out how to fix dependencies?01:57
cgeFor some reason, I seem to be having a problem with gtk themes not applying after the latest updates - is anyone else having this problem?01:57
h3sp4wneghjaytee: http://algebraicthunk.net/~dburrows/projects/aptitude/doc/en/index.html02:00
eghjayteethank you h3sp4wn02:00
mheathARe there any known bugs with the parititioner in the Beta install? It just took 2 hours to resize a parition.02:06
mheathOn a system with modern SATA disks, fast processor...The partition was an NTFS one I had just defragmented.02:07
mheath*partition, that is02:08
Silvanoare there any huge differences between hardy server and 7.10?02:12
eghjayteeI am getting an error when I use apt to install linux-xen it is:   linux-xen: Depends: linux-restricted-modules-xen (= but it is not going to be installed02:13
eghjayteebut that package does not exist02:13
gregorywill pulseaudio be the default in kubuntu hardy?02:13
billisnicetoday was a bad day for me and 8.04, the updates seemed to me as down dates02:15
TheAspany chance I can get the previous kernel packages than what is in the repository?02:16
Gilouhi so02:37
desertpenquinanyone going through update manager wanting to do partial updates and failing?02:37
Gilousince I've upgraded to Hardy Heron on my laptop, I have huge error messages coming from the kernel whenever HAL starts02:38
Giloumessages look like that one:02:38
Jordan_Udesertpenquin, I am02:38
desertpenquinok so this is a known issue well I guess I am glad it is not just me02:38
Giloudesertpenquin> I had to do it 2 or 3 times to get my install upgraded, but it was because of a bad internet connection ;)02:39
derspanksterGilou: it's open office that's causing the problem. should be ok tomorrow02:39
Gilouderspankster> the HAL prob?02:39
Gilouhow can OpenOffice have an impact on the way HAL behaves?02:39
eghjayteewhy are there packages missing? I have stuff depending on linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-14-xen but linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-14-xen has no installation candidate02:39
Gilou(I'm just curious here... it might be a dependency I wouldn't know of, but well, sounds weird :))02:40
desertpenquinthanks for your input I sure appreciate it02:41
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
Gilouhm some packages are being updated02:51
GilouI'll wait a few days I guess then I'll give it a try02:51
Giloubut those kernel bugs make me nervous02:52
derspanksterGilou:it's a beta, be patient02:54
DanaGArgh, I keep getting random hard lockups.02:55
spiderfireim compiling my own kernel02:55
DanaGThis time, it happened when I left my laptop with the lid closed for a while, while under Compiz.02:55
spiderfirebut i got way too many modules02:55
akkIs there any documentation on /etc/apt/apt.conf.d? I'm trying to figure out where to turn off Install-Recommends02:56
LuckriderDanaG, weren't you here the other day complaining of the same problem?02:56
akkand I see a section in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01ubuntu but I don't understand the syntax02:56
Luckriderthat sucks02:57
Luckridertry configureing the power setting02:57
LuckriderMine would lock up if I left it closed with fiesty, I changed the power save setting, and that fixed that02:57
Luckriderother than that though02:57
LuckriderI have no more advice for lock ups02:58
DanaGI have it set to "Do Nothing" on lid close.02:58
LuckriderHave you tried checking the bios power settigns, DanaG?02:58
Luckriderthat was my second problem02:58
spiderfirewhat does hot plug mean?02:58
Luckrider DanaG?02:59
Luckridersorry that I can't help you more, Got to go to bed.03:00
ReL1Kso im hearing its a bad day to update from gutsy? hehe03:00
derspanksterI updated yesterday, had some issues03:01
ReL1Kanything major?03:01
derspanksterNo, the usual, wireless03:01
ReL1Kwhat type of comp do you have?03:02
derspankstermy test machine is an acer laptop, haven't upgraded my desktop yet03:02
derspanksterWill likely just wait for final on the desktop03:03
Gilouderspankster> my acer has a hard time :)03:03
Gilouand I will have it the same way03:03
ReL1Khmmm i think i might wait as well03:03
Giloumy desktop has to be always available for work so..03:03
DanaGOh yeah, I only started having the lockup problem recently.03:03
ReL1Kthis is my main comp, but i have everything backed up and i dont mind rebuilding03:03
derspanksterMy main complaint with the acer is the lousy SIS video03:04
earl_hey guys. did that package update that broke stuff last night get fixed?03:04
earl_pretty sure it was an update to the default ubuntu theme03:06
Gilouearl_> there is another dep problem with OO.org it seems now ;)03:06
earl_say what03:06
derspanksterOpen Office03:07
earl_right i know but what is the problem03:07
ReL1Kto upgrade or to not upgrade03:07
mheathearl_: _which_ package update that broke stuff, is the question, I think. :P03:08
jimmygoonWhy was autoremove going to remove my icedtea package and gtk2-eninges-murrine which are both ... needed?03:08
derspanksterI miss my FF extensions03:08
zcat[1]I miss the other half of openoffice.org... It's all gone since this morning's upgrade :(03:08
ReL1Kderp, i take it 3.0 plugins dont work with 2./03:08
IdleOnejimmygoon: autoremove only removes the .debs not the installed package03:08
jimmygoonI'm not saying you're wrong but,03:09
jimmygoon"The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:".... seems misleading then03:09
derspanksterEel1K:yes, I'm aware of that03:09
IdleOnejimmygoon: hmmm03:09
IdleOnejimmygoon: probably being replaced by other package?03:10
Wrathi thought autoremove removed packages, clean removed debs03:10
dwidmannhmm, is it me or is the build-essential metapackage missing right now03:10
IdleOneWrath: you know what you are right I am thinking of autoclean03:10
jimmygoonI dunna, but a kernel update with no restricted modules.... sucks....03:10
* dwidmann apt-get updates just to be sure03:10
mheathjimmygoon: indeed.03:10
ReL1Kderspankster: was more of a question than a statement :P03:11
mheathjimmygoon: Made my first taste of hardy quite nasty, when, after all the trouble I had, I updated to broken graphics03:11
mheathNot a happy day for me. Install was rough, updates was rough, the results of the updates were rough. :(03:11
Wrathhardy isnt really ready for using as a main os03:11
Wrathat least i dont think so03:11
jimmygoonheh, I'm also looking forward to rebuilding my vmware kernel extensions :/03:11
ReL1Kso im getting it that i shouldn't update to hardy from gutsy eh? hehe03:12
jimmygoonnah, its fine ReL1K .. this is an expected and usual occurence with kernel updates (Esp with unstable releases)03:12
mheathI had a nightmarish process with the repartitioner during the install03:12
akkh3sp4wn: You suggested a while ago that I turn off treating recommends as dependancies ... I'm hitting a complete blank in google figuring out how to do that in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d03:12
derspanksterReL1K: no offense taken. Very few FF3 extensions currently available03:12
mheathTook 2 hours to resize a NTFS partition by a little bit03:12
IdleOnewell I just did an update and no issues with the packages that were able to be downloaded and installed03:13
jimmygoon(brb, must reboot into old kernel)03:13
mheathAnd then all of the install status bar windows became tiny so you couldn't see progress or details.03:13
IdleOneOO.org is broke or something and linux-kernel-generic03:13
* kumarphilly is away: Umm Ping if urgent and ill see when i come back03:13
DanaGWow, the older non-"pasty-faced" GDM theme does look way better, in my opinion.03:13
* kumarphilly is back (gone 00:00:02)03:14
h3sp4wnakk: I use aptitude so I don't know03:14
DanaGThe new one makes me think it'd get a sunburn too easily, or something.03:14
akkh3sp4wn: I also use aptitude -- does it not use that directory?03:14
akkh3sp4wn: There's a file 05aptitude there, so I was assuming those files applied to aptitude as well.03:14
Gilouon the 2.6.20-15-386 kernel my Hardy seems more reliable :p03:14
* kumarphilly is away: Umm Ping if urgent and ill see when i come back03:14
* kumarphilly is back (gone 00:00:02)03:14
nosrednaekim!away | kumarphilly03:15
ubotukumarphilly: You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu - it causes unrequired scrolling which is unfair to new users.  (Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead.)  The same goes for using noisy away messages; use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubotu Guidelines»03:15
h3sp4wnakk: You can set it in the user interface in aptitude03:15
akkh3sp4wn: Oh, okay, I just use it non-interactively. Does it remember, if you set it in the UI?03:15
kumarphillynosrednaekim, dude im getting used to this new irc client chill out03:15
h3sp4wnakk: Yep03:17
bazhangkumarphilly: you can create your own group #kumarphilly and practice there thanks03:17
IdleOnebazhang: only if he parts the #ubuntu's will we not see it03:18
zcat[1]anyone know where I can find a 64-bit build of non-ubuntufied openoffice03:19
bazhangIdleOne: well that would be the point, right? practicing and getting advice seem to be exclusive ;]03:19
kumarphillyI wouldhave to leave the channel in order for it to "not bother you"03:19
IdleOnebeing as the rules state using away scripts are annoying and not allowed . I believe bazhang and nosrednaekim had the right to ask you to stop03:19
bazhangkumarphilly: if any ops happen along you might wish you had stopped03:19
macogwis anyone else unable to login after today's updates?03:19
ptn107zcat[1]: http://download.openoffice.org/other.html#en-US  ?03:20
IdleOnemacogw: I rather not try and find out ;/03:20
macogwgdmgreeter won't finish loading...its seems to be in an infinite loop03:20
zcat[1]macogw: ummm.. are you saying I should log out..? I just updated!03:20
macogwok its not necessarily *today's* updates since i hadnt updated for about a week prior to this...03:20
zcat[1]ptn107: they seem to be only i38603:20
macogwnobody else had the issue when i asked earlier03:20
macogwbut im getting a spinning ninja star of doom on gdm03:21
ptn107zcat[1]: yeah i see that, im searchin..03:21
macogw(its not colorful like apple's beachball, so it can't be a spinning beachball)03:21
bazhangno updates for me the last two days..odd; except for 7 that are held back03:21
kumarphillynah im not denying bazhang or nosrednaekim rules are rules....BUT I am getting used to a new irc client and you have to understand my position03:21
Jordan_Umacogw, Seems to be in an infinite loop as in it's not doing anything or as in it is visibly doing the same thing over and over?03:21
derspankstermacogw:I have not had that issue03:22
macogwJordan_U: as it it's spinning the cursor endlessly03:22
Gilouhmm kernel 2.6.24-14 seems on its way03:22
zcat[1]kumarphilly: If your break channel rules, your position will be out in the hallway..03:22
* Gilou prays03:22
mheathkumarphilly: Perhaps it would have been best, then, to have responded to him by saying "Sorry! It was an accident...I'm getting used to a new IRC client."03:22
nosrednaekimindeed.... kindness pays :)03:23
mheathkumarphilly: Either way, it seems like now would be a good time to just drop it and get on with it. Bickering will just make each other angrier.03:23
kumarphillyzcat[1], but dude its totaly not my fault I didnt know that it does that when you go away until I got a ping on every channel03:23
kumarphillyyes mheath03:23
kumarphillyI fixed it anyway03:23
macogw9 minutes it's been spinning there...03:23
macogwi forgot to stop gdm before getting on irc03:23
zcat[1]I wonder how much effort is involved in building OOo from source..03:23
kumarphillyhmm something is strange03:23
macogwgdmgreeter is using 102% of cpu according to top though03:23
RAOFzcat[1]: A large, large amount of RAM & CPU time.03:24
IdleOnekumarphilly: what client you using anyway?03:24
ptn107zcat[1]: can't you just get the source from ubuntu's repos; do they provide the original source there ?03:24
mheathzcat[1]: Quite a bit, last time I attempted to do it. Granted, that was back in Open office 1.x days.03:24
mheathzcat[1]: It was a nasty, complicated process at the time.03:24
zcat[1]I suspect it's worse, not better .. OOo is a lot bigger now03:25
mheath(Not the mention the considerable CPU time it required, as others have pointed out)03:25
DanaGWhat's with the new, washed-out GDM theme?03:25
kumarphillyIdleOne, xchat03:25
Gilouhm seems  like there's a new conflict between linux-386 and linux-image-386 :p03:25
Jordan_Umheath, It takes a LOOONG time to compile Open Office :)03:25
kumarphillyI somehow enabled "announce away messages"03:25
kumarphillybut the people at #xchat helped me03:26
ptn107zcat[1]: from what i read you have to compile it from the same source as the x86 version using a x86_64 build option during compile03:26
macogwmheath: even Gentoo has OOo binaries due to compile times03:26
mheathJordan_U: Yes, I know :) You're talking to someone who used to compile Star Office on a 400Mhz system. :)03:26
DanaGI liked the old one so much better.03:26
Giloumacogw> WHAT!??!!!03:26
nosrednaekimwell, you can get the sources too :)03:26
nosrednaekimbut yeah.. its takes like 12 hours on a 1.5ghz celeron03:27
Wrathand let it compile overnight lol03:27
IdleOne!ohmy | Gilou03:27
ubotuGilou: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:27
Gilouso long for still using a celeron!!03:27
nosrednaekimpussies? lol03:27
kumarphillywth you doing with a 1.5 celeron03:27
IdleOnenosrednaekim: please03:27
mheathnosrednaekim: the message given to Gilou applies to you too. Thats generally considered an offensive word to many people.03:28
nosrednaekimerrr really?oh, sorry03:28
kumarphillyyou guys needa check out someting like #joomla03:28
macogwmheath: not to Tom on Tom & Jerry!03:28
* nosrednaekim thought it meant kittens03:28
IdleOneit's simple if you would not use the word in front of a kindergarden classroom then dont use it here .03:28
kumarphillynow this is my opinion and I abide witht he rules and all,BUT I think a lot of time is spent worrying about the rules then getting the job done.... but that is just my opion03:28
macogwand Tweetie's always calling Sylvester the "puddy tat"03:28
Black_Magicwell i just updated and its saying its having problems with03:29
Giloucome on..03:29
Black_Magiccupsys hplip hpijs03:29
Black_Magicand bluez-cups03:29
mheathHmm, another weird issue03:29
* Gilou upgrades to 2.6.24-14 and prays hard03:29
mheathLogin Window Preferences took about 5 minutes and tons of hard drive spinning to start.03:29
IdleOnekumarphilly: then perhaps you need to get the "job" done but inforcing and applying the rules help others get the job done03:29
macogwmheath: maybe related to my issue?03:29
zcat[1]I always though calling someone that was comparing them to a weak little kitten, not the other meaning..03:29
DanaGsudo md5sum /dev/sr003:29
DanaGmd5sum: /dev/sr0: Input/output error03:29
macogwmheath: my issue being the that the login window won't load03:29
Giloulooks like I'll still have the issue :(03:30
kumarphilly!language | DanaG03:30
ubotuDanaG: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:30
DanaGAren't you being a bit picky there?03:30
zcat[1]so I wouldn't have considered it offensive.. but whatever..03:30
macogwkumarphilly: wtf and the actual spell-out of f* are pretty thoroughly separated03:30
Wrathbeing a bit strict :s03:30
macogwkumarphilly: what the fudge, worse than failure....03:30
kumarphillytrying to get used to this03:30
DanaGheh.  No hard feelings. (voice of turret in Portal.)03:30
bazhangeasy on that enter key ;]03:31
bazhangportal is in the repos?03:31
kumarphillyanyone here compare hostgator to dreamhost03:31
IdleOnekumarphilly: enter key and " . " period key are not interchangeable03:31
bazhang!info portal03:31
ubotuPackage portal does not exist in hardy03:31
macogwkumarphilly: um dreamhost is good. never used the other.03:32
macogw$120/yr with shell access and one-click-installs for all the niceties like joomla and jabber and whatnot...03:32
macogwunlimited email addresses03:32
mheathmacogw: Try updating again? There was apparently a gnome-settings-daemon update released just within the last hour or so...though I don't know what it addresses.03:32
Black_MagicAnyone know why im getting a dist-upgrade again?03:33
kumarphillymacogw, dream?03:33
Black_Magici already have hard :/03:33
DanaGI wonder why I'm getting an error on trying to read the CD.03:33
macogwhavent had any major problems with them.  2 days in the last year the site was slow. 1 day the email addresses had to have "OK" hit on them to refresh the passwords.  yes, dreamhost03:33
mheathBlack_Magic: Are you getting that same "Attempt a Partial Upgrade" thing I was getting on a fresh install?03:33
macogwmheath: i did it a few minutes ago03:33
macogwmheath: didnt help03:33
Black_Magicmheath: Err mmhmm...03:33
axisysis there a 64bit version ubuntu available?03:34
Black_MagicCannot fully upgrade packages partial upgrade03:34
DanaGOh, and Portal is a Source engine game available on Steam.03:34
kumarphillyaxisys, yes03:34
Black_Magicthen it installs upgrades and then afterwards asks for dist-upgrade...03:34
Melchanyone know why i can't update the kernel?03:34
DanaGOf course.  (hey, that rhymed.)03:34
mheathBlack_Magic: I think its because a kernel upgrade package is broken at the moment.03:34
Black_Magicand has problems with  cupsys03:34
Black_Magic hplip03:34
Black_Magic hpijs03:34
Black_Magic bluez-cups03:34
Melchit is a problem with the kernel update03:34
macogwBlack_Magic: kernel upgrades use dist-upgrade03:34
Melchyah it won't go03:34
mheathBlack_Magic: Yep, I had the same problems..03:34
macogwMelch: some dependency's probably not done compiling03:34
IdleOneguys slow down and dont do updates for the next couple hours or so.03:35
axisyskumarphilly: how do I find out if my laptop can run 64 bit ubuntu?03:35
Black_Magicanyway to fix it...03:35
mheathBlack_Magic: Everything worked out in the end, except for a broken kernel (missing the restricted drivers), but they're hopefully fixing that soon.03:35
IdleOneall you are doing is hitting the servers and with request they cant answer03:35
Black_Magicerr im staying away from upgrades...03:35
Melchmacogw does that mean it will say i can update just the servers are f'ed?03:35
kumarphillyaxisys, A) what kinda cpu do you have B) did you run 64 bit anything before03:35
=== thetorpedodog is now known as torpedo|dog
Black_Magici needs my restricted drivers03:35
Black_Magicjust for internet03:35
mheathBlack_Magic: Yeah, they'll break it right now.03:36
kumarphillywhat are all the bot commands for #ubuntu03:36
torpedo|dogso I'm NOT the only one with this issue.03:36
Melchjust wait till tomorrow03:36
Black_Magicdont i need hplip and hpijs?03:36
Melchit should be fixed03:36
IdleOnekumarphilly: probably a couple hundred of them'03:36
mheathtorpedo|dog: The broken linux-restricted-modules thing?03:36
Melchu should be able to update everything but the kernel03:36
kumarphillyIdleOne, is there a list anywhere03:36
torpedo|dogyep, just reading what Black_Magic said03:36
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:36
axisyskumarphilly: http://rafb.net/p/DW5u9Y93.html03:36
mheathYep, apparently a known issue, its brand new too, and should be fixed by tomorrow.03:36
axisyskumarphilly: B) only in solaris03:36
torpedo|dogthanks, mheath03:37
Black_Magicim scared to reboot now...03:37
torpedo|dogBlack_Magic: don't reboot. :-C03:37
mheathBlack_Magic: If you went through a full dist-upgrade, you won't have restricted-modules when you reboot.03:37
mheathSo, don't :P03:37
Gilounice one03:37
Black_Magicmheath: it stopped03:37
* Gilou doesn't even need that to be stopped03:37
kumarphillyaxisys, then it should work..03:37
* torpedo|dog learnt that by experience03:37
Black_Magicmheath: with dependency problem so i guess im ok03:37
kumarphillyI meant did you run any 64bit on the laptop...03:37
Black_Magicmheath: it didnt even retrive package info03:38
axisyskumarphilly: how do you know? teach me please03:38
axisyskumarphilly: no i did not03:38
mheathBlack_Magic: Oh, OK, you didn't get as far as I did.03:38
torpedo|dogwould the l-r-m issue also be a cause for GDM just spinning before the login screen comes up?03:38
macogwmheath: did -13's stuff not go all the way through?03:38
mheathYou stuck with the GUI dialogs, that eventually freak out and die.03:38
axisyskumarphilly: on solaris i run isainfo -v to find out if the os is 64 bit ?03:38
mheathI went to the command line and forced the upgrade, and things rapidly broke.03:38
KickboyHey all! I've been running the Hardy beta for a couple weeks now, and everything has been pretty smooth so far. Until I updated my packages a few days ago: Now compiz-fusion won't work, and can't find any debug information that could tell me why. When I try to enable "Extra" effects in "Appearance" I get the message "Desktop effects could not be enabled". Kinda stuck as to what to do from here. Anybody got suggestions?03:38
Black_Magicmheath: i think thats a good thing eh?03:38
mheathBlack_Magic: Yep :P03:38
checkershi all, I just upgraded my hardy x86 installing running on a lappy with ati card with `apt-get dist-upgrade` and the GUI is coming up as a white screen with the mouse cursor on top03:38
macogwi dont have l-r-m installed. none of my drivers are restricted.  iwl3945 is just plain missing in -13 though03:38
checkersanyone having simmilar issues?03:39
macogwcheckers: can you login?03:39
kumarphillyaxisys, I have to go to bed now someone 1 out of 320 people should be able to help ya...03:39
checkersyes, i'm looking at the terminal now03:39
Melchi can't even do a distro upgrade03:39
checkersthe GUI is just white though, so can't use it03:39
Black_Magicmheath: i think this week is a good week for me i have pretty good luck hopefully it continues03:39
macogwcheckers: i mean through the GUI03:39
macogwcheckers: i cant login through GDM03:39
torpedo|dogcheckers: same problem here03:39
checkerswhat GPUs are you guys running?03:39
torpedo|dogGDM hangs with the spinny cursor03:39
Giloudoes anyone know how long Hardy will be held in beta?03:39
axisysanyone knows how can I find out if my cpu is 64 bit capable?03:39
mheathBlack_Magic: Haha. Yep :P03:40
torpedo|dogcheckers: you guessed it, ATI03:40
Gilouaxisys> /proc/cpuinfo can tell you about it03:40
mheathBlack_Magic: better than mine. I just went through the most nigthmarish install and update process I've ever had with Ubuntu :(03:40
checkerswhat's the generic free ati driver called again?03:40
Giloubut we can tell you if you tell the model name ;)03:40
KickboyGilou: Final release of hardy is due at the end of this month I believe03:40
DanaGArgh, can't verify correctness of disc copy:03:40
DanaGmd5sum /dev/scd003:40
DanaGmd5sum: /dev/scd0: Input/output error03:40
macogwintel for me03:40
torpedo|dogit's an issue with the latest kernel upgrade - linux-restricted-modules didn't go thru03:40
GilouKickboy> wow..03:40
macogwcheckers: ati03:40
GilouI have to hurry report this kernel bug then :p03:40
axisysGilou: http://rafb.net/p/Y7pcD833.html03:40
macogwapril 24th03:41
axisyswhats in that output says it is 64 bit?03:41
Gilouit does not support 64 bit03:41
axisysGilou: how do u know?03:41
checkerstorpedo|dog: ah yes, I see that in my apt here. so installing the free driver will presumeably work then for the moment?03:41
DanaGend_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 003:41
DanaGBuffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 003:41
axisysGilou: i want to find out what parameters says that03:41
macogwcheckers: if its an old enough card, yeah...03:41
torpedo|dogcheckers: I don't know, but it's certainly worth a shot.03:41
torpedo|dogright now I'm talking to you on irssi over tty1 ;)03:41
checkerswhat's the free driver package called?03:42
macogwon a computer which does not require l-r-m, what would cause -13 to not have wifi?03:42
torpedo|dogit's either "ati" or "radeon", but I can't remember which03:42
macogwdid they leave the driver out?03:42
axisysanyone here knows "how" to find out if my cpu supports 64 bit http://rafb.net/p/Y7pcD833.html03:42
macogwtorpedo|dog: in xorg.conf, it's ati, i believe03:42
torpedo|dogmacogw: do you have intel wifi?03:42
Gilouaxisys> I think it's the "lm" flag03:42
macogwtorpedo|dog: yes03:42
Giloubut Pentium M are 32 bits processor03:42
mheathmacogw: You don't have wifi?03:42
torpedo|dogthat's part of l-r-m, I believe03:42
macogwmheath: no03:42
macogwtorpedo|dog: nope03:42
patifaaxisys what's that the output from?03:43
macogwtorpedo|dog: ipw3945 had binary stuff in l-r-m.  iwl3945 doesn't.03:43
mheathmacogw: Given that Ubuntu uses network-manager, now, it could be an issue in the gnome settings stuff03:43
torpedo|dogI see.03:43
axisyspatifa: cat /proc/cpuinfo03:43
axisyspatifa: http://rafb.net/p/Y7pcD833.html03:43
macogwi removed l-r-m a few days after installing hardy and realizing i had fully FOSS drivers03:43
axisyspatifa: so i got one person said it is 64 bt and one says no 64 but03:43
* checkers reboots...03:43
torpedo|doggood luck, checkers03:43
macogwaxisys: just tell us the model name03:43
torpedo|dogcome back and tell me how it worked for you ;)03:43
axisysmacogw: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.60GHz03:44
DanaGipw3945 worked far better than iwl3945, for me.03:44
macogwmheath: i'm not in gnome...i cant login03:44
patifawhich one is it03:44
macogwaxisys: aww pentiums dont have the nice naming conventions.03:44
DanaGiwl3945 can cause things like ksoftirqd eating 100% of one core, or modprobe (to try to unload the module) eating 100% of the OTHER core.03:44
torpedo|dogI never noticed the difference personally, DanaG.  How did you find them different?03:44
checkersyup, that worked03:44
torpedo|dogoh, that's different03:44
checkersthanks torpedo|dog03:44
DanaGiwl3945 is buggy.03:44
macogwDanaG: havent had that issue03:44
torpedo|dogtime for me to do the same then ;)03:44
checkersjust had to change the driver over in xorg.conf03:45
macogwDanaG: i heard in the early alphas itd kernel panic, but it works fine for me now03:45
DanaGTry toggling wireless a few times, using both the hardware killswitch and the software toggle in NM.03:45
checkerslet me check if it was ati or radon03:45
axisysmacogw: cat /proc/cpuinfo03:45
axisysmacogw: http://rafb.net/p/Y7pcD833.html03:45
macogwaxisys: how do i open links from irssi in lynx?03:45
patifaI know what those are03:45
patifayou need the flag called 'lm'03:45
checkerstorpedo|dog: just changed Driver "fglrx" to "ati" in /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:45
Gilou[04:42:37] <Gilou>  axisys> I think it's the "lm" flag03:45
macogwaxisys: i have no X03:45
* checkers off now03:45
axisysmacogw: ags           : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss tm pbe nx up bts est tm203:46
axisysmacogw: flags           : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss tm pbe nx up bts est tm203:46
macogwaxisys: O_o ok yeah idk03:46
patifaso yeah, you don't have lm or the other useful flag for 64 computing (which has _lm in it)03:47
axisyspatifa: ok.. thnx03:47
torpedo|dogWell, switching to ati didn't help too much :(03:50
zcat[1]hmm, loks like I'll just use the windows version of OOo that I installed in WIne until hardy gets this sorted out03:50
patifaAre others having problems with OO in hardy?03:50
ReL1Kpatifa yea03:51
zcat[1]Yes. Very yes.03:51
patifasynaptic is having a field day with OO updates for me.03:51
ReL1Keveryone else is03:51
IdleOnepatifa: everybody yup03:51
torpedo|dogpatifa: don't reboot your system after updating, if there's a kernel update03:51
torpedo|dogand you use restricted drivers03:51
torpedo|dog^ PSA03:51
zcat[1]and I can't even find an independent 64-bit build I can use in the meantime03:51
patifaNot using restricted drivers.03:51
torpedo|doglucky! :P03:51
patifaI have an ATI X165003:51
zcat[1]Worst case I could still boot back into gutsy anyhow03:52
zcat[1]I have a dual-boot-shared-home install :)03:52
torpedo|dogzcat[1]: do things ever get wonky with respect to the newer vs. older application config files?03:53
Melcheveryone having problems upgrading right?03:53
torpedo|dogyou betcha03:53
zcat[1]semi-shared home.. yes, they would, so I don't truly share home like that03:53
torpedo|dogalso, +1 for "very yes"03:54
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torpedo|dogMelch: restricted drivers getting you down?03:54
patifaSo zcat did you screw up X by half-updating?03:54
tkoodahave the hardy issues from yesterday been fixed?03:55
zcat[1]I have no idea how badly hardy is screwed here.. I dare not reboot now :)03:55
Melchno it will fail with any and all kernerl related updates03:55
jbroomeGlad i'm on a big UPS03:55
torpedo|dog...else you'll be stuck in tty1 talking to everybody over irssi ;)03:55
zcat[1]Well, we were warned.. :)03:55
patifaI think I partially installed some kernel upgrades03:55
patifaRight as it screwed up.03:55
torpedo|dog*womp womp*03:56
DanaGThat's odd: I closed my buddy list, and Pidgin quit.03:56
DanaGI have it set to show systray icon, but it didn't show one!03:56
DanaGI had to select "show icon" -> "never" and then "always" again to get it back.03:56
patifaGuess I'll be suspending hardy, then. :P03:56
zcat[1]just to really mess things up, I decided to replace flash-nonfree with plugin-gnash ...03:57
zcat[1]this should be interesting03:57
DanaGOh yeah, a word to the wise: don't scsiadd -r your boot drive.  It causes Bad Things to happen (namely, root disappears).03:57
torpedo|doggo one step further and replace Java with GCJ!03:57
zcat[1].. If I can't get my homestarrunner fix I'll be switching right back of course03:57
* torpedo|dog needs him some ascii art Homestaw03:58
patifaWell I'm just concerned about X not starting again here.03:58
zcat[1]sun java is OSS now isn't it?03:58
DanaGArgh, and something keeps turning down my PCM volume all the way to zero.03:58
torpedo|dogWell, not the Sun Java package, yet.03:58
zcat[1]DanaG: around here that's usually my kids.. they just don't appreciate good music!03:58
torpedo|dogand I'm sure that even Sun opening the source to Java won't stop GNU from reimplementing their own, 'cause they seem to like to do that03:59
macogwtorpedo|dog: like me?03:59
macogwi'm screening irssi, lynx, and a term because i cant login to GDM03:59
* torpedo|dog hifives macogw 03:59
torpedo|dogI would have started screen if I were smarter04:00
DanaGI can't stand modern Pop music.04:00
patifaWell I don't have restricted drivers, and I haven't yet updated the linux kernel.04:01
patifaAnyone know how lucky I'll be at a restart?04:01
macogwO_o xdm just corrupted my terminal somehow04:02
macogwits all big artifacts04:02
torpedo|dogthat's no good04:02
patifaTried resetting it?04:03
akkIs there a metapackage that installs "all the standard stuff to get a working X11"?04:04
akkI've been gradually building up fonts, servers, clients, config stuff ... getting a little farther each time04:04
akknow I have the server stuff but not the client stuff, like xterm04:05
torpedo|dogakk: you don't want a desktop environment like Gnome or KDE, just an X11?04:05
akktorpedo|dog: Just X04:06
zcat[1]seems the gnash package is broken too.. firefox keeps telling me I need a plugin04:06
zcat[1]It should at least try to use gnash, right?\04:06
DanaGAll my theme previews are broken.04:06
DanaGAnd icon previews, too.04:06
torpedo|dogzcat[1]: speaking of plugins, do you use Java 1.6?04:06
zcat[1]just when hardy was starting to look quite nice, they had to go mess up everything!04:06
zcat[1]torpedo|dog: no idea.04:07
torpedo|dogthanks anyway04:07
torpedo|dogwere you around for the last time they messed up everything?04:07
macogwzcat[1]: yeah really...04:07
zcat[1]OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0-b08)04:07
patifamacogw, synaptic is listing xorg as the X11 metapackage04:08
zcat[1]apparently yes, 1.604:08
torpedo|doghm... well, firefox has never worked for Java 1.6 for me, so if anybody has any ideas...?04:08
macogwi was at a promote-linux-to-the-government thing today and i said "the next one is looking really nice, except well, sometimes things break when beta-testing, like today, so i cant show you"04:08
macogwit was to a linux user though04:08
macogwnot to a "what's linux?" person04:08
AmyRoseHi macogw04:09
akklol, installing acpi and acpi-support pulls in finger ? (and not as a recommends, either)04:09
macogwhi AmyRose04:09
* akk doesn't generally think of finger as being a critical part of acpi handling04:09
macogwwoah akk's in here?04:10
macogwakk: you confused me!04:10
akkhi macogw :)04:10
* AmyRose hugs macogw04:10
macogwi had to double take and check what channel this was04:10
macogwhaha *hugs back*04:10
akkacpi also requires radeontool, toshset and various other stuff04:10
torpedo|dogakk: what's handling? Holding something in your hand. Can't do that without fingers! ;)04:10
patifaxserver-xorg-input-all and xserver-xorg-video-all are metas too.04:10
zcat[1]apparently I've passed my cap too, bloody modem speed downloads today04:11
torpedo|dogoh poop, I don't know how to switch windows in irssi04:12
patifaalts I think04:12
fxjrhi all!04:13
zcat[1]oh well, might as well reboot and see how bad it fails04:13
fxjrI'm coming from #ubuntu. they said I couldn't talk about 8.04 there :)04:13
patifagood timing, it's exploding for anyone who updates04:13
fxjrwell, my problem is that I have a key binding for ctrl + alt + pgup/down04:13
fxjrand so I can't change tabs in gedit04:13
fxjrbecause compiz wall plugin changes workspaces when I press them04:14
fxjrdo you know how I can disable this binding from wall plugin?04:14
fxjrI already tried to search for this binding in advanced search of compizconfig settings manager with no luck :(04:14
macogwfxjr: you can change the binding in gedit04:15
macogwfxjr: if you just mouse over an option in a menu in gnome and hit a keyboard combo, it remaps that option to that keyboard combo04:15
fxjris that true???04:16
fxjrI never would think about that!!04:16
fxjrlet me give it a try....04:16
macogwit might be a setting in gnome you can disable, but i once accidentally mapped "new tab" in gnome-terminal to backspace that way04:16
macogwthat was really confusing04:16
DanaGYou have to explicitly enable that remapping.04:17
fxjrI think so.04:17
macogwi thought it was enabled and you had to disable it04:17
fxjrbecause I tried and it didn't change.04:17
fxjrwhere do I enable it?04:17
macogwoh umm where's the accelerator changer option?04:17
fxjrI would love to have gedit changing tabs with ctrl + pgup/down04:17
DanaGtab: "interface"04:18
fxjrgoing there....04:18
fxjrlet me try now change gedit keybindings....04:19
akkThat remapping used to be the default in gtk1, but in gtk2 each program has to enable it and most don't04:19
macogwakk: i think actual gnome ones have it enabled04:19
akkthose that do, like gimp, usually make it an off-by-default pref04:19
macogwlike ones that live on gnome.org04:19
fxjrDanaG, macogw Thanks!!04:21
fxjrthat worked!!04:21
fxjrat least sort of...04:21
fxjrbecause my keybinding doesn't work :(04:21
fxjrI wanted to use ctrl+pgup04:21
fxjrbut it is already being used by the text field itself to go to beginning of line :(04:21
DanaGOne thing that bugs me on Apple:04:22
fxjralthough I use home to do that.04:22
DanaG"Home" is wrong -- it acts like "ctrl-home"04:22
akkw00t!  finally got far enough to test, and hardy fixes the display-out bug that gutsy introduced last January04:22
macogwwhats ctrl+home?04:22
axisysis there a .deb for ff 3b5 /04:22
DanaGBeginning of document.04:22
macogwakk: feisty?04:22
macogwDanaG: whats home then?04:22
macogwi thought home should take you to the top of a webpage...and end to the bottom04:23
akkmacogw: feisty was fine, and gutsy was fine until the end of January when an update broke it04:23
macogwnot that it works in firefox04:23
hansinCan anyone tell me the Upstart equivalent to the inittab file?  Sorry if this is a dumb question, as I can't find inittab on my Gutsy install either.  Are there even such things as runlevels in Upstart?  Thanks.04:23
DanaGIs "F7" set in Firefox?04:23
macogwakk: ooo i thought you meant jan 07 which wouldnt work for gutsy.  since when does ubuntu do updats?04:23
fxjrwell... I think I will need to disable the shortcut in wall plugin itself :(04:23
macogwhansin: i think its the entire /etc/event.d/ directory... talk to jdong though04:24
DanaGDOn't forget to re-disable the remappability.04:24
macogwhansin: he has an entirely upstart based system.  cut his boot time in half.04:24
akkmacogw: yeah, it's supposed to be only minor bugfixes, lots of serious bugs don't get fixed, yet somehow video-out got horked04:24
fxjrdo you know where do I find where wall is mapping ctrl+alt+pgup/down to change workspaces??04:24
hansinmacogw: Thanks.  Now that I think about it, that sounds familiar.  I'll go dig there and see what I can learn.04:25
macogwhansin: upstart is in ubuntu but being used to its full potential.  it's in sysv compat mode...just calls init scripts because upstream projects dont know to have upstart scripts available yet04:25
macogwhansin: i said that wrong04:25
DanaGVersion 0.27:04:25
DanaG  * Updating the look of the Human theme.04:25
macogwhansin: but *not* being used to its full....04:25
macogwok new and different04:26
DanaGMy opinion: append "by hitting it with the Ugly stick".04:26
macogwi made xdm default like akk suggested and after rebooting xdm *does* load gnome04:26
macogwthis is good...04:26
Black_Magicwhats that PDF Reader that reads the PDF File outloud?04:26
DanaGNow it looks all washed-out and "pasty-faced"04:27
DanaGWTF?  Update-manager just reselected everything I unchecked!04:27
macogwDanaG: i want the version of the murrine one with the brushed metal menubars. know where to get it?04:27
DanaGI'm speaking of the GDM theme, actually.04:27
DanaGUncheck stuff... click Update.... get error for any of various reasons.... BOOM!  Everything's checked again!04:28
macogwthere's definitely no gnome settings daemon going04:28
macogwDanaG: oh. no idea. i have a lack of working gdm /me scowls at it04:28
torpedo|dogDanaG: update-manager thinks it's smarter than you!04:28
torpedo|dogshow it who's boss!04:29
DanaGI refuse to install packages without changelogs.04:29
axisysanyone know of a debian/ubuntu pkg for firefox 3 beta 5?04:29
fxjrI think I will have to disable the wall plugin...04:29
torpedo|dogokay, I just did an apt-get upgrade, and we now have libx86-1, l-r-m-common, login, passwd, and fglrx updated.04:31
torpedo|dogunfortunately, no regular l-r-m yet...04:31
torpedo|dogfxjr: are you in Gnome?04:32
Kl4mI've been given the bugs.html again; this is getting annoying04:32
hansinmacogw: Okay, I get it.  I am seeing that the small scripts in /etc/event.d really just trigger the svsv scripts...  Thanks.04:32
fxjrtorpedo|dog, yeap04:32
Black_MagicAnyone know my eyes hurt im seeing lil color plurges on the screen04:33
torpedo|dogbecause if so, I *think* it will respect the Gnome workspace switcher preferences if you go to Sys > Prefs > Keyboard Shortcuts...04:33
fxjrwell, for now, desktop cube worked for me.04:33
fxjralthough with the default 2 workspaces of ubuntu, I don't get exactly a cube ... :)04:33
akkI think the best thing about hardy is going to be that I no longer have to type gutsu^Hy every time I write about my OS.04:33
torpedo|doghm. it might not, then. I remember it having done so04:33
fxjrtorpedo|dog, hm.......04:34
akkI don't know why I'm incapable of typing "gutsy" properly, but I seem to be.04:34
fxjrlet me see....04:34
akkhardy hadron, that would have been a good name!04:34
torpedo|dogit would have been a very small OS...04:35
fxjrtorpedo|dog, no luck.04:35
akkmade of even smaller parts!04:35
fxjrthe keybinding in keyboard shortcuts is set to ctrl+alt+left04:35
fxjrI can confirm it is a problem in the wall plugin itself because when I disable it, I can use ctrl+alt + pgup04:36
fxjrtorpedo|dog, are you using gnome?04:36
torpedo|dognot at the moment, no.04:36
fxjrok. don't you have this problem?04:36
akkkey bindings are really easy to set in openbox :)04:36
* torpedo|dog rebooted after a partial kind-of kernel update ;)04:36
fxjrahhh ok.04:36
fxjris anybody here using gnome?04:37
torpedo|dogBut when I was in Gnome and used compiz, the keybindings nearly always reflected gnome standards04:37
fxjrwho could test the ctrl+alt+pgup?04:37
fxjrtorpedo|dog, yeap. that's true.04:37
fxjrat least I thought so until I started gedit and tried to change a tab.. :)04:37
* torpedo|dog no longer uses compiz when he is in gnome -- xgl eats too much rams and is a bit unstalbe for my taste04:38
fxjrI see....04:38
fxjranswer me a question...04:38
torpedo|dogisn't that just ctrl+pgup/dn?04:38
fxjrI liked the compiz because you can assign a lot of shortcuts to keyboard.04:38
fxjris there a way of doing that with plain gnome?04:38
fxjrfor example...04:39
fxjrI set up <super>+f to open a nautilus window for me.04:39
fxjr<super>+t to open a gnome-terminal04:39
fxjrhow could I do that on plain gnome?04:39
Kl4mhuh, system -> prefs -> keyboard shortcuts?04:39
RAOFtorpedo|dog: You do know that Xgl != Compiz, right?04:40
torpedo|dogthat's an excellent question I might be able to answer if I had access to Gnome at the moment. I think you might be able to do custom stuff there, but I'm not sure.04:40
torpedo|dogRAOF: yeah, I stopped using Compiz because XGL ate too much rams and I'm on a newish ATI.04:40
RAOFtorpedo|dog: And you almost certainly can run compiz without Xgl.04:40
torpedo|dognewish ATI?04:40
torpedo|doghow would I accomplish that?04:41
RAOFtorpedo|dog: The fglrx driver no longer sucks _quite_ so much, and provides the things needed for compiz.04:41
torpedo|dogWell, right now I'm stuck in a tty, so I'll take your word for it.04:41
fxjrKl4m, yes, but where or how can I say that I want <super>+f to call nautilus?04:41
torpedo|dogalso, RAOF, are you talking about the ATI-packaged fglrx or the Ubuntu fglrx?04:42
Kl4mHmm yes it seems there is no "super-combination" with that dialog04:42
RAOFtorpedo|dog: Ubuntu fglrx.04:42
torpedo|dogbecause I was under the impression that the Ubuntu one trailed by a bit04:42
torpedo|dogI'll have to try it out sometime.04:43
RAOFtorpedo|dog: I mean, you'll see a _different_ set of bugs, because fglrx still sucks, but they won't be Xgl bugs anymore :)04:43
torpedo|dogand perhaps I might be able to run celestia and compiz at the same time! joy!04:44
torpedo|dognow, if only they would get a sensible preferences window...04:44
Kl4mHey try this. Run glchess, start a game against GNUChess, then use help. You win?04:45
torpedo|dogbecause the default "How many effects? None/Some/Lots" is too few, and CompizConfig's "Change every little thing!" is too much.04:45
RAOFtorpedo|dog: simple-ccsm is in the repositories, and may well be what you want :)04:46
torpedo|dogwhat's next? Pie is healthy for you?04:46
bluecakeif i "POP3" my emails with thunderbird (windows), can i export the emails to thunderbird (linux)?04:46
tgelterso, I realize that this isn't the best place to ask this (point me to a good channel if you know of one)...does anyone know of a good source for good-quality A/V receivers that won't break the bank?04:46
torpedo|dogooh, actually, I'm looking for a [US, ATSC] usb hdtv tuner myself, so if anybody has an answer, that would be pretty fantastic04:47
bluecake if i "POP3" my emails with thunderbird (windows), can i export the emails to thunderbird (linux)?04:47
RAOF!ohmy > bluecake :)04:48
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fxjrwell, guys....04:49
fxjrthank you very much for your help04:49
torpedo|dogI think you can just copy over the whole profile folder, but I think there might be some caveats to that.04:49
fxjrI will try to find anything about the wall plugin.04:49
fxjrbut for now, I'm happy that I can use desktop cube instead04:49
DanaGI'd need a QAM tuner, myself.04:49
fxjrand that I learned one thing about gnome I would never imagine: I can change menu shortcuts on the fly!!04:49
fxjrthat' s amazing!!04:49
* DanaG will be switching to ATI in the summer.04:50
DanaGI'm sick of my nvidia issues.04:50
torpedo|dogQAM would also be nice for me, but some cursory googling suggests that ain't gonna happen on USB, which is unfortunate 'cause I'm on a laptop04:50
DanaGEthernet; just not encrypted QAM, of course.04:50
DanaGYup; a networked tuner, that merely dumps the stream over the network to any attached devices.04:52
DanaGIt's QAM and ATSC only.04:52
torpedo|dogno analog TV at all?04:52
DanaGNot on that thing.04:52
DanaGBut remember: Analog will die in 2009 in the US.04:52
Kl4mCan anybody confirm this simple bug? Run glchess, start a game against GNUChess, then go to help->contents. You win.04:52
torpedo|doghm, certainly something to look at if I'm going broadcast04:52
fxjrwell, bye all04:53
torpedo|dogright now, I'm in Skaneateles, NY, a bit too far from Syracuse to be picking up their OTA channels clearly04:53
AnswerGuyAnyone else here ever work on 64-bit systems with an "nfsnobody" of -1 and see a /var/log/lastlog with a (sparse/virtual) size of 1.2TB?04:53
fxjrand have a good night.04:53
Kl4mgood night to you04:53
fxjrgoing bed. here is 12:53 AM04:53
AnswerGuyEver try to grep it?04:53
fxjrthanks Kl4m !04:53
torpedo|dogwhat could go wrong, AnswerGuy?04:53
AnswerGuyTo normal utilities like grep, this will look like a 1.2TB stream of NUL characters04:54
AnswerGuyOne long line.04:54
AnswerGuyThink about how GNU grep will try to deal with that ...04:54
torpedo|dogassert(line_length < 1000000000 /* who would have lines this long? */)04:55
torpedo|dogor did it malloc itself into a deep hole?04:56
HorizonXPok phew04:56
AnswerGuy(For fun, try it yourself on a 64-bit system; create an account with a UID of -1; log in, log out; log back in as root; grep zzz /var/log/lastlog.04:56
Kl4mI think grep should handle it, slowly. Or maybe I have too much faith in GNU utilities04:56
AnswerGuyWell on my RHEL4u4 system it malloc() it's way through RAM and swap before eventually reporting "memory exhausted"04:56
AnswerGuyIt didn't invoke the kernel OOM killer; so nothing really bad happened.  But the system was unresponsive for about 10 minutes.04:57
akkI wish I could remember what I did in gutsy to make the cardbus network card work, since it needs doing again in hardy04:57
AnswerGuy(3GiB RAM, 6GB swap)04:57
torpedo|dogso it looks like at least they checked if(NULL == ptr) somewhere.04:57
torpedo|dogwhich, in that case, seems like the most reasonable thing to do, because people can use grep for crazy/memory-intensive/crazy memory-intensive purposes04:58
AnswerGuyWell, if (moremem = malloc(...) < 0) at any rate04:58
AnswerGuyOh, actually I see what you mean NULL == ptr04:59
torpedo|dog(assuming ptr were a pointer allocated at some point before)04:59
Killeroidhi, anyone know how to make ubuntu use only b43legacy as the wireless driver instead of always loading b4305:00
AnswerGuyAnyway, I'll try it on my Ubuntu/Hardy system at home tonight to see if there's something there that's handling it more gracefully05:00
torpedo|dogagain, what could possibly go wrong?05:00
torpedo|dogI guess set it off as you go to bed and see what happens in the morning!05:00
AnswerGuyYeah, I was forgetting that malloc() never returns -ENOMEM05:00
AnswerGuyThat would be brk()s job05:00
torpedo|dogI've only ever done a little C for a class at RIT -- we only got into basic memory management05:01
AnswerGuyYeah, my 64-bit Hardy box at home is 8GiB of RAM05:01
torpedo|dognothing to do with erromhygod that's a lot of ram05:01
AnswerGuyIt was my xmas gift to myself.05:02
AnswerGuybrk() is the system call over which malloc() and similar library functions are built.05:02
AnswerGuybrk() returns -ENOMEM if the kernel decides there's not enough memory to give you.05:02
AnswerGuy(But because of CoW and overcommit semantics there's not guarantee that a successful brk() can be fully satisfied by real memory or even swap in the default case)05:03
AnswerGuydinner time: bye all05:06
torpedo|dogmmm, enjoy05:06
torpedo|dogdinner is definitely one of /my/ top three meals of the day05:06
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DanaGHeh, one of the players has died.05:08
DanaGHow do you "die" in Chess?05:08
DanaGI know there's Checkmate, but that's not "Dying" per se.05:08
torpedo|dogwell, the rook can be pretty pointy05:09
torpedo|dogand if you fell on it, it might not end well05:09
DanaGHEh, even stranger: rewind a computer-versus-computer game, one gets checkmate.05:17
DanaGYou are unable to play in 3D mode due to the following problems:         No Python OpenGL support         No Python GTKGLExt support                     Please contact your system administrator to resolve these problems, until then you will be able to play chess in 2D mode.05:20
DanaGOkay, how about telling me PACKAGE NAMES?05:20
akkDanaG: That would be telling.05:20
DanaGShould I file a bug report on the "Can't right-click padevchooser" issue?05:21
Kl4mDanaG: so you confirm it. My explanation was enough to reproduce the bug righ05:23
DanaGLink me to it, and I can confirm.05:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210642 in glchess "GNUChess loses on consulting help" [Undecided,Incomplete]05:24
DanaGOh, I thought you meant the padevchooser one.05:24
Kl4mIt's been "bugs.html"-ed.05:25
T1m0thyAnyone else unable to apply the upgrades yet?05:28
igorgueT1m0thy: have problems with update?05:29
igorgueI'm about to do it...05:29
igorgueI probably won't :P05:29
igorgueT1m0thy: what's up with it?05:29
=== dwidmann_ is now known as dwidmann
T1m0thyOkay, so uh.. I'm getting updates for Hardy.. and it says it can't do a complete upgrade, but a partial upgrade will install ones that can be installed. So, I click partial upgrade.. It says it's running, then fails.05:29
T1m0thyI had that typed but I didn't send it because it said just to wait and try again.05:29
igorgueahh T1m0thy I got that too... reload your packages05:30
Kl4mTry apt-get dist-upgrade05:30
Kl4mafter apt-get update.05:30
nomasteryodathen repeat that ... apt-get update and apt-get upgrade05:31
T1m0thywhat's so big about this?05:31
nomasteryodaand then dist-upgrade ... to be sure05:31
Kl4mIt still says linux-restricted-modules-generic is held05:32
nomasteryodamight have some issues ... and will be released when ready05:32
Kl4mbut everything seems to work fine05:32
nomasteryodathen safe to ignore for now05:32
Gilouman hal 0.5.11.xx is so fucked up.05:32
sotapI had this problem earlier as well.  I used synaptic to install all updates besides the linux* packages.  After I did that I was able to update the remaining packages without a dist-upgrade.05:32
zcat[1]Fetched 7413kB in 17min18s (7140B/s)05:33
akkI don't suppose there's anybody here who knows how udev is supposed to handle pcmcia/cardbus cards ...?05:33
zcat[1]damn third-world internet05:33
torpedo|dogzcat[1]: .au?05:34
torpedo|doghm, I've heard all sorts of bad things about the Australian ISP (yes, there's competition, but not meaningful), but nothing that vitriolic about New Zealand's. Similar situation?05:35
zcat[1]I have a cap.. 1G per day, 20G per month.. if I go over, I get dialup speeds for the rest of the month05:35
torpedo|dogwow, that's really crappy...I probably go through more than that in a typical day thanks to internet radio05:36
torpedo|dogthat = 1GB05:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210642 in glchess "GNUChess loses on consulting help" [Undecided,Incomplete]05:36
SlynderdaleWhen I try to ugrade to Ubuntu 8.04 I get this error "could not calculate upgrade"05:36
DanaGakk: what card?05:37
torpedo|dogSlynderdale: there are some dependency issues right now, wait until tomorrow and try again05:37
akkDanaG: 3Com 3c59x, wired ethernet05:37
akkDanaG: It works fine but only if I manually type ifdown eth0; ifup eth005:37
akkDanaG: Inserting the card, or running pccardctl insert, doesn't call ifup or init.d/network start or anything05:38
DanaGHmm, perhaps there's something in /etc/network/interfaces that's preventing it from using NetworkManager.05:38
akkNo NetworkManager involved here -- I don't run gnome05:38
DanaGOr KDE?05:38
akkthis is a 5-year-old laptop, it's not fast enough to run those big eye-candy desktops05:39
DanaGAah.  Well, perhaps it needs to have "auto eth0" in the interfaces file.05:39
DanaGor allow-hotplug05:40
DanaGeth0. whatever.05:40
torpedo|dogsomething to the effect of:05:40
akkI have auto-eth0 and allow-hotplug eth005:40
torpedo|dogauto eth005:40
torpedo|dogeth0 inet dhcp05:40
akkyes, sorry, auto eth0, not auto-eth005:40
torpedo|doglet me look at my /etc/network/interfaces and check05:40
torpedo|dog> auto eth005:41
torpedo|dog> iface eth0 inet dhcp05:41
torpedo|dogis what mine says, minus the > which I just used to indicate quoting05:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 53829 in udev "ifup invoked as --allow auto instead of --allow hotplug" [Undecided,Invalid]05:42
akkMine is iface eth0 inet static, followed by address, netmask and gateway lines (it's not dhcp)05:42
DanaGAdd the "auto" line.05:43
torpedo|dogwith NM, is it possible to have one network in a limited netmask like and the other interface autoconfigured?05:43
heydabopI have an nVidia Go 6100 video card and on hardware drivers, it says the driver nvidia_new is enabled, but not in use. How do I put it to use?05:43
akkDanaG: sorry, which auto line? I already have auto eth005:43
akkI also have allow-hotplug eth005:44
akkused to need both of them, but now I guess it needs something else too05:44
akkI knew how to debug these things under hotplug, but I don't have a clue how it's supposed to work now with pccardctl and udev, or how to debug it05:45
DanaGhmm, try udevmonitor05:46
DanaGor rather, sudo udevmonitor05:46
akkthanks, I didn't know about udevmonitor05:48
akkI get 2 add lines -- the second one is for /class/net/eth0 (net)05:49
akkand then the same 2 lines repeated a second time05:49
DanaG"How do you even "die" in Chess?  I don't normally use the term "death" to describe checkmate."05:49
akkdepends on how bad the checkmate is, maybe :)05:50
=== Silvano is now known as silvanozzzz
akkI'm not sure what that udevmonitor is telling me05:51
akkIs udev supposed to call ifup? And would udevmonitor tell me if it did?05:52
berbslatest updates broke network manager (can't retrieve IP), is anyone seeing the same issue?05:53
akkheh, berbs, I'm seeing that without even having network manager05:54
T1m0thyI can just exit a terminal downloading the updates right?05:54
DanaGI think it would say so, yes, upon card insertion.05:54
torpedo|dogdownloading, I think so. Installing, not so much.05:55
Kl4mCtrl+C before would be safer05:55
Kl4mwhat he said05:55
torpedo|dog^ good plan05:55
berbsakk: it used to happen for me for a while, then an update to network-manager fixed it and now it's broken again... argh05:55
berbsI have to explicitely set the wireless info.05:55
T1m0thyI sometimes get d/c from the internet randomly.. but it hasn't happened for a while.05:56
akkIt looks like /etc/udev/rules.d/85-ifupdown.rules is where the rule is defined that's supposed to call ifup, on an add05:56
T1m0thyI know others had it too.05:56
akkbut I don't know how to tell if udev is ever getting there05:56
Kl4msame here, the ipw card goes down suddenly05:56
akkah, the difference between the two seemingly dup pairs of lines in udevmonitor is that the first pair are UEVENT, the second are UDEV05:58
akkbut man udevmonitor doesn't talk about what either of those mean05:59
T1m0thyIt says a package manager is working even after I closed the terminal downloading the upgrades. :\06:03
DanaG!info ifplugd06:05
ubotuPackage ifplugd does not exist in hardy06:05
DanaGOh yes it does.06:06
cyphaseeww.. the volume control looks like GTK 1 in hardy06:08
T1m0thyOh crap.06:09
T1m0thyI think it installed the updates.06:09
T1m0thyWish me luck.06:09
akkhmm, pccardctl insert doesn't cause anything to be printed in udevmonitor06:09
akkbut the suspend/resume scripts in /etc/acpi call pccardctl insert -- maybe that explains why they don't work either06:10
DanaGakk: try installing ifplugd.06:12
T1m0thyWell.. the internet still works so far..06:12
DanaGOh, and inserting the card should load the driver automatically; no need for pccardctl insert.06:12
T1m0thyIs "current dist not found in meta-release file" bad?06:14
akkDanaG: ifplugd if I just run it with no args (says it defaults to eth0) doesn't change anything, ifup still isn't run06:14
akkDanaG: Is there something specific I should try besides just running it?06:14
DanaGsudo dpkg-reconfigure ifplugd06:15
DanaGto get the hotplug question.06:15
akkDanaG: pccardctl insert is called from resume.sh, so that the network will be restarted after a suspend (except that it doesn't work since ifup isn't actually called)06:15
heydabopIn Hardware Drivers, the restricted driver "nvidia_new" is enabled, but not in use. How do I put it to use?06:16
akkDanaG: I left the first question blank and said all to the second, and that doesn't help06:18
akkDanaG: now I'll try again answering auto to the first question (the one that says "don't use this one for pcmcia", in case they mean "but do use it for cardbus")06:19
ubotuDebian bug 334876 in ifplugd "ifplugd scripts relies on hotplug deprecated by udev" [Grave,Fixed]06:19
akkrelying on hotplug would be bad, since hotplug hasn't existed in several releases06:20
akknope, answering "eth0" to the first question doesn't make it work either06:20
DanaGYeah, that's an old bug.06:20
akkbtw, should ps aux | grep plug show it running? The init script says it's starting it but it doesn't show up in ps06:20
akkor maybe it's not running because of that bug, and it's just fundamentally broken06:21
DanaGhm, if you dpkg --listfiles ifplugd06:21
DanaGdo you get stuff about udev?06:22
DanaGTry listing interfaces in the "hotplug" question manually.06:22
akkthere's a /lib/udev/ifplugd.agent06:22
DanaGMaybe you need to restart the udev service?\06:23
akkoh, and a rules.d/ifplugd.rules06:23
akk /etc/init.d/udev restart doesn't help06:24
DanaGDoes udevmonitor do anything different if you manually unload the module and then remove the card... and then reinsert it?06:24
akkI can't unload the module -- non-modular kernel06:25
DanaGThat's weird.06:25
LibertyShadowIs anyone getting an error updating besides me06:26
akk2.6.22 (gutsy) and 2.6.24 (hardy) both have serious bugs that make them unusable for me, so I have to build my own kernel (
LibertyShadowI guess I'll just let the issue solve itself06:28
T1m0thyLibertyShadow, it worked for me through terminal, but06:30
T1m0thyI got the same thing through update-manager.06:30
DanaGThe new washed-out theme makes me think it needs sunscreen.06:31
T1m0thyI don't really care.. but it was a lot different with the light part..06:32
T1m0thyI did like the old better.06:32
T1m0thyBut I'm not going to change it.06:32
DanaGI hate the new one.06:32
DanaGIt strikes me as OMGUGLY every time I see it.06:33
LibertyShadowT1m0thy, running in the terminal, no errors so far06:33
T1m0thyIt is uglier, DanaG.06:33
T1m0thyNo problem. :)06:33
DanaGOmGuGlY oMgUgLy.06:33
LibertyShadowWonder what the dist upgrade is all about06:34
T1m0thyHyper? lol06:34
LibertyShadowis it a release candidate?06:34
T1m0thySame, Liberty..06:34
T1m0thyNo clue.06:34
DanaGI never install updates unless changelogs are available.06:34
DanaGA few exceptions: firefox updates, since I run the ppa repo.06:34
LibertyShadowbeta 5 is out :D06:35
DanaGAnd hplip because it never ever ever ever ever shows changelogs in update-manager.06:35
LibertyShadow(firefox 3)06:35
HorizonXPLibertyShadow: is the beta 5 package out?06:35
DanaGYes, I've had some sugar.06:36
T1m0thyI don't think.06:36
T1m0thyYou could do it yourself, but I would wait.06:36
LibertyShadowHorizonXP, not yet, I don't think06:36
Ava-_hey guys I run mythtv and have had a working setup for a long time.. ever since I updraded to hardy.. I see the modules still loading ok for my dvb card and I see the fw load for it in dmesg, but I get this..06:37
Ava-_[51824.822220] ivtv1: All encoder MPG stream buffers are full. Dropping data.06:37
Ava-_[51824.822228] ivtv1: Cause: the application is not reading fast enough.06:37
Ava-_any ideas?06:37
DanaGWhat should I do to suggest returning to the previous theme revision?06:38
T1m0thyYou could probably apply it yourself.. lol06:40
T1m0thyCouldn't you?06:40
DanaGYeah, but it won't make it less ugly for others.06:41
Killeroidahh, after four hours of updating and looking for a fix for my wireless not working, i just remembered that i still have the old kernel and so  booted up using the old kernel and i am enjoying my wifi. i really hope someone fixes the network manager(broadcom wireless bug) before hardy is relased06:41
DanaGAnd I think the uglyness will make a bad first impression.06:41
Ray_I need a help regarding Upgrade of Hardy. I am running the Hardy Beta. The problem is when trying to install about 61 updates today, I am getting a message "Not all updates can be installed". The partial update option is also not working.06:46
akkany audio people? /usr/bin/play (from sox) can't play a .wav because: unknown file type `auto'06:46
Ray_It is saying could not calculate update.06:47
Ayabarahow can I do a complete reinstall of firefox? I have messed things up so that I have to type "firefox.ubuntu" to start it, and when I download files it never let's me "open with application"06:47
jbroomeakk: ran into that earlier today with an ogg06:47
Ray_Sorry, not update, it is upgrade. "Could not calculate the upgrade".06:47
WGGMkim having an issue with gfx-grub, and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it. I have installed it (correctly I believe) but I get this one boot: "graphics file (message.xxxx) missing" to that effect06:48
akkjbroome: did you find a solution? or is it at least a known bug?06:49
Zoikshey, has there been reports of ubuntu requiring a partial update which then fails06:49
jbroomeakk: i just used audacity to play the ogg.  didn't poke into it further06:50
akkIs there any point in filing bugs on this stuff? It sounds like hardy is known to be still pretty broken and maybe filing bugs would be premature?06:50
T1m0thyRay_: Use the command line.06:50
Ray_T1m0thy : Can you please help with the commands?06:52
T1m0thysudo apt-get update06:52
T1m0thysudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:52
Ray_T1m0thy : Great, Thanks a million. I am now running the first one.06:55
T1m0thyNo prob.06:56
Killeroidis it only me or is hardy really buggy for an OS being released in less than a month? I dont recall any of the earlier releases being this buggy so close to release date06:58
Ray_Killeroid, I have no earlier experience of running Beta versions. But I chose to run 8.04 on my work PC only because I had enough confidence on Ubuntu.07:01
Ray_As of now personally I feel there are some issues but with so much of help from the community I have been able to go ahead and continue using Hardy.07:02
Aval0n_hey guys on hardy by default when you drag windows around, is there supposed to be an effect?07:04
Aval0n_cause my window stays solid, but appears to chop around07:05
zcat[1]Aval0n_: by default, no.. wobbly comes on if you choose advanced effects07:05
Aval0n_I'm used to the wobble/jello type effect feisty had with compiz07:05
Aval0n_where would I tick advance effects?07:05
Aval0n_beryl settings manager?07:06
Ray_T1m0thy : I got this message for sudo apt-get update. "W: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hardy/main/source/Sources.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch"07:06
zcat[1]right-click on the desktop and select 'change wallpaper', then pick the visual effects tab07:06
jbroomeok, that's faster07:06
T1m0thyI don't know, Ray_. :\07:06
Aval0n_is that what I want?07:06
Ray_No problem. I have tried the command again.07:07
Ray_This time it worked!07:07
zcat[1]well, what you really want is compizconfig-manager (or something like that)07:07
Aval0n_this user isn't a root user07:07
Aval0n_so would I enter my root pass instead of my normal user sudo password?07:08
zcat[1]I don't think sudo will accept it07:09
Aval0n_so hwo do regular non-root users set that setting?07:10
Aval0n_they don;t?07:10
Ray_T1m0thy : It's working now. I mean the dist-upgrade. Thank you so much.07:10
T1m0thyAwesome. No Problem.07:10
zcat[1]ordinary users should be able to change visual effects..07:11
Aval0n_I wonder why it;'s prompting for pass then07:11
zcat[1]Oh crap... I just switched to 'extra' and I think I've lost all the custom settings I had before :(07:12
zcat[1]but... it didn't ask for a sudo password07:12
Aval0n_it's working now07:12
Aval0n_but there is a huge bug07:12
Aval0n_if I start a window07:13
Aval0n_and maximize it07:13
Aval0n_I drag it down07:13
Aval0n_and then back up07:13
Aval0n_it bouces up and down at the upper right corner07:13
Aval0n_until I force-close it07:13
Aval0n_the snap-to feature is doing it I belive07:15
ViperfangDotNetHow do I enable the new MTP support in hardy?07:19
KilleroidViperfangDotNet: install libmtp707:20
ViperfangDotNetI have done, but it is still not automounted as I expected it would be07:20
Killeroidwhat is not automounted?07:21
ViperfangDotNetCreative Zen Vision:M07:21
ViperfangDotNetI know it is supported07:22
KilleroidViperfangDotNet: add relevant details to fstab07:22
ViperfangDotNetWhat would I add for an MTP device?07:22
Killeroidhttp://gnomad2.sourceforge.net/ seems to have support for it07:25
ViperfangDotNetLibmtp handles it better, I can see the video folder etc, but I cant get it to work on my system07:26
ViperfangDotNetHmm... work on it tonight07:28
cpk1should it be relatively easy to install kde4 from a server install (ie. just do aptitude install kde4)?08:10
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone here use the seahorse pgp software08:11
mvocpk1: I think its kubuntu-kde4-desktop08:11
bluecakewhere is the config file for tac_plus, pstree says it's running08:11
jaffarkelshachey ppl, i am trying to listen to an online fm station, it works with windows media player and now i am stuck08:19
h3sp4wnjaffarkelshac: Use mplayer08:25
jaffarkelshacinstalling right now, i hope it works08:27
jaffarkelshachow do i change the the plugin that the web uses08:28
checkersare the new updates out now for ubuntu+1 working with restricted modules?08:35
checkersspecifically with ati08:36
jaffarkelshach3sp4wn, finally working, had to download some codecs08:39
=== noble- is now known as artenius
macogwfound out what was wrong with my gdm08:43
macogwbug #21053808:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210538 in ubuntu-gdm-themes "gdm hangs after theme upgrade and reboot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21053808:43
macogwa config file was renamed and so it kept looking for the old one and went into an infinite loop "didnt find the file. check again. did it appear? no, check again.  is it there? no, check again. is it there? no, check again..."08:44
penwhy amarok can't play music after I open firefox with flash site on?08:45
jaffarkelshacwhats with ubuntu that does not let me play 2 sound files at the same time08:45
checkersanswer: yes it does08:50
checkersrestricted modules loads now08:50
macogwpen: you dont have libflashsupport installed08:50
penmacogw: I had that installed08:51
tyHi getting error when trying to update, Not all updates can be installed - Run a partial upgrade to install as many as poaaible08:51
macogwjaffarkelshac: some sound drivers are kinda bleh and dont know how to mix sounds, so they just pick one or the other08:51
macogwpen: oh someone said earlier today that amarok uses xine...maybe if you switch it to gstreamer? it might not like pulseaudio08:52
macogwty: thats fine. dont force it.08:52
penmacogw: how to make it use GStreamer?08:52
macogwty: if you force it to install those kernels that dont have their dependencies satisfied, you'll get bigger errors08:53
penmacogw: I like amarok in music management and the artwork08:53
macogwpen: *shrug* i avoid most KDE everything08:53
penmacogw: hm08:53
tymacogw: i then get this error after click the partial upgrade, A unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade08:53
macogwsomebody said pulse and xine werent playing so nice08:53
penmacogw: but I'm just not used to exaile08:53
penmacogw: do you have any alternatives than amarok in your mind?08:54
macogwisnt exaile just like amarok? except gtk?08:54
penmacogw: no, they are totally different08:54
macogwexaile has themes for rearranging everything so you can grab a theme that arranges like amarok08:54
macogwi just use rhythmbox08:54
penmacogw: I even think that exaile looks like benshee in some aspect08:54
penmacogw: oh08:54
penmacogw: maybe I will try exiles with themes :\08:55
macogwi used to use banshee, but its crap at watching directories for new files08:55
macogwsongbird doesnt do artwork08:55
macogwrhythmbox gets 'em both right, so i stick with it08:55
penmacogw: hm08:55
penmacogw: are there themese for rhythmbox?08:55
tyhow do you fix package dependecies?09:00
tyis there a way to rebuild the apt database as such?09:00
Lynourety: what kind of dependecies? tried apt-get -f install   yet?09:02
penmacogw: btw, how to fetch cover from internet with rhythmbox? I installed the plugin09:03
tyLynoure: not really sure im no pro with linux. it was all working great and i was installing stuff the other and started getting errors and now i cant update, i do remember somethingabout broken packages or dependecies though09:04
Lynourety: try   sudo apt-get -f install   (no package name needed)09:05
jimiridgeupdate-manager suddenly wants to do a partial upgrade09:06
toorimaanyone got checkgmail to work without manually installing Gtk2::Sexy from cpan?09:06
tyjimiridge: i have the same problem09:06
jimiridgeguess i'll hold off any updates for a few days09:07
tyjimiridge: dooes the partial upgrade work?09:07
tyMust be some sort of bug then09:08
tyJust found this - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74348709:11
penmacogw: the fetching plugin is not workign for me09:11
KalElupdate manager prompts me to perform a "Partial" distribution upgrade, but in the update screen it halts saying "Could not calculate the upgrade"09:11
KalEli already have hardy repository uptodate09:11
penme too09:14
tyKalEl: Just sit tight http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=743487&page=209:14
calcyipee people posting link to my comment :)09:15
calclooks like it should be done in about 4 hours09:16
calcprevious version: Finished:   2008-03-05  (took 11 hours)09:16
tycalc: I was posting to Oldsoldier2003 :-)09:17
calcty: yea :)09:17
damo22when does hardy come out?09:17
calcdamo22: apr 2409:17
damo22calc: cool thx09:18
bluefoxxpartial upgrade??!!...09:18
damo22calc: do you know is there going to be a xubuntu hardy release?09:18
bluefoxxand then it fails?...09:18
tybluefoxx: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=74348709:19
bluefoxx:(   im confused09:19
KalElyeah... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/14653609:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 146536 in update-manager "Could not calculate the upgrade" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:19
KalElthat asks to use aptitude to do it09:19
calcdamo22: probably, i don't use xubuntu so no idea09:19
KalEli'm trying that09:19
* calc gone to bed09:19
bluefoxxso i see the window borders are fixed on multiple x screens :) but teleport doesnt seem to work :( also the system tray on the second x screen is useless. i think it would be better as a clone as the system tray from x 0:009:20
mvoKalEl: if a partial upgrade fails to calculate that usually means that the upgrade would remove ubuntu-desktop or some other important package. on hardy its nothing to worry about just yet, its most likely transient09:21
tyHow do i see if my bluetooth hardware is being detected?09:21
KalElboth aptitude and apt says "The following packages have been kept back:" and a list of packages, but no apparent reason09:21
enycdate | cut -b 9-10 | (echo -n 24 -;echo) | echo `bc` days to go09:21
mvoif its not going away in a few hours, then I would like to hear more about it :) /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log contains some debug information09:21
KalElok thanks09:21
tigersteinhmm, it seems that todays OOo upgrade is broken09:22
mvobroken in what sense? package breakage (postinst/file-overwrite errors)?09:22
KalEljust so, this is the message i'm getting from aptitude http://pastebin.com/d1b95d57509:23
tigersteinit wants to delete the lang-support-{en,hu}, lang-support-translations-{en,hu}, the  mozilla-firefox-locale-{en,hu}, meg ooo language packages :/09:23
gluercan anyone tell me how i completely replace FF3 B4 with FF3 B5?09:24
bluefoxxty: so basically, as a summarization dont allow the update?i take it they are still uploading them or something then09:24
KalElfor some reason, these packages appear with a star emblem in Synaptic09:24
mvothat is most likely the cause of the message that the partial upgrade can not be calculated, it will not continue if translations get removed09:24
KalEldo you know what that may mean?09:24
tybluefoxx: yeah i wouldwait untill tomorrow09:24
tywould wait*09:24
mvothe little ubuntu symbol that looks a bit like a star means that the package comes from main09:24
bluefoxxandways, i was just playing with blender, im off to bed[how can it be 1:30 in the morning allready? i just got home from school what feels like 5 minutes ago...]09:25
elmargoldo I really have to compile ffmpeg in order to get h264 support?09:25
elmargolor is there a repository for the free world? (not us)09:25
* bluefoxx changes nick to an away nick and turns off his monitors, then lays back and closes his eyes. waht a geek09:25
=== bluefoxx is now known as bluefoxx|asleep
KalElok "update-manager -d" could not do it and halted with the cannot calculate upgrade error message, but "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" seems to have no problem at all :)09:26
tigersteinso, its better to wait for the next "patch tuesday"? :)09:27
KalEli found it in this blog entry: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/6909:27
mvoKalEl: yeah, apt-get has much less polcy than update-manager, it will happily remove ubuntu-desktop or translation packages09:27
mvopolicy even09:28
KalElyou're right, it's going to remove language translation packages09:28
mvoits fine if you don't need translations09:29
KalElok thank you09:30
toorimaanyone got checkgmail to work without manually installing Gtk2::Sexy from cpan?09:30
savvastoorima: you could file a bug about it :P09:44
toorimasavvas: there is a bug filed about file missing from repo, was hoping someone knew of a deb pack somewhere09:47
DeepBtoorima: http://cgmail.tuxfamily.org/09:51
toorimacool i'll look into those links, thx09:53
jaffarkelshacis anyone else having difficulties updating09:55
tigersteinyes :/09:55
DeepByes, openoffice09:55
tigersteinOOo, is total useless for me right now, it doesn't start, but I don't know the reason, no error is given09:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about vmwaer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:57
tigersteinbut I sad that yesterday :)09:57
savvasDeepB: that's a great app :)09:57
savvastoorima: use cgmail09:57
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers09:57
DeepBsavvas: thanks :)09:58
toorimasavvas: i like the mark read/spam delete function that checkgmail has09:58
savvaswell.. in time.. :P10:00
frarocohow to rip a cd with juicer with a mp3 quality?10:00
savvasfraroco: menu disc > extract10:01
savvasyou probably need to install some codecs: sudo apt-get install lame10:02
jaffarkelshaci am learning scripts, export PATH=$PATH:directory to add the path so i dont keep using ./script to run scripts. but the path is deleted when i close terminal10:02
compwiz18jaffarkelshac: you'll have to add it to your .bashrc10:02
frarocosavvas, I tried but it is ripped as ogg not mp310:02
gluercan anyone tell me how i completely replace Firefox 3 B4 with Firefox B5?10:03
jaffarkelshacwhere exactly in the bashrc, i already added some aliases there10:03
savvasfraroco: 11:02:09 < savvas> you probably need to install some codecs: sudo apt-get install lame10:03
savvasah wait10:05
alan_mHello TuoDrable10:06
nacerthere is some problem with the MAJ ?10:06
TuoDrableI'm trying out the new beta10:06
naceri have a poppup for partial MAJ but it fail10:06
TuoDrablebut I'm having problems with my sound10:06
TuoDrable00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)10:07
TuoDrablein Gutsy, there was a workaround10:07
TuoDrablewith the backports10:07
savvasI guess they're supporting the open source format only.. you could extract to ogg, then convert to mp3 using soundconverter (from applications > add/remove programs)10:07
savvasfraroco: ^10:08
TuoDrableto install the new alsa 1.0.1510:08
TuoDrableand that worked totally10:08
TuoDrablebut in Hardy now, it's broken10:09
TuoDrableif anyone could help me out, I'd be very pleased10:09
xodeusYou have to add your model info to your alsa configuration TuoDrable10:09
TuoDrableach, that option?10:10
TuoDrablewait, I'll give it a try10:10
frarocosavvas, I tried to do it with Juicer. It has the CD quality MP3 configured and checked the active option. However the options to rip does not have this one.10:11
savvasfraroco: file a bug or a brainstorm :)10:12
frarocosavvas, hahahaha thks ... !! :) I will10:12
PolitikerNEUIs there an option to save the data about installed packages so I can simply reinstall the packages when reinstalling the system?10:24
gluerhow do i get second lcd display working?10:25
AmaranthPolitikerNEU: dpkg --get-selections10:26
AmaranthPolitikerNEU: and dpkg --set-selections10:27
dooglusupgrading to hardy has removed the free disk space monitor from the xfce4 panel, and re-enabled tracker (which silently proceeded to fill up the disk).  nice combination!10:27
PolitikerNEUah - thanks Amaranth10:27
Amaranthdooglus: sounds like xubuntu problems, in ubuntu we disabled tracker :P10:27
PolitikerNEUat least the dpkg --get-selections works fine10:27
holzmodemhi, will be the epiphany-webkit package available before the release off hardy ?10:27
Amaranthit really doesn't work right now10:28
dooglusAmaranth: I'm not clear on the distinction.  I installed ubuntu, and then xubuntu-desktop.  I also have ubuntu-desktop.10:28
Amaranthdooglus: i dunno, i know tracker is disabled for ubuntu10:29
Amaranththat's a desktop thing so maybe xubuntu has it enabled10:29
Lamegowhen you mean disabld, you are refering to a fresh install, upgrading should not disable it (I guess)10:30
dooglusAmaranth: maybe.  what does ubuntu use for desktop search?10:30
AmaranthLamego: right, it is only disabled in new installs10:31
dooglusAmaranth: any idea why?  seems like a step backwards to me?10:31
Amaranthdooglus: because it was discovered that the reason login time is so bad is all the disk IO10:31
Amaranthand tracker walks ~ on start10:31
Lamegodooglus, trackerd can be resources consuming, and not everyone needs it10:31
doogluswhat about beagle?10:31
dooglusthat's what was used in feisty I think10:32
Amaranthi believe deskbar is gone too10:32
Amaranthbeagle was never used10:32
Amaranthand has a different problem, you have to load mono on login which is also lots of extra IO10:32
dooglusAmaranth: I was surprised to find that mono got installed today when I updated.  yesterday it wasn't required by ubuntu-desktop and today it is - can that be true?10:33
Amaranthdooglus: err, ubuntu-desktop has depended on mono stuff for a long time10:33
Amaranthfor f-spot and tomboy10:33
dooglusAmaranth: I don't understand then.  I definitely had ubuntu-desktop installed recently without mono, f-spot, or tomboy10:34
Amaranthwell, i think they are recommends10:34
Amaranthbut most of the tools will install recommends automatically these days10:34
Amaranththeir only use is you can remove them later10:35
SpexBluefoxHey guys. I'm having a problem with the latest 8.04 installation. I went with the "install from windows" option, and earlier it worked great. But after a few re-installs there isn't a version of 8.04 that seems to work. The issues seems to be in video or in X not starting.10:35
SpexBluefoxHardware is: 2 gigs RAM, Intel Centrino Duo 1.5 ghz, nVidia GeForce 8600 M. If you need more hardware info, let me know.10:37
SpexBluefoxI admit being a bit new to Ubuntu, though not a total virgin. And certainly not new to computers. Is there anyone who can help me?10:39
jaffarkelshacwell it depends what your problem is10:40
LynoureSpexBluefox: just ask your questions, and most likely someone will.10:40
LynoureSpexBluefox: I would not recommend Hardy for a new Linux user for another 20 days or so10:41
jaffarkelshacthe most compatible one i tried when i was finding problems with my screen res was 6.1010:42
SpexBluefoxwell I would but I'm in need of using the install from windows option right now, since I really don't want to go through the hassle or making another partition on my system right now.10:43
jaffarkelshacso what is the problem exactly10:43
SpexBluefoxWell it doesn't seem to give a whole lot of info when I try using it. I start with installing from Windows, which works just fine. Then I boot into the Ubuntu installation. When I was using the x64 version (which worked perfectly fine early before a couple of reinstalls due to experimenting) it just booted to a completely blank screen when problems started to happen. No backlight or anything...10:45
SpexBluefox...on the laptop screen.10:45
SpexBluefoxThe most I managed to get on either x64 or x86 installs is a command prompt.10:46
SpexBluefoxwhen using verbos, it just looks like it's hanging. No errors seem to be showing up really.10:46
SpexBluefoxcommands like "startx" don't work because at this point the OS isn't entirely installed. The process is suppose to pick up where it left off in windows.10:50
kahrytanWhere can I get a list of known Hardy bugs?10:51
macogwkahrytan: launchpad10:53
kahrytanUmm tried.10:54
kahrytanLink please.10:54
Amaranthkahrytan: you want the firehose?10:54
kahrytanNo, I want a direct link to hardy bugs so I can access if they are tolerable.10:55
Amaranthall 43034 of them?10:55
macogwkahrytan: current biggest breakage is l-r-m not uploading for -13 kernel and gnome-settings-daemon being broken and the facebrowser gdm theme being broken and causing gdm to hang10:55
macogwall were caused by yesterday's updates10:56
kahrytanThat helps10:56
bjwebbhas the can't get to login on boot thing been fixed?10:56
kahrytangnome-settings-daemon is important10:57
kahrytanAmaranth->  How would I do a search in launchpad for the list?10:57
Amaranthkahrytan: need to narrow your search parameters10:58
kahrytanI am curious if Developers have kept in mind Widescreen support10:59
kahrytanso many people getting widescreen monitors?11:00
kahrytanJust about every new pc these days have widescreen monitors with it11:00
dns53it seems to depend on the drivers, the new xorg does not need the xorg.conf and should autodetect everything11:01
kahrytandns53->  thats sounds good11:03
kahrytandns53->  I hope it can detect my 1440x900 resolution11:03
jaffarkelshaci need some help, i want to add path to run my script, someone said to add to .bashrc but am not sure where.11:03
compwiz18jaffarkelshac: the .bashrc is in your home directory11:04
Lamegojaffarkelshac, gedit ~/.bashrc11:04
jaffarkelshaccompwiz18, i know where it is, but where in the file do i add the directory11:04
compwiz18it's just a normal script11:04
kahrytan101 bugs in Hardy.11:05
dns53i am running hardy on my eeepc, i did need to edit my xorg.conf and add the 800x480 resolution11:05
jaffarkelshacdo i but the whole "export PATH=$PATH:directory"?11:05
compwiz18jaffarkelshac: yep11:06
Amaranthkahrytan: those are bugs specifically targeting hardy11:06
kahrytanAmaranth->  and thats my list im looking for11:06
Amaranthkahrytan: that only happens when a bug needs a separate fix for more than one release or someone thinking setting it to hardy means it is important and someone will fix it11:07
Amaranththey're usually wrong and just shoving more noise in11:07
compwiz18does the new Xorg detect mice with lots of buttons right?11:07
Amaranthit detects my 7 button mouse11:07
kahrytanAmaranth->  do you know if they will include cx18 ivtv in hardy?11:07
Amaranthi don't even know what that is so....11:08
kahrytanAmaranth->  Beta driver for new Wintv cards.11:08
Amaranthi'm guessing no11:09
Infectosome one have any idea?11:09
Infectoi cant log in to this site i install j2re bin and mozill plugin11:10
Infectoand :( nothing11:10
kahrytanAmaranth->  then no native support for my wintv.11:11
kahrytanby native, i meant out of the box11:11
kennethrhow long until firefox3.0b5 is in hardy?11:12
kennethrwill there be a second beta of hardy?11:13
kennethrok, so no second beta on the HardyReleaseSchedule11:13
dns53it is in hardy11:13
kennethrwhat about firefox3.0b5?11:14
sami_Hi! i have some strange lockups with my hardy heron, any ideas? i've tested my RAM and filesystems and it´s fully updated. when it lockups, only mouse will work and i have to use alt+sysrq+k command to get login again..11:15
Skiessi!info firefox11:15
ubotuPackage firefox does not exist in hardy11:15
dns53it has 3b411:15
Skiessiubotu is sick11:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is sick - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:15
kennethrdns53: right, when does 3b5 come in?11:16
kahrytan!info mozilla-firefox11:16
ubotuPackage mozilla-firefox does not exist in hardy11:16
dns53when they release it?11:16
dns53!info firefox311:16
ubotuPackage firefox3 does not exist in hardy11:16
Amaranth   firefox | 3.0~b4+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 | http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Packages11:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about firefox-3.0 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:17
kennethr!info firefox-3.011:17
ubotuPackage firefox-3.0 does not exist in hardy11:17
Skiessilike I said11:17
kennethr!info firefox-3.0~b4+nobinonly-0ubuntu111:17
ubotuPackage firefox-3.0b4+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 does not exist in hardy11:17
kennethr!info firefox-3.0~b411:18
ubotuPackage firefox-3.0b4 does not exist in hardy11:18
Skiessiit's got dementia11:18
kennethr!info firefox11:18
ubotuPackage firefox does not exist in hardy11:18
kahrytanOkay stop.11:18
AmaranthStop that.11:18
kennethranyways, how long until the next beta is integrated?11:18
Amaranthkennethr: June11:19
kennethrAmaranth: where is that documented?11:19
bazhangkennethr: why the rush11:19
Amaranthkennethr: In the "You're impatient" file11:19
AmaranthWe have until the 10th11:20
kennethrAmaranth: funny11:20
AmaranthSo have some patience, it'll probably show up tomorrow or Monday anyway11:20
kennethrJust curious, if mozilla only has 3.0b5 out by the 10th, does ubuntu's process allow the final 3.0 to land after hardy release?11:21
kennethrbazhang: no rush...just interested in the process11:21
Skiessigutsy has, I think11:21
kahrytanAmaranth->  3 will be backported right?11:21
Amaranthkahrytan: Almost certainly11:22
Amaranthkahrytan: If not it means there is no point to doing so11:22
kahrytanAmaranth->  thats one thing I understand about repos. Main one doesnt get changed after release'11:23
Lamegoit is not only main, only repositories follow the SRU policy11:23
kennethrkahrytan: Amaranth: that's why I ask11:23
kahrytanWe get Security fixes. but version upgrades arent in.11:24
Skiessi:o well anyway, it's the latest version11:25
Skiessiand it was released after gutsy11:25
kahrytanAmaranth->  i plan to try to do something for /next/ release11:25
Skiessior am I wrong again?11:25
kennethrSkiessi: yes, but it wasn't a major release....just an update11:25
savvasErr http://packages.medibuntu.org hardy Release.gpg                                                                Could not resolve 'packages.medibuntu.org'11:25
Skiessibeta4->beta5 is a major one?11:26
savvasand then they tell me QoS isn't necessary :p11:26
kahrytankennethr->  do you turn on backport repo in releases?11:26
kennethrkahrytan: I haven't...I'm actually new-ish to ubuntu11:27
kahrytankennethr->  well, you should.11:27
kennethrkahrytan: what do I gain?11:27
Infectodpkg -L j2re1.4-mozilla-plugin11:27
Infectowhy i dont have any .so file?11:27
kahrytankennethr->  ever so slightly upgrades to software11:27
kennethrAlright, well...thanks all for sharing information..I think I have a general understanding of how it'll go down.11:29
kennethrkahrytan: Skiessi: Lamego: Amaranth: bazhang: Thanks all!11:30
Lynouresavvas: Could be caused by a bad nameserver, too11:31
savvasI know but it works when i stop apt11:32
tigersteingood bye11:34
savvassometimes when I do aptitude safe-upgrade or install it shows some weird empty spaces11:35
savvasthen it doesn't ask me if I want to install it or not and it proceed11:36
savvasnote to self: never remove linux-libc-dev :P11:39
numthe auto update manager just said that it can not do all the updates, just partial, is this because of the new kernel package?11:40
savvasand some openoffice stuff11:41
numso it is normal?11:41
numis apt-get dist-upgrade the solution?11:41
savvasI use aptitude safe-upgrade :)11:42
savvasIt will update everything when all the dependencies are built for it11:42
hrothmundI've seen a similar problem with dependencies - check this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=463897511:43
TuoDrablehello there11:43
=== SKAmaniac_ is now known as SKAmaniac
TuoDrablexodeus: I did what you suggested, added the line options...blabla...model=hp11:44
TuoDrableit had no effect11:44
TuoDrablebut not everything is so-called broken, nono11:45
TuoDrablede speakers of my laptop are working11:45
TuoDrableit's the headphone, microphone, sound buttons,... that do not work11:46
TuoDrableit did work :)11:49
TuoDrablesilly me11:49
TuoDrablethanks alot!11:49
numi just see that the locals are fallen back to standard C after doing an upgrade11:53
DragonLarmahello everybody11:55
JDahlafter the latest upgrade my bluetooth mouse stopped working, so I deleted it from Bluetooth Manager and wanted to re-add it,  but I dont know how...  any hints?11:57
dns53accessories > bluetooth?12:00
JDahlThe bluetooth mouse appears under "browse devices",  but I can't figure out how to make it "bonded"12:04
coz_hey guys12:13
coz_any news as to when or if the wacom tablet driver will be ready for hardy?12:14
wilbertis there a problem with the latest packages for ubuntu hardy?12:15
coz_wilbert, I just updated a few minutes ago and everything seems to be working although if nvidia you will have to reinstall the driver  not sure about ati12:16
wilberti will try it now12:16
wilberti can only partly upgrade and then it said can't calculate the demands for the upgrade (roughly translated from dutch)12:18
wilbertcoz-, i can only partly upgrade and then it said can't calculate the demands for the upgrade (roughly translated from dutch)12:19
tyHi, does anyone know what would cause browsing network share to be extremely slow?12:21
coz_wilbert, right  I did that several times and then just opened synaptic pacakge manager  and did it there  however I didnt trust the upgrades so i did the update manager thing a few times last night  and just finished thi smorning with synaptic12:21
adincafter upgrading the locales are set to C, and it doesn't boot with the new kernel12:21
coz_wilbert,  but apparenlty it is ok   however if you want to just do it in spurts that should be fine also  it s  what I did12:22
tyThe thing is once i get to a file and start to download or stream it seems to be ok12:22
wilbertoke i will try that, thanks in advance -coz_12:23
adincdpkg-reconfigure just regenerates en_us.utf-8, where can i set the locales?12:23
dns53adminstration > language support12:24
coz_wilbert, no problem   I just dont trust  updates on beta software that often so I did it in spurts to test each upgrade  and then, as I said , finished it this morening12:24
dns53coz_ it is worse when you have a 2gb / and need to get 600mb of updates12:25
coz_dns53, :)  I understand12:25
t1does anyone know why browsing a network would be really slow? but i can still stream files ok12:26
h3sp4wnA Windows network12:26
IdleOne!locales | adinc12:26
ubotuadinc: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf12:26
h3sp4wnt1: Windows network ?12:27
h3sp4wnSame reason its always slow12:27
h3sp4wnunless you have a domain controller12:27
t1When i browse windows to windows its fast though12:27
t1sorry no domain controller12:28
h3sp4wnYou can set samba up as a domain controller quite easily (and wins server)12:28
dns53t1 is it a problem between windows and windows or linux and linux?12:28
t1dns53: linux and windows12:29
t1my shares are located on an xp machine and i have ubuntu on my lappy trying to access them12:30
dns53t1 well there could be something bad on the network level, perhaps the MTU is different between them12:31
adincIdleOne: thank you, but there is't a package called localeconf12:31
adincthe this help isn't really of any help. did you have a look to this page?12:31
FinnishIs Avidemux working properly in Hardy?12:32
t1sorry for my ignorance, but how do i check that?12:32
FinnishI try to edit AVI-video, and it plays very sluggish12:32
=== ajmorris is now known as ajmorris|AFK
h3sp4wndns53: 100% certain its to do with the way the master browser and all that stuff is chosen12:33
dns53h3sp4wn who knows, my guess was because once it has settled the tcp level negotiation works itself out and gets the right speed eventually12:34
h3sp4wnt1: If you try to connect to the ip of the box directly12:35
h3sp4wnIs it instant ?12:35
torpedo|dogIs anybody still having the problem that GDM just kind of hangs?  It started with a bundle of updates that included a kernel with no l-r-m.12:36
t1h3sp4wn: wow yws12:38
tomahasamootI've got a problem with kubuntu 8.10 alt amd64, I've installed the kubuntu-restricted-extras package, and I still can't listen to m4a files w/ Amarok12:39
tomahasamootI think it worked in 7.1012:39
adinchow can i see the messages during boot time, bypassing the splashscreen?12:42
Skiessiwhere did you get kubuntu 8.10?12:42
adinctorpedo|dog: yes?12:43
adincohh no, an upgrade today destroyed my keyboard layout. locales are messed up12:44
torpedo|dogwhen you get to the boot screen, press e to edit the commands. Then, select the line that starts with "kernel", hit e again, go to the end, and add a nice little "no" to the front of splash12:44
dns53Skieesi http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/beta, check the links in the channel subject12:45
Skiessiadinc open terminal, type in "sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst" and remove the word from the entries12:45
adinctorpedo|dog: i see, so saying nosplash to the kernel parameters12:45
Skiessiadinc, *the word splash12:45
torpedo|dogyou might also just be able to remove "splash"12:45
torpedo|dogif you edit menu.lst, remove it from one of those commented areas up top, so that it stays gone when it regenerates12:45
heydabopWhen I try to boot into the recovery console, it hangs at "Loading Hardware Drivers".12:46
heydabopShould I just keep trying until it works?12:46
adincbut more worth is the locales mess, i had german keyboard on the shell, gone; on the gnome site german is still active12:46
orvokkiHey, does anyone know if there's any logs somewhere on which kernel modules are loaded on boot?12:46
orvokkiNot accurate enough.12:46
orvokkiI need full path.12:47
adincorvokki: lsmod can also tell you the loaded modules12:47
orvokkiI suspect I have two nvidia proprietary modules on my system and the wrong one is loaded on boot.12:47
adincorvokki: then use which12:47
dns53look in /var/logs/kern.log12:47
orvokkiRight, that might help. I'll check when I get home.12:48
adinchow do i set the locales for the console, which was ok before upgrading12:48
orvokkiI don't know exactly *why* I have two of them but so far it seems the only explanation for this. The end result is that X doesn't start before I do rmmod nvidia; modprobe nvidia.12:49
orvokkiThat is, after each boot.12:49
dns53tried reinstalling it?12:50
orvokkiYes, no effect.12:50
orvokkiOr did you mean the whole system? No. It's probably just a runaway kernel module, that would be a bit drastic.12:51
Dr_willischeck the dmesg output befor/after each rmmod/modprobe command?   ive never heard of such an issue lately.12:51
Dr_willisi dont see how rmmod, then modprobe, would be loading different nvidia modules.12:52
dns53yeah it seems strange, what files do you have in the folder /etc/modultils/12:52
heydabopWhen I try to boot into the recovery console, it hangs when it loads hardware drivers. I'm running AMD64 if that matters.12:52
orvokkidns53: I can't check yet. The computer is at home.12:52
orvokkiDr_willis: The system is amd64, btw.12:53
Dr_willisall bets are off then.... :)12:53
Dr_willisheh  heh12:53
dns53also check /etc/moodules for the drivers loaded at boot12:53
orvokkiWill do.12:53
Dr_willisalso check what kernel versions you got loaded and whats gettting booted.12:53
IdleOnehow do i check to see what driver is being used for graphics card?12:54
orvokkiI only have one kernel version installed atm.12:54
orvokki2.6.24-12-generic iirc.12:54
kennethrorvokki: what's the question?12:54
kennethrorvokki: I'm running em64t12:54
heydabopIs there a bug when booting into the AMD64 recovery console?12:59
adincIdleOne: you may look into /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:59
Turskiis audio volume stepping by keyboard controls changeable?13:00
IdleOneadinc: yeah i was hoping the was a GUI app that list all driver info for the main hardware components being used13:01
adincIdleOne: you can get most with lspci13:02
h3sp4wnt1: If its just 2 machines you could maybe use lmhosts13:03
orvokkikennethr: I seem to be having two nvidia proprietary drivers even though I know of only one installed and bootup load sequence loads the wrong one. But already got some tips on finding out what it's about.13:03
kennethrorvokki: ok, great13:04
compwiz18I'm correct in assuming I can just swap HDDs around, yes?13:09
compwiz18for instance, I can install Ubuntu using one computer13:09
compwiz18and then pop it in another, and it will work13:09
jimiridgeegh sometimes13:10
dns53it SHOULD work but you may have problems with video drivers and things like that13:10
jimiridgeduring install the installer adds entrys to blacklist13:10
compwiz18good enough for me13:10
jimiridgebased on your hardware13:10
compwiz18I'll give it a try13:10
compwiz18my theory is installing things in qemu using a USB-to-IDE adapter for laptop hard drives13:11
compwiz18said laptop doesn't have a working cdrw drive13:11
dns53i did that this weekend when my cd drive did not work, results will vary13:11
compwiz18so I can burn the cd drive13:11
jimiridgeserious your gonna prolly have module issues13:11
compwiz18I can't use the cd drive13:11
compwiz18if I do13:11
compwiz18what did I lose?13:11
compwiz18pretty much13:12
IdleOnewont hurt to try13:12
dns53you could turn a usb drive into a live cd13:12
compwiz18except the computer can't boot from usb, I don't think13:12
IdleOnecompwiz18: no need to remind you about static electricity and all that :)13:12
compwiz18IdleOne: nope :P13:12
compwiz18I already did the surgical part of the procedure13:13
IdleOnewell then fire it up13:13
compwiz18it is installing13:13
compwiz18hooked up /dev/sdc as the drive in qemu13:14
compwiz18picked it right up13:14
compwiz18virtualbox can't use real drives as the "virtual" drives, apparently13:14
Dr_willisNo it cant. i think thas one of the free versions limitations13:15
Dr_willisor was it a usb device limit? i forget.13:15
compwiz18I dunno13:15
compwiz18it didn't like it though13:15
compwiz18are 5.25 inch hard drives that are IDE the same as 3.5 inch IDE drives,  except for the fact that they are bigger?13:18
compwiz18connection wise?13:18
kennethrcompwiz18: where are you getting 5.25 inch hard drives?13:19
Dr_willis5.25? Hmm... wherent those the mdf? type disks?13:19
kennethrcompwiz18: IDE is IDE13:19
compwiz18kennethr: old computer13:19
Dr_willisactually i think i may have an old very WIDE ide drive...13:19
compwiz18I tried a USB to IDE converted and it didn't like the drive13:19
Dr_willisthats an ide. like a whole 100mb.13:20
compwiz18I have one thats a whole 8gb13:20
Dr_willisgiven the age of the disk.. YOu sure its good?13:20
compwiz18as far as I know13:20
compwiz18I had Xubuntu on it13:20
IdleOneapples are apples. except the red and green and yellow and taste and also the texture differs. besides that apples are apples :P13:20
compwiz18but the 300mhz processor couldn't handle it13:20
Dr_willisHmm.. i had xubuntu on a 100mhz pent1 :)13:21
compwiz18this is a p213:21
dwidmannIdleOne: don't forget about the obvious size differences13:21
savvasIdleOne: you could generalise that as: computers are computers :p13:21
* IdleOne had Ubuntu ( gnome ) running on a 133mhz 192 mb ram with a 10 Gig HD it was slower then slime comming off a snails..... but ran13:22
IdleOnesavvas: arent they!?13:22
jimiridgei have a 233mhz cpu running ubuntu server13:22
compwiz18This one has 300mhz w/ 96mb of ram13:22
savvasan it is an it :P13:22
compwiz18running Ubuntu server with xfce-desktop13:23
Dr_willisthats 3x my old laptop13:23
* dwidmann would probably break down and cry if he ever had to touch a computer that old/slow again13:23
compwiz18that's the oldest computer I have13:23
compwiz18I think13:23
jimiridgewho would install an xserver on ubunutu server... especially a low speed cpu13:23
savvasI had a dmac13:23
compwiz18jimiridge: that's why I'm reinstalling xD13:23
savvasfrom '95, my brother took it and smashed it to pieces :\13:24
jimiridgeyou dont have to fricken reinstall for that13:24
dwidmannjimiridge: somebody with patience, lots and lots of patience.13:24
jimiridgethats retarded13:24
compwiz18jimiridge: I know - I'm gonna put slitaz on it13:24
Dr_willisI just used mine as a 'ssh terminal' :)13:24
IdleOnedwidmann: I made due with what I had till I could upgrade hardware. when I did the hardware was to new and not supported lol13:24
compwiz18I plugged mine into a tv and used it with htop to monitor the cpu13:24
jimiridgeoh NO i deleted my  /etc/ssh/sshd_config  oh well time to reinstall13:25
dwidmannIdleOne: ouch13:25
Dr_williscompwiz18,  done that befor with serial terminals13:25
compwiz18ah, htop + ssh, rather13:25
dwidmannIdleOne: the stuff I've got in my box is rather new with the exception of the vga and it runs without issues ... guess I was choosier/luckier13:25
Ava-anyone else have flaky issues with compiz in hardy?13:26
IdleOnedwidmann: tell me about it was without ubuntu for about a month. and forced to use.... well you know it still hurts to talk about it :(13:26
dwidmannNow I get to wait til Monday or Tuesday for my fans to get here ...13:26
Ava-when my windows snap to top they freak out and the upper right corner twitches like a crack addict13:27
dwidmannIdleOne: forced to use an ancient computer ... :(13:27
IdleOnedwidmann: no I used a brand new fast as a greased pig struck by lightning computer with...oh man!!! windows Vista :(13:28
dwidmannNow I get to wait til Monday or Tuesday for my new fans/heatsinks to get here :\13:28
Ava-vista isn't as horrible as a lot of people say it is :)13:28
compwiz18so I've found also, Ava-13:29
Dr_willisAva-,  and in many ways its MUCH worse...13:29
IdleOneno it really isnt but I just prefer Ubuntu13:29
dwidmannIdleOne: guess I get the best of both worlds right now --- brand new fast as a greased pig struck by lightning computer with Kubuntu :)13:29
Dr_willisLets just say ive removed vista from more machines then i have installed it to...13:29
Ava-of course13:29
Ava-personal preference :)13:29
compwiz18I keep XP and Arch and Ubuntu and Zenwalk13:30
Ava-i've installed windows on more machines than I've ever isntalled os-x too13:30
IdleOnedwidmann: dont like KDE. I gnome therefore I am13:30
compwiz18just for kicks :)13:30
compwiz18qemu is pretty slow, but I'm not gonna complain cause it works :)13:30
dwidmannIdleOne: I umm, what you said in reverse13:31
jimiridgeneed kqemu13:31
compwiz18jimiridge: what does that do?13:31
compwiz18I saw a note about that in the postinst of the Arch package13:31
IdleOnedwidmann: that is what is so AWSOME about linux . we can use the same OS and they are completly different13:31
jimiridgeits qemu's kernel module (accellerator)13:31
compwiz18jimiridge: ah13:31
* compwiz18 goes to find kqemu13:31
jimiridgeyou can ussually install it through module-assistant13:31
jimiridgesome compwiz you are13:31
=== chds1 is now known as chdst
jimiridgehere i'll just name myself glassblower even though i cant blow glass13:32
IdleOnejimiridge: the 18 is not his age but amount of minutes of experience :)13:32
dwidmannIdleOne: hehehe, yeah, this is true.13:32
Ava-how many seconds he takes in bed13:32
compwiz18it isn't my age either ;)13:33
MaledictusIs there a repository for following ubuntu "edge|current|head|unstable"?13:33
IdleOnecompwiz18: that is what I said13:33
rskMaledictus: no13:33
IdleOneAva-: no need to compliment him lmao13:33
rskMaledictus: but there is for current releases and hardy13:33
rskMaledictus, dont think debian13:33
Maledictusthinking freebsd :)13:33
* dwidmann is half tempted to try freebsd and see if he likes it13:34
Ava-it's real unix13:34
Maledictussad, I'd love to try following a ubuntu current13:34
Ava-of course you'll like it13:34
Ava-I'm a cli guy though13:34
jimiridgeugh real unix :P13:34
rskMaledictus: then get the hardy beta13:34
jimiridgeif i hear people say that agian im gonna vomit13:34
Ava-real unix!13:34
IdleOneMaledictus: you can try current beta release13:34
jimiridgethey all follow the unix specification13:34
rskMaledictus: althou then hardu is released13:34
rskMaledictus: you will be using stable, and have to change repositories again13:35
Maledictusrsk: will do that, but thought of a repo which automatically gets the new stuff after the release13:35
rskMaledictus: there's no such thing13:35
dwidmannAva-: sometimes I don't know why I go out of my way to start up X when I'm just going to pull up a terminal emulator to do all of my real work anyway13:35
Dr_willisdwidmann,  for the purty wallpaper13:35
Maledictusso all devs switch to the new name of the next release after hardy release?13:35
dwidmannDr_willis: that must be it13:35
Maledictusis there already such a repo for hardy+1?13:36
IdleOneMaledictus: not yet13:36
rskMaledictus: as i said13:36
IdleOnelet them finish hardy first13:36
rskMaledictus: _after_ hardy is released13:36
Maledictusa, and days after that I think?13:36
IdleOnecoule days yeah13:36
jimiridgeunix is trademarked so mac/bsd really isnt unix13:36
Maledictusok, thank you guys :)13:36
jimiridgebut unix-like13:37
Maledictusjimiridge: mac is, they did the certification13:37
Dr_willisI recall a computer mag - calling it OS-XLinux13:37
* dwidmann wonders how big the iso is13:37
Maledictusapple can officially use the trademark UNIX for OS X13:38
jimiridgethat just means it follows the "single unix speciffication"13:38
Maledictuslittle bit more I think13:38
jimiridgeits not Unix13:38
Maledictusbut the real problem is all the money one has to spend to get certified. that's not a good investmenr for an opensource project I think13:39
dwidmannWow, several isos, hmm, guess I can hold off on it for now13:39
Maledictusdwidmann: you normally only need the first cd13:40
Maledictusat least I do13:40
dwidmannMaledictus: What's on the second and third CDs though ... and I'm assuming the additional documentation cd would probably be useful ....13:42
Maledictusdocs and additional packages. I only install every few years, so I always do a minimal install and add the rest from packages/ports13:43
Maledictusover the net13:44
teprrrhmm, has there been some changes to X lately? which may cause some permission problems?13:55
Shuttle_repost from #ubuntu:13:55
Shuttle_has anyone else encountered issues with the live-cd (7.10 AND 8.04) where it boots right after it should fire up x/gdm? when I watch the progress I can see it starting gdm -> blank screen -> reboot. The CD is intact. I also tried usb-boot to no avail. The disc works fine on another machine. hardware is intel with nvidia 7800 gs(?)13:55
NeurostuDoes anybody know what version of gtkglext ships with Hardy?13:55
NeurostuAnybody know how I can figure out what version of gtkglext and gtkglext-mm ship by default with hardy?13:57
compwiz18Neurostu: is it here somewhere: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/13:58
compwiz18np :)13:58
DistroJockeyNeurostu:  1.2.0  I believe13:59
Neurostudo you know when gtkglext 1.3 will be supported?14:00
rskNeurostu: probably next release14:03
chellhas anyone had any printing issues on Hardy?14:04
chellrelated to margins14:04
chellon A414:04
chellI have an Epson DX4250 attached to a Mac mini (which uses cups)14:05
chelland when I try to print from the Hardy machine14:05
chellit screws the margins up14:05
chellwhen I print from another OS X machine it works fine14:05
chellI can also get it to work fine from the hardy machine if I use a special setting in scribus (Set Media Size)14:06
Shuttle_there's of course the option to fiddle around on the command line, but I'd rather choose the easy way :)14:08
jimiridge/bin/bash is the easy way Shuttle14:11
Shuttle_I'd like to test e.g. the soundcard :)14:12
IdleOnetrying to remove a package "poker-web" but getting errors http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62021/14:13
pranaanyone notice network-manager showing a wired avahi connection while using wireless after last night's updates?14:16
DanaGThat was odd.... I resumed from suspend, and got a blank black screen.14:16
osteenbergenIdleOne try to install the package again and remove it after installation14:17
DanaGI then switched to VT 1 and back to VT 7, and Xorg revived..... and I got the login sound!  Strange.14:17
rskDanaG: that's the same behaviour i get at bootup14:17
rskand login to gnome14:18
IdleOneosteenbergen: problem is when installing the package it is asking for the password of the database admin ( local )14:18
DanaGIt was probably the PulseAudio hotplug effect.14:18
DanaGBut I used to not have the black-screen issues.14:18
rsksame here14:18
pranaalso, when resuming suspend g-p-m has a popup that says "Action forbidden: policy timeout is not valid ..."; what policy is it referring to?14:18
osteenbergenIdleOne: it looks like form your og that he tries to install something into a local MySQL setup.. so if you installed mysql it has a basic admin password.. which makes the file which is missing when you want to remove it14:19
compwiz18wow, qemu is really slow without that module :P14:21
adinci'm getting Unable to locate image file in pixmap_pathÖ "panel.png" since i did an upgrade today, anytime i start a gui app, this error occurse, what can i do against it. where to get panel.png?14:22
IdleOneso it is not enough that I use sudo to remove this package it then wants another password that I dont know because I let it create a random password when I installed the package. so now I cant remove the package causing a cascade effect making synaptic puke out chunks. GREAT!14:23
mvoIdleOne: what package is that?14:23
KiFkai have smth to show14:25
osteenbergenIdleOne did you see my pm?14:25
IdleOneosteenbergen: trying now14:25
KiFkawhy there are so many bash and login processes14:25
osteenbergenKifka you have 8 users logged in14:26
rskKiFka: one terminal = 1 user14:26
KiFkaim on livecd14:26
mvoIdleOne: is there a bug open on this it sounds like there should :)14:26
KiFkaonly one terminal open14:26
rskmaybe it counts the virtual terminals also14:26
osteenbergenwell 'top' displays 8 users in the top14:27
IdleOnemvo: it has something to do with mysql and crap and all I wanted to do was play some poker instead I had to install 17 packages of stuff I know I did not want like apache2 and such14:27
osteenbergentop displays 3 user here.. 1 root.. myself and my console14:27
IdleOneosteenbergen: same issue with that command you gave me14:28
osteenbergenso you have 5 other user programs running something14:28
ali1234KiFka: 'ps waxf' might be more enlightening14:28
KiFkashall i paste it somewhere?14:28
Shuttle_either it's gdm or atd that get's it flipping. Disconnecting the 2nd monitor didn't help either.14:29
ali1234KiFka: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/14:29
osteenbergenwierd that there is no paste.ubuntu.org.. only on the dutch site14:29
KiFkathere it is http://wklej.org/id/4dd728c56214:30
KiFkai use a polish one :)14:30
ali1234virtual terminals14:30
jaffarkelshacwhen you install programs from source, and the make install finishes how do you run it, coz it does not appear in any menu14:30
ali1234hit ctrl-alt-f1 through f614:30
IdleOnehmm think i got it. not sure what I did but it removed --purge'd14:31
KiFkayou are automaticly logged as root there14:31
ali1234KiFka: that's where all the extra bash and login processes are coming from14:31
IdleOnewooohoooo kernel upgrade and oo.org also here we go .........................14:31
KiFkaso its normall=14:31
KiFkaok :)14:32
KiFkai just was wondering14:32
osteenbergenbut it is smart to change root passwords if the automatically sign in ;)14:32
IdleOneomg we got a grub update kernel update at the same time14:33
IdleOnethis is going to be fun14:34
osteenbergenowh update to 26-1414:34
bhsxhowdy.... the newest update made my desktop switcher disappear....  how can i get it back?14:35
cvwSo, I'm curious.  I just happened to notice that something was downloaded upgrades in the background *without* affecting package management state.  How did you guys manage to pull that off?14:35
IdleOneright click on panel and add it again14:35
osteenbergenadd to panel maybe bhsx?14:35
bhsxit's not there in the choices14:35
osteenbergenDoes anyone have a faulty display of battery information and status with the latest kernel?14:36
osteenbergenit should be fixed but mine still reports strange values :O14:36
IdleOnewell here goes nothing . hope to be back in a minute14:36
compwiz18cvw: just a guess, but downloading the packages shouldn't affect the package state as long as you aren't installing them (I realize this isn't how apt works by default, but it could be done I imagine)14:37
compwiz18so probably the packages are downloaded to the cache, then installed later with user confirmation14:37
compwiz18I'd guess14:37
cvwcompwiz18: true, but when aptitude, apt-get, or whatever starts to download the files itself, this "other" thing should know to stop too.14:37
bhsxbah, i swear it used to be called 'desktop-switcher' or somesuch....  it's there... now it's "workspace switcher"... my bad14:38
compwiz18cvw: true, does it stop?14:38
cvwcompwiz18: no way to tell.14:38
IdleOnewell that was not so bad after all14:38
osteenbergenif you download with the download only option it doesn't change anything14:39
cvwcompwiz18: I could see aptitude downloading, then I stopped it.  Waited a few minutes, and tried again, and the downloads required was much less, so it definately keeps trying.14:39
osteenbergenAhh your back online :P14:39
cvwosteenbergen: right, but if you use a aptitude it sets a lock file to prevent other package managers from running, correct?14:39
cvwThat's the default behavior I've seen over the years with Debian.14:39
osteenbergenand removes the lock if program closes14:39
IdleOnecvw: synaptic and apt-get do the same14:40
cvwosteenbergen: aptitude wasn't locked, yet something was downloading the upgrades14:40
osteenbergenmaybe automatic updates ;)14:40
cvwI'm just curious how it's done.  I think it's great.14:40
osteenbergenIn Software Sources there is an option to download it or install it automaticly14:41
cvwosteenbergen: yup14:41
cvwosteenbergen: but what does *that* use to download?  How does it know, without using a package manager, what to download?14:41
cvwosteenbergen: and without setting a lock file?14:41
ali1234something weird going on with my test machine. it's fine for about 10 seconds then frozen for about 10 seconds, in a loop. any idea where to even start with trying to find out why?14:41
ali1234cvw: i would expect it uses the package manager to find out what to download, then closes it down and uses wget to do the actual download.14:42
osteenbergendont know i think apt-get14:42
osteenbergenwill check it ^^14:42
cvwPerhaps this is long existant behavior I just didnt know about and I'm asking the wrong question :/14:43
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
ali1234hmm i think it's a problem with synergy, since pressing a key on the local keyboard immediately unfreezes the remote keyboard14:44
savvasfinally, the complete openoffice available :P14:46
cvwhrm, what's up with this:14:47
cvwdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-source-2.6.24_2.6.24-14.25_all.deb (--unpack): short read in buffer_copy (backend dpkg-deb during `./usr/src/linux-source-2.6.24.tar.bz2')14:47
osteenbergenjust do an update and upgrade again..14:47
cvwosteenbergen: tried that already14:48
osteenbergenwith a clean?14:48
cvwnow you didn't say that14:48
osteenbergensry :P14:48
osteenbergenmaybe just a download error14:48
cvwNot cleaning, but I did removed the cached file from the archives14:49
cvwI prefer autoclean14:49
cyclonutanyone done the latest round of updates?14:51
cyclonutand if so, am I in for some serious breakage?14:51
wilbertsudo apt-get update en sudo apt-get upgrade worked for me14:51
cyclonutI'll say that the upgrade did NOT work for me14:52
cyclonutbut only due to wireless issues14:52
osteenbergenupdate worked fine here what problems did you have?14:53
cyclonutwireless died a solid death14:53
Gilou2.6.24 panics on my laptop14:53
cvwcyclonut: that's better than dying a broken death14:54
jaffarkelshaci keep getting cannot calculate update14:54
cyclonutI ddint realize that I needed to rmmod b43,b44,ssb,ndiswrapper than modprobe ndiswrapper,b44 to get things working14:54
cvwcyclonut: you could have rebooted too14:54
cyclonutcvw: you think I didnt try that?14:55
cyclonutcvw: come on, now!14:55
osteenbergenI just blacklisted my normal wlan drivers and use ndiswrapper :) thats the only one working without regression with every kernel :P14:56
cyclonutcvw: it is not a matter of rebooting. ssb conflicts with ndiswrapper, and is force-loaded regardless of blacklisting. The only solution is for ndiswrapper to be loaded first, hence the rmmod/modprobe sequence.14:56
cyclonutthat sequence needs to be run @ every boot for me. Everything is blacklisted, too. I've decided the blacklist is pretty darned selective14:56
osteenbergenif you do sudo rm -f /path/ssd.ko it will not load again ;)14:56
cyclonutosteenbergen: :-P14:57
cyclonutosteenbergen: careful, there might be newbies about ;)14:57
osteenbergenthey get an error with unknown path /path ;)14:57
osteenbergenrm: cannot remove `/path/ssd.ko': No such file or directory14:58
Gilouanyone knows how good the "trackerd" is?15:00
Gilouit's kinda hogging my system to index the files15:01
* Gilou loves locate & updatedb :p15:01
cyclonutGilou: its decent, but I got rid of it15:01
osteenbergenMe 2.. the hogging is horible the first few days ;)15:01
GilouI think I will too, though you can pause it "at will", it looks like it's gonna hog a lot :p15:01
Gilouespecially with my small hard drive often plugged to a 100 Mbps line, and file changing a lot :p15:02
* Gilou lets it do its indexing15:02
osteenbergentrackerd love SVN btw ;)15:02
Gilousystem seems stable on 2.6.20 ..15:02
GilouI can't boot 2.6.24 yet, and I can't get a proper output to report15:02
Gilou2.6.22 has hiccups with HAL too..15:02
Gilouosteenbergen> lol it does index svn rep ?15:03
osteenbergenif its in your home dir it does ;)15:03
Gilousounds like a stupid move if it doesn't handle that15:03
Gilouyeah I have some...15:03
osteenbergendon't know if they fixed it but it sure was annoying15:03
Gilouyeah, svn up hop and the thing fires up15:04
GilouI think I'm gonna trash it lol :)15:04
Gilouplus I'm pretty sure it won't be acpi aware15:04
Gilouthough acpi seems broken too here ..15:04
GilouI like the way fsck systematically wants to check my 80 GB partition when I'm running on battery...15:05
osteenbergeni hate acpi for beta kernels.. its only fixed just before the final release15:05
Gilouyeah I have a HAL bug too15:05
osteenbergenowh in the 24 kernel it skippes the filecheck on battery15:05
Giloubut upgrading to HAL 0.5.11 was imho a really bad move from ubuntu maintainers15:06
Gilouit's bugged as hell15:06
osteenbergenbut the message is "Skipping filecheck, on battery power" and it doesn't fit in the screen of the loader.. :P15:06
J-_Is anyone having any problems updating?15:06
osteenbergenif they ha used SKIP it would worked :P15:06
PiciJ-_: not currently.15:06
osteenbergenNo no problems here..15:06
* J-_ ponders15:07
osteenbergenonly some bugs that exist still exist :)15:07
osteenbergenso mostly you will go forward :D15:07
prana2.6.24 boots okay for me, and actually suspends properly, on my X40.15:07
osteenbergenwhich display driver prana?15:07
Gilouosteenbergen> I'll check that once 2.6.24 boot properly :)15:07
cyclonutabout to go down for reboot after installing kernel update15:07
osteenbergengood luck15:08
J-_weird! The updater was complaining, open up synatic, and the updates are downloading =P15:08
Tu13eshm, finally got my wired network working in hardy, wifi shows up but won't connect in wicd15:10
Tu13esany thoughts where to start?15:10
Tu13esit's in ifconfig15:10
PiciWhy not use n-m?15:10
osteenbergenhmm wicd haven't tried that for few months15:10
Tu13esI'm using xfce15:10
osteenbergenwicd has the option to cancel ;) that alone owns n-m btw :D15:11
Tu13esit's been pretty good for me in using it the last few weeks15:12
sivel_is it possible to disable cpu frquency scaling to allow full 100% usage when folding?15:12
osteenbergenonly vpn via wicd is not an option right?15:12
Tu13es*shrug* I haven't tried VPN yet15:12
compwiz18osteenbergen: vpn via wicd is being worked on right now :)15:12
osteenbergensivel_ i got instructions for that.. wait a moment15:12
Belisarivshi all15:13
sivel_thank you15:13
sivel_ive tried quite a few thing15:13
Belisarivsdo you also have problems with konqueror-kde4 with webkit?15:13
osteenbergensivel_ try: http://wiki.steenbe.nl/?p=2615:13
BelisarivsIt does SIGSEGV to me.15:13
sivel_thank you, one more q related to this, im at work, and can i issue a command to see what freq the cpu is at ?15:14
sivel_via ssh?15:14
osteenbergenuhm yeah you can.. i will  have a look..15:15
savvascpufreq-info ?15:15
cyclonutno breakage, and it boots quicker, too!15:15
savvassivel_: sudo apt-get install cpufrequtils and then: cpufreq-info15:16
sivel_Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/c/cpufrequtils/cpufrequtils_002-5_i386.deb  Size mismatch15:16
osteenbergenchange the sources server to main server for example and try again15:17
wilbertgood 1 osteenbergen15:18
sivel_cant seem to find/edit that file in /etc15:19
savvassivel_: wget http://fr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/c/cpufrequtils/cpufrequtils_002-5_i386.deb; sudo dpkg -i cpufrequtils_002-5_i386.deb15:20
osteenbergensivel_: To see your current CPU Freq:15:20
osteenbergensudo cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq15:20
sivel_dpkg-deb: `cpufrequtils_002-5_i386.deb' is not a debian format archive15:21
sivel_dpkg: error processing cpufrequtils_002-5_i386.deb (--install):15:21
sivel_ subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 215:21
sivel_Errors were encountered while processing:15:21
sivel_ cpufrequtils_002-5_i386.deb15:21
wilbertworked here15:21
osteenbergenand then you will get a number with the current Hz the cpu is running at15:21
savvassivel_: you might have something broken there: sudo apt-get -f install15:22
savvassivel_: osteenbergen 's way is much easier :P15:22
sivel_the prob is it gives errors15:22
sivel_dpkg-deb: `cpufrequtils_002-5_i386.deb' is not a debian format archive15:23
sivel_dpkg: error processing cpufrequtils_002-5_i386.deb (--install):15:23
sivel_ subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 215:23
sivel_Errors were encountered while processing:15:23
sivel_ cpufrequtils_002-5_i386.deb15:23
osteenbergensivel_ for what purpose are you installing it?15:23
savvasI told him to use cpufreq-info15:24
wilbertto know the frequency of his proc i assume15:24
osteenbergensudo cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq is much easier ;) no package needed for that :D15:24
sivel_im currently "folding" proteins, and i have the cpu-scaling app on the desktop at home, but i noticed that i cant seem to change the usage to 100% instead of 50% amd64 300015:24
sivel_no such file or directory15:25
osteenbergenowh maybe you dont have multiple procs..15:25
robiliveI would to "colorize" the bootup in Hardy, I've searched in the wiki but I've look only discussion and howto for breezy and dapper... There is a way to do this in Hardy? Any idea? :D15:25
sivel_how would i fix that?15:25
osteenbergenjust delete from cpu0 and check what the contents of the cpu folder is15:25
rawbwill it be easier to upgrade to 8.04 LTS from 7.10 or 6.06 LTS (server edition)? i figure 7.10 might be a little better since it already has python 2.5.1 whereas 6.06 has 2.4, so apps that rely on it won't break probably, etc. or will it not matter?15:27
robilive(PS sorry for my bad english)15:27
Lamegorawb, both are supported, the better would be a fresh install :P15:28
osteenbergenrawb: check chat topic aka: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades15:28
Lamegothe python version should not matter, the related packages will be upgraded also15:28
osteenbergenrobilive what do you want to colorize?15:29
osteenbergenthe GRUB or the splash?15:29
osteenbergenor even the GDM15:29
robiliveosteenbergen, the bootup... the "OK" and "Fail" message and if is possible many more15:29
robilive(is many more???) :D15:30
osteenbergenaha well those texted are fixed.. but you can have usplash display them in a nicer way15:30
wilbertfor these few seconds15:30
robiliveI've "nosplash" option :D15:31
osteenbergenthen you are *bliep*15:31
robiliveI don't haave idea what "bliep" mean.. Is good or not? :P15:32
osteenbergenno not so good ;)15:32
robilivegh :)15:32
osteenbergenyou can show the messages in usplash but you cant add color to them... sry :)15:33
robilivebut I don't have the usplash :)15:34
robilivesorry, reboot15:35
Jaymachardy has killed my mute Fn button15:38
jbroomeany 'gotchas' i should know about before i kick off an apt-get upgrade this AM?15:38
Jaymacjbroome: it won't let me upgrade, and i don't want to force it :)15:38
Giloujbroome> hardy kernel fail to boot on my travelmate laptop15:39
Gilouand I have ACPI & HAL issues that may be related to that15:39
Gilouit boots on the old 2.6.2015:40
Giloubut I still see kernel oops HAL related15:40
jbroomei'll hold off 'til i see a new FF beta :)15:41
Giloubeta5 ?15:41
mooboo1Bruce Schneier doesn't use an IDE, or even a text editor, he uses an AK47 and a punch card.15:41
* Gilou runs it15:41
JaymacI press the mute fn key on my vaio laptop, and it mutes for a split-second15:42
Jaymacand then goes back to normal...15:42
Jaymacall the other Fn keys work fine15:43
* Gilou tries it15:43
Gilouit works here, but the gnome mixer applet won't start lol15:43
JaymacGilou: you have a Sony Vaio?15:43
Gilounah, travelmate15:43
* Gilou is not rich :p15:43
JaymacGilou: oh15:43
JaymacGilou: insurance paid for this15:44
Gilounice one15:44
JaymacGilou: last laptop broke and this vaio was all the insurance company had available to send out immediately15:44
Gilouif I do the same here, they are probably going to send me a worse one than mine.. )15:45
mooboo1AES stands for "Ain't Encryption to Schneier."15:46
Giloumooboo1> you're mistaken with Chuck Norris15:46
Jaymacis Bruce Schneier the new Chuck Norris?15:46
JaymacI've never heard of him15:47
nDuffJaymac, go turn in your computing license.15:47
JaymacDoes that earn me a roundhouse kick to the head?15:47
orvokkiMe neither, really. This might be more of an #ubuntu-offtopic matter though.15:47
mooboo1nDuff, word!15:47
GilouSchneier isn't "that" impressive anyway15:48
JaymacI'm not A Merkin, which might explain my ignorance :)15:48
jbroomei'm not a pubic wig either15:49
JaymacA merkin is a pubic wig, but it is also how Mr Bush pronounces "American"15:50
glukoi've got a problem with hardy on an amd64 processor (installed with wubi). after the loading screen i get a black screen. i started it in safe mode, but i got errors claiming it's a read only system.15:50
glukosorry, I'm german, my english is no good15:50
nikrudgluko #ubuntu+1 is handling hardy questions till release15:51
orvokkinikrud: This is #ubuntu+1...15:51
* nikrud looks around15:51
nikruddang autojoin left me in the wrong place15:51
evandgluko: is this by any chance in VMWare?15:51
evandor another virtual machine product15:52
wangfg-x31how to use suspend to disk and resume, hibernate works, but cannot resume from disk...15:52
glukoi installed it with wubi15:52
Jaymacwangfg-x31: afraid that is still prety much hit and miss15:52
evandright, I mean are you running Windows in a VM15:52
orvokkiNever used wubi myself.15:52
evandgluko: ^15:52
glukono i don't15:52
nikrudwangfg-x31 /var/log/syslog should have some info about what's failing (if it gets that far)15:52
glukoproperly installed windows15:52
Jaymacevand: that would be some pretty hardcore emulation :)15:52
Jaymacubuntu in windows in ubuntu15:53
Jaymacsorry, virtualisation*15:53
Lamegowubi is not ubuntu in windows, it's just ubuntu in ntfs15:53
evandgluko: ok, please file a bug at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.  If you could post a picture of the errors, or even better if you a have a null modem cable and a serial port, we can show you how to gather full logs through that.15:53
evandJaymac: I do it all the time to test :)15:53
Jaymacevand: Heh, if I had a Windows licence I might be tempted15:54
* gluko searchs his digi cam15:54
glukookay, i will reboot and take some pictures15:55
happy-suffererMy computer had Ubuntu 7.04 Gnome intially, but to get something working, I had to try out Xubuntu 8.04 Beta install. But now I have fixed the problem I faced and would like to remove Xubuntu completely. When I had Xubuntu 8.04 installed, I chose the "guided partitioning", wherein Xubuntu was put on a separate partition on the hard drive, without touching the Ubuntu 7.10 files.  How do I completely remove Xubuntu 8.04 and give ba15:56
ReL1Kanyone experiencing any major issues updating from gutsy to hardy?16:03
robiliveI've changed the color of "OK" message on bootup in hardy (whitout splashscreen) :) Thank you :D16:05
=== tonyyarusso is now known as anthony
macogwReL1K: gnome-settings-daemon is broken16:06
=== anthony is now known as tonyyarusso
magnetronok, will hardy be released in 3 months?16:07
Jaymac3 weeks16:07
rskoh my16:08
Jaymacbah my laptop screen keeps flickering with hardy as well - most annoying16:09
bhsxhey, can anyone help me get my Brother MFC-3420c installed?  I installed the LPD .deb but the PPD isntall says ".../cups/model/brmfc3420c_cups.ppd: No such file or directory."  I made the dir 'model' but it still wont install... any ideas?16:09
JaymacJust to double check, I take it other people are getting this message when running update-manager today?16:12
JaymacCould not calculate the upgrade16:12
JaymacA unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.16:12
Jaymac This can be caused by:16:12
Jaymac * Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu16:12
Jaymac * Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu16:12
Jaymac * Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu16:12
JaymacThis is most likely a transient problem, please try again later.16:12
Gringo_will FF3 be in the final release of Hardy?16:13
rskGringo_: nobody knows16:13
Gringo_'cause i just read FF3 won't be final until june16:13
PiciJaymac: Please don't flood, use a pastebin.16:13
Lamegoso, you have your own answer :P16:13
JaymacPici: that is hardly a flood in a barely active channel; I know all about pastebin.16:13
PiciJaymac: Then you should be using pastebin.16:13
PiciGringo_: The default browser in Hardy currently is the FF3 beta16:14
rskFF3 beta 416:14
macogwis there a way to get g-s-d working or should i just downgrade it?16:14
rskand 5 just came out16:14
Gringo_rsk: what happens if I upgrade to hardy now? will i get the correct updates automatically later this month when hardy is released?16:14
rskafter beta 5 there will be rc's16:14
Pici!final | Gringo_16:14
ubotuGringo_: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.16:14
rskGringo_: um well.. yes16:14
JaymacI'd imagine FF3 will make it into 8.04.116:15
Gringo_and if FF3 isn't in that release, it will be downgraded somehow? :)16:15
rskGringo_: um... what?16:15
Lamegogribelu, FF3 beta is provided on this release16:16
Gringo_just a detail really, but what if Firefox 3 isn't in the final release of Hardy, and i'm running Hardy beta with Firefox 316:16
Gringo_will it be downgraded by the updates?16:16
JaymacGringo_: Firefox 3 is in Hardy, as the default, in its beta state16:16
macogwhey figured out why no intel wireless on -13.  There's no linux-ubuntu-modules for -13.  The last one was for -12.  This is problematic.16:16
Gringo_Jaymac: yes it is, but Hardy will be released later this month, much before FF3 will be final16:17
Gringo_and Hardy is a LTS release, so FF3 will prolly not be in it16:18
JaymacGringo_: I'd say it is unlikely that FF will be downgraded back to V216:18
JaymacThe devs knew the projected release date of FF3 when they included it in Hardy#16:18
rskGringo_: ff2 isnt supported in 3 years. afaik16:18
Gringo_i see16:18
IdleOneGringo_: so that means because it is a LTS they will have more time to work on FF316:18
rskGringo_: imo it would be smarter to go with firefox 3rc2 or something16:19
=== x-spec-t is now known as Spec
Gringo_i'm curious then: what exactly does LTS mean? does it mean that the released ISO itself will be supported for 3 years?16:20
rsklong term support16:20
Gringo_or that the released ISO + updates from the internet will be supported (internet connection required)16:20
rsknot the iso16:20
rskyou can get ubuntu in several other ways16:20
rskand yes it requires internet connection or offline updates16:20
rskto be updated16:21
LamegoGringo_, it means the software packages will get security updates during the LTS time16:21
Gringo_so FF3 could easily be updated to the final version in June16:21
Gringo_in that case it's indeed a better idea to simply include ff316:21
Gringo_I think i'll just update to Hardy today then... any reason why i shouldn't go to amd64?16:22
rskum sure16:23
rskflash isn't supported16:23
Gringo_precompiled binaries (propriatary) don't always work16:23
rsklots of things needs extra configuration to get working16:23
Gringo_flash doesn't work at all in a;d64?16:23
rsknot native16:23
Gringo_okay, i386 it is :)16:23
Gringo_i need java too, and the nvidia drivers16:24
rsknvidia drivers have x32_64 afaik16:24
macogwGringo_: gnome-settings-daemon doesnt work today16:25
macogwand there's no linux-ubuntu-modules for the current kernel16:25
macogwor linux-restricted-modules16:25
Gringo_is amd64 noticably faster? or is it only downsides? :)16:26
mooboo1when i had update yesterday, new kernel, it didnt get graphics :( but today i ran apt-get update from console (not X), and then i updated it, so it worked16:26
mooboo1but noob cant fix this, only eliete hacker like my16:26
macogwmooboo1: hahah there was no l-r-m yesterday16:27
macogwthere's still no l-u-m16:27
Lamegoflash and java, both work on amd6416:27
plurthi, how can I get the list of updates available in commandline?16:27
rskplurt: sudo apt-get update16:27
plurtthat doesn't seem to give a list of updates to be installed on my system sepcifically does it?16:28
rskit does ?16:28
rsker... upgrade16:28
WGGMkhas anyone else run into a problem with GFX Grub? I follow the steps to install and receive "graphics file missing"16:29
plurtupgrade installs them all at once?16:29
rskplurt: no16:29
mvothe "can not calculate upgrade" message is know and only a trainsient issue, it should be all good again tomorow16:29
rskplurt: it ask for what updates to be installed and you select /yes/no16:29
Gringo_rsk: according to this: http://grumpymole.blogspot.com/2008/03/ubuntu-hardy-heron-beta-amd64.html16:30
Gringo_flash works without hassle on amd64 hardy16:30
plurtthere seems no way to select them at all16:30
glukoyou mentioned another method (something with a modem?) instead of taking pictures of the error at startup (i am the one with the wubi hardy problem)16:30
rskwow nice16:31
Lamegogluko, null cable modem16:31
rskplurt: just look at the list and apt-get upgrade package1 package216:31
Gilounull modem cable16:31
Lamegoops :P16:32
glukommh i don't think i've got one...16:32
Gilouu can also try to output them in the log16:33
Gilougluko> does your kernel hang completely (aka panic)?16:33
glukocan't do anything16:33
glukoso i guess yes16:33
Giloudo the leds blink?16:34
uniscriptany reason why all the letters in my default application font (for gnome)are sans but the digits are serif?16:35
glukowould it help if i run the memtest?16:35
Gilouthe memtest will tell you if it's a RAM problem16:36
macogwcan someone do an apt search for linux-ubuntu-modules16:37
macogwam i crazy or is there not one for -13?16:37
=== shockhead is now known as petelewis
glukoi'll follow the steps of the link16:38
Jaymacis sending files from a mobile phone to a pc still not enabled by default in hardy?  i keep getting fail messages (i've checked the "Receive Files from Remote Devices" box in the bluetooth preferences)16:40
recon69hi all, just wanted to ask about glx , gnome-setting-demon , seem you can have one or the other but not both. should I just wait and see if it gets fixed?16:41
uniscriptare other people seeing serif digits with sans serif fonts in gnome apps?16:42
* Gilou has to get some nerve to try to debunk the kernel bug..16:44
linkinxpguys! good morning!16:46
linkinxpi have a question how i control Vista from ubuntu ( what packages do i need)16:46
Jaymaclinkinxp: what do you mean by "control" Vista?16:47
Lamegolinkinxp, you mean remote desktop ?16:47
linkinxpLamego,  yes16:48
linkinxpremote desktop16:48
Jaymaclinkinxp: well the ubuntu packages are installed by default - you probably need to enable remote administration on the Vista computer though16:49
Lamegolinkinxp, you need to install the rdesktop16:49
Lamegoops, default installed16:49
Jaymaclinkinxp: Applications > Internet > Remote Desktop Viewer16:49
linkinxpnothing else! like any protocol or something like that16:49
linkinxpJaymac,  put ip and thatss it?16:49
Jaymaclinkinxp: assuming your vista machine allows remote administration16:50
linkinxpJaymac,  do u know which port does vista use ?16:50
linkinxpJaymac,  yes16:50
Jaymaclinkinxp: go for it16:50
RotlausSince the change from the  2.6.24-12-generic to the  2.6.24-12-386 and now with the  2.6.24-13-386 my sound doesn't work anymore. Is this a known problem or should i report it anywhere? And how can ifix it?16:50
linkinxpill see16:50
recon61anyone know why Nexuiz  wont run in full screen mode?16:52
Melchanyone  still having a problem upgrading16:55
gilster32anyone here have any experience with DVD-RAM discs16:55
Blues-Mani ve put wireless-linux 2.6 kernel on my kubuntu 8 and I can't mount any drive automatically anymore :/ what's wrong?16:55
Melchis everyone having have a problem upgrading?16:55
JaymacMelch: yeah I'm getting told to do a partial upgrade then getting an error before it stats16:56
Melchis it an error about the kernel?16:56
JaymacA unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.16:57
recon61Blues-Man: check your fstab and the drive names, they changed when i updated from hda to sda ect16:57
Melchwe can't the only ones with this problem16:57
Melchis anyone else getting a problem upgrading?16:58
scobbyhi all16:58
Melchscobby are you having a problem upgrading16:58
scobbyi have hardy installed, workes fine, but firefox 3.0 is in english locales de_DE are installed16:58
recon61Blues-Man: ie the drives in fstab stayed as hda while the device names changed to sda, hope this helps16:59
scobbyMelch: what do you mean?16:59
Blues-Manrecon61, in fstab I had hash instead of /dev/sda5 for example16:59
Melchnever mind16:59
Blues-Manbut there are only the root and the swap16:59
Melchanyone having problem upgrading16:59
Blues-Manalso before with the old kernel16:59
Blues-ManI have this hash UUID=b78697df-0ad5-414c-b96f-72ad6d10c51b instead of /dev/sda517:00
gilster32so no one knows DVD-RAM discs. the old pioneer thing?17:00
recon61Blues-Man: probably something else then , the uuid's are correct17:00
GilouBlues-Man> it's like that since feisty17:00
Gilouor even edgy :p17:00
Gilouls /dev/disks/by-uuid -l17:00
Blues-Manyes but before it worked for other drive17:00
Pedantic-Steveman, update is going slooooooow.  must be lots of people downloading them17:00
Gilouwill tell you about them17:01
JaymacGilou: edgy :)17:01
Melchyou can upgrade?17:01
Blues-Maneven if there weren't in fstab17:01
MelchI can't update my kernel17:01
plurtwhat's the easiest way to boot in a fully functional commandline system?17:01
Gilouok trackerd wasn't able to index all my files in 3 hours17:01
Blues-Mannow with new kernel I can't mount automatically pen drive17:01
GilouI think it's gonna meet the trashcan :)17:01
JaymacMelch: that is probably not a bad thing - if there is a problem you don't want to download it :)17:01
Blues-Manhald is working17:01
Jaymaci am sure i tiwll get fixed17:01
Pedantic-Steveis there a problem with the updates that are out today? should I not update?17:02
scobbyanyone know why locales dont work in firefox on hardy??17:02
iiincHi, no compiz drop shadows on AMD64 in hardy... Is there a way to get them back?17:02
Blues-ManGilou, with that command I see my drives, so have I to add to fstab to have mounted automatically at start?17:03
dwidmannand now to time how long it takes to build a kernel with the new comp :)17:03
Gilouyou have to check fstab has the good partitions17:03
Blues-Manright now fstab has only 2 entries17:03
Blues-Manone is for my root17:03
Blues-Manand one for the swap17:03
Pedantic-Steveanyone here can tell me if I should avoid updating at this time?  before my download completes??17:04
Gilouand this is wrong?17:04
phaidroshi, gdmgreeter seems to be broken :/17:04
Gilouah new linux image17:04
Giloulet's have fun :)17:04
Blues-ManGilou, no but with this kernel change I can't mount drives by Media in Konqueror17:04
Blues-Mani wonder why17:04
Blues-Maneven this the pendrive17:04
Gilouhal fuck up? :p17:04
Blues-Mani can't see anymore the new drive win17:04
Giloucan you mount them using mount ?17:05
Gilouso it's either a HAL or konqueror fuck up17:05
Blues-Manhal is running17:05
iiincphaidros: Fix is "sudo cp /usr/share/themes/Human/gtk-2.0/gtkrc /usr/share/themes/Human/gtk-2.0/gtkrc.en"17:05
Blues-Mani launched also hald again17:05
Blues-Manbut cannot mount automatically pendrives anymore :/17:06
* Gilou prays for the new kernel to bring him the truth17:06
GilouBlues-Man> check if there are some error message17:06
* Gilou reboots17:07
* Gilou hopes, prays, believes17:07
phaidrosthx iiinc :)17:08
* Gilou waits for the leds to blink17:09
Gilouwow! it boots!17:09
GilouWOOHOO! :)17:09
Giloulet's wait for hal to start17:09
Gilouhal still coughs17:09
Giloutoo bad, I believed.17:09
Gilouwell at least I may be able to report something :)17:09
Oli``Is there a process for requesting a package is updated to its latest version?17:09
JaymacOli``: beg the backports people17:10
Gilouaaaaand a kernel panic17:11
phaidrosnot nice17:11
Gilouyeah but it might have logged something17:12
Gilouso I may be able to report it17:12
iiincdoes no one know how I can get my drop shadows back?17:13
crdlbiiinc: using gtk-window-decorator?17:14
iiincInstalled Hardy and they're gone, ccsm doesn't seem to have the option... Yes, gnome-window-decorator17:14
crdlbnot even on decorated windows?17:15
iiincwobbly windows work perfectly17:15
iiincall effects work17:15
iiincjust no shadows by default, on a clean install17:15
Who_Anyone here with wubi experience?17:16
iiincnvidia driver and fresh kernel as of this morning17:17
evandWho_: whatever you prefer, but I think SUB should be sufficient.17:18
Who_evand: thanks.17:19
Who_evand: so it definitely isn't likely to be going anywhere fun?17:19
evandWho_: no problem.  Much appreciated if you file a bug so we can track the issue. http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug .17:20
Who_evand: I will if the logs look helpful - cos right now my bug report would look like: got a long way, showed a desktop. Swapped for the rest of the day :P17:20
evandWho_: indeed :)17:21
Who_by desktop I mean image, no icons...17:21
matti_does anyone know of a good howto on how to get a lcd 40" tv to work? i have installed nvidia drivers and nvtv but it doest seem to help, i cant get any picture on my tv :/17:21
Who_after RSEI dropped me to a normal shell things are happier17:21
happy-suffererhello, should i get the desktop cd or the alternate install CD?17:22
Who_evand: I have got a ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ pompt now.17:22
happy-suffererHwo can I decide?17:22
cyclonutsdoes anyone know a way to install imagemagick q8 version with apt?17:23
Who_evand: is there anything I can do to finsih of the install so I don't have to give up on wubi and use UNetBootIn?17:23
Who_evand: or at least get more useful diagnostic info?17:23
recon61happy-sufferer: as far as i know the alternate CD is for low ram machines < 256mb17:24
akkhappy-sufferer: Probably depends on your machine -- if it's modern and has no unusual hardware, the regular live CD might be best17:24
recon61opps thats less that 512MB17:24
evandWho_: yes, hit escape when you see the grub countdown and enable verbose mode.17:24
uniscriptalso use alternate if you want encrypted root17:25
Who_evand: I was in verbose mode when it died - I did that anyway to watch (not that I didn't have confidence, or anything :P)17:25
happy-suffererakk: mine is 4 years old17:25
happy-suffererAMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3800+17:25
happy-sufferer1 Gig hz. 1 gig ram17:25
akkhappy-sufferer: If you have a fast net connection, try live first anyway -- it might work. If it doesn't, there's always the alternate.17:26
Who_evand: but I haven't restarted, I just did RSEI and am at a command prompt - with user ubuntu - so on the install image at the moment. Can I finish off the install in a text mode, or does the live cd image not even have that on it?17:26
recon61happy-sufferer: far as i know the only difference is the alternate does not use a GUI when installing to save memory17:26
evandWho_: that will pass the debug flag to the installer which will write a more verbose log to /var/log/installer/debug in addition to writing to /var/log/syslog.  If you can somehow get those off the CD (copy to /host), they'll most likely be helpful in determining what's going wrong.  The ubiquity section of the output of ps auxf might also give us clues.17:27
MelchSo when can i update my kernel17:27
evandWho_: well, you could try running `ubiquity noninteractive`17:27
evandI make no guarantees though :)17:28
Who_evand: even though this is in wubi-world?17:28
evandWho_: just to clarify, you've run the wubi executable and rebooted from windows into an installer environment, correct?17:29
Who_evand: yea - I have.17:29
jeplercan someone tell me whether iwl3945 or ipw3945 will be used by default in Hardy?17:30
evandok, then yes, ubiquity noninteractive will probably work (though admittedly I've never tried it with a wubi preseed before)17:30
BelisarivsI spotted significant slowdown of compiz after upgrade to HH. In GG I could use even water effects without problems and now I cannot use compiz at all. I use intel GMA950 graphic card. Nothing particularly spectacular, but had no problems with Compiz.17:30
iiincjepler: iwl394517:30
ba5ehow quick does your hardy boot? have you used bootchart to time?17:30
evandWho_: usual rules apply, if this is an important system, please for the love of everything, back up first.17:30
BelisarivsShould I report it?17:30
jepleriiinc: thanks17:30
Who_evand: fails due to dbus17:30
ba5emine is real slow17:30
Who_evand: could hardly be less important - only concern is that installing _anything_ if I loose XP will be hard because I have no CDRom drive...17:31
Belisarivsjepler: be warned, signal led doesn't work with ewl. Otherwise it works fine.17:31
=== Pedantic-Steve is now known as PedanticSteve
jeplerBelisarivs: yes I saw those bugs in launchpad while I was trying to figure out which was default17:31
=== hydrogen is now known as hYdroGonE
jepleriwl3945 is not a "restricted driver", correct?17:31
iiincjepler, unsure of its status17:32
BelisarivsI think it is. Firmware must be installed still.17:32
BelisarivsAnd that is non GPL17:32
iiincthe driver itself is GPL though17:32
iiincyou just can't use it without the blob17:32
iiincstupid imaginary property17:33
jepleryeah, well17:33
jeplerlooks like iwl3945.ko comes from linux-ubuntu-modules, not linux-restricted-modules17:33
evandWho_: ah, yeah, hal-lock needs that.  Try sudo /usr/lib/ubiquity/bin/ubiquity noninteractive17:33
h3sp4wnFirmware is different17:33
BelisarivsAnybody, did you make suspend to disc work in HH on HP530?17:33
h3sp4wnIts not a blob as it runs on the card not on the host17:34
spiderfireanyone done a custom livecd before? is it supposed to say failed to read /proc stuff, creating empty file?17:35
Who_evand: better so far. hard disk spinning, and all that :)17:35
mlalkakaWill the final release of Hardy Heron come with the final release of Firefox 3?17:35
h3sp4wnspiderfire: Didn't for me17:35
iiincWho cares, use Epiphany :D17:35
* iiinc is being facetious17:36
BelisarivsEpiphany with webkit. Yeah.17:36
spiderfireh3sp4wn: what i do wrong?17:36
mlalkakayeah i ought to try epiphany17:36
uniscriptis firefox crashing for people?17:36
iiincTHe only thing I miss is the FF3 'awesomebar'17:36
Who_iiinc: which is so well named :P17:37
mlalkakaso what's the advantage of epiphany?17:37
iiincEpiphany's bookmark system is so great17:37
iiincyou just tag things, and it organizes them into folders for you17:37
iiincnested folders17:37
Who_iiinc: it does 'smart keywords' like firefox?17:37
Stormx2I'd use epiphany if I could load firefox extensions into it17:38
Stormx2and it had proper tabbing.17:38
iiincIt does smart bookmarks with a plugin, and any non-url thing you type into the location bar takes you to google17:38
jeplermlalkaka: I think the final release of Mozilla 3 is well after the release of LTS -- June according to http://blog.wired.com/monkeybites/2008/03/mozilla-final-v.html17:38
iiinctabbing's fine :D17:38
Stormx2it opens new windows all the time17:38
Stormx2even if I tell it not to.17:38
Stormx2therefore it is not fine ;_;17:38
iiincNot for me it doesn't.17:38
plurthow do I quit gnome and go to commandline without much hussle?17:38
iiincAre they flash popups?17:39
Stormx2plurt, ctrl + alt + f1?17:39
jeplerplurt: type ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a pure text terminal17:39
jeplerctrl-alt-f7 (or maybe some other key) to get back to graphical17:39
Stormx2ctrl + alt + f7 to get back17:39
plurtdoes it kill gnome?17:39
Stormx2It just puts you in another tty.17:39
jeplerno, it leaves the graphical interface running17:39
Stormx2plurt, why do you want to quit gnome entirely?17:39
plurthuman-theme doesn't want to upgrade17:39
plurtand I don't want to reboot17:40
akkplurt: Kill gdm (or remove the gdm package, if you want to do that all the time).17:40
Who_plurt:ctrl+alt+backspace kills all X stuff for me...17:40
Stormx2And restarts it, yeah17:41
Who_plurt:but it is violent!17:41
jeplerplurt: 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop' will stop the GUI, 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop' will restart it17:41
plurtand that doesn't bring you back to a graphical login?17:41
Stormx2It does. Cause it just restarts X.17:41
akkplurt: gdm is the thing that's restarting X and giving you the graphical login, so killing it will get you back to a text console.17:41
jeplerbut without the specific error message, I suspect that this is unrelated to upgrading a package using the package manager or 'apt-get' at the commandline17:41
plurtI tried yesterday night and whatever I did, always the graphical login17:41
Stormx2What's wrong with Ctrl + Alt + F1 eh?17:41
plurtI don't want to boot in save mode because I want to keep my connection alive17:42
jeplerhow are you trying to upgrade?  what error is displayed?17:42
Stormx2Does it do nothing?17:42
Stormx2or what?17:42
plurtsudo apt-get upgrade17:42
Stormx2use dist-upgrade :)17:42
plurtErrors were encountered while processing: /var/cache/apt/archives/human-theme_0.14_all.deb17:42
plurtE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:43
Stormx2you can fix broken packages with dpkg, but I can't remember exactly how.17:43
akkIt doesn't say what errors?17:43
Stormx2plurt, so why can't you use gnome?17:43
Stormx2it should just revert to gtk1 if there's a problem with the theme.17:43
iiincfix broken packages: apt-get -f install17:43
iiincif the setup process was interrupted dpkg --configure -a17:44
jeplerif you have a reason to believe the downloaded .deb file might be damaged, sudo rm it.17:44
plurtdidn't want to mess with themes and x and all, just kill - install - restart17:45
plurtthought that would be easier17:45
plurtcan't see why it should be such a problem17:45
jeplerI can't see why you think this problem results from having the graphical interface running.17:46
Stormx2It isn't a problem :/17:46
plurthow do I stop gdm from restarting temporarily?17:46
Stormx2plurt, you've already been told :/17:46
plurtI see17:46
plurtvalid point17:46
Stormx2sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop17:46
Stormx2or ctrl + alt + f117:46
Stormx2or just use gnome.17:46
Stormx2it _should_ work and I don't know why you're avoiding it.17:47
Stormx2If it works, great, fix it. Otherwise use command line through ctrl + alt + f117:47
meilonhow can I make compiz start emerald as decorator?17:49
Ayabarawhich repos will FF beta 5 appear in? I don't have to enable backports and stuff to get it?17:51
UnksiAyabara: there is no backports for hardy in the development stage, there is no need for them yet17:53
jepleroh look, 200+ megs of updates to download17:55
happy-suffererrecon61: to save memory during install OR after ?17:56
AyabaraUnksi: ok. so I will get it through my "regular" updates soon?17:59
Unksitoday or tomorrow, i would guess17:59
Unksiit wasnt yet as i updated 30 minutes ago17:59
glukoi've taken some pictures now18:05
glukofrom demsg | less18:06
evandgluko: great, can you create a bug report on http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug and add them as attachments?18:16
graftis anyone else having checksum issues with their repository mirror?18:19
tyler_dhello room18:20
graftpretty silent here18:21
Who_evand: I've got to go out so can't tell you final success/fail but if ubiquity has just had 1000% success (that's not a typo:P) with configuring the hardware - so it looks good. So thanks! Is there anything special I need to do to make the wubi system happen after ubiquity exits?18:21
Who_evand: spurious 'if' after but in first line - sorry18:21
evandWho_: yeah, the progress percent is a little wonky when in automatic mode.  And no, a simple 'reboot' should do it.18:22
Who_evand: Thanks a lot.18:22
ogreany news on HAL?18:23
ogremy install is currently busted and im on live disk18:23
evandWho_: you're welcome.18:23
Who_evand: oh - shall I still report a bug - or is this a pretty clear case of 'not enough memory'?18:24
pvandewyngaerdehow do i install silverlight ?18:25
IdleOnesilverlight? isnt that the windows java thing18:26
insomninjamore like flash18:26
ogreanyone recently update and have HAL not work? I have no panels when it boots sometimes no wallpaper. also said it couldnt launch nautilus because of bonobo. just curious18:27
evandWho_: I've made a note to check the system requirements against Wubi, so I don't think a bug report is necessary anymore.18:27
IdleOnepvandewyngaerde: doubt that microsoft has open the souce on that18:27
Who_pvandewyngaerde: you can't - but you can use moonlight - I don't know much about it though18:27
pvandewyngaerdeIdleOne: indeed, many sites require it now18:27
b47619where exactly is the Trahs located?18:27
IdleOnepvandewyngaerde: then perhaps you need to look for sites and companies that are not slaves to Monopolies18:28
ogreb47619:  should be on yr panel18:28
b47619I use KDE 418:28
IdleOne   /.Trash18:28
ogrewell i guess ill try screwing with it myself :/18:29
IdleOnepvandewyngaerde: http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlight check this out18:30
b47619I can't find the trash folder in Dolphin...18:30
Who_pvandewyngaerde, IdleOne: moonlight has had some MS support in getting it working18:30
pvandewyngaerdeIdleOne:  its on a site about the next web, hmm predicts nothin good http://thenextweb.org/2008/04/03/the-next-web-conference-live-videostream/18:30
b47619I accidently removed it from the left18:30
meilonhow can I make compiz start emerald as decorator?18:36
k1lmeilon, i got the same problem. i put emerald in the window decoration thing in compiz but it doesnt work :/18:42
meilonyep, thats what I tried too18:43
almostdvsso basically help will not be given?18:44
jussio1almostdvs: what do you mean?18:45
almostdvs"...and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy"18:45
thoreauputicstrange comment on join...18:45
almostdvsi got some type of greeter crash18:46
thoreauputicalmostdvs: it's beta - it breaks. That's the deal18:46
thoreauputicthat doesn't mean "no helP"18:46
almostdvsok do you or anyone else have ideas on what i should try in my situation18:47
jussio1almostdvs: Its just saying dont try this unless you have some understanding of what you are getting yourself into.18:47
almostdvsi went to recovery mode and got the same error18:47
thoreauputicalmostdvs: have you searched launchpad for gdm bugs?18:47
thoreauputicalmostdvs: so far you haven't told us anything useful that we could help you with :)18:49
almostdvsi updated, and did the mandatory restart. got a greeter error and just now hopped on my grandmas laptop to see if i could help from irc and forums18:50
thoreauputicumm... " agreeter error" doesn't tell us anything. What is the error message?18:50
almostdvshold on i'll reboot and tell you.  something failed/crashed trying another greeter, then nothing happens18:53
dotechgreeter as in a boot loader?  the login window?18:55
almostdvsThe Greeter Application Appears To Be Crashing. Attempting To Use A Different One18:55
almostdvsi have a pointer...  nothing loads though.  i let it set for about 15 min.18:55
itsblandFF Beta 4 doesn't clear private data. Anyone else seeing this?18:56
osteenbergenDoes someone know how to fix battery indicator (and acpi in console) to report the correct data?18:56
WorkingOnWiseIs replacing Gutsy with Hardy in the sources.list still an effective way to do an upgrade to Hardy?18:56
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes18:56
almostdvsone forum suggests i disable "Enable Accessible login"  does anyone know how to do this from terminal?18:57
w0nderman.. i'm really having problems getting my sound card working in hardy18:58
w0nderanyone around to help me troubleshoot?18:58
thoreauputicalmostdvs: what happens if you get a console ( Ctrl -alt- F1 ) then run   sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm   ?18:58
w0nderinstalled OSS yesterday.. the test is successful but i still don't get sound18:58
=== marko_ is now known as marko-_-
thoreauputicw0nder: why did you install OSS ? Do you have specific apps that need it?18:59
Melchcan someone please help me with the partial upgrade?19:00
almostdvsthoreauputic: reloading gdm config...  changes will take effect when all current x sessions have ended19:00
thoreauputicalmostdvs: OK is X running? If so do a ctrl-alt-backspace to kill it19:00
Melchit can't update the kernel-generic-image19:01
thoreauputicthen try running   sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart19:01
almostdvsthoreauputic:  nothing happened19:01
Melchitsays it can't authuncate19:01
w0nderif i try to do a test using System/Pref/Sound i get this: audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open resource for writing.19:01
thoreauputicalmostdvs: try the restart command above19:01
almostdvsthoreauputic: it gave me the greeter message again19:02
thoreauputicalmostdvs: and  what does  `pgrep X ` say?19:03
thoreauputicYou mean the same error?19:03
almostdvsthoreauputic: 557919:03
thoreauputicOK so at leat X is running - does gdm give you a login page ( graphical )19:04
MelchAnyone having a problem reciving the partitial upgrade due to the generic kernel image?19:04
almostdvsthoreauputic:  no19:04
thoreauputicalmostdvs: so all you have is a console prompt, right?19:04
almostdvsi have a pointer and i click on the ok message and nothing happens19:04
thoreauputicumm - that's graphical19:05
almostdvsthoreauputic: correct19:05
thoreauputicOK kill X - sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop   then try  just  startx  and see what happens19:05
tazaWill 8.04 upgrade neatly to the full version once it's actually released?19:07
almostdvsthoreauputic: it had some weird graphics and now i am into my desktop.19:07
tazaAs in, Firefox 3b4 upgrading to Firefox3 etc?19:07
thoreauputicso you have a desktop with startx, right?19:07
thoreauputicalmostdvs: ^^19:07
almostdvsthoreauputic: should i disable the "enable accessible login like the forum says19:07
thoreauputicalmostdvs: it sounds like a gdm problem19:07
almostdvs.. so i won't recieve this again19:08
tazaor would I have to reinstall to et a decent experience?19:08
thoreauputicalmostdvs: have you tried   sudo apt-get -f install  ?19:08
tazaI'll have to reformat anyway and it appears that anything but Hardy lacks proper hardware support.19:08
almostdvsthoreauputic:  does that roll back an update?19:09
thoreauputicalmostdvs: startx bypassed the login screen (gdm) Hence I think the problem is with gdm19:09
thoreauputicalmostdvs: no,  sudo apt-get -f install  tries to fix your install19:09
thoreauputicie configure or reinstall etc, stuff that is incomplete or broken19:09
thoreauputicalmostdvs: but at least you can get your desktop now, right?19:10
almostdvsthoreauputic:  yes, so if it happens again switch to terminal, login and stop gdm and startx?19:11
thoreauputicalmostdvs: for the moment that's a work-around19:11
tazaOr lemme guess, Hardy's still broken and I'm better off waiting if I have only one machine I need to work?19:12
thoreauputicalmostdvs: you might also try running  sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude dist-upgrade a couple of times, and see if anything is missing19:12
taza(not that gutsy is working even halfway acceptably but I can still web browse)19:12
thoreauputictaza: if the machine is important to your work, then yes, do not use hardy19:13
almostdvsok,  ill post the workaround on the forums too19:13
thoreauputicalmostdvs: OK19:13
tazathoreauputic: Not important for my work, important that it works because it's my temp machine19:13
tazaBut then again, I have a long weekend so no better time than now.19:13
thoreauputictaza: whatever :)19:13
briareos90have all the packages been ported to hardy already ? as in apps/devtools/etc .. ?19:14
thoreauputicalmostdvs: don't bother daying thank you or anything...19:14
almostdvsthoreauputic: sorry thank you very much19:15
tazathoreauputic: I have a computer lab back home but I'm far away to study, so I use this box. Amusingly enough it's the only box I want to upgrade because all hw is brand new.19:15
thoreauputicalmostdvs: it's cool :)19:15
almostdvsi was submitting the crash report to launchpad19:15
tazathoreauputic: Also, are you sure that's along the ubuntu code? o.O19:15
tazaOr heck, along the programmer code.19:15
tazaThat was very, very rude.19:15
thoreauputicalmostdvs: ah good :)19:15
thoreauputictaza: thanks. I've been helping on IRC since 2004 - I think I can say I understand the code of conduct19:16
thoreauputictaza: and gratuitous comments about a throw away line are not appreciated either19:17
tazathoreauputic: Well, expletive. You're just one exceptionally rude person then.19:17
blitzcheckerich habe probleme einen palm tungsten t3 unter ubuntu (8.04 beta, fluxbox) einzurichten...19:18
thoreauputictaza: on the contrary, if you look at the record you will find that I am generally helpful and polite19:18
thoreauputictaza: leave it19:18
thoreauputictaza: you must be new around here19:18
blitzcheckeroh sry i haven't seen that this is an english speaking channel ;)19:19
tazablitzchecker: Try #ubuntu-de ?19:19
tazathoreauputic: Actually, no.19:19
bazhangtaza please ease up19:19
blitzcheckerthey said i can get hardy support here19:19
tazaI knew the Ubuntu project was host to people like you but it still shocks me seeing one of you.19:19
thoreauputictaza: then you are quick to judge and know nothing about me19:19
Giloulol yeaaaah !19:19
Gilouarguing on IRC, great :p19:19
tazathoreauputic: I know enough seeing those few lines19:20
bazhang!ot | taza19:20
ubotutaza: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!19:20
tazaWell, I'm not here to argue19:20
tazabazhang: Already ignored him19:20
* briareos90 slaps himself with a uber large hardy heron19:20
bazhangtaza wrong person to ignore if your hardy crashes19:20
tazaNow, anyone know if Hardy beta will upgrade nicely to hardy actual?19:20
tazabazhang: I don't have time for OSS egoes.19:21
blitzcheckeri've got problems with sychnronizing a palm tungsten t3 with ubuntu (current 8.04 beta, fluxbox)... when i'm doing a hotsync, in /var/log/messages only those lines appear: http://paste.xairro.com/view/154/19:21
tazabazhang: I've been using linux before Ubuntu was even about, so I doubt I'll have too much trouble.19:21
Gilouwhy do you argue... mine is still bigger than yours19:21
briareos90O_O lol19:22
tazaGilou: Do you know if Hardy Beta will neatly upgrade to Hardy?19:23
tazaWithout weird system cruft.19:23
Gilouit probably will, especially if you follow the updates of the beta19:23
briareos90anyone compiled dolphin from svn ?19:23
sourcemakerwhat's the name for the vmare-server repository in Hardy?19:23
ubotuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.19:23
bazhangis that the canonical partner repo? I keep forgetting19:24
GilouI have a weird kernel issue here in hardy, and I just broke my grub install, I'm a little bit angry at the moment :p19:24
tazaGilou: I have a Puppy install on a 256mb stick, I figure I can think my way through those. :P19:24
ubotuVMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers19:24
Gilouyeah well the kernel issue is weird19:24
Gilouand HAL / ACPI support seems broken for my laptop19:25
tazaGilou: How old a laptop and by which manufacturer?19:25
briareos90!hardy rc19:25
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hardy rc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:25
GilouAcer Travelmate19:25
sourcemaker deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu hardy partner... is this available?19:25
Gilou1 year old or so19:25
tazaYeah, you're right. That is a weird issue.19:25
Gilouintel & acpi brr.19:26
briareos90is it better to do a fresh install of hardy or to upgrade gutsy ?19:26
bazhangsourcemaker: aye19:27
sourcemakerbazhang: I can't find the vmware-server on apt?19:28
bazhangbriareos90: what net connection you have? if fast a net upgrade makes sense; also if you dont have a seperate home partition then all will be lost without a backup19:28
bazhangsourcemaker: you enabled all the repos and reloaded19:28
sourcemakerbazhang: yes i have... maybe I have the wrong repo for vmware--- do you know the location?19:29
briareos90bazhang: /home is formatted ? i have a dsl with approx 200kbps dwnld19:29
bazhangsourcemaker: what does apt-cache search say about vmware?19:30
sourcemakerbazhang: do not find..19:30
bazhangbriareos90: no; if you have seperate home then fresh install is fine; I have a bunch of tweaks and no sep home so a net upgrade was the only route for me19:30
toorimabriareos90: safest is to do a backup, try the upgrade, if it works well, use it, if upgrade brakes bad, then reinstall and use your backup19:30
briareos90bazhang: yeah i have home on a different volgroup19:31
bazhangbriareos90: very smart!19:31
blitzcheckerhas anyone a palm tungsten t3 running under ubuntu?19:31
* briareos90 !sosmart19:31
briareos90imma try upgrade then19:32
briareos90bazhang: 2 more things though : 1) is kde4 stable enough 2) have most of the packages been ported to hardy yet ?19:33
prakritihow usable is ubuntu+1?19:33
bazhangsourcemaker: it should be in the commercial canonical repo; I had it from gutsy though so perhaps not in there yet19:33
toorimasourcemaker: maybe try virtualbox instead, I find it much nicer then vmware19:34
bazhangbriareos90: kde3 packages you mean to kde4? or gutsy to hardy (generic)? there is a freeze now iirc19:34
prakritiI usually upgrade a couple weeks before release,  I'm just wondering what kind of not-working sorta things to look out for.19:34
bazhangprakriti: broadcom wireless?19:34
prakritinope, no wireless19:35
prakritii do have an intel wireless in my lappy19:35
briareos90bazhang: oh lol i forgot ... RC is out :p19:35
bazhangthen you're good ;]19:35
toorimaRC is out?19:35
briareos90isnt it out ?19:35
tazaNot last I saw19:35
RigdMy nvidia 8600 show black stripes when using proprietary drivers, anyone has any idea?19:35
bazhangno idea; if you are up to date then you are RC ;]19:35
kane77what happened to pulse and amarok?19:36
LamegoRC is not out19:36
bazhangoops then nvm19:36
briareos90O_o someone in yahoo chatroom told me RC cd is up for download :p19:36
tazabriareos90: Ah, Yahoo chatrooms. About as reliable as 4chan.19:36
toorimai thought RC was due on the 17th19:36
bazhangyahoo is at least better than digg ;]19:37
tazaJust wait until /. says so.19:37
briareos90bazhang u got hardy installed ?19:38
bazhangbriareos90: of course! ;]19:39
briareos90hows the stability ?19:39
toorimabriareos90: better then gutsy19:39
briareos90O_O holy cow19:39
kane77briareos90, I haven't had any problems so far...19:39
briareos90O_O holy chicken19:39
bazhangquite nice but this is a desktop and my lappy has intel wireless briareos9019:39
briareos90correction holy moose19:39
briareos90wee imma install tonite :D19:40
briareos90u ahve kde or gnome ?19:40
briareos90i mean do you ahve kde 4 ?19:40
bazhangkde3/4 both19:40
BadRobothi there19:41
BadRoboti have just updated my box and now i can't start it up19:41
kane77the only problem is amarok.. yesterday it gave me some funny messages so trying to fix it I removed the amarokrc and now I have to rebuild the library.. and it doesn't use pulse anymore...19:41
bazhangkane77: I had that too; rebuilding the library did it for me19:42
BadRobotit gives me some initri something and there it stays19:42
T1m0thy"unable to initialize any audio drivers"19:42
BadRoboti think it's something do with the kernel19:42
bazhangBadRobot: do you recall the precise error message?19:42
=== k1l_ is now known as k1l
BadRobotsorry bazhang it looks like it has been fixed19:46
BadRobotso is it safe to update the kernel?19:46
prophet05Is the error of "Locking assertion failure." when starting java application using awt/swing with Java6 known for Hardy?19:46
bazhangBadRobot: ah good news then19:46
BadRobotnow i have to do in my laptop19:46
BadRobotso,is it safe to update the kernel?19:47
BadRobotno,with the update19:47
briareos90Gnight all19:47
bazhangwhat kernel do you have now?19:47
bazhangcya briareos9019:47
askandWhen I made the kernelupdate an hour ago, my X broke19:48
BadRobotmy update manager is showing more the 155 updates and one of them is the kernel19:48
bazhangthe -12 to the -13?19:48
cyclonutBadRobot: I didnt get any trouble19:48
BadRoboti don't trust kernel update,so i am just wondering if anyone have had problems with it19:48
BadRobotluck you cyclonut19:49
bazhangI'm on -1219:49
TurskiBadRobot: why you dont trust?19:49
askandI think it was the combo of a new kernel and using ATI that broke it for me19:49
Turski-14 works fine19:49
cyclonutBadRobot: that said, efore I hit the update, I was in here asking if it would destroy things ;-)19:50
BadRobotbecause usually kernel updates mess up the system19:50
jbroomeyou're doing it wrong19:50
BadRobotin my case it did 2x19:50
Turskii have updated kernel like 10 times and never messed up anything19:50
BadRobotonce it was the libc619:50
Turskior 20...19:50
bazhangthat was bad19:50
Turskiit was libc619:50
Turskinot kernel19:50
jaffarkelshacwait so the update is messing with x?19:51
askandhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=743748 these people also having problem after updating the kernel and using ati just like me, I suggest you wait  if you are using ATI19:51
TurskiBadRobot: imho kernel update is safe19:51
bazhangupdate to what?19:52
Turskiat least if you dont have ati19:52
Turskisince looks like it has some problems19:52
bazhangto -13?19:52
dotechwhat swap size do you pick if you have 8gb of ram?19:52
askandBadRobot: If the kernel breaks for you you can choose to start an older kernel in GRUB19:52
BadRoboti don't mind if mess up my box,it's just for testing but my laptop i need to sure19:52
dotechi used to just go by ram size * 2, but that seems like major overkill now19:52
T1m0thy16 gb swap space19:52
cyclonutdotech: honestly, I keep my swap at 1.5gb, never needed anything close to that.19:53
dotechnice, i was thinking 2gb19:53
Turskiwerent -14 released today for ubuntu?19:53
jaffarkelshachow come ubuntu does not have system restore19:53
Turskii think it get one update too today after release19:53
BadRobotmy is1.2 gb too19:53
Turskii have 10 Gb swap :)19:53
T1m0thyjaffarkelshac, You can tar / :p19:53
Turskiand 2 Gb ram19:53
Turskiswap is never used :P19:54
dotechi doubt my swap will see much action with 8gb of ram, but you never know ;)19:54
BadRoboti am putting more RAM on my laptop.Do i need to set up swap again?19:54
Turskiwhy you should?19:54
jbroomeyeah, newegg is having a sale so i'm going to jump to 8gb19:54
bazhangmaybe when photoshop is open-sourced19:54
dotechif you dont have enough swap thats the only reason you would increase it19:54
jaffarkelshacthats a big file T1m0thy19:54
T1m0thy<bazhang> maybe when photoshop is open-sourced <--- lol, In my dreams.19:54
TheInfinityswap is never wrong :p19:54
dotechthe ram i got was $50 for 2 2gb modules19:54
dotechmail in rebate19:55
BadRobotGoogle is release Google photoshop,based on Adobe photoshop19:55
Turskimy ram was about 46€ for 2x1Gb19:55
jaffarkelshacram is getting soo cheap19:55
dotechBadRobot, nice19:55
T1m0thyUh.. what BadRobot?19:55
jaffarkelshacis google photoshop free19:55
dotechi still use GIMP :)19:55
BadRobotit should to be ready before summer in Europe19:55
BadRobotwhile Adobe is busy with AIR for Linux19:56
Turskigimp is the best19:56
T1m0thyI can use GIMP but not as well as PS.19:56
kane77have you seen pixel? it looks kind of nice19:56
Turskii have never used photo shop :P19:56
cyclonutI am a fan of aviary19:56
cyclonutthe new online offering19:56
dotechman i can't wait to get back in ubuntu19:56
dotechit's been a while since i had a desktop19:57
BadRobotyep.It's free it's the same adobe photoshop but w/o adobe's name19:57
jaffarkelshacis anyone using  seahorse19:57
cyclonutBadRobot: "same"19:57
quentusrex_Is there any way to auto tab source code?19:57
dotechvim :)19:57
dotechemacs, any decent editor19:57
quentusrex_I've been given over a thousand lines of source code that isn't tabbed properly....19:57
cyclonutquentusrex_: if you put it into pastie itll usually do it, otherwise there is a gedit plugin that can do it too19:57
quentusrex_what is the gedit plugin?19:57
kane77quentusrex_, what is the language?19:58
quentusrex_html and css19:58
cyclonutquentusrex_: its called like autoindent or some such thing19:58
cyclonutquentusrex_: I believe bluefish has autotabbing too19:58
kane77there is package called hindent19:58
kane77quentusrex_, ^^19:59
dotechin vim i just select all the text in visual mode and press "=="19:59
dotechthat does it19:59
PiciTheres sed...19:59
dotechthere's a million ways to do it hehe19:59
kane77there's xmoto19:59
Picis/    /\t/g19:59
quentusrex_is bluefish a good programming ide?19:59
StereoSkithi all, i just dist-upgraded hardy today and when asked for a boot i did it, now the system wont load, it halts at the busybox !!!!, any workaround for this ?20:00
kane77but anyways I'm glad I am running ubuntu.. I started installing gnome two days ago on gentoo and it's still crunching sources :/20:01
jaffarkelshacmy updates just installed, will be restarting, i hope it does not screw up20:01
quentusrex_can gedit corrent bad indentions?20:01
quentusrex_I need something that will corrently indent the code that is already there...20:02
joebob777as7quentusrex_ kate20:02
quentusrex_kate isn't in the ubuntu repositories... none of them...20:03
joebob777as7quentusrex_ I just did a apt-cache search: kate - advanced text editor for KDE20:04
pranaquentusrex_: apt-get install tidy20:05
BadRobotdoes someone knows how can i update some .deb files to getdeb.net?20:06
pranaquentusrex_: and possibly csstidy20:06
BadRobotsorry i mean upload20:06
BadRobotI am waiting for Koffice 2 ,quentusrex20:07
BadRobothas some tried it?20:07
jaffarkelshaci just updated, it did not mess with anything, everything is fine20:10
digin4will there be another beta before the final?20:10
jaffarkelshacnot likely20:10
PiciThere is an RC20:10
orvokkiHmm. My modutils has nvidia-kernel-nkc with content "alias char-major-195 nvidia". Should it be that way for nvidia-glx-new?20:13
w0nderthoreauputic: i couldn't seem to get ALSA working i don't think.. someone was helping me yesterday and they walked me through this20:14
w0nder(sorry, i had to step away)20:14
pranawhat to install to play the .swf files generated by ooimpress swf export?20:15
mohamedis there good way to separate partation e.g /home /usr ..etc, if this some partation r grow with time then how one manage this ?20:16
joebob777as7prana windows xp :P20:16
pranajoebob777as7: ...thanks :p. trying to embed some animations in latex-generated pdf.20:17
KRFmohamed, dont separate /usr...20:17
choroanyone got netatalk to work with ssl? It doesn't seem to be possible :(20:18
pranamohamed: just use a 10 GB / partition and the rest for /home.20:18
mohamedthx KRF prana20:18
TCMC2010I just install linux-xen, and I got the kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-14-xen but update-grub don't see it !20:18
TCMC2010I'm using Hardy server20:19
co0lingFir3hi folks! does anyone know if firefox 3 beta 5 is gonna make into the repos?20:20
rpedroco0lingFir3: don't use firefox, it is too slow....20:21
co0lingFir3jbroome: soonish next day or soonish next week?20:21
co0lingFir3rpedro: what would u propose using instead?20:22
rpedroco0lingFir3: apt-get install link2 , then links2 -g20:22
rpedroapt-get install links2* :P20:22
PaulMmeh. my wireless just stopped working all of a sudden for no apparent reason, and doesn't seem to work after I reboot. didn't do ANYTHING other than put the machine in suspent. anyone have any ideas?20:23
TCMC2010uuurrrgh... links2 !!  for god's sake20:23
TCMC2010try Opera20:23
co0lingFir3rpedro: wow that browser looks horrible20:24
prometheus<3 links20:24
co0lingFir3so is there any ETA for new firefox beta to be in repos?20:24
prometheusif you are impatient just install it through them20:25
TCMC2010yeah...  stable version of firefox comes in July...20:26
PaulMlooking forward to that20:26
TCMC2010so.. can anyone help me?! I just install linux-xen, and I got the kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-14-xen but update-grub don't see it !20:26
TCMC2010I'm using Hardy server20:27
jmehdiI'd like to know which version of Firefox will be included in hardy release... a beta version?20:31
prometheusa beta or an rc20:32
orvokkiTCMC2010: Eh, sounds like time to drop back to Firefox 2 for ubuntu-desktop then.20:32
prometheusno final releases20:32
orvokkiSince Firefox 3 final can't make it for Hardy.20:32
BadRobotFF3 Beta 5 was just released20:32
BadRobotthey will release the RC soon20:33
TCMC2010i don't think so orvokki, Firefox 3 beta it's pretty stable to me...20:33
prometheusfirefox 3 will be released in mid to late june (what is on their website)20:33
TCMC2010Gmail still Beta!20:33
orvokkiTCMC2010: "Pretty stable" isn't enough. Hardy is LTS.20:33
BadRobotOrvokki r u a Finn?20:33
jmehdinot shipping a final version is quite strange for an LTS...20:33
jmehdiorvokki, same ;)20:34
prometheusthey are doing alot of wierd things for this lts20:34
Melchcan someone help me iwth the upgrade please20:34
TCMC2010orvokki, you right! Maybe is a good idea change to Firefox2 since 8.04 is LTS!20:34
prometheuskeep ff3 in the repos though20:34
orvokki!info firefox-220:34
ubotuPackage firefox-2 does not exist in hardy20:34
BadRobotI think there is no meaning to keep FF2 to for a LTS release20:35
orvokkiBadRobot: No need to keep the stable release for a Long-Term Support version?20:35
BadRobotUntil when will they support FF2 after they release FF3?20:35
BadRobotwell,FF3 is stalbe enough20:35
TCMC2010I agree.20:36
jmehdiI've also a problem with firefox 3 beta (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/209401), folders location are not stable20:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 209401 in firefox "firefox3 .cfg file location" [Undecided,New]20:36
TCMC2010FF3 is stable...   :P20:36
BadRobototherwise it wouldn't be Beta then a Alpha20:36
orvokki*shrug* Devs don't think it's ready yet.20:36
orvokkiBadRobot: Beta is an unstable public testing version.20:36
jmehdiit breaks my app20:36
orvokkiProne for breaking.20:36
Lamegonot to mentiont hat a lot of extensions are not compatible with it20:36
BadRoboti don't use much FF3 ,i use mostly Opera and Epiphany-Gecko and WebKit20:37
orvokkiAnyone using nvidia-glx-new?20:37
orvokkiWhat should the char-major say for /etc/modutils/nvidia-kernel-nkc?20:37
TCMC2010I think it is not a big deal to stay with FF3.20:39
pepie34i've got a regression with 2.6.24-14 madwifi-svn is not working anymore20:40
pepie34i've got a lot of "Rx invalid nwid" and no dhcp lease20:40
PaulMI'm also having wifi problems after the upgrade20:40
pepie342.6.24-12 still working20:41
PaulMyeah, but that doesn't work with my keyboard :/20:41
voidmage-awayfirefox started taking up 1.8GB again today, is anyone else having this probleM?20:41
orvokkiWithout any Java or so applets running?20:42
voidmage-awaypretty sure that's the case20:42
pepie34by the way the madwifi driver in module-restricted is not up to date, not working with AR5418, i still need to compile the madwifi-svn by hanf20:43
Gninemurrine theme got b0rked20:43
voidmage-awayi can try a new session20:43
pepie34by hand20:43
orvokkiI'd have to say, no. I haven't had that problem. Pretty sure I'd notice it since I only have 2 GB RAM.20:43
pepie34other person with wifi problem on the new kernel?20:44
TCMC2010anyone knows why update-grub don't see my /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-14-xen kernel ?!20:44
Ibycusgot a (very tiny) issue with hardy heron20:45
Ibycuscompiz by default enables drop down shadows on the panels, this looks horrible20:45
TCMC2010Hello Moto!20:45
Ibycusi know you can turn it off in ccsm20:45
Ibycusbut why are they even enabled in the first place?20:45
* pepie34 is on a free hughs day20:45
Ibycuswould it be possible to turn these off in hardy by default20:46
nonixHmm, how much hd space does base (as installed from altcd) require? Planning to run several hardy beta instances within KVM for some testing purposes, wondering how much to allocate each...20:46
Ashexis amarok 2.0 going to be included with hardy?20:46
TCMC2010Ibycus, alt+F2 and run metacity --replace20:46
pepie34where should i signal the wifi problem ?20:46
Luckriderdoes anyone know if there is chan/server for Cwiid?20:46
IbycusTCMC2010: I know how to turn them off in compiz :-), I'm just questioning the wisdom of including them set in hardy heron by default20:47
TCMC2010Ibycus, or maybe install and reconfigure your environment with: aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager20:47
Gninethat would kill compiz,Ashex20:47
TCMC2010Ibycus, ok ok...20:47
Ibycuswhere would I suggest that perhaps they be turned off by default?20:47
voidmage-awaythat's strange20:47
Gnine"questioning the wisdom" ... next20:47
voidmage-awaynow it's not doing it anymore20:47
AshexGnine, how so?20:47
IbycusI know it's a really small niggling thing, but I do think it makes a big difference to how it looks20:48
lux0815how can i deactivate pulseaudio and use esd in hardy?20:48
jaffarkelshachow do i stop my num pad from moving my mouse20:48
nonixIbycus: and bunch of tiny raindrops make a river?20:49
Ibycusnonix: well it's just polish isn't it20:49
jaffarkelshacanyone around,20:49
=== nonix is now known as nonix4
jaffarkelshachow do i stop my numpad from moving my mouse20:49
Luckridertry turning num lock on20:50
voidmage-awayi think it was an out of date extension doing it20:50
jaffarkelshacLuckrider: it does not help20:50
voidmage-awayremoved google gears (not compatible with firefox 3 and keeps checking for updates) and things look to be running smooth now20:50
Luckriderthen I have no ideas20:50
Gninekeypad shouldnt move mouse unless mapped that way20:50
Luckriderdoes anyone know if there is chan/server for Cwiid?20:51
webmarenjust ran latest updates and my xorg is defaulting to 800x600 on a 1280x800 screen20:51
IbycusCwiid is the wii remote drivers?20:51
jaffarkelshaci dont know how this came about20:51
Ibycusi seem to remember looking for an irc channel for that before and not finding one :-/20:51
Ibycusi didn't put that much effort into looking though20:52
webmarenupdate seems to have erased my nvidia-settings20:52
LuckriderI was looking for one because I want help configuring it20:52
Ibycusanyway, where do i go to make ui suggestions for hardy?20:52
jaffarkelshacwebmaren: mine too, and my compiz setting20:52
Ibycusthere must be a place?20:52
sourcemakercan I use kde4 in hardy?20:52
Gninejust because you dont like something does not mean others wouldnt20:52
Troofycan anyone check that the app inspircd   exist in repos of the next ubuntu release?20:53
IbycusGnine: Yes I understand that, but there must be a place to at least discuss it20:53
IbycusGnine: Also, I think the shadows are only included because compiz puts shadows on everything by default, not through any considered design, and they really don't look quite right, there are a fair few forum posts about it20:54
* Troofy waits20:54
Gninethats not an issue whatsoever.. other than you not liking it20:54
jaffarkelshacTroofy: modular irc written in  C++ is what i get its there20:54
Gnine!info inspircd20:55
ubotuPackage inspircd does not exist in hardy20:55
jaffarkelshacyes it does20:55
LamegoGnine, not really, it maybe an issue, if most people dont'e like it, that is why suchs decisions have discussions20:55
Troofyjaffarkelshac yes. can you tell the exact package name and version?20:55
orvokkiGot this mess fixed.20:55
nonix4hmm, add to wishlist: make guided installation refuse to install to too small hd :)20:56
Gnineso far i have seen one person saying so , Lamego .. unless you are #220:56
jaffarkelshacTroofy: 1.17120:56
jaffarkelshacTroofy: sorry 1.1.1720:56
LamegoGnine, that is not the point, the point is that you are trying to block someone, with "Your oppinion has no value" when he is just trying to bring something into discussion20:56
IbycusGnine: It's the sort of thing that most people wouldn't bother going on to irc to ask about it, in fact, I would suggest most people don't even really realise what it is exactly that makes it look different - I know I didn't really figure it out when I turned compiz on first20:57
Gninethats what you say..20:57
Troofyjaffarkelshac thanks. its 18 as the latest. i think. dont know why ubuntu is lazy20:57
jaffarkelshacTroofy: you welcme20:58
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone use seahorse20:58
Ibycusjaffarkelshac: i do20:58
Ibycusjaffarkelshac: or i did on gutsy anyway20:58
orvokkiHow would you define a "too small hard disk", btw?20:58
sourcemakerwhich kde version are you using... kde3 or kde4?20:59
jaffarkelshacIbycus: do you have a problem where when you try to save a publick key from "find remove keys" it would not accept the .asc20:59
jaffarkelshacit keep saying invalid file format20:59
jaffarkelshaci have to copy the armoured text and paste20:59
IbycusI don't remember every having that problem, but i don't think I ever tried to save a public key21:00
Ibycusdo you want me to try it now on hardy?21:00
jaffarkelshacif it would not be a bother Ibycus21:01
nonix4orvokki: well anything that doesn't have at least a megabyte free after installation of base, really...21:01
nonix4orvokki: ie 2 gigabyte usb stick21:01
Ibycusjaffarkelshac: will do in five minutes, gimme a bit21:02
jaffarkelshactake your time21:02
webmareni can't activate nvidia driver now21:02
IbycusGnine: well is there somewhere i can go at least to voice a opinion21:02
orvokkinonix4: What if the user is planning to have a RAM disk for writing and only keep the actual system permanent?21:02
webmarenstuck on 800x600 resolution21:02
jaffarkelshacwebmaren: is this after update?21:03
nonix4orvokki: well my point is guided installation on 2 gigabyte fails mid-install when pkgs don't fit.21:03
webmarenit wiped my nvidia-settings module21:03
jaffarkelshacjust fixed mine, i edited the xorg.conf myself21:03
Gnine Ibycus try #ubuntu-dev21:03
orvokkinonix4: Well, it should warn, yes.21:03
orvokkiEstimates are fairly reliable on non-compressed filesystems.21:04
webmarenjaffarkelshac: pastebin pls?21:06
jaffarkelshacwebmaren, paste your xorg for me.21:07
jaffarkelshacthats what i editted mine to get.21:11
Gninemurrine theme has update21:12
TCMC2010howto use only linux-xen kernel on Hardy ?21:13
Gninecheck system>administration>hardware drivers to enable nvidia proprietary driver - also check system>preferences>screen resolution or Screens and Graphics (if available)21:15
Jkelshacwebmaren, did it work?21:15
webmarenhaven'n't tried yet21:16
PaulMgot my wireless back working again, no clue hwo21:16
Gilouaaaah, it's fun to debug a kernel using pictures21:16
Gninethat vesa driver might be the issue21:17
PolitikerNEUJust to say: I have figured out that actually my wlan is working in hardy, but strangely it hasn't got the standard name "eth1" but rather it is called "wlan0_rename" - but it works perfectly, sorry @ all21:19
PaulMPolitikerNEU: that's related to having more than one driver intsalled for it21:22
PolitikerNEUah - ok, thanks21:22
PaulMthe wireless faq/walkthroug hthing (don't have a link) has some good info on it21:22
PolitikerNEUhmm ... ok, but since it works now - I got no more problems (maybe I'll read the faq sometime)21:23
dooglusI just rebooted and saw a corrupted message twice at the same time - snapshot: http://dooglus.rincevent.net/random/battery2.png21:24
dooglusany idea which package to report that against?21:24
orvokkiGstreamer just stopped working for me.21:25
webmarenstill not working21:25
w0nderso... sound issues in hardy?21:26
webmarenlatest update fixes sound21:26
w0ndercan someone help me out?21:26
w0nderwhen was that? i updated today21:26
webmarenbut may break your video driver21:26
webmarenwell it fixed my sound at least21:26
Gnine!launchpad | dooglus21:26
ubotudooglus: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/21:26
w0nderhmm.. so how do i make sound work?21:27
orvokkiOh, right. Wasn't just Gstreamer then. Alsa just decided to die. :)21:28
Gnine!sound | w0nder21:31
ubotuw0nder: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP321:31
bjwebbboot won't get past spinny timer again :S21:31
w0nderhow do i re-enable the volume control? i hid it21:32
w0ndernevermind, found it21:34
Jkelshachow come dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg does not really offer any options whatsoever to do with my graphics or monitor it all seems to be about keyboard21:34
w0nderlol i don't have ALSA in the list21:34
w0nderjust OSS21:34
dooglusGnine: I was asking which package21:34
orvokkiGnine: Well, for me sound worked with 2.6.24-12-generic and doesn't work with 2.6.24-14-rt so I might suspect Alsa support is currently broken.21:34
orvokkiSigh, I should probably boot 2.6.24-14-generic to see if it's -rt that messes it up.21:35
Gninei use pulseaudio. even though no issues with alsa here anyhow21:36
orvokkiSame kernel as I mentioned?21:36
w0nderwell how do i get either ALSA or Pulse installed?21:36
Gnineyes, -generic21:37
w0nderOSS is all that's listed21:37
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
ubotuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions21:38
itsblandwow this is nice21:38
itsblandif you mouse over an mp3 or any media sound files, the first couple of seconds would start playing21:38
Gnineit works with alsa.. but it is also included in 8.0421:38
Jkelshachow can i stop my numpad from moving my mouse even with num lock on21:40
orvokkiGnine: My mistake, I had forgot to install linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-14-rt.21:40
xtknightcan i mount a RAID disk using the Desktop CD (create /dev/md device thru mdadm create/assemble), and install it via ubiquity?21:40
xtknightinstall to it*21:41
balgarathanyone had trouble out of xgl after updating?  I had to uninstall it to get everything to boot correctly...21:41
karmelekhello everyone21:41
karmeleki have got small problem with my digital camera on ubuntu hardy21:42
orvokkiRight, feeling pretty confident towards Hardy now.21:42
patifahas the updater been fixed yet?21:42
karmeleknow when I try to connect it21:42
karmeleki have got Error initializing camera: -53 in gnome21:43
pleaseandthankyohave you ever been bullied extensively by your psychologist or someone lower than you who assumes the role of psychologist? what to do when your psychologist see you and know what your problems are and then bully me/you? what would you do? would you change your career so you can become a psychologist? you can't get helped with the police because police helps them.21:43
karmelekit used to work some time ago21:44
Jkelshacwhat has that got to do with ubuntu21:44
karmelekcould somebody help me with this camera?21:44
Gnine!offtopic | pleaseandthankyo21:44
ubotupleaseandthankyo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:44
balgarathits symbolic.  you = ubuntu; bully = windows; police = microsoft;21:45
Gnineits still offtopic21:45
Gnineeven in #offtopic21:45
balgarathI guess I'm off topic too21:46
balgarath!offtopic | balgarath21:46
pleaseandthankyohave you ever been bullied extensively by your psychologist(who knows what your problems are inside out) or someone lower than you who assumes the role of psychologist? what to do when your psychologist see you and know what your problems are and then bully me/you? what would you do? would you change your career so you can become a psychologist? you can't get helped with the police because police help21:46
pleaseandthankyos them.21:46
Gnine!ops | pleaseandthankyo21:46
ubotupleaseandthankyo: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!21:46
T1m0thyhasy so um my gf laft me wat do i do?!?!?!!21:47
Jkelshacwhat is this turning into21:47
T1m0thyI was kidding.21:47
Jkelshacoh thank GOd21:47
balgarathE-Jerry Springer21:48
kane77T1m0thy, yeah, right...21:48
kane77like we believe you!21:48
balgarathso - nobody has had any trouble from xserver-xgl on an update?21:49
T1m0thyNot I.21:49
PaulMmine is fine21:49
Exilantsomeone in here who also uses konqueror and knows sth. about the flash problem?21:49
Jkelshachow come dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg does not really offer any options whatsoever to do with my graphics or monitor it all seems to be about keyboard21:49
karmelekso nobody would help me :( cu another time21:49
RAOFJkelshac: Because it's all autodetected now.21:49
RAOFbalgarath: Hm, what problem have you hod with xserver-xgl?21:49
balgarathRAOF, after updating (I'm using Ubuntu Studio btw), I got the error gnome-settings-manager failed to launch at boot, and when I tried to open it after I booted.  My theme wouldn't load, and my video was very slow.  Not to mention frequent lockups.  apt-get remove xserver-xgl fixed it, and if I try to re-install the problems come back.21:51
prakritiwill wine and native games like doom3 have any issues with pulse?21:52
prakritiI guess pulse runs on top of alsa so my guess is no right?21:52
RAOFprakriti: Wine will, it's alsa driver is crap.21:52
RAOFbalgarath: Uuurgh.  Well, at least you probably don't _need_ xserver-xgl :/21:52
w0nderi dont get this21:53
w0nderi just installed alsa with module-assistant21:53
w0nderbut when i try to do     sudo alsa force-reload21:53
w0nderi get Loading ALSA sound driver modules: (none to reload)21:53
ltracyIf I want to upgrade from Gutsy to Hardy, do I download an ISO or is there an upgrade manager route available?21:54
RAOFbalgarath: Xgl is basically evil, and not really maintained.21:54
pleaseandthankyodo you know me inside out?21:54
karmelekiter: you can do it by update manager21:54
Lamegoltracy, check the topic21:54
balgarathRAOF, Right, I don't need it :)  But the main thing I miss is not being able to drag windows to my other workspace, or switch to it with my mouse wheel21:54
karmelekltracy: ^21:55
PaulMltracy: the update manager doesn't always work right, so beware21:55
PaulM(it hosed my system)21:55
ltracySorry and thanks21:55
patifaltracy: the ISO works too, you can instruct the upgrade manager to use the CD directly.21:55
Ashexis anyone running Kubuntu?21:55
RAOFbalgarath: That's provided by Compiz, not Xgl.  And drivers have got better, so you can (probably) use Compiz without XGL.21:55
patifaThough by now, everything on the CD is old.21:55
AshexI need someone else to try launching katapult and see if the alt+space hotkey works21:55
itsblandI wanna try KDE 4.1...I guess it'll have to wait til 8.1021:56
orvokki!info opera21:56
ubotuPackage opera does not exist in hardy21:56
Ashexorvokki, enable the partner repos21:56
AshexSo nobody is running kde?21:57
AshexI want to file this bug report, but I have to verify it with someone who did a vanilla install21:57
penwhy emerald is slowing down compiz so much? is there a solution to this? I want emerald themes...21:57
ExilantAshex: if i press alt-space, a katapult shows up21:59
AshexExilant, nutters21:59
Ashexfor some reason, the window properties appears instead21:59
* Gilou can finally boot the latest kernel with acpi=off..21:59
Exilantnot sure what is supposed to happen though21:59
balgarathRAOF - what do I need to do to get the Compiz things working then? Even though they are checked in CCSM, they aren't working.  If I go to Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects tab, None is selected, but if I try to select Normal I get "The Composite extension is not available"21:59
* Gilou wants Intel to develop a proper DSDT for his laptop21:59
RAOFGilou: You'd be wanting to ask your laptop vendor, not intel :)22:00
RAOFbalgarath: What gfx card da you have in there?22:01
orvokkiAshex: No help, still no Opera.22:01
orvokkiMaybe there just isn't Opera in partner repos for Hardy?22:01
GilouRAOF> no, it's an intel thing for the centrino platform22:01
|DuReX|damn, I bougt myself a new TV card to use under ubuntu, read that the Hauppauge HVR-1300 was supported, plugged it in my computer, seems like it gets recognised22:01
Gilouthough it's an acer22:01
Ashexorvokki, you did apt-get update too?22:01
happytigersudo aptitude install linux-generic ..22:01
happytigerThe following packages are BROKEN:22:01
happytiger  linux-restricted-modules-generic22:01
orvokkiAshex: ...22:01
Ashexorvokki, that's all I needed to do to install opera22:01
|DuReX|but I get cx22702_readreg: readreg error (ret == -121) :(22:01
orvokkiOf course.22:01
orvokkiAshex: Pastebin me your sources.list?22:02
Gilouhm there is a bios update22:02
RAOFGilou: Yeah, but Acer are the guys who write the bios (and the DSDT), right?22:02
GilouI don't think so22:03
Gilouanyway, it doesn't matter, whoever I will ask to do it, they won't comply :p22:03
Ashexorvokki, http://pastebin.ca/97011922:03
GilouI'll try the bios update once I'll have a CD at hand because I can't run the windows flasher..22:04
balgarathRAOF, I have a Dell Inspiron 1501, its an ATI graphics card - not all that awesome.   One sec and I'll have which card it is22:04
Ashexorvokki, line 47/4822:04
penthere is no sound in miro if i open my firefox22:05
penhow to solve this?22:05
balgarathRAOF, ATI Radeon Xpress 110022:05
ubotuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic22:05
RAOFbalgarath: Hm.  I think that should work with compiz and the fglrx driver.22:06
RAOFbalgarath: Have you edited your xorg.conf at any point?22:07
balgarathRAOF, nope22:07
orvokkiAshex: Still nothing.22:08
Ashexorvokki, that is really weird22:08
balgarathRAOF, think the "The Composite extension is not available" might have something to do with it? Also, on the visual effects tab - custom is not an option anymore - only none normal and extra22:08
Ashexdpkg info shows I install opera from the partner repos22:09
RAOFbalgarath: So, the 'custom' option will show up when you have the simple-ccsm package installed.22:09
orvokkiThey couldn't have removed the .deb, could they?22:09
RAOFbalgarath: The Composite error is your problem, yes.22:09
Ashexorvokki, nah, that wouldn't make sense22:09
e\ectro_looks like a buncha upgrades released today.  They've been getting few and far between22:09
RAOFbalgarath: Can you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?22:09
balgarathRAOF, will do22:10
lucasvoI have a problem with my sound wifi. it looks like suddenly, after an upgrade, my soundcard and wifi kernel modules were missing22:10
orvokkiAshex: Meh, whatever. I don't need it just now.22:11
lucasvoI know that I solved this last time it occurred by installingthis package: linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-12-38622:11
orvokkiAshex: Do you have i386?22:11
lucasvothis time, this does not work anymore22:11
Ashexorvokki, yeah22:11
balgarathRAOF, http://www.pastie.org/17486822:11
orvokkiAshex: I have amd64. Seems Opera has no binaries for amd64 Linux.22:11
Ashexorvokki, ah, that would make sense22:12
Exilanthm, katapult seems quite nice22:12
orvokkihttp://www.opera.com/download/index.dml?custom=yes This would confirm it.22:12
ltracywhat is this 64kb/s download rate about in the upgrade?  Is this normal?22:13
Lamegoit all depends on the mirror you are using22:13
RAOFbalgarath: So, I'd suggest you remove the "Section "Extensions"" bit at the end where you explicitly disable Composite :)22:14
Ashexwell, I managed a workaround for the katapult issue22:14
orvokkiAshex: Ah, well. The i386 binary worked without installing.22:14
keit1in the new nautilus that will ship with hardy is there an option to view folders with the "show in groups" like what is seen in xp.  was an ultra slick way to view your music collection22:14
Ashexlaunch it from terminal, hit ctrl+c to bring up dialoge, and add an alternate shortcut22:14
balgarathRAOF, will do...wonder how that got there...22:14
PaulMdamnit it would be so easy, but I don't want to write a patch for xorg to fix emulatewheel to work the way I want22:15
balgarathRAOF, brb :)22:16
Fademan. trackerd is really hammering my system.22:16
linux26HOWTO create an unkillable process: open a terminal, type "totem Video/Some_movie.avi", and then go back to the terminal window and do Ctrl-C22:17
linux26HOWTO create an unkillable process: type "totem Video/Some_movie.avi", and then go back to the terminal window and do Ctrl-C22:17
linux26(sorry if I repeated the message)22:17
Ashexwhat's the custom desktop effects app called?22:18
AshexI want to add a rule to not apply effects to katapult22:18
linux26Ashex: you mean the configurator?22:18
Ashexit adds a nasty border on it22:18
Ashexlinux26, yeah22:18
linux26Ashex: something along the lines of compiz-*22:19
nemolinux26: no such problem here22:19
nemolinux26: do you, by any chance, have any dead mount points that totem could be attempting to read?22:19
nemolinux26: like, for example, is df   hanging?22:20
linux26nemo: no, it's right in my home dir22:20
nemothat doesn't matter22:20
linux26nemo: no fs problems either22:20
nemoalrighty. well. that's the typical thing that causes an IO sleep22:20
linux26nemo: and df works just fine22:20
linux26nemo: yes, it created 10 threads and one of them is consuming 100% of my CPU power22:21
nemook. that's a tad unusual22:21
Ashexlinux26, is it using emerald? or just kwin for window decoration22:21
nemohave you already pulled up an strace and checked lsof?22:21
nemolinux26: anything in dmesg?22:21
nemoand on stderr?22:21
linux26nemo: on stderr i got something22:21
linux26Ashex: it's compiz by default unless you've installed something else22:21
orvokkiAshex: Heh, just did comparison with Acid3 test: FF3 b4 got 68/100. Opera 9.50b got 61/100 and segfaulted. ;>22:22
PaulMok this is strange... if I change any keybinding at all with the compiz manager, it makes it so that left clicking something picks it up to move it. lovely.22:22
linux26Ashex: and unless you're using Kubuntu I think22:22
Ashexorvokki, haha, very nice22:22
linux26nemo: totem: pulsecore/thread-posix.c:194: pa_tls_set: Assertion `pthread_setspecific(t->key, userdata) == 0' failed.22:22
Ashexlinux26, I'm running Kubuntu22:22
nemoorvokki: supposedly is mostly passes now, except for some stuttering issues.22:22
AshexI'm really tempted to completely blow out my preferences22:22
linux26Ashex: I really don't know for kubuntu, sorry22:22
balgarathRAOF, works :)  I think it works better than it did before the upgrade actually22:22
nemoorvokki: given the FF3 code freeze, only FF4 will pass acid422:22
AshexI've been using the same home folder for the past 3 years22:22
Ashexso I've got settings from dapper still22:23
orvokkinemo: Agh, God, that might mean we already have Acid4 or Acid5 when FF4 passes Acid3...22:23
linux26Ashex: it's been a few times I've blew my prefs because my system had problems22:23
linux26nemo: nothing in dmesg22:24
linux26nemo: only that thing in stderr22:24
Ashexlinux26, yeah, I'm using kopete and kgpg along with a bunch of other kde apps22:24
Ashexso I have to go into .kde and pull random files out to preserve things22:24
linux26Ashex: try _not_ deleting their config files22:24
linux26Ashex: sure22:24
Ashexlinux26, yeah, I wrote a script awhile back that backed up the appropriate files22:25
RAOFbalgarath: Yeah.  Xgl really isn't very nice at all ;)22:25
Ashexthen I deleted it by accident because it had to sit in .kde to work properly -_-22:25
Fadethe kde3-kde4 thing is iffy.22:25
linux26Ashex: ouch22:25
AshexI was still learning bash when I was writing it, so it would die when it tried access a folder that started with a .22:26
balgarathRAOF, appreciate the help22:26
Who_Anyone got any idea why I have what looks like a dim screen but is actually the result of flickering dark horizontal lines accross the screen?22:26
Who_very thin lines22:26
adlin5000need a little help whenever I reboot evolution-data-server-2.22 process starts and runs one of my cores at 100% and I have to kill the process. I'm running 8.04 beta fully updated22:27
Who_I am on an old P2 with a Trident Cyber 9525 video controller22:27
numhello, i've done an hardy upgrade, which downloaded a new kernel 2.6.24-14, when i now boot my notebook it hangs on every new boot on a different driver. once at the iwl3945 driver loading, once at the ricoh-mmc driver. may there be something i miss or isn't done automaticaly?22:28
briareos90i tried to use update manager to upgrade to hardy , realized my net was too slow and cancelled it. But now whenever i run update manager it is showing loads of updates with packages with 'ubuntu3' in their names22:30
linux26nemo: ** I just did a kernel update | restarting system and checking if error still present22:30
briareos90is there any way i can fix this ?22:30
karmeleki can't connect my canon to ubntu 8.0422:31
Lamegointerrupting a disto upgrade is *bad* :P22:31
karmeleksystem shows Error initializing camera: -53 when i click on camera icon22:32
karmeleki want to download my photos22:33
karmelekf-spot also could not connect to my camera22:34
adlin5000anyone else getting a runaway evolution-data-server-2.22 process?22:34
jimiridgemass storage digital cam or webcam22:35
PaulMok that's an oddity22:35
karmelekjimiridge: it shows as a digital camera in Computer22:35
PaulMin compiz: the window menu mouse shortcut and the move window shortcut are somehow tied together22:36
karmelekit used to work some time ago22:36
jimiridgedoes dmesg show the cam as being detected as a mass storage possibly sda sdb block device22:36
tecywiz121any one know where I can find help to install a keymap22:38
karmelekjimiridge: last few lines http://www.wklej.org/id/aac7cd12fe22:38
karmeleki disconnected it before and connected again22:39
tecywiz121PS: Hardy rox, not one gnome-settings-manager problem yet ^^22:39
jimiridgehmm thats what my webcam was showing without the driver to create the /dev/video0 link22:39
karmeleklsusb shows Bus 001 Device 008: ID 04a9:311a Canon, Inc.22:39
mynymli just got emerald and there's no repositories tab in the settings manager. anyone here had this issue?22:40
karmelekjimiridge: i can't find nothing useful in the net22:41
=== erich is now known as erichj
alan_mI keep having to force the hardware testing to quit, is this a known issue? it keeps freezing on mouse detection, im running a hp pavilion dv1000t laptop.22:41
jimiridgekarmelek, found this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/11724722:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 117247 in ubuntu "faliure to import photos from Canon S3-IS  (dup-of: 91265)" [Undecided,New]22:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 91265 in edgy-backports "backported libgphoto can't import from canon S1 IS version from egdy does" [High,Confirmed]22:42
pendo anyone know what sound engine miro is using?22:43
karmeleki didn't think to connect the error with my camera model22:43
RAOFpen: Xine, by default.22:43
tecywiz121ahhh stupid keymaps22:43
penomg, same xine???22:44
karmelekjimiridge: i know english a little but i don't understood everything - what should i do now?22:45
alan_mnevermind, i found my solution on my own bug #20339522:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203395 in hardware-monitor "hardward testing for laptop freezes in hardy heron at mouse test" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20339522:45
penis there a way to make xine support pulseaudio?22:47
jimiridgekarmelek,  sudo gnome-volume-manager-gthumb %h22:47
penboth apps I use like amarok and miro can't play audio when I open Firefox or rhythmbox22:47
tecywiz121pen, theres a wrapper i think22:47
pentecywiz121: how to do it?22:48
tecywiz121pen, lemme find it brb22:48
pentecywiz121: thx22:48
jimiridgekarmelek, and/or  sudo f-spot22:49
karmelekjimiridge: thank you so much22:49
karmelekthe first one was correct22:49
alan_mjimiridge, who has control over the status of bugs? the developers?22:49
jimiridgeheh i think we do22:50
tecywiz121pen, its in the libasound2-plugins deb22:50
dotechyayyy hardware is here :)!22:50
dotechtime to build the best ubuntu server in the state22:50
pentecywiz121: just install that deb?22:50
alan_mjimiridge, because i can definately change the status of bug #203395 to confirmed :)22:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203395 in hardware-monitor "hardward testing for laptop freezes in hardy heron at mouse test" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20339522:50
alan_moh hush ubotu, lol22:50
karmelekjimiridge: have a nice day or night ;-)22:50
jimiridgeprolly people who build packages/make deb's and upload them to the mirrors/repo's22:51
DanielRMdotech, surely any Linux server is already amongst the best in the state?22:51
HorizonXPany news on Firefox 3 beta 5?22:51
tecywiz121pen, thats part of it, to get ALSA to actually use pulseauido, you would have to edit the also config files22:51
tecywiz121pen, thats a tad beyond me, sorry22:51
alan_mok, guess im gonna have to go track someone down heh22:51
pentecywiz121: but thx for the help22:51
dotechDanielRM, of course22:51
jimiridgeand hey what do you know that "partial upgrade nonsense form lastnight has already been fixed22:51
dotechthis one is special though, since it has the best user in the state ;)22:52
tecywiz121pen, no problem, at least its a start eh?22:52
pentecywiz121: let me test22:52
alan_myeah, that partial upgrade junk was driving me crazy as well jimiridge22:52
DanielRMAnyway, I think I was here for a reason...22:52
pentecywiz121: well, still no sound22:52
jimiridgebig update22:52
tecywiz121pen, found something :D22:53
jimiridge95 pkgz22:53
alan_mjimiridge, thats kinda small actually heh22:53
tecywiz121pen, try this, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio , in the ALSA configuration section22:53
DanielRMAh, yes! Has anyone here had problems with the nvidia-glx-new driver when upgrading to the latest kernel in Hardy?22:53
dotechi'll find out, i have 2 of those cards in here.22:54
dotechits not really a server, its a desktop hehe22:54
pentecywiz121: k22:54
orvokkiDanielRM: Did you remember to install linux-restricted-modules for your new kernel?22:54
tecywiz121pen, Does that help at all?22:55
pentecywiz121: do I need to logout first?22:55
Exilantbtw, is there any eta for the new restricted modules?22:56
DanielRMAh, it wasn't installed by apt-get at the time of the upgrade, as I've just found out. Downloading now, so should hopefully fix it.22:56
pentecywiz121: :D it works now22:56
pentecywiz121: works like a charm22:56
pentecywiz121: thx22:56
tecywiz121pen, really?  Thats awesome :)22:56
Zelutthis page refers to upgrading via the alternate CD:22:57
DanielRMJust finished installing, so will reboot in to the new kernel.22:57
DanielRMThanks. :)22:57
Zelutis this supported for LTS to LTS?22:57
FlannelZelut: It should be, yes.22:59
=== silvanozzzz is now known as silvano
ZelutFlannel: I'll give 'er a test then.  I'm doing a series on upgrading on ubuntu-tutorials during the 3 week countdown :)22:59
|DuReX|http://pastebin.com/m61491e91 <- my dmesg output, I have no id how to solve this :( somebody could help me ?23:01
FlannelZelut: I filed a bug (that was since resolved) regarding kernel metapackages for D->H (all the old arches), so if the script itself doesn't work, you still ought to be able to do it by hand (change sources, dist-upgrade)23:01
FlannelZelut: From the .list file though, doesn't look like those changes were put into the beta.  Be sure to file a bug, or when I get home, I'll wrestle up the number for you, and you can comment.  Since all those transitional packages should be there for upgrades without the script23:03
penDo anyone here experience slow down in performance when you use any mozillla products? like firefox or thunderbird?23:03
ZelutFlannel: ok, I'll test it and see what I come up with.23:03
Zelutpen: I find FF3bX much faster than it was previously..23:04
penZelut: for me it's not, it slows down my system and crash very often23:04
penZelut: I don't know why23:04
patifaCould someone tell me what they see for a specific location in the world clock?23:05
Zelutpen: don't know what to tell you.. haven't had the same problem.23:06
penZelut: do you use compiz with emerald?23:06
=== catweazle__ is now known as catweazle
Zelutpen: I don't have any effects on, no.23:06
DanielRMpen: I use Compiz and Emerald. Why?23:07
penDanielRM: I don't know why firefox is slowing down my compiz so much. And if I turn compiz off firefox would be fast again23:07
penDanielRM: why?23:07
penIt shouldn't be the problem23:08
DanielRMpen: Wait, say that again: is it Fx slowing down Compiz or vice-versa?23:08
penI don't know23:08
DanielRMpen: Well, do you have a slow Compiz with Fx closed?23:08
penDanielRM: the opposite, I have a smooth compiz anomation if I close FF or thunderbird23:09
DanielRMpen: Sounds like Gecko slowing down Compiz, then.23:09
jk_i neeeed some help my ubuntu wont boot i get a busy box shell23:09
patifajk_ any errors?23:09
DanielRMpen: Perhaps an extension you have installed on either or both? Badly coded ones can be a real pain in the backside for performance.23:10
penDanielRM: is there a safemode in firefox?23:10
patifaI know of one great way involving ASUS and SATA to drop to busybox in hardy all the time.23:10
jk_patifa, nothing at all, just boots normally, the loading bar comes and then into busy box shell23:10
DanielRMpen: Hmmm, on Windows there is. Let me just check the terminal for Ubuntu.23:11
DanielRMpen: yes.23:11
DanielRMpen: firefox -safe-mode23:11
patifaFirst install of hardy, or new?23:11
patifa(for jk_)23:11
penDanielRM: k, thx23:11
patifaerrr, "or not?"23:12
jk_patifa, it has been working fine for a week or so23:12
patifadid you just do an update?23:13
jk_i updated it this earlier this evening,  i have had multiple restarts into windows with no problem23:13
penDanielRM: still, firefox make compiz choppy23:14
patifaYou may have updated and gotten a kernel/driver mixup.23:14
b4l74z4ri'm trying to install a wine .deb file with gdebi and it says that libldap2 dependency is not satisfiable, i installed libldap2 with synaptic but i still get the error message in gdebi, what is wrong?23:15
patifaI nearly shot myself in the foot with the updater yesterday.23:15
aaahhhso kernel update23:15
aaahhhit puts that the kernel is server23:15
aaahhhin grub23:15
aaahhheven though the package is generic23:15
DanielRMpen: Hmmm. You're using the latest version of your gfx card driver, I assume. System specs?23:15
patifajk_ can you still use grub to boot the old kernel version?23:16
penDanielRM: Core 2 Duo T5450, 8400M GS23:16
penDanielRM: isn't that good enough?23:16
beshyis anyone here familiar with touchpad malfunctions? mine flat out doesn't work and causes the keyboard to become unresponsive if touched23:16
jk_well, i just booted into windows and restarted it is now working. i am so relieved23:16
penDanielRM: I think it's not with my spec but FF itself23:16
penDanielRM: Memory Leak probably...23:16
patifaMagic kernel repair again? dang23:16
DanielRMpen: That sounds more than good enough, so probably memory leak, yes.23:17
penDanielRM: dang23:17
DanielRMpen: Although they were supposed to have fixed most of the leaks.23:17
penDanielRM: I hate that23:17
patifaI just saw one of those on the website where someone says they didn't change a thing and another reboot made it magically work. :P23:17
jk_i am on the verge of permanently switching to ubuntu, dont want any hickhops23:17
penDanielRM: I suppose FF is fast but I'm wrong with compiz23:17
jk_the magic of reboot23:17
gluerupdates broke my nvidia res, back at 800*60023:17
jk_i got that too gluer23:18
jk_but i fixed it23:18
gluerjk: how?23:18
mc-georgeguys, does anyone know if the headphone jack sensing problem is fixed in 8.04?23:18
penDanielRM: is there a way to exclude FF in compiz so compiz won't render all that animation on FF?23:18
DanielRMpen: Try Opera. It's not open-source, annoyingly, but I found it a brilliant browser when I used it, and relatively low memory usage. I switched to Fx after accidentally vowing not to use proprietary software. -_-23:18
jk_i added some lines in my xorg.conf and its working fine23:18
penDanielRM: ok23:18
DanielRMpen: Let me have a look. Depends on which effects.23:18
gluerjk: which card do you use?23:18
DanielRMpen: Which effects do you apply?23:19
gluerim using a 760023:19
penDanielRM: you mean animation?23:19
DanielRMpen: Yes.23:19
jk_i did not install any nvidia drivers, just using what came as standard when i installed hardy23:19
penDanielRM: Vacuum, Dodge, and Magic lamb23:19
glueryeh me too23:20
jk_just tweaked the xorg23:20
jk_what is the desired res you want gluer23:20
=== hYdroGonE is now known as Hydrogen
m1rhello , anyone having problems with instlling amarok on 8.04 ?23:20
DanielRMpen: Vacuum and Dodge?23:20
penDanielRM: yea23:20
patifaoh and gluer: If the res you're about to pick breaks everything and makes the screen unreadable, use the fix X mode in the recovery mode to make things happy again.23:21
gluerjk: 1680*105023:21
askandIs there a way I can change the way it works whn I start type something in the adressbar to make it work like in firefox 2?23:21
DanielRMpen: Ah.23:21
gluersudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg23:22
glueris that correct23:22
mc-georgedoes anyone know if the headphone jack sensing problem is fixed in 8.04?23:22
crimsunmc-george: could you be more precise, please?  There are /so/ many jack sensing issues.23:22
jk_gluer, yeah23:22
mc-georgecrimsun: distorted noise all the time23:23
mrooneyhello everyone, I just installed IronPython but I can't figure out how to run it, I would expect there to be a command like ironpython or ironpythonconsole, but neither appear to work, anyone know?23:23
jk_that worked for me, but in hardy it does not offer any graphics options at all23:23
gluerjk: this is the 3rd time an update has broken the res..23:23
penDanielRM: hm, I disble animation for FF and now the rest of the window is faster23:23
penDanielRM: :)23:23
crimsunmc-george: I'm still in need of much more detail.23:23
DanielRMpen: So problem solved? I wasn't much help if so.23:23
penDanielRM: I think so23:23
jk_oh my res did not work when i installed the first time, tweaked it and then it workd. and i updated and it went back.23:24
mc-georgecrimsun: whenever my headphones are plugged in, I hear random white noise, even with music and movies playing23:24
penDanielRM: but I still thx for inspiration :)23:24
DanielRMpen: OK. Sorry I couldn't help more, but glad you got it sorted. :)23:24
askandwhat is Ubuntu 8.04.1?23:24
penDanielRM: btw, can you do that partial update?23:24
crimsunmc-george: please run the alsa-info.sh script referenced on DebuggingSoundProblems23:24
jk_gluer, i am actually goin got mess it up again and see how i fixed it23:24
patifaWTF?  about:config in firefox talks about "Voding my warrenty"23:24
crimsunaskand: it's the point release23:24
askandis it hardy+½ or something?23:24
DanielRMpen: Yes, but I had to use sudo apt-get dist-upgrade rather than the GUI tool.23:24
gluerjk: ok23:24
mc-georgecrimsun: I'm sorry, I don't know how to do that23:24
penDanielRM: so command prompt worked?23:25
crimsunmc-george: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems23:25
DanielRMpen: Yes, eventually.23:25
penDanielRM: Is it a good update?23:26
mc-georgecrimsun: do I run in terminal?23:26
crimsunmc-george: using bash, yes.23:26
DanielRMpen: Actually, I don't know yet. I need to reboot into the new kernel - had a bit of trouble with the nvidia driver at first so I'm currently in the earlier kernel.23:26
crimsunmc-george: please read the directions.23:26
DanielRMpen: It boots quicker, though.23:26
askandcrimsun:  ok so even after 8.04 bugs that isnt sexurity bugs will keep getting fixed (unlike in gutsy) until 8.04.1?23:26
DanielRM'Sexurity'... Sounds kinky.23:27
askandafter 8.04 release*23:27
crimsunaskand: 8.04.1 will be whatever hardy-updates + hardy-security also holds.23:27
penDanielRM: oh, you mean you can't install NVIDIA driver in new kernel?23:27
askandcrimsun: unlike gutsy that is only what gutsy-security holds?23:28
orvokkiDanielRM: Hmm, did you answer that question I had to you about it? Didn't see it.23:28
crimsunaskand: why do you refer to gutsy?  No.23:28
jk_gluer you still there23:28
mc-georgecrimsun:  http://pastebin.ca/97025023:28
DanielRMpen: Basically, I have it working perfectly in this kernel - correct driver and so on. The restricted modules image didn't install though, and I didn't notice, and so the nvidia driver didn't work - x couldn't use it. I installed restricted modules and I still need to reboot to see if that's fixed it.23:29
orvokkiAh, yes. Apparently you did.23:29
askandcrimsun: Hm, as I understand it gutsy (and feisty) does not get bug fixed if the bugs are not bugs that makes the system unsecure, is that right?23:29
crimsunmc-george: ...you haven't downloaded a daily-live iso to test?23:29
penDanielRM: is it linux-restricted-modules-generic?23:29
mc-georgecrimsun: I was told not to touch 8.0423:30
DanielRMpen: Yes