_MMA_cody-somerville: Are you or any Xubuntu users getting hit by this GDM bug?13:27
cody-somerville_MMA_, ^^13:29
_MMA_No link. Only some people are gettin it. Im still trying to diagnose. If you were seeing this, you would know exactly what Im talking about.13:29
cody-somervilleI still have pending updates13:30
cody-somervillebut I can't seem to dist-upgrade13:31
_MMA_cody-somerville: And we got rid of OO.o. :P13:31
cody-somervilleYou can thank me in Prague ;p13:31
cody-somerville[<davmor2> not that I've noticed and I'm running hardy on 3 machines13:49
_MMA_So odd.13:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210538 in ubuntu-gdm-themes "gdm hangs after theme upgrade and reboot" [High,Confirmed]14:09
_MMA_kwwii: That's not it for us.14:12
kwwii? you have a different bug?14:13
_MMA_No clue. Since we don't have the "Commenting the gtkrc gtk_color_scheme =" part.14:13
kwwiiI am not sure if that is the real reason there is a bug to be honest14:14
kwwiiI think that this bug will still exist even after I changed that14:14
kwwiias the same bug happens with your theme14:14
kwwiibtw, I pushed a few packages: ubuntu-gdm-theme, human-theme, human-icon-theme, and ubuntulooks14:15
psyke83kwwii, hi, did you receive the update for Human-Murrine-Mod (just in case it's used)?17:02
kwwiipsyke83: yes, and it has been uploaded so you should see it coming down the pipe soon17:04
kwwiiit is back in the default selection17:04
kwwiibut not set as default17:04
kwwiiso everyone should be happy17:05
kwwiithanks again for the great work17:05
psyke83no problem, glad I could help :)17:16
kwwii_MMA_: did you notice that in the login window selector you can select the standard ubuntu gdm theme but at the top pulldown also have the "with face browser" option selected?18:36
_MMA_I do now.18:38
_MMA_Hmm... Doesn't do anything. I bet its a switch for a theme.18:38
kwwiiI thought it would sort out the themes or such but it does not18:39
kwwiiI think that it sets something somewhere though18:39
_MMA_ie: you have all the needed files in 1 theme and that setting switches it.18:39
kwwiieither that or it is useless18:39
kwwiimaybe that is part of the problems you were having18:39
_MMA_kwwii: Im gonna look through the code and see if they can be combined.18:44
_MMA_Hmm.... I notice users aren't shown in the Human face browsers but are in the happygnome-list one.18:54
_MMA_kwwii: nm. After trying the happygnome one they are there in the Human one. So odd.18:56
* _MMA_ *hates* GDM.18:56
kwwii_MMA_: and gdm seems to hate you too :p19:25
SliverRedmanSo wait, what?19:26
* kwwii grabs a bite to eat19:29
psyke83kwwii, just wondering; do you think we should enable animations in Human-Murrine, if we get a chance to push another update?22:24
* _MMA_ has had it enabled for 2 releases with no bug reports.22:25
kwwiipsyke83: sure, why not22:26
psyke83kwwii, great, thanks22:32
psyke83kwwii, what about the vertical menu bar? I like it, but it conflicts a bit with firefox's awesomebar, unfortunately22:42

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