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superm1in its current state, should partman be able to understand if it is preseeded a symlink to a disk rather than the actual disk itself? (I haven't tried yet)07:24
superm1eg one of the items living in /dev/disk/by-id07:25
mib_p87ibcq2i need some help10:25
mib_p87ibcq2what do you type to get the gutsy packages onto your computer?10:26
mib_p87ibcq2apt-get install "???????"10:27
mib_p87ibcq2what is the name of the packages?10:27
cjwatsonwhich gutsy packages?10:27
cjwatsonthere are several thousand of them10:28
mib_p87ibcq2for ubuntu 7.10 server edition10:28
cjwatsonwhat do you currently have installed?10:28
mib_p87ibcq2it's textbased atm, i need to get10:28
mib_p87ibcq2the gutsy packages on there so i can use it10:28
cjwatsonif you already have Ubuntu installed, then you're done with this channel; I suggest #ubuntu-server10:29
mib_p87ibcq2where ca i get info on the packages?10:29
mib_p87ibcq2nvm then10:32
cjwatson#ubuntu-server, please10:33
CIA-24debian-installer: cjwatson * r899 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20070308ubuntu3410:42
TheMusoevand: I'll be around from 20:00UTC tomorrow if you can spare me some time to work through ubiquity a11y stuff.11:05
TheMusoevand: Sorry, today.11:05
CIA-24debian-installer: cjwatson * r900 ubuntu/ (33 files in 2 dirs): * Update help text translations from Launchpad.11:44
CIA-24debian-installer: cjwatson * r901 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20070308ubuntu3511:48
simosxA few weeks ago I updated the translation for gfx-boot-theme. With Ubuntu 8.04 Beta I do not see the updated translations in the boot screen.11:52
simosxHow can I verify that my translations made it to the package?11:52
cjwatsonsimosx: I updated them just an hour or so ago11:56
cjwatsonif they're up-to-date in Launchpad and don't need review or anything, they'll be there11:56
cjwatson msgid "^Install Ubuntu"11:56
cjwatson-msgstr ""11:56
cjwatson+msgstr "^Εγκατάσταση Ubuntu"11:56
cjwatsonthat kind of thing yours?11:57
simosxyep, that's mine.11:57
cjwatsonok, should be up-to-date in tomorrow's CD then11:57
simosxis tomorrow's CD something like Beta2? Are these daily builds?11:58
cjwatsondaily builds, I mean11:59
cjwatsonhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/11:59
cjwatsonwe won't be doing a beta2, I expect11:59
simosxokay, cool. will test tomorrow's CD image as well. thanks.12:00
_MMA_Well after typing in the wrong window, has anyone see the "Failed to mount /" issue on the resent Alt disks after the partitioning step?13:59
cjwatsonI think we need a bit more information than that; logs would be good14:01
cjwatson(it could easily depend on your partitioning choices or the existing contents of your disks)14:01
_MMA_cjwatson: This is using the Alt disk on install after picking any of the partitioning options so far. I'll also mention this is using VirtualBox. Im gonna try on HW now.14:03
cjwatsonif you can get me logs first, that would be good14:04
_MMA_Im unsure where to find logs on an Alt disk install. Sorry.14:05
cjwatsoner, without the #14:05
cjwatson'anna-install openssh-client-udeb' and you can copy them out. I need syslog and partman14:05
evandTheMuso: ok.  I think I've tracked down the problem, but I don't see an easy fix.  The GTK module in ubiquity needs to be imported as the ubuntu user for it to work, but we cannot drop privileges via the EUID as GTK doesn't like that.14:08
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2599 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/components/partman.py): * Fix crash with the "don't use" partitioning option (LP: #132611).14:18
superm1cjwatson, would you expect partman to work with EDD at this point?14:28
superm1if you passed a udev symlink to a EDD drive in the preseed?14:28
cjwatsonsuperm1: er, not very sure, never tried it - what does 'mapdevfs <edd device name>' say?14:35
superm1cjwatson, it maps it to /dev/sda14:37
superm1as expected at least for the disk I tried14:37
cjwatsonin that case I think it should work14:39
cjwatsonsince you're asking I assume it doesn't ;)14:39
superm1well I haven't tried yet, but it will require a new factory image since EDD was fixed in udev yesterday14:39
superm1so I was jumping the gun to see if I should further investigate before trying14:40
superm1and also you fixed an item related to it in grub this morning I see14:40
cjwatsonright, testing of that would be fantastic; I've got some unit testing but an end-to-end test, ideally of something that used to fail, would be brilliant14:51
superm1cjwatson, well as soon as it shows up in a DVD image i'll make the changes to our seeds and bootstrap scripts to see how it works out14:52
cjwatsonthe algorithm inside grub was a little more complex than I would have liked14:53
superm1did it look to be portable to grub2 still?14:53
cjwatsonthough I'm quite pleased with the elegance of the result14:53
superm1i havent looked over the diff yet14:53
cjwatsonI've never looked at grub2's internals much, but I gather that its device.map generation is quite similar to grub's14:53
superm1for one locale we need to ship grub2 for showing localized strings in the grub menu, so i'll take a look through14:54
superm1looks like its not horrid at least14:56
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2600 ubiquity/ (4 files in 3 dirs): * Use localised, human-readable names for partitioning methods.15:28
CIA-24ubiquity: cjwatson * r2601 ubiquity/ (bin/ubiquity-wrapper debian/changelog):16:15
CIA-24ubiquity: * Reorganise the wrapper script to cope with kdesu's broken argument16:15
CIA-24ubiquity:  handling.16:15
mario_limonciellcjwatson, well an easy port to grub2 was just a dream unfortunately:16:59
mario_limonciell14 out of 14 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file device.c.rej16:59
cjwatsonheh, I imagine it won't be *that* easy17:08
cjwatsonbut the intent of the changes should be clear17:08
cjwatsonbe careful you catch any copies of the fprintf blocks I removed17:09
cjwatsonthe number of those may differ17:09
mario_limonciellwell it will be a bit low on the todo for now - after giving EDD a shot in the installer, partman still doesn't like EDD stuff.  I've got a small suspicion of the cause, but if its not it, i'll summarize it all in a bug17:25
mario_limonciellcjwatson, before trying it though, the way partman-auto/disk is used, it might eventually have support for preseeding multiple disks.  would it be a fair assumption to currently ignore that?17:29
cjwatsonwell, it doesn't have such support at the moment, but please don't make it more difficult17:37
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evandxivulon: taking this here in case anyone wants to disagree with what I'm about to say19:54
evandnote that ubiquity in automatic-ubiquity mode requires 256MB, not 384MB19:55
TheMusoevand: Hrm right.21:13
mario_limonciellcjwatson, I added the support to partman-auto to handle EDD for the case that we are doing.21:13
mario_limonciellits linked in the branch on bug 18668621:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186686 in dell "[Hardy Feature Request] Add EDD support" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18668621:13
TheMusoevand: Would it be better to simply run everything as root?21:13
mario_limoncielljust verified that it works for us21:13
cjwatsonmeh, it's a bug-fix ... ish ;-)21:14
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: hmm, I'd recommend not calling it "seed" - "seed" in Ubuntu terms means something you feed to germinate. I'll rename that preseed, I think21:16
cjwatson+                               found = 121:16
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: legal shell would be found=121:16
cjwatsonand local found=0 above21:16
mario_limonciellappeared to work for me, didn't realize it wasn't legal :)21:17
cjwatson$ found = 121:17
cjwatsonsh: found: not found21:17
cjwatson$ foo () { local found = 0; }21:17
cjwatson$ foo21:17
cjwatsonsh: local: 0: bad variable name21:17
cjwatsonsh: : bad variable name21:17
cjwatsonso, not sure how it worked for you :) that's busybox sh21:17
evandTheMuso: I think we're getting close to having to resort to that.  I cannot think of a way around this, though I'm willing to give it some more thought and poke around the GTK code.21:18
cjwatsonbash and dash fail similarly21:18
mario_limonciellcjwatson, well maybe the errors were obfuscated then in a log in /var/log at least21:18
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: given that, could you make the changes I mentioned and retest?21:18
mario_limonciellyes will do.21:18
TheMusoevand: Ok, I'm happy to test whatever.21:18
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: actually, uh, this can't be right21:19
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: partman_disk is a device node (e.g. /dev/sda), but dev_to_partman returns a partman device directory (e.g. /var/lib/partman/devices/=dev=sda)21:20
cjwatsonyou can't compare those two21:20
cjwatsonif you just want to canonicalise a device name, use mapdevfs21:20
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: I think it worked for you due to the shell bug - found would never have been equal to 021:21
mario_limoncielloh hmm.  could my results be skewed then from multiple ubiquity runs with partman storing information in debconf?21:21
cjwatsonthat's possible too, but I think a conjunction of bugs (sort of) cancelling each other out is more likely21:21
cjwatsonmy reading of this code is that it will always use the first disk21:22
mario_limonciellokay i'll sort it out21:22
cjwatsonhappy to merge it once that's sorted21:22
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: oh, also, as a general rule, it would help avoid confusion if you used UNRELEASED as an upload target in changelogs rather than hardy until it's actually being uploaded21:37
mario_limonciellcjwatson, ah yeah that's my normal behavior, I forgot this time.21:38
xivuloncjwatson, I would really need the metalink url (140458), as mentioned in the bug last comment, I would encourage the use of a url just for wubi22:46
xivulonwith static metalink files to be copied off wubi-installer.org/metalinks/8.0422:49
xivulonevand the code in rev 92 looks good to me! I like it better!22:56
xivulondid not test it though22:56
cjwatsonxivulon: Steve was blocked on getting mirror code from webmaster for a while, but that's done; he's now hoping to get it sorted out early next week23:01
* xivulon checking release schedule23:02
xivulonok so we have time for the release candidate23:02
xivulonand hopefully a couple of days before that23:03
xivulongood enough for me23:03
xivulonIn the keyring now I have my own key (which should be removed) and 1024D/FBB7545123:05
xivulonthat is for verifying the md5s of the metalinks, so I am assume the latter will be used23:06

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