GrueMasterdavidm: ping00:56
StevenKGrueMaster: There's no point pinging him, he disconnected 5 minutes ago00:57
GrueMasterYea, I just noticed that.00:57
GrueMasterdavidm :  question re: beta300:57
davidmGrueMaster, yes?00:57
bspencerlool,  when is our meeting supposed to be wrt moblin applets?00:58
GrueMastervideo drivers are at build 0007.  Didn't you guys get newer drivers?00:58
davidmNot in time for the beta, we locked better then a week ago00:59
GrueMasterI just got the beta today.00:59
GrueMasterDidn't know it was a week old.01:00
davidmWe locked the build for the WiMAX stuff but finally built because WiMAX did not make it.  01:08
davidmWiMAX was a pain, but they got it finally and now we have to remove it....01:09
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dholbachgood morning06:31
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loolHmm yesterday, the battery applet would segfault for me when I clicked on it, but now it wont at full charge12:27
kennyyuhi there, i wonder if i can get the firefox source code (for UME) because of my academic research purpose? is it available now?12:47
dns53 apt-get source packagename?12:48
kennyyudns53: thanks... hmm, I just wonder why I cannot download the code from there --> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/mobile-browser   :-(12:57
dns53the package is actually midbrowser https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/mobile-browser for the launcpad entry, git seems to be http://www.moblin.org/repos/projects/mobile-browser.git/ 13:04
Roji have a Asus r2h and want to get involved with the ubuntu mobile testing13:13
Rojhave i found the right community?13:13
dns53well this channel is quiet, i'm here trying to get it installed on my eeepc13:14
Rojah ok, have you tried gOS rocket?13:15
Rojor Linpus?13:15
dns53not yet,i have a xubuntu with hardy13:15
Rojboth kind of work but the ubuntu mobile release looks interesting to me13:16
kennyyudns53: i see. I'll have a look! :)16:36
loolmeeting is in one hour right?17:04
Don_JohnsonI think David left it on UTS, and did not do any daylight saving time adjustments, so you are probably right17:05
kyleNlool, that's my guess17:06
loolDon_Johnson: That's my understanding as well; I added an item to move it one hour earlier to the agenda17:06
Don_JohnsonGood, I have a regulary conflict in 1 hour, so I won't be able to make it at that time.17:07
bspencerlool, dumb Q.  Our weekly ume meeting is at 10amPDT now -- not 9am right?  :)17:09
bspencerlool, also, are we meeting tomorrow IRC 9am PDT?17:09
davidmI've had the meeting pegged to 17:00 UTC and not floating.  We can adjust the meeting to 16:00 UTC in this meeting.17:09
bspencerlool, or I think I was to get a bridge.17:10
bspencerdavidm, right.  Old habit I was rushing to get here by 9am.17:10
davidmWell there is a aganda item to move it to now so we can talk about it.  It hits at a bad time for those in Europe now.17:11
davidmAnd I love google since it moved the meeting to now for me :-/ but I'm fixing that.17:12
loolbspencer: You were to get a bridge for friday, right?17:14
davidmAlmost time for the meeting.17:57
mawhalenfeeling better?18:01
davidmWe are missing mootbot so I'll just post logs later18:01
davidmit's off line at the moment.  So lets bring the meeting to order18:01
loolPff Mootbot is not very reliable18:01
rustyl_mawhalen, not really18:01
loolrustyl_: Ah you were sick as well18:02
mawhalenFYI - John (happycamp) is out of the office today18:02
rustyl_lool, yea, this sucks18:02
davidmFirst action from 27 March then18:02
davidmI think mootbot will join us soon18:04
MootBotMeeting started at 19:02. The chair is davidm.18:04
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]18:04
MootBotdavidm, There is already a meeting in progress.18:04
davidmOK mootbot is here so 18:04
=== davidm changed the topic of #ubuntu-mobile to: kyleN to look into hildon-help; what's is useful for and whether we should package it for UME
davidm#topic kyleN to look into hildon-help; what's is useful for and whether we should package it for UME18:04
kyleNI have not investigated hildon-help yet. Yes, it needs to be done, but with current daily priorities it won't be done immediately. Therefore, I'd like to remove it from the carried action items for now.   18:04
looldavidm: #topic, not /topic :)18:04
davidmlool, yea I blew it18:05
davidmkyleN, OK done.18:05
davidm#topic lool review progress on Hildon 2.0 updates next week18:05
loolSo, smagoun is the only one around I fear18:06
smagounlool: no progress on this one18:06
loolagoliveira tried updating sapwood, but he didn't manage to pull history18:06
smagounI don't think bfiller has had a chance to get to his part either18:06
=== davidm changed the topic of #ubuntu-mobile to: This channel is for conversations around the Ubuntu UME development version
loolI think I'll start picking updates from other people to get stuff in hardy in the coming weeks18:07
loolI wish people with assigned updates could do one to see how it goes with bzr vcs-import and all18:07
loolSo davidm, please carry on18:07
davidm[topic] lool review progress on Hildon 2.0 updates next week18:07
MootBotNew Topic:  lool review progress on Hildon 2.0 updates next week 18:07
davidmlool, will do, 18:07
davidmI just replayed the topic to get it into mootbot18:08
davidm[topic] lool to document tips for Hildon 2.0 updates on Hildon 2.0 wiki page18:08
MootBotNew Topic:  lool to document tips for Hildon 2.0 updates on Hildon 2.0 wiki page 18:08
loolSee bottom of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/Hildon2.018:08
loolIt's a bit raw, but it's what I did :)18:08
loolI'm happy to clarify with anybody who needs help18:08
davidm[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/Hildon2.018:09
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/Hildon2.0 18:09
davidmlool, carry on?18:09
loolNo, it's done; you can move on to next topic18:09
davidm[topic] lool to document tarball release + ppa upload process and patch 18:09
MootBotNew Topic:  lool to document tarball release + ppa upload process and patch  18:09
loolI've wikified my notes and sent them to rustyl_; as they were longer than I thought, I think it's best to get some feedback from rustyl_ and then moving to the wiki18:10
loolrustyl_ only got them yesterday though, so I suppose we could make that an action for me for next week18:10
loolThis is just a one shot procedure, not very interesting to keep on the wiki forever, but we'll remove the page later on18:11
davidm[action] lool to document tarball release + ppa upload process and patch addition + submission process [cted] [cted scheduled for Friday the 28th][cted]18:11
MootBotACTION received:  lool to document tarball release + ppa upload process and patch addition + submission process [cted] [cted scheduled for Friday the 28th][cted] 18:11
lool[action] (lool) add doc on moving to tarball releases for moblin modules to wiki18:11
loolHmm ok18:11
davidm[action] (lool) add doc on moving to tarball releases for moblin modules to wiki18:11
MootBotACTION received:  (lool) add doc on moving to tarball releases for moblin modules to wiki 18:11
loolWell the doc is ready, but I'll move it to the wiki next week18:12
davidmI'll clean later NP18:12
loolYou can skip the next topic, it's the same18:12
davidmnext two actually18:12
davidm[topic] bspencer to list i18n status for Moblin project 18:13
MootBotNew Topic:  bspencer to list i18n status for Moblin project  18:13
looldavidm: Well i'd like to keep the action on rustyl_, even if he had no chance to do it this week :)18:13
loolrustyl_: (if you don't mind)18:13
davidmI'll make it so18:13
loolbspencer: 19:13 < davidm> [topic] bspencer to list i18n status for Moblin project 18:13
loolbspencer: You come just on time :)18:13
davidm[action] #18:14
davidmrustyl_ to assign ppa packages updates for the new tarball based release process [cted as blocked by lool last week and the week before that...][cted]18:14
MootBotACTION received:  # 18:14
bspencerlool: oy, not completed18:14
davidm[action] rustyl_ to assign ppa packages updates for the new tarball based release process [cted as blocked by lool last week and the week before that...][cted]18:14
MootBotACTION received:  rustyl_ to assign ppa packages updates for the new tarball based release process [cted as blocked by lool last week and the week before that...][cted] 18:14
bspencerlool: I can list what I know here, but I think you wanted an email18:14
kyleNhere comes my standard remard: ;) we need all apps i8nized, and soonish18:14
mawhalenbspencer: what is holding it up?18:15
bspencerToddBrandt: is moblin-applets i18n?18:15
bspencermawhalen: nothing -- I just forgot to send the email18:15
loolbspencer: I think kyleN asked for it18:15
kyleNthe packages should be set up for intltool so they generated tempaltes18:15
kyleNand the code should be set up for gettext18:16
kyleNdarn fingers, misbehaving again ;)18:16
bspencerkyleN: lool   is Hildon already for i18n per these requireemnts?18:16
loolbspencer: Hmm Hildon is special18:16
bspencermoblin media is, I know, except for a couple of bugs that may already have been fixed18:16
kyleNbspencer: hildon is not. it is a more complex challenege. but this problem is known and being solved18:17
bspencerlool:  is Firefox special too?18:17
loolbspencer: Yes18:17
bspencermid browser is also i18n, per Firefox mechanism.18:17
loolbspencer: But moblin-applets is a good standard example18:17
bspencerI don't know about moblin-applets.18:17
loolI reviewed it, and it seemed structured to do it18:17
loolCan't tell whether all strings were marked as translatable or not18:17
bspencerHome screen is the one I'm not sure about18:17
bspencerThe icons and names come from freedesktop.org calls now, but I haven't verified the i18n-ness18:18
kyleNbspencer: can you please address the problem on both fronts: intltool AND code/gettext18:18
loolbspencer: But you're not using message ids for strings in any other package than midbrowser at moblin.org, so it would be nice if you could make sure all other moblin.org projects are i18ned18:18
loolRun them in French18:19
bspencerlool: yes.  My action item.18:19
loolkyleN, bspencer, davidm: do let's carry on action18:19
lool[action] bspencer to report on i18n of moblin.org modules [cted]18:19
davidm[action] bspencer to report on i18n of moblin.org modules [cted]18:19
MootBotACTION received:  bspencer to report on i18n of moblin.org modules [cted] 18:19
davidmOK that is the end of old business18:20
davidmCurrent items18:20
kyleNalthough I wish the wording wasn't "report" but was "implement intltool in packages and gettext in code"18:20
bspencerkyleN: did you document this somewhere?18:21
loolkyleN: Well I think it's clear that they need to be i18ned, but we wont implement it during the meeting so we can only report on status ;)18:21
* bspencer recalls seeing something18:21
loolbspencer: Two wiki pages are available on the topic18:21
loolbspencer: As mentionned in last week's links18:21
bspencerok.  you can move on while I look.18:21
MootBotLINK received:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~davidm/mootbot/meetings/ubuntu-mobile.20080327_1801.html 18:21
bspencerlool: thx.18:21
loolSee the last two links18:21
davidm[topic] (lool) propose to move meeting one hour earlier (it's summer \o/) 18:22
MootBotNew Topic:  (lool) propose to move meeting one hour earlier (it's summer \o/)  18:22
loolSo I'd like to move the meeting by one hour18:22
loolI think this will fit everybody18:22
davidmThis works for me.18:22
bspencergood for me18:22
loolIn fact most people were expecting the meeting earlier ;)18:22
cgreganno conflict for me18:22
davidmI know Don Johnson would like this as he can't attend now.18:22
loolLet's do it!18:22
davidmIntel side comments?18:22
mawhalenI don't believe this is a problem, we used to have it an hour earlier18:22
mawhalenI'll reschedule it for Intel side18:23
davidmbspencer, mawhalen , thanks18:23
davidm[action] davidm to move meeting to 1 hour earler and notify all 18:23
GrueMasterFor the most part, the people at Intel have adjusted to daylight savings time, so this would realign with that schedule.18:23
MootBotACTION received:  davidm to move meeting to 1 hour earler and notify all  18:23
davidm[action] mawhalen to reschedule on Intel side 18:24
MootBotACTION received:  mawhalen to reschedule on Intel side  18:24
ToddBrandtbspencer: sorry for the delay, yes moblin-applets is i18n18:24
davidmOK I think we are covered on that18:24
davidm[topic] (tonyespy) ppm: git tree out-of-date + write access; licensing question... 18:24
MootBotNew Topic:  (tonyespy) ppm: git tree out-of-date + write access; licensing question...  18:24
tonyespyThere's been some recent interest in the ppm by our customer18:25
tonyespyand yet, the public git tree is not up-to-date18:25
tonyespyalso, as there's been a request that canonical do some of the work...18:25
looltonyespy: (you used rsync?)18:25
tonyespyi'd like to ask that we be granted write access to the tree18:26
looltonyespy: (some git trees at moblin.org are broken / out of date via http)18:26
tonyespylool:  i'll check18:26
mawhalenmabbas: are you around?18:26
tonyespylool: i've been looking at the tree via the git web interface18:26
mawhalenhe was18:26
tonyespyi've spoken with mabbas about this and he said that he'd update it this week...18:27
loolI guess the gitweb is always up to date18:27
tonyespybut i'd like to see this be a regular activity... not a once and a while thing18:27
tonyespy...especially if we're going to be contributing to the development18:27
mawhalenMohamed had joined last week and at the begin of this meeting - 18:28
mawhalentonyespy: hae you sync'd with Mohamed, I know he was going to contact you about a script18:28
mabbasyes I am here18:28
tonyespymawhalen: yes, we've been exchanging emails18:29
tonyespymabbas: i brought up the topic that i'd like to see the public git tree for ppm be kept up to date18:29
tonyespymabbas: and we would also like write access18:29
mabbasyes I will update by tomorrow18:29
tonyespymabbas: especially if we're going to be contributing work18:29
rustyl_tonyespy, do you already have an account on moblin?18:30
tonyespymabbas: after that, can you make sure it's kept up to date on a regular basis18:30
tonyespyrustyl_: not sure, but i'll check...18:30
mabbasyes it usually is18:30
tonyespymabbas: the last tag was 0.7, the version in the ppa is 0.918:31
loolrustyl_: Don't think so18:31
rustyl_tonyespy, lool, i don't see any type of *tony* or *eps*18:31
rustyl_in /home on moblin18:32
tonyespyrustyl_:  ok, i'll create one this afternoon18:32
rustyl_mabbas, do have an issue with adding another developer with write access?18:32
mabbasok the gap here is small and maily to kick hardy build but I will make sure they are always update18:32
mabbasnot at all18:32
tonyespyok, i will create an account and then send details to mabbas18:33
mabbasas long we discuss thing before commit and this will go both way of cource18:33
rustyl_mawhalen, is HappyCamp_ubuntu HappyCamp on vacation still?18:33
mawhalenrustyl_: yes - happycamp is on vacation this week.18:33
davidmAre there any actions I need to track to next week here?18:33
tonyespydavidm: no18:33
tonyespyone more piece to the topic...18:34
davidmtonyespy, OK good enough18:34
tonyespywhich may apply to more than just ppm18:34
davidmtonyespy, you have the floor18:34
tonyespyfrom my pov, ppm is in a way a replacement for gnome-power-manager ( ie. it does many of the same things )18:34
tonyespyyet it's licensed under a dual-license ( mit & gpl )18:35
tonyespythis prevents code from being pulled from pure gpl projects like gnome-power-mgr18:35
tonyespywas this intentional?18:35
rustyl_no, not intentional18:35
tonyespycan it be fixed?18:36
* rustyl_ thinks18:36
loolIs it important if we lose the MIT part of the license?18:36
tonyespythere's suspicion (sic) that this might apply to other moblin projects as well...18:37
loolIf you merge GPL code, just update the relevant headers in the source files you copy, debian/copyright, and the result of the combination will be GPL18:37
loolJust like GPM18:37
tonyespylool: but isn't that confusing if the top-level of the project includes the mit license?18:38
bspencerI believe MIT was added to allow for the potential of someone to create a solution with proprietary bits.  But here it is biting us.18:38
rustyl_i think tonyespy is correct... you can't add GPL licensed code from some other project into a code base that is dual licensed with MIT18:38
loolWell in Debian/Ubuntu packages we very often have to deal with this; it's best if the toplevel licensing file is correctly indicating which files are MIT+GPL and which are only GPL18:38
rustyl_if it's a new file, then yea, that's not a problem18:39
bspencerlool: can you point us to an example?18:39
loolrustyl_: It makes the code base a mixture of dual licensed + single licensed code which is effectively gpl18:39
rustyl_the issue is an existing file18:39
loolbspencer: Looking for one18:39
bspencertonyespy: do you already know that you are wanting to pull in gnome-power-mgr stuff?18:39
bspenceror just guessing you might want to someday18:39
rustyl_i.e. the user of PPM would not really have the right to use the specific file as MIT (and throw away the rights enforce from the other codebase)18:39
loolbspencer: http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/v/vlc/current/copyright18:40
tonyespybspencer: i'm guessing based on my code review18:40
loolExample of a very complex copyright file listing in details copyright holders and licenses18:40
tonyespylool: the end result is still gpl though right???18:41
loolIf each source file says what it's licensed under (MIT+GPL for historic files and GPL for copied files), and the toplevel file summarizes, that's fine18:41
looltonyespy: Yes18:41
rustyl_tonyespy, lool, we need to loop this back through our process for getting approval for open sourcing the code to see if we can make the code pure GPL18:41
looltonyespy: Naturally, if you copy GPL over, you make everything GPL18:41
loolrustyl_: You don't need to really18:41
tonyespylool: so the question is whether or not that's ok w/intel18:41
loolrustyl_: But the question is whether you're happy with this particular module moving from dual licensing to effectively GPL18:41
tonyespylgpl is another way to allow linking of proprietary code...18:42
loolYou can't make GPL code LGPL18:42
tonyespylool: right, sorry...18:42
tonyespyanyways, i wanted to raise the issue...  not decided it here.18:42
rustyl_tonyespy, let me narrow this down some... do you have a need to pull in GPL code on existing files, or will this always be new modules?18:42
tonyespyrustyl_: right now i don't have a specific piece of code in mind.  i brought this up after doing a design/code review of ppm18:44
tonyespyrustyl_: which does *a lot* of what gnome-power-manager already does....18:44
tonyespyrustyl_: and there are certain improvements that have been suggested...18:44
tonyespyrustyl_: which already exist elsewhere....18:44
rustyl_I ask because the current licensing model doesn't really have an issue with new modues.  The issue is if you want to pull in pure GPL into the core infrastructure code18:45
tonyespyrustyl_: i'm not sure it works that way...18:46
tonyespyrustyl_: the problem's not with the existing code's license...18:46
tonyespyrustyl_: it's with the license of the source code18:46
tonyespyrustyl_: no pun intended18:46
tonyespyrustyl_: should have read 'source of the code'18:47
robr-desktonyespy, can you be specific about what improvements are being requested?18:47
bspencertonyespy: maybe you could send some patches and we can make a decision as we see the need18:48
rustyl_well... in order to get permission to change the license I need a clear, rock solid argument or else our process will rip me to pieces.  We should try to articulate / better under stand this in an off-line email18:48
bspencerwe're open to discuss a hange if it makes sense.18:48
rustyl_maybe this can be captured in a bug report?18:49
tonyespybspencer, rustyl_, robr-desk: i've posted an analysis on the private intel/canonical wiki18:49
bspencertonyespy: start with some patches you want, then let's discuss again next week.18:49
rustyl_and then let the discussion be documented in the bug?18:49
tonyespyi can send a link to y'all via email if you'd like18:49
davidm10 minute warning18:50
rustyl_ok, wiki will work18:50
tonyespysure... i've also added a bunch of bugs...18:50
tonyespyrustyl_: just search for PPMAnalysis18:50
loolon intel.wiki.c.c18:50
mabbasby the way I dont have access to this wiki so I need access to read tony comments18:50
tonyespyrustyl_: or take a look at the ppm buglist on launchpad18:50
davidmmabbas, mawhalen can get you access18:51
tonyespythat's it for me, unless anyone else has comments / questions18:51
rustyl_tonyespy, BTW, about creating an account... go ahead and send me your username, email, and ssh public key, and I will create the account and give you write access while John is on vacation18:51
tonyespyrustyl_: ok, thanks18:51
mawhalenYes - I can get them access18:51
davidmI have no further items on the wiki page.18:52
davidmany last minute items?18:52
davidmOK going once................................18:53
davidmOK going twice...............18:54
MootBotMeeting finished at 19:55.18:55
loolrustyl_: Do you have a public document on moblin.org licensing guidance?18:55
loolLike "this and that layer of this arch must be this license"18:55
=== davidm changed the topic of #ubuntu-mobile to: This channel is for conversations around the Ubuntu UME development version | Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded
rustyl_lool, no... each project has it's own license18:56
loolrustyl_: Ok, and did you particularly care about ppm being 100% MIT+GPL?18:56
rustyl_lool, i don't know18:56
bspencerlool: ppm is part of another project:  lesswatts18:56
loolOhh right18:56
bspencerso we share the licensing decision with them.18:56
loolI understand why we were wondering18:56
loolOkay, makes sense to me now18:57
rustyl_lool, to answer that question I would need to revisit the original arguments for what license to use18:57
loolOk, understood18:57
* lool moves to confcall &18:58
bspencerbfiller, davidm   who is your marketing guy?  John...19:57
davidmJon is19:58
bspenceryeah.  last name?19:58
davidmJon Melamut19:58
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inuka_deskping GrueMaster21:06
GrueMasterinuka_desk: Pong21:22
GrueMastercaps was on21:22
inuka_deskGrueMaster: ok for a moment there I thought you were screaming :) for the CIP stuff... I have come across an issue 21:23
GrueMasterAre you referring to the 7am meeting?21:23
inuka_deskif I play a certain clip twice helix dubs server freezes, plus there are 6 instance of helix ... .yes 21:24
inuka_deskthe behavior is consistent for several driver builds of Beta9 so its definitely nothing to do with the build/image21:24
GrueMasterDid you see my earlier email?  If you could, try to document what you have and post it to the shared drive.  You should have r/w permissions.21:25
inuka_deskGrueMaster: is there anything special I should look at or try to copy over?21:25
GrueMasterI'm currently testing the latest helix and the latest PSB on the latest Ubuntu snapshot (Beta3).  As soon as I get them all loaded, I'll run some tests and see if I see the same thing.21:26
inuka_deskGrueMaster: ok I will send you  a link to the clip I used.21:26
GrueMasterIf you have a particular media clip that hangs, put it in the media folder.21:26
GrueMasterThat will work too.21:26
GrueMasterJust use my internal email.  This IM client is on an external network running off my Linux laptop.21:27
inuka_deskGrueMaster: ok21:28
GrueMastergot it21:30
crevetteis there a way to test the mobile ubuntu on a normal x86 machine ?21:36
GrueMasterThere are a couple of ways.  One is to make a live-rw-usb image and boot it, the other is to use a virtual machine, like Virtualbox.21:37
GrueMasterYOu will need to tweek the /etc/X11/xorg-crownbeach.conf file as it is hardcoded to a specific video chip.21:38
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tonyespyrustyl_: ping23:50
rustyl_tonyespy, yeap23:54
tonyespyrustyl_: how do i create an account on moblin?  all i can find is the dev mailing list?23:55
rustyl_you can't do it via the web site23:55
tonyespythat explains much23:55
rustyl_send me the user name you want, your email to associate with and public ssh key23:55
tonyespyok, will do.  thanks.23:56

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