ftaasac, our sdk lacks nsISupports.idl00:02
fta /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-1.9b5/bin/xpidl -m java -w -I. -I../../../dist/idl -o _javagen/org/mozilla/interfaces/nsIApplicationTile nsIApplicationTile.idl00:18
fta./nsIApplicationTile.idl:40: can't open included file nsISupports.idl for reading00:18
ftaI guess I need to explicitly set the sdk include dir :(00:19
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacfta_: you didn' setup the right infrastructure directories for sysprefs in xulrunner, did you?11:08
asacor just the patch=11:08
asachmm .ยท. apparently we have not per-gre sysprefs right now11:09
asaccarlos: the exports came through ... however, there is no .xpi in the tarballs11:25
carlosyeah, that manual export request is not designed to do that11:25
carlosonly language pack exports do that11:25
asacand how can i get those?11:26
asaccan i download the full language pack?11:26
carlosfrom the page I gave you last week11:26
asaci have to write the "real" integration now11:26
carloslet me check whether we got a new export already11:26
carlosthat includes firefox11:26
carlosasac: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13040412/ubuntu-hardy-translations-update.tar.gz11:26
asaccarlos: at best give me the tarball that pitti gets11:26
asacis that the one?11:26
carlosthat one should include those files11:26
carlosasac: I got the link from https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+language-packs11:27
carlosasac: yeah, is that one11:27
asacstill have no reply from the de translators admins :(11:28
asaccarlos: that tarball has no xpi in it (except adblockplus.xpi for whatever reason)11:34
asacrosetta-hardy$ find | grep xpi$11:34
carlosasac: yeah, I just saw that11:35
carlosnot sure what happened there....11:35
carlosasac: ok, I found a bug with the export11:52
carlosasac: I'm going to prepare a fixed language pack export for you so you are unblocked and prepare a proper fix next week after the sprint11:52
asacok thanks11:53
carlosso future language pack exports are fixed11:53
fta2http://producten.hema.nl  (click and wait a few seconds, don't touch anything)13:50
AnAntHello, someone a package for a firefox addon: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13090871/firefox-praytimes_1.1.3-0~ppa1_all.deb, is it possible that it would be added to ubufox in Hardy+113:55
asacdamn xine-plugin fails to build now14:26
asacchecking for XINE-LIB version >= 1.0.0...14:26
asac*** 'xine-config --version' returned -1717986918.1072798105.-1717986918, but XINE (1072798105.858993459.1076245299)14:26
asacAnAnt: is that in the archive?14:26
asacfta_: whats the state of our system cairo?14:31
asachow much do we diverge from what upstream ships right now (both, version wise as of patch wise)?14:31
carlosasac: http://people.ubuntu.com/~carlos/langpack.tar.gz14:33
carlosasac: that's a language pack with the bug fixed14:33
carlosasac: I removed all other translations from Ubuntu so I get it faster14:34
fta2asac, mozilla bug 42101714:38
ubotuMozilla bug 421017 in GFX: Thebes "Upgrade cairo to 1.5.12-14-gd89edde" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42101714:38
fta2that was the last upgrade for b514:38
fta21.5.14 has been released a few days after14:39
asaccarlos: ok14:53
asacfta2: http://www.ubuntu.com/files/u3/desktop-tn.png if you scale that in and out ... is it broken for you?14:55
AnAntasac: what archive ?15:01
fta2asac, no (ati here)15:03
asacfta2: XaaNoOffScreenPixmaps do you have that set?15:04
asacAnAnt: into ubuntu15:05
fta2root@cube:~ # grep -i XaaNoOffScreenPixmaps /var/log/Xorg.0.log /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:05
fta2root@cube:~ #15:05
asacAnAnt: add the extension here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Firefox3Extensions15:05
asacAnAnt: find some QA contact who packages it as bzr15:05
asacand we will get that in hardy15:05
AnAntasac: what do you mean by "package it as bzr" ?15:05
asacin bzr15:06
asacas a bzr branch so we can review and upload that15:06
asacthere are a bunch of others already15:06
asacAnAnt: read the wiki page15:06
AnAntasac: ah, we got bzr repository in launchpad15:07
asacfta2: are jpeg broken when scaling?15:07
asacfta2: do you use -fglrx or -ati?15:07
AnAntok, thanks15:08
fta2hold on, let me upgrade that box15:08
carlosasac: btw, we just got an email to ubuntu-translators mailing list about a bug in Firefox15:13
carlosasac: when you go to 'Help' -> 'Translate this application', it points to firefox, instead of firefox-3.015:14
carlosasac: are you aware of that?15:14
asaccarlos: thanks ... fix commmitted it to ubufox15:38
asacwill be in hardy on next upload15:38
carlosasac: cool, thanks15:39
asacit also pointed to feisty ... not hardy ;)15:39
asaccarlos: btw, i wonder why all the files are named "firefox", "xulrunner" during export and not "firefox-3.0" and xulrunner-1.9 ... will that change?15:52
asacor is that the project name?15:52
asacnot the source package?15:52
* asac confused15:52
carlosit's controlled by the 'translation domain'15:52
carloswhich is a field that we control, so if you prefer that other name15:52
carlosIs easy to change it15:53
asacI'll think about it15:53
asacsince we have a firefox (2) package in hardy and xulrunner (1.8) we might want to consolidate this15:53
asaci don't think its feasible now, but might be in future: can we maintain two versions translation wise?15:54
carlosyes, we can15:54
carlostechnically speaking15:54
carloshowever, the policy is to do it only for main packages15:54
carlosso firefox (2) wouldn't be supported in that way15:54
carlosunless you do the translation update work manually and outside Ubuntu language packs15:55
asacthe policy is to only translate main packages at all?15:55
asacthats clear15:55
asacmaybe we can have a Ubuntu universe language pack at some point though i guess?15:55
carlosyeah, because we have some limitations with current language packs feature15:55
carlosasac: that's something we discussed a while ago, but we don't have an approved solution for that yet15:56
asaci guess that issue is more on distro side15:56
carlosyeah, that's the most complex part of the solution15:56
carlosLaunchpad side is more or less solved15:56
carlosasac: so, should I rename the those files?15:57
asacok, thanks for clarifying15:57
asaccarlos: could we do that in hardy+1?15:57
asacintrepid ;)15:57
carlosthe rename?15:57
carlosit can be done at any time you want15:57
carlosit's done in the database not in the code15:57
asacill let you know then15:58
fta2asac, no zoom issue with png/jpg using fglrx16:30
fta2using b5 rc216:31
asacfta2: what i don't understand is thati see it16:36
asacon fglrx16:36
asacfta2: did you see that i hooked in the xpi export in xulrunner + firefox?16:56
asacdo you understand why the hook in mozilla-devscripts doesn't automatically kick in ?16:56
asac(i had to explicitly add it to rules)16:56
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asaccwong1: morning :)17:35
cwong1asac: morning17:43
cwong1asac: come down with a bad cold..:(17:43
cwong1asac: I notice that you have move the URL bar to the middle of the toolbar.  Is that intensional or by accident?17:44
asaccwong1: me too. i am almost dying17:45
asachave a bad cold too17:45
asacbut no time to be sick :(17:45
asaccwong1: i moved it?17:46
cwong1asac: ok.  I will leave it alone then.17:46
asaccwong1: i don't think it changed its position17:47
asacare you sure that its somewhere else now?17:47
cwong1the urlbar used be on the left17:47
cwong1I will check into it17:47
asachmm zoom buttons on the left of it?17:48
asacand the quick search field?17:48
asaccwong1: i didn't move it intentionally. if its wrong, go ahead and shuffle it as it was17:48
asacanything else that regressed in a5?17:49
cwong1btw, I am going prepare the package today17:49
asacwill you merge that branch to master?17:49
asaccwong1: thanks!17:49
cwong1 I forwarded you an email form our QA and it has a few minor regression, I will take care of them.17:49
cwong1question of uploading the package17:50
cwong1do I upload the package like I did before to ubuntu-mobile?17:50
cwong1asac: ^^^17:51
asaccwong1: is that a xul based build?17:52
asacor a complete package?17:52
cwong1it wasn't17:53
cwong1It was a source package along with a debian directory17:53
asacyes right17:53
asacthats how it works17:53
asaci just wonder if you prepare a system-xul package or a all-in one?17:53
cwong1I just need to update the debian's rule, right?17:53
cwong1to build with system-xul17:53
asacyou need to do that.17:54
asacand add xulrunner-1.9-dev to build depends17:54
cwong1will get on it... :)17:54
cwong1got that.. do I need to specify beta5 rc217:54
asacnot sure ... in firefox we used 3.0~b5~rc2 ... and for final b5: 3.0~b517:55
asacbut mid has a different versioning scheme17:55
asacwhats the current version?17:55
asacin changelog?17:55
cwong1on midbrowser?17:56
cwong11 sec17:56
cwong1it is 0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu1117:57
cwong1what should I change it to?17:57
asaccwong1: i guess we should use 0.3.1 for final18:00
asacthen we can just use 0.3.0b5a or something18:00
asaci think i already choose a proper versio in version.txt18:01
asacuse taht18:01
cwong1got it18:01
asacplease add the ~mt1ubuntu1 extension as well18:01
asacif you upload to ~mobile18:01
asacso i can upload without it to hardy18:01
cwong1what is mt1 stand for?18:02
asacmozillateam1 :)18:04
asacyou can also use ~mobile1ubuntu118:04
cwong1ok :)18:04
asacit doesnt matter much18:04
asacor ~ppa...18:05
rzrhi asac how you doing ?19:05
asacgood ... a little cold that strikes me though19:06
rzrlast time you told me that flashblock was in the poll19:06
rzrbut i dont see it on the wiki list19:06
asacread that19:06
rzrthat's why i am here19:06
asacyou have to add it if you care19:06
asacand make  bzr branch out of it ;)19:06
rzrthat's what i am doing now19:06
asac(if possible)19:07
rzri am editing the wiki19:07
asacand use xpi.mk if its feasible19:07
rzri wanted to make sure noone is on this already19:07
rzrmaybe you confused flashblock w/ adblock+ ?19:07
asacyeah might be19:08
asacif its not on that page and not in hardy yet then its definitly not claimed19:08
asacso whoever comes first, wins19:08
Jazzvaso, asac, I'm not breaking the rules if I don't ask the last uploader (for the packages that are in the repos)?19:09
asacJazzva: 20:08 < asac> if its not on that page and not in hardy yet then its definitly not claimed19:10
asaci'd say that the packages already in the archive are already in hardy19:10
asacJazzva: however, if they are not yet migrated to ffox 3 ... there is no time left to ask19:10
asacjust upgrade19:10
asacJazzva: so no ... atm, you probably don't need to ask anyone if you want to upgrade an extension to ffox319:11
JazzvaI thought about that few days ago, since I learned that the proper (and polite) way is to ask the last uploade... But I wasn't sure how to act in this situation...19:12
JazzvaOff to choose another one...19:12
asacyeah ;)19:12
asacjust get work done :)19:12
Jazzvasure thing :)...19:12
andres_asac, ok19:15
asachi andres_ ;)19:15
andres_I am helping in the HugDay and is not to do with these reports19:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198287 in firefox-3.0 "multiple tabs don't look like in GTK apps" [Undecided,New]19:15
asacandres_: yeah. thats an upstream wishlist bug19:17
andres_Usually if an application gnome , Use upstream19:17
andres_ah ok19:17
asacits actually only about the arrows imo19:17
asaci don't see anything else in there19:17
andres_ok, Then use the same procedure19:18
asacsebner: hi! ;)19:18
sebnerasac: ^^19:18
JazzvaHmm, the arrows render fine here... Just like in the GTK app. Though, this is the newer version from fta's PPA...19:18
asacJazzva: hmm.19:19
asacandres_: you could verify if this is fixed in the next upload and close19:19
asacsebner: what can i do for you?19:19
sebnerasac: I fixed the versioning. but MPL *is* included. I just have to mention it in debian/copyright19:19
Jazzvaandres_, asac, though, the tab splitting is still present...19:20
asacsebner: good.19:20
sebnerasac: ^^ just because you complained :P19:20
andres_Jazzva, ok19:21
asacsebner: you mean GPL?19:21
asacnot MPL?19:21
sebnerasac: MPL19:21
asacJazzva: andres_: i don't think the tab splitting is a problem.19:21
sebnerasac: GPL and this stuff is default on a ubuntu system and you told me to include MPL license file19:21
asacsebner: yes right. then why do you say _but_?19:22
asacor did i complain that its not in a separate file?19:22
sebnerasac: xD nvm19:22
asacsebner: so your extension is ready. great.19:22
sebnerasac: dunno. I'll update the branch and we'll see19:22
sebnerasac: not yet19:22
asacyeah. let me know19:22
sebnergive me some minutes :D19:22
Jazzvaasac: I suppose... Firefox is not using plain GTK libs for it's GUI, right? So, that might be the source of the "problem"19:22
sebnerasac: deadline is tomorrow right?19:23
asacJazzva: i don't hink that there is anything like "tabs" in gtk lib19:23
asacso there is no standard for that imo19:23
asacthats why i doubt that its really a bug19:23
asacsebner: tomorrow is good.... i will not refuse extensions finished by sat though19:23
Jazzvaasac: I played only a bit with it, so I'm assuming :). Never mind...19:23
sebnerasac: Ah I'll finish today :D to make mighty alexander happy :P19:24
asacsebner: gives us a better chance to still fix things in time for hardy19:24
sebnerasac: where should the MPL1.1 license file should be placed? /usr/share/all-in-one-sidebar/ is bad or?19:32
asacsebner: just put it in the debian/ directory and create a file called debian/docs where you add "MPL"19:33
asacthat will take care of the right place19:34
sebnerasac: debian/rules can face that?19:34
asacsebner: it will consider debian/docs automatically19:34
sebnerasac: nice :D :D :D19:35
asacsebner: like in xulrunner we have:19:35
asac$ cat debian/docs19:35
sebnerasac: and where is it situated after installation?19:35
asacand it ends up in /usr/share/doc/xulrunner-1.9/MPL.gz19:35
sebnernice :D19:35
asacso ... it just happens automatically19:35
=== jetsaredim_ is now known as jetsaredim
sebnerasac: not working :( It doesn't get included19:45
asacsebner: debhelper.mk is included, right?20:10
sebnerI will upload the new revision. maybe you can look at it20:11
asacmaybe set DEB_INSTALL_DOCS_ALL = debian/MPL20:12
asacmaybe set DEB_INSTALL_DOCS_ALL := debian/MPL20:13
asacbut it should work imo20:13
sebnerI'll try20:13
asacyeah .. try that20:13
asacFiles named debian/package.docs can list other files to be installed.20:14
asacmaybe use that instead of just debian/docs20:15
asacbut it works in xulrunner ... so no idea20:15
sebnerasac: No way Oo20:22
asacstrange ... where is the branch?20:23
sebnerasac: bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sebner/firefox-extensions/all-in-one-sidebar.ubuntu20:23
asacthere is neither docs nor MPL in that ;)20:24
sebnerasac: ah not the actual one20:25
asacsebner: all-in-one-sidebar.ubuntu$ ls debian/all-in-one-sidebar/usr/share/doc/all-in-one-sidebar/20:25
asacchangelog.Debian.gz  copyrightMPL.gz20:25
asacthjat works20:25
asacjust like i said20:25
asacsebner: bazaar.launchpad.net/~asac/firefox-extensions/all-in-one-sidebar.ubuntu20:27
asaci pushed it there20:27
asacyou can just merge that to your branch20:27
sebnerasac: but if I build the package myself it isn't working?20:27
asacand then take a look at the diff20:27
sebnerasac: I thought MPL should be in debian/docs?20:32
asacno look ;)20:32
asac20:35 < asac> sebner: like in xulrunner we have:20:32
asac20:35 < asac> $ cat debian/docs20:32
asac20:35 < asac> debian/MPL20:32
asacsebner: anyway ... do a bzr merge ... + commit20:33
sebnerhow to merge ^^20:33
asacbzr merge "BRANCHURL"20:33
asacthen review changes20:33
asacresolve eventual conflicts20:33
asacthen bzr commit20:33
asacand provide a reasonable merge message20:33
asace.g. merge fix for XYZ from branch URL revision XXX"20:34
sebnerwould be easier when I just move my MPL file ^^20:34
asacyeah, but its about doing simple things in bzr right now20:34
asacwhjich was one of the other objectives of this it guess20:35
sebnerasac: uploaded but I made some mistakes ^^. The Changelog looks horrible. Maybe I should start from scratch again?20:44
asacsebner: doesn't look that bad ... what do you mean?21:15
sebnerasac: hmm. n00b alarm21:15
asacyou should not use comments like "Small fix"21:16
asacbut there are always things to improve21:16
asacsebner: you committed the merge twice?21:16
sebnerasac: As I said. "Noob alarm" ;)21:16
asacbut the current head looks alright21:17
asacso lets not bother21:17
asacsebner: there is one more thing left. please add the review/sponsor bug to the changelog entry21:17
asace.g. LP: #xxxx21:18
asacwe need that so ftp admins can figure the Ack and the FF exception21:18
sebnerEverytime I started a new kind of motu work I sucked and I have no problem with starting again21:18
asacdon't need to start ;)21:18
sebnerasac: example bug report for me?21:19
asacjust add the bug to debian/changelog21:19
asacthere are some21:19
asacplease file one for you extension so i can document the FF exception and ackknowledge that this has been reviewed21:19
asacfta2: btw, the application dialog has been fixed by the .autoreg fix21:21
asacfta2: except if you don't have the gnome-support package21:22
asacbut i cannot fix that for this upload i guess21:22
asaci currently have no real clue what should happen if ther eis no gnome-support21:22
sebnerasac: it's totally new to me? Besides that you are here. Set it to new or confirmed?21:30
asacsebner: New21:31
sebnerasac: And subscribe ...?21:31
sebnerasac: Mozilla Team?21:33
asacsebner: ok. does install.rdf have maxVersion 3.0.* ?21:36
asacif not please do that ... otherwise we need to upload on every new ffox update ;)21:36
sebnerno wait21:38
sebnerthere are two of them21:38
sebnerHmm I should change this one with 3.0b421:38
asacfor the firefox targetApplication21:38
asacyes most likely21:38
asacthe maxVersion should read21:38
asacyou can change that in ubuntu branch21:38
Jazzvaasac, what if extension is not compatible, but is installable, since it depends on firefox? Should we just update the Depends line to "firefox-2"?22:08
asacJazzva: is not compatbile even if you boost the maxVersion?22:11
asacin install.rdf?22:11
Jazzvahaven't tried... But I have disabled checkCompatibility in Firefox. It shows the sidebar, but it's not reacting on buttons...22:12
asacah ok22:12
asacthen its not compatible?22:12
asacnothing newer?22:12
sebnerasac: already looked at it?22:12
JazzvaSo, I suppose it's not compatible... nope, neither on addons.mozilla.org, nor on mozdev.org, where their webpage is22:12
asacsebner: is it ready?22:13
sebnerasac: since half an hour ^^ hmm I hope so :P22:13
* asac looking22:14
asacsebner: the bzr url is wrong :) ... typo22:14
asacanyway, can you change that to ~ubuntu-dev22:14
asacand make MOTU the Maintainer: (move you to XSBC-Original-Maintainer) ?22:15
asacthat should be it imo22:15
sebnerHmm I'm just to stupid for such stuff22:15
asachey ;) ... in accuracy != stupidity :)22:16
asacs/in a/ina/22:16
Jazzvasebner: No, you're not :)... There's a page documenting the Maintainer address https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField22:16
sebnerJazzva: Yeah I know22:17
asacsebner: feel free to use you as Original-Maintainer as there is none in debian :)22:17
sebnerasac: hmm I think you deserve it ^^22:17
asacthen just switch Maintainer:22:17
asacand please replace sebner with ~ubuntu-dev22:18
asaci will push the uploaded branch there (so the realm is right)22:18
sebnerasac: ehm. where change  ~sebner to ~ubuntu-dev ?22:22
asacsebner: in control22:24
asacsebner: you can also drop the XS- prefix22:26
asacits now a first class citizien control header22:26
asacits not that important though22:26
=== rzr is now known as rZr
sebnerso just "Orginal-Maintainer" ?22:27
asacno ;)22:27
asacthe bzr branch22:27
asacthe original is still XSBC- :=22:27
asacsebner: oh its already correct22:27
asacat least here in my local branch22:27
asacno idea if i fixed it22:27
asacVcs-Bzr: https://code.launchpad.net/sebner/firefox-extensions/all-in-one-sidebar.ubuntu22:28
sebnerI don't have a XS22:28
asacthats how it reads22:28
sebnerI have the same22:28
asacreplace sebner with ~ubuntu-dev22:28
asacthen its fine22:28
sebnerasac: finally22:30
sebnergn8 folks22:39
Jazzvanight, sebner...22:39
=== jetsaredim is now known as jetsaredim_
Volansasac: Hi, DktrKranz and I have a deb package for a first review22:50
Volansmaybe you can take a look? http://debomatic.linuxdc.it/hardy/result/ubuntu-it-menu_1.0.6-0ubuntu1/22:51
=== fta_ is now known as fta
asacVolans: did you setup a bzr branch in launchpad already?23:26
Volansis one of the final thing to do23:33
asacVolans: chrome/ubuntuit/content/ubuntuit/GPLv2Licence.txt23:34
asacthose paths don't exist23:34
Volansthey are in the locale dir, maybe there is some problem in the packaging?23:35
asacVolans: no idea ... you reference them in that way in copyright23:35
asacplease fix that23:35
Volansops, sorry23:35
asaci see a LICENSE file in top level23:36
Volansand for the icons I have only the Launchpad missile icon and the 4 ubuntu logos not GPL23:36
asacmaybe thats good enough?23:36
asacwhats in UbuntuitLicense.txt23:36
asacbtw, its License ... no Licence ;)23:36
asacat least i think so23:36
asacVolans: ah23:36
VolansI have placed the license in the locale dir beacause the extension have two locale's23:36
asacyou should grant an exception for the ubuntu logos in LICENSE23:37
Volansit-IT and en-US23:37
Volansyes, I was try to finding a system to bring up them from the systems icon... but maybe in the next relase23:37
asacVolans: i don't think you need them23:37
asacin the source package just the LICENSE is enough23:38
ftahm, my bzr is broken23:38
ftano more builddeb23:38
asacfta: do you have a bzr tree checkout?23:38
asacor only .deb files?23:38
ftaand an assert in pycentral23:38
asaci have no problems today23:38
ftaUnable to load plugin 'builddeb' from '/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins'23:39
Volansthe other license are there beacose if go to Tool->addon and open the about of my extension, you see a page with a link to the license, and this link open in a popup the license itself, according to the locale choosed23:39
Volansen-US UbuntuitLicence.txt is a copy of LICENSE23:39
asacVolans: is the GPL translated?23:39
asacdon't do that ... they are not legally signed off ... only english texts are ok23:40
Volansthe UbuntuitLicence.txt is the LICENSE translated23:40
asacVolans: you can translate texts like: this is licensed under GPL xyz ... but you should not include any license text itself translated23:40
Volanswhy? in the translation is written that is unofficial and to see the orginal one23:42
ftahm, for some reason, my .Xauthority is owned by root, breaking my ssh forwarding23:42
ftaand my theme is broken23:42
ftawaaa, so many regressions23:42
asacsounds bad23:43
ftamurrine is broken23:43
asacVolans: ok23:43
Volansasac: like this one: http://www.pluto.it/gpl.html?chunk=all23:43
Volansread the second paragraph is in english23:43
asacVolans: <em:maxVersion>3.0pre</em:maxVersion>23:43
asacyou should use 3.0.*23:44
VolansI can?23:44
Volansusually i refer to  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/pages/appversions23:44
asacVolans: well ... we have to bounce ahead23:44
asacwe cannot update the package on every firefox upgrade23:44
asac(every minor)23:44
Volansyes of course, ok23:45
asacso as we target 3.0.x ... we claim it to be 3.0.*23:45
asacin the hope that firefox will not change that bad23:45
ftabug 21016823:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210168 in bzrtools "Installing bzrtools1.3 for Hardy from the bzr PPA causes a pycentral traceback" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21016823:45
VolansI don't know of firefox recognise 3.0pre as compatible with 3.0.*23:45
Volansdue to the "."23:46
ftaso i'm not alone23:46
Volansbefore the ^23:46
asacVolans: it does23:46
asacthe version compare function is a bit strange23:46
Volansok, good23:46
asacthey try to be "human readable" :)23:46
ftaasac, are all the branches "buildable" ?23:50
ftai'm syncing my ppa23:50
asacfta: i think i did a test build of the latest xul, yes.23:51
asacfirefox worked as well23:51
asaci am not sure about nss/nspr ... have to figure that tomorrow together with mozilla-devscripts23:51
asaccan you prepare bzr branch of mozilla-devscripts for 0.06 sponsoring?23:52
ftado you want the midbrowser in 0.06 ?23:52
asacno not needed23:52
ftaI can do that tomorrow23:52
asacthats not a high priority thing23:52
asacfor hardy midbrowser will be a native package23:53
asacbecause moblin folks do it that way23:53
ftayou still need to document lp-locale-export.mk a bit in README23:54
ftathere's  todo23:54
asacfta: yeah. but the cdbs hook doesn't work :(23:54
asacthe binary-post-install/% :: thing is not called if its not in the rules file itself :(23:55
ftaoh, I'll have a look tomorrow then. I'm just back from a party, my brain is not very clear23:55
asacfta: ok. we can probably wait til tomorrow evening with the update batch23:55
asaci am still wrestling on something else23:56
asacfta: if we don't get this fixed for 0.06, so be ti23:56
asacits just important to have automatically in intrepid when we want to start translating all mozillas in launchpad23:57
asac(and extensions)23:57
asacfta: so if you don't see an obvious glitch, just close log and push23:57
ftai'm building23:58
ftadput fta mozilla-devscripts_0.06~fta11_source.changes xulrunner-1.9_1.9~b5~rc2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta6_source.changes firefox-3.0_3.0~b5~rc2+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta3_source.changes23:58
asacwhy still rc2? lazyness to wrap a fresh orig?23:58
ftano, I wanted to do it23:58
asac(i think the bits are identical anyways)23:59
ftayep and it's released so I can prepare the tarballs easily23:59

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