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orangepeelbeefMy menus keep disappearing and reappearing when I push a button and some of the movie icons in mythvideo have no names on them..02:54
orangepeelbeefwhen i do mythfrontend -O ThemePainter=OpenGL02:54
orangepeelbeef  it works fine02:54
orangepeelbeefbut ONLY when I do that, I've set the painter in the gui and it still breaks, I have to run from commandline every time02:55
orangepeelbeefok i fixed the icons problem, it was the imdb updater script, but i've been in here for 3 days looking to fix the ThemePainter issue :(03:02
slestakim having real troubles getting .21 mythvideo to see my nas server03:20
slestakim using autofs and i can ls the dir fine.  ive tried numerous things, simling not in /var/lib/mythtv/video, subdirs in same video dir, colon sep mutliple dirs03:21
slestakwhen I use colon sep multiple dirs, I get Unknown Prefix error03:21
slestakthis is on gutsy03:22
orangepeelbeefdoes your mythtv user have access to the files?03:31
Tuv0kmythtv-status is not updating04:05
Tuv0kI have to keep restarting the server04:05
SoulBladei had installed 7.10 and needed to modify my grub boot params to make my usb tuner work - i had some irq issues going on.  I recently installed a bunch of software updates (about 60) and now my tuner no longer works... /dev/video0 no longer exists - i had a hauppage wintv pvr-usb2 tuner working before04:20
SoulBladeooh i may have just gotten something to work04:21
SoulBladealways happens when i ask..04:22
EvilGurumy /boot is only 64MB, how can I remove all old kernels. If I recall there was a neat way to do it14:21
directhex|workdpkg -l linux-image-2\* | grep ^ii | cut -f3 -d' ' | grep -v $(uname -r) | xargs echo14:23
directhex|workremove those packages14:24
EvilGuruI'll make sure I check the new kernel out first; just in case (once or twice I have found the newest kernel doesn't work)14:24
EvilGuruI have just installed my nova-t 500 into my system and when I ls /dev I see video24 and video32 (which are new), however I am not sure what do to now14:45
EvilGuruOr maybe not. 24 and 32 are part of my PVR-150. dmesg shows: [   52.311677] dvb-usb: found a 'Hauppauge Nova-T 500 Dual DVB-T' in cold state, will try to load a firmware14:47
directhex|workEvilGuru, you're supposed to stop being silly. digital devices don't use video*14:47
directhex|workthey use dvb/adapter*14:47
EvilGuruSo I have just learnt (the hard ware)14:47
AquahallicMornin' folks14:50
Aquahallicanyone messing with the flash streaming?14:51
rhpot1991_laptopAquahallic: yep, no sound?14:51
Aquahallicno I have the ffmpeg14:52
Aquahallicit seems it will only do it with recorded programs14:52
Aquahalliccan I stream my videos also??14:52
rhpot1991_laptopyou can't stream videos14:52
Aquahallicwhat's the limitation??14:52
rhpot1991_laptopI'm not really sure14:53
AquahallicI wonder if I put a ln -s from my recordings dir to my video dir if it'll pick them up...:P14:54
rhpot1991_laptopdoubtful, they wont be in the DB then14:54
rhpot1991_laptopcheck the mailing list, might be able to get some insight from there14:54
rhpot1991_laptopmy guess would be that the flash stuff is still in a testing period and it never made it that far to get to the videos14:55
rhpot1991_laptophence the nice warning message when you enable it14:55
surlyjakeaquahalic: i was asking about streaming my VIDEOS, they told me that the limitation was the encoding used in the recording... and the fact that they are not in the DB14:55
rhpot1991_laptopmakes sense14:56
rhpot1991_laptopin theory you could get your videos in a proper encoding, but you would need to make your own videos streaming page to pick them up and show the flash14:56
Aquahalliccause.. some of my videos are AVI and some are DVD's14:56
rhpot1991_laptopmost of my videos are in iso, so I would venture it would not like them at all14:57
surlyjakeaquahallic: there is a way to run a "repair" or "repopulate" or something similar, and that will put the video back into the "recordings"14:57
Aquahallicwould if you mount them...:)14:57
Aquahallicbut then it would depend what's inside the iso14:57
surlyjakewhat i have resorted to doing, is run vlc web interface as a daemon on my machine. then i can remotely control a stream of ANY video.14:58
Aquahallicwhatcha' mean?14:58
surlyjakerun this: sudo vlc --daemon -I http --http-host :808014:59
surlyjakesorry... no sudo14:59
Aquahallicon the backend?15:01
rhpot1991_laptopsurlyjake: there is a script you can use to import videos as recordings15:02
rhpot1991_laptoplet me find it15:02
Aquahallicrhpot1991_laptop: does it actually duplicate the files themselves or just put an entry in the DB under the recordings for it??15:04
rhpot1991_laptopwell you run it on a file, so I guess it can be wherever you want it (not certain though)15:06
surlyjakefor the the vlc method: you run that on the backend. it starts a web interface that controls a stream. i use the "VLM"  interface to create a "broadcast" stream15:11
rhpot1991_laptopsurlyjake: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Myth.rebuilddatabase.pl15:12
surlyjakerhpot: wouldn't that require me to manually input all of the information for the recording?15:17
surlyjakei.e.: type title, description....etc?15:17
Aquahallicsurlyjake: does that vlc streamer let you go and select the video to stream.. then you have to to into player and connect to that stream??15:20
rhpot1991_laptopsurlyjake: pretty much15:20
surlyjakeaquahallic: bingo. once you connect to the interface, on the bottom of the page, select "VLM interface". use "broadcast" instead of "Video on demand". then pick an input file. in output, select the http port to use. encoding, scale... and connect a client15:24
surlyjakerhpot: i'm just not sure i have time for that... we're talking about hundreds of TV episodes.15:25
Aquahallick.. .looks like it only lets me browse to my home dir... did you just put a soft link in your home dir to your videos?15:25
surlyjakerhpot: i'm going to hold out for a neat solution for Myth.15:27
rhpot1991_laptopsurlyjake: just go make a php page to grab from the recordings table and file them into the flash player15:29
rhpot1991_laptopas long as your files are in a good format is *should* work15:29
surlyjakerhpot: but they aren't in the recordings table to begin with... are you talking about the videos table? is there such a thing?15:30
rhpot1991_laptopyes there is15:32
rhpot1991_laptopthats where it stores all that info on your videos15:32
surlyjakewhere can i find the commands to "send them to the flash player"?15:33
rhpot1991_laptopgo look at the php source, you will prob need to rip that out of the page that shows the recordings15:33
surlyjakesee. now you got me curious. I'm a code moron. but i'm really good with "copy-paste-edit" projects...15:36
rhpot1991_laptopmight be a bit harder than that15:36
rhpot1991_laptopsearch the mailing list and see if anyone has done it yet15:36
rhpot1991_laptopmight be able to just find one someone did and download it15:36
Aquahallicyeah.. you'd have to find the query statement that's pulling the filename from the recordings table and change it to look at the videos table... right?15:37
Aquahallicactually it might not be that bad really15:39
Aquahallicdepends on how modular the original code is...15:40
Aquahalliccould possibly edit the original that looks at recordings and make it look at the videos table then save it out as a separate control then edit the mythweb template for the videos page15:41
Aquahallicmight have to do a little more coding if you have iso files in your video dir to actually mount the iso... depends what vlc streamer wants to see.. it might just pick it up automagically and take off15:42
surlyjakevlc will stream iso's, i don't think the flash code in mythweb will.15:43
Aquahallicwhat's mythweb using to stream it??15:44
rhpot1991_laptopor you can have it pump the file out over http15:45
rhpot1991_laptopI could never get the ascx streams to work, it keeps asking for a password which none of mine use15:45
rhpot1991_laptopand oddly as words in there from my router15:45
versushi I set up a remote control, which isnt supported by mythbuntu, so I choose "custom" what I dont know is what I need for "driver" "modul" "configuration" "device" how can I find out?17:48
versusI use the Infrared Devices panel at Mythbuntu Control Centre17:50
versusdo I need to reinstall mythbuntu?18:18
pdragonnot sure how to help here, but don't think you'll have to reload. just need to wait for someone that can help. can try asking on the forums too18:18
* foxxbuntu thinks there is no help here...all the monsters have taken over...runs away18:20
* versus would prefer to wait 18:21
foxxbuntuversus, what type of ir receiver are you using (serial, usb, Plugged into a PVR Card?)18:22
versusconnected to the com port18:23
foxxbuntudo you know the model/make of it?18:23
foxxbuntuthe module you need is lirc_serial18:25
versushttp://www.atric.de/IR-Einschalter/index.php  german, sry but thiss site should show you all the used components18:25
versusfoxxbuntu apt-get lirc_serial ?18:25
versusah ok18:26
foxxbuntuversus, no the module should already be installed with lirc18:26
versusI wrote it into the module section at Mythbuntu control centre18:27
versusshould I write ttyS0 into the Device section?18:28
foxxbuntuversus, ok...isnt there a drop down list to select from however?18:28
* foxxbuntu doesnt recall that section in MCC clearly18:28
versusfor remotes and configuration only not for driver module and device18:29
foxxbuntuversus, alright then for device put /dev/ttyS018:29
versusfoxxbuntu, k what about driver?18:30
foxxbuntuhmm..not sure, but try lirc_dev18:31
foxxbuntusorry ^^ ignore that18:33
versusok, now there is only one thing left: configuration points to the folder "remotes" I think I need to choose one, right?18:33
foxxbuntuconfig for what?18:34
foxxbuntuthe remote?18:34
versusI think it is supposed to be for the remote18:34
versusthe files are called like: lircd.conf.asus18:34
foxxbuntu/etc/lircd.conf <-- Should be default, or you can change it to this and then create your custom lircd.conf there18:35
foxxbuntuthats /etc/lirc/lircd.conf18:35
foxxbuntuversus, yea...name doesnt matter much18:35
versusI can change it later?18:36
versusThanks for your help! One last question: what does "generate dynamic button mappings" mean?18:37
foxxbuntuversus, its my favorite script (because I helped write and maintain it!) it will read your lircd.conf and generate a lircrc from it for basic buttons (play pause ect)18:38
foxxbuntuversus, this reminds me a tooltip needs added there18:39
versuswhat is a lircrc?18:39
foxxbuntuthe the conf file that lets your remtoe work with applications like MythTV it makes the ir code from the remote emulate a keyboard key press18:40
versusah I see, I think I better activate this option :-)18:42
versushow can I check if it works?18:44
versushow can I check whether it works?18:44
foxxbuntuyou should have a lircrc file now for mythtv at ~/.lirc/mythtv18:45
foxxbuntuif you do, and the frontend is open, restart the frontend application (just exit it and reopen it, and the changes to the remote will take effect18:45
versuswhat is the full path to the lircrc file?18:46
foxxbuntu~ = /home/<username>18:47
foxxbuntuif you type it in it will work that way too18:48
versusmythtv seems to be a file not a folder18:50
versusbut I found a lircrc file at /home/versus18:51
versusok all my fault! I didnt get that mythtv was supposed to be a file . . .18:57
versusis it supposed to be empty despite of: LIRCRC Auto Generated by Mythbuntu Lirc Generator18:58
versus# Author(s): Mario Limonciello, Nick Fox18:58
versus# Created for use with Mythbuntu18:58
foxxbuntuversus, do you have your lircd.conf in place?19:05
versusat lirc.conf is at lirc/lircd.conf19:07
versuslrwxrwxrwx   1 root root      15 2008-04-01 16:34 lircd.conf -> lirc/lircd.conf19:08
foxxbuntudo you have this file /etc/lirc/lircd.conf?19:08
foxxbuntudid you create it or is it one from a lirc supported remote?19:09
foxxbuntui.e from the drop down for remotes in mcc19:10
versusdoes this help?19:13
foxxbuntuversus, yeah...looks like you don't have your lircd.conf in properly19:17
foxxbuntu...and I also think there might be a bug with MCC your running up against, but I can't confirm until later tonight19:18
versuswhat should I do until then?19:19
foxxbuntuversus, If you have a lircd.conf that you are sure is good, you can run mytbuntu-lircrc-generator against it (check the help on it) and it should generate the proper file for you19:25
foxxbuntushould be something like mythbuntu-lircrc-generator --lircd=/path/to/lircd.conf19:26
versusI think its best to use irrecord lircd.conf as my remote isnt listed, what do you think?19:35
foxxbuntuversus, thats the way to do it19:38
foxxbuntuthen run m-l-g agsint it19:38
foxxbuntuif you put it at /etc/lirc/lircd.conf you dont need to have the option19:38
foxxbuntuie just run: mythbuntu-lircrc-generator19:39
versusIll have a try ;-)19:40
dergringohi there :)19:41
versusirrecord tells me lircd.conf does not have valid data, dont I use irrecord to get valid data into lircd.conf?19:42
dergringoWhat hardware (HTPC's) do you highly recommend?19:42
directhexmac mini!19:44
foxxbuntuversus, yeah...but its been awhile, I suggest googling for the docs on irrecord19:45
foxxbuntudergringo, www.foxmediasystems.com <-- Should be open and selling HTPC's ready to use in a short while :)19:46
versusfoxxbuntu my remote is a sru9600 which supports several other remotes, like microsoft remotes for PCs I have run MCC again with lirc_serial as module and the microsoft conf file how can I check now whether it works or it doesnt?20:02
versusfoxxbuntu what driver did we use the last time? irssi just doesnt show the irc history :-(20:05
pdragonhit pageup to see history in irssi20:09
frank_foxxbuntu: I just checked out your site. I hope it will be a success.20:21
foxxbuntufrank_, thanks...things are gearing up...hope to have the store open soon, then start working on my home automation products20:22
pdragonnice fox20:27
pdragonlet us know when things get going :)20:27
foxxbuntupdragon, don't worry, my pimping of it will really get going after its online20:28
acemoIf i buy a Hauppauge PVR 350 in europe, will it work in usa too? and does this card allowes u to reccord one serie while watching a other serie at the same time?20:32
foxxbuntuacemo, Yes on both accounts20:32
acemofoxxbuntu: thanks, this is my first time getting a tv card, what are other things i should pay attention for on searching for a tv card that fits me?20:33
foxxbuntuyou want hardware encoding and good linux support which that card has both20:34
dergringofoxxbuntu: thanks. But are there any other devices that have already been released that you recommend?20:34
acemofoxxbuntu: yeah.. thats 2 things i been looking for too :)20:35
* acemo starts placing order20:35
foxxbuntudergringo, there are a few around I don't have names off the top of my head...you will have to google for them...thing you will notice is I will be cheaper than most of them...as I have done my market research and have many processes in plcae to expedite things my cost is lower than most20:36
foxxbuntuI have seen them anywhere from $1400 - $2000020:37
foxxbuntu(and yes I mean $20000)20:37
dergringofoxxbuntu: well I don't see any products on your page?20:37
foxxbuntudergringo, I haven't published them yet...still waiting on a couple of contracts to finalize then there will be20:38
dergringofoxxbuntu: how long will it take?20:38
foxxbuntuIm hoping End of April Early May20:38
foxxbuntuwith as with everything else in life things can be delayed20:39
dergringoOk. I will compare your stuff with other vendors as soon as you are ready.20:40
versuswohoo several buttons work by now!!!  what do I need to do when I want to add a new button (in this case I need a button for ESC)?20:41
foxxbuntudergringo, np... tell you what if you email me other products you find, as im sure there are more out there I havennt run across yet...tell me what you like and dont about them its always helpful, my business model is going to be much different than many as well...going to be intresting (besides that I will also be writing comapirsons between other vendors products and mine)20:42
dergringoFirst of all I need a cheap NAS solution. Any recommendations?20:48
foxxbuntudergringo, what type of NAS soultion do you want?20:49
foxxbuntuTrue NAS or consumer NAS?20:50
pdragoni've heard good things about ebox for making simple file storage servers. or do you mean hardware?20:50
dergringoIs just need the hardware. Then I will use freenas as OS. I need it as cheap as possible.20:51
foxxbuntudergringo, I believe supermicro build a chasis for this and you can fill it full of drives to use freenas20:55
versushttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62063/  after rebooting it doesnt work anymore, maz someone help me please? this is what I get back20:58
pdragonnice stuff. any good vendors you can recommend that have good prices on their hardware?20:59
pdragonwas looking to get one of those mobile racks for my home server20:59
NikasI'm backing up / to my usb-drive. Can i safely exlude /proc and /sys?22:04
directhexNikas, yes.22:05
Nikasgreat! :)22:05
Nikasjust 3 GB backup then22:05
Nikasdoes proc and sys get created if i need to boot from the usb-disk?22:06
Nikasoh.. my english sucks today. sorry ;)22:06
Nikasah. /proc = in the memory?22:10
directhex/proc is virtual22:11
Nikasok.. and sys?22:11
directhexthat too22:11
directhexyou need the folders to exist though - so things can be mounted in them22:12
directhexi.e. empty folders22:12
Nikasyes. doing /proc/* in the exlude-list22:12
Nikasnot just /proc :)22:12
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