PriceChildLjL: sorry, thought it was you that triggered the bots00:00
LjLPriceChild, i had no intention to -r, i'd like to make sure they aren't going to try that again first00:00
PriceChildLjL: I was told they were all klined which I assume means they won't be reappearing.00:01
PriceChildstdin: ping00:01
stdinPriceChild: pong00:01
LjLPriceChild: not necessarily, they can pretty much come in different swarms00:01
PriceChildLjL: yup00:01
PriceChildstdin: please check here before clearing -unregged. If you do clear -unregged, *make sure #ubuntu is -r*00:02
PriceChildstdin: else -unregged being +i means they can't rejoin, or join #ubuntu, and so get lost in the ether00:02
stdinPriceChild: my client reported -rR, but it I checked with /mode and it wasn't, not sure what happened00:03
PriceyOk so just got annoyed at something, in frustration miss-typed something, and got "[1]  + 6200 suspended  irssi"00:04
PriceyWhere has it gone...00:04
stdintry "fg"00:05
LjLPricey: :)00:05
stdinyou may have hit Ctrl-Z00:06
* LjL feels sorry for price's controlling terminal00:07
=== PriceChi1d is now known as Pricey
Priceynot happy now00:12
LjLPricey, deep breath, type "jobs", and bring the stuff back into foreground?00:13
Priceyits there!00:13
LjLPricey: but not responding?00:13
PriceyLjL, how do I bring it back into foreground? :)00:13
Priceyaha fg00:13
LjLPricey: fg <jobnumber>, or just fg if there's one job00:14
PriceChildWell I never knew that before, thankyou.00:14
PriceChildI've used Linux for a couple of years... honest00:15
* nikrud always believes PriceChild 00:15
LjLPriceChild: then you've just never hit ctrl+z by mistake00:15
PriceChildah thanks stdin, someone turned off the main router earlier just before you gave me the answer.00:16
nikrudamazing how the fundamentals of bash are not taught in schools today00:16
PriceChildthey so should be00:16
PriceChildnone of this 'informations communications technology' rubbish00:16
Seveasstupid schools, they think math's more important00:16
nikrudmath? That's what calculators are for00:17
PriceChildReal mathematicians don't use calculators!00:17
nikrudSlide rules rule! (looking around, I have to sigh)00:17
PriceChildso can you do that ctrl+z thing with any process?00:18
nikrudmultiple processes, stick them in the background and bring them forward at need00:19
PriceChildi won't dare... but funky00:19
nikrudPriceChild you've never run gedit something , and then wanted the terminal briefly?00:20
Mr_Unagithe reason ljl that you cannot, no matter how hard i try, believe someone when they say they arent someone is because you havent stopped for me to say that i made a grave mistake that day in leaving the business with my laptop logged in and open00:20
LjLok, i parsed that.00:21
LjLsounded more like german than english, but i have to give you it was grammatically irreprehensible.00:21
LjLMr_Unagi, help my fading and hard-worked memory, please... how did it happen again that waynrdude was you?00:22
Mr_Unagiwayne is my dad00:22
Mr_Unagiafter checking the logs ive figured it out00:22
Mr_Unagiprior to when he had moved to my machine he was working on the camera server trying to get that working00:22
Mr_Unagihe moved to my machine asking another question and shortly after that switched to his computer00:23
Mr_Unagiwhen thanking someone for the help, and that person not understanding what the thanks was for, my dad indicated that '<--------------mrunagi'00:23
Mr_Unagimerely an indication of 'screen name' not actual person00:23
LjLMr_Unagi, you do understand that the *number one* excuse for trolls in the whole history of trolling is "it was my brother / dad / sister /etc"?00:24
Mr_Unagii had not been here most of the day and i hadnt been on until 5:43 eastern00:24
Mr_Unagii completely understand00:24
Mr_Unagibut in my only defense if you have any indication........any misunderstood ban evasion was only on this connection00:25
Mr_Unagibecause this connection is my parents business............and was the only time my dad would ever be on my laptop to which that wont hpapen again00:25
LjLMr_Unagi: this connection = comcast?00:25
Mr_Unagiwell i mean if thats the only indicator you have then no00:26
Mr_Unagibecause our home connection is comcast as well, i just didnt know if the hostname would be different00:26
LjLMr_Unagi, eek, you've been on specdns, hawaiiantel...00:26
Mr_Unagiyes i know........which is why things were testy anyway because i was trying hard to conform to the coc but yet there was another time that i messed up00:27
Mr_Unagianother thing is that i move around alot.......i.e. hawaiiantel00:27
LjLanother time? you have a collection of bans, really00:27
Mr_Unagii understand00:27
Mr_Unagito which it is never my intention to cause a problem00:27
LjLMr_Unagi, if you hadn't been a troublesome users, maybe i'd believe your story of connection changing etc.00:27
LjLmaybe i believe it anyway00:27
LjLi mean, i have no reason to think you're lying, except the fact that you've been troublesome for very long00:28
LjLand that's a very strong reason to keep you banned, no matter whether what you're saying now is true00:28
Mr_Unagithe only thing i can say is that on the intial 2 day ban i indicated that i was trying to do everything the right way by coming in here to which i was banned 5 seconds after doing so00:28
Mr_Unagiwhich im basically saying is an indication that yes before i was troublesome, but i had been trying to fix that and not be such a bothersome user00:29
LjLMr_Unagi, your "initial" ban was on #ubuntu on the 2nd of August. then you had many others. excuse me if it's confusing for me to find which ban you're talking about now.00:29
Mr_Unagiim referring to i believe the 3rd00:29
LjLyou see the issue? the real issue? i can't even *track* your ban, they're so many i'm lost when looking at it00:30
Mr_Unagii do understand00:30
LjLMr_Unagi: and did you say you did understood also the past 20 or so times you've been kicked?00:30
Mr_Unagione other way that i can show that i am sincerely trying to resolve and and remorseful for how things happen is that as annoying as it may have been, i have come in here numerous times to try and talk things out when i could easily ban evade on other connections00:30
Mr_Unagiwith a different nick00:31
Mr_Unagibut i actively choose  not to.........because im not intentionally a troublesome user00:31
LjLMr_Unagi, i can't buy that, all trolls i've known cared *a lot* about their nickname (= reputation)00:31
Mr_Unagiwhats more, the case of early this morning when my auto join had come into #kubuntu and i promptly parted until i knew that i was unbanned or not00:31
Mr_Unagithat is exactly my poin LjL, trolls dont care about their name and will change it to evade a ban00:32
Mr_Unagii have maintained mine and will continue to because i am in fact not intentionally a troll00:32
LjLeh... no00:33
LjLi said the opposite thing00:33
LjLall trolls i've known *CARED* about their nickname00:33
Mr_Unagiim sorry i read it wrong00:33
LjLthey'd never ban evade by changing it so much that it'd become unrecognizable00:33
Mr_Unagito be honest i dont care a great deal about the name and could come up with an alternate but i choose not to00:33
LjLMr_Unagi, hold on a couple of minutes, i want to show you something00:34
Mr_Unagiim going to have to go soon but it is possible that i will rejoin with my phone if im not driving00:38
LjLMr_Unagi: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61964/00:41
LjLit took me a while because there's been a lot00:41
LjLlook at it. honestly, how can i unban you? you've been kicked all the time not by, say, *one* operator. you've been kicked in turns by more like a *majority* of operators00:42
LjL(many of those were bans)00:42
LjLthis indicates to me a huge problem00:42
stdinanyone else get a /msh off AYca001 ?00:43
Mr_Unagii have admitted to being a problem in the past mainly prior to january00:43
LjLplease report such messages00:44
Mr_Unagiin january it was brought to my attention that i was a problem00:44
Mr_Unagiall of feb into march i sincerely tried to do everything by the rules00:44
LjLthen you've been a problem again in march. now, we cannot give you a third chance, a fourth chance, etc, we have finite resources to keep track of troublesome users.00:45
Mr_Unagithe problem in march is directly related to the misunderstanding on the 5th00:45
Mr_Unaginot that it is an excuse00:45
LjLMr_Unagi, on the 5th of march?00:46
LjLbut i had banned you before that.00:46
Mr_Unagii know00:46
LjLsure, you say i had told you to come back in two days.00:46
Mr_Unagiinstead of fighting it like usual i accepted it00:46
Mr_Unagitrying not to be a problem00:46
LjLbut i was already pretty dubious as to letting you back, seeing all the history00:46
Mr_Unagiif you were to lift my ban you wouldnt regret it00:47
Mr_Unagii had not been a severe problem even before march 3rd00:47
Mr_Unagiimmediately prior00:47
Mr_Unagiessentially from august on i was trying to learn the rules and the way things worked.......00:48
Mr_Unagiwhich it is obvious that i wasnt getting it until about january00:48
Mr_Unagithe ban evading in october is kind of a special breed00:50
Mr_Unagiyes i was snide and a troll, but as for ban evading...........i didnt really know what ban evading was and mostly it was because i was in a new port00:50
Mr_Unagipretty much most of the ban evasions that you were showing me were never fully intentional evasions00:51
Mr_Unagimore specifically the latter ones and sorry for the excessive enter key just now00:51
Mr_UnagiLjL, you had said after i left on the 3rd that if i came back nicely you would lift the ban........aside from everything related to the ban evading misunderstanding........that is what i did, so is it possible we can start from where i came in and asked 'so is this the big day?'00:54
LjLMr_Unagi, at a condition.00:55
LjLyou don't respect the guidelines, o4o, or anything the ops say to you (you're pretty free to discuss it in pm with the op, but NOT debate it in -offtopic or whatever)00:56
LjLyou're out00:56
LjLout for good00:56
LjLMr_Unagi: deal?00:56
LjLi mean, i don't quite like bargaining bans, but i cannot keep debating this forever. so yes, you can be unbanned, but for goodness sake, *respect the rules* this time or if you don't, then don't come here wasting your time and my time00:58
Mr_Unagithank you00:58
LjL!etiquette | Mr_Unagi, print it all and keep it in front of your screen00:59
ubotuMr_Unagi, print it all and keep it in front of your screen: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubotu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...00:59
stdinLjL: _fuji_ is back in #u01:03
stdin*was, but maybe +r again?01:03
Picihm? they were just d-lined01:04
LjLPici: well, it means they're still coming in anyway, haven't just stopped after last time01:05
PiciLjL: I mean d-lined just now. I havent been connected for a while.01:05
* Pici is probably out of the loop01:06
LjLPici: yeah but it happened some minutes earlier too01:06
LjLstdin, about #k, i'll leave it to you01:08
PiciJucato is in there01:09
stdinMr_Unagi: 01:09
stdintabs :p01:09
stdinMr_Unagi: I'll remove the ban for #kubuntu too01:09
Jucatostdin: actually you take over01:09
* Jucato has to go afk for a while01:09
Mr_Unagithank you01:10
Mr_Unagihave a good day01:10
stdinMr_Unagi: but an argument in one channel doesn't give you the right to disrupt others (the reason you were banned in there)01:10
Jucatois this an ok policy about Wubi? asking for help on Wubi: OK. dicussing the merits/demerits of Wubi: offtopic?01:18
PiciWell.. To some extent.01:19
Jucatoah.. that "some extent" is the tricky part :)01:19
PiciIt depends how offtopic the conversation gets.  01:19
PiciIf someone were to ask "Should I install normally or use Wubi", then the conversation would be on-topic, but I dont think anything further than that would be.  I think this is one of those case-by-case basis things.01:20
Jucatolike "Wubi sucks, should never have been officially supported"? :)01:20
Pici"This is a support channel, not a 'complain about ubuntu/wubi' channel"01:20
Picior something to that effect.01:20
LjLargh, i've no ubotwo01:37
nikrudLjL seems to me you're giving him an clear either or in what might be an ambiguous situation. No arguing possible if he fails to meet the requirements, and he can't say he doesn't understand what the rules are now. YOu can sleep with a clear conscience ;)01:40
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Mez!tell HaNDa^ about spam11:56
Mez!tell HaNDa^ about private11:56
Mezdoes that not give feedback11:56
naliothMez: those bots are all d:lined.  they don't care about your msgs  :|12:57
Meznalioth, about an hour after I sent them that (not realising they were bots - I just saw an idiot user)12:58
* Pici sighs13:16
PriceChildGrr I hate not being able to edit dhcp pools in use with these annoying routers.13:27
PriceChildshh :P13:28
PiciBy far the best router managment tool I've ever used.13:28
PriceChildOnce I edit that config file, upload it, and sort out port forwarding to the xbox, I'll be finished and it'll be perfect and I can use it for 2 weeks!13:28
ubotuIn #ubuntu, gorbierd said: ubotu is great, is it new feature of the channel?14:32
LjLbrand new.14:32
Picidealt with./14:32
Jucatoheheh :)14:33
Jucatobrand new spanking and shiny :)14:33
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore14:33
* Pici facepalms14:33
jussio1Ok lads and ladies... Im off tomorrow afternoon for the weekend, (~24 h from now) and wont be contactable till monday, so if you need /want anything from me, now would be the time to ask. :)15:04
MrUnagiljl are you here?15:37
MrUnagifor some reason i am unable to join #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic15:37
LjLMrUnagi: -offtopic you should be able to join now. let me look at #ubuntu15:38
LjLMrUnagi: try #ubuntu15:39
MrUnagiboth still say banned15:39
LjLMrUnagi: try again15:40
MrUnagiubuntu works offtopic doesnt15:41
MrUnagimaybe god banned me because i suck at life =(15:41
LjLMrUnagi: try once more15:42
MrUnagithank you LjL 15:42
LjLMrUnagi: have fun - and not the sort of fun that gets you banned.15:43
MrUnagithats never fun =(15:44
MrUnagihave a good day15:45
ubotuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.16:00
nikrud#ubuntu-bots ?16:00
nikrudsending them to a black hole?16:02
nikrudunless I'm really missing something16:02
PiciNo? 16:02
Pici#ubuntu-bots exists16:02
PiciThats where BestBot lives16:02
nikrudah, must play with it16:03
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LjLi suspect almost everybody thinks it's just a blackhole... :P16:09
LjLwhile in fact i had some hopes for bestbot, i.e. with the excuse of taking polls, it could effortlessly end up being a categorized list of software16:09
LjL!best =~ s/join #ubuntu-bots and ask there/ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots/16:11
ubotuI'll remember that LjL16:11
PiciLjL: Whats with the +ring when we get those k/d-lines?16:15
LjLPici: because they usually don't give up after the first batch of k-lines16:16
PiciLjL: okay16:16
LjLPici: although you may not end up seeing them in -unregged, as they appear to quickly understand that the channel is +r... but i know that they go on in at least #gentoo and #debian, until +r is set16:17
LjLPici: in fact, setam has just rejoined #debian again16:17
LjL88.254.57.* this time, but they have several others i'm afraid16:17
LjLindeed. 88.230 again16:17
ubotuLamego called the ops in #ubuntu (mernil)16:43
tonyyarussonice work LjL 16:48
LjLhave SeTam as a highlight, it's handy16:49
Seeker`Seveas: ping18:00
ubotuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (segura2 nasty words an actitude)18:01
PiciLjL: that was an 83.23018:03
PiciI remember you saying something about re-instating the forward the other day18:05
jussio1oooh, looky, its ompaul :D18:06
PiciI don't believe you.18:06
ompaulPici, ala victor meldrew?18:08
PiciI honestly down't know what that is.18:09
PiciAlso, someone was floating around the other day with a picture of you with a penguin and a recipt.18:09
ompaulPici, eh: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Foot_in_the_Grave for victor18:10
ompaulPici, yeah that would be laura she posted the url on the lug list this morning (took a bit of prompting)18:10
ompaulPici, for fun the strangest/best X gets awarded a pint by me18:11
ompaulthat was for penguins and only one arrived18:11
ompaulPici, and this months is:18:11
PiciThe best gnus is good gnus18:12
ompaulPici, ;-) ha mc44 knows nothing18:17
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theunixgeekWhat theme is used in the screenshots here? http://www.haskell.org/gtk2hs/docs/tutorial/glade/20:58
ompaultheunixgeek, what channel do you think you are in ;-)21:01
theunixgeekompaul: woops21:02
theunixgeekI thought I had joined Ubuntu-offtopic21:02
theunixgeeksorry! :S21:02
theunixgeekhm... does #ubuntu-offtopic not exist anymore?21:03
Picitheunixgeek: you probably have a banforward to this channel. 21:05
PiciAny idea why that would be?21:05
theunixgeekPici: what's %btlogin ?21:06
Picitheunixgeek: thats a command that only channel ops can use.21:06
theunixgeekwhy am I banforwarded?21:06
PiciI'm looking up why you may be forwarded here.21:06
theunixgeekprobably my oft-visiting cousins' fault....21:06
theunixgeekPici: what was the reason?21:10
Pici21:34 >>>> theunixgeek (n=patrick@c-76-123-82-45.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu-offtopic21:11
Pici21:34 <theunixgeek> Please test Fosik: http://theunixgeek.bravehost.com/fosik :) Give ideas or report bugs at http://code.google.com/p/fosik/issues/list21:11
Pici21:35 <theunixgeek> gottago now21:11
Pici21:35 >>>> theunixgeek (n=patrick@c-76-123-82-45.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) has left #ubuntu-offtopic []21:11
theunixgeekPici: ...21:11
theunixgeekI was advertising :)21:11
theunixgeekI needed help developing the program21:11
theunixgeekfree software21:12
PiciOkay, thats still spam.21:12
theunixgeekwell, the gotta go now thing was sincere21:12
theunixgeekI would've stayed but I couldn't for personal reasons21:12
theunixgeekI was waiting for a response for anyone who perhaps would like to help develop the software21:12
PiciFor less than a minute?21:13
PiciAnyway. This was LjL's ban.  He is going to need to be the one to remove it.21:13
theunixgeekPici: again, the gotta go now thing was sincere21:13
theunixgeekok. I'll pm him21:13
theunixgeekLjL: you there? :)21:14
theunixgeekPici: Is there anybody else who could lift the ban? could you do it?21:16
theunixgeekPici: or is LjL the only one that can lift the ban21:26
theunixgeekhow long do bans last?21:43
ubotuSlimeyPete called the ops in #kubuntu ()21:43
ubotuGnine called the ops in #ubuntu+1 (pleaseandthankyo)21:46
* Jucato smells a kline coming :)21:47
PriceChildjussio1: psychic22:08
PriceChild(battery will run out in minutes)22:08
LjLPici, it's a banforward to -ops... when i do that, i generally mean that i don't really have a problem with it being lifted22:24
ubotuLamego called the ops in #ubuntu ()22:24
PiciLjL: okay.22:24
theunixgeekI was invited here.22:25
LjLone second22:25
LjLtheunixgeek: sorry, just after i invited you we got an ops call....22:25
LjLtheunixgeek, i'm pretty sympathetic to someone asking for testing of an OSS program really22:26
LjLtheunixgeek: but you joined a couple of channels, immediately posted that message, and immediately parted22:26
LjLthat's spam no matter what's being spammed22:26
theunixgeekLjL: I apologize for that; however, for personal reasons I had to suddenly quit and I did not mean to use the message as spam.22:27
LjLtheunixgeek: ok. i don't have a problem with letting you back into #ubuntu-offtopic, but i do want the reasoning behind the banforward to be clear22:27
theunixgeekI understand the reason22:28
LjLtheunixgeek: you're unbanned, have fun22:28
theunixgeekthank you :)22:28
mneptokompaul: uh ...22:50
ompaulmneptok, they were going to go off the deep end ;-)22:51
mneptokompaul: do i need some sort of "Allowed To Paste ASCII" certificate?22:51
ompaulme 22:51
ompaulmneptok, na you need a certificate :)22:51
LjLmneptok: you ain't getting one22:51
LjLmc44: are you still here, frustration22:51
ompaulLjL, he might - some day 22:51
* Gary pokes mc44 22:56
LjL[23:59:57] *** LjL sets mode: -b *!*@79.132.19?.*!##unavailable <- unbanned because someone who doesn't seem to be the troll just joined #unavailable from such an address23:01
LjLactually, uhm... he was the troll (randyrhorde, before he was simply randyr)23:01
PiciLjL: I just used the factoid 23:22
LjLyes i noticed now...23:22
LjL#kubuntu ops - is that the "vit" that got banned?23:25
LjLspecifically - stdin23:26
Piciwasnt vit the root__ guy?23:26
LjLPici: they seemed somehow related, but i couldn't really say they're the same [groups of zombie machines / whatever]23:27
ompaulPici, is there a factoid about 4 gigs of ram and higher?23:30
Piciompaul: um23:31
PiciI dont think so23:31
Pici!search 6423:31
ubotuFound: chroot, amd64, flash64, 64bit, biarch, java64, flash64bit, 64, dualboot, langpack23:31
Pici!search 3223:31
ubotuFound: chroot, w32codecs, fat32, biarch, filesystems, imap4rev1, kdmtheme, ops-#xubuntu, girl, win32codecs23:31
PiciDoesnt look like it.23:31
ompaul!search ram23:32
ubotuFound: autostart-#kubuntu, code, xincludes, nickfork-#ubuntu-offtopic, selinux, sudo, startup, usplash, twinview, roadnav23:32
LjL!search memor23:32
ubotuFound: dma, mem, ram, lowmem, swap, lowmemory, memory23:32
LjLbut no it isn't there23:32
ompaulwould it be fair to say something like:  ram is <reply> 4Gigs of ram is the most that a 32bit o/s can cope with, if you want more ram to be seen you need a 64 bit version, if it is a desktop there is no advantage in having over 4gigs of ram 23:34
LjLompaul: there's more to it i think23:35
LjLi.e. without some hazy patch i think i've heard the existence of, you cannot go beyond 3 gig - or something23:35
ompaulLjL, then we really need a wiki page to do it some justice 23:36
ompauland just go RAM is for 32bit 64bit detailed info please see here: 23:36

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