J-_foo: that gave, drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 2008-04-02 03:01 /var/www00:03
fooJ-_: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~rc/help/faq/permissions.html00:04
fooJ-_: Alright, read that and it'll tell you how to read that output so you can get to what you want to00:04
kirklandowh: fwiw, diffs usually end in .diff, rather than begin with them :-)00:05
kirklandowh: at least vim will syntax highlight as a diff/patch if they end in .diff or .patch ;-)00:06
owhkirkland: Tah. I tried calling you about it last week but you were not around and I forgot to follow it up. The apache patch I sent you was the wrong way around, that is from new to old :(00:07
owhkirkland: I fixed it on the bug report :)00:07
kirklandowh: it's not a big deal, just thought I'd mention00:07
kirklandowh: the actually code being there is more important00:07
owhkirkland: Yup. Tah, It was more a function of my automated script. It allowed me to parse/filter/etc.00:08
kirklandowh: fair enough00:08
owhkirkland: Yeah, we're discussing how to deal with Debian in ubuntu-bugs atm.00:08
* faulkes- is not happy00:30
* faulkes- is not happy about missing todays meeting00:30
* faulkes- is not happy about a missing 2600 cisco and a missing 2900 switch00:31
kgoetznever mind. i missed it too00:31
faulkes-on the plus side, after spending far too much time, I did manage to finally our iscsi box on the network so it can be configured00:31
faulkes-6.0TB in it too00:31
kgoetz"to finally our" ... missing 'get'?00:32
faulkes-just a very long day of being wedged between a 2 ton AC unit, a rack cabinet and the white noise of 2k sq of servers00:32
faulkes-yes, forgive me, I missed the get ;)00:33
faulkes-yeah, it was all kinds of awesome00:33
faulkes-apparently nobody knew that we had a cisco 750500:34
Deepsshit like that is why i quit being a dc monkey, heh00:34
* faulkes- is *not* a dc monkey00:34
Deepsyou spent the day in a dc, sounds like a monkey to me ;)00:34
faulkes-unfortunately, I was forced to go in00:34
kgoetz"i was forced to! my pants kept falling down."00:35
faulkes-I'm not a politician ;)00:35
Deepsheh, monkey for a day aint so bad00:35
faulkes-more like janitor00:35
faulkes-because 2 people were fired over this entire mess00:35
Deepsbleh, .ca00:36
faulkes-yeah well, add it to there lessons learned00:36
kgoetzthats a pretty messy mess00:36
Deeps(im unemployed currently and it sounds like whereever you work might be hiring now ;))00:36
Deepsbut .ca's too far00:36
* faulkes- recalls we do have a fl.us head office00:37
* faulkes- is waiting for the .uk office though00:37
Deepsi'm in .es00:39
Deepsand looking for telework atm00:39
faulkes-depends, what is your skill set like00:40
Deepsumm, 2-4 years linux experience, java, php, sql, bash, basic python, ccna level (but not yet certified) cisco skills00:42
Deepsa bachelors degree but few people tend to care about that already despite it being only 8 months00:42
rhineheart_mhow to determine if fastcgi has been installed to my server?01:21
rhineheart_mcan anybody here guide me on how to install fastcgi?01:29
PanzerMKZfastcgi in blender?01:30
rhineheart_mfastcgi for apache01:32
PanzerMKZgo to #apache01:33
kgoetzrhineheart_m: tried running `apt-cache search fastcgi` yet?01:33
rhineheart_mnot yet. that would if I have it installed already or not, right?01:33
kgoetz`dpkg -l |grep cgi` to list packages related to cgi01:34
rhineheart_mkgoetz, I got this one: ii  libfcgi-perl                          0.67-2                   FastCGI Perl module01:41
kgoetzrhineheart_m: now `apt-cache show libfcgi-perl`01:42
kgoetzrhineheart_m: dont PM me01:46
rhineheart_mkgoetz, that was the content01:46
kgoetzrhineheart_m: i dont care. its for your information01:46
rhineheart_mkgoetz, okay. it doesn't help01:49
Silvanoare there any noticable improvements from ubuntu server 7.10 to 8.04?02:10
kgoetzLTS support02:13
andguentI'm curious to know the same, all I know for sure is that when possible, it seems best to keep up with the latest, Ubuntu developers move too fast to leave your system completely alone for years :)02:13
kgoetzwith luck it'll be more stable too (gutsy isnt renoun for its stability)02:13
kgoetzalthough that is mainly desktopland. serverland seems to be ok02:14
flybackoh really?02:15
flybackyou just solved a worrysome issue with 2 of my sisters02:15
flybackerr systems02:15
* flyback hates trying to type few mins after waking up from a deep sleep02:15
flybackbrain rattle02:15
Silvanoso if i've already got 8.04, and am about to reinstall on a different harddrive, there should be no reason or benifit to go with 7.10 then?02:15
flybackthyat was a seriously wacky dream too02:16
flybackalthough beats the last 5 yrs of paxil nightmare hell :/02:16
andguentif 8.04 works, use it, it will be officially released soon enough02:16
flybackI have had a hell of a time trying to put the right kernel in 6.06lts02:16
Silvanosounds good andguent. thanks for your advice :D02:17
flybackended up just having to remove all the stuff with kernel or linux in it then apt-get the right one based on the dpkg list I got from a temp vm I setup02:17
kgoetzflyback: if you can afford a month of 'work in progress', then go with 8.0402:17
flybackna it's just to run vmware server02:17
flybacki've decided on fedora at home guys no offence but some stuff rubb3ed me the wrong way02:17
flybackbut stuck with 6.06lts at work :P02:18
* kgoetz feels no pain02:18
kgoetz(then again, i dont have to suffer fedora)02:18
flybackheh I started 3with redhat 2.1 back in the day02:18
* flyback beats kgoetz with his walker02:18
* kgoetz swats at flyback 02:19
andguentSilvano: when it is officially released and stable, do an apt-get update; apt-get upgrade (or other similar function from another favorite package manager)02:19
flybacknot a good idea :)02:19
flybacka flyback is a type of high voltage pulse transformer02:19
flybackturns 100-200 volts into 35,00002:19
flybackit's what energizes a picture tube02:19
kgoetzflyback: :) do want02:19
* flyback bzzzzz kgoetz02:19
* kgoetz smokes02:20
kgoetz(not literally, fwiw)02:20
flybackna it's about 0 current, you can't boost voltage magically for free :P02:20
flybackbut it will still knock you on your ass02:20
flybackhow the hell do I tell what kernel to use what I got dual p4 xeon blades02:22
flybackand why is there likes 10 packages02:22
Silvanoi almost don't want to reinstall, got things together fairly nice and the way I want so far, minus my actual site up and running. But its on a 5 gig hd, and ive aquired a 40 gig for this box :S02:22
flybackso ghost it02:22
kgoetzflyback: not sure i follow your qustion02:22
kgoetzrsync ;)02:23
rhineheart_mI guess webmin is already been maintained02:23
flybackok apprentely the installer being scripted by this pxe boot vm installed a kernel that can't do smp02:23
flybackso I had to force in the right one02:24
Silvanorhineheart_m: supposedly, it doesnt work well with ubuntu, i've got it up and running, and it seems fine.02:24
flybackand I just had a hell of a time knowing what was what I finally resorted to doing a clean install to a vm and making a script to apt-get those files02:24
rhineheart_mSilvano, yeah.. I agree with that.. if you just know how to handle config files.. then webmin is really a great stuff! I love its file manager.. it uses https and can be configured what port you will be using.. so I found it more secure this time than before02:25
flybackafter I dpkg --get-selections |grep kernel to a file and again made it intoa  script that removed all that02:25
andguentSilvano: there are multiple good drive clone utilities out there, sometimes a new disk in retail package actually has the software included, there are definitely ways around having to start over. -- A second option is learning how to grab the appropriate configs from the old drive and placing them on the new drive to see what you can "restore from backup"02:25
flybackmy brain is fried02:26
kgoetzdoes 'just install the smp kernel' help?02:26
flybackI think I just did like kernel-server and that worked02:27
Silvanothanks andguent, but although I don't want to, I think reinstalling will be good for me, as Im finally starting to understand some key commands and linux concepts :D02:27
flybackI think the virtual machine I used that takes a iso of several os's and scripts it for pxe installs did somethjing\02:27
andguentSilvano: just keep that old drive intact, you can always mount it as a secondary drive and take a peek at your ftp daemon config file or whatever02:27
flybackthey are headless blades02:28
Silvanogreat idea...didnt think about that!02:28
flybackit's just there was like 3 ways to get the same thing when I was looking at packages to install for the kernel02:28
flybackand no explanation02:28
rhineheart_mwhat does this warning mean (chkrookit output): Checking `lkm'... find: WARNING: Hard link count is wrong for /proc: this may be a bug in your filesystem driver.  Automatically turning on find's -noleaf option. Earlier results may have failed to include directories that should have been searched.02:38
kgoetzwhat part Uisnt it self explanitory? :|02:39
* kgoetz suspects its a JFGI02:39
flyback= *CANUCKED*02:40
* flyback goes to cook a steak, bbl02:45
* kgoetz wonders what a canucked is02:46
kgoetzbbs though02:46
flybackit's a verb :P02:46
J-_I know a canuck is a Canadian, I am one.02:47
J-_flyback is cooking a steak in 2 channels. /me giggles02:50
* flyback bites J-_03:08
flybackthat's for william shatner's greatest hits, and other canadian acts of terrroism!03:08
* J-_ hides03:09
fooJ-_: Get that perms issue sorted?03:22
J-_foo: It was for a friend =) She got it sorted. =)03:22
fooJ-_: ah, gotcha :)03:23
stiv2kwhy is mysqld_safe taking up ALL my resources ALL the time?03:34
* flyback bbl03:36
stiv2kflyback: you're just on every freakin channel aren't ya? :P03:37
kgoetzhes a spy03:46
stiv2kso, anybody know?03:58
kgoetzno i dont. i just kill -9'd it03:59
flybackdo I know you?04:03
stiv2kflyback: not personally04:09
stiv2kflyback: #electronics04:09
flybackoh ok04:09
stiv2kflyback: do you know what this mysqld_safe is?04:09
flybacknot really04:10
JaxxMaxxit's the safe mode of the SQL daemon05:00
JaxxMaxxNo idea why it would be running instead of plain mysqld05:01
foowhat do you see?05:01
=== JaxxMaxx__ is now known as JaxxMaxx_
JaxxMaxxHmm, work PC must be having network issues05:15
* flyback notes getting 91% isosproypl alcohol into a wound where the skin is skin in 1/2, *really* *really* *REALLY* freaking hurts05:15
Silvanowhat ftp server do you guys reccomend for a lamp server?05:28
fooI like proftpd05:31
fooEveryone will tell you something different, though :)05:31
fooyour options: pureftpd, proftpd, vsftpd05:31
SilvanoI've tried vsftpd, and wasn't too sure on configuring it (im a linux newb) so I think i will try proftpd as I was browsing through http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79588 this tutorial when you mentioned it :D05:33
calcmandanhi guys. i'm about to pull an old box out of the closet and play with mail servers for our small business.  anyone have a good recommendation? something where my brother can comfortably use his precious outlook.05:33
calcmandanthe workstations around the shop are xp pro. he has a unix server used for diagnostics, and untouchable.05:34
kgoetzif all you want is mail any mailer will do05:34
Silvanothunderbird >outlook imo :D05:34
kgoetz* > outlook05:34
calcmandankgoetz: yeah, he wants to use his calendar and shit.05:34
calcmandanSilvano: thunderbird > outlook. kontact > outlook...05:35
kgoetzcalcmandan: so he wants more then a mail server05:35
calcmandankgoetz: well, i'm looking at a server that is specifically for mail, and maybe a few other things.05:35
foocalcmandan: Outlook doesn't depend on which mail servers you want, you just need something with IMAP/POP.05:36
foocalcmandan: personally, I'd just setup google hosted for him and do something else with your time.05:36
calcmandanyeah, I'm aware of that.05:36
kgoetzfoo: depends how you feel about your data05:36
foo(unless there is a good reason not to use it)05:36
fookgoetz: right05:36
kgoetzcalcmandan: its the 'other things' that are really casual and easy to throw in the sentence that make the difference05:36
calcmandankgoetz: sorry bro.05:37
Silvanohow do i access a local ubuntu box by hostname from a windows box?05:39
fooSilvano: you could hard code it in your hosts file on windows, or tell windows to use linux box as DNS server and have the hostname resolve to the linux box05:40
Silvanofoo: theres no way to automatically broadcast it?05:41
fooSilvano: hm, not sure to be honest... let me know if you find a way05:43
Silvanowill do. I honestly cant remember setting hostnames for my windows boxes in the router, but they are there. I assumed that they were broadcasted somehow, and was just wondering if it was possible with the linux box. itd make it much easier than typing the ip tons of times a day :D05:45
foowhat are you typing it for?05:45
Silvanossh http testing ftp testing etc. just trying to get it set up, configured and tested05:46
kgoetzSilvano: setup key based ssh :)05:47
kgoetzSilvano: avahi advertises hostnames, fwiw05:47
Silvanoitd take 10 secs to set in the router, just trying to see if it was something simple I didnt know about05:47
Silvanokgoetz: avahi looks nice...will try it out in the morning.05:49
kgoetzSilvano: if your into that sort of thing its nice. cant say i like it05:49
Silvanooff to bed, thanks for your advice and conversation, and see you guys tomorrow.05:49
kgoetzsleep well mate05:50
Silvanomight make things more 'user friendly' for me is all :D05:50
fooSilvano: oh...05:50
fooSilvano: yeah, you should just change c:/windows/drivers/etc/hosts I think it is05:50
fooanywho, see ya05:50
kgoetzfor whoever was asking about calednaring: http://trac.calendarserver.org/projects/calendarserver05:50
Silvanothanks, and ttyl :D05:50
kgoetzi'm hopeful for that project, just not tried it yet05:51
=== Silvano is now known as silvanozzzz
kgoetzfoo: Silvano windows/system23/etc05:51
fookgoetz: ah, it's official, you're a windows user.05:51
* foo bans kgoetz 05:51
* kgoetz stabs foo for spreading such evil thoughts about him05:52
* flyback right eye is blood red and almost swelled shut, yep it's springtime07:14
kgoetzalmost winter here07:18
* flyback goodnight07:34
_rubenmorning :)07:55
\shmoin moin09:06
\shguys, does anyone ran ubuntu-server daily (from yesterday or older) on a machine with BCM57xx gbit NICs? I just installed it, and d-i tells me, I don't have any NICs anymore ;) lspci says otherwise09:07
fromport \sh nope e1000 here09:24
\shfromport, I wonder where the tg3,ko is hiding...means: which udeb it's in09:24
fromportfind /lib/modules -name tg3\*09:29
fromportdoes that find something ? are the modules there ?09:30
\shfromport, the problem is in d-i09:30
\shit loads the udebs from the cd09:30
\shand somehow it can't find the tg3.ko09:30
\shcould be a glitch in cd makeing...or a packaging bug...09:31
fromportah .. i misread, the daily cd image.... sorry...09:31
fromporti installed one of a few days old and keep it up date daily...09:31
n_a_u_thi. is there a chance to use a promise tx2000 ata raid with ubuntu server 7.1?11:15
dthacker-workn_a_u_t: you should probably google that question.11:18
youngmusi1hey. I have a server with a 100Mbit and a Gigabit ethernet card. But i don't know which is which... Is there a command to see that?13:34
Deepsyoungmusi1: dmesg should shed some light, as should ethtool (supported link speeds)13:38
dthacker-workwhat _ruben said13:41
foolanoyoungmusi1: mii-tool may help you too13:47
AnRkeyI am trying to setup a software raid 5 here. How do I remove all raid configurations from the drives?13:51
AnRkeywhenever I try to recreate the raid setup during the installation of ubuntu server and I try to configure the raid, the installer adds the old raid partitions to the volumes and I can't remove them13:52
AnRkeyi want to start fresh by wiping the drives13:52
AnRkeyany help would be cool13:53
youngmusi1Deeps: ok, thank you14:07
Treenakssoren: have you seen bug 205011, and do you think it's likely to be fixed before release? (I almost have confirmation here, as soon as mkfs of 1TB of disk is done :))14:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 205011 in lvm2 "LVM2 doesn't recognise 'virtio' virtual disks (/dev/vd*)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20501114:08
AnRkeyis there anyone available to help me with my software raid?14:16
zulhey foolano14:31
foolanohi zul14:32
* AnRkey is now an mdadm mastah!15:07
W8TAHhi folks -- this my not be the right place to ask this question -- but im looking for a simple / easy to operate utility to quantify the speed of one of my network links here -- can someone suggest such a program15:09
_rubenW8TAH: you mean measuring your network usage?15:17
_rubenif so: iftop15:17
W8TAHhi _ruben no - -i mean in terms of what the line can transmit -- its a bit of a far run - i have 1gb switches at both ends - -but i need to know in general terms if the line is actually running 1gb or something less15:18
W8TAHim considering moving a number of our servers to the far end of the line and need to know if speeds are going to be badly impacted15:20
_rubenW8TAH: ah .. i ran into a nice tool for that quite some time ago .. cant recall its name tho :(15:28
_rubenbut as long as you stay within the specs you should be ok i'd say .. 100meters is the max for cat5/5e/6 afaik15:31
W8TAHya - the run is about 230 feet --15:35
faulkes-yes, 100m for cat5 is the bicsi spec15:36
W8TAHi just dont need issues -- and before i commit to a datacenter move i wanna be sure the line can handle it15:36
_rubenthe only real test is a live test ...15:41
W8TAHit was worth a try i guess15:59
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c0ldfusionI don't know if any of you are directly responsible, but thanks anyway for such an excellent project. I have two servers in production (so far) running ubuntu server. I love it!17:15
fooc0ldfusion: Awesome!17:22
amen51hi, a commond line question:17:27
amen51how to pipe a file to a command that usually accepts the file as an argument17:27
amen51e.g. evince file117:28
amen51we want to pipe file1 to evince17:28
leonelyou need that the program  can  read from pipes .17:29
amen51is there a command-line related channel?17:29
leonelin that case  maybe evince can be controled by gnome / corba / dbus or something17:30
amen51can you give a specific command line example17:30
amen51e.g. cat file1 | evince does not seem to work17:30
amen51thanks anyways17:32
c0ldfusionyou know you can redirect standard input17:32
c0ldfusionto the program17:32
c0ldfusionnot sure if that would help17:32
amen51i guess something like evince do not read from standard input (not sure though)17:33
c0ldfusiontry evince < file117:33
c0ldfusionyeh maybe not17:33
c0ldfusionI don't even know what that is ;)17:33
amen51thanks again17:38
dthacker-workprogram < fileyouareinputting17:38
dthacker-worktoo late, of course17:39
nxvlmathiaz: i update the patch you ask me to update17:49
nxvlmathiaz: Bug #15937117:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 159371 in sysvinit "Default MOTD for server should point to documentation URL" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15937117:51
* flyback bbl going to go get my allergy shot19:23
flybackquick question20:01
flybackwhat's the main kernel package to install when installing the default kernel20:01
flybackapprentely the installer script I used goofed and installed one that doesn't do smp20:02
flybackI kinda figured out manually how to do this but I am stuck with a lot of stuff listed in dkpg as "deinstalled" and not sure if it's 100%20:02
infinity"linux-server" for servers, "linux-generic" for desktops.20:02
flybackok thx20:02
flybackanything you know of in the server kernel that might clash with vmware server?20:03
flybackthx :)20:04
* faulkes- prepares iscsi21:45
* flyback bbl, going to clean some circuit boards 22:13
* flyback is getting fed up with ubuntu and gnome bugs22:22
nxvldo we have any certification of hardware?22:50
nxvli mean from IBM or HP servers22:50
LoosewheelHi everyone22:59
=== silvanozzzz is now known as silvano
Loosewheelsilvano: do you know how to create a link in the index.html file? I'm trying to link a Open Office Presentation ?23:02
* flyback stuffs his freshly washed circuit boards into a silver static bag and places the opening near a heater to dry aka "shake-n-bake"23:03
silvanohmm, not sure. what extension is it?23:05
LoosewheelWell I put it together with oo, and the exported it as .html. I can link to www using oo writer, but can't figure out how to make a link to grab this file from the web page.23:08
silvanoif its just an html document, you could try html to link it http://www.quackit.com/html/codes/html_link_code.cfm23:10
TatsterHi all. I'm trying to recover from a disk failure from a raid 1 mirror.  The outputs from my various LVM commands are at http://pastebin.ca/970152 - the issue is my logical volumes are showing as "Not available"  and I can't work out why/how to fix!23:12
TatsterCan anyone suggest any ideas?23:12
RPCHello, everyone.23:13
RPCIs there someone in here who would be willing to basically hold my hand through a linux install?23:14
Loosewheelsilvano: Thanks, I'll chew on that for a while.23:16
silvanonp, hope it helps23:16
RPCguess that's a no23:17
silvanoRPC: its fairly simple if your installing ubuntu 8.04 desktop. I believe its a series of 7 steps, asking names, passwords, timezones, keyboard and region layouts etc.23:18
RPCYea, until somethign gives an error...23:19
Tatsteri think there may also be some good guides on www.howtoforge.com23:19
silvanoyour gettting an error during the install?23:19
TatsterIf anyone can help with LVM issues I'd be really appreciative23:20
RPCno, im having a lot of things not work after install23:21
TatsterRPC: what things are not working after your install ?23:22
RPCwifi, vid card, that i've noticed23:22
RPCvolume switch23:22
TatsterWhich version of Ubuntu are you installing ?23:23
RPCubuntu 7.123:23
RPCbut i actually have been trying with Mandriva most recently23:23
RPCwith the same issues23:23
Tatsterthe desktop or server version of 7.10 ?23:25
RPCdesktop, i assume23:25
Tatsterok,  I literally arrived in this channel a few minutes ago, and someone more regular please correct me if I'm wrong - this channel is aimed at Ubuntu server specific issues, desktop talk is normally discussed in #ubuntu23:28
LoosewheelTatster: Sorry I can't help....but http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2006/04/27/managing-disk-space-with-lvm.html?page1, may help.23:32
TatsterLoosewheel: that looks like a good reference article.  Doesn't cover my issues but good reading none the less23:37
LoosewheelThought maybe the commands on page 2 might get you there.23:38

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