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icanhasadminSteven2: did you try the package i suggested before?00:00
sjovanSteven2: i have installed xmms....00:00
bod_hey guys, when writing a script to use as a 'nautilus script' i need to have gksudo in it, now this is fine, the script is to chmod 777 whochever file i use it on, the first time i ran it it was fine and worked, but it now doesnt work because its no longer prompting me, in the same way you can use sudo for 5 mins or whatever it is and it only asks you once,.,. how can i make gksudo prompt me for a password 'everytime' in this script?00:00
SliMMhmm, foodbot is quite good00:00
maarek_anyone using  the new Adobe  AIR SDK00:00
Steven2icanhasadmin: I've been downloading so many packages. Which one was that?00:00
icanhasadminSteven2: qt3-apps-dev00:01
bod_Codedragon, try removing all usb devices00:01
maarek_from the adobe  labs00:01
maarek_it just came  out monday00:01
Codedragonicanhasadmin: I dunno, i tried the beta 8.10 version and it did that same even when I picked the acpi problem one too00:01
Steven2icanhasadmin: I already downloaded and installed that one.00:01
icanhasadminSteven2: 1 sec00:01
aguitel_how i rezice my partition ?00:02
ubotuGParted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted-livecd.tuxfamily.org/00:02
billyif i have a windows comp and ubuntu comp on the same network and they can ping each other, is there any way to send messages between the two?00:02
linkinxpwhy it says Cannot Update Select Partial Updating (when i try to update the packages) ???00:02
Steven2icanhasadmin: I just downloaded all the packages I could find with qt and -dev in them. So I got that one for sure.00:02
bod_billy, ntmk without a messagein program00:02
icanhasadminSteven2: wait are you on KDE?00:02
billybod_: huh?00:03
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)00:03
bod_billy, not to my knowledge, without a chat program, like xchat or msn00:03
Steven2icanhasadmin: No I don't believe so. I think it's still gnome running compiz.00:03
billybod_: oh okay00:03
billybod_: thanks00:03
icanhasadminSteven2: you MIGHT want to try a ,/configure --with-qt-includes="path to your qt includes"00:04
bod_billy, but, it wouldnt be hard to program one,. if it can send pings then it can recieve packats, so i would have thought with a bit of know how its possible00:04
Steven2icanhasadmin: I don't know where qt includes is.00:04
bod_icanhasadmin, were u meant to put ./configure?00:04
Steven2bod_: I figured as much.00:05
troxorbilly: smbclient can do net send, iirc00:05
billytroxor: iirc?00:05
bod_if i remember correcxtly00:05
tclinekscould someon look at my apt.log, i'm trying to upgrade to hardy but cant' make much sense about this error, apparently with openoffice http://dpaste.com/42855/00:06
aj_Could someone tell me how I can remove all icons from my desktop other than those I specifically want? (I basically do not want anything on screen except for a few application launchers)?00:06
icanhasadminSteven2: you make a valid point, honestly i'm not even sure where they would be, but if you can find them that just might work :D00:06
tclineksaj_: which icons arey ou talking about?00:06
andrzejhello every1! any1 knows what does it mean: "NOTICE: Initial Lua setup failed. Cannot continue."????00:06
bod_how can i make gksudo prompt for a password 'everytime' its used, (even in quick succession) ??00:06
phreckSo why was hardy delayed 3 months? The beta that jacked up?00:06
aj_tclineks: Specifically the icons for "Computer" and the home folder.00:06
icanhasadminphreck: april fools...00:06
bod_andrzej, i think lua files are game code?00:07
phrecklol damn.00:07
phrecki suck.00:07
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tclineksaj_: gconf-editor > apps > nautilus00:07
nikrudtclineks you should check with #ubuntu+1 for hardy questions00:07
aj_tclineks: I'm setting up an account for my nephew and want to really simplify the interface.00:07
tclineksnikrud: thankyou00:07
Steven2icanhasadmin: I ran a search. 'No files found.'00:07
phreckuh. did i just break a language rule?00:07
Odd-rationalebod_: well with sudo you can do: sudo -k I don't know about gksudo00:07
andrzejyes, im trying to install QW and i get this00:07
aj_tclineks: Nautilus... okay.  I had looked through gconf but didn't know WHERE to look for it.  Thanks.00:07
deniz__any1 know how to use imagemagick?00:07
icanhasadminnikrud: you have any suggestions for Steven's issue?00:07
Steven2icanhasadmin: You know what I just want a CD mount program. Is there another that's easier to install?00:07
billywhy can i ping my windows comp but i can't see any of the files on it?00:07
tclineksdeniz__: google it00:07
troxorbod_: set timestamp_timeout to 000:07
deniz__tclineks, the guides ive found dont state the ovious which to me isnt ovious..00:08
phreckbilly, make sure you have all of the services needed for windows filesharing installed.00:08
deniz__tclineks, i ruined that sentence but ya00:08
icanhasadminSteven2: like for virtual cd drives?00:08
CodedragonI would love to get rid of my windows but if I can't get ubuntu working I don't know what else to do. I burned the image I downloaded to a cd and booted off of it and the same thing. I am running out of things to try. I got a 19" widescreen LCD running off of a X850pro video card. I don't know if that is the problem or not though..00:08
billyphreck: what are all of those services?00:08
bod_Odd-rationale, i need it to prompt everytime because my chmod script doesnt work if it doesnt prompt,.,. il look into the parameters ty,.,. troxor,. i need to do it within the script only, i dont want to affect the terminal gksudo00:08
phreckBilly: Google  knows better than I.00:08
tclineksdeniz__: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/ ?00:08
bastid_raZori have two ubuntu boxes both 7.10.. i'm wanting to have the 2nd box automount /mp3 from the 1st box.. any handy guides or hints?00:09
Steven2icanhasadmin: Yes. Like Alcohol 120(win) and Daemon Tools(win).00:09
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:09
nikrudicanhasadmin I just sat back down, and saw your bit about setting explicit path for qt includes. I don't have it installed, but I think it's /usr/include/qt300:09
troxorbod_: sudo -K ?00:09
bastid_raZorboth are on the same network ^^00:09
phreckbilly: there ya go.00:09
icanhasadminSteven2: i THINK arson does that? you might want to try nikrud's suggestion for the qt location00:09
Odd-rationalebod_: in other words you want to prompt for passwd every time you run script?00:09
bod_Odd-rationale, yes,.,. easy or not?00:09
maarek_which IRC program  is  transparent and melds with  the  background?00:10
Odd-rationalebod_: dunno. never done it...00:10
nikrudSteven2 you might try gmountiso (I never really paid attention to exactly what you were compiling ;)00:10
Steven2Nope it still says Qt libraries not found.00:10
bod_Odd-rationale, the man page says about sudo -k as if it resets the timer, but it seems as though i need to run sudo -k && sudo   to get the prompt00:10
troxormaarek_: irssi on a transparent/borderless terminal ?00:10
SliMMSteven2: you can mount cd images just as you mount storage devices, using the mount command00:10
Odd-rationalebod_: correct00:11
invalidsyntaxwhen i goto install an application it says it cant find sources and I am connected to the net?00:11
nikrudSteven2  ls /usr/include , is one of those qt something?00:11
bod_Odd-rationale, ok cheers, il give it a go00:11
Codedragonanyone? please help me...:(00:11
RiotGeekI'm trying to help an ubuntu user in #apache. Can someone please tell me the def documentroot in ubuntu?00:11
Odd-rationalebod_: ok00:11
SliMMSteven2: you can even find scripts to place in the nautilus scripts folder ro get a context menu entry for mounting images, when you right-click them00:11
ExterisRiotGeek, /var/www ?00:11
troxorCodedragon: what's the problem?00:12
nikrudRiotGeek /var/www . If you haven't played with debian based apache configs, you will be confused ;)00:12
icanhasadminSliMM: ... you can mount an .iso file with mount? and have it completely uncompress and auto run all the info properly with full controls? if that works it's serious news to me00:12
invalidsyntaxis there a way to restore the source.list00:12
CodedragonI would love to get rid of my windows but if I can't get ubuntu working I don't know what else to do. I burned the image I downloaded to a cd and booted off of it and the same thing. I am running out of things to try. I got a 19" widescreen LCD running off of a X850pro video card. I don't know if that is the problem or not though..00:12
corinthWhy was glipper taken out of the default repos in hardy?00:12
bod_Odd-rationale, 1 more problem,.,. the -k switch for gksudo does not do the same is it does for sudo,.,. will i still et the prompt if i    sudo -k && gksudo?00:12
andrzejandrzej@andrzej-desktop:~/Desktop$ sudo ./ETQW-client-1.4-full.x86.run when i type that in console i get LUA error. Any1 know what should I do?00:12
RiotGeeknikrud:  Indeed. No /var/www/{html,cgi-bin}  and so forth. Huh...00:12
nikrudcorinth ask in #ubuntu+1 , they handle hardy questions00:12
SliMMicanhasadmin: you can :-) iso, nrg, maybe cue, but i'm not sure about that last one00:12
icanhasadminSliMM: well once again, something linux can do that flabergasts me. thank you :P00:13
troxorinvalidsyntax: the most straightforward way is to just find the default one and copy/paste :)00:13
nikrudRiotGeek http.conf is all broken up into /etc/apache2.conf, mods-enabled and sites-enabled, and conf.d,00:13
eck090How do i mount a hard drive? im triyng the commands given to me by Ubuntu, but it is not working for some reason00:13
Odd-rationalebod_: I think sudo -k && gksudo will work.00:14
eck090or even, can i just format it00:14
bod_Odd-rationale, ok, il give it a go, cheers00:14
Geekthrasubuntu hates me >.<00:14
SliMMicanhasadmin: just, search google for a script to do that automatically, and add it to the scripts folder/context menu (via nautilus-actions)00:14
troxorinvalidsyntax: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SourcesList00:14
Steven2The file types I want to mount are .ccd and possibly .img and .sub00:14
deniz__tclineks, were in there does it show how to convert pdfs to jpegs?00:14
Codedragonwhen I try to install ubuntu I just get a blank flashing screen and flashing leds on the keyboard and it just hangs there no matter what I do00:14
phreckCodedragon: thats not good.00:14
riotkittieCodedragon: mmm, kernel panic.00:14
* phreck blinks00:15
andrzejAny1 can explain what LUA is?00:15
SliMMSteven2: hmm.. not sure about that00:15
WheelsOnFirethat thing where you eat with a bunch of hawaiians?00:15
Steven2LUA like for Gary's Mod?00:15
troxorandrzej: moon in portuguese, or a programming language?00:15
bod_Odd-rationale, yer that works fine, but now i think my script doesnt work,.,.lol00:15
tclineksdeniz__: http://www.google.com/search?q=pdf+to+jpeg+imagemagick00:15
phrecka programming language00:15
phreckthats what LUA is00:15
GeekthrasI tried to change the date in 8.04, but instead it locked up00:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lua - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:16
CodedragonI tried every option in the 8.10 beta and the 7.10 release but with the same resaults. I am at wits end and really want to get ubuntu installed00:16
GeekthrasNow, whenever I log on, I just get a black screen00:16
GeekthrasI can see and move the cursor, and change workspaces00:16
Odd-rationalebod_: ok I'll be away for a bit...00:16
GeekthrasBut nothing is is displayed00:16
bod_Odd-rationale, k, cheers ;~)00:16
phreckCodedragon: hardware?00:16
Geekthrasplease help :(00:16
riotkittieCodedragon: you may have better luck with the alternate CD but hm. uhmmm. have you tried passing options to the kernel when you boot the live cd?00:17
xbehavehey wats the minimum size needed for a /boot00:17
CodedragonI got a AMD64 2000+ with 1gb ram a ATI X850pro on a 19" LCD widescreen00:17
SliMMso, the next release will be 8.07?00:17
linkinxphow i edit Grub?00:17
riotkittieSliMM: no, ~8.0800:17
Synclairhey I need a hand in here00:17
RezagratsHow come even after installing the right package, i can't play my dvd with Totem movie player ?00:17
riotkittieerrrr. 8.1000:17
segfaulthi! how can i activate emerald? but forever, not only with the emerald --replace thing00:17
phreckCodedragon; MB? HD?00:17
Synclairhey I need a hand in here00:18
Steven2linkinxp: Can't you just navigate to the grub folder and edit it manually?00:18
Synclairplesae PM me00:18
Codedragonriotkittie: I don't get any options, i see the main menu and anything i choose i get the same resault00:18
icanhasadminlinkinxp: sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst ?00:18
Steven2linkinxp: You can hose your computer that way though.00:18
SliMMriotkittie: isn't that.. 4 month delay?00:18
linkinxpSteven2,  dude im new idk anything about linux hierarchy00:18
riotkittieSliMM: 8.10? no. :P00:18
segfaulthi! how can i activate emerald? but forever, not only with the emerald --replace thing00:18
linkinxpSteven2,  funny :)00:18
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  thanks00:18
phrecksegfault: startup script00:18
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  whats nano?00:18
WheelsOnFiresegfault: add that to your sessions00:18
SliMMriotkittie: 8.0800:18
CodedragonMB is a asus kt7v and the HDs are both maxtors 80gb and a 120 gb00:19
Steven2linkinxp: (04:18:28 PM) icanhasadmin: linkinxp: sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst ?00:19
icanhasadminlinkinxp: a command line text editor, an awesome one imho00:19
Codedragon10k rpm onrs00:19
riotkittieSliMM: i corrected myself :P00:19
SliMMriotkittie: will there be a 8.10?00:19
GeekthrasAnybody willing to help?00:19
icanhasadminsegfault: if you're using gnome, alt+f2, then gconf-editor00:19
Synclairhey I have the headers installed00:19
Synclairfor alsa00:19
troxorSynclair: I'd use prebuilt packages instead of compiling yourself....00:19
riotkittieSliMM: yes. 6 month release cycle, so yea.00:19
SliMMriotkittie: oh, k :-)00:19
phreckCode: raided?00:19
Synclairbut when I hit "make" it brings up this error00:19
Steven2linkinxp: It's a lot like gedit.00:19
eck090anybody know how to mount a hdd?00:20
icanhasadminSteven2: Not really, this isn't the place to discuss it but nano is much different in many ways.00:20
Codedragonnope, not going to try that untill i get ubuntu installed :D00:20
icanhasadmineck090: man mount00:20
troxoreck090: easy way: plug it in00:20
Steven2linkinxp: And if you screw up grub and can't boot. Just use your LiveCD.00:20
xbehavehow much space do i need for /boot?00:20
linkinxpSteven2 icanhasadmin    i see the problem is i ran apt-get distro-update and now i have to versions of ubuntu in the boot list i want just one00:20
phreckwell you should do it pre install00:20
SliMMriotkittie: yeah, but from august to october there are.. 2 months?00:20
icanhasadminlinkinxp: remove the one you don't want by deleting it from that file, just don't screw up :D00:20
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  im searching jijiji its tricky00:21
phreckwhats on the the box right now? windows?00:21
riotkittieSliMM: uhhh. there's not one being released in august ^_^00:21
SErgewhat chown -R user:user /dev/hdc1 do?00:21
icanhasadminxbehave: technically you don't need to but /boot on a seperate partition00:21
linkinxpi got it let me see whats happen :D00:21
SliMMriotkittie: when will hardy be released?00:21
icanhasadminlinkinxp: it's near the bottom, last thing before the windows one00:21
troxorSErge: changes the ownership of that file to user00:21
Steven2icanhasadmin: Isn't there a command you can run in terminal to backup your grub.list?00:21
riotkittieSliMM: ubuntu's naming convention ... x.y, where x is year, and y is month.  hardy, 8.04, will be released this month at some point00:21
riotkittiethough i dont which exact date00:22
icanhasadminSteven2: sure there is, but that wouldn't really help if you can't boot to restore it :P00:22
SliMMriotkittie: but i thought it was delayed00:22
Steven2That's true.00:22
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  can i pastebin u this so u can tell me?00:22
icanhasadminlinkinxp: sure00:22
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  http://pastebin.com/m2a82838300:22
Ploujdoes anyone know how to make an atheros wireless connection configured in /etc/networking/intrfaces keep reconnecting if the wifi connection is dropped? Currently, I have to keep do it manually with "sudo /etc/init.d/network restart"00:23
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  i want the .1400:23
eck090can i use linux to wipe this hdd clean?00:23
StevenXguys, how do I make a shortcut to a folder on the desktop?00:23
SliMMso, will there be a delay in hardy's release00:23
Al2O3sometimes my net hub goes down, and seems ubuntu 7.10 net interface goes along with it but doesn't come back.  Is there a way to tell the system to reactivate the interface (even restart it), and then get a IP for it without rebooting?00:23
riotkittieSliMM: is it? hm. it might be, i havent been following. those in #ubuntu+1 might be able to provide more info00:23
Steven2eck090: Sure just boot your LiveCD and use the formatter to format the partition.00:23
JoelitoHI all, I was watching this youtube video of Ubuntu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvnQE1EAEZY00:23
eck090there is no command in terminal i can use?00:23
Codedragonwhat is the difference between the x86 and the 64bit versions? I got a 64bit AMD will the not 64bit one work just as good? or at all?00:24
bod_guys, if i have a script that does this -- cat ./$@ | pastebinit          how can i make the script display the output?00:24
Joelitohow can I make bottom panel looks and behave like the one from the video?00:24
troxorCodedragon: only if you have a 64bit processor!00:24
Cyborgwhos Dave2 :/00:24
Steven2I suppose. But I doubt you could do it while running Ubuntu. Because your formatting Ubuntu.00:24
billyis there a terminal command that will make all shared files on a computer on the same network download to this comp?00:24
billylike my comp00:24
Codedragontroxor: I do, but the 64bit one won't work for me00:24
aj_Wow... are there really no adult content filters for Firefox?00:24
Steven2Joelito: It isn't the same panel. You delete the one you have and replace it.00:25
aj_The only one I see isn't available for LInux...00:25
=== Cyborg is now known as carlzenox
icanhasadminlinkinxp: you only pasted the first 15 lines, if you're going to open a file for pastbining, use gedit instead of nano00:25
billybod_: i want to download all of the files from another computer on my network to the comp im on right now.. how do i do it?00:25
deniz__tclineks, i converted a pdf into a jpeg but it only converted the first page of a multi paged pdf and its too like blurry pixelated looking (i want it nice at 150 DPI)00:25
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  ho but well can i delete everything exept for the version that i want?00:25
troxorCodedragon: do you get any other output besides the blinking screen/keyboard LEDs?00:25
xbehaveaj it shouldnt be done at browser level but with a broxy/filter00:26
icanhasadminlinkinxp: no, leave the one you want and the recovery console for the one you want00:26
bod_billy, dunno,.,. but i think i remember being to download thins from a webpage with wet, so it miht be somethin alon those lines,. im not really the best person to answer that im afraid00:26
Codedragontroxor: nope just that, no hdd lights or anything00:26
GaryTylor-Van: erm, you might want to move the cat00:26
billybod_: oh okay thanks00:26
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  ok00:26
icanhasadminlinkinxp: and leave windows if you need it00:26
Al2O3lol, Tylor-Van do you have some uncontrollable problem in typing.00:26
billyanyone in here familiar with network and file sharing?00:26
georgy_28billy : from linux to linux ?00:26
fat-headcan anyone give me a few file joining and splitting apps for linux ( something like ffsj on windows not saying ffsj is good just an example ) ???00:26
Al2O3maybe Tylor-Van's head just hit the keyboard00:26
JoelitoSteven2: Replace it, with what? :\00:26
meherenim trying to add a dash (4 numbers in) to the end of only 9 digit dumbers is there a perl or vim script to allow me to do this?00:27
troxorCodedragon: the 32bit version will run just fine, so that might be the cheap way out00:27
billygeorgy_28: no from linux to windows00:27
Tylor-VanI just like wasd00:27
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  how u save in nano?00:27
Ploujeck090: use 'shred'00:27
georgy_28! samba | billy00:27
ubotubilly: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:27
Al2O3Q: how to restart net interface without rebooting?00:28
Codedragontroxor: I am trying to replase windows by installing over it or formatting it completley. I just don't want to do a command line format untill ubuntu is installed as then I won't have anything to fing/get help with00:28
icanhasadminAl2O3: describe 'net interface'?00:28
Steven2Joelito: If you look at the comment by karlozusa. On the YouTube link they say how to get the panel.00:28
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  i got it let me reboot00:28
icanhasadminlinkinxp: just ctrl+x, then "y" when it asks you if you want to save00:28
icanhasadminlinkinxp: ok don't break it :P00:28
bod_guys, if i have a script that does this -- gksudo chmod 777 ./$@      why does it only work with files that dont have spaces in their name?00:28
troxorCodedragon: are there any known issues with your hardware?00:28
Tylor-VanWhats this all about?00:28
Al2O3icanhasadmin: the network card, and ubuntu's notion of that card.  Seems to have gone 'stale' or disconnected when my hub power cycled.00:28
troxorbod_: spaces delimit arguments00:29
fat-headanyone know of any good file splitter and joiners for linux ??00:29
bod_troxor, what does that mean?00:29
icanhasadminAl203: you can rmmod the module driver for your card, then modprobe it back00:29
Codedragontroxor: not that I know of, windows worked find for years on it...00:29
fat-headanyone ? ^00:29
Tylor-Vanim confused00:29
Al2O3ok, does that remove the mod from the kernel, and then reinsert?00:29
nikrudTylor-Van see the topic  , type    /topic00:29
icanhasadminbod_: because files with spaces in there names need a \ or a tab complete or ""00:29
Don_Migueltroxor:  http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61963/   Results of (1) sudo apt-get update00:29
tobberothWhat is the loopback interface used for?00:30
troxorbod_: the shell isn't smart enough to know that the file has spaces00:30
matt__anyone here want to explain to me how to use/setup vncveiwer/server?00:30
bod_icanhasadmin, yer but why cant $@ handle that?00:30
icanhasadminAl2O3: basically yes00:30
troxorfat-head: what type of files?00:30
matt__i wan to "controL" a downstairs computer from upstairs00:30
Al2O3matt__:  that is a big question00:30
bod_troxor, yes it is, autocompletion handles spaces00:30
Antireligionhow do i use the "locate" command to find links to files instead of the files proper?00:30
Al2O3there are a ton of tutorials online for that.00:30
matt__Al2O3: i've been trying a lot of them, but all i do is get confused.00:31
Al2O3its a complex issue due in most part the need to not just install the vnc server, but also get a port forwarded thru your firewall00:31
matt__Al2O3: do you personally know how?00:31
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  i got it :D00:31
Al2O3its a 10 million dollar question00:31
icanhasadminlinkinxp: yay :D00:31
fat-headtroxor all files especially media00:31
meherenim trying to add a dash (4 numbers in) to the end of only 9 digit dumbers is there a perl or vim script to allow me to do this?00:31
troxorbod_: try this.. make a file called "cp -al", then do ls cp -al :)00:31
Al2O3the number of possible configurations are limitless.00:31
matt__Al2O3: ok...then it should be easy, i'm good at forwarding ports00:31
icanhasadminmatt__: do a google search for installing and using vnc00:31
matt__icanhasadmin: i've been trying many tutorials, but i just get confused...00:31
troxorfat-head: it really depends on the filetype, mp3splt can split mp3s00:31
matt__icanhasadmin: do you have a good one?00:31
Al2O3matt__ seriously, that is the best thing to do, it is insanely insane.00:31
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  now in Update Manager i have an update grayed out it says linux-restricted-modules-generic00:32
linkinxpwhats that?00:32
troxorDon_Miguel: that looks fine- what's the eric.lavar repository for?00:32
Mahorawoha! O_o00:32
matt__Al2O3: alright, but do you have a tutorial that works?00:32
bod_troxor,    -rw-r--r--  1 bod bod    0 2008-04-03 00:31 cp -al00:32
Al2O3matt, I used to do customer support for a company that produced VNC servers and clients, and I'll tell ya, I personally changed our poslicy to a 150 bucks an hour policy.00:32
icanhasadminlinkinxp: er.. that's your restricted modules generic :P00:32
bod_troxor, what did that prove?00:32
Mahorathere`s more than 1000 people in this channel! O_o;;00:32
Al2O3the possible configurations are mindnumbing00:32
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  but ajajajjaaj why is there? why cant i download it? or go away ajajja00:32
ubotuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:32
troxorbod_: that if you do `ls cp -al`, the -al are interpreted as arguments to ls00:32
photon_I installed Open Office 2.4 from the official website (deb files). Now I'm being notified to "upgrade" to the 2.3 version available in the repository. Can I exclude Open Office from upgrades or maybe remove it from being tracked?00:32
Don_Migueltroxor, I pasted   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61963/00:33
Al2O3read up on it, there are just too man possibilities.  Can take and often does hours for folks with trouble to solve.00:33
Codedragontroxor: no ideas?00:33
troxorthus, the part of the filename after the first space (unless escaped or enclosed by quotes) are interpreted as arguments00:33
matt__Al2O3: yeah, i've figured it out. but as i've said, all i really want to do is "control" the downstairs computer. I keep noticing that the ubuntu/kubuntu's both include something called "remote desktop". i'm thinking it is all already there, i just don't know how to use it...00:33
matt__but am i wrong?00:33
fat-headtroxor what about .wmv .asf and .avi files ???00:33
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Flannelphoton_: Unless they've tweaked the version numbers something awful, you shouldn't be prompted for 2.3 updates.  But yes, assuming you are,00:33
Flannel!pinning | photon_00:33
ubotuphoton_: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto00:33
Al2O3I think you are right, remote desktop is likely vnc00:33
linkinxpmatt__,  just put the IP00:34
troxorCodedragon: actually, more like "linux compatibility" with your hardware ;)00:34
Al2O3I know apple use's ARD for their 'remote desktop'  :)00:34
Tylor-Vani agree00:34
icanhasadminmatt_: well it actually works in Hardy.. wait a few days00:34
FloodBot2Tylor-Van: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:34
Al2O3so my guess is you are right, the remote desktop is VNC in linux00:34
Al2O3ubuntu that is00:34
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troxorCodedragon: it could be something simple like putting noacpi at the end of the kernel argument list00:34
bod_troxor, actually i got that from a ls -lah    if i try    ls cp -al   it thinks cp is the directory00:34
karllenz87do 64bit drivers work on a 32bit system00:34
matt__icanhasadmin: you mean the one is edgy doesn't work right out of the box?00:34
troxorfat-head: wmv, asf: ew. avi, transcode will do it00:34
matt__linkinxp: meaning???00:34
Codedragontroxor: I had linux running on this computer before, its just ubuntu that is giving me the problems00:35
icanhasadminCodedragon: i would try passing noacpi...00:35
icanhasadminmatt__: it just doesn't work... quite right... in edgy or gutsy, in my experiences.00:35
bod_Codedragon, did you try removing all usb devices?00:35
GaryTylor-Van: I suggest you read the pm I sent you regarding behaviour in this channel00:35
karllenz87can anyone help with macbook santa rosa installation00:35
troxorCodedragon: ah, that's a good sign- do you remember the kernel version the other distro was using, by any chance?00:35
fat-headtroxor does that split and join .wmv's??00:36
matt__icanhasadmin: alright...though: i've got the "server" setup with remote desktop, however, do i need to forward a port, AND how would i attempt to veiw this remote desktop00:36
troxorDon_Miguel: your pastebin output looks fine- what's the eric.lavar repository for?00:36
Al2O3check it out.00:37
tiredcan someone help me with an 8.04 update error??00:37
Al2O3tells you what you need to do and know for port forwarding.00:37
troxorfat-head: I'm not sure, actually- I avoid those :)00:37
Flanneltired: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy support, thanks00:37
matt__Al2O3: you send that to me???????????????????/00:37
billyhow can i share an internet connection with my windows comp? like, ubuntu is bummin internet off of a windows comp via a crossover cable00:37
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adaci wanna boot from a pxe server with qemu...is this possible, and how?00:37
billyhow do i do that?00:37
maarek_\me was afk00:38
Al2O3you need to either open your firewall on your local machine/os, and/or on the hub you have which may have a firewall on it and enabled.00:38
sarah____does anyone know the avant-windows-navigator hotkeys for rotating windows?00:38
* maarek_ was afk00:38
Antireligionwhere are the totem plugins for firefox 3 in 8.04 located?00:38
Al2O3and finally you do need to set your port (default to 5900) to what you would expect it to be.00:38
maarek_what is the transparent IRC client that  melds with the desktop?00:38
billyhow can i share an internet connection from my windows comp over a crossover cable?00:38
shadowhywindhay all just upgraded to hardy, and now my scanner doesn't work, any ideas?00:38
Al2O35900-5909 are the standard ports for VNC Server, on the world of linux they are desktops 0 thru 9 as I recall.00:38
Al2O3and if you want to do reverse connection request to the client instead, from the server, that would usually be 5500 and then it would come back to you as I recall on 5900.  Details of this are online.00:39
icanhasadminbilly: you need to use windows ICS, nothing to do with ubuntu00:39
Al2O3there are ways around the firewall.00:39
Codedragontroxor: it was a slackware version but it was almost 3 years since I had it installed so the kernal ver was quite old.. :D the only new thing I added was the video card.00:39
Al2O3but since this in your house, you should have control of it all anyway.00:39
billyicanhasadmin: how do i do it? over a crossover cable?00:40
icanhasadminbilly: yes00:40
troxorCodedragon: slackware? then probably kernel 2.4 ;)00:40
Al2O3I can say over 90% of our calls were about port forwarding.00:40
billyicanhasadmin: im noob dude lol. how do i do it like, do i set up static ip's on both comps?00:40
Flare183!lol | billy00:41
ubotubilly: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.00:41
icanhasadminbilly: as i said it's a windows question, doesn't belong here00:41
linkinxpAntireligion,  i just installed them to fix my video rendering00:41
StevenXguys, how do I make a shortcut to a folder on the desktop?00:41
Flare183!windows | billy00:41
ubotubilly: For discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents00:41
billyicanhasadmin: oh.. okay00:41
Flare183StevenX: use ln -s00:41
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com00:41
Flare183O snap00:42
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linkinxpban the numbers :D00:43
Starnestommythey were banned from connecting00:43
linkinxphey sorry for asking but is anyone from Naples Florida?00:43
RockerMONOheya Flare18300:43
Flare183RockerMONO: hey00:43
Flare183!ot | Starnestommy00:44
ubotuStarnestommy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:44
Flare183sorry wrong nick00:44
Flare183!ot | linkinxp00:44
ubotulinkinxp: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:44
linkinxpFlare183,  :D00:44
icanhasadminlinkinxp: i knew a girl named jessica from naples00:44
linkinxpicanhasadmin,  for real? linux girl?00:44
StevenXFlare183, thank you. "ln" worked.00:45
Flare183no problem00:45
icanhasadminlinkinxp: no :P but this is terribly off topic.00:45
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linkinxpicanhasadmin,  i know jajajaj see ya in offtopic00:46
Flare183yeap it is00:46
joe12345hey guys, question: is there a way to disable my wifi killswitch?00:47
joe12345or better yet, reenable my wifi card?00:47
praktoraI am not able to connect to a wireless nework using ubuntu 7.10 . I am using pavilion Dv9000 with a broadcom 802.11g/b wireless. i read over 100 topics in the internet and nothing can find my a solution. Can anyone please help me ?00:48
icanhasadminpraktora: you have to explain your problem futher. is your wifi shown with iwconfig?00:49
insomninjajoe12345, I guess it depends on the nature of the killswitch, but to restart networking you could open a terminal and type sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart00:49
joe12345insomninja: sexy, thanks, I'll try that!00:49
thiemsterthe run menu has stopped coming up when I press alt-f2. How can I get it back?00:50
thiemsterI'm in kubuntu 8.04 beta kde 3 edition, if that helps00:50
praktoraicanhasadmin ok . Please tell me what things i need to check and i will restart and log with ubuntu and tell you00:50
Codedragontroxor: could be, i am not a linux guru..00:50
praktoraonly iwconfig ?00:50
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danbhfivethiemster: beta support is in ubuntu+100:51
insomninjajoe12345, however it might be that the killswitch is "above" that (like actually being a hardware power switch or something)00:51
Codedragontroxor: i just would love to get ubuntu installed, so i get give windows the boot00:51
praktoraicanhasadmin it is not shown00:52
joe12345insomninja: i'm pretty sure it is a hardware power switch. problem is, it's "windized", and is the fn+f2 hotkey. It turned it off once, but will no longer turn it back on00:52
icanhasadminpraktora: you need to install working drivers, i believe madwifi supports broadcom 43xx, but i could be wrong00:52
joe12345insomninja: oh, and i had no dice with the network restart :P. Same deal with dhclient. Is there a way to make ubuntu believe that there is wireless card?00:53
joe12345then i could set up the wireless connection.00:53
Don_Migueltroxor, that    http://eric.lavar.de   seems to be for some "Third Party Software"  result of  sudo apt-get upgrade ---> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61965/   and I see some errors, but no idea how to fix them.00:54
Antireligioni want to remove the totem plugins from firefox 3, where do i find those plugins?00:54
billy____how do i set up a network between a windows and ubuntu comp via a crossover cable?00:54
insomninjajoe12345, what network card model / latptop model do you have?00:55
troxorCodedragon: when the ubuntu CD boots up, choose the safe option (if available)00:55
Dr_willisbilly____,  give each a static ip. or install a dhcp server on the linux box is one way.00:56
Dr_willisbilly,  once eah has an ip. You can ping/transfer whatever.00:56
Codedragontroxor: ok, i'll try that.. brb00:56
geniibilly____: Set static IP on each box with it's own IP as gateway/default router and make sure you can ping each other.00:56
billy____dr_willis; i tried that but its not working00:56
troxorCodedragon: also, there should be a way to edit the kernel arguments- TAB or something-00:56
troxorCodedragon: add noacpi noapic at the end if the safe option doesn't work00:56
joe12345insomninja: broadcomm BCM4312 802.11a/b/g /// Dell 1501 Inspiron00:57
Dr_willisbilly,  then you are doing somthing wrong. its how ya do it. :)00:57
Dr_willisbilly,  give each box an ip like and 101, then see if they can ping each other.00:57
billy____oi.. can u walk me thru from scratch?00:57
troxorDon_Miguel: what does line 2 of /var/lib/dpkg/available say ?00:57
Dr_willisbilly,  THEN its all about getting installed/doung what you want to do.  try ping ip.of.other.box  and if they can ping. they are networked.00:57
Acomacohow come, shutdown 0 don't work for me? even if i do sudo? It only takes the computer to one user mode..00:58
powder^hi.. I got no CD writer..00:58
billy____Dr_willis okay00:58
powder^I got Gutsy..00:58
powder^I got XP00:58
powder^Do me up00:58
style23I'm running the intel driver on my intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03), but glxinfo returns the following error: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61886/plain/00:58
sumalrhi does anyone know the name of a system monitoring software i see on a lot of desktop screenshots? it's usually a right menubar with customizable displays. thanks.01:00
powder^I don't know the first thing about Linux, But I can read, and I read about the DualBoot MBR.. (From Forum) and I think I can get GAG.. and or do the install, BUT.. I got no CD writer01:00
Codedragontroxor: nope same thing01:00
powder^can't make install disk from ISO01:00
sumalrpowder^: You can try alternative installation methods.01:01
powder^Can I open the ISO to Hard disk?01:01
troxorDon_Miguel: better yet, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=72210101:01
troxorCodedragon: did you try adding "noacpi noapic nolapic" at the end of the kernel boot arguments? sometimes those magically fix it01:01
sumalrpowder^: I think I've seen a guide on using DAEMOM or some tool to mount the .iso01:01
HorizonXPdoes anyone know of a good replacement for the Windows Task List bar at the bottom of the screen?01:01
insomninjajoe12345, after some googling I've found that you might find some settings in bios that might relate to it. this might help too: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=425673201:01
sumalrpowder^: But I'd give unetbootin a try01:02
Codedragontroxor: no, i'll try those.01:02
powder^sumalr Ohhh.. please .. input, need more input01:02
aj_For some reason, when I create a launcher for an executable text file, it doesn't work.  I need to actually navigate to the folder and run in manually.  Clicking the launcher I created does nothing, shows no errors.  What's going on?01:02
sumalrpowder^: did you try unetbootin?01:02
Antireligionwhats the difference between gksu and gksudo?01:02
sumalrpowder^: http://lubi.sourceforge.net/unetbootin.html01:02
troxorCodedragon: kernel oopses are tough to diagnose if you can't get the oops message itself :(01:03
nikrudAntireligion nothing, gksudo is a link to gksu (used to be a little different, though)01:03
powder^sumalr - lookin01:03
troxorCodedragon: alternatively, you can try an older version of ubuntu, and then dist-upgrade01:03
Codedragontroxor: tell me about it. it seams like the computer is off but still has power01:03
Don_Migueltroxor, line 2 of /var/lib/dpkg/available says       Status: install ok installed01:04
troxorDon_Miguel: did you see that forums link? the solution there was to copy available-old to available (both in /var/lib/dpkg)01:04
aj_Also, if I'm on Gnome-look.org, what kid of themes do I need to look for (gdm, gtk1/2)?01:05
azlonim running ubuntu 7.04, i just plugged in my ext hd... how can i view a list of connected devices so i can mount it?01:06
aj_azlon: You can determine your device id by running "dmesg" in the terminal.  This will show you the last connected device at the end.01:07
aj_For some reason, when I create a launcher for an executable text file, it doesn't work.  I need to actually navigate to the folder and run in manually.  Clicking the launcher I created does nothing, shows no errors.  What's going on?01:07
Don_Migueltroxor:  I missed that link ... and see that "available" lines 1 & 2 say: Package: python-bittorrent01:08
Don_MiguelStatus: install ok installed01:08
troxorDon_Miguel:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=72210101:08
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Don_Migueltroxor, thanks .. going to check that ...01:08
Codedragontroxor: nope same thing. i seen an error msg for a split second but not long enough to see or hit anything to read it01:11
PwrSurgegood , back to normal01:11
sarah___hey guys, whats a good linux app for displaying cpu data/weather on my ubuntu desktop?01:11
sarah___cpu data/ harddrive data/ user/ linux kernel, etc01:12
powder^sumalr -- good choice, I will TRY that01:12
sumalrpowder^: gl01:12
troxorCodedragon: perhaps then, installing feisty off the CD, then dist-upgrading to gutsy would be the path of least resistance :)01:12
PwrSurgecan anyone help me, i keep getting connection reset by peer on a ssh session to a freebsd box on my local network01:12
powder^sumalr - parting the disk can be done with XP?01:12
sarah___im looking something similar to this app "http://www.tuxmachines.org/images/med-sept.jpg"01:12
sumalrpowder^: no use the gparted live CD01:12
sarah___i am not sure what its called, anyone know the name of it?01:12
billy____my windows comp can ping my ubuntu comp, but no the other way around.. what do i do?01:13
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!01:13
sumalrPwrSurge: set a keep alive in ur daemon config01:13
powder^sumalr -- I have the Drive Maker Partitions Disk01:13
Codedragontroxor: what ver is feisty?01:13
powder^help disk01:13
powder^setup disk01:13
Sun01Techwhen playing streaming video in firefox xubuntu in a little while shuts off and my computer cuts off....i think i caught a message about temp exceeded 85 c01:13
troxor7.04, methinks01:13
powder^sumalr Maxtor Made, and Provide Partiton software on their disk01:13
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billy____howcome i can ping my ubuntu comp from my windows comp but i can't ping the other way around? how do i fix it?01:14
iceswordgod ,ff even makes a beta501:15
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RandoCalgoog evening everyone01:16
TeozI installed SSH in Ubuntu but I can't access it through putty from the outside world01:16
BogaurdI'm trying to extract a multipart rar... I'm using 'unrar e archive.rar', but it keeps complaining 'no files to extract'...01:16
powder^don't pick on me, I'm a Penguin Noobie01:16
TeozI used port forwarding on my router as best as I understood it01:16
Codedragontroxor: would it make a difference if i tried the x86 version over the 64bit one? is there that much performance loss between the two?01:16
Teozis there some firewall option to change in Ubuntu ?01:17
Pici!firewall | Teoz01:17
ubotuTeoz: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).01:17
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troxorCodedragon: it could work, yes01:17
RandoCalWhen I want to SSH from my Ubuntu box to other machines in the house I've been just opening a terminal window and then typing in "ssh -l user xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" of the other box, is there a way to make myself a "shortcut" to terminal that automatically puts this info?01:17
powder^lool, firestarter is the name of my pc01:18
ScuniziTeoz,  you have a couple of factors that you might not have taken into account.. first is if your ISP gives you a dynamic IP address it might have changed.. also your router is probably providing dhcp to your machine.. depending on setup that can change from boot to boot as well.01:18
sumalrpowder^: use the Gparted Live CD01:18
Codedragontroxor: ok, well I'll download that and see if there is a difference.01:18
sumalrpowder^: use that to partition01:18
Teozapparently iptables is not a valid command01:18
Dr_willisRandoCal,  you could always make some alias's in your bashrc.01:18
Teozin ubuntu01:18
TeozI have a pretty static ip address, im sure01:18
RandoCalIdeally, i'd like an icon on my top panel, that just opens an SSH session automatically to my other linux box01:19
sumalrpowder^: Here's a helpful website about partitioning: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/partitioning01:19
Dr_willisRandoCal,  theres a tool that does that for gnome ive seen. It may be under hardy.01:19
Teozwhen I enter my modem-cable IP address, does the dhcp really mess anythign up ?01:19
Codedragontroxor: you ever hear of a problem like i am having?01:19
Teoziptables does work after all!01:19
RandoCalDr_willis: kk, i'll give that a try once i upgrade01:20
ScuniziTeoz the modem ip, or main ip doesn't have any relationship to the ip assigned by dhcp to your machine.01:20
Dr_willisRandoCal,  i cant find the name right now. :) it was some taskbar applet for gnome. ya enter the various ssh ip/options and it was just a simple menu.01:20
hpi have a very weird problem with my wireless01:20
Dr_willisRandoCal,  you could do about the same thing with a few scripts. easially enough01:21
ScuniziTeoz port forwarding in the router is done to your machines ip which is normally 192.168.x.xxx .. this the ip assigned by dhcp in your router.01:21
RandoCalCan I launch terminal with a switch command to have it autoconnect to a specific IP with a specific username?01:21
Dr_willisRandoCal,  sshmenu - A standalone and a Gnome panel applet for connecting to hosts using SSH01:21
Dr_willisRandoCal,  most of the terminalapps have a -e EXEXUTE SOMTHING  option01:22
* RandoCal goes to find sshmenu and try it01:22
Dr_willisxterm -e 'ssh whatever '01:22
TeozScunizi: yes I agree that port forwarding is the router getting a request for a certain port from the internet and a certain port is associated with a certain internal IP + said port01:22
Dr_willis!info sshmenu01:22
ubotuPackage sshmenu does not exist in gutsy01:22
Pici!info is broken01:23
ubotuPackage is does not exist in gutsy01:23
Scuniziteoz, some ISP's block know ports, like port 80 & 2101:23
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TeozScunizi: hm, so I how to configure my SSH to listen to another port other than 22 ?01:23
sumalrTeoz: go to sshd_config01:24
sumalrTeoz: wait one moment01:24
meherenmy terminal emulator is not wrapping text correctly. everytime it goes to the end of the window it restarts on the same line instead of going down a line, and when i shorten it, it goes up a line (replacing what was previously there) any one know what i screwed up?01:24
powder^they use port 10?01:24
iwksehi there, why alsaconf is not reachable on ubuntu/kubuntu?01:24
sumalrTeoz: modify the host's openssh daemon config file (sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config)01:24
sumalrTeoz: Then change port 22 to Port XXXXX01:24
RandoCalyup, doesn't exist in gutsy01:24
Starnestommyor add a new line01:24
Teozsumalr: ok wait, i am doing this over SSH since my samba is headless01:25
sumalrTeoz: Okay01:25
Teozsumalr: how high do ports go ? whats the last one ?01:26
RandoCalI'm pretty new to running a linux machine as my desktop OS..... i've had a couple linux servers for a while, and would normally just use putty to admin them. Now i'm looking to admin them from my Ubuntu box, do people generally just use the included terminal app? or is there better terminal programs that most tend to use?01:26
Don_Miguel troxor, see the link ... what is the sudo command to copy available-old to available (both in /var/lib/dpkg) ?? and I guess I also need to CD to /var/lib/dpkg ... first ...01:26
bastid_raZorRandoCal; ssh is your best friend in this instance01:27
ScuniziRandoCal, Terminal Services Client if you have a gui on the server or ssh is the better option from the command line.01:27
RandoCalso just run terminal from my accesories, and then ssh over like i've been doing01:27
troxorDon_Miguel: `sudo cp /var/lib/dpkg/available{,.backup} && sudo cp /var/lib/dpkg/available{-old,}` <-- fancy way01:28
sumalrTeoz: I'm not sure though you can use anything up to 6000001:28
iwkseRandoCal: man ssh for details01:28
Dr_willisRandoCal,  make an alias for each machines with the proper ssh command. Is rahter easy.01:28
sumalrTeoz: Lots of options there01:28
Teozsumalr: I'll have to get out my lucky numers now01:28
RandoCali'm able to SSH across no problems, i know how to get connected, i'm just looking for an easier way, rather than having to type in "ssh -l username ipaddress" each time01:28
Dr_willisRandoCal,  i tend to just use xterms, or gnome-terminal. thers others you can try. for X based terminals. Be sure to learn to use screen.01:28
sumalrTeoz: make you write it down so you won't get locked out01:28
troxorDon_Miguel: or sudo -s , then cd /var/lib/dpkg/, then mv them around :)01:29
chukwhen this bug is fixed, where is the first place I will find it:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/21106601:29
RandoCalyeah, i've heard screen is the good stuff01:29
Dr_willisRandoCal,  'alas goremote=ssh long command line '01:29
powder^-- downloadin' Unetbootin-partmanager14601:29
Dr_willisoops alias. :)01:29
Scunizichuk it will be mentioned there01:29
sumalrpowder^: do you have a wired connection?01:29
chukwasn't sure if there was a repository that will pick it up first01:29
Teozsumalr: all right ! the port is 13211 now01:30
bastid_raZorRandoCal; as Dr_willis suggested.. set an alias.01:30
j3kyllhow do i edit the mbr on another hd? from ubuntu..01:30
powder^sumalr -- DSL01:30
sumalrpowder^: ok that will be good for unetbootin01:30
powder^sumalr I have no COA.. if XP crashes01:30
Scunizij3kyll, are you trying to fix grub?01:30
sumalrTeoz: I recommend this documentation to enhance your SSH security: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AdvancedOpenSSH01:31
j3kyllScunizi : no, im trying to figure out how to format a secondary harddrive to install xp on. i can't figure out how to do it through ubuntu01:31
PwrSurgesumalr, : i already have ClientAliveInterval     20 in my sshd_config01:31
Teozsumalr: damn it ! now it the connection is just refused even though I didnt screw up writing the port down01:31
chukScunizi - is there a bleeding edge repository for bug fixes, or do they get committed to archive.ubuntu.com at the same time?01:31
sumalrPwrSurge: and you still get disconnected?01:31
bastid_raZorTeoz; when you ssh in to your box you'lll have to specify the new port ssh -P1231101:31
Scunizij3kyll, you can install gparted in ubuntu and use that.01:31
powder^j3kyll it is on the internet.. how to01:31
sumalrTeoz: did you tweak any other settings?01:31
PwrSurgeeven when typing01:31
Scunizichuk.. if it's security is passed down as an update.. other than that. I'm not really sure.01:32
sumalrPwrSurge: do you get .. disconnected by peer?01:32
Teozsumalr: no really, just that01:32
chukScunizi - thanks01:32
Scunizichuk, np01:32
j3kyllScunizi : installed gparted... but how do i edit the mbr? and i can't format to ntfs through gparted. Is there a plugin for that?01:32
Teozsumalr: gladly, i also have samba running01:32
PwrSurge[nrg@chestnut ~]$ Read from remote host chestnut: Connection reset by peer01:33
PwrSurgeConnection to chestnut closed.01:33
sumalrPwrSurge: you can try allowing the host01:33
sumalrTeoz: use netstat to see whether the port is open01:33
powder^i read where GAG can be used01:33
Teozsumalr: but that doesnt help me since I dont have access to /etc/01:33
PwrSurgeit only does it after like 10 minutes01:33
RandoCalWinXp will format when you go to install it01:33
PwrSurgei can connect fine01:33
powder^first priority01:33
powder^GAG is a bootloader on track one01:34
powder^mm.. uep01:34
Scunizij3kyll, I'll tell you how I did it when I first started.. I disconnected my ubuntu drive and put the other in the master position and booted to the windows install cd and did the 3.5hr install with updates. then I reinstalled the ubuntu drive and re-wrote grub to where it normally was. It picked up the fact that I had Windows on another drive and created a line for it.01:34
PwrSurgei heard there's an incompatibility between ubuntu and MacOS ssh01:34
Ace2016why not grub?01:34
PwrSurgewould that affect Free BSD as well?01:34
Scunizij3kyll, windows will do its own formatting.01:35
sumalrPwrSurge: can you give more info on the machine you are SSHing to?01:35
Teozhow do you even ping a specifc port from winxp??01:35
powder^said grub may not be what you want to do in a dual boot OS01:35
ScuniziTeoz from a DOS box01:35
Teozand type in       ping
Teozand what else?01:35
PwrSurgeFreeBSD chestnut.nrgnet.cjb.net 6.3-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE #0:01:35
j3kyllRandoCal Scunizi : i using just the windows cd but when ever i go to it it says "this partition does not contain a windowsXp compatible"01:35
balthazarguyHey guys.01:35
ScuniziTeoz, probably pinf or whatever the port is\01:36
balthazarguyGot a question about Ubuntu.. I'm new at this hehe.01:36
zippytechwhats program does ubuntu use to mout ubb drives automaticly01:36
nikrud!ask | balthazarguy01:36
ubotubalthazarguy: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:36
Synclairsomeone there?01:36
sumalrTeoz, also try netstat -an |find /i "listening"01:36
powder^BalaamsMiracle hey, meet another noob01:36
tobberothIs it possible to have an input engine outside of X, GTK or similar? I want to be able to write japanese in the virtual console01:36
powder^lool, I gotta find a nnoobb room01:36
PwrSurgeOpenSSH_4.5p1 FreeBSD-20061110, OpenSSL 0.9.7e-p1 25 Oct 200401:37
Scunizij3kyll, you can format the drive as fat32 then on install windows will typically ask if you want to delete the partition and recreate it then it will format.. this is really for #windows. not her.01:37
Synclairhey I have issues installing VirtualBox..01:37
PwrSurgeshould i try to update the opensshd on my freebsd box?01:37
SynclairI cannot fulfill the dependencies01:37
sumalrPwrSurge: also look through the settings01:37
j3kyllScunizi : okay will try #windows thanks01:37
Teozsumalr: thatsweird, netstat doesnt even list my open samba01:37
PwrSurgewhich settings?01:37
GeekthrasHow can I turn off the desktop effects?01:38
balthazarguyI just installed Ubuntu, finally got the internet up. Now I go to get my Nvidia Video card working... I go to the restricted drivers manager, and tell it to enable, then I get the error: Nvidia-GLX-New is not enabled..01:38
sumalrPwrSurge: sshd_config01:38
sumalrGeekthras: Are you using GNOME?01:38
GeekthrasI think so01:38
sumalrGeekthras: If you're using GNOME, System > Appearance01:38
Ace2016PwrSurge: did you download the deb?01:38
balthazarguyAll I know really atm is Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy.01:38
Geekthrassumalr: unfortunately, the screen is completely black in GNOME01:38
Adam__I need help01:38
sumalrGeekthras: Then click on the 'Visual Effects' tab01:38
noam_can you turn off the desktop effects from command line?01:38
sumalrGeekthras: What happened? Why is it black?01:39
Geekthrassumalr: I have no idea and have been asking01:39
PwrSurgeAce2016, : i have the latest openssh on my xubuntu host01:39
Teozoy, this is why I love computers01:39
Adam__can someone help me install the wireless / madwifi on my laptop?01:39
sumalrGeekthras: Are you able to switch to command line view?01:39
PwrSurgeinstalled an update just today01:39
Teozthey keep me awake all night with promises of functioning01:39
Ace2016woops wrong person01:39
Adam__pm if you can help/walk me through i01:39
Ace2016Synclair: how are you installing it?01:40
=== chds1 is now known as chdst
Synclairfirst of all, I tried compiling..01:40
sumalrGeekthras: I would go into the command line (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and reinstall GNOME desktop01:40
Synclairthen it started asking for pulseaudio's header files01:40
balthazarguyAnyone that can tell me how to fix it?01:40
Synclairand there's where my problems started01:41
sumalrbalthazarguy: What are you trying to fix?01:41
Ace2016Synclair: Go to this link and just add the correct lne into your fstab, thats all you need to do https://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/CDS-CDS_SMI-Site/en_US/-/USD/ViewProductDetail-Start?ProductRef=innotek-1.5.6-G-F@CDS-CDS_SMI01:41
Geekthrassumalr: sounds plausible, I'll try it01:41
Ace2016wait i mean your sources.list01:41
Adam__if anyone can help me install madwifi on my laptop please IM me01:41
Ace2016Synclair: not the fstab, the sources.list01:41
balthazarguy(10:37:59 AM) balthazarguy: I just installed Ubuntu, finally got the internet up. Now I go to get my Nvidia Video card working... I go to the restricted drivers manager, and tell it to enable, then I get the error: Nvidia-GLX-New is not enabled..01:42
SynclairI just don't have another partition01:42
sumalrAdam_: Have you tried looking up your madwifi on ubuntuforums?01:42
Adam__..no lol01:42
Ace2016add for example deb http://www.virtualbox.org/debian feisty non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list01:42
chukbalthazarguy - what version of ubuntu?01:42
Ace2016Synclair: another partition?01:42
sumalrbalthazarguy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58039001:42
balthazarguyChuck: 7.10 Gutsy01:42
SynclairI did that01:43
Synclairtried to use synaptic01:43
Pelowhen is hardy coming out ? 17th ?01:43
PiciPelo: 24th01:43
Synclairbut tells me that dependencies couldn't be satisfied01:43
sumalrbalthazarguy: Another guy enabled some other repositories and fixed this problem. Give that a try.01:43
Pelothanks Pici01:43
Synclairnow I'm downloading the binary01:43
Ace2016Synclair: add for example deb http://www.virtualbox.org/debian feisty non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list then reload in synaptic and install,01:43
sumalrbalthazarguy: Tick all the boxes in Software Sources (main, restricted, universe, multiverse).01:43
balthazarguyEhh.. but what repositories?01:43
sumalrbalthazarguy: Tick all the boxes in Software Sources (main, restricted, universe, multiverse)01:43
PeloSynclair, did you enable the extra repositories in synaptic ?01:43
balthazarguySumalr: Kk, will try that, thanks.01:44
tobberothNeed japanese support in terminal, please help01:44
Synclairsome libraries required01:44
FlaviusHola buenas noches!!01:44
Synclairdunno what's going on01:44
Synclairyes I always do01:44
FloodBot2Synclair: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:44
Pelo!jp | tobberoth01:44
ubotutobberoth: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい01:44
sumalrbalthazarguy: look here if you need more help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=582362http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58236201:44
FlaviusHello everybody!01:44
SynclairFlavius, es un canal en ingles.. trata de hablar en ingles dale¡01:44
Pici!es | Flavius01:44
ubotuFlavius: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:44
tobberothPelo: I might get help in japanese, and since my terminal doesn't support japanese, that might be an issue01:45
Flaviusok sorry01:45
balthazarguySumalr: Umm, I don't have a Main, Restricted, Unviverse, Multiverse option.01:45
sumalrbalthazarguy: Using the Synaptic Package Manager?01:45
balthazarguyAh, you said Software sources, so I was lookin in there.01:45
Teozso, any chance of port scanning with my command prompt under win xp ?01:46
Synclairit's ok01:46
Pelotobberoth, but they migth be able to tell you how to instll japanese support ,  in anycase,  do a apt-cache search *-jp and see what comes up , you might just need a few extra packages you might be able to figure it out by yourself01:46
Synclaircheck in repositories option01:46
tobberothPelo: Thanks, I'll try01:46
Synclairclick on add01:46
PiciTeoz: Ask in ##windows, and no, not without 3rd party software01:46
PeloTeoz, ask in ##windows01:46
Synclairand click on universe, multiverse01:46
Teozthanks Pici and Pelo01:46
Pelosinbox, and backport in the 3rd tab01:46
balthazarguySumalr: DO I want Software Sources or the Package Manager?01:46
Pelobalthazarguy, both01:47
tobberothPelo: You can't put * in search terms :/ regexp error01:47
sumalrbalthazarguy: Package Manager01:47
sumalrbalthazarguy: Check all the ones in "Downloadable from the Internet"01:47
Pelotobberoth, try with just -jp then . but if you have access to gui searching in synaptic might be faster01:47
balthazarguyKk.. I don't see those options in either one tho..01:47
tobberothPelo: It thinks -jp is an argument and doesn't recognize it.. and no, I have no GUI :/01:48
sumalrbalthazarguy: in parantheses, it says main, universe, restricted, multiverse01:48
Pelotobberoth, just jp then01:48
Pelotobberoth, or '-jp'01:48
balthazarguySumalr: Ah, next to the catagories then?01:48
tobberothPelo: Yeah, I did try that. It gave me like a million results ^^ I'll try the single quotes and see if I can find something, thanks01:48
Pelotobberoth, I'm checking in synpatic for you ( gives you an idea how bored I am)01:49
Dr_willisi alwyas seem to do 'apt-cache search | grep pattern'01:49
sumalrbalthazarguy: in the Synaptic Package Manager > Settings > Repositories > Check all the boxes under "Downloadable from the Internet"01:49
balthazarguyAhh ok.01:49
Pelotobberoth, the 2 letter code for japanese is ja apparently01:50
balthazarguySumalr: Then I just press quit?01:50
sumalrbalthazarguy: Close the software sources window, yes01:50
sumalrbalthazarguy: Now go through this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57368&highlight=latest+nvidia+drives01:51
Don_Migueltroxor: That worked !!  14 updates .. and all seems good ... Thank YOU !!!01:51
sumalrbalthazarguy: Also look at this which addresses your problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58236201:51
PwrSurgelooks like lots of ppl having ssh connection reset by peer issues but no real solution01:51
balthazarguySumalr: Ok thanks.01:51
sumalrPwrSurge: Strange, I had that problem too but the keepalive thing fixed it for me01:51
PwrSurgebased on googling so far01:51
sumalrand I googled for my answer too01:52
sumalrbalthazarguy: np01:52
Pelotobberoth, try  sudo apt-get install doc-linux-ja-text , those are howtos and faq about linux in japanesse01:52
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tobberothPelo: Thanks, I'll check it out01:53
tobberothPelo: I did the get, now how do I find/open it?01:54
ForestBearI have a problem01:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about watchdog - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:55
ForestBearI can run Warcraft III frozen throne in Ubuntu Linux version 7.10 gutsy01:55
mike-ekimsomeone please help em get this wireless up and working, all drivers installed, got my interfaces associated with teh device perfectly, ive tried using various gui tools and interfaces file to try to configure this. I keep getting a message wlan0: link is not ready. can someone pleaseee try to helpo me troubleshoot this01:56
mike-ekimI have tried almost anything01:56
ForestBearvia wine .58, that is, but the battle.net option stops at the "initializing connection" screen01:56
cute_bettongi have an amd x2 64 running in 32 bit mode what kernal do i use... is there one for amd cpu's?01:56
veynomare you using NDIS Wrapper?01:56
veynomis your wireless card USB?01:56
ForestBear OK so this is my problem in whole: I can run Warcraft III frozen throne in Ubuntu Linux version 7.10 gutsy via wine .58, but the battle.net option stops at the "initializing connection" screen01:57
veynomhave you tried to modprobe ndiswrapper?01:57
mike-ekimyes everything is loaded01:57
jjt001hey guys01:57
Pelotobberoth, try locate doc-linux-ja-text  to find where it is , once you know open it with nano01:57
jjt001the people over at gnome-hackers banned me for constructively criticizing Jeff Waugh01:57
jjt001is there any way i can get myself back on the channel?01:57
veynomdo you see the network when you do sudo iwlist scanning?01:57
mike-ekimyes i see a hunch of them01:58
veynomhave you told NDIS the ID of the network you want to connect to?01:58
Picijjt001: This isnt the place to discuss bans from other channels.01:58
veynomthe essid i mean01:58
mike-ekimveynom: i believe so01:58
jjt001Pici: i know, but i have no way of talking to the people on the gnome irc01:58
mike-ekimI have specified it in interfaces file, and kwifimanager as well01:58
mike-ekimi have entered the WEP key as well01:58
ForestBearguys could you help me?01:59
veynomtry this: sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "NetworkNameHere"01:59
mike-ekimi did that01:59
mike-ekimfollowed by iwconfig wlan0 commit as well01:59
veynomis your network using encryption?01:59
PeloForestBear, ask in #winehq01:59
ForestBearok thanks01:59
mike-ekimand when i do iwconfig, it still shows 'any' on essied01:59
mike-ekimbut the gui programs that are configuring my wireless keep the proper essid information, so i duno about that01:59
mike-ekimveynom, I believe so, it has 128 bit WEP01:59
Picijjt001: I'm not sure what Freenode or Ubuntu has to do with Gnome's irc network...02:00
veynommike-ekim: try setting your essid explicitly02:00
veynomsudo iwconfig wlan0 essid "NetworkNameHere"02:00
mike-ekimyeah ive done that numerouis times02:00
Picijjt001: join #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to discuss it further, I dont know what to suggest though02:00
veynomhave you told NDIS your network key?02:00
mike-ekimnah, how would i do that02:01
d3lf1n0I am Italian... there are the modem(not router) for ethernet?02:01
veynomsudo iwconfig wlan0 enc 'mykeyhere'02:01
mike-ekimi just did iwconfig wlan0 essid "NAME" and iwconfig still returns off/any for essid02:01
mike-ekimbut it shows me the encryption key tho02:01
adantehi guys can someone explain the rules for whether a mount automatically turns up on the desktop or not?02:01
mike-ekimsecurity mode is set to "restricted" as well02:02
adanteif i mount something into my ~/mydoc it doesn't, if i mount the same thing into ~/cdrive it does02:02
powder^d3lf1n0 I have a motorola modem for ADSL it is ethernet and I have no router02:02
veynomadante: check your fstab02:02
michaelcan anyone help me get kde 4.0.3, or 4.0.2 installed ?   I'm running 7.10 here now ....02:02
d3lf1n0powder that's ok thenk you ^^02:02
veynomdoes your router have a mac address ban on it?02:02
PwrSurgeadded ServerAliveInterval in ssh_conf02:02
PwrSurgehopefully it helps02:02
patrick_i have gutsy on my laptop that uses touch sensitive controls, although no matter how high i turn up the volume i still can barely hear anything out of it..how do i fix it?02:03
adanteveynom: fstab does not have anything corresponding to those directories02:03
mike-ekimwait i think i just fixed it02:03
powder^ubuntu 7.10 Server, or Desktop.. which will be best to operate beside XP02:03
mike-ekimoh man02:03
mike-ekimoh dude, I jsut got it man!02:04
d3lf1n0powder and how match this more or less?02:04
mike-ekimi did iwconfig wlan0 key open02:04
veynomadante: you can add an entry to your /etc/fstab to have it automatically mount whatever at boot time02:04
powder^d3lf1n0 say again please?02:04
GilouI seem to have a bug using Hardy Haron02:04
Giloukernel bug02:04
michaelanyone know how I can try out the new KDE ?02:04
Gilouhas anyone tried it on a travelmate laptop?02:04
mike-ekimveynom: thanks for your time02:05
adanteveynom: but i don't want it to, i was curious about the automounting rules, as said why does something mounted to ~/mydoc/ not get automounted while ~/cdrive/ does?02:05
d3lf1n0how much coast02:05
adanteer, not automounted but, it shows up as a cd-type folder on my desktop?02:05
LainIwak1rapowder^: just use desktop unless you plan to host a website or something02:05
Ben_michael: install kubuntu-kde4-desktop02:05
Pelotobberoth, I can'T figure it out either,  this is their website if that helps  http://www.linux.or.jp/JF/02:05
powder^d3lf1n0 the modem is sold by ATT to new subscriber.. it is a Netopia CN02:05
michaelBen: Thank you02:05
tobberothPelo: Allright, thanks02:05
powder^LainIwak1ra -- ok.. yes, I want server, services02:06
powder^yah, XP can put up a web domain02:06
Khajavihelp me: what does it mean:  Depends: libwxgtk2.8-0 (>= 2.8.7) but is to be installed02:06
d3lf1n0ah i undertand now...thank you02:06
LainIwak1rapowder^: ok then a server would be nice with a LAMP installation02:06
veynomadante: theres an option under /etc/fstab, i believe it's called auto that means it automatically mounts at boot time. perhaps your ~/mydoc/ is not listed in/etc/fstab while your ~/cdrive/ is?02:07
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter02:07
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:07
powder^d3lf1n0 -- yes, the Netopia is in a new Motorola plastic case02:07
Khajavi help me: what does it mean:  Depends: libwxgtk2.8-0 (>= 2.8.7) but is to be installed02:07
Khajaviwhat should I do?02:07
Acomacoapt-get install what ever you wish khajavi02:08
Acomacoif its needed it will automaticly download it for you if you need02:08
d3lf1n0sorry for my most ugly English ahahah02:08
Khajaviwhein I want to install moinmoin it say:   Depends: libwxgtk2.8-0 (>= 2.8.7) but is to be installed02:08
veynomapt-get dist-upgrade i believe will do the same02:08
PeloKhajavi, install
patrick_anyone know what to do about my sound problem on my laptop??02:08
veynomit checks dependencies for everything on the system02:08
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veynomdist-upgrade in addition to performing the function of upgrade,02:09
veynom           also intelligently handles changing dependencies with new versions02:09
veynom           of packages02:09
PeloKhajavi, sudo apt-get install libwxgtk and let it work it out02:09
KhajaviPelo: you say: apt-get install libwxgtk ?02:09
veynomKhajavi: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:09
PeloKhajavi, it should install if you don'T provide the numbers , it will pick the most recent in the repos02:10
michaelBen:   I tried to apt-get kubuntu-kde4-desktop.... says not found....  do I need to do anything special ?02:10
Peloveynom, that,s for upgrading distributions,  not something t do lightly02:10
AK47How can i mount a iso to install?02:10
KhajaviPelo: ok. I would update my system then install it?02:10
PeloKhajavi,   don't get what you mean,  I just check and the command you want is sudo apt-get isntall libwxgtk2.8-0 libwxgtk2.8-dev ,02:11
AK47How can i mount a iso? to install?02:11
Ben_Michael: Sorry, that particular package is only available in ubuntu 8.04, but you can follow the instructions at http://www.kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-rc1.php to get it working in ubuntu 7.1002:12
PeloAK47, to isntall ubuntu ?02:12
Pelo!iso | AK4702:12
ubotuAK47: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:12
veynomAK47: sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 myiso /dev/dvd or w/e mount point you want02:12
pharohwhenever i start my devilspie,it says no s-expressions loaded...what di i do?02:12
d3lf1n0hi goodnight hear in italy are 3.15 on the morning...eheheheh bye02:12
trippsanyone ever figure out if opensync supports google apps for domains?02:12
KhajaviPelo: thanks. the problem solved with installing : sudo apt-get install libwxgtk....02:13
michaelBen:  ok... I'm thinking of upgrading to 8.04 anyway... I might do that then install kde.02:13
patrick_real quick, when is the next stable release of ubuntu going to be available? (as in upgrade)02:13
michaelpatrick: 22 days02:13
Pelopharoh, did you make little devilspie files in the /home/username/.devilspie ?02:13
patrick_michael hardy heron right?02:13
PeloKhajavi, congrats02:13
Ben_michael: okay. just upgrade, then install the new package.02:13
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:13
michaelyup.. there is a counter on the ubuntu page02:13
NW2190Hey, I was just looking at my internet connection on WireShark, and I noticed that my computer is randomly sending FTP packets to some guy in india haha. That's not normal is it?02:13
pharohPelo, i have to?how do i do that?02:14
IndyGunFreakNW2190: uh, i would say no02:14
veynomNW2190: not unless you live in india02:14
IndyGunFreakNW2190: you on a linux box or a windows box?02:14
NW2190IndyGunFreak: linux02:14
NW2190203.92.56.62 thats the IP02:14
powder^it's Torvalds in India02:15
michaelanyone know off hand the command to upgrade to 8.04 ?02:15
ZummiG777Question: I'm trying to uninstall samba on my 7.10 box TOTALLY, and force apt to reinstall the default config files.  However, I deleted /etc/samba but when I do an apt-get install, it won't recreate the directory.  How can I force this?02:15
NW2190and it keeps saying "Response: 530 Login incorrect"02:15
Pelopharoh, basicaly they are text files that get loaded in to devilspie when it starts,  each text file for a specific event ,  basicaly you give them a string to look for  and an action to perform,   type man devilspie in the therminal you will get directed to an exemple file,  there are also exemples in the ubuntuforums.org and on the devilspie website02:15
IndyGunFreak!upgrade | michael but proceed at your own risk, Hardy si hardly stable02:15
ubotumichael but proceed at your own risk, Hardy si hardly stable: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:15
Pelobrb , food on stove02:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ext4 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:16
ubotuext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org02:16
AK47Pelo where should i mount it to  sudo mount -o loop COD4.iso <?>02:16
veynomAK47:  try /media/dvd02:16
Giloumichael> update-manager -d02:17
michaelI am using the fs-driver myself.... works perfect for me so far02:17
AK47veynom Does not exist02:17
veynomdo an ls of /media02:17
PeloAK47, try making a mount point in  /media02:17
michaelGilou: Thanks... I'll run that right now :)02:17
KhajaviI installed moinmoin-common. now how can in run it?02:17
PeloKhajavi, type  moinmoin in the terminal02:18
AK47Pelo work like a charm thanks02:18
powder^you realize, I am going to Ubuntu because of MS, and I want beryl.. and other goodies02:18
LjL!beryl | powder^02:18
ubotupowder^: Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz02:18
veynomi was about to say that arg02:18
veynombut compiz = nice02:18
KhajaviPelo: bash: moinmoin: command not found02:18
PeloKhajavi, is this a gui app ?02:18
Giloumichael> it doesn't work on my laptop though02:18
veynomKhajavi: try the man page on it maybe?02:19
LjLPelo, it's a wiki02:19
powder^I very well can install what is in linux already02:19
PeloLjL, hewwww, Khajavi try moin02:19
Khajavipelo: moinmoin is wiki, like wiki.ubuntu02:19
powder^to get beryl,,02:19
LjLKhajavi, type « dpkg -L moinmoin-common | grep doc », see if there's any documentation. do you have any server installed?02:19
LjLweb server02:19
powder^I mran02:19
LjL!beryl > powder^    (powder^, see the private message from Ubotu)02:19
michaelGilou:  I've had video problems with my nvidia 6600 but didn't play around enough to give it a chance.02:19
veynommichael: is it sli or agp?02:20
powder^LjL isn't beryl in linux?02:20
veynomin fiesty it was known as beryl02:20
michaelGilou: The main thing I want is gnome 2.22 and I'd like to try kde 4.0.3.  If I could do that with out upgrading I would02:20
Gilouwell, I have major kernel issues, regarding ACPI so..02:20
LjLpowder^, READ what i sent you.02:20
bobbyyuDoes anyone know where I can get programming help?02:20
Pelopowder^, beryl is now called compiz-fusion,  if you have gutsy or higher it is already installed,  it's called desktop effect,  check in the prefs menu02:20
prettyricky_can some one tell me why my Alt-F2 key is not functioning? Is there anything I can do to be able to use it?02:20
veynombobbyyu: what language?02:20
Giloumichael> you can, but it's probably a better idea to upgrade it totally02:20
bobbyyuOracle in ASP.NET (ADO)02:20
michaelveynom: agp02:20
KhajaviLjL: this command hava lots of url02:20
powder^veynom the way I read it, several Linux distros come with it02:21
KhajaviLJL: what should I do?02:21
michaelgilou: yeah.. I'm doing the upgrade now02:21
roychr1How do I know which version of glibc I am using?02:21
veynomberyl has been replaced with compiz02:21
GilouI'm basically... upset about ubuntu now02:21
Gilouand linux, too, because my acpi prob seems not to be ubuntu specific02:21
powder^uh.. ok did compbrain steal it?02:21
Daniel3I can't copy a folder to my /boot folder for some reason. It says that I don't have permissions, but I am admin.02:21
bobbyyuveynom: Anything?02:22
LjLKhajavi: they're paths, not URLs. you should probably, well, not run a web server and a wiki on it, if you don't know how to get to terms with the basic installation of moinmoin. no offense, but unless you're going to run this only inside a private and secure LAN, it'll just cause you trouble. and hacking.02:22
roychr1I want to install google's toolbar but it says it only works on linux with glibc equal or higher than 2.3.502:22
veynompowder^: you get to it using system -> preferences -> appearance -> visual effects and turning it on02:22
IndyGunFreakDaniel3: what are you trying to copy to /boot?02:22
Daniel3pc efi v8002:22
Peloroychr1, check theversion in synaptic , in the admin menu02:22
Daniel3So I can boot into OS X02:22
LSD|NinjaOSx86 dioscussion is kind of off-limits here ;)02:22
IndyGunFreakDaniel3: open a terminal, gksudo nautilus  but proceed at your own risk02:22
prettyricky_can some one tell me why my Alt-F2 key is not functioning? Is there anything I can do to be able to use it?02:23
Daniel3What do you mean02:23
AK47How can i lock a hard drive02:23
IndyGunFreakwhat do you mean what do i mean?02:23
LSD|Ninjawait, wrong channel. n/m02:23
AK47from other people / family members?02:23
veynombobbyyu: try joining ##asp.net02:23
LSD|NinjaIndyGunFreak: I think  he was talking to me02:23
IndyGunFreakoh ok02:23
Daniel3What do you mean by proced at own risk02:23
michaelThanks for the help guys....   night02:23
AK47For piracy.02:23
StarnestommyDaniel3: it could be dangerous02:23
IndyGunFreakDaniel3: i mean exactlyl what i said02:23
PeloAK47, just make your /home/user folder  only accseeisble to you ,   sudo chmod 700 /home/username02:23
Daniel3Well is there another way to add Mac OS X to grub02:24
Daniel3I have tried some ways but they didn't work02:24
IndyGunFreakDaniel3: i'm not familiar w/ mac and grub, sorry02:24
pharohhey,who knows where i can get a really good dock?i had one once..but that was on SUSE.02:24
PeloDaniel3, ask in #grub02:24
AK47Pelo does that work with another hard  drive02:24
veynomsure does02:24
AK47Pelo like /media/<driver name?02:24
=== foka__ is now known as foka_
PeloAK47, might02:24
PeloAK47, but pointless with removable media02:25
AK47Pelo sudo  chmod 700 /media/M4A102:25
veynomAK47: you can make it apply to anything because each file on a linux system has a permission02:25
AK47Pelo its a internal hard drive02:25
roychr1Pelo: When I search for glibc, onl the glibc-doc shows up and it is not even installed.  I must not be doing it right.02:25
PeloAK47, you might want to look into encryption02:25
sploganyone know why my video on utube or google is like out of sync sort of ike in the old days when you lost vertical sync except in this case the picture doesnt move up or down but a white line moves up thru the pic. Sound is OK02:25
AK47Pelo can u  give the link02:25
PeloAK47, nvm the encryption bit ,  if the internal drive is ext3 you can probably change the owner and permission so only your username can access it02:26
roychr1Pelo: libc is glibc ?02:26
PeloAK47, we're getting in over my head now02:26
Peloroychr1, libglib possibly02:26
ChaosTheoryI'm getting it from the internet.02:26
ChaosTheoryBut it's still asking me for my disk (and I can't seem to find my disk).02:26
AK47Pelo so if i make an new user they would need a password to open up the hard drive02:27
=== bob_ is now known as tarzaan
veynomif they don't have rights to it they can't see it02:27
ChaosTheoryCan anyone help?02:27
PeloAK47, you can create a group with access to that drive and add the new user to that group,02:27
PeloAK47, but we are getting in a bit over my head02:28
owNeRne var02:28
BarryToemanhow can i find the cas and clock speed of my ram in command-line? /proc/memino and lshw show none of that.02:28
veynomChaosTheory: are you trying to install a wireless card under linux?02:28
DariusTheoNoircorrect me if I am wrong, but can't you just modify /etc/fstab as root and simply specify the user access with options?02:28
ChaosTheoryveynom: Well, I'm trying to set up a wireless network on this computer (this is the main computer).02:28
PeloDariusTheoNoir, root could but then root has access to everything anyway02:29
veynomChaosTheory: you're trying to use the computer as the router, or just connect the computer to a router?02:29
AK47Pelo how do i unmount?02:29
veynomumount /dev/dvd02:29
AK47Pelo how do i unmount?02:29
ChaosTheoryveynom: I believe this is the router. . .02:29
PeloAK47, sudo umount /mountpoint02:29
ChaosTheoryveynom: I want to get the desktop PC, which is running XP, to join a network (that I need to create).02:29
ChaosTheoryveynom: Formerly it was the other way around.02:30
jjt001hey yallk02:30
jjt001hey yall02:30
veynomChaosTheory: thats beyond my knowledge02:30
sploganyone know why my video on utube or google is like out of sync sort of like in the old days when you lost vertical sync except in this case the picture doesnt move up or down but a white line moves up thru the pic. Sound is OK02:30
ChaosTheoryveynom: Okay, thanks.02:30
veynomhowever, if you need to get a wireless card running under linux, i know how to do that02:30
pharohPelo, hey where can i download source code for a dock?02:31
PeloChaosTheory, for xp stuff try asking in ##windows02:31
veynompharoh: have you tried sourceforge?02:31
Pelopharoh, you mean like in a mac ?02:31
Pelo!avant | pharoh02:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about avant - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:31
roychr1I recently installed ubuntu 7.10 on my Dell Dimension 4500S and I am using a lenovo USB keyboard.  They numeric keypad on the right does not work.  I enable or disable nu lock (the light goes on and off) but I canot use the numbers.  Any ideas?02:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:31
Pelopharoh, google for avant window navigator02:32
veynomroychr1: did you make sure to select the proper keyboard layout when you install ubuntu?02:32
hakerhow do i connect to a site trough php ?02:32
roychr1I selected "Generic 105-key (Intl) PC".02:32
Giloudoes anyone speaks kernel bug message fluently? :)02:32
pharohPelo, umm..like just a dock at the bottom of the screen with all my icons en all.02:32
roychr1veynom: Is that the right layout? Generic 105-key (Intl) PC02:32
Pelopharoh, google for avant window navigator02:33
veynomroychr1: it depends on your keyboard, one moment.02:33
Daniel3pharoh: Just get KibaDock02:33
veynomis it in U.S. English format?02:33
hakeranyone know php?02:33
adanteveynom: neither my ~/mydoc nor ~/cdrive is present in the fstab02:33
Pelolater folks02:34
veynomadante: you can add one in there manually to make it behave as you desire02:34
pharohDaniel3, i had KibaDock when i had SUSE,dint like it that much.02:34
veynomadante: assuming you have root privileages(sp)02:34
adanteveynom: ok, but the thing is, i do not desire it, i am just wondering why one is added and the other is not02:34
Daniel3oh ok02:34
Daniel3Then use Avant02:34
roychr1veynom: I would say it is a us english format.02:35
roychr1veynom: Model is SK-8825 (L)02:35
veynomadante: if I were to give an answer shooting from the hip, i'd say its because cdrom is listed under /dev/cdrom and your mydoc is not02:35
ChaosTheoryHow do I set up an ad hoc network?02:35
pencustom columns in nautilus? is it possible?02:35
veynomroychr1: open up your keyboard preferences by going to system -> preferences -> keyboard02:36
sacamanoHi, my amarok is a little messed up. How do you delete the configuration file/where is it?02:36
penor be more specific, how do I add columns for music files02:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about adhoc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:36
veynom!ad hoc02:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ad hoc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:36
roychr1veynom: I am already there.  That's where I see that the current layout is  Generic 105-key (Intl) PC02:36
Gilouwhenever HAL starts, it spits a lot of kernel bugs.. if someone has any idea how to deal with that (on Hardy Heron)02:37
PiciGilou: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Hardy/8.04 support/discussion.02:37
=== haker is now known as carlzenox
ChaosTheoryOkay, starting from the beginning.02:37
ChaosTheoryI can't see the "Wireless" setting in "Network settings."02:38
veynomroychr1: I'm not sure then :(02:38
Adam__I searched the forum for help and still have no wireless connections available. can someone please help me.02:38
veynomAdam__: is your adapter a usb wireless card?02:39
BarryToemanChaosTheory: it won't show wireless if you don't have a (working) wireless card.02:39
ChaosTheoryBarryToeman: I have to do this whole thing with ndiswrapper. . . T_T02:39
ChaosTheoryAnyone have the patience to guide me through ndiswrapper installation? =P02:39
Khajav1when I want to install sudo apt-get install codeblocks the prompts say: Package codeblocks is not available, but is referred to by another package.02:39
Khajav1This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or02:39
Khajav1is only available from another source02:39
Khajav1E: Package codeblocks has no installation candidate02:39
DariusTheoNoirAdam what kind of hardware for your wireless card?02:39
FloodBot2Khajav1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:40
Adam__it's an Atheros AR5006EG02:40
luciano_uiskhi to all02:40
veynomAdam__: i'm assuming your wireless card is then pci? does it show up when you do lspci in a terminal?02:40
luciano_uiski am having troubles with my x server, ...02:40
AK47Pelo sudo umount /mountpoint02:40
BarryToemanChaosTheory: eww... I've always been able to avoid it.  Did you check for compatibility at wiki.ubuntu.com or ubuntuforums.org?02:40
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:40
AK47Pelo umount: /mountpoint: not found02:40
luciano_uiskwhen i run "glxinfo" it reboots the x server02:40
commondorkChaosTheory: Try this link, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper02:40
veynom!ndiswrapper | ChaosTheory02:40
ubotuChaosTheory: please see above02:40
commondorkDoes anyone have a recommendation for a C++ IDE for Ubuntu?02:41
DariusTheoNoirI suppose you are in the thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21260002:41
Khajav1commondork: Eclicpse CDT02:42
Daniel3commondork: kdevelop02:42
veynomcommondork: I use Geany02:42
Khajav1commondork: codeblocks02:42
GilouI use vim02:42
DariusTheoNoirfirst place I always check is in "software sources" and make sure you have checks in the right places02:43
commondorki usually use pico but would like something more appealing02:43
commondorkI will check out those four, thanks :)02:43
ChaosTheoryI'm running into a problem in the first step. >.>02:43
veynomgeany is a nice generic gui text editor that offers different color coding schemes depending on what language you're writing02:43
ChaosTheoryIt says the resource is temporarily unavailable -- is another process using it?02:43
Khajav1codeblock is an c++ IDE. any one try it? I am trying to install it but it is not going to be installed?02:43
ChaosTheoryI have three things running: Xchat, Firefox, and Terminal?02:44
veynomChaosTheory: do you know what kind of wireless card you have?02:44
ChaosTheoryveynom: Yes.02:44
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:44
ChaosTheoryveynom: 03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4328 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 03)02:45
Adam__veynom: Atheros AR5006EG02:45
veynomChaosTheory: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported02:45
veynomfirst check to see if your card is supported02:45
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SkinnYPuppAnyone know of a good audio EQ for ubuntu???02:45
MeatGrinderI installed ubuntu root to a root "/" partition using a size of only 5GB which now seems to be a mistake as I have only 1.5GB left. Can I safely use gparted to resize root with no problems? I have separate partitions for /, /home, /boot and of course swap02:45
veynomSkinnYPupp: audacity02:45
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
SkinnYPuppveynom: thanx02:46
=== MattRyanAFK is now known as MattRyan
veynomSkinnYPupp: you can also go search under Applications - >add/remove02:46
Khajav1MeatGrinder: Gparted is not very safe way.02:46
ChaosTheoryMine isn't listed there (it's 4328).02:46
mouseboyxCan ubuntu be installed on an Eee pc?02:46
Khajav1MeatGrinder: try another programs02:46
DariusTheoNoirMeatGrinder, I did something like that once...my recommendation would be to backup and repeat the process...resizing partitions is ....risky...at best02:46
rshivesHello everyone.02:46
rbilmouseboyx: I've heard of people doing it02:46
MeatGrinderDariusTheoNoir, yikes02:47
DariusTheoNoirah..its only 5 gig02:47
MeatGrinderKhajav1, recommendations?02:47
TaRDydoes anybody know where or how to create a "UserAuthFile" ?02:47
DariusTheoNoirnot a big deal02:47
DariusTheoNoirjust backup02:47
markysmouseboyx: eeeXubuntu is made for the eee pc02:47
MeatGrinder5GB is ok?02:47
veynom!xubuntu | mouseboyx02:47
ubotumouseboyx: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels02:47
Khajav1MeatGrinder: my recommendation is not free software02:47
metbsdhow many cd does xubuntu have02:48
MeatGrindershould i use partimage to backup?02:48
metbsdshould be smaller? also, does kubuntu have kde4? does it run well?02:48
MeatGrinderI figure i only need to back up my /home partition02:48
ubotuKDE 4.0.2 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.2 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.2.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.2.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde402:48
Khajav1MeatGrinder: PartitionMagic is a very good solution but not free02:48
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DariusTheoNoiroh...well...sounds like you can probably mount an 8 gig jumper and just straight copy whatever data and junk you have02:48
DariusTheoNoirno need to copy the whole system02:49
MeatGrinderKhajav1, yeah but i heard it doesn't play with linux well (partitionmagic)02:49
veynomits always a good idea to backup your personal data before making any sweeping changes to a system02:49
veynomMeatGrinder: I use partition magic and it works fine, but thats me02:49
talcite_Does anyone here have experience with ssh and passkeys?02:49
GilouI do02:49
geZehi, i have a question about this howto: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=703409 "Aga*in, unzip it and cd into that (src) directory using terminal." <- what exactly should i do? there are about 50 files in there02:49
MeatGrinderveynom, from windows02:50
veynomis that a question?02:50
geZemaybe cp them? just cd into another directory seems pointless02:50
Khajav1MeatGrinder: backupting /home is not suffiecent02:50
veynomI have partition magic installed under my windows partition of my dual boot system02:50
roychr1I recently installed ubuntu 7.10 on my Dell Dimension 4500S and I am using a lenovo USB keyboard.  They numeric keypad on the right does not work.  I enable or disable nu lock (the light goes on and off) but I canot use the numbers.  Any ideas?02:51
MeatGrinderKhajav1, can i use partimage?02:51
DariusTheoNoirwell...depends on what he has...if you've installed a bunch of stuff and you want it again, use something like apt-on-cd to create a second install disk--prevents you from having to download all the stuff you did before02:51
Khajav1MeatGrinder: I don't know about it.02:52
veynomroychr1: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=22302802:52
Khajav1MeatGrinder: you can remaster your linux to backup it02:52
DariusTheoNoirI've reinstalled my system about 5 times (experimenting with other distros--I must say that I keep coming back to this one)02:52
MeatGrinderKhajav1, i don't understand what you mean by remaster02:53
Khajav1MeatGrinder: remastersys and reconstructors are softwars that backup your system by remastering your system02:53
MeatGrinderKhajav1, guess i need to read up on those02:54
Khajav1MeatGrinder: try to install reconstructor.02:54
cookiemonster078i need help with my dvd burner /etc/fstab has it as a cdrom. how do I correct this02:55
MeatGrinderKhajav1, is it an imaging app?02:55
billywhats the diff between KDE and GNOME?02:55
billyand xclient?02:55
DariusTheoNoirKDE has a less intuitive interface02:55
DariusTheoNoirin my opinion02:55
Khajav1MeatGrinder: it create a live cd or dvd from your current ubuntu02:55
MeatGrinderKDE is cluttered, in my opinion02:55
alan_mKDE is a lot more graphically intensive than gnome billy.02:56
billyso why would you use it over gnome?02:56
DariusTheoNoirI don't ;)02:56
MeatGrinderKhajav1, ah! so it creates an image that fits on a disc. Nice!02:56
alan_mbilly, because its more beautiful to some and it looks somewhat like the windows GUI.02:56
MeatGrinderKhajav1, sounds like I might need to use DVD, I take it the program will span across CDs02:56
billythen why not just stick with windows? lol.. thats part of the reason i switched lol02:56
Khajav1MeatGrinder: yes02:56
kumarphillydoes anyone here use xchat?02:56
DariusTheoNoirI use windowmaker, twm or gnome...but tend to get annoyed at all the Krap02:56
alan_mkumarphilly, i am..right now.02:57
MeatGrinderKhajav1, reconstructor is not in Synaptic :(02:57
DariusTheoNoirI use it02:57
Scunizikumarphilly, yep02:57
billynow wuts the difference between xclient and gnome.. its the same thing as far as when i change session the same thing ends up comin up02:57
Khajav1MeatGrinder: warring: it does not backup your personal data from /home02:57
kumarphillyalan_m, maybe I should ask in #xchat but how do I get time stamps02:57
balthazarguyHey guys, I need some help, someone on here earlier gave m ea guide for Nvidia driver installation.. it didn't work..02:57
DariusTheoNoirxchat = simple...easy...no frills02:57
MeatGrinderKhajav1, ok02:57
Scunizibilly, you mean xfce4?  as in xubuntu02:57
pencustom columns in nautilus? is it possible?02:57
Khajav1MeatGrinder: active your univese repository02:58
billyScunizi: no.. xclient..02:58
deniz__how do you make automatic numbering of pages in openoffice.org writer?02:58
balthazarguyAnyone be abel to help me?02:58
billyScunizi: when you go to options at the login screen and click change session, theres xclient, gnome, and KDE02:58
MeatGrinderKhajav1, ok02:58
Scunizibilly.. x is your screen. there are x programs that run in a terminal.. like xclock02:58
iNoobOk.. i did something and now my window manager is gone.. does anyone know what i can do to get it back?02:58
alan_mkumarphilly, im not sure, id have to figure that out myself because timestamps are off for me.02:58
billyScunizi: kinda gotcha lol02:59
kumarphillyalan_m, yah its driving me nuts now!02:59
MeatGrinderKhajav1, hmm, universe is activated in Synaptic yet I still can't find it02:59
Khajav1MeatGrinder: another alternate is remastersys. you can find it from mint repository02:59
Scunizibilly, x is not a windows manager.. gnome, kde, xfce4, enlightenment, those are windows managers.02:59
DariusTheoNoirand of course...there's always ion03:00
MeatGrinderKhajav1, ok i'll try and find that and add it manually03:00
billyScunizi: oh okay.. yeah i kinda got it now lol03:00
iNoobScunizi, gnome, kde, xfce4, enlightenment are not window managers... emerald, gtk, etc are03:00
kumarphillyanyone wondering its /set stamp_text on03:00
Khajav1MeatGrinder: ok, have a good time. bye03:00
kumarphillyuh oh03:00
MeatGrinderKhajav1,  thanks! :)03:00
ScuniziiNoob.. true.. but he got the meaning.03:00
kumarphillythere we go03:00
iNoobyeah haha03:00
kumarphillynow thats what I call IRC03:00
iNoobOk.. i did something and now my window manager is gone.. does anyone know what i can do to get it back?03:00
iNooband by gone i mean.. not working haha03:01
cookiemonster078inoob, try metacity --replace in term03:01
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iNoobcookiemonster078, that works, however it messes up compiz03:01
Johnson_hey, i want to open a network file thats in a folder that I ssh into, on my computers vim, how would i do that,03:02
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GilouJohnson_> sshfs ?03:02
cookiemonster078about that dvd issue?? any suggestions03:02
billywhat are some other x programs?03:03
billylike xclock?03:03
ssorelphist it03:04
ejhow do i see a list of all incoming connection tries on a interface, i tried arp -a but that not showing what i expected03:04
geniibilly: There's an extremely long list of x<programname here>03:04
Gilouej> "tries" ?03:04
billygenii: where do i find that list?03:04
iNoobsoo.. anyone?03:04
Gilouej> you want to use netstat probably03:04
Giloubut if you want to really know what's going on, tcpdump is your friend03:05
ejoh yes netstat i didnt remember that one lol03:05
Gilouof wireshark03:05
Giloufor the GUI03:05
Johnson_Gilou, so instead of ssh-ing or tunneling into the folder I should sshfs?03:05
FloodBot2Gilou: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:05
eji think wireshark would be best03:05
koolkatdo they make shockwave for linux?03:05
ejitsa an incarnation of ethereal right?03:05
GilouJohnson_> if you prefer to have it mounted locally yeah..03:05
Gilouej> it's ethereal :)03:05
AlabamaHitHi, there everyone :003:06
AlabamaHitThis is my first trip with linux :/03:06
lindzeynarp -a03:06
eji actually dont have gui access to the system i'm trying to troubleshoot03:06
Gilouah, well tcpdump then03:06
ChaosTheorySo here are the instructions I am following -- they come from the ndiswrapper file itself (INSTALL): http://pastebin.com/m79748fda03:06
zcat[1]koolkat: you can run windows firefox in wine and install the windows shockwave plugin I think03:06
turdegaIs anyone else getting no covers found from Exaile audio player??03:07
ChaosTheoryI can do make uninstall, but make gives me this: http://pastebin.com/m2d2f4f1203:07
eji used to have ssh access and gui access thru NX server but of late i'm unable to connect with either method03:07
ChaosTheoryAnyone know what I'm doing wrong? =\03:07
LoLeNhow can i turn on a pc from the network?03:07
koolkatzcat[1], so, i guessing they dont03:07
GilouChaosTheory> you lack development libraries here03:07
koolkatmake it for windows03:07
ChaosTheoryGilou: How do I install them?03:07
koolkati mean linux03:07
Giloutry something like apt-get build-dep ndiswrapper03:07
dekI have some text in shell that is like ":s:TEXT", with what command can I remove ":s:" so as to get only TEXT?03:08
ejthe thing is that i can only connect via ssh or nx server if i'm connected to the local network03:08
ChaosTheoryIt's asking me if another process is using it. . .03:08
ejor if i'm on the same ip range03:08
ChaosTheoryUnable to lock the administration directory.03:08
Giloudek> cut -d: -f303:08
Johnson_Gilou, hmm this seems like ubuntu has this functionality built in, where I can mount a network location onto my desktop. this is similar no?03:09
dekGilou: and if it had no delimiter : and ":s:" was another string like "abbc" ?03:09
Trikdoquestion... if i install the 8.04 beta, will i have to reinstall ubuntu when the final release comes, or can i just update to it?03:09
GilouJohnson_> I don't think gnome vfs has support for sshfs, it's a fuse feature03:09
ChaosTheoryGilou: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)03:09
ChaosTheoryE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?03:09
rycolehey guys, i'm about to grab apache, and i see apache2.2-common listed in apt-cache... is this the webserver, or something for it? i'm not sure what the '-common' suffix means.03:09
rshivesWhat is the fuse group, and what is it for?03:09
Giloudek> you'd have to use sed03:09
ChaosTheoryGilou: That's the result of sudo apt-get build-dep ndiswrapper.03:09
Gilouor awk03:09
GilouChaosTheory> sudo ...03:09
Gilousorry, didn't read properly...03:10
GilouChaosTheory> you already have an instance of the package manager running in a way somewhere else03:10
ChaosTheoryGilou: How do I close it?03:10
Gilouupdate-manager or synaptic03:10
ChaosTheoryGilou: I don't have either open on the panel. . .03:10
Gilousee that cross at the top, on the right? ;)03:10
dekGilou: thanks03:10
balthazarguyHey guys, can someone help me with a Nvidia problem in Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy?03:11
Trikdowhats your nvidia problem in gutsy?03:11
ChaosTheoryGilou: I don't have either open? I have: Firefox, terminal, this, and "INSTALL" in gedit.03:11
rycoleer, 'apt-get install' tells me "Module alias installed; run /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload to enable.03:11
geniibilly: I'm not sure any comprehensive list of X<appname> exists that I can find.03:12
rycolehow do i force-reload?03:12
Gilourycole> /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload as told?03:12
balthazarguyTrikdo: Installing the drivers.. someone earlier told me to use http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57368&highlight=latest+nvidia+drives guide.. but I got stopped about halfway through, I don't know why it's not taking the command..03:12
talcite_hey guys, did you hear? firestarter's in trouble03:12
GilouChaosTheory> well, do something like lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock03:12
rycoleah, guess i comprehended that wrong. :P03:12
geniirycole: eg: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload03:12
Gilouto see what's happening03:12
talcite_their upstream maintainer went kapoot03:12
balthazarguy sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-1.0-7667-pkg2.run I get to here, and it says it can't open the file.03:12
ChaosTheoryGilou: I did that and I ran apt-get again and I got the same thing.03:13
balthazarguyI'm assuming it means it can't find it because I typed in random gibberish and it said it couldn't find it.03:13
xb3rtDoes anyone here successfully use second life on linux?03:13
* kumarphilly is away: Umm Ping if urgent and ill see when i come back03:13
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* kumarphilly is away: Umm Ping if urgent and ill see when i come back03:14
* kumarphilly is back (gone 00:00:02)03:14
GilouChaosTheory> lsof will just tell you if an app is using that file03:14
Gilouthus locking dpkg03:15
ChaosTheoryGilou: That command gave no output.03:15
Gilouwhat about ps aux | grep dpkg ?03:15
ChaosTheoryGilou: owner     8648  0.0  0.0   2976   760 pts/2    S+   22:15   0:00 grep dpkg03:15
owen1apt-get install mono can't find it.. any ideas?03:15
rycoleweird, now apache is telling me "No apache MPM package installed." Any ideas?03:15
Gilouwhat does ls -l /var/lib/dpkg/lock spit ChaosTheory ?03:15
Gilouowen1> yeah, not using it :)03:16
stercorHow do I get Ubuntu out of 'Hibernate' without resetting the uptime?03:16
stercorHow do I get Ubuntu to "hibernate" and not reset the uptime?03:16
ChaosTheoryGilou: -rw-r----- 1 root root 0 2008-04-02 22:12 /var/lib/dpkg/lock03:16
owen1Gilou: where can i get mono?03:16
GilouChaosTheory> did you kill your update manager or something like that?03:16
Teozis there any reason that after insalling ssh and telling ssh to listen to another port (other than default 22), I should also make modifications to Ubuntu firewall ? all this lan context03:16
stercorkiss a lot of girls???03:16
ChaosTheoryGilou: I'm  not sure. How do I kill it?03:16
GilouChaosTheory> well, if you don't know, you probably didn't03:16
Giloutry removing the file ChaosTheory03:16
klickHello everyone...HAL failed to initilize.03:17
ChaosTheoryGilou: I had the update manager running some time ago.03:17
owen1what mono version do i need for paint.net ?03:17
ChaosTheoryGilou: Removing which file?03:17
Gilou /var/lib/dpkg/lock03:17
AndrewBChaosTheory: make sure you don't have Add/Remove or any other package manager running. and that you are running as root [sudo]03:17
MeatGrinderI'm looking for solutions for full system backup, preferably making images like acronis trueimage in windows03:17
ChaosTheoryAndrewB: I don't have anything running (from what I can tell on the panel).03:17
zcat[1]MeatGrinder: partimage ?03:18
ChaosTheoryAndrewB: I mean, anything like Synaptic or Add/Remove.03:18
xb3rtAny linux second life users here?03:18
klickwhat is hal?03:18
balthazarguyTrikdo: Still there?03:18
AndrewBChaosTheory: and what about update too actually?03:18
ArchaemicHey, this probably isn't the best place to ask, but whenever I undock my Sony Vaio SZ 140P, the ethernet device disappears and won't come back when I redock until I reboot. I've tried various things to see if I can fix this, but nothing has worked.03:18
MeatGrinderzcat[1], thanks ill ck it out03:18
ChaosTheoryAndrewB: It's not on the panel. . .03:18
AndrewBHm ok03:18
Scuniziowen1, why paint.net.. what's so needed about it?03:19
balthazarguyCan anyone help me with an Nvidia problem please?03:19
owen1Scunizi: because it's a great app. easier than photoshop and gimp.03:19
AndrewBbalthazarguy: it is normally better to just ask the question. :)03:19
ChaosTheoryAndrewB: Any ideas?03:20
Scuniziowen1, have you tried krita?03:20
balthazarguyAndrewb: Hehe, aiight.03:20
owen1Scunizi: no..but i will right now!03:20
Scuniziowen1, it's in the repos.. but here's info http://koffice.org/krita/03:20
balthazarguyI need to install Nvidia drivers... someone earlier told me to use http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57368&highlight=latest+nvidia+drives guide.. but I got stopped about halfway through, I don't know why it's not taking the command..  I tested some random gibberish just to see.. and it gave me the same error (Can't open the file) so I'm assuming it means it can't find it.03:21
balthazarguySorry, the  sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7667-pkg2.run command.03:21
balthazarguySays it's can't open the file.03:21
PiousMinionIf I somehow deleted my xorg.conf, what would be the ubuntu(easy) way of recreating it?03:21
powder^omg, now.. I have to see if ATI9600 works in ubuntu03:22
nickrudowen1 according to http://code.google.com/p/paint-mono/ you need to use the unreleased developement version of mono03:22
owen1nickrud: ok..03:22
AndrewBChaosTheory: a restart may solve it?03:23
Scunizipowder^, it does..03:23
balthazarguy.. Anyone able to help? If I can't fix this problem I'll have to go back to windows :/03:23
ChaosTheoryOkay, I'll try that.03:23
AndrewBbalthazarguy: try  sudo chmod +x ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7667-pkg2.run03:23
nickrudPiousMinion   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg03:23
balthazarguyDo I type it in exactly like that?03:23
jribbalthazarguy: the recommended way to install the nvidia drivers is to use the Restricted Driver Manager03:23
Scunizibalthazarguy, maybe  sh ./<filename>03:23
AndrewBbalthazarguy: sure03:23
PiousMinionI'd hate to have to completely reinstall ubuntu to recreate my xorg.conf.03:23
nickrudPiousMinion did you see my last, above?03:24
balthazarguyHow do I do the whole file thing.. never done paths in linux.. would it be... /home/<username>/<file>?03:24
PiousMinionnickrud: actually, I missed that, but I see it now. thanks03:24
owen1Scunizi: i am trying it now. stay here if u want my opinion.03:24
Scunizibalthazarguy, or cd /home/username then the simple command to run03:24
MeatGrindercan one unmount / while in ubuntu? It seems I can't use partimage without unmounting partitions which makes sense to me03:25
Scuniziowen1, ok03:25
AndrewBMeatGrinder: no, best run from a live cd03:25
MeatGrinderah yes, very good thank you andrewB03:25
balthazarguyScunizi: Command to run?03:25
balthazarguyI've only been at this a little while.. I just barely got the internet up after 2 days of trying to get it up.03:25
ScuniziMeatGrinder, if you're using the partimage cd and boot to it.. it works.. you can't unmount / while you're in ubuntu because you would then not be using it.03:26
balthazarguyHave no clue what the command ot run is.03:26
Scunizibalthazarguy, sudo sh etc.. etc.. etc..03:26
ChaosTheoryAndrewB: What's the command to install the library again?03:26
AndrewBChaosTheory: what do you mean?03:26
ChaosTheoryAndrewB: ndiswrapper03:26
balthazarguySo... cd/home/username sudo sh <driver>?03:27
ChaosTheoryGilou: Are you here?03:27
AndrewBChaosTheory: no idea, never had ndiswrapper03:27
AndrewBbalthazarguy: there is a space after cd03:27
ChaosTheoryAndrewB: Oh, okay.03:27
GilouChaosTheory> I am03:27
Scunizibalthazarguy,  just cd /home/username/directory of file..  if it's on the desktop it's  cd /home/username/Desktop03:27
RPClancy_Hello, all.03:27
ChaosTheoryGilou: What's the first command you told me to do again? Since I'm missing some libraries?03:27
Scunizibalthazarguy, then ls to view the files in that directory to verify you're in the right place.03:27
AndrewBScunizi: remember ~ will take him to his user's home. It can sometimes be easier.  say  cd ~/  or cd ~/Desktop03:28
balthazarguyScunizi/Andrew: What would be the whole string I would need to type then? I'm so confused with all the strings you guys just threw at me lol03:28
DariusTheoNoiranyone notice that removable drives only automount when fstab hasn't already reserved the device (in my case sdb1)03:28
alan_mwhere are we taking him guys?03:28
geniibalthazarguy: I think your problem stems from the fact the file referred to is no longer called NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7667-pkg2.run since there was a new release03:28
ScuniziAndrewB, true.. but I've tried that in creating links while building a menu launcher and it balked at it.. I had to do the full path... either way in this case.03:29
DariusTheoNoirwell...in general I have noticed a lot of automounting issues03:29
balthazarguyGenii: I just DLd it today.03:29
geZebalthazarguy, where did you actually save the file?03:29
balthazarguyGenii: I actually renamed it and was using the new name.03:29
balthazarguyUmm, i have it at..03:29
alteregoaheh i got a problem with gnome-keyring-manager03:29
alan_mAndrew, scunizi, where are we taking this guy...my next response is determined on this03:29
ChaosTheoryGilou: ?03:29
alan_mnevermind then :)03:30
alteregoaafter update a few packets there is a error with this packet, a03:30
alteregoabroken dependency or such stuff03:30
balthazarguyAlan:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57368&highlight=latest+nvidia+drives      sudo sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-7667-pkg2.run command it's working.03:30
GilouChaosTheory> apt-get build-dep ndiswrapper03:30
Scunizialan_m, he's at terminal and wanting to run something.. I was just "leading" him to the right location via terminal.03:30
ChaosTheoryGilou: Thanks.03:30
lindzeynQuestion, do the proprietary drivers in Ubuntu get automatically updated?03:30
deniz__how do u double space in openoffice.org writer?03:30
cocox_Hi there, do you know where could i find the file where keyboard shortcuts are stored because i would like to make an script for automatic edit them...03:30
geZealright, try "cd /home/username/" then "sudo sh ./nvidia.run"03:30
geniilindzeyn: Yes03:30
lindzeynGood eal03:30
nickrudlindzeyn they can, but haven't (at least for ati)03:31
alteregoai used envy for that03:31
alan_mScunizi, ah, ok, wasnt trying to step over you two, was just trying to figure out where we were going :)03:31
geniilindzeyn: Then the restricted manager asks you if you might want to use the newer one03:31
Scunizialan_m, no.. by all means.. help him.. I'm not very good installing nvidia binary drivers.03:31
DariusTheoNoirI almost never play around with short-cuts...because inevitably, they always collide with other more important shortcuts that I didn't think about when I created the thing03:31
alteregoathose mad stuff, i can't figure it out where to find this keyringmanager03:31
alan_mscunizi, me either :/03:32
balthazarguyhacker@hacker-desktop:~$ cd /home/hacker03:32
balthazarguyhacker@hacker-desktop:~$ sudo sh ./nvidia.run03:32
balthazarguy[sudo] password for hacker:03:32
balthazarguysh: Can't open ./nvidia.run03:32
vasylI was wondering if Ubuntu can now read/write on ntfs partitions, or is it read-only?03:32
FloodBot2balthazarguy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:32
alan_mscunizi, was just wondering what was up with what was going on03:32
balthazarguySorry, didn't know it would flood so much.03:32
ChaosTheoryGilou: E: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_gutsy_universe_source_Sources - open (2 No such file or directory)03:32
AndrewBbalthazarguy: try   sudo chmod +x ./nvidia.run03:32
solexious[QHi all, im looking for a linux equivelent of netstumbler. I need to audit wifi signals, how many, what channels, how strong etc, i dont need to use it for gaining acsess to networks, just looking. Any ideas?03:32
Scunizialan_m, he's trying to get his video card working.. not sure what he has other than nvidia..03:32
alan_mAndrewb, yeah that was gonna be my suggestion.03:32
AndrewBbalthazarguy: then try    sudo sh ./nvidia.run03:32
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:33
balthazarguy http://pastebin.ca/968526 the exact stuff I typed.03:33
jribdeniz__: format -> Paragraph03:33
bazhangvasyl: it does it all03:33
GilouChaosTheory> sudo apt-get update ?03:33
deniz__jrib, thx03:33
vasylbazhang: cool thanks :D03:33
ChaosTheoryGilou: Okay, done.03:34
DariusTheoNoirread/write ntfs? ... ntfs-3g03:34
DariusTheoNoirthat's the tool03:34
DariusTheoNoirworks for me03:34
DariusTheoNoirnever had problems03:34
carlzenoxanyone know a good website scanner?03:34
ChaosTheoryGilou: It is asking for my CD now.03:34
ChaosTheoryGilou: Can't I get it from the internet?03:34
GilouChaosTheory> put it in, or configure your apt source files...03:34
Gilouread docs03:34
Scunizicarlzenox, you mean for seo data?03:34
balthazarguyScu: the restricted driver manager isn't working, says i have to have nvidia-glx-new installed.03:35
rycoledoes anyone know why apache modules are named modname.load, as opposed to the default modname.so /03:35
Gilouyou're being... tiring :)03:35
rycoleon ubuntu.03:35
DariusTheoNoiruh oh...someones installing glx....whew!03:35
Scunizibalthazarguy, install it from synaptic.. system/administration/synaptic03:35
ChaosTheoryGilou: Okay, nevermind, I found my CD.03:35
code_killi got a issue with vnc and router. can somone help me out real quick?03:35
Gilourycole> these are only configuration file03:35
Gilouasking to load the .so modules03:35
ChaosTheoryGilou: Okay, it seems to have worked?03:36
Scunizicode_kill, you mean getting into a pc on your lan from outside? some ISP's block the standard ports.. but not usually..03:36
GilouI wouldn't know?03:36
rycoleoh, so where do the .so modules reside ?03:36
balthazarguyScun: How do I tell it where to search for my file then?03:36
Gilourycole> read the content of the .load file03:36
Gilouit will lead you to the truth03:36
geniicode_kill: ports 5800 or 5801 and 5900 or 5901 normally03:36
rycoleah, haha.03:36
Scunizibalthazarguy, once in synaptic.. hit the search button and type in nvidia03:36
nickrudbalthazarguy a rule of thumb:  if something in ubuntu says <something> needs to be installed,   system->admin->synaptic  , ctl-f (find)  and search for <something>03:36
KickboyHey all! I've been running the Hardy beta for a couple weeks now, and everything has been pretty smooth so far. Until I updated my packages a few days ago: Now compiz-fusion won't work, and can't find any debug information that could tell me why. When I try to enable "Extra" effects in "Appearance" I get the message "Desktop effects could not be enabled". Kinda stuck as to what to do from here. Anybody got suggestions?03:36
code_killwell, it's notwhat ose one private ip at a time.?, where i allow exceptions, i can only chois my ip blocked, but under applications03:36
ChaosTheoryGilou: Yes! "make" works now!03:37
balthazarguyNick: Synaptic doesn't have it.03:37
ScuniziKickboy, join #ubuntu+103:37
balthazarguyOtherwise I would have been done long ago :P03:37
AndrewB!hardy > Kickboy (please see pm)03:37
nickrudbalthazarguy doesn't have nvidia-glx-new?03:37
DariusTheoNoirkickboy...compiz worked for gutsy?03:37
Synclairhey there03:37
code_killwhen i try to add two like.....101 and 107, it doesnt let me due to having to input two seperate times tyhe vnc application.03:37
Scunizibalthazarguy, it does03:37
code_killwas that clear?03:37
Kickboyah ok, thanks Scunizi03:37
nickrud!gutsysources | balthazarguy (do this, then check again)03:37
ubotubalthazarguy (do this, then check again): gutsysources is in System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (gutsy-security) and (gutsy-updates).03:37
Synclairdoes anybody have a Creative Zen V03:37
KickboyDariusTheoNoir: Yes it did03:37
DariusTheoNoirah...bug it03:38
KickboyDariusTheoNoir: and it worked on hardy a couple days ago03:38
code_killbasically, i can get it to work from outside my network, but only can specify one host at a time.03:38
solexious[Q] Hi all, im looking for a ubuntu equivelent of netstumbler. I need to audit wifi signals, how many, what channels, how strong etc, i dont need to use it for gaining acsess to networks, just looking. Any ideas?03:38
code_killso if i want to chack all my machines, i have to coinfigure the routers ip forward everytime03:38
DariusTheoNoirI guess that's why its still beta03:38
SynclairI need to use my Creative Zen V03:38
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Synclaircan somebody help me?03:38
cocox_Hi there, do you know where could i find the file where keyboard shortcuts are stored because i would like to make an script for automatic edit them...03:38
nickrud!components | balthazarguy The first thing you need to learn about ubuntu is how software packages are organized and available. These links will give you a good overview.03:38
ubotubalthazarguy The first thing you need to learn about ubuntu is how software packages are organized and available. These links will give you a good overview.: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:38
SynclairI managed to install gonmad2, libmtp and libnjb03:38
Synclairbut it won't recognize my device03:38
Synclairand if I do lsusb it appears03:39
Scunizicode_kill, for several machines you'll need to set different ports for each one.03:39
DariusTheoNoiryeah, don't compile you own stuff if you got better alternatives in the package repo03:39
code_killi thought vnc had to use 5900?03:39
balthazarguyOk lemme try again..03:39
Scunizicode_kill, nope that's just the default03:39
PiousMinion5900+n where n = the screen number.03:39
code_killbut also, i have to specify everytime the application, so i can only put vnc in once.03:39
kindofabuzzsolexious: Kismet03:40
solexiouskindofbuzz: thank you :)03:40
code_killwhen i try a second forward with different address, it wont let me call another forward using same servioce?03:40
ScuniziPiousMinion, he's trying to access several different machines on his lan from outside..03:40
geniiPiousMinion: Yes, the xterm :x + 5800 or 590003:40
ChaosTheoryGilou: Okay, everything works now except "modprobe ndiswrapper"03:40
Gilouthat's a problem lol :)03:40
nickrudcocox_ they're kinda scattered ...03:41
Scunizicode_kill, maybe not at the same time. but I never tried multiple instances of vnc with different port numbers.03:41
code_killi have a linksys03:41
balthazarguyChaos: trying to get Ndiswrapper to work?03:41
ChaosTheoryGilou: FATAL: Could not open '/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/ubuntu/misc/ndiswrapper/ndiswrapper.ko': No such file or directory03:41
ChaosTheoryBalthazarguy: Yes.03:41
balthazarguyChaos: I had the same trouble, here is what you need.03:41
balthazarguyChaos: Download Ndisgtk03:41
balthazarguyAnd install that.03:41
code_killfor example   (service) - (port) - address03:41
balthazarguyThen try and use Ndiswrapper03:41
code_killi cant do this....03:41
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Scunizicode_kill, not sure what you mean..03:41
code_killvnc 5900 and03:41
code_killvnc 5900
code_killat the same time03:42
RPClancy_I am a new linux user, Which Distro would be best for me?03:42
code_killonly one forward rule with vnc at a time.  it's fucking nnoying03:42
kindofabuzzRPClancy_: Ubuntu!03:42
code_killor a redhat03:42
jribRPClancy_: ubuntu is a great distro for beginners, but of course you are asking in #ubuntu03:42
kindofabuzzno redhat03:42
code_killbut i sujjest learning some frebsd03:42
Scunizicode_kill, the machine accepting the connection from outside has to have a unique port.. then in the router you have to build a port forwarding sceme for each meachine.03:42
nickrud!language | code_kill03:42
ubotucode_kill: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:42
ChaosTheorybalthazarguy: I think I'm almost finished with the installation. . .03:42
GilouChaosTheory> you didn't do "sudo make install"03:43
kindofabuzzyou want easiest, get a debain, like ubuntu03:43
ChaosTheorybalthazar: All that needs to work is "modprobe ndiswrapper."03:43
balthazarguyChaos: Installation of..?03:43
code_killoh sorry03:43
nickrudcode_kill and please, less of the enters, it scrolls the channel overmuch03:43
Scunizi!who | code_kill03:43
ubotucode_kill: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:43
cocox_nickrud, ooh i though there was a file to modify03:43
code_killi apologize03:43
RPClancy_Ok, well, im in Ubuntu right now, and I don't like it.03:43
Khajavihow can I install codeblock?  dpkg -i libcodeblocks0_8.02-0ubuntu1_i386.deb >>  libcodeblocks0 depends on libwxgtk2.8-0 (>= 2.8.7);03:43
geniicode_kill: If you have 2 internal machines accepting on 5900 then map 5901 to second machines 5900 from the router side03:43
code_kill!who | codekill ?03:43
ubotucodekill ?: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:43
nickrudcocox_ there's ways to do it, depending on what you intend to alter03:43
[_`]mewokubotu : Don't repeat unneccesary messages.03:43
balthazarguy!!!! Nvidia installed!!03:43
Scunizicode_kill, works good :)03:43
balthazarguyThanks guys :D03:43
ChaosTheoryGIlou: Oops. =d03:43
RPClancy_Also, an important note, is that Im going to have to do some customizing to get everything on this computer working properly, so i want one that's easy to get support for03:44
balthazarguyBrb, gonna restart.03:44
Scunizibalthazarguy, two days of searching and viola!  welcome03:44
GilouRPClancy_> call Cannonical :p03:44
ChaosTheoryGilou: Yes! It works!03:44
PiousMinionMy X session is dying when I login and I get a gui message saying the session lasted less than 10 seconds. I see a lot of "I830 Vblank Pipe Setup Failed 0".  My Xorg log can be found at http://pastebin.ca/968531 if anyone is kind enough to take a look for me.03:44
Synclaircan someone help me?03:44
balthazarguyScun: No, two days was just to get the internet up lolz, I only been at the Nvidia for a few hours.03:44
code_killsee i can set seperate ports.. but when i have to choose for each compuet vnc service....it says, "application already in use..choose another"  or somthing03:44
justjadenI'm getting an error when I start up. "Gnome-Daemon-Settings" error. anyone know how to fix this problem?03:44
code_killbut let me try out somthing you just made me think about03:44
balthazarguyBrb, restarting.03:44
code_killand thanks greatly for your help. one second03:45
DariusTheoNoirjustjaden...I got that error a few times03:45
justjadenwhat did you do?03:45
DariusTheoNoira reboot and it didn't occur again03:45
DariusTheoNoirseemed intermittent03:45
Scunizicode_kill, working now? what did you do?03:46
code_killi can't beleive i over looked the obvious03:46
justjadenit's happening every time for me. Then trying to open a program, it says  "your system may be in an unstable state, and may need to be rebooted"03:46
code_killtwo of same ports.  lol03:46
code_killthanks alot!03:46
DariusTheoNoirah...which version are you running?03:46
code_killThis is by far the most helping and kind chat i have been in in a long time.03:46
bazhangSynclair: you need to ask a question first03:46
Synclairin fact, I deed03:46
Synclairthe thing is that I own a Creative Zen V03:47
DariusTheoNoirdapper, feisty, gutsy, heron, etc03:47
Synclairand I cannot make it work03:47
kambeiIf I wanted to issue a command upon return from "suspended" state, where would I want to put it?03:47
wilI installed something that has its files in /var/www I need to copy some files to there but I do not have the option to paste and I can not edit permissions... how do I use the GUI to copy files here? is there any way to run the GUI with sudo?03:47
Scunizicode_kill, glad to hear it.. I'll send you my bill to donate to one of my favorite charities :)03:47
code_killyea, i use win, and redhat, but never used a debian - (ubuntu) beofre.  i'm liking it alot03:47
Synclairalthough I isntalled gnomad2, libmtp and libnjb03:47
SynclairI have ubuntu dapper03:47
RPClancy_Im a complete Linux noob. I am trying to get a linux install working on my Toshiba Satellite A205-S5800. Which distro do you guys reccomend, keepign in mind that I have had trouble getting wireless card and video card to work in Mandriva and Ubuntu already.03:47
code_killit installed on my notebook very smooth, and found all drivers very smooth03:47
code_killgood things to say for ubuntu03:47
Scuniziwil, yes.. but you have to be very careful.. sudo nautilus03:47
Synclairwil, go ahead open a terminal and type sudo natilus03:47
Scuniziwil.. that is gksudo nautilus03:47
AndrewBRPClancy_: people have and will suggest ubuntu.03:47
nickrudwil you can use  gksudo nautilus , but it's a good idea to learn the commands03:47
DariusTheoNoirRPC - tried SUSE?03:48
Khajavihow can I install codeblock? it occur a error: dpkg -i libcodeblocks0_8.02-0ubuntu1_i386.deb >>  libcodeblocks0 depends on libwxgtk2.8-0 (>= 2.8.7);03:48
RPClancy_I have not, what is it?03:48
willol, so many people at once, so I wont target a name... what is the diffrence between sudo and gksudo?03:48
DariusTheoNoirgksudo is for gui03:48
ubotuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:48
Scuniziwil, when running a graphical program as root use gksudo03:48
DariusTheoNoirso that you can run a nautilus browser as root03:48
code_killi never knew that. lol03:48
nickrud!offtopic | DariusTheoNoir RPClancy_ this isn't the place to discuss relative merits of distos, #ubuntu-offtopic is available03:48
ubotuDariusTheoNoir RPClancy_ this isn't the place to discuss relative merits of distos, #ubuntu-offtopic is available: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:48
code_killi always just stayed in command03:48
DariusTheoNoirinstead of CLI03:48
Khajavihow can I install codeblock? it occur a error: dpkg -i libcodeblocks0_8.02-0ubuntu1_i386.deb >>  libcodeblocks0 depends on libwxgtk2.8-0 (>= 2.8.7);03:49
nickrudwil gksudo sets up the environment so you can safely use a gui app, sudo doesn't, it's meant for the command line03:49
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=616952 only semi-useful thing I could find Synclair03:49
code_killalso. how do i get into iptables in ubuntu?03:49
code_killin the gui also if possible?03:49
AndrewBKhajavi: try sudo apt-get install libwxgtk2.4-dev03:49
wilScunizi, Synclair, nickrud, thanks very much, its all working!03:49
nickrudcode_kill install   firestarter03:49
balthazarguyOk... Nvidia drivers working now.. but now how do I get a higher screen rosolution.. it still won't let me choose other than the defualt one..03:50
code_killyou guys are awsome. so many chats these days are just junk.  but i will for sure come back to this one.03:50
Synclairanyone knows about libmtp and libnjb?03:50
owen1Scunizi: r u there?03:50
nickrudcode_kill it's a gui iptables configurator03:50
PiousMinionI must be lagged.03:50
code_killis it in the package manager?  or download from site?03:50
Scuniziowen1, yep03:50
PiousMinionnickrud: I use "sudo sux" to run gui apps as root.03:50
KhajaviAndrewB: ok03:50
code_killi see03:50
justjadenwhere can you manually open the Gnome-Settings-Daemon?03:51
jribSynclair: you need to be more specific about what you want to do03:51
bazhangcode_kill: sudo apt-get install firestarter03:51
owen1Scunizi: I tried the Krita and this is what I think...03:51
nickrud!gksudo | PiousMinion (not a good idea)03:51
ubotuPiousMinion (not a good idea): If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:51
balthazarguyandrew: Do you know how I can get it to let me get a higher screen resolution now?03:51
jjt001anyone here know of jeff waugh?03:51
SynclairI need to install my creative zen v03:51
AndrewBbalthazarguy: no idea, you will need to check your display settings for that.03:51
nickrudjjt001 the garnome creator? heard of him, vaguely03:51
bazhangjjt001: how does that relate to /topic here?03:51
jjt001nickrud: yeah03:51
nickrudjjt001 but see bazhang he's right03:52
jjt001bazhang: i'm trying to get unbanned from #gnome03:52
balthazarguyI go to the resolution manager.. it only lets me use the default settings..03:52
Scunizibalthazarguy, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#head-edf61bdea0fd68c38cd57e42671fbcc8afcf164703:52
balthazarguyKk thanks.03:52
owen1Scunizi: functionality is similar to paint.net but the user experience is very complex.  for example, after entering in text, it creates new layer.  It also isnt easy to change fonts and sizes.  I also am having a hard time moving the text once it has been entered.03:52
jjt001nikrud: he banned for making some constructive criticism about his recent behaviour03:52
nickrudjjt001 he doesn't pass through here much at all (haven't seen him in years)03:52
balthazarguyActually, it's at a lower screen resolution now than what it was before the drivers..03:52
bazhangjjt001: look at the irc channel list for something like #gnome-ops03:53
jjt001nickrud: yeah, i think he left canonical03:53
jjt001bazhang: thanks03:53
Itakuhow do you do cmnd_alias's in sudoers file?03:53
owen1Scunizi: I also use the magic wond quiet a bit but can't seem to change the percentage of capture/sensitivity.03:53
owen1Scunizi: Have you ever used Paint.net?03:53
xin000So many chats. How do you who is talking to who?03:54
balthazarguyPhotoshop owns.03:54
Scuniziowen1, just 'cause you're not use to it.. layers is what it's all about when creating things.. that might be some of the issues you had with gimp.. I haven't used paint.net because I'm use to gimp and paint.net is probably .net meaning even with mono installed it might not work03:54
=== GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
ChaosTheoryBalthazarguy: Do you have an NVIDIA video card?03:54
Gilouxin000> we don't03:54
jribxin000: prefix what you say with the nickname of the person you are addressing03:54
Gilouwe just pretend to..03:54
bazhangxin000: add their nickname by typing the first three or so letters then hitting tab key ; they will see the test highlighted03:54
balthazarguyChaos: Yes.03:54
ChaosTheoryBalthazarguy: I have the same problem (it gives me resolutions lower than I need).03:54
SynclairI need someone to help me install my creative zen v03:54
code_killi love linux.03:54
balthazarguyChaos: Grrr :/03:54
ChaosTheoryBalthazarguy: Try installing "nvidia-glx-new"03:54
Synclairit requires libmtp, libnjb and gnomad203:55
ScuniziChaosTheory, he just got the nvidia drivers installed and working but can't change the resolution03:55
xin000jrib: that's great. Thanks!03:55
geZewhen i open tvtime via the menu a window opens and then immediately closes again, nothing else happens. Any ideas?03:55
code_killi dont know why more don't use.03:55
ptn107does ubuntu use SSH1 or SSH2 by default?03:55
code_killi guess just scared of command03:55
owen1Scunizi: Thanks for introducing me to Krita.  I will try to give it more time and may seem that I might enjoy it better.  thanks a lot!  Have a great night!03:55
SynclairI installed everything but my device it's not recognized03:55
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Oh, I see.03:55
Scuniziowen1, no problem. see ya.03:55
jribptn107: there's no ssh server installed by default03:55
=== Prim0 is now known as Vollhonk
dryderHi everybody - I'm in desparate need of help please - I did something stupid to my usb drive... can anybody help?03:55
DariusTheoNoirjustjaden, you might have something creating a firestorm booting up (network card, etc)03:55
ptn107jrib: yeah i know in gutsy i have to manually install it, but its installed in hardy03:55
ptn107jrib: just wondering what version ubuntu uses out of the box03:56
bazhangdryder: please provide a lot more info03:56
Scunizibalthazarguy, actually here's the link.. have you looked at it yet?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto03:56
dryderWas having problems with a usb drive. Thought I had the solution and clicked the drive icon, Properties>Volume and changed Settings Mount Point, File System and Mount Options. Now I can't access it - nor can gparted. Not quite true - if I: sudo mkdir /media/sdj103:56
drydersudo mkdir /media/"FreeAgent Drive"03:56
drydersudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdj1 /media/"FreeAgent Drive" -o rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,sync,umask=22203:56
dryderthe partition mounts and I can see the contents - so can gparted. Can anybody help me undo what (I shouldn't have) done, please?03:56
FloodBot2dryder: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:56
ChaosTheoryI need to get a Windows XP computer to use this network wirelessly.03:56
DariusTheoNoirmight try 455243 in the ubuntu forum...03:56
justjadendariustheoNoir: what do you mean? and what are my options?03:56
ChaosTheoryThis computer has the router (and it is running Ubuntu).03:56
sweetsinseis there a way in xfce, to get mouse drag highlighting on the desktop..  like gnome/kde/windowz03:56
jribptn107: read your /etc/ssh/sshd_config (2)03:56
ChaosTheoryHow do I do this?03:56
DariusTheoNoirwell...  check this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45524303:57
balthazarguyScun: Sec.03:57
balthazarguyCHaos: Do what?03:57
dryderFloodBot2 - sorry03:57
=== jd_ is now known as linuxpoet
ChaosTheoryBalthazar: I need to get the Win XP desktop hooked up onto this wireless network.03:57
balthazarguyScun: Yeah I"m looking at it now.03:57
ScuniziChaosTheory, you mean that the router is plugged into the ubuntu machine? and is the router wireless?03:57
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Correct.03:57
DariusTheoNoirall I know is that I booted into another window manager and then back to gnome and it fixed the problem03:57
sweetsinseare there any other app that control the root window/desktop03:57
bazhangSynclair: amarok may well support that, if ubuntuforums are to be believed03:58
ScuniziChaosTheory, ok.. access to the router's wireless function has nothing to do with ubuntu. The router is stand alone.. can you access the router's setup screen with ubuntu?03:58
=== narg_ is now known as narg
jribsweetsinse: what do you want to do exactly?03:58
ptn107jrib:   # Protocol 2,1 is commented out so im trying to figure out what the default is before i change it to just   Protocol 203:58
ThreeFingerPeteok. i can change a kernel, but i am wondering, is it advisable to change from a 32 bit kernel to a 64 with out reinstalling?03:58
ChaosTheoryScunizi: I'm not sure, do you know how?03:58
ChaosTheoryScunizi: The wireless network is already set up.03:58
code_killnice. thanks to whome ever it was, sorry can't remember (firestarter) ----- that help was quicker then google!  lol03:58
sweetsinsejrib i just want to be able to drag-select multipule item on the desktop03:58
ChaosTheoryScunizi: I'm currently "directly connected" to it.03:58
Synclairwell.. it doesn't03:59
jribptn107: mine has "Protocol 2" explicitly03:59
ChaosTheoryScunizi: The Win XP desktop is going to be the client.03:59
code_killbrb all03:59
Synclairit won't recognize my device03:59
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=547811 Synclair03:59
jribsweetsinse: that works by default in gnome03:59
sweetsinseyeah i know03:59
justjadenDariusTheoNoir: how did you boot to another window manager?03:59
sweetsinsebut i use xfce..  i am getting my company switched over03:59
ptn107jrib: so this book im reading is correct in saying i should change it to Protocol 2 for my server03:59
sweetsinsei have all the backend stuff w3rked out, i just want to tweak the looks03:59
ScuniziChaosTheory, well... the router is connected to the cable modem or dls modem and your current desktop is wired directly to it but that doesn't mean wireless is turned on .. go to Firefox and type into the addres bar and see what happens.03:59
powder^books about using ubuntu?  anything?04:00
DariusTheoNoiroh... I had installed fvwm and windowmaker...they show up as options in your login (if you aren't set to log in automatically)04:00
balthazarguyBrb, relogging.04:00
SubOneI tried installing Ubuntu Live CD to a usb pen drive following this: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-usb-bar , but it wont boot. Any ideas?04:00
balthazarguyHOpefully this fixed it.04:00
bazhangpowder^: the newest and best book is front paged on slashdot right now04:00
DariusTheoNoirSubOne, does your bios support booting to USB?04:00
jribptn107: man sshd_config  agrees that "Protocol 2" is standard04:00
KhajaviSynclair: try to start hald service04:00
SubOneDariusTheoNoir: yes04:00
powder^bazhang k04:00
SubOneDariusTheoNoir: the bios recognizes it and it is set to boot first04:00
justjadenDariusTheNoir: I'm totally new to this, could you be a little more specific with what I could try?04:00
ChaosTheoryScunizi: It's loading. . .04:01
Synclairif I edit the 45-libnjb.rules I get my device set up04:01
balthazarguyHaha, it worked.04:01
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Problem loading page.04:01
balthazarguyThanks for the link, Sun.04:01
ChaosTheoryScunizi: No.04:01
ScuniziChaosTheory, ok.. try
bazhanghttp://books.slashdot.org/books/08/04/02/1319237.shtml powder^04:01
ChaosTheoryScunizi: It asks for a username and a password.04:01
DariusTheoNoirwell...let me look it up and see what I can find...if the problem is happening every time it is probably a different issue than what I had04:01
balthazarguyThanks for all the help guys :)04:01
ChaosTheoryBalthazar: Wait!04:01
ScuniziChaosTheory, no www or anything... try hitting enter and see what happens04:01
KhajaviSubOne: does your Bios support booting usb device?04:01
ChaosTheoryScunizi: --> it asks for a username and a password04:02
ScuniziChaosTheory, if that doesn't work in password type admin04:02
Scunizithen enter04:02
SubOneKhajavi: yes and it is set to boot first and the bios recognizes the drive04:02
urthmoverhas anyone installed ubuntu in parallels?04:02
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Doesn't work.04:02
DariusTheoNoirfirst of all...should probably know which version you are running, justjaden04:02
sweetsinsewhat apps can be used besides xfdesktop to control root window04:02
ScuniziChaosTheory, what kind of router.. make and model please04:02
alteregoayeah in world 104:02
SubOneI can't get it to boot from the stick in a virtual box either04:03
alteregoai installed ubuntu in super mario world04:03
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Linksys, Wireless-G 2.4GHz Broadband Router.04:03
bazhangalteregoa: this is a support channel do you have a support question?04:03
ScuniziChaosTheory, hang on while I download the manuel.04:03
alteregoai cannot install gnome-keyring-manager04:03
ScuniziChaosTheory, is it a router and modem together?  if not it should have a model number..04:03
alteregoaafter update the keyring is fnorded up04:03
Synclairlook at this04:04
jribjustjaden: support for 8.04 is in #ubuntu+1 since it is beta04:04
blbrownoff-topic; am I wrong or is google popping up a redirect for every link I click on04:04
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Yes, it's a router and a modem together.04:04
blbrownredirect message04:04
DariusTheoNoirJustjaden, is your problem similar to the thread I posted earlier?04:04
ScuniziChaosTheory, k.. just a sec04:04
ChaosTheoryScunizi: It's a Motorola SB4101 SURFboard Cable Modem.04:04
jribblbrown: #ubuntu-offtopic for that please04:05
ScuniziChaosTheory, so it's not a linksys?  now I'm confused.. which one is it?04:05
justjadenDariusTheoNoir: I'm reading them now. Some are similar yes, I'll try to troubleshoot with them.04:05
DariusTheoNoirthat might be a good start.04:05
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Linksys is the router.04:05
ChaosTheoryScunizi: The modem is Motorola.04:05
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Oh, were you asking if they were both one thing?04:05
ChaosTheoryScunizi: No.04:05
drydernot impatient - just unfamiliar with this - did my usb drive problem appear?04:05
ScuniziChaosTheory, ok.. did you find the model number on the back?04:05
SynclairKhajavi: look at this http://www.pastebin.ca/96854904:05
justjadenThanks for your help.04:05
DariusTheoNoirunless you are experienced with changing window managers, I wouldn't recommend my half-witted technique04:05
ChaosTheoryScunizi: For the router?04:05
ScuniziChaosTheory, yes04:06
DariusTheoNoirno problem - sorry I couldn't be more helpful04:06
ChaosTheoryScunizi: WRT54G V804:06
alteregoawhy dogs always disturb the kindergarden places04:06
ScuniziChaosTheory, just a sec04:06
fxjrdid you notice that when you press ctrl + alt + pgup or down04:06
bazhang!ot | alteregoa04:06
ubotualteregoa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:06
fxjrcompiz changes workspaces?04:06
KhajaviSynclair: ok04:06
sweetsinseideas for root window managers?  besides default xfdesktop?04:06
fxjrbut the problem is that this are the keyboard shortcut  to change tab in gedit04:07
fxjrdo you know how to disable that behavior from compiz?04:07
DariusTheoNoirwell...what do you like, sweetsinse?  Minimalist, decorated, light, heavy...etc04:07
fxjrI didn't find anything in the compiz wall plugin to disable it.04:08
jribfxjr: that's probably a better question for #compiz-fusion but you can probably set that in compizconfig-settings-manager04:08
alteregoai like dadaism04:08
nickrudfxjr I use clt-alt-paggeup/down in compiz to change gedit tabs04:08
bazhangalteregoa: you have been asked before to stop04:08
sweetsinseDariusTheoNoir i just want ability to highlight multiple icons04:08
fxjrnickrud, jrib where is this shortcut set?04:08
SubOneis that really all you guys can suggest?04:08
DariusTheoNoirah...ctrl click04:08
sweetsinseDariusTheoNoir uhhh drag highlighting?04:08
fxjrI even tried advanced search04:08
ScuniziChaosTheory, when you typed "admin" in the password field, was the user name field blank and did you use all lowercase when typing admin?04:08
xipietotecfxjr, its in compizconfig-settings-manager, and it depends on what plugins you have activated, and what keybindings they're set to.04:08
sweetsinsei cant think of a good word to describe it04:08
fxjrand couldn't find anything bind to it.04:08
nickrudfxjr it's default in my gedit, I've made no changes to those keybindings04:09
SubOnetwo-bits: yes?04:09
Khajaviis there any one how have motorola a1200 linux mobile?04:09
fxjrnickrud, yes. it is the default shortcut of gedit. the problem is that I want to disable in compiz04:09
nickrudfxjr erm, Ignore me for now, I'm doing this in beta04:09
DariusTheoNoirsweetsinse: which window manager do you use currently?04:09
fxjrbecause now I can't change tabs in gedit.04:09
sweetsinseDariusTheoNoir like what you do in thunar... you cant select more than one thing by abitrarily clicking a point and dragging04:09
sweetsinsei have compiz04:09
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Yes to both.04:09
sweetsinseand emerald04:09
fxjrnickrud, beta? 8.04?04:09
fxjrI'm using 8.04 too.04:10
nickrudfxjr . Can't discuss it here ;)04:10
ChaosTheoryScunizi: I just went over to the XP laptop and it says some of the internet hardware is still disconnected?04:10
bazhang#ubuntu+1 please fxjr04:10
fxjrnickrud, ahhh ok. sorry for that. I didn't now.04:10
DariusTheoNoiroh...nice...the last time I installed compiz, it kept me from moving windows around and changing focus04:10
ScuniziChaosTheory, did you buy this new or is anyone else using it in the house?04:10
fxjrbazhang, thanks. I didn't even know there was this channel.04:10
ChaosTheoryScunizi: I'm the host computer, and there's one other computer running Windows XP that needs to use it (client).04:10
fxjrI went here directly after installing xchat :)04:10
ChaosTheoryScunizi: It's new.04:10
Synclaircan someone help me with this? http://www.pastebin.ca/96854904:10
fxjranyway it is nice to know there is this so active channel.04:11
KhajaviSynclair: hald service can recognize usb device04:11
fxjrchanging to ubuntu+1 then :)04:11
bazhangfxjr: in three weeks you can come back ;]04:11
Synclairwhat service?04:11
Synclairhow do I run it?04:11
sweetsinseDariusTheoNoir yeah i had similar problems for awhile04:11
DariusTheoNoircorrect me if I am wrong, but I thought compiz and emerald were window decorators and effects--not strictly window managers.  (what I mean is KDE, Gnome, ion, fvwm, windowmaker...etc)04:11
ScuniziChaosTheory, you're not the host.. you're just plugged into it.. meaning you are also a guest of the router.. I suggest you take a look at the manuel at the section on resetting it back to normal then you should be able to get into it.. here's the manuel link.  http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellite?c=L_CASupport_C2&childpagename=US%2FLayout&cid=1166859837401&packedargs=sku%3DWRT54G&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2FVisitorWrapper&lid=374013704:12
DariusTheoNoiroh...and xfce04:12
bazhangDariusTheoNoir: compiz is a window compositor iirc04:12
ScuniziChaosTheory, sorry that split. http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellite?c=L_CASupport_C2&childpagename=US%2FLayout&cid=1166859837401&packedargs=sku%3DWRT54G&pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2FVisitorWrapper&lid=3740137401B01&displaypage=download#versiondetail04:12
DariusTheoNoirbut you've got some kind of backend...right?04:12
unopDariusTheoNoir, compiz is a "compositing window managaer" according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compiz04:13
bazhangthe fallback is normally gnome's metacity04:13
DariusTheoNoirthanks unop04:13
KhajaviSynclair: please run: ls /dev/* > a then unplug usb dvice then ls /dev/* > b then diff a b04:13
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Hm. . .04:13
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Reset back to normal?04:13
DariusTheoNoirall I know is that it doesn't work for me...04:13
sweetsinseDariusTheoNoir what i need isnt even a WM.. that is compiz.  in xfce xfdesktop controls the background and the icons/behaviour of the "desktop".  in  gnome nautilus perfoms this function.  i want an app thats neither but both04:13
DariusTheoNoirah...ok...now I understand what you are trying to communicate04:14
nickrudsweetsinse background setting, or icons?04:14
ScuniziChaosTheory, yes.. just in case the rom is got some bad info or it was left in a protected state from the factory.. by resetting it, it will get rid of any passwords that are on the router and the default "admin" will work to get into it.04:14
DariusTheoNoirwell...have fun with that.04:14
KhajaviSynclair: report me diff a b04:14
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Hm, okay. I'm going to go over to the desktop now and see if anything works.04:15
fxjrhey guys!04:15
ScuniziChaosTheory, k.. that is a good router.. I've got one.. it's based on linux04:15
fxjrthanks for your promptly responses!04:15
sweetsinsenickrud, i would like to retain ability to drag from thunar file manager onto/out of desktop, and be able to 'highlight' select more than one icon on this desktop..  like you can with gnome/kde/windowz04:16
SoulBladehi all - i had installed mythbuntu 7.10 on an old machine.. spent some time getting my tuner to work w/ it (hauppage pvr2 usb) - i recently installed a slew of updates and now my tuner doesn't seem to work... i unfortunately had installed like 60 updates - how do you guys typically debug an issue like this - im pretty new to linux04:16
=== masnet08 is now known as LaCosta
bazhangSoulBlade: have you asked in #ubuntu-mythtv04:16
SoulBladei had to edit my grub boot params to make things work on 7.1 - there were some irq issues04:17
SynclairKhajavi: /dev/libmtp-usbdev1.4 is the one that gets disconnected04:17
sCOTTohey does anyone have any good knowledge on networkin with windows machines? i have been having trouble from start to now.... my windows boxes can see my files but I cant see theirs... i am in a muddle...04:17
SoulBladenope - didnt even know about it04:17
ScuniziChaosTheory, Actually I was wrong.. it's not based on linux.. that's the GL version04:17
nickrudsweetsinse as far as I know, there are only 4 desktop managers in the sense you mean:  gnome, kde, xfce, and cde04:17
sweetsinsehave you used xfce?04:18
nickrudsweetsinse and cde is pretty brain dead, probably won't give you what you want.04:18
unopnickrud, not that i can name any off of the top of my head, but surely you discredit 20 years of unix desktop environments with that statement :)04:19
nickrudsweetsinse yes, briefly.04:19
nickrudunop true, i forget gnustep already ;)04:19
=== RaceKondition is now known as RaceCondition
KhajaviSynclair: now sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart then sudo /init,d/hald restart then sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart04:19
nickrudunop I think I meant *in use* in any measurable fashion today04:19
sweetsinsenickrud under the desktop option.. there is a switch to 'allow xfce to manage desktop', if you flip that off it kills the desktop background and icons/etc.---but this has no effect on WM window management functions/actions.04:20
unopnickrud, i wonder what "desktop environment" i use .. i run fluxbox :)04:20
nickrudsweetsinse yes. You can do the same in gnome ;)04:20
nickrudunop you don't have one, you have a window manager :p04:20
sweetsinseyeah so arent there some alternative out there?04:20
SuperSayjinhey every 104:20
Synclairdon't have /etc/init.d/hal restart04:20
sweetsinseflux is nice04:20
unopnickrud, but i can run gnome applications on my "desktop" :)04:20
sweetsinsei like compiz though04:21
code_killi'm back. incase anyone cares04:21
sweetsinsethats why i g xfce04:21
MeatGrinderwhy can't i rename a flash drive in nautilus? It lets me select rename and type a new name but then gives me an error?04:21
talcite_does anyone here use eclipse3.2 and java 64?04:21
unopnickrud, and kde ones too .. :)04:21
code_killhad to feed the baby04:21
nickrudsweetsinse none that I know of. and unop no, you're running gnome apps in your window manager.04:21
SuperSayjinwhat programs cau u use to moniter cpu temperatures?04:21
alteregoabetty waintrop might help04:21
unopnickrud, so what exactly is a desktop environment in relation to the apps that it houses, contains and manages then ?04:21
bazhangalteregoa: for the last time please stop04:21
sweetsinsei just want to get more functionality out of the desktop04:21
nickrudunop in the same way one could (if they wanted to) run metacity as a standalone window manager04:21
sweetsinsei like to dump things there etc. not just look at photo04:22
nickrudunop I think of things that actually have a desktop you can put things on04:22
code_killdoes anyone here write python?04:22
unopnickrud, like what exactly?04:22
nickrudunop like nautilus in the context of gnome04:22
ChaosTheoryScuzini: Okay, can I just make a *new* network?04:22
ChaosTheoryScuzini: And won't that automatically make me the host?04:23
sweetsinseor thunar/xfdesktop to xfce04:23
unopnickrud, so if i use fluxbox and have nautilus draw a desktop, do i have a "desktop environment" ? :)04:23
ChaosTheoryScuzini: The XP computer has no "View available wireless networks" option.04:23
alteregoai cannot install gnome-keyring-manager04:23
code_killxp has that option04:23
sweetsinsefluxbox is a WM too04:23
nickrudunop more specifically, I'm not thinking of launchers but of folders and files. But I digress and am idiosyncratic04:24
tgelteris there some way to keep NetworkManager from connecting to a particular access point?04:24
code_kill"view available wirless networks"04:24
unopnickrud, or rather, if i use all the gnome components like the volume-manager, clipboard, gtk-theming, etc, etc .. i run them, and surely they are integral to the "gnome DE" ?04:24
ChaosTheoryScuzini: Are you there?04:24
nickrudunop sure do. You're running gnome with a replacement window manager04:24
sweetsinseim thinking about trying to hack thunar and compiz window rules into a desktop04:24
code_killwhat is a good network tool similiar to "nettools" for ubuntu?04:25
code_killif anyone knows?>04:25
unopnickrud, i'm pulling your leg .. :) i think that the definition of a DE is unclear and really is quite irrelevant to how you use and interact with the system.04:25
ChaosTheoryScuzini: Are you there?04:26
* nickrud crosses fingers at unop, ambiguity is evil ;)04:26
sweetsinsedesktop in the sense you can 'feel' it by dragging/dropping etc04:26
bazhangChaosTheory: I believe his name is Scunizi04:26
sweetsinsethe visible screen is a table at the root level04:27
ScuniziChaosTheory, yep04:27
bazhangtabcompletion is your friend ChaosTheory04:27
ScuniziChaosTheory, just updated my routers firmware.. you's is linux I believe..04:27
SuperSayjinfor all those that run f@h join the #f@h channel for chat/advice and idoling lolz04:27
bazhangcode_kill: what are you trying to accomplish04:28
ScuniziChaosTheory, now it's my turn.. are YOU there?04:28
bazhangtgelter: like the neighbor's? please specify04:28
nickrudSuperSayjin please don't use this channel for advertising others04:28
tgelterbazhang: yeah, like the neighbor's04:29
bazhangtgelter: make your own the default04:29
tgelterbazhang: the neighbors have an unsecured network that networkmanager will connect to if it can't connect to mine04:29
treble54I'm having issues using the built-in partitioning feature when installing Ubuntu 7.1004:30
* nickrud wonders if he should ask unop about the difference between a desktop and a desktop environment04:30
ToddEDMhey guys , im building a PC.... what brand SATA HDD is better than the rest?04:30
tgelterbazhang: how do I specify a default?04:30
treble54I want to keep my windows installation, but I don't understand the Ubuntu Partitioning tool during the installation04:30
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 tgelter this is how to do it cli way--network-manager has always been flaky for me04:30
nickrudtreble54 are you running vista?04:30
treble54can anyone enlighten me or point me to some reading I might look at?04:30
treble54nope, XP04:30
mneptokSuperSayjin: please do not advertise other channels in #ubuntu* channels04:31
tgelterbazhang: thanks04:31
Krumarhey, i'm trying to help a friend install gusty on his computer, it loads ok, but when we get to the partitioning section, it can't find the harddrive, we've tried putting with pci=nomsi and all-generic-ide, they didn't help any, anyone have any ideas?04:31
ChaosTheoryScuzini: Haha, sorry.04:31
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Sorry, not Scuzini. -_-04:31
ScuniziChaosTheory, :)04:31
mneptokKrumar: disable the crappy software RAID in the BIOS? ;)04:31
ChaosTheoryScunizi: I think I'm just going to revert to having the desktop be the "host."04:31
=== Adlai_ is now known as Adlai
bazhangKrumar: set bios to ata04:32
Krumarmneptok, i don't think the bois supports raid, but i will check that out now04:32
SoulBladei think i have a different issue... there's nothing in my /proc/bus/usb directory - ive attached the usb tuner.. will the device only be added if suitable drivers are found for it?04:32
nickrudtgelter basically you want to shrink the xp partition by pulling the right end towards the left, then tell ubuntu to use the freed up space04:32
hobbzillaDoes one have to create a TAP interface to create a bridge for virtual guests for each guest?? i.e. tap0, tap1, etc..04:32
Krumarbazhang, i'll check that too04:32
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Now, do you know how to fix my screen resolution? =P04:32
tgelternickrud: I don't think that message was meant for me04:32
ScuniziChaosTheory, do you have two nic cards in the machine? one wireless and one wired?04:32
ChaosTheoryScunizi, yes.04:32
nickrudtgelter thanks,  treble54 see my last above, I addressed it to the wrong person04:33
ScuniziChaosTheory, ok. then.. screen resolution.. I'll get the link. hang on.04:33
treble54oh ok :)04:33
unopnickrud, the desktop is the area on a display's screen that the user interacts with, the desktop environment is composed of the various objects that make up the graphical interfaces (on the desktop) -- but i know you'll beg to differ :)04:33
xbehave2 does the kernel need to be outside of an lvm partition04:33
arbeckI just installed the hardy beta 64 bit, installed ubuntu-restricted-extras, but DVD's still will not play... did i miss something?04:33
mneptokxbehave2: no, but it's a danged good idea.04:33
* nickrud has successfully gone fishing :)04:33
ChaosTheoryScunizi, it's an NVIDIA driver.04:33
ScuniziChaosTheory, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto04:33
bazhanglibdvdcss2 and #ubuntu+1 please arbeck04:33
mneptokxbehave2: keeping /boot off an LVM is an extremely smart idea04:33
nickrudunop but I do agree completely with that statement04:34
treble54nickrud: ok, so of the three options, you're speaking about the option with the slider, indicating a percentage of the harddrive space04:34
nickrudtreble54 yes.04:34
tgeltermneptok: until grub 2 is standard, no?04:34
unopnickrud, i can disagree with my own statement tho -- i mean, what if all that was on my desktop was a terminal-emulator? ;)04:34
mneptoktgelter: even then i wouldn't do it.04:35
Krumarbazhang, and mneptok, no raid in bios and i don't see anything that always you to set to ata04:35
tgeltermneptok: reason being?04:35
nickrudunop we gotta stop, or mneptok will pull out his version of the pointy stick04:35
mneptokKrumar: it's *something* about the drive controller. what make/model is it?04:35
leprasmurfhello all, is there a way to upgrade to OO 2.4 from ubuntu or do I have to uninstall from apt and install manually?04:35
mneptoktgelter: LVM calls are in the kernel. the kernel lives in boot. why would you put the only thing that can successfully mount your array *inside* the array? ;)04:36
bazhangleprasmurf: why do you wish to do so?04:36
treble54nickrud: ok, then if I put the slider at 0% (which I believe is all the way to the left), what does that tell the installation to do04:36
mneptoktgelter: that's like storing your fingers inside the telephone.04:36
leprasmurfbazhang: I am extremely frustrated with base 2.3 and wish to try 2.4 to see if any of the issues I'm having have been resolved04:36
nickrudtreble54 it'll probably fail, since the shrunken space won't hold the contents of the xp partition04:36
useroneI am looking for a good mp3 player, any tips?04:36
xbehave2my problem is that my /boot is only 8mb ( a problem i didnt realise till id done eerything else) so i imstalled the kernels to an lvm partion, is it possible to setup grub so it boots to the kernel in the lvm?04:36
bazhangcowon but offtopic here userone04:37
mneptokxbehave2: no04:37
mneptokxbehave2: you need lilo04:37
nickrudtreble54 to be honest, I never even came close to trying that, I'm chicken04:37
tgeltermneptok: the next version of grub knows about software raid and lvm, so it's not really an issue like you say04:37
mneptoktgelter: i'm a pessimist :)04:37
userone@ bazhang - where should I go ?04:37
bazhangleprasmurf: what issues; please specify04:37
xbehave2isnt lilo dangerous?04:38
Newbuntu2does anyone have any recommendations for webcams that work outdoors and can record at 30fps, and are not a hassle to get to work in linux?04:38
leprasmurfbazhang: it's a long list04:38
bazhanguserone: cowon's home page or #ubuntu-offtopic ;]04:38
tgeltermneptok: well, ok...I guess I understand then04:38
treble54nickrud: ok let me put it in a different way: what am I indicating as I drag the slider more to the left vs. more to the right?04:38
bazhangleprasmurf: have you visited the open office irc channel?04:38
mneptoktgelter: i smell the way i do not because of poor personal hygiene, but because i've been burned so many times ;)04:38
userone@ bazhang, for players in general.04:38
mneptok(and poor personal hygiene)04:38
nickrudxbehave2 no, in fact it has a couple advantages over grub but grub has many more over lilo04:38
bazhanguserone: not sure there sorry04:39
tgeltermneptok: the best way to learn! (or at least the most long-lasting)04:39
xbehave2what do i lose by using lilo, and what do i gain?04:39
leprasmurfbazhang: the jdbc connector seems to lock some of my tables as readonly despite my privilege, I can't edit labels on a wizard created form, I can't find a way to create an input mask on text fields, I can't find any type of date picker/calendar for date objects04:39
userone@ bazhang, thanks04:39
nickrudtreble54 say you have one partition using the whole drive, 120gb. You move it to 50% , and the partitioner will try to shrink the partition to 60gb, leaving 60gb unallocated04:39
leprasmurfbazhang: yes, I spent most of the day lurking in there awaiting any answer, the only replies I got on there was when I was helping another user04:40
bazhangleprasmurf: thus my recommend of the open office irc channel they will be xperts at that04:40
useronebest mobo for linux?04:40
unop!best | userone04:40
ubotuuserone: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, join #ubuntu-bots and ask there.04:40
tgelterso, I realize that this isn't the best place to ask this (point me to a good channel if you know of one)...does anyone know of a good source for good-quality A/V receivers that won't break the bank?04:40
bazhangleprasmurf: though someone really good for oO may be in here04:40
leprasmurfbazhang: have not been successful in getting any replies to any issues, nor have I had much success in google04:40
nickrudxbehave2 access to a command line to manipulate the boot is available in grub, and not in lilo. Huge advantage. Lilo doesn't depend on the bios for identifying disks and partitions, not so big an advantage with better bioses that are now in use04:40
izinucsuserone, might try #hardware or #linux04:41
leprasmurfbazhang: hence I was asking the ubuntu specific question of updates outside of synaptic04:41
useronek, thanks.04:41
bazhangleprasmurf: oh I meant those specific issues04:41
nickrudtreble54 but if you have more than 60gb of data on the partition, you either will fail in the resize or the data will be corrupted.04:41
leprasmurfbazhang: which I did try, wasted most of the night trying to work around these issues04:42
xbehave2ive installed my system to a lvm, how can i install lilo, and get it to boot to my system?04:42
nickrudnever used lvm, sorry04:42
Tu13escan I tell my external drives to sleep when not in use?04:42
MeatGrinderwhy is it so difficult (impossible) to rename an NTFS usb flash drive in ubuntu?04:43
MeatGrinderwhy can't i rename a flash drive in nautilus? It lets me select rename and type a new name but then gives me an error?04:43
xbehave2nickrud how would i usually install lilo?04:43
treble54nickrud: ok, sorry to beat this to death, but what about if the slider is at 40% ?04:43
leprasmurfMeatGrinder: because ntfs is a closed source file system and any modifications is still in the experimental stage04:43
leprasmurfis there a way to upgrade to OO 2.4 from ubuntu or do I have to uninstall from apt and install manually?04:44
unop_Tu13es, i believe you can use hdparm to enable spindown04:44
ChaosTheoryI've got all the monitor resolutions under "Modes," but it's not showing up.04:44
bazhanghttp://download.openoffice.org/ you can download the deb and see if that fixes things leprasmurf04:44
ChaosTheoryAnyone know how to fix the monitor resolution problem? =|04:44
izinucsleprasmurf, or wait until hardy is out.. or install the beta version04:45
Tu13esunop_: hm, I'm just reading that I think04:45
unop_Tu13es, see here - http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Use_hdparm_to_improve_IDE_device_performance04:45
ChaosTheoryFixVideoResolutionHowTo doesn't solve my problem. . .04:45
nickrudMeatGrinder https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive (works for partitions as well)04:45
bazhangChaosTheory: how about pastebinning your xorg.conf04:45
leprasmurfbazhang: yeah, that's where I'm sitting now, the deb download claims conflicting packages with openoffice.org-bundled and refuses to install04:45
ChaosTheorybazhang: One second.04:45
leprasmurfizinucs: ty04:45
nickrudxbehave2 sudo apt-get install lilo, configure lilo.conf, and then write an mbr.04:45
MeatGrindernickrud, I'm there and tried that, didn't work at all04:46
ChaosTheorybazhang: http://pastebin.com/d11268fce04:46
nickrudtreble54 then 40% would be ntfs, and 60% unallocated04:46
MeatGrindernickrud, worked for renaming my windows hdd but not my usb flash drives04:46
nickrudMeatGrinder were they mounted?04:46
MeatGrindertried it mounted and unmounted04:46
izinucsleprasmurf, np. OO has agravated me as well.  espicially with some spreadsheet  functions that are easy in excel and bang your head hard in OO.. also printing envelopes is near impossible from a spreadsheet full of data04:47
bazhangChaosTheory: you have the drivers enabled? it only shows generic nvidia card and the nv drivers in your xorg.conf04:47
xbehave2nickrud, only 2 problems, 1 i dont ae a working system to do that from, is lilo on the alternate install cd?, 2 i dondt know how to right a lilo.conf04:47
bazhang!es | programador1_04:48
ubotuprogramador1_: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.04:48
nickrudMeatGrinder hm, I just used the vfat today on my usb stick, don't have an ntfs one04:48
sCOTTohey does anyone have any good knowledge on networkin with windows machines? i have been having trouble from start to now.... my windows boxes can see my files but I cant see theirs... i am in a muddle...04:48
ChaosTheorybazhang: Oh, sorry. I need to enable the restricted NVIDIA driver.04:48
ChaosTheorybazhang: Okay, it installed.04:48
MeatGrindernickrud, doh! dammit i forgot it's FAT32, let me try that04:48
bazhangChaosTheory: that would help hehe04:48
unop_sCOTTo, what happens when you try and access the windows machines?04:48
ChaosTheorybazhang: It gives me the same resolutions.04:48
ChaosTheorybazhang: But it also says I need a system restart.04:48
sCOTToi cant find them or browse them04:48
leprasmurfizinucs: I'm finding the same.  I could have had this form done twice over in access, but running into so many problems in OO04:48
bazhangChaosTheory: restart first04:48
sCOTTounop_ i cant do anything with them04:49
nickrudxbehave2 I'd suggest you use grub, as far as I know that works fine with lvm. But I've never investigated actually setting it up myself.04:49
treble54nickrud: ok so that 60% would be unallocated and then looked into for allocating space for the Ubuntu installation, correct?04:49
MeatGrindernickrud, actually it doesn't say anything about vfat in that webpage, which command do I use in terminal... vfat or mlabel...I tried mlabel...didn't work04:49
sCOTTounop_ im no expert with linux - I forsook Windows vista for ubuntu as a supporter of death to windows....04:49
izinucsleprasmurf, i didn't catch  the issue you were having..  form data merges I've actually managed to get done with a spreadsheet of data04:49
nickrudxbehave2 I want to mention one thing:  you have to have a separate /boot   partition with lvm as I understand it. That might be your boot problem04:50
unop_sCOTTo, ok, given that you know the name or ipaddress of one of your windows machines .. what happens when you type this into the nautilus location bar.  smb://othermachinename04:50
treble54nickrud: from listening to you, you make it sound like the slider is the user making a request at how the user wants the partitioning to behave, letting the installation program decide the specifics04:50
nickrudMeatGrinder vfat, it works on fat3204:50
sCOTTounop_ is there a gui that will help me hook into the shares on my network?04:50
izinucsleprasmurf, is that what you're  trying to do?04:50
MeatGrindernickrud, ok i'll read up on it04:50
nickrudtreble54 yes? Isn't that how all software works?04:50
xbehave2it is but short of starting over, i cant use grub, ill look into lilo thx04:50
sCOTTounop_ irefox ok?04:50
leprasmurfizinucs: the jdbc connector seems to lock some of my tables as readonly despite my privilege, I can't edit labels on a wizard created form, I can't find a way to create an input mask on text fields, I can't find any type of date picker/calendar for date objects04:51
unop_sCOTTo, nautilus does it - firefox no, i believe there is something else on gnome (gnome-connect-server maybe) i can't remember what exactly04:51
ChaosTheorybazhang: Awesome! It has the right resolution now.04:51
bazhangChaosTheory: remember what you did for the future ;]04:51
ChaosTheorybazhang: But now, I can't see any of the title bars. . .04:51
treble54nickrud: I guess I have a different take on it, it seems like this slider is a little less user input and a little more input from the installation program04:51
bazhangChaosTheory: go into ccsm and adjust that or just disable compiz altogether ;]04:52
ChaosTheorybazhang: But I don't want to disable Compiz. :(04:52
ChaosTheorybazhang: Let me redo the settings.04:52
unop_sCOTTo, anyway, we'll get to that once we have troubleshooted this? what happens when you browse to smb://   and  smb://othermachinename  ??04:52
MeatGrindernickrud, I cannot find information in the ubuntu forums about using vfat to rename usb volumes, what is the syntax?04:52
izinucsleprasmurf, mine was simple compaired to that.  unfortunatly with no  experience with those needs I'm drawing a blank on how to help.. the OO IRC channel usually starts to pick up this time of night as most of them seem to be in a vastly different time zone.04:53
ChaosTheorybazhang: I don't even have Compiz installed! =D04:53
balthazarguyHey all.. anyone here any good with Wine?04:53
bazhangChaosTheory: then head over to #compiz-fusion they are the brainiacs for that ;]04:53
brianwhow do I restart NetworkManager?04:53
powder^Check here if you need the alternate desktop CD. This CD does not include the Live CD, instead it uses a text-based installer.  <<< Is this download going to act like a Windows msi?04:53
nickrudtreble54 you are saying how much you want to give to xp. Next step is how you want to deal with the unallocated space. There are options ranging from let the installation program deal with how big the root and swap partition are, to totally defining exactly how the partitions are laid out. This step is simply shrinking the xp partition04:53
nickrudMeatGrinder that page I gave you tells you exactly how to use mtools to do the job04:53
geniipowder^: The short answer to that is No04:53
bazhangpowder^: it will be text based and install only04:53
amenadoleprasmurf-> what does jdbc got to do with wizard and forms?04:53
fxjrnight all04:54
Tu13esunop_: do you know how to start it once I change the hdparm.conf?04:54
MeatGrindernickrud, ok i'm confuse, I told you i used mtools and it didn't work and you said to use vfat04:54
fxjrthanks for your help.04:54
balthazarguyI have a problem with Wine, anyone here any good with Wine?04:54
izinucsChaosTheory, Scunizi here.. this is my nick on my laptop.. install  ccsm from synaptic.. its actually called  compiz configuration setting manager.04:54
leprasmurfizinucs: ok, ty anyways.  guess I'll try them one more time before I go to the drastic measure of purging and reinstalling04:54
powder^bazhang -- what does text based.. mean.04:54
leprasmurfamenado: nothing, they are two seperate issues04:54
powder^bazhang I mean, I just got the ISO04:54
izinucsleprasmurf, good luck04:54
leprasmurfizinucs: ty04:54
amenadoleprasmurf-> i thought so..04:54
bazhangbalthazarguy: if you dont get answers here check out #winehq and the appdb04:54
powder^bazhang I mean the ISO for to make a CD with04:54
leprasmurfamenado: aside from the fact that I can't add a new record via form due to the lock issue04:54
bazhangpowder^: text based means no shiny menus ;]04:55
ChaosTheoryizinucs: I don't see a "ccsm."04:55
powder^bazhang -- I do not want to make a CD04:55
ChaosTheoryizinucs: I don't have Compiz installed.04:55
unop_Tu13es, i believe you can put the command into a machine startup script -- /etc/rc.local04:55
treble54nickrud: ok great that last bit really cleared things up :) sorry to bother you, especially since you're getting questions left and right04:55
leprasmurfamenado: but I was listing all the issues I was having with OO base04:55
balthazarguyBaz: Thanks.04:55
unop_Tu13es, the command i mean04:55
Tu13eswhich command?04:55
amenadoleprasmurf-> jdbc connectors have settings, you can reconfigure those04:55
bazhangpowder^: what do you want to do please specify04:55
nickrudtreble54 no problem, the person that doesn't ask questions doesn't get the answers he needs ;)04:55
unop_Tu13es, your hdparm command04:55
Tu13esI didn't make a command, I just edited the .conf04:55
powder^bazhang -- Download make partition, and run Linux04:55
leprasmurfamenado: any recommendations on how?  I saw one command that mihgt help, but couldn't figure out where to set it04:56
bazhangpowder^: without burning a cd? like using wubi? or what--please more info04:56
nickrudMeatGrinder did you get some error about mtools_skip_check?04:56
MeatGrindernickrud, yes04:56
izinucsChaosTheory, it's installed by default.. go to system/preferances and the option for desktop something.. can't referance right now  cause i'm on xp. in there you'll see whee to change the "amount" of effects. change  it to NONE04:56
brianwhow do I restart NetworkManager? I added openvpn support to it... I just can not seem to find an init for it anywhere..04:56
amenadoleprasmurf-> i dont know off hand, its been a long while since i have touched jdbc, but am sure they are there,04:56
MeatGrindernickrud, then errors about it not being mounted when it was and vice versa04:56
Newbuntu2does anyone have any recommendations for webcams that work outdoors and can record at 30fps, and are not a hassle to get to work in linux?04:56
leprasmurfamenado: ty anyway04:56
nickrudMeatGrinder   echo mtools_skip_check=1 >> ~/.mtoolsrc , and try again04:56
ChaosTheoryizinucs: But I *want* effects. =D04:57
unop_Tu13es, i'm not sure how the hdparm.conf file controls hdparm .. hmm04:57
bazhang!webcams | Newbuntu204:57
ubotuNewbuntu2: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras04:57
MeatGrindernickrud, ok lemme try that, brb04:57
izinucsChaosTheory, first things first04:57
ChaosTheoryizinucs: Okay, I did that and it's fixed.04:57
Newbuntu2bazhang: I've seen the list... but I was hoping for a recommendation/review04:57
ChaosTheoryizinucs: There is no "custom" option though for "Visual effects."04:57
bazhangNewbuntu2: this is not a hardware polling channel sorry04:57
izinucsChaosTheory, ok.. now go to synaptic and search for compiz.  once the list comes  up look for Compiz configuration settings  manager.04:58
brianwdarn, found it: /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager04:58
neW1can any1 help me ?04:58
code_killi use metasploit as one of the ways or "tools" of testing my windows network, but have any of you tried it on ubuntu?04:58
ChaosTheoryizinucs: There is no "custom" in "visual effects."04:58
bazhangChaosTheory: install compizconfig-settings-manager04:58
crfThere is a dialog box on my screen that places itself above every window. It is from xkill. I don't think the dialog is active though. How do I make it go away?04:58
izinucsChaosTheory, ok.. now go to synaptic and search for compiz.  once the list comes  up look for Compiz configuration settings  manager.04:58
neW1i have an ati radeon 9550 and cant seem to get it working ...04:59
MeatGrindernickrud, thank you sir, working fine now04:59
unop_Tu13es, it appears that hdparm is run at machine startup via an init script .. so all you need to do is reboot04:59
Tu13essounds good04:59
Tu13esthanks unop_04:59
nickrudMeatGrinder no problem. But I am going to point out that the error message said exactly what to do ;)04:59
ChaosTheoryizinucs: Okay, thanks.04:59
MeatGrindernickrud, doh, guess I need to read fine print04:59
nickrudMeatGrinder sometimes the error messages are more obscure than religious texts, and sometimes they tell you what to do. We were lucky today ;)05:00
MrProperhi when im trying to login on my proftpd server it says password i enter is wrong05:00
MrProperchanged pass with passwd proftpd05:00
izinucsChaosTheory, ok.. now go back to system/preferance and you'll notice a  new menu option above the last one you just used to set things to NONE.. Go there and look for a place to put a check mark on Desktop Manager05:00
unop_sCOTTo, you still there?05:01
MrPropertried new password and it still says the same :/05:01
Johnny_5how do i change permissions 4 other users?05:01
neW1so, no one can help me ? :(05:01
nickrudJohnny_5 it depends on exactly what your end goal is, what do you want the user to be able to do?05:01
Tu13esunop_: hm, strange, I can't seem to get a yes or no when I hdparm -d the drives, and enabling DMA doesn't seem to have any effect05:02
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto neW1 please read this05:02
nickrudneW1 not working is a pretty general term, you'll need to be more specific05:02
Johnny_5i want 2 b able 2 move files from mine 2 their's and they ssh into my comp in their user name 2 get the shtuff off my comp...05:02
neW1i followed this tut05:03
ChaosTheoryizinucs: Wait. . .05:03
|SPP|_O_GATOhi all05:03
izinucsChaosTheory, ok05:03
|SPP|_O_GATOi'm from brazil05:03
ChaosTheoryizinucs: I set it to "none" through right click -> visual settings.05:03
bazhang!br | |SPP|_O_GATO05:03
ubotu|SPP|_O_GATO: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.05:03
neW1but it didint turend out like i was hoping :))05:03
=== _shoot^ is now known as shoot^
izinucsChaosTheory, I don't know what you did. where did you right click?05:04
ChaosTheoryizinucs: Just on the desktop.05:04
ChaosTheoryizinucs: It appears I have lost title bars again. . .05:04
Tu13esunop_: hm, strange, it seems all commands to change anything fail05:04
nickrudJohnny_5 ok, that's two different things. In the main, as long as they can read the file (and ssh lets someone read files just about anywhere, they can get them.05:04
izinucsChaosTheory, hang on . I'm  going to vnc into my ubuntu box.05:04
unop_Tu13es, stupid question but needs asking, are you running them as root?05:05
Johnny_5so how do i chane the permissions to wheere i can copy items into their /home/user w/o havin' 2 b root?05:05
ScuniziChaosTheory, can you get to system/preferances/appearance?05:05
ChaosTheoryScunizi: Yes.05:06
atuli have problem related to sound.05:06
nickrudJohnny_5 myself I'd use sudo to copy the files into their home directory, then chown them to them if I wanted them to be able to alter them. So after moving them I'd do  sudo chown <theiruser>:<theiruser> <files> . That way they could write to them if they chose05:06
Tu13esunop_: as sudo, yes05:06
=== Khajav1 is now known as khajavi
atulI can't hear anyrhing on ubuntu05:06
ScuniziChaosTheory, can you change it from none to the option below none?05:06
bazhangneW1: if you want help you need to give precise info; first read the link I gave you then report the exact errors you get when doing it05:06
=== xipietotec_ is now known as xipietotec
ChaosTheoryScunizi, not without losing my title bars.05:07
neW1ok bazhang 10Q05:07
ToddEDMcan you guys check out a site for me..... it doesnt seem to work , may i paste the URL?05:07
unop_Tu13es, well, what i would say is that obviously not all hdparm options are supported by some disks .. make sure the one you are trying to tweak is supported by the hardware (disk, chipset and controller), secondly, verify that you have the right hdparm command05:07
bazhangToddEDM: go ahead05:07
Johnny_5k thanx05:08
ScuniziChaosTheory, ok.. go to system/preferances/advanced desktop etc.etc.05:08
balthazarguyOk, so I was just at #Wine.. and we found a problem..05:08
balthazarguyIn ubuntu.05:08
waki-wakojoin #quebec05:08
ChaosTheoryScunizi, okay.05:08
sCOTTohmm sorry05:08
geniiToddEDM: Slow as hell but it works for me05:09
sCOTTounop_ sorry i dropped out05:09
ScuniziChaosTheory, scroll down while looking on the right side. look for "window decorations" and put a check mark next to it05:09
balthazarguyThey said a problem I'm having in Wine is because one of my partitions isn't mounted right.. so I went to force mount it.. it says I don't have the privallage to unmount it..05:09
ChaosTheoryScunizi, okay, done.05:09
unop_sCOTTo, 'tis ok05:09
ToddEDMhmmm yeah it works on one or 2 pages then it doesnt work at all05:09
sCOTTook so nothing happens05:09
geniiToddEDM: Likely since they are using asp backend05:09
=== JaxxMaxx__ is now known as JaxxMaxx_
ScuniziChaosTheory, now are you still on "NONE" if so put it down  a notch05:09
bazhangToddEDM: slow but works05:10
nickrudbalthazarguy what partition, an ntfs?05:10
ChaosTheoryScunizi, I'm still on "NONE."05:10
ToddEDMok thanks guys05:10
balthazarguyNick: yes.05:10
nickrudbalthazarguy   you need to use   sudo  to mount partitions05:10
ScuniziChaosTheory, move it down one level05:10
balthazarguyNick: Ok, what's the command?05:10
atulI am some problem related to sound as it does not seem working on ubuntu. plz help me05:10
ChaosTheoryScunizi, no title bars.05:10
sCOTTounop_ so is there a gui that will help me connect to my windows shares??05:10
nickrudbalthazarguy  something like   sudo mount -o force /dev/<ntfspartition> /path/to/mount/point05:11
tux97I was wondering can u install pc anywhere v12 for this?05:11
bazhangtux97: for what please specify05:11
balthazarguyI need to unmount it first.05:11
nickrudbalthazarguy sudo umount /path/to/mountpoint05:11
Exfilwhat is the best virtual machine software for running Windows XP Professional and Fruti Loops Audio Software with USB Midi Keyboard05:11
tux97for ubuntu gusty05:11
ScuniziChaosTheory, ok.. in a terminal type compiz --replace05:11
bazhangtux97: what does it do and is it windows software05:12
geniitux97: vnc is generally preferred over something like MyPC or PC Anywhere, etc etc05:12
Exfiltux: yes gusty05:12
ChaosTheoryScunizi, no title bars.05:12
nickrudExfil you're probably better off finding a fruti loops channel and asking there, they would have more experience05:12
ScuniziChaosTheory, type metacity --replace05:12
Exfilwell what is the best VM software to use05:12
Exfiland how do i obtain it05:12
tux97ok ty exfil i was just wondering where the howtos are for it cause i can't find em05:12
ChaosTheoryScunizi, title bars now.05:13
bluebabyhello, can someone help me. I'm at a friend's house because I don't have my wireless internet connection working anymore. I've tried following Ubuntu Help's Troubleshooting guide, but I'm stuck. Please help!05:13
Exfiltux send me a msg ill help ya05:13
bazhangExfil: there are several; vmware-server, vbox and others; this is not a polling channel thanks05:13
khajaviany one have list of IRC commands?05:13
bluebabyI brought my huge desktop computer and fat monitor to my friend's house so I can implement whatever advice you can give here.05:13
nickrudExfil one that supports midi and audio properly. This channel is a low probability of getting a hit on proper information05:13
Exfilthx, for being a dick about it05:13
tux97exfil i'm not registered if u want go to #bigcat05:13
balthazarguySDA is one of the drives right?05:13
ScuniziChaosTheory, you stil here?  netsplit05:13
alan_mwhat part are you stuck on bluebaby? (more info needed)05:14
ChaosTheoryScunizi, yes.05:14
nickrudExfil I'm not being a dick, I'm giving you good advice. Don't waste your time here asking that question05:14
xxbladexxsubzid ;x05:14
bazhangbluebaby: you need to specify the problems05:14
sCOTTounop_: you here?05:14
Exfili was asking in here cuz no one is my usual channel05:14
bazhangExfil: language please05:14
subzidvolt jah xxbladexx05:14
ScuniziChaosTheory, k. go to system/prefrences/advanced etc.etc etc and click on "cube"05:14
Exfilboo you i didnt swear05:14
bazhangExfil: no name calling than ks05:14
ChaosTheoryScunizi, okay.05:15
Exfilok i wont05:15
=== atul is now known as MyNick
MyNickhelp me regarding sound issues05:15
bazhangMyNick: please specify05:16
Johnny_5what if i just want to b able to move files over anytime i want w/o the hassle of doin' that everytime?05:16
ChaosTheoryYes, Scunizi, I did that.05:16
dreamorAnyone here using KVM?05:16
MrStevesystem sound?05:16
MyNicki am unable to play any sound on ubuntu05:16
aaearonhow easy is it to go from 7.10 32bit to 64bit? i'd just download the 64bit version but only the 32bit is on usenet and will download faster :)05:16
MyNickmay be some problem with drivers05:16
nickrudExfil possibly #vmware or #vbox will have some answers about their vm's support for fruti loops05:16
bazhangaaearon: easy if you consider a complete reinstall easy ;]05:17
dreamorOr I guess I should say KVM/qemu05:17
bluebabybazhang, sure. This is the problem. in the month of March 2008, I used a D-Link WDA-2320 RangeBooster G Desktop Adapter.  I then removed it to put in another wireless PCI adapter. But ubuntu computer says "No internet connection." I tried putting back the DLink wireless card but that won't work now either. 8-(05:17
ChaosTheoryScunizi, are you here?05:17
BhaalWKHey guys, Im trying to install ubuntu server 7.10 And it gets stuck trying to retrieve libc6-udeb off the CDrom, first I thought it was the disc, so reburnt it, then I figured it had to be the drive, so I replaced it, but it still didnt work, so then I figured burn the CD at a slower speed, and its still not working...  Has anyone else experienced this?05:17
ScuniziChaosTheory, ok.. now in the advanced setting box your in, at the top is "general settings" click that.05:17
aaearoni mean. can i "upgrade" to 64bit from 32bit or am i going to have to end up downloading the 64bit iso regardless? bazhang05:17
ChaosTheoryScunizi, okay, done.05:17
bazhangaaearon: upgrade in this case means a complete reinstall05:18
nickrudBhaalWK did you do the disk burn check on the start menu?05:18
MyNickbazhang: Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SB450 HDA Audio (rev 01) as per lspci05:18
chiefwigmshey guys - general question - i saw the guide on the forums to make a bootable live/install USB disk... anyways to make multiple partitions so I can have a "multi-os" installable usb disk?05:18
MyNickbut no sound at all05:18
bazhangbluebaby: is the computer hooked up right now with a wifi hotspot nearby?05:18
chiefwigmsi.e. - windows xp/vista05:18
aaearonand i know with hardy beta you can partition a drive from the installer, i assume you can with 7.10 too05:18
chiefwigmsand maybe a bartpe05:18
MrSteveMyNick - motherboard sound?05:19
bluebabybazhang, the computer is now hooked up, but am not sure if there's a hotspot05:19
ScuniziChaosTheory, ok.. under the tab Desktop Size, in the vertical size option but 405:19
bazhangaaearon: sure you can dual boot the two05:19
BhaalWKnickrud: on the start menu?  I use k3b if thats what your asking?05:19
aaearonwell i just need vista and ubuntu05:19
bluebabybazhang, even thoug there was wireless internet in the air, the ubuntu comp wouldn't be able to find it.05:19
nickrudBhaalWK no, I mean when you boot the cd, there's an option to check the cd05:19
DarkglowHey guys, question about NetworkManager and dbus... in 7.10. Why is dhcdbd starting with S24 ? This means that dhclient will not run before S24, but windbind, ntp for example start at S20 and S23. I don't understand why a service depending on network starts before network interface ?!05:19
ChaosTheoryScunizi, okay, done.05:19
bazhangbluebaby: ah well then it will tough to get the wifi working right? ;]05:19
MyNickMrSteve: I have compaq b1914 laptop05:19
BhaalWKnickrud: No, strangely I havent...  But will do05:20
BhaalWKI should have thought of that...05:20
nickrudBhaalWK also, do an md5sum check of the downloaded iso if the burn check fails, make sure you got a quality download05:20
bluebabybazhang, well, no. The problem is with the computer not working together with the PCI card.05:20
bazhangaaearon: there is no real advantage to 64 bit unless you have more than 4GB of ram, are going to some heavy video compositing or like to live without youtube05:20
ScuniziChaosTheory, click the "back" button in the bottom left corner.. now push ctrl+alt then the left arrow key05:21
BhaalWKIts odd, sometimes people say 'ignorance is bliss' but it really doesnt have many uses...05:21
BhaalWKnickrud: I did get it off the US mirror05:21
aaearoncant live without youtube, you sold me on 32bit bazhang :p05:21
Odd-rationalehello! is it possible to connect to a wireless wpa network via the command line?05:21
nickrudBhaalWK not the issue, but more a chance of a hiccup in the download itself. Happens now and again05:21
captainhey guys, im trying to figure out why everytime i set my laptop screen contrast to low ..after like 3 minutes or so it shoots to bright again ...05:21
ChaosTheoryScunizi, it says "Desktop 1."05:21
bazhangaaearon: I have a 32bit ubuntu running on a duocore 2 and it is fine ;]05:21
Johnny_5what the hecks goin' on in freenode?05:21
ChaosTheoryScunizi, "Desk 1," that is.05:21
izinucsChaosTheory, did you get a rotating cube?05:22
dreamorbazhang: Why would you have to live without youtube?05:22
BhaalWKnickrud: True, k3b verified the checksum and said it was okey if that counts...05:22
ChaosTheoryizinucs, no, I only have one desktop now.05:22
bazhangbluebaby: you seem to know what the problem is..is that right?05:22
nickrud!md5 | BhaalWK try this05:22
bazhangdreamor: flash is sometimes a bear to get going with 64 bit05:22
ubotuBhaalWK try this: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:22
izinucsChaosTheory, you mean the representation in the bottom right  corner  of the screen?05:22
=== Khajav1 is now known as khajav1
bluebabybazhang, the problem is not with the router. it's with my pc not working with any wireless card. That is the extent of my knowledge of the problem.05:23
nickrudBhaalWK k3b seems to say it's a god burn, so next step is to check the source05:23
ChaosTheoryizinucs, ctrl + alt + left makes a small square pop up that says "Desk 1" with the Xchat icon in it.05:23
bluebaby bazhang, i followed the troubleshooting steps on ubuntu Help (offline)05:23
dreamorbazhang: Not so much these days.  Last few distros installed it with eaze05:23
captainim trying to figure out how to stop my laptop screen brightness to go to bright after 3 minutes of setting the contrast to low... any ideas ??05:23
BhaalWKnickrud: k3b verified the ISO before I burnt it I mean, but I will verify it against an online md505:23
izinucsChaosTheory, did I say to change the vertical?  sorry I ment horizontal the first line.. change it to 4 and vertical to 105:23
bluebabyI do NOT understand. How come in March 2008, when I installed the Dlink wireless PCI card, the wireless internet just worked, but after I removed the card, and then put it back in, it doesn't work anymore.05:23
ChaosTheoryizinucs, oh, okay. Let me try that.05:23
dreamorHell this beta prompted me to install it from Firefox05:24
bazhangbluebaby: if you wish to listen to my advice that is okay; if you have different ideas or wish others advice that is okay is well; what does lspci say about that card in the terminal (just the one line)05:24
bluebabybazhang, please hold. i'll do it now. 8-)05:24
bazhanghardy dreamor?05:24
ChaosTheoryizinucs, ctrl + alt + left gives four square now instead of one.05:24
dreamorbazhang: ye[05:24
ChaosTheoryizinucs, I think it's because I don't have "Custom" enabled.05:24
MrStevelike medotate, there will be keys05:25
izinucsChaosTheory, enable custome05:25
MrSteveto use05:25
bazhangdreamor: but he was asking about gutsy ;]05:25
captainim trying to figure out how to stop my laptop screen brightness to go to bright after 3 minutes of setting the contrast to low... any ideas ??05:25
ChaosTheoryizinucs, enabling custom takes away my title bars.05:25
izinucsChaosTheory, in a termial type compiz --replace05:25
ogrexchat-gnome and xchat crash on my system when I open them I get "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" any suggestions on how to fix this?05:26
ChaosTheoryizinucs, okay, I did that.05:26
dreamorbazhang: ah.  Never ran Gutsy.  It was easy enough in fedora and Opensuse though05:26
bazhangChaosTheory: best to head to #compiz-fusion if you dont get better advice here05:26
aaearonwhy is the 64bit version named amd6405:26
ChaosTheorybazhang: Okay, I'll go there, too.05:26
bazhangdreamor: heresy! and offtopic to boot ;]05:26
izinucsChaosTheory, use ctrl+alt and then use the left mouse button and drag on  the screen and see what happens05:26
oc80zHow can one SFTP to a server that runs SSH on A differnet Port than 22?05:26
ChaosTheoryizinucs, I don't have custom enabled anymore.05:27
joetheodd__What's the off-topic channel again?05:27
bazhang!ot | joetheodd__05:27
ubotujoetheodd__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!05:27
ubotuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:27
izinucsChaosTheory, like bazhang said. head over to the other channel  and they'll get yo set.. probably faster than  I can05:27
MrSteveoc80z Putty does it in winders05:27
geniioc80z: use -o -p <port#>05:27
joetheodd__thank you bazhang05:27
oc80zwhat about in flashfxp?05:28
ChaosTheoryizinucs, okay, thanks.05:28
dreamorbazhang: Hehe.  I'm a long time user of various distros of Linux and I just recently decided to try out Ubuntu to find out why it's so popular.05:28
ChaosTheoryizinucs, I'll worry about Compiz later.05:28
unopoc80z, flashxp is a windows program right?05:28
captainhey guys any one knows how i can stop my screen contrast from changing to bright everytime i set it to low....05:28
ChaosTheoryizinucs, my sound isn't working properly.05:28
geniioc80z: No idea, don't use it05:28
oc80zHrm ok05:28
unopoc80z, we dont support windows programs in here, you should know  :)05:28
oc80zyeah duh05:28
dreamorI'm actually still kind of wandering why it's so popular, but I'm going to run it for a few months.05:28
MrSteveI was once in dire need, and I found good winders assist on dalnet05:28
ChaosTheoryizinucs, I get sound out of both my speakers and the headphones.05:29
oc80zdid he leave u a leg?05:29
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izinucsChaosTheory, sorry not good with that one.05:29
Kl4mAs far as I know, it's popular because of easier install and huge support (forums and here in IRC)05:29
=== qmr is now known as Quintin
ChaosTheoryizinucs, no problem.05:29
ChaosTheoryizinucs, thanks for your help.05:29
ChaosTheorybazhang, are you busy?05:29
izinucsChaosTheory, np..05:29
dreamorkl4m: That has not been my experience so far.05:29
bazhangChaosTheory: what is the precise sound problem you are having; I am not very good at it but if you layout the info clearly others can help you perhaps05:30
ChaosTheorybazhang: I get sound out of both my speakers and my headphones.05:30
MrSteveI think I got all I need.. and will back up then defrag, then try to partition off to install a dual boot.. this weekend.  Look for me then, or Under net05:30
ChaosTheorybazhang: In other words, plugging in the headphones doesn't mute the speakers.05:30
MrStevegood folks!  laterz05:30
bluebabybazhang, lspci has this to say re: card: 01:06.0 Ethernet Controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88w335 [Libertas] 802.11b/g Wireless (rev 03)05:31
bazhangChaosTheory: how about turning down the sound on the speakers manually?05:31
ChaosTheorybazhang: That also turns down the volume on my headphones.05:31
bazhangbluebaby: and what does ifconfig show? just eth0 and lo?05:31
bluebabybazhang, yes, just eth0 and lo. By the way, just to let you know. when I had my wireless card working last month, I also remember seeing ath0.05:32
bazhangnot here please sayap_ikarus05:32
nickrudsayap_ikarus please don't05:32
geniisayap_ikarus: Please just state your question regarding ubuntu if you indeed have one05:33
lumgwadaDoes anyone know how to add highlights for regexp matches on a tail -f call ?05:33
ogrehow do i completely remove xchat and all its settings? i managed to bork it and it crashes whilst opening05:33
Radithow do i start the gdm from terminal?05:33
bazhangogre: what errors when launching it from terminal05:34
captainneed to figure out how to stop screen contrast from shooting up to bright everytime i set it to low ...? anyone ?05:34
Radithow do i start the gdm from terminal?05:34
dreamorogre: just remove the .xchat2 directory from you home05:34
=== _shoot^ is now known as shoot^
nickrudlumgwada you might want to look into multitail, it does color05:34
socreshi, has anyone usplash with 1280x800 resolution get working?05:35
geniiRadit: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start               or if from safe boot mode of single user, just: telinit 205:35
lumgwadanickrud: cheers05:35
dreamorogre: though I'ld just rename it incase I wanted anything out of it05:35
ogrebazhang:  Segmentation fault (core dumped)05:35
bazhangogre and what about dreamor's suggestion?05:35
bluebabybazhang, did you see my message re: your question about ifconfig?05:35
Raditgenii, thank you :-)05:35
SlynderdaleWHen I try to ugrade to Ubuntu 8.04 I get this error "could not calculate upgrade"05:36
bazhangbluebaby: atheros eh? are there restricted drivers for that?05:36
captainbazhang, any idea how to top contrast from automatically changing... i set to low but goes back to bright after some time.05:36
bazhangSlynderdale: #ubuntu+1 please05:36
ogrebazhang:  i dont have anything i need it for05:36
nickrudsocres look at /etc/usplash.conf , make sure it's set to the right resolution05:36
geniiRadit: np05:36
luciddreami have the gutsy gibbon .iso downloaded on my winxp box here and just realized my CD burner is dead.  i have another PC that I want to install ubuntu on.  I have a 16gb USB drive.  would it be possible to put the .iso on it and install from the USB somehow?05:36
Kl4mogre: most xchat2 configuration is in the .xchat2 directory in your home. If you remove it, you'll go back to the default config05:37
nickrud!install | luciddream lots of methods here, you'll probably find one that will work for you05:37
ubotuluciddream lots of methods here, you'll probably find one that will work for you: Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:37
bazhangluciddream: sure; or you could unetbootin05:37
ogredreamor:  oh thanks. its hard to tell when someone highlights me in stupid pidgin-irc05:37
socresyes ive set it to 1280x800 and make a splash with this resolution, when i shutdown this splash is shown correctly but when im booting a stretched version (think 800x600) is shown05:38
bluebabybazhang, oh, sorry to confuse you. that wireless card that used to work did use atheros. But the wireless card that's inside my computer now... I don't know if it's atheros05:38
anparkshey ive got some serious problems going on here and i can't track it down or retrace my steps fully. when i load any terminal (xterm, aterm, gnome-terminal) it blinks on in a window and then closes immediately. any ideas?05:38
bazhangbluebaby: why replace it if it worked?05:38
nickrudsocres hm, not sure why that would happen (I don't like splash screens, anyway)05:38
unoplumgwada, tail -f file | grep -E --colour=always "regexp"05:38
|thunderis hardy out yet ?05:39
unoplumgwada, but that only includes matching lines in the output .. it might not be what you want05:39
Blaenkwhen does hardy come out? 22 days but what day of the month05:39
captainhow to stop contrast from changing automatically ?...05:39
bazhang|thunder: in #ubuntu+1 the beta is yes05:39
socreson the web i dont find anything working :(05:39
Blaenkor 23rd05:39
captainscreen brightness i mean.05:39
bazhangBlaenk: 24th05:39
bluebabybazhang, i had to.05:39
Blaenkthanks bazhang05:39
bluebabybazhang, kinda long story.05:39
nickrudunop you should check out multitail, I messed with it for a while once05:39
socresis it possible to use the splashthing from suse?05:39
bluebabybazhang, if we could make this current wireless card work, that would be great.05:40
unopnickrud, what advantage does multitail have over tail ? out of curiosity05:40
socresid whohld like it more, because of the verbose mode05:40
nickrudunop colorization, splitting the screen with ncurses, just more geeky fun05:40
bluebabybazhang, to see a pic of the wireless card in my computer now, please see http://snipurl.com/23aff05:40
bluebabybazhang, anyway, when i put back the original wireless card, ubuntu comp would'nt work with it.05:41
lumgwadaunop: yeah tried that ... I need the non matching lines as well. cheers05:41
bluebabythis is how i've concluded that the problem is not with the wireless card, but with the ubuntu computer.05:41
anparksand why does trying to reinstall a terminal ask me to remove nearly every core package on my system?05:41
ice109does anyone know how i can get more character width in my terminal ?05:43
ice109err more characters than 8005:43
bazhanglsmod | grep rtl try that in the terminal bluebaby05:43
T1m0thyice109, resize it? :S05:44
ice10980 character limit05:44
MukiEXIs there a way to force mogrify to resize to a certain resolution, even if it'll stretch an image?05:44
bluebabybazhang, lsmod | grep rtl gives nothing.05:44
gawwdotnetice109, You want a framebuffer terminal05:44
chiefwigmsanother question - i just reinstalled ubuntu - i can't mount any usb sticks or my other windows partition - it just says "invalid mount option"05:44
ice109gawwdotnet i don't know what that means05:44
bazhangbluebaby: the problem is with the drivers not being released not with ubuntu--trying to help but if you have given up ah well then05:45
gawwdotnetice109,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9068905:45
bluebabybazhang, i myself haven't given up. Not sure I understand what your last message means05:45
captaincan anyone help me stop my screen brightness from changing automatically when setting it to low..05:46
bazhangbluebaby: this is gutsy? you say the problem is with ubuntu and that is simply incorrect; the real villain is the company (wireless) not releasing their drivers05:46
Y-Towncaptain: disable in BIOS?05:46
dreamorKVM question... I have kvm lib-virt qemu and the machine manager installed.  When I go to create a virtual machine parvirtualization is greyed out.  Any ideas?05:46
captainnewbie ..05:47
captainyou mean its a setting in my bios05:47
bluebabybazhang, I'm not sure whether I've explained the story well. On March 1st, I installed a DLink wireless card. I turned on computer. Ubuntu made Wireless interent worked. On March 31st, I removed dlink wireless card and put in a different wireless pci card. I then couldn't get any internet. I put back same model of Dlink wireless card back into the comp, expecting wireless internet to work, but it doesn't anymore. And yes, it's gutsy.05:47
Y-Towncaptain: yo9u should be able to turn that off in bios05:47
alan_mcaptain, could be05:47
captainy-town, i set it to low contrast in gutsy...then after 3 minutes it shoots right up to bright .05:47
dreamorcaptain: are you setting it to low in your monitor or graphics driver?05:48
captainwell its a laptop ..so im hitting the FN key and lowering it.05:48
harsh1Video playback in ubuntu 7.10 is slow, I can eloborate the issue if anyone responds to my message?05:48
bazhangbluebaby: sounds like you did something to your install; how about booting from a livecd and see if that catches it; if it does then we can eliminate several candidates05:49
ChaosTheory. . .05:49
ChaosTheoryI just restarted and I lost my resolution settings.05:49
ChaosTheoryAnd, . . . my volume is totally messed up?05:50
captainany ideas dreamor, ytown or alan ?05:50
bazhangbluebaby: if the livecd does not pick it up then here are the linux drivers for that card: http://www.services.assmann.com/download/adm/support-driver-2/DN-7006GS_driver_linux_v1027_20071221.zip05:50
=== Silvano is now known as silvanozzzz
Y-Towncaptain: I would disable the sensor in the bios and then set your brightness after reboot05:51
bluebabybazhang, i made a Xubuntu 8.04 beta CD for another computer, and i tried booting live from that, but it still couldn't recognize wireless connection.05:51
ChaosTheoryIf I try to open "volume control," it says "No volume control Gstreamer plugins and/or devices were found."05:51
bazhangbluebaby: you said this was gutsy? #ubuntu+1 for hardy thanks05:51
captainnot sure if there is that option in my bios last time i checked its a pretty simple bios not lots of options .. but i will try it and i'll be back05:52
bluebabybazhang, thanks for link. is the link for my current wireless card (as in http://snipurl.com/23aff )05:52
bluebabybazhang, yes, my computer is currently on GUTsy.05:52
bluebabybazhang,  But the live CD i tried tonight was hardy.05:52
CloudF1ChaosTheory: I had a similar issue with the sound and fixed that by going to Sound under preferences, and under the category devices changing autodected to one of the other options, followed by a reboot05:52
quailhi all, can anyone tell me if they have a problem with high system load when coming out of suspend and hibernate on there laptop?05:52
bazhangbluebaby: well I have given you several options: boot from the Gutsy livecd and see if that picks it up, install the linux drivers yourself, or go to #ubuntu+1 and discuss the xubuntu issue there05:53
bluebabybazhang, yes, re: linux drivers: is that for wireless card in http://snipurl.com/23aff ?05:54
ChaosTheoryI'm starting to get a bit fed up with Ubuntu. :(05:56
danuelHi all05:56
danuelI am getting an HP laptop, pavilioin dv6700t, has anyone installed ubuntu on this yet?05:56
ports-FFim using ubuntu 7.04 in vmware player.. and i just installed VirtualBox.... do i need to reboot before itll show up in Applications?05:57
nickrud!laptop | danuel05:57
ubotudanuel: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org05:57
ChaosTheorybazhang: Are you here?05:57
danuelyes laptop.05:57
danuelthanks nickrud05:57
ChaosTheoryizinucs: Are you here?05:57
nickrudports-FF that sound really crazy, but    killall gnome-panel    will restart the panel and update the menus05:58
zsiavashwhen  it try to install java_app_platform_sdk-5_04-linux.bin on recovery mode by command "sudo sh" i get this error "java_app_platform_sdk-5_04-linux.bin: 1 syntax error "(" unexpected "05:58
ports-FFok tht was crazy but it worked05:59
ports-FFnickrud:  is there a good guide to help set up a vista & ubuntu dual boot?05:59
nickrudports-FF no, the rebuilding of the menus is normal (probably would have synced up without) the vbox inside vmware is what is insane :)05:59
nickrud!dualboot | ports-FF06:00
ubotuports-FF: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:00
quailzsiavash: have you tried   sudo ./java_app_platform_sdk-5_04-linux.bin06:00
unoplumgwada, if you are looking for an alternative - tail -f file | perl -ne 's/(regex)/\033[1;31m$1\033[0m/g; print'06:00
ports-FFnickrud:  plenty of resources to waste while testing it :)  2gb of ram06:00
danuelgreat. thanks nickrud06:01
nickrudsys admins and their perl06:01
geniizsiavash: Firstly if you're in recovery mode, sudo is unneccesary as you are logged on in sungle user (root) as default. Secondly why do you feel it neccesary to use recovery mode to install this application? Thirdly likely it needs bash instead of default dash which /bin/sh is linked to06:01
zsiavashquial:sudo ./java_app_platform_sdk-5_04-linux.bin doesnt work says command not fond06:01
unopnickrud, hmm yep, what would the internet do without those two? :)06:01
lumgwadaunop: cool thanks I'll try that06:02
ports-FFnickrud:  i just wanted to see what virtualbox was like without having to install ubuntu on my system... im curious about its seamless operation06:02
nickrudports-FF if it works, try installing vmware inside it ;)06:02
ports-FFnickrud:  out of sheer boredom... maybe lol06:03
captainy-town ..still here ?06:03
ports-FFok time to kill this06:03
bazhangbluebaby: you need to try the gutsy livecd as Hardy is still beta06:03
bazhangChaosTheory: yeah, what's the issue?06:03
quailzsiavash: it might be cause your trying to install it from recovery mode?06:04
ChaosTheorybazhang: The resolution is back to the way it was.06:04
zsiavashgenii: by using bash pops this error cant not execute binary file06:04
quailzsiavash: oh you don't need sudo in recovery mode cause you are already root06:04
bazhangChaosTheory: how about a simple sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?06:04
MikeMiller_sup ppl06:05
Y-Towncaptain: yes06:05
quailzsiavash: chmod +x java_app_platform_sdk-5_04-linux.bin06:05
portsi always forget how full this room is06:05
ChaosTheorybazhang: I've tried this already. . .06:05
MikeMiller_I know06:05
MikeMiller_whoa creating apps?06:05
geniusWhere does network manager store it's config? I want to delete old entry from wireless networks. It connects to my old network that is barely visible instead of connecting to new network with 100% signal...06:05
bazhangChaosTheory: what caused it to go back06:05
zsiavashquail: i think so but i have to because i need it to use in server06:05
geniizsiavash: Just:  ./filename06:05
ChaosTheorybazhang: I restarted the computer to fix something with the sound (it actually totally messed up the sound). =|06:06
geniibin usually = binary (executable)06:06
iositdChaosTheory, you fixed the network issue?06:06
MikeMiller_I know javascript06:06
ChaosTheoryiositd: Yes.06:06
iositdChaosTheory, good to hear06:06
ChaosTheoryiositd: Hi. ^_^06:06
bluebabybazhang, how do i install the drivers?06:06
ChaosTheoryiositd: Ubuntu is making me cry. T_T06:06
iositdChaosTheory, why :(06:06
bazhangChaosTheory: then start from scratch; make sure the restricted drivers are enabled, etc followed by a restart--this is gutsy ubuntu, or ubuntu based?06:06
geniusPlease help a little girl...06:07
ChaosTheoryiositd: Lots of problems. =|06:07
zsiavashgenii: command not found06:07
ChaosTheorybazhang: I can't access the restricted package manager. . .06:07
iositdChaosTheory, give me an overview then06:07
iositdChaosTheory, errors?06:07
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 here is the cli way genius06:08
ChaosTheoryiositd: My screen resolution isn't fixed yet.06:08
bazhangChaosTheory: is this gutsy ubuntu or gutsy linuxmint? and what do you mean cannot access06:08
ChaosTheoryiositd: My sound is messed up now (worse than before).06:08
ChaosTheorybazhang: I need to install something to use it. One second.06:08
ChaosTheorybazhang: This is GG.06:08
=== co_ckp_keabisan_ is now known as abu_dzakar^al_ka
geniusbazhang: i want to use network manager. I just want to clean it's config to make it forget a wireless router06:09
bazhangChaosTheory: please pastebin your sources.list06:09
iositdChaosTheory, the screen resolution is due to not having restricted drivers.06:09
ChaosTheoryiositd: I enabled the restricted drivers and I restarted for something and now it's back to normal.06:09
bluebabybazhang, i have to leave now. it's getting late. thanks for your help.06:09
ChaosTheoryiositd: After I enabled the restricted drivers, it worked.06:09
geniizsiavash: substitute for "./filename"  ./java_app_platform_sdk-5_04-linux.bin                      if you are in same directory the file is in. Otherwise just put something more like /the/path/to/file/java_app_platform_sdk-5_04-linux.bin   where you put the actal path of course06:09
iositdChaosTheory, good06:10
bazhangbluebaby we will be here tomorrow ;]06:10
iositdChaosTheory, explain sound screwed up?06:10
knifepointhey can anyone help me im trying to log into my uni wireless and i need to find a certificate file for Thawte Premium Server CA and Thawte Server CA to add to network manager06:10
ChaosTheoryiositd: No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found.06:10
=== abu_dzakar^al_ka is now known as santri_XXX
ChaosTheoryiositd: Okay, I have two things in my Restricted Drivers Manager -- both are enabled but neither are in use.06:11
iositdChaosTheory, i c. you might have to compile alsa for that06:11
iositdChaosTheory, which are enabled?06:11
ChaosTheoryiositd: How do I do that?06:11
iositdChaosTheory, we'll come to that later06:11
bazhanggenius: either way you have to do cli; why not go all the way into terminal-land ;]06:11
iositdChaosTheory, first answer bazhang who asked for your sources.list :-)06:12
ChaosTheoryiositd: Lucent/Agere linmodem controller driver and NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (latest cards).06:12
iositdbazhang, cli all the way :-)06:12
bazhangChaosTheory: please pastebin them06:12
ChaosTheoryiositd: How do I get my sources.list?06:12
bazhangiositd: ;]06:12
iositdChaosTheory, cat /etc/apt/sources.list06:12
bazhang!paste | ChaosTheory06:13
ubotuChaosTheory: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:13
code_killdo you guys know how to use ubuntu tweak?06:13
benanzoCan I configure SSH so I have to authenticate with *both* password and key instead of one or the other?06:13
geniusbazhang: here is my answer http://live.gnome.org/DarrenAlbers/NetworkManagerFAQ#head-bef25c7fff6853c702b745626a9b6fb40058f0e406:13
knifepointanyone have any idea how to connect to a thwate approved wireless network?06:13
iositdbenanzo, yes, set a password on the key that you use. ssh-keygen -t dsa06:14
erosjoin #japan06:14
ChaosTheoryiositd, bazhang: http://pastebin.com/d6cb07b406:14
DOOM_NXgood morning06:14
benanzoiositd: yes I did that but I want to authenticate the user account with a password as well, not just the key's password06:14
captainhey guys any idea why my main login screen when booting up shows as 800 x 600 then changes to normal resolution when logged in .. ?06:15
zsiavashgenii: "./java_app_platform_sdk-5_04-linux.bin"  it is  in the same directory but wat is your idea about that when i try tu install this to the graphic environment mode it works but when i dont have graphic it doesnt work06:15
code_killhey doom06:15
DOOM_NXi got a question related to virtual box... really simple... can anyone help me?06:15
iositdbenanzo, the whole point of key auth is not using a password06:15
bazhangcode_kill: fairly self-explanatory; install it and run it06:15
code_kill--------> (raises hand and symbols the wave)06:15
iositdDOOM_NX, this has beent old before to you ==> ask the question06:15
code_killdidnt see it under system tools.06:16
code_killdidnt know it was put there06:16
iositdChaosTheory, i can see you did follow my suggestion, however you forgot a few. line 6, 8,13,1506:16
bazhangeasy on that enter key code_kill ;]06:16
captainhey guys any idea why my main login screen when booting up shows as 800 x 600 then changes to normal resolution when logged in .. ?06:16
DOOM_NXwell, i'm trying to make an "Internal Network" between Ubuntu (Host) and WinXP SP2. I just don't know what to put in "Network name" at VB Network Settings tab...06:16
iositdChaosTheory, so ==> sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and edit those lines =)06:16
captaini also have a big creen with a Nvdia logo showing up before the login screen06:17
geniizsiavash: Then obviously it's not an application which runs normally in a terminal but needs X to run. Use alt-f2 then put the /path/filename to run it in gui then. If it needs admin privelege prepend with gksu or gksudo     etc etc06:17
iositdDOOM_NX, that's a good one. I had a guide for that. A sec06:17
bazhangcaptain: how did you install the drivers?06:17
aubadeWhat command actually starts gnome?06:17
captainrestricted drivers nvidia06:17
ChaosTheoryiositd: Okay, I saved.06:18
iositdDOOM_NX, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=34618506:18
DOOM_NXjust to mention, internet works through "NAT" connection...06:18
benanzoYes but I'd like to password protect the key + require valid user password -- that way I can just leave my private key on my work machine and not worry about it being abused.  They'd have to crack the key pass as well as my user pass.06:18
iositdChaosTheory, then update :-)06:18
aubadeJust 'gnome-session'? Rather use startx w/ .xinitrc than GDM since it's a single-user box.06:18
DOOM_NXthanks, let me check06:18
ChaosTheoryiositd: Update?06:18
iositdChaosTheory, sudo apt-get update06:18
iositdChaosTheory, BUT ONLY if you have internet on it now06:18
kambeiaubade: That should do it.06:18
captainbazhang, nvidia restricted drivers.06:18
bazhangcaptain: so the splash screen is lower res but the desktop works perfectly fine? is that the gist of it?06:18
ChaosTheoryiositd: I'm talking to you from the laptop.06:18
erosjust make your key 10 digits06:18
captainyup thats right baz06:18
ChaosTheoryiositd: Okay, it updated.06:18
iositdChaosTheory, good. a sec06:19
captainit wasnt like this before . i fiddled around with the "screens and graphics" section..06:19
iositdChaosTheory, for easy use, i'll write you a script and tell you how to run it06:19
aubadeAye, worked. Forgot how quick gnome can be.06:19
ChaosTheoryiositd: Run what? =D06:19
zsiavashgenii:your right but as using in server i dont have gui so i need java enterprise "glassfish_javaee" to run in server then server apps can run on it06:19
bazhangcaptain: can you un-fiddle what you fiddled?06:20
iositdChaosTheory, the script that i'm writing right nwo06:20
benanzoI guess I could just make an ultra limited user on my machine which the key will get into, then 'su me' to get regular user.  that will do basically what I want.06:20
Y-Towncaptain: did you get the brightness fixed?06:20
ChaosTheoryiositd: That does what?06:20
geniiaubade: Starting gnome from startx usually involves exec gnome-session06:20
kambeiaubade: You could also just have GDM automatically log your (single) user in.06:20
iositdChaosTheory, hopefully fix your sound06:20
ChaosTheoryiositd: Okay, I see.06:20
captainwell its been more than 3 mins now ytown ..it didnt change ... so i guess it fixed itself ..06:20
DOOM_NXiositd, i think this one is reffereing to "Host Interface Network"...06:20
ether_ccan someone do a quick test of compiz on ubuntu for me? Press alt+shift+up to scale the windows, then try it using shift+alt+up (different order) to see if you get the same result?06:20
ChaosTheoryiositd: It says there are 129 updates available. . .06:20
iositdChaosTheory, while you update i'll write your script then06:21
iositdDOOM_NX, yes06:21
ChaosTheoryiositd: Why are there so many updates?06:21
benanzoWhat is the most limited user I can create and still be able to ssh to it and exec 'su' so I can change users (but NOT to root) ??06:21
DOOM_NXhmmm i need the setting for "Internal Network" option06:21
iositdChaosTheory, because you haven't updated properly last night. You forgot the 2 sources that had the most updates.06:21
captainBazhang, im not sure what i changed . i think the screen model ... its on generic 1440 x 900 now ...06:21
ChaosTheoryiositd: Oh.06:21
benanzoI tried making a user with their shell 'rbash' but that's easy to get out of just by execing 'bash'06:21
benanzoHow do I fix that?06:22
ChaosTheoryiositd: Was it last night?06:22
ChaosTheoryiositd: I've lost track of time. o_O06:22
iositdChaosTheory, for me it was, i just woke up06:22
ChaosTheoryiositd: Everything has become a continuous blur of Ubuntu. =_=06:22
ChaosTheoryiositd: Oh, it's well past midnight here.06:22
geniizsiavash: Glassfish is a java development kit. It doesn't have anything to do with running the application you create with it on your server.06:23
ether_ccan someone do a quick test of compiz on ubuntu for me? Press alt+shift+up to scale the windows, then try it using shift+alt+up (different order) to see if you get the same result?06:23
chrislabeardHey guys06:23
benanzosame result on Hardy06:24
ether_cweird, thanks06:24
chrislabeardwhats the command to run a program after you install it in terminal06:24
yuri_is there a screen managemen option available that will allow an app to not be overlapped when i maximize a window?06:24
benanzochrislabeard: what program?06:24
albechis there a nice tool for deleting files older than 30 days? Trying to find a way to clear mails from a quarantine folder with a cron job, or can this be done through the mta or imap server?06:24
zsiavashgenii: so what servers should do when want an java  aplication servers run on them06:25
bluefoxxare there any general CAD programs anyone can reccomend to me?06:25
erichjcssed is the command, but it should show up in your programming menu under applications06:25
benanzoDoes it not appear in the menu?  it should06:25
benanzootherwise just run 'cssed' in the term06:25
benanzothats a really good app btw06:26
benanzouse it all the time06:26
usuarioquero fuder06:26
geniizsiavash: tomcat for instance06:26
chrislabeardwhats the difference between ubuntu terminal and mac osx terminal06:26
DOOM_NXiositd: please take a look: http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/1702/screenshotwinxpsettingsui4.png06:26
benanzoUbuntu's is better06:26
erichjchrislabeard, about $200006:26
benanzomany more options but really for power-users06:26
Demonehey all, not used to ubuntu, attempting to install kde4base and kde4base-dev and getting not founds for the qt4 packages06:26
chrislabearderichj: i know but i can do the same stuff in both terminals06:27
benanzoboth use the 'bash' shell (or maybe OS X uses zsh?"06:27
erichjos x uses bash06:27
Demoneosx uses bash06:27
iositdDOOM_NX, i only use host only networking myself, so can't help there06:27
DOOM_NXi see06:27
chrislabeardyeah its bash06:27
DOOM_NXthanks a lot though06:27
DOOM_NXanyone else might have an idea what do i fill in here: http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/1702/screenshotwinxpsettingsui4.png?06:27
SkinnYPuppbluefox: qcad06:27
luciddreamhi, I'm trying to follow the steps here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick to install linux from a USB stick since my CD burner is broken.  I have changed my BIOS so the first boot device is "USB FDD" but grub keeps booting me into my old dapper installation instead of the new gutsy CD.  what do I do?06:28
bluefoxxSkinnYPupp: kk, will look it up06:28
bazhangluciddream: set it in the bios to boot from usb stick if it allows it06:28
SkinnYPuppbluefox: synergy by weber has a cam backend06:28
luciddreambazhang: I thought I had done that but it just keeps booting into my old dapper installation06:29
bazhangluciddream: you may need to hold down esc key to make it stick iirc06:29
zsiavashgenii:thanks alot your my hero06:29
bazhangluciddream: or just unetbootin which is a new way to do it from within dapper06:30
SkinnYPuppbluefox: Whats your useage ?06:30
luciddreambazhang: holding down esc brings me into the GRUB menu06:30
lkthomas_hey guys06:30
geniizsiavash: Best luck with your server06:30
geniiI'm out06:30
lkthomas_where can I find a full featured ffmpeg ?06:30
iositdChaosTheory, copy this script into an empty file ==> http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/61987/06:32
ChaosTheoryiositd: How do I get an empty file? =D06:32
acxtyHI guys, I know this is not the correct place for asking this, but does someone had work with kannel?06:33
iositdChaosTheory, alright, in terminal type ==> gedit sound.sh06:33
anteayawhen i want a program to execute upon reboot, what file do I modify?06:34
bazhangluciddream: you could wait a couple of weeks and do a LTS to LTS one step upgrade via the net also06:34
ChaosTheoryiositd: Yes. Then?06:34
iositdChaosTheory, copy the text in, save it, then close it. type this ==> chmod +x sound.sh06:34
ChaosTheoryiositd: Okay, done.06:36
bazhangluciddream: I have to step away for a bit; will help out later if you need it06:36
iositdChaosTheory, once you're done updating (don't break it off, just let it continue first) run this ==> ./sound.sh06:37
anteayawhen i want a program to run when i boot up, what file do I modify?06:37
iositdChaosTheory, that'll download the latest sources, copy them to the right folder, extract them, compile them, and then remove the unneeded stuff.06:37
ChaosTheoryiositd: Okay, it's about 3/4ths of the way through applying the changes.06:37
ChaosTheoryiositd: Wow, okay. Thanks.06:37
iositdChaosTheory, then after that you can execute the script :)06:37
iositdChaosTheory, i'm off for breakfast now, we'll talk later k?06:37
ChaosTheoryiositd: Execute the script. . .06:37
ChaosTheoryiositd: Yes, sure.06:37
iositdChaosTheory, ==> ./sound.sh (ask bazhang if you're lost)06:38
bazhanganteaya: why not just save the session with the apps you want open as is06:38
ChaosTheoryiositd: Okay, thanks.06:38
iositdlater folks06:38
bazhangiositd: haha I'm out for a bit and that is way over my head ;]06:38
bazhangcya iositd06:38
anteayabazhang: because this is a program for a server that i need to run when the server is rebooted, the server is debian06:39
bazhanganteaya: and where does ubuntu enter into this? ;]06:39
anteayabecause i am on ubuntu and am helping my friend on a debian server06:40
anteayai know it can be done, i have seen the conversation in here before06:40
ChaosTheorybazhang: ./sound .sh gives "bash: ./sound: No such file or directory"06:40
bazhanganteaya: nice answer but #debian will help more; should be similar to ubuntu, but not the same06:40
ubotunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.06:40
anteayaso are you saying that i can't run a program on my laptop at boot up06:40
anteayaor you don't know where the file is?06:41
DOOM_NXguys i think it's really really simple, but i don't know the answer... what do i have to put there: http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/1702/screenshotwinxpsettingsui4.png06:41
anteayabecause i would also like to know for myself06:41
bazhanganteaya: of course you can; but that has a gui and a server does not; and a debian server is a province of their channel06:41
anteayaokay so know i am asking for myself, where is the file?06:42
anteayaand my program currently doesn't have a gui06:42
anteayajust script06:42
bazhanganteaya: you want to edit it by hand? or want the gui06:42
anteayaby hand06:42
bazhangfor a debian server? no idea sorry06:42
anteayafor ubuntu06:42
anteayai would like to run my script at start up06:43
IcemanV9anteaya: whereis <program>06:43
Exterisanteaya, put it in /etc/init.d06:43
chrislabeardwhat is the best irc client for ubuntu06:43
T1m0thychrislabeard, opinion.06:44
SkinnYPuppDOOM_NX: something like homelan, officelan, hall5bldg106:44
anteayaIcemanV9: anita@anitas-computer:~/programming$ whereis remindr.rb06:44
anteayaExteris: thank you06:44
chrislabeardT1m0thy: opinion06:44
DOOM_NXSkinnYPupp, does it have to be the same with something?06:44
bazhangor irssi if you want no xserver06:44
IcemanV9chrislabeard: it depends on your taste ... xchat, xbitch, irssi ....06:45
lkthomas_Building dependency tree... 50% <--- guys, my apt-get hangs here06:45
chrislabeardIcemanV9: oh okay06:45
SkinnYPuppDOOM_NX: If it's your home network no, only if you need to connect into a remote network with a domain server06:45
DOOM_NXno... i think...06:46
palomeris there a program to find out the encoding of a string?06:46
IcemanV9anteaya: slocate <program> OR locate <program>06:46
DOOM_NXi just want to set the guest os in virtualbox to connect to internet through Internal Network option...06:46
kdorfquick grub question if someone would help me out.06:46
DOOM_NXi just don't know what do i have to put in that box06:46
anteayaIcemanV9: anita@anitas-computer:~/programming$ locate remindr.rb06:47
kdorfI moved my windows partition to the end of the drive (it was /dev/sda1, now is /dev/sda5) and the root line in menu.lst read (hd0,0) so I changed it to (hd0,4) but windows won't boot06:47
SkinnYPuppDOOM_NX: virtual box and vmware server work just fine you can leave that empty if you aren't using domain wide network06:47
kdorfI believe it says that the device was invalid.06:47
kdorfthen takes me back to grub list.06:47
=== TheDarkBGM is now known as SuperSayjin
DOOM_NXI can't leave that empy i think... it shows a warning06:47
IcemanV9anteaya: so it resides in your home directory06:47
anteayaIcemanV9: yes06:48
SkinnYPuppDOOM_NX: Try mylan or homelan yourlan something06:48
onefunkhey all, does ubuntu's buy out by the big m include ubuntustudio?06:48
SkinnYPuppbig m ?06:48
T1m0thyI think he means Microsoft. :|06:49
ChaosTheorybazhang: My resolution is correct now.06:49
DOOM_NXlet me see06:49
ChaosTheoryOh, he said he was leaving.06:49
ChaosTheoryAnyone here who can help with sound?06:49
kindofabuzzonefunk: MS is not buying ubuntu lol06:49
SlynderdaleAnyone here know of a good svn client?06:49
IcemanV9anteaya: like what Exteris said earlier, you can use /etc/init.d/ for boot-up06:50
anteayaIcemanV9: thank you i am examining that file now06:50
IcemanV9anteaya: ok. np06:50
onefunkkindofabuzz, is this a hoax. there's more if you google it. http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/2557006:51
kraft__i'm trying to config my monitor using fglrxinfo, however i'm doing it over ssh, and it keeps trying to confiure my laptop screen instead of the attached video06:51
DOOM_NXIs there any way forward a port to the guest machine on VirtualBox? For example i'm running in the guest system a file server, how do i forward a port to that program?06:51
anteayaIcemanV9 & Exteris : sorry i mis understood, i thought /etc/init.d was a file to be edited06:52
SkinnYPuppDOOM_NX are you running it on another linux box and connecting to  from a linux box06:52
SkinnYPuppif so XDMCP login is what you need06:53
anteayaIcemanV9 & Exteris : so do i place my program in the /etc/init.d directory and it will be executed at boot up?06:53
DOOM_NXHost OS is Ubuntu06:53
c0mp13371331337_Anyone know how to go about getting all .zip files from a given web directory?  Something like 'wget http://thiswebsite/files/*.zip'?06:53
DOOM_NXand i'm running it from that box06:53
mike__i have a geforce mx440 how do i get extra visual effects to work06:53
DOOM_NXu mean guest os in VB? it's winxp06:54
luciddreambazhang: i had some trouble getting unetbootin to work, i will have to try it tomorrow though it's bed time now. thanks for your help.  i may just wait a couple weeks or get my hands on a CD if possible.06:54
IcemanV9kraft__: you need to disable X-forwarding over ssh06:54
luciddreamgood night06:54
SkinnYPuppNo, what are you running on the machine you are connecting from?06:54
SkinnYPuppTo  the ubuntu / VMserver box06:54
DOOM_NXi'm not connecting to any machine06:54
IcemanV9anteaya: soft link would do the trick; no need to place your program there06:54
chrislabeardhey what is the video card package that has all the drivers in it./06:55
demon_sporkI just exited VLC and the sound from the video continued to play06:55
SkinnYPuppOk you want to share files or services b/t the wwinxp and the ubuntu06:55
demon_sporkhow do I make this sound quit without waiting for the end of the track06:55
IcemanV9anteaya: and make sure it is executable06:55
anteayaIcemanV9: so i put a softlink in the /etc/init.d directory and that will work.  Okay, do i have to change any file permissions?06:55
kraft__IcemanV9: thanks06:55
anteayaIcemanV9: yes, thank you, it is currently executable06:56
demon_sporknvm, problem solved06:56
DOOM_NXSkinnYPupp, no i just want forward a port from the router that is physically connected to host OS to the guest OS...06:56
SkinnYPuppDOOM_NX: I gotta run but http://www.vmware.com/support/gsx3/doc/network_nat_advanced_gsx.html06:57
DOOM_NXi mean i can forward ports for applications running on ubuntu, ok? how can i forward ports for the WinXP applications? running in the virtual machine?06:57
DOOM_NXthanks... let me check06:57
SkinnYPuppSure gotta get away from the monitor a few06:58
SkinnYPuppthere is also a #vmware channel on freenode06:58
anteayaIcemanV9, : thank you06:58
IcemanV9anteaya: sure.06:59
onefunkkindofabuzz, whatchu think?            http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/2557006:59
kraft__IcemanV9: now i just get Error: couldn't open display (null)06:59
kindofabuzzonefunk: that was there april fool joke, notice it was dated on the first06:59
l0tU5Anyone know what is meant by "Must be executed from inside the NFS mount point"?07:00
SkinnYPuppkraft_: have an invalid display mode you are trying to correct?07:00
IcemanV9kraft__: yeah. i am not surprised. you need to be at the console. i never tried to configure video over ssh. it needs video/display to get it work. i have fglrx on mine.07:00
flinttown420frys electronics has a ecs geforce6100 and a athlon 64 dual core 5800 for 104.9507:01
onefunkkindofabuzz, what the !@#$%%^&, i guess they got me then. wow. thanks.07:01
stephanswhy is this wrong: scp Blood\ Diamond\ \(2006\).mkv hades\\stephans@horus:/media/Movies/Suspense/07:01
j3kyllim having problems with the user switch at the top of the desktop near the power down options. Each time i try to do a "fast switch" to another user the screen goes white. Only way to get out of it is to do ctrl alt f1 or restart. whats wrong?07:02
stephansi get: scp: /media/Movies/Suspense/: Is a directory07:02
stephansyepp it is...07:02
stephansand I want you to copy the file in to it...07:02
l0tU5Anyone know what is meant by "Must be executed from inside the NFS mount point"?07:02
stephanswhy is scp being stupid?07:02
stephansI mean anyone?07:03
ChaosTheoryI don't have any GStreamer plugins. . .07:03
ChaosTheoryAny ideas? =\07:03
cpk1crontab is used to do scheduled events correct?07:03
IcemanV9stephans: remove the last "/"07:03
stephansIcemanV9 what does that do?07:04
stephansIcemanV9 wont that create a file called Suspence?07:04
IcemanV9stephans: are you copy one file? or multi files? if one file, then /media/Movies/Suspense/.07:05
stephansIcemanV9 wont that create a file called Suspence -- it does.07:05
stephansah ok07:05
j3kyllim having problems with the user switch at the top of the desktop near the power down options. Each time i try to do a "fast switch" to another user the screen goes white. Only way to get out of it is to do ctrl alt f1 or restart. whats wrong?07:06
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
stephansIcemanV9... OK now the scp says: scp: /media/Movies/Suspense/.: Not a directory07:06
stephanswhat is going on?07:07
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
metbsdso it's not a directory,07:07
metbsdscp won't lie07:07
IcemanV9scp <movie> /media/Movies/Suspense/<movie>07:07
mike_stephans: are you trying to scp recursively ?07:07
stephansmike_ no just one file...07:07
IcemanV9that's the surest way to do it07:08
stephansIcemanV9: that gave me: bash: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `('07:09
stephansbash: -c: line 0: `scp -t /media/Movies/Suspense/Blood Diamond (2006).mkv'07:09
stephanssome more \ perhaps07:09
IcemanV9use "Blood Diamond (2006).mkv" OR Blood\ Diamond\ (2006).mkv07:10
stephansman ... no idea what is going on...07:10
mike_stephans: just bang on tab util it bash completes it :)07:11
mmcwhy do I need to run dcopserver   just to use mpg123 ?07:12
kdorfcan anyone help w/ grub? :(07:14
lkthomas_I removed /var/lib/dpkg/status, how could I rebuild it ?07:15
zambaboohi all07:15
zambaboowhats the status on evolution-exchange? is it still broken?07:15
zambaboo(for exchange 5.5?)07:15
randy_need help with wireless! Kinda new to linux but it wont crash!07:16
Peddycan somebody please tell me what is wrong. I get this when trying to restart samba: start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 5712: No such process07:16
Peddyif I interpret that correctly, it means samba is not running?07:16
erichjPeddy, means it wasn't running or you are giving the wrong PID07:17
j3kyllim having problems with the user switch at the top of the desktop near the power down options. Each time i try to do a "fast switch" to another user the screen goes white. Only way to get out of it is to do ctrl alt f1 or restart. whats wrong?07:17
CruXhello all07:17
Peddyerichj: do  you think you could help me with this big samba problem I am having? please?07:18
erichjPeddy, I don't use Samba so I'm not the guy to ask really07:18
CruXsome script during ubuntu startup change my permission to /dev/null from 0666 to 060007:18
CruXhow can i fix it ?07:18
Peddyerichj: ok, thanks anyway ;)07:18
CruXi must do chmod manualy :(07:18
cpk1if you make a cronjob as a normal user and the job that is running needs root access do you need to do anything different?07:18
Peddycan anyone please help me with the Samba service becoming unresponsive?07:19
nick_can we swear in this thing07:20
mneptokcpk1: 'sudo crontab -e' edits root's cron jobs07:20
nick_yes we can07:20
mneptoknick_: no, you may not07:20
Lap_Topany one tel me which software is best p2p sharing on GUI based07:20
nick_but its possible to07:20
nick_but i wont07:20
randy_I have a compac presaro 2500 I installed  Debain with gnom and Kde and it will not see? my wireless card First step! e-mail me at randy_stiles@yahoo.com! HELP07:20
nick_frostwire - p2p07:21
cpk1mneptok: so if I want crom to rmmod and modprobe daily I need to create a root cron job? the man for crontab seemed to suggest you want to avoid creating root cron job07:21
IcemanV9Peddy: pkill samba [it'll kill samba's PID only if it is running]07:21
big-bossA quick question: Can I make a virtual access point using the built-in Broadcom 43xx in my laptop? If yes, is MadWifi compatible, or is there another way?07:21
Lap_Topi try to install frost wire but its not working07:21
Lap_Topnick_: i try to frostwire but after installtion its not working07:21
nick_you got java?07:21
nick_you need the jre07:22
Lap_Tophow to check if i got jawa or not07:22
Lap_Toptel me07:22
Lap_Topis there any way to check if my ubuntu got java or not07:22
nick_add/remove --> search for jre07:22
AlabamaHitIs there anyone here that can help me with enlightenment07:22
IcemanV9java -version07:22
PeddyIcemanV9: I'm getting this error when its running: Receiving SMB: Server stopped stopped responding    failed negprot07:22
nick_as with most things07:22
Lap_Topthere is no jre in add remove07:22
erichjsudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre07:23
Peddyoops, only says 'stopped' once ;)07:23
Lap_Topnow from where i can get java07:23
IcemanV9Peddy: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart07:23
mike_any mutt / gmail users?07:24
AlabamaHitAnyone use Enlightenment?07:24
AlabamaHitI use gmail.07:24
Lap_Topany one tel me which GUI (Graphic User Interface) based p2p is best07:24
erichjLap_Top, for what p2p protocol?07:24
cristi1990hello, i have a problem. I have 2 hdd, and i reinstalled ubuntu on one of them, but now gruub doesn't see windows anymore. can someone help ?07:25
Lap_Topi dont know about the protocol when i use windows xp i had gigatribe i want something like gigatribe07:25
harsh1Video plaback is slow in Ubuntu 7.10? I can eloborate my issue if any one responds to my message.07:25
Lap_Toperichj:i dont know about the protocol when i use windows xp i had gigatribe i want something like gigatribe07:25
cristi1990hello, i have a problem. I have 2 hdd, and i reinstalled ubuntu on one of them, but now gruub doesn't see windows anymore. can someone help ?07:27
erichjLap_Top, I don't know of anything like gigatribe on linux07:27
Lap_Toperichj:i dont know about the protocol when i use windows xp i had gigatribe i want something like gigatribe07:28
AlabamaHitAnyone have enlightenment installed?07:28
Lap_Toperichj: which software u recoment for p2p07:28
AlabamaHitI installed it and Dont know what to do now.07:28
AlabamaHitI think07:28
Lap_Toperichj:what do u mean by protocol07:28
kdorfis there a way to install windows without modifying GRUB?07:28
=== Vollhonk is now known as Prim0
AlabamaHitI am new to linux just installed today first time07:29
zambabookdorf, no07:29
FlannelAlabamaHit: Log out, and at GDM, choose "enlightenment" fro mthe sessions (bottom on the bottom left)07:29
kdorffucking microsoft and their writing to the master boot record.07:29
Flannelkdorf: You just re-install GRUB afterwards,07:29
erichjcristi1990, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot07:29
Flannel!grub | kdorf07:29
ubotukdorf: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:29
Flannelkdorf: First link07:29
kdorfFlannel: thanks07:29
AlabamaHitOK will try, Thank you Flannel :)07:29
Rominadoes anyone here use mercury messenger (an MSN client)07:30
zambaboodoes anyone know whats the status of evo-exchange?07:30
AlabamaHitwill be back to say yah or na07:30
Lap_Toperichj: any software like macromedia freehand / adobe photoshope07:30
Lap_Topany software like macromedia freehand / adobe photoshope07:30
zambabooLap_Top, inkscape07:30
Lap_Topzambaboo: its too typical i install inkscape but its not similar to freehand07:31
Lap_Topzambaboo: any software which is just work like adobe photoshop07:31
zambabooLap_Top, gimp07:31
cvhey all07:32
zambabooLap_Top, you know what works like freehand? freehand. you'll have to learn new skills, pal. sorry.07:32
cvso hey, can anyone assist me in installing vbox on an intel?07:33
AlabamaHitFlannel Thank you so much :)07:33
lkthomas_does anyone know any unoffical source for ffmpeg ?07:33
AlabamaHitWorked<font color=red> great</font>07:33
harsh1I have installed VLC, helix, Mplayer, Realplayer 10 with all available Codecs still my Video playback is slow regardless of which Video format you play.07:33
FlannelAlabamaHit: Please copy some non-html and paste it into Chatzilla07:33
MadpilotAlabamaHit, HTML doesn't work over IRC. Thankfully.07:34
=== CR_cwek_Toket_Gd is now known as COJKT_SK_ceTOGE_
rabiddachshund##apache is dead. Is there a way to give other users access to modify /var/www/x?07:34
Flannelrabiddachshund: put them in the www-data group07:34
alan_mif html worked over irc, i would have to leave....too dangerous for my liking.07:34
brianCan someone please help me attempt to get KDX(http://www.haxial.com/products/kdx/) working? I really have no idea how to use it... The LINUX version is a .zip file, with a .lexe file in it, that does nothing when I try to click on it(New to Ubuntu btw)07:34
Flannelrabiddachshund: It's just normal permissions issues, nothing apache specific07:34
rabiddachshund@flannel: I don't see a www group.07:35
Flannelrabiddachshund: www-data07:36
Flannelrabiddachshund: whats the group owner of the stuffin /var/www then?07:36
rabiddachshundpuma (main user)07:36
Flannelrabiddachshund: er..... that shouldn't be.  You changed it, yes?07:37
rabiddachshundflannel: not on purpose :/07:37
Flannelrabiddachshund: `grep Group /etc/apache2/apache2.conf07:38
Flannelrabiddachshund: what does that command give you?  "Group [something]"  what is the something?07:38
Lap_Topzambaboo:i install gimps but the problem is its giving green shadow during editing on my picture which is fals shadow like some kinda program error07:38
rabiddachshundflannel: Group www-data07:38
HangukMigukcan someone help me get the right command into terminal, i'm trying to find a specific font to use with aterm, but my font list is too long (i have 3000+), and xlsfonts | grep name doesn't work07:39
HangukMigukany suggestions?07:39
Flannelrabiddachshund: right, a www-data group.  Add your users to thatgroup, re-set the permissions on /var/www07:39
zambabooHangukMiguk, |less07:39
Lap_Topregarding inkscape i dont mind learning inkscape and its skill but the problem is if i want to share with my fellows or with advertisement company my file do not open in there freehand07:39
=== ce__emotional is now known as cE_mOethz
rabiddachshundflannel: how? There's no www-anything in the users settings area. what's the command?07:40
HangukMigukthe font i'm looking for is in the r section of my font list07:40
Lap_Topand there is no way in inkscape to export file for free hand07:40
HangukMigukso i'd have to | less through 2000+ fonts to find it07:40
zambabooHangukMiguk, ls |less, then hit / to search07:40
harsh1I have installed "VLC, helix, Mplayer, Realplayer 10" players with all available Codecs still my Video playback speed is below 1x i.e slow regardless of which type of video file you are playing?07:40
HangukMiguklol, fair enough07:40
Lap_Topand in inkscape i cant even able to access my customer's freehandfile07:40
zambabooHangukMiguk, find /path -name 'r*' |less07:40
zambabooLap_Top, you need freehand then.07:41
unop_HangukMiguk, xlsfonts | grep -i "^r" | less07:41
Flannelrabiddachshund: usermod -G www-data -a [username]07:41
Lap_Topbut i dont want to leave ubuntu its best os i have ever find07:41
Lap_Topi m satisfied with os07:41
FlannelLap_Top: Freehand should be able to open standard vector graphics formats.07:41
MadpilotLap_Top, ask in #inkscape07:41
rabiddachshundflannel: testing07:41
cristi1990how do i reinstall grub?07:42
Flannel!grub | cristi1990, first linkslice07:42
ubotucristi1990, first linkslice: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:42
Flannelcristi1990: first link, sorry.07:42
zambaboowhats the deal with evo-exchange, is that being fixed?07:42
HangukMigukfont still isn't there07:42
alan_mdang, flannel beat me to it :)07:42
zambabooHangukMiguk, whats the name of the font?07:42
zambaboogrep -i for it07:42
HangukMigukRocky Mountain Spotted Fever07:43
zambaboogrep -i for ro07:43
rabiddachshundflannel: wait, now I have to reset the permissions right?07:44
HangukMigukstill not there07:44
DOOM_NXguys, to install vmware on ubuntu it says: sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r07:44
DOOM_NXhow do i know mine?07:44
HangukMigukis there a reason my fonts in my ~/.fonts folder aren't showing up?07:44
Flannelrabiddachshund: yes, make that stuff owned by www-data:www-data07:45
rabiddachshundflannel: and I do that by...07:45
zambabooDOOM_NX, you're missing a backtick there07:45
IcemanV9DOOM_NX: just do as it says, but add ` at the end07:45
Flannelrabiddachshund: I'm sort of wondering how you managed to change it if you're not sure.07:46
DOOM_NXbelow it says he used: sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic07:46
rabiddachshundflannel: I have no clue. I'm learning by experience as opposed to being taught07:46
zambabooDOOM_NX, uname -a will get executed before apt-get install because it is enclosed in backticks07:46
Flannelrabiddachshund: sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www07:47
Flannel!cli | rabiddachshund07:47
uboturabiddachshund: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal07:47
DOOM_NXoooh i see...07:47
DOOM_NXthanks a lot07:47
zambabooDOOM_NX, np.07:47
DOOM_NXso i just type the 1st command?07:47
=== TheDarkBGM is now known as SuperSayjin
niktonihey i have a problem : i wanted to add my user to vboxusers group, i did usermod -a -G vboxusers username and all my administration privileges disappeared from the menus :/ any help?07:47
Flannelniktoni: it's usermod -G vboxusers -a username07:48
HangukMiguki'm missing an entire directory of fonts when using xlsfonts, how do i add them?07:48
niktonihow to do back the changes Flannel? :/07:48
Flannelniktoni: but, what you did was, instead of appending vboxusers to your groups, you set it to vboxusers (and nothing else).  Do you have another user with admin privledges on the box?07:48
niktonii have root07:48
Flanneler... why did you enable the root account?07:48
niktoniroot is always there, eh? i just set a pass on it, i dont remember why - i guess now i know why07:49
niktonii know its a security hazard flannel07:49
NorDwho can help with change mac-address in ubuntu07:49
zambabooNorD, man iptables07:50
alan_mhello icesword, do you have a question?07:50
Flannelniktoni: Well, we suggest you disable it.  And since you have it, we can go ahead and use it, but if you didn't, you'd simply reboot into the recovery console.  ANyway, usermod -G adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev lpadmin scanner admin -a username07:50
unop_zambaboo, iptables??07:50
Flashq009hello room07:50
iceswordalan_m, no,that appearance worked.07:50
Flannelniktoni: Those are the default groups for an admin user07:50
NorDim noob .... 1 day use llinux =( and need change mac, for active internet )07:50
unop_NorD, see ethtool -- it can do that for you07:50
zambaboounop_, yes?07:50
iceswordi mean :) and :p07:50
zambabooeeeeeeeeerrr i meant ifconfig! :)07:51
unop_zambaboo, iptables to change the mac address? how did you arrive at that?07:51
niktoniFlannel thanks a lot :)07:51
zambaboosorry about that07:51
iceswordalan_m, just add a icon.conf and ico to my ~/.xchat/07:52
Flannelniktoni: Er, sorry.  Those should be separated by commas, not spaces (no spaces, just commas)07:52
NorDunop_, how i can change iptables ? xD07:52
brianCan someone please help me attempt to get KDX(http://www.haxial.com/products/kdx/, free to try, no installation) working? I really have no idea how to use it... The LINUX version is a .zip file, with a .lexe file in it, that does nothing when I try to click on it(New to Ubuntu btw)07:53
friedtofuhm no idea what is a .lexe file07:53
Lap_TopIs there any anti virus for ubuntu07:53
friedtofutry ./(filename)07:53
rabiddachshundflannel: it's still not letting me do what I want.07:54
iceswordalan_m, what you mean,okiedokie?07:54
_mawbrian: did you check ubuntus package manager for 'kdx' first?07:54
friedtofuLap_Top i really doubt there are any viruses07:54
alan_mim saying OK, ill try that icesword07:54
erichjthere are no known linux viruses07:54
alan_myou just add those two blank files icesword?07:54
Lap_Topfriedtofu: mean i should not be scared from viruses07:54
IcemanV9Lap_Top: no need to have anti-virus on linux07:54
alan_mLap_Top, no07:54
iceswordalan_m, no,it is not blank07:54
Lap_Topthanks ppl07:55
brian_maw: That I did not... >.< I'll do that now.07:55
_mawvirus' are a thing of the past, now its just compromise web browser and install trojan for bot access later07:55
unop_NorD, forget iptables was even mentioned, zambaboo meant ifconfig07:55
Lap_Tophow to make my computer secure from others07:55
unop_NorD, ifconfig eth0 hw ether <desired_mac_address>07:55
Lap_Topis there any way07:55
iceswordalan_m, it is like .ico is that appearance file,icon.conf is a conf file07:55
compwiz18Lap_Top: turn it off and unplug it ;)07:55
_mawand linux is vulnerable to browser exploits07:55
compwiz18Lap_Top: seriously though, Ubuntu is fine by default07:55
compwiz18Lap_Top: it is about as secure as it gets07:55
LlewxamLap_Top: as long as you don't give your root password to anyone, ubuntu is perfectly safe from any cracking.07:56
Lap_Topso you mean any one can install trojan and access my computer even if i have ubuntu07:56
compwiz18Lap_Top: no, they can't07:56
brian_maw: Nope, not there. It's just one standalone .lexe file, but I have no idea how to open it. Clicking it does nothing.07:56
alan_mLap_Top, no07:56
unop_Llewxam, he shouldn't ever have a root password to give out :)07:56
ubotuIf you feel the need to adopt security measures for your system, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall and !server07:56
ltracyHas anyone had strange problems with their touchpads and seen something like: psmouse.c: resync failed, issuing reconnect request  in dmesg07:56
andbabout root passwords, just use grub to boot into single user mode...07:56
Llewxamunop_, hehe indeed07:56
Adantan_Alexi need some help07:57
unop_brian, find out what kind of file it is. use the file command.  file /path/to/filename07:57
Adantan_Alexone of my computers wont run ubuntu07:57
alan_m!ask | adantan_alex07:57
ubotuadantan_alex: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:57
erichjLap_Top, Just remember that it doesn't matter how secure something is there is a certain level of user responsibility associated with keeping you computer safe.07:57
alan_mnevermind that command07:57
Lap_Topompwiz18: Lap_Top: turn it off and unplug it (I Dont Get You What Exactly i suppose to turn off)07:57
erichjLap_Top, switching to linux was a good start07:57
compwiz18Lap_Top: that was a joke, sorry :)07:58
alan_madantan_alex, what errors are you receiving? if any?07:58
brianunop_: Whats the path for the Desktop? I can never remember that...07:58
Adantan_Alexno it runs the live CD but then it stops07:58
Llewxamwell for the reason i came here then... anyone know how to work with internal microphones on hp dv6000 notebooks? codec is a Conexant CX20561 (Hermosa) and i can't get any capture from my mic.07:58
Adantan_Alexall u see is the mouse07:58
unop_brian, ~/Desktop ?07:58
compwiz18brian: erichj /home/username/Desktop07:58
unop_erichj, err no07:58
Adantan_Alexforgot something all you see is a mouse and the orange back round07:58
alan_madantan_alex, how much ram do you have?07:58
erichjyeah I just caught that07:58
Adantan_Alexdunno im having a feeling that its the ram07:58
Adantan_Alexwill xubuntu work on it?07:59
brianunop_: /home/brian/Desktop/KDXClient.lexe: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, dynamically linked (uses shared libs), stripped07:59
compwiz18Adantan_Alex: what video card does it have?07:59
niktonihow do i disable root acc?07:59
briancompwiz18: Thanks07:59
Adantan_Alexdont know about video card07:59
Adantan_Alexnever checked ^^07:59
alan_mAdantan_Alex, unless you give us a specific ammount of ram, we cant prove or disprove the ram :/07:59
alan_mor...video card for that matter.07:59
compwiz18brian: for 2.2.5 -- that's a long time ago07:59
unop_brian, what does this command do?  ~/Desktop/KDXClient.lexe07:59
Adantan_Alex256 megabytes.... i know u need 384 megs to run the live CD but i was only going to install it....07:59
compwiz18brian: how old is htis program?07:59
ltracyIs anybody here running Gutsy on a Dell D620?08:00
ltracyor similar Lattitude notebook08:00
compwiz18Adantan_Alex: you need 192 to run the desktop cd, I think..08:00
briancompwiz18: Would it still work though? And I dunno how old it is... Site is at http://www.haxial.com/products/kdx/ if you want to look08:00
Adantan_Alexit will go on this computer but i dont want to take any risks with windows08:00
compwiz18someone correct me if I'm wrong08:00
cpk1what kind of DE does the alternate cd install (if any)?08:00
Adantan_Alexnah i read the thing08:00
Adantan_Alexit said 38408:00
=== NorD1c is now known as nordazavr3000
brianunop_:bash: /home/brian/Desktop/KDXClient.lexe: Permission denied08:00
alan_mcpk1, gnome if its the ubuntu-alternative, kde if kubuntu-alternative08:00
IcemanV9Adantan_Alex: use alternative cd to install (much quicker than livecd)08:01
Madpilotcpk1, same as the desktop does - GNOME by default, or KDE if you get Kubuntu08:01
avi_mehi , I have a file system file which I took from my work place , it's was encrypted on etch , when i try to mount it in ubunutu i get a "ioctl: LOOP_SET_STATUS: Invalid argument" - I mount it with mount -t ext3 -o encryption=aes256,loop=/dev/loop0,noauto,user /mnt/sdb/storage /mnt/enc2 ... can anyone give me some pointers ?08:01
Adantan_Alexbut since its the ram will it run xubuntu on 256 megabytes of ram?08:01
harsh1I have installed VLC, helix, Mplayer, Realplayer 10 with all available Codecs still my Video playback speed is below 1x i.e slow regardless of which type of video file you are playing?08:01
compwiz18cpk1: gnome08:01
_mawbrian did 'kdx' exist as a synaptic package?08:01
compwiz18cpk1: its just like the normal cd, only it doesn't have the livecd features08:01
Adantan_Alexyes but then i got to re download plus i want to dual boot windows and linux08:01
nordazavr3000how off or restart eth008:01
unopbrian, ok try this then.  chmod +x ~/Desktop/KDXClient.lexe; ~/Desktop/KDXClient.lexe08:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about calc - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:01
brian_maw: Nope. There really wouldn't be any reason to, as its supposed to just be the one file to run it all, no install or anything.08:01
Adantan_Alexwill i be able to dual boot with windows and ubuntu if i use alternate CD?08:02
nordazavr3000!calc mac08:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about calc mac - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:02
nordazavr3000!calc ethernet08:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about calc ethernet - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:02
Adantan_Alex!dual boot08:02
unopnordazavr3000, stop that08:02
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:02
cpk1oh I see, so would it be silly then for me to install off the server cd so I can be more picky about packages?08:02
nordazavr3000stupid bot =(08:02
_mawbrian: maybe get the windows version and run it inside wine than08:02
unopnordazavr3000, sudo ifdown eth0; sudo ifup eth008:02
compwiz18cpk1: the *server* cd on the other hand, just installs the server08:02
Adantan_Alexyes x86 options....08:02
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.08:02
compwiz18cpk1: so yes, you could just instlal the packages you want08:02
unopnordazavr3000, the bot only understands meaningful instructions not just any random thing08:02
Lap_TopI Am Happy With Ubuntu Even I Sacrifieced Many Sofware For Ubuntu Which I Use To Use At Windos But Why My computer Keep Getting Slow Day By Day08:03
brianunop: I love you. Very very very much. :D It worked. Now, will I be able to just click on the icon from now on? Or perhaps make a shortcut that uses that command to open it?08:03
niktoniwhats better - xen or virtualbox?08:03
unopbrian, that should work yes08:03
Adantan_Alexok so how do i get the alternate CD?08:03
brian_maw: :D unop got it working... Thanks though!08:03
iceswordLap_Top, how much mem08:03
cpk1compwiz18: so it wouldnt be an excercise in futility even though after installing off the server cd I will be installing a DE?08:03
alan_m!alternative | Adantan_Alex08:03
ubotuAdantan_Alex: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal08:03
alan_mdang, thought it had a link, oops08:03
simplexioniktoni: depends what you need08:03
compwiz18cpk1: that's right: server gets you a terminal, you can then install the DE and other stuff08:03
compwiz18kinda fun if you're bored08:03
Lap_Top icesword: 1 Giga Memory08:03
cpk1compwiz18: or just want more control over all the packages =)08:04
compwiz18cpk1: that too :)08:04
MadpilotLap_Top, 1GB of RAM is ample for Ubuntu. Unlike Windows, newer versions of Ubuntu are *faster* on the same hardware!08:04
iceswordLap_Top, then everything has the right driver,no restricted?08:04
brianunop: Ok, so that I know for next time... What did that command actually do?08:04
Lap_Top icesword: I Have Pentium 4 Intel 2 Giga Processor08:04
ubotuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:04
niktonisimplexio - install windows to run one app that wouldnt work well with wine - does any of them allow to move files to the host filesystem?08:04
Lap_Top icesword: No I Dont Have Any Restricted Driver08:04
iceswordLap_Top, hehe,no,i mean,en,it is okay08:05
Adantan_Alexok thats going to be a problem....08:05
alan_mwith? Adantan_Alex ?08:05
Adantan_Alexwill i be able to dual boot windows and ubuntu with alternate CD?08:05
harsh1I have installed VLC, helix, Mplayer, Realplayer 10 with all available Codecs still my Video playback speed is below 1x i.e slow regardless of which type of video file you are playing?08:05
MadpilotAdantan_Alex, of course.08:05
unopbrian, i made the file executable -- i believe you can do this by also right clicking the file -> permissions properties -> set execute (i dont have gnome so this could be off) ..08:05
alan_mAdantan_Alex, yes of course!08:05
unopbrian, from the terminal.  chmod +x ~/Desktop/KDXClient.lexe; ~/Desktop/KDXClient.lexe08:06
iceswordLap_Top, then what is slow,what app08:06
Lap_Top icesword: no my friend i found my computer getting slow day by day and it got stuck some time during doing work08:06
Adantan_Alexok and drive partitions?08:06
Adantan_Alexok i guess so08:06
simplexioniktoni: vbox is easy, and you can use samba to moce files08:06
iceswordLap_Top, then you can  kill some services unneeded08:06
alan_mAdantan_Alex, you can do everything the desktop cd does...just without a desktop gui08:06
Adantan_Alexwhats the link?08:06
brianunop: Ah, I see :D Thanks. I'll remember that for next time(Need to set up the server still, and then set up clients on friends boxes!08:07
Lap_Tophow to kill services08:07
brianunop: Thanks a bunch :)08:07
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal08:07
alan_mAdantan_Alex, hang in there im downloading a iso image myself, once i get done with that ill get you the link, or if someone would help me out :)08:07
simplexioniktoni: far as i know, you cant run windows in xen if you dont have right cpu08:07
Lap_Top icesword: i dont have any services08:07
Adantan_Alexok thanks08:07
iceswordLap_Top, no,i mean background services08:07
niktonithx simplexio - pendrive would be convenient but i heard open source version of virtualbox doesnt have usb08:07
alan_mGuys, someone got the link to the alternate ISO image?08:08
karayanHello all if I download and install Hardy beta, when the final version comes out should I download it again or can I do an upgrade?08:08
alan_mif so...please help Adantan_Alex thanks!08:08
Lap_Topi use pidgin / word processor/ mozilla/ vlc/ sometime download08:08
alan_mkarayan, when it comes out, just update like normal08:08
Adantan_Alexthanks man08:08
unopalan_m, redirect him to !google, it can't be very hard finding a download :)08:08
unopAdantan_Alex, ^^08:08
harsh1I have installed VLC, helix, Mplayer, Realplayer 10 with all available Codecs still my Video playback speed is below 1x i.e slow regardless of which type of video file you are playing?08:08
Lap_Topicesword: i use pidgin / word processor/ mozilla/ vlc/ sometime download08:09
Madpilotkarayan, if you install beta, and keep updating, you'll get to final when it comes out08:09
Adantan_Alex.... dont worry i will look on site08:09
alan_munop, i was trying not to go to google, but hey as a last resort there you go buddy.08:09
iceswordLap_Top, i see,that openoffice and firefox all use lots of mem08:09
Adantan_Alexthere is a x fire plug in for pig din isnt there?08:09
unopalan_m, were you relying on one of us to have committed a download URL to memory? :)08:09
simplexioharsh1: maybe video source is "slow" with mplayer try } to speed it08:09
Lap_Topicesword: i have 1 giga memory08:10
alan_mno, i was expecting ubotu to ;)08:10
Adantan_Alexwell used to be called gaim08:10
karayanalan_m, Madpilot, thanks.  Usuall will the update be big? I mean the size I have to download again.08:10
iceswordLap_Top, you run free in terminal to see,08:10
Madpilotkarayan, shouldn't be. You'll have a LOT of daily updates between now and release, though.08:10
alan_mkarayan, depending on how many updates they spit out between the hardy start and now.08:10
iceswordLap_Top, free08:10
Adantan_Alexso whats the difference if u buy ubuntu?08:11
alan_mkarayan, not even I am sure of how big/how many updates, but when you DO get it, then the support room will be #ubuntu+1, not in #ubuntu08:11
bluecakewhere is the config file for tac_plus, pstree says it's running08:11
Lap_Topfree 9618408:11
alan_mthat is....until a few weeks from now karayan.08:11
alan_mkarayan, when hardy goes mainstream08:11
niktonihow to disable root account ?08:12
karayanalan_m, thank you. I am going to try Hardy today08:12
alan_mKarayan, your welcome, and same with me buddy, download just finished and now im burning the image to a cd :)08:12
RootChaosjoin #mailman08:12
Adantan_Alexok guys gonna download alternate ubuntu now....08:12
harsh1Thanks for reply, when you are refering to Video source does that means Hard Disk?08:12
Adantan_Alexthanks all i will stay around08:13
Lap_Topicesword: how to get all these terminal command08:13
iceswordLap_Top, hehe,tab08:13
iceswordtab button08:13
pbne04how do I check when I last did 'updatedb'?08:13
IcemanV9Lap_Top: free -m (it will display in human readable)08:13
Lap_Topicesword: tab?08:14
Lap_Topfree -m08:14
Lap_Topfree 83908:14
Adantan_Alex!dual boot08:15
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:15
alan_mhardy here i come, love you guys, been nice knowing you, see ya in a few weeks ;)08:16
IcemanV9Lap_Top: is that from -/+ buffers/cache line?08:16
Adantan_Alexbye man08:16
Lap_TopIcemanV9: is there any way to access remote computer which got windows xp tel me what i suppose to do to access08:16
fingersjust finished installing beta 8.04 and its working great08:17
IcemanV9Lap_Top: terminal server client (rdp)08:17
fingersjust felt like letting everyone know :)08:17
terminhellcant wait for final release08:17
alan_mawesome fingers, im fixing to grab it myself :)08:17
Lap_TopIcemanV9: is there any gui way08:17
Adantan_Alexlet me know how it goes....08:17
* cpk1 is burning a beta cd right now...08:18
alan_mi will :)08:18
avi_mehi , I have a file system file which I took from my work place , it's was encrypted on etch , when i try to mount it in ubunutu i get a "ioctl: LOOP_SET_STATUS: Invalid argument" - I mount it with mount -t ext3 -o encryption=aes256,loop=/dev/loop0,noauto,user /mnt/sdb/storage /mnt/enc2 ... can anyone give me some pointers ?08:18
fingersyea i reinstalled fresh just incase lol08:18
Adantan_Alexalan u got msn?08:18
Adantan_Alexwell u know if ur running ubuntu....08:18
metbsdhow do i set a firewall that allow anywhere to destination port 2508:18
alan_madantan_alex, i dont give out my instant message accounts to anybody on irc, sorry08:18
Adantan_Alexits ok08:18
IcemanV9Lap_Top: it is gui app08:18
alan_mi dont need the spam or unwanted attention08:18
fingersany bugs a casual user should expect?08:19
cpk1metbsd: using iptables? its much easier to use helper programs like shorewall or the like08:19
Adantan_Alexwho here has xubuntu?08:19
IcemanV9Lap_Top: applications > internet > terminal server client08:19
fingersi mainly listen to music and surf08:19
harsh1Thanks for reply simplexio, when you are refering to Video source does that means Hard Disk?08:19
jaffarkelshachey ppl, i am trying to listen to an online fm station, it works with windows media player and now i am stuck08:19
cpk1fingers:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron/Beta i think has an outstanding issues section08:19
mmm4m5mQuestion: can someone give me a hint how to install flash player in my home directory?08:19
Lap_TopIcemanV9: Thankx man do u have yahoo id08:19
mike__what is the compiz fusion channel?08:20
Adantan_Alexwho here has ubuntu?08:20
alan_mlol Adantan_Alex are you serious08:20
fingersI HAVE UBUNTU :)08:20
Adantan_Alexno im j/king08:20
alan_m!caps | fingers, please dont do that08:20
ubotufingers, please dont do that: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.08:20
tunaubuntu seems to have not properly set my clock.08:20
IcemanV9Lap_Top: yes, but i do not give it out. sorry. :) there are plenty ppl here that can help ya down the road.08:21
Adantan_Alexi got windows so eh but im trying to get ubuntu lol trying....08:21
fingersmanually set it08:21
terminhellooohhh ubotu....08:21
bluecakei ve install proftpd, how to use it?08:21
Yoshi_MatrixI am not joking I have ubuntu :p08:21
Adantan_Alexdunno soz08:21
Lap_TopIcemanV9: No Problem Man08:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about proftpd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:21
alan_mAdantan_Alex, its a crazy road, but if you need help were here to help :)08:21
ubotunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.08:21
tuna<mmm4m5m>: just put it in .mozilla/plugins08:21
alan_mwell, ill be able to help in a few weeks anyways lol08:21
terminhellproftpd has a gui front end i believe08:21
Adantan_Alexits like trying to learn to ride a bike only 1 major mess up and u will know about it lol08:22
Adantan_Alexlol kk08:22
=== Adlai_ is now known as Adlai
Lap_TopIcemanV9: Is There Video / Audio Multipurpose Multiformate Converter GUI Based08:22
* IcemanV9 is crawling into the warm bed ... g'nite yall08:22
mmm4m5mtuna: that is all? to get it from web site, read put it in .mozila? nothing with flashplugin-nonfree package?08:22
IcemanV9Lap_Top: no idea :-/08:23
alan_m10 seconds08:23
mike__anyone use compiz fusion + emerald?08:23
terminhelli have mike08:23
tunammm4m5m: do you use 64 or 32-bit ubuntu?08:23
Adantan_Alexomg 21 days....08:23
alan_mand.......ciao folks!08:23
cpk1!anyone | mike__08:23
ubotumike__: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:23
tunammm4m5m: if you want to install it in your home dir, that is where it goes.08:23
mike__did you ever have any problems getting emerald to accept my borders that i imported08:23
alan_msee ya in 21 days!08:23
terminhellmike__: i have08:23
huyhi, ubuntu keeps crashing on me, and i have no idea why. is there a way to find out?08:23
bidgetcan anyone give me a hand with this problem? Ive been on the forums for a while but nobody seems to know what to do lol08:24
terminhellmike__: like to install them or after installing?08:24
bidgetI can't install, I think maybe my graphics card isnt supported?08:24
bluecakei ve install proftpd, how to use it?08:24
tunahuy: there are plenty of logs in /var/log look at the kernel logs in particular08:24
ubotuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal08:24
Adantan_Alexbidget: try the alternate CD08:24
bidgetI click the install button and it says loading kernel, then it goes to a black screen, monitor shuts off as if going into hibernate or standby or something08:24
CorbinFoxbidget: are you running on a laptop?08:24
mike__i installed emerald after compiz fusion then i did --replace and window borders are checked and it shows some red window border but when i go to select mine it wont do it and then they disapear08:25
tunahuy: although it you use ati drivers, I can tell you the reason for the crashes right now...08:25
Adantan_Alexim running a lap top and the live CD works08:25
mmm4m5mtuna: 10x a lot08:25
Adantan_Alexbidget: whats your ram?08:25
CorbinFoxbidget: try perhaps this boot command "noapic nolapic", it may just work.08:25
bidgetor do you want like the brand and model08:25
terminhellmike__: it sounds hardware related or your openGL isng configured correctly08:25
Adantan_Alexbidget: ok refer to corbinfox08:25
bidgethmm ok08:25
bidgetnoapic nolapic08:26
CorbinFoxbidget: if that doesnt work try "noapic noirqdebug"08:26
bidgetok brb lol we'll see what happens08:26
mike__im using xgl08:26
CorbinFoxi have had varying success with the first one08:26
CorbinFoxthe second one made my laptop work flawlessly08:26
bidgetwish me luck :D08:26
terminhellmike__: try disabling it and see what happens08:26
CorbinFoxand it sounds just like my issue i was having08:26
CorbinFoxgood luck08:26
=== mali_ is now known as edoo-30
mike__disabling what08:27
PaulMmay the devil take my usb hard drive adaptor, and the hard drive into which it is plugged!08:27
terminhellmike__: xgl....bbiaf afk08:27
Adantan_Alexomg lost the link....08:27
Adantan_Alex!dual boot08:27
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:27
Adantan_Alexthere i found it lol08:27
PaulMmy system recognizes the usb hard drive adaptor when it's not plugged into a powered HD, but the moment I power the HD, it disappears from lsub08:28
bidgetok so I hit F608:29
bidgetand a little boot options thing popped up08:29
bidgetI typed in noapic nolapic08:29
Adantan_Alexdownloading the CD again lol08:29
bidgetannnd it just booted me into my xp installation08:29
bidgetshould I be typing something else corbinfox?08:29
bidgetlike -noapic08:30
bidgetor something08:30
huytuna: i'm running windows right now.08:30
CorbinFoxi never needed to on my system, but try it.  if that doesnt work then try "noapic noirqdebug"08:30
bidgetI was talking to someone on the forums and they said to try the safe graphics mode but it didnt work either08:30
CorbinFoxafter that im about useless :P08:30
huytuna: for the last 2 hours, ubuntu crashed 3 times on me. i need to finish my work08:30
bidgetok brb we'll see how it goes :D08:30
tunahuy: k. next time you start ubuntu, go straight to look at /var/log/kern.log. usually it tells you what caused it there08:32
huywith gedit right?08:32
huytuna: with gedit right?08:33
CorbinFoxhuy: sudo gedit pathname08:33
adrian_2002cahi, any hope of getting compiz to work on a SiS 315 card?08:33
CorbinFoxthat should do it08:33
tunahuy, yeah08:33
k0rvinhi 2 all, when I download some files by wget -c <url>, every 2-3 seconds it stops with message "progress.c:972: create_image: The verifying statement `p - bp->buffer <= bp->width' is not executed." but Opera normaly downloads same files. Can you say something about this problem?08:35
bidgetso I got a little farther :D08:35
huytuna: thanks. i'll boot into ubuntu now08:35
CorbinFoxoh? details!08:35
bidgetuntil it said KERNEL PANIC vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,1)08:35
bidgetthere was something else between vfs and unable but I forget08:35
bidgetmighta said sync in there somewhere08:35
bidgetbut you get the idea right08:35
CorbinFoxbidget: and that was with nolapic or noirqdebug?08:36
bidgetno actually08:36
bidgetit was with noapic noirqdebug08:36
adrian_2002caanyone,  is there any hope of getting compiz to run on a SIS315 or should I just give up forever?08:36
bidgetnot nolapic08:36
bidgetum dude Im pretty sure you cant get anything to run on an SIS card08:36
bidgetmy girlfriends laptop has SIS graphics and UGH08:36
gregbonjour a tous j'ai un souci de resolution d'ecran, je dois etre 800x600 voir moins08:37
adrian_2002cabidget: lol, fair enough lol08:37
Frogzoo!fr | greg08:37
ubotugreg: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.08:37
bidgetwell you might get it to run but08:37
bidgetit wouldnt do very well08:37
bidgetat least I wouldnt expect it to anyway08:37
Frogzoogreg: run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"08:37
adrian_2002cabidget: can i get it to direct render at least08:37
bidgetIm no linux expert all I really know is how to log in and change directories and move and copy stuff lol08:37
bidgetyou're asking the wrong guy man sorry08:37
bidgetall I know is SIS graphics = LOW performance08:38
adrian_2002calol...tru tru08:38
CorbinFoxbidget: if you didnt try noirqdebug yet then try that.  when i used nolapic i was able to install and boot but my hardware was acting up (like USB ports not working)08:38
BuddyChristHow can I edit grub (permanently) to load "root (hd1,0)" instead of "root (hd0,0)"?08:38
CorbinFoxbidget: but noirqdebug got it to install and run properly.  i have no issues yet08:38
bidgetno I tried noirqdebug08:38
bidgetI typed in "noapic noirqdebug"08:38
bidgetand it got a bit farther, at least my monitor didnt shut off this time haha08:38
bidgetso I could at least see the error message08:39
CorbinFoxwell, at this point i become useless. sorry08:39
bidgetalright well thanks anyway man08:39
bidgetI'm going to try that alternate cd, we'll see if that works08:39
CorbinFoxgood luck08:39
bidgetor should I maybe try the new 8.0 version?08:39
bidgetmy video card is kinda new maybe its not supported in this 7.10 version?08:39
CorbinFoxtry it08:39
gregFrogzoo> mon terminal ne souvre pas08:39
hptuna: i logged into ubuntu, what should i be looking for?08:40
CorbinFoxi didnt need to do any noapic stuff with 8.04 for some reason08:40
CorbinFoxso perhaps it boots better08:40
bidgethmmm I see08:40
bidgetwell I'll give it a shot08:40
bidgetif Im not back soon08:40
bidgetthen it means I was successful :D08:40
CorbinFoxokay then, hope it works08:40
bidgetor I smashed my monitor with a hammer08:40
bidgetmost likely the former though08:40
CorbinFoxhope the first08:40
bidgetthanks for the help though :)08:40
CorbinFoxno problem08:40
tunahp: what is the last entry in the log before your current login?08:41
tunahuy: what is the last entry in the log before your current login?08:41
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ubotuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.08:42
=== noble- is now known as artenius
Adantan_Alexanswered some things08:42
hptuna: actually, after the crashed, i logged in again, but wifi didn't work, so now it's like a mess in the log, i'm trying to find the last log in08:42
Adantan_Alexwill ubuntu run on a 256 megabyte ram?08:44
bidgetok so the alternate cd iso is downloading08:44
bidgetshould be done in 25 minutes or so08:44
geirha!requirements | Adantan_Alex08:45
ubotuAdantan_Alex: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu08:45
kikrHi, how can I flush the dns?08:45
bidgetso if I download the alternate cd08:46
bidgetwhat exactly does that mean?08:46
ryowhere am i?08:46
bidgetre in #ubuntu08:46
jaffarkelshacwhat do you mean ryo i would have thougt you came here08:46
CorbinFoxbidget" the alternate cd is just text based, but it has more compatibility to run the install from08:46
bidgetah I see08:47
bidgetprobably a little more complicated to install too then right08:47
Adantan_Alexif i unstall ubuntu08:47
CorbinFoxa little bit.  but it isn't bad08:47
bidgetwell as long as it installs08:47
Adantan_Alexcan i install xubuntu after i install ubuntu?08:47
=== Krad is now known as krad
Adantan_Alexjust encase of a mess up?08:47
CorbinFoxperhaps the most trouble you will have is choosing video card drivers from the list, but that shouldbt be a problem08:48
geirhaAdantan_Alex: yes, you just install xubuntu-desktop08:48
mike_bidget: what machine are you installing on?08:48
bidgeta desktop08:48
Adantan_Alexyes but i want to see if ubuntu will work08:48
ryono i dont08:48
Adantan_Alexif it doesnt can i then install xubuntu?08:48
bidgetmike_: its a home built computer its not a laptop or a dell or something if thats what you mean08:48
arooni__when installing software from source where your distro has a package (but you need something fresher) ... is it generally good practice to use the option ./configure -prefix=/usr ?  what happens if you dont use this option?08:48
jaffarkelshacryo are you still not sure where you are?08:49
SkinnYPuppjust add xubuntu-desktop and you choose which to lauch at login08:49
geirhaAdantan_Alex: have you checked if the ubuntu CD boots?08:49
CorbinFoxbidget: what is your video card brand?08:49
Adantan_Alexthe live CD wont boot properly because i got 256 megabytes of ram so i downloaded the alternate XD08:49
geirhaarooni__: no, good practice is putting it in /usr/local or /opt/something so it doesn't interfere with the package system08:50
ryoyeah' srry i,m out!08:50
bidgetits an evga geforce 8800gt08:50
mike_bidget: ok... i had troubles on my laptop.08:50
hptuna: can't find it, nvm08:50
arooni__geirha, so putting in /usr is bad?08:50
hptuna: i'll check it next time i have a crash08:50
SkinnYPuppBoot/install xubuntu then add gnome if you want regular ubuntu08:50
CorbinFoxbidget: i think you should use the nvidia drivers first when it prompts you for it, and if that doenst work i think vesa drivers are the alternative.  i may be wrong tho08:50
Adantan_Alexok whos helping me?08:51
bidgetbut I mean dont just take my word that its the graphics card thats the problem... that was just my theory lol08:51
SkinnYPuppI was ...08:51
bidgetyeah but how can I pick nvidia drivers if as soon as I tell it to install it crashes08:51
Adantan_Alexlol thanks08:51
bidgetbefore I even get to any menus or anything08:51
SkinnYPupplol wakeup08:51
Adantan_Alexso i downloaded ubuntu for nothing? lol08:51
geirhaarooni__: yes, /usr/local is specifically for self-compiled stuff. /usr/local/bin is also set first in $PATH08:51
CorbinFoxbidget: i am not saying that is, just saying that when that step comes up is all :P08:51
mike_bidget: have a built in card?08:51
SkinnYPuppyou don't need both iso's you can even add kde through synaptic08:51
bidgetno its an evga geforce 8800gt08:51
ubotuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels08:52
SkinnYPuppyou choose session type at login once installed08:52
arooni__geirha, so should i always use that option when compiling & installing software?  what happens if i dont?08:52
mike_do you have a builtin card on your mb08:52
Adantan_AlexOMG lol08:52
geirhaAdantan_Alex: it's probably easier to install xubuntu, and then try to run gnome08:52
Adantan_Alexyes.... i will download xubuntu08:52
Adantan_Alexdoes that have a live CD?08:52
geirhaarooni__: then you mix your own files with the package system's files, making it a hell to clean up. It will probably work, but it's much cleaner to put it in /usr/local08:53
SkinnYPuppor logout and login backin with a different display manager i.e. xfce or kde or gnome and you can swap using ctl alt f7 f8 f9 with all 3 switchable like that08:53
ikoniageirha: very wise08:53
geirhaAdantan_Alex: yes08:53
arooni__geirha, is it the end of the world if i put it in /usr?08:54
arooni__geirha, so most configure scripts have a -path option to set /usr/local ?08:54
bidgetI think there is a conspiracy trying to keep me from installing linux08:54
CorbinFoxbidget: bill gates is conspiring against you!08:55
bidgetlol I think he just might be08:55
jaffarkelshacwhich of the two is better kde or gnome08:56
bidgetI had vista the other day I just installed xp tonight cause I want to dualboot xp and ubuntu08:56
geirhaarooni__: it's not the end of the world, I just recommend you not to do it ;) /usr/local/ is usually the default path, so simply running ./configure should be enough08:56
geirhaarooni__: though always read the README file08:56
bidgetand it was weird, I went to the ubuntu forums to look up some stuff, hard drive crashes lol08:56
Adantan_Alexsoz for caps08:56
kelvin911who read the README file?08:56
mike_bidget: not your day08:56
ubotuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu08:56
CorbinFoxbidget: my new laptop will be coming with vista.  i will try it out for a bit, but i am totally downgrading to XP08:56
arooni__geirha, i already did the install :P  ... i didnt even know it was important to run that path option   ... oh so its usually default08:56
soooooooooooooooso does anyone know of any load balancer software that automatically syncs the file system ?08:56
arooni__thtats ogod08:56
Adantan_Alex!dual boot08:56
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:56
bidgetI used vista for.... I dunno like 6 months I guess08:57
kelvin911CorbinFox: dont down grade to XP08:57
kelvin911CorbinFox: just install ubuntu08:57
bidgethad no problems really until the other night when my computer randomly restarted and deleted my user profile08:57
bidgetthen corrupted the boot partition08:57
Adantan_Alexdude have windows XP and ubuntu08:57
bidgethence installing windows xp lol08:57
SkinnYPuppOh forget dual boot, just get some ram and run winders in vmwareserver08:57
CorbinFoxheh, i agree man, but i alreayd have the liscence.  might as well use it08:57
Ademanhas anyone noticed launching evolution seems to crash gnome-panel ?08:58
bidgetyeah but the reason I am dualbooting is so I can play a few games and I heard that vmware is quite a performance hit08:58
CorbinFoxalso i use it as a sort of storage partition.  right now i have XP dual boot, and all my files are there.08:58
CorbinFoxif ubuntu were to die due to my fiddling with it08:58
CorbinFoxmy files are easily recovered wtihout effort08:58
SkinnYPuppbidget: in that case yes08:58
bidgetyeah thats really my only reason08:58
bidgetalthough I am going to try out wine08:58
bidgetand see if I can play cs source and starcraft and stuff08:58
bidgetI did some reading and Ive heard that they are quite playable with wine08:59
CorbinFoxi guess im lucky...the only game i play on my computer is UT 2004 and that works great under linux08:59
bidgetah yeah08:59
geirhabidget: starcraft works well with wine at least :)08:59
SkinnYPuppI haven't played with wine in a long time08:59
bidgetwell I know starcraft does and I was looking at wine and they say that cs source will work, but I dunno how well08:59
bidgetif it doesnt work that well... well, I have xp to play it on anyway08:59
Riot777xp is overrated09:00
bidgetalthough I dont want to be dependant on windows so Im trying to switch lol09:00
Riot777good choice !09:00
gregrebonjour a tousj'ai toujours un probleme de resolution d'ecran et mon terminal ne veux pas fonctionner, il s'ouvre mais je ne peux rien ecrire09:00
CorbinFoxi dont care what operating system i am using if the game is full screen09:00
CorbinFoxas long as it runs09:00
kelvin911bidget: play et09:00
kelvin911bidget: cs sucks09:00
bidgetI hated enemy territory09:00
Frogzoo!fr | greg09:01
ubotugreg: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.09:01
Riot777play urban terror if you like cs mood09:01
bidgetalthough I actually prefer day of defeat over cs now anyway I was just using that as an example09:01
Riot777it's also free09:01
Riot777as et09:01
bidgetyeah but09:01
bidgetI already own a steam account09:01
bidgetso thats kind of irrelevant lol09:01
kelvin911bidget: why hate et?09:01
bidgetI dunno I just didnt like it09:01
bidgetI guess I dont hate it09:01
bidgetI just didnt like it09:01
jaffarkelshacis anyone playing source or battlefield with wine09:01
Riot777yeah I know, I like to play cs from time to time too and it works great on wine09:01
Riot777not counting "windows anticheats programs" ofc09:01
kelvin911bidget: et is way more fun than cs09:01
Slartjaffarkelshac: I think source games are pretty well supported on wine09:02
bidgetthats an opinion lol09:02
code_killwhy is it, on the live cd, i had sound. now with full install, can't get sound to work?09:02
jaffarkelshacSlart, i mean source the game09:02
kelvin911i think i will try out urban terror later09:02
kelvin911is it in the synaptic?09:02
Riot777it's on site09:02
jaffarkelshacis there any games for ubuntu apart from the ones that is installed with it.09:02
Slartjaffarkelshac: you're not talking about the half-life engine?09:03
Riot777it has linux installer09:03
bidgetwell jeff there are games that are supported on linux09:03
Riot777it's a quallity game really09:03
jaffarkelshacSlart, i was09:03
code_killyouknow what i want to do?09:03
code_killmake a website for ubuntu, with every driver possible for it.09:03
jaffarkelshacis there a game like that that is soley made for linux without using wine09:03
Slartjaffarkelshac: that's what I thought..... it's still pretty well supported on wine09:04
bidgetah that would be nice haha09:04
code_killthen seperate it by product, branch out09:04
jaffarkelshacSlart, good09:04
bidgetjeff, a game like what?09:04
code_killdumb it down even. no searching net, only site09:04
Riot777linux-gamers.net happypenguin.org linuxgames.com ?09:04
Riot777about the games sites :d09:04
soooooooooooooooso does anyone know of any load balancer software that automatically syncs the file system ?09:05
code_killbidget, you talking to me..."tht would be nice?"09:05
bidgetyeah haha09:05
jaffarkelshacjaffarkelshac, like battlefield 2, freelancer, any games thats not like chess and checkers that i can play on ubuntu09:05
code_killlet's do it!09:05
Riot777there's also big linux games list at @ icculus.org but I think not updated for a while09:05
Riot777native games ofc09:05
bidgetwell I dunno about games like that but I play eve online and it works for windows osx and linux09:05
code_killwe help each other search for them, then build it....09:05
kelvin911jaffarkelshac: et is made for linux09:05
* CorbinFox thinks the only linux game needed is UT2004 :P09:05
CVD-PRcan someone share the firefox beta5 linux, i think the servers are down09:05
code_kill"if we build it, geeks will come"!09:05
jaffarkelshackelvin911, a game called et, never heard of it09:06
jaffarkelshackelvin911, will check it out09:06
Slartet = Enemy Territory09:06
kelvin911jaffarkelshac: enemy territory09:06
code_killcrap! i just want sound to work:(09:06
kelvin911jaffarkelshac: wolf et not et quake war09:06
bidgetyeah just google enemy territory you will ginf it09:06
Slartthe same people that now released Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, afaik09:06
=== master_o1_master is now known as master_of_master
kelvin911but et quake war isnt free09:07
jaffarkelshackelvin911, is this in repository09:07
kelvin911maybe there are crack server09:07
bidgetyeah only wolfenstein et09:07
kelvin911jaffarkelshac: et is not in respository i think09:07
bidgetI think you probably have to download it from their homepage09:07
jaffarkelshacany other games like et09:08
kelvin911there is a .run file for et i think09:08
kelvin911it's in their site