TimothyPHello, I want to use upstart to make modifications to files just after rc3 but before rc5 on ubuntu. I've created a script and when I use initcrl emit rc3 the blankfix script get's executed, but it does not seem to be executed when I actually reboot the system. (Ubuntu) any ideas how to solve this?19:36
keesjperhaps it this rc system is different from what you and I think19:38
keesjin /etc/inittab is written de default runlevel19:38
keesjand only script for that level get executed (not everything below)19:39
TimothyPoh but I do't have /etc/inittab19:39
TimothyPdo't = don't19:39
keesjinittab wat the "old" non upstart way19:39
TimothyPif I set console output, and I echo in the script part of my eventscript, where would I find that output after the system has booted, perhaps I can see if it actually get's executed that way19:41

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