UAanonanyone here?00:10
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:10
UAanonHow do I get xubuntu to install on an MacBook? I've got a wasted Bootcamp partition that's begging to be filled with a better OS, also, where can I go to get third party apps for xubuntu?00:11
UAanonI await your reply.00:12
zoredachethere is lots of applications in the repositor...  You could also check out CNR..  Or you could look at the 3rd parties web site00:12
UAanonI'm not familiar with either CNR or the repositor...00:13
zoredacheas for installing on the mac, search google for 'ubuntu mac'... There are tons of hits..00:14
UAanonthe only place that I can think of for apps for Linux is Sourceforge00:14
UAanonalright, thanks00:14
zoredachecrn => http://www.cnr.com/00:14
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:14
zoredachebleah... cnr00:15
UAanonmy friend gave me xubuntu at a party last night, and I figure I'd install it during a lecture...00:15
zoredachehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro would probably be useful.. as well00:16
zoredachethere will probably be minor differences in video drivers, but i suspect it is mostly the same install on macbook00:16
UAanonI'm able to load and run xubuntu from the CD, but I haven't played around with installing it on an unused partition00:18
breetaiUAanon: There is freashmeat which lists a lot of packages there is getdeb.com three is linuxgames.com00:24
zoredacheof course you couls always just go to google as well... :p00:25
UAanonI prefer the human interaction. There's a reason why this is here, no?00:26
UAanonAlso, not to many people know how to use IRC outside AIM, Yahoo, MSN and the lot.00:27
zoredacheeh?  it was an answer your question about where you could find other software... I don't really consider this channel a place to find stuff outside xubuntu...00:29
UAanonNo, you were talking about me just Google-ing the info instead of coming here. There's a reason for this channel, so that people could come here to get help. I was merely validating my experience to come here for help.00:36
UAanonYeah, that was a bit fragmented, and I apologize.00:36
cody-somervillePlay nice, kids ; p00:42
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UAanonI apologize if I tensed things up...01:23
xyz359Anyone know how to change the system terminal font?01:34
UAanonI don't, sorry.01:35
UAanonSomeone else might.01:36
* xyz359 nods. =)01:36
svartehello people.02:22
svartei just installed 8.04 on my new laptop, and everything is working finr - except for one small thing that also bugged me in previous ubuntu versions. i can't for the love of god switch from utf8 to iso8859-102:23
svarteso, can anybody help me there?02:26
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Adantan_Alexhow do u install xubuntu?09:57
terminhellIm using xfce right now, and im wondering if there is a way to make its panels "always on bottom"11:54
ere4siif you right click a panel and choose "customize panel" you can put it where you want11:55
terminhellnot exactly what i need12:14
ere4siit might be a session issue - do you have save session on exit enabled?12:15
ere4sior do you want maximised windows to cover the panel?12:15
terminhellhere's what i want to do: i have a panel with just Verve on it. Id like to have it in the middle of the desktop12:15
Adantan_Alexi need some help12:15
ere4siterminhell: don't know if that is possible - it might be...12:17
ere4siAdantan_Alex: you need to ask the question:)12:17
terminhellere4si: ive noticed that it is capable of doing it if i just switch it from fixd to movable12:17
Adantan_Alexyes dual botting xubuntu12:18
Adantan_Alexi want to have12:18
Adantan_Alexi want to have xubuntu have 20 giggabytes12:18
Adantan_Alexbut what partitions do i need to make?12:18
terminhelluse the live cd12:19
Adantan_Alexi am i think12:19
Adantan_Alexi am12:19
terminhelland run the installer. it has the options to setup the partions for you12:19
ere4siAdantan_Alex: you need the 20G partition for xubuntu and a swap partition about the size of your memory or a little larger12:19
terminhellif you use the "guided %" you can adjust the %(size) it uses12:20
Adantan_Alexwhat u mean?12:20
Adantan_Alexcan i hae 1 gigayte for the swap one?12:20
ere4sithe live cd has the option to use the free space available - it will then set up the partitions as they are needed12:20
Adantan_Alexthats a problem12:20
Adantan_Alexthe live CD doesnt work....12:20
terminhellthen you have a problem12:21
Adantan_Alexon my other computer12:21
Adantan_Alexit is dont worry12:21
ere4siusing the alternate cd?12:21
Adantan_Alexi needed to give it more time12:21
Adantan_Alexno i got it12:21
Adantan_Alexnow what i need to do12:22
terminhellis there an icon on the desktop "Install"12:22
Adantan_Alexyeah i know this from ubuntu12:22
Adantan_Alexi just need to know what to put for partitions12:23
terminhellwell if you must do it manually...12:23
terminhellsetup a new primary partition with the mount point as "/"12:23
Adantan_Alexyes dual botting12:23
terminhelland give it the size12:23
Adantan_Alex20 gigabytes?12:24
Adantan_Alexok hold on lol12:24
terminhelli g2g for a few12:24
Adantan_Alexlol does xubuntu have a task bar?12:24
Adantan_Alexok but does xubuntu have a task bar?12:24
Adantan_Alexcan someone help? ty12:25
ere4siyep it does12:25
Adantan_Alexlol mine doesnt12:26
Adantan_Alexmine doesnt man12:26
ere4sipress   alt + F2  then type  xfce4-panel12:26
Adantan_Alexhold on lol12:27
Adantan_Alexdoes this normally happen?12:27
Adantan_Alexon the live CD i dont get a task bar? lol12:28
Adantan_Alexdamn gotta burn another one then....12:28
Adantan_Alexim gonna restart it and check for errors12:28
ere4siand do the md5 check12:28
ubotuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:28
Adantan_Alexit froze but a task bar wanted to appear12:30
Adantan_Alexsomething appeared in the colours u would see f u bunped a nintendo 64 game12:31
Adantan_Alexthen went....12:31
ere4sithat could be a bad burn, memory or graphis card12:31
ere4sihow much memory is there?12:32
Adantan_Alexits memory12:37
Adantan_Alexok guys if i install xubuntu12:37
Adantan_Alexwill it run quicker?12:37
Adantan_Alexand support 256 megabytes of ram?12:38
Adantan_Alexhello any one?12:38
terminhellit will run much faster if its installed12:44
Adantan_Alexand the task bar will show?12:48
Adantan_Alexwho here can help?12:48
Adantan_Alexany way i want to install xubuntu and the task bar wont show.... my computer has 256 megabytes of memory and so if i install it will it show?12:49
Adantan_Alexi checked the disc and its working12:49
Survivormanit should work. is it getting cut off because of your screen resolution maybe?13:00
TheSheepAdantan_Alex: press alt+f2 and type 'xfce4-panel'13:00
Adantan_AlexYES THATS IT soz for caps13:33
Adantan_Alexi will give it 1 last try13:33
Adantan_Alexcan i change the screen resolution?13:33
Adantan_Alexi got 800 x 60013:34
Adantan_Alexbut i can change13:34
Adantan_Alexonly it makes it very small soz for all the lines....13:34
Adantan_Alexok screen resolution is ok13:35
SurvivormanI'd just install it and give it a try. Sometimes the livecd can be flakey on older computers.13:35
Adantan_Alexhas someone gone to u the same story?14:03
Adantan_Alexim not seeing the task bar lol14:03
Adantan_Alexi see it for a bit then it goes14:03
Adantan_Alexbut im going to download the alternate CD14:03
NyadIm new to Xubuntu I have been using Kubuntu but I noticed that although Xubuntu is faster it lacks features that KDE has14:58
ablomenNyad, like what? (oh and the lack of some bloat/features in kde is probably why xfce is faster then kde..)15:02
Nyadlike a wallpaper changer15:04
Nyadwell an automatic one15:05
Nyadhow do I open a directory as root?15:09
ablomenNyad, you can just make a desktop wallpaper list and let `xfdesktop -reload` ever *minutes (with for cron etc)15:13
ablomenand i would never open a dir with a file manager as root if i where you15:13
Nyadsometimes I want to delete or edit files15:14
ablomenthen use a terminal :)15:15
Nyaddo I have to type out every filename in the list?15:15
Nyadif I use a terminal it doesn't move them to the trash15:15
ablomennah you can make a list with settings->desktop settings->Image:new list15:16
Nyadbut then I have to select all 4000 of the images with that thing15:18
ablomenyou can select multiple at once...15:18
Nyadyeah I just realised15:18
ablomennp :)15:18
Nyadthe thing about deleting files with a terminal is it doesn't put them in the trash when I delete them15:19
ablomennope, that why if you want to keep the file for later you use mv15:20
ablomen(for example mv /etc/xorg.conf /etc/xorg.conf.backup15:20
ablomenand why you should never delete something as root if your not 100% sure you can delete it15:21
Nyadhow do I set a timer for changing the background?15:21
ablomenhow long would you like the interval?15:22
ablomen*to be15:22
ablomenlol your kiddin right?15:22
Nyadis it that hard?15:26
TheSheepNyad: why would you manipulate 4000 files as root?15:26
TheSheepNyad: just chown them to your user and then maniulate them15:26
ablomenThe_Kernel, those are his background images15:26
TheSheepablomen: actually -reload will reload the whole desktop binary, it's better to just send the USR1 signal to it15:27
ablomenTheSheep, hmm and how would one do that?15:27
TheSheepablomen: killall -USR1 xfdesktop15:27
ablomenah nice15:28
Nyadwhat is USR1 thingy?15:28
ablomenNyad, ok well create a file named refresh.sh in your home dir that has this script in it: http://pastebin.ca/96918815:29
TheSheepNyad: a signal. man kill will give you details15:29
ablomenNyad, then make it executable (chmod +x ~/refresh.sh) and add that script to your autostart list (settings->autostarted applications)15:30
ablomenthat should do the job15:30
Nyadthats odd. the pastebin is empty15:32
ablomen? its not empty here15:32
TheSheepneither here15:32
Nyadthats weird15:33
ablomenhttp://pastebin.ca/raw/969188 << this one?15:33
Nyadalso empty15:33
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)15:35
TheSheepablomen: try this one15:35
TheSheepbtw, THe Right Way (tm) would be putting it into crontab :)15:36
TheSheepbut I guess it's simplier like htis15:36
ablomenThe_Kernel, that wont work for 30 seconds intervals15:36
ablomenwoops sorry TheSheep15:36
TheSheepablomen: why not?15:36
ablomenTheSheep, well because you an only put minutes hours and days etc in there15:37
ablomenNyad, try wget http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62033/plain/ -O ~/refresh.sh15:38
TheSheephmm... what about the /15:38
TheSheepah, it's only for ranges15:38
TheSheepablomen: you are right, sorry15:38
Nyaddidn't know while loops could be used in shell scripts15:39
TheSheepit's a full programming language15:39
TheSheepalbeit a little slow15:39
ablomenyeah bash rocks, sometimes15:39
TheSheepI've seen a web browser implemented in it15:39
TheSheepwell, ok, with a helper program for parsing html :)15:40
ablomeni must admit though, i almost always use perl for these small lill scripts, syntax is better for me (being a php programmer)15:41
TheSheepablomen: perl is designed for text processing and for one-line scripts, very handy15:42
ablomenyep :)15:42
TheSheepablomen: I think it was initially supposed to be a replacement for awk15:42
TheSheepand sed15:43
ablomencould be, seeing how centered it is around regex15:43
ablomenits pretty powerfull now though, actually made a small game-like thingy with perl-sdl15:43
TheSheepmy home page is running in perl :)15:44
TheSheepit's a perl-based wiki engine15:44
ablomenheh cool :)15:45
TheSheepthe original wiki was in perl too15:45
ablomeni personally never liked perl for web-based stuff though, php is so easy to use for web scripting15:45
TheSheepablomen: php is evil15:45
TheSheepablomen: mixing html and code is a bad idea15:46
ablomenthats not php's fault ;)15:46
TheSheepablomen: there are good php apps, but they all use templates15:46
ablomenyeah exactly i only make sites with smarty, so i never mix code with html :)15:46
TheSheepablomen: of course it's alwas the programmer's fault15:46
TheSheepablomen: but making such mistakes easy is the language's fault15:47
ablomenmeh i dont think so, i dont like it if scripting/programming languages limit you (take for instance python, i cant stand python)15:47
Nyadbtw is the image selection random? or is it sequential?15:47
ablomenrandom i think15:47
TheSheepNyad: sequential15:48
ablomenah ok :P15:48
Nyadanyway to change that?15:48
ablomenNyad, sure you have the source :P15:48
TheSheepNyad: you can shuffle the list15:48
Nyadablomen: hehe15:48
TheSheepNyad: but it's still sequential then15:48
Nyadhow do I shuffle it?15:49
TheSheepNyad: you can pipe it through shuf15:50
Nyadit is random actually. but Im interested in what you mean by pipe it through shuf?15:50
TheSheeplike   cat list | shuf15:51
NyadI don't get it15:52
Tu13eshm, since I upgraded to the latest hardy it seems my xfce session won't log in. as soon as I enter my username/pass I just get a blue screen15:53
Tu13esI can't remember how to fix it15:53
ablomenTu13es, you could try moving your .config/xfce4 and/or .config/xfce4-session directories15:55
ablomenmaybe that helps15:55
NyadI've heard people say that KDE is more configurable than gnome, where would xfce fit into this?15:58
Tu13esablomen: woo, that did it :)15:58
ablomenTu13es, ah cool :)15:59
RandomDestructnNyad, xfce is more minimal. It doesn't adopt a 'the user must be protected from too much information' attitude like gnome, so its configuration isnt neutered, but it isnt elaborate either.16:03
RandomDestructnbut I dunno as I dont use gnome or kde at all anymore16:03
RandomDestructnxfce and I get along far too well for me to cheat on her16:03
NyadRandomDestructn: what got you hooked? the speed?16:04
ablomenfor me xfce is like low-fat gnome, its clean and fast == great :)16:05
Tu13esfor me it was the right-click desktop menu and the small panel16:07
RandomDestructnNyad, I can configure it the way I like, and its light16:07
Tu13esI'm down to one tiny panel about 1/3 of the length of my screen at the bottom, and that's it16:07
Tu13esand, yeah, it's nice and light16:07
Tu13esand it's got compositing support so I can run compiz :)16:08
RandomDestructnI use focus follows mouse, with sloppy focus, alt + left click move, alt + right click resize.16:08
RandomDestructnnot all wm can do that16:08
RandomDestructngnome and kde probably can tho16:08
RandomDestructnbut xfce is super esay to set that up16:08
Tu13esah, yeah I just started using focus following16:08
RandomDestructnno raise on click as well16:08
RandomDestructnalt click to raise16:08
RandomDestructnthat way I can type in an app without it moving itself to the top, which i may not want16:09
RandomDestructnmy setup btw if its worth anything: http://www.pithed.org/oink/mydesktopfull.png16:09
Tu13eswait, what's sloppy focus16:09
Tu13esoh, nm16:09
Tu13esI understand what you're saying now16:09
RandomDestructn"With this focus model, moving the mouse cursor over a window gives the window the input focus. Moving the mouse cursor from a window into the root window does not change the input focus. The input focus may be changed in other ways as well (such as alt-tab), so it is not always true that the input focus is the window under the mouse cursor. Moving the mouse cursor on top of a window does not necessarily raise the window."16:10
Tu13esyeah, that's what I use16:10
RandomDestructnI love the alt right click resize16:10
RandomDestructnI'm amazed that hasnt taken off16:10
RandomDestructnwho wants to find the tiny edge of a window to resize?16:10
RandomDestructnI just click anywhere inside and drag it about16:11
RandomDestructnsame with moving windows, who wants to find the tiny titlebar16:11
RandomDestructnjust click dead centre and drag it16:11
Nyadin kde we have kdesu, whats it for xfcs?16:12
RandomDestructndunno what kdesu is16:12
RandomDestructnas im not a kde user16:12
RandomDestructnoh su?16:12
RandomDestructnI was reading that as k-desu. lol16:13
RandomDestructnthought it was some 4chan junk16:13
NyadRandomDestructn: whats that performance thing you have in your taskbar?16:14
Nyadnvm I got it16:14
RandomDestructnI dont use that anymore due to the one on the desktop. <3 conky16:15
RandomDestructnbut yeah, lots of neat panel plugins16:15
Nyadhow do I make one on the  desktop like that?16:16
RandomDestructnprogram is called conky16:16
RandomDestructnmine is close to the default config, but you may have to hack up the .conkyrc file a bit to make it look right16:16
RandomDestructnbut its worth it imo16:16
Nyadwhat does conky do?16:17
RandomDestructnexactly what you see in that image16:17
Nyadits just a performance monitor16:18
Tu13esanyone know how to change the name of what things are listed as in ifconfig?16:18
Tu13esI think I need to fiddle with /etc/network/interfaces but not sure exactly how16:19
RandomDestructnyeh Nyad16:19
TheSheepTu13es: try /etc/iftab16:20
Tu13esTheSheep: I don't show anything there16:20
TheSheepTu13es: which version is it?16:21
Tu13eswhich version is what?16:21
Tu13eser, TheSheep16:21
TheSheepof xubuntu16:21
Tu13esI'm on the hardy beta16:21
ablomenTheSheep, it isnt on here either (gutsy)16:21
TheSheepah, then check /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules16:21
Tu13esah :)16:22
NyadI removed my bar at the top but now a small little square remains there, how do I remove it?16:33
tobberot1I can't use finch properly in xterm under xfce on ubuntu, apparantly because ncurses for ubuntu is compiled without support for utf8... i can't write swedish characters in it16:43
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JBrewster5421Hi Everyone...I'm having a problem installing xubuntu...It keeps freezing at 15%, and will not go any further...can anyone help?16:50
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TheSheepJBrewster5421: percentage doesn't give me too much information, any other indication of what it is doing?16:58
TheSheepJBrewster5421: there should be a log at /var/log/ somewhere16:58
JBrewster5421im not really sure16:59
JBrewster5421It's right after I select the partitions and everything, then i go to have it partition the HD...16:59
JBrewster5421Then it gets to Checking File System, and freezes16:59
TheSheepJBrewster5421: well, checking the file system takes a while17:00
TheSheepespecially on large disks17:00
JBrewster5421well, the computer completely freezes, because I can't even move the mouse like i should be able to17:00
JBrewster5421I even tried the Alternate installer, and that froze too...17:01
TheSheepis it a new hardware?17:01
JBrewster5421no, it's an existing machine...17:01
TheSheepJBrewster5421: I mean, is it recent?17:02
JBrewster5421well, practically...i've just recently replaced mostly everything in it...17:02
TheSheepor there might be some problems with support of new hardware in the kernel17:03
TheSheepwhich version are you trying to install?17:03
JBrewster5421Should I maybe use an older version and see if that works?17:05
Keigo-kunncurses seems to hate UTF8, how do I fix it?17:09
TheSheepKeigo-kun: I think it has a special set of functions for handling utf817:13
TheSheepJBrewster5421: I'd try 8.04, it's in beta already, will be relased this month17:14
TheSheepJBrewster5421: it has newer kernel17:14
JBrewster5421will do17:14
JBrewster5421hopefully that works, otherwise i'll be back here again  lol17:15
TheSheepsome boot options could help too17:16
JBrewster5421which ones should i try?17:17
TheSheepno idea, you can either experiment or search the forums for your hardware and see if anybody had this problem and solved it17:17
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto17:18
TheSheephere is some docs on boot options17:18
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OrsHi there, I have some problem with installation. It installs for a while but then I get a dark screen and it seems to jam.  I have checked the disc for defects, and there are none.  Any ideas what to do?17:47
TheSheepOrs: you're using the livecd or the alternate installer?17:48
TheSheepOrs: which version are you installing?17:48
Orsthe latest, just downloaded a couple of days ago17:48
TheSheepOrs: 8.04 or 7.10?17:49
Tu13esTheSheep: hm, so it seems my wifi card is getting named "wlan0_rename" somewhere despite me changing that fole, any ideas?17:49
TheSheepTu13es: I had it too, never had time to investigate, especially when it worked just fine17:50
TheSheepTu13es: went away after I installed hardy17:50
Orsshall I try 8.04?17:51
TheSheepTu13es: I think it might be related to the restricted driver it uses17:51
TheSheepOrs: it's still in beta, going to be released in 3 weeks17:51
Tu13esTheSheep: hm, the Hardware Drivers thing says there are no propietary drivers in use17:52
TheSheepTu13es: ah, then it's not it. there were with my card17:53
OrsTheSheep: what is strange that when I interrupt the installation and go back to my original system a window pops up with the message whether I want to uninstall xubuntu. So it seems that some files have been copied17:54
TheSheepOrs: what's the original system?17:55
OrsWindows Me17:55
TheSheepyou are using wubi?17:55
OrsIs that the file with which you can start installation from the cd? Sorry, I am quite new... It said that it had problem retrieving some files17:56
TheSheepOrs: I'm not sure how wubu works, it's supposed to install from under windows. To use normal installer, you just boot your computer from the cd17:58
Keigo-kunI'm using mp3blaster in a xfce-terminal window, and I need to use F1 in that program. F1 however brings up the xfce doc in links. How do I capture input with the terminal?17:59
TheSheepKeigo-kun: right-click on the teminal, select settings, go to keybinding settings and disable the one for f117:59
Keigo-kunok thanks17:59
OrsTheSheep: I used the normal installer. And tried wubi too, and I had the following message: Could not retrieve some essential files17:59
TheSheepthat's weird, you say you verified the cd?18:00
Keigo-kunTheSheep: Didn't help, the terminal still doesn't register me pressing F118:00
OrsTheSheep: yes, indeed. What about alternative installation, but I do not know how that works18:01
TheSheepKeigo-kun: weird, it works for me18:01
TheSheepKeigo-kun: you did 'clear' that shortcut?18:01
TheSheepOrs: you boot from it, and it has a text-based installer, but with menus and stuff, pretty similar to the one in the livecd18:02
Keigo-kunTheSheep: Yes18:02
OrsTheSheep: Do you reckon I should give it a try?18:02
TheSheepOrs: since I don't have any other ideas, you might try :)18:03
Keigo-kunTheSheep: F2 and F3 isn't working either.. F6 is working fine though18:03
OrsTheSheep: I'll do that, will be back later to inform you, Thanks18:03
TheSheepKeigo-kun: check if you have them bound in the keyboard settings18:04
TheSheepKeigo-kun: but it hsould work, since it worked to bring the help in the terminal...18:04
Keigo-kunTheSheep: None of them are used in keyboard settings18:05
Keigo-kunMaybe it's a problem with rxvt-unicode?18:05
TheSheepKeigo-kun: you are not using the default terminal? :)18:06
Keigo-kunTheSheep: No, xterm sucks. I couldn't use finch with it18:06
Keigo-kunanyways, it's not the fault of the backend18:06
TheSheepKeigo-kun: I mean the xfce4-terminal18:07
Keigo-kunif I start rxvt-unicode by itself, it works fine18:07
Keigo-kunTheSheep: xfce4-terminal uses xterm as the backend18:07
Keigo-kunby default18:07
TheSheepI thought it uses libvte18:07
Keigo-kunmine sure didn't.. then again, this isn't xubuntu18:08
TheSheepah, then maybe you should ask on the distribution's channel18:08
TheSheepsome things might be specific18:09
TheSheepto their distro18:09
Keigo-kunKind of hard to do :) this is ubuntu with ubuntu-desktop removed and xfce4 installed manually18:09
TheSheepKeigo-kun: then it's pretty much the same as xubuntu18:09
TheSheepwith some packages removed18:09
Keigo-kunTheSheep: Maybe that lib was one of the removed packages, my xfce4-terminal was set to xterm when I installed it..18:10
TheSheepbut I don't know anything about rxvt18:10
TheSheepKeigo-kun: try install xfce4-terminal manually18:10
Keigo-kunI did, it didn't come with xfce418:10
TheSheepwell, mine xfce4-terminal surely doesn't use xterm -- it has anti-aliased, hinted fonts, supports unicode and lets me click urls18:12
Keigo-kunTheSheep: That isn't saying much though. In your xfce4, go to edit->preferences18:12
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Keigo-kununder advanced, it should say $TERM setting18:12
Keigo-kunmine was set to xterm by default18:13
TheSheepKeigo-kun: yes, that's what it sets the 'TERM' environment variable for the processes that are started18:13
TheSheepKeigo-kun: has nothing to do with the backend18:13
TheSheepKeigo-kun: it's the thing that gets displayed when you type 'echo $TERM'18:13
Keigo-kunTheSheep: Actually, it makes tons of difference18:13
Keigo-kunTheSheep: With mine set to xterm i can't use finch, with it set to rxvt-unicode I can18:14
TheSheepKeigo-kun: it just tells the programs what escape sequences to use18:14
TheSheepKeigo-kun: it doesn't affect hwo the teminal emulator works18:15
Keigo-kunTheSheep: Odd since changing it fixed my problems18:15
TheSheepKeigo-kun: well, maybe the escape sequence for F1 is different under xterm than under rxcvt18:16
Keigo-kunI doubt that would affect this problem18:16
TheSheepKeigo-kun: you arestarting finch locally or on a remote host?18:17
TheSheepwhat does it say when you start it with TERM set to xterm?18:18
Keigo-kunthe program works fine, the difference is that I can't write å ä ö in finch18:19
TheSheepwhat's your LANG setting?18:19
TheSheepshould work18:19
Keigo-kunI've been trying to fix it all day, everyone blamed xterm18:20
Keigo-kunI got the error in xterm aswell you see18:20
TheSheepwell, I can type ąęśćżź just fine in irssi18:20
Keigo-kunso I downloaded rxvt-unicode and tried in that.. it worked perfectly18:20
Keigo-kunTheSheep: So can i, in xterm18:20
Keigo-kunfinch is the only place where i had the problem18:20
TheSheepI use xfce4-termina18:20
TheSheepwell, report a bug for finch :)18:21
Keigo-kunit's not a finch error18:21
Keigo-kunit's an ubuntu/xterm error18:21
TheSheepthen report it for ubuntu/xterm, but it will be moved to finch anyways18:21
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots18:22
Keigo-kunxterm has bad compability for UTF8 apparently18:22
TheSheepKeigo-kun: let me repeat myself: xfce4-terminal DOESN'T USE XTERM18:22
TheSheepKeigo-kun: that setting merely affects the environment variable that applications use to determine what escape sequences to use for input and output18:23
TheSheepKeigo-kun: ad 'xterm' is a very standard set of escape sequences18:24
Keigo-kunTheSheep: Well, everyone I have asked about my unicode problem claims its an xterm issue18:25
TheSheepKeigo-kun: anyways, it should work with he default settings, if it doesn't, it's a bug and shouldbe reported, so if you have a moment you could report it, so that it will be fixed or worked around in future versions18:26
TheSheepKeigo-kun: also, reporting a bug will probably give you feedback from developers who will know for sure where the problem is18:26
Keigo-kunTheSheep: I guess, I'm just so horrible at explaining problems :/18:27
TheSheepKeigo-kun: or I'm horrible at listening18:28
TheSheepKeigo-kun: which, by the way, I am :)18:28
Keigo-kunI'm just kinda annoyed right now, changing the $TERM, regardless of what it does, fixed my problems18:28
Keigo-kunso the only thing pissing me off is the F1,2,3 behaviour18:28
Keigo-kunsince I can't use my programs without those keys18:29
TheSheepKeigo-kun: maybe try xterm-color or even vt10018:29
TheSheep(vt100 is the most standard setting there might be)18:29
Keigo-kunYou seriously mean that variable only changes escape sequences?18:31
Keigo-kunputting it to VT100 made my whole terminal black and white18:31
Keigo-kunoddly enough, that also made F1 works, but I'm not to fond of no colors18:32
zoredachesetting TERM tells the programs you run what escape sequences they are allowed to send18:33
Keigo-kunzoredache: And that changes color O.O?18:33
zoredacheKeigo-kun: it would depend on the programs you run.  Some programs could just to provide color for xterm and b+w for vt10018:33
Keigo-kunzoredache: Allright, that makes sense i guess. then my question becomes: Why does F1 work in rxvt-unicode, but mp3blaster does not let F1 work in xfce4-terminal if TERM is set to rxvt-unicode?18:34
TheSheepKeigo-kun: vt100 was originally a hardware terminal, black&white (amber or green actually, I think), with 80x24 display18:35
TheSheepKeigo-kun: I think it didn't even have direction keys, but I might be mistaken18:35
zoredacheI don't know about F1... perhaps the terminal is application is not properly passing it along18:36
Keigo-kunzoredache: But it's the same application... the only difference is the $TERM setting18:36
TheSheepKeigo-kun: you can see the list of term settings you can try in /usr/share/terminfo18:36
zoredachete application is the same, but the terminal isn't.  In xfce4-terminal by default F1 is intercepted by the terminal and makes the help come up18:37
TheSheepI thnk that vt102 or vt220 was color18:37
TheSheepzoredache: that we fixed already18:38
Keigo-kunzoredache: Yes, but that would be true for both having vt100 and rxvt-unicode as $TERM, yet it works in one but not the other18:38
zoredacheTheSheep: how do you change that?18:38
TheSheepzoredache: now the problem is that xfce4-terminal sends an xterm-encoded f1, but the application expects an rxvt-unicode-encoded F118:38
TheSheepzoredache: you go to shortcuts and remove that shortcut18:38
TheSheepzoredache: in the settings18:38
TheSheepzoredache: of the xfce4-terminal18:39
zoredacheright, got it...18:39
TheSheepKeigo-kun: tried xterm-debian maybe?18:39
Keigo-kunTheSheep: I'll give it a try.. but I'm not fond of putting xterm there since I use finch a lot18:40
Keigo-kunTheSheep: xterm-debian works for mp3blaster at least. i get color and F1 works18:40
TheSheepKeigo-kun: try the accented characters18:41
Keigo-kunstarting finch in it now..18:41
Keigo-kunhahaha new error18:42
Keigo-kunarrowkeys are not working in finch anymore18:42
Keigo-kunHow is it possible for something so simple to be so complex O.o18:43
TheSheepI'd be guessing finch tries to do its own terminal support routines and fails badly18:43
TheSheepthe developers probably only tested it on their own computers with rxvt terminal18:43
Keigo-kunI somehow doubt it, i mean it's pidgin, it's pretty much the biggest IM client on linux right now18:44
Keigo-kunat least that's what I've seen18:44
TheSheepKeigo-kun: the part that supports the terminal is not part of pidgin18:44
Keigo-kunfinch is a part of pidgin... allthough i guess the developers aren't the same18:45
Keigo-kunxterm-color is no go18:45
TheSheepKeigo-kun: I wonder if it has a support channel on freenode...18:45
Keigo-kunIt doesn't.. when I asked in pidgin, they blamed xterm18:46
TheSheepwell, surely there *is* a bug somewhere, and since all other apps work fine with xterm...18:46
Keigo-kunI guess my only option is to use rxvt-unicode.. which kinda stinks since you can't paste and stuff in it18:49
TheSheepyou could write a small shell script for starting finch18:49
TheSheepwith 'export TERM=rxvt-unicode; finch' in it18:49
Keigo-kunhmm, that sounds like a good idea actually18:50
zoredachedoes that actually work?18:50
TheSheepzoredache: yeah, why not?18:50
zoredachebecause when I press F1 in rxvt-unicde I  get '5b1b 3131 1b7e 315b' when I press F1 in xfce4-terminal I get a '4f1b 1b50 504f'18:52
zoredacheI start both terminals and do a cat | hexdump btw to get those18:52
TheSheepzoredache: but finch doesn't need f118:52
Keigo-kunactually, i'm doing it the other way, i did EXPORT TERM=xterm before entering mp3blaster and that worked fine18:53
zoredacheah, I guess I am lost about what needs to be fixed18:53
Keigo-kunzoredache: rxvt-unicode works perfectly for me except that some FX buttons won't work, they are needed in mp3blaster18:54
TheSheepKeigo-kun: btw, hw do you type these åâā, etc?18:56
Keigo-kunThey are on my swedish keyboard18:56
TheSheepah, ok18:56
Keigo-kunBut I actually think this bug is in xfce4-terminal18:56
Keigo-kunSince F1 works fine in rxvt-unicode, why should it not work in xfce4-terminal?18:57
TheSheepKeigo-kun: well, try  it in some other apps, like midnight commander for example18:57
Keigo-kunobviously xfce4-terminal isn't honest about the escape sequences18:57
TheSheepKeigo-kun: it is, it uses xterm escape sequences18:57
TheSheepKeigo-kun: no matter how you set the TERM vairable18:58
zoredachebecause rxvt sends vt102, and xfce-terminal sends xterm18:58
Keigo-kunThat isn't making any sense..18:58
zoredachewhat part?18:58
Keigo-kunIf xfce4-terminal sends xterm, what does the $TERM variable do again?18:59
zoredachethe terminal sends stuff and the application recieves stuff18:59
TheSheepKeigo-kun: tells the applications what to expect18:59
zoredachethe TERM lets the application know what it is getting18:59
Keigo-kunHmm I see19:00
Keigo-kunso the problem is that Finch does not like xterms escape sequences then19:00
Keigo-kunand xterm can't send F1?19:00
TheSheepit can, but it does it differently than rxvt19:01
Tu13esKernel IPI is taking over 50% of my wakeups19:01
* TheSheep doesn't even know what's IPI19:02
Tu13esseems it's the OS rescheduling things19:02
Tu13esa LOT19:02
TheSheepthe 2.6 cheduler is not exactly suited for desktops19:03
TheSheepthere are some patches with alternate schedulers, but it requires recompilation, of course19:03
Tu13esseems it's a bug19:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177895 in linux "Kernel 2.6.24-2 causing ~1000 wakeups by "Rescheduling Interrupts"" [Medium,In progress]19:08
TheSheepcool utility that powertop19:20
TheSheepI'm getting a negative number of wakeups per second %)19:20
tazaWhat problem am I seeing here, if the card shows free 285mb, total size 7.4gb and used 6.8gb?19:28
tazaIs some reserved to root and how can I remove the root reservation?19:29
tazaEhh. It's a removable sdhc.19:29
tazaIn /etc/fstab as /card. Sorry, braindead today.19:30
TheSheepmaybe it's use by trash?19:30
tazaI don't use trash19:30
tazaI use rm -rf and shift-del19:30
tazaI mean, it seems pretty obvious it's being reserved for rot19:31
taza* root19:31
Keigo-kunAwesome, kicked from #pidgin19:31
Keigo-kunmy claims that there could be a bug in finch was not appriciated19:32
tazaWelcome to #freenode19:32
tazaFreenode. Not #freenode19:33
taza#freenode is actually quite nice19:33
tazaExcept that root gives the same df size. o.O19:34
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zoredachetaza: what filesystem was you card?   with an ext3 you have some reseved by root, and that can be adjusted by tune2fs19:41
TheSheepKeigo-kun: ouch, sorry about that19:42
Keigo-kunthey invited me back in19:42
Keigo-kunbasically, this fellow is telling me this isn't possibly a bug in finch19:43
Keigo-kunhe's saying my terminfo is probably messed up19:43
Keigo-kunI don't know how it's possible since I installed X today... but yeah19:43
TheSheepKeigo-kun: that's a possibility too, but then it would be messed in other apps too19:43
zoredacheKeigo-kun: you have to becareful about telling people there are bugs in unspecified bugs in something...19:43
zoredacheit is better to not call it a bug and simply say something like.  I called widget foo, and expected bar, but instead I got foobar!19:44
Keigo-kunYeah I guess19:44
tazazoredache: ext219:44
zoredacheah, the same is true for ext2... look at the tune2fs manpage... I suspect you may have it set at the 5% reserve which is default...  I don't know how to change it though19:45
TheSheep'bug' is emotionaly loaded, true19:45
Keigo-kunI've seen it before... it's pretty normal for me to run between 4 channels before my linux problems are fixed, since everyone is blaming everyone else19:46
Keigo-kunmost of the time though, it's a simple configuration error19:46
tazazoredache: -r did nothing at least19:48
zoredacheyou remounted after making the change?19:48
tazazoredache: But -r -m did19:49
taza-r 0 -m 019:49
tazaDid everything it should19:49
tazaIt's mounted as ro to users anyway19:49
zoredache taza how are you getting the information btw?19:52
tazazoredache: For what?19:52
tazaThe "did anything"? remount, df -h19:52
zoredachefor available/in-use space19:52
tazaATM preparing my box for Hardy Xubuntu19:54
zoredacheyou might try using a tune2fs -l and then see what you get when you do a (total blocks - free blocks) * block size19:55
zoredachedf may not be counting correctly19:55
tazaActually, it is.19:56
tazaBut you need to pass -m 0 and not -r 0 to tune2fs19:56
zoredacheah, so that fixed it?19:56
tazaI'll be reformatting it soon tho19:57
zoredachethe alt-installer has an option to set the reserved blocks when you are setting up your filesystems19:58
zoredacheOn drives used for data I usually set it to 1-2% instead of the default 5%19:58
tazaThis is an external drive formatted afterwards20:00
tazaAlso, does anyone know what force-hpet in grub options does?20:00
TheSheeptaza: not sure, but I have recently had some hp computers on which grub didn't work20:02
TheSheeptaza: I need to test this option :)20:02
Keigo-kunhmm, after spending ages in #pidgin i got.... no answers XD20:33
Keigo-kunit did help though, i guess20:33
TheSheepKeigo-kun: hopefully this will be solved eventually20:34
Keigo-kunTheSheep: Yeah, they told me someone I could ask for more help on the issue20:34
Keigo-kunthey said the problem is one of those: 1) terminfo, 2) the terminal, 3) the mode finch is using, 4) ncurses20:34
Keigo-kunIf the terminfo is wrong, it's probably an ubuntuwide error20:35
TheSheepthat pretty much exchausts the elements that take part in input :)20:35
Keigo-kunhehe yeah20:35
Keigo-kunthe guy helping me actually had the same error it turned out20:35
Keigo-kunI guess most people won't notice it, since they don't use the affected keys20:36
TheSheepthat's the problem with ascii-only programmers: no testing :)20:38
TheSheepI've met many developers who didn't even understand what unicode is for20:39
Stroganofftheres no way to move the ~/Templates folder to a different position (hide it), am i right?21:35
zoredachewhat program uses a ~/Templates folder?21:37
TheSheepStroganoff: I believe its on the todo list for thunar21:39
TheSheepStroganoff: but you know how the release schedule for xfce looks :)21:39
Stroganoffno i dont ^^21:39
TheSheepStroganoff: like this: "when it's ready"21:39
Stroganoffwouldnt it break nautilus compatibility if just thunar moves this?21:40
Stroganoffis ~/Templates part of freedesktop?21:40
Stroganofftoo many questions21:40
TheSheepno idea, check at http://freedesktop.org21:40
Kaushiksudo apt-get install emacs22-common-non-dfsg fails with a complaint that says /usr/share/emacs/22.1/etc/CENSORSHIP cannot be over written21:40
Kaushikis there some other way to install it?21:40
TheSheepthunar could probably check and merge two or more directories21:40
TheSheepKeigo-kun: what does 'dpkg -S /usr/share/emacs/22.1/etc/CENSORSHIP' say?21:41
KaushikTheSheep: it says the file is also in emacs22-common21:42
Troofywhen i try to configure wine by settings>wine this appears. http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/4903/snapshot1yd5.png any help?21:42
TheSheepKaushik: upgrading the emac22-common first might help21:43
TheSheepTroofy: I believe this is not a xubuntu problem21:45
TheSheepTroofy: try at #kubuntu maybe21:45
KaushikTheSheep: upgraded emacs22-common, but the error persists21:45
KaushikTheSheep: two packages want to write the same file..21:46
TheSheepKaushik: maybe the package you are trying to install replaces it, but wasn't marked as such properly?21:46
TheSheepKaushik: tried removing the emacs22-common?21:46
TheSheepKaushik: there was some dpkg flag to make it not remove dependencies21:47
TheSheepKaushik: still a packaging bug that you could report21:47
KaushikTheSheep: emacs22-common is a dependency for emacs22 and erc.. can't remove21:48
Stroganoffis it possible to remove the floppy disk from the thunar shortcuts panel?21:52
Stroganoffis there a hotkey to enable image thumbnails in thunar?22:02
TheSheepStroganoff: you can also try asking at #xfce22:10
zoredacheis there anything that can be done to make xfce4-terminal more efficient?22:45
zoredacheI use putty and connect to my localhost as account, and startup an xfce4-terminal session...22:46
zoredachewhen I do a 'times find ~' in putty it finishes in 7.2ms... when I run the same command in xfce4-terminal it takes 18.3ms22:47
marchgoodnight :)22:47
TheSheepzoredache: I'm sure the 8ms difference is very annoying22:48
TheSheepzoredache: disable transparency, that should help a little22:48
zoredacheTheSheep: this was just a test case... the same type of issue seems to show up when I am ssh to a remote host under xfce-terminal and I am looking at log files22:49
zoredacheit feels like molasses, but it putty it is much faster... (but I like xfce-termial better overal)22:50
zoredacheoh, and I don't have transparency... :|22:51
benpage26Hi, can anyone help me i am having trouble with a xubuntu live CD23:54
TheSheepbenpage26: can you elaborate?23:54
benpage26I have the 7.10 live cd and have successfully booted it on my computer, but when i try to boot it on another PC it doesn't work23:55
benpage26i thought the cd may be corrupt so i ran the CD check option, it detected an error23:56
benpage26but when i run the same cd check on my laptop it detects no errors and says the CD is fine23:56
TheSheepbenpage26: old cd drives may have probalems reading cd-r burned with high speeds. try burining it with the lowest speed you can23:56
TheSheepbenpage26: also, laptop cd drives usually have pretty good error correction, to compensate lower laser power23:57
benpage26ok, so i should burn a new live CD with the slowest speed possible23:57
benpage26aha, the test that passed was on my laptop, and the one that failed on an older PC23:57
benpage26Would using the alternate install CD help at all? or is this just a problem with the CD not being read properly?23:58
TheSheepbenpage26: the latter23:59

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