amirman84hi, everyone, i'm new to ubuntu and linux in general. i'm really digging this ubuntu 8.04 beta (except for no flash video) but i was wondering if edubuntu is good for a 2 1/2 year old?05:11
amirman84also is there anything that i can use to get him into learning the basics of programming when he gets a little older?05:12
amirman84i'm installing the gcompiz educational suite right now, tux paint, and kletters just to see if there's anything that can get his attention enough to really master using the mouse and keyboard05:13
amirman84but thats on ubuntu, i guess what i'm really wondering is how different is edubuntu from ubuntu other than the preinstalled packages and security stuff i'm guessing that is used for people who want to use it in schools05:14
johnnyit's not much different05:17
johnnyit will be an addon cd in the future, instead of a seperate release05:17
amirman84too bad, i see a real niche to be filled, an OS for young kids.05:21
amirman842,3,4 year olds05:22
LaserJockamirman84: Edubuntu has been used for children that young05:23
LaserJockit doesn't really matter whether you have Ubuntu or Edubuntu installed, but you can get more kid-friendly look from the Edubuntu artwork05:25
LaserJockand you have a disk that has educational software on it05:25
amirman84well, thanks05:34
Muhammad_SaadHello, I am having trouble with gnome-ppp. Is there any dial-up user here who can help me?07:36
Muhammad_SaadI am having this error while connecting: "WvDial<Err>: Connected, but carrier signal lost!  Retrying..."07:39
Muhammad_SaadThe strange thing is that I can connect to the internet using the Network Manager applet but cannot connect using gnome-ppp.07:40
Muhammad_SaadDoes anyone know what is causing the problem?07:49
Muhammad_SaadCan someone at least tell me where else should I ask for help?07:56
Muhammad_SaadHello, Can someone here help me with gnome-ppp?17:43
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kebtypo on page http://www.edubuntu.org/community   "Edubuntu Chile: The Edubuntu France team."21:49
bimberikeb: Thanks. You can file that bug here - https://bugs.launchpad.net/edubuntu-website/+filebug22:03
styx27good day everyone22:30
styx27i'm a noob... please bare with me...22:32
HedgeMageI think styx27 means "bear"22:34
styx27sorry... it's 4am here.. i just woke up...22:34
HedgeMagenp :)22:34
styx27ii meant bear22:34
blue-frog4am could be bare22:34
styx27well, anyway i  have been asked to invest in a small private/nonprofit school (preschool and elementary) in my area and i was thinking of seting up a little computer lab with edubuntu22:36
styx27can i download the cookbook or handbook?22:37
styx27is there a encyclopedia for edubuntu?22:39
blue-frogedubuntu.org would be a good start I presume22:40
blue-frogdowwnloading and installing edubuntu would be self explanatory22:40
kebyep, get a live cd and try it :D22:41
styx27blue-frog: i was thinking more of documentation for the educational softwares that it comes with to help the teachers familiarize22:42
blue-frogstyx27: what are they using as of now?22:43
styx27blue-frog: none, just regular textbooks,22:43
blue-frogis there a computer available overthere already or do you have a laptop?22:44
styx27there is no coputers there yet.. i will be getting the pc's from my friend who used to own an internet cafe22:45
blue-frogstyx27: anyway if they have nothing right now, it will be as if they are entering the cavern of Ali Baba22:46
styx27i don't really quite understand what you're saying...22:50
blue-frogstyx27: it comes loaded with educational softwares and you can install many more of them22:53
styx27blue-frog: that's what i want so that atleast i can help get the quality of education to get higher. i would need a sort of manual that explains how to use/make the most out of the eduacational softwares that come with it. and i need it to be viewable locally becasue the school does not have an internet connection and cound not yet justify the cost of getting one22:56
blue-frogstyx27: do you have a laptop?22:57
styx27i have one22:57
styx27it's running unbunut 7.1 at the moment22:58
blue-frogoh well then you already have all you need to present them something22:58
blue-froginstall edubuntu22:58
blue-frogin virtualbox for example22:59

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