patoe1i dont know how to run it00:01
patoe1i dont have something to open it00:02
patoe1i found it00:03
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patoe1i love it <300:05
patoe1weres Dr. Willis :'(00:05
hydrogenyou are really annoying.00:05
patoe1i know00:06
patoe1i am arnt i?00:06
hydrogenyou are also asking for a kick in the face when one of the ops returns00:06
patoe1i hope its doctor willlis00:06
Jucatohe's not an op00:09
Jucatotry not to flood again.00:09
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uslackerHey folks, I'm running an old laptop with a GeForce Quadro4 video card.  Have some problems with a distorted screen when the screen shuts off (lid closed)00:23
uslackeris there a better driver than the Geforce4 generic?00:23
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uslackerHey folks, I'm running an old laptop with a GeForce Quadro4 video card.  Have some problems with a distorted screen when the screen shuts off (lid closed)00:32
uslackerHey folks, I'm running an old laptop with a GeForce Quadro4 video card.  Have some problems with a distorted screen when the screen shuts off (lid closed)00:32
uslackeris there a better driver than the Geforce4 generic?00:32
jerknextdoorcan anyone tell me how to set up my default browser.  i'm in 7.10 with kde4.0.3 but everytime i set my default browser through the system prefs and also in konqueror to firefox3b5 it still opens konqueror00:37
Ashexwhat does the image need to be called for it to be the icon for a folder?00:38
axel_Hello! How to change the group access to a directory and the (sub)directories and files it contains using the console?00:44
patoe1patoe1 is now registed!00:45
p_quarlesaxel_: what level of access do you want to give the group owner?00:45
super-norstperils of rolley00:46
super-norstperils of rolley action figure00:46
Dr_willisAshex,  you can set folder icons from the 'properties' settins of the folder. They dont have to be a special name00:47
axel_p_quarles: I want to install a moodle server. It says that it must have reading and writing rights.00:47
patoe1Dr willis is here :)00:47
p_quarlesaxel_: sudo chmod g+rw /path/to/directory00:48
patoe1hes my favprite00:48
axel_p_quarles: Thanks. And how to set the group to 'apache'?00:49
patoe1so iv decided that im running kubuntu with a xubuntu overlay, (xfce)00:49
super-norstperils of rolley00:50
p_quarlesaxel_: sudo chown apache:apache /path/to/directory00:50
super-norstperils of rolley00:51
* patoe1 is bored00:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about langage - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:52
patoe1!lanuage : Dr_willis00:53
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:53
vorian!botabuse > patoe1 see the pm from ubotu00:54
axel_p_quarles: Thanks. sudo chown -R apache /path/to/directory seemed to work.00:54
axel_p_quarles: apache was not the group for the apache server.00:57
axel_ How to figure out which group the apache server belongs to?00:57
p_quarlesaxel_: no, it's usually www-data00:57
axel_p_quarles: ??? Sorry. I don't get what you mean.01:00
cmdlnknetworkmanager just does not seem to work with wireless for me. after I first installed, it did see my wireless card, and I could use it to select a network and connect to it. It would also show the signal strength when connected. Now it only shows the wired network and when I right click on the icon it does not show wireless. If I go into manual settings I can configure the card. .... Have no issue just using iwconfig but does anyone know how to fix knetwor01:00
p_quarlesaxel_: the name of the Apache default user is www-data01:01
axel_p_quarles: Ah! Now I got it!01:01
FnordPerfecthi everybody.. could somebody help me? I'm about to lose my mind.. I just downgraded from hardy (dev branch) back to gutsy, but it didn't work that great..01:01
FnordPerfectthe system does not boot correctly. it seems that the / partition does not get remounted writable01:02
axel_p_quarles: It works! Thanks.01:02
FnordPerfectalso, /etc/init.d/udev complains about missing /sbin/udevadm01:03
axel_How to install the php-extensions "curl" and "xmlrpc"?01:06
Dr_willisapt-cache search php | grep curl   ? and see what package fits?01:07
Dr_willis$ apt-cache search php | grep curl01:07
Dr_willisphp5-curl - CURL module for php501:07
axel_got it!01:08
axel_Dr_willis: Thanks!01:08
x357how do i find drivers for my integrated audio chipset?01:12
FnordPerfectwell, as a workaround I simply rewrote udev's init script to not use the non-existent udevadm. Has anyone an idea how to fix the read-only root-partiton issue?01:13
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FnordPerfect**sigh** ok. bye.01:15
Dr_willisdowngrading. Ick. :)01:15
x357how do i find drivers for my integrated audio chipset? what package?01:16
Dr_willisDepends on the audio chipset.01:16
Dr_willisthe newer alsa versions most likely are whats needed.01:16
x357alright thx mate01:18
alexbobpI'm having a problem with mounting isos for large dvds.  When I try to access files near the end of the disk, I get errors like "cat: setup.exe: Input/output error".  In "dmesg | tail", I see [333026.466404] attempt to access beyond end of device / [333026.466410] loop3: rw=0, want=7076300, limit=6205528".  It tends to work when I use the physical DVD in the drive, and for some ISOs, they only work if I use certain mount points.  Does anybo01:24
Dr_willisalexbobp,  Hmm not seen that issue.01:27
Dr_willisI wonder if the fuse iso tools will have the same issue01:28
Dr_willis!find fuseiso01:28
ubotuFound: fuseiso, fuseiso9660, umview-mod-umfuseiso966001:28
BonesolTeraDyneOddly enough, I had that same problem tryign to mound an SD card before I wiped the PC and reinstalled Kubuntu over Ubuntu.01:28
BonesolTeraDyneI didn't find a solution, though.01:29
Dr_willisrootlinuxusr,  Huh?01:39
jack__go to end01:41
rootlinuxusris there anyone here is what i tried typing01:42
bnex10i need help to fix my resolution01:43
bnex10when i was trying to get halo working on wine01:44
bnex10well it screwed up my resolution01:44
bnex10and i had it set to 1280x102401:44
bnex10i can't set it back01:44
rootlinuxusrfrom CL01:44
bnex10without restarting X01:44
yakuzii've a strange problem: i opened Kontact, and i don't have a list of my inbox after i logged in, but just the folders-list and the last read e-mail, i can't see wich e-mails i've or something01:45
bnex10also, halo needs 32 bit01:45
bnex10should i change 24 to 32 in xorg.conf?01:46
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bnex10"Halo PC requires a 32 bit color quality setting to play in a windowed mode. In Windows, right-click on the desktop and choose Properties to adjust to this setting.01:49
bnex10let me try something01:49
rootlinuxusris there any reason why my wireless would load, detect the router, but not get an IP?01:49
yakuziok problem solved, i managed to get the messagelist back (it was infinite small and the handles to pull it more wide refused to work)01:51
bnex10BRB going to restart X01:52
PeterFAI want to find some quality CMS program, is there one in the repository?01:53
PeterFACRM program :P01:53
hydrogenis there such a thing?01:53
PeterFAhydrogen, yes.01:54
* Dr_willis wonders what CRM even is01:54
LjLPeterFA: "quality", i don't know, but it's certainly full of CMS.01:54
PeterFAhydrogen, vtiger and several otehrs, but I haven't found one in the repository.01:54
Dr_willisor CMS01:54
rootlinuxusrI knew what CMS is, didn't know what CRM is..01:54
PeterFACustomer Relations Management.01:54
PeterFALike SugarCRM.01:54
PeterFAOnly that costs money and requires a website.01:54
PeterFAWhich I could do, but no, I don't want to.01:55
LjLPeterFA: only one i can see is tinyerp-client (and -server)01:55
LjLPeterFA: no wait, also facturalu01:55
LjLperhaps egroupware-infolog could also have something to do with that01:56
rootlinuxusrany basic guides for compiz that work on dell integrated x1270 ati cards? I really wanna see what I'm missing out on.01:57
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion01:57
Dr_willisis all i know.01:57
Dr_williswith ati cards.. i wouldent even want to try. :)01:57
rootlinuxusrxD welp it's all i got01:58
rootlinuxusrits a lappy01:58
bnex10damned thing didn't use 32 bit color mode....... BRB again01:58
PeterFALjL, thanks.02:02
PeterFALjL, I'm going to try both.02:02
PeterFALjL, it's so much easier to install from the tree than from some mystery package on the tubs.02:02
Seti-Amonhey i haven't ran linux in 12 years.i wanted to try out a live cd and someone recommended kubuntu live cd,can someone point me in the direction of the download02:08
BonesolTeraDyneSeti-Amon: http://kubuntu.com/download.php02:09
Seti-Amonthanks.both install and live in one?i have never ran a live cd.last distro i ran was suse 4 back in 97 or so02:11
rootlinuxusryeah they are on the same02:11
BonesolTeraDyneSeti-Amon: Yup. It'll have an installer app on the desktop. Still... Suse 4? Wow.02:12
BonesolTeraDynespeaking of that installer, what's the name of that app?02:12
Seti-Amonno 64 intel?02:12
BonesolTeraDyneSeti-Amon: the AMD64 is a generic x64 kernel.02:13
Seti-Amonso this quadcore qx6700 will work with that amd 64?weird i'll download that one thne02:13
yotuxI am not able to view jpegs in kubuntu and ideas02:13
BonesolTeraDyneyotux: What application are you using?02:14
yotuxI have even tried gwenview02:15
Seti-AmonThe main reason i haven't touched linux in years is lack of  time.didn't have time to fine tune it but from what i hear linux has changed a lot in the last 10 years or so,and kubuntu is especially good for all purposes?02:15
BonesolTeraDynehmm... I've never had a problem like that. Let me see if someone else has submitted a similar bug.02:15
BonesolTeraDyneThat was @ yotux.02:16
jerknextdoorseti-amon:  kubuntu is a pretty straight forward distro.  its good for beginners and/or just trying to discover what this whole gnu/linux thing is02:19
BonesolTeraDynegrr... Launchpad keeps timing out, and I get an 80% packet loss from pinging it02:20
AshexDr_willis, I just saw your comment >_>, I know I can set it through properties, but I remember that some of my albums folders tend to give themselves an icon based off a picture inside the folder02:20
Seti-AmonGnu-linux?linus still pushing that as the official term?02:20
BonesolTeraDyneSeti-Amon: That would be rms pushing it, not Linus.02:20
jerknextdoorhaha.  i have no idea.  i was making a joke about it.02:21
PeterFAHow do I run a program as priviledged user in the run dialog?02:21
AshexPeterFA, kdesu02:21
BonesolTeraDyneSeti-Amon: Richard M Stallman, founder of the GNU project.02:21
PeterFAAshex, oh, I was trying ksu or ksudo02:21
PeterFAAshex, couldn't remember.02:21
Seti-AmonI'v been out of it for years,its just i installed my free "vista upgrade" and well I couldn't even boot it i had to do a clean install of vista and such.losts gigs of stuff hah...not funny but it really has been unstable02:22
Seti-Amoni was on a friends xp and i was blown away how fast xp was compared to my vista.i swear vista takes up 70% more resources crazy but true.at least on mine02:23
BonesolTeraDyneyotux: I don't see any bug like that on Launchpad. You might want to ask on the forums, or ask again and hope someone else has a solution.02:23
yotuxI have played with a few setting and things are work 50/5002:24
BonesolTeraDyneSeti-Amon: might want to take general discussion to #kubuntu-offtopic . Mods tend to frown on general chat in the support channel.02:24
yotuxI am running hardy so that could be part of the problem, then on top of the I install kde402:24
yotuxstrange the kde apps would not read a jpeg file.02:25
yotuxGImp is reading just fine02:25
billydI was gonna upgrade to 7.10 with DVD.  Apt says it can't read some files.  I'll wait for 8.04 and upgrade - possily online02:26
Seti-Amonhey i switched to a new isp and on the wireless comp(not the wired one) i get slowdowns that go down to 9 kbps.this is a 768 connection02:27
Seti-AmonAnyone ever have a problem like that02:27
Seti-Amonthought this was casual02:28
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adudehow do you install a flash plugin from the command line?02:35
adudeflash plugin for firefox02:36
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash02:36
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:36
Dr_willisI normally do a 'apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras'02:36
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AshexDr_willis, scratch what I said earlier, did some digging and it's an amarok script that's dropping album art in the folders and setting it as an icon02:41
Ashexif I could find a script to run through my collection and do it, that would rock....02:42
Dr_willisits just a customized .desktop file in each folder i belive02:42
justecoIf I install a new video card, will X still work under Kubuntu?  Is there a procedure for making X redetect hardware?02:46
bonbonthejonjusteco: i doubt it, but you should get a console and you can reconfigure x there02:54
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto02:54
jerwaredoes anyone program in pascal?02:58
jerwarei cant find delphi compiler.02:59
Dr_willisThere used to be some delphi thing for linux..03:06
Dr_willisit was a 'big' deal for a very short time i recall03:06
Dr_willisThere ya go. :) now if it works any more. No idea03:07
corporealanyone know if there is a KinoDV channel?03:07
Dr_willischeck the kinodv web page? see if they mention a channel.03:08
corporealah, irc.gnome.org. blah03:10
corporeal...and there's noboody there lol03:10
Jucatodid you join the server?03:10
Jucatos/join/connect to/03:10
corporealits empty.03:11
Jucatono wonder.. the announcement was 2002 :)03:12
corporealya :-p03:12
corporealim trying to figure out if i can do a greenscreen effect03:13
Jucatomight want to try asking in #gnome if they have any idea where to ask03:14
Jucatodespite the "k", it's a GNOME app :)03:14
corporealgood point03:15
profoX`corporeal: kinodv is not meant for advanced chroma key effects like greenscreening ;)03:17
profoX`if you are looking for GPL software that can do it, check out Cinelerra, although it's rather picky with input and output formats and not very userfriendly03:17
profoX`corporeal: example of 2 images greenscreened together: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=-qf7wjiVJjA (ubuntu 3D blender animation is greenscreened on top of TV Hilversum intro) here's a little visual tutorial (not by me) http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=KXq5AGlTEcI03:19
corporealprofoX`: thanks :-)03:22
* corporeal is trying to do video editing on the cheap03:22
corporealis there an ubuntu package for cinelerra?03:23
* corporeal needs to learn blender03:23
Fritzelis there any vnc package that allows me to attach it to an existing x session?03:27
corporealO.O blender.org is broken03:27
corporealFritzel: look into krfb03:28
Fritzelthank you03:28
heinkel_111corporeal: try #blender03:29
Fritzelcorporeal: before I go to far with this, is it vnc compatible? I am trying to use my ipod as a remote for watching shows on abc.com without having to get up03:29
corporealFritzel: yes.03:29
corporealheinkel_111: already there03:29
Fritzelthanks ^^03:30
corporealno prob03:31
[Seawolf]Italy is the champions of the world on the football & *ubuntu is the champions of the distro GNU/Linux !03:40
rootlinuxusronly one of the above is true03:41
rootlinuxusrany good Diablo clones that you all know of....I've a serious craving...03:47
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axelHello! How to recover a wiki-entry which got lost while trying to save it?03:59
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* genii sips a coffee04:04
Ellementi installed kubuntu a few months back on my partitioned drive. how to delete this partition of that drive/04:12
spawn57in windows or linux?04:15
axelHello! Does anybody know how to access the Konqueror-cashe?04:16
ccvpcan 7.10 give me full 5.1 support (sound), i have an audigy 2 in the box im putting 7.10 on.04:22
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stoner_the_firstI am a new Kubuntu User04:40
stoner_the_firstHow long have ppl used kubuntu?04:43
stoner_the_firstanyone here?04:50
PeterFAstoner_the_first, no.04:50
PeterFAGood luck tomorrow.04:51
stoner_the_firstThe installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk:04:51
stoner_the_first[Errno 5] Input/output error04:51
stoner_the_firstThis particular error is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or drive, or a faulty hard disk. It may help to clean the CD/DVD, to burn the CD/DVD at a lower speed, to clean the CD/DVD drive lens (cleaning kits are often available from electronics suppliers), to check whether the hard disk is old and in need of replacement, or to move the system to a cooler environment.04:51
stoner_the_firstHOW DO I FIX THIS04:51
ccvpexactly what it says04:53
ccvptrial/error on what it listed04:53
ccvpreburn the iso with imgburn via www.imgburn.com04:53
ccvpat a slower speed04:53
stoner_the_firstI ordered it off the website04:54
stoner_the_firstmy drive is clean04:54
stoner_the_firstHD is new04:54
stoner_the_firstand the comp is at running temp04:54
ccvpyou ordered an ubuntu cd?04:55
ccvpits free, u can d/l iso, and burn bootable disc via iso04:56
ccvpask in #ubuntu, they prolly help more then me04:56
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jacques_how many times did you try to install it04:59
clevertonhello jacques04:59
oleanderI had kubuntu on a parttioned drive (not partioned with windows tho, windows was on another drive) and today i deleted the kubuntu partion and formatted it in windows then i went to reboot my pc and now i can boot, it says GRUB loading error 1.505:15
oleanderand now i cant boot05:16
oleanderiive spent hours today trying to figure it out. if anyone can help me id be so grateful05:18
DarkriftXyou need to get grub off of it and use the windows bootloader05:22
DarkriftXid think deleting all partitions and letting windows do all the partitioning during windows setup would fix that05:23
DarkriftXif not, i think there is an option in the system restore to re-add the windows bootloader05:23
oleanderDarkriftX: i can boot into windows05:24
Dr_willisoleander,  what os?05:24
DarkriftXthen whats the problem05:24
Dr_willisxp = boot xp cd, use rescue mode, command is 'fdisk /mbr'05:24
Dr_willisVista has some other commands..05:24
Dr_willisOr was that fdisk /mbr for win95?05:25
DarkriftXprob xp also05:25
DarkriftXfdisk hasnt changed since dos 2.505:25
Dr_willisfdisk /mbr,   fixmbr, fixboot, then vista had some OTHER stuff...05:25
Dr_willisI dont think fdisk was in xp.05:25
Dr_willisNice of MS to remove a age-old-standard tool. :)05:25
DarkriftXof course05:26
oleandercan i get grub off it using live cd?05:26
DarkriftXnice of me to remove MS :)05:26
Dr_willisdeleteing the partitions does not replace the mbr. :)05:26
DarkriftXno, but deleting them makes windows do more when it comes to partitioning05:26
Dr_willisoleander,  a linux live cd?  Depends on the windows OS youare wanting to use.05:26
Dr_willisfind a XP cd, pop it in, use its rescue mode/recovery thing to get to a terminal, use fixmbr i thinkis proberly the easiest way05:27
oleanderi wont wipe my xp drive doing this will i?05:27
Dr_willisit will write a NEW mbr to the hard disk. thats it.05:27
DarkriftXjust your mbr05:27
DarkriftXmbr = master boot record05:27
oleanderok ill try that now05:27
Dr_willisThis has to be documented in 100000s of places. :)05:28
Dr_willisif ya know what to search for05:28
DarkriftXDr_willis, feel up for doing me a favor?05:28
Dr_willisDepends.. :) and no i aint got no $$05:28
DarkriftXits part of an assignment, and the winner gets $30 (and a passing "grade")05:30
oleanderDr_willis: i boot from xp disc, how do i get the rescue mode/recovery thing to get to a terminal05:30
Dr_willisoleander,  notice that url i posted above?05:31
DarkriftXi think hitting f8 during boot05:31
oleanderah thanks05:31
kkathmandoes anyone know how to get the repositories for compiz to download into kubuntu?  I installed subversion but when I click on the downloads they dont do anything.05:31
Dr_willisthey mention hitting R. :) but i dont recall ever doing that.05:31
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion05:34
Dr_williskkathman,  that url tells ya exactly what commands to use.. :) or at least it did.. because i edited the wiki page to incude them05:34
Jucato(also gives a clue where to ask questions to get better answers :)05:34
Dr_williskkathman,  run the emerald theme manager from a terminal, to see it spit out any error messages also.05:35
kkathmanDr_willis:  well, it does say how to install it, but not what to do with the  downloading of emerald themes05:35
DarkriftXyou have to get emerald-themes from the website05:35
DarkriftXits a deb package, install it with dpkg -i filename.deb05:35
kkathmanaw that really is too bad, other distros make it so much easier :(05:35
oleanderDr_willis: it worked thanks thanks soo much05:36
kkathmanDarkriftX:  I assume you mean the compiz-themes site?05:36
DarkriftXi actually searched google and found it05:36
kkathmanDarkriftX:  could you please share that site?05:37
DarkriftXi think i searched "emerald-theme deb" or add an s to theme, not sure05:37
DarkriftXits on a debian mirror05:37
kkathmanWell its interesting that kubuntu installs a page that says "click here to get more themes" and neither button works :)05:37
kkathmanbut I'll check the web for debs05:38
Dr_williskkathman,  the emerald themes get downloaded to the users home dir last i checked. I havent used the thing much.05:38
Dr_willisI had to run/install some cvs commands to get them to work i recall05:38
Dr_willissudo apt-get install subversion05:39
Dr_willissvn ls https://svn.generation.no/emerald-themes05:39
kkathmanDr_willis:  yes I remember - I think in Edgy or maybe Feisty it did that too05:39
Dr_willisYou can then use the "Fetch GPL'd themes" button of The "emerald-theme-manager" tool.05:39
kkathmanyeah I installed subversion, as I said before05:39
Dr_willisI dont think the other button had ever worked.05:39
Dr_willisIt worked for me under gutsy  just a few weeks ago05:39
kkathmanI think you were right05:39
Dr_willisIm not on gutsy any more. so cant verify. it might be their servers are down05:39
kkathmanbut I did install subversion and neither button works :(05:39
Dr_willisrun the emerald tool from a terminal, look for error messages05:40
Dr_willisthats about all ya can do.05:40
kkathmanit says that you must run the subversion command from a shell, and accept a certificate....but the certificate expired05:40
Dr_willislol. :)05:40
Dr_willissvn ls https://svn.generation.no/emerald-themes05:41
Dr_willisworked here.. i hit 'p' to accept it permenetly05:41
DarkriftXkkathman, im finding it05:41
DarkriftXoh, you found it05:41
Dr_willisWell the emerald-theme manager tool for Hardy - dosent even have those download buttons any more05:43
Dr_willisI got a big 1 theme. :)05:43
Angry_BaconI'm trying to get nVidia 164.21 drivers working with a 8800gt. but anything i do gives me signal loss as soon as i startx05:44
kkathmanyah thats the bad one05:44
kkathmansvn: PROPFIND request failed on '/emerald-themes'05:44
kkathmansvn: PROPFIND of '/emerald-themes': Server certificate verification failed: certificate has expired, certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted (https://svn.generation.no)05:44
kkathmanits a vicious circle :)05:45
mbnoimiis there any picture for help spread the word about kubuntu05:45
Dr_williskkathman,  looks to me like the guys behind dmerald decided to stop hosting the themes..05:45
maduserthere're t-shirts05:46
Angry_Baconanyone know where else would be good to ask about my driver issues?(besides #ubuntu)05:46
kkathmanI swear they used to work in feisty05:46
mbnoimilike this link: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.ubuntu.com/files/countdown/display.js"></script>05:46
Dr_williskkathman, but svn ls https://svn.generation.no/emerald-themes   DID work here for me.05:46
Dr_williskkathman,  and it does seem to download some files.05:46
Dr_willisi selected 'p' to permently accept. and then it printed out a lot of theme names. tako.emerald and so forth.05:47
mbnoimiI like kubuntu more than ubuntu so I want to put a link about commning new version in my blog05:47
Dr_willisBut (and i am under hardy) those themes are not showing up in the emerald theme manager05:47
kkathmanDr_willis:  ok I did it again, but this time I chose (p) for permanent (instead of a or hitting return)  yes... got some files :)05:48
mbnoimiI found this link for spreading ubuntu http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/hardy/beta but I couldn't find one for kubuntu05:48
kkathmannow I dunno where it put them :)05:48
JucatoI don't think there is one for Kubuntu05:49
Angry_Baconthere is05:49
Angry_Bacon1 sec05:49
mbnoimiJucato: are you sure?05:49
Jucatonope. not sure :)05:49
mbnoimiAngry_Bacon: I'm waiting05:50
kkathmanyeesh - here themy themy themy -whistles05:50
Dr_willisI rember why i stopped using emerald05:50
Dr_willisand compiz.. :) hehheh05:51
JucatoAngry_Bacon: um.. I think he was looking for something like the Ubuntu Countdown counter05:51
mbnoimiAngry_Bacon: the link you've put not like this link http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown05:52
mbnoimiJucato: exactly05:52
Angry_Baconyou could download the .js and edit it05:52
mbnoimiAngry_Bacon: I'm not artist !05:53
Angry_Baconjust steal something from the kubuntu website05:53
mbnoimiAngry_Bacon: :-D05:53
Angry_Baconthat and a gradient05:53
Angry_Bacongradients are the bread and butter of computer art05:54
kkathmanaha!! eureka :)05:54
mbnoimiAngry_Bacon: could you steel soething for me, and give me a link05:54
Angry_Bacontheres probably something on your hd if you dig around05:55
Angry_Baconlook like in /usr/share05:55
mbnoimiAngry_Bacon: I want something already found05:55
mbnoimiAngry_Bacon: something has nice design like http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown05:56
* Angry_Bacon feels as though he should get some quid quo pro...05:56
mbnoimiare you there?05:58
Angry_Baconknock yourself out05:59
=== Angry_Bacon is now known as AngryBacon
mbnoimiAngryBacon: thanks, but it didn't good choice06:01
arunkaleHello, everyone. Is there any way to copy one file (text file) into all the subdirectories of a particular directory using the command line?06:14
AngryBaconcp -d -r06:14
AngryBacono wait, misread06:14
AngryBaconls -R (directory) | cp file06:15
AngryBaconDoes any1 know how to get an 8800gt working?06:19
arunkaleAngryBacon: so say i want to copy a file readme.txt into all the subdirectories of a directory called abc..06:19
arunkaleis this the right command: ls -R abc | cp readme.txt06:20
AngryBaconyes, i don't know if it will work but maybe, lemme check something first06:20
AngryBaconthat didn't work06:22
AngryBacondo you know any sort of scripting?06:23
AngryBaconi'll see if i can whip up a python script06:23
hydrogenarunkale: for i in `find dir -type d`; do cp readme.txt $i; done;06:24
hydrogendir being the top level directory you want to copy the file into06:24
hydrogenshould work06:24
* AngryBacon should probably learn bash scriping06:24
arunkalehydrogen: i should enter that at the prompt?06:24
arunkalehydrogen: awesome, will try that. thanks!!06:26
Dr_willisthat so sounds like a homework problem...06:27
maduserapt-get moo06:27
Dr_willisapt-get install cowsay moo fortune06:27
Dr_willisfortune | cowsay06:27
maduserjust type in the terminal apt-get moo06:28
=== bonerz is now known as jerknextdoor
rabindrai need some help about my refresh rate it's just 50 hz this is the third time i am asking06:36
AngryBaconcheck on your monitors OSD to make sure thats what it really is, sometimes the options screen lies06:37
Dr_willisYou are on a crt or lcd monitor? what video card.. have you installed the drivers for that card?06:37
maduserIf no one is ansering it means no one knows the ansewer06:38
Dr_willisi dont ecen know how you check the refresh rate any more. I got all lcd's06:38
rabindraDr_willis: it's a CRT monitor06:39
Dr_willisI guess ya could use that modeline generator web site - if all else fails.06:40
rabindraDr_willis: I have nvidia graphics card and as soon as i installed kubuntu i also enabled the restricted drivers since then it's 50 no more no less06:40
Dr_willisIt may be the monitor settings are some how saying it cant do more. when in fact it can.06:41
Dr_willisthe nvidia drivers some how query the monitor to get the modes it can hanel06:41
AngryBaconyou can speify in xorg.con06:41
Dr_willisi used   http://xtiming.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/xtiming.pl   ages ago when i had a CRT06:41
westysudo apt-get kde4-core doesnt work what can i use to replace i06:42
ubotuKDE 4.0.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0.3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.3.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-4.0.3.php - Support in #kubuntu-kde406:42
maduserthe channel must be swamped with people with problems06:42
maduseror not06:43
Dr_willisIt is 2am in the USA :) so not a lot of people on06:43
maduserwhere are you?06:43
coreymon771:43 eastern willis06:43
madusersame here06:43
Dr_willisYep. :)06:44
jerknextdoor12:44 central, holla.  haha06:44
Dr_willisi just had lunch.. at 2 am.06:44
Daisuke-IdoDr_willis, 3rd shifter?06:49
Dr_willisso i get the weekend off..and end up staying up all night watching anime06:50
Dr_willisand chatting on IRC06:50
Dr_williswife is gone for the weekend.. so i am living large!06:50
hhMish_What is difference between debootstrap and cdebootstrap ?06:50
maduserwhat anime?06:51
maduserdeath note?06:51
westyhey dr. willis that help page didnt show me anything diff that i have done... still have the same problemE: Couldn't find package kde4-core06:51
westyand no one in that chat room is alive06:52
Daisuke-Idosorry, it just peeves me that "anime" and "death note" have become synonymous...  it wasn't that great06:52
maduserdid you add the right repository to your sources?06:52
Jucato(it's also offtopic)06:52
maduserits popular and curently on adultswim06:52
westyadd deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu gutsy main to your /etc/apt/sources.lis06:53
maduserat this junture06:53
westyi put that in there06:53
Dr_willisive only seen 5 min of 'deathnote' and dident care for it. :) but thats it.. heh..   i dont have tv any more. :)06:53
Daisuke-Idopastebin your sources.list, can you?06:54
maduserhave you seen NGE?06:54
Dr_williswesty,  you did an apt-cache search kde4 ? there should be dozens of packages?06:54
Daisuke-IdoDr_willis, i'm going to guess fansubs?06:54
Dr_willisDaisuke-Ido,  to some degree. :)06:54
Daisuke-Idomaduser, now that's classic :)06:54
westyyup lots of kde4 packs...06:54
westydont know how to use pastbin06:54
westyim coming from gentoo and barely used kubuntu06:55
westyits a bid change06:55
Dr_willisapt-get install pastebinit06:55
Dr_williscat file | pastebinit06:55
Dr_willisI imagine you want to isntall more then kde4-core06:55
fudus3for some reason sound doesn't i have a ALC883 sound thing06:55
westyi have the full install06:56
fudus3oh mixer solved that06:56
=== Daisuke-Ido is now known as Daisuke_Ido
westyline 2206:57
fudus3how do i install compositing in 7.10?06:59
westyi got it07:03
fudus3or how to set clock to 12hour07:07
Dr_willisright click on the clock. set the time/date settings..07:08
Dr_willisNow to make it actually start showing.. either logout, or thers some other command to restart the clock07:09
Dr_willisas for the KDE4 clock.. NO idea there. :)07:09
fudus3kubuntu faq page in topic redirects to ubuntu :/07:09
madusermost of the fixes for ubuntu work for kubutnu07:12
jerknextdoorthat kde4 clock makes me so angry.  if you find out let me know, fudus3.  haha07:15
maduserkde4 is not ready for kubuntu07:17
ubotuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages07:17
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
fudus3how do i install compiz without inserting gtk?07:18
fudus3i really don't want to install gnome libraries :P07:19
maduserwhy not?07:20
Makuseruhi, i seem to be having a problem with Amarok, all of a sudden it wont get album covers, i right click and tell it "fetch cover from amazon" but it just never does it. anyone know how to fix this proble,?07:21
fudus3if i did i'd use gnome :/07:21
=== cheese is now known as cheese_
MaliqueHey guys, made some progress with my laptop, but is anyone able to help me work out how to properly replace ALSA with OSS?07:23
MaliqueI haven't found much in the way of good HOWTO's07:23
jerknextdooramarok says that amazon changed something so they cant fetch right now.07:23
jerknextdoorask #amarok for further guidence07:23
kkathmanis it possible to change the icons for a panel applet like the K-menu or other applets?07:26
kkathmanMalique:  dont change to OSS07:28
kkathmanits deprecated07:28
MaliqueALSA doesn't work with my sound card, that's why I need to use OSS07:28
kkathmanyou should be able to make it work - its more open than OSS07:29
kkathmanand like I said - OSS is going away07:29
Maliquekkathman: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/21086507:30
kkathmangood its a bug that will be fixed :)07:30
MaliqueIt's a bug report I made, so far it seems to have very little attention07:31
patoe1_iz backs07:31
=== apharp is now known as apharp_
=== apharp_ is now known as apharp
fudus3(whines about having to install gnome libs to use compiz)07:31
MaliqueIn the meantime, ALSA needs to go, because I don't like my chances of it getting fixed07:32
MaliqueAt least, not soon07:32
kkathmanMalique:  is this a desktop or laptop07:32
MaliqueI seem to be the only person with this problem for my card07:32
patoe1_whats the problem?07:32
=== patoe1_ is now known as patoe1
fudus3i don't want to install it07:32
Maliquekkathman: Laptop, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/MedionMD9642007:32
Malique(I can't program, but I try to contribute how I can :))07:32
fudus3but it seems that i have to to install compiz07:33
kkathmanahh too bad07:33
kkathmanyeah thats a bit of a odd card alright - not good support ever07:33
patoe1i love compiz07:33
kkathmanyou are between a rock and a hard place - OSS might work, but its going away, and ALSA doesnt work yet :)07:34
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion07:34
Maliquekkathman: What about this pulseaudio thing? Can I use that with an OSS backend or something?07:34
kkathmanMalique:  perhaps - Im not familiar with that07:35
MaliqueWhat would be great is if I could get it to sit between ALSA programs like KMix etc. and translate them down to the OSS drivers07:35
MaliqueBut unfortunately, I can't find any walkthrus or HOWTOs to do anything with it, it doesn't work on my system07:36
kkathmanyah, yer kinda stuck there with that card07:36
MaliqueI made a bug report here too: https://bugtrack.alsa-project.org/alsa-bug/view.php?id=388607:38
patoe1chase is bored, is anyone set up like me, i have kubuntu installed with the xubuntu overlay (xfce)07:38
kkathmanpatoe1: nope I dont use xubuntu at all - dont care for xfce personally07:40
patoe1kkathman : serious? i love xfce!07:41
kkathmanthats what's great about linux - user's choice07:41
patoe1lol yea07:41
patoe1i have compiz and my linux is stacked07:41
kkathmanI have compiz also07:42
patoe1i have the destop cube, wobly windows its stacked, my freind wants me to install linux on this computer :p07:43
MaliqueAm I the only Linux user left who DOESN'T use compiz or beryl or any of those?!? LOL07:43
patoe1Malique : proboly07:43
kkathmanpatoe1:  thats kewl you should07:43
kkathmanMalique:  no, there are lots of people that dont want to bother with the compiz stuff, so dont feel bad :)07:44
patoe1yea i would but its kinda hard to find some linux programs07:44
DarkestHourMalique: i used to, then i went to kde4 and just used the default desktop effects it has. It seems to do just the right amount.07:44
jerknextdoormalique, i dont use any of them.  but that's just because i havent tried to set i up yet07:44
patoe1jerknextdoor: !compiz07:44
kkathmanpatoe1: like what kinds of linux programs are you looking for - hard to believe you cant find something07:44
patoe1well i can find lost but there all .rmp or whatever and its hard to find .dem files or w/e i need07:46
kkathmanyou mean games then?07:46
MaliqueFair enough, yer I've just never really been bothered with compiz or any of that07:48
kkathmanMalique: compiz is nice for visual effect, but I'd say its really does nothing for productivity really.07:49
kkathmanso alot of people dont bother07:49
=== sven_oostenbrink is now known as phoenixz
ubuntuwow i just tried this live cd i burnt.i haven't tried linux in over a decade and man is it a lot less of a pain in the ass07:55
=== ubuntu is now known as SetiAmon
SetiAmonone thing i don't hear is any audio07:56
SetiAmonNo pnp Audio?07:57
=== dyve is now known as Divilinux
MaliqueOK, is there a way to force ALSA to prefer one device on a sound card to another?08:00
jerknextdoorSeti: did you boot directly into the disk or are you using something like parallels or virtualbox?08:01
SetiAmondirectly.just booted to the disk08:01
SetiAmonI mean i booted up the cd08:01
jerknextdoorthat's what i meant.08:01
SetiAmoni was just wondering what i had to do to get sound working?i was surprised my wifi was picked up right away,thats pretty awesome08:02
jerknextdooryeah...usually it's the sound and not the wifi with me atleast.  haha.  never had a problem with sound not working.  sorry.08:02
DarkriftXyeah, very odd that wifi worked but not sound08:03
DarkriftXprobably a driver issue08:03
SetiAmonHmm its a x-fi08:03
SetiAmonhmm weird if i actually installed it i assume i would run into the same audio problem08:04
SetiAmonanyone know the url of a speed test that doesn't use java08:04
DarkestHourthat one uses flash08:05
DarkestHourSetiAmon: which x-fi card is it that you have?08:07
SetiAmonI meant one that Does NOT use java.08:07
SetiAmonxtreme music08:07
jerknextdoorspeakeasy uses flash, not java.08:08
DarkestHouri'm checking some thigns for you about this, give me a sec.08:08
DarkestHouroi, it used to be flash, lol.08:08
SetiAmonerr sorry08:08
SetiAmoni meant08:08
SetiAmonnot java08:08
SetiAmonnot flash08:08
SetiAmonsorry i'm tired08:08
jerknextdoorit's all good08:08
SetiAmonits ok i just tried downlading a file.pretty goog speeds 80 kbps drops down to about 60 and then goes back up.seems more stable then on vista08:11
DarkestHourSetiAmon: most of the problems with vista is that it tends to throttle network connections when it plays any sound. It's wierd.08:11
SetiAmonsince i switched to this wireless broadband its been pretty weird.it goes down real fast then climbs back up and then drops down again.i think it might be my 2.4 ghz wireless phones.I switched to G only before it was G and B mixed.i heard that might help but it seems to be not much different08:12
DarkestHourSetiAmon: as for you x-fi creative as per usual doesnt have proper drivers, they only provide a 64-bit BETA driver from what i can see there.08:12
SetiAmondig.Do they have that open sound program08:12
DarkestHourhere's the link for the Creative open source page, http://opensource.creative.com/soundcard.html#X-FI08:13
SetiAmoncool at least they have something08:15
DarkestHouri have a client that runs an x-fi on a vista box, i had to install the hacked drivers for the thing to even work right, so i expect creative doesnt even think about their drivers much,08:17
SetiAmonI should say its all a lot simpler from what i remmeber.when i ran linux i never touched X because i didn't want to go threw the hasle.i just stayed in console08:17
DarkestHouri know whatyou mean. i've switched on and off from linux until about 1 year ago.08:17
SetiAmonWell i'm going to hit the hay for awhile08:19
maduserwhos seen the show balls of steel08:21
DrNobotoso um, somehow the entire contents of /usr got erased08:29
DrNobotoi'm kinda screwed now08:30
DrNobotoi upgraded to 8.04 a little while ago and everything actually worked better than before08:30
DrNobotountil i realized i was booting the old kernel every time08:30
DrNobotoi tried booting the new kernel and it dumped me to a text login08:31
DrNobotoafter a million "command not founds"08:31
progmano1how can i install widgets in KDE 4.0.3?08:32
DrNobotoi dunno08:32
DrNobotoi'm still using 308:32
DrNoboto4 looked too "bubbly"08:32
Jucatoprogmano1: #kubuntu-kde4 please08:33
progmano1KDE 4.0.3 is okay.  I'm just testing it08:33
DrNobotothough for some reason my rc scripts are looking for kdm-kde4 now08:34
DrNobotowhich of course doesn't exist since /usr is empty08:34
progmano1why is your "/usr" empty?08:34
DrNobotobeats me08:35
DrNobotoi upgraded to 8.04 a little while ago08:35
DrNobotoand just realized i'd still been booting the old kernel08:35
DrNobotoso i tried booting the new one and it dumped me to a text login after a screen full of "command not founds"08:35
progmano1so basically, you are running a bare shell on your Kubuntu computer?08:35
DrNobotono, i was running a full desktop install08:36
DrNoboto./usr just disappeared08:36
DrNobotosounds crazy i know08:36
progmano1i'm confused08:36
DrNobotome too08:36
progmano1is that in your home directory?08:37
DrNobotoit's /usr08:37
DrNobotomy home directory is untouched08:37
DrNobotoso apparently is the rest of my system08:37
progmano1what's the output of whereis kdm08:38
DrNobotoi'd have to reboot to tell you08:38
DrNobotoshall i?08:38
progmano1if you want to08:39
DrNoboto"command not found"08:44
DrNobotohow ironig08:44
progmano1try whereis kwin08:46
DrNobotowhereis is the command that wasn't found08:46
progmano1that's strange08:46
DrNobotoi guess it was in /usr/bin08:47
smurfsloverDrNoboto: my gutsy broke the same way a couple of days ago08:47
smurfsloverdon't know why08:47
DrNobotothat's so bizarre08:47
smurfsloverthe latest update i got was kde 4.0.308:47
progmano1where is your kwin located?08:47
smurfsloverafterwards even apt-get gave me a command not found08:47
DrNobotouh oh08:47
smurfsloverwhile i could still whereis it08:47
DrNobotothat's no good08:48
DrNobotowhat'd you do?08:48
DrNobotorip it down and reinstall?08:48
smurfsloverluckily it's not my main os08:48
smurfsloveri use pclinuxos as main08:48
smurfsloveri installed kubuntu only for kde 408:48
DrNobotoit's almost like whichever partition i have mapped to /usr isn't being mounted08:49
MaliqueCan someone please help me find a way to PUNISH alsa for being so horrible?08:49
progmano1that is really strange08:49
ubotuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>08:49
=== eagles05 is now known as eagles0513875
eagles0513875anyone alive in here08:50
MaliqueI think ALSA is trying to use the wrong device on my sound card, is there a way to find out, and is there a way to change it?08:51
steve__how do i login in as root in the terminal08:51
progmano1DrNoboto, I'd say reinstall08:51
eagles0513875steve__: su then the password08:51
eagles0513875im having more problems then i think suse on this laptop is worth to be honest08:52
Jucatosteve__: sudo -i08:52
eagles0513875sry im thinking suse08:52
DrNobotoprogmano1: only as a last resort08:52
steve__its cool08:52
ubotuWe don't support a root password so don't suggest one unless you are going to be here 24/7 to help someone who has problems as a result of having one, many thanks ;-)08:53
smurfsloversudo su to become root08:53
DrNobotoproblems as a result of having a root password?08:53
DrNobotoi have more problems without one08:53
smurfsloveror sudo passwd root if you want to use su08:53
progmano1DrNoboto: do you have apt-get?08:53
Jucatosmurfslover: read above :)08:53
eagles0513875Jucato: can u help me out i got this laptop back in december and with the regulary gutsy install hangs on formatting my partitions and on the alternate it installs just fine but it hangs on loading hardware devices does taht mean my hardware is just 2 new and 2ndly will the latest kernel fix these problems08:54
DrNobotoprogmano1, i hope so08:54
smurfsloveri can't live without a real root08:54
DrNobotoi'm downloading the 8.04 cd now08:54
eagles0513875smurfslover: yes u can08:54
DrNobotoeagles0513875: balderdash08:54
progmano1if so just run "sudo apt-get reinstall kubuntu-desktop"08:54
Jucatosmurfslover: sure. but maybe others can. or if you can live and support others as long as you live, be our guest :)08:54
eagles0513875DrNoboto: what08:55
DrNobotoprogmano1, hopefully i still have the packages.  if not i'm downloading the cd now08:55
DrNobotoeagles0513875, that someone can live without a real root : 008:55
eagles0513875DrNoboto: i can08:55
Jucatoeagles0513875: might be a bad burn?08:55
MaliqueAnyone who's not busy and/or sleeping?08:56
eagles0513875they work just fine no problems when the cd's verified08:56
DrNobotoprogmano1, and no sudo for me, since i have a real root : )08:56
eagles0513875then with gutsy my other problem is i have a nasty pnp bios bug08:56
eagles0513875open suse is more of a headache then kubuntu08:57
eagles0513875u kubuntu users have it really easy since gutsy came out with the restricted drivers manager08:57
eagles0513875in all honesty i miss kubuntu08:58
eagles0513875Jucato: is there a way prior to booting i can go into a cli and run a dist-upgrade and maybe taht way i might get it working08:59
eagles0513875hold that thought need to restart my laptop to see if i have direct rendering09:00
DrNobotoapt-get: command not found09:03
DrNobotoi'm kinda without a paddle now aren't i?09:03
DrNobotohow do i install apt without apt?09:03
smurfsloverDrNoboto: i had the same thing09:05
smurfsloveraptitude doesn't work also09:05
smurfslovernothing does09:05
DrNobotohow in the heck does that happen?09:06
ubuntuis this the right channel for asking for help ?09:07
DrNobotoi was going to ask you for help09:07
DrNobotowith that name, i thought you'd be an expert09:07
travkinubuntu: if you are using Kubuntu, yes09:07
travkinif Ubuntu - visit #ubuntu09:08
ubuntuyeah, it's kubuntu, but it's a GRUB related problem09:08
ubuntui'm having the GRUB 17 error on boot, but i've looked in the forums and i'm still having problems to fix this :/09:09
travkingrub error 17?09:09
travkinw8, i'm reboot09:10
DrNobotoi'm gonna go see if /usr is mounted09:11
DrNobotoi should check mtab for that right?09:12
steve__anyone failiar with john the ripper09:13
reindeer Good morning all. I have two issues w/ peripherals and playlist-to-podcast conversions.09:14
progmano1ok, start w/ the peripherals issue09:15
reindeerI'd likme to deal with reversing permissions on my Western Digital USB external 320 Gig.09:15
progmano1what are you trying to change?09:16
progmano1use chmod09:16
reindeerI'm attemting to reverse the write permissions on the drive itself.09:16
progmano1in unix, everything is a file and you can change the permissions of the files.09:18
reindeerI'm haviing a whale of a time divin' into xterm as root to change these write permissions so I am able to swap files as a normal user.09:18
progmano1open a terminal and use sudo chmod09:19
reindeerHow am I able to perform the function without damaging my proper root permissions allowed on the kernel?09:19
reindeerWill do.09:19
progmano1what files are you trying to change the permissions of?09:20
reindeerAll of my music/ vid files stored on my external.09:22
JoshOvkireindeer: so you just need people to have full access to an external drive?09:22
reindeerOnly within my local network via Samba. I was able to write into these files a few weeks ago until I had to reboot my box. Since then, I couldn't write to my drive.09:24
progmano1ah, you could run sudo chown -R user directory  (-R is recursive and will change the ownership of all files within a directory)09:24
reindeerLete me give that a shot. I'll brb.09:24
steve__anyone failiar with john the ripper09:28
reindeerThe command is not workin' out. Either I have too many arguments listed or something is seriously locking me out of my own drive.09:28
DrNobotomount -L /usr09:28
DrNobotooperation not permitted09:28
DrNobotoso /usr isn't being mounted09:28
reindeerk. brb.09:28
DrNobotowhy could that happen?09:29
crazy_busI need to split a file into multiple parts to transfer it on a usb stick.  I looked in ark but I can't find any option to do it.  Can anyone show me how to do it?09:30
reindeerI've asked myself the same question three weeks ago when I could no longer write/ swap files into the drive. THat's when I discovered the 501/ dialout for both user/ root. I realized, then, I was screwed after my reboot.09:30
progmano1DrNoboto: what is the file name of the device (e.g. /dev/hda1)?09:31
DrNobotoit's /dev/hda809:31
progmano1what filesystem does the partition have?09:31
DrNobotoprobably rfs09:32
=== PhilRod_ is now known as PhilRod
reindeerI'll poke into the /dev file and scope it out.09:33
progmano1do you mean reiserfs?09:33
progmano1rfs is remote file system09:33
DrNobotodefinitely not that09:34
DrNobotoi meant reiser09:34
progmano1post the contents of cat /etc/fstab09:34
DrNobotothat's not really possible09:35
progmano1why not?09:36
DrNobotounless i can find a usb stick around here09:36
DrNobotoi'm gonna try and mount it again, and check /var/log/messages09:37
DrNobotoi'll try to remember the fstab line09:37
thomiDoes anyone know if I can get kubuntu packages for the Trolltech Qt 4.4 release candidate?09:38
progmano1try mount -t reiserfs -o rw /dev/hda8 /usr09:38
reindeerThe name of the external I'm working with is hfsplus.09:41
reindeerI ran the mount -L /usr command and the internal USB driver just bailed the drive.09:42
reindeerAny recommendations?09:43
progmano1reindeer: that message was something DrNoboto tried on his pc.  it wasn't a suggestion to you09:44
reindeerMan, I got overzealous on the fix. My bad.09:45
progmano1reindeer: do you need to be able to read and write to the drive or only read the files?09:48
reindeerread and write the entire drive.09:51
yao_ziyua1is there any easy way to clean up obsolete config files?09:55
yao_ziyua1those .* in my user directory09:55
reindeerI've executed the sudo chmod -R ( directory ) to recursively unlock all files and redefine file permissions within the drive without success.09:55
reindeerI receive an " invalid mode " message in the xterm.09:56
progmano1reindeer: try chmod -R u+rw directory (if you need other users to be able to access the files then use chmod -R ugo+rw directory)09:57
reindeerOk. I'll give 'em a shot in the term and get back to you shortly.09:58
MaliqueIs there any feasible alternative to ALSA? If so, can someone please direct me to a HOWTO or something to help me replace ALSA?10:00
CheGuevarawhats wrong with alsa10:01
MaliqueNo matter what I do with it, it won't run on my card10:01
Maliquehttps://bugtrack.alsa-project.org/alsa-bug/view.php?id=3886 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/210865 are my bug reports with info about what's going on10:02
MaliqueBut I seem to be the only one with this particular problem10:02
MaliqueAnd for that reason, I doubt there's gonna be a fix anytime soon, so I need to switch to something else10:04
MaliqueI know OSS works with my card, but I can't seem to get it set up right, and there's no up-to-date HOWTO's on getting it to run on Kubuntu10:04
MaliqueAny ideas?10:06
|Dreams|anyone know what the best way to protect my privacy when on the internet?10:06
MaliqueSo how and with what can I replace ALSA?10:10
progmano1|Dreams| visit grc.com and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security10:11
Adapter48ahh da isser10:11
|Dreams|how do i check how much disk space i have left?10:12
Adapter48df -h10:13
Malique*sigh* fine, I'll make a post in the forums, everyone's asleep here10:14
|Dreams|i read somewhere10:14
|Dreams|TOR allows peope to read ur data as it cannot exncrpyt the data between the destination and last place10:15
reindeerThe commands are unable to access the drive files( no such file or directory ) each time I execute the commands provided.10:15
reindeerOh, how I do not like WD:(10:17
reindeerAllow for me to reboot my box to see if I can, at the very least, be able to read my drive.10:18
twosouls82 /var/log/apparmor is empty on my my machines, is this normal?10:32
CreationistCould someone please suggest a good CD ripper?  I'm currently using Sound Juicer, but it only reads at a max of 4.5x....10:32
Dr_willisi tend to use 'grip'10:33
Dr_willisof course mose of these tools are just front ends to the console tools10:33
=== xxxx is now known as gukk_devel
reindeerI'll be confounded if a simple reboot was all the drive needed to solve one of my issues. However, I'm now back to needing to restore my rw permissions as a user, not as root.10:38
yao_ziyuanin Kate10:38
yao_ziyuani no longer can type new chars in10:38
yao_ziyuanwhat can be the cause?10:38
yao_ziyuanit's not in Read Only mode10:38
CreationistDr_willis: I'm not opposed to using the terminal if I absolutely have to.  I like the interface for Sound Juicer, but have no idea why it won't read it faster...10:39
reindeerWhat parent command and their oiption( s ) would I need to execute to retore the user/ group permissions to read and wrote to my external drive?10:40
CreationistI mean, 20 minutes to rip one CD is a bit much.10:40
reindeer5-7 minute rips are average, depending upon the drive you're using.10:42
Creationistreindeer: Right.. that's what i was expecting... but I can't find a ripper to rip at more than 4.5x.10:42
Creationistreindeer: I have a fairly new CD drive too.10:42
reindeerIDE or external?10:44
algyzWhere is trash info, when I'm trying to empty it, it tels, that one file doesn't exist?10:44
algyzThe file or folder /home/algimantas/.local/share/Trash/files/VTS_04_3.VOB does not exist.10:45
Creationistreindeer: It's an IDE DVD burner10:45
reindeerWhat's your read/ write speed for CD's in the drive?10:46
Creationistreindeer: Hmm... the actual CD's themselves, I'm not sure.... they're commercial audio albums.  But I'm pretty sure the drive reads at 52x10:47
llutzread/write speed has nothing to do with the cdda-extraction-ability.10:47
steve__anyone failiar with john the ripper10:47
steve__anyone familiar with john the ripper10:48
reindeer52x read is pretty nice. I'm only able to pull 48, although I purposely rip at a lower speed for a more thorough rip of the files( 40 or 44 ).10:49
Creationistreindeer: I wouldn't rip at 52x, but I definitely want more than 4.5.  So any ideas?10:50
llutzCreationist: try konqueror "audio://"10:50
reindeerI will even go to my external USB/ Firewire DVD burner which will rip @ 52, though I dumb it down to 48 for the rip in k3b.10:51
Creationistreindeer: Wait, so K3b will rip too?10:51
Creationistheh, so it does.10:53
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
reindeerYou could go audio. K3B will automatically read your drive and will allow for you to rip 'em nicely. If you really wanna compress your files iinto .ogg( which I highly recommend ) after the rip, utilize SoundConverter for the job. the results are right on.10:55
reindeerThe GUI is simple to use and a bit spartan, but that's the beauty of open source.10:56
Creationistreindeer: Hmm... K3b seems to be ripping faster, but doesn't report an actual speed.  Does it not do .ogg correctly on it's own?10:57
reindeerHope these tips will work out for you, Creationist:)10:57
reindeerI jump into K3B, then into SoundKonverter for the ,ogg conversions.10:58
CreationistBut K3b rips directly TO ogg... why convert it separately?10:59
reindeerThis is true. You can trust K3B to choose the correct rip speed for your device.10:59
* Creationist is totally in love with K3b... always has been but now finds yet another reason to be. Gnome Baker my buttocks.11:00
reindeerI always allow for k3b to rip into MP3 first. You do have a point iin the name of common-sense and simplicity.11:02
reindeerCreationist, I appreciate you opening my eyes this eve. I'll give K3b another gander for more than just rippin' my files the usual mp3 way, then going externally into SoundKonverter.11:07
reindeerThank you kindly:)11:07
reindeerWhen you go into K3B, there should be a pulldown menu which will allow for you to choose your rip speed.11:08
KubuntuJackcan i use 4GB with 32 bit k/ubuntu ?11:09
reindeerThis relatively simple tweak prior to any k3B riup/ burn should do it.11:10
reindeerYou should be able to use a 4 GB DVD with 32-bit k/ubuntu.11:11
reindeerI generally use x/ubuntu 32-bit Mac 400 Mhz CPU without any latency issues re: 4 GB DVD, KubuntuJack.11:12
reindeerI'm still lookin' for a solution to a drive permission issue with my external.11:14
KubuntuJackreindeer: i'm not sure i understand your answer, let me rephrase.  Does 32bit ubuntu support 4GB RAM, or do I need 64bit ubuntu to fully access it ?11:15
reindeerI thought you meant a DVD, not physical RAM. I have 1 GB RAM in my Mac box running 32-bit x/ubuntu w/out a problem. If you're running 4GB RAM, you may want to look into the possibly installing Ubuntu Server for the memory support, although this could be considered an overkill for most users.11:19
reindeerI apologize for msiguiding/ misunderstanding your request, KubuntuJack.11:20
=== claudio_ is now known as claudio__
Infectohello :)11:20
claudio__chi mi sa dire dove trovo la lista dei server?11:20
Infectosome guy from #kde thell me that some one can help me :)11:20
reindeerTry installing the 32-bit generic Ubuntu first, then work your way up to Server.11:20
Infectomy kded crash when i touch 2 buttons11:21
KubuntuJackreindeer: no probs man!11:21
Infectothats backtrace11:21
reindeerGo small, then work your way up.11:21
reindeerKewl, bro.11:22
Dr_willisInfecto,  the crash buttons?11:22
InfectoDr_willis: its special hp pavilion buttons11:23
Infectoand quickplay i think11:23
Dr_willisSo you are saying the special 'multimedia' keys crash your machine.11:23
InfectoDr_willis: yes11:23
reindeerOnce you have Ubuntu 32-bit installed from the live disk, you have the choice to customize your environs any way you so choose( ie: Enlightenment, my personal fave, Gnome, and/or KDE ).11:24
* Dr_willis waits for the whole roomn to echo 'dont touch that button!' 11:24
InfectoDr_willis: its not a button button :) its tocyh button :) like touch :)11:24
reindeerHope this helps out, KubuntuJack.11:25
InfectoDr_willis: any idea how to debug it?11:25
Dr_willisnope. :()11:25
KubuntuJackreindeer: thanks11:29
reindeerYou're welcome. Have a restful eve. reindeer out.11:30
RytmenPinnenHi, I'm trying to compile wine from source and I'm getting error output wich led to the peeps at winehq telling me to go here and ask how I repair / setup my C compiler11:36
icewatermangrrml, my upgrade to hardy did kill a lot of my firefox addons because it uses firefox 3. beta. ill have to install firefox 211:50
franky_anybody know how to install adope flash player on kubuntu12:15
=== Krad is now known as khad
fabioOPa Bom dia!12:37
GrahamAHello, I'm looking for a program that solves dependancie issues, I beleive it was listed on Ubuntu forums but I can't remember the name. It could automaticly solve dependancies for programs by getting packages for libraries when running a program... worked for 32/64 bit apps... any ideas?12:41
GrahamAIt's cool... found it... it's called getlibs if anybody wants to know.12:41
GrahamAEpic program!12:41
ere4siI thought apt-get and synaptic did that12:41
GrahamAere4si: It's for librarys like libgtk-1.2.so.0 not packages12:44
ere4siGrahamA: k - thnx :)12:45
GrahamAere4si: np :)12:46
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kblinhi folks14:03
kblinI've got some issues connecting my kubuntu clients to an ldap server to manage user lookups, is there a good way to diagnose14:09
cannonhey guys, am running kubuntu through virtual box and need to know how I can transfer files from windows to kubuntu14:17
LjLcannon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox#head-7aa868356831569a64fb5b4454d8024ec05f46d614:21
cannoni'll give it a go14:23
KubuntuJackanyone how to update the jackd server ?14:28
Kennie`Hi, I'm trying to use knetworkmanager to login wifi AP's.. I can login on WPA2-PSK secured points, and WPA2-Enterprise (PEAP, MSCHAP-v2 etc).. but for some reason ther is no option for WEP + PEAP/LEAP & MSCHAP-v214:34
Kennie`is there anyway to make that possible?14:34
=== janmalte__ is now known as JanMalte
cannoncould anybody tell me what I need to do to mount my usb memory stick?14:37
Infectoi install kde 4 and and :)14:38
Kennie`insert the stick :P - mount /dev/stickpath /mountpath14:38
Infectoalt^f2 dont wotk :)14:38
nosrednaekimcannon: check dmesg for the device name (/dev/sdb1 for instance)14:38
Infectoand konsole cant use bitmap fonts :(14:39
thanassisI would like some help14:39
* kblin sighs14:39
thanassishow can we find all links of a file?14:39
cannonhow do I find the stick path Kennie`?14:40
Kennie`cannon: check your dmesg14:40
cannonlol, didn't see it in there14:40
cannonwhat am I looking for?14:40
cannonmaybe it;s not showing as am running kubuntu in a vm14:42
Kennie`one of the last line probably14:42
Kennie`cannon: well, make sure your vm can see the usb stick14:42
Kennie`depends which vm software you got14:43
cannonvirtual box14:43
cannonall I wanna do is transfer some files from windows :(14:43
Kennie`use samba?14:43
cannonsorry am very new (noobish)14:44
cannonam trying to setup a website14:44
cannoni'd settle for ftp access but I dunno where ot start there14:44
cannonthings are much easier in windows14:44
fideliohi any expertise with upgrating?14:45
cannonOMG ... snow in April!14:45
cannon*blizzard! lol14:51
nosrednaekimcannon: why don't you install guest additions and use shared folders?14:52
cannoncould you lead me in the right direction pls?14:52
fidelioI just upgraded from 6.04 to hardy and Idon''t have characters anynmore ...only rectangles.  Any idea onhow to fix this?14:53
nosrednaekimcannon: #vbox14:54
nosrednaekimfidelio: 6.06?14:54
fideliono 6.0414:54
nosrednaekimthere was no such release14:54
fidelioI got it with manager upgrade -d14:55
nosrednaekimfidelio: well, in any case, hardy help is in #ubuntu+114:55
ForsakenSoulHi can anyone tell me how to set up Firefox in kubuntu so it can open smb pages ?14:56
sh4rm4is there a way to inititalize a hardware search.  i just plugged in a pcmcia express card that was formerly known by the sys but know its not listed in lspci14:56
lokpesthi I have problems with Ksysgurad14:56
cannonhow do I change permissions of a folder?14:56
cannoni need to write to var/www14:56
BluesKajhowdy all14:57
cannonhi BluesKaj14:57
lokpestI get no tab for processes, only for CPU load and memory14:57
ForsakenSoulcannon you have to be root to have permissions to write to var/www14:57
BluesKajhi cannon14:57
lokpestI think I got an error message that there was some file missing the first time14:58
cannonwell I was hoping to unzip using archive as am not too familiar with the teminal yet14:58
ForsakenSoulcan someone tell me please why when I try to open a smb page in firefox it gives me unknown protocol and how do I fix it(smb is running ok on Konqueror)14:58
lokpest(but that doesnt show anymore and I dont remember it)14:58
sh4rm4is there a way to inititalize a hardware search.  i just plugged in a pcmcia express card that was formerly known by the sys but know its not listed in lspci14:59
ubotuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview14:59
BluesKajwill acetoneiso create an iso from a daa file ?14:59
ForsakenSoulcannon you can use dolphin it has a option where you log in a directory as root14:59
cannonhmmm, cool14:59
BluesKajor even kiso?14:59
cannoni'll look into it14:59
ForsakenSoulcan someone tell me please why when I try to open a smb page in firefox it gives me unknown protocol and how do I fix it(smb is running ok on Konqueror)14:59
nosrednaekimForsakenSoul: konqueror uses a samba kio-save called smb:/15:01
cannonForsakenSoul: i got access denied15:01
lokpestplease! anyone?15:01
ForsakenSoulnosrednaekim well Konqueror gives me some errors from time to time and I need just to set up firefox to use it15:02
ForsakenSoulcannon well .. I don't know I'm a noob myself so the other way is to go to the terminal, use sudo and chmod and change the mode of the folder15:02
nosrednaekimForsakenSoul: well, you'd probably have better luck in a firefox channel15:02
ForsakenSoulok thanks I've posted my question there too let's hope that they will answer soon15:03
cannonthanks for your help ForsakenSoul and others :)15:03
Infectohmmm i remove compiz and now :( i dont see any border of any aplication just like i dont have theme or window decoration15:04
nosrednaekimInfecto: can you run "alt+f2"?15:06
nosrednaekimInfecto: are you on hardy15:06
RedSoxTHowdy, all...just taking Kubuntu for a test spin.  Me likey.15:06
nosrednaekimcool Re15:07
Infectonosrednaekim: yes :)15:07
Infectoand now i remo kde4 and compiz and nothing work :)15:08
Infectoi install one more time compiz and alt^f2 dont work even15:08
nosrednaekimInfecto: you need to remove a file. run "rm ~/.kde/share/config/compizasWM"15:10
Infectonosrednaekim: ok15:11
Infectoold nice wm :)15:16
Infectonosrednaekim: thanks a loot15:16
lokpestanyone knows where I can find help on my Ksysgurad problem?15:18
mikemmi just installed 8.04 .. but i cant remember that the installer asked me to enter a admin/su password15:25
mikemm:|.. how do i su now?15:25
kblinsudo command_to_run15:26
mikemmsudo bash :P15:26
kblinor if you need a root shell, sudo -s15:26
mikemmok, thats a bit weird compared to other pam /linux stuff im used to15:27
mikemmwhat is the reason for all this?15:27
ubotusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.15:27
eng2f God thou knowest; Bishop ’tis not so!15:27
eng2What miseries are these now come on thee,15:27
eng2That thou should’st weep and wail with woman-soul,15:27
eng2And sink beneath the waves of all our woe?15:27
eng2Is not to-day a solemn festival,15:27
eng2A day to counsel take with all thy people,15:27
eng2That they may rid their land of Islam’s yoke?15:27
eng2Apasrt from that, our Slava falls to-day,15:27
mikemmqwhat the hell15:28
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TheGentlemanHow can I act as superuser from a live CD?15:37
nosrednaekimTheGentleman: sudo15:40
TheGentlemanbut there is no password... isn't it?15:40
ere4sidon't need it15:40
TheGentlemanin my case, i need to modify something in "System Settings"   If i choose "administrator mode" nothing happens15:42
TheGentlemanor better... a frame turns red for a second, then back to it's previous color15:43
TheGentlemanand I have no administartive privileges15:43
Daisuke_IdoTheGentleman, i can't believe that bug is still there, try alt+f2 and launching kcontrol15:48
TheGentlemanDaisuke_Ido: i'm using a 8.04 beta15:49
TheGentlemanjust for your info...15:49
TheGentlemanDaisuke_Ido: the way you suggested is even worst: when i click on Admin mode it goes back to Peripherals Menu15:52
TheGentlemanWith such an issue a Live CD is nearly useles!15:53
TheGentlemanwell, how can i submit this bug?15:54
TheGentlemanI mean, where do i submit a bug for 8.04 beta?15:55
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu15:55
mikemmim running on 8.04 beta.., trying to get knetworkmanager to work properly with my atheros card15:57
ubuntukien me dice pork no se me kieren instalar ningun driver ni nungun programa15:57
mikemmit doesnt connect to my wlan via wpa15:57
mikemmwhile it does work with my ipw2100 builtin card, are there any known problems? :S15:58
ubotuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat15:58
ubuntui dont can speak english15:58
ubuntuyou can speak spanish15:58
mikemmor #ubuntu-es15:59
mikemmnot here..15:59
ubotuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.15:59
ere4simikemm: try in #ubuntu+116:00
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ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu16:21
sigma_how do I stop kontact displaying the window under the message preview window that shows the structure of the message?16:22
andy_any one able to help with a wine problem when i type wine iexplore http://winehq.org this happens http://pastebin.com/m144660416:23
sigma_no problem i found it16:23
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mrtimboI was just wondering why i had to change my firewall settings on my router when I upgraded to hardy?16:32
mrtimbowell, to use kopete and Konversation16:33
adz21cmrtimbo: if you explain how you changed your router settings someone might know16:35
mrtimboI had to turn the firewall settings off on my router and never had to do that before16:36
mrtimbootherwise it wouldnt connect16:36
adz21cwhich protocols you using?16:36
adz21cfor kopete16:37
mrtimbolike yahoo, msn, and aim16:37
adz21cok, hmm, dunno, you tried turning the firewall back on and seeing if u still get the issue?16:38
mrtimboYeah i do16:39
mrtimboMaybe I'll just have to switch routers16:39
mrtimboThis one here is an actiontec16:39
KubuntuJackanyone know how I could install jackd 0.109.2 in Feisty ?  Apparently there is a package in the hardy universe..?16:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jackd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about jacked - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi16:40
KubuntuJacksorry I mean install in gutsy...16:40
ere4si!info jackd16:41
ubotujackd (source: jack-audio-connection-kit): JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.103.0-6ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 93 kB, installed size 360 kB16:41
wraithmagihaving trouble with gtk-qt engine... need assistance plz.16:41
ere4sistart with the actual prob wraithmagi :)16:42
ere4siwhat's not happn'n16:43
wraithmagioops... sry... basically installed thru adept and now gtk apps don't show tabs, text boxes, etc... they still run, but no matter what I select under kcontrol, the guis aren't usable.16:44
AC0RNZ yo guys, im looking for progrram that can like.... rar a huge iso file, but mark it up into like ....  2 areas both 500mb... then wen i click extract on part 1... it will extract part2 also and make the iso again16:44
waynewardjust wondering which distro to download for dual core pentium   x86 0r amd 64? as it is 64bit??..16:45
AC0RNZi think it is 64bit16:45
waynewardyes ive used it before it seems to install16:46
algyzwayneward:  how much ram do you have?16:46
wraithmagialso installed several gtk2 themes like16:46
waynewardjust using a amd 64 on install seems weird but hey!!16:46
waynewardi have one gig16:46
algyzwayneward:  use i386 better16:46
waynewardgetting one more soon16:46
waynewardoh right16:46
algyzwayneward:  x86_64 if you have >3GB ram16:47
waynewardhow much ram for 64 bit16:47
waynewardah ok16:47
wraithmagican't you specify cmd line options to auto-split archive?16:47
waynewardi was wamting to use the studio 64 kernel so ill need more ram16:47
=== bram_ is now known as gregasus
algyzwayneward:  novadays ram is not expensive :)16:47
waynewardit seems pokier with the 64 bit kernel for some reason?16:48
algyzwayneward:  I was using 64 bits for a year or more, but now using 32, less problems with software16:49
wraithmagiere4si:  any thoughts?16:49
ere4siwraithmagi: nope - never done anything like that - can't see the need for it...16:51
wraithmagianyone else have any suggestions?16:52
mrtimboI dont notice any difference on my athlon 64x2 with either ver. with 4 gigs of ram16:54
mrtimbowell exept for last year i couldnt get flash8 to work right on the 64 ver16:55
TheGentlemanUsing kubuntu 8.04 beta as a Live cd.  I'm not able to set Administator Mode in System Settings.  When I click the button, the frame turns red for a second and than back to the previous color, and I do not have Admin privileges!s16:58
mrtimbowow kde4 installed with ease, all I had to do was sudo aptitude install kde4 and it did it all for me17:00
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SpeSI get this message at startup (and get a root console prompt to "fix it"):17:32
SpeSFilesystem is NOT clean17:33
SpeSFailed to open the device 'UUID=b0783d55-fa71-4b2e-96cc-cdcc75be7e23': No such file or directory17:33
SpeS...and, the fsck command does nothing. What should I do to "fix" it?17:33
lovrehi all17:34
lovreis there a way i can unrar all .rar files in a folder and all subfolders? recursively or something....17:34
llutzlovre: unrar x -r directory/17:35
algyzSpeS:  can you paste output of "blkid" command?17:37
lovrellutz: thank you17:37
SpeS/dev/sda1: UUID="B4C87B08C87AC7DE" TYPE="ntfs"17:37
SpeS/dev/sda2: TYPE="swap" UUID="69ab6c22-a88e-4a7e-9879-9427380e9536"17:37
SpeS/dev/sda5: UUID="709a30e9-3031-4433-aa89-86775409c3ff" TYPE="reiserfs"17:37
SpeS/dev/sda6: UUID="e62bc44c-2a31-4844-9357-eae46838f1eb" TYPE="reiserfs"17:37
SpeS/dev/sda7: UUID="48b6b2e9-62f2-4d0b-8dac-cc35b356842f" TYPE="reiserfs"17:37
SpeSthat's all17:38
algyzSpeS:  also look into /etc/fstab17:38
SpeSnone of them is the one asked17:38
algyzSpeS:  sudo nano /etc/fstab17:38
SpeSalgyz, oh ok I see the error what could be17:38
SpeSI have just installed other distro in sda717:39
SpeSso that UUID must have changed17:39
algyzbtw, I'm not IT, just a mechanic ;)17:39
SpeSso I have to update fstab manually with the new one, right? :D17:39
algyzSpeS:  so seems yes17:39
algyzthink that17:39
SpeSalgyz, great, thanks! :)17:39
algyzyou're welcome :)17:40
SpeSI didn't know blkid ^_^'17:40
algyznow you know17:42
algyzbtw, next time paste into another place (it is written in topic)17:43
algyz!paste | SpeS17:43
ubotuSpeS: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)17:43
SpeSalgyz, yes, I knew that, but..... :)17:44
marcioola a todos17:47
NutubuntuAlternatives to Firefox? Preferably browsers that don't crash so often?17:47
DarkWizzardFirefox 3 ?17:47
DarkWizzardOpera ?17:47
DarkWizzardKonqueror ?17:47
NutubuntuDarkWizzard: FF3 is an improvement. Konq is too ... konqy, I guess.\17:48
DarkWizzardFF3 is beta but I love it17:48
DarkWizzardDon't remember if it ever crashed on me17:48
DarkWizzardmarcio: what's that ?17:48
DarkWizzardnever heard of it :D17:49
marcioum sistema diferente !17:49
algyzDarkWizzard:  ff3 is crashing lots of times for me :(17:49
DarkWizzardI have the nightly build17:49
algyz!pt | marcio17:49
ubotumarcio: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:49
DarkWizzardmaybe that's why17:49
algyzDarkWizzard:  I'm using 3.0b5pre, and it's crashing often :(17:50
NutubuntuPersonally I think FF2 should be on the boot menu as the official RAM test ... I can run the memory test for days on end with no errors found, but run Firefox for five minutes ? Blammo. "It's bad RAM dude."17:50
DarkWizzardI remember that feeling17:50
DarkWizzardbut FF3 is a different story17:50
DarkWizzardthe memory usage has decreased drastically17:50
DarkWizzardalgyz: I'm using 3.0pre17:51
NutubuntuI *think* FF2 has problems with the dual-core AMD CPU. That's a guess though ...17:52
DarkWizzardanyway: http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2008/03/05/webkit-demobrowser/17:52
DarkWizzardNutubuntu: swiftfox ?17:52
NutubuntuFF3 > Swiftfox17:52
DarkWizzardyeah but Swiftfox _should_ solve the cpu support problem17:53
NutubuntuExcept that FF3 doesn't like some of my fav add-ons17:53
DarkWizzardAFAIK none of them17:53
Nutubuntu:) that's them17:54
algyzNutubuntu:  don't you think it's offtopic? :)17:54
algyz!offtopic | Nutubuntu17:54
ubotuNutubuntu: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!17:54
DarkWizzardwe know. But it's silent now17:55
algyzOK, I see :)17:55
NutubuntuNo, algyz's right, my bad.17:55
algyzI think it's ok, silent here now :)17:55
algyzBut #kubuntu-offtopic is even more silent :(17:56
DarkWizzardI'll set it on autojoin17:56
algyzI did it already :D17:57
NutubuntuOn-topic question. Sometimes my kubuntu desktop is much wider than my monitor -- I mouse to the right and the screen scrolls until I reach the right edge of the desktop -- and sometimes it's monitor-size. What controls this? and how do I turn it on and off?17:59
BluesKajNutubuntu, widescreen or reg 4:3 ?18:00
NutubuntuBluesKaj: I think reg 4:3 -- can scroll down too (the menu thingie is w-a-a-a-y down there)18:01
BluesKajNutubuntu, what is your resolution set at in system settings/monitor & display18:02
NutubuntuBluesKaj: that's the odd thing: 1280x106418:02
Nutubuntu1024, rather18:02
BluesKajodd for sure18:05
gkffjcsI'm runnin the latest hardy beta, isn's hardy suposed to have pulsaudio as the default audio engine, I am noticing pulse in the processes list18:06
NutubuntuBluesKaj: I recall changing res to 1024x768 for a day or two, to see if that would affect it, but no. Sometimes I login to a monitor-size desktop, and sometimes it's the Desktop As Big As The Ritz18:06
tuxianoyne knows which module i have to load to get nat running18:06
BluesKajNutubuntu, what driver is the monitor using, the generic linux or custom or the hardware specific driver for your monitor ?18:07
tuxifor ip masquerading18:07
NutubuntuBluesKaj: generic driver "Plug n Play"18:09
llutztuxi: http://linux.about.com/od/ubusrv_doc/a/ubusg18t03.htm18:09
tuxiwell but18:11
tuxiroot@acer:~# iptables -t net -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE18:11
tuxiiptables v1.3.6: can't initialize iptables table `net': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)18:11
llutztuxi: modprobe ip_tables18:12
llutztuxi: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO/18:12
tuxillutz: thx, but still same message18:12
ubuntuis new user of linux18:12
BluesKajNutubuntu, have you tried finding linux drivers for your monitor in the system settings/monitor&appearance/hardware/admin mode/monitor/configure18:13
llutztuxi: -t nat    not net18:16
tuxi-_- thanks ...18:16
NutubuntuBluesKaj: Your question got me to do that - I thought I had done it before, but obviously not. Need to restart X now ... Back later - thanks!18:17
Piero_ScaruffiHello, how can i install/use adium message styles in kopete 3.5.8 i asked in #kopete(waited for nearly 2 hours) googled myself couldnt find out how so now i am asking here as ultimum remedium18:28
fdovingPiero_Scaruffi: don't know. but i could try. where do i find adium styles?18:31
fdovingPiero_Scaruffi: download the .zip file with the theme. save it somewhere. open kopete go to  settings -> configure -> chat window -> style {tab} -> select the 'Install..' button -> browse to the adiumstyle.zip-file, select it and hit OK.18:37
fdovingthen it should say "success" or something.18:37
fdovingworked nicely for me. but i use the svn version of kopete. not sure it matters. hang on i'll test the regular one.18:38
Piero_Scaruffiok ty18:38
Piero_Scaruffii am using 3.5.818:38
fdovingok. it works in 3.5.8 too.18:39
fdovingsettings -> configure -> appearance -> chat window {tab} -> Install.. button. and so on.18:39
Piero_ScaruffiThe specified archive does not contain a valid Chat Window style. < thats what i get18:40
fdovingok, then download some other teheme.18:41
fdovingit worked for me..18:41
Piero_Scaruffiyou have the svn18:41
fdovingso the way you do it is the correct one.18:41
Piero_Scaruffii dont18:41
fdovingi also verified that it works with 3.5.818:41
fdovingi installed this http://www.adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=xtras&xtra_id=246318:41
Piero_Scaruffiok some work some dont thanks for your help18:47
Mr_Sonomaanyone seen a problem with the cups wrapper dropping for a lack of better term when someone attempts to print from another computer? basically what happens is......when i view the printers in cups BEFORE the vista machine tries to print it shows connected and ready, prints every time from my machine (the host) then AFTER the vista machine attempts a print the printer shows as "disconnected" in cups and will que but not print ANYTHING from18:47
Mr_Sonomaeither machine.18:47
gkffjcssi there a way to diable gnome theming by kde completely? I know under system settings gkt you can select a them for gnome apps, but is there a way to disabel that feature all togather?18:48
=== MysT is now known as [GuS]
FritzelI have an odd occurrance, it seems whenever I run a program in a console it generates pratically no cpu usage, as it should, but if I run it behind the scenes in any form that isn't visible it eats up 100%+ cpu usage, does anyone know how I can diagnose this?18:51
tuxianyone has an xorg.conf where nvidia tvout is working?18:51
tuxii tried a lot tutorials and none worked yet18:52
chi_hi i need some help with system temperature18:53
chi_the fan is working too slow18:53
Fritzelany thoughts on the cpu issue?18:56
=== waltercool_ is now known as waltercool
draikWhen printing from a site, how can I get it to show the link at the top of the page? It is currently showing the bottom half of the text (link and time stamp).19:13
algyzhi there19:16
beastim usind Kubuntu 7.10  KDE version19:16
algyzbeast:  wise guy :D19:16
beastmy problem is the screen resolution is very low, and icons are alos very huge19:17
beastcan anyone help me to find a solution19:17
algyz!openoffice | draik19:17
ubotudraik: a free and open source office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.  To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #users.openoffice.org19:17
=== p_quarles is now known as pquarles
phobesHi, it looks like I'm seeing some other application intercepting global shortcuts (volume up/down, mute) that i've intended for KMix.  Anyone know what it might be or how I might find out?19:17
algyz!resolution | beast19:20
ubotubeast: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto19:20
=== patoe1_ is now known as patoe1
BlackAuraOkay..........minor, small problem doing a dist-upgrade19:26
patoe1i cant get my emrald back again :(19:26
BlackAuraI was running dapper, read that I have to upgrade through edgy to get to feisty.....19:26
patoe1does anyone know why "Emrald --replace" isnt working for me?19:27
BlackAurachanged the sources.list, did an apt-get update, then a dist-upgrade, and it failed with about 20-30 packages left to download19:27
Fritzelhow can I change the ownership of vt's 8 and 9 to a specific user?19:28
fdovingpatoe1: could it be that you are looking for 'compiz --replace' and then run 'emerald &'19:28
Fritzelpatoe1: also it's lower case19:28
fdovingFritzel: what do you want to do in that vt? seen the 'openvt' command?19:30
Fritzelyes I have but I am getting access denied19:30
Fritzeland I want to run an application there that requires a terminal to keep from using 100% cpu usage19:30
Fritzelnormally I'd ask the developers, but they're channel is far from useful19:31
fdovingFritzel: have you tried running it inside a screen?19:31
Fritzelhmm no I haven't19:31
fdovingmight work.19:31
algyz!upgrade | BlackAura19:32
ubotuBlackAura: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes19:32
FritzelI'll tinker with that thanks for the suggetsion19:32
BlackAuraalgyz: heh, yep, checking those right now.......I figured out what the problem is.  I'm getting a bunch of errors at the end of the download: Basically:  Failed to fetch <file>.deb   Size mismatch19:33
=== pquarles is now known as p_quarles
Fritzelfdoving: ok that's odd ... now I says it can't open the terminal I'm using ><19:33
fdovingFritzel: which app is this?19:34
BlackAuraalgyz: at which point it recommended I run apt-get install -f.....which started installing them, and so now I have a half installed system19:34
algyzBlackAura:  google for sources list19:34
Fritzelit's an mmo server, not something that's supported19:34
algyzBlackAura:  just run it19:34
BlackAuraalgyz: I did, but now it is giving me a bunch of koffice dependancy errors19:35
BlackAuraalgyz: because some of the packages didn't download, so they couldn't be installed19:35
algyzrun again :)19:35
BlackAuraI'll grab the latest edgy sources.list, thanks!19:35
algyzBlackAura:  also remember, there's aptitude, it is solving dependencies better19:36
algyzBlackAura:  sudo aptitude install -f, try this19:36
BlackAurayeah, I'm more of a command line person myself, but I think when I do edgy -> feisty, I'll do that19:36
BlackAuraoh, cool, sorry, thought it was a graphical package manager......19:37
Fritzelfdoving: Cannot open your terminal '/dev/tty1' - please check.19:37
Fritzelfdoving: any clue?19:37
Fritzelfdoving: that's running from tty1 attempting to open tty919:37
Fritzelfdoving: inside screen19:38
Fritzelwell I got it to work but it's running as root which I don't want19:43
=== p_quarles is now known as pquarles
=== pquarles is now known as p_quarles
Fritzeltook some ugly working but I found a solution ugly as it is, "sudo openvt -c 9 -f -- sudo -u ascent auto_start"19:46
Fritzeland it successfully doesn't eat up everything I've got now ^^ yay19:47
linus_hi what is the command line arg for installing tar.gz files19:52
DrNobotointalling them?19:52
linus_yeah im a nube19:52
DrNobotothat depends19:52
linus_if the file is downloaded on the desktop19:52
DrNobotoread the installation directions for the particular thing you're trying to install19:52
algyzlinus_:  it's tar :)19:53
DrNobototar will extract them19:53
DrNobotothat's not the same thing as install19:53
DrNobotomaybe that's what he means though19:53
algyzlinus_:  It's written in readme file19:53
linus_how do i get flash from the command line19:54
=== emilsedgh_ is now known as emilsedgh
algyzlinus_:  is it mounted?19:54
DrNobotoyou want to access your flash drive?19:55
algyzlinus_:  or adobe flash?19:55
linus_no a flash pluging for the web19:55
algyzAh, ok :)19:55
DrNobotoah, you need to install the browser plugin19:55
algyzlinus_:  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree19:55
DrNobotoso i figured out a little bit more why my /usr directory tree is empty19:56
DrNobotoit's failing to mount on boot19:56
DrNobotowhen i try to mount it manually i get a "operation not permitted"19:57
alx75775hi! little prob here, i formatted a hdd, mounted it but still cannot write on it.. anyone an idea how to solve this? thanks!19:57
DrNobotomy other reiserfs partitions are already mounted so it doesn't seem to be a problem with support for the filesystem itself19:58
alx75775the konsole says "according to mtab" its already mounted19:59
DrNobotowhen i try to reiserfsck the partition it just returns me to a command prompt19:59
algyzalx75775:  sudo fdisk -l19:59
DrNobotowithout much information19:59
alx75775thx algyz , ill check it out19:59
DrNobotothis particularly sucks because it means /usr/bin is gone too19:59
linus_ok i have tried that but on the kubuntu install, it did not give me an option a p/w for the root account so when i try su i have no password19:59
DrNobotoso i have no apt, no pico, no whereis, etc...19:59
BlackAuraalgyz: Thanks for the help!  Fixed my sources.list and it seems to be downloading them all now :d19:59
BlackAuraalgyz: Took a while because somewhere it suggested an apt-get clean, which deleted all the ones I had downloaded already :s20:00
linus_ok i have tried that but on the kubuntu install, it did not give me an option a p/w for the root account so when i try su i have no password20:03
DrNobotonot su20:03
BlackAuraif you really need a root prompt, do  $ sudo -i20:04
holycowhey guys20:04
DrNobotoi'm gonna take some pictures of the errors i get from mount and fsck20:04
holycowwhat happened to the kde4 wallpapers?20:04
=== khad is now known as khad187
holycowafter the recent dist upgrade in kde4 we got the fugly kde3 wallpapers and the beautiful ones dissapeared20:04
holycowwhat gives?20:04
VensonHey all. I'm using Kubuntu 7.04 and having issues with sound (slow, with lots of static). My soundcard is Ensoniq 1371. Many weeks of googling and recompiling of alsa drivers has proven fruitless. Can someone help?20:05
epimethVenson: try #alsa20:05
Vensonepimeth: will do, thanks20:06
epimethVenson: they helped me out when I had problems20:06
Vensonepimeth: good to know. i'm heading there right now :)20:06
linus_sudo looks for  a password which is the root20:06
epimethlinus_: no, it is asking for *your* password20:07
alx75775algyz, i just found out that -l just lists it.. =)20:07
alx75775here we go20:07
alx75775Disk /dev/hdd: 80.0 GB, 80060424192 bytes20:07
alx75775255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9733 cylinders20:07
alx75775Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes20:07
alx75775Disk identifier: 0x1a40419120:07
alx75775   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System20:07
alx75775/dev/hdd1               1        9733    78180291   83  Linux20:07
linus_ha   thanks20:07
algyz!paste | alx7577520:07
ubotualx75775: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:07
alx75775looks goog doesnt it algyz20:07
NyadHello. How do I open .chm files in kubuntu20:07
VensonNyad: kchmviewer is pretty good20:08
algyzNyad:  easy20:08
Nyadthanks :)20:08
NyadI love the easy way of installing on linux20:08
algyz!ntfs-3g | alx7577520:08
ubotualx75775: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions20:08
algyzNyad:  I think it's pretty good for a lot of newbies20:09
Nyadbut a mission if you don't have internet20:10
=== beast is now known as Pharaoh
alx75775algyz , it was a ntfs partition, but i formatted it with qparted, it should be ext3 now,,20:10
algyzInternet is necessary novadays20:10
algyz!mount | alx7577520:11
ubotualx75775: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter20:11
algyzsome good boys wrote a lot of useful stuf :)20:11
Nyadwhere can I find all these things?20:12
alx75775algyz hm, moint gives me this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62351/20:13
alx75775i dont know how it should look like, but to this sounds good20:13
algyz!fstab | Nyad20:13
ubotuNyad: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions20:13
algyzalx75775:  I don't like the word "errors"20:14
simulousHey, i could REALLY use a little help pleeeease with a problem thats resourting me to near tears... :(20:14
Nyadalgyz: I meant where can I find these ubotu commands that you are typing20:15
DrNobotoso i finally got somewhere20:15
DrNobotofsck actually scanned it this time20:15
=== Krad is now known as khad187
DrNobotoand told me there is an error not correctable without --rebuild-tree20:15
algyz!ask | simulous20:15
ubotusimulous: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)20:15
alx75775algyz, neither do i =) you mean in first line in "(rw,errors=remount-ro)"20:15
algyzalx75775:  I mean this one20:16
alx75775because this partition is up and running20:16
alx75775i am worrying about hdd120:16
BlackAurais there an installed package list somewhere I can mess around with?20:16
algyzalx75775:  I'm not common with this, try http://www.google.lt/search?hl=lt&q=%2Fdev%2Fhdc1+on+%2F+type+ext3+(rw%2Cerrors%3Dremount-ro)+&btnG=Google+Paie%C5%A1ka&meta=20:16
VensonAnybody have an Ensoniq 1371 soundcard and get it to work in Kubuntu?20:16
ronniehi all = )20:17
alx75775thanks algyz, have a nice day -- cya20:17
Vensonhey guys..."cat /proc/interrupts" returns a line that says " 16:       6336   IO-APIC-fasteoi   uhci_hcd:usb1, Ensoniq AudioPCI"  .... Is this normal?20:18
simulousI Set up unbuntu on a virtual machine on my laptop and was able to play avi movies from over my network from a windows server 2003 file share which i played using VLC. It worked no problem but i got board with Gnome and wanted KDE so i set up Kubuntu... but now when i try to do the same thing (stream avi's from my server 2k3 box) on kubuntu it firsts copy's the file, then plays it and doesnt stream and i cant figure out why :o(20:18
algyzalx75775:  are you from denmark?20:19
simulouspleeeeeeease help me with this, im new to linux and its breakin me down :o(20:19
Nyadalgyz: I meant where can I find these ubotu commands that you are typing20:19
algyzNyad:  just type ! before any command20:20
alx75775no germany20:20
algyzOk :)20:20
Vensonsimulous: just mount the network share to your local system (using Samba, say) and play.  That's probably the best way to do this20:20
Nyadyes but isn't there a page that has all of the commands that are available20:20
algyzIt is20:20
Nyad!ubotu Nyad20:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nyad - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:20
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots20:20
algyzI found :D20:20
simulousVenson thanks i will try, i even tried the open with "vlc" option but still it copies it.20:21
Vensonsimulous: if you do it my way, it will no longer copy20:21
Vensonsimulous: once you map the share, it's like an extension of your local system. the program can't tell the difference20:22
simulous:o) thank you, will let you know20:22
DrNobotowhere can i find help with reiserfsck?20:22
ubotureiserfs is a journalling file system, which outperforms many others on I/O operations, but has drawbacks (such as increasing likelihood of data loss, and introducing latency unsuitable for gaming or real-time audio). Using !ext3, the default on Ubuntu, is *highly* recommended. A read-only Windows driver is available at http://p-nand-q.com/download/rfstool.html20:23
DrNobotoincreasing likelihood of data loss.....20:23
ronniemy video cards an old nvidia-tnt2, I'm considering buying a geforce4 mx440 64mbddr tvout 8x agp, is this a much better card & is it compatible with kubuntu?20:23
algyzDrNoboto:  maybe try in channel suse or opensuse, they like reiser ;)20:23
DrNobotok, thanks : )20:23
VensonHey guys, I see two things registered on the same interrupt on my machine (specifically "uhci_hcd:usb1, Ensoniq AudioPCI") which i think might be the reason for my issues with sound. How do i change "Ensoniq AudioPCI" to use a different interrupt?20:24
=== darkwizzard_ is now known as DarkWizzard
algyzronnie:  nvidia's are cool, believe me :)20:24
algyz!sound | Venson20:25
ubotuVenson: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP320:25
ronniethx algyz, but this nvidia tnt2 card can't seem to handle too much on the screen at once, when I play tremulos =)20:27
algyzronnie:  probably it's too slow for tremulous?20:27
algyzronnie:  well, my gf 6200 running like a wind in tremulous :D20:28
DrNobotoalgyz, you live in lithuania?20:29
algyzvery cool :D20:29
DrNobotoi was in vilnius once20:29
ronniek, umm so is the geforce4 mx440 faster than my nvidia one, tnt2?, maybe i should get it?20:30
algyzI was more times, like 20 :D20:30
DrNoboto: )20:30
algyzronnie:  think you should20:30
DrNobotoi'd like to live there someday, like when i retire or something20:30
ronniek ty much = )20:30
ronniecan't go wrong for 20 bucks hehe20:31
algyzDrNoboto:  it's cold and dark here :|20:31
DrNobotowell, i used to live in central finland20:31
DrNobotocan't be that cold and dark20:31
algyz!fr | chantalall20:32
ubotuchantalall: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.20:32
DrNoboto: ]20:32
chantalallso i'll speak english ;)20:32
algyzCentral Finland is something very very northern :|20:32
AngryBaconis there a different channel for hardy?20:33
JucatoAngryBacon: #ubuntu+120:33
zorglu_q. is there a tool to easily resize an image ?20:33
algyzzorglu_:  gimp20:33
chantalalli'm using Kubuntu for 2 weeks and it's great but i have some problems with my printer20:33
zorglu_algyz: notice that i asked 'easily' :)))20:33
algyzzorglu_:  it's very easy20:34
AngryBaconJucato: is that for kubuntu tooZ20:34
Jucatozorglu_: Digikam has a built-in image editor20:34
JucatoAngryBacon: yeszz20:34
Jucatoer, I meant yesZ20:34
fdovingzorglu_: i do that on the commandline with the imagemagick tool 'convert'20:34
* AngryBacon is trying to learn dvorak, lol20:34
algyzzorglu_:  just find image>scale, just it20:35
* Jucato waves at fdoving surfer dude :)20:35
chantalallmy printer an epson Stylus Color 900, works perfectly with gutemprint and cups (Cf linuxprinting) but i don't find the 900 in the CUPS' list20:35
* fdoving waves back at jucato.20:35
chantalallthere is the 900 but not the 90020:35
zorglu_Jucato: ok... but apparently it is willing to polute my harddrive in ~/pictures or something20:35
fdovingbrb, kid woke up.20:35
chantalallgutenprint is installed (with apt)20:35
zorglu_fdoving: ok will look20:35
chantalall"there is the 800 but not the 900" *20:36
Jucatozorglu_: ah Digikam needs to create a database for its collection, much like Amarok. it defaults to ~/Pictures unless you set it20:36
Jucato(though there might be a way to launch only the editor...)20:36
zorglu_Jucato: do you know how much polution it put ? is it tolerable ?20:37
zorglu_because convert has no man page20:37
Jucatozorglu_: actually it doesn't put any pollution20:38
zorglu_Jucato: ok i clicked ok then :)20:38
Jucatoyou recall in Amarok that you need to point it to some directories to search for files to add to its Collection?20:38
zorglu_Jucato: i failed to understand amarok up to now :)20:38
Jucatohehe ok. bad analogy then :P20:38
Jucatobasically it just needs a folder (just one) for which it wil use as a source for its image collection20:39
zorglu_Jucato: seems like a good one :) nothing about image in digikam, they talk about 'album'20:39
kazio_jacyś polacy?20:39
Jucatoimage/album/whatlever :)20:40
Jucato!pl | kazio_20:40
ubotukazio_: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl20:40
zorglu_rm -rf Pictures/ <- it does feel good tho :)20:40
zorglu_convert rose.jpg -resize 50% rose.png <- from google man page :)20:41
piqonihey, this channel is only for kubuntu or even for Ubuntu?20:41
Jucatofor Kubuntu only20:41
AngryBaconhow do i change the keymapZ20:41
piqonithnx for the answer20:41
snowolfpiqoni: there's #ubuntu for ubuntu :)20:42
piqonihow can I open that one for ubuntu20:42
piqoniyeah, how can I open that20:42
GrueTamerdo /join #ubuntu20:42
jack_spratttry clicking on that link20:42
AngryBacon   /join20:42
piqonithnx man20:42
DrNobotook, i'm rebooting to do a reiserfsck --rebuild tree20:46
DrNobotowish me luck20:46
Roeygood luck20:46
zorglu_and yop, i uploaded a picture in my blog :)20:48
* zorglu_ starts to love web2.0 :)20:48
epimethzorglu_: what about it?20:51
epimethzorglu_: the innane videos?  The 10 minutes it takes to load a site if you have anything less than a 10mbps connection?20:52
zorglu_epimeth: im discovering the thing, and it has interesting toys :) im doing igoogle/blog/microblog/linkedin etc... ;)20:52
zorglu_epimeth: nah the video is the only thing i get on the internet :)20:52
epimethzorglu_: oh... so the community, not the technology.  In that case, cool :-)20:52
epimethzorglu_: I hate that its called "web 2.0"20:53
epimethzorglu_: the first time I saw it, I threw up a little in my mouth :-/20:53
zorglu_epimeth: :) the stuff i do in video start with web4 :)))20:54
epimethzorglu_: this really should be discussed in #kubuntu-offtopic tho :-)20:54
zorglu_ok :)20:54
* Signil is away: Gone away for now.21:07
=== pauljw_ is now known as pauljw
LjL!away > Signil    (Signil, see the private message from Ubotu)21:12
DrNobotohow can i install apt without apt?21:13
NyadDrNoboto:  did it break and now you want to fix it? or you just don't have apt21:14
DrNobotomy entire /usr partition got junked21:15
DrNobotoincluding /usr/bin, etc21:15
DrNobotoreiserfsck did a good job of recovering the _files_ in the partition, it just placed them all in thousands of directories with numerical names21:16
=== tackat is now known as tackat_dinner
DrNobotoso i don't have even basic tools like whereis, apt, pico, etc...21:17
DrNobotoif i can get apt, i can maybe get somewhere21:18
GrueTameruh, http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/base/apt21:19
GrueTamertry that21:19
DrNobotowhat do i use to install that package though?21:19
GrueTamerdpkg i believe21:20
DrNobotois that typically in /usr or /bin?21:20
DrNobotoguess i'll find out21:22
simuloushey, who was it who was giving me advice regarding streaming media from a 2k3 server to kubuntu?21:31
DrNobotolooks like dpkg was in /usr21:36
DrNobotoso the challenge of the day is how to install a package manager using only the tools in /bin21:37
DrNobotoand possibly a cd : P21:37
Odd-rationalesars: hi21:41
sarsh r u ? Odd21:41
sarsthis first one used Unix21:42
sarsKubuntu ;)21:42
chi_cant start any instance of Konsole21:42
sarsi will do :)21:43
Odd-rationalesars: yes?21:45
sarsi need help21:45
Odd-rationalejust ask! if anyone knows the answer they will help. :)21:46
HugoEnderhey i am trying to install the kernel through the terminal21:46
HugoEnderwhat is the command to do so?21:46
Odd-rationaleHugoEnder: you don't have a kernel?21:47
HugoEnderThis is the error I get:21:47
HugoEnderPlease install the build and header files for your current Linux kernel.21:47
HugoEnderThe current kernel version is 2.6.15-27-desktop21:47
HugoEnderno  i mean an updated kernel21:47
sarskeral ?? :)21:47
Odd-rationaleHugoEnder: are you compliling from source?21:47
HugoEnderOdd-rationale: no idea what you mean by that21:47
HugoEnderOdd-rationale: i just installed simplyMEPIS21:48
HugoEnderand am trying to install guest additions21:48
HugoEnderand when i try to run the .run file... it gives me that error21:48
chi_cant open konsole,pls help21:48
Odd-rationaleHugoEnder: HugoEnder, oh, virtualbox?21:48
HugoEnderOdd-rationale: yes21:48
HugoEnderOdd-rationale: in other distro's i have been able to just type install kernel-devel21:48
HugoEnderbut not here21:49
Odd-rationaleHugoEnder: hold on...21:49
HugoEnderi just want to know what the exact command is21:49
Odd-rationaleHugoEnder: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox21:49
Odd-rationalechi_: any error message?21:50
HugoEnderOdd-rationale: ty21:50
chi_no, because i cant run konsole in console21:50
sarsmy english lanoug is not good21:50
algyzchi_:  it couldn't be21:50
sarsi cant tell u wath i need :(21:51
algyzsars:  india?21:51
sarsno Arabic21:51
algyz!ar | sars21:51
ubotusars: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe21:51
algyzno :|21:51
acemobut why21:51
algyz!ab | sars21:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ab - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:51
HugoEnderOdd-rationale: that site does not tell me what i need to know =/21:52
HugoEnderforget taht im using a virtual box... how would u go about updating ur kernel?21:52
HugoEnderor getting : the build and header files for your current Linux kernel21:52
algyz!sarabic | sars21:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sarabic - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:52
algyz!sa arabic | sars21:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sa arabic - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi21:53
Odd-rationaleHugoEnder: so you're running mempis in vbox. kubuntu on hdd?21:53
Odd-rationalesars: just ask teh best you can.21:53
nykowhat is the diference between i386 and i58621:53
HugoEnderOdd-rationale: no i am running Windows as host and MEPIS as client21:53
algyz!sa | sars21:54
ubotusars: For the Arabic language or Saudi Arabia you are invited to join للغة العربية رجاء انظم #ubuntu-sa21:54
HugoEnderbut again..that doesnt matter21:54
Odd-rationaleHugoEnder: and you want to upgrade the mepis kernel?21:54
HugoEnderi just want to know the command needed to either update the kernel or install the build and header files for my kernel21:54
chi_NOW i get konsole started from tty5 but still not from within x-server21:54
HugoEnderlike i said...on other versions of linux i have been able to do that through kernel-devel21:54
HugoEnderi think it was install kenrel-devel21:55
HugoEnderor sh kernel-devel21:55
sars<algyz> :) do u spec arabic21:55
HugoEnderdo i need to use sudo or su -?21:55
algyznot yet21:55
algyzsars:  I'm from north europe21:55
Odd-rationaleHugoEnder: I don't know mepis. never used it. sorry. :(21:55
sars<ubotu> thax21:56
Odd-rationale!thanks | sars21:56
ubotusars: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)21:56
sarshahaha sory i am new here21:57
Odd-rationalechi_: have you tried typing "konsole" in a run dialog?21:57
=== sars is now known as sars__
sars__how can run miusc22:01
=== tackat_dinner is now known as tackat
Odd-rationalesars__: what filetype? mp3?22:02
sars__i will dawoun it22:03
sars__just w822:03
sars__its rm not mp322:04
Odd-rationalesars__: is that real media stream?22:07
sars__so :) i have in my flash disck song wav22:08
sars__but i cant open my flash22:08
Odd-rationalesars__: you have .wav file in a USB flash drive that you want to listen too?22:09
Odd-rationalesars__: is that your problem? ^22:10
sars__:) yap22:10
Odd-rationalesars__: what happens when you plug in the flash drive into the USB port?22:11
Odd-rationalesars__: do you get any error message when you do that?22:12
sars__ok  flash is open :) but the song cant opne it22:12
Odd-rationalesars__: what happens when you click on the .wav file?22:12
sars__error loding media22:13
Odd-rationalesars__: what program are you using to open the .wav file? kaffeine?22:13
Odd-rationalesars__: oh, it is wma? or wav?22:14
Odd-rationalesars__: Then you need to install kubuntu-restricted-extras. do this in konsole: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras22:15
=== Piero_Scarufii is now known as Piero_Scaruffi
Odd-rationalesars__: then when that is finnished, try again.22:15
sars__what is konsole22:16
Odd-rationalesars__: a terminal22:16
Odd-rationalesars__: kmenu --> system --> konsole22:17
BlackAuraokay..........when I go to update in edgy, it tries to update arts.......which apparently it can't find at location http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-356/pool-edgy/arts/libarts1c2a_1.5.6-0ubuntu1~edgy1_i386.deb  it just downloads an empty (0 bytes) file.  Do I have the wrong repository or am I missing a setting or something?22:17
westyim doing a version upgrade and its stuck at installing updates, its at 0% its been like that for about 30min..whats the possible cause?22:17
Odd-rationalewesty: have network connection?22:17
westyyup its done download its installling the updates22:18
westyi mean installing upgrades22:18
Odd-rationalewesty: hmm. dunno then. maybe you just need to wait longer ;)22:19
westywell should it take that long and be stuck that long ?22:19
Odd-rationalesars__: found it?22:19
sars__yap :)22:19
Odd-rationalesars__: working now?22:20
westywill it break my system if i cancel it?22:20
Odd-rationalewesty: upgrading to hardy beta?22:21
sars__cold not find package kubuntu-restricted-extras22:21
westyno from 7.0.4 to 7.1022:21
sars__To run a command as administrator (user "root"), use "sudo <command>".22:21
sars__See "man sudo_root" for details.22:21
sars__sars@Sars:~$ sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras22:21
sars__Reading package lists... Done22:21
sars__Building dependency tree22:21
sars__Reading state information... Done22:21
sars__E: Couldn't find package kubuntu-restricted-extras22:21
Odd-rationalesars__: do: sudo apt-get update then try again22:22
Ax-Axmy comp starts a ntp socket thing on boot but it doesn't make anything better.. if i kill it and run ntpdate, it corrects the time22:23
Ax-Axit's annoying22:23
=== gillbates is now known as t42fax
Ax-Axhow can i change that boot up thing?22:23
sars__ok :)22:23
Ax-Axto begin with, how can i find where it is?22:24
sars__Reading package lists... Done22:25
Odd-rationalesars__: try "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras" again22:26
chi_OKAY now i get it...i installed kde4 on the kubuntu hardy22:27
chi_and the yakuake_kde4 and konsole doesn't work, but kde3-terminal does work22:27
chi_i guess kde4 is not correct installed --- how can i find out?22:28
sars__E: Couldn't find package kubuntu-restricted-extras22:28
=== dyve is now known as Divilinux
westyhey chi goto your main partition goto etc and look for kde4 if not there then i guess you dont have22:29
Odd-rationalesars__: do you have the multiverse and universe repositories enabled?22:29
westydoes it show it there?22:30
chi_but i can not find a kde4-config file22:30
chi_but a kde-config file22:30
chi_and this file says version is 3.522:31
sourcemakeri otr encryption also available in irc?22:31
Odd-rationalesourcemaker: tor?22:32
RogueJediXsourcemaker: I may be wrong, but I think not22:32
sourcemakerRogueJediX: ok... thank22:33
RogueJediXSome servers support SSL, though22:33
sars__have the multiverse and universe repositories enabled my be i new22:33
Odd-rationalesourcemaker: it is possible to use tor with a irc client, but freenode will refuse your connection if you are using tor.22:34
Odd-rationalesars__: after you enable the multiverse an universe repo. do an sudo apt-get update again.22:35
westyhttp://paste.stgraber.org/2316  someone help with that?22:38
Odd-rationalewesty: you might want to try in #kubuntu-kde422:38
westywill do22:38
Odd-rationalesars__: are things working for you now?22:39
Ax-Axmy comp starts a ntp socket thing on boot but it doesn't make anything better.. if i kill it and run ntpdate, it corrects the time22:40
Ax-Axhow can i find and change that thing?22:40
Odd-rationalegtg bye!22:45
sars__Reading state information... Done22:53
sars__E: Couldn't find package kubuntu-restricted-extras22:53
BlackAuraokay.....I think Edgy is done......going to try rebooting, back in a bit!22:54
sars__i am happy :)22:58
sars__buy i need music22:58
=== djdarkman_______ is now known as djdarkman
=== carlos__ is now known as CARLOS_GARCIA
CARLOS_GARCIAque es esto23:03
sars__oh the sound not work in my pc23:03
sars__how can do it23:03
sars__hello carlos23:05
=== carlos__ is now known as CARLOS_GARCIA
CrellHi folks.  Silly question.  I'm trying to reassociate file:// and similar ioslaves from Dolphin back to Konqueror.  I cannot seem to locate the control panel to do so, however.  Anyone have a map they're willing to share?23:10
BlackAuraoh hells yeah!  Dapper -> Edgy complete23:11
BlackAurawith a few minor issues, ....i.e. had to remove a few packages I'll reinstall later (amarok, koffice)23:11
sars__how r u23:14
alixthedarkcan someone help me with shell scripts?23:14
Nyadperhaps, whats the question23:15
alixthedarki need to know how to make a prog where you can type the name of a file and it takes me there (sorta like a batch file)23:16
BlackAuralike takes you to a directory?23:17
Nyadso its not asking the user for a file name? its just executing a file?23:17
alixthedarkyou type name of the file and it takes you there23:17
alixthedark@echo off23:18
alixthedarkset input=23:18
alixthedarkset /p input=input:23:18
alixthedarkif %input%==google goto A23:18
alixthedarkstart http://google.com/23:18
el-fuegohello! Please help: I connect to internet, but konqueror hasnt load anything.. icq and this chart works propertly23:18
alixthedarkthat is my example script23:18
Nyaddo this.      /your/path/./Myfile.exe23:19
RogueJediXalixthedark: !paste23:19
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)23:20
BlackAuraquick question23:20
BlackAurais anyone else having problems getting .deb's from http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-356-pre-feisty-upgrade/ ?23:20
BlackAuraEverything I try to get from there is zero bytes23:20
MrJoeyI have a question about the bugzilla voting system:  If I use 20 vote points to vote on a bug, will I be able to use those vote points later after the bug has been resolved, or will those points simply be gone?23:21
RogueJediXBlackAura: Yeah, just tried downloading some random ones now. no dice23:22
BlackAuraRogueJediX: cool, not just me...thanks.......anyone know of a mirror?23:22
Nyadis there a kubuntu repository with packages compiled for bleeding-edge computers?23:27
BlackAuraSooooo, no one knows of a kubuntu.org package mirror? Since apparently some of the .deb files are broken?23:30
RogueJediXBlackAura: Sorry, can't think of any23:30
NyadBlackAura: what are you using atm? I can't help but I;m just curious23:32
BlackAuraNyad: trying to access http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde-356-pre-feisty-upgrade/ to get the packages, to upgrade to feisty, but all the .deb files are 0 bytes when downloaded.23:32
BlackAuraAlso when I was updating from dapper -> edgy, I had the same problem but managed to find a mirror....unfortunately they dont' have the pre-feisty folder mirrored23:33
Nyadbut what if you get the CD? can you upgrade it that way?23:34
BlackAurahmmm, that's quite possible...23:35
BlackAuraoh well, I've got edgy working now, who should I alert to the fact that the kubuntu.org repository is doing weird things and all .deb files are 0 bytes?23:39
iboui'd like to split tracks on a big ape file. Is it possible ?23:39
RogueJediXibou: I'm no audio expert, but I think you need a cue file for that or you could convert it to wav and do it yourself23:41
ibouRogueJediX: ok. If i have the cue file How should i porceed?23:43
RogueJediXibou: I'd first convert the ape file into something K3B can burn, then I'd burn it on a CD using the cue file and then I'd rip the tracks23:45
RogueJediXibou: There's probably an easier way, though. Like I said, I'm not an expert on such things23:45
=== carlos__ is now known as carlos_garcia
ibouRogueJediX: ok thanks23:46
carlos_garciasome body knows how to activate the windows key? i'm using kubuntu 7.1023:55
Nyadcarlos_garcia: do you want to make it open the kmenu?23:58
Nyadit is activated by default23:58
Nyadbut not for opening kmenu23:58

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