ImmersionOk, Crimsun00:00
hackeronxtknight: nope00:00
hackeronxtknight: installed by apt00:00
ImmersionCrimsun, still, nothing.00:00
xtknighthackeron, so to reproduce, all you do is type "ffmpeg" ?00:00
hackeronxtknight: yep00:00
xtknighthackeron, well i just installed it and i dont have the problem00:00
crimsundotech: install pavucontrol, then use Applications> Sound & Video> PulseAudio Device Chooser to choose your usb device00:00
hackeronxtknight: hmm, what does dpkg -l | grep x264 show?00:00
xtknightmine doesn't even depend on 26400:01
xtknightandy@andy-desktop:~$ ldd `which ffmpeg`|grep -i 26400:01
xtknightii  libx264-57                                 1:0.svn20071224-0.0ubuntu1          x264 video coding library00:01
hackeronxtknight: from multiverse?00:01
erichjxtknight: did you install ffmpeg from medibuntu repo?00:01
dotechcrimsun, i have that installed actually, and i think i set my default sink to the USB device00:01
xtknightFilename: pool/multiverse/x/x264/x264_0.svn20071224-0.0ubuntu1_amd64.deb00:01
xtknighterichj, i installed from official hardy.  im not sure about hackeron, who was having the problem, though00:02
dotechcrimsun, i also tried the "combined" virtual device00:02
crimsunImmersion: ok, then you just need a newer driver with the quirk added.00:02
dotechmaybe i'm not setting it properly00:02
hackeronxtknight: from hardy multiverse00:02
Immersioncrimsun Do you know were I'd find one, or should I go searching?00:02
crimsunImmersion: (sorry, it should be fixed in a bit.  I won't be around to test tonight, but if you're around tomorrow, perhaps I can walk you through it.)00:02
hackeronxtknight: erichj: I guess I'll just recompile with apt-build install ffmpeg until the package is fixed in multiverse00:03
xtknighthackeron, oh hold on, my x264 isnt installed. but the lib is00:03
dotechcrimsun: PulseAudio manager says Failure: Connection refused00:03
ImmersionCrimsun, I work pretty much all day tommorw. :) Another time maybe. Thank you SO much for your help.00:03
xtknightmakes no diff00:03
xtknighthackeron, so what is your ffmpeg and x264 version?  3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu7 and  1:0.svn20071224-0.0ubuntu1 here00:03
dotechso does paplay now :)00:03
sliptteesohhh god00:03
sliptteesE: linux-image-2.6.24-15-386: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 200:03
sliptteesE: linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-15-386: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured00:03
sliptteesE: linux-image-386: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured00:03
EleafI just upgraded to hardy heron, looks good so far, but I don't have sound mixing.  Only one program can use sound at one time, (example: I have to restart firefox after listening to music in exaile if I want to watch youtube videos).  Sound mixing worked fine in the previous version00:03
sliptteeswtf ?00:03
crimsundotech: err, huh.  Log out and back in?00:03
dotechcrimsun: ok :)00:04
crimsunEleaf: how did you install the Flash plugin?00:04
hackeronxtknight: 3:0.cvs20070307-5ubuntu7 for ffmpeg and 1:0.svn20071224-0.0ubuntu1 for x26400:04
crimsunEleaf: i.e., make sure you have the `libflashsupport' package installed.00:04
Eleafcrimsun, it's been installed since my previous version00:04
xtknighthackeron, what arch? amd64 here00:04
hackeronxtknight: can't remember, lol, let me check00:04
Eleafinstalling that package now crimsun00:04
Eleafcrimsun, so pulseaudio is running now?00:05
xtknighthackeron,  i dont know but you shouldnt be having the problem.  does your ffmpeg depend on x264?  type "ldd `which ffmpeg` | grep -i 264"00:05
hackeronxtknight: i68600:05
crimsunEleaf: what's the output from `ps -C pulseaudio>/dev/null;echo $?'?00:05
dotechcrimsun, ok its back now00:05
hackeronxtknight: yes, my ffmpeg depends on x26400:05
crimsun(don't include `', BTW)00:05
xtknighthackeron, thru package or thru binary?00:05
hackeronxtknight: on the version that doesn't exist :(00:05
xtknighthackeron, i mean is there an ldd line00:05
hackeronxtknight: through apt-get install ffmpeg - but I uncommented universe and multiverse in /etc/apt/sources.list00:05
melleryI had the sound hotkeys stop working on hardy, they bring up the gnome sound gui, but the volume setting on the gui doesnt affect the sound level.  using the speaker icon on the taskbar works, anyone have any ideas please?00:06
Eleafcrimsun, the result is 000:06
dotechcrimsun, i can't change the device in the PulseAudio Manager window can i?  looks like i have to click the icon at the top right00:06
crimsunmellery: set the appropriate mixer elements using System> Preferences> Sound> Devices> Default mixer tracks00:06
xtknighthackeron, odd.  im not sure how your ffmpeg depends on 264.  mine doesnt00:07
crimsundotech: right-click a stream and choose the output device00:07
hackeronxtknight: hmm, also from multiverse?00:07
sliptteeshey guys i need help00:07
xtknighthackeron, mine are all officail repos00:07
sliptteeskernel crash in install00:07
mellerycrimsun: switching from alsa to oss fixed it, thanks!00:08
dotechoh man, i tried "test" in the sound preferences window00:08
sliptteeshowto fixed it ?00:08
dotechthe tone won't stop now haha00:08
melleryhopefuly it doesnt break other things!00:08
hackeronxtknight: oh wait a second, which ffmpeg shows /usr/local/bin -- who the hell compiled it, lol00:08
xtknighthackeron, lol00:08
emet!info xchat00:08
ubotuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.4-0ubuntu6 (hardy), package size 301 kB, installed size 808 kB00:08
hackeronxtknight: sorry for the false report, lol -- /usr/bin/ffmpeg works like a charm00:09
crimsun(back later tonight.)00:09
xtknighthackeron, ahh00:09
xtknighthackeron, well that's good otherwise we'd file a bug00:09
dotechcrimsun, i must be missing something... i see the Adobe Flash in Clients but no idea how to change the device00:11
dotechright click does ntohing, double click brings up a windows with Go to Owner Module and Kill00:11
Gnine"he who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities" -voltaire00:13
dotechhow do i change the sink it is connected to?00:13
dotechthe best would be to get it connected to the combined sink00:14
dotechright now its only on alsa_output.pci which is my onboard card00:14
bod_hey guys, i cant play youtube vids with FF3 beta    what plugins do i need? how do i get them?00:22
dotechcrimsun, i'll try editing the pulseaudio config file00:24
Eleafbod_, flash00:24
bod_Eleaf, ot it version 9.0 r11500:24
EleafWhat do you mean you can't play vids?00:25
Eleafnothing shows up, or what?00:25
bod_i click on the link, the box that should show the vid is there, but its a blank grey box00:25
xtknighthmm firefox bookmarks are so confusingnow00:26
xtknighthow do you make a folder :\00:26
bod_xtknight, bookmarks-->bookmark this page-->bookmarks menu drop down--> create folder00:27
xtknightbobbo,  ah yeah  i finally figured.  thx00:28
xtknightbod_, *00:28
bod_Eleaf, any thouhts?00:28
xtknightactually u can right click on the bookmarks meun00:28
Gninetry running update, bod_00:28
xtknighti coulda sworn that was missing in b400:28
bod_Gnine, what update?00:28
Gninedo  apt-get update  in terminal00:29
bod_Gnine, how will that get flash working? is 9.0 not the latest version?00:29
Gnineif the update is positive then do  apt-get upgrade00:30
bod_Gnine, what do u mean if its positive? im doing the update now00:30
Ashexcan someone else running Kubuntu try this00:31
AshexDrag-drop an mp3 from Dolphin to an empty queue in Amarok00:31
Ashexthen hit play and tell me if Dolphin crashes00:31
Gninerepositories need update before upgrade. if the fix is stablished then thats your quickest solution. if problem persists check your flash version/installation00:32
bod_Gnine, cool, it worked dude,.,. cheers ;~)00:33
bod_any idea how to convert ogg to mpeg?00:33
dotechcrimsun: i was unable to do this through the PA GUI manager, but I used "pacmd" to get to the server's live shell so i could set the default sink, that worked00:34
dotechi set it to the combined sink, now i can remove or add my USB decoder on the fly and it works :)00:35
dotechthanks for your help00:35
Eleafbod_, convert ogg to mp3?00:40
bod_Eleaf, no mp4 mpeg (video formats) im trying cinelerra00:41
dotechAhh, under PulseAudio Volume Control->Output Devices, if you right click the devices there you have the option to make them default.00:43
EleafHey, can I run audacity in hardy?00:43
EleafI can't play/record in audacity (probably pulse audio).00:43
dotechYou can also move streams in there too. yay!00:44
keithclarkIs there a way to distribute amongst a local network the work of copying a dvd?00:45
Eleafprobably not keithclark00:45
keithclarkEleaf, too bad00:45
Eleafthere is only one dvd drive to read the dvd from..  The dvd drive is probably the bottleneck.00:46
keithclarkEleaf, I would not think so.  Download a chunk and then process.00:46
Dr_williscopying is different from 'reencoding to avi'00:48
Dr_willisdd if=/dev/dvd of=video.iso    is a copy. :)00:49
cyphaseis the new Share tab in nautilus working for anyone?00:49
chapocer1what is the path to access a firewire device? i read somewhere /dev/dv1394 or /dev/raw1394, but i dont have either of those00:50
dotechwow Sirius sucks00:51
chapocer1and it doesnt automatically mount when i plug it in..00:51
dotechyou can only log in 10 times a day then they lock you out00:51
dotechtrying to fix my sound problem all day, now im locked out ugh00:51
ethana2are nvidia drivers handled by restricted drivers manager/00:52
chapocer1ethana2, yes00:52
chapocer1mine always have been taken care of by it00:52
Boohbahanyone had troubles with firefox 3 beta 5?00:52
Turskibut i dont have00:53
Eleafhow do you use pasuspender...00:54
EleafI'm not sure what the pulseaudio server is (in the form of an argument for pasuspender)00:54
chapocer1sometimes my downloads dont show up when i tell them to.. but i have a feeling its this lame sidebar thing i have00:56
achiangbeen testing hardy on my hp nc6220 for a while now, somewhere in the upgrade process, video playback got hosed00:57
achiangnothing informative in launchpad... any clues before i file a bug?00:57
achiangwmv, ogg are the two file formats i've tested, and both seem b0rken00:57
achiangtried both totem and mplayer as well00:58
Sergeant_Ponycowbud you around?00:59
dotechso funny, after 12 hours of debugging this audio problem00:59
dotechi finally fix it, and then Sirius decides to lock me out at that exact moment00:59
dotechjust my luck :(00:59
EleafI'm not sure if hardy can get away with not supporting many audios apps like audacity.00:59
tyler_danyone help me troubleshoot a vpn connection issue00:59
Eleaf(because of pulseaudio)00:59
Eleafpulseaudio seems to use a lot of cpu usage and skips a bit.01:01
EleafWill hardy really be able to be released like that?01:01
dotechmy pulseaudio always fails01:02
cyphaseis the new Share tab in nautilus working for anyone?01:02
dotechi.e., "Cannot connect, connection refused"01:02
dotechi have to reboot to fix it01:02
dotechand im not doing anything over the network here01:02
dotechanyways, the fact that i finally fixed the audio output is awesome!01:06
dotechits all in the Volume Control, I was always looking in the Manager01:06
dotechis there any way to prevent my audio device from playing the Ubuntu Login noise when I connect it?01:07
dotechits kind of annoying :)01:07
mopheadgo to applications, add/remove and look up wifi radar01:08
mopheadwhoops, wropng channel01:09
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hmullerdotech: If you are using gnome, investigate System > Preferences > Sound01:13
level1__is there a way to re-enable the xorg.conf in hardy01:14
Dr_willisgenerate a new one with whatever tool you want. I think works01:15
level1__Dr_willis: but I changed the configuration and X just ignored it01:15
level1__I want my keyboard driver back!01:15
lordleemohow do i turn off this fookin annoying network authentcation01:15
Dr_willisNo idea then level1_  - ive seen others that add new sections to the xorg.conf.01:15
Dr_willisand those got used.01:15
Dr_williswhat keyboard driver are we talking about?01:16
hmullerlevel1__: did you restart X afterwards?  I'm using a custom xorg.conf, autoconfig just doesn't do it for me01:16
level1__Dr_willis: I changed my keyboard driver from kdb to keyboard because kdb doesnt allow you to shift function keys01:16
level1__hmuller: yeah, is there something else I have to do01:16
Nis2kQuestion, How do I report a pidgin bug?01:17
level1__should I restart01:17
Dr_willisShift FUnctionkeys.. Hmm...01:17
xtknightNis2k, out of curiousity which one?  i just reported a bug where the window wasnt flashing01:17
xtknight!launchpad | Nis2k01:17
ubotuNis2k: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/01:17
Dr_williscant recall ever doing that. :)01:17
hmullerlevel1__: That should do the trick, what is /var/log/Xorg.0.log saying?01:17
level1__Dr_willis: its because I radically remapped my keyboard01:17
Dr_willisYou Leet radical Linux User!01:17
* hmuller laughs01:18
Nis2kxtknight, every time i open it my comp freezes01:19
xtknightNis2k, do you have a launchpad acct?01:19
Nis2kxtknight, yes, from dektop bar01:19
xtknightyour whole computer freezes hard?  do you have an idea if the X server is crashing, or if there is a kernel panic?01:19
Nis2kxtknight, kernel panic01:20
Nis2kand i cant remove it01:20
xtknightwhat can you not remove?01:20
Nis2knot even from terminal01:20
level1__Dr_willis: I moved symbol keys around so that I could have the arrows keys close to my hands.  I put the question mark and the apostrophe as shift f2 and shift f4, for example01:21
level1__and now I cant use them01:21
level1__can someone type a pipe for me01:21
level1__never mind01:21
xtknightwell what happens?  "sudo apt-get remove pidgin" for example01:21
Nis2kevery time I try to remove it, it freezes qith kernel panic01:21
xtknightNis2k, that only happens when you try to remove pidgin?01:21
xtknightthis sounds more hardware related to me01:21
Nis2kxtknight o, when i try to open it tooo01:22
Nis2kxtknight, it also freezes when you try to open it.01:22
xtknightNis2k, can you pastebin a log of your kernel (it would be in /var/log/messages.x) where .x is a higher number, probably01:23
level1__(II) LoadModule: "kbd"01:23
level1__it shouldnt be doing that01:23
xtknightthis should be filed as a kernel bug, because a panic is an unhandled kernel exception, at least as far as i know.01:23
Nis2kxtknight, I didnt copy the kernel panic number01:24
xtknightNis2k, yes but ubuntu may have copied it to /var/log somewhere?01:24
hmullerlevel1__: Looks like you just stumbled onto useful information01:24
Nis2kxtknight, yes, but where?01:24
level1__hmuller: yeah01:24
xtknightNis2k, well you can look at date and time, last modified, under /var/log/  with nautilus01:24
xtknightNis2k, if you can remember the last time it crashed.  but let me ask you, what's the highest number you have of messages?  like messages.0, messages.101:25
xtknightmessages is under /var/log01:25
level1__hmuller: so what should I do01:25
EleafIs there any way to disable pulseaudio?01:25
ubotuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions01:25
Dr_willisNo idea. :) thats the only info i have on pulseaudio01:26
hmullerlevel1__: I'm only a level 1 X jedi knight,  I'm guessing this keyboard driver you are trying to use, is not present01:26
ubotuesd is the enlightened sound deamon. It's deprecated, use !alsa instead01:27
Nis2kxtknight, how do i see it?01:27
xtknightNis2k, type nautilus /var/log01:27
Nis2kxtknight, ok01:27
level1__hmuller: looks like Im gonna use gutsy until I have retroport the keyboard driver01:28
EleafI just can't get audacity to work in hardy01:28
xtknightmy audacity works01:28
level1__because thats just stupid01:28
EleafI killed pulseaudio, and audio still won't play01:28
Eleafhow xtknight ?01:28
hmullerlevel1__: This keyboard driver you mentioned earlier doesn't seem to be installed in a standard X install, where does it come from?01:28
xtknightEleaf, i dont know.  by default.  it seems to be using ALSA output plugin tho01:28
xtknightEleaf, i used to have problems with mplayer if i didn't use -ao pulseaudio option.  updates fixed it.01:28
EleafI don't get it, audacity CAN'T use pulseaudio.01:29
xtknightya mine doesnt work w/ pulseaudio, it does w/ alsa01:29
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:29
jblackHas anyone upgraded to hardy tonight, and found that they can no longer browse google.com and  ubuntu.com ?01:30
Eleafxtknight, how do you get it to run with alsa?01:30
xtknightjblack, works for me01:30
xtknightEleaf, i dont know.  it just worked by default ??01:30
hmullerjblack: works for me also01:30
xtknightEleaf, alsa output in the preferences01:30
EleafI know, but you can't use alsa with pulseaudio01:30
hmullerjblack: but I am working from a fresh hardy install also ...01:30
Eleafpulseaudio takes over alsa and no other soundserver/application can access alsa directly01:30
dotechhmuller: thanks!01:30
xtknightEleaf, i dont know if im using pulesaudio01:30
Eleafxtknight, so if pulseaudio is running, programs can't use alsa directly01:30
xtknightdoesn't hardy have pulseaudio enabled by default?01:30
dotechxtknight, yes01:31
Eleafxtknight, type ps aux | grep pulse in a terminal for a sec01:31
hmullerdotech: I can't remember what I did, but you are most welcome01:31
xtknightEleaf, yes i have several pulse running01:31
xtknightandy      6832  0.1  0.1 148324  6644 ?        Sl   19:47   0:03 /usr/bin/pulseaudio --log-target=syslog01:31
jblackOk. Found it. I had another copy of firefox running on a different window.01:31
Sergeant_PonyEleaf: I have all options setup in sound pref's to use pulse audio01:31
dotechhmuller: told me how to change the investigate system sounds :)01:31
EleafSergeant_Pony, in audacity?01:31
xtknighti didnt touch any settings anywhere and it just worked01:31
hmullerdotech: ahh yes, the low hanging fruit!  =)01:31
Eleafwow, can you record too?01:31
xtknighti'm not sure01:32
Sergeant_Ponyoh, sorry... never mind I never used audacity01:32
Eleafbut you can play files?01:32
xtknighti can play files ya01:32
xtknightsorry im using audacious not audacity01:32
xtknightmy bad01:32
dotechhmuller, temporarily i just disabled the log in sound... no idea why it was playing that when i connected a new usb device though01:32
xtknightlet me try audacity01:32
dotechi do still want the actual log in sound, but i can deal without it for now haha01:33
bluefoxxi love alltray XD01:33
xtknightEleaf, i can also play files in audacity by default.  both audacity and audacious01:33
EleafI get this about 30 times when I open audacity:  Expression 'ret' failed in 'src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c', line: 103401:33
EleafExpression 'AlsaOpen( hostApi, parameters, streamDir, &pcm )' failed in 'src/hostapi/alsa/pa_linux_alsa.c', line: 106601:33
xtknightsounds like an incorrect default device or soething01:34
xtknightmy alsa runs fine with pulseaudio side by side01:34
xtknightno warnings in console01:34
EleafI wonder how I set it to the right device, I tried every options in preferences, all of which are what I normallly use01:34
xtknightpreferences sound i suppose01:34
dotechif you use pulseaudio, get the pulseaudio device chooser01:35
xtknightdoes Test in preferences->Sound give you sound?01:35
Eleafxtknight, all other programs work with sound01:35
Eleafof course.01:35
dotechyou will have a little "line in" icon in the top right01:35
Eleafsounds works fine in all others01:35
dotechopen the Volume manager in that01:35
dotechit lets you move any sink that applications use01:35
dotechand set the default sink01:35
Eleafwell, I'm trying without pulseaudio right now01:35
xtknightEleaf, maybe audacity is trying to open a bit rate that your device doesn't support.  or something.  i'm really not sure01:35
Eleafdotech, pulseaudio with other programs works okay01:35
Eleafxtknight, why would it be so slow?01:35
dotechEleaf, is the problem just no sound?01:36
xtknightEleaf, slow?01:36
Eleaftakes about 20 seconds to close the preferences window01:36
Eleafdotech, yeah, and slow in audacity01:36
xtknightEleaf, run gnome-sound-properties in terminal and watch for errors01:36
Eleafalso this error in audacity:  Expression 'tempDevHandle = open( deviceInfo->name, flags )' failed in 'src/hostapi/oss/pa_unix_oss.c', line: 69001:36
Eleafthe problem is only audacity xtknight01:37
dotechEleaf, slow not sure about, for no sound you can open the volume control and in the playback tab it should show any streams01:37
xtknightEleaf, which preferences dialog is slow?01:37
Eleafnope, no errors with gnome-sound01:37
Eleafxtknight, edit -> preferences in audacity01:37
dotechif you have the stream there you can make sure it is going to the right device, if it is then there's something else goin gon01:37
Eleafdotech, what do you mean?01:37
EleafI'm not using pulseaudio right now, for debugging01:37
xtknightEleaf, my devices are set to OSS there01:38
Eleafjust plain audacity -> alsa01:38
Nis2kxtknight, i cant find the log01:38
dotechEleaf, yeah i know, if you switch back to it you can try that though01:38
dotechjust suggesting something to look at01:38
xtknightNis2k, so it's not in messages.0 or messages.1, or messages.2, etc01:38
Nis2kmhh lemme see01:38
dotechEleaf, for example, Flash wouldn't play sound, but paplay would01:39
EleafI can't even get audacity to work with alsa01:39
EleafI get sound in flash01:39
dotechi had to change the sink for Flash in that thing01:39
Eleafall my sound programs work but audacity... I need audacity to do some recording01:39
dotechmaybe it wasn't using the correct source in audacity then?01:39
EleafI use audacity every other day normally, I also had this problem in gutsy, I thought upgrading might help.01:39
xtknightNis2k, so you're getting a true kernel panic where your keyboard lights are flashing?01:40
Eleafdotech, how would I change that?  I tried every option in preferences for output/input01:40
Nis2kxtknight, no, not in messages .001:40
Nis2kneither in messages01:40
Eleafnone results in playability/recordability, audacity just says the soundcard is in use01:40
Nis2kxtknight, yes i had a kernel panic01:40
xtknightEleaf, maybe check permissions on /dev/dsp ?01:40
xtknighti dunno why it's only audacity though01:41
xtknightNis2k, ok somehow you will have to dump this01:41
Nis2kbefore, it said something like unable to sync something01:41
* Dr_willis installs audacity01:41
xtknightNis2k, "If the crash completely locks the system, try rebooting to a known working kernel and see if any backtrace was logged to /var/log/kern.log.0 ."01:42
dotechEleaf, sorry i haven't tried any audio input yet01:42
Eleafaudacity takes a very long time to startup..01:42
xtknightNis2k, also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebuggingSystemCrash01:42
Eleafnormally it's almost instant, not it takes about 9 seconds01:42
dotechanyone here use more than 2 monitors?01:42
Eleafand those errors show many times in the terminal01:42
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xtknightdotech, at times, 2 monitors and tvout01:42
Nis2kxtknight, ok ill check it, and then report it backhe ere01:42
Eleafshould I be using the generic kernel?01:43
xtknightEleaf, what are you using?01:43
dotechmy configuration is actually 2 1680x1050 monitors on the left and right, 1050x1680 in teh center01:43
xtknightgeneric sure01:43
xtknightoh nice01:43
dotechwas just curious how much pain i'm in for :)01:43
xtknightdotech, what video card.01:43
EleafI hear there are huge audio problems whether you use one or the other.01:43
dotechi have 2 7600gt cards01:43
Eleafrestart... grr.01:43
xtknightNis2k, ok.  basically i think that site tells you to reproduce the crash, then press alt +sysrq+ 1 (one)01:43
xtknightNis2k, When the crash occurs, press Alt+SysRq+1 (one, not L) followed by Alt+SysRq+t.01:43
xtknightIf the system is sufficiently alive, it will also be logged to /var/log/kern.log and visible in the output from dmesg.01:43
Sergeant_Ponyis there a config file I canlook at for pulse audio?01:43
xtknightdotech, nvidia is easy to use01:44
xtknighti have nvidia01:44
dotechSergeant_Pony, i have some things you can check01:44
dotechSergeant_Pony, i fixed my problem01:44
xtknightdang what's with all the pulse problems01:44
dotechxtknight, nice, i'll be doing that in an hour or so01:44
Sergeant_Ponydotech I have pulse audio working 100% until I reboot01:44
xtknightdotech, feel free to ask questions01:44
xtknightdotech, i actually use nouveau open source drier01:44
dotechSergeant_Pony, what are you using to configure pulseaudio?01:44
Sergeant_Ponydotech I did it all from commandline01:45
dotechxtknight, is that better than the nvidia for what im trying to do?01:45
dotechSergeant_Pony, thats why, the settings won't be saved01:45
dotechdid you use pacmd?01:45
xtknightdotech, somewhat yes.  it's a really early stage driver and harder to install though.  it has extremely limited 3d support01:45
xtknightdotech, but it cooperates with X server and ubuntu applets better.01:45
xtknightso you might consider it someday01:45
dotechthats the CLI for the pulseaudio server, lets you change settings on the fly but they aren't preserved between reboots01:45
Sergeant_Ponydotech oh, ok01:46
dotechxtknight, hmm i'll have to check it out01:46
xtknightdotech, #nouveau01:46
xtknightthey welcome testers01:46
dotechi don't do too much with games so 3d acceleration isn't really a problem01:46
xtknightkeep in mind it's alpha though so expect bugs.  but i ran it with 2d for days and nothing but smooth performance01:46
dotechmostly just development, hence my portrait oriented monitor in the center :)01:46
Dr_willis audacity  seems to be workign fine here.01:47
dotechnot to mention that websites look awesome in that format01:47
xtknightand configurable multimonitor.  you can rotate one monitor independent from the others.  keep in mind support is a little limited as well, not many people use it yet, but i can show you what i did01:47
dotechSergeant_Pony, the PulseAudio tool in the top right with the audio cable01:47
dotechclick that and go to Volume Control01:47
xtknighti mean #nouveau is basically a developer channel01:47
jcarey75Eleaf: I just installed audacity also, just doing some general testing, works so far though. standard Hardy amd64 install01:47
penis there anyway to change resolution of grub?01:47
dotechSergeant_Pony, the first tab is "Playback", start playing your audio stream and see if the application appears there01:47
ubotuInformation about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub01:48
dotechif it does, right click and make sure the sink is correct01:48
xtknightpen: ^01:48
level1hmuller: I have a reliable internet connection now01:48
penxtknight: :)01:48
dotechSergeant_Pony, also, in the "Output devices" tab, right click the "Simultaneous output" device and click Default01:48
level1hmuller: do you think there is anything I can do besides file a bug report?01:48
xtknightdotech, actually if you want to do it soon i can just help you get started w/ nouveau01:48
Dr_willisi will point out im using KDE not gnome. :) so not sure how tha taffexts pulseaudio01:48
hmullerlevel1:  this is the keyboard driver issue?01:48
dotechxtknight, i'll be doing it soon, i just needed my audio working so i could put my windows machine back01:49
dotechafter the hockey game :)01:49
xtknightfine by me01:49
xtknightill be here pretty much all night anyways01:49
xtknightvacation ;)01:49
dotechhaha nice01:49
xtknightand the first thing i wanna do is test hardy!01:49
xtknightaren't i such a geek01:49
dotechits way better than installing vista01:49
Sergeant_Ponydotech now it won't play my cd... gstreamer error... it worked before01:49
penxtknight: I want to grub menu resolution not the splash01:50
xtknightpen, hm i dont really know.  does the grub menu need to look that good? :p01:50
Sergeant_Ponydotech... connection refused01:50
hmullerlevel1:  this was the keyboard driver issue?01:50
penxtknight: I have a cool cosmos backgroun want to add to it01:50
xtknightpen, i think it uses some dos mode like 720x480 or something.  not sure if there's anything you can do01:50
dotechSergeant_Pony, i've had that happen too and i really want to figure that out... a reboot will fix it01:50
penxtknight: but with low resolution it looks awful01:50
xtknightpen, but perhaps modifying&recompiling grub would do it.01:50
dotechSergeant_Pony, i think as long as settings aren't changed it wont happen, but as we mess aroudn with it it happens01:50
penxtknight: how ?01:51
penxtknight: is there a wiki for it?01:51
xtknightif you're lucky you can change a fb mode from like 0x370 to 0x888 or w/e your fb code is01:51
Sergeant_PonyI'm going to reboot01:51
xtknightpen, doubt it.  but im not sure01:51
dotechwe should figure that out01:51
dotechpulseaudio randomly dies if you change too many sound settings :)01:51
level1hmuller: yes01:52
hmullerlevel1: How did you install this driver in Gutsy?01:52
xtknightpen, does this at all help you http://ph.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=11969601:53
level1hmuller: by installing gutsy.  It came with gutsy01:53
penxtknight: ha, I was just on the archive version of that thread ;D01:53
hmullerlevel1: Then I think the next reasonable step would be to initiate a bug, you have a launchpad account?01:54
level1hmuller: I'm not going to switch to hardy unless i can fix this01:54
level1hmuller: yeah01:54
level1hmuller: I'm about to01:54
penxtknight: thx for the full version :)01:54
xtknightlevel1, what again is the problem?01:55
level1xtknight: I can't use the "keyboard" driver in place of the "kbd" driver in hardy01:55
level1xtknight: I could in gutsy01:55
=== Javid is now known as Javid-
xtknightlevel1, ah xserver-xorg-input-keyboard vs xserver-xorg-input-kbd ?01:57
level1xtknight: yeah01:57
dotechanyone know how to save the settings for pulseaudio?01:57
hmullerlevel1: There must be a way to install or upgrade a Gutsy package to Hardy, but I haven't done that yet and don't know how01:58
xtknightlevel1, well it is the same thing as kbd in gutsy01:58
xtknightlevel1, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=xserver-xorg-input-keyboard&searchon=sourcenames&suite=gutsy&section=all01:58
level1xtknight: except I'm not sure they were ever seperate packages because there is no input-keyboard package in gutsy01:58
dotechSergeant_Pony, i guess the settings in the Volume Control aren't persistent either, I just rebooted and it reverted01:58
xtknightlevel1, keyboard is a source pkg that builds 'kbd'.  so they are not separate.01:58
level1I stand corrected01:58
xtknightkeyboard probably would give you no install candidate or link to kbd01:58
xtknightbut anyway how are you tryig to use keyboard?  what is the diff ?01:59
level1xtknight: kbd won't shift function keys01:59
level1xtknight: which includes apostrophe, question mark, vertical pipe, and some other stuff on my keyboard layout01:59
xtknightlevel1, is this a different driver you specified in xorg.conf?  both 'kbd' and 'keyboard' in xorg.conf worked in gutsy?01:59
Sergeant_Ponyyup, same here01:59
xtknightlevel1, i mean 'keyboard' gave you extra functionality in gutsy?01:59
level1xtknight: yeah02:00
level1xtknight: but xorg loads kbd even why keyboard is selected in xorg.conf in hardy02:00
xtknightlevel1, they both provide only one library, kbd_drv.so02:00
xtknightmaybe an X server update has caused a regression02:01
level1xtknight: I tried to installed the gutsy binary package in hardy but dpkg absolutely refuses to do it02:01
xtknightdpkg --force-all can, but it's dangerous02:01
level1I may just force it02:01
xtknightit probably won't work02:01
xtknightthe library is a different version than your Xorg.  gutsy has 7.2, hardy has 7.302:01
level1because the only other option is to reinstall gutsy02:01
xtknightwell not really.  let's see what the problem is first02:01
level1xtknight: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-keyboard/+bug/21260202:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212602 in xserver-xorg-input-keyboard ""keyboard" driver no longer availible in hardy" [Undecided,New]02:02
xtknighti mean all you might have to do is recompile xorg 7.3's keyboard driver02:02
xtknightand stick it in hardy02:02
level1xtknight: okay02:02
dotechSergeant_Pony: i am searching for a way to save the settings02:02
level1xtknight: I know how to program but I don't know how to package stuff, can you walk me through it?02:02
xtknightlevel1, yea i can help you build a pkg for it.  but hmm... i wanna see first what the difference between the gutsy and hardy pkg is.  that's the first step.  e.g., why gutsy has a keyboard driver and hardy does not.  or does hardy's xorg just not load keyboard properly, does keyboard even exist, etc...02:03
level1xtknight: I heard that 7.3 isn't as xorg.conf centric; is it possible hardy is simply ignoring my xorg.conf?02:04
level1seems probable02:04
xtknightthats what im thinkin02:04
Sergeant_Ponydotech ok02:05
level1xtknight: how would I find out?02:05
hmullerlevel1: xtknight: 7.3 uses my custom xorg.conf just fine02:05
xtknightlevel1, well im looking at the differences between packages right now.  one sec02:05
level1hmuller: its possible it ignores xorg.conf in parts02:05
dotechSergeant_Pony, i think it's the /etc/pulse/daemon.conf or /etc/pulse/client.conf file02:05
jordan_level1, I don't think that Xorg would simply ignore your xorg.conf02:05
jordan_level1, What makes you think that it is?02:06
=== freeman_ is now known as freeman
hmullerlevel1: The only section  I did not customize is the kbd inputdevice section02:06
Sergeant_Ponydotech brb02:06
level1jordan_: in my Xorg.0.log, it says "loading module kbd" but it doesn't say anything like "could not load keyboard, loading kbd instead"02:07
level1jordan_: so that says to me that xorg wasnt even aware that I wanted keyboard02:07
jordan_level1, Can you pastebin your xorg.conf ?02:08
xtknightlevel1, how about you use startx -- -logverbose 602:09
xtknightor whatever the command is02:09
level1jordan_: it'll take me a moment02:09
xtknightya that's it02:09
dotechcrimsun, do you know how to save the changes made in the PulseAudio Volume Control?  the changes are not persistent across reboots02:09
xtknightlevel1, here is a DIFF of gutsy vs hardy's kbd src package.  http://rafb.net/p/sq3QdC79.html02:10
jordan_level1, I heard somewhere that keyboard was being deprecated02:11
level1oh, btw, I look forward to the day when pcspkr is disabled by default02:11
level1jordan_: I'm not suprised, nor do I really care02:11
dunnix I woke up this morning with a ubuntu update message suggesting a "partial upgrade"  I did it, and now firefox 3.0 is not there... I am using 8.04 hardy   any ideas?02:12
dotechdunnix go to synapse and install firefox 302:13
dotechit will work now02:13
jordan_dunnix, Make sure that ubuntu-desktop is installed02:13
dotechthere was a dependancy issue earlier that caused the problem02:13
Sergeant_Ponydotech back02:13
dunnixyeah thats why I'm doin, should i be worried about any other missing software?02:13
dotechi dont think so02:13
dotechworked fine for me02:13
jordan_dunnix, As long as you have the ubuntu-desktop meta-package, no02:14
level1xtknight: startx didn't work at all this time, and the Xorg.0.log isn't any different anyways02:14
level1let me try kdm02:14
dotechSergeant_Pony, okay, i'm still looking02:14
dunnixthanks jordan_ and dotech!02:14
ader10Half of my applications fail to load (I think it's a gtk problem). Any help/ideas please?02:14
bobbo85Hi all, is there any way to make mplayer's volume not affect other programs like Rhythmbox?02:15
ader10I'm attempting to load brasero mainly, and it never gets past a blank window02:15
xtknightlevel1, hmm?02:15
xtknightlevel1, well startx should be independent of display manager i think.02:15
xtknightlevel1, you can try "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" and then "startx -- -logverbose 6" (it is that exact cmd with -- -).02:16
* ader10 proudly hasn't typed startx since slackware02:16
penis fb enabled by default?02:16
crdlbader10: did you try running in a terminal perhaps?02:16
ader10crdlb: Yes, it simply makes a newline and stops02:16
ader10by stops, I mean, stuck in an infinite loop or something02:17
jordan_bobbo, mplayers volume control doesn't affect any of my other apps, though I don't use Rhythmbox02:17
xtknightlevel1, "Also remove old code only needed for obsolete "keyboard" driver"02:17
xtknightthis is what i see in the diff02:17
Sergeant_Ponydotech after all that work now I cna't get it to work...02:17
crdlbader10: such as the gtk mainloop :)02:17
dotechSergeant_Pony, what is the problem now?02:17
level1xtknight: oh I missed the --02:17
ader10hah, now even gnome-terminal won't staryt02:17
level1xtknight: well, lets just underemove it02:18
xtknightlevel1, if i were you i'd just leave that bug filed.  except change it to "kbd driver does not support function key shfting" or w/e your bug was02:18
bobbo85jordan_, for me I don't know why but music programs such as amarok will go silent if i turn the volume down on a movie playing in mplayer02:19
Krzzzzhello folks02:19
xtknightlevel1, and you can mark it as a regression02:19
Krzzzzdoes anyone here have any experience with Gnome-voice-control?02:20
ader10Since gnome-terminal won't start up maybe I can try running brasero on a virtual terminal. What's the program called that does something like "fake framebuffer" to run x programs in terminal02:20
dotechSergeant_Pony, i'm going to edit my pulseaudio daemon config manually02:20
level1xtknight: well, if its not fixed by the final release (and i have a feeling it won't) I'll have to move back to gutsy02:20
level1xtknight: so its better for me just to recompile it02:21
xtknightlevel1, you can help get it fixed by the time hardy is released02:21
level1xtknight: I guess02:21
level1xtknight: can you help me learn enough of the technology to fix it?02:21
KrzzzzThe panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_VoiceControlApplet".02:21
xtknightlevel1, if you fix it by recompiling something then you can request a new version of that package02:21
Sergeant_Ponydotech I followed the directions given to me by cowbud and now it don't want to work02:21
xtknightlevel1, yeah ill help you with all the launchpad fuzzy stuff02:21
Krzzzzi get that mistake when i try to add an applet to the panels02:21
ader10Meh... I'll just restart the box. It's probably some runaway daemon.02:22
xtknightlevel1, i would try Xorg 'git'02:22
xtknightfor that driver at least02:22
level1xtknight: I meant more the X technology stuff.  I know C but I really don't understand Xorg02:22
level1xtknight: I'd rather just modify ubuntu's source package...  its a lot easier for me02:22
xtknightlevel1, oh well i have no idea about xorg code either much.  i gues i know a little about it.  but i'm just suggesting compiling the new keyboard driver from xorg git02:22
xtknightlevel1, what we'd do is compile the new keyboard driver from git.  if it fixes it, we'd diff the original ubuntu package against it and suggest that as a patch.02:23
level1xtknight: but I thought the ubuntu was trying to get rid of keyboard02:23
xtknightlevel1, well kbd or w/e02:23
dotechSergeant_Pony do you just not have sound?02:23
level1xtknight: so they won't accept it as a patch02:23
xtknightlevel1, i mean a newer version of kbd might support what you want02:23
level1xtknight: unlikely02:23
level1xtknight: theres probably some developer that thinks its a feature02:24
level1"who would ever want to shift a function key?"02:24
xtknightwell ask in #Xorg02:24
xtknightprobably the best /easiest idea right now02:24
protonchrislevel1: doesn't hurt to ask02:25
jordan_level1, So you are planning on just continuously maintaining keyboard for yourself as Xorg moves on instead of trying to get kbd to do what you need?02:25
xtknightit is compelling, although probably best to solve root of the problem.  most of the developres are willing to implement patches, especially if other people post premade patches.02:26
level1jordan_: theoretically, I could get keyboard without having to modify code that I'm not familiar with and introduce new bugs02:27
bobbo85Where do I select the default application for ipods in Hardy?  I don't see it in "removable devices and media"02:29
rwwHey, everyone. My hardy install just froze up: I can still see my windows and everything on screen, but they don't respond to keyboard or mouse input. This was in my syslog: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62275/ . Anyone have any ideas?02:29
level1xtknight: #xorg is such a quiet channel02:29
mohamed_hello all i'm running mplayer play mpeg files and got this error " AO: [pulse] Failed to connect to server:Connection refused " anyone help ?02:29
dotechmohamed_, restart pulseaudio02:30
dotechor reboot :)02:30
mohamed_dotech: i didn't deal with pulseaudio b4 :)02:30
xtknightlevel1, i'd have to understand what exactly the functionality was though because i dont know what shifting function keys means02:30
mohamed_dotech:  now it exist instead of alsa ?02:30
rwwOh, I forgot to mention: everything works if I reboot it, but this is the second time it's happened (seemingly at random), so I figure I should fix it.02:30
dotechmohamed_, what does 'ps -ef | grep pulse' say?02:30
dotechmohamed_, pulseaudio actually controls alsa02:31
dotechi think02:31
mohamed_dotech: 25932 25915  0 03:31 pts/1    00:00:00 grep pulse02:31
dotechyea the service isn't running, i'm not sure why it keeps shutting down02:31
level1xtknight: using xmodmap its possible to extensively remap your keyboard, but there is a lot of unexpected behavior and gotchas02:32
dotecha reboot would fix that, or you could manually start it again02:32
mohamed_dotech: but i hear sound or this not related ?02:32
dotechoh you actually hear sound?02:32
jordan_level1, Yes, but you will have to constantly modify keyboard to keep it up to date with new versions of Xorg, vs having Xorg maintain kbd with a new feature02:32
dotechi guess it depends how alsa is configured, you can still have sound without pulse02:33
mohamed_dotech: yes i hear sound only this error appear with mplayer02:33
level1xtknight: one of them is that if you try to map a key that is physically a function key to something like - with ? being shift-function key, it doesn't work02:33
level1xtknight: that function key will produce - even if your holding the shift button02:33
level1jordan_: I don't think we understand eachother02:33
mohamed_dotech: pulse installed by default of i should install it ?02:34
dotechin hardy it is installed by default02:34
level1jordan_: I'll keep modifing my keyboard to the end of time and be happy, just as long as Xorg gives me the power to do so02:34
level1jordan_: but this is getting in the way02:34
dotechyou jus tneed to restart teh pulse service, im looking up how you cna do that now02:34
xtknightlevel1, how did you originally find out only "keyboard" worked02:34
level1xtknight: somewhere in a forum02:34
level1xtknight: from like 4 years ago, haha02:35
level1xtknight: when I first realized the problem02:35
=== Javid- is now known as DarthGates
level1jordan_: do you still want my xorg.cong and Xorg.0.logs?02:36
zylcheis gnome-panel going to have the minimum panel size as 25 now? I preferred 23 :(02:36
xtknightlevel1, at around line 7097 and below is where i start seeing changes to code02:36
jordan_level1, Yes02:36
Dogma_So, is anyone here running Ubuntu on a mac Via Paralells? I'm trying to decide if that might be a better option to dual booting.02:36
xtknighti mean possibly pertinent changes02:36
jordan_Dogma_, I don't expect that it would be much different than running in VMware02:37
zylchealso, is anyone else experiencing problems with wireless expresscards not being recognised? atheros-based.02:37
Dogma_jordan_, thats right.02:37
bonbonthejonAnyone know if it is possible to run kubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-kde4-desktop on the same hardy machine?02:37
Dr_willisbonbonthejon,  i am doing that now.02:37
xtknightkbdmap is a good keyword to look at in that diff file02:37
rwwDogma_: last time I used it, it worked fine. I'm running Ubuntu via Wubi inside my Windows install, though, so I don't know if it stopped working fine.02:37
xtknightlots of kbdmap changes i dunno02:37
dotechSergeant_Pony yep?02:38
bonbonthejonDr_willis: how do I switch between them? just select in KDM?02:38
Dr_willisbonbonthejon,  yes.02:38
Sergeant_Ponydotech any luck? I'm not... it's broken again02:38
Dr_williskde4 is still very lacking02:38
bonbonthejonDr_willis: any problems so far?02:38
VeN0mizeranyone else have their firefox broken by the latest slew of upgrades?02:38
bonbonthejonDr_willis: yeah, that's why i want to do both02:38
Dogma_rww, Thanks. At the moment I'm having alot of troubles getting all my hardware to work with 8.04, so I think it might work better if I virutalize it.02:38
dotechSergeant_Pony, go to the volume control and make sure the playback stream is going to the right device02:38
Dr_willisbonbonthejon,  other then 2x the icons in themenus from each kde then kde4 app.. not really02:38
dotechi'm still lookign for a way to make the changes persistent02:38
Dr_willisbonbonthejon,  i do think some of the kde redundant apps got removed the other day however.02:39
rwwDogma_: Yeah, if 8.04 isn't working with your hardware, you definitely want to go with virtualization, especially if you don't need 3D acceleration.02:39
bonbonthejonDr_willis: sounds good. I'm going to need to start submitting some of the bugs I see02:39
level1http://pastebin.ca/973349 jordan_ sorry I can't use nopaste, its not working for me for some reason.  this is my Xorg.0.log02:39
dotechmohamed_ if you log out and log back in pulse should restart02:39
Dogma_rww, Paralells recently released 3d acceleration.02:39
xtknighthow do i compile an ubuntu kernel with one more config option enabled and a small patch?02:39
mohamed_thx dotech, i will do after i finish some tasks02:39
Dr_willisbonbonthejon,  it does look like. for example if there was Kgolf for KDE and Kgolf for kde4, the kgolf kde3 version got removed.02:39
level1http://pastebin.ca/973354 jordan_ this is xorg.conf02:40
Sergeant_Ponydotech I'm not sire.. output lists 3 different things02:40
dotechmohamed_, if it keeps happening there's probably some debug we can enable to get more info02:40
bonbonthejonDr_willis: that I can live with. The biggest problem was trying to use OpenOffice messed up a lot of the graphics02:40
dotechSergeant_Pony, your output devices?02:40
Dr_willisi dont use OOo much at all02:40
mohamed_dotech: i will restart  now and  look what will happen02:41
Sergeant_Ponydotech it lists 3 in pulseaudio volume control02:41
dotechSergeant_Pony, right click the one you want your sound to go to, Simultaneous is the device that sends it to all of your sound devices02:41
dotechand select Default02:41
Sergeant_PonyALSA PCM on front:0 (ALC861 Analog) via DMA02:41
bonbonthejonDr_willis: I have a 30+ page paper to write and I've been using OOo. For some reason I don't like the way Kword works.02:41
dotechthen start playing something that has sound and click the Playback tab02:42
Dr_willisI tend to just use abiword.02:42
dotechyou should see the application there02:42
dotechif you right click it you can do "Move to sink" and move it to the sink that you want02:42
Sergeant_Ponydotech I don't see that option02:42
Dogma_Curious question, would you be able to enable compiz fusion on OS X, since it is a Unix system?02:43
Sergeant_PonyI'm in pulseaudio volume control02:43
dotechSergeant_Pony, which option?02:43
Sergeant_Ponyright click and make default02:43
dotechSergeant_Pony, yep, in the Output Devices tab?02:43
dotechSergeant_Pony, right click somewhere between the orange bars, that should work02:43
Sergeant_Ponyok... I made a default02:44
rwwAnyone have any idea about http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62275/ ?02:44
Sergeant_PonySimultaneous output to ALSA PCM on front:0 (ALC861 Analog) via DMA02:44
dotechSergeant_Pony, move to the Playback tab and start playing something with sound02:44
bonbonthejonDr_willis: you played with plasmoids much? I have two questions: (1) how do I add more comics to the comics viewer. (2) I've heard you can add OSX widgets to plasma but there is no option to install more widgets.02:44
dotechSergeant_Pony, you should see the stream appear there02:44
Dr_willisbonbonthejon,  never noticed adding any new ones.. and no idea on OSx at all.02:45
Dr_willisId heard the GOAL was to use OSx widgets also. but not sure if thats doable yet02:45
protonchrisrww: my first guess would be that it is related to fglrx (ati driver).  I would try a different drive (non-restricted).02:45
jordan_level1, And I assume you have tried leaving 'Option          "XkbOptions"    "lv3:ralt_switch"' but changing Driver to "kbd" ? If it is ignoring your xorg.conf section it might be because it assumes the options must be invalid with an 'invalid' driver?02:45
bonbonthejonDr_willis: documentation on widgets seems to be limited02:45
Sergeant_Pony: Playback Stream02:45
Sergeant_Ponystill no sound02:46
Dr_willisbonbonthejon,  like the rest of kde4 :)02:46
cyclonutanyone else amazed at how much the latest round of updates stink? :(02:46
Dr_willisbonbonthejon,  its proberly somthing all in the source code. :) and only the devs know for sure02:46
dotechSergeant_Pony, right click that stream between the bars "Move Stream..."02:46
bonbonthejonDr_willis: sounds like I need to do some code diving02:46
dotechSergeant_Pony, which device has the check mark? if its not simultaneous, pick that02:47
cyclonutI've now got a super-crashy Firefox and a machine that lost all the thermal advantages Hardy had going for it until today :(02:47
Dogma_Firefox was fine for me.02:47
cyclonutI get crashes constantly, plus div flickering02:48
cyclonutI am also bitter that most of my extensions arent updated yet :-P02:48
rwwprotonchris: is there an alternative to fglrx with 3D acceleration?02:48
protonchriscyclonut: are you using any extensions?  If so, try disabling.02:48
cyclonutprotonchris: will do02:48
cyclonutrww: aiglx02:48
protonchriscyclonut: are you using beta4 or beta5?  beta5 package is out today.02:49
rwwcyclonut: nope, it's my initials02:49
level1jordan_: hold on let my check that02:49
bonbonthejonprotonchris: how can you tell the difference?02:49
protonchrishelp>About Mozilla Firefox02:50
cyclonutrww: ah02:50
bonbonthejonprotonchris: oh, firefox02:50
cyclonutprotonchris: beta 502:50
dotechcyclonut, what website crashes?02:50
protonchrisrww: I would try a 2D driver for now and see if you get lockups.02:50
=== jordan_ is now known as Jordan_U
crimsundotech: use padevchooser02:50
cyclonutdotech: youtube, dailymotion, addictinggames02:51
protonchrisbonbonthejon: Yeah, I should of be more specific :)02:51
rwwprotonchris: Probably a good plan. I guess I can live without compiz for a while XD02:51
crimsundotech: left-click the tray icon, and set the default sink02:51
dotechcrimsun i am using that02:51
dotechcrimsun, the volume settings revert after a reboot too02:51
crimsunthey're saved here02:52
cyclonuthowever, disabling my extensions seems to hae helped02:52
Sergeant_Ponydotech I have it working... how do I keep it?02:52
dotechSergeant_Pony, i wish i knew haha02:52
dotechim trying to get my settings to stick02:52
cyclonutalso seeing what looks like memory leakage. Memory isnt returning to free after using software02:52
dotechcrimsun, Sergeant_Pony's settings are reverting too02:53
hotmonkeyluvIs there, or has there ever been, XMMS for ubuntu Hardy Heron x64?02:53
cyclonutIve used firefox and x-chat, and I am at 100mb over normal :\02:53
Sergeant_Ponycowbud said something about ctrl z and db? or something like that...02:53
dotechnot sure02:54
crimsundotech: in pavucontrol's Output Devices, did you set the default device?02:54
cyclonutIll just wait out the next bout of updates I guess02:54
cyclonutah, the joys of beta :)02:54
level1Jordan_U: I commented out the options that refer to kbd and it did not fix the problem02:54
Sergeant_PonyI did and on a reboot it goes back to oss02:54
dotechcrimsun, yes, i set it to the Simultaneous device and it changes and works, but when i reboot it is back to the onboard device02:54
mohamed_dotech, i restart and nothing changed02:55
dotechyou still have that connect error?02:55
mohamed_when playing files with vlc no error exist02:56
mohamed_only exist in case of mplayer02:56
Jordan_Ulevel1, That is not what I meant, I meant to make it like this: http://pastebin.ca/97337102:56
dotechcrimsun, maybe if i quit pavucontrol after making the changes it will save?02:56
Sergeant_Ponydotech try it02:57
dotechgood thing this computer is fast, i'm rebooting a lot :)02:57
Sergeant_Ponysame here02:57
crimsundotech: I can't reproduce your errors here, but I'm using 0.9.1002:57
crimsundotech: you can pull my changes from bzr02:58
dotechcrimsun, ok thanks, i'm trying to help Sergeant_Pony too since he has the same problem02:58
dotechSergeant_Pony, reverted still02:59
Sergeant_Pony is there a conf file or something that can be edited?02:59
dotechSergeant_Pony, i think there's a user specific config in your home directory03:00
dotechbut this tool should edit it03:00
mohamed_dotech, i change the audio output for mplayer to alsa and  the message disappear03:00
dotechcrimsun, i have v0.9.503:00
crimsundotech: err...this is the channel for hardy.  You should be using at least
dotechmohamed_, nice, i guess that should work fine03:01
dotechcrimsun, interesting hah03:01
crimsundotech: why are you still using an old version?03:01
dotechcrimsun, wonder how i ended up with the wrong one? I used synaptic03:01
crimsundotech: we're talking about the daemon, pulseaudio, not any of the tools.03:01
Sergeant_Ponydotech I'm going to take a look03:02
dotechi have 0.9.9 of pulseaudio03:02
dotechi was talking about the pavucontrol tool, that is 0.9.503:02
Sergeant_Ponythere are 3 files in the ./pulse dir03:03
Sergeant_Ponydoesn't tell me squat03:03
Sergeant_Ponyall these people someone must know how to fix it03:04
dotechi think we're the only ones who are having this problem or at least the only ones noticing it03:05
dotechi would have never noticed if i didn't have a second sound card03:05
akksome of us have never heard of pulseaudio :)03:05
dotechbecause it defaults to my onboard device03:05
Sergeant_PonyI did figure out 1 thing I forgot to fix was making it the default sink03:05
crimsundotech: I'm using three cards, and it's configured correctly to use the usb one by default03:06
dotechcrimsun, yea i know, i'm trying to figure out why yours saves settings and mine doesn't :)03:06
xtknightlol nice i was looking for wine 0.9.59 and someone just published it on their launchpad PPA one HOUR ago03:06
crimsundotech: I would start by building my changes from bzr03:06
dotechwhat is that?03:06
xtknightthank god the file save dialog is fixed now!! no more focus problems with the text dialog03:07
dotechsorry for my lack of experience, i've only been using ubuntu for a few days now03:07
crimsundotech: apt-get build-dep pulseaudio && bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/pulseaudio/ubuntu03:07
level1Jordan_U: thats what it looks like by default03:07
dotechok i'll give it a shot03:07
Sergeant_Ponydotech I've been at it for a month... upgraded from 7.1003:07
crimsundotech: also, apt-get install devscripts03:08
Sergeant_Ponycrimsun what will that do?03:08
crimsundotech: then, dget http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/p/pulseaudio/pulseaudio_0.9.10-1.dsc03:08
crimsunSergeant_Pony: I'm telling him how to build my latest changes03:08
Sergeant_Ponyahh ok...03:08
dotechok, i'll return in a minute after i run these commands03:08
dotechi need to get bzr too i think03:09
Sergeant_PonyI wish I knew why it won't save the changes that we made03:09
xtknightdoes anyone get scrollkeeper stuff all te time03:09
xtknight/var/lib/scrollkeeper/fr/scrollkeeper_extended_cl.xml:5677: parser error : Premature end of data in tag ScrollKeeperContentsList line 203:09
crimsundotech: dpkg-source *.dsc && rm -fr pulseaudio-0.9.10/debian && mv ubuntu pulseaudio-0.9.10/debian && cd pulseaudio-0.9.10 && fakeroot debian/rules binary03:10
crimsundotech: sorry, that would be `dpkg-source -x *.dsc'03:10
dotechcrimsun, roger03:10
xtknightwhat does all that do?03:10
dotechi'll find out :)03:10
crimsunxtknight: it builds the release that I've been testing for several days03:10
xtknightwhat is "mv ubuntu" ?03:11
xtknighti mean what file is ubuntu03:11
dotechim creating a package from his bzr repo i guess03:11
crimsunxtknight: ubuntu is the directory created by bzr branch03:11
Jordan_Ulevel1, Ok, I am out of ideas then :(03:11
Sergeant_Ponyhow can I make sure that pulse audio is the default instead of oss?03:12
crimsundotech: I'm the de facto maintainer, so please try these new packages [that you'll compile on your own machine] and let me know.03:12
Sergeant_Ponyand it stay's that way?03:12
DeVonneHey! I am wondering what is the worst that can happen if I upgrade to hardy?03:12
crimsunSergeant_Pony: for which apps?03:12
crimsunDeVonne: your brain turns to mush?03:12
Sergeant_Ponypulse audio instead of oss03:12
crimsunSergeant_Pony: no, which apps03:12
DeVonneI am quite serious actually03:12
xtknightDeVonne, the worst that can happen, like the absolute worst is that some terrible software destroys your cpu and video card or something.03:12
Dr_willisworst case  =  system could totally die.. :)03:12
Jordan_UDeVonne, Do you have any pets or children?03:13
Sergeant_Ponywne I reboot it goes back to oss in my sound settings03:13
Dr_willisbut that could happen with anything.03:13
level1Jordan_U: lol me too03:13
DeVonnePets yes lol03:13
crimsunSergeant_Pony: which sound settings?03:13
akkworst case, it wipes your entire disk, including other partitions that hardy wasn't installed to,03:13
Dr_willisHardy is being tested.. often things break..03:13
dotechcrimsun, im doing it now03:13
akkand then it goes out on your net and infects your other machines and wipes all their disks03:13
Sergeant_Ponysystem > pref's > sound03:13
dotechi have to type all these commands in by hand so its taking a little bit of time03:13
Dr_willisakk,  that would be a neat trick.03:13
crimsunSergeant_Pony: it should be set to autodetect03:14
akkthen it goes out on the internet and infects some SAC computers and launches nuclear missiles03:14
dotechplus there's a few packages i have to install along the way, bzr, fakeroot03:14
xtknightit's probably possible to write something to the cpu or bios to mess it up, like zero out the microcode (altho this is restored on reboot?).  i mean something could set your FSB really high03:14
Dr_willisdotech,  select text, middle click to paste03:14
akkbut that hardly ever happens, so go ahead03:14
dotechim actually on a different computer here03:14
xtknightbut yeah03:14
dotechkeyboards next to each other03:14
crimsunSergeant_Pony: that way GSt will choose pulsesink/src at a higher priority than alsasink/src03:14
Dr_willisdotech,  vnc to the other box, or syngery is handy :)03:14
xtknightit could generate the perfect random key to login to the president's computer and start nukes i suppose :p03:14
xtknightit's just rare03:14
Dr_willisdotech,  or ssh to the other machine.03:14
Sergeant_Ponydefault mixer... doesn't autodetect03:14
xtknightyou can use a virtual machine too.03:15
xtknightto test hardy03:15
crimsunSergeant_Pony: are you referring to the profiles or to the mixer selector in the mixer_applet?03:15
dotechnah thats not for me ;)03:15
dotechsoon ill be in irc on there anyway03:15
xtknightdotech, so did you still want to do that nouveau thing?03:15
Sergeant_Ponyin the system sound settings I have all the choices set to pulse audio03:15
Sergeant_Ponynothing is set to autodetect03:16
dotechxtknight, i'll have to try it tomorrow, i thought my sound problems were over03:16
dotechonce i fix the sound i'm moving all my computers around and hooking up the 3 monitors03:16
icanhasadminonly 20 updates today? boring :P :D03:16
xtknightone destroyed FF tho03:16
xtknightisn't that exciting?03:16
dotechcrimsun, i got many rm cannot remove permission denied errors on that dpkg command03:17
Jordan_UIs there going to be much of an advantage to the average Hardy user with pulseaudio installed by default but basically no integration of tools for pulse specific features ( or will this change / am I missing them ) ?03:17
crimsundotech: dpkg-source -x *.dsc ?03:17
dotechyea, the command after that, rm -rf pulseaudio-0.9.10/debian03:17
dotechmaybe i have to put sudo in front of that as well03:18
crimsundotech: you shouldn't be executing any of these commands as root.03:18
xtknightJordan_U, im wondering the same thing.  it just  seems to cause problems and nothing else03:18
dotechoh ok03:18
xtknightactually i dont even know if pulse has any faetures03:18
xtknightwhat does it even do?03:18
CoasterMasterInstalling ccsm should enable custom visual effects, right?03:18
crimsunJordan_U: no.03:18
icanhasadminCoasterMaster: no, should be there by default03:19
icanhasadminCoasterMaster: ccsm should just let you control them better03:19
icanhasadminCoasterMaster: #ompiz-fusion for compiz issues03:19
crimsunJordan_U: you can help integrate them for Intrepid, however.03:19
icanhasadminer, #compiz-fusion03:19
Jordan_Uxtknight, Per application volume control, network transparency ( automatically forewarded through ssh -X ), lot's of cool stuff, none of which seems to be utilized in Hardy :(03:19
xtknighti think he wants that checkbox to show in appearances03:19
derspanksterexcept if you have a lousy video card like me03:19
Sergeant_Ponycrimsun did u get my last message?03:19
xtknighti think you install python compizconfig or something03:19
crimsunSergeant_Pony: a private message?03:19
crimsunSergeant_Pony: if so, no03:20
dotechDr_willis, im using synergy actually :)03:20
xtknightJordan_U, oh interesting.  i was thinking more along the lines of DSPs and effects.  does pulse even have that?03:20
dotechjust haven't set it up in hardy yet03:20
xtknighti thought it was like a cool dj tool03:20
Sergeant_Ponyno.. I don't have anything set to autodetect it's all set for pulse audio03:20
Jordan_Uxtknight, No, it's a lot like ESD but better and compatible with ( almost ) everything03:21
crimsunJordan_U: installing any of the padevchooser, pavucontrol, paman, or paprefs packages will help, though.  They're configured to pull in the ones that are missing.  From there, Applications> Sound & Video> PulseAudio Device Chooser should help.03:21
Dr_willissynergy was really laggy for some odd reason onmy laptop/desktop setup today.. not sure what the deal was.03:21
xtknightwhat's synergy do?03:21
xtknightvs vnc03:21
dotechcrimsun, okay i ran all of that03:21
crimsundotech: including the fakeroot .. one?03:21
dotechthe compile is going on now03:21
crimsundotech: ok, so it will have created debs in ../ after it completes.  Install the appropriate ones.03:22
Dr_willisif you can see both computers montitors - you can use syngery to use 1 keyboard/mouse to controll them.03:22
xtknightDr_willis, oh nice.  so like a software kvm03:22
Dr_willisvnc is for virtual 'desktop' sessions. or other remote desktps03:22
Dr_willisxtknight,  exactly03:22
dotechDr_willis, i actually have 3 computers and 3 monitors at the moment, synergy between 2 of them, my hardy machine hasn't been configured with it yet :)03:22
Dr_willisjust DONT ssh into the remote machine and start the syngery client/server :) it can cause issues...03:23
dotechcrimsun, will do03:23
crimsunSergeant_Pony: and you're saying that it reverts to oss on session logout?03:23
xtknightDr_willis, well i had a ghetto KVM setup here once.  see, my monitor accepts multiple inputs so i'd hook PC1 up to INPUT1 and PC2 up to INPUT2. then i'd vnc into PC2 udner INPUT1, and my mouse would be controlling the second input on the monitor :P03:23
Sergeant_Ponycrimsun yup03:23
crimsunSergeant_Pony: that's some odd config fu on your local end03:23
xtknightDr_willis, well i also swithced to INPUT2 on the monitor so mouse movement was smooth.  the problem is, if i moved my mouse outside of the vnc window, it would go nuts hahah03:24
Sergeant_Ponycrimsun: all my pulse audio info I put in is gone03:24
xtknightbasically my VNC overlapped INPUT203:24
crimsunSergeant_Pony: it should be set to auto03:24
dotechDr_willis, i heard rdesktop can connect to single application windows on the remote MS Windows machine, have you ever done that?03:24
Sergeant_PonyI'll try it and leave the default mixer I have setup as Pulse Audio?03:24
Dr_willisxtknight,  you could of used xdmcp and have  the 2nd pc in its own X session displayed on pc 103:24
Dr_willisdotech,  i dont mess with rdesktop or windows remote.03:25
dotechI have a laptop that is always connected to a VPN with a remote desktop session open to my work PC, curious if i can connect directly to that application over rdesktop03:25
crimsunSergeant_Pony: for any of these settings to be debuggable, we need a default/pristine setup03:25
xtknightwell i have three monitors and 2 pcs.  ought to be something i can do.  2/3 of my monitors have multiple inputs03:25
dotechi know i could always go with vnc03:25
Sergeant_Ponyunder audio conferencing sound capture I don't have the option of autodetect03:25
dotechxtknight, synergy is the best if each computer has its own monitors03:26
xtknightgutsy i386 pc and hardy amd64.  ya03:26
xtknightdotech, but would synergy require me to look over at the other table to control the other pc?  since that's where its monitor is03:26
crimsunSergeant_Pony: ALSA.03:27
dotechhaha yea03:27
xtknightso xdmcp?03:27
dotechi guess that wont help you then03:27
Sergeant_Ponyalsa - advanced linux sound architecture?03:27
xtknightwhat can i do with xdmcp?  and what's the easiest way to set it up?03:28
dotechcrimsun, that compile was supposed to produce some *.deb files wasn't it?03:28
crimsundotech: in ../03:29
dotechah, thanks03:29
crimsunSergeant_Pony: yes03:29
dotechso i have to install all of these?03:29
Sergeant_Ponyalsa - advanced linux sound architecture?03:29
dotechSergeant_Pony, yes that is what alsa is03:29
Sergeant_Ponyok.. I made the changes03:30
dotechi guess it couldn't hurt, most of these i need anyway03:31
Sergeant_Ponyshall I try a reboot and see if it keeps?03:31
crimsunSergeant_Pony: a logout and login should suffice03:31
Sergeant_Ponyok.. brb03:31
crimsundotech: you don't need all of them03:31
dotechill just install the ones i already have03:32
crimsunanyhow, I have a 10k tomorrow, so I'm off to bed.03:32
dotechnice, good luck03:32
dotechthanks for the help03:32
xtknightbash: xnest: command not found03:32
xtknightwhat happened to command-not-found cache where it told you what package to install.03:33
xtknightwell it worked but not for xnest??03:33
xtknightsigh nm, it's Xnest not xnest.03:33
=== DarthGates is now known as ndavid
dotechman that compile hauled, modern processor technology is great03:33
Sergeant_Ponycrimsun: nope no sound03:35
Sergeant_Ponycrimsun it lost the info I had in it before03:37
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: I think he went to bed.03:39
dotechok i now have 0.9.10 for all of the libpulse and pulseaudio packages that i had installed03:41
dotechi'll see if that fixed the configuration problems03:42
Sergeant_Ponyit's like it's not saving it to the conf file or something...03:42
dotechit has to be something like that03:42
Sergeant_PonyI'll be back in a bit, time for me to go home. I'll be back03:43
barbedsaberhi all, am running hardy, and when I open amarok it says xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers. what do I do. It worked fine in gutsy.03:43
dotechbarbedsaber, check the playback devices under System->Preferences->Sound03:45
barbedsaberHDA intel alsa03:45
dotechcrimsun, you may not see this until tomorrow but 0.9.10 didn't change the behavior03:45
dotechbarbedsaber do you hear the tones if you click the test buttons?03:46
xtknightlovely.  my gnome-terminal crashed when kernel was compiling03:47
dotechbarbedsaber, not sure, i would check the system logs to see if there's anything in there03:47
xtknighthappened when i was trying to edit my current profile.  anyway what's with all the odd crashes?03:47
mohamed_dotech, i find that pulseaudio was not installed, i install it but is not working, and when i run paman i find that is not connected03:48
dotecheven after logging out and back in?03:48
barbedsaberwhat would I be looking for in the logs03:48
dotechsomething with xine03:48
dotechi've never actually used those applications so i'm not too sure03:48
dotechcrimsun, just in case you do happen to see this, the Volume Control is creating ~.pulse/default-sink and putting "combined" in there which is correct, for some reason pulseaudio isn't taking that setting when i log in03:49
dotech~/.pulse/default-sink rather03:50
barbedsaberI think I have a new audio driver, because in gutsy, when I plugged in headphonbnes, sound kept coming out of laptop speakers, as well as headphones, but now the speakers are muteted and the headphones work.03:50
barbedsabercould that have somthing to do with it?03:50
dotechin hardy pulseaudio controls alsa now03:51
mohamed_any idea about this error .. Apr  6 04:38:42 dev kernel: [  229.455992] scim-bridge[6404]: segfault at 552e5355 eip b7ebd473 esp bff8b7c0 error 403:51
protonchrisbarbedsaber: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amarok/+bug/6818703:51
akkspeaking of audio problems, what's up with /usr/bin/play saying "unknown file type 'auto' on wav files?03:51
dotechbarbedsaber: apt-get install pavucontrol03:51
barbedsaberam using synaptic cuz it was already open, installing now03:53
barbedsaberdo I need to ctrl alt backspace for it to work03:53
dotechno, this is just a gui to control pulseaudio03:54
dotechpulseaudio should already be running03:54
barbedsaberhow do I check03:54
dotechonce you have it, Applications->Sound & Video->PulseAudio Device Chooser03:54
dotechin the top right you will see a new icon03:55
dotechlooks like an audio cable03:55
barbedsaberi dont have it in sound and vid03:55
dotechhmm, try pavucontrol from the terminal03:56
dotechthis tool shows the current streams, and devices03:57
dotechin the output devices you can right click near the middle of the device (i prefer clicking in between the orange bars) and you can set the default output device there03:57
mooboo1my firefox crash all the fucking time when i goto youtube03:58
xtknightya my Flash crashes a lot03:58
xtknightim subjected to nspluginwrapper because i use 64bit03:58
mooboo1yeah, and not only it crash flash, it crash the whole browser03:58
dotechto get output from both your headset and speakers you need to create the "Simultaneously output to all devices" device, install padevchooser03:58
mooboo1it should be like "error: flash crashed", but it shouldnt crash whole firefox03:59
dotechthat is the tool that creates the icon :)03:59
barbedsaberthe only option I have there is default03:59
mooboo1and this GVFS thing broke the automount of partition, they dont goto /media/Music/ now they goto /media/Music_/ then Music__ then Music___, etc03:59
dotechwhen you right click?03:59
dotechthere should only be one option, default04:00
barbedsaberyup, in between the bars in output04:00
barbedsaberIts the only one I have04:00
barbedsaberis that bad?04:00
dotechif it looks like the right device its ok04:00
barbedsaberbut amarok still doesn't work04:00
dotechi guess that amarok bug protonchris noted could be your problem04:01
barbedsaberso, I will just have to hope that people get assigned to it, and run a sudo apt-get update every few hours to see if they came up witha fix, or workaround04:02
cyclonutwould like to point out: FF3B5 & Firebug = crashybrowser04:02
cyclonutso dont use em together :)04:02
dotechthere may be some workarounds in that bug report04:02
DanaGThis is my impression of Flash:04:02
barbedsaberlooking now, theres one for kde... am using gnome tho04:02
cyclonutDanaG: I had a ton before disabling Firebug04:03
cyclonutbuuuut that might just be me04:03
dotechffx3 hasn't crashed for me yet04:03
akkcyclonut: supposedly the beta of Firebug makes things a lot less crashy, and it's helped here on ff204:03
DanaGIt's flash -- it only happens on youtube.04:03
cyclonutalso, has anyone else noticed that opera has disappeared from the repos?04:03
mooboo1ff3b5 + youtube = crash04:03
dotechim on youtube04:03
DanaGAnd I don't use firebug.04:03
cyclonutakk: the beta of firebug & FF3B5 kills things04:03
dotechDanaG, which flash plugin did you install and how did you install it?04:03
cyclonutDanaG: *segfault* :(04:03
akkcyclonut: oh, bummer ... guess I have yet another reason to delay upgrading ff :)04:04
cyclonutDanaG: perhaps you need to give flash some anti-seizure medication04:04
barbedsabernon of the betas have crashed for me, but version 2 whatever crashed every 8 minutes or so, but thats just me04:04
dotechyoutube hasn't crashed for me yet either04:04
dotechin b4 or b504:04
cyclonutb4 was solid as a rock04:04
cyclonutb5 is wonky04:04
cyclonutbut... I want opera04:04
cyclonutand its not in the repos04:04
dotechthats why im curious if its how you installed flash DanaG04:05
xtknightopera used to be in commercial repo04:05
mooboo1opera is proprietary software and should go eat a poop04:05
gluerb5 works fine.. i copied the plugins folder from b4 to b5 plugins folder works fine04:05
cyclonutgluer: directory?04:06
bluefoxxok, im back[using irssi, xchat is broken and will not connect]04:07
bluefoxxi got wifi working!04:07
Sergeant_PonyI'm back04:07
Sergeant_Ponydotech any news?04:07
barbedsaberhey, your that guy that left before!04:07
dotechSergeant_Pony, 0.9.10 didn't fix it04:08
sparky_hereI just installed 8.04 trying to use desktop effects all is working but the cube when i set it to 2x2 virtual desktops it shows 4 on the taskbar but I can only access 2 any ideas???04:08
Sergeant_Ponydamn wtf...04:08
bluefoxxi was wondering however...how do i get airsnort working? its not in the repos and i dont do much[read: any] source compiling <. <04:08
dotechim looking for a workaround for now, such as manually editing a config04:08
Unknown512ok just wondering if anyone was here...04:10
Unknown512Annyyywhoo, i have no sound =) and its detecting some nVidia thing as my sound card04:11
Unknown512But i have a Sound Blaster Xi-Fi card04:11
bluefoxxi think i recall nvidia has some sound chips04:11
bluefoxxon they're mobos04:11
bluefoxxdoes your mobo have nvidia chips on it?04:12
Unknown512Motherboard? im not sure04:12
Unknown512i get a fuzzy noise when i plug my sound jack into the default sound jack on the front04:12
bluefoxxUnknown512: does it have a nvidia chipset on it. like onboard graphics by nvidia04:12
DanaGTimidity keeps getting stuck.04:12
DanaGOh, Creative is scum, in my opinion.04:13
Unknown512I have an nvidia graphics card PCI slot 8800 GTX 768 MB04:13
cyclonutDanaG: they have repented.04:13
DanaGOh really?  Have they un-crippled their drivers?04:14
bluefoxxbahh. i can never find any electrical tape when i need it. and i have at least 10 rolls of it too <. <04:14
DanaGAnyway, any long discussuin would be off-topic.04:14
DanaGArgh, Timidity keeps stalling!04:14
tyTrying to open qparted and getting this error "Failed to execute child process "qtparted-root" (No such file or directory)"04:14
Sergeant_Ponydotech I guess we are right back where we started from04:15
bluefoxxUnknown512: i envy your graphics card...im on a PCI nvidia 6200OC 256MB...hopefully to be upgraded to a high end 6series or midgrade 7 series <. <04:15
goodhabitHello. What is difference between using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades#head-378718bf27e85b8e05c7a5966125eb194b5f26bb (update manager) and just changing gutsy to hardy @ sources.list?04:16
Dr_willisthe update manager canhandle a few situations better i hear.04:16
DanaGArgh, why the heck does Timidity keep getting stuck?04:16
DanaGAnd PulseAudio dies, too.04:16
dotechSergeant_Pony, well i can at least fix my sound after the reboot now04:16
dotechDanaG, pulseaudio dying sounds familiar04:16
DanaGI've core-dumped Timidity over 100 times over the past couple of days, but it's never offered to report a bug about timidity.04:17
goodhabitDr_willis, so just changing mirror to hardy will be ok?04:17
Dr_willisgoodhabit,  i never upgrade, i always do clean reinstalls.04:17
goodhabitI see.04:17
nomasteryodagoodhabit, you might have issues04:17
Unknown512I still hear no sound :-( does anyone know anything that could be wrong with my sound card? Sound Blaster Xi Fi04:17
goodhabitI'm just have local repo and whant to know is it ok to use it for upgrading.04:17
Dr_willisi would use the update manager tool.04:17
nomasteryodaand have to run apt-get update, upgrade several times..04:18
nomasteryodamight that is04:18
protonchrisUnknown512: in a terminal, run 'lspci' and see if your motherboard has a soundcard built in.04:18
Dr_willishow local/updated is the local repo? it may be out of date if nore then a few days old.04:18
nomasteryodalike Dr_willis says... the manager is best04:18
dotechSergeant_Pony, the file to edit is /etc/pulse/daemon.conf04:18
bluefoxxUnknown512: you may have to disable onboard sound from the BIOS04:18
Dr_willishmm what is the latest kernel version anyway?04:18
goodhabitnomasteryoda, so updating from local repo isn't good?04:18
Unknown512protonchris, where would i see the onboard thing?04:18
nomasteryodanot recommended really...04:19
DanaGWhat's wrong with X-Fi?04:19
DanaGNo drivers, that's what.04:19
protonchrisUnknown512: in the output of lspci look for anything nvidia04:19
Dr_willisDanaG,  creative really dropped the ball on it with linux support.04:19
DanaGIf it's a real x-fi, that is.04:19
nomasteryodaunless you are willing to lose data or do a new install...04:19
magicfabUsing yesterday's nightly alternate ISO, I can only set partitions using XFS. Anyone seeing that ?04:19
DanaGs/linux/all products and OSes/04:19
Unknown51200:0f.1 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP55 High Definition Audio (rev a2)04:19
Unknown51200:13.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP55 PCI Express bridge (rev a3)04:19
Unknown51200:16.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP55 PCI Express bridge (rev a3)04:19
Unknown51200:17.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP55 PCI Express bridge (rev a3)04:19
Unknown51200:18.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP55 PCI Express bridge (rev a3)04:19
Unknown51201:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G80 [GeForce 8800 GTX] (rev a2)04:19
Dr_willisDanaG,  they blamed the manpower needed to get the drivers working in Vista as the reason they dident have the time/money./peole for linux drivers04:19
Unknown51202:04.0 Audio device: Creative Labs SB X-Fi04:20
bluefoxxUnknown512: generally the onboard sound is found on the back of the computer. should be a green headphone jack, a blueone and a pink one. if your lucky and have a better mob theres more04:20
Dr_willisCreative is going downhill fast. :(04:20
Unknown512bluefoxx, the onboard is on the front, my sound card is located on the back04:20
goodhabitHow do you think guys - is it possible to download hardy packages to some cache and upgrade after that without downloading full upgrade through internet?04:20
Dr_willislast i looked they had 64bit linux drivers for the X-fi card04:20
Unknown512it says i have two audio devices04:20
Unknown512but neither work04:20
Dr_willisgoodhabit,  every day i seem to have 100+mb of updates.04:20
protonchrisUnknown512: looks like you have builtin sound, you could try disabling it in the bios.04:20
jcarey75Unknown512: looks like its loading the HDA NVidia audio driver, I have the same on a nForce 680i motherboard04:21
Unknown512where do i disable builtin sound?04:21
magicfabgoodhabit, if you insert a hardy CD on a Gutsy system it will propose to upgrade. not much difference.04:21
bluefoxxUnknown512: mayhaphs your soundcards processor is made by nvidia and creative only designed the package its in...04:21
DanaGbUT THEY didn't get Vista working, either!04:21
Dr_willismagicfab,  thats woth a hardy alternative-install cd - ONLY i think.. not the livecd04:21
goodhabitWhat _exactly_ difference from upgrade tool and dist-upgrade?04:21
Unknown512DanaG they did04:21
protonchrisUnknown512: there is probably a setting in the bios04:22
goodhabitSomebody knows?04:22
Unknown512Wheres bios?04:22
DanaGLook at those two links I pasted.04:22
DanaGThey deliberately broke things!04:22
Dr_willisu[grade tool handles some specific cases better i hear.04:22
goodhabitLike what?04:22
Dr_willisNo idea. go check the forums.04:22
magicfabDr_willis, actually I think it's the other way around... haven't tried it though.04:22
Dr_willisas i said i DONT upgrade. :)04:22
protonchrisUnknown512: when your computer boots, you can enter bios by pressing something like del or F7.  It depends on the motherboard.04:22
bluefoxxanyone think 6 hard drives is enough?>'04:23
goodhabitForums are emty about that topic. Everybody talks about it, but nobody knows exactly.04:23
Unknown512ok, ill try04:23
Dr_willisthis is the answer i hear every time theres a new release and the question gets asked over and over in #ubuntu :)04:23
Dr_willisif you can use the upgrade tool then use it.04:23
Dr_willisMost likely there are rough spots they found with specific packages/configs that need tweaking/changing.04:23
bluefoxxUnknown512: bios access by del, f1, f2, etc. check the model number on your mobo and look it up online[manufactorers website should have details]04:23
Dr_willislike if tghe config file format for some tool got changed radicially04:24
goodhabitDr_willis, all configs are implemented in packages, yep?04:24
bluefoxxUnknown512: but dont touch what you dont know about. else you may screw up your system04:24
madagascarHello ! after upgrade to 8.04, MailScanner stopped working. Now i can't reinstall and can't deinstall due to inconsistent state.04:24
magicfabDr_willis, actually you're right, it's only with an alt CD04:24
DanaGDisabling onboard won't fix the X-Fi.04:25
Dr_willisgoodhabit,  compare your hardy Xorg.conf with the one on your gutsy system. :) radical change.04:25
Sergeant_Ponydotech: I got it going again... until the next reboot04:25
ccvpcan 7.10 give me full 5.1 support (sound), i have an audigy 2 in the box im putting 7.10 on.04:25
magicfabDr_willis, as seen at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades04:25
dotechSergeant_Pony, yea, thats a workaround for now04:25
Unknown512Protonchris, i just realized, i used Wubi to install my Ubuntu04:25
goodhabitDr_willis, can you show me it?04:25
Dr_willisccvp,  i get 5.1 on my audigy2zs ccvp04:25
Unknown512so it isnt the traditional startup04:25
ccvpaudigy 2 support04:25
ccvpin ubuntu??04:25
ccvp5.1 etc.04:25
madagascarhow can i re-install a package which "is in a very bad inconsistent state ?04:25
bluefoxxok, now that im done installing the activity indicators for those individual drives, onto my problems.04:25
Dr_willisgoodhabit,  thers not much to show.. its about 20 lines.. vs the 200+  that it used to be. :)04:26
goodhabitccvp, I think 5.1 is not problem on linux. I have 5.1 too.04:26
Dr_willisccvp,  my audigy2 card works fine for me.04:26
ccvpok, i have p4 3.2ghz04:26
Y-TownAny reason why compiz-kde is not showing up for apt-get?04:26
ccvp2gig ram, 7800gt04:26
goodhabitDr_willis, you can use some pastebin.04:26
Dr_willisof coruse you need a real 5.1 'source' also. :)04:26
ccvpwill second life run as optimal04:26
ccvpas it would in windows?04:26
Unknown512Protonchris, i used Wubi-installer to install my ubuntu so it isnt the traditional startup that you have04:26
ccvpi know games usually perform better in windows04:26
Dr_willisccvp,  second life works fine for me unser linux - theres a native linux client04:26
Jordan_UY-Town, Because you should use KDE4 instead ;)04:26
protonchrisUnknown512: you enter bios before *any* os starts.04:27
bluefoxxso i can only boot from the 'generic' kernel. also i can't get the onboard lan to work and have to disable it to boot properly. and my update manager has been telling me to do a 'partial upgrade' for the past three days or so. any help?04:27
Y-TownJordan_U: not yet  :o)04:27
goodhabitccvp, actually second life is low-graphics stuff, so don't worry )04:27
ccvphmmm weird, i let the 7.10 installer do its thing in my samsung digital monitor04:27
Unknown512protonchris, ok ill look04:27
ccvpconnecting to dvi on my 7800gt04:27
ccvpand screen went black04:27
ccvpinstaller timed out it seems, sigh04:27
goodhabitDr_willis, pastebin.com04:28
ccvpusually it goes straight to "live desktop" via installer04:28
Unknown512ccvp, if you worried about bieng able to game, but still want ubuntu, use wubi installer so you can keep your windows (if you had one to begin with)04:28
Dr_willisgoodhabit,  my xorg.conf is not a standard one.. its my old customized one.04:28
ccvpi already zero'd04:28
ccvpmy hd unknown04:28
Dr_willisgoodhabit,  the normal xorg.conf for hardy is basicially blank.04:28
ccvpdid this, so i dont game in free time, and intead study etc04:28
goodhabitccvp, second life has native client for linux. I have tested it on 7.1004:28
Dr_willisccvp,   its best to have the moniotr plugged in befor ya power up with nvidia cards.04:28
ccvpit is though04:29
* Jordan_U wonders how long it will be until the Xorg.conf is used *only* for explicitly forcing a non-default configuration04:29
ccvpi just got done Dban'ing the computer04:29
akkanybody know anything about fonts? Like what package might the freesans font be in? I have it on gutsy and need to find it (or something comparable) for hardy04:29
ccvpand i pop in ubuntu cd04:29
goodhabitccvp, but why are you asking on ubuntu+1 instead ubuntu&04:29
ccvpand like, it didnt goto 'live desktop in installer04:29
Dr_willisive had some really 'weird' situations happen when the monitors are not pluged in when powering up04:29
ccvpmonitor is staying black, heh04:29
ccvpits like video didnt get init'd or something04:29
Dr_willisTry the other video port if you have more then 104:29
Dr_willisDo you see the bios boot messages?04:29
ccvpim banned form ubuntu it seems, someone on my isp04:29
ccvpgot *!*@*knolo* banned04:30
goodhabitI see. So describe your problem 1 more time please.04:30
Jordan_Uccvp, Talk to #ubuntu-ops and / or use a cloak04:30
ccvpdidnt freenode ban04:30
ccvptor a few months ago?04:30
crdlbccvp: if you wish to discuss the ban, you can try #ubuntu-ops04:30
Jordan_Uccvp, Only if you are not cloaked04:31
bluefoxxoh and the other day while reconfiguring network settings the computer utterly crashed. no killswitch. no reisub. it just crashed. the caps locks and scroll locks indicators lit up and started flashing. i had to hit the reset switch[after sitting there for 5 minutes hitting alt+sysrq+k/reisub over and over i figured it was screwed up bad.]04:31
ccvpif this happens again, (no video), can i start it in safe graphics mode?04:31
ccvpthen install nvidia manually?04:31
bluefoxxwhat does blinking caps/scroll locks mean?04:31
Unknown512protonchris, ok i disabled the onboard stuff, but now theres no sound card detecting04:31
Jordan_U!cloak | ccvp04:31
ubotuccvp: Many Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as !TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks04:31
akkbluefoxx: usually it means a kernel panic  -- is the machine frozen?04:32
ccvpi should get a cloak like: ccvp@starbucks/addict/with/no/life04:32
cyclonutbluefoxx: aye, I think thats kernel panic04:32
bluefoxxakk: the machine was completely frozen. no reisub could even save it. had to hit reset switch04:32
ccvpthere goes that video init'ing again, upon loading (7.10) cd, graphics on the monitor go aww dots/pixels, weird04:32
Unknown512protonchris, ok i disabled the onboard stuff, but now theres no sound card detecting04:33
akkbluefoxx: yeah, kernel panics can be like that04:33
bluefoxxhavent been able to boot the normal kernel since. and all i was doing was configuring the network04:33
M4rotkuis it possible to install hardy without getting all of the update packages for gusty first?04:33
bluefoxxhave to use the generic kernel04:33
Dr_willisM4rotku,  i dont think thats reccomended04:33
DanaGUse oss instead, perhaps.04:33
M4rotkuDr_willis, the reason why i want to try is because a previous package that i updated messed up all of my hardware configs and i had to reinstall04:34
Unknown512God its like your speaking a foreign language....04:34
bluefoxxbrb - have to reboot[one of my hards was unplugged and fstab didnt mount it, thus a torrent is being corrupted <. <]04:34
Jordan_UDanaG, Do their drivers make your shift key stick ? :)04:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 194214 in xorg-server "Keys get "stuck" down" [High,Fix released]04:34
Dr_willisM4rotku,  thats exactly why its reccomended.. you dont want to upgrade when your system is in a confused state.04:34
madagascarHi again - can anybody help me reinstalling mailscanner despite very bad inconsistent state ? i have tried apt-get install and dpkg -i04:34
M4rotkuDr_willis, ok, i'll try, but would it be possible to make a backup first?04:35
bluefoxxoh, what do you think of a ignition key for the power button? prevents others from turning on my machine[i like machine local security]04:35
Jordan_UUnknown512, Wei ist es wie eine andera sprache?04:35
Dr_willisM4rotku,  if you just did a reinstall of gutsy and havent anything imporntant on the machine. You may be MUCH better off doing a reinstall of the beta version04:35
Unknown512Jordan_U, i speak english04:35
M4rotkuDr_willis, i didn't want to have to take the time to download the iso of the live cd for hardy, i figured upgrading would be faster04:35
Jordan_UUnknown512, That was a joke ( though not well executed )04:35
Unknown512I just want my sound to work =/04:36
M4rotkuis there any way i can make a backup of everything first?04:36
Jordan_U!home | M4rotku04:36
ubotuM4rotku: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For mounting your home folder on a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome04:36
ccvpsome sort of weird glitching04:36
ccvpwith my 7800gt and the installer, im at the desktop in it, but the hourglass spinner is stopped, mouse responds, but background graphics are all pixelated04:36
ccvpfirst time it didnt even get to the desktop, weird04:36
M4rotkuubotu, thanks, i'll check it out04:36
Dr_willisM4rotku,  upgrade will download proberlyu just as much and may take longer.04:37
Dr_willisI always keep /home on its own partition/drive :)04:37
Unknown512Does anyone know how to make it so ubuntu detects my Sound Blaster X-Fi04:38
Unknown512it detects it in that lspcs thing04:38
Unknown512as an audio device04:39
Unknown512but not in sound preferences04:39
DanaGGo to opensound.com for oss4 -- it supports X-Fi.04:39
DanaGBut you may have to remove PulseAudio.04:39
bluefoxxback. xchat fixed itself ^^04:39
ethana2anybody know when broadcom is going to relent?04:39
Unknown512Wheres PulseAudio?04:40
bluefoxxbut now im having a $HOME/.dmrc issue>>04:40
bluefoxxnothing i cant fix04:40
DanaGI can't use oss4 myself -- it just hard-locks my system.04:41
Unknown512Is that just because you dont have the required cards? or does it do that because of a bug04:42
DanaGA bug.04:42
DanaGIt doesn't get along well with the cardbus Audigy2.04:42
Unknown512Will this happen to me as well?04:42
LibertyShadowarg I can never connect to shop.lenovo.com04:43
LibertyShadowwrong channel04:43
mohamed_dotech,  pulseaudio running now :)04:44
Unknown512DanaG, which Linux version should i choose on the download page04:44
DanaGI don't remember; I haven't seen the page in a while.04:45
DanaGLook for a deb.04:45
Unknown512Linux 2.6 (x86) (DEB)?04:45
madagascarHello ! how can i re-install mailscanner package which "is in a very bad inconsistent state" ?04:46
protonchrisDanaG: I thought the X-Fi had the CA0106 chipset which is in the latest alsa?04:46
Unknown512omg did i just delete all that PulseAudio crap for no reason?04:47
ccvpwhat the heck04:49
ccvpthe 3rd time i rebooted04:49
ccvpim in the 'temporary live desktop' now, no glitches04:49
ccvpany idea what could of caused it earlier? oh, n/m, i chose: safe graphics mode this time04:49
ccvpshould i manually install nvidia while im in this(the driver)? how to handle this, so when i reboot, with full graphics driver enabled?04:50
Unknown512Oh quick question, do i have to put the install disk for my sound blaster card in again for them to work? or should it just work upon plugin04:52
protonchrisUnknown512: looks like the X-fi series has multiple chipsets.  Which one do you have?04:54
bluefoxxso should i run partial upgrade??04:54
Unknown512nothing/nobody told me which type i had, id prosume XtremeGamer because i bought this PC from Dell as a Gaming PC04:55
bluefoxxso should i run partial upgrade??or normal one?04:55
SeveredCrossUnknown512: Open a terminal, type lspci and pastebin the contents.04:55
chdstI did upgraded to the 2.6.24-15 kernel today, and on reboot my initrd's failing to mount my root volume, saying "Device or resource busy". Is this normal? :)04:56
Unknown512sorry ima linux newbie04:56
chdstI did upgraded = best english ever.04:56
DistroJockey!pastebin | Unknown51204:57
ubotuUnknown512: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:57
protonchrisSeveredCross: he already did.  The output was  02:04.0 Audio device: Creative Labs SB X-Fi04:57
akkdoes anyone have ttf-freefont installed? And is X seeing it? (e.g. in xfontsel or gtkfontsel)04:57
Unknown512I think Linux hates me =(04:58
Unknown512or Creative04:58
Unknown512or the whole world!04:58
emmaI wish that there was one large book, or a collection of books that you could sit down and read and learn all there is to know about Ubuntu.04:58
Unknown512There is04:59
Unknown512you have to buy them tho04:59
emmaOkay what is the book?04:59
SeveredCrossTry -v -v maybe?04:59
Unknown512Google is your friend04:59
SeveredCrossThere's gotta be someway to get the chipset.04:59
Unknown512SeveredCross: is it both -v -v or just one -v04:59
SeveredCrossHold on 1 sec.05:00
emmaI want to help people in #ubuntu (as long as that IRSeekBot is gone) but I usually don't know enough to answer them, unless I can find it for them with Google.05:00
tonyyarussoemma: try searching for ubuntu, linux, bash, apache, firefox, openoffice, debian, apache, shell scripting, unix, postfix, python, system administration, sql, and anything else ever published by O'Really, Apress, or their affiliated companies, and buy them all.05:00
SeveredCrossUnknown512: Actually, do this. Open a terminal and type Alsamixer.05:00
emmaI want to get to the stage where I just know and understand the solutions.05:00
SeveredCrossThen, let me know what it says by Chip:05:00
DistroJockeyemma: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/002-1593071-1524830?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=ubuntu&x=0&y=005:01
akkand even then you'll only know about ubuntu through feisty, and everything's changed since then, mwahahaha!05:01
Unknown512alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory05:01
cyclonutemma: everything is learnable through google. btw, you are a good soul, wanting to help and all05:01
SeveredCrossDid you remove PulseAudio>05:01
SeveredCrossThat's the problem.05:01
SeveredCrossYou may or may not have just broken your sound.05:01
SeveredCrossWhy did you remove PA?05:01
Unknown512but that is besides the point05:01
Unknown512i had it earlier05:01
YeaSthey, guys05:01
Unknown512then SOMEONE DanaG COUGH COUGH05:01
Unknown512Told me to remove it05:01
bluefoxxwhat would the reference book for linux bash commands be? i want to buy a copy but the all stores have are "<windows xp, vista, windows program> for dummies" and they want to know the title of the book in question05:02
SeveredCrossWell, I don't really know any other way to get your chipset...05:02
cyclonutemma: when there is a problem, googling it helps. My way of learning is tinkering as much as possible, and installing on a bunch of systems. it exposes you to a lot of new situations05:02
Unknown512ok ill reget it05:02
SeveredCrossHold on..05:02
cyclonutbluefoxx: there are plenty of bash cheatsheet/guides05:02
YeaStanyone using virtualbox? My keyboard doesnot work in guest machine.05:02
bluefoxxcyclonut: any i can order at a book store, say black bond books?05:02
DistroJockeybluefoxx: maybe one of these:  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/103-8218609-6157418?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=bash&x=0&y=005:03
bluefoxxi need something i can reference when my net is down and i need to fix it05:03
tonyyarussobluefoxx: barnes & noble caries one generaly shell scripting book and two bash-specific ones.05:03
bluefoxxlooking for physical retail canadian stores05:03
cyclonutbluefoxx: there are, I dont use many hardcopies though05:03
YeaStanyone has some experience on virtualbox?05:03
tonyyarussobluefoxx: titles are "Classic Shell Scripting", "Learning the Bash Shell", and "The Bash Cookbook" (all from O'Reilly)05:04
Unknown512SeveredCross: im getting PulseAudio back05:04
chdstEh. My B&N carries O'Reilly's complete line, and advertises that fact. It's got a good selection from other publishers as well. I guess it's all about where you live.05:04
chdstBash scripting alone will net you a dozen books05:04
bluefoxxim thinking something that has the command, it's modifiers and usage. i dont need one on learning bash05:04
Unknown512SeveredCross its reinstalled now05:05
SeveredCrossOkay, now try alsamixer.05:05
SeveredCrossIf it still doesn't work, you might need reboots.05:05
SeveredCross*a reboot.05:05
SeveredCrossTo get all the daemons squared away with their shit.05:05
Unknown512alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory05:05
SeveredCrossEr, pardon my language.05:05
Unknown512k ill restart05:05
SeveredCrossUnknown512: Try a reboot, I had a problem like that and it went away after a reboot.05:05
bluefoxxand while im at it im under a promise to mention a friends website he hosts from his bedroom so please click>http://damon.zapto.org/forum/index.php?05:06
SeveredCrossbluefoxx: ifconfig is your fest friend.05:06
bluefoxxSeveredCross: kk05:06
SeveredCrossifconfig is a good place to lookk.05:06
SeveredCrossAlso, if you're using NetworkManager, tail -f /var/log/daemon.log05:06
SeveredCrossNetworkManager spews all of its information there.05:07
SeveredCrossFor wireless, iwconfig is good too.05:07
bluefoxxshould i do this partial upgrade or not. its been bugging me about it for the past few days05:07
SeveredCrosssudo /etc/init.d/networking restart generally hasn't broken anything either.05:07
SeveredCrossbluefoxx: Depends, what does it want to upgrade?05:07
cyclonutbluefoxx: I might recommend manpages, and --help05:07
Unknown512SeveredCross, still isnt working05:08
akkbluefoxx: Are you looking for beginner linux info, or more advanced ubuntu-specific info?05:08
Unknown512alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory05:08
bluefoxxSeveas: im not sure. its been telling me "not all updates can be installed. run a partial upgrade to install as many updates as possible." ive been getting it since thusday morning05:09
SeveredCrossUnknown512: Hmm.05:10
Unknown512hmm indeed05:10
bluefoxxakk: more like general info. im not programming too much, just doing the occaisional shell script to rip a webstream or encode a video, or the last one that failed was to scan for new scsi devices every 2 to three minutes[was trying to use $((RANDOM/300)) type command]05:10
SeveredCrossUnknown512: Do /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer exist?05:11
akkbluefoxx: I ask because if you already know some linux, you can get handy tips from books like "ubuntu hacks" and "linux cookbook", but a beginner would want something that started more from the beginning05:11
SeveredCrossActually, mostly /dev/mixer05:11
Unknown512Where would i find these, Severed05:11
SeveredCross /dev/dsp you shouldn't need.05:11
akkbluefoxx: like maybe "official ubuntu reference", but I haven't had a chance to look at that one closely05:11
SeveredCrossUnknown512: In /dev?05:11
SeveredCrossOpen a terminal and try "stat /dev/mixer"05:12
Unknown512SeveredCross, i used Wubi installer to get Hardy Heron05:12
Unknown512so i could keep my windows05:12
bluefoxxakk: yea, that sounds somewhat like what i want. a reference bible05:12
AlcoholicDocis anyone else getting the Failed to initialize HAL since the latest update?05:12
SeveredCrossUnknown512: Uh, all that stuff is still there?05:12
SeveredCrossOpen a terminal like you did before, and stat /dev/mixer, that should be there regardless of you using Wubi or not.05:12
akkI get error messages about hal but that's because I keep hal off my systems :)05:12
SeveredCrossakk: Whatcha got against HAL?05:13
hansinShould I be using 'aptitude' vs. 'apt-get'?  I am trying to get in the habit of switching to it.  I like to install Ubuntu as the Minimal CLI install from the alternative CD.  Does anyone know if the installer uses 'aptitude' or 'apt-get', or is it lower level than that (dpkg?)?  I am posting here because I am running Hardy.  Thanks.05:13
bluefoxxi can find it all online or in manpages but when im frustrated or it wont boot properly i find it better to look at a hardcopy. i would print manpages/webpages but me==no printer05:13
Unknown512stat: cannot stat `/dev/mixer': No such file or directory05:13
akkSeveredCross: It polls hardware all the time, wasting cpu and power and making a beeping noise on my laptop05:13
AlcoholicDoclol, yeah HAL isn't as homicidal as he used to be.05:13
SeveredCrossakk: Eh, works okay for me.05:14
SeveredCrossNo beepin' or nothin', and I don't see it polling that often.05:14
cyclonutbluefoxx: go to your store, and find what you like :)05:14
cyclonutbluefoxx: or.... keep a backup computer :)05:14
akkSeveredCross: how often does it poll? On earlier releases it was about 2/second05:14
vlowtherAny known suspend/resume issues after upgrading to kernel 2.6.24-15?05:15
akkSeveredCross: I'd be curious if they've toned that down any05:15
pencould anyone tell me why in avant window navigator if I try to call a app to the front there is no focus effect?05:15
vlowthersystem seems to have developed a nasty habit of suspending once then spewing suspend debugging information into dmesg on every subsequent attempt.05:16
vlowtherinfo @ Bug #21266005:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212660 in linux "kernel 2.6.24-15 fails suspending" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21266005:16
bluefoxxhehe, i have three backup computers[one resurected thinkpad, one s370 salvage built desktop in storage and one p3slot1 768ram desktop] but the lappy has no way to connect to the net and the working desktop backup has no screen <<05:17
Unknown512Some kinda backups you got there05:17
SeveredCrossUnknown512: Read that thread.05:18
bluefoxxeverything else is backuped to extra harddrives, a scsi raid5 array or cdr/dvdr05:18
DistroJockeymy Firefox process is using 130% of my CPU. Anyone know of/have/or know how to fix it?05:19
DistroJockeyI guess it may be flash related *shrugs*05:20
bluefoxxDistroJockey: running any flash? or large cache?05:20
Unknown512SeveredCross: ok im running the command, Thanks dude hope this works05:20
DistroJockeybluefoxx: probably05:20
bluefoxxDistroJockey: try installing a different flash player. or lower the internet cache05:21
akkPlease, does anybody have a minute to try installing ttf-freefont and see if they show up in xfontsel or gtkfontsel, so I know whether I should file a bug?05:21
Unknown512SeveredCross: running a restart brb05:21
akkIt should be a very small package.05:21
DistroJockeyI have one FF3.5 with 16 tabs, one with 11 tabs and one with 1 tab ;)05:21
DistroJockeybluefoxx: will check that cache05:21
DanaG-15 has broken suspend for me, too.05:22
Unknown512wait nvm forgot to download oss05:22
penDistroJockey: how is it possible to use 130%?05:22
DanaGSorry, I was eating dinner.05:22
DistroJockeypen: exactly!!!05:22
bluefoxxpen: scalable cpu perhaphs?05:22
DistroJockeypen: tis what top says though05:22
penDistroJockey: wow05:22
DanaGX-Fi is not ca0106.  SBLive is.05:22
bluefoxxpen: and using 30% over the origional clock value?05:23
vlowtherDanaG: was dmesg full of scheduled spam?05:23
DanaGExtreme Audio is not truly an X-Fi.05:23
penbluefoxx: maybe his FF is OCed...05:23
vlowtherer, scheduler05:23
DanaGActually, it'd suspend and resume, but break keyboard.05:23
DistroJockey 7963 stuart    20   0  432m 205m  28m S  127 13.5 389:42.00 firefox05:23
* DistroJockey shrugs05:24
DanaGThe  only things till working:05:24
DanaGchvt, but xorg wouldn't appear.05:24
DanaGAnd magic-sysrq sorta' worked.05:24
DistroJockeyfrom top05:24
vlowthermine does not break anything, it goes through all the motions and then spews scheduler info instead of sospending.05:24
penDistroJockey: can you restart it?05:24
DistroJockeypen: sure, but, I thought I have done similar uasge of Firefox elsewhere05:25
bluefoxxwhy is hibernation/suspend so finicky anyways?05:25
penDistroJockey: is it becasue of flash?05:25
vlowtherDanaG: how are you running suspend?  hotkey, g-p-m, or sudo pm-suspend?05:25
bluefoxxi havent had it working since 6.1005:25
DistroJockeypen: I will close flash related tabs, sec05:25
penbluefoxx: I always get white screen after suspend but I still can type password in and log in05:25
penDistroJockey: try firefox205:26
bluefoxxpen: same here. only with hibernate too05:26
penDistroJockey: go to menu and unter internet05:26
vlowtherbluefoxx: an insidious combination of driver issues, video driver issues, and the freezer.05:26
penbluefoxx: how did you solve the white screen for suspend?05:26
akkbluefoxx: Mostly it's finicky because of needing to reset hardware in weird ways.05:26
bluefoxxbluefoxx: i didnt -. -05:26
* pen roll over and back05:27
vlowthermostly video quirk handling.05:27
bluefoxxpen: i just dont use those features. i want to disable them05:27
Unknown512SeveredCross: ok i did method 1 but it still isnt working05:27
vlowthervpe post is Teh Devil.05:27
Unknown512is there more i need to do?05:27
vlowtherer, vbe05:27
SeveredCrossUnknown512: Are you sure you have X-Fi?05:27
DanaGHotkey for me.05:27
penbluefoxx: then why you still use them?05:27
vlowtherDanaG: what video hardware?05:27
SeveredCrossDanaG mentioned above that CA0106 is SBLive.05:27
bluefoxxwhat would be better to upgrade to from a nvidia 6200? a 256MB 7300gts or a 512MB 6600/6800?05:28
Unknown512SeveredCross, on windows i had Sound Blaster X-Fi Console05:28
bluefoxxpen: i dont05:28
Unknown512so i know i do05:28
penbluefoxx: ok05:28
SeveredCrossUnknown512: Hmm.05:28
SeveredCrossI don't know then.05:28
SeveredCrossNever had an X-Fi card, never planning on getting one.05:28
Unknown512Well thank you for trying05:28
bluefoxxpen: i try them out again in each new distro and if they work, i use em. they dont i ignore them05:28
SeveredCrossI'll be damned if I ever buy Creative.05:28
DistroJockeylmao, while closing tabs in FF3 I saw top go to 9999% cpu usage05:28
Unknown512My PC came with it05:28
penbluefoxx: you have to tweak a little bit especially compiz05:29
penbluefoxx: and you have to whitelist some modules05:29
bluefoxxpen: lol. i use custom settings for compiz05:29
DanaGOh, I have a GeForce Go 7600.05:29
penbluefoxx: me too05:29
penbluefoxx: I mean like the VSync05:29
vlowtherDanaG: nvidia binary drivers?05:29
penbluefoxx: have to disblae it for suspend to work05:29
DanaGWhen I get my next PC, I'm going to ditch my Creative sound card, in favor of perhaps a C-Media USB one .... or a Cardbus or ExpressCard one, if somebody finally makes one.05:30
* bluefoxx goes off to try that05:30
DanaGAnd I'll give the Cardbus Audigy2 to any kernel developer who may want it.05:30
vlowtherDanaG: then you should not need any of the quirks hal is trying to foist off on you.  What happens when you try sudo pm-suspend from a command line?05:30
bluefoxxim using two screens05:31
penbluefoxx: try this http://aldeby.org/blog/?page_id=87#suspend05:33
penbluefoxx: although it's written for HP but it might work for other models05:33
penbluefoxx: just for the concept05:33
Unknown512How do you do all of those neat visual effects i see in youtube videos, like the box thing and such05:33
penbluefoxx: gl05:33
penUnknown512: compiz fusion05:33
Unknown512Where can i download it/05:33
penUnknown512: hey, do you have hardy installed?05:34
DistroJockeypen: bluefoxx: pretty sure it's a flashnonfree-plugin issue05:34
penUnknown512: you should have compiz on out of box unless you didn't install restricted video driver05:34
penDistroJockey: hm, how do you know?05:34
bluefoxxnote to self: dont wear such tight pants after eating a medium pizza and three cokes05:34
Unknown512i did, how do i do all of those effects tho?05:34
DistroJockeypen: some testing with FF2 and FF3 and a hunch :)05:35
bluefoxxbetter note to self: buy new pants05:35
Unknown512Linux is great but its so confusing!05:35
penUnknown512: did you install CompizConfig-settings-manager?05:35
Unknown512im not sure let me check05:35
penUnknown512: go to synaptics to install that05:35
penUnknown512: brb05:36
bluefoxxpen: mobo: asrock p4vm890 with 3.27ghz celeron d, 1.5gb ram and bfg pci nvidia 6200 OC 256mb05:36
jimmygoonff3 does not belong in LTS05:37
bluefoxxpen: page is still loading <. <05:37
Unknown512Pen: ok i installed Compizconfig-settings-manager, what now?05:37
DanaGcommand-line suspend, on -14, under X: suspended, but broke on resume.05:38
jcarey75Unknown512, I know you disabled your on board NVidia audio in the bios earlier, I just want to make sure you have a separate audio card installed, the speakers are plugged into a card slot, not outputs on the motherboard right?  Also, once you get compizconfig-settings-manager installed, go to System / Preferences / Advanced Desktop Effects Settings05:38
DanaGchvt worked once, but after that, only sysrq-b to reboot worked.05:38
jcarey75Unknown512, but I'd recommend not changing a whole lot of things at a time05:38
DanaGUnder console (before gnome login) on -15: failed to suspend at all.  It just hung.05:38
vlowtherAnything interesting in /var/log/messages?05:39
DanaGI couldn't get to it.05:39
bluefoxxanyone else ever had trouble booting they're system with it hanging at "busybox: intramsfs"?05:39
bluefoxxlivecd, not system05:40
jcarey75Unknown512, there are A LOT of settings there, and the activate right after you select them, so try something (Like Wobbly Windows) and move a window around, just try things a little at a time, instead of alot at once.05:40
vlowthernot even right now?05:40
Unknown512jcarey75, yes the speakers/headphones are plugged into my sound card05:40
Unknown512my standard ports are on the front, my card on the back05:40
vlowtherfor the -14, if the kernel was complaining it should have been logged.05:40
jcarey75Unknown512, just wanted to make sure05:41
DanaGHmm, I couldn't trigger a sync manually, though.05:41
DanaGAnd the 'messages' file has multiple boot logs.05:41
DanaGI mean, covers multiple uptimes.05:41
DanaGSessions.  Whatever.05:41
vlowtheryeah, all part of hte "fun" of debugging suspend.05:41
* vlowther grumbles something about a kernel debugger and a real crash dump mechanism.05:42
DanaGIt worked under acpi-support.05:42
Unknown512jcarey75, how do you add more desktops?05:42
Davo_Dinkumhow can i upgrade a dapper install to hardy using a hardy CD?05:42
DanaGOh yeah, can you do debugging over Firewire?05:42
vlowtherme personally?  heck no. :)05:43
DanaGI don't have another capable device right now, but in the summer, I'll be getting another computer (with firewire).05:43
jcarey75Unknown512, you installed via wubi, have you had this install long? (just thinking you might want to do a new install if it's easy now that you've disabled the onboard audio) Add desktops - General Options - Desktop Size - Horizontal Virtual Size - 2 or 3 or 405:44
Davo_Dinkumthe link in the topis is broken05:44
Unknown512jcarey75, no iv only had it for a couple of hours but iv had to reinstall twice05:44
Unknown512jcarey75, first time was, when i ran the updater it delted my firefox for some reason, second time i accidently installed kubuntu05:45
Unknown512it said it could only do a partial upgrade, dunno why it said that tho05:45
Unknown512and when i ran it05:45
Unknown512it removed firefox completely05:45
DanaGARgh, timidity keeps stalling and then eating CPU!05:46
Unknown512DanaG, whats Timidity?05:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about timidity - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:47
DanaG!info timidity05:47
ubotutimidity (source: timidity): Software sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.13.2-19ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 532 kB, installed size 1688 kB05:47
Unknown512well why are you using it?05:47
jcarey75Unknown512, I have the same onboard audio, and with other issues, needed a couple of installs before I had the right "flavor" gutsy 7.10 or hardy 8.04 and 32 bit or 64 bit, currently on hardy 64 bit. I use my onboard audio (don't have another card), wish I could say I know how to fix without a new install, but I don't always.05:47
DanaGWhy am I using it?  I'm playing MIDI with it.05:48
DanaGI have a soundfont for it that sounds better than Creative's soundfont.05:48
DanaGAnd I can't use that one with sfxload, for some reason.05:48
Unknown512jcarey, think i could fix it by disabling my sound card and then using onboard audio?05:48
Davo_Dinkumno one knows?05:48
DanaGWe need a factoid: !xfi  (and !x-fi)05:48
DanaGTo say how it's unsupported (and evil!)05:49
Unknown512Its not evil, works well with every other OS05:49
DanaGNot Vista.05:49
Unknown512Yeah it does...05:49
DanaGCan you decode incoming dolby digital?05:49
DanaGCan you use soundfonts?05:49
Unknown512idk about dolby digital, cause i use headphones05:49
Unknown512im not sure what soundfonts are05:50
DanaGWhen I plug in my Audigy2, it brings down both my wired and wireless network connections.05:50
DanaGOh, and it also deletes several directory junctions Vista uses.05:50
Unknown512all i know is Crystalizer works, Creative EAX works05:50
Unknown512other than that idc05:50
nickrudDavo_Dinkum it's supposed to be supported they're working at it05:50
DanaGGo read this some time.  http://forums.creative.com/creativelabs/board?board.id=Vista05:51
Unknown512Since when does a sound card delete files?05:51
Unknown512i think you have a virus05:51
jcarey75Unknown512, I'm not sure, I've had some problems with the onboard audio and would disable it in my bios if I had another card like you.05:51
Unknown512Yeah but aperently my card isnt linux supported05:52
Unknown512i guess05:52
Unknown512thats 2 cards... and 2 cards YOU DONT HAVE05:52
Unknown512Your card should work fine05:53
DanaGNo "All Users" on my PC either.05:53
Unknown512vista ultimate sp105:54
DanaGAnd do you really support a company that deliberately cripples products, then lies about it?05:54
Unknown512Do you run Vista Ultimate?05:54
Unknown512Well dont use 64 bit vista05:54
Unknown512its vistas fault05:54
DanaGI use 32-bit.05:54
Unknown512i use 32 bit home premium05:54
Unknown512works fine05:54
Unknown51264 bit has a lot of memory leak issues05:54
DistroJockeyI think I have narrowed down the cpu usage issue with flash  to FF3b05:54
Unknown512actually it has MANY memory isues05:54
DanaGCreative is on my "avoid" list.05:54
Unknown512DanaG Vista 64 bit SHOULD have been05:55
nickrud!enter Unknown512 (please ;)05:55
nickrud!enter | Unknown512 (please ;)05:55
ubotuUnknown512 (please ;): Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:55
Unknown512it has/had many memory flaws05:55
Unknown512!enter Unknown51205:55
DanaGI've gradually been adopting the attitude that closed-source things are bad -- whether sound cards or video cards.05:56
Unknown512... you still think vista isnt to blame AT ALL?05:56
DanaGBroadcom is extra-bad:  fine, I can see why they don't open the hardware specs, but not allowing people to distribute binary firmware?  That's just stupid.05:56
DanaGApple is also on the bad list: they deliberately break DAAP, iPod synchronization, and other such things.05:58
Unknown512whats DAAP?05:58
DanaGNot to mention, Apple killed Fingerworks (google it).05:58
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about daap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:58
DanaGit's iTunes Music Sharing.05:58
Unknown512Well of course they did, copyright infringment probably occured many a time05:58
Unknown512Its napster all over again in other words05:59
vlowtherDanaG: well, for now it is back to -12 for me. Working suspend/resume is a must-have feature for me.05:59
DanaGActually, the 5-users-per-day thing makes it less of a big deal.05:59
tritiumosuGrrr ever since FF3 got uninstalled then reinstalled I'm getting an Assertion Failed error when I start Firefox3.0b505:59
DanaGAt the very least, they should let it list songs but not play them.06:00
DanaGThat'd at least let me see what other people are interested in, for example.06:00
Unknown512Well, you can always use something called Limewire06:00
Unknown512and i find most of my favorite music by watching videos on YouTube06:00
Unknown512Sometimes they have some good music on there06:00
Unknown512Also, in the limewire/frostwire thing i prefer frostwire cause it gives you the features of Limewire Pro but for free06:01
Unknown512ipods probably dont work right because of so many people "jailbreaking" them06:02
Davo_Dinkumipods or iphones?06:02
Unknown512and syncronization is probably messed up cause apple is trying to stop that06:03
Davo_Dinkumhow are ipods being jailbroken exactly?06:03
vlowtherwow, people still use gnutella-derived filesharing.06:03
DanaGActually, they put some hash code somewhere.06:03
vlowtherHow early 2000s06:03
Unknown512Installing apps that arnt supposed to be on there, cough cough linux06:03
DanaGPeople had to crack it to use third-party apps on the PC to sync.06:03
DanaGEven on stock "iPod Classic".06:03
DanaGEven with Windows apps, in fact.06:04
* DanaG reaches out and turns Unknown512's PC into a brick for trying to use Linux with the X-Fi.06:04
DanaG(it's a joke... just not a very good one.)06:04
SeveredCrossBanshee works fine with older iPods.06:04
Unknown512You tried as well06:04
Unknown512And if you HAVE it and DIDNT try you are a saaad sad panda06:05
dotechmohamed_, how did you fix it?06:05
Unknown512So How is everyone? :)06:06
penUnknown512: hey, how is your compiz?06:06
mohamed_dotech, it was not working, and i have no experience with it, while reading i configure some files and run it06:06
Unknown512doing very well, i just have a quick question tho, how do i add more desktops?06:06
* DanaG will never buy anything Creative again... and will tell friend not to, either.06:07
mohamed_dotech,  i use some from here also ... http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Pulseaudio06:07
penUnknown512: in gnereal, go to desktop size06:07
ubotuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion06:07
Unknown512DanaG, creative has some good MP# players06:07
Davo_DinkumUnknown512: on gnome?06:07
vlowtheronly the ones that support rockbox, Unknown512.06:07
Davo_Dinkumright click on workspace switcher and go to preferences06:07
penDavo_Dinkum: he is using compiz06:08
* Davo_Dinkum runs06:08
penDavo_Dinkum: leave that to compiz config manager06:08
Unknown512Pen: where is General06:08
Unknown512woops mispell06:08
Unknown512or did i?06:08
mohamed_dotech, but still i don't understand it, or how it work , when i run it using /etc/init.d/pulseaudio start this have no effect, and i have to start daemon manuaal06:08
penUnknown512: did you install the package I told you earlier?06:08
Unknown512i know now06:08
mohamed_dotech, i don't know if this will fix with restart or i need to fix  anything06:09
DistroJockeyUnknown512: System - Preferences - Advanced Desktop Effects06:09
nickrudthe switcher works with compiz now as well06:09
DanaGIf you boycott a company, you boycott ALL products of that company.06:09
DanaGOddly enough, I'm going to switch from NVIDIA to ATI next time.06:09
protonchrisDanaG: thanks for the info.  I was looking at the x-fi extreme audio06:09
Dr_willismatrox! :)06:10
DanaGIt's the reverse of the "give up freedom for [security and stability]" issue.06:10
nickrudcan't wait to install that new x-fi card06:10
Dr_willisavoide the x-fi for linux. :)06:10
DanaGAvoid Creative, period.  The company is scum, in my opinion.06:10
Dr_willisThey are in financial problems.. a year from now - there may not be a creative.06:10
Unknown512Once again, Creative has good MP3 players =O06:10
Unknown512cheap ones too06:10
DanaGSCUM == don't buy ANYTHING from them.06:11
protonchrisUnknown512: at this point, you might be better off going with your onboard nvidia sound card.06:11
Unknown512ipods are a good $40006:11
* DanaG has a Cowon iAudio6 and greatly likes it.06:11
DanaGOh, about ATI:06:11
Unknown512ok proton, is there a way to disable my creative card so theres no interference?06:11
mohamed_dotech,  i also modify this line in /etc/pulse/default.pa load-module module-esound-protocol-unix socket=/tmp/.esd/socket06:11
Unknown512And also, its really fuzzy when i use that sound06:11
DanaGI'd rather have crappy-but-gradually-improving, open video drivers, than not-as-crappy, but god-only-knows-when-they'll-fix-the-bugs closed drivers.06:11
akkDanaG: I've been using ATIs for years so I don't have to hassle with binary nvidia drivers06:12
akk(but if I were a gamer I probably wouldn't have been happy with them)06:12
Jordan_Uakk, Intel?06:12
Unknown512DanaG: Yeah Ati are like the god of all video cards for linux06:12
akkJordan_U: unfortunately not available for systems with AMD CPU. Next time i need to buy a new cpu and mobo, though, that's what I want.06:13
DanaGI've had issues in Vista with nvidia, too.06:13
akk(I got the AMDs hoping they'd be cooler and quieter -- ha, that didn't work out so well either)06:13
DanaGLaptop I'm considering: HP 8510p.06:14
* Jordan_U hopes that intel will some day start making decent dedicated GPU's with open specs06:14
Unknown512DanaG you just have a complaint about EVERYTHING dont you, theres ALWAYS going to be errors06:14
Unknown512Theres no state of perfection06:14
Unknown512unless NOTHING ever changes06:14
Unknown512for like 10 years06:14
Dr_willisI want my Voodoo 3dfx back!06:14
akkJordan_U: keith packard claims that they do a lot of optimizations due to being integrated with the mobo (but he didn't go into detail there)06:14
chdstUnknown512: That's pretty much how it feels running ATI in Linux.06:14
* DanaG has a Voodoo3 2000 PCI lying around here.06:14
chdstthe bug fixes come, month after month, but it's still a big pile of broken.06:15
DanaGAt least ATI lets you control power saving ssettings in Linux.06:15
protonchrisUnknown512: You could probably leave the x-fi alone since linux doesn't know what to do with it and will probably ignore it.06:15
DanaGAnd now you can do accelerated framebuffer AND accelerated X, I believe.06:15
Unknown512proton: ok thanks ill give it a shot06:15
Dr_willisI thought there were 64bit x-fi drivers for linux. but I have no idea how good they are.06:16
DanaGoss4 supports X-Fi.06:16
protonchrisDanaG: well if you want to walk him through an audio system upgrade, go for it06:17
Jordan_UDanaG, How is oss4, anything noticeably better than ALSA ( aside from the fact that it actually has drivers for your card :) ?06:18
DanaGI can't use it.06:18
DanaGI have a Cardbus Audigy2, not an X-Fi.06:18
DanaGOSS4 just hard-locks with it.06:18
DanaGThough it can do some cool things with hda codecs: mic-in as output, for example.06:18
DanaGOh, and PulseAudio doesn't work with it, at least the last time I tried.06:18
Unknown512protonchris: alright im installing ALL packages with Gstreamer in the name cause i got some error saying the plugins were missing06:23
Dr_willisShotgun answer to installing stuff! :)06:26
Dr_willisthats how i do it also06:26
RAOFJordan_U: I think you'll be waiting about a year for that Intel GPU; Larribee was slated for 2009, IIRC.06:27
Unknown512i got an error, No Gstreamer Plugins/devices were detected when trying to change volume settings06:27
Unknown512any ideas?06:27
Unknown512Linux isnt detecting my onboard sound device06:27
protonchrisUnknown512: really?  Are you sure you enabled it in your bios?06:28
Jordan_UUnknown512, Do you get any output from "asoundconf list" >06:28
Unknown512Jordan_U, WHAT?06:29
Unknown512protonchris. Yes06:29
Unknown512if i could work out these kinks im sure linux would seem great to me06:30
protonchrisUnknown512: type that command in a terminal06:30
Unknown512right now its not exactly doing that for me06:30
Jordan_UUnknown512, Run the command "asoundconf list" and tell me if it list any cards06:30
DanaGHardy is my primary OS.06:31
Unknown512jordon_u, no message comes up06:31
Unknown512just goes to another command line06:31
Jordan_UUnknown512, Maybe you shouldn't be using a Beta OS :)06:31
Unknown512well it was detecting earlier06:31
Unknown512and Wubi installs hardy ONLY06:32
protonchrisUnknown512: is it listed when you run 'lspci'06:32
Jordan_UUnknown512, No it doesn't, it installs Gutsy just fine06:32
DanaGDid you disable it in BIOS?06:32
Unknown512Jordan_U thats because you have an earlier version ;)06:32
CoasterMasterDoes Hardy have ccsm installed by default?06:32
DanaGI seem to remember somebody telling somebody to disable.06:32
RAOFCoasterMaster: No.06:33
Unknown512Im going to go check bios again06:33
Dr_willisCoasterMaster,  no it does not. I also think theres some variants to ccsm in the repos.06:33
Jordan_UUnknown512, I actually don't use it but it's hard to believe that they discontinued support for Gutsy before Hardy is released06:33
Jordan_USpeaking of which, where did the custom option in visual effects preferences go?06:34
RAOFJordan_U: It's waiting for you to install the "simple-ccsm" package.06:35
Dr_willisGuessit got decided it was too complex :)06:35
chdstCoasterMaster: Install the compizconfig-settings-manage package06:35
Unknown512still isnt working06:36
Unknown512The volume control did not find any elements and/or devices to control. This means either that you don't have the right GStreamer plugins installed, or that you don't have a sound card configured.06:36
Unknown512You can remove the volume control from the panel by right-clicking the speaker icon on the panel and selecting "Remove From Panel" from the menu06:36
protonchrisUnknown512: is the nvidia sound card listed when you run the 'lspci' command in a terminal window?06:37
CoasterMasterchdst, I just did but I don't get a "custom" effects option under visual effects06:38
Unknown512Protonchris: nope06:38
Unknown512OOH AIT06:38
Unknown51200:0f.1 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP55 High Definition Audio (rev a2)06:39
Jordan_UUnknown512, What happens when you run "alsamixer" ?06:39
AngryBaconWhat version of the nvidia driver does hardy come with?06:40
chdstCoasterMaster: RAOF suggested the simple-ccsm package for that, which does depends on compizconfig-settings-manager package.06:40
protonchrisUnknown512: I would guess that something necessary got removed when you removed pulseaudio.06:40
CoasterMasterchdst, got it thanks06:40
RAOFAngryBacon: The latest one.06:41
Unknown512would the neccesary file have the ubuntu symbol next to it?06:41
Unknown512cause i could just look thru it all06:41
LOB|LoBoanyone getting slow network speeds with hardy heron?06:41
LOB|LoBohmm, thats what I'm getting, they are slow and choppy06:42
Unknown512install the restricted drivers06:43
Unknown512for your video card?06:43
Unknown512you using nvidia?06:43
protonchrisUnknown512: do you have these installed gstreamer0.10-alsa, gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-apps, gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio ?06:43
AngryBaconcan i just do dist-upgrade to swich to hardy?06:43
LOB|LoBono i'm not using nvidia06:43
LOB|LoBoits a gigabit card with oss drivers06:43
DanaGWireless?  Gigabit?  Huh?06:44
DanaGI have a gigabit wired card, but N isn't quite gigabit.06:44
MTecknologyWhen I plug in my headset w/ the USB extension I head the login sound and the nothing, if I plug it into the port, I hear nothing altogether... any ideas how to get it working?06:44
LOB|LoBothe manufacturer06:44
protonchrisUnknown512: Hmm.  Then I don't know.06:45
Unknown512its sighalicious06:45
Unknown512i think im just gonna have to go without sound06:45
Unknown512but i wanna be able to watch youtube videos W/ sound which makes me sad :'(06:46
protonchrisUnknown512: well, the nvidia did work before.  Since I don't know what you did before when you removed pulseaudio, it might just be easier for you to reinstall.06:47
LOB|LoBouname -a06:47
Unknown512ill reinstall it tomarrow06:48
Unknown512its already 2 AM06:48
Unknown512and iv reinstalled 2 times now06:48
protonchrisUnknown512: ok.  After you reinstall, check your levels in alsamixer.  Set any of the levels that are at 100% to something like 70%.  I am not sure if this will fix your 'fuzziness', but that is a solution to an old linux problem and is probably worth trying.06:49
Unknown512So what are some good apps to have with Ubuntu that you guys can recommend06:49
DanaGI set stuff to 0db; positive is one thing that makes for distortion.06:50
Unknown512no apps no apps at all?06:51
akkemacs, make, gcc :)06:52
benh_hrm... current daily snapshot of hardy ps3 live doesn't boot06:52
protonchrisUnknown512: I am going to bed.  Good night and good luck.06:53
Unknown512Good night06:54
Unknown512im having problems with my mouse now06:54
Unknown512just problem after problem06:54
Unknown512nvm fixed06:55
ImmersionHello. Can someone please tell me what sudo rm -rf /* does? I'm not familiar with the command.06:55
Dr_willisImmersion,  deletes EVERYTHING basicially06:56
ImmersionDr_Willis, Ohhh really?06:56
Unknown512Who the hell would make a command like that06:56
elkbuntuImmersion, why do you ask? did someone tell you to do it?06:56
benh_the kernel is busted06:56
Unknown512excuse my language06:56
Dr_willisbash/shell basics. Yes it does.06:56
Immersionelkbuntu, Yes.06:56
elkbuntuImmersion, in one of the ubuntu channels?06:56
Unknown512Who would make such a command06:56
Unknown512its stupid06:56
Dr_willisUnknown512,  its not  that some one made it..06:57
Unknown512its just a programming error?06:57
Dr_willisits how the pattern maching works06:57
Unknown512ok im sowwy =(06:57
Dr_willisBash/Shell basics.. :)06:57
=== Daisuke-Ido is now known as Daisuke_Ido
Unknown512Big change there Daisuke06:57
elkbuntuUnknown512, lots of things can be dangerous if used incorrectly06:57
Dr_willisand thers dozens of other commands that can trash your system also.06:57
ImmersionHaha so theres actually a command to run to screw up someones computer through terminal?06:57
ImmersionThat requires 1 line?06:57
elkbuntuImmersion, there's several06:58
Dr_willisImmersion,  if you have root access.. thats all it takes.06:58
Unknown512Thats scary06:58
ImmersionDoes any ask for password?06:58
Dr_willissudo - normally asks for a password06:58
ImmersionIf they've already authenticated?06:58
Unknown512so dont follow any random sudo commands given on IRC =O06:58
Unknown512go on forums06:58
Dr_willisYou can do similer things under windows. and osx also i imagine06:58
ImmersionYes you can do it on OS X06:58
elkbuntuImmersion, yes06:59
ImmersionI'm trying to find a way to mask or change my IP address.06:59
Unknown512Pidgin does automatically07:00
Dr_willisYou can ask for a host mask for the irc server if you are really paranoid07:00
Unknown512using gnome proxy07:00
chdstI'm struggling to resist the temptation of listing my favorite ways to break a box...there are so many, and some might be considered artful in execution. :)07:00
Unknown512Doesnt pidgin use Gnome Proxy to begin with?07:00
ImmersionI'm talking about my Mac system. :-P07:01
ImmersionI know, I'm in the wrong place.07:01
ImmersionHow do I ask for a host mask?07:01
Unknown512use Tor if its compatible07:01
ImmersionTor is compatible07:01
Unknown512then use it...07:01
ImmersionI shall look into it. :)07:01
Unknown512you should not EVER use your real IP in an IRC07:02
Unknown512thats like a HACK ME moment07:02
Unknown512unless your in a private one with just friends07:02
Unknown512even then tho someone can hack into it07:02
Unknown512take someones name and make you think their them07:02
ImmersionHow do you run a host mask on IRC?07:02
Dr_willisgee.. never noticed much of a seucity risk by being on irc...07:03
ubotuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as !TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks07:03
Dr_willisI imagine i get more random scans on my ip# then i do get attacks from people in irc channels.07:03
ImmersionWell I want someone to mask my IP, but I know TOR gets alot of slack.07:04
Dr_willissee the 'hostmask cloak' at the url listed above07:05
ImmersionLooking :)07:05
ImmersionI mean for everything, though.07:05
Dr_willisgo to one of thise proxy sites i guess.07:05
ubotuTOR is a project aiming to provide anonymous connections via specialized !proxies - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TOR for information and help - Note that TOR is blocked on most Ubuntu IRC channels, please see !hostmask and !tor-gpg07:05
ubotuYou can use tor and still access #ubuntu and other channels that have tor blocked.  How? Read http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml#tor to find out how to bypass all the tor hassles on freenode.07:06
Dr_willisThere ya go - check that last bit :)07:06
Unknown512Well its late, im tired, so im gonna go to bed07:07
Unknown512Have fun Linuxing guys!07:08
ImmersionSo, I need to find a network staffer?07:09
Dr_willisNo idea. Im not that paranoid.. so i dont worry about masks. :)07:09
Dr_willisif you like Tor. that other method may be a good way to try07:10
ImmersionTor is blocked by alot of things07:10
Dr_willisYes it is...07:11
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EdLinI'm having serious problems getting Hardy Heron to work with nvidia drivers on my monitor, it refuses to use anything but too-low resolutions on it (like 640x480!).07:21
EdLinit's a 1680x1050 LCD07:21
EdLinI also can't get it to upgrade to the latest packages, but that's par for the course for an unstable beta.07:23
Jordan_UEdLin, How did you install the nvidia drivers?07:23
EdLinwith the hardware manager.07:23
Jordan_UEdLin, What packages are being held back?07:23
EdLinI'm not sure.07:24
Jordan_UEdLin, What do you mean when you say that you can't get it to upgrade to the latest packages?07:24
EdLinit says it wants to do only a partial upgrade, I say yes, then it fails.07:24
Jordan_UEdLin, Try updating07:25
EdLinum, yes, that's what I did. I think. :-)07:25
Jordan_UEdLin, "sudo apt-get update" then try the upgrade again07:26
EdLinLet me boot into Ubuntu. It's kind of painful to use at 640x480, but it'll be easier to debug there.07:26
EdLinbefore I do that, is there any advice on fixing the monitor problem? I'm not a Unix novice, if you know some xorg.conf magic that will work I'll apply it.07:26
* EdLin hears crickets chirping07:28
tannermy cpu cores are at 200F :(07:29
chdstFry some eggs!07:29
EdLintanner, I'll trade your 200F CPU cores for my nice cold Pentium 4 1.7GHz cores.07:29
tanneri dont think they'll fit in my Thinkpad ;)07:30
EdLinwell, actually, core in the singular. :-)07:30
SeveredCrosstanner: WTF have you been doing to your computer?07:31
SeveredCrossI run mine ragged and the cores never get above 35-40C.07:31
tannerh264 encoding07:31
EdLinhey, 1.7GHz P4s were top of the line 6 years ago! Now of course, a 1.5GHz CPU runs rings around it.07:31
tannerhowever, the reason they are 200F now is because i left my computer on a blanket for a few minutes07:32
SeveredCrossWell ventilate the sucker better.07:32
SeveredCrossGet Gkrellm up and spin the fans, etc.07:32
tannerpretty sure adding more ventilation to my laptop will void the warranty ;)07:32
EdLinbrb, hate to stop listening to my new stones album, but I want to fix this Ubuntu problem before the new release comes out with the same serious bug.07:32
Dr_willisThey have little fan 'pads' you can sit your laptop on.07:33
tannerthose usually work best when used with say.. a desk or other hard surface to place your computer on07:34
DanaGuse CELSIUS -- it makes more sense.07:34
calcDanaG: use units :)07:34
calcF works good for americans ;-)07:34
tannerhow does it make more sense?07:34
DanaGMy laptop idles at 39-40C; load is up to 67, tops.07:35
calc200F ~= 93C07:35
DanaGIt's easier to think 0 to 100 (85 is too hot)07:35
DanaGthan 32 to 212 --- where's "too hot" there?07:35
calcaiui the newer intel chips don't actually report real temperature so i don't know if linux reports their temp right07:35
bicyclistDanaG i got two differnet readings, on an samung r55 it idles at 60 up to 75 Celsius07:35
tannerits all relative07:35
calcaiui they report temperature offset from t junction max07:35
DanaGUsing "coretemp" module?07:35
bicycliston sonay it idles at 46 up to 60 Celsius07:35
* calc read about this a few weeks ago07:36
calcand t junction temperature isn't disclosed by intel and varies by exact chip type07:36
AR`NeatcheeOk this might sound ridiculous...but my audio is playing...too fast.  In everything except the GDM ready sound.  Flash, login, Totem, you name it.  Everything.07:42
cr0mulentis anyone having a problem with windows resizing?07:42
joncruzI have a strange tablet problem. I tried hardy from the live cd and it worked fine. So then I installed from that CD and the tablet didn't work (except for mouse buttons)07:43
joncruzanyone know of wacom on hardy issues?07:43
EdLinOK, the apt-get update fixed the upgrading problem, now I've got 1hr's worth of upgrades.07:43
EdLindoes anyone have a solution for my monitor problem?07:43
Zvezdichkohello, is these morning updates finally FIX this nasty mesa problem?07:43
=== bluefoxx_ is now known as bluefoxx
joncruzon the good news part of things, it appears that all the base features on this macbook work well, including wireless and the backlight keyboard07:45
EdLinusing the nv drivers seem to fix it, but in the recent past (dunno about this version of nv drivers) it would have mysterious lock-ups, especially when I used firefox for some bizarre reason.07:45
EdLinI also, for speed reasons, would like to use the "nvidia" driver.07:46
=== bluefoxx_ is now known as bluefoxx
macogwhey the internet says that to setup my new print server to work with CUPS ill have to use the web interface.  does the new printer config GUI from Fedora (that's in Hardy) mean not needing the web UI since it has a "show printers shared by other systems" checkbox?07:51
macogwand well...right now HP scanners dont work in Hardy.  will having a print server mean that when this is fixed i *still* won't be able to scan?07:52
* tanner misses adblock plus07:53
Dr_williswhats to miss? Im using it.. :)07:54
rsc_hey guys. I had a dual boot gutsy + XP setup, and now that I installed Hrady beta (clean install),Win XP is no longer on my GRUB menu (but the partition is there intact!) what should I do?07:55
tannerdoesnt work with firefox 3 beta407:55
Dr_willisWell... lets just say it 'says' it dosent work. :)07:56
Dr_willisim using it with FF3 beta 5 right now07:56
Dr_willistheres a 'nightly tester tools' extension that aparently can force the other extensions to load..07:56
Dr_willisbut that may cause crashes. :)07:56
EdLinOK, like I said, I'm in Hardy now. Does anyone have advice on fixing my monitor problems? I really would like to be able to use the compiz goodness at a resolution besides 640x480.07:56
cgeDr_willis: Use ntt. It generally works quite well.07:56
Dr_williscge,  ive not had anyissues.. but then again.. im a leet-cutting edge kind of guy! :)07:57
tannerDr_willis: if that is the case, why are you using Ubuntu? ;)07:57
Zvezdichko:) lol, Dr_willis07:57
Dr_willistanner,  because gentoo got old. :P07:58
cgetanner: I'm actually rather the same way. Continually following +1 gives the cutting edge and excitement.07:58
ZvezdichkoDr_willis: emerge that :)07:58
tannercompiling everything was rather annoying07:58
Dr_willisi gave up on gentoo one day when they had varioud 'howto-docs' flagged as being unstable.. :)07:58
tannerstill, ubuntu, even +1 isnt the most cutting edge07:59
cgeDoes anyone here know how to turn off the automatic offline detection in firefox?07:59
EdLinZvezdichko: debian unstable is *not* cutting-edge, except compared to stable.08:00
Dr_williscge,  ive never noticed that feature at all.08:00
cgeDr_willis: I presume, then, that NetworkManager is working for you?08:00
Zvezdichkoin my point of view ubuntu+1 is cutting edge08:00
tannercge, i dont believe there is such a feature, and if there is, most likely must be configured using the advanced configuration in firefox08:00
Dr_williscge,  i have had no networking issues at all here.08:00
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=== rsc___ is now known as ricosc
* EdLin waits patiently for an answer to his question08:01
cgetanner: There *does* appear to be such a feature, linked to NetworkManager/dbus. When nm isn't running, ff starts out in offline mode.08:01
cgeEdLin: I came in too late to see the details, I'm afraid.08:01
tannercge: as i said, if such a feature is configureable, its likely in advanced configuration08:02
tannerEdLin: what graphics card08:02
EdLinnvidia FX 520008:02
cgetanner: Yes, that's where I've been looking, unfortunately. I suppose it might be in a script somewhere, though.08:02
EdLincge: 1680x1050 monitor that hardy thinks needs to be 640x48008:03
tannerugh, anyone know why the hell desktop workspaces switch order08:03
cgetanner: switch order?08:03
tannercge: about:config08:03
tanner^^ have fun :P08:03
tanneryes, workspace one is now at workspace 708:03
tanner2 to 1, 3 to 2, etc etc08:04
cge7 workspaces?08:04
* EdLin 3> about:config08:04
cgetanner: With or without compiz?08:04
EdLiner, <308:04
cgeEdLin: Yes, it's very useful.08:04
SmegzorI'm about to install an Ubuntu server for a friend.  Should I install 8.04?  I'm running 8.04 on my desktop with only minor problems.08:05
tannercge: you may get a better answer in #firefox08:05
AR`NeatcheeI seriously feel like I'm hallucinating...08:05
AR`NeatcheeOk this might sound ridiculous...but my audio is playing...too fast.  In everything except the GDM ready sound.  Flash, login, Totem, you name it.  Everything.08:05
cgetanner: good point08:05
cgeSmegzor: That really depends on the friend :)08:05
* tanner could never understand why people would use Ubuntu for a server operating system08:06
EdLinAR`Neatchee: not rediculous at all, what sound card do you have?08:06
Dr_willisAR`Neatchee, on my laptop at one time - my normal 'clock' was running at about 4x normal speed.. 4 secs ticked off every sec. :)08:06
cgetanner: I've actually had a rather good experience with ubuntu-server.08:06
EdLintanner: support - LTS has one of the longest support cycles08:06
cgeOf course, that was after running debian unstable for 7 years without reinstalling, so...08:07
AR`NeatcheeEdLin: SiS SI701208:07
* tanner will stick to FreeBSD for all enterprise level installments and debian for anything less08:07
cgetanner: debian stable?08:08
ZvezdichkoIMO the best OS for a server is Slackware08:08
AR`NeatcheeDr_willis, the clock is definitely right.  I could see the whole system running at 4x somehow i guess08:08
tanneryes, debian stable08:08
AR`Neatcheebut not just the sound -_-08:08
Dr_willisPuppyLinux :)08:08
Dr_willisminux !08:08
Dr_willisoops Minix08:08
cgeAR`Neatchee: It could be something with pulseaudio's options.08:08
EdLincge: you made it through the PAM breakage without reinstalling? Pretty good.08:08
EdLincge: or maybe that was more than 7 years ago...08:09
SmegzorIs anyone here running an 8.04 server? Any problems with it?08:09
AR`Neatcheecge:  I had a pulse audio problem recently as well that somehow resolved itself in the process of trying to find out where in my home directory the problem was being generated (turned out it was in .gconf (lotta help that is) but it was working fine till earlier today)08:10
cgeAR`Neatchee: Have you tried bypassing pulseaudio for playing something?08:10
AR`Neatcheehah wow08:11
AR`Neatcheehadn't even thought about it, but in sound options...08:11
AR`Neatcheepulseaudio test button plays a higher pitch than ALSA XD08:11
AR`Neatcheethat's hilarious08:11
AR`Neatcheeah but OSS plays the higher pitch too08:11
cgeAR`Neatchee: OSS is probably emulated there - pushing through /dev/dsp must result in the higher. Is dsp now controlled by pulseaudio rather than alsa?08:12
* EdLin wonders if anyone has a clue regarding my problem, compiz sucks at 640x480. ;-)08:15
dubbyhey anyone when turning on composite extentions my computer runs terrible08:15
dubbyEdLin whats it say08:15
cgeEdLin: I just don't run compiz :)08:15
dubbysome people can't live without compiz08:15
tannerEdLin: in terminal what is the output of this command: "glxinfo | grep direct"08:15
cgedubby: What driver/card/etc do you have/are you using?08:16
EdLinactually, I didn't even try running compiz at that resolution, I ran the nvidia driver and it remained stuck in it.08:16
bullgard4Where can I find a rather complete list of Gutsy features that are (to be) upgraded in Hardy?08:16
tannerbullgard4: i dont believe such a list exists08:16
cgebullgard4: complete? I'm not sure that's something one would want.08:16
bullgard4tanner: What is the reason for this non-existence?08:17
Zvezdichkobullgard4: try to upgrade and you will see08:17
Zvezdichkoabout several gigabytes of packages08:17
ZirodayIs it me or is FF3's font rendering kinda off08:17
tannerbullgard4: the reason is simple: no one has written one.08:17
bullgard4tanner: ok.08:18
dubbycge: I am using Driver "vesa" OpenGL renderer string: Radeon X1950 Series OpenGL renderer string: Radeon X1950 Series08:18
dubbyOpenGL version string: 2.1.7412 Release08:18
EdLintanner: glxinfo doesn't like the "nv" driver. I'll try the "nvidia" driver again once my upgrade is finished.08:18
RAOFEdLin: The nv driver doesn't provide 3D acceleration at all.08:18
cgedubby: You're never going to get composite working well with vesa.08:18
* tanner seconds RAOF08:18
RAOFdubby: You're not using the vesa driver.08:18
dubbythats what my xorg.conf says08:18
EdLinRAOF: I know that, but it does provide 1680x1050, as opposed to 640x48008:19
tannercomposite + vesa = 100% cpu based compositing08:19
RAOFdubby: I can tell, because you've got an OpenGL Renderer string :)08:19
cgedubby: How were you trying to enable composite?08:19
dubbyxorg.conf composit extentions "1"08:19
RAOFEdLin: You could try nouveau, for kinda 3d + really fast 2d :)08:19
dubbySection "Extensions"08:20
cgedubby: Have you tried using the Appearance preferences to enable compiz?08:20
dubbysorry composite "1"08:20
EdLinRAOF: will compiz workie? :-)08:20
tannerare you opposed to the binary drivers?08:20
dubbyi have not08:20
RAOFEdLin: No, more's the pity (if it did, nouveau would be my primary driver).08:20
dubbybecause just turning on composite extentions makes my comp worthless08:20
RAOFEdLin: The 3D stuff is _really_ incomplete & experimental.08:21
dubbyusing aiglx08:21
cgedubby: It does that for you, in a way that will probably actually work.08:21
tannerdubby: sounds like you have compiz but no 3d acceleration08:21
baudelaireDoes anyone know how to turn on file sharing in Hardy Heron?  There is no obvious way to me -- in gutsy I remember it being in the right click menu, when i clicked on a fiel08:21
EdLinRAOF: it's too bad that the best 3D is also closed-souurce on nvidia.08:21
davidgoddamnit Charles Heston is dead :/08:22
tannerbaudelaire: right click -> "sharing options" ?08:22
dubbytanner: I am not even trying to run compiz08:22
dubbycge: it says The Composite extension is not available08:22
EdLindavid: I guess someone pried his gun out of his hands now. ;-) ;-)08:22
baudelairetanner, I see no such menu -- that's the first thing i tried08:22
daviddead by monkey08:22
tannerbaudelaire: hmm, seems to only work on folders08:22
david*cough* ape08:22
EdLindavid: dead by ape??08:23
cgedubby: Oh. You'll need to use the fglrx driver if you want to get it working, then.08:23
baudelairetanner, heh -- thanks -- I could have sworn i tried that.08:23
cgedubby: vesa is hardly ever a good driver to use.08:23
macogwtanner: in your about:config, add extensions.checkCompatibility and set it to false. then it will load any extension it can, even if the extension's installer file says it cant08:23
tannermacogw: out of nowhere?08:24
macogwtanner: i scrolled up to see if anyone had answered me08:24
tannermacogw: what was your question?08:24
macogwtanner: saw your complaint about AdBlock Plus08:24
tannerah, it works without any modification at the moment08:25
davidEdLin: charles heston <-> planet of the apes reference08:25
zniavrehello / bonjour08:25
EdLindavid: I think my NRA reference is funnier. ;-)08:25
zniavredoes thunar manage samba  (my nautilus share does not works properly ?08:25
EdLindavid: liked his acting though.08:25
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.08:27
davidEdLin: NRA indeed :B08:29
EdLindavid: "I'll give up my gun, when they pry it from my cold dead hands" - Charlton Heston08:29
ethana2how do I print to .png?08:31
EdLinthus, ol' Charlton has given up his gun.08:31
ethana2instead of .pdf?08:31
tanneranyone know how the hell to shift workstation positions08:31
EdLintanner: take the workstation and lift it off your desk?08:31
tanneraren't you hilarious EdLin..08:32
EdLintanner: what do you mean by workstation positions?08:32
tannerworkstation one is not at workstation 708:33
tannerworkstation 2 at 1, 3 at 2, and so on08:33
EdLintanner: I remember you could do that kind of thing with enlightenment wm, you could lift and drag programs from desktop to desktop.08:33
EdLin(the proper terminology is "desktop")08:34
EdLinwithin the pager.08:34
tanneractual, the proper terminology is workspace but lets not split hairs08:34
EdLinmulti-desktop is proper terminology.08:34
EdLinworkspace is OK though.08:35
madagascarHi All, could you please give some hints about how can i re-install a package which "is in a very bad inconsistent state ?08:35
EdLinworkstation is something that Sun makes (or where work stops, see: "train station")08:35
macogwmadagascar: sudo aptitude reinstall <package>08:36
* tanner will wait until your done with your useless bantering about the use of workstation or workspace instead of your preferred term, "desktop" or any derivation thereof 08:36
madagascarhi macogw - thanks, another one, this one i have tried and was unsuccessfull ...08:37
madagascarhave tried aptitude, apt-get install, dpkg --force-overwrite -i , etc08:37
EdLintanner: if you want programs to be on a different "workstation", if you prefer, the only ways I know how are in the top-left corner menu, one by one, or with compiz, by dragging. In GNOME, it does not support what you describe, as far as I know.08:38
cgemadagascar: And --force-all, I presume?08:39
tannerthe entire workspace orders change, that is the problem. and it is likely an issue with compiz08:39
EdLinI haven't used the latest compiz, I'm still trying to get "nvidia" drivers to understand my monitor in Heron.08:40
dubbyhey everyone got it to work08:40
dubbyyay me :-)08:40
madagascarno, i perceive "force-all" somehow too high for me ...08:40
cgemadagascar: I use it all the time.08:41
quest-usbtrying out 8.04 beta with usb audio and vmware workstation08:42
EdLinmadagascar: it's sometimes a neccesity when beta-testing a debian-based (or worse yet, rpm based) distro.08:42
quest-usbcan't figure out how to pass audio from a usb headset to vmware08:42
BelisarivsHi all.08:42
madagascarthanks cge, thanks EdLin ! will try, never tried before, so i'm just "cautious" ...08:42
BelisarivsJust wanted to ask whether there is some unofficial repository for development version of KDE4.08:43
tannerquest-usb: likely you want to check the device you want to pass to vmware under the "removable devices" section in vmware08:43
EdLinmadagascar: as you should be, it's a weapon of last resort.08:43
quest-usbk looking. wihen I set it up in windows,08:44
quest-usbI was able to just declare the usb headset as the audio source08:44
madagascarok, will let you know ...08:44
tannerquest-usb: then you should be able to in vmware as well08:45
quest-usbmade speech recog in windows(guest) work better08:45
MTecknologyWhen I plug in my headset w/ the USB extension I head the login sound and the nothing, if I plug it into the port, I hear nothing altogether... any ideas how to get it working?08:45
MTecknologyanybody around yet w/ any suggestions?08:45
quest-usbMTecknology: try dbl clicking the speaker icon08:46
quest-usbthe volume control should give you several options08:47
tannerMTecknology: volume control -> file -> change device -> select your headset, may help resolve your issue08:47
quest-usbvmworkstation only shows autodetect and /dev/dsp08:49
MTecknologytanner, I should be able to play music and just start switching between them, right?08:49
quest-usbdamm. it's 4am  need to leave and get some sleep08:50
tannerMTecknology: i cant say for sure08:51
tannerquest-usb: seems your device isnt registering then?08:51
quest-usbit is registering in the log and withe audio on insertion08:52
MTecknologyerichj, tanner, nothing08:54
tannerquest-usb: does dmesg show the device? how about volume control08:54
erichjMTecknology, sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base    then look for "options snd-usb-audio index=-1" if it's set to -2 change it to -1 save and reboot08:55
madagascarHi EdLin - force-all didn't worked either ....08:55
MTecknologyerichj, it's set to -208:56
quest-usbmixer reports it as xvi usb 7.02 (alsa mixer)08:56
madagascarthis is what i did - sudo dpkg --force-all -i mailscanner_4.66.5-2_all.deb08:56
erichjset it -108:56
MTecknologyerichj, when i first plug it in, i hear the ubuntu login sound :S08:57
erichjMTecknology, if my way doesn't work you can always revert the change later08:57
quest-usb[17767.927157] input: Micronas VXI USB 7.02 as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.0/usb1/1-2/1-2:1.3/input/input1008:57
quest-usb[17767.972966] input,hidraw0: USB HID v1.00 Device [Micronas VXI USB 7.02] on usb-0000:00:1d.0-208:57
MTecknologyerichj, I'm killing my vm and I'll restart08:58
erichjMTecknology, k08:58
tannerquest-usb: does it show anywhere where its creating an audio device08:58
quest-usbnot really08:59
tannerthen it seems your usb audio device isnt being recognized as such08:59
quest-usbit is picked up in the device meny of the volume control08:59
tannernot sure09:00
quest-usbok.  it is back to windows tomorrow them where t09:00
quest-usbe headset works09:00
lintelI can only access my router via wlan unencrypted -- is this a known bug?09:01
tannerlintel: um, what is the bug you speak of?09:01
quest-usbsucks but if you are disabled, linux is not friendly yet09:01
EdLinlintel: WPA or WEP?09:01
lintelEdLin, WPA*09:02
EdLinstrange, I recall seeing a fixed bug refering to WEP.09:02
tannerquest-usb: so be it. however some googling may return your result.09:02
EdLinof course, WEP is cracked.09:02
matyyhej, is it possible, that there weren't any updates the last couple of days? feels so strange ^^09:03
blueeyesmikehi, just did an update on hardy and now I only have about a quarter of my screen show up after I login, can anyone help? running a dell inspiron 6000 usual resolution is 1680x105009:03
EdLinblueeyesmike: I'm having problems with my monitor too, even before any updates with nvidia drivers.09:03
lintelEdLin, I use the notorious AR5007EG, thus apply "madwifi-nr-r3366+ar5007"09:04
blueeyesmikeMines not nvidia related I have integrated graphics09:04
blueeyesmikeworked fine before an update yesterday09:04
EdLinblueeyesmike: oh, I guess you can't fix the problem either. :-(09:04
erichjreconfigure x09:04
blueeyesmiketried but I might try again09:05
erichjMTecknology, how did it go?09:05
macogwlintel: depends on the card09:05
MTecknologyerichj, i booted with the thing plugged in. I hear it when the login screen first loads, then after that everything was on the computer speaker09:05
erichjMTecknology, ok give me a sec to track something down09:06
MTecknologyerichj, alsamixer has something in there for USB now though09:06
erichjtry it09:06
BaD_CrCugh... 1405 packages for the upgrade.09:06
MTecknologyerichj, sorry, i did already09:07
erichjBaD_CrC, so wait until final09:07
erichjMTecknology, ok still looking09:07
BaD_CrC30 more packages to go. :)09:07
MTecknologyerichj, I can toss up a screenshot of what i have listed in alsamixer09:07
EdLinBaD_CrC: from what? I had 396 from the beta iso09:07
erichjMTecknology, sure09:07
lintelmacogw, I use the notorious AR5007EG, thus apply "madwifi-nr-r3366+ar5007" -- unencrypted connection works09:08
BaD_CrCupgrade from gutsy. all is good.09:08
BaD_CrCi'm going back to my WINE hackery now09:08
quest-usbtanner: when I wake.  but being dependent on speech recognition as your main tool you use to make a living with is scary, add on top of that dependency on a fragile pos like xp and it is positively terrifying.  I was hoping 8.04 was stable enough to make it possible to do some vm games to make it easier to snapshot and go back.  not to mention the xp in a vm guest gives better sr performance than native xp.  oh well, I'll try again when xp looses it's mind in09:08
DarkMageZquest-usb, sr performance?09:11
quest-usbspeach recognition performance09:11
erichjdid the pulseaudio manager get removed at some point?09:11
madagascarHi EdLin - force-all didn't worked either ....09:11
MTecknologyerichj, http://img227.imageshack.us/my.php?image=42688246ps2.jpg09:12
quest-usbhands broke yet again 3 days ago and am rebuilding sr laptop.09:12
madagascarthis is what i did - sudo dpkg --force-all -i mailscanner_4.66.5-2_all.deb09:12
erichjMTecknology, try option 5 on that list09:12
MTecknologyerichj, when I choose it, should sound just switch to it?09:13
erichjMTecknology, and then 6 if thats a no go. we've established this thing works on alsa09:13
quest-usbhoping for more stability through vm09:13
gluer_Q: which OS is better to run in virtualbox seamless mode? xp or vista?09:13
erichjMTecknology, i'm not sure actually09:13
MTecknologyb/c i've tried them all and it never changes09:14
MTecknologyI'm running bmpx atm09:14
erichjMTecknology, i just found a forum post from someone who got your headphones working. only problem is that it's in italian09:15
MTecknologyerichj, link?09:16
erichji would say to just ran that through babel-fish but you would probably get a translation telling you "drain the goats intelligence blah blah blah"09:18
MTecknologyerichj, apparently sudo in italian means i sweat09:22
=== Bonez is now known as BonezAU
Zvezdichkohell, I have to go to the bathroom09:23
BonezAUHi all09:23
MTecknologyerichj, no use09:29
MTecknologyerichj, all it really talks about is how to change the order of the modules09:29
erichjMTecknology, then I am all out of idea's09:30
MTecknologyty anyway09:30
MTecknologyerichj, gave me something to do while i wait for vs2005 to finish fixing itself (hopefully)09:31
MTecknologywow... MS sucks.... their own repair utilities further break09:32
zniavr1after reinstalling samba and nautilus share  it still does not work normally  . as every body ?09:33
MTecknologyit's not that hard! you have money to never release another product b/c of buying out competition and taking their leftover money .... don't release something until it works09:34
BonezAUis anyone having problems installing extensions with firefox 3 or swiftfox 3? i get some random error saying that no extensions are able to be installed.09:34
BonezAUi will pastebin it shortly09:34
erichjMTecknology, http://www.collegehumor.com/video:175620209:35
davidsome extensions do not work with 3.x yet - no09:35
davidothers do09:35
orvokkiMost don't work with b5 though.09:35
BonezAUdavid - all extensions i have tried, claim to be compatible with ff3. - i can't seem to install *any* extensions09:36
BonezAUi'm just trying a re-install now09:36
davidnoscript works with up to b509:36
orvokkiYou can always remove the compatibility checks until they release final in July.09:36
davidadblock plus worked up to b409:36
MTecknologyerichj, won't play09:36
orvokkidavid: Yeah, it breaks a bit in b5.09:36
orvokkiDoesn't manage to filter everything.09:37
davidthose are the only two I use :)09:37
davidan dofcourse ubuntufox or what it's called09:37
erichjMTecknology, that sucks. you could always use the time to ask yourself why you are downloading vs200509:37
BonezAUremoving compatibility checks also made no diff. my problem is not version related, lemme get the error09:37
MTecknologyerichj, it didn't finish repairing... but I have other ways to get that crap.....09:37
MTecknologyI'm dloading office 2007 sp1, vs2005 sp1, and some others now09:38
* orvokki blinks09:38
* erichj hasn't downloaded a service pack in years09:38
orvokkiUnless you need Visual Studio for work, you probably don't want it imo. :)09:39
madagascarhi all - can you please tell me how to "fix" a package which is in very bad inconsistent state ? can't re-install, can't remove, can't upgrade, nothing works09:42
BonezAUok guys... this is using firefox 2 just to prove it's not a FF3 or extension compatability problem -- http://pastebin.com/m1d6dcad609:42
MTecknologyorvokki, yup.... agreed - I need it for school09:43
MTecknologyorvokki, anything else I do as far as programming goes starts with #!/bin/bash09:43
orvokkiMTecknology: There are usually opensource alternative IDE's.09:44
MTecknologyorvokki, like what?09:45
EdLinargh! Still goes into 648x48009:45
MTecknologyorvokki, I need to be able to write vb and c# code09:45
orvokkiOh, for the love of God....09:46
orvokkiWhich school forces you to write C#?09:46
MTecknologyorvokki, not so much force c#, but i usually try to do it that way instead :P09:46
EdLinanybody got a clue as to making X use a resolution besides 640x480 with nvidia drivers?09:47
orvokkiHmm, for me it just works.09:47
EdLintell me quickly, my screen sure scrolls off fast at this resolution. ;-)09:48
GastenI'd like to have two version of ubuntu on my computer, one with gutsy for production and one with hardy for playing. I'd like them to have the same /home. Are there any gotchas I should know about?09:48
macogwEdLin: install nvidia's proper drivers09:48
orvokkiMTecknology: Well, he didn't even say which ones he has.09:48
macogwGasten: sometimes the settings will fight with each other09:48
EdLinmacogw: I did that using the hardware device applet.09:48
orvokkimacogw: Even.09:48
MTecknologyorvokki, right now, I write cobol in netexpress which relies on vs2005 being installed. after that, i need to take the 3rd vb class09:48
Infectosome one have any idea when will be thermal supported in core2? i have t9300 CPU and :( i cant see any info09:48
macogwEdLin: did you restart X?09:48
AlmindorI'm running hardy 64bit version on an amd64 laptop, and when I leave it on without any activity I still get it "hot"09:49
EdLinmacogw: yes09:49
EdLinmacogw: in fact, the proper drivers are what breaks things. Without them, X works.09:49
Almindorany ideas if I'm missing some setting or something? It seems linux/hardy can't do proper power saving on laptops :(09:49
jimiridgehey i just realized "screens and graphics" is missing from System>Admin09:49
Gastenmacogw: ok. so are you saying that I should have a separate /home for hardy?09:49
macogwEdLin: X doesnt work at all with them? or is just low res?09:49
Almindor(me tought that amd64 cpu power modes were handled in latest kernels)09:49
EdLinjust ultra-low res.09:49
EdLinwith no way to use anything higher09:50
macogwGasten: probably a good idea to just have /home be in each one and have a bunch of symlinks for your Documents, Videos, etc to a /mnt/data partition09:50
tannerAlmindor: linux can, just dont have the right tools setup. (gnome power management seems vastly lacking compared to kde's)09:50
MTecknologyis Xorg -configure still useful in those cases?09:50
macogwMTecknology: no09:50
Almindortanner, hm I see, any way tu go around it (console tools?etc?)09:50
Gastenmacogw: ah, yes. I can do that.09:50
macogwEdLin: oh crap this is hardy we're talking about. xorg.conf not so much of an option09:50
Almindortanner, thing is I have no idea which component is producing the heat, but it's quite intensive09:51
MTecknologyk - i tried it once and I wasn't sure whether i screwed it up or what09:51
Almindortanner, even if I put my ati to low mode09:51
tannerAlmindor: what is it exactly you are trying to do?09:51
EdLinmacogw: I want to get this fixed, I'm afraid that Hardy will come out with the bug as part of the release if it remains unfixable.09:51
Almindorof course battery life is also pretty bad, I get almos 1/2 compared to windows when I put both on low settings09:51
MTecknologymacogw, why is it no longer useful?09:51
Almindortanner, make it not burn power to heat the room :D09:51
jimiridge displayconfig-gtk09:52
EdLinof course, when I ran another distro it had the same problem...09:52
tannerAlmindor: laptop or desktop09:52
Almindortanner, laptop09:52
jimiridgeits just missing the link in the menu09:52
jimiridgestill installed09:52
tannerAlmindor: is anything running cpu usage up?09:52
SwissPhoenix Hi there, I just toying around with hardy and noticed that any eth interface other than eth0 is being renamed to eth#_rename. I tried adding more interfaces to the 70-persistent-net.rules file, but that does not the trick....09:52
Almindortanner, if I turn on laptop with ubuntu/linux, put my ati to low power mode manually and leave the display on low, I still get it hot like hell, even if nothing is being done09:52
Almindortanner, no, it's even underthrottled to 800mhz09:52
macogwMTecknology: its all blank-ish with the new X09:52
macogwMTecknology: no way to debug from it09:53
Almindortanner, the only activity is network (some torrents)09:53
macogwEdLin: which kernel are you running?09:53
EdLinlol, compiz works even at 640x480. ;-)09:53
Almindortanner, but the laptop is feelably hot, like if I was using 100% cpu and wasting away the gfx card at once09:53
macogwby he way guys, is -15 still broken?09:53
macogwand you obviously have l-r-m....09:54
Almindortanner, doesn't happen in windows so I know it's some stupid thing (not that I blame linux, I wouldn't be susprised if ACPI on this thing was M$ broken)09:54
EdLinmacogw: btw, the beta iso kernel and nvidia driver combo had the same problem. I was hoping the update would fix things, once I got it to update.09:54
macogwEdLin: can you run "xrandr --auto" and see if anything happens?09:56
tannerAlmindor: although not directly useful, you may something useful at http://www.lesswatts.org/09:56
EdLinmacogw: nothing happened09:56
Almindortanner, yah thanks, I'm running powertop now too09:57
Almindortanner, funny is there's nothing suspiscious, I see xchat and transmission activities, normal stuff09:57
Almindortanner, it's like some forgotten "powered on" thing09:57
macogwEdLin: xrandr -s 1024x76809:57
macogwEdLin: that do anything?09:57
EdLinmacogw: no, should I run it in the terminal?09:57
macogwtry it09:58
EdLin"size not found in available modes"09:58
macogwdoes it list available modes?09:58
macogwim looking for a way to get the available modes list09:59
tannerAlmindor: very hard to determine what is causing the heat, you seem to think it is the graphics card?09:59
EdLinmacogw: 640x480 and 320x24009:59
Almindortanner, possibly, but I set it to low manually, doesn't seem to make difference in heat (only battery time)09:59
macogwEdLin: xrandr -q10:00
Almindortanner, if I let it high it's like 30m battery at best, low -> 1:30h but I still get it heated up pretty much same, so I think the heater is something else10:00
tannerAlmindor: what is the result of "acpi -t"10:00
EdLinmacogw: same10:00
Almindortanner, I'm charging atm.10:01
tannerAlmindor: it should report cpu temperature10:01
Almindortanner,      Battery 1: charging, 19%, 01:09:59 until charged    Thermal 1: ok, 56.0 degrees C10:01
Almindortanner, note that while the thing get's hot, it doesn't wake the fan up (so it's not "hothot" like eg: when 3d is on)10:01
Almindortanner, x1600 can do power/heat wonders :P10:02
tannerhmm :-\ i have no idea what could possibly be causing your system to heat up10:02
macogwEdLin: xrandr --newmode <name> hdisp hsyncstart hsyncend htotal vdisp vsyncstart vsyncend vtotal10:03
macogwEdLin: fill in the blanks for your screen and then try?10:03
madagascarhi all - can you please tell me how to "fix" a package which is in very bad inconsistent state ? can't re-install, can't remove, can't upgrade, nothing works10:04
Almindortanner, note that:  cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU1/throttling gives <not supported>10:04
Almindortanner, however power management is on10:05
EdLinmacogw: it gave me a help screen10:05
tannerAlmindor: AMD cpu i assume10:05
Almindortanner, yes 64bit with 64bit ubuntu10:05
Almindortanner, I upgraded also because of hopes of the new amd64 power management support for these10:06
EdLinIf you mean I need to know the frequencies for my screen, my monitor's manuals are all "quickstarts" in 32767 languages with no specs.10:07
EdLinmy monitor is an acer al2216w10:07
EdLinclaims to be "vista ready" but sure isn't Linux ready.10:07
Infectosome one use compiz too?10:08
EdLinInfecto: I'm using compiz now, at VGA resolutions!10:08
Infectoany idea why scrooling sites is so lazyyyyyyyy10:08
EdLinoh, everything is wizbang fast here.10:09
tannerAlmindor: i'm afraid i have no solution for you, you may find luck on the forums10:09
Almindortanner, yeah, no prob. I've been fighting this thing for long now :)10:09
Almindortanner, I don't mind that much since I'm on AC most of the time, but it gets bothersome the few times there's no plug10:10
tannerthats understandable10:10
tannermy battery life is abysmal in Ubuntu10:10
* EdLin doesn't want to run Windows XP-only with this card. He's been using Linux since kernel 0.95 in '92 or therabouts10:11
EdLiner, monitor10:12
clarkeoHi im having troubble with hardy, I just installed it on my laptop and but when I boot up into Hardy it freezes, to be a bit more specific i think X freezes but im not sure the graphics freezebut I can still use the mouse ie move it around but clicking gets no response neither does the keyboard either trying CTRL + ALT + backspace to restart X or trying to swap to the shell by using CTRL ALT F1  although if I do this bef10:12
clarkeoany thoughts?10:12
EdLinthe funny thing is that I thought things would improve, Gutsy broke my CRT's monitor support because it wouldn't support higher refresh rates.10:12
Infectoclarkeo: try recue mode?10:13
EdLinnow nothing works with my new LCD monitor10:13
Infectoand see some thing in dmesg10:13
Infectomaybe it will be wifi10:13
Infectowhat driver you use in xorg.conf?10:14
clarkeooh I forgot to add this happened on the last install and thinking i might have mucked something up i did a clean install on the previous install i tried reconfiguring X and all that10:14
EdLinmacogw: any thoughts?10:14
clarkeoInfecto: I can access a terminal just not sure where to go from there10:14
Infectosudo -s10:14
Infectoand go to /etc/X11/10:14
Infectovim xorg.conf10:15
Infectoor :)10:15
Infectonano :)10:15
Infectoif you prefer10:15
clarkeoi like nano a bit better10:15
* EdLin likes vile10:15
clarkeoim just restarting at the moment give me a minute10:15
Infectoyour graphic card is?10:15
EdLinInfecto: me?10:16
InfectoEdLin: no, you dont have any problem yes? :)10:16
clarkeoumm from memory its a radeon mobility i think cant tell you exactly10:16
EdLinInfecto: well, if you call running at 640x480 a problem, yes I do have a problem.10:16
Infectoyou use what kind of driver10:17
Infectofglrx or what?10:17
ZweisteineHi! A recent update (Hardy) broke the brightness keys on my Dell laptop. How can I see a list of changes in packages, similar to the one in the update-manager?10:17
clarkeowell im on a clean install havent even made it to the desktop yet so I dont think it would have installed the restricted driver10:18
clarkeook im in the xorg.conf10:18
clarkeoit looks rather bare10:18
clarkeofrom memory in gusty it was longer and more details but im not sure10:19
EdLinI've been on this channel for about 2 1/3 hours, ready to call it a night and go back to Windows for a while unless someone has more of a clue than me.10:19
clarkeois there anything i should check?10:19
Infectoclarkeo: yes thats true10:19
InfectoSection "Device" Identifier      "Configured Video Device"10:19
Infectowhat you have in there10:19
Infectothe video driver10:20
clarkeoumm its just what you copied in there thats all10:20
clarkeoby the way i used the alternate install disk10:20
EdLinOK, unless someone can offer me some help, back to windoze. 640x480 sucks, this is *not* 1989.10:21
zylcheIs anyone else having long network lag since switching to 8.04?10:22
Lynourezylche: haven't noticed anything. How many targets have you measured against?10:23
ZirodayIs it me, or are the fonts in Firefox 3 not normal?10:24
clarkeoInfecto: I presume there should be more than just that in there10:24
zylcheabout 2010:24
zylcheI've noticed that too Lynoure10:24
Infectoclarkeo: try to add10:24
InfectoDriver "vga"10:25
zylcheer. Ziroday10:25
Infectoand check10:25
LynoureZiroday: What's not normal? here they fit my theme, though seem smaller than the rest10:25
Lynourezylche: my pings everywhere seem about what they were before10:26
ZirodayHmm, never mind know I have changed the fonts, but before they were lighter and almost like they were not quite rendering properly10:26
clarkeook ive added that line and saved the file now just waiting for it to reboot10:26
LynoureZiroday: sorry, I cannot remember how they were by default. I'm on kde, so the gtk-kde stuff probably handles the font size slightly differently10:28
clarkeook im running into the same problem just now with less resolution I have a cursor but an otherwise blank screen10:28
Infectokdm start?10:29
Infectoor gdm10:29
borisif i install hardy beta on my computer, i will be able to upgrade to full version, right ?10:29
Infectogo and see xorg.log10:29
clarkeohow do i tell?10:29
Infectobut i think that will be other problem10:29
Infectoless /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:30
Infectoclarkeo: you made clean install yes?10:30
Infectobut home partition too?10:30
Infectomaybe there are some settings in home10:30
Infectothat don allow to start properly10:30
clarkeoyea except for the home partition but I created a user which didnt have a home directory already so it's home directory should be brand new10:31
Infectoso ok10:31
Infectoyou use kdm or gdm10:31
Infectoto loog in in graphic mode?10:31
EdLinhello again, chatting in loosedoze in order to have a usable browser for googling.10:31
Infectoand gmd is ok? you see all ok until loog via gdm yes?10:32
LynoureEdLin: hmmm, so how is your browser misbehaving in Ubuntu?10:32
clarkeono the screen never gets to the login10:32
EdLinLynoure, a lot of things don't work well when your resolution is limited to 640x48010:33
clarkeojust flashes a couple of times and settles on a blank screen with a cursor10:33
Infectoclarkeo: try to edit grub10:33
Infectoremove quiet10:33
Infectoand splash10:33
Infectoand then you will se more info10:34
clarkeooh but it used to go to login andeven beyond onto the desktop10:34
LynoureEdLin: have you checked your xorg.conf already? At least the upgrade earlier this week messed up mine10:34
EdLinLynoure, it broke before any upgrading10:34
clarkeowhat would you like me to check in the xorg log?10:34
EdLinLynoure, I installed from the beta ISO, and the driver doesn't work in either a fresh install or in an upgraded one.10:35
karmelekhello everybody10:35
Infectoclarkeo: if i will be on your place i will remove gdm from rc files start up10:35
Infectoboot in noot quiet and splash mode10:35
karmelekhow to go back to firefox3 beta4 ?10:35
Infectoand manyaly start gdm10:35
Infectoand see whats happend10:35
karmelekI need adblock and it is ucompatibile with beta510:36
Infectopropably you will be able to loog on console10:36
clarkeoim in a console at the moment10:36
LynoureEdLin: oh, a close source driver of some sort?10:36
Infecto/etc/init.d/gdm stop10:36
EdLinkarmelek, turn off compatibility checking and maybe it will work then10:36
EdLinLynoure, yes10:36
EdLinLynoure, "nv" makes my system freeze eventually, so its not really an option10:37
karmelekEdLin: wher I can do it?10:37
Infectoless /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:37
karmelek* can I10:37
Infectoand see any error in there10:37
clarkeoat the end?10:37
=== erichj is now known as Gary-2
clarkeono doesnt seem to be10:38
EdLinkarmelek, in about:config, or download the nightly testing tools addon10:38
LynoureEdLin: Unfortunately I can't help on those. But there ought to be someone who can.10:38
Infectoso so so so10:38
clarkeostar gdm?10:38
Infectogdm start10:38
clarkeono same thing10:40
clarkeowould i be better just to download the live CD and reinstall?10:40
Infectoclarkeo: try one more10:40
Infectoapt-get install kdm10:40
Infectoand answer yes to kdm default10:40
clarkeosorry dont have internet10:40
clarkeocant acess wireless10:41
clarkeoyea I think i might just go for the live CD?10:41
Infectofor me that will be better but thats not a solution :)10:41
clarkeoseems the quickest and least painful10:42
Infectomaybe that will be a lesson for You :)10:42
clarkeoyea i see what you mean10:42
clarkeoyou want to find the root cause?10:42
clarkeohow do you mean?10:42
clarkeoa lesson??10:42
Infectoi`m not a developer :) that was a hmm honor :)10:42
Infectoclarkeo: you write that you mess something yes?10:43
Infectoso in future you will not mess :)10:43
Tuv0khow does one change the login font size in gdm, besides the gtkrc file?10:43
clarkeoInfecto:  no I dont think I did I had a bit of troubble on the first install with .dmrc logging in ie my home folder permissions werent set right10:43
clarkeobut this is a pretty much clean install apart from the things you have instructed me to do10:44
Infectogo to home10:44
Infectoto ~user directory10:44
Infectoand ls -al10:44
Infectoand see what have root.root owner10:44
clarkeono the .dmrc file problem is gone now i sorted it out10:45
=== Gary-2 is now known as erichj
clarkeouse chown10:45
clarkeowell thanks for your help10:46
Infectono problem10:46
clarkeoi think this wil remain a mystery10:46
orvokkiEdLin: Hmm, edlin must be the text editor that has gotten on my nerves the most ever. :=)10:46
clarkeoi presume its a bug in how X detected all my hardware (or didnt detect)10:46
Infectobut you will se it in xorg log10:47
clarkeoyea that log is pretty long10:47
clarkeobut it all seemed just to be messages no real errors10:47
=== EdLin is now known as TECO
TECOorvokki, that better?10:48
=== TECO is now known as EdLin
nikolamHello, what 64-bit VM (virtual machine) you would suggest to me for testing Hardy?10:50
nikolamI want to start testing Hardy Xubuntu 64-bit10:50
clarkeoInfecto:  thanks again for your help10:50
clarkeoInfecto:  i appologise that your honour took a bit of a hit :)10:51
loaFriends where is open source federation site?10:51
Infectoi eat my brekfast ;]10:51
loawhere i can find list of supported devices10:51
Infectosry for latency ;]10:51
clarkeoInfecto:  your day starts as mine ends it seems10:52
Infectoloa: in internet :)10:52
clarkeohave a good day10:52
Infectoyou too :)10:52
loaIdleOne, i try.10:52
loaSomeone gives it to me here(10:52
loabut i lost link =/10:52
ChaosParserloa: Seriously, still?  Have you never heard of google? http://www.linux-drivers.org/10:52
loaChaosParser, It is a joke?10:53
Infectomy kded crash when i push my special laptop buttons11:03
zylcheIs there a way to get gnome-panel to allow the panel size back to its 23pxl minimum size?11:05
zylche25pxl is a bit big ...11:05
karmelek /j #firefox11:06
nikolamInfecto,  hah, report and dont touch :)11:06
Infectobut there is no opton to debug it :) i want to report with as much info i can get11:07
tannerInfecto: what special button11:08
_siddHere's a weird problem I've been having since I upgraded to hardy... if I close a window, the focus switches to another window, but I am unable to type anything in the new window... even if I click inside the new window. The only way to get the "keyboard focus" to the new window, is to click on its title-bar.11:09
Infectotnadvd and quick play11:09
_siddHas anyone else seen this before?11:09
Infectoi have backtrace but11:09
Infectobut i kill kded and11:11
Infectostart new11:11
Infectoand can use other buttons11:11
Infectoonly ctr^alt^back can help :)11:11
Infectotanner: all other buttons works ok, stop play mute vol up down11:12
tanneryou never told me what button was the problem11:12
Infectotanner: i have two more buttons11:13
darrendhi - anyone tell me why I get "Cannot mount volume" due to some security policy issue when plugging in a media card?11:13
Infectoone is dvd and other is quickplay11:13
tannerperhaps someone in #kde can help11:13
psyI have a problem with adept, "Could not commit changes" dialog keeps appearing when I try to make it do any thing. How can I trouble shoot this problem?11:14
psyI'm using kubuntu beta11:14
virtualdjavascript:alert(0.1+0.2) in firefox says 0.30000000000000004, is that a bug?11:14
ChaosParserdarrend: whats the exact error, please?11:15
ChaosParser_sidd: Gnome or KDE, and do you have compiz running?11:15
_siddChaosParser:  Gnome, and I do have compiz running... but I tried it without compiz, and I get the same effect.11:16
zylcheOh and is "hardware testing" supposed to work? xorg restarted, probably due to a crash, when it tested my video out.11:16
ChaosParser_sidd: I'd try booting into failsafe terminal, and then sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop11:18
darrendChaosParser: one sec..11:18
darrendChaosParser: Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied11:19
_siddChaosParser: Good idea... let me try that. Thanks!11:19
ChaosParser_sidd: No problem, good luck!11:19
darrendChaosParser: followed by: "A security policy in plkace prevents this sender sending this message to this recipient..."11:20
ChaosParserdarrend: Please open a terminal, type modprobe usb-storage and then paste the output in pastebin and post the link here.11:20
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:21
darrendChaosParser: sure that's the command you want?11:21
darrendthere is no output from it11:22
darrendthe usb_)storage module is already loaded as shown by lsmod11:22
madagascarHi - any idea how can this be fixed ? "sudo aptitude reinstall mailscanner" results in "dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/mailscanner_4.58.9-2ubuntu1_all.deb (--unpack): subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 1; invoke-rc.d: initscript mailscanner, action "start" failed. dpkg: error while cleaning up: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1; Errors were encountered while processi11:23
darrendthe error looks like Hal or policykit11:23
ChaosParserdarrend: Have you tried creating a new user and seeing if the problem occurs for that user?11:24
darrendChaosParser:http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62305/ here ya go anyway11:24
darrendChaosParser: no, I haven't.  Never had this issue on any previous ubuntu (or other distro for that matter).  I can try though.11:25
darrendnow I can't access "Users and Groups" from the system admin menu!  Doesn't even bother with gksudo for a password - flat refuses me.11:26
nekostaranyone notice k3b can only burn dvd's at 4+6 speeds?11:27
darrendsomething odd has been installed security-wise.  Is it this new policykit thing?11:27
ChaosParserdarrend: Sounds like fubared permissions.11:27
nekostarauto or 8x == 10 second/error burn11:27
ChaosParserdarrend: Failsafe terminal, create a new user.11:27
nekostardarrend i can get that11:27
nekostarChaosParser single user even better11:27
darrendChaosParser: what permissions?  I'm still in the adm group, I can still perform system updates, get a root shell and so on11:28
nekostari can bring up that users etc menu11:28
nekostarbut i cant modify my user11:28
nekostarthere's an unlock11:28
ChaosParserdarrend: If it's refusing access to a standard menu, there's a problem.  I11:29
matyyis it an error that there were no updates for me in the last couple of days? ^^11:33
Cheetahi got some trouble with nvidia drivers after upgrading to hardy from 7.10... gnome starts in 320x240 or 640x480 pixels resolutions and even after messing around a lot with the Xorg config files I can't seem to find out a way to fix it11:33
CheetahI use a Nvidia 8600GT and I tried both ubuntu-shipped drivers and to build them myself from nvidia.com11:34
madagascarHi ubotu, can you give some hints ? i've pasted some similar content at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62307/11:34
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots11:34
gluercheetah: I just used an app called Envy, it downloaded the Nvidia drivers for my card and installed it all for me, worked really well11:34
AdysAnyone updated FF to beta5?11:35
AdysMine keeps segfaulting :/11:35
Cheetahgluer, okay, didn't hear about envy yet.. I'll check it out11:35
hischild!envy | Cheetah11:35
ubotuCheetah: envy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »11:35
hischildCheetah, aka don't use it.11:35
gluerhischild: im not getting any commission for pluging it ;-) it just worked well for me11:36
Cheetahwell, I dont see an advantage in using envy right now.. I tried a lot of things so far and I can't figure out where the two resolutions come from and why the others are gone11:37
hischild!worksforme | gluer (read this please)11:37
ubotugluer (read this please): Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/11:37
hischildgluer, i don't have anything against envy in general, don't get me wrong. But from what i've heard from it, it can be done better.11:38
matyyAdys: you updated manually? it's not in the sources yet, is it?11:38
Cheetahand .. for some reason my card is not listed in the restricted hardware panel anymore..? why?11:38
Adysmatyy:  it is, I had to reinstall though11:39
Adysuninstall firefox-3.0 and reinstall it11:39
ChaosParserCheetah: Does your mobo have onboard graphics?11:39
matyyi am trying now11:39
ChaosParserCheetah: does the card showup in a lspci?11:39
nekostaropen terminal do sudo apt-get update11:39
nekostarthen try a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:40
nekostarmight be a settings thing ;)11:40
matyyI tried that11:40
CheetahchaosParser, yes. yes. and I sort of had the nvidia driver work in 320x240 pixel mode for a moment11:40
matyynothing, no updates... I just wonder if there were any in the last couple of days11:40
nekostari think so tho11:40
nekostarbut not sure11:40
nekostari only reinstalled a couple days ago :P11:40
nekostarturns out i have the k3b wont burn bug11:41
nekostarwhich boils down to must set k3b to burn at slow speed or it just wont11:41
ChaosParserCheetah: Honestly, I'd try Envy.  There isn't much to loose at that point.11:41
CheetahChaosParser, true.. just for the record, is there a way to install ubuntu over an existing installation without having to manually transfer the home folders and stuff?11:42
nekostarfor vid stuff if your trying to get compiz to work11:44
nekostartry #compiz-fusion11:44
nekostarthey are gods there11:44
=== ChaosParser is now known as zomgohnoesnowiha
=== zomgohnoesnowiha is now known as ChaosParser
ChaosParserCheetah: Next time put home on its own partition.11:46
ChaosParserCheetah: Otherwise, not so much.11:46
r3k13mHello, I've seen on a screenshot that nautilus is able to show the speed rate when you move or copy files, but not for me, someone know something about this?11:47
ChaosParserr3k13m: Are you using gnome?11:48
r3k13mChaosParser, yes11:48
Cheetahenvy fixed it11:49
Cheetahfor some reason it works now :D11:49
darrendChaosParser: can't even run the 'users-admin' program from a root shell (obtained with sudo -i) !11:49
r3k13mmmm, envy?11:49
ChaosParserdarrend: Then your install is fubared.11:49
gluercheetah: sometimes driving fast does work11:50
ChaosParserCheetah: Yeah, I kinda hate the bot response to Envy.  I've never seen a problem with it.11:50
darrendthink I'll just do a clean install after the official release11:50
ubotuenvy is an unsupported tool to install newer versions of binary video drivers than provided by the official repositories. Use at your own risk, and remember that the latest version is not necessarily the "best". See « /msg ubotu binarydriver »11:50
nekostarthats just the truth11:50
ChaosParsernekostar: We know.  Shush already.11:50
darrendI have /home and some other stuff on separate partitions for that reasono11:50
nekostarmm whats the other one..11:51
ubotuAutomatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »11:51
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/11:51
ChaosParserAutomatix was poorly written.  And broke crap.11:51
nekostari used it up to feisty on several hundred installs11:51
nekostarno problems but mebbie one or two11:51
nekostarwhich is normal for anything11:51
r3k13mnothing about the speed rate transsfer on nautilus?11:52
borisif i install hardy beta on my computer, i will be able to upgrade to full version, right ?12:00
twosouls82why doesn't apparmor work when I boot the 2.6.24-15-generic kernel (using Hardy), it does when I boot instead of 2.6.24-14-generic?12:00
twosouls82what a bad sentence12:01
borisdo you really need apparmor on linux ?12:01
twosouls82why does it work when I run the ..-14 kernel and not when I run the ...-15 one?12:01
twosouls82boris: I don't want to discuss that, choose for yourself12:02
twosouls82boris: about you being able to upgrade; yes you can12:02
UcayaliFishhi all12:03
twosouls82hi there12:03
skwashdhi all12:03
UcayaliFishI've a problem with openoffice 2.4 and java12:03
blackdiamond_anyone confirm the fact that there is no way to open directly browser on weblinks using xchat on hardy?12:03
skwashdis there a replacement for fonts:/// in hardy?12:03
blackdiamond_i got this problem12:03
dns53skwashd i believe it is a known bug in the new gnome, check the release notes12:04
UcayaliFishsimply OOo doesn't see any jvm I've tried to install12:04
nekostarwhat does that do?12:04
skwashddns53: yay ... trawling through release notes12:04
UcayaliFishis it a known porblems?12:04
twosouls82blackdiamond_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debianutils/+bug/69069 might help12:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 69069 in debianutils "sensible-browser not using user's browser from gnome-default-applications-properties" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:05
nekostarpush control then click link12:05
nekostarseems to work fine from here UcayaliFish12:05
blackdiamond_thanks twosouls12:05
boristwosouls82: ok, ty12:07
dns53skwashd note 6,11 http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.22/12:07
skwashddns53: ok ... great ... found it http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.22/#sect:gvfs-regressions12:08
skwashdso next question ... how do i see all of my installed fonts on hardy?12:08
dns53not sure, i think they fixed it after release, i don't know if hardy will have it fixed12:09
ere4sijust gave up on the firefox 3 that hardy installs - it couldn't show images12:09
recon69anyone got the nvidia restricted drivers to work with 6800 nvidia video card without causing gnome settings daemon to crash   ?12:10
topyliere4si: it does show images. your firefox is broken in some special way12:10
ere4sitopyli: it won't show images from the forum gallery for example - I removed it and installed firefox 212:11
topyliere4si: the forum gallery works fine12:13
Cheetahhow do I get rid of the Xubuntu login screen after upgrading to hardy? I had a normal Ubuntu before but I installed xfce after that12:13
ere4sitopyli: no images here were working right...12:13
shirishanybody using the new openoffice.org 2.4.0 around here?12:14
borissomeone please tell me : if i upgrade from gutsy to hardy, what will happen to my 8.3 fglrx and to my desktop appearance ?12:17
topylihmm where's the hardy splash screen? i get the gnome splash12:17
shirishtopyli: do you have openoffice.org 2.4.0 installed?12:18
topylino idea12:18
topylilooks like i do12:18
shirishtopyli: can u open any application in openoffice.org and tell me if u see a menu item called SVN ?12:19
topyliboris: your fglrx will be broken most likely, and your desktop will stay the same12:19
shirishtopyli: just after tools12:19
boristhank you12:19
topylishirish: no svn menu12:20
topyliit's probably a plugin. i have a "google docs" menu right after "tools" :)12:20
topyliapparently openoffice likes to complain about missing java12:21
shirishtopyli: its a plugin, I uninstalled the plugin but it still stays, I did an aptitude purge and uninstalled and removed all the configuration files but still this SVN menu is there :(12:21
topylishirish: i guess you actually haven't removed all configuration yet, then :)12:22
shirishtopyli: which configuration files need to be removed for that menu to go away, any idea?12:22
topylinone whatsoever12:23
topylii'm not a very big openoffice fan, i rarely have to use it12:23
shirishremoved .openoffice.org2 directory, end of story :)12:25
=== BaD-CrC is now known as BaD_CrC
UcayaliFishhi again12:28
UcayaliFishall i've seen in google in regard OOo and Java doesn't work - i've tried all this without google;)12:29
UcayaliFishno more ideas?12:29
dns53what version of java are you using?12:30
UcayaliFishi'm preferring 1.6.05, but I've given a try to all available in the distro12:31
BaD_CrCicedtea is nice for java712:31
UcayaliFishi've tried it but it didn't work either:(12:32
BaD_CrCwhat are you trying to do?12:32
dns53you used update-alternatives to set ubuntu to use it?12:32
UcayaliFishi'm trying to use java in openoffice. just it12:33
UcayaliFishboth java per se and OOo without java work fine. :)12:34
Cheetahis it intended that the shadows in Hardy are yellowish under the windows?12:34
topyliUcayaliFish: i'm looking at the same thing. no luck12:34
=== ajmorris_ is now known as ajmorris
UcayaliFishi see... thanks anyway12:36
=== Frogzoo_ is now known as frogzoo
madduckhow can i disable that windows are attracted to screen borders?12:55
madducki am running 8.04 beta12:55
osteenbergendont know madduck i will have a look for you12:59
madduckosteenbergen: thanks a lot12:59
osteenbergenSorry madduck i dont believe it is possible to disable but the ubuntuforums are down, but the cached google pages say it is down13:04
madduckhm, weird...13:04
madduckthis is kind of annoying...13:05
fromportmadduck: run ccsm13:06
osteenbergengconf-editor shows no options for it under apps > metacity13:06
fromportit's compiz13:06
osteenbergenbut compiz is slow ;)13:07
osteenbergencompared to metacity13:07
fromportit's compiz that makes the windows "glue" to the sides13:07
fromporti bet you madduck has compiz enabled13:08
osteenbergenmetacity also snaps to border13:08
fromportmadduck ?!13:08
hischildeverything is slow, compared to fluxbox :P13:09
madduckand yes, i enabled full effects13:09
fromportdid you start ccsm in a terminal window ?13:09
hischildmadduck, then go into ccsm (install if needed) and disable snapping to borders.13:10
fromportthan go the lowest section : window management13:10
fromportdisable "snapping windows"13:10
amx109is HAL dead for anyone else (in gnome)?13:13
madduckfromport: thanks, that worked13:14
fromportmadduck: welcome13:15
madduckfromport: actually, no...13:16
madducki turned it off and it's still snapping13:16
osteenbergenanyone got acpi working correctly with battery?13:16
madduckah, wobbly windows force-enables it.13:16
fromportosteenbergen:  acpi -V Battery 1: charging, 99%, rate information unavailable.13:22
fromportmadduck: more interesting info can be found at: http://www.futuredesktop.com/13:22
osteenbergenfromport:  AC Adapter 1: off-line ; acpi:     Battery 1: charging, 100%,  until charged13:23
osteenbergenthat is what mine reports while running on battery13:23
fromportBattery 1: discharging, 99%, 02:15:26 remaining  AC Adapter 1: off-line13:26
fromportwheni unplug the mains13:26
fromportdid you update your laptop with latest/greatest bios ?13:26
osteenbergenwell i just got a new mobo last month in it so i believe so but will check13:27
fromportit's not a laptop ?13:27
osteenbergenyeah it a laptop13:28
fromport:-) ahh ok .. you got me there for a second13:28
osteenbergenbut the the sound part of the mobo died on me.. so its replaced :)13:28
osteenbergenGreat can ony update bios if i run windows xp...13:29
osteenbergenmaybe the bios manufacturer has some linux enabled tools13:29
fromporti generate dos disk images that i boot over PXE ;-)13:30
osteenbergenwill try that13:31
ader10I plug in my USB flash drive, copy some files and unplug it. The nautilus window I had open at /media/disk/copyfiles changes locations to /home/ader10. Is there a way to have the window automatically close instead?13:32
macsimhi, since I'm on the kernel 2.6.24-15 I got a Unable to intialize HAL, it doen't occur when I'm on the 2.6.24-14, anybody know how to fix that ? thanks13:33
ZirodayHi, is there a way to mount a IDE drive when I am currently working on a SATA drive?13:34
insomninjaZiroday, was the drive connected before booting?13:36
Zirodayinsomninja: yes13:37
ader10Ziroday: It doesn't show in your "computer" special folder in nautilus?13:38
macsimok I found it's bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/21222113:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212221 in ubuntu "[hardy][2.6.24-15] Failed to initialize HAL" [Undecided,New]13:38
insomninjaZiroday, well then you should be able to mount it with the mount command, like mount /dev/hdb1 /media/mydisk13:38
WGGMkWhen trying to install gfx-grub, i use the command "sudo grub" then "find /boot/grub/stage1" and it returns "Error 15: file not found"13:38
DerevkoHi, with recent upgrade, today all browser (I try firefox and epiphany) are crashing with https://www.bwin.com . Someoene can confirm this?13:38
insomninjabut you need to correct the /dev/hda1 to what it really is13:38
Zirodaynope it does not show in my computer special folder13:38
ader10sudo mkdir /media/mydisk && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/mydisk (It might be hda1 or 2 or sda2)13:39
Zirodayand it does not show up in gparted or fdisk -l ,which it should even if its not mounted13:39
ader10Hmm, I believe that is a problem with the bios or connection then.13:39
ader10iirc if it's not detected during bootup by the bios it can't be mounted. I don't know for sure, though.13:40
r3k13mHello, I've seen on a screenshot that nautilus is able to show the speed rate when you move or copy files, but not for me, someone know something about this?13:41
sam_hi i upgraded to the beta. My broadcom wireless card no longer appears in the proprietary drivers manager13:41
sam_it worked fine in gutsy13:42
insomninjaZiroday, are you sure it is correctly connected, master/slave configuration and whatnot, Is it detected in bios?13:42
Zirodayinsomninja: okay will check that13:42
Zirodaycould very well be the problem13:42
ader10sam_: Are you unable to use it?13:43
sam_BCM4312 - any reason why this could be less well supported in the beta?13:43
sam_no it does not work13:43
insomninjaZiroday, also if you run ls /dev/hd??; ls /dev/sd?? and then run the mount command, is there anything that shows up in the previous and not the latter?13:44
ader10sam_: I don't know enough to help, but have you checked for bugs or filed a bug report?13:44
sam_ader10, not yet13:45
ader10sam_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ :)13:45
sam_it says there is a 'fix committed' https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/197959 how would i get that update? just wait?13:52
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197959 in linux "[Hardy]Recent kernel update to 2.6.24-11 breaks b43 (with bcm4312)" [High,Fix committed]13:52
sam_i would like to use wireless soon!13:52
WGGMkWhen trying to install gfx-grub, i use the command "sudo grub" then "find /boot/grub/stage1" and it returns "Error 15: file not found" is this an issue with Hardy Heron or would this be caused by having an LVM partition scheme?13:54
Tatankamy gnome-system-tools always get stuck with "You are not allowed to access the system configuration." I tried everything I could find on the net, but nothing changed. Can anyone assist me further?13:58
Tatankadoesn't work13:59
Tatankait uses policykit in hardy by the way, so sudo doesn't do anything with it.. If I read correctly14:00
ubuntu_hey all14:00
ubuntu_i have a problem, upgrading to hardy heron14:01
ubuntu_confusion (in udev?) with sda and hda.. now grub won't load14:01
MisterNubuntu_: maybe you should have waited for the release.14:03
ubuntu_perhaps, but this isn't the case now14:03
ubuntu_the problem is that for some reason, i can't install grub right on it14:03
ubuntu_i can see there's a boot flag on the partition, and i try to install grub on it but i either get "/dev/sda1 does not have any corresnponding BIOS drive." or somethign else14:04
borisis hardy ready for a desktop machine ?14:09
borisnothing important on it14:09
Lynoureboris: it is, if you are ok with stuff sometimes not working, maybe even sometimes seriously not working14:10
borisfor example, what's not working ?14:11
borisi wanna play tremulous, install fglrx and listen to music plus browse the net14:11
Asad2005_I have a 500 GB hard drive is it ok to have /home as 400 GB14:11
amx109Asad2005_, yes14:11
MisterNAsad2005_: yes.14:11
amx109boris, you should  be fine for those things14:12
Lynoureboris: Some nvidia users have reported not getting resolution over 600x480, for example.14:12
borisive got ati14:12
borisand already downloaded live cd14:12
borisit somehow set my resolution to 1440x90014:12
boriswhich is correct14:12
Asad2005_I mean would it be a performance issue if the /home partition is big14:12
borisbut i dont know which driver it used :O14:12
amx109boris, there doesnt seem to be any major show stoppers. just niggly things, varying from person to person14:12
MisterNAsad2005_: no14:12
Lynoureboris: just don't expect it always to work, if it did, it would be called release14:13
borisdoes VESA support 1440x90014:13
borisLynoure: does package manager work ?14:13
Lynoureboris: I'm on Kubuntu, don't use Adept much here, but seems to work14:14
boriswell it couldnt be much worse, im not getting any sound on gutsy14:14
borisi did get login sound on hardy, however14:15
Lynoureboris: it could. But not saying you should not :)14:15
boriswhat about compiz fusion ?14:15
amx109boris, works fine14:16
borisill wait till next version of fglrx is released14:16
Lynoureboris: blacklisted for some of the ati cards, I think14:16
Lynoureoh, not bl for that driver, I think14:16
borisgutsy says my card is14:17
boris01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device 958714:17
jimiridgehttp://i29.tinypic.com/10gidzr.jpg  (off-topic)14:17
borisbut hardy detected it as VGA compatible controller : ATI Technologies HD 2600 Pro AGP Version14:17
jimiridge2600 good number though ati is a shady company14:18
=== Frogzoo_ is now known as frogzoo
Asad2005_what would be the best file system to use for ubuntu, i have always been using ext3 but would like your opinion should there be a better system to use that i am not aware of14:20
amx109Asad2005_, its dependant on ure needs, but generally ext3 is fast enough and more than reliable14:20
* jimiridge raises a glass to ext314:24
jimiridge ext4 is maturing last i checked14:24
Zeit|awytry to install 8.04b on a HP Xeon workstation.. installer drops into busybox right after chosing to install.. any hints? casper.log say unable to find medium - it boots off an internal IDE-DVD-ROM14:26
jimiridgeisnt that a 64bit cpu?14:27
Zeit|awyolder Xeon based on 414:27
Zeit|awyIntel E7505 chipset14:27
Zeit|awyspecs: http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/11485_na/11485_na.HTML14:29
jimiridgedoesnt give you any type of error output?14:29
Zeit|awyin casper.log?14:30
Zeit|awy10x floppy not found, then no live medium found14:31
Zeit|awyno other errors14:31
Zeit|awyI wonder why i searches for /dev/fd0 and tha machine has a floppy anyway14:32
Zeit|awyalmost 20x: init: /init: 1: cannot open /dev/fd0: No such device or address, then unable to find a medium containing a live file system14:34
jimiridgedidnt grab the cd?14:36
Zeit|awyseems so14:36
jimiridgeyou could try disabling floppy in bios14:36
Zeit|awythough it boots from it...14:36
Zeit|awyreminds me of Windows.. ^^14:36
jimiridgeand check dmesg for the cdrom14:36
Zeit|awydisabled floppy - no change14:39
jimiridgewell yeah but check dmesg and syslog14:39
Zeit|awyhow can I disable the ubuntu splash logo on boot?14:39
* penguin42 isn't really sure where to report this oddity - suggestions welcome; the 'System->Preferences->Removable drives and media' doesn't have what to do with a CD inserted; that's on the Nautilus preferences dialog - it's a bit odd14:40
spiderfiremy firefox 3 says its firefox 2 under the help menu14:40
penguin42spiderfire: Where? On the 'help'?14:40
penguin42on the about ?14:40
penguin42spiderfire: How did you start it?14:41
spiderfirefrom an icon with the command firefox or firefox-3.014:41
penguin42did you previously have ff2 running?14:41
spiderfireya i had both14:42
penguin42ok, quit it and make sure there are no firefox processes running and then try starting it again14:42
spiderfireok ya now it works14:44
spiderfirei didnt see the processes running14:44
penguin42spiderfire: I think when you run the firefox command it really just tells the existing process to open a new window14:46
penguin42spiderfire: Not really; it means that you only need to run 1 process if you have 10 firefox windows open; and it means it can do smart things like just open another tab14:47
penguin42incidentally; is the creature on the new backdrop a Heron?14:53
hischildpenguin42, that'd be hardy heron yes.14:55
hischildpenguin42, a bird like creature on the background.14:55
emmawhere are you looking at the new backdrop?14:55
penguin42hischild: And very nice it is14:56
fideliodesperate! need help with upgrade!14:56
hischildpenguin42, admitted, it looks nice.14:56
hischildfidelio, what kind of help exactly?14:56
fidelioI just upgraded from 6.04 to hardy and Idon''t have characters anynmore ...only rectangles.  Any idea onhow to fix this?14:57
hischildfidelio, sounds like broken fonts. Did you try to reinstall the fonts?14:57
fideliodon't know how...I see only rectangles14:57
penguin42fidelio: Is that in X or on the console? Do you use English or another language?14:58
fidelioX? console? only english14:58
hischildfidelio, if you hit ctrl alt f2, do you also see rectangles? Do all the apps give you rectangles?14:58
fideliolet me try14:59
* penguin42 probably wouldn't have done an upgrade from 6.04 to 8.10 in one go; probably better to go a few steps at a time15:00
leeuwhas anyone had the problem: "failed to start HAL" after last updates ?15:00
* hischild notifies that lts to lts upgrade should be possible. 15:01
fidelio_here I am again.. after CTR ALt F2 i got lot numbers referreign to MAC, eth....adderesese..on top I read development branh (Hardy) TTy2..15:05
fidelio_and I had to reboot...by the waty15:05
emmaThe questions in #ubuntu some times seem a little obscure.15:07
fidelio_I have upgraded from 6.04 to hardy and see only rectangles...any suggestion?15:08
fidelio_somebody here suggested to type ctr +alt + f215:09
compwiz18fidelio_: do you use English Ubuntu?15:09
fidelio_can i do a forced reinstallation?15:10
fidelio_or perhaps re-install only the fonts?15:10
penguin42fidelio_: When you typed ctrl-alt-f2  did you see text or blocks?15:11
fidelio_text after CTR ALt F2 i got lot numbers referreign to MAC, eth....adderesese..on top I read development branh (Hardy) TTy2..15:11
* penguin42 reads back - ah text; so it is fonts in X15:11
fidelio_how do I fix this?15:12
penguin42good question15:12
penguin42can you make sure you have the ubuntu-desktop package installed?15:12
fidelio_tell me how15:12
penguin42fidelio_: From a command line, as root type   aptitude install ubuntu-desktop15:13
fidelio_let me try15:13
fidelio_i see conflicts...currently relvonging dependencies...let's see15:15
fidelio_still working15:18
hischildfidelio_, might take some time15:18
MoonFog hey guys, quick question: i'm running hardy heron (ubuntu flavour), and i have no sound in flash movies. after looking around for a while, i found out that it might have something to do with pulseaudio, and when i did "killall pulseaudio", the sound is back. Problem now is, it still restarts every time i reboot and i can't really remove it without removing "ubuntu-desktop"15:26
penguin42MoonFog: You need to keep pulseaudio but figure out the problem15:27
penguin42MoonFog: Please check you have the libflashsupport package installed15:27
* protonchris thinks we should change the channel name to pulseaudio support :)15:28
* penguin42 has Flash working with pulseaudio - but I'm on 64bit with nspluginwrapper so it's probably a different problem15:28
* protonchris has flash and pulseaudio working as well.15:28
MoonFogflash is working, i can view the video, but there's no sound15:28
penguin42protonchris: Yeh I think it's going to be a major set of the problems (there is a #pulseaudio on freenode)15:28
MoonFoglibflashsupport is installed15:28
penguin42MoonFog: Ah then I'm out of ideas; try the #pulseaudio on freenode; they were very helpful to me yesterday15:29
MoonFogi do have two soundcards (one integrated and one sb audigy 2), but the sound is not coming out the other card either, and all the other applications are working15:29
protonchrispenguin42: By the time Hardy is release all of us will become pulseaudio experts whether we like it or not.15:29
MoonFogpenguin42: alright, thanks anyway!15:29
MoonFogI got the impression pulseaudio was a bit of a problem from my Google searches ..15:29
penguin42protonchris: Unfortunately I think you are right15:29
soothHow do I upgrade only a single package, retaining it's 'automatically installed status'?15:30
penguin42MoonFog: It's new; unfortunately it tries to replace all the other sound systems - and as such has the potential to break everything until you figure out the right way to get them to work15:30
MoonFogpenguin42: I see..15:31
penguin42the trick seems to be to get stuff to either use pulseaudio drivers if they have them, esd if they don't have pulse, and if they are alsa or oss then use padsp or pasuspend; there is apparently also an alsa plugin that redirects audio sent via it to pulse - but I've not tried that15:31
MoonFogThere were some problems with some other apps at first, but I set everything to use ALSA, and now everything works but Flash15:33
protonchrisMoonFog: are you using i386 or amd64?15:34
fidelio_I am back to the root...it istalled lot's of stuff..need to reboot I guess15:34
guilhermeelast firefox (3.0b5) brokes my firefox instalation. i already had removed the .mozilla but nothing happens. someone had this error ?15:36
MoonFogguilhermee: What error? You're very generic there. How did it break?15:37
guilhermeeMoonFog, when i try open, appears a yellow screen showing error processing the XML in the position chrome://browser/content/browser.xul15:38
guilhermeeMoonFog, line  597 column 1115:39
penguin42guilhermee: Interesting; it crashed hard on the first time b5 started for me but then worked15:39
guilhermeeMoonFog, "          <label id="identity-popup-connectedToLabel2"15:39
guilhermeethats all15:39
MoonFogguilhermee: Hmm, haven't seen that error unfortunately15:39
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: yes?15:39
MisterNgecko! \o/15:39
guilhermeeMoonFog, everytime i tried open15:39
Sergeant_Ponyprotonchris: got sound working with Pulse Audio. Until I reboot15:39
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: well, that is a start15:40
Sergeant_Ponyprotonchris: yup. for some reason when I reboot it loses the audio info that I had setup15:40
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: what settings do you need to change?15:41
guilhermeepenguin42, i also searched for any firefox instance, but "ps -A | grep firefox" returns nothing15:42
guilhermeepenguin42, MoonFog suggestions? :)15:42
Sergeant_PonyI have to drop to a commandline and do a killall -9 pulseaudio and re-set it up so it uses the correct mixer etc...15:42
Sergeant_Ponyprotonchris: it reverts back to OSS on a reboot15:43
penguin42Sergeant_Pony: Be careful sometimes doing that I've seen gnome-power-manager suddenyl start using all memory15:43
Sergeant_Ponypenguin42: ok, thanks15:43
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: I am pretty new to pulseaudio.  So I probably won't be much help.  By the way, where is the pulseaudio config stored?15:46
MoonFogguilhermee: I'm afraid not, I can't really see what the problem is. I guess you have tried rebooting and everything?15:46
guilhermeeMoonFog, not yet15:46
protonchrisguilhermee: try running firefox from a terminal.  See if it spits out any errors that might be more helpful.15:47
Sergeant_Ponyprotonchris app's > sound & video > pulse audio device chooser15:47
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: hmm.  I don't even have that chooser installed.15:48
guilhermeeprotonchris, anyone error returns from the terminal :-/15:48
penguin42Sergeant_Pony: How did you get to that?15:48
Sergeant_PonyI went to add /remove15:49
guilhermeeMoonFog, i will reboot now, probably it can be fixed...15:50
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: take a look in your .pulse directory.  Some settings are saved there.  I would compare the files before and after you do your killall/chooser stuff.15:51
Sergeant_Ponyprotonchris: ok... why would it change on a reboot tho?15:52
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: well I am curious if the chooser changes the config or just restarts pulseaudio with command line options.15:53
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: also, I am not sure where the chooser saves its config.15:53
penguin42Sergeant_Pony: Interesting; It looks like padevchooser and paman and friends could all do with being installed by default15:53
sluimershello, my network USB adapter doesn't work15:54
protonchrisSergeant_Pony: Anyway, that is just a suggestion.  I am thinking maybe the chooser saves its config in .gconf perhaps.15:54
Sergeant_Ponyprotonchris: if I do the commandsfrom a console I can then go into pulse audio on the desktop and pull up the correct info/setup that I need.15:54
sluimersI thought it might work in heron, becuase someone got a similair product working after upgrading to heron15:55
guilhermeethe error persist15:55
sluimersbut.. it still doesn't work15:55
MoonFogguilhermee: Sorry man, don't really know what to tell you, I haven't seen that error myself15:56
protonchrisguilhermee: I assume that you removed your .mozilla settings directory?15:57
guilhermeeMoonFog, thanks by interest :)15:57
guilhermeeprotonchris, yes15:58
penguin42paman looks very good (pretty interface to pacmd)15:58
TheGentlemanUsing kubuntu 8.04 beta as a live CD.  I can't have Administator Mode work in System Settings.  Can anyone help ?15:58
guilhermeeMoonFog, can i load firefox without extensions ?15:59
protonchrisguilhermee: try running firefox -safemode from a terminal16:00
* penguin42 wonders where to suggest that paman gets added as a default install - it might make pa debuggable16:01
guilhermeeprotonchris, continues..16:01
protonchrispenguin42: you could talk to the guys in #ubuntu-devel since pulseaudio is in main16:01
guilhermeeprometheus, i will reinstall16:01
MoonFogguilhermee: What jimiridge said. I have to leave now, so I can't help anymore unfortunately.16:02
guilhermeejimiridge, sorry ?16:02
penguin42protonchris: Lets see how far I get :-)16:03
protonchrisguilhermee: you could try to uninstall/reinstall firefox16:03
kumarphillythats te solution to every problem after an install eh?16:03
protonchriskumarphilly: what are you talking about?16:04
jimiridgei wonder why one would be playing with admin features on the livecd, unless your installing16:05
kumarphillyoops wrong box16:05
jimiridgewhat firefox wont start?16:05
kumarphillydisregard wat i said;-)16:05
guilhermeejimiridge, 3.0b516:06
jimiridgetry removing the ~/.firefiox/*16:06
jimiridgeworks fine for me though16:06
orvokkiWorks for me too.16:06
jimiridgeoccasional crash here and there but livable16:06
guilhermeejimiridge, there aren't any directory with this name... only .mozilla16:07
jimiridgewell yea16:07
jimiridge~/.mozilla-firefox or somethin16:07
guilhermeejimiridge, but i already removed16:07
jimiridgegonna loose your bookmarks though16:07
guilhermeejimiridge, i made a backup :)16:08
jimiridgeok what kinda errors do you get running firefox from cmdline?16:08
jimiridgefeel free to pastebin your output <might need to install "pastebinit"16:08
jimiridgecmdline pastebin tool16:08
guilhermeejimiridge, anyone, only appears this yellow screen showing error in the XML file16:09
guilhermeejimiridge, in chrome://browser/content/browser.xul16:09
jimiridgeaptitude reinstall firefox16:10
protonchrispenguin42: tough sell since we are so close to a release.16:10
guilhermeejimiridge, i purged and installed, but nothing happens16:11
jimiridgewell i guess your just screwed then16:11
guilhermeejimiridge, i don't know what i need to do more16:11
jimiridgemaybe try installing firefox-216:11
penguin42protonchris: Yeh, I guess it's a case of just asking people to install it as the first thing when they have problems16:12
penguin42The one sound problem I still have is that in Flash the volume control is very very erratic16:12
guilhermeejimiridge, ok16:13
LeeuwI have problem: "failed to initialise HAL" after latest updates; ie nothing works, no audio, no shutdown, not even network (am on windoze now -yugh)16:13
guilhermeejimiridge, im downloading16:13
guilhermeejimiridge, interesting... firefox 2 opens correctly16:15
penguin42guilhermee: Have you ever previously tried ff3?16:15
guilhermeepenguin42, yeah, firefox 3.0 beta 516:15
jimiridgehey picard16:15
picard_pwns_kirkI have ccsm installed, but I can't enable custom effects in the effects menu16:16
penguin42guilhermee: Yeh but before this release had you ever tried it ages ago?16:16
guilhermeepenguin42, yes! in firefox 3.0 beta 4 everything works great16:17
penguin42guilhermee: Ah OK16:17
os2mac_anyone around that can help with dual head video setup issues?16:17
jimiridgepicard_pwns_kirk, compiz --replace -c emerald  ? does that do anything usefull16:17
guilhermeepenguin42, but today when i updated occuried it16:17
penguin42b5 seems more stable than b4 for me - except the first update from 4 to 5 where it crashed16:17
guilhermeepenguin42, what you did before it crashed ?16:18
penguin42has anyone got problems running the 'gl-desktop' preferences dialogue - it crashes reliably for me16:18
guilhermeeonly did the update ?16:18
penguin42guilhermee: Yeh, it was just the first run after the update that crashed for me16:18
Leeuwos2mac I have been spending quite some time lately on that stuff; even triple head; could get dual to work in several ways, triple still trying; whatś yer problam ?16:19
Leeuwos2mac_, I have been spending quite some time lately on that stuff; even triple head; could get dual to work in several ways, triple still trying; whatś yer problam ?16:19
guilhermeepenguin42, so strange...16:20
penguin42guilhermee: Yeh, although at least b5 seems to be happier about Flash than b416:20
heartsbloodwhy have I lost my home icon in Firefox 3?16:21
penguin42heartsblood: Damn good question; I see the same here16:21
orvokkiGood question. I hadn't noticed it earlier.16:21
lusepusterwhy are all my updatable packages held back?16:21
orvokkiheartsblood, penguin42:You can add it back though.16:22
Leeuwjust testing: am I online ?   please respond...16:22
cvd-prconfigure: error: *** GTK+ >= 1.2.2 not installed - please install first ***16:22
heartsbloodorvokki, yea i'm looking for that option now.16:22
cvd-pri have to download the libgtk-dev?16:22
orvokkiLeeuw: No, you're not. We're just imaginary beings in your head.16:22
penguin42orvokki: How?16:22
guilhermeepenguin42, u use flashplugin-nonfree or gflash (i think is that name) ?16:22
Leeuworvokki, thanx, thatś the right answer.. 42 !16:22
orvokkipenguin42: Right click beside help and then customize.16:22
penguin42guilhermee: nonfree with nspluginwrapper on 64bit16:23
Leeuwthen why doesn't os2mac respond ?   I may have answerz...16:23
heartsbloodfound it16:23
heartsbloodwhy was it removed?  Seems like a strange plan16:23
orvokkiI don't know.16:23
KNYwhat do you guys recommend for running virtual machines on 8.04? (since vmware server doesn't work on the new kernel)16:23
guilhermeepenguin42, uhm, i use it too16:23
Leeuwos2mac doesn't gettit (sorry, not polite) ;-)16:23
penguin42orvokki: Thanks! I didn't even know there was a right click menu there!16:23
guilhermeepenguin42, actually is impossible to navigate without flash :(16:24
daekdroomKNY: Virtual Box.16:24
orvokkipenguin42: Magic. ^^16:24
KNYdaekdroom, I'll look into it, thanks. Can it play existing vmware images?16:24
daekdroomKNY: Not that I know of.16:25
penguin42virtualbox is not bad; can't do 64 bit guests I don't think though16:25
Leeuwback to me: anyone have a clue to "failed to initialise HAL" after latest updates ?   is annoying: nothing works, forced me to reinstall; is there other way ?16:25
KNYI assume it can do 64 bit hosts, though?16:25
jimiridgewhoever made the topic is a genius16:26
Trewasheartsblood: "home" is on the bookmarks toolbar by default now16:26
romulohi there, im always getting crahes (cpu stuck and lots of backtracing http://www.timestopstudios.org/errors.txt) after i close my laptop lid or even let the computer stopped for some time, is there common or its hapenning only with me?16:26
cvd-prany know how to make ubuntu always remeber de monitor setting video cards etc..?16:26
KNYI still think this channel should be #ubuntu++16:26
penguin42KNY: Yeh 64bit hosts works fine; haven't tried on the latest update16:27
guilhermeepenguin42, how can i setup firefox 2 as default ?16:27
orvokkiKNY: Considering this is shut down just after release, I think #ubuntu+1 is appropriate.16:27
KNYpenguin42, I'll give it a shot, thanks16:27
recon69anyone else having trouble with setting-daemon when nvidia restricted driver enabled?16:27
michael__hey if i update to heron will i have to everything for my wireless card again ?16:28
romulomichael__, what you mean?16:28
protonchrismichael__: which wireless card?16:28
michael__well my wireless card is of the bcm43xx chipset and doesnt work stock if i update from gutsy to hardy will i have to go through fixing to work all over again ?16:29
werswhen is gutsy supposed to be out? :)16:29
KNYlast year :)16:29
recon69michael__ well as it's bata and changing ever couple of hours you can have no guaranties.16:29
romulomichael__, mines work very good with hardy16:29
romulobetter than gutsy16:29
KNYwers, hardy is 4/26 I believe16:29
BIOSboilerwhats up matrix dudes16:30
michael__thats what im running romulo16:30
BIOSboilerso does the new 8.0 have better suppor tfor wireless cards?16:30
wersthanks for knowinng what  imean, KNY :DD16:30
rskBIOSboiler: yes.16:30
orvokkiEgh, more matrices? Don't even mention them. :/16:30
KNYwers, no problem16:30
michael__ill bbl im going to get some grub haha16:30
indoultimatewell ithink hardy will be better for hardware with 2 or more year old than gutsy....16:30
BIOSboileri have a latitude d42016:30
BIOSboilerand the 7.1 cant detect my wireless card16:30
BIOSboilerdo u think 8.0 will detect a wireless card for a dell latitude d420?16:31
=== mrigns_ is now known as mrigns
BIOSboilerim running postfix, dovecot16:31
BIOSboileri love postfix16:31
BIOSboilersweet mta16:31
borisBIOSboiler: use the live CD to see if it supports wireless16:32
BIOSboilerMS exchange sux16:32
recon69BIOSboiler: I upgraded from 6.06 to get my wireless encryption working, still had to use ndistwrapper and set it up myself16:32
BIOSboilerrecon what type of laptop do u have?16:32
orvokkirecon69: What's the wireless chipset, btw?16:32
recon69on the plus side it then did actually work, used r61 driver i think16:32
BIOSboilerdoes anyone in here have a dell latitude d420 , it a super tiny laptop, no cd-rom drive16:33
rskBIOSboiler: http://www.laisseznousvivre.com/ubuntu_on_delld420.htm16:33
Luckriderno, but it sounds like the IBM/Lenovo x-series laptops16:33
recon69BIOSboiler: why dont you make a live cd and see how well it works16:33
BIOSboilerif i download 8.0 beta, will i have to reinstall it when the official release comes out?.16:33
penguin42BIOSboiler: No16:34
borisBIOSboiler: if it doesnt have a cdrom drive, how did you install ubuntu ?16:34
rskBIOSboiler: no16:34
penguin42BIOSboiler: Just update16:34
jimiridgewow amazing they come through in waves saying the same thing16:34
Leeuwanyone any clue to "failed to initialise HAL" after latest updates ?16:34
protonchrisBIOSboiler: No, but remember hardy is beta right now and you are bound to have problems.16:34
recon69my wirelless card is a edimax  RT2561st16:34
recon69model ew-7128g16:34
orvokkiprotonchris: I'm not having any problems. Should I make a complaint? ;>16:35
BIOSboilerboris -  it has a external usb cd-rom16:35
Leeuworvokki, yes !16:35
recon69anyone running nvidia restricted drivers?16:36
protonchrisorvokki: No, but I prefer is someone expects to have problems and doesn't as apposed to the other way around :)16:36
* jimiridge will drink to that16:36
Leeuwprotonchris, =true + wize16:36
penguin42orvokki: Probably you need to switch to sid then16:36
nekostarturns out i have the k3b wont burn bug- which boils down to must set k3b to burn at slow speed or it just wont16:37
orvokkiBeen there, done that. It was fun, for a while.16:37
nekostarburn // anyone else got that goin?16:37
nekostaror a fix?16:37
KNYwhen installing virtualbox, which kernel modules do I want? -server, -rt, -openvz, or -generic?16:37
protonchrispenguin42 and orvokki: don't stop at sid, go experimental16:37
penguin42protonchris: experimental is less stable than sid? Wow....16:37
orvokkiprotonchris: I've been at Gentoo experimental. Would that be bleeding-edge enough?16:38
penguin42KNY: They should match whichever kernel you are running16:38
protonchrisorvokki: well, you get bonus points for sitting around compiling things all the time ;)16:38
KNYahh, uname -r16:38
KNYthanks, penguin4216:38
nekostardpkg> i guess sid is the <unstable> version of Debian.  It's named for the destructive neighbour kid in Toy Story.  It is NOT an acronym, but is sometimes backronymed Still In Development anyway.  Ask me about <unstable>.  Do not use sid unless you have the skill to find your way out of the mess that broken packages may put you in.  It will never be released.  See <sid faq>"16:39
orvokkiprotonchris: Meh, modern CPU's can compile fast enough.16:39
nekostar<dpkg> [unstable] the status of a Debian release when packages can be added to the system at any time that might disrupt the integrity of the whole system! Ask me about <break>. Not supported here, in general. It's also newspeak for not stable. If you have to ask whether you should use it or how, you shouldn't. apt-get install apt-listbugs (!) See <testing>, <sid>, <sid faq>.16:39
lusepusterThe system update can't seem to veryfi my packages for an upgrade, why is that?16:40
protonchrisorvokki: Well, when I tried it, my install/compile took a couple of days.16:40
AR`NeatcheeOk this might sound ridiculous...but my audio is playing...too fast.  In everything except the GDM ready sound.  Flash, login, Totem, you name it.  Everything.16:40
AR`NeatcheeIn sound config, pulseaudio test button plays a higher pitch than ALSA16:41
orvokkiprotonchris: An hour or two for a desktop Gentoo for me.16:41
orvokkiprotonchris: Never *ever* compile OOo though unless you're a packager. :P16:41
penguin42orvokki: And another year for an OOo build?16:41
nekostar45 min16:41
orvokkiEven Gentoo users usually use a binary version for OOo.16:41
dotechdon't you love bootstrapping your own system?16:41
jimiridgei compiled OO and firefox when i was on gentoo16:41
protonchrisorvokki: I started barebones, compiled everything and then compiled kde ......16:41
nekostaros[Linux 2.6.24-14-generic - Debian lenny/sid - Ubuntu DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu ( http://www.ubuntu.com )] | up[2 days, 6 hours, 28 minutes] | cpu[Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz SMP (4 processors), 2400.033 MHz (19204.44 bogomips)] | chipset[Intel Corporation 82G33/G31/P35/P31 Express DRAM Controller (rev 02)] | video[nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1) at 1680x1050 (32 bits)] | opengl[GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2 powered by NV16:41
nekostarIDIA Corporation with driver 2.1.2 NVIDIA 169.12] | xchat[Version: 2.8.4] | [sysinfo-dg 1.1-DocTrax_1.46]16:41
dotechi was sad the day they removed stage 1.16:41
orvokkinekostar: Hey, don't flood. :)16:42
nekostarorvokki: hey two lines arnt a flood16:42
dotechthat was 6 on my screen :)16:42
orvokkinekostar: Your two lines compose a screenfull of text on my screen.16:42
nekostarlook at how many nekostars there are :P16:42
recon69anyone running nvidia restricted drivers?16:43
dotechrecon69, i am16:43
Leeuw7 on mine16:43
orvokkiIt's irrelevant, you have huge amount of text in them.16:43
nekostari recommend sending suggestions to irc devs16:43
nekostarits up to them on how long lines are allowed to be16:43
recon69dotech: does you gnome-setting-daemon crash like mine?16:43
orvokkiYeah, let's reimplement IRC so nekostar can only send messages at size at most 128 bytes. :P16:43
axisyshow do I get the mplayer plugin work with ff3b5 ?16:43
dotechrecon69, i haven't see that one crash16:43
Leeuwdon't mind little me, new entries: anyone any clue to "failed to initialise HAL" after latest updates ?16:43
recon69dotech: cause it crashes on start when i enable nvidia restricted drivers16:44
axisysit was working fine until the last update about ff and mplayer16:44
asdrubalwhen do you guys think 8.04 will come out?16:44
axisysasdrubal: in 20 or so days16:44
orvokkinekostar: Write long lines if you will but that computer specs was just complete junk and useless information. Only flood my irssi for a good reason. ;>16:45
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases16:45
Leeuw14 dayz16:45
protonchrisasdrubal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule16:45
dotechrecon69, i would check launchpad for an existing bug, i haven't had that happen and i have 2 nvidia cards16:45
orvokkiOops, sorry. :)16:45
asdrubalapril 24th16:45
Leeuworvokki, yer right, 18 dayz, sorry16:46
orvokkiWill probably be stable enough for most on the 17th of April though.16:46
axisyshow do I get the mplayer plugin work with ff3b5 ?16:46
axisysit was working fine until the last update about ff and mplayer16:46
Leeuworvokki, I mean asdruba116:46
orvokkiThat is, when the Release Candidate is out.16:46
asdrubalHow is the new sound server in ubuntu?16:47
Leeuwloud !16:47
orvokkiPulseAudio? Just fine.16:47
asdrubalWill the new sound server use multiple hardware channels like on my emu10k1?16:47
asdrubalor will it mix it all through one channel16:47
orvokkiI couldn't find sound volume control packages though.16:47
orvokkiPulseAudio is supposed to have its own volume control.16:47
bdkerWhen Hardy Heron is released, can people using beta upgrade to it without having to reinstall?16:48
asdrubalI know16:48
asdrubalbut will it use my multiple hardware channels16:48
dotechpulseaudio is working great for me now, the only problem is that pavucontrol's settings are not persistent across reboots16:48
orvokkibdker: Should be possible.16:48
bazhangbdker: yes16:48
dotechbdker, yes16:48
protonchrisasdrubal: Well if this channel is any indication, pulseaudio is a common problem currently.16:48
bdkerThank you.16:49
asdrubalprometheus, nod16:49
orvokkiAfaik PulseAudio is mostly a software abstraction layer on top of ALSA:16:49
cvd-pranyone know how to include alsa support in a ./configure?16:49
dotechorvokki, yeah basically16:49
AR`Neatcheeorvokki:  I've come to the conclusion that pulseaudio is bad.16:49
protonchriscvd-pr: try ./configure --help to see what options are available16:50
asdrubalSo if I have a good sound card, pulse audio won't take advantage of it all16:50
orvokkiAR`Neatchee: Again, Works For Me (tm).16:50
asdrubalpulse audio will always assume I only have one hardware channel, thereby degrading sound quality16:50
AR`NeatcheeIt's the source of the firefox crashes with flash (see bug #192888)16:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192888 in pulseaudio "firefox crashes on flash contents" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19288816:50
dotechpulseaudio is good imho, the only downside is that some of its packages aren't quite ready for prime time16:50
AR`Neatcheeand currently pulseaudio is speeding all my audio16:50
AR`Neatcheeorvokki, currently, the pulseaudio test tone in sound config plays a higher pitch than when i test with ALSA16:51
Leeuwpleas xplain imho ?16:51
TheGentlemanUsing kubuntu 8.04 beta as a Live cd.  I'm not able to set Administator Mode in System Settings.  When i click the button the frame turn red for a second and than back to previous color.16:51
penguin42I seem to have almost everything working with pulseaudio; it's taken a day or so16:51
AR`Neatcheeorvokki, which is ridiculous.  I don't even understand how that could happen.16:51
orvokkiLuckily you can nowadays usually bypass PulseAudio and use ALSA if you are having problems without shutting down PulseAudio.16:51
orvokkiThe difference for me is volume levels when I do that.16:51
decherdtWhen should ndiswrapper load? on boot load = no wlan0, rmmod and modprobe at desktop then  it works, Dapper works on boot.16:52
dotechmy problem with pulseaudio right now is that none of the settings are persistent16:52
dotechvolume levels, default devices, etc, they all revert16:52
cvd-pr --with-alsa-prefix=PFX  Prefix where Alsa library is installed(optional)16:52
cvd-pr  --with-alsa-inc-prefix=PFX  Prefix where include libraries are (optional)16:52
orvokkidotech: Which package did you install to even get those?16:52
axisyshow do I get the mplayer plugin to work with FF 3 b5 ?16:52
Leeuwin my humble opinion; never mind; google is faster than you guyz/girlz16:52
axisysfirefox 3 beta 5 that is16:53
orvokkidotech: I'm only using ALSA sound volume controls atm.16:53
dotechorvokki, you need to get the pulseaudio related packages, i'll get a list one sec16:53
AR`Neatcheeorvokki, wanna help me bypass pulseaudio for my entire system? :D16:53
orvokkiaxisys: By waiting. It might run if you disable compatibility check.16:53
orvokkiAR`Neatchee: Egh, no. :P16:53
=== rikai_ is now known as rikai
orvokkiOr, maybbe.16:54
axisysorvokki: i just got the update an hr ago for ff 3 b5 and mplayer16:54
orvokkiAR`Neatchee: Do you have Gnome?16:54
dotechorvokki, paman padevchooser paprefs pavucontrol pavumeter pulseaudio-utils16:54
AR`Neatcheeorvokki, yes16:54
axisysorvokki: should i have not accept that upgrade?16:54
orvokkiAR`Neatchee: Try System->Preferences->Sound.16:54
orvokkiAR`Neatchee: Then change devices from Autodetect to ALSA:16:54
orvokkiGah, I always typo the . after ALSA.16:55
axisysorvokki: also how do I disable compatibility check?16:55
AR`Neatcheeorvokki, tried.  FF3 still has the sped-up-sound issue16:55
protonchriscvd-pr: you need to input where the necessary alsa file are.16:55
dotechorvokki, those tools add the ability to set the volume levels, devices, and basicalyl anything else pulseaudio can do16:55
AR`Neatcheewhich i'm assuming means it's still using either pulseaudio or OSS (since both pulseaudio and OSS test tone's in system->preferences->sound are a higher pitch than the alsa test tone)16:55
dotechyou will see an icon in the top right near the speaker that controls all of those subtools16:55
cvd-pri dont know where they are16:55
e-r_c_ehello, i'd like to "remind" ya on my bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/21288016:55
TheGentlemanUsing kubuntu 8.04 beta as a Live cd.  I'm not able to set Administator Mode in System Settings.  When I click the button, the frame turns red for a second and than back to the previous and I do not have Admin privileges! color.16:56
orvokkiAR`Neatchee: FF3 shouldn't have a music player itself. You'd have to tell the music player it uses as a plugin that you want ALSA. I have no idea how to do that.16:56
AR`Neatcheeorvokki:  that'd be flash16:56
dotechorvokki, you can set that in these tools16:56
dotechyou can move the stream to a different sink16:56
e-r_c_emy bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/21288016:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212880 in compiz "[HARDY] compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,New]16:56
orvokkidotech: I dunno what's a sink.16:58
protonchriscvd-pr: you probably need libasound2-dev installed and then the files are probably in /usr/include/alsa and /usr/lib/16:59
jimiridgethe thing you wash your hands in16:59
e-r_c_eis soap16:59
jimiridgelavate las manos16:59
os2mac_leeuw I was AFK17:01
cvd-prwhat is libogg.a , liboog.la liboog.so ?17:01
cvd-pr.a .la .so17:01
dotechorvokki, a sink is the term used to abstract a place to dump audio, i.e. a sound card or some other abstraction17:01
os2mac_I can't get it to remain set after I log off.17:01
protonchriscvd-pr: http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html#id24995217:02
e-r_c_ejimiridge, LMAO17:02
Zeit|awyjimiridge: was away.. now: seems it detects the internal IDE hd and DVD, then starts SCSI and matches the IDE devices to scsi and the IDE-DVD --> sda.. and then cannot find the CDROM any more17:04
nekostari gotta say17:04
nekostarff3 is great17:04
nekostarreminds me of when it was still fast :P17:05
cvd-prso i put in the ./configure  the user/include/ogg or the user/lib/libogg?17:05
penguin42nekostar: It seems ok; especially b5 now that my nspluginwrapper works again17:05
nekostari'm excited17:05
nekostarevery year i get more excited17:06
penguin42that's nice17:06
nekostari'd say that linux, at this point is a good alternative to windows for probably 30% of people17:06
Howdy125I had problems with some web page images not showing in ff3 so I went back to ff2 for now.17:06
nekostarmeaning without knowing anything etc17:06
jimiridgeZeit|awy, sounds like a BIOS issue17:07
protonchriscvd-pr: potentially both.17:07
Zeit|awyscsi 2:0:0:0: Direct access ATA .. (hd)17:07
dotechnekostar, that is if you're lucky enough to have hardware that doesn't require a single tweak17:07
Zeit|awyscsi 3:0:0:0: CDROM .. (DVD)17:07
jimiridgeZeit|awy,  check bios's SATA settings tweak em17:07
nekostardotech an awful lot of hardware doesnt17:07
eduardohey jimi17:07
dotechyea, but it only takes 1 thing17:07
Zeit|awyno SATA17:08
nekostarlike that?17:08
Zeit|awyon board dual-Adaptec and IDE17:08
jimiridgetell me what transpires from that17:08
nekostareventually i'll get to learning some coding and help write some simple front ends17:08
dotechZeit|awy, run your SATA ports as AHCI in the bios17:08
nekostartill some better stuff comes out17:08
dotechor, not because you dont have sata haha17:08
Zeit|awythis machine has _no_ SATA.. ^^17:09
dotechyes, my misread17:09
jimiridgehi eduardo17:09
jimiridgewell still Zeit|awy checkout the bios and make some tweaks anyway17:09
dotechnekostar, i already know coding and there's just not enough time, when there's 200,000+ bugs there's too much to fix first17:09
nekostardotech ive not enough time atm either17:10
nekostarand besides first i gotta learn a lot more stuff lol17:10
Zeit|awyI might disable the onboard SCSI and hope it will later find it again.. hmm..17:10
cvd-prcommand to clean make?17:10
dotechi do fix things that are really annoying though, such as the volume control not saving its settings17:10
nekostarcvd-pr sudo make clean17:10
dotechi can fix that in an hour or so, so i'll just do it17:10
eduardoI have a nasty bug, I'm getting random kernel panics17:10
nekostarwell dotech thanx ^^17:10
jimiridgemake clean17:10
nekostareduardo look at system log?17:11
protonchriseduardo: are you using any restricted drivers?17:11
dotechnekostar, the funny thign is that only I seem to be having that problem, the PA developers have never heard of it17:11
nekostarsee anything in thar?17:11
eduardoi just reinstalled heron, and im still having the same issue17:11
dotechactually Sergeant_Pony is having the issue too17:11
stefgeduardo: overclocked system?17:11
nekostardotech i actually deleted that thing17:11
jimiridgewhat'd you break this time edward?17:11
dotechnekostar, i want to use it because thats what most people will be doing17:11
dotechim running the beta so i can help make it better17:11
nekostarwell i had my install in one box and moved the hdd17:12
nekostarits just now that i get kinda clean one17:12
eduardojimiridge, anything, I just made a fresh hardy install and im still getting this random freezes17:12
nekostarwith all the reconfigging17:12
=== mrigns is now known as mr_w_igns
nekostarreally was gonna do it but i'm lazy :P17:12
e-r_c_edamn this reso17:12
=== mr_w_igns is now known as mrigns
nekostarseems to be working now17:12
jimiridgewell i cant help ya i'd have to be there17:12
nekostare-r_c_e open terminal: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:12
e-r_c_enekostar, ok17:13
jimiridgeand i'm gonna go to bed now cause you all drain me17:13
stefgeduardo: are you 110% sure that it is not a hardware problem? like bad ram or too much overclocking17:13
protonchriseduardo: are you using any restricted drivers?17:13
jimiridgehe uses nvidia17:13
nekostarwhich card17:14
protonchrisI would switch to a free driver and see if the freezing still happens.17:14
jimiridgea dmesg tail would help too17:14
jimiridgelast i checked ubuntu keeps logs of dmesg17:14
TexJoachimhi! is there a rc of hardy, or is it still in beta?17:15
e-r_c_ebbl, restart X17:15
protonchrisTexJoachim: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule17:15
jimiridge18 days17:15
eduardoprotonchris, I use nvidia fx520017:16
nekostareduardo : /exec -o dpkg -l | grep nvidia17:16
protonchriseduardo: switch to a free driver and see what happens. You will probably have to live without 3D accel during the testing.17:16
jimiridgeoh god no17:16
TexJoachimprotonchris: zhx!17:17
jimiridgei'm tired17:17
Stroganoffhas ANYONE ever tried xdm with hardy?17:17
jimiridgei've installed fluxbox on hardt17:17
protonchrisStroganoff: not I.  I use gdm.17:17
eduardoprotonchris, I just reinstalled heron, I dont have any 3d accel17:17
Stroganoffis hardy based on debian unstable?17:18
akkStroganoff: macogw was here a few days ago trying xdm, and it wasn't working at all17:18
Zeit|awydisabled scsi, no luck, still drops out, so no Ubuntu 8 on this machine.. *sigh*17:18
jimiridgei wouldnt mind seeing a dmesg log via pastebin edward17:18
Stroganoffakk: its working for me expept the font sizes are fixed (huge) so all themes are borken17:18
protonchriseduardo: ok.  Then try looking in your logs (/var/log)17:18
vega--_Stroganoff: every ubuntu version is, afaik17:18
akkStroganoff: It was filling maco's terminal with unprintable characters17:18
nekostarDebian lenny/sid17:18
eduardoprotonchris, im looking at my logs, but I cant find anything17:18
Stroganoffakk: but he hasnt filed u bug report?17:19
jaffarkelshacmy firefox keeps crashing on youtube, how can i fix it17:19
Stroganofflike mine: 21083017:19
Stroganoffbug 21083017:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 210830 in xdm "[hardy] XDM: huge font size" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21083017:19
jimiridgewhat happened to gutsy edward? i thought you decided to go back to stable?17:19
e_r_c_ejimiridge, IT WORKED17:19
stefgjaffarkelshac: by sending an email to adobes flash-devs and complaining bitterly :-)17:19
jimiridgewhat worked?17:19
akkStroganoff: I'm not sure what she ended up doing17:19
jimiridgei dont remember giving you any advise17:20
protonchrisjimiridge: well, you are just *that* good :)17:20
eduardojimiridge, i installed hardy again, I thought I had a bug or somehting, but now idk whats going on, I mean i just made a fresh install17:20
jaffarkelshachaha, stefg that would not helo much at the moment17:20
nekostarjimiridge dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg i think17:20
jimiridgei didnt tell him that17:21
protonchriseduardo: are all of your packages up to date?17:21
eduardoim updating and upgrading atm17:21
stefgjaffarkelshac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/20203617:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 202036 in flashplugin-nonfree "[Hardy] Macromedia Flash slow start/crash" [Undecided,Incomplete]17:21
jimiridgebut it sounds like something i would say considering i've been fartingwith this darn OS for ages17:21
nekostarjimiridge i did lol17:21
jimiridgeseriously once this beer is gone i'm going to sleep17:22
jimiridgeSun Apr  6 12:22:42 EDT 200817:22
cvd-prcan some look at this and tell me was the problem?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6522/17:22
eduardoyeah jimi, go take some rest17:23
nekostargood plan man17:23
nekostardont wear yourself out17:23
eduardoi bet i drive u crazy lol17:23
stefgjaffarkelshac: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71108017:23
jimiridgeyeah your compiling a depreciated music player17:23
cr0mulentSO the topic says that I should know how to fix broken dependencies when they break17:23
cr0mulenthow would I learn how to do that?17:23
jimiridgewhen audacious works just dandy17:23
nekostardo you have xmms-dev in?17:24
jimiridgesince gentoo dropped xmms i dropped xmms17:25
nekostarxmms2-dev actually iguess17:25
nekostarjimiridge i refuse17:25
protonchrisnekostar: xmms and xmms2 are not the same.17:25
nekostarprotonchris i know17:25
nekostarbut i dont know which you have ^^17:25
nekostarthere are other -dev files too..17:25
noamsmlI'm having a problem with my keyboard in Hardy17:26
jimiridgeseams slackware even removed it17:26
noamsmlRepeat keys don't work17:26
protonchrisnekostar: I would be surprised if xmm2-dev would help him compile xmms.17:26
noamsmlEven though they're set to work in the keyboard prefs17:26
nekostarsystem > preferences > keyboard17:26
eduardoi found something in my log saying sd driver needed to be updated..17:26
noamsmlI changed the prefs and now it works17:26
nekostarprotonchris doesnt look like he's trying to compile xmms..17:27
noamsmlThey were enabled17:27
michael__how bad is the beta do i realllly have to know what im doin got fix it if it messes up and if i dont like hardy can i downgrade with the hassle of a full format ?17:27
nekostarenable some edgy repos and install xmms stuff17:27
noamsmlAnother problem is that I can't set the layour changer to "both alts"17:27
noamsmlIt won't work17:27
noamsmlAlt+shift works fine17:27
nekostaredgy because you can still get the xmms-flac and a few others that got depreciated in feisty/gutsy17:27
jimiridgeone word "audacious"17:28
jimiridgeaudacious even has a skin that mimics xmms17:28
jimiridgeand thats the skin i use ;)17:29
werswhen can I request for hardy cds?:D17:29
nekostaraudacious is no good17:29
Sergeant_Ponyanyone know how to get rid of old icons from uninstalled programs?17:29
michael__delete =P17:30
nekostarSergeant_Pony most are in /usr/share/icon/pix i think17:30
Sergeant_Ponyreal funny17:30
cvd-pri dont like audacious, cuz when i open an .pls its a little slow, but with xmms play inmedialty17:30
nekostarSergeant_Pony most are in /usr/share/icon/17:30
michael__sorry sgt i didnt mean to annoy just alil joke17:30
nekostar.local/share/icons/ has a bunch more17:30
Sergeant_Ponyok... I'll take a look.17:31
eduardoseems like jimi's beer is over, lol17:31
cvd-prso i cant compile xmms in heron ?17:31
Sergeant_PonyI asked because I installed a program and uninstalled it cuz I didn't like it but the icons are still there17:31
nekostarfrom repos or by hand17:32
nekostareduardo were you not fixed?17:33
nekostarif so, what was the problem17:33
eduardoim getting random freezes17:33
eduardofreezes involving kernel panics17:33
nekostarsystem > administration > system log17:34
nekostarlook for right before the freezes happen timewise17:34
protonchriseduardo: again, are you using a restricted driver?17:34
nekostarsee if there are any reoccuring errors17:34
nekostardpkg -l | grep nvidia17:34
eduardoroot@eduardo-desktop:/home/eduardo# dpkg -l | grep nvidia17:35
eduardoii  nvidia-kernel-common                       20051028+1ubuntu8            NVIDIA binary kernel module common files17:35
nekostarso probably not protonchris17:35
Aval0nhey how does ubuntu do when you rip out a motherboard and install a new one?17:35
nekostarAval0n depends17:35
nekostarive had good results17:35
BUGabundohi there17:36
Aval0nwith sound too?17:36
BUGabundoI've found a security breach17:36
BUGabundoand would like to check with others before posting to LP17:36
nekostarAval0n that took some reconfigging for onboard17:36
nekostarBUGabundo yeah expound plz17:36
BUGabundonekostar: "expound" ??17:37
BUGabundoto whom should I talk?17:37
nekostarthe channel?17:38
BadRobothi there17:38
eduardowtf, now i cant start firefox17:38
cvd-preverytime i use the pc i hace to configure the monitor and nvidia , any way to make ubuntu remember the settings?17:38
eduardoroot@eduardo-desktop:/home/eduardo# firefox17:38
eduardoCould not find compatible GRE between version 1.9b5 and 1.9b5.17:38
BUGabundoto security breach that I've found17:39
BUGabundois that a user can login without password17:39
BUGabundoeven as root17:39
protonchrisBUGabundo: is this a fresh hardy install?17:39
BadRoboti need some help to install Hardy,i have other distro on my HDD,i have a separated /home partition,and a parttion for / mount point.So how do i install Hardy w/o touching my /home?17:39
axisysi followed this to get mplayer plugin to work http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54041217:39
nekostareduardo start firefox from non  root term17:40
nekostarBadRobot just make another user name17:40
BUGabundobeen using it since gutsy alpha 4, and upgrade to hardy on alpha 2, protonchris17:40
eduardonekostar, wont open..17:40
nekostaruse same /home partition just diff name17:40
nekostari do all the time ^_~17:40
denndaIs it a known issue that the keyboard doesn't work in some cases with the alternate installer? I can't select one of the options17:40
BadRobotand if i install Hardy,will it be able to recognize my /home partition and have acess to it?17:40
BUGabundomaybe it's a configuration issue17:40
BUGabundostill it is too bad17:40
nekostardennda did you have it check for kb?17:40
protonchrisBUGabundo: are you using gdm?17:41
nekostari dont let it guess or detect, i jsut select manually17:41
nekostarthen no problems17:41
eduardonekostar, im sorry, update and upgrade procesess arent over..17:41
nekostareduardo ok17:41
denndanekostar: kb?17:41
nDuffBadRobot, not *automatically* necessarily, but if you tell it to mount your old home partition on /home, yes, that'll work.17:41
akkBadRobot: You can choose -- if you don't tell the installer about /home then it'll make a new /home on its root partition and not touch yours17:41
denndanekostar: I just inserted the CD and booted from it. I'm in the "Install Ubuntu", "Check CD for defects", etc menu17:41
nDuffBadRobot, you will need to be sure to synchronize the UIDs for your user accounts between the two operating systems.17:42
nekostardennda push escape17:42
nekostargo to top menu17:42
denndanekostar: no effect17:42
denndathe whole keyboard doesn't work17:42
nDuffBadRobot, ...as akk says, it's safer to mount the old partition on /home *after* installation.17:42
nekostaryour not in the actual install yet17:42
akkyeah, I generally don't tell installers about dirs like /home -- I patch them in later by hand, making sure UIDs are the same17:42
denndanekostar: no17:42
akksame with /boot17:42
nekostartry starting it17:42
protonchrisBUGabundo: sounds like it might be a config issue.  I would look at /etc/gdm/gdm.conf and /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom17:42
BadRobotok thx17:42
denndanekostar: how would you do that without any access to the keyboard?17:43
BadRobot i will try17:43
nekostarno kb at all?17:43
denndanekostar: nothing17:43
BUGabundowhat should I been looking for, protonchris?17:43
akkbut ubuntu installers aren't happy about skipping the grub step, which you need to do to leave /boot untouched17:43
nekostaridle a bit perhaps someone else can help, sorry17:43
nekostarbut to clarify17:43
nekostaryou boot to cd, and cannot do anything?17:43
nekostaris kb usb by chance?17:43
cvd-praptitude dont work anymore?17:43
denndanope, PS17:43
denndalemme replug it17:43
denndaplugging it out and in again doesn't help either17:44
BadRobotso,i just need to format the partition that i want to install Hardy and leave the /home partition w/o format.So is just it?17:44
nekostardennda do you have any other keyboards in the house?17:45
akkBadRobot: yes, definitely don't let it format anything besides / and swap17:45
nekostari would try one or two if possible17:45
denndanekostar: I doubt that makes a difference17:45
denndaIt's not the keyboard17:46
BUGabundoprotonchris: I've reported it as Bug #21292317:46
nekostardennda could be an erratia with a kb17:46
ubotuBug 212923 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/212923 is private17:46
KNYis it possible to relabel the mounted drive icons on my desktop? (so "24.1 GB Media" can become "Ubuntu 7.10 Partition")17:46
protonchrisBUGabundo: ok, there seem to be a lot of gdm bugs:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/17:46
BUGabundothat's bad... quite close to release17:46
nekostardell's for instance are notorious17:47
BadRobotdo you guys knows if it would be possible to use the same /home partition as the /home partition of my new Hardy install?17:47
nekostarBUGabundo no permission17:48
nekostarto view17:48
heartsbloodKNY I'm sure there is an easier way but 'mv /media/24.1\ GB\ Media/ /media/Ubuntu\ 7.10\ Partition/' should work17:48
BUGabundoI know nekostar17:48
stefgKNY: you need to give that filesystem that label (prolly with e2label)17:48
BUGabundoI've set the security flag17:48
KNYheartsblood, on /media they're sda1, etc17:48
awalton__heartsblood, KNY see lp 19036617:48
* nekostar shrugs17:48
nekostarguess i cant help then17:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190366 in gvfs "Nautilus does not identify partitions, except by size" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19036617:48
* nekostar wanders off17:48
KNYawalton__, gotcha17:49
KNYnow, if only firefox would start, I could check it out ...17:49
akkBadRobot: I use the same /home between feisty, gutsy and hardy installs ... but I don't use gnome17:49
BUGabundotry it now, nekostar. I've removed the private flag17:49
akkBadRobot: or firefox 3 ... either of those might give you problems with dotfiles shared between different versions17:49
BadRobotno,i am planing to use only Hardy17:50
nekostardepends man17:50
nekostardid you do a single user / oem install?17:50
chmavrhas anyone installed drivers for ati agp cards???17:51
nekostarsetup a user to log in auto?17:51
BadRoboti have /hda1 as /mount ,hda2 as /home and /hda3 as swap17:51
nekostarcheck /etc/shadow perhaps there's an empty root pass17:51
BUGabundonekostar: this is an old install17:51
BUGabundoas far as I can remember it used to ask for pass17:51
nekostarupgraded install?17:51
BUGabundomy gf found this out yesterday17:51
BUGabundoyep, nekostar, since gutsy alpha 417:52
BUGabundoand then to hardy alpha 217:52
BUGabundoas it is mention on the LP bug17:52
nekostari would do a clean install17:53
dotechSergeant_Pony, I fixed it!17:53
Sergeant_Ponydotech Cool!17:53
nekostarbut that is very interesting.17:53
heartsbloodNautilus does not identify partitions, except by size? does that mean it's impossible to create a name for the disk?  Isn't there a way you can force a label in fstab?  (yes i'm a noob hush)17:53
* nekostar ponders17:53
dotechSergeant_Pony, edit /etc/pulse/default.pa17:53
nekostarheartsblood lable doesnt need to be in fstab try mtap17:53
Sergeant_Ponydotech looking now17:54
BUGabundobeen looking to do one for two weeks17:54
heartsbloodMethylthioadenosine phosphorylase?17:54
dotechSergeant_Pony, move the section for "load-module module-gconf, that entire block, and put it iabove the load-module module-volume-restore block17:54
BUGabundobut other then a minor probs, my install does ALL I NEED17:54
BUGabundosorry for the caps, nekostar17:54
nekostarBUGabundo think perhaps root and user have same pass?17:54
BUGabundodiferent passs17:55
nekostarcould do something like sudo in user and it just..17:55
BUGabundoas I said17:55
nekostardoes it persist if you change root pass?17:55
BUGabundoANYone can enter as ANY existing user17:55
BUGabundohumm let me try that17:55
nekostarnew users even?17:55
nekostarno admin permissions?17:55
nekostargot the livecd package in?17:55
Sergeant_Ponydotech looking for it now17:56
nekostarworks kinda like that there...17:56
dotechSergeant_Pony, look for "Load additional modules from GConf settings", move that block up to where i said17:56
Sergeant_Ponydotech found it17:56
dotechthose 8 lines17:56
cvd-praptitude still work on herdy?17:57
dotechSergeant_Pony, put those 8 lines before the line "Automatically restore the volume of playback stream"17:57
dotechSergeant_Pony, here's the other thing, you have to manually edit ~/.pulse/default-sink17:58
nekostarBUGabundo can any user log in with any pass?17:58
dotechSergeant_Pony put "combined" in that file17:58
dotechwithout the quotes17:58
dapiz987hello, i cannot get my pc to detect my network printer after i updated to 8.04. can anybody help me with this?17:59
Sergeant_Pony1 sec17:59
BUGabundonekostar: just changed root pass17:59
BUGabundolet me test it on a tty17:59
BUGabundojust tested it18:00
BUGabundoafter I changed root pass18:00
BUGabundoI was still able to access my TTY without entering a password18:00
nekostarperhaps pam is broken18:01
BUGabundoHow can I check it?18:01
mnemoim on gutsy right now, how can I move to latest development release of hardy???18:01
BUGabundosure you can mnemo18:02
Sergeant_Ponydotech how do I edit it with root perms?18:02
BUGabundobut be ready for BUGs and system failures18:02
dotechSergeant_Pony, sudo18:02
BUGabundojust type, update-manager -d , mnemo18:02
Turskimnemo: but maybe you should firt read topic18:02
nekostarcheck that file for wierd stuff18:03
mnemothanks... i know it might break etc :)18:04
FnordPerfectHello everybody! Tonight I upgraded to hardy via apt-get dist-uprade. with kernel 2.6.24 there is apperently a problem with the initrd and udev and it fails to boot. with 2.6.22 I have a version mismatch with the nvidia kernel and X modules.18:04
* BUGabundo opens pam.conf18:04
FnordPerfectI'm happy with one of these issues solved, cause, frankly, I'm running out of patience for now... :-)18:04
mnemoone question though, is it possible to downgrade back to gutsy if necessary? or can I make some "save point" now in case it gets really bad?18:05
Turskii think18:05
mnemookay I take my chances then ;> thx18:06
sdakakShould I install Hardy? How many changes does a final beta go through? I think the gusty beta didn't go through any changes after the final beta.18:06
nekostarmnemo you might try to make an iso18:06
sdakakAny thoughts? How is the stability?18:06
nekostarbut if your /home is seperate from /root just make a seperate user18:06
dotechSergeant_Pony, after you edit that config file, edit ~/.pulse/default-sink and put "combined" in there18:06
nekostarthen you can use your old user if you dont like it18:06
mnemonekostar: how can I do that? is there a command or program I can use?18:06
dotechSergeant_Pony, without the quotes18:06
sdakakpeople? is anyone awake here?18:07
nekostarthere's one way18:07
mnemonekostar: thanks18:08
Sergeant_Ponydoes it matter where combined goes? I only have 1 line in that file18:08
identlagei've upgraded to hardy heron and my nm-applet isnt working. its only showing "Enable networking and "Edit wireless networks". anyone knows why?18:08
malnilionidentlage, what kind of wifi card do you have?18:08
BUGabundonekostar: as far as I can see, there's nothing wrong with PAM (either pam.conf or pam.d/*)18:09
identlagemalnilion intel wireless, but its not the wifi i want to configure with it18:09
identlageits pptp18:09
identlageand ive installed teh pptp addon18:09
malnilionidentlage, I don't know anything about pptp, unfortunately, but have you tried looking in the Networking settings?18:10
dotechSergeant_Pony, yea just 1 line should say combined18:10
dotechSergeant_Pony, delete anything in there now18:10
identlagemalnion: where do you find the "Networking settings"?18:10
dotechSergeant_Pony, assuming you want the combined device as your default?18:10
dotechi think that's what you were trying to do18:10
sdakakno one?18:10
dotechok, try logging out and back in18:11
dotechcombined should be default now18:11
dotechi still haven't been able to get Device volume settings to stick, but application settings do18:11
malnilionidentlage, System>Administration>Network18:11
dotechbrb, getting some oatmeal18:12
=== ph8 is now known as ph8|away
identlagemalnilion: i see "Wired, Wireless and Point to point"18:12
identlageas options18:12
identlagenot PPTP18:12
Sergeant_Ponydotech: I have this as my default sink : Simultaneous output to ALSA PCM on front:0 (ALC861 Analog) via DMA18:13
malnilionidentlage, you said you installed network-manager-pptp?18:14
identlagemalnilion: yes18:14
identlagenetwork-manager-pptp is already the newest version.18:15
identlageaccording to apt18:15
identlageyet i see no pptp18:15
=== peter__ is now known as slackern
dotechSergeant_Pony, thats what you wanted right?18:16
malnilionidentlage, have you tried killing NetworkManager and restarting it?18:16
identlagemalnilion: yes, also tried rebooting18:17
identlageit just doesnt show18:17
identlagealso, my nm-applet looks like to monitors18:17
identlageblack monitors18:17
Drizzt321I normally have that import popup come up when I connect my digital camera. Unfortunately, this time when I connected it it did not appear. How do I go about checking that I have that dialog box enabled?18:17
identlagenot the blue thing i saw before in 7.1018:17
KNYDrizzt321, System > Preferences > Removable Drives and Media18:18
quest-usbwas having problems with usb mic+headset last night.  tried it on wife's system (7.10) and got the following log differences  http://pastebin.ca/97420518:19
dotechSergeant_Pony, if you want a different device you just have to edit ~/.pulse/default-sink, you can get the name of the devices in the PulseAudio Manager (paman) under "Devices", Sinks name's is what you want18:19
Drizzt321KNY:  I went there, and it is setup to use f-spot-import, but when I execute it on the command line, it doesn't seem to be the same app as what normally comes up18:20
malnilionidentlage, it's possible they just changed the icon or something, I'm not quite sure what you mean.  The main problem, I guess, is there's no submenu item for configuring PPTP connections when you click nm-applet18:20
Drizzt321KNY:  and it also says that it couldn't claim the usb device while connecting to it18:20
identlagemalnilion: yeah. this is the version i'm using: nm-applet 0.6.618:20
identlagedo you also use that version?18:20
KNYDrizzt321, hmm. Beyond that I'm not sure what to tell you . Hopefully someone will come along that does18:20
Sergeant_Ponydotech it says combined so I should be all set18:20
KNYDrizzt321, try *un*checking the box18:21
FnordPerfecthm. maybe someone could tell me which udev and kernel packages are reported to definitely work?18:21
malnilionidentlage, yep, that's the latest version.  I'm going to go see if there's a bug report anywhere.18:21
Drizzt321KNY:  ah, here we go, the gthumb has the correct dialog box, but it says cannot claim the USB device, operation not permitted18:21
identlagemalnilion: cool, thanks :)18:21
mrseriiim in?18:22
KNYmrigns, nope :)18:22
KNYmrserii, *18:22
KNYDrizzt321, I would guess that something is lurking around, holding the connection to the device18:23
KNYbut that's just a guess18:23
naranhaanybody else got issues updating to the newest kernel in the hardy repository?18:23
Drizzt321KNY:  probably correct. I'll try logging off then on, and rebooting if that fails18:23
FinnishCan someone tell me why my wlan-speed is slow?18:23
KNYDrizzt321, let me know whyat happens18:23
malnilionidentlage, do you have a VPN Connections submenu when you click nm-applet?18:23
identlagemalnilion: no18:24
FinnishSometimes I get 230kb/s speed, but usually it drops to arounf 50kb/s18:24
mrseriisomeone can help me to fix problems with 8.04?18:25
macsimmrserii, depend the problem18:25
malnilionidentlage, this would be the kludge of all kludges if it works, but could you try installing the network-manager-vpnc package and rebooting to see if that tricks nm-applet into giving you a VPN Connections submenu?18:26
mrseriifirst, zend studio dosent work, it seems to be problem with SUN JAVA, i see the program and "tip of day" but the rest of the probram is blank18:26
identlagemalnilion: sure, brb18:27
eduardohow do i install flash player?18:27
cvd-pranyway to make 8.04 remember the Screens and Graphics settings?18:28
murkyMurkCTRL-ALT-F1 no longer brings up a virtual console for me in Heron18:29
cvd-prCuz everytime i use the pc ubuntu forget it18:29
cvd-pranyway to make 8.04 remember the Screens and Graphics settings?18:29
mrseriithe second problem is with pureftpd, i cant find a way to configure the server with pureadmin18:29
cvd-prcan any help me18:30
mrseriichanges dosent take effect18:30
googlah|g0nenever played with pureftpd, but proftpd is really easy mrserii.18:30
mrseriii very yong in linux18:30
murkyMurkcvd-pr: what do you mean...is teh rsolution wrong? background wrong?18:30
mrseriiand have a very big problems with english...18:31
macsimmrserii, what's your mother tonge ?18:32
mrseriithe problem, i think is to find the database file, the default database file that set on pureadmin18:32
cvd-prmurkyMurk, its always forget the monitor settings Dell e772p, 1204*768,  nvidia gforce is not in use etc....18:32
macsimmrserii, where are you from ?18:32
macsimmrigns, there is no #ubuntu-ru ?18:33
mrseriii dont know...18:33
macsimmrserii, #ubuntu-ru       67 users18:33
murkyMurkcvd-pr: that is a function of the xorg.conf file. Your problem is that the nvidia driver isn't loading18:33
macsimmrigns, let's try over there18:33
mrseriithank you18:34
macsimmrserii, let's try over there18:34
macsimsorry mrigns18:34
cvd-prmurkyMurk,  yes how to fix that, the first time i instaled 8.04 worked, but then the other day says not is use18:34
murkyMurkmost people usually find that using envyng works best for getting nvidia installed on hardy...google for envy nvidia ubuntu and it'll be in the list of hits18:35
murkyMurkalso TURN OFF BulletProofX...very annoying if you are trying to troubleshot a nvidia problem18:36
murkyMurkback to me....CTRL-ALT-F1 does nothing, I can't get a virtual console18:37
malnilion99% of the time I have a problem with my nvidia drivers is because I've upgraded to a kernel image that doesn't have corresponding restricted modules released yet18:38
malnilionmurkyMurk, does it show a blinking cursor on a black screen?18:38
roothi again. I tried booting 2.6.24-15-generic, "does not compute". could someone, for the love of god, please tell me, which kernel version they are using and if their /dev gets populated correctly?? I'm missing /dev/hd*, and this is quite enerving...18:38
murkyMurkmalnilion: oh i would that it did! That would be easy..No, it does nothing, not even a flicker18:38
orvokkiI'm using 2.6.24-15-rt18:38
naranharoot: i've got the same problem, switched back to -14 which still works18:39
orvokkiroot: Made sure they're not under /dev/sd*?18:39
murkyMurkroot: Linux pisces 2.6.24-15-generic #1 SMP Fri Apr 4 03:48:31 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux18:39
cvd-prits normal to have xorg.conf1, xorg.conf2,xorg.conf3,xorg.conf.failsafe, xorg.conf.failsafe2, xorg.conf.failsafe3  ?18:39
malnilionmurkyMurk, the reason I ask is right now it appears that I've got black console text on a black background so I can't see anything when I do ctrl alt F118:39
T1m0thyIntel 3945 is really bad today. :\18:39
murkyMurkmalnilion: try using either nosplash or vga=791 in the kernel line of your grub options18:40
rootnaranha: thanks a lot! Now at least I know I'm not alone with it... I'll try it at once..18:40
malnilionYeah, the nosplash would get rid of the load bar, though, right?18:40
murkyMurkkernel          /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.24-15-generic root=UUID=e0cd9c0c-0fdd-4d95-ae8c-414cbd64d96b ro quiet splash vga=79118:41
murkyMurkand yep, you'd be all balc screen & text18:41
orvokkinaranha: Could you check that the entries haven't moved under /dev/sd* in -15? Linux kernels sometimes do weird things between the two...18:41
murkyMurkit's the vga thing although you might need to install vesafb in to the initramfs...that's no very hard, google and it will be done18:42
malnilionHehe, I could set it up for old times sake and get a pic of Tux a la Slackware :P18:42
murkyMurk:-) i loved that18:42
Drizzt321KNY:  No luck...I'm thinking it might be something to do with the Authentication system18:42
malnilionmurkyMurk, the weird thing though is my console was fine until I installed this utility that makes it easier to config usplash and grub18:43
KNYDrizzt321, ah, sorry to hear that. I don't have any further advice18:43
murkyMurkcvd-pr: sorry to ignore you..only normal if buletproofx keeps stealing your desktop...disable that first and then troubleshoot nvidia18:43
malnilionStart-Up Manager18:43
Drizzt321KNY:  thats what I suspect anyway. Darn it. I guess I'll have to investigate it later, I gotta run for now.18:43
murkyMurkmalnilion: you know what i'm going to suggest don't you?18:44
malnilionmurkyMurk, maybe? :P18:44
T1m0thyWhoa.. is there any reason why when I move my mouse the pointer is really jumpy and like skips backwards and stuff?18:44
murkyMurkmalnilion: it's got to be the first step...who knows what code it contains18:44
* iositd joins the fun18:44
malnilionmurkyMurk, I'd be willing to bet if I uninstall it, the damage will still be there18:45
malnilionIt's not really a big deal to me18:45
cvd-prhow to disable  buletproofx18:45
murkyMurkT1m0thy: probably a real good reason...bit of fluff caught in LED?18:45
patrick__hey guys, i've only been messing around with ubunt for about 3 months..do you think its safe for me to start using hardy heron or should i wait till the stable release comes out18:45
T1m0thyIt only started after I started something in WINE.18:45
murkyMurkmalnilion: you know it ;-) Try the vga=791 entry and if that is no good do the vesafb thing18:46
T1m0thyI exited it though, and it's still going.18:46
T1m0thyI'll just restart.18:46
dotechnice, i'm now in irssi18:46
bazhangpatrick__: try the livecd beta and see18:46
ubotuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help.18:46
murkyMurkT1m0thy: use htop to kill all wine processes...quicker than a reboot18:46
bluefoxxhow long should it take 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a' to run?18:47
patrick__bazhang, true i should do that first..does the beta have a dock tho? i really enjoyed kiba dock when i had it and objectdock when i ran windows18:47
malnilionmurkyMurk, do you mind if I flood you a couple lines from my menu.lst in a pm?18:47
murkyMurkbluefoxx: not forever.....tick the 'details' box and see if it's waiting on you18:47
bazhangpatrick__: only if you install it ;]18:47
murkyMurkflood away18:47
patrick__bazhang haha now all i have to do is find a cd...im all out18:47
bazhangpatrick__: dvd's work in a pinch ;]18:48
bluefoxxmurkyMurk: its in the terminal, synaptic broke and told me to run it>. < that was last night18:48
mrseriimacsim: i cant find help in russin, maybe only with beer18:50
patrick__bazhang is there a way to use a flash drive? or is it just more simple to use a dvd/cd18:51
Fritzel I have an odd occurrance, it seems whenever I run a program in a console it generates pratically no cpu usage, as it should, but if I run it behind the scenes in any form that isn't visible it eats up 100%+ cpu usage, does anyone know how I can diagnose this?18:52
bazhangpatrick__: simplest is cd/dvd though www.pendrivelinux.com has instructions for how to do usb sticks18:52
murkyMurkbluefoxx: sorry to ignore you...last night!!! that's hung. reboot and try again18:52
macsimmrserii, lol18:52
macsimmrserii, and with vodka ? ;)18:52
mrseriii dont need help with it haha18:53
bluefoxxmurkyMurk: np, i was afk washing a frying pan and its still running. i wasnt able to stay up *all* night to babysit it.18:55
Fritzelany thoughts on the cpu issue?18:56
bluefoxxmurkyMurk: the dpkg i mean >. < not the frying pan XD18:56
bluefoxxFritzel: what issue?18:56
FritzelI have an odd occurrance, it seems whenever I run a program in a console it generates pratically no cpu usage, as it should, but if I run it behind the scenes in any form that isn't visible it eats up 100%+ cpu usage, does anyone know how I can diagnose this?18:56
mrseriiits killi'n me18:56
heartsbloodoh dear god no.  The new firefox RC isn't compatible with AdBlock plus....NOOOOOOOOO!18:56
SyntuxHi, I have installation festival on 10th of April so I was wondering if I could download the latest ISO for that purpose but so far all ISOs I found were built on 7 of March18:56
murkyMurkbluefoxx: lol Yep, reboot and start off with a sudo apt-get -f install18:57
patrick__bazhang do you happen to know the name of the dock included in the beta repo's?18:57
AyabaraHi. I upgraded on friday, and when I try to start up now, I get the message "The greeter application appears to be crashing. Attempting to use a different one." But that doesn't seem to help.18:57
bazhang!info awn18:57
heartsblooddid awn ever fix the memory hole?18:58
MoonFogHmm, does anyone know what evolution-data-server is?18:58
ubotuPackage awn does not exist in hardy18:58
MoonFogI just realised the damn thing constantly maxed out the CPU18:58
bazhang!info avant-window-navigator18:58
ubotuavant-window-navigator (source: avant-window-navigator): A MacOS X like panel for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.1-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 215 kB, installed size 1152 kB18:58
mrseriisomeone can help me to install and config ftp server?18:58
bazhangsee above patrick__18:58
bluefoxxmurkyMurk: or can i just inturrupt the dpkg[ctrl+c] and then run that? but as i recall inturrupting anything root has been bad18:58
patrick__got it18:58
heartsbloodmrserii: apt-get install proftpd18:58
heartsbloodmreserii: it's pretty easy18:59
heartsbloodmrserii* even18:59
googlah|g0neagree with heartsblood.18:59
AyabaraSince my X-session fails, I want to try to upgrade from terminal, but how can I start networking from there?18:59
patrick__bazhang is it possible to get awn for gutsy? and if so are there other reasons for getting the beta?18:59
mrseriiyes but after that i need to config it, and its not working18:59
heartsbloodmrserii: your best bet is to man proftpd19:00
bazhangpatrick__: there are ways yes digg has a link and others do as well19:00
googlah|g0nemrserii: disable IPv6 in proftpd.conf.19:00
murkyMurkbluefoxx: you could, but you might find that you're left with a locked apt file..reboot usually sorts that19:00
mrseriiman? what is man?19:00
heartsbloodmrserii: it will tell you were the config scripts are and what the options mean.  if you have a question about a specific option I'm sure somebody here can help you out19:00
murkyMurkAyabara: networking autostarts even in terminal but not in recovery mode...init 319:00
bluefoxxmurkyMurk: ah...i dont like to reboot that much...i ilke my uptime XD19:01
heartsbloodmrserii: you don't know what man is and you're running hardy?19:01
heartsbloodmrserii, type man man19:01
AyabaramurkyMurk, ok. when I log in, none of my interfaces are up19:01
Fritzelman has a man page?19:01
murkyMurkbluefoxx: i was like that with slack..not so with ubuntu though :-P19:01
heartsbloodi'm assuming19:01
bluefoxxmurkyMurk: lol19:01
AyabaramurkyMurk, no ip address on any of them.19:01
Fritzelah yeah it does, I never knew that ^^19:01
bluefoxxheartsblood: im with you on the adblock plus19:02
mrseriiafter i disable ipv6 what to do?19:02
murkyMurkAyabara: you are in recovery or terminal? init3?19:02
bluefoxxwhich remonds me. how can i downgrade firefox to the previus release? the last beta before the current one i mean19:02
murkyMurkbluefoxx: easiest way is to use add/remove it's still there as an option19:03
bazhangpatrick__: I have to step away for awhile; will be back later if you still have questions ;]19:03
AyabaramurkyMurk, I didn't choose recovery in grub. I don't really know much about runlevels.. I just pressed ctrl+alt+f1 and logged on19:03
cyclonutbluefoxx: I think you might be able to force a version in synaptic. I havent tried it yet (latest beta sucks for me, too)19:03
cyclonut(but is mighty fast...)19:03
murkyMurkAyabara: cool. ifconfig will list all your network devices19:03
murkyMurksudo /etc/init.d networking restart will restart them all19:04
murkyMurkAyabara: sudo /etc/init.d networking restart will restart them all19:04
AyabaramurkyMurk, yep. I see my wlan0 there, but it has no ip address, and the command you mentioned didn't help19:04
mrseriihow can i create 2 users mrserii and arni2 with pass 123, to the directory /media/sda2/www/http/ ?19:04
cyclonutbluefoxx: I think you need to remove firefox, then "force version" from the package menu19:05
murkyMurkhave you ever programmed a wlan link by console before?19:05
AyabaramurkyMurk, I want to connect to a wlan with wpa encryption. should it work better with a wire?19:05
bluefoxxwell, ima reboot to get synaptic going again brb dudes[or dudettes lol]19:05
AyabaramurkyMurk, no...19:06
murkyMurkAyabara: go and read -> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-wireless-networking-41/wifi-dhcp-ip-essid-wep-advice-367967/19:06
murkyMurkAyabara: it's mostly easy if you take your time19:07
murkyMurkAyabara: and yes, with a wire it would be automatic19:07
bluefoxxops should ban 'her'19:07
=== michael__ is now known as Root
AyabaramurkyMurk, cable plugged and connected I am :-)19:08
murkyMurkAyabara: wooohooooo!19:08
recon69good new, finally got restricted nvidia drivers to work, had to remove xserver19:08
AyabaramurkyMurk, no updates, however. :-/19:08
Ayabaraanyone else had a problem with the greeter application crashing?19:09
Fritzelhow can I grant permission to a program to run on another VT (that I don't think is in use 8, and 9) but not run as root? I want them to run as a specific user?19:09
murkyMurkFritzel: I think that requires root permissions19:10
Fritzelok hmm does open let you run as a specific user? (rhetoric, I'm looking)19:10
chi_hi, i am experince less CPU-FAN activity in hardy ... my laptop is getting pretty hot and increasing temperature19:10
sliptteesNVIDIA Corporation NV6 [Vanta/Vanta LT] don't have compiz/fusion :-(19:10
sliptteeswont active Desktop effect19:11
mc-georgedoes anyone know the french ubuntu channel?19:11
cyclonut#ubuntu-fr ?19:12
Ayabarahow can I revert to the default gdm logon theme from terminal?19:12
mnemo[20:08] <ubotu> mc-george: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.19:12
emmaHi, could someone give me a link to good information about how to make packages?19:12
jrib!motu > emma (read the private message from u