secretlondonsure, but people won't be that interested in bugs on an out of date beta00:00
secretlondonas they may be fixed in the new version00:00
feugan3333Hi all.00:01
feugan3333I'm getting random crashes of the xmms2d daemon on my system, and would like to report a bug. What information should I include in the bug report, apart from a backtrace?00:02
secretlondonmake sure you have debug symbols for your backtrace00:03
feugan3333Yes, I do.00:03
secretlondonreporting it via apport is best, as that includes information automatically00:03
secretlondonif it doesn't trigger you can click on a .crash file and it should submit is that way00:04
feugan3333Ah, where would I find the .crash file?00:04
greg-gif you are in kde: http://tinyurl.com/5a7jad00:06
secretlondonwe have a wiki page on DebuggingProgramCrash which may help00:06
greg-gthat url is for the standard reply about getting a .crash report submitted00:06
secretlondongreg-g, thanks. It would be cool if the bot could churn out wiki links00:07
feugan3333secretlondon, yes that's is the page that I was reading to get the crash dump with gdb.00:07
Gnineyou could always get directly to wiki and search too..00:08
feugan3333secretlondon, this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash ?00:08
secretlondonyeah, but it'b be easier to say a wiki link to the bot and it would give a URL00:08
secretlondonfeugan3333, yep00:08
greg-gsecretlondon: yeah, a "!crashreport" or "!debug" or similar would be awesome, how can we add knowledge to ubotu?00:08
* Gnine nods at secretlondon 00:08
secretlondongreg-g not sure, it's Seveas' bot00:09
Gninehe's not that hard to reach00:10
greg-gGnine: yeah, I just need to think of what to have ubotu do :)00:13
Gninei thought that was already exposed00:15
feugan3333If anyone would like to check my bug report and let me know if I have provided enough information, that would be appreciated: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xmms2/+bug/212566 :-)00:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212566 in xmms2 "xmms2d crashes" [Undecided,New]00:15
feugan3333Just in time :-)00:16
secretlondonfeugan3333, it's not a full backtrace00:17
secretlondoneg libglib-2.0.so.000:17
secretlondondoesn't have any symbols00:17
feugan3333ok, I'll add those and do it again.00:18
feugan3333secretlondon, thanks00:18
secretlondonwe'd prefer it via the auto crash logger00:18
secretlondondid you find it in /var/crash?00:18
feugan3333secretlondon, yes I found it. Should I add it as an attachment? Or just click on it?00:19
secretlondonjust click on iy00:19
secretlondonit'll start the crash submitter, and submit a new bug with more info00:19
Gnineconfirmed. (  :-P  )00:21
feugan3333Ok, I see it provides a lot of info :-)00:21
secretlondonand it gets automatically retraced at our end00:21
feugan3333Ok, nice00:22
greg-gso your original bug can be closed then00:30
feugan3333Well, its probably not exactly the same command that caused the bug. But I guess that we can assume that it is the same bug. So yes :-)00:36
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IulianHi qense10:21
moHello. Im running Hardy Heron beta, I'm trying to apt-get install ubuntu-xen-desktop, but it failes becuase a dependency (xenman) is not avaible from the repositories, is this a "beta bug" that should be reported ?11:06
dba358I think I have a "bug" in Ubuntu gutsy12:16
dba358for amd64, the Packages.* files are outdated in the universe branch12:16
dba358e.g. ubuntu-xen-server which is a package of xen-meta is newer than the Packages.gz12:16
dba358so apt-get install ubuntu-xen-server works on i386 but doesn't on amd6412:17
dba358can anyone confirm that this is a bug which should be reported?12:17
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dba358I'll check back later...12:21
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moHello. Im running Hardy Heron beta, I'm trying to apt-get install ubuntu-xen-desktop, but it failes becuase a dependency (xenman) is not avaible from the repositories, is this a "beta bug" that should be reported ?16:30
qenseyou could look for it16:31
qenseif it doesn't exist yet you could report it16:31
alex_Hi all!18:11
mrooneyalex_: hello!18:21
alex_I wouls like to help triage bugs, but I'm not quite sure how. Is there a walkthroughish page anywhere or just saved irc lessons?18:32
mrooneyalex_: did you look in the topic? such as the helping with bugs wiki page?18:35
secretlondonI seem to have disappeared from the five a day stats18:38
secretlondonI did loads yesterday, and no presence in the last week!18:39
Iulianalex_: Then you are ready to go. Just pick one bug from the list, if you have any questions here is the right place where you can ask. Also we are celebrating every week 'Hug Day' (Tuesday and Thursday). Please have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay for more information about the Bug days18:45
Iulianalex_: We appreciate if you can come next Tuesday to join the party here.18:46
Iulianalex_: This is the list of the next hug day - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2008040818:47
Iulianalex_: Our task is to hug all the bugs from that list and make them green!18:47
IulianOf course if you have more questions I'm sure someone from here will answer them.18:49
* Iulian is going to watch a film - bbl18:49
greg-gwhere did you go secretlondon?? (on the stats page)19:12
secretlondongreg-g I don19:12
greg-gthat is weird19:13
secretlondonI don't know, it's been ignoring my submissions (looks like)19:13
greg-gare they in the bzr repo?19:13
greg-gyeah, weird, there is nothing in your log past 3-2519:14
secretlondonI don't know what that means19:14
greg-gthe bzr branch/repo/whatever it is called19:14
greg-gon LP19:14
secretlondonwell i've been submitting as normal19:14
greg-gdoes your local copy have your bugs in it?  .5-a-day-data/secrectlondon19:15
secretlondoni'll look19:15
secretlondonwhere is that directory supposed to be?19:16
greg-gin your home19:16
secretlondonstops at the 25th/319:17
greg-gruh roh19:17
greg-gsomething broke then19:17
greg-gback in your home dir, do a "cat .5-a-day"19:18
greg-gI have no idea19:20
greg-gbeen using the add-5-a-day command or the applet?19:21
greg-g(not sure what difference it would make, just wondering)19:21
greg-gthen I would poke thekorn about it19:23
aleehk82how should bugs be reported with regards to different distro versions19:23
greg-galeehk82: it is assumed the bug is against the latest version of the program19:24
aleehk82Many bugs have their headers tagged with codenamesö. Is this the preferred way?19:24
aleehk82greg-g: thanks19:24
greg-galeehk82: yes, that would help, or just mention it in the bug report19:25
aleehk82greg-g: except for some packages like the kernel19:25
greg-galeehk82: from now on, all kernel bugs will be reported against the package "linux" not "linux-2.6.24-14"19:25
aleehk82greg-g: ah, that clears some confusion19:26
greg-gwell, time to be productive elsewhere19:26
greg-ggood luck fixing your issue secretlondon19:26
greg-gthanks for helping triage aleehk8219:26
aleehk82greg-g: thanks for advice19:27
james_wsecretlondon: do you still have the /tmp/5-a-day-applet.txt file around?19:27
aleehk82is it worthwhile to report bugs upstream? should it be handled by the package maintainer instead?19:33
secretlondonjames_w I'll look19:34
james_waleehk82: it's very useful to report them upstream19:34
james_waleehk82: you should be reasonably sure it's not an Ubuntu-specific problem though.19:35
secretlondonjames_w yes, and it contains errors19:35
secretlondonjames_w URLError: <urlopen error (-5, 'No address associated with hostname')>19:35
james_woh dear19:35
james_wI guess it's having trouble resolving bazaar.launchpad.net19:36
james_wif you "cd ~/.5-a-day-data; bzr info"19:36
aleehk82james_w: thanks, it gives food for thought. it's about transmission and file fragmentation.19:37
secretlondon       checkout root: .19:37
secretlondon  checkout of branch: bzr+ssh://secretlondon@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7E5-a-day/5-a-day-data/main/19:37
james_wsecretlondon: and "host bazaar.launchpad.net" works ok?19:37
secretlondonbazaar.launchpad.net has address
secretlondonI hope this isn't the network manager thinks I'm offline breakage19:38
secretlondonthat affects firefox as NM can't cope with my usb modem19:38
james_wsecretlondon: I've got to go out now I'm afraid. I'll happily debug this with you tomorrow if it's still broken.19:39
secretlondonjames_w thanks, I should be going out too19:39
james_whave a good evening.19:39
secretlondonjames_w and you19:40
aleehk82where should I report hibernation problems? https://bugs.launchpad.net/linux/+bugs19:53
aleehk82is that correct?19:53
alex-weejneither flash nor gnash are working on 64 bit hardy20:15
AmyRoseIs anyone else having trouble with Synaptic in Hardy?20:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192140 in synaptic "update manager hangs at "applying changes" window" [Undecided,New]20:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153943 in gdebi "Gdebi-kde uses massive amounts of memory!" [High,Confirmed]20:31
Gninenpviewere.bin and nspluginwrapper bug reports seem to be incomplete yet lots of entries are recorded about them...21:17
Gninemaybe apport should be double checked to make those reports happen effectively21:19
Gninebug 20432221:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204322 in nspluginwrapper "npviewer.bin crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_cast()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20432221:20
Gninethere are many more like that one21:21
Gninealso.. update-manager upgraded system to 2.6.24-15-generic on both x86_64 and 32bit version and grub did not get auto-updated with new kernel info.21:26
IowoIs there anyone here familiar with the brainstorms.ubuntu.com source code?21:37
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JohnPinWaIowo: I was just talking to someone named nand in #unbuntu-motu who mentioned brainstorm and the php code.22:19
JohnPinWaWhen someone offers mentoring in Launchpad how do you contact him/her to let them know you'd like to learn about it?22:33
persiaJohnPinWa: Try asking here.  Which bug?23:12
JohnPinWaI'm on this website: https://launchpad.net/%7Ebugsquad/+mentoring23:13
persiaOK.  Which bug interests you?23:13
JohnPinWaPersia: there is a list of bugs for which mentoring is available.  I'm willing to take a swing at any but not sure how to start.23:13
persiaOK.  Pick one.  take a look.  If you think you have some ideas about triage (see the /topic), but want a hand, you can ask the mentor for the bug.23:14
persiaAs an example, let's look at bug #12074623:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 120746 in nautilus "nautilus open files twice" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12074623:14
JohnPinWapersia: The singleusermode-password?  How do I get in touch with the mentor?23:14
JohnPinWapersia: Okay but how did you find that number?23:15
JohnPinWaSorry, I see it now.  Okay, what's next.23:15
persiaJohnPinWa: The mentors for the bug are listed at the top of the bug.  Click the mentors name.23:16
persiaThat will show the bugs page for the mentor.  The Overview tab will have contact information for the mentor.23:16
JohnPinWaWhich gets me to their launchpad page23:16
persiaRight :)23:17
JohnPinWaAH HAH!!!!23:17
persiaThen, review the bug along with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Triaging, and if you get stuck, try to contact the mentor here.23:17
james_wit doesn't look like they are online at the moment, but I am sure I have seen them in here.23:17
JohnPinWaand WOO HOO!!!23:17
JohnPinWaDamn I've spent the DAY trying to find that out.23:18
persiaJohnPinWa: Now, 120746 was only an example on the process of identifying and contacting the mentor.  You might want to pick another.23:18
persiaAlso, many people like to just try a couple, and ask for help here if they get stuck: you might consider joining #ubuntu-bugs-announce, and trying to triage a few when they come in.23:18
JohnPinWaIs it acceptable to e-mail someone directly from their launchpad page asking for mentoring?  Looking for manners?23:19
persiaIf you have questions, or need help, asking here is the best way to get a response from anyone.23:19
JohnPinWapersia: Thanks.  I'm on the mailing list and have been looking at bugs.  Most don't deal with anything I have installed or use regularly.23:20
persiaYou can email someone, but it's best to do so only if you have a specific interest in that bug.  If you're just looking for general guidance on triage, better to just ask questions here, so you can get an answer from anyone.23:20
JohnPinWapersia: Thanks.  Will do.23:20
persiaJohnPinWa: Good luck.23:20
JohnPinWapersia: I'll need it.  Thanks.23:20

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