YokoZarHas anyone here been able to beat Lagno, Chess, and Four-in-a-row on their easiest settings?03:58
pwnguinis the question whether it's possible, or whether the easy difficulty truly easy?04:16
YokoZarpwnguin: Oh, I think it's possible.  But, yes, I have a very strong suspicion our own easiest difficulty is too hard for our own developers :)04:17
pwnguinive only met one chess game that I could beat on eas04:19
pwnguinand that was a Nintendo DS game ;)04:19
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aleehk82is this the right channel to discuss irc-integration?19:20
tjaaltonAmaranth: about the "windows changing the workspace" bug.. it's happened on my laptop a couple of times now, no pidgin running. Once it happened when I changed the workspace with the keyboard, just that it changed all the workspaces then, ie. mirrored them horizontally20:48
Amaranthfile a bug upstream20:48
tjaaltonthanks, I will20:48
Amaranthalthough i doubt it'll be fixed in hardy20:49
Amaranthbut if you file it there maniac will at least take a look at it20:49
tjaaltonwell, maybe backported20:49
Amaranthhe knows much more about that bit than me20:49
tjaaltonok, we'll see20:50

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