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CIA-1localechooser: cjwatson * r128 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog localechooser): * Allow preseeding of debian-installer/language (LP: #85162).13:45
CIA-1localechooser: cjwatson * r129 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.42ubuntu413:46
N1ghtCrawlerwhat does the releasefile contain? I get an error when installing. I have changed the directory structure "a bit" on the cd. Instead of having ubuntu on the cd root it's in /ubuntu. And i have changed the cdrom-detect.postinst to bind /cdrom/ubuntu to /cdrom18:00
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esr__I'm getting "Bad PBR20:16
esr__from a Dell desktop.  Recovery advice needed.20:16
esr__An Ubuntu 7.1 install seemed to have been successful.20:17
benhhoy !23:16
benhsomebody has looked into the text installer font disappearing problem ?23:16
benhor it's still an open issue ?23:16
benhcjwatson: ping23:47
cjwatsonbenh: what problem is this? (p.s. it's 11:55pm on a Sunday night, don't expect me to be around for long)23:55
benhheh, ok23:57
benhcjwatson: well, I think it's related to an old problem that I've seen happening on the g5 and I know somebody got it on amd6423:57
benhcjwatson: basically, the text console get into a state where the text isn't displayed anymore, like if the font was made of whitespaces23:58
benhcjwatson: color changes of the background are still fine. so in ncurses, in the installer, I get the background of the dualog boxes & buttons23:58
benhcjwatson: but not the text23:58
benhcjwatson: text works during boot, up to a point where it goes bonkers23:58
benhcjwatson: on the G5, this is typically if I switch away from the text installer , then back to it, then back to the shell console23:59
benhcjwatson: (though in that case, the shell console is busted but the text installer is still ok)23:59
benhcjwatson: on the PS3, if I boot the installer (using petitboot as otheros.bld is busted), I see the initial boot messages23:59
benhcjwatson: but I get the busted font straight in  the ncurses installer23:59

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