NafalloLjL: can we have ubotu in -se please? want to trial and see if it helps getting things back to Ubuntu.14:55
LjLNafallo: yeah, but it doesn't speak swedish14:56
NafalloLjL: fine for a trial certainly :-)14:56
LjLNafallo: -se is straying lately?14:57
Nafalloeverything from unlocking nokias to everyone talking about arch linux all the time :-/14:58
LjLyou don't have many ops for a 120 people channel either14:58
Nafallono :-)14:59
Nafalloand we have no rules at all in place.14:59
LjLwell then it's amazing that it hasn't gone nuts much earlier than this :P15:00
LjLalthough well, you're swedes... ;P15:00
Nafallothe channel have been where it should by itself, but in the last few... :-/15:00
Nafalloit's not that people don't get help...15:00
LjLany noticeable increase in number of users lately?15:00
NafalloI'm just scared new users will be put off by a channel talking about other distributions all the time.15:01
Nafallonaah, that have been pretty stable for the last few years.15:01
LjLwell you need to choose which route to go...15:02
LjLif you don't want them to talk about other distributions, you need an offtopic channel15:02
LjLotherwise, if you want to allow offtopic talk, then you have to let them talk about other distributions :)15:02
LjLif people's support questions are not getting lost in a whole backscroll of offtopic talk, you're already lucky, anyway15:03
LjLNafallo: perhaps put "If you have a support question about Ubuntu, feel free to ask" or something at the start of the topic, so it's clear to who joins [and reads the topic, i.e. nobody] what the primary purpose of the channel is15:04
Nafallowell. I don't want to forbid anything. but I don't want to scare off users either.15:04
Nafallonew users that is15:05
Nafalloif I where new and came into a channel with people comparing os x, y and z with distro a, b and Ubuntu I would not ask my question and would instead be put off.15:06
LjLNafallo, well, there are drawbacks to each approach (support-only vs anytopic), i don't really see a way to only have the advantages of both... although anyway, i don't think most people would be put off by seeing such discussions per se15:08
LjLpeople are put off when they ask their questions and perceive it as being ignored15:08
LjLon #ubuntu, questions get ignored often enough, but then it's clear it's support-only, while if you allow any topic, one ends up thinking that "nobody cares" about giving support15:08
Nafallohmm. yea. that might be it...15:09
LjLbut if support questions *are* usually answered reasonably readily, i don't think there is really a problem15:09
NafalloI just get so annoyed when I came back yet again and just saw discussions about arch linux...15:09
LjLanswered - or at least feedback given to, even just "can you elaborate more"15:09
Nafallocan't they get their own channel or something? :-/15:09
Nafalloalso this guy asking over and over and over an... etc about how to unlock Nokia phones.15:10
Nafallofor crying out load...15:10
Nafalloloud even15:10
LjLNafallo: they do, #archlinux.se15:10
Nafallothen they have two ;-)15:11
LjLNafallo, have you suggested just joining the right channel (assuming there is any, not sure #nokia would take unlocking questions)? no need to actually state "you are offtopic and can't talk about this in this channel" (especially if you don't *want* that to be the policy)15:12
LjLbut more often than not, just saying "have you tried asking in #blah?" works in #ubuntu without a need to mention offtopicness15:12
NafalloLjL: yea. just annoying user adding the last drop to the wheel I guess ;-)15:14
Nafalloanyway. I've been talking it through with amelia that might have added to the situation a bit in private as well :-)15:15
NafalloI think we will go back to any topic, and I urged her to move support to the correct channels :-)15:16
Nafalloactually, she might be op soon ;-)15:20
NafalloI've raised the issue with the others :-)15:20
NafalloLjL: hmm. maybe ubuntu bugs added as well? that might get people to file more bugs I'm thinking :-)15:35
Seveas@config channel #ubuntu-se plugins.bugtracker.bugsnarfer True15:37
Seveas@config channel #ubuntu-se plugins.bugtracker.bugsnarfer True15:37
SeveasLjL, you can do that too :)15:38
LjLSeveas: doesn't it require #channel,op cap?15:38
NafalloSeveas: cheers mate :-)15:38
LjL@config channel #ubuntu-se plugins.bugtracker.bugsnarfer True15:38
SeveasLjL, or superuser, which you should have15:38
LjL[16:38:34] <ubotu> Error: You don't have the #ubuntu-se,op capability.15:38
LjLSeveas: supybot is weird... "admin" lets me join it channels and part them, but not actually change any channel settings15:39
SeveasLjL, did you make it join more channels recently?15:39
LjLsupybot's permissions scheme sucks, in other words :)15:39
Seveasit does :)15:39
LjLSeveas: i joined it to one -us channel on request i think, let me check logs (it'd help if you had memoserv unlocked by the way... >:)15:40
SeveasI always for get to read memos :)15:41
Seveasthat's why I disabled it15:41
LjLSeveas: yes i joined it to #ubuntu-us-nm on tritium's request15:41
Nafalloompaul: like in, nothing for other ubuntu-channels ;-)16:35
ompaulNafallo, ;-)16:36
juliuxLjL, ping20:51
LjLjuliux: pong20:59
juliuxallready fixed sorry for the ping20:59

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