kahrytanhas anyone considered doing a campaign to get HP to do same thing Dell has done for Ubuntu? Bring about HP computer designed to run Ubuntu. 07:40
BHSPitLappythey'll decide if they want to listen to customers, we can't make that decision for them08:08
kahrytanBut we can encourage them.08:24
kahrytanWe can do that by letting them know there is thousands of people waiting to buy HP w/ Ubuntu on it.  That spells profit for them and they do want profit.08:25
kahrytanIt's easy to do... try simple letters and stick one of those free stickers Canonical puts in envelops with shipit cds on the envelop sent to HP hq08:26
Hobbseekahrytan: so, tell hp?08:28
kahrytanAnother step would to print cardbord CDs using Ubuntu CD image and send it to HP hq. And Ubuntu sticker on envelop.08:28
kahrytancarboard ..cuz you want waste canonical's money doing it.08:28
kahrytanYou know .. how the studios did when they brought that tv show i never watch anyways but millions of others did.08:29
* Hobbsee wonders why kahrytan doesn't do some of his ideas himself, from where he is08:30
kahrytanBecause it seems .. uh.. pointless if ONE person does it08:30
* Hobbsee thought you were involved in a loco?08:31
kahrytanWhy would 1 person matter to a companies bottomline. It won't.08:31
kahrytanI quit .. long time ago. Now defunct. 08:31
kahrytanby long time ago, I mean 90 days ago. by defunct, I mean nothing has happened since then.08:33
m-cH.P. was one of first large corporations to sell linux desktops to their customers.  I remember them promoting it in 1999 or so.08:53
m-cI just thought that was an interesting note.  Excuse the interruption.08:54
johnc4510UWN #85 is out, digg it here please: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_Weekly_Newsletter_8517:47
=== vorian changed the topic of #ubuntu-marketing to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Marketing Team's IRC channel | We're here to fix Bug #1 | Keep in mind that whatever your LoCo does, any other LoCo can benefit from your work or experience! | Please sign up to the mailing list, ubuntu-marketing at lists.ubuntu.com | UWN #85 is out! UWN #86 in progress
johnc4510vorian: great thx17:52
vorianyw :)17:52
johnc4510have a good one17:52
johnc4510jchase: ty18:52
jchasejohnc4510: no prob, I also cascaded to GA, and FL teams18:53
DPicdoes anybody have any ideas for our meeting on tuesday? 20:47
FlannelWe have a meeting on tuesday?20:53
FlannelOh hey, I'm in -marketing not -us.20:53
DPichaha yeah20:54
m-cThought this reading might be interesting for those having a lazy Sunday.  :)21:42

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