ZirodayHi, I am having some trouble with the Image Creator when I create a Fset02:28
ZirodayYou can see a pastebin of the error here http://pastebin.com/m18c25ef502:31
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rx5720hi everyone...12:19
rx5720is it possible to port ubuntu mobile or embedded to an ipaq rx572012:19
dns53well that is a different cpu architecture, ubuntu-mobile is for the intel ume platform but there is no reason why you could not port it12:21
dns53ubuntu-mibile uses a 386 compatible cpu from what i can see12:22
rx5720because i have many problems running opie on haret12:22
rx5720it crashes every time12:22
dns53well ubuntu-mobile is basically a port of the gnome-moblie/moblin platform which has links to the n800 and neo 1973 so it should be portable12:24
rx5720has anyone ever tried to port it to a samsung s3c2442 processor?12:26
dns53well i'm not a developer, i don't know12:27
slytherinis anyone planning to package latest telepathy-stream-engine (0.5) ?13:15
krychekhi, will ubuntu mobile be ported to arm architecture so i can run it on my fujitsu n560 pda? :|19:55
davmor2krychek: reading the docs not at the moment.20:04
krychek? youre not reading the docs at the moment?20:05
davmor2krychek: At the moment the docs say not.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/FAQ20:13
krychekyes ive read that.. i thought someone has same inside info here :)20:14
loolNo ARM port planned yet20:43
krychektoo bad :( most pdas have arm21:18
The_PHP_JediPDAs need a linux distro that's at least semi-actively developed, since Familiar Linux hasn't really been alive for a while, and it doesn't run quite well on most modern PDAs.21:34
The_PHP_Jedian ARM port of UME would be great. :)21:34
krychekwont canonical invest some money to make some arm mobile ubuntu?22:25
krycheki dont like windows mobile.. :/22:26

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