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FujitsuHas anybody else noticed the return of normal window open/close effects to Firefox form autocomplete and AwesomeBar, after installing Fx3b5?01:27
bddebianHeya gang01:41
ScottK2Heya bddebian01:43
bddebianHi ScottK201:43
jdongasac: do you know if the window class for the address-bar drop-down completion window thingie changed between ff3 b4 -> b5?02:15
jdongasac: because now with b5, compiz in Gutsy does this annoying transition-in effect as if it were a full window02:15
Fujitsujdong: Aha, so it's not just me.02:16
FujitsuIt's not just the awesomebar, it's also the suggestions for form entries.02:17
asacjdong: i don't think it changed02:18
asacits always been a full window :)02:18
FujitsuThe behaviour has certainly changed within the last 12 hours.02:18
jdongFujitsu: confirmed, form suggestion windows do the same02:19
jdongasac: well something regressed, because this didn't happen with the b4 packages02:19
jdongasac: whether it's the fault of Firefox or some compiz quirking heuristic is less clear02:19
FujitsuIt's a change in Firefox and not in Compiz or anything else, as Firefox is all I've restarted since I upgraded.02:20
asacjdong: trey downgrading ffox02:20
jdongasac: this is a test backport to gutsy, that's the only thing that has chagned on my system in the past 3 hours, so I'm 100% confident it was not caused by any other package changing02:20
FujitsuAs am I.02:21
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jdongasac: looks like bug 212600 has been reported02:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212600 in firefox-3.0 "Location bar dropdown is animated with Compiz Glide effects in Beta 5" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21260002:23
asacjdong: mozilla bug 41295402:27
ubotuMozilla bug 412954 in Widget: Gtk "menus should have Menu, PopupMenu or DropdownMenu window type" [Trivial,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41295402:27
asacthats what landed and looks related02:27
FujitsuLet me guess... it broke the Firefox quirk thing in Compiz?02:28
asacjdong: maybe try if reverting that patch helps02:28
asacmaybe ;)02:28
asacFujitsu: before that patch we had: -            // treat popups with a parent as top level windows02:29
asacgtk_window_set_wmclass(GTK_WINDOW(mShell), "Toplevel", cBrand.get());02:29
asacnow everything is:02:29
asacgtk_window_set_wmclass(GTK_WINDOW(mShell), "Popup", cBrand.get());02:29
asacwith proper hints02:29
jdongasac: yeah it seems like that patch caused the problem, but I'm not 100% convinced at what's the best fix, reverting this or tweaking our compiz rules02:30
FujitsuTurning off the workarounds doesn't fix it :(02:30
FujitsuWhy not make Firefox use GTK properly? Or would that make too much sense?02:30
asacFujitsu: that doesn't make sense02:30
asacFujitsu: they already do it properly02:30
asacon a best efford base02:31
asacjdong: tweaking the compiz rules02:31
asacnow everything is vmclass "popup"02:31
asacso now firefox is correct02:31
asaci added compiz and invalidated firefox task until we know that its firefox02:33
jdongI think asac is right02:33
jdongbased on comment #27 on the mozilla bugzilla02:33
asacjdong: please add that reference to the bug so the compiz people see it02:36
asace.g. link to that comment02:36
FujitsuThere's a bug on -plugins-main with the patch attached.02:38
Fujitsu#212600 should probably be marked as a dupe.02:38
asacFujitsu: please ensure that the same info goes to that bug then02:39
asacand take care that its milestoned02:39
asaci guess that should be fixed for release02:39
FujitsuMilestoned, duped, appropriate information moved over to #212542.02:40
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jdongasac: would you mind if I, for the possible gutsy backport of beta5, back out this patch, as trying to fix compiz in both gutsy and gutsy-backports doesn't sound like fun?02:54
asacjdong: no ... i won't backout that from hardy because of gutsy. do you have a bzr branch for gutsy based on our .dev branch?02:56
asacwe should do it there for gutsy i guess02:56
jdongasac: no, I don't have a gutsy bzr branch set up based on the .dev's ancestry... I do use bzr locally to track the changes in the packaging and it'd probably be prudent for me to graft that onto a proper bzr branch :)02:57
asacjdong: please base it on the .dev branch02:58
jdongwill do02:58
asacshould be easy to merge down on every release then02:58
asac.dev will become .hardy once that is stable02:59
asacbut will be just a rename i guess02:59
asacok scrapbook is done03:03
asacoops wrong channel :)03:06
jdongasac: mmmkay, pushed up backports changes rebased against .dev to LP :)03:11
asacusing bzr rebase?03:18
asacjdong: ?03:18
emgentheya people :)03:18
jdongasac: nah I didn't go that fancy, I just lumped it all up into one commit03:19
jdongasac: some embarassing mistakes best not see the light of day ;-)03:19
asaci know what you mean03:19
jdongyeah in general xulrunner was quite cooperative with backporting (fortunately), but firefox-3.0 took me at least 5 rounds to get right per release03:20
jdongthough that nspr/nss typo did cause a xulrunner build to fail at the very last step :D03:20
* jdong shakes fist03:20
asacwhat was the problem with ffox?03:23
asacwe try to be as cooperative as possible. if there are glitches, we want to know about that ;)03:24
asacsuggestions welcome :)03:24
jdongasac: well I have to back out the changes that make firefox 3.0 the default firefox, and the process of doing so always seems to be trial-and-error03:27
jdongasac: not your fault in any way :)03:27
jdongis there a command to invert a patch or do I have to patch -R then diff?03:28
asacjdong: you can drop the patch from series?03:29
asacor do you mean something else?03:29
jdongasac: well I'm referring to the firefox window toolbar patch from bugzilla03:29
jdongnvm I'll just hand-do it. The inverse of that patch is more intrusive than necessary to restore old behavior anyway03:31
asacmaybe flipdiff using an empty patch as second argument :)03:31
jdongbut I do like the creativity of that approach :D03:32
asacshould be simple to do when using quilt ;)03:32
jdongyay, I love quilt..... ;-)03:32
asacwelcome ;)03:32
jdonggrr *whine* this code is in xulrunner?03:43
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ashes_of_youthcan anyone offer me some advice regarding a broken translation?04:44
ScottK2ashes_of_youth: I'd suggest ask in #ubuntu-doc04:52
AnAntScottK2: Hello, I just made another upload: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=ubuntume-themes05:13
ScottK2AnAnt: Looking05:14
AnAntScottK2: btw, I see usplash theme is on Ubuntu's repos now ! Thanks!05:15
ScottK2AnAnt: You're welcome.05:16
ScottK2AnAnt: Is the bug this fixes reported in Launchpad?05:19
AnAntthat's why there isn't a Closes: # in changelog05:20
ScottK2OK.  Just checking.05:20
ScottK2Also there are other changes you made that need to be documented.05:20
AnAntmoving x11-apps to Build-Depends-Indep: ?05:21
ScottK2Yes and the changes in the package description.05:21
AnAntOk, didn't know that they were worth mentioning05:21
ScottK2After the initial upload they all need to be mentioned.05:22
ScottK2People need to be able to recontruct from the changelog not only what was done, but why (if it's not obvious).05:22
ScottK2AnAnt: If you would re-upload to REVU with a more verbose changelog, then I think I could upload it.05:23
AnAntso I should mention why I changed long description ?05:24
ScottK2For that it's enough to say minor edits in the package description.05:24
ScottK2AnAnt: OK.  There's a cron job that needs to run that goes on a ten minute periodic before I see it.05:30
AnAntok, rebooting05:30
null_vectori'm trying to package flam3 and convert it to 3 packages, executables, so and dev.  are there any resources or examples I could look at to figure out hows to go about this?05:35
jdongScottK2: did you have a chance to look at the ff3 backport yet?05:35
AnAntScottK2: ok, it appears on REVU now05:37
ScottK2AnAnt: Looking05:39
* jdong does some backports triaging05:44
ScottK2AnAnt: Uploaded05:45
AnAntScottK2: thanks05:50
ScottK2AnAnt: Thank you for making the extra effort to work through the official archives.05:51
ScottK2jdong: I'm looking at it now.05:51
jdongScottK2: thanks :)05:51
ScottK2jdong: What xulrunner am I supposed to backport?05:52
jdongScottK2: this one: http://jdong.mit.edu/~jdong/motu/ff-backport/beta4/xulrunner-1.9_1.9~b4+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~gutsy1.dsc05:53
jdongand corresponding firefox: http://jdong.mit.edu/~jdong/motu/ff-backport/beta4/firefox-3.0_3.0~b4+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~gutsy1.dsc05:53
ScottK2Figured out the problem.05:53
ScottK2I have the wrong xulrunner.05:53
ScottK2I had xulrunner, not xulrunner-1.905:54
jdongyeah, that'll do it :)05:54
jdongthat's extreme backporting! :)05:54
ScottK2jdong: Should we mangle the maintainer?06:00
jdongScottK2: I don't think it'd be necessary. Plus, spamming asac with bug reports might be fun ;-)06:02
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ScottK2jdong: You've tested these are all good and I'm just your mule on this.  Right?06:03
jdongScottK2: yes, it's all tested for several weeks and known good :)06:03
jdongScottK2: we can play this game with beta5 again in around two weeks :D06:04
ScottK2jdong: Uploaded.  If you'd please do that Launchpad update.06:08
jdongScottK2: awesome06:09
ScottK2jdong: Now how about wine?06:09
ScottK2Is the current version good to go back?06:09
jdongScottK2: I've been running 0.9.57, not 0.9.58, but that's on my TODO list to look at06:10
jdongfor tonight06:10
jdongI'm first going through the obvious/trivial backports that are already confirmed, then I'll take a look at wine and finish this SRU I promised06:10
jdongstupid Debian question, does Debian keep old revisions of their packages somewhere?06:23
jdongit would also help if I look for the patch in the right version of the package :D06:34
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james_wsiretart: I don't know if you have seen this: http://patches.ubuntu.com/b/boxbackup/boxbackup_0.10+really0.10-1ubuntu3.patch14:15
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ScottK2Dear jdong: Please have a look at Bug #211910 and let us know what you think.14:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 211910 in rtorrent "[FFe] request for new upstream version " [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21191014:26
ScottK2jdong: Shouldn't the wine bug for gutsy-backports be set to In Progress?14:28
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protonchrisScottK2: If you have time today, could you look at Bug 212301 and sponsor an upload?14:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212301 in glom "Please update glom to newest version (1.6.13)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21230114:43
HobbseeScottK2: ping15:32
HobbseeScottK2: what do i need to know about the release stuff, apart from the info gained from having read the emails to the list?15:33
Laneyjames_w: I finally got round to emailing the ML ;)15:33
james_wLaney: ah, thanks.15:43
LaneyNo probs. I suddenly realised on the way back from campus that I'd not done it yet15:43
siretartjames_w: oh, no thanks for the hint!15:50
siretarterr, insert a '.' at the appropriate place :)15:50
james_wsiretart: you don't want a bug with the patch in Debian?15:55
protonchrisScottK2: nevermind.  Looks like RainCT_ is taking a look.15:57
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siretartjames_w: if want and have the time, please do. I'll try to think about it when I do the next upload of boxbackup. btw, do you use boxbackup yourself?16:17
jdongs/sb end16:21
jdongScottK2: (!) Yeah, I did forget to change the status in wine; fixed. (2) I talked to sistpoty about rtorrent the other day, I think it's a good candidate for FFe16:22
ScottK2jdong: Please mark it in the bug.16:28
ScottK2Hobbsee: Pong: I don't think anything.16:29
HobbseeScottK2: good, OK16:29
protonchrisRainCT: thanks for sponsoring glom16:30
RainCTprotonchris: no problem, thanks for working on it :)16:30
RainCTprotonchris: (if you are wondering why you haven't got the mail yet, that's because the .orig.tar.gz is still being uploaded :P)16:31
protonchrisRainCT: ah thanks.  Yeah I was waiting.  I wanted to see the additional changes you added.16:31
protonchrisRainCT: any advice?16:32
ScottK2protonchris: It's better to have someone sponsoring you that does not, on a grumpy day, consider breaking Gnome a feature.16:32
protonchrisScottK2: LOL.  Good to know.16:32
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ScottK2Actually it's mostly just Mono I consider breaking a feature, but the two go together just a little.16:33
RainCTprotonchris: the changes are just that debian/copyright only mentioned GPL2 but the source files say "2 or later" so I replaced that with the full GPL header as it is there (in the source), and that there was a ". Homepage:" left in glom's description16:36
protonchrisRainCT: great thanks.16:36
RainCTScottK2: heh, what happened?16:37
ScottK2RainCT: Nothing, just don't like Mono.16:37
RainCTah, lol16:37
* jdong looks at cherrypicking clutchbt....16:42
megabyte405Does anyone know of a good resource on the accepted way to build a single source package from what are several upstream tarballs?16:43
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jdongmegabyte405: I'd suggest grouping all of them into a single orig.tar.gz, if it's a good idea to group them together in the first place.16:48
megabyte405that's what I was planning on doing. They untar into program-version, program-plugins-version, and so on, where version is all the same and the same as the "orig" version - is there a variable I can use so I don't have to rename the untarred folders?16:49
james_wsiretart: sure, I'll file one.16:58
james_wsiretart: I don't use it, I was just looking at the diff.16:58
james_wsiretart: I used to work with one of the developers though.16:58
ScottK2jdong: Please say something nice in Bug #211910 and then I'll approve it.17:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 211910 in rtorrent "[FFe] request for new upstream version " [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21191017:47
jdongScottK2: I thought I already was quoted in that?17:47
ScottK2jdong: You were, but I'd like to have a "No, really, we want this" that comes after the last comment.17:48
jdongScottK2: ok :)17:49
jdongScottK2: done :)17:50
ScottK2jdong: Approved, so some motu might want to look at sponsoring the changes ...17:55
jdongooh I haven't hit the upload button in a while :)17:56
jdongack so that's why Firefox is crashing17:56
* jdong notes that flashplugin gets very very upset when it's not allowed to write to ~/.macromedia17:57
ScottK2pochu: Are you worrying after screenlets?17:58
ScottK2pochu: It looks like it needs some grabbing of patches from the upstream bzr.17:58
jdongScottK2: I feel blind.... is the debdiff/interdiff/diff.gz even on the bug report?17:59
ScottK2jdong: It's not.  I had a brain dump about the requestor being a MOTU.  I'm sure he'll upload it.18:01
jdongah ok18:01
pochuScottK2: I'm not, and I'm busy...18:01
pochu(and I'm not here)18:02
ScottK2jdong: Care at all about screenlets?  That needs some uploading by someone who cares about Gnome.18:02
jdongScottK2: I don't know what it does, if that says anything :)18:02
slytherinjdong: something like dashboard widgets in OS X18:03
ScottK2There we go.  A volunteer...18:03
slytherinScottK2: Are you one of the build admins who can promote a package to main?18:03
ScottK2slytherin: No.18:03
ScottK2Promotions are done via Main Inclusion Report.  You can file one.18:04
slytherinScottK2: No the package is in main for i386 and amd64 already. It is not for powerpc18:04
ScottK2slytherin: Ah.  You'll want to discuss that with pitti then on Monday probably.18:05
ScottK2slytherin: Do you have any interest in screenlets?18:05
slytherinScottK2: Ok. As suggested by Hobbsee I have already filed a bug. I will talk with pitti tomorrow. The problem is that f-spot has depwait due to this.18:06
cody-somervilleWhats the difference between screenlets and desklets?18:06
slytherinScottK2: I have just used them once.18:06
ScottK2Dunno.  I mostly see a lot of bugs being filed and upstream commenting which bzr commit fixes the bug.18:06
ScottK2I was hoping someone like slytherin might go through them and pull the patches in.18:06
slytherinScottK2: Any specific bug?18:07
ScottK2slytherin: Bug 197712 Bug 212175 Bug 198675 Bug 195036 Bug 205526 and probably more.18:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197712 in screenlets "ACPIBatteryScreenlet.py crashed with OSError in __create_tempfile()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19771218:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212175 in screenlets "VolumeControlScreenlet.py crashed with IOError in __create_tempfile()" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21217518:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 198675 in screenlets "SensorsScreenlet.py crashed with TypeError in update()" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19867518:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195036 in screenlets "MainMenuScreenlet.py crashed with TypeError in __render_cell()" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19503618:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 205526 in screenlets "screenlets-manager.py crashed with UnboundLocalError in get_info_from_package_name()" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20552618:09
absoluteuriHi, new here, trying to help. I see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/TODO#WeeklyTasks the first one (#106244) the last entry was 2007-07-29...I thought that list gets reset weekly? Is this still an active bug?18:09
ScottK2Bug 10624418:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 106244 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "CONF Variable in /etc/init.d/mysql unused - support for multiple instance/version of mysql" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10624418:10
ScottK2Looks like, but it's also a package in Main, so I'm not sure what it's doing on the MOTU list.18:10
absoluteuriOK, not sure where to begin with helping18:11
ScottK2absoluteuri: One area that needs work is to see if there are critical bug fixes in Debian that we don't have.  See http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/18:11
absoluteuri'approx' is Ubuntu V 3.0.0 but Debian 3.1.0 so this means that the fixes in 3.1.0 need to be ported to the ubuntu 3.0?18:12
sebnerScottK: you are wise. very wise18:13
sebnerScottK2: same message -> you are wise. very wise18:13
slytherinScottK2: how about we package screenlets 0.1?18:14
protonchrisFor critical debian bug fixes, is it preferred to try and patch the ubuntu version or sync the new package version?18:24
james_wprotonchris: it depends how much else is changed in the new Debian version.18:24
james_wif its only the bug fix then sync, otherwise it is your call.18:25
protonchrisI noticed that sebner has marked the list with the ones he is working on.  Is it possible for me to do the same?18:27
sebnerprotonchris: sure18:27
protonchrisThanks.  I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be overstepping my bounds.18:28
sebnermok0: yes?18:42
mok0I was just wondering:18:43
mok0you filed a whole bunch of sync requests. Have you cleared it with the release team?18:44
sebnermok0: these are normal syncs and we have the 6th april. so I don't need a release team!?18:45
mok0sebner: not if there are no new features18:45
sebnermok0: there are now features ;) I checked it. But you are invited to check and give an ACK ;)18:45
sebner*no new feautres18:46
sebner*feature -.-18:46
mok0sebner: ah :-)18:46
mok0sebner: I am not in the release team though18:46
sebnermok0: MOTU ACK is enough ;)18:46
mok0sebner: he, yes, I can assign them to the archive admin18:47
sebnermok0: please check it before ;)18:47
sebnermok0: doesn't seem to are familiar with u-u-s?18:47
mok0sebner: not really :-)18:48
sebnermok0: If you want to 1) check if my syncs requests are really *normal* syncs" 2) give a comment with "ACK" 3) subscibe the archive admins18:49
mok0sebner: I will go through some of them, going for dinner soon18:49
sebnermok0: thanks so much :)18:49
mok0sebner: right18:49
mok0sebner: are those bugs from the rcbugs page?18:50
sebnermok0: about 90%18:50
mok0sebner: great18:50
^linux26I was thinking about packaging the Bullet Physics engine (v2.67, http://www.bulletphysics.com/) and the Horde3D graphics engine (v0.5.0, http://www.nextgen-engine.net/). Do you have any suggestions or I can start packaging right away?19:13
ScottKCheck and make sure neither are in Debian already or have Debian ITP bugs indicating someone else is already working on them.19:14
RainCT^linux26: just remember that it's to late to get it into Hardy now19:14
^linux26RainCT: sure, the feature freeze19:15
^linux26ScottK: okay I'll do that19:15
sebnermok0: your comments are unusual and interesting. rock on :D19:17
mok0sebner: unusual?19:17
sebnermok0: normally they just right "ACK" or "Sync request ACK". Normally it doesn't matter how important it is. but your comments are nice ^^19:18
sebner*write -.-19:18
mok0sebner: Perhaps I will get sloppier with time19:18
sebnermok0: would be a pitty :)19:19
^linux26It appears that Blender3D uses the Bullet Physics engine - but there is no 'bullet' package in debian/ubuntu; looks like the library is embedded in the package19:25
^linux26ScottK: looks like no-one ever packaged the Bullet Physics engine or the Horde3D graphics engine yet19:35
emgenthi people19:36
cody-somervilleStevenK, ping20:04
emgenthey cody-somerville :)20:09
cody-somervilleHeya emgent :)20:10
JohnPinWaHello.  I'm looking for ways to contribute to Ubuntu as a developer.  I'm reading the "How to get involved" web pages but can't find the "Do this step next" instructions.  Who do I tell I'm here and ask how I can help?20:40
mok0! packaging20:41
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports20:41
mok0JohnPinWa: or if you want to chase bugs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix20:43
mok0and ... ! bugs20:44
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots20:44
JohnPinWaI've been using Linux and Ubuntu for a while but should probably start on the basics.  What's "ground level" grunt work in this outfit?20:44
mok0JohnPinWa: Finding and reporting bugs -- i.e. stress testing of programs -- is very useful and you will learn finding your way around Launchpad20:45
mok0JohnPinWa: another task is triaging bugs, i.e. see if you can reproduce them, and supply additional information to the bug report20:46
JohnPinWaMokO: Launchpad is really stumping me at this point.  I see what I see but can't figure out how to DO anything with it.  Probably a good place to start huh?20:46
mok0JohnPinWa: yeah. It is pretty stumping, but once you get to know it, it's a pretty powerful tool. It's what Ubuntu is using anyway20:47
IulianJohnPinWa: https://edge.launchpad.net/+about will give you an idea of what launchpad is and what it can do.20:48
JohnPinWaFor the record: It's me that's ignorant of launchpad.  Wasn't saying launchpad was the problem.20:49
JohnPinWaI'll take a look Iulian.20:49
nandJohnPinWa: I have a few PHP tasks for Brainstorm if you want...20:49
mok0... but est. 90% of users only use the "Bugs" feature, or perhaps ask and/or answer questions in "Answers"20:50
JohnPinWaI don't know diddly about PHP.  Python, bash, and a few other scripting/special purpose languages.  I'd love for this to wind up with me working with C.20:50
nandtoo bad :)20:51
RainCTnand: i'm curious, what are those tasks?20:51
mok0JohnPinWa: You mean you know Python, bash, etc., but not PHP?20:51
JohnPinWaYep.  PHP just looked ugly.  Never got interested.20:52
nandRainCT: one of those: http://www.ndeschildre.net/brainstorm-todo-list/20:52
JohnPinWaDang near as bad as perl.20:52
mok0JohnPinWa: Python is installed a bit differently in Ubuntu than intended by Guido et al. You may want to read up on that20:53
nandthat's quite a lot of tasks, from easy to hard ones20:53
JohnPinWaMok0: yeah, that's inherited from Debian I think.  I used to watch that mailing list and the discussion on it was endless.20:55
* Iulian is going to sleep - g'night.20:56
mok0JohnPinWa: It has been settled mostly20:57
JohnPinWamok0: it should be by know but settled "Debian style" which may not have been "Python style".  Still, I've never had a problem with python on Ubuntu.20:58
mok0JohnPinWa: Basically, the distribution needs to allow for several versions of Python installed simultaneously, which is not the focus of Guido et al20:59
JohnPinWamok0: Well I can see that makes sense from both points of view.20:59
mok0JohnPinWa: but python-central is the preferred tool being used now, it takes care of all the grunt work (e.g. byte-compiling for all the different versions)21:00
warp10Hi all!21:06
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linux26I have a big upstream tarball (Horde3D SDK) which contains a library and demos and data for the demos. How can I split it into several deb packages?21:16
RainCTlinux26: install the stuff into a temp directory (usually debian/tmp/) and from there move it into the different packages (with *.install files for example)21:30
linux26RainCT: I'll look that up, thanks21:31
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jdonghaha, jdong's lazy crack of the day: cached rmadison dependency checker22:02
jdonga python script using a sqlite-cached rmadison backend to parse build-deps and check em against various Ubuntu distros22:02
jdongfor those extra lazy and impatient backporting days :D22:02
null_vectorI'm trying to package flam3 and I'm getting the shouldn't be linked with errors from dpkg-shlibdeps but I can't find how those libs are being included in the first place.22:13
null_vectorIt's an autotools/libtool package.  Any suggestions?22:13
mok0null_vector: you can ignore those errors22:22
mok0null_vector: they appear when you build shared libraries22:23
null_vectorI'm splitting the package into lib / executable packages though and getting those warnings for the executables though22:27
null_vectorThat was almost a coherent sentence.22:27
mok0null_vector: you can safely ignore them22:36
RainCTgood night22:49
JohnPinWaWhen someone offers mentoring in Launchpad how do you contact him/her to let them know you'd like to learn about it?23:01
ScottK2I'd suggest commenting in the bug about what you'd plan to do and what questions you have and see if they react.23:04
JohnPinWaScottK2:  Okay.  Now how do I "comment in a bug"?  Seriously I've spent the day wandering from wiki page to wikipage trying to figure out how to get started.  No joy.23:07
ScottK2JohnPinWa: What bug?23:07
JohnPinWaOn this website: https://launchpad.net/%7Ebugsquad/+mentoring23:08
JohnPinWaThere are a list of bugs that people are available to mentor on.  I'd love to learn how to start helping but I'm stuck.23:09
persiaJohnPinWa: For bugsquad-mentored bugs, you likely want #ubuntu-bugs, as the process is a little different.23:10
JohnPinWaI've joined mailing lists as well.  Perhaps I should give a shout out there?23:10
persiaJohnPinWa: For those, I'd recommend asking for help with the bug in IRC.23:10
JohnPinWaYeah, I asked there a while back.  No response.23:10
ScottK2Actually I need to go, so hopefully someone else will help you out.23:10
JohnPinWaPersia: thanks.23:10
JohnPinWaScottK2: thanks.23:10
persiaJohnPinWa: Maybe just a bad time of day :(23:11
JohnPinWayeah.  Or I'm spectacularly dense.  Not an option I ever dismiss lightly.23:11
JohnPinWaI'll keep plugging.  Something will give.  Not sure if this is for me but I'm sure I want to find out.23:12
james_wJohnPinWa: I don't think so. Is there a bug you would particularly like to work on?23:12
james_wJohnPinWa: also, those bugs won't be the simplest ones. It looks they are ones that would take a bit of work, but someone would be willing to give you pointers.23:15
james_wthere are a load of bugs that would be quite easy, and that people would be willing to help you with, but mentoring hasn't been offered for them.23:15
JohnPinWajames_w: Thank you.  perisa just walked me through a bit in the bugs channel.  And there's a hug day coming up Tuesday.  I'll just hang around pestering people until I get my feet on the ground.23:30
mok0Just a quick procedure question: how do I upload a package that someone else has signed off in debian/changelog23:33
mok0should I just sign the changes file?23:33
mok0... or specify my own keyid23:34
Fujitsumok0: debuild -S -k<yourkeyid>23:34
Fujitsuor just debsign -k<yourkeyid> existing_source.changes23:35
FujitsuBut you should be building the .changes yourself anyway, so the former should be easier.23:35
mok0Fujitsu: thx! No "-sa" switch?23:35
Fujitsu-sa if you need it.23:35
FujitsuBut that shouldn't be needed much, particularly now we're well past FF.23:36
mok0Fujitsu: which is..  when the tar.gz is already in the archive?23:36
Fujitsu-sa is when the .tar.gz isn't in the archive.23:36
FujitsuIt doesn't hurt to upload it again, but it's a waste of time.23:36
mok0Fujitsu: got it, thx23:36
sorenFujitsu: Why should he be building the .changes himself?23:38
persiamok0: In the case where the package has multiple new changelog entries (e.g. merges), don't forget the -v to debuild.23:39
mok0persia: ok, but this one doesn't.23:39
mok0soren: because I need to upload a diff.gz also23:40
persiasoren: Verification and review?  The typical sponsoring model is to receive a debdiff, apply it, and build the .changes.23:40
sorenIf someone has provided you with a .changes file, they will also have provided you with a diff.gz.23:40
sorenpersia: I'm perfectly happy to accept a signed .changes and diff.gz and do my review from that, and if it's good, resign just the .changes file and upload.23:41
mok0soren: I got a debdiff from LP; I want to build and upload the source package23:41
sorenI think that's a good workflow.23:41
sorenmok0: Ok, got it.23:41
FujitsuIt's a lot easier to review the debdiff than review the debdiff, .dsc and .changes.23:42
persiasoren: I guess.  I prefer to see things in LP for documentary purposes, and think more than a debdiff is typically wasteful of librarian storage.23:42
FujitsuAs neither of the last two are trustworthy.23:42
sorenFujitsu: It's either one or the other.23:43
* persia doesn't see any value to .changes, if a debdiff or diff.gz is available23:43
sorenIt makes for good practice for coming MOTU's.23:44
sorenIf they're used to providing .changes+dsc+diff, then the upload process will not be as alien to them, when they get upload rights.23:45
sorenIt's not so much of an issue anymore with ppa's and all that, though.23:45
persiaThe upload process consists of calling dput.  There are lots of places to practice.23:45
persiaAnyway, one typically generates all of that in the process of creating a debdiff.23:45
sorenpersia: Yes. Possibly incorrectly.23:46
sorenpersia: If I get a .changes file, I review that too. It's especially handy for merges.23:46
persiasoren: I suspect I'm missing something.  Which part concerns you?23:46
persiaAh.  The -v :)  Yes, that's a good bit.23:46

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