asacfta: however jimmy_ didn't do well :) so its pretty dirty00:00
ftaand it's huge00:00
asacyes, but after cleanup it shouldn't be that huge anymore00:01
asacok second try to upload00:01
asacJazzva: just send a comment :)00:02
Jazzvawouldn't that be spamming? :)00:03
asacno ;)00:03
asacnot in this particular case00:03
Jazzvaanyway, here's spamming... changed the status to "confirmed" and then back to "new"00:03
Jazzva...and a comment, in case this is not delivered00:03
* Jazzva feels like a spammer now00:04
fta-                      {plugins: missingPluginsArray, browser: tabbrowser.selectedBrowser});00:05
fta+                      {plugins: missingPluginsArray, browser: tabbrowser.selectedBrowser });00:05
ftaasac, cosmetic, right?00:05
fta(from your bzXXX_reload_new_plugins.patch)00:05
asacthats ok00:06
ftait diverged so i'm manually redoing it00:06
asacwhy would it diverge?00:06
asaclet me do it please. i don't want this to break again :)00:07
ftait's not in your part00:07
ftathe context changed around00:08
asacyeah ... if thats the case i certainly want to look ;)00:08
asacbroken in 20080404t1714?00:08
ftai was done anyway00:10
asacJazzva: ok both mails retrieved00:12
asac(description change as well00:13
asaclooks like i have a chance to follow up again :)00:13
asacdamn thing00:13
asacupload to debian hangs again00:13
ftaasac, could I commit ? it's a trivial change00:13
fta-                       "PFSWindow", "chrome,centerscreen,resizable=yes",00:13
fta+                       "PFSWindow", "modal,chrome,resizable=yes",00:13
Jazzvaasac: cool for mail, damn for debian :/00:13
ftadone, drop it if you want, i need that to finish my builds00:16
asacfta: please eliminate the diff you showed above. and _test_ that the plugin install wizard from ubufox automatically reloads plugins still00:16
ftaabove as in the cosmetic one ? or the chrome/modal change from upstream?00:17
asacno the cosmetic one00:17
ftaoh, done :)00:17
asacthough i am not sure if non-modal is really good here00:17
asacbut well00:17
ftait's modal now, was not before00:18
asacoh ok00:18
ftanope, reverse00:19
asacyeah ... thats what i ment00:19
asacok because of https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=424137#c1200:20
ubotuMozilla bug 424137 in Plugin Finder Service "PFS does not restart FF, therefore plug-ins do not render after install" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]00:20
asacthat should fix the wierd restart behaviour i had yesterday ;)00:20
asacwhen ubufox still thought a restart was required for everything ;)00:20
asacit happened when you installed a plugin and then closed the browser ... it would just re-pop up again ;)00:20
asacmost likely the idea was to restart right away or show notification area00:21
asacfta: why is -                       "PFSWindow", "modal,chrome,resizable=yes",00:22
asacnow in the patch?00:22
asac+                       "PFSWindow", "chrome,centerscreen,resizable=yes",00:22
asacah sorry00:22
ftadiff of diff00:22
asacwhat is different in the removeListener lines?00:23
ftatabs vs spaces00:24
asacfta: i had no tabs00:26
ftaI don't either00:26
asacthen its not tabs vs spaces ;)00:26
ftaoh, trailing spaces in your version00:27
fta-+  tabbrowser.selectedBrowser.removeEventListener("NewPluginInstalled", $00:27
fta-+                                                 gMissingPluginInstaller.refreshBrowserAndPlugins, $00:27
fta++  tabbrowser.selectedBrowser.removeEventListener("NewPluginInstalled",$00:27
fta++                                                 gMissingPluginInstaller.refreshBrowserAndPlugins,$00:27
asacsee that00:27
ftaquilt dropped them for me00:27
ftaQUILT_REFRESH_ARGS="--diffstat -U8 --strip-trailing-whitespace"00:28
asacJazzva: the stumbleopen .ubuntu branch has no debian/ directory00:29
Jazzvareally? that's weird... give me a sec to check00:30
asacVolans: you should attach those files in the bug00:30
asacnot urls00:30
asacurls are known to be invalid at some point00:30
asacVolans: they are 404 already ;)00:31
asacplease attach the bits00:31
Jazzvadamn, forgot to commit...00:31
Jazzvaasac, done... sorry :)00:34
Jazzvaasac, please take a look at bug 212579, and tell me if that's all that should be done for noncompat extensions. Thanks :).00:39
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212579 in firefox-sage "Fixed dependencies (firefox => firefox-2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21257900:39
JazzvaI haven't tested the build, since this shouldn't be a major change...00:40
Volansasac: it's strange the file are there one hour ago, now thery are disappeared and DktrKranz is not there00:40
asacVolans: please upload as attachments ;)00:41
Volansbut I don't have saved those files to my pc.... :(00:41
asacVolans: never give away your code ;)00:43
asacok i give up ... second upload attempt failed to debian00:44
VolansI have the source and all the stuff but not saved yet the packaging files00:44
asacJazzva: sometimes its also a build depends issue00:46
asacbut in general yes.00:46
asacJazzva: close the bug in changelog ;)00:46
Jazzvaoh, right :)00:46
Jazzvahmm, i might check the debian/dirs... have the usual dirs changed with ff3?00:47
Jazzvato see if it installs in the correct place00:47
Volansasac: sorry, I have to wait warp10 or dktrkranz in order to recompile or found the lost files...00:47
asacJazzva: doing that now00:47
asacJazzva: no firefox 2 still has the old dirs00:47
asacJazzva: so dirs and links most likely don't need to be changed00:48
JazzvaMhm... cool00:48
asacJazzva: it doesn't link to firefox at all00:50
Jazzvayeah, noticed that now00:51
JazzvaI'll fixe it00:51
Jazzvabtw, shouldn't it install to /usr/lib/... and then link /usr/share/... dirs to that?00:51
asacok i uploaded sage now00:52
Jazzva(though, I'm not willing to break the build by that :))00:52
asacthats ok how it works i guess00:52
Jazzvahmm... wasn't I suppose to close the bug report first? Or, did you do that? :)00:53
asacattached what i uploaded00:53
asacJazzva: i closed the project task00:54
asacthe other will be closed by upload i guess00:54
asacbut look out :)00:54
asacJazzva: can you fix the license in stumbleupon=00:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212534 in mozilla-stumbleupon "REVIEW/SPONSOR: please review and sponsor mozilla-stumbleupon" [Undecided,New]00:55
Jazzvadebian/docs work with xpi.mk in usual way?00:56
asacits used in other packages already00:57
asaclook all-in-one-sidebar00:57
Jazzvaasac, done01:07
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6508/01:09
asacJazzva: liveheaders done01:11
Jazzvayay :)01:11
asacJazzva: stumble upon uploaded01:17
* asac on upload spree ;)01:17
Jazzvai'm checking the rest of extensions in the repos, that weren't in the list... just to see if they're compat with ff3...01:18
Jazzvafew more left01:18
asacJazzva: please add any new you find to the table01:18
asaceven if not with all data01:18
Jazzvasure thing01:18
asacjetsaredim_: bug 20381401:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203814 in firefox-extensions "REVIEW/SPONSOR: please review and sponsor useragentswitcher extension" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20381401:21
asacjetsaredim_: can you fix those things timely?01:22
asacfta: why is my all-in-one-sidebar branch in that list?01:22
ftaI list all branches in firefox-extensions01:23
ftaall in active statis01:23
asacyeahg .... marked as merged now01:23
asachmm ... i think all .upstream branches should go to mozillateam?01:26
asacfta: ?01:26
asacor open a new team: mozextteam :)01:26
ftamaybe a new team01:28
asaci guess its better01:28
asacJazzva: we should change the copyright reference to point to GPL (not GPL) for "or any later version" GPLs01:29
asaci will upload imagezoom as it is though01:29
asacjust for future01:29
JazzvaOk, I'll submit the fix these days as a diff... Is that ok?01:30
Jazzva(these days == 2-3 days01:30
asacJazzva: imagezoom upped01:33
JazzvaGood :)... I'm installing current extension (4 of them) from repos to test them...01:33
asacJazzva: MPL issue left in bug 21215701:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212157 in ctxextensions "REVIEW/SPONSOR: please review and sponsor mozilla-ctxextensions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21215701:36
JazzvaI'll fix it now01:36
asacplease set back to new if done01:36
Jazzvano problem :)...01:37
asacJazzva: maybe also fix jetsaredim_'s bug 203814 :)01:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 203814 in firefox-extensions "REVIEW/SPONSOR: please review and sponsor useragentswitcher extension" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20381401:37
asacof course ;)01:37
JazzvaI'll take a look after this... BTW, one extensions shows up in addons, says it's not compat, dunno if it works. Three of them don't show up at all... *sighs*01:38
asacJazzva: not compat? install.rdf maxversion?01:39
Jazzvamhm... seems to work, though...01:39
Jazzvayep, it does... I'll bump the maxVersion for scrapbook01:39
asacrzr: i have two comments for your control file in bug 211532 ... can you fix that? otherwise it looks good01:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 211532 in firefox-extensions "REVIEW/SPONSOR: please review and sponsor flashblock" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21153201:41
asacok firefox-extensions plate is now clean :)01:42
asaconly incomplete or fix committed \o/01:42
* asac waits for more debdiffs from Jazzva :01:43
JazzvaOn their way... Little elves are currently packaging them :)...01:44
asacelves == one of your monkeys  :) ?01:44
Jazzva...or that :P01:44
Jazzvaoops, forgot to mention new MPL file in changelog for mozilla-stumbleupon01:46
asacyeah :) ... remember to be strict ;)01:46
* Jazzva is making a to-do list for tomorrow...01:47
ftaasac, here is the script, if you want to run it or extend it: http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/check-extensions.sh.txt01:48
rzrasac: ok i am doing this now and go to bed01:49
asacrzr: thanks ;)01:49
rzrasac: btw should i keep the CVS folders ?01:51
asacrzr: in .upstream branch?01:51
asacat best document the upstream commit in a way that one can reproduce the tree01:51
asacthen CVS is not needed01:51
asacyes, ubuntu hopefully ships what upstream has01:51
asacso, no. at best not.01:52
asacbut if you have no way to document how to produce that tree again, then CVS dirs might be helpful01:52
rzrmaybe I can edit upstream branch to link to CVS upstream01:53
rzrI should have use the VC import process01:54
Jazzvaasac, ctxextensions are fixed01:56
Jazzva(MPL issue)01:56
asacrzr: well CVS import is bad ... so manually doing it should be ok02:00
asacjust exporting with a TAG should be ok if you document the cvs command used in upstream brnach commit02:01
rzrhumm i dont commit in upstream branch02:01
rzrso I remove CVS in .ubunutu tree , and document in debian/copyright02:02
asacrzr: he=02:04
asacyou can commit to upstream branch to correct an mistake02:04
asacremove the CVS directories there and tell how to reproduce ;)02:04
rzrok you're talking about .upstream brancj ok02:05
asacafter removing it from there you need to bzr merge ../name.upstream to your .ubuntu branch02:06
asacso the dirs get removed as well from therer02:06
asacbzr merge02:06
asac+ bzr commit -m "* merge CVS cleanup"02:06
asac+ bzr commit -m "* merge CVS cleanup from .upstream branch" :)02:06
rzrtoo late02:07
rzri removed into .ubuntu one02:07
asacbetter uncommit02:07
rzrlet's do the same job again02:07
asacbzr uncommit02:07
asacbzr revert02:07
asac(if you haven't pushed)02:07
rzrI pushed it02:07
asacotherwise you will get nasty conflicts when merging from upstream02:07
asacwhich you have to do sooner or later02:07
rzrIf i remoove CVS in .upstream02:07
rzrand merge again02:08
rzrit should be ok02:08
rzrlet's try now02:08
rzrSo you want me to documment the CVS addy on launchpad or in a README file in .upstream branch ?02:09
asacno just stating how to redo the export in initial commit message would have been ok02:10
asacnow i don't know02:10
asacmaybe document it in the CVS removal commit message02:10
asacif thats not possible, remove them and then upgrade upstream by checking out a tag02:10
rzrok;, i updated on LP02:11
asacrzr: that doesn't tell me how to reproduce if02:11
asacyou checkout v1.3.902:11
asacyou probably used a -r TAG02:12
asacor you should name which date that checkout is from02:12
asacin a form suitable for cvs checkout -D "date here"02:12
asacits ok for now02:12
asacjust in future02:12
asacmaybe on next update02:12
rzrmerge is ok02:16
rzr# rzr@nrv:flashblock.ubuntu/ # [0] # bzr merge http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rzr/firefox-extensions/flashblock.upstream02:16
rzrhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Erzr/firefox-extensions/flashblock.upstream is redirected to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rzr/firefox-extensions/flashblock.upstream/02:16
rzrAll changes applied successfully.02:16
rzrbzr is a neat tool02:17
asacyou need to commit that with "* merge CVS dir removal from .upstream branch"02:17
asacor something02:18
asacthen all should be find02:18
rzrfinal push02:18
rzrbtw, i removed CVS folder twice , it wasnt reported but it's ok02:19
rzrasac: it's synced now ~rzr/firefox-extensions/flashblock.ubuntu02:21
rzrbed time now we deserve it02:22
rzrsee ya02:22
=== rzr is now known as rZr
Jazzvaasac, useragentswitcher wasn't uploaded before... is it ok if it has 2 entries in debian/changelog?02:23
asacJazzva: merge them02:26
JazzvaDone, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jazzva/firefox-extensions/useragentswitcher.ubuntu02:33
Jazzvaasac ^^02:33
asacJazzva: please close bug in changelog02:35
asacand set bug to New again02:35
Jazzvaright... forgot that :)02:35
Jazzvaasac, done02:39
Jazzvado you want me to add the branch to bugreport?02:39
Jazzva(since you're gonna finish it now... is it needed?)02:39
asacill add the -dev branch02:39
asaclike i did to the other bugs02:39
JazzvaI'm testing the scrapbook build and will submit diff soon...02:40
Volansasac: I go to sleep now, I come back tomorrow when I have attacched the files to the bug, thanks for the patience and sorry for the mistake :)02:45
asacJazzva: i cannot --export-upstream the uptream branch for whatever reason02:45
asacuseragentswitcher that is02:45
asaccan't tell whats going on right now02:47
JazzvaHmm... That's bzr stuff? I branched jetsaredim_ ubuntu branch, then worked on it. Should I branch from upstream, and then merge with ubuntu?02:47
asacit should just work i guess02:48
JazzvaI'll try it this way too...02:48
asacJazzva: i build with02:48
Jazzvajust after I upload scrapbook's diff02:48
asacbzr bd --dont-purge --merge --builder='debuild -b' --export-upstream=UPSTREAMURL02:48
asacit works for everything except this one02:49
Jazzvamaybe it's all branching :/02:49
JazzvaDon't know... Haven't heard about that before...02:49
asacJazzva: the changelog is wrong02:49
asaclook at it02:49
asacJazzva: first line :)02:50
Jazzvaa space... how convenient :)...02:50
asacJazzva: ill fix it02:51
Jazzvathanks :)...02:52
asacok uploaded02:55
asacand pushed to ~ubuntu-dev02:55
Jazzvayay :)02:56
Jazzvai'll merge back...02:56
asacmerge back? ah right :)02:57
Jazzvascrapbook maxVersion bump, bug 21262202:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212622 in scrapbook "Fixed dependencies (firefox and firefox-2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21262202:58
Jazzvahopefully, i didn't forge to check anything :)02:58
Jazzva*forget to check everything...02:59
JazzvaI'll add three left extensions to check on wiki... and mark done as 'done'...03:01
Jazzvasince I'm not sure about their compatibility, I'll add them the the last table (extensions in the repos) only...03:06
asacok scrapbook is done03:06
asacok ... thanks all. nice run on extensions today ;) ... only flashblock needs a tiny improvement. otherwise tabula-rasa :)03:10
JazzvaNot so ... Just noticed new upstream of foxyproxy... Can it be uploaded tomorrow?03:10
JazzvaOr are we closed?03:10
JazzvaCool :)03:10
asacthis weekend is all fine03:10
asacdeadline was ment so we can upload on monday03:11
JazzvaThis was good :)...03:11
Jazzvadone with wiki...03:12
Jazzvai'm off to bed... :)03:12
Jazzvanight, all03:12
jetsaredim_i heard my name04:15
* jetsaredim_ wakes up04:15
=== asac_ is now known as asac
VolansHi, I have noticed a probable mistake in Firefox3 on Hardy, the locale on the system is italian (it_IT), Firefox layout is in english (mozilla-firefox-locale-it-it is already installed) and the welcome page is Lituanian (lt_LT) showing the "index-lt.html" page instead of the "index-it_IT.html" one. Maybe a mistyping of "it" with "lt"?11:07
rZrasac: hi, I fixed FB's control now11:37
shirishasac: firebird isn't still isn't in the archive :(12:04
CheGuevaraping asac or fta12:24
shirishCheGuevara: both seem to be asleep ;)12:27
CheGuevarayeah lol12:27
CheGuevaraanyone else running latest firefox from fta's ppa12:27
CheGuevaraneed to confirm a crash12:27
JazzvaCheGuevara, I am.13:08
CheGuevaraJazzva, go to mail.ru13:09
CheGuevaraand tell me if it crashes please13:09
JazzvaHmm, well it's not starting. Is the last update from 4.4.?13:17
Jazzva(I mean, the firefox is not starting at all)13:17
JazzvaCheGuevara, give me a sec... There is also a new kernel installed, so I'll just restart the computer and then try again.13:21
ftaCheGuevara, works for me13:22
CheGuevaracrashes for me every time13:22
Volansasac: bug 112846 -> files attached as requested, I think all is  ready now :)13:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 112846 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Ubuntu-it Menu (Firefox extension)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11284613:23
CheGuevaraAborted (core dumped)13:23
CheGuevarart_sigprocmask(SIG_UNBLOCK, [ABRT], NULL, 8) = 013:26
CheGuevaratgkill(23071, 23071, SIGABRT)           = 013:26
CheGuevara--- SIGABRT (Aborted) @ 0 (0) ---13:26
CheGuevarafta, doesn't crash with a new profile13:30
CheGuevarai have auto completition on that site13:30
CheGuevaracould it be that13:30
ftahm; do you have a stack trace ?13:32
CheGuevarafta: not yet, can you remind me the wiki page with instructions13:36
ubotudbgsym is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash13:42
CheGuevarais firefox 3 already with debug symbols atm?13:42
ftaCheGuevara, I have all the dbgsym for i386 if you need them13:43
JazzvaCheGuevara, it's still crashing (at start)... fta, it crashes when it calls a function from libc (I think)...13:43
CheGuevaraJazzva, so you cant even start firefox?13:44
CheGuevarastrace might help13:44
ftaJazzva, could you try with a fresh profile?13:45
CheGuevarafta, whats the binary to feed to gdb13:45
CheGuevarasince everything seems to be a symlink13:45
Jazzvait's ok :)13:46
Jazzvamy profile was messy, then13:46
JazzvaCheGuevara, mail.ru opens and firefox is still here13:47
CheGuevarayeah fta i need a binary with dbgsyms13:47
CheGuevarayeah Jazzva it also looks to be a profile thing13:47
Jazzvathat's good :)...13:47
ftaCheGuevara: i386 ?13:48
CheGuevarafta, yep13:48
ftaok, uploading the last batch to http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/tmp/debs/13:50
CheGuevarathx fta, let me know when its done please13:51
CheGuevarafta, how come a dbg package aint provided by default like for ff213:52
ftawe started to depend on dbgsym a long time ago but ppa are not building them :(13:52
JazzvaWhat are the files for stored passwords that I need to move to the new profile?13:59
JazzvaFound it...14:00
ftaCheGuevara, done14:01
ftaoops missed two.14:02
ftaCheGuevara, I can tar them if you prefer14:04
ftaare the forums dead ?14:06
CheGuevarayeah they are down for a bit14:07
CheGuevaranah fta i'll be fine thanks14:07
Jazzvasigh... can't get my passwords back... oh, well.14:11
fta"The forums are currently offline while we do maintenance. We will return shortly."14:11
* fta wonders why some people are still running hardy with firefox from Jan 1st and complaining about bugs..14:15
ftaall the bugs today are for either b3pre or b314:15
ftaAm I back in time ?14:16
ubotuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)14:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about date - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:16
CheGuevarafta, if i do "gdb firefox" it still says no debugging symbols found14:19
ftagdb /usr/lib/firefox-3.0pre/firefox14:20
CheGuevara./firefox -g -d gdb don't work either14:20
CheGuevaraThis GDB was configured as "i486-linux-gnu"...14:20
CheGuevara(no debugging symbols found)14:20
ftathat I should resurrect14:21
CheGuevararwxr-xr-x   1 root root 26520 2008-04-06 02:48 firefox14:21
CheGuevaradoes that look right14:21
ftatry with *all* my debs so the dbgsym matches, dpkg -i *14:22
CheGuevaradpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libnspr4-0d-dbgsym:14:23
CheGuevara libnspr4-0d-dbgsym depends on libnspr4-0d (= 4.7.1~beta2-0ubuntu1~fta1); however:14:23
CheGuevara  Version of libnspr4-0d on system is 4.7.1~beta2-0ubuntu114:23
ftahm, slight downgrade, but it's the same code so it's harmless14:24
CheGuevaralet me force ur one14:26
ftadid you run it anyway inside gdb ? it works for me despite the "(no debugging symbols found)"14:26
ftaI'm still waiting for someone to open a crash bug on lp to see if my apport hook changes in b5 are correct14:27
CheGuevarafta, hmmm there are dbg packages in ur ppa already14:29
ftanot for xul14:29
ftaThe program 'firefox' received an X Window System error.14:30
ftaThis probably reflects a bug in the program.14:30
ftaThe error was 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)'.14:30
fta  (Details: serial 45662 error_code 11 request_code 53 minor_code 0)14:30
ftabug 21275914:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212759 in firefox-3.0 "firefox crash opening corrupted png" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21275914:30
ftatry http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/gregkh/kernel_history/developer_graph-2.6.22.png14:30
ftalets see if upstream is impacted too14:31
CheGuevaracrashes for me :P14:31
fta... that's when my new minefield-packager comes in14:32
ftabug 21272614:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212726 in firefox-3.0 "Eight (8) instances of back/forward buttons" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21272614:33
CheGuevarai had that on windows vista yesterday14:34
CheGuevarawasn't 814:34
CheGuevarabut 4 i think14:34
CheGuevaraafter upgrade to beta 514:34
ftasudo dpkg -i firefox-minefield_3.0~build2008040604-1_i386.deb14:35
CheGuevarafta, i now got firefox, libsnpr, libnss3-1d, xulrunner dbgsym14:36
CheGuevarashould be all?14:36
ftadepends on where you crash14:37
ftaok, minefield crashes too14:37
ftaCheGuevara, so, what about your crash ?15:17
ftaJazzva, could you tag as merged the branches that are indeed merged ?15:30
ftasame for everyone btw15:31
JazzvaHmm... I don't think I merged any of my branches with any other. upstreams are all new, and ubuntu branches are created by branching from upstream...15:35
Jazzvafta ^^15:35
CheGuevarafta, min15:35
CheGuevaragot distracted by smthing15:36
Jazzva...unless mine ubuntu branches are merged with ~ubuntu-dev's ubuntu branches... Are they?15:37
ftaJazzva, I mean /~jazzva/firefox-extensions/firefox-greasemonkey.ubuntu vs /~ubuntu-dev/firefox-extensions/firefox-greasemonkey.ubuntu15:37
JazzvaYep... that's it :)15:37
ftaif /~ubuntu-dev is up-to-date, then i'd call the other one merged (as in not containing anything newer)15:38
Jazzvamhm... I think all ubuntu branches are merged then, but I'll recheck15:39
Jazzvafta, done...15:43
Jazzvano problem :)15:44
JazzvaI'll also edit the status of upstream branches...15:45
CheGuevarafta, http://pastebin.com/m7910212b16:02
CheGuevaralooks useless16:02
CheGuevaraany idea why16:06
ftawhy it crashes, no (i would bet on flashplayer), why it doesn't see the symbols, no clue. it used to work16:08
Jazzvaasac, foxyproxy package is prepared16:28
Jazzvahopefully, it is clean :)16:28
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ftatoo bad i don't have access to upstream version16:49
Jazzvafta, what do you mean?16:49
ftadisplay another column with upstream version to show when we are obsolete16:50
Jazzvaoh, that... that would be cool.16:50
JazzvaI was thinking about that. The problem is that lots of extensions are obsolete *sigh*...16:50
ftai need the amo id.. maybe I can parse the wiki16:51
JazzvaYou could .. as far as I know, most of the extension have the amo id noted...16:52
ftabtw, you let one 3.0pre slip through16:52
Jazzvanoticed and changed :)16:52
Jazzvarerun check-extensions.sh16:52
JazzvaThat's what you get when you say "hopefully it's clean"... A minute later you realize it's not and then push 3 (I think) new revisions...16:53
ftaparsing the wiki in shell is a sport :)16:59
Jazzvawish I could do that... though, I don't have time right now ... I suppose it would take a looot17:00
Jazzvagood luck :)17:00
ftai like shell so it's at least it's fun17:02
JazzvaIs new FF3 crashing to others too? Currently, at google's web history and at some pages in joomla's control panel...17:09
ftanot for me17:13
ftawell, at least it's not worse than b5 in hardy17:14
Jazzvatrue :)17:14
Jazzvai'm off for half an hour... to see the end of a movie i like ... see ya soon17:14
ftagood, the apport script seems to work fine. we now see the extensions and plugins users have in ff3 bugs17:15
ftamaybe we can compile a list of extensions from those reports17:16
ftaJazzva, too bad, there's no mapping between the bzr branch, or source package name, and the amo id in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Firefox3Extensions17:23
ftafor example adblock-plus17:24
Jazzvafta, I was adding for some... The second table from the end...17:30
JazzvaI was thinking of doing the same for the rest of extensions, and to make uniform column names for all tables17:30
ftawould be nice. Could you do it please ?17:32
JazzvaJust to make a list of relevant information from the tables...17:33
JazzvaGive me half an hour17:33
JazzvaWell, I think we need three tables17:51
Jazzvamaybe two...17:51
JazzvaThis is the suggestion of the new structure17:51
Jazzvawe could merge the current 1, 3, 4. and 5.  tables in one table (Main table)17:52
JazzvaMaybe we could also merge the No license table, stating "No" in License field, and adding the Comment field to the Main table17:53
JazzvaAny suggestions?17:53
Jazzvafta, asac ^^17:54
Jazzvafta, asac, ping18:45
Jazzvagood, I'm almost at the end. Some data will be missing for now19:08
ftawhat is the url ?19:15
JazzvaJust a sec, to re-check the table fields...19:15
Jazzvahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Firefox3Extensions that's the link...19:20
JazzvaI left the duplicate tables, in case this is not good :)19:20
Jazzvagive him a second to save19:20
Jazzvafta ^^ done19:20
ftawhy isn't adblock-plus in ?19:22
JazzvaIt's a bit too wide. Since it's long, maybe it would be wise to add column names in different colore, every 15 lines19:22
JazzvaIt's the first entry ;)19:22
JazzvaOk, second... first is an example...19:22
JazzvaI skipped some of the info (which wasn't present in the previous tables) for now ... It will be add...19:23
ftaline 2 (Adblock Plus) is in the very last table19:26
ftaoh, plu19:26
JazzvaDid we keep the adblock too>19:27
JazzvaI thought that adblock plus replaces adblock, that's why I added it to the last table few days ago...19:27
ftai misread19:27
ftabut the string "adblock-plus" is nowhere in the page19:29
Jazzvayep... adblock-plus replaces mozilla-firefox-adblock...19:29
JazzvaI wasn't sure about the package name... I said I skipped some info for now... :)19:29
ftaas it's the 1st in my list, i was testing with it ;)19:30
JazzvaThe new table is merged from old 1, 2 and 4, since it (should) replace them :)19:30
JazzvaI'll add as much missing data as I can :)...19:30
JazzvaWhat do you think about the structure?19:30
JazzvaDoes it cover everything?19:30
aleehk82about the awesomebar. object focus behaves somewhat backwards.19:31
ftaJazzva, maybe remove the url and make the name clickable instead to have a smaller table19:32
Jazzvafta, good one...19:33
Jazzvafits perfectly :)19:34
ftait's still the same here19:36
JazzvaI previewed it :)19:36
Jazzvafta, check it now...19:42
JazzvaMaybe it would be good to define statuses for extensions at the beginning19:43
Jazzvaif it's broken, works with bumped maxVerision, what to do if it's in the repos, or not... and stuff... Basically, just to rearange the list before the table...19:44
ftathe line imagezoom is bogus19:46
Jazzvaedited it...19:46
JazzvaUpdated package name and repo columns...19:55
JazzvaDinner time... Be back later.19:56
ftaJazzva, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6527/20:41
JazzvaUh-huh... missing amo ids?20:43
Jazzvathough, it looks good :)20:44
ftais search for the exact source package name20:44
JazzvaOh... you need that? :)20:47
Jazzvaand not the package name?20:47
ftacould be several pkgs but always only 1 source pkg20:48
JazzvaI'll change the field in the table to source package then.20:49
Jazzvafta, done...21:04
Jazzvai have to change few more (mozilla-beagle => beagle and so...)21:07
Jazzvacongrats :D...21:11
Jazzvalooks good :)21:12
Jazzvanot all the data in, but it's cool :)21:12
Jazzvaok, i'm currently searching for license data21:12
CheGuevarameh this version of ff3 is deff buggy21:15
CheGuevaracrashes on phpbb2 install apge21:15
ftasame with b5 ?21:16
CheGuevarano idea, am using the one from ur ppa21:16
ftaJazzva, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6529/21:19
Jazzvayay :)... I'll add the ctxextensions amoid in the next update :)21:19
Jazzvais this the MIT license?21:24
JazzvaOk, it is...21:26
Jazzvaevening, asac21:34
asachi sorry ... couldn't makeit earlier21:34
Jazzvano problem :)21:34
* asac reading backlog21:34
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6529/21:34
* Jazzva can't find contextmenu extensions on amo...21:35
asacfta: why are some indented?21:35
JazzvaI think I found them only once (if I found them)21:36
asacis there no url in copyright?21:36
ftabut we need amo21:38
rzrfta: hey there's flashblock, maybe i'll have to sync to latest upstream and drop my previous work for debian21:38
ftarzr, my list is automatic, it's for everything with a branch in the firefox-extensions project21:40
rzrok i am checking anyway21:40
Jazzvaasac, no url on that page pointing to amo...21:41
rzrwell nevermind upstream repo is now ..21:42
Jazzvaasac, what do you think on the new table for ff3 extensions?21:42
Jazzvais it too confusing?21:42
rzrany mozdev memebers around21:42
rzrtell you sysop about : can't create temporary directory /mozdev/cvstmp/cvs-serv3602321:43
asacJazzva: let me check21:43
rzrlater guys21:43
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Jazzvabye, rzr21:43
asacJazzva: it doesn't fit on my small laptop screen ;)21:44
Jazzvayeah... that's an issue...21:45
ftazoom out ;)21:45
asaclooks good21:45
Jazzvato shrink e-mail column, i.e. just to say [mail@... link]21:45
asacwhat about the LP number?21:45
Jazzvasince it's pretty wide21:45
JazzvaI was lazy to search for every number, so I updated the easier columns first :). And it's there to point to relevant bug reports (new upstream, diff, blah...)21:46
Jazzvamostly for new upstream ... or if the extension is broken, it can point to that bug report, so it can easily be found, once there's a fix21:47
asacJazzva: maybe the launchpad number could be used to link for the "status" column?21:49
asace.g. "submitted", "uploaded", "new upstream" (linked to a bug) ?21:50
JazzvaI suppose it could... It's more meaningful than "open" and "done"...21:50
JazzvaOk, off to editing... Is it ok if I remove the old 1, 3 and 4 table, since they were merged into main?21:51
asacJazzva: actually i liked the idea to have extensions that need someone to work on in a separate table21:52
asacbut i am not sure now21:52
asace.g. maintain a main table for extensions that are either worked actively on or are already in the archive21:53
asacthe other table would be used for extensions that are not worked on, which is particular useful to document extensions that do not yet have all information available needed to work on them21:54
JazzvaUh-huh... "and the rest" == "without Ubuntu QA contact"?21:54
asacJazzva: well ... i think the second table can also lack other things like "license"21:54
JazzvaHmm, Well, the old 2 (no license) and 5 (changed extension name) would be left...21:54
Jazzvathey weren't merged...21:55
asachmm quite complex ;)21:56
JazzvaHmm... so...21:58
JazzvaOne main table for active and in repos21:58
Jazzvathe other for "need some love" extensions?21:58
Jazzvaasac ^^21:58
asacJazzva: ok ... how about:21:59
asac1. table: table of extensions maintained or currently worked on21:59
asac2. table. extensions that have all the required informations but need a maintainer22:00
JazzvaBTW, do we need developer names? How about just an e-mail address? :)22:00
asac3. table: extensions that are suggested, but lack details ;)22:00
asac4. table: extensions that were suggested, but found not suitable for ubuntu22:01
asac5. table: extensions that were previously available in the archive, but are now replaced22:01
asacif you scratch the ",but ..." then thats complete22:02
JazzvaSounds good to me ...22:02
JazzvaAnd in the 2. table... "need a maintainer" == "not having Ubuntu QA contact"?22:03
asacId say that we don't really need a maintainer, but one or more persons that care for that extension22:04
asacdo upstream communication and take care that updates available are packaged22:04
Jazzvameaning Ubuntu QA contact :)...22:04
asacright ;)22:04
asacno idea if that was defined22:04
asacbut thats what i had in mind22:04
JazzvaCool... then it's basically just lot of copy/paste... *starts_gedit*22:05
ftaI hope it won't break my code...22:07
JazzvaIt might...22:07
JazzvaColumn rearrangement.22:08
JazzvaOtherwise, no... everything that's scanned will be in the first table22:08
JazzvaBasically, the LP bug number link will be in the "hardy status", and "LP bug number" column will be removed22:09
ftatell me when you're down, i'll give it another try22:10
ftaof course, i meant done, not down22:11
ftabut maybe you'll be down after so many cut/paste22:12
Jazzvalol... :)22:12
ftaasac, did you end up with something with the plugin code ?22:16
asacfta: you mean the crashes?22:17
asacwaited for reeds comment on that22:17
asacbut if he does not appear i will just look closer22:17
asacbut changing plugin code is pretty fragile22:18
asacso hoped i get infos first22:18
fta> [reed] is away (gone for the weekend -- be back Sunday afternoon/night)22:21
ftaask on moznet :)22:21
asacfta: he committed that ;)22:21
asacso good start ;)22:21
ftawhat was the bug already ?22:22
JazzvaOke, I'm down... I mean, done with the column rearrangement...22:24
Jazzvanow to table rearrangement :)... no columns will be edited...22:26
JazzvaHmm... is beagle extension supported in ff3?22:35
ftano idea22:37
Jazzvaok, i'll check the source later/tomorrow...22:37
ftaJazzva, is the page stable now ?22:41
JazzvaPretty much, I removed some entries from the first table to the rest... give me a few more minutes22:42
Jazzvathat should be it... it will need a minor corrections though...22:56
JazzvaI'm off... Will be back tomorrow afternoon. Have guests overnight, again...22:59
ftaand thanks for your work :)23:00
JazzvaNo problem :)...23:01
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6534/23:12
ftaflashblock and speeddial are behind AMO23:13
ftamozilla bug 41217123:34
ubotuMozilla bug 412171 in XUL Widgets "[FIXED in FF] In <browser.xml>, "Error: this.docShell is null", when the sidebar opens" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41217123:34
ftalooks familiar... my prism issue23:34
asacwe have one ugly situation here23:38
asacwe have versioned paths for xul ... so we cannot add xul chrome if its not an extension :/23:39
asacnow thats all fine, but extensions are not really available for xulrunner23:39
asacso we cannot use to add translations of the xulrunner part to any xulrunner based application23:39
asacwithout adding the application as target application23:39
ftaisn't /usr/lib/mozilla supposed to allow that too ?23:40
asacallow what?23:40
asaci can't find that in code23:40
asacafaik only extensions are now looked up there23:41
asacin /usr/lib/mozilla/extensions23:41
ftaand plugins23:41
asacin fact the problem with chrome is that you cannot state versions ... so its dangerous to inject that from outside packages23:41
asacyeah plugins23:41
ftajust one month late :)23:41
asacmight be23:41
asacdo plugins really work=23:42
asacnot that it matters in our case23:42
ftaapparently, 1.9pre is crashing and freezing like hell23:43
CheGuevarameh my ff is crashing on all phpbb boards i think23:44
CheGuevaraok forums.gentoo.org works23:45
CheGuevarajust installed phpbb2 makes ff crash23:45
asacoh i see23:45
asac          if ((data.id == gApp.ID) ||23:45
asac              (data.id == TOOLKIT_ID) && !installData.currentApp)23:45
asac            installData.currentApp = data;23:45
asaclets hope that its what i think it is23:46
fta(oh, it's snowing here)23:47
asacfta: \o/ i think it works ,)23:47
asacTOOLKIT_ID in targetApplicatoin is what we want23:47
asacinstead of listing all23:47
asactime to test that i guess ;)23:48
CheGuevarawas snowing earlier on23:48
asacmost likely its never been tested23:48
asacfor real ... so expect hick-ups ;)23:48
ftacairo 1.5.18 out23:48
Volansasac: I don't know if you have read my message of today afternoon:  bug 112846 -> files attached as requested, I think all is ready now :)23:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 112846 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Ubuntu-it Menu (Firefox extension)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11284623:48
asacfta: btw, mike set my bug about "please package the upstream way" to + pending23:49
asacapparently he will use our package names ... most likely thoughtfully so we cannot overload ours on him23:49
asac(unconfirmed trollish claim warning)23:50
asacVolans: yeah. i saw that bug ;)23:50
ftaasac, make sure there's no auto sync then. preventive measure.23:50
asache doesn't use our source name23:51
asacso in the end all debian cruft will have to stay out23:51
ftadebian bug 47413623:51
ubotuDebian bug 474136 in libcairo2 "Error when creating pdf charts for new FreeSerifItalic.ttf" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/47413623:51
Volansok asac, thank you very much, there is other that I have to do for this?23:51
asacVolans: i haven't checked the packaging yet :)23:51
ftafreedesktop bug 1534823:51
ubotuFreedesktop bug 15348 in pdf backend "printing some PDFs from evince is crashing our Xerox printer" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1534823:51
asacVolans: copyright OK23:52
fta"Fix serious failure on X servers without the Render extension"23:52
Volansfiuuu... :) was the hardest thing to do23:52
asacVolans: Maintainer: dktrkranz ?23:52
ftaEnable the buggy_repeat workaround for Xorg servers < 1.423:52
asacwhy not MOTU?23:52
asacfta: ?23:53
Volansat the moment yes DktrKranz, maybe myself in future23:53
ftaasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6538/23:53
asacVolans: use MOTU please23:53
asacas obviously you packaged it23:53
asacyou can add yourself to XSBC-Original-Maintainer23:53
Volansyou refer to the dsc file?23:54
asacfta: is that from cairo list?23:54
asacVolans: no debian/control23:55
asacVolans: look at the other extensions in the firefox-extensions project23:55
asacyou can use browesr code in .ubuntu branches to inspect the control file23:55
asacfta: so i buggy repeat enabled now by default or just fro 1.3.x?23:55
Volansok, I will check23:55
ftadling the tarball23:55
asacVolans: otherwise it looks good to me23:59

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