levanderIs there some secret to getting off the developers meeting notifications?  I just don't have time right now to participate and keep getting these stupid emails.00:44
tgm4883_laptoplevander, should be fixed now00:46
levandertgm4883_laptop: Cool, thanks.00:46
levanderI went to Google Calendar, tried declining the even nothing worked.00:46
levanderIt's interesting stuff yall are working on, I just can't do it now.00:47
levanderEven though I'd love to.00:47
tgm4883_laptoplet me know if you get another in 2 weeks00:47
tgm4883_laptopor rather00:47
tgm4883_laptoplet me know if you get one tomarrow00:47
tgm4883_laptopyou should get a cancelation notice today00:47
levanderCool, thanks.00:47
levanderYeah, I just deleted it.00:47
levanderAnybody got any interesting web links?  I'm so bored tonight.00:48
levanderActually, I just pulled that site up.  Remember reading about it awhile ago.  This first time I'm browsing it.00:49
tgm4883_laptopget the firefox plugin00:50
tgm4883_laptopit's pretty neat00:50
levanderWhat's it do?00:50
tgm4883_laptopbased on some of your interest categories, when you click the button it gives you a random website that you should be interested in00:51
tgm4883_laptopthe firefox plugin just gives you a button to click00:51
levanderK, I'm trying it.00:51
levanderThis is crazy.  They've made like a slideshow of the internet.00:55
levanderStumbleupon Firefox plugin.00:55
levanderThe slideshow does kind of show how primitive all the content on the internet still is.00:58
levanderSociety is still developing enough talent to populate the internet with.00:58
|DuReX|I installed mythtv01:16
|DuReX|can view dvb-t with other tools like mplayer01:16
|DuReX|but I get a 'can't get channel lock' in mythtv01:16
|DuReX|any id ?01:16
|DuReX|ok found out01:26
|DuReX|bug with importing01:26
superm1you on 0.21?01:31
|DuReX|using hardy01:32
superm1well no one reproduced it on 0.21 yet01:32
superm1so if you have01:32
superm1then please open it back up01:32
|DuReX|send response01:34
|DuReX|going to sleep now01:34
TelnetMantasuperm1: hows it goin02:36
TelnetMantahow can I switch mythbuntu to use gnome?02:37
superm1just install ubuntu-desktop02:50
superm1and pick gnome at login instead02:50
emjafor some reason my ~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile won't execute for the myth frontend user. opening a shell on the console doesn't source those files, yet logging in reomtely (via ssh) does. any pointers?04:20
emjaalso, /etc/profile doesn't get sourced or executed by the frontend04:23
emjabut it does by a ssh login04:24
emjahmm... the culprit was 'for i in /etc/profile.d/ ; do source $i ; done'04:43
keckhello, i was wondering why myth isn't transcoding my .nuv files  -- not finding it in the docs04:53
keckit went through and flagged commercials after finishing capturing, but it's not converting it to a smaller format..04:53
mpontilloemja: how was that the culprit? on my system, (1) the 'mythtv' user has a shell of '/bin/sh', so bash-specific syntax of course doesn't work. (2) since the 'mythtv' user has no .profile, .bashrc doesn't get executed (since .profile is responsible for executing .bashrc if it finds that bash is running)05:00
emjampontillo: for some unknown reason the sourced files didn't have any effect, but when I moved the content to within /etc/profile all was well with the world05:01
mpontillowell, if /bin/sh is really the interpreter, /bin/sh doesn't have the bash-specific "source" keyword05:02
mpontilloyou'll have to use "." instead05:02
* emja slaps forhead05:02
* emja thumps his desk with his forhead - repeatedly05:03
mpontillothat's why I suggesting changing the mythtv user's shell... no need for forehead thumping - that was a tricky one! ;)05:03
* emja ends up a slobbering mess, crying in the corner05:03
emjatwo frikkin hours. no need for forehead thumping? I argue that! ;-)05:04
mpontilloheh - it's your forehead!05:04
emjamany (!) thanks05:05
mpontillokeck: I've not done it myself, but this page has a good section on transcoding: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Removing_Commercials05:32
|DuReX|weird, when I play TV in mythtv, the screen looks not really nice :s10:53
|DuReX|using mplayer & tzap screen looks nicer10:53
|DuReX|any id ?10:53
directhex|DuReX|, you'd be hard pushed to give a less descriptive report10:56
|DuReX|video seems to be out of sync with sound etc :s11:43
|DuReX|not nice to watch11:43
|DuReX|but when I use my dvb-t card with tzap & mplayer11:43
|DuReX|it looks perfect11:43
elliot42hey, I have a problem with sound. It was working fine the other day but now it doesn't. lspci reports the card (CMedia CM3738) and the modules are loaded automatically (snd-cmipci) but I'm getting no sound devices available for alsamixer, aplay or anything11:46
elliot42i also can't see anything useful in dmesg, not even anything relating to sound in fact (from what i can see)11:49
Dar1uselliot42: cat /proc/asound/devices ?11:50
Dar1usalthough if it used to work and now doesn't you need to consider what has changed11:50
elliot42well, all i have done is put the comp into a case (was just sitting on the ground b4)11:51
elliot42the cards are in the same slots11:51
Dar1uselliot42: I'd double check the card is seated properly11:52
Dar1usdid you change slots or anything?11:52
elliot42although when i started myth up yesterday the frontend asked to be configured again, other than that, it seems normal11:52
elliot42i removed the backplane on the card and put it directly in the slot so that the case wasn't making it sit at an angle or anything11:53
elliot42that's cat /proc/asound/devices11:54
elliot42also, this is a combined front/backend machine if that's relevant11:55
elliot42well, well, well... sudo aplay -l gives me some output11:57
elliot42I didn't try that one before.. silly me. I'll see if permissions to /dev/dsp is the problem11:57
elliot42what other devices does alsa use? /dev/dsp is for OSS, correct?11:58
Dar1uselliot42: /dev/snd/*12:01
Dar1uscrw-rw----+ 1 root audio 116,  0 2008-04-06 20:10 controlC012:02
Dar1usis one of the files in mine12:02
elliot42I added the user to the audio group (which shuld be a member anyway, but maybe something went awry)12:02
Dar1usthere are others.. hw, pcm etc12:02
elliot42i'll see in a sec if it worked12:02
elliot42ha! that was it.. so simple12:04
muI'd like to ask about search in Mythbuntu. I can't see howin Thunar and I don't know where my transcoded .isos are kept. I'd like to search for all isos on all disks but can't see how. I'm not connected to the net so hope there is something out of the box... what command line could I use to search for *.iso?12:15
Dar1usmu: find / -name \*.iso12:24
muDar1us: thanks... I get permission denied... should I do as root to get the whole drive?12:28
mudamn, can't do root on ubuntu can I?!12:29
elliot42sudo for root access, or sudo -s to stay as root in the open shell12:53
versusHi I recently created my own lircd.conf with irrecord what should I do nextt? I have been looking for a remote.conf but I couldnt find one?14:00
Dar1usirrecord basically generates the lircd config..14:01
Dar1usversus: mythbuntu-lirc-generator will create mappings for applications for you14:04
Dar1usif you named your buttons how it expected anyway14:04
versusdarlus so all I have to do is run mythbuntu-lirc-generator?14:12
versusI named my buttons in german, does that matter?14:15
versusI have run mythbuntu-lirc-generator and all I got are several empty files like .lircrc or mythtv at /home/versus/.lirc14:27
sebrockif dpkg shows 'pn' as desired and status how can I remove this from DB?14:30
directhexsebrock, "p" means purged, "n" means not installed14:41
sebrockI noticed14:41
sebrockI thought it would be removed from DB14:41
directhexdebconf settings are maintained iirc14:43
versusI tested my remote with irw but I dont get any responses lird.conf tells me that all codes are written down as "raw-codes" may this be the reason?14:51
versusdoes someone know a channel for lirc users?15:05
versusmode2 works15:27
sebrockWhere does Mythweb look for it the videos? I have mythweb and my files on the same computer and have made symlinks from mythweb/data/ to all my music / video etc... still when I click on then in mythweb this path shows: http://x.x/data/video//mnt/200GB/Movies/300.mkv15:52
sebrockand "/mnt/200GB/Movies" is a mount on my frontend (another computer)15:52
toad0225 is there anywhere I might be able to discuss softcam with someone?16:09
toad0225even in pvt?16:09
=== shawn_ is now known as neoneddy
neoneddyanyone around?16:10
toad0225jsut me and I know nothing...hehe16:10
toad0225I'm trying to find out about softcam myself16:10
neoneddyknow anything of dvd burning?16:11
toad0225yes, shoot16:11
neoneddymytharchive rather16:12
toad0225oh nothing no myth yet16:12
neoneddyI've been trying to get a Nascar Race to burn for my father-inlaw for a while now.. frsutrating16:12
toad0225I'm a Windows guy for the most part right now....wanting to convert but cant find info on softcam16:12
neoneddyI'm going to try a 30 minute show .. should be shorter failure cycles16:12
neoneddyis softcam hardware or software?16:13
neoneddylooks like some capture software..16:15
cosmichi @ all16:23
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versushi I got a problem, which is described over here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=648821 but I have a different remote so I need another way to fix that I hope someone can help me (sitting here for more than 5 hours. . .)19:41
nadolphI'm curious about setting up a firewire STB in mythbuntu 8.04/mythtv.21 The online documentation says that the way firewire is handled in .21 is changed. Does anyone know of an applicable guide?19:50
directhexnadolph, devices are dealth with by GUID now, not by port number19:52
directhexsince that's liable to change when your pc reboots, or goes into suspend, or your firewire bus randomly resets itself19:52
nadolphright, i noticed that problem with the previous version19:54
_StefanS_hi there, I was just trying out mythbuntu 8.04 beta, and in some cases mythtv crashes xorg, and sends me back to the login screen. I'm using an Intel GMA950, on a core2 duo. I suspect it has something to do with video overlay (Xv) not working well in all situations; can someone verify this ?19:54
directhex_StefanS_, there are a lot of updates to the intel driver in hardy. seems they upload a new version daily at the moment19:57
_StefanS_directhex: so do you think that may be the issue ? Its a rather old chipset19:58
_StefanS_(I noticed the frequent intel-xorg updates btw)19:59
versusis there an irc channel for lirc problems?20:01
NikasSo, no root-user for the mysql-server in mythbuntu?21:51
Nikasneed to add my own db with a new user.. :/21:51
mpontilloNikas: mine has a root user, but I don't recall doing anything special to get it. You could try something like this: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/recover-mysql-root-password.html21:58
directhexNikas, mysql always has a root user. on ubuntu, the root user has no password.21:58
directhexNikas, as in "sudo mysql" or "mysql -uroot" will both give you root access to the database21:59
Nikasmysql -u root21:59
NikasERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)21:59
Nikasi havent done anything special21:59
directhexand "sudo mysql"22:00
Nikasmpontillo: Thanks. Will look in to that if i cant find another solution22:00
directhexthen you've definitely changed something from the norm22:00
directhexchanging the root password in mysql without debconf knowing about it will cause future problems for database-using apps22:01
Nikaswell.. i have to do something ;)22:01
directhexsudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow mysql-server-5.022:02
Nikasand that cant mess with the mythtv-user?22:02
directhexunix users are not mysql users22:02
Nikasi mean.. the db-user22:03
directhexno, mysql-server-5.0's settings relate only to the root user22:03
Nikasok.. i'll try later. thanks22:04
Nikasdirecthex: the command worked... i now have root-access :)23:07
Nikasso.. thanks! :)23:07
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