zylstra555sommer: Is there a way to cause the computer to reconnect every, say, 45 minutes or so?00:00
zylstra555sommer: Like, to drop its current connection, and reconnect?00:00
sommerzylstra555: from your ISP?  you could setup a cron job to restart networking I guess...00:01
zylstra555sommer: But, it is connected through a router, so that probably wouldent work00:01
zylstra555sommer: What if I set up a computer in a remote location to just sign into its FTP server every 45 minutes, and then disconnect? Do you think it could perhaps keep the connection up?00:02
sommerya, what you might try though is a setting a cron job to ping an Internet host every so often... to make sure the connection is working00:02
sommerthat's a good idea too00:02
zylstra555sommer: How would I do that?00:02
sommerzylstra555: you would need to have access to another outside computer I guess00:03
zylstra555sommer: Rather, what is the ping command? (I can get the Cron job up, I use Webmin for things like that, which, is my way of cheating CLI)00:03
sommerzylstra555: this page covers it pretty well: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto00:04
zylstra555sommer: Is there a difference between scheduled commands, and scheduled cron jobs?00:04
sommernot sure what "scheduled commands" are... do you configure that through the gui?  I'd think they are the same things though00:05
sommeror they could be at jobs :)00:05
zylstra555sommer: Ill just go with Cron jobs, it should work fine00:05
keithclarkThis may be a stupid question, but I have to ask.  I have ssh working but is there a graphical front end for it instead of using the terminal to start programs?00:08
sommergnome-terminal :)00:09
sommeryou could create a shell script with the commands you'd like to execute, then create a launcher00:10
keithclarkYeah, good idea00:10
sommeryou'd probably want to setup ssh-keys if you haven't, to avoide having to enter a password00:11
keithclarkNo, I've not done that.  Is that easy to do?00:11
zylstra555sommer: Once again, thanks. Hopefully, pinging will fix the problem00:12
sommeryep, here's some instructions: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html00:12
* zylstra555 over and out00:12
sommerzylstra555: you're welcome00:12
keithclarkAwesome, thanks00:12
keithclarkNow, If I could just figure out port forwarding on my router00:14
keithclarkdeeps, thanks....you guys are just a never ending information pool!00:16
keithclarkDeeps, amazing database!00:19
keithclarkIs there a way to distribute the computation of copying a dvd?00:37
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Cahansomehow rtorrent is corrupting my filesystem and causing my server to freeze up (Ubuntu 7.04), and I need to boot a live cd and run fsck to fix it. rtorrent is run from a ReiserFS partition and is saving to an Ext3 partition if that helps01:19
mindframeCahan, you using the most recent stable?01:34
Cahanwhichever one apt-get installs, I only installed it this mornign01:34
mindframebad idea01:34
mindframecompile/install the latest stable01:35
Cahanmindframe, I see, thank you, brb then, need to fix the server first01:36
kgoetzif the rtorent in ubuntu is broken a bug should be filed01:37
mindframeif its not the most current stable then there are bugs :)01:38
kgoetzthere are bugs in the most current stable too01:39
mindframenothing that i've noticed so far01:39
mindframeand i use it quite a bit01:39
Cahanmindframe, you think I should remove the current install before compiling the latest one?01:49
mindframeapt-get remove --purge01:50
kgoetzCahan: if your building from source checkinstall may be helpful to you.01:51
kgoetz(dont know if you've built stuff from source or no)01:51
Cahannot by had no, but I've read a guide once :p01:51
kgoetzalso, backporting mifght work if your so inclined01:51
Cahanmindframe, is purge required? or would a remove suffice?01:52
mindframewell a few of the config syntax changed somewhere between those versions so yes01:52
kgoetzif you build from source you'll use different config file anyway01:52
mindframei mean .rtorrent.rc01:53
mindframeversion from apt might not even produce that01:53
kgoetzuser configuration? i doubt its patched to remove stuff01:54
kgoetz!info rtorrent gutsy01:54
uboturtorrent (source: rtorrent): ncurses BitTorrent client based on LibTorrent. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.4-2ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 285 kB, installed size 768 kB01:54
kgoetzwhat came before gutsy? i think thats what 7.04 will be01:54
mindframe!info rtorrent feisty01:55
kgoetz!info rtorrent feisty01:55
kgoetzsnap ;01:55
uboturtorrent (source: rtorrent): ncurses BitTorrent client based on LibTorrent. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.6.4-1 (feisty), package size 314 kB, installed size 860 kB01:55
mindframeyeah that's a terrible version to use01:55
kgoetz!info rtorrent hardy01:55
uboturtorrent (source: rtorrent): ncurses BitTorrent client based on LibTorrent. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.9-1 (hardy), package size 329 kB, installed size 924 kB01:55
mindframei remember having quite a few problems with it when feisty was current01:56
kgoetzwonder if theres a backported version01:56
kgoetzor how hard a backport from hardy would be01:56
mindframeprobably easier just to compile01:57
kgoetzi prefer to backport if i can, but each to their own :)01:57
Cahantar -xvf right?01:58
mindframeyeah its nice to keep everything in-house01:58
mindframethen cd into libtorrent dir.  ./configure && make && sudo make install01:58
mindframethen cd to rtorrent dir and do the same01:58
kgoetzuse checkintall if you can. makes it easier to remove the thing later01:59
mindframethey both have an uninstall option in the makefile01:59
mindframemake uninstall01:59
kgoetzyou have to hang onto the source though01:59
mindframeim gonna try out checkinstall02:00
mindframelooks neat02:00
kgoetzit works 'well enough' for small things. not sure i'd try to checkintall OO.o or Linux, but not tried :)02:01
Cahanhuh, i have no C compiler installed02:03
kgoetzCahan: not by default no02:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about be - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:03
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:03
Cahanthanks kgoetz02:04
kgoetzas factoids go, thats pretty useless02:04
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)02:04
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SwissPhoenixHi there, I just toying around with hardy and noticed that any eth interface other than eth0 is being renamed to eth#_rename. I tried adding more interfaces to the 70-persistent-net.rules file, but that does not the trick....09:48
DsBhi to all12:12
DsBhow can i manage a proxy server install in ubuntu from the web browser, is there some pakage that will do that?12:13
faulkes-proxy server? depends on the proxy server12:55
faulkes-squid has a web ui built in with it iirc12:55
Diogo_79hi to all12:57
Diogo_79can i post some questions that i have about ubuntu-server13:11
faulkes-that is what the channel is for, you have no need to ask, to ask questions13:24
* fromport like humble ;-)13:31
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BCMMIs there a way to see the messages that scrolled on boot, over an SSH connection/13:59
BCMMthe machine has no working monitor13:59
Nafallocat /var/log/dmesg13:59
BCMMand some kind of error is happening during boot up13:59
BCMMisn't that just teh same as dmesg output?13:59
BCMMi need to see the output of init13:59
BCMMah, how do you do that?14:00
Nafallohow to configure that beforehand II?RC14:00
Nafallothere are a page about it on help.u.c/community :-)14:01
BCMMhmm what exactly do you mean by "serial"? what should i search for?14:02
BCMMdoes it require extra hardware?14:06
faulkes-basicly you are connecting a serial console cable to another device which can see those messages14:07
faulkes-i.e. a console server (2511, 2611 in cisco land) or other manufactuer, but it could be another linux box, wyse terminal, etc..14:08
Diogo_79is squid capable of block ports?14:30
Diogo_79how can i configurate ubuntu to block msn and porno sites with squid?14:38
faulkes-that is best answered by going to the primary squid site14:46
faulkes-however, you can only block http based msn stuff, if you wish to either proxy or filter msn traffic, that is something you want to do with ip tables14:46
faulkes-as for porno sites, that's a bit trickier, squid allows you to do url regex filtering14:47
faulkes-so, you could tell it any url that contains "porn" or "sex" would be disallowed14:47
faulkes-I'm unusure if it does content level filtering14:47
faulkes-you might want to look at dans guardian for that (which is squid based iirc)14:48
Diogo_79ok, faulkes thanks for the help14:48
faulkes-squid is a bit tricky to learn for configuration but generally once you get the syntax down, you'll be good14:49
faulkes-the primary squid site has some good howto/material14:49
Diogo_79tel me one thing14:49
Diogo_79is there a good web administration utility for configuration of squid on ubuntu server14:50
dthackerDiogo_79: there are some lists you can pull in that list most of the adult sites, but you'll have to read the logs.14:50
dthackerand add sites as needed14:50
faulkes-Diogo: squid itself has a built in web management facility, I'm not sure about how much it covers as I don't use it14:50
faulkes-iirc it's just a cache administrator function14:51
faulkes-dans guardian may have more, you would have to investigate14:51
dthackerDiogo_79: no idea on the web utility. I just use the command line14:51
faulkes-and of course, it all depends on what you want / require in the way of a "web management facility"14:51
* faulkes- is a firm believer in vi being the management facility14:52
Diogo_79web management only for a local computer with ssh access on ubuntu14:52
dthackerfaulkes-: ++14:52
faulkes-"web management" is a very broad topic, you'd have to be more specific14:53
Diogo_79manage squid with the web bwoser on a client computer14:54
faulkes-and yes, you can configure web based management utilities for local/local lan only access14:54
Diogo_79sorry my bad english14:54
faulkes-I'm going to assume when you say "manage" you mean the ability to configure squid as required (i.e. add new rules, etc..)14:54
Diogo_79you are rigth14:54
faulkes-on that, I'm not sure what exists, although I can imagine that stuff does, in ubuntu particular, I could not say, other than squid does have it's own administrative server portion which is web accessable14:55
faulkes-to what extent it will meet your needs, you will have to look at it14:56
faulkes-primary site will give you that information I imagine14:56
faulkes-and no need to apologize for your english, this is a multi-national channel14:56
* faulkes- returns to beating on a rebranded bastardized version of IOS on a particular vendors switch14:58
* faulkes- grumbles about it14:58
Diogo_79tel me faulkes is squid a firewall what i mean is that squid can filter or block inside traffic to internet15:01
Diogo_79but it cannot block outside trafic to inside local area network?15:02
TatsterDiogo_79: You may also want to have a look at Ebox (http://ebox-platform.com/ ) it's kind of like a web management framework.15:11
chimp___during installation of ubuntu server i didnt select the LAMP option, but i want to retrospectively, is it worth reinstalling the server (its a fresh install) or is there a package that will install them together seemlessly like the LAMP option is supposed to15:52
Cahanchimp___, your better off installimg the packages seperate imo15:53
chimp___Any reason Cahan?15:53
Cahansaves you installing things you don't need15:54
chimp___Ok :)15:54
dthackerwhat's an example of something LAMP loads that's typically not needed?15:55
Cahanapache ;p15:55
Cahanlighttpd ftw15:55
dthackerfor specific use cases.....15:55
CahanI don't know, I installed things as I needed them15:56
chimp___Basically im very new to all this, so if installing them seperately is difficult, then would the lamp option be simpler?15:56
Cahanchimp___, I did it for the first time a couple of days ago, there are good resources on the ubuntu site15:57
dthackerchimp___: tell you what, try it separately once, then if you find you are spending too much time installing, use LAMP next time.15:57
dthackerIf you are in a hurry, use LAMP15:58
chimp___I imagine that doing it myself will at least teach me :)15:58
mralphabetchimp___: sudo tasksel16:20
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sorenScottK: The postfix documentation clams that the default for virtual_alias_domains is $virtual_alias_maps. my virtual_alias_maps is set to hash:/etc/postfix/virtual, and I have a few @my-domain.com addresses in there. However, postfix rejects e-mails destined for whatver@my-domain.com if I don't explicitly add my-domain.com to virtual_alias_domains..16:49
sorenScottK: Am I misreading the docs, are they faulty, or is postfix misbehaving?16:50
sorenScottK: Never mind. I apparantly need more hand holding from the documentation than everyone else :/17:38
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ScottKsoren: Glad you got it figured out.19:11
ScottKsoren: Upstream for Postfix often suggests that the documentation is written with the advanced Postfix user in mind.  It's easy to get cross-threaded in there.19:12
sorenScottK: Yeah. The problem turned out to be that I needed a line like "ubuntu-dk.org dummy-value" in my virtual file.19:14
sorenScottK: The docs sort of led me to believe that it'd magically work if I just put a "foo@ubuntu-dk.org destination@address.org" in there, but that was not the case.19:15
sorenI understand why, though.19:15
ScottKUpstream is reasonably accepting of patches to improve clarity of the documentation.19:17
sainzeohello - i have an install of ubuntu server 7.10 on a parallels VM and it stalls when booting at running local scripts...any ideas?19:38
* faulkes- grumbles at incorrect labelling20:21
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