omarAnywayz, thanks to all of you!00:00
Survivormantogoella,  did you sudo apt-get update?00:00
hellonulltim167: if you want a gui, use gftp, you can find it in synaptic00:00
alperkanatbinarical-app: i'm running django's bundled server on my ubuntu box now... and trying to forward the external port to this machine's 8000. port00:00
nickrudtogoella then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin00:00
togoelladone nickrud00:00
omarBut one more thing, what was that command used to locate the trash?00:00
nickrudtogoella look just above your line00:00
IndyGunFreakomar: to locate it, or to use root to delete it?00:01
togoellaok it is loading00:01
togoellathank you so much guys00:01
nickrudIndyGunFreak he's on edgy00:01
togoellais my first time using linux ubuntu00:01
* togoella smiles00:01
IndyGunFreakah.. gotcha.00:01
nickrudtogoella enjoy :)00:01
omarIndyGunFreak: locate it00:01
togoellaI like it a lot00:02
IndyGunFreakomar: well trash, all you have to do is open your home folder, click View/Show HIdden files, then go down to ./Trash, and double click it00:02
Thib_I hate when this happens00:02
togoellaWhile it loads, can someone tell me if there is any way to play windows games on ubuntu :D ?00:02
nickrudomar   sudo updatedb && locate Trash  (updatedb only has to be run when there're new files to be indexed, and is run daily by default)00:02
IndyGunFreaktogoella: sometimes00:02
Thib_I bought a new laptop and of course all its hardware is basically too recent to work with anything00:02
nickrud!wine | togoella (but it's crack)00:02
ubotutogoella (but it's crack): WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.00:02
omarnickrud: Yes thanks! That's what I was looking for! ;)00:02
towlie_whats the name of the unix based app that formats your c++ code00:02
deniz__yo can sum1 plz help me share a dial-up connection (i did the hosting on a windows xp comp) but how do i do the client on an ubuntu 7.04 laptop?00:03
togoellayeah I read about wine00:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about appbd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:03
tim167hellonull: ok, the ftp command mput only puts files inside the cwd, not folders is there a way to make it put folders too ?00:03
nickrudthat's the place to look, alright00:03
IndyGunFreak!appdb | togoella almost...00:03
ubotutogoella almost...: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org00:03
pirattrevhow do i test if my nick is registered?00:04
StPatrickDoes ubuntu support compiz?00:04
GIndeniz__: how is the laptop connected to the xp machine?00:04
binarical-appalperkanat: you will have to let incomming connections connect to this port. to do so you must edit a .conf file that partains to your application. in my experiance , i had to edit a .conf file to allow http access to my home server.....if you wait a bit i might be able to help you some more00:04
Survivormanpirattrev, did you get my pm?00:04
Survivormanyou're registered00:05
IndyGunFreakStPatrick: ubuntu supports it fine, its wether your video device supports it, is the question00:05
nickrudStPatrick yes00:05
alperkanatbinarical-app: ok00:05
deniz__GIn, thru a wired router (I think i have the router set up properly but I am not 100% sure)00:05
togoellaawesome fs2004 works :D00:05
pirattrevthanks survivorman00:05
Survivormanpirattrev, you're very welcome00:05
IndyGunFreakpirattrev: you should see on the main freenode page, assuming you're using xchat/xchat-gnome, it will say "this nick is registered",00:05
IndyGunFreakor something like that00:05
StPatrickLoL, Im using it in Mandriva right now.00:05
deniz__quick compiling questiom: do u need to extract a tar.bz2 b4 working on it or not?00:05
StPatrickDoes anyone know how to get a Realtek RTL 8187b to work in Ubuntu?00:06
togoellahow do I install it? apt-get install wine , ?00:06
pirattrevyeah, i'm using gnome-xchat00:06
GIndeniz__: if your inetrnet connection is on the xp machine, I think you need a switch. Does the router have dhcp build into it?00:06
hellonulltim167: good question, i'm not sure00:06
oddertogoella: and there's cedega as well, you can get a free (no cost, I mean) version from their SVN00:06
nickrudtogoella yes. Or, you can use system->admin->synaptic for a nice tool. ctl-f opens a search box00:06
IndyGunFreakpirattrev: when you log back in next time, you'll see where it says "this nick is registered, if its your nick.." something like that00:06
odder!cedega | togoella00:06
ubotutogoella: cedega is a project based on WINE, aimed at running Windows games on Linux. For more info, see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cedega00:06
togoellaodder:  what's cedega?00:06
deniz__GIn, i have no idea all i can tell u is its a d-link DI-60400:06
oddertogoella: ^^ :)00:06
pirattrevok, thanks again00:06
tim167hellonull: ok, I'll install gftp and see if that brings me luck ...00:06
hellonulltim167: i would stick with gftp for that, i'm sure there's a way with terminal-based ftp but i am not aware of it00:07
deniz__GIn, i have dial-up internet00:07
togoellathanks odder :D00:07
togoellalet's see00:07
nickrudtim167 you might want to look at lftp , it's a package that installs a client that supports folders (iirc)00:07
mysterycoolif i did ./configure then make and then make install to actuallyget grub working did i mess up the bootloader of ubuntu??! :S00:07
deniz__GIn, i got the hosting right and on microsofts help website it says to do things on a client comp and on the wizard it says to do stuff like floppy or xp cd to it but its not windows the client its ubuntu so im stuck00:07
nickrudmysterycool you certainly replaced parts of it, whether it's messed up, well ....00:07
mysterycool*to actually get GRUB working did I mess up the boot loader of Ubuntu??! :s00:08
togoellawait wait wait00:08
togoellais wine free?00:08
charles|64hey room00:08
mysterycoolnickrud: which means...? :S00:08
oddertogoella: as in freedom00:08
GIndeniz__: I think you need a switch and not a router with modem buidlin it00:08
togoellabecause Cedega is not :|00:08
Thib_I wish00:08
DevrethmanAnybody care to take a look at this http://pastebin.ca/973130 and see if they can see what's up00:08
Thib_oh you mean the software ;-)00:08
Devrethmancause it looks to me like everything's going fine, then it juse aborts00:08
Devrethmanfor no apparent reason00:08
nickrudyes. togoella00:08
Survivormantim167, xcopy moves files and folders i think00:08
* Thib_ wishes wine made from grapes was free00:08
GIndeniz__: you are connected to the internet through a dialup on the xp machine right?00:09
deniz__GIn, ya00:09
togoellanickrud:  then  I don't want cedega anymore lol, that's why I thought about linux as open source...00:09
GIndeniz__: and you have internet sharing setup on the xp machine?00:09
GIndeniz__: then you need a switch00:09
nickrudmysterycool you did the compile, you can test it with a reboot (or do sudo apt-get remove --purge grub && sudo apt-get install grub )00:09
nickrudtogoella it is, cedega has some proprietary bits00:09
deniz__GIn, i have ubuntu also so if i could share using ubuntu and a router tell me plz and firestarter doesnt work00:09
GIndeniz__: I don't know if it is also possible with that dlink router. hang on00:09
mysterycoolnickrud: if i remove wont the bootloader of ubuntu be removed? :S00:09
tim167Survivorman: ok thanks for the suggestion, i just started the transfer with gftp though, works too...00:09
deniz__GIn, k00:09
StPatrickEveryone, I have great news00:10
hellonullhaha Devrethman, nice update command00:10
nickrudmysterycool that's why you immediately reinstall00:10
StPatrickI'm installing Ubuntu!!!00:10
HangukMigukok, i think i figured out why my aac files aren't working, but i have a question, is there any way possible to backtrack in repository and install older versions of packages?00:10
mysterycoolnickrud: what do u mean immediately reinstall? :S00:10
togoellaok first need I to download wine? right? cedega is like a plugin or im awrong00:10
nickrudmysterycool look at the complete command I gave you00:10
GIndeniz__: connect your laptop to the modem first00:10
nickrudtogoella no. you either get cedega or wine00:10
GIndeniz__: do you know how to use the terminal?00:11
mysterycoolnickrud: and are u sure it's going to work? :S00:11
hexoroidanybody good with named ?00:11
togoellaCedega is a proprietary product, that must be purchased (currently $5.00 per month with a 3 month minimum initial purchase)00:11
GIndeniz__: I mean the router00:11
Devrethmanhellonull:Yeah, it was a joke, he was like "why can't I just say "upgrade mah shit" and make it go"00:11
SeveredCrossHangukMiguk: Why do you need to downgrade?00:11
togoellawhy do you keep saying is free :|00:11
deniz__GIn, wait, connect my laptop to the modem??? how is that possible?? I have a winmodem with dell's driver for it even tho its not a dell comp00:11
SeveredCrossAAC works fine for me in Gutsy and in Hardy00:11
Boohbahtogoella: cedega is a distribution of wine with proprietary directx layer and it costs money00:11
nickrudmysterycoolI've fixed my system with with that command more than once ;)00:11
GIndeniz__: I mean the router00:11
mysterycoolnickrud: oh lol good, k then :D00:11
togoellaI see00:12
Boohbahhexoroid: what's up with named?00:12
odderBoohbah: the SVN version costs $000:12
HangukMigukServedCross: libfaad2-0 is a cvs version, i need an earlier version to work with gstreamer00:12
deniz__GIn, the laptop and desktop r connected to the router, ask me questions to c if its connected properly00:12
SeveredCrossHangukMiguk: Hmm.00:12
GIndeniz__: do you know how to use the terminal?00:12
SeveredCrossThat's odd. AAC worked in Gutsy just fine, works in Hardy now too.00:12
Boohbahtogoella: <odder> Boohbah: the SVN version costs $0 - so, you can compile it if you want....00:12
oddertogoella: you can get the SVN version of cedega for free, but I'm not sure if it's free software00:12
SeveredCrossI just installed ubuntu-restricted-extras.00:12
togoellahow do I open a new server window on xchat?00:12
Devrethmantogella: IRC->connect00:13
deniz__GIn, well im not a genius but i can use things like repositoriy downloading and using imagemagick00:13
HangukMigukServedCross: AAC works fine in everything except for gstreamer programs00:13
mysterycoolnickrud: thank you :D00:13
nickrudtogoella xchat->network listing, pick one and click connect button00:13
mysterycoolniickrud: going to reboot and check if it's working :S00:13
GIndeniz__: open the terminal and type ifconfig in. you should see something like eth1 or eth0 . like that00:13
mysterycool*nickrud: going to reboot and check if it's working :S00:13
mysterycoolwish me luck all! :D00:14
mysterycoolthanks all ;)00:14
mysterycoolcya later ;)00:14
binarical-appalperkanat: in the specific instance i needed to configure :/etc/apach2/ports.conf like "Listen" originally this file comes without the :80 , meaning that the ip address is allowed, however pot 80 where a browser needs to connect could not. i needed to manually configure this file so that port 80 (for http) would be accepted00:14
mysterycoollike in a bit00:14
alperkanatamazing... i can reach django app by typing localhost:8000 but i can't reach if typing
FloodBot2mysterycool: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
mysterycoollaterz! ;)00:14
Devrethmansrsly, anybody have any idea what's up with this: http://pastebin.ca/97313000:14
nickrudmysterycool see you in a week (rflol) [only kidding;0]00:14
HangukMigukServedCross: Also, it previously worked in Rhythmbox, since switching back, i can no longer playback AAC files00:14
mysterycoollol XD00:14
alperkanatbinarical-app: i don't need apache for django00:14
e345Svenstaro: Thanks!00:14
binarical-appokay so ill find out what runs on port 800000:14
nickrudbinarical-app   sudo netstat -tlpn   is a quick way (if you didn't know already)00:15
mike_Hey guys, how can I chage the rate at which my scroll qwheel scrolls?00:15
mike_Right now it goes WAY too fast.00:15
=== trmanco_ is now known as trmanco
binarical-apptake a look at this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=45235300:15
emmamike_, system > preferences> mouse00:16
mike_emma: Not using gnome00:16
mysterycoolim back! :D00:16
emmaoh what are you using?00:16
mysterycoolthanks nickrud! ;)00:16
mike_emma: openbox00:16
binarical-appim really just getting to know bash..... bear with me.....sorry if it diddna work00:16
mysterycoolanyway, now i gotta go and learn some advanced C :D00:17
deniz__GIn, http://pastebin.com/d37fb88c900:17
mysterycoolcya later! ;)00:17
mysterycoolthanks again nickrud! ;)00:17
* binarical-app thinks nickrub rocks and is cool 00:17
ibHeya guys, my wifi card works but it's not picking up all the signals it used to, I just re-installed Ubuntu. Any ideas?00:18
Devrethmanib: I'm assuming you haven't moved it00:18
ibDevrethman: Correct00:18
GIndeniz__: nice, now run this: sudo dhclient eth000:18
ibDevrethman: Also, a signal that is at like 85% won't connect here but it will literally two metres away.00:18
emmamike_,  see if this can help you -- https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/920000:19
ibDevrethman: I have a broadcom driver, if you're wondering. Same one as last install.00:19
smithhi, can I use Ubuntu on an external harddrive?00:19
Devrethmanib: I'm really no good at wireless, so I haven't got much idea as to what could be up00:19
mike_emma: I've already looked at this00:19
* togoella installing wine00:20
chester_mhow can i have flash in Opera?00:20
smithcan I use Ubuntu on an external hard drive?00:20
smithdual booting?00:20
Devrethmancould somebody try to figure out what's up with this: http://pastebin.ca/97313000:20
kriptix_does any1 kno how to update a intel 954GM Mobile Drive00:20
tyuiocan anyone explain me how every hardware 100 % under linux ?00:21
Devrethmansmith: as long as your bios supports booting from external drives, you should be able to00:21
friedtofutyuio its not 100% under linux00:21
=== kriptix_ is now known as Kr|ptiX
tyuiocan anyone explain me how every hardware 100 % compatible under linux ?00:21
squish102y does my very simple samba install not allow me access. always pops up username pass box with <ip address/Guest and will never log in00:21
friedtofutyuio not every hardware is 100% campatible under linux - there are some due to lack of documentation and other such problems00:21
Humminhi all00:21
Humminanyone know of some good software to serve video from ubuntu to my ps3 ?00:22
togoellaok done00:22
Humminany software that will recode unsupported formats, tversity style ?00:22
togoellaI installed wine, now, how do I use it?00:22
deniz__GIn, http://pastebin.com/d241afa6500:22
deniz__GIn, im on desktop btw00:22
Starnestommytogoella: wine /path/to/program.exe ?00:22
smithHummin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PlayStation_300:22
squish102Hummin a sraight upnp av server is ushare00:23
GIndeniz__: I think you need a switch instead of a router00:23
deniz__:'( how much r those?00:23
deniz__GIn, :'( how much r those?00:23
Humminsmith: I don't want linux on it.. I wanna serve video from a linux computer00:23
ibHeya guys, my wifi card works but it's not picking up all the signals it used to, I just re-installed Ubuntu. Any ideas?00:23
Humminsquish102: upnp av is some kind of standard?00:23
GIndeniz__: those are cheap. probably 10 usd or less00:23
deniz__GIn, r u sure tho cuz i dont need a switch to do it with windows apparently00:23
tyuiook how device are compatible under linux ?00:24
GIndeniz__: you got a windows machine that works with this router?00:24
friedtofuib - try installing wicd as a different wifi manager - its pretty good00:24
ieldibtyuio,  huh ?00:24
deniz__GIn, ive never set up a router successfully in my life :(00:24
tyuiomost device00:24
friedtofuib: did you install the wifi drivers?.. maybe its restricted -00:24
friedtofutyuio - dont really understand your question....00:25
Frogger626Hello again00:25
icesworddeniz__, router?it is easy00:25
GIndeniz__: let me explain how the dlink router works. The router has a DSL/Cable modem build into it and the router uses that as it's main connection to the internet and share that to the computer connected to the 4 ethernet ports.00:25
Frogger626Is there a way to restore the MBR on a computer, or at least make GRUB dual-boot friendly?00:25
togoellahow do I use wine00:25
togoellahow do I run a program using wine00:25
ryanzeci just did a .configure make and make install for 2.0.16 alsa but my version is still 2.0.15, hwo do i enable it?00:26
GInbut in your case, the internet connection is not from the router but from your xp pc.00:26
Frogger626Togoella: I ask myself the same question every day.00:26
friedtofuFrogger626 - i thought grub is dualboot friendly :/00:26
RoAkSoAxtogoella, wine prorgam.exe00:26
togoellaRoAkSoAx:  thanks00:26
hellonulltogoella, well first you need a windows program (.exe) to run00:26
deniz__GIn, well on the part were its spose to get internet i connected it to my ethernet port on my mobo hoping to transmit dial-up to it00:26
tyuiowhen u plug a usb device how detect the device and give the correct drivers ?00:26
Frogger626friedtofu: I can't get grub to allow Windows to boot.00:26
iceswordtogoella, wine /pathto the exe file?00:26
tyuiowhen u plug a usb device how linux detect the device and give the correct drivers ?00:26
hellonulltogoella: if you do torrents, i would recommend instlaling utorrent under wine, as it will give you experience and come in handy too00:26
deniz__GIn, wat about doing it wireleslly? i have a airlink 101 wireless card in desktop and D-Link DWl-G122 usb adapter00:27
GIndeniz__: no, a router does not works like that, not the d-link one00:27
iceswordFrogger626, windows cannot boot or linux?00:27
hvgotcodeshey should i recompile the stock kernel?00:27
GIndeniz__: if the desktop one can acts as an access point, yes, you can share using that setup.00:27
hvgotcodesmeaning: is it lik 386 only and would there be benefit from recompiling?00:27
hellonulltogoella, wine "path", where path will start with c:00:27
miko3khi ... is there any way to fix the splash screen during bootup ? coz it freezes and only way out is alt+f1 ...00:27
deniz__GIn, wat setup? the wireless one i suggested?00:27
GIndeniz__: but it's much complicated with a switch.00:27
Frogger626icesword: I can boot linux, what I'm in now. At least, off the CD. I have not attempted a partition. No, I cannot run Windows.00:28
GIndeniz__: yep, the wireless one00:28
deniz__GIn, i can do it with only wat i have???00:28
hellonulltogoella: or another drive letter00:28
GIndeniz__: note that not all wireless cards can act as a accesspoint00:28
deniz__GIn, but ill need ndiswrapper for it i herd and thats gona complicate my life a lot00:28
iceswordFrogger626, what about fixboot ?you have winodws install cd?00:28
deniz__GIn, my desktop is 7.10 and laptop 7.04 i hope thats not a problem00:28
hellonulltogoella: it is easiest to just get your .exe (if it is an installer) on the desktop and double click it, it will autmatically launch it in wine00:28
GIndeniz__: if you can make your win xp pc as an accesspoint, it will be easy00:28
togoellahellonull: isn't working like that00:29
togoellaif I use wine file.exe show me00:29
togoellaerr:module:import_dll Library WINHTTP.dll (which is needed by L"Z:\\home\\torroella\\Desktop\\WLinstaller.exe") not found00:29
GIndeniz__: what card you got in your ubuntu laptop?00:29
deniz__GIn, i dont no how but i think my airlink 101 works perfectly out of the box in gutsy00:29
andreferreira_people, can you please help me? i'm searching for a good application to develop web applications using PHP and MySQL ... i've tried NVU, its OK but it doesn't support PHP. can you Please name me some ? thank you!00:29
deniz__GIn, laptop has usb dwl-g122 usb adapter i think revision b00:29
GIndeniz__: you got gutsy on your laptop right?00:29
deniz__GIn, no feisty on laptop, gutsy on desktop (i dual-boot with xp pro on laptop)00:30
deniz__GIn, on dekstop*00:30
iceswordFrogger626, when you said windows cannot boot,you mean what happened after you chooose windows in grub menu?00:30
deniz__GIn, ill refrase00:30
deniz__GIn, no feisty on laptop, gutsy on desktop (i dual-boot with xp pro on desktop)***00:30
Frogger626icesword: I didn't get that far. It said it was loading GRUB... then on the next line "Error 21". Any ideas?00:31
emmamike_, did you get it yet or did someone else help you?00:31
Frogger626Next time, I am getting linux pre-installed. ><00:31
emmamike_, I think I found something here that might help.00:31
hvgotcodesno advice on whether or not to compile the stock kernel that comes with ubuntu?00:31
iceswordFrogger626, so you mean even your linux cannot boot,right,you goot grub load error 21?00:31
mprofittwhy compile it?00:31
GIndeniz__: why not upgrade to gutsy?00:31
hvgotcodesi mean recompile00:32
deniz__GIn, bcuz my laptop is not connected to internet and i have no way of making it connect, not even to dial-up00:32
Frogger626icesword: I am working off an Ubuntu Live-CD; and yes, I got error 21. How to fix?00:32
mprofitti would say no to the compile kernel, unless you have a specific reason to do so00:32
KhisanthFrogger626: what did you do before this started happening? I have actually gotten that error several times before :)00:32
=== greg is now known as ellsworth
ellsworthhow do I connect via a proxy in XCHAT-gnome?00:32
emmaKhisanth, don't I know you from xchat?00:32
ellsworthpreviously, I could go to network->network setup00:33
GIndeniz__: download the cd from Ubuntu's website using your xp box?00:33
ellsworthbut there doesn't appear to be a "network setup"00:33
binarical-appalperkanat: hey man i dug this up for you..... tell me if it works http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/9712 :P00:33
hvgotcodesmprofitt: is the default compiled for 386 compatibility?00:33
emmamike_, are you still here?00:33
deniz__GIn, i cant download a cd on dial-up speed00:33
JPSmanso I need some help installing ubuntu onto my laptop - I think there are some corrupted sectors on its harddrive00:33
Frogger626khisanth: Yesterday, I followed the fac on pendrivelinux.com for a persistent unbuntu 7.10 install from linux. After that, well... I suppose something happened to the MBR. How to correct...00:33
deniz__GIn, i get cds thru shipit00:33
Khisanthemma: I am everywhere!00:33
mprofitthvgotcodes -- yes00:33
hellonulltogoella: what exactly are you trying to do with wine? do you have a program you are trying to install? if so, where is the .exe located?00:33
iceswordFrogger626, http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-grub/2003-02/msg00082.html00:33
emmaKhisanth, so it would seem.00:33
emmaKhisanth, I must be getting to be almost everywhere in order to spot you.00:34
hvgotcodesmprofitt: so if i have a newer processor would i see performance  increase if i recompile it?00:34
=== JPSman is now known as different
alperkanatbinarical-app: thanks, looking..00:34
bod_how can i convert ogg to mpeg or avi?00:34
binarical-appwhats up ellsworth00:34
Frogger626... And for the third time today, I restart. Thanks, y'all.00:34
ellsworthhow do I connect via a proxy in XCHAT-gnome?00:34
ellsworthpreviously, I could go to network->network setup00:34
Frogger626BRB with any luck00:34
ellsworthbut there doesn't appear to be a "network setup"00:34
GIndeniz__: but anyway, the easy way to setup a network sharing a dialup connection on the cp machine is suing a switch00:34
deniz__bod_, download cinelerra, more than that i dont no00:35
emmaellsworth, you might want to try #xchat-gnome00:35
GInxp machine*00:35
deniz__GIn, can i plz try to make the hosting work ill test if it works by using a xp machine with the usb d-link to check00:35
* binarical-app run dru run00:35
deniz__GIn, then ill worry bout ndiswrapper etc another time00:35
Scuniziellsworth, if you're going to use xchat install the version without the -gnome.. you'll have more features.00:36
ellsworththat chan seems to be dead00:36
bod_deniz__, i cant find that in my repo's?00:36
differentHow do I boot from CD instead of having windows automaticly load?00:36
ellsworthScunizi: Thanks00:36
deniz__bod_, u have to add it to it00:36
deniz__bod_, ill find site wait00:36
marsjeHi. How do I set up ubuntu to use English, but have Dutch date/time notation? Do I just edit /etc/environment? I don't really understand how it is supposed to work...00:36
ellsworthis that a GUI interface? regular "xchat" that is?00:36
alperkanatbinarical-app: hmmm.. works now.. but it can't be reached from outside :)00:36
andreferreira_ppl im sorry, but sincerily, i can't understand why my answer is the only not answered...00:36
GIndeniz__: o.k try to put the wireless card in windows xp as an accesspoint then00:36
emmaellsworth, yes I use xchat. I think it is excellent.00:36
Scuniziellsworth, sure.. as backup you might also consider irssi which works on the commandline/terminal.. just in case your gui bombs for some reason you'll still be able to connect and get help00:37
togoellahellonull:  yeah is on the desktop00:37
emmathere is also a channel for #xchat but I thought you had your heart set on xchat-gnome which is not the same thing00:37
ellsworthgot it thnx00:37
binarical-appellsworth: can you give us some more infromation on the subject , have you googled you problem, prespectivly perhaps there is an alternative solution to your previous setup00:37
emma#xchat is quite active.00:37
deniz__bod_, http://heroinewarrior.com/cinelerra.php300:37
bod_cheers deniz__00:37
deniz__bod_, thats not the exact page but look in there00:37
hellonulltogoella: and that error comes up when you right click the installer and click "open with wine windows emulator"?00:37
bod_deniz__, is it a gui?00:37
=== different is now known as Waterloo
togoellahellonull:  maybe wine wasn't instaleld correctly because I dont' the wine open option00:38
deniz__bod_, ya its the best video editor there is for linux=the most comparable to adobe premiere pro but apparently the hardest to use but ya it has a gui00:38
binarical-appalperkanat: have you set it on your router? do you know how to do that ? your router has an ip , enter this ip into your browser then enter the login stuff then you should be able to find you way from there..... forward your needed port00:38
deniz__GIn, r u talking bout my desktop comp now?00:38
bod_deniz__, ok, il have a play, do i want cinelerra or cinelerra-CV ??00:38
WaterlooGUI's are good00:38
GIndeniz__: yes00:38
deniz__bod_, i think cinelerra CV is community version00:39
deniz__bod_, not cv**00:39
bod_deniz__, ok cheers00:39
Paddy_EIREWaterloo: not always.... sometimes they stupify ones ability to actually no what is going on...00:39
alperkanatbinarical-app: yeah i know.. i have usr9106 router at home.. i've setup ssh successfully00:39
alperkanatbinarical-app: but can't managed to connect to the local django server00:39
togoellahellonull:  how can I know if it is installed?00:40
forrestis there anyway to control the size of the icons on the app launcher panel?00:40
hellonulltogoella: when you click applications on the top panel, is there a wine menu at the bottom?00:40
Scuniziandreferreira_, there's screem, bluefish, text editor, all in synaptic00:40
Paddy_EIREforrest: make the panel larger00:40
Scuniziandreferreira_, text editor is already installed.00:40
Peloforrest, you mean in the application menu ?00:41
binarical-appalperkanat: have you got a static ip address? are you going outside of yournetwork or are you still working on getting it to run inside the network. do you need to use dyndns ?00:41
hellonulltogoella: open terminal and sudo apt-get install wine00:41
chimpHow can I share a folder using samba, via the cli? cheers00:41
ricaneliteokay im getting a message when reloading my synaptic package manager could not download all repository indexes and it is some security and archive repository how can i go about fixing it00:41
alperkanatbinarical-app: i'm using dyndns actually.. and trying to reach my local django server via penguix.dyndns.org00:41
andreferreira_Scunizi, thank you ... i will see screem or bluefish... text editor its a bit "hard code" dont you think ? i'm searching for some gui like visual studio, dreamweaver or phpdesigner00:41
alperkanatbinarical-app: when i connect to penguix.dyndns.org:800000:41
deniz__GIn, so u want me to go into windows? but i dont no how to set up an access point and i rely think that my wireless card works well cuz it detects networks00:41
andreferreira_you see ?00:41
ricanelitethis is one of them00:41
ricanelitehttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-backports/Release: Unable to find expected entry  web/binary-i386/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)00:42
forrestPaddy_EIRE, I want to make the icons smaller without making the panel larger00:42
alperkanatbinarical-app: it should go to local ip
forrestPelo, I want to make the icons smaller without making the panel larger, the "quick launch" icons00:42
alperkanatdjango works at now00:42
alperkanatbinarical-app: but i can't reach it from dyndns00:42
Waterloouh oh - what does [260.831682] Buffer I/O error on device fd0 mean?00:42
Paddy_EIREforrest: I dont believe that is possible as it will size up even a smaller icon to fit anyway... odd thing to do?00:43
togoellahellonull:  says is already installed00:43
binarical-appyes neither can I :P00:43
Scuniziandreferreira_, not much in the way of that outside of NVU and the kde version (forgot the name but it was a fork of nvu) .. screem and bluefish are mostly hand coding.. but with lots of features00:43
=== Cahan is now known as rtorrent
GIndeniz__: works well does not mean it can be configured as an accesspoint. Often cheap cards can't do that.00:43
alperkanatbinarical-app: :)00:43
=== rtorrent is now known as Cahan
forrestPaddy_EIRE, yea it sizes them but there is no padding so I'd like them a bit smalle00:43
deniz__well isnt there  apage on wiki that says which cards work well and do wat?00:43
Paddy_EIREforrest: as I said previously.. :)00:43
ScuniziWaterloo, just taking a guess here but sounds like a problem with your floppy drive.. if you don't use it disable it in the bios00:44
binarical-appbe right with you00:44
forrestyea but no matter the size of the panel there isn't any padding on the top and bottom00:44
andreferreira_Scunizi, sorry, im portuguese, but, are you telling me to develop the html tags using NVU and code PHP using another software like text editor or screem/bluefish ?00:44
axel_Hello! How to change the group access to a directory and the (sub)directories and files it contains using the console?00:45
Paddy_EIRE!permissions | axel_00:45
ubotuaxel_: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview00:45
keithclark Is there a way to distribute amongst a local network the work of copying a dvd?00:45
hellonulltogoella: hit alt+F2 and type winecfg00:45
ricaneliteis there a site on what my sources.list suppose to look like? as in for -gusty-security? and for all my repositorys?00:45
Scuniziandreferreira_, no.. screem and bluefish are easy enough to install and try. if you don't like them just uninstall.. there's just not much available like dreamweaver.. unfortunatly.00:46
vrkhanshi problem, i just install xubuntu, but the problem is if i leave my computer unattended, like playing music after 10 20 min it stop responding, even i move the mouse, i have to restart to make things work again, let me know what should i do, to fix this00:46
ubotuThe Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load due to the release of !Feisty. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.00:46
forresthow do I get the mac style quick launcher at the bottom of the screen Is see alot of people with?00:46
Paddy_EIREandreferreira_: there is also Kompozer and Quanta Plus which are very good... openoffice also allows for the designing of webpages00:47
binarical-appalperkanat: can you try http on the local address and port please00:47
filo1234vrkhans: stop mouse and other usb pheripheicals?00:47
Paddy_EIREforrest: you should google... you mean avant-window-navigator..  this channel is for support00:47
alperkanatbinarical-app: it works that way00:47
vrkhansfilo1234, what do you mean00:47
Cahanlol? the bot things Fiesty was just released?00:47
vrkhanshow can i stop mouse00:48
Scunizikeithclark, the best way I've found (and I haven't tried a lot of ways) is to make an ISO of the DVD then burn the ISO.. if your computer is just slow and you want to use several machine together for their combined power I think that's called a cluster.. beyond me.00:48
WaterlooScunizi: well im trying something interesting here.  This laptop i'm trying to install ubuntu onto has a busted screen, but can port out to my other monitor.  Is there any way I can trick the laptop/ubuntu to this that the auxilary monitor is the primary?00:48
kitcheCahan: no it's just what the slow trigger says00:48
StPatrickCommand in Irc to search for a user?00:48
forrestPaddy_EIRE, thanks but I already do google alot, just thought someone would be kind enough to save me the trip this time00:48
deniz__GIn, my card is well supported in ubuntu from wat i remember, xept my d-link thing00:48
perhamlinuxhello everyone00:48
filo1234vrkhans: have a mouse usb?00:48
andreferreira_Paddy_EIRE, thank you! I've tried Kompozer too (AKA eclipse, right?) but no php support too :\ i will see Quanta Plus too! Thank you very much00:48
Paddy_EIREforrest: google "mac panel ubuntu" easy00:48
perhamlinuxI have a unichrome pro integrated chip00:48
Waterlooperhamlinux: hi00:49
vrkhansyou mean usb mouse00:49
Cahankitche, ah, guess it's not been updated or something, amusing all the same00:49
forrestavant, thanks got it, no need to waste more of your time telling me what to google00:49
ScuniziWaterloo, maybe in bios or boot from the live cd and then use your laptops key combination to shift output to the external..00:49
filo1234vrkhans:  and keyboard too?00:49
Paddy_EIREandreferreira_: kompozer is certainly not eclipse.. not remotely alike :)00:49
perhamlinuxbut the via driver is not in the list00:49
iceswordforrest, mac4lin is for you00:49
alperkanatbinarical-app: can you reach the site now ?00:49
nickrud!google | Paddy_EIRE00:49
ubotuPaddy_EIRE: google is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux00:49
togoellawhere can I get icons for ubuntu? :D00:49
TheTaylorEffectForest: the application you're looking for is called Avant-Window-Navigator... or AWN for shot...00:49
perhamlinuxnor the openchrome or unichrome00:49
forresticesword, thanks I'll look at that too00:49
filo1234vrkhans:  keyboard work when your pc is lock?00:49
GIndeniz__: you can always try ndiswrapper if it doesn't work out of the box. I am using ndiswrapper myself. works perfect :)00:49
iceswordtogoella, gnome-look.org00:49
Juusotogoella www.gnome-look.org00:49
perhamlinuxI'm running on vesa now00:49
GIndeniz__: it's not hard to setup ndiswrapper00:50
nickrudtogoella art.gnome.org , and search for icon-theme in synaptic00:50
StPatrickAlright, I have a Toshiba A205-S5800. It has a Realtek RTL8187b Wifi card in it, and I cant get it to work. Someone please help.00:50
emmaWaterloo, could this help --- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48515700:50
perhamlinuxany ideas how to fix this? the 60hz is killing my eyes00:50
andreferreira_wow, i guess i read that kompozer is a new name to eclipse at ubuntu00:50
binarical-appalperkanat: your system is not updating dyndns with your current ip address.00:50
Paddy_EIREnickrud: I must remember that factoid.. normally a clean straight pointer saves more irc real-estate :)00:50
vrkhansboth mouse and keybord work, but I can not play the music or edit any document,00:50
macabro22I am having trouble inserting videos into openoffice.org impress. For some reason, the video files aren't there when I reopen the file(even if its on the same computer).00:50
deniz__GIn, ya but ndiswrapper is the least of my concers and that doesnt worry me atm, its just how do i transmit my dial-up "to the air" using my card in ubuntu desktop comp00:50
=== Joeb454 is now known as Rick_Astley
alperkanatbinarical-app: yes it does00:50
=== Rick_Astley is now known as Rick_Rolled
deniz__GIn, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsAirlink10100:50
TheTaylorEffectForrest: Here is a link to the AWN launchpad page... it has the most recent packages and a wiki on installation... good luck00:51
TheTaylorEffectforest: https://launchpad.net/awn00:51
=== Rick_Rolled is now known as George_Clooney
emmamacabro22, that sounds like a question for #openoffice.org00:51
binarical-appalperkanat: if it was then i would get a responce when i ping you.00:51
=== George_Clooney is now known as Brian_Griffin
binarical-appalperkanat: "you" your dyndns00:51
alperkanat:) binarical-app it's ubuntu who blocks your ping request00:51
perhamlinuxI even tried editing xorg.conf, but no luck00:51
StPatrickAnyone, please?00:51
macabro22anyone know of a fix for this?00:52
alperkanatbinarical-app: try http://penguix.dyndns.org:800000:52
deniz__GIn, http://pastebin.com/d303e62cc00:52
heartsbloodnickrud, I just wanted to let you know, in case anybody else asks, the 10 minute period between crashes was significant.  It turns out that the screen saver was the culprit, but only causes problems in compiz.  I don't know why yet, but disabling the screen saver allows me to run full screen GL apps with compiz running without crashes.00:52
macabro22emma: people never answer there00:52
GIndeniz__: #00:52
=== micah is now known as mkoga
GIn01:0a.0 Network controller: RaLink RT2561/RT61 rev B 802.11g   <-- I have the same chipset ;)00:52
emmanot immediately no. But I get help there from time to time. You have to be patient. Re-ask if an hour goes by.00:52
Scunizimacabro22, I've never tried that but I know inserting a static picture has to be in the right format.. what is the video avi, flac,. etc.. check what it is and re-encode it to something else and try again00:53
deniz__GIn, so that means wat? i need ndiswrapper to transmit to air?00:53
lordleemoalperkanat: what language is that finnish ??00:53
binarical-appalperkanat: stop being invisible man00:53
alperkanatlordleemo: Turkish00:53
GIndeniz__: I don't know. I have not tried to set it as an accesspoint.00:54
lordleemoalperkanat: cool00:54
deniz__GIn, how would i no wether i need it or not?00:54
alperkanatit's very amazing for me that you ask it.. it seems (of course) natural to me00:54
smithwith the ubuntu live cd do i need to install anything?00:54
GIndeniz__: I can connect to the internet with gutsy using that chipset out of the box. but not sure about accesspoint. never done it before00:54
yuri__hey guys, is there a way to output the result of "ls" to a text file? solmething like $ ls | textoutput text.txt00:54
macabro22Scunizi: Ok. I tried AVI, MOV and Ogg vorbis. I was able to insert only the lattter. It's not sticking thopugh00:55
deniz__GIn, wats the first step i need to do to transmit to air?00:55
axel_ubotu: Thanks.00:55
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)00:55
Dr_willisyuri__,  bash basics man.. command > file.txt00:55
Scunizismith, no.. just boot to it.00:55
Dr_willisyuri__,  the | goes from one Process/command to another ie: ls | sort00:55
=== Nadorino is now known as Nadorino21313133
StPatrickDid anyoen even see my question?00:55
perhamlinuxyuri__: $ ls > text.txt00:55
achiangupgrading from gutsy to hardy seems to have broken video playback -- can repro with wmv, ogg, etc. trolled through bug tracker but didn't see anything informative... surely i can't be the first one to have discovered this?00:55
GIndeniz__: with transmit to air, do you mean configure it to share the inetrnet connection?00:55
yuri__thanks everyone00:55
nickrudheartsblood try using a screensaver that doesn't use gl00:55
Scunizimacabro22, there might be an option that hasn't been set yet.. you might ask in /join #openoffice.org00:55
Dr_willisyuri__,  if you want to see and pipe the  output use the tee command. ls | tee > foo.txt00:55
=== Brian_Griffin is now known as Cleveland_Brown
b4l74z4rwhats the difference between xfree86 and xorg?00:55
GIndeniz__: or just connect to a wireless accesspoint?00:56
deniz__GIn, ya00:56
ricanelitehow do i get my sources.list working right?00:56
achiangboth totem and mplayer are hosed00:56
keithclarkscunizi, yes, but that would be cool if we could distribute the processing.00:56
deniz__GIn, no not connect, to share00:56
StPatrickAnyone, please?00:56
smithso if I just want to play with ubuntu I can use the live cd?00:56
Scuniziachiang, ask in #ubuntu+1 about hardy..00:56
achiangScunizi: thx00:56
GIndeniz__: do you have dialup working on that machine with Ubuntu?00:56
Dr_willisStPatrick,  nope i dident see it.. i saw you asking if anyone saw it...00:56
deniz__GIn, ya, i am on ubuntu00:56
perhamlinuxok, it seems that I have no luck here.00:56
StPatricklol ill paste it again, Dr_willis00:56
Waterloowhat is the name of the new ubuntu OS?00:56
=== Cleveland_Brown is now known as Brian_Griffin
deniz__Waterloo, hardy heron00:56
heartsbloodNickrud, that's the thing, my screen saver was 'fade'.  the screen just went black, no GL was being used....I don't think anyway.00:57
Scunizikeith80403, there's lots of articles on the web about it.. I don't know how easy or hard it is.00:57
Dr_willisStPatrick,  and i dont do wireless.. sorry. :)  wireless is such a disaster these days.00:57
GIndeniz__: mhh :( I have never shared a internet connection on Ubuntu before... :\  try google00:57
ScuniziWaterloo, Hardy Heron.. or 8.04 LTS00:57
togoellahow can I put my trash can on the desktop?00:57
nickrudheartsblood hm. Oh well, I'll keep that one in mind00:57
=== Brian_Griffin is now known as Joeb454
deniz__GIn, :'(...im the worst googler in the whole world00:57
StPatrickDr_willis, Alright, I have a Toshiba A205-S5800. It has a Realtek RTL8187b Wifi card in it, and I cant get it to work. Someone please help.00:57
CahanFiesty FTW00:57
Dr_willistogoella,  dont like it in the panel?00:57
GIndeniz__: but with the chipset rt25/61 you should be able to.00:57
Scunizitogoella, why?00:57
macabro22Scunizi: Ok. I will try that. Thanks00:57
punzadawait, what's this waterloo nonsense?00:57
togoellaDr_willis:  no hehe00:57
punzadahaven't heard that before00:57
Dr_willisStPatrick,  i would check the ubuntu forums for the specific chipset,m see what others have done.00:57
Waterlooshould be Hardy Hadron amirite?00:57
llantllStPatrick, !wifi > StPatrick00:58
Dr_willistogoella,  gotten where i MUCH perfer it in the panel where i can actually get to the thing.00:58
Waterloopunzada: ?00:58
StPatrickDr_willis,  Trust me, I am, Thing IS, I am completely new to linux, and dont really understand a lot of what is being said.00:58
TheTaylorEffectTRIVIAN: If Hardy were released last month, do you know what the version number would have been?00:58
chapocer1I am having an issue with being able to access a Firewire external hard drive (ipod) from ubuntu. I do not have a /dev/dv1394 or /dev/raw1394.00:58
ScuniziWaterloo, Hardy (name of bird)00:58
punzadai thought they were saying that 'waterloo' was one of the 8.04 codenames00:58
togoellauhm ok00:58
punzadaI was confused :P00:58
TheTaylorEffect8.03 ;)00:58
Dr_willisStPatrick,   yep that can be an issue. I just run wires.. sorry cant help.00:58
llantll!wifi > StPatrick00:58
StPatrickDr_willis, for example, Im here right now.  :  http://danmarner.blogspot.com/2008/01/rtl8187b-linux-native-driver-works-on.html00:58
Paddy_EIREdeniz__: no one is bad at using google providing you have a brain and tha capacity for abstract thought you'll be fine... unless ofcourse they are being willfully dense... which is another story and not worth meeting half way00:58
miko3kguys, is there some usplash log or somehing ? coz it freezes right after startup without showing anything ...00:59
WaterlooScunizi: na im going to call it hardy hadron00:59
ricanelitewhy am im failing to fetch some Repository00:59
togoellahow do I Install the icons now?00:59
andreferreira_thanks for your help people!!!00:59
Waterlooin honor of CERN00:59
Dr_willisStPatrick,  its best to stick with the ubuntu specific forums/guides/docs also.  - It may be that the drivers work and you just cant figure out how to configure the thing with the gnome/kde tools.00:59
andreferreira_hughs to you ppl00:59
emmaWaterloo, did you get that link? Did you fix your monitor problem?00:59
andreferreira_see you tomorrow00:59
Scunizideniz__, one of the secrets of google for linux is in the address (www.google.com/linux) will try to orient itself to linux referances only00:59
chapocer1I am having an issue with being able to access a Firewire external hard drive (ipod) from ubuntu. I do not have a /dev/dv1394 or /dev/raw1394.00:59
StPatrickDr_willis,  Maybe.. thats why Im here, asking for someone's help.00:59
togoellahow do I Install the icons?01:00
Scunizichapocer1, you have a firewire ipod?  I thought they were all usb.01:00
bogdementmy question is simple : what can i use to delete partition of linux and not destroy mbr partition because i want to run windows01:00
Waterlooemma: yeah i got the link and looked into it.  Then my laptop monitor itself didn't work so I am restarting Live CD in safe graphics mode01:00
Paddy_EIREchapocer1: I'm yet to hear of or see a firewire ipod??01:00
Dr_willisStPatrick,  i notice that guide is missing the point that you NEED to INSTALL the C compiler stuff to compile the drivers..01:00
StPatrickthe huh?01:01
emmaI'm not sure if that link directly helps. I am not sure if what you are doing is the same as what what was talking about.01:01
chapocer1Scunizi, its a first gen ipod.. im kickin it old school... if i can get ubuntu to recognize it, its going to get partitioned up and treated as a very crappy external hard drive01:01
Scunizibogdement, if you are going to install windows it will take over the entire drive and wipe out most everything.. if you want it to.01:01
emmaThey had dual monitors and it talked about setting the default one.01:01
Dr_willisStPatrick,  you will at least be wanting to install the C compiler :) otherwise you are not going to be compiling any code at all.01:01
Dr_willisStPatrick,  install the build-essential package.01:01
togoellaHow do I install the icons team??01:01
bogdementi have windows installed already now i am on windows but i want to redistribute the used space from linux01:01
StPatrickbuild-essential backage.. where can i get that?01:01
friedtofutogoella? icons theme?01:01
Dr_willisStPatrick,  its in the package manager same as everything else is.01:01
bogdementand i dont want to broke windows or mbr01:01
Adrythe Open office's menu has an rare font (shapes, circles...). how can I fix it?01:02
Scunizichapocer1, ah.. still thought it was usb.. but it might be seen by gparted.. sudo apt-get install gparted. then sudo gparted to run it.01:02
friedtofutogoella: extract the files and put it in your ~/.themes folder01:02
Dr_willisStPatrick,  sudo apt-get install build-essential01:02
SilentSounDanyone know how to disable the "eraser point" mouse for a dell d600 ?01:02
StPatrickDr_willis,  Where is that? Maybe you didnt understand what I meant by new...01:02
friedtofutogoella: extract the files and put it in your ~/.icons folder01:02
Waterlooemma: no :OD  I am trying to get a sick laptop to use another monitor as its ONLY visual source...linux like to autodetect the monitors and it wants to pick the broken one.01:02
emmaAdry - what do you mean?01:02
friedtofuyeah... second one - ~/.icons folder01:02
StPatrickDr_willis,  What is sudo?01:02
Dr_willisStPatrick,  if you are so new you dont know how to isntall anything under ubuntu. I suggest reading some of the ubutnu starter guides then.01:02
togoellawhere is the ~/.icons folder?01:02
Dr_willisStPatrick,  sudo is a command you use in the shell.01:02
chapocer1Scunizi, Ubuntu just isn't even recognizing that i have a firewire driver, it seems.01:02
friedtofuit'll be in /home/yourname/.icons - and if it isnt there make it01:02
Adryemma, I can't read the menu because the font is strange01:02
StPatrickDr_willis, k, gimme a sec. let me see if i can figure out what your talking about.01:03
ScuniziWaterloo, if you have another computer you could MAYBE ssh into it and reconfigure for dual monitors..01:03
friedtofuwith mkdir ~/.icons01:03
Dr_willisStPatrick,  also the ubuntu book at ---> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Training?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=instructor.pdf01:03
Dr_willisis a good read for a total beginner.01:03
emmaAdry - did you try closing and restarting OO.o ?01:03
Waterlooscunizi: ssh?01:03
Scunizichapocer1, ipod's have always been difficult.. gtkpod was one program that got ipods working on ubuntu01:03
boxybrownbefore it goes live i am testing and building server on 40GB harddrive, when later i decide to use a larger HD how easy would it be to move everything?01:04
TheTaylorEffectHey Guys, is there a way to use install 7.10 with LILO rather then GRUB from the Live CD?01:04
maynards-girlwhat's a good media player for ubuntu? i'm not trying to connect to an mp3 player. i just want something I can play mp3s with and edit the tags too.01:04
ScuniziWaterloo, ssh is a way of connecting to another computer using the terminal.. on a windows machine the default that most people use is putty.. sorry I can't help configure it..01:04
StPatrickWoo ! Installing, Dr_willis01:05
Adryemma, this morning I installed the new version2.4, but i can't use it. I think is something about languaje setting, but I don't knnow how or where fix it.01:05
tyler_danyone help me troubleshoot a vpn connection problem?01:05
togoellafriedtofu:  done now?01:05
Dr_willisStPatrick,  i couldent get that source to compile properly here... so it may not work anyway for you01:05
emmaAdry - Espanol?01:05
Scuniziboxybrown, easy.. partimage will mirror the partition and allow you to put it back on the new drive .. then you'll have to go in with parted or gparted and "expand" the partition.01:05
schlortmaynards-girl: amarok or its gnome counterpart - exaile are great01:05
perhamlinuxmaynards-girl, xmms is a good choice. apt-get update && apt-get install xmms01:05
emmaYou might try in #ubuntu-es01:05
boxybrownok thanks Scunizi thats what i thought01:05
StPatrickDr_willis,  *tear*01:05
Scunizibogdement, yup01:06
[T]anki am trying to set up evolution on my ubuntu. I am connecting to an exchange server version 5.5. Exchange connector tells me that it is not compatible with exchange 5.5, but symprex's website says it is... anyone know how i can get past this?01:06
Adrynobody answer my question01:06
bogdementyou didnt answer on my question01:06
friedtofutogoella: you put the folder for your icons theme in that .icons folder? - just go to the gnome settings and go select that icon theme01:06
bogdementi have windows installed already now i am on windows but i want to redistribute the used space from linux01:06
maynards-girlschlort, what is the gnome conterpart?01:06
bogdementand i dont want to broke windows or mbr01:06
schlortmaynards-girl: exaile*01:06
friedtofuor rather in this case - appearances -> and then change the icons... from customize or something01:06
Dr_willisStPatrick,  its also likely that the next release of ubuntu will  fix your wireless problems. its due out in a few weeks.01:06
maynards-girlschlort, thanks. i'll try it now01:07
axel_How to install the php-extensions "curl" and "xmlrpc"?01:07
pyrakwhat do i apt-get install for email hosting on my ubuntu server?01:07
StPatrickI dont have a few weeks... In a few weeks, i  wont need wireless anymore. :(01:07
schlortmaynards-girl: yw01:07
Jordan_Ubogdement, Are you trying to make Windows smaller to make room for Ubuntu or get rid of Ubuntu to make more room for windows?01:07
nickrudbogdement not sure what you mean, you want to remove ubuntu and give the space back to windows?01:07
Scunizibogdement, so you're getting rid of Ubuntu... and you wan't to use the empty space for windows.. I suggest joining ##windows and ask there since you'll be using windows tools.  If grub is still installed they can help reinstall the win MBR01:07
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mopheadstpatrick, did you try wifi radar? I heard that one works.01:07
Waterloook people this is where I need help - what percent partition should I use?01:07
StPatrickmophead,  Never heard of it before01:07
Jordan_UStPatrick, What chipset?01:08
Starnestommypyrak: postfix?01:08
=== Ivona_Trump is now known as GonnaGetBusted
ScuniziWaterloo, for what?01:08
hischildStPatrick, Dr_willis, sorry if i barge in like this, but may i ask what the problem is and what card you use?01:08
Waterlooubuntu to install01:08
emmaWaterloo, I think in order to change the monitor you have to edit the x.org conf file.01:08
StPatrickJordan_U,  Im not sure how to get that information, but someone else told me it's a Realtek RTL8187b, and the chipset is RTL818701:08
Dr_willishischild,  go for it. :) i couldent get the stuff to compile. of course I dont even have a wireless card. i was just testing it for him.01:08
pyrakStarnestommy, does it do imap?01:08
Waterlooscunizi: to install ubuntu on01:08
ubotuWant to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)01:08
emmaWaterloo, what is your graphics chip set?01:08
Dr_willishischild,  http://danmarner.blogspot.com/2008/01/rtl8187b-linux-native-driver-works-on.html01:08
ScuniziWaterloo, ah.. for a fresh install.. root or / as it is known should be 10-12 gigs.... /swap=1gig max .. /home the rest of the drive.01:08
hischildDr_willis, may i ask what you were trying to compile?01:08
StPatrickhischild,  I have a wifi card, Realtek RTL8187b.  I cant get it to work. been trying for 7 days in different distros now...01:09
mopheadstpatrick, go to applications, add/remove and look up wifi radar01:09
Waterlooemma: dunno - i'll look into that once I get it going01:09
=== GonnaGetBusted is now known as Joeb454
ScuniziWaterloo, what emma is asking is what kind of video card do you have?01:09
Starnestommypyrak: dovecot-imapd can01:09
hischildStPatrick, alright. And now you're stuck on compiling it?01:09
b4l74z4rhow do i customize compiz in gutsy?01:10
WaterlooScunizi: I dont know.  This laptop was given to me01:10
Dr_willis!ccsm | b4l74z4r01:10
ubotub4l74z4r: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion01:10
WaterlooEmma: I dont know. This laptop was given to me01:10
StPatrickhischild, To be honest, No, Im not even to that point yet. I must formatted into Ubuntu, and Im looking for a _solution_ whatever it may be.01:10
ScuniziWaterloo, from the terminal you can usually find out by typing lspci which lists all devices connected to the pci buss.01:10
StPatrickhischild, I am, however, using http://danmarner.blogspot.com/2008/01/rtl8187b-linux-native-driver-works-on.html as a reference link.01:10
StPatrickhischild,  If you have a better idea, please feel free to share :)01:11
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Kr|ptiXdoes any1 kno how to update a intel 954GM Mobile Drive01:11
hischildStPatrick, then you'll have to give me a brief overview of what it is you're trying to do. If you're trying to compile that driver, i will assist you in doing so if possible. If there's another problem, we'll fix that as well. So, where do you want to start?01:11
StPatrickOk, I installed wifi Radar01:11
Dr_willisStPatrick,  at least you learned how to install stuff. :)01:11
StPatrickhischild,  Lets start at the begining. Would you mind hopping into another channel with me?01:11
=== spiderbatbot is now known as ajmorris
StPatrickDr_willis,  :P Im a quick learner.01:12
hischildStPatrick, i'd rather keep stuff in here if possible.01:12
hischildStPatrick, if you have a reason to use a diff channel, i'm willing to listen and switch.01:12
deniz______GIn, r u there?01:12
Waterlooemma: its an nVidia which I also have on my desktop.  I'm sure i'll get it rockin once I get ubuntu onto the hardrive :OD01:12
ScuniziStPatrick, & Dr_willis you should create a channel called #helpStPat01:12
Paddy_EIREhischild: he's trying to abduct you :P01:13
ScuniziStPatrick, & Dr_willis that way if others want to listen in and learn it won't be private01:13
hischildPaddy_EIRE, that's why i'm trying not to leave ;-)01:13
StPatrickhischild,  Sure,  :) I have trouble focusing through several other conversations, and I have had trouble in the past with other people  ... getting involved in a process, and confusing me.01:13
Scunizior stay..:)01:13
mopheadstpatrick, you can find wifi radar in applications, internet01:13
Paddy_EIREwrong person whoops01:13
CokeNCodewha's the channel for offtopic stuff, i'm lookig for some info on dreamlinux01:13
StPatrickmophead,  It's installed, thanks.01:13
ScuniziCokeNCode, #ubuntu-offtopic01:13
StPatrickScunizi,  That was the intention :P01:13
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:13
CokeNCodethanks Scunizi01:13
hischildStPatrick, as long as you don't see anyone shouting NO, DONT, or anything else out of the ordinary chatter, just follow my advice only and you'll be fine.01:14
StPatrickhischild,  Ill do my best.01:14
GIndeniz__, yes I am01:14
hischildStPatrick, ok. So you downloaded the source i assume?01:14
ScuniziStPatrick, some would take it as an invite for PM.. :)01:14
StPatrickEveryone Hear that? I'm ignoring EVERY cept HisChild.01:14
=== _DjViper is now known as DjViper
deniz______GIn, sry i had internet problems01:14
StPatrickhischild,  Uhh No I have not downloaded anything.01:14
deniz______GIn, so wat do i do now? forget the laptop and usb and ndiswrapper01:14
StPatrickhischild,  That's simply a webpage I found with information on my problem01:15
hischildStPatrick, i see. Do you have that specific version as well?01:15
StPatrickhischild,  Im nto even sure if it works, or is the best solution.01:15
StPatrickhischild,  Version of.. what01:15
hischildScunizi, it's mainly that i have a headache and could use some oversight :P01:15
hischildStPatrick, your version of your wlan card.01:15
Scunizihischild, must be contagious.. me too.. bad ear.. allergies.. etc..01:16
hischildStPatrick, do you have a rtl8187b?01:16
StPatrickhischild,  As far as I know.  How can I check it out?   My laptop is an A205-S5800, but i never found any good solid info on the wifi card online.01:16
GIndeniz__, google? try to help on the Ubuntu forum?01:16
bobbo85Hi all, it seems that mplayer is changing the entire computer's volume for some reason.  For example, if I'm listening to music in Amarok/Rhythmbox and watching a movie with mplayer - if I turn the volume down in mplayer, the music gets turned down too... what's the problem?01:16
Zeltaif I have set a manual connection (using ndiswrapper), how can I check my wifi receiving speed?01:16
GIndeniz__, I have never tried to setup an accesspoint with Ubuntu before.01:17
hischildStPatrick, lspci or lsusb should give some info. type it in  a terminal and throw it to a pastebin. I'll figure out what card you have if it's listed k?01:17
kindofabuzzwoot! how 'bout dem tigers!01:17
nickrudbobbo85 gutsy doesn't have per app sound control, hardy is rumored to have it, and is going to be released in a few weeks01:17
StPatrickhischild,  Ok. ( I learned what pastebin is lastnight... )01:17
hischildScunizi, well standing about 4 meters from a speaker at a festival is a bad way to get it01:17
hischildStPatrick, do you know the pastebinit trick?01:17
ScuniziStPatrick, hischild the toshiba a200 series has a Intel® PRO/Wireless* 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)01:17
bobbo85nickrud, to be honest i'm running hardy, i just noticed this problem was around in gutsy too so it's not a problem for the ubuntu+1 channel really01:18
deniz______GIn, k, ill check the forums, thx for ur time01:18
StPatrickhischild,  No... I dont know a trick01:18
Scunizihischild, ouch01:18
nickrudbobbo85 you should ask in there, I've seen a lot of discussion about the new pulseaudio setup01:18
bobbo85ok cool01:18
hischildStPatrick, ok. Install pastebinit and then pipe the output to it. It'll give you a link which is the pastebin with whatever you piped to it.01:19
StPatrickhischild,  See now, Dont go listening to scun too fast.. cause he might be wrong.01:19
boxybrownanyone with mail server experience dovecot or courier?01:19
hischildStPatrick, Scunizi, i haven't followed the entire story so far. Scunizi how do you know his card?01:19
ScuniziStPatrick, hischild http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/cmod.to?coid=-33536&seg=HHO&src=MAXG&cm_mmc=google_sem-_-direct-_-satellite_a205-_-a205&gclid=CLXg5KWUxZICFQEhgwodv0bzbg01:19
StPatrickhischild, http://pastebin.ca/97325901:19
bobbo85the reason i ask is this - I love VLC media player, and wish I could use it for all videos - the problem I've been having is that it takes forever to seek!  If I try to skip ahead a few seconds, the video will freeze, the audio will continue, and when the video catches up a few seconds later, it's all distorted for a few seconds before returning to normal - mplayer doesn't seem to have this problem01:19
ScuniziStPatrick, hischild I just googled the model number he posted.01:20
bobbo85is there any way to make VLC "seek" instantly like other media players?01:20
StPatrickScunizi,  Nice... I did that too.. didnt get that page..01:20
ScuniziStPatrick, top link  :)01:20
hischildScunizi, alright thanks.01:21
StPatricknot when i searched, lol01:21
Dr_willisbobbo85,  iv noticed a lot of that depends on the exact video codec/format. but i tend touse gmplayer mainly now a days01:21
StPatrickhischild, Uhh pastebinit is not listed in add/remove01:21
StPatrickbut still, http://pastebin.ca/97325901:21
bobbo85Dr_willis, what video players do you have/recommend?  and has anyone tried "Beep" yet?01:21
hischildStPatrick, might be so. Use synaptic. And thanks01:21
StPatrickwhat's synaptic?01:21
StPatrickbobbo85,  I HIGHLY reccomend VLC.01:22
Dr_willisbobbo85,  beepmediaplayer  is more of a audio player. not video01:22
hischildStPatrick, system -> administration -> synaptic01:22
Dr_willisbobbo85,  vlc uses its own codec stuff I think. while gmplayer uses the w32codecs I belive is the main diff.01:22
hischildStPatrick, advanced version of the add/remove software thing.01:22
ScuniziStPatrick, just checked and it's in synaptic01:22
StPatrickhischild,  Ok01:22
ScuniziStPatrick, use the search key and search for pastebin and you'll see it01:22
hischildStPatrick, while you're at it, search for this one and tell me if it has a green thing in front of it linux-restricted-modules-generic01:22
bobbo85Dr_willis, where can I get gmplayer?01:23
Waterloonow I know it sounds nuts - but what if I wanted to install windows onto a hardrive that is all linux?01:23
xfahow can i control the headphones and the speakers seperatly?01:23
PwrSurgehi, I been having this constant problem where ssh connections to my freebsd server keep being disconnected after 5 mins01:23
Dr_willisbobbo85,  its in the repos.. same as everything else01:23
PwrSurgefrom my xubuntu machine01:23
orbisvicismy computer wont halt, it gets stuck in /etc/rc0.d/S60umountroot stop01:24
hischildPwrSurge, it's a default timeout. Adjust the timeout on the ssh server.01:24
StPatrickhischild,  Linux-restricted-mod has green box01:24
PwrSurgeit's not my freebsd server because the connection is stable from my other windows machine01:24
bobbo85Dr_willis, do you mean "gnome-mplayer" ?01:24
Zeltaif I have set a manual connection (using ndiswrapper), how can I check my wifi receiving speed?01:24
hischildStPatrick, hmm ... *searches on*01:24
ScuniziWaterloo, you can do that.. just make room and be prepared to reinstall grub.. it get's wiped out.. on the other hand if you're not going to run any 3d games,, use VMWare server and put it there.. that avoids dual boot.01:24
SilentSounDanyone know how to disable the "eraser point" mouse for a dell d600 - ALPS GlidePoint01:24
StPatrickhischild,  Installing pastebinit01:24
niko_does anyone know how to fix the collection scan on amarok?  i get the "building collection database" and it won't go away01:24
PwrSurgeit's not timeout, i had my ssh session with "top"01:24
IndyGunFreakFrogzoo: did you get your issues worked out?01:24
Ltp0werHello all01:24
PwrSurgeso the screen was being refreshed every 2 seconds01:24
alexbobpI'm having a problem with mounting isos for large dvds.  When I try to access files near the end of the disk, I get errors like "cat: setup.exe: Input/output error".  In "dmesg | tail", I see [333026.466404] attempt to access beyond end of device / [333026.466410] loop3: rw=0, want=7076300, limit=6205528".  It tends to work when I use the physical DVD in the drive, and for some ISOs, they only work if I use certain mount points.  Does anybod01:24
WaterlooScunizi: what is grub?  and this is the first i've heard of a VMware server01:25
hischildStPatrick, can you tell me if >>>  lsmod | grep ipw <<< gives you output?01:25
xfaconfiguring my headphone output and speakers seperatly?01:25
Dr_willisbobbo85,  thats where the g in gmplayer comes from. :)01:25
PwrSurgei have keepalive on every 20 seconds01:25
orbisvicisdo most people have umountroot in init ?01:25
orbisvicisat S60 in rc0.d ?01:25
Dr_willisbobbo85,  kmplayer is the kde front end for mplayer, g is the gnome front end. smplayer is some other front end.01:25
pyrakWaterloo, grub is the bootloader.01:26
hischildPwrSurge, one way traffic from the server to the client isn't counted as active.01:26
metbsdi thought kmplayer is some player on windows01:26
ScuniziWaterloo, you probably don't see grub because there is not other os on the system.. it's a boot manager and lets you choose between different os installs. VMware server loads in Ubuntu and allows you to install windows "in a window" so you can run windows like any other program but totally isolated (virus protection).01:26
DistroJockeyxfa: take a look at  alsamixer  in a terminal01:26
Dr_willismetbsd,  not that ive seen.. thers mplayer for windows also.01:26
StPatrickhischild, Also, I like another chat, because Im trying to copy stuff you say to me, and it keeps getting scrolled off screen....... Im slow.01:26
metbsdwhat's difference between vmware server and vmware workstation?01:26
Dr_willismetbsd,  grabbed it from the mplayer homepage the other day01:26
hischildStPatrick, you can just select the text i give you and middle mouse click on the terminal to paste it :-)01:27
Dr_willismetbsd,  with workstation you cant make new virtual machines I belive. I always use the server01:27
StPatricknothing from lsmod | grep ipw01:27
Scunizihischild, how is pastbinit used from terminal? and does it default to the mentioned pastebin listed for this channel?01:27
StPatrickhischild,  Yea... uhh Im using a touchpad.01:27
metbsdyes, i can make new virt machine with workstation01:27
WaterlooScunizi: what is the range on programs that can run in a VMware window? no 3d games you say huh?01:27
niko_does anyone know how to fix the collection scan on amarok?  i get the "building collection database" and it won't go away01:27
mopheadstpatrick: to paste to terminal, try shift + ctrl + v01:27
SkinnYPuppMiddle mouse click paste to terminal learn somethin everyday01:27
Ltp0werWill I have a problem with ubuntu and my 8800GTX01:27
StPatrickmophead,  Thanks.01:27
jblackDid anybody do a hardy update today, and found they can't hit sites like google.com and ubuntu.com ?01:28
mopheadto copy, replace V with C01:28
niko_highlight what oyu want and click the wheel where you want sometihng01:28
xfahow do i get there01:28
ScuniziWaterloo, yep.. no 3d games, the vid driver is generic and won't do glx.. but pretty much everything else.. I use it all the time. how much ram do you have?01:28
IndyGunFreakStPatrick: you can always also turn on logging, then just copy/paste at your leisure01:28
hischildScunizi, the default pastebin is not this one unfortunately as for some reason it's incompatible so far. However it works by piping it info from a command. Try to cat a file and then add | pastebinit01:28
Dr_willisjblack,  They work here for me.01:28
hischildStPatrick, try hitting both mouse buttons. That should give a middle mouse button click.01:28
Scunizihischild, then how do you get a link?. I'll try.01:29
PwrSurgewhat setting do i need to adjust exactly?01:29
WaterlooScunizi: 2 gigs01:29
charles|64_hey guys01:29
StPatrickhischild, Thanks.01:29
mopheadjblack, try asking in #ubuntu+101:29
jblackHuh. I cant browse a lot of stuff. I can't hit google, I can't hit ubuntu.com. I just get an assertion that ASSERT: *** Search: _installLocation: engine has no file!01:29
hischildScunizi, that's what it gives you.01:29
PwrSurgeand why is only my ubuntu machine affecteed?01:29
ScuniziWaterloo, your fine with that.. that's what I have.01:29
charles|64_is there a way to make a symbolic link between to folders01:29
Scunizihischild, cool.. that just made using irssi much easier. :)01:29
Dr_willischarles|64_,  ln -s whatever whatever201:29
orbisvicischarles__, ln -s /location /area01:29
orbisvicischarles__, = charles|64_01:29
legend2440orbisvicis: i do01:29
orbisvicismy bad01:29
Dr_willisit always takes me 2 tries to get links right. :)01:30
Frustationwho have install need for speed most wanted ?01:30
Dr_willis!appdb | Frustation01:30
ubotuFrustation: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org01:30
GInFrustation: me but on windows01:30
orbisvicisDr_willis, me too, i can never remember01:30
charles|64_heres what im trying to do, I have a NAS that i want limewire to download to. when i use the fstab to mount that share on the NAS it crashes01:30
FrustationBecause i have a big problem ! When i want to start Need For speed most wanted with CEDEGA my screen is back01:30
WaterlooScunizi: wouldn't I have to reformat a part of my drive back into NTFS?01:30
Frustationis black01:30
Mystik7does anyone have a link that explains how to properly install firefox nightlies into 8.04?01:30
StPatrickFrustation, Is it the NFSMW Black edition? :P01:31
niko_is the actual 8.05 out now?01:31
hischildStPatrick, ok. Another copy for you ==> sudo modprobe ipw394501:31
FrustationStPatrick: it's not good for me :(01:31
niko_or still alpha or beta?01:31
troxorniko_: no01:31
hischildStPatrick, if it fails, type dmesg and pastebin me the last few lines.01:31
niko_when will it be?01:31
FrustationStPatrick: it's too bad :(01:31
GInFrustation: try with desktop effects off01:31
Dr_willischarles|64_,  you may want to check out the  fusesmb tools, instead of mountign the share, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FuseSmb01:31
troxorniko_: niko_ couple weeks01:31
jblackOk. Found it. I had another copy of firefox running on another window. So, if people say they can't google, tell them to make sure they really closed firefox. ;)01:31
FrustationGin i have do that01:31
ScuniziWaterloo, nope.. VMWare uses files to make windows think that it is in a normal drive partition.. so if you wanted to get rid of it.. you just delete the files and it's GONE.  It will also let you install other OS's to try out01:31
bobbo85Thanks Dr_willis I just installed Gmplayer, it's strange though it will open the movie (a .wmv file) but it wont play it just stays paused on whatever frame I seek to (and it says "playing")01:32
niko_what improvements will tehre be?01:32
Ltp0wernewbie here, will I have a problem with my 8800GTX and drivers in ubuntu?01:32
hischildLtp0wer, it should be fine01:32
Dr_willisbobbo85,  i make it a point to not touch wmv files. :) they can be all sorts of weird-spyware-virusware codecs.01:32
Ltp0werSweet, thank you hischild01:32
bobbo85The same file works slowly in VNC, is choppy and awful in "Movie player" but works perfectly in "mplayer" - i just can't control the sound without affecting all other sounds01:32
Ltp0werBut if you are wrong, I am going to complain and insult your mother01:32
StPatrickhischild,  How do i use the pastebin thing i downloaded?01:32
bobbo85Dr_willis, can I convert them to another video format?01:32
ScuniziLtp0wer, on the current version (gutsy) you might have to install the nvidia binary driver.. on the next version coming out the end of this month it will more than likely be included.01:32
Dr_willisbobbo85,  could try converting the video to some other format I guess. avidmux is the tool i use for that. or mencoder01:33
hischildStPatrick, add | pastebinit to the command you want to put on pastebin. To try ==> dmesg | pastebinit01:33
Zeltaif I have set a manual connection (using ndiswrapper), how can I check my wifi receiving speed?01:33
Frustationwho can help me ? :(01:33
niko_does anyone know how to fix the collection scan on amarok?  i get the "building collection database" and it won't go away01:33
Ltp0werScunizi, Where can I find the nvidia binary driver? On the nvidia site?01:33
metbsdvmware server is slower than workstation01:33
Dr_willisLtp0wer,  the restricted-manager tool installed them for me.01:33
unocrashhey all!01:33
ScuniziLtp0wer, yes.. there's lots of how to's on how to install it.. read lots.. do once.. :)01:34
Dr_willisLtp0wer,  should be an icon at the top right for it.01:34
FnordPerfecthi everybody! I fubar'd my installation by downgrading to gutsy. could someone lend a hand? it seems that the root partition does not get re-mounted rw during boot.01:34
hischildStPatrick, what error did it give you?01:34
BysmuthMageokay so I'm in the process of installing Ubuntu on an external hard drive.  I disconnected the main drive just to make sure the install doesn't touch it.  This has caused a (potential) problem: The external drive is now named sda instead of sdb.  If I install this based on the external drive = sda and then reconnect the main drive, bumping the external drive to sdb, will there be a conflict, like in /etc/fstab?01:34
Ltp0werDr_willis, I am on vista right now01:34
Dr_willisLtp0wer,  you have my sympathy. :)01:34
StPatrickhischild,  ERROR: Could not find Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection01:34
ScuniziDr_willis, I don't think the restriced drivers manager has the 8800 included.. it came out after gutsy did if I remember correctly.01:34
boxybrownLtp0wner mine to01:34
hischildBysmuthMage, ubuntu uses UUID's. It should be fine.01:34
metbsdDr_willis: vmware workstation is better. vmware server turns on alot debug mode, so it's slower,01:34
hischildStPatrick, hmm ... seems like we have to get it somewhere else. Second please.01:35
Devrethmananybody have StepMania working on ubuntu?01:35
Dr_willisScunizi,  i have an 8800 card here.. and it worked for my 8800GTSXXX card.01:35
Dr_willisScunizi,  but youa re correct - it can depend on the exact 8800 card01:35
Scunizimetbsd, Dr_willis but vmware workstation is $'s.. server is Free01:35
BysmuthMageoh right... totally forgot about that I'm so used to the thumb drives borking themselves when I manually put them into /etc/fstab that I didn't even think about that01:35
ScuniziDr_willis, oh.. didn't know that.. good to hear.01:35
Dr_willisScunizi,  there is a free verison of both i thought01:35
unocrashwhen's hardy out?01:36
ScuniziDr_willis, I know server is free.. but thought workstation was a paid version.. check the site www.vmware.com01:36
Scuniziunocrash, end of this month01:36
Mystik7I downloaded the firefox nightly today, untar it into /opt (which creates /opt/firefox) then chown -R root /opt/firefox, now I am confused on the firefox.sh script, it says the lib dir is in /usr/lib/firefox-3.0b4, do I need to change the shell script to point to /opt/firefox for the lib?01:36
emmaI'm waiting to see a problem that I can possibly help with. :)01:36
kitcheScunizi: yeah workstation you have to pay for but most are starting to use server if they want to use workstation01:36
unocrash!hi | coskund01:36
ubotucoskund: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:36
Dr_willisScunizi,  used to be workstation was in the repos.01:36
softtowerhow do I tell from a command line how much ram a process is using? "top" won't work because of two reasons: a) it shows percentage of total, and b) the process I am interested in isn't in the list top is showing me.01:37
Dr_willisScunizi,  i always use the server version, so i rarely mess ith workstation01:37
ScuniziDr_willis, just player in ther now.01:37
bobbo85ok Dr_willis I have avidemux installed, how do I convert a .wmv to a .avi file?01:37
mophead!ubotu | coskund01:37
ubotucoskund: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:37
hischildStPatrick, would you mind if i give you a link from someone on the forums who says they have fixed it, along with a perfect description and then run off to get sleep?01:37
pollito -- To Pollito: just ask youe question here :) I'll be leaving now. Talk to me by pm here on IRC...gah01:37
Dr_willisScunizi,  i must not understand how 'workstation' differes from 'player' then01:37
StPatrickbobbo85, Did you try VLC Media player?01:37
unocrashcoskund: May We help you?01:37
Devrethmanalso, is there a quick and dirty configurator for NFS or some other form of linux-linux filesharing?01:37
StPatrickhischild, Yes, but ill still try it.01:37
Dr_willisbobbo85,  run the program. read its docs/guides.. convert :)01:38
FnordPerfectI'm just sitting in front of the 80x25 text terminal that my ubuntu has become, and I am losing my mind... could *someone*01:38
hischildStPatrick, the link ==> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=837922&postcount=701:38
FnordPerfect*help* ?01:38
StPatrickhischild,  I have read over so many things that say I fixed it, or confirmed, or works, or whatever, and failed miserably....01:38
prettyrickyI suggest vlc player thats just my opinion, whats perfectly01:38
bobbo85StPatrick, VLC media plays the file, but it will not seek - if i try to skip ahead at all, it "lags" for a few seconds at a time01:38
ScuniziDr_willis, they may have renamed it player..  server allows you to install a full OS from cd instead of being locked into "appliances"01:38
hischildStPatrick, if you have help, you can always call at the channel. And this one seems fairly solid.01:38
unocrash!patience | FnordPerfect01:38
ubotuFnordPerfect: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:38
Dr_willisScunizi,  that dosent make much sence they wouls charge for player,and give away server free. when it does everything the player does.01:38
StPatrickhischild,  So i doubt this will be better, BUT You have aslready helped me a lot, and i know you need sleep, so, thank you01:38
unocrash[Rocc] Hi01:39
[Rocc]I need help :(01:39
pyrakok, installing postfix and dovecot looks _extremely_ complicated01:39
unocrash!hi | [Rocc]01:39
ubotu[Rocc]: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:39
hischildStPatrick, if i'm around tomorrow, feel free to give me a shout and remember me to help you out then.01:39
pyrakis there an easier way?01:39
emmasofttower, maybe try ps aux|less01:39
hischildStPatrick, good luck and see you soon.01:39
unocrashwhat's the problem?01:39
niko_does anyone know how to fix the collection scan on amarok?  i get the "building collection database" and it won't go away01:39
softtoweremma: thanks, lemme try.01:39
StPatrickhischild,  Thanks man. Sleep well.01:39
mophead!ask | [Rocc]01:39
ubotu[Rocc]: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)01:39
hischildStPatrick, will do. bb01:39
=== _astr0 is now known as astr0bomber
ScuniziDr_willis, nooooo... not what I meant.. there is a workstation version available..for enterprise..paid.. player uses appliances.. server is free and allows installs01:40
unocrashwhats the problem?01:40
[Rocc]Um, ok... i just downloaded the desktop version (7.10) and im trying to install it and i cant find where to install it at....01:40
niko_set to boot from cd in the bios01:40
Dr_willis[Rocc],  you burnt the iso to cd.. booted it? see icons on the live-cd desktop?01:40
Acomacohow big is an integer normaly? its not 2^32?01:41
[Rocc]yeah, i burnt it... and i cant find the bios...01:41
unocrash[Rocc]: Boot to the CD. To do that depends on the computer. Dell usually has you hit the F12 key, while apple requires you to hit the c key i think.01:41
niko_push delete during the bootup01:41
[Rocc]its a hp01:41
niko_or one of the f keys01:41
unocrash!bios | [Rocc]01:41
n-iCehow do I get the last msn version I can't get it installed :<01:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bios - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:41
charles|64_so im trying to create a read write mount and then link it to the music01:41
metbsdlinux does not work well on laptops, my experience01:42
rootlinuxusrdoes on mine01:42
niko_runs fine on my laptop01:42
Dr_willis[Rocc],  how did you burn it? what files are on the cd? if you see a single .iso file on the cd.. you burnt it wrongly01:42
Devrethmandumb question: how do I burn data DVDs01:42
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about amsn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:42
emmametbsd seems to work well on thinkpads01:42
Devrethmanlike, what program do I use01:42
niko_get double the time as xp with 40 processes01:42
Mystik7do I like the firefox command to the /opt/firefox.sh shell script? to get it to run from that location? or do I use the dpkg util to alter the link?01:42
[Rocc]um dr there is only 1 iso, thats the one i got from the site....01:42
Dr_willismetbsd,  i find ubuntu works better on my latop then any disrto ive tried. It beats XP that used to be on it. :)01:42
=== billisnice_____ is now known as billisnice
Dr_willis[Rocc],  congratulations.. you burnt it wrongly.01:42
niko_did you burn it as an iso or just files?01:42
tarelerulzany of you know about chat networks that use flash player ? If so how to you set your sound up ?01:42
unocrashn-Ice: MSN is not made for Linux. You can, however, use pidgin, gaim, amsn, or Emensce01:43
mopheadn-iCe, go to applications, add/remove and look up msn.  I think there is a linux version01:43
niko_or wine msn lol01:43
n-iCeunocrash:  amsn I meant01:43
sailaway85Hi everyone01:43
[Rocc]i havent done this before....01:43
RenardpWhen I try to run a program I have the following error ... Received a second signal - exiting01:43
Dr_willis[Rocc],  track down a specific tool for windows to burn iso images to cd.  :) like 'burn at once' or a dozen others...01:43
Dr_willis[Rocc],  do Not use the windows drag/drop to cd to burn method.01:43
[Rocc]i didnt01:43
metbsdusing linux, my laptop webcam, card reader, and Fn keys don't work anymore01:43
niko_use power iso or something01:43
[Rocc]i burnt it from a program01:43
niko_as an iso01:44
metbsdso linux is not good for my laptop01:44
chapocerohow do i find out what the label is for a certain Firewire device? i only have one hard disk installed (sda).. i think its going to be sdb, but what is the command to check?01:44
[Rocc]i used active iso01:44
StPatrickOk, Someone save me,. I'm running into problems again01:44
unocrash [Rocc]: theres a program called ISO Burner. Let me get you the website.01:44
n-iCeunocrash:  how do I get the last version?01:44
rootlinuxusronly my wireless doesn't work on a dell insp. 172101:44
Dr_willis[Rocc],  you need to use the 'burn image' options not making a normal cd like you would with picutre or other files.01:44
SlimGAnyone here know of a Ubuntu(ish) WordPress theme (not Udienz's tango theme)?01:44
[Rocc]i did dr...01:44
sailaway85Ultraiso is a great program01:44
mopheadstpatrick, that sounds dangerous.  what happened?01:44
rootlinuxusrultraiso is good01:44
Mystik7I eated my cd01:44
Dr_willis[Rocc],  you did it wrong then.. otherwise there wouldent be a single .iso on the cd.01:44
[Rocc]how many would there be then?01:45
Dr_willis[Rocc],  several 1000+ files.01:45
StPatrickmophead,  Im following the instrustions, as best i can on http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=837922&postcount=701:45
sailaway85Whats a good dvix converter  ... to dvd01:45
StPatrickmophead let me know when you get there, and I'll tell you where im having trouble.01:45
[Rocc]lemme check it again01:45
rootlinuxusri made you a cd, but i eated it?01:45
metbsdis there ultraiso on linux?01:45
Dr_willis[Rocc],  so try 'burn at once' or 'ultraiso' or 'isoburner' or proberly a dozen other tools out that can do ut with a simple double click.01:45
punzadabest solution i found for that was using ffmpeg to transcode into mpeg201:46
[Rocc]yeah there is more then 101:46
sailaway85Yes punzada01:46
mopheadstpatrick, ok I see it.  what's causing trouble?01:46
boxybrownhow would you add a user using a setup as described in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MySQLVirtualEmail01:46
StPatrickAttention : Anyone Willing to PLEASE help me get my wireless working, Im creating #HelpStPat  Please join, so we can discuss without interruption.01:46
DistroJockey[Rocc]: I believe F9 is the boot selection key for HP's and F10 is the BIOS01:46
metbsdbtw, office2007 is really nice too01:46
Scunizimetbsd, no need for it.. k3b works great for all burning as well as gnomebaker01:46
unocrash[Rocc] http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm  There should be onl0y one file. That file should be an .iso file. Use the program on the website (V2 for XP/2003 or V3 for Vista all versions)01:46
tarelerulzsailaway85  can turn an .avi which holds divx video to a dvd mpg2 file that will work on a stand alone dvd playt it all can put menus on the dvd01:47
DistroJockey[Rocc]: it should say in the bottom right corner at the HP splash screen01:47
emmahtop is pretty cool. Anyone who likes top should install it.01:47
StPatrickScunizi, Come to #HelpStPat01:47
SlimGAnyone here know of a Ubuntu(ish) WordPress theme (not Udienz's tango theme)?01:47
metbsdi like girl on top01:47
rootlinuxusrwhat's htop?01:47
[Rocc]i got nothing :(01:48
orbisvicishtop = cool top01:48
rootlinuxusralso i don't think there is a WP theme based on Ubuntu...wish there was01:48
metbsdwhat's WP theme01:48
DistroJockey[Rocc]: what model HP?01:48
unocrashSlimG: OpenOffice.org (It's an applcation and a website)01:48
orbisvicisis anyone amazed by this: runlevel01:48
orbisvicis2 001:48
Mystik7I am amazed01:48
[Rocc]HP pavilion 70001:48
StPatrick#HelpStPat for anyone willing to take on the challenge that IS MY WIRELESS!01:49
SlimGrootlinuxusr: Udienz has a theme for Ubuntu (not great imho): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Udienz/WordpressUbuntuTheme01:49
astr0bomberhello room, i need some serious help getting my wireless adapter recognized in Ubuntu. i have tried the forums and everything and stuff and still no luck. if you are willing to help or at least hear my situation, please message me01:49
rootlinuxusryeah, but someone else was asking if there was any others..01:49
SlimGunocrash: huh?01:49
StPatrickastr0 is it a Realtek 8187b?01:49
boxybrownhow can i find out if/what progs are listening on what ports on my system?01:49
astr0bomberStPatrick no its an SMC01:49
Mystik7mine is a realtek 8187b01:49
unocrashIt comes installed on Ubuntu01:49
orbisvicisMystik7, ty ; ) considering i just came out of runlevel 0 ; )01:49
Mystik7I am running ndiswrapper (eek)01:49
StPatrickastr0bomber,  k, sry01:50
SlimGunocrash: I didn't ask anything OOo related, wrong guy?01:50
orbisvicis... and am still in runlevel 001:50
DistroJockey[Rocc]: try F10 or F101:50
bnex10        SubSection "Display"01:50
bnex10                Depth   2401:50
bnex10should i change 24 to 32?01:50
kitcheorbisvicis: umm 0 means shutdown01:50
Frogger626Hello again01:50
metbsdopenoffice is ugly compare to office200701:51
unocrashI got to restart01:51
Mystik7I wonder if there will be kernel support for Realtek 8187b soon01:51
Dr_willisoffice2007 is very pricy compared to openoffice.01:51
[Rocc]didnt work01:51
Frogger626Um, the fac someone gave me, about the GRUB problem didn't work. I didn't find those settings in my BIOS.01:51
Dr_willisMystik7,  you see the guy in #ubuntu asking about that card also ?01:51
bnex10BRB going to restart X01:52
DistroJockey[Rocc]: :(01:52
metbsdmy office2007 on windows is cracked01:52
Frogger626bad boy01:52
Mystik7Dr_willis: no, its scolling a little fast :(01:52
Dr_willisMystik7,  we were just discussing if hardy had that card now or not.01:52
[Rocc]f1 usally would :(01:52
orbisviciskitche, but:$ runlevel01:52
orbisvicis2 0 // <-- shutdown does not work !01:52
methodswhat package has the expect program ?01:52
Dr_willisMystik7,  i wonder if the live cd would be a good test to see.01:52
[Rocc]Is there any other way i could do it?01:53
Mystik7Dr_willis: I am running latest test kernel, but I don't want to uninstall ndiswrpper just to see01:53
DistroJockey[Rocc]: so you can tell it to boot from cd, but it just isn't?01:53
Dr_willisMystik7,  heh - i dont even have a wireless card. :)01:53
SkinnYPuppI can't vouch for it but someone seems to have a Realtek 8187b workaround  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-679457.html01:53
sailaway85-1My combination of a ati 2600hd and a ibm p260 monitor have caused me nightmares. If i go into setting and change anything from 1600 x 1200 the system will either crash or sinc out of colour.  If I try to go back to the default the system wont change.  help01:53
style23I installed firefox 3.0 with the sudo apt-get install firefox-3.0 command but when I goto firefox and look in the help->about it still tells me 2.0 ?01:54
Waterloosee ya in a bit01:54
kitchestyle23: it will but it will have some really odd version number01:54
[Rocc]is there any other way?01:54
[Rocc]i just entered "setup"01:55
style23kitche it says
DistroJockey[Rocc]: you didn't answer my question. And if you are speaking to me, you should put my name in the reply01:55
Dr_willis[Rocc],  on some machines theres a real fast 'hit F10 (or other)  to select boot disk' item.01:55
DistroJockey[Rocc]: ok, goto where you can change the boot order01:55
Survivormanstyle23, did you close your browser windows first, then open another instnace.01:56
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: hmm, mine is hit esc..01:56
[Rocc]DistroJockey, im there...01:56
style23survivorman I restarted the computer01:56
DistroJockey[Rocc]: cool, you see something about booting?01:56
Dr_willisIndyGunFreak,  esc here goes to the bios screen, F10 has its own 'select boot disk/cd/usb' menu :) which is handy01:56
Frustationhello i have a problem with need for speed most wanted :( he don't want to run01:56
IndyGunFreakDr_willis: oh ok.. ,01:56
Frustationwith cedega01:56
Survivormandid you uninstall firefox 2? It might have another command to open it.01:56
rootlinuxusrany basic guides for compiz that work on dell integrated x1270 ati cards? I really wanna see what I'm missing out on.01:56
Dr_willisFrustation,  check the cedega forums yet?01:57
style23nope I didn't uninstall firefox201:57
IndyGunFreakrootlinuxusr: i'll tell you, nothing.01:57
kitchestyle23: anyways firefox 3 uses firefox-devel as the command to start it01:57
[Rocc]DistroJockey, I get Removable device, IDE Hard Drive, ATAPO CD-ROM, Other Boot Device...01:57
DistroJockey[Rocc]: when you do, put cd/dvd first then HDD second01:57
IndyGunFreak!ati | rootlinuxusr you need to get your ati driver working, the you can install compiz01:57
uboturootlinuxusr you need to get your ati driver working, the you can install compiz: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:57
FrustationDr_willis: i have buy cedega and the game can't run my game ! :(01:57
bnex10Frustation, what game are you trying to run?01:57
style23kitche do you type that command somewhere01:58
Frustationbnex10: NFS most wanted01:58
[Rocc]DistroJockey, what?01:58
FrustationTransGaming Cedega Version 6.0.201:58
Survivormanyou can install cedega for free through svn01:58
kitchestyle23: in the terminal01:58
Dr_willisFrustation,   You just said you were using cedega...     theres a free demo of cedega also I think.01:58
DistroJockey[Rocc]: so it would be:  ATAPO CD-ROM, IDE Hard Drive, Removable device, Other Boot Device01:58
style23kitche whats the whoe command01:58
Mystik7does anyone know if there any apps similar to street atlas for ubuntu, that can use usb GPS?01:58
Dr_willisFrustation,  and the wine appdb may have info on that specific game01:58
bnex10damned thing didn't use 32 bit color mode....... BRB again01:58
FrustationDr_willis: nonono i have install my game01:58
=== theseus is now known as anaxagoras
kitchestyle23: firefox-devel to start firefox301:59
astr0bomberi think i have the driver for my wireless adapter, how do i install it in ubuntu??01:59
FrustationDr_willis: i can run NFS with wine ?01:59
[Rocc]DistroJockey, i dont get those options for removable...01:59
FrustationDr_willis: how it's possible to do ?01:59
Frogger626Does anyone know a channel for grub help? And not #grub. Been there, tried talking to slugs.01:59
rootlinuxusrbest setup for Diablo 2?01:59
Dr_willisFrustation,  installed it how? You mwan with wine? cedega is wine.01:59
[Rocc]DistroJockey, wait what?01:59
=== anaxagoras is now known as bonhoffer
Dr_willisFrustation,  you now have everyone totally confused I think.01:59
Dr_willisFrustation,  wine is whats normally used to run windows apps. cedega is just a spinoff of wine with a game focus.01:59
FrustationDr_willis: but... wine is wine and cedega is cedega it's more different no ?01:59
DistroJockey[Rocc]: can you move items up and down in that list maybe with + / - or PgUp / PgDown ?01:59
IndyGunFreakFrogger626: i had an idea that might fix your situation.02:00
[Rocc]DistroJockey, yeah i can02:00
Dr_willisFrustation,  cedega = wine+tweaks02:00
IndyGunFreaki was thinking about it after you left02:00
DistroJockey[Rocc]: sweet :)02:00
FrustationDr_willis: okay and with wine i can run Most wanted ?02:00
[Rocc]DistroJockey, ...ok02:00
Mystik7hmm I wonder if Street Atlas works under wine with usb gps device02:00
Dr_willisFrustation,  check the wine app database web page.02:00
style23kitche it keeps telling me command not found02:00
Dr_willis!appdb | Frustation02:00
ubotuFrustation: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org02:00
DistroJockey[Rocc]: save and exit and give it a go02:00
IndyGunFreakFrogger626: join me in #indygunfreak  /join #indygunfreak02:00
ader10Brasero fails to load, and I would like to be able to fix it without restarting the system. Any ideas?02:00
FrustationDr_willis: i have wine on my computer but what i must doing ?02:00
[Rocc]DistroJockey, do i edit them?02:01
Dr_willisFrustation,  you said you installed the game... how did you install it? I would do a 'wine /path/to/media/cdrom/setup.exe' my self to start the installer.02:01
DistroJockey[Rocc]: just have CD first then Hard drive second02:01
Dr_willisFrustation,  if you just doubleclicked the .exe and it installed.. then it started wine by itself to install.02:01
Mystik7I am confused by all the sym links to sym links that goto yet more sym links with the firefox install in squishy heron02:02
[Rocc]DistroJockey, What.... cd on removable?02:02
style23kitche it keeps telling me command not found02:02
FrustationDr_willis: but i haven't do update to wine02:02
cachedI once heard that it is not advised to install wine through apt-get, is this still the case?02:02
DistroJockey[Rocc]: which ever one your Ubuntu disk is in02:02
FrustationDr_willis: when i doubleclic on my game.exe wine run any02:02
kitchestyle23: don't know what ubuntu actually calls it but the one from mozilla is firefox-devel might be firefox3 maybe02:02
[Rocc]DistroJockey, i have no clue though02:02
Dr_willisFrustation,   i never double click on the exe's i alwyas use the terminal.  that way i see any wine error messages.02:03
Rafabehi, anyone here use Thunderbird?02:03
jordan_cached, No, and I have never heard such a thing claimed02:03
DistroJockey[Rocc]: if you have 2 CD entries, put them both above IDE hard drive02:03
Mystik7kitche: Hardy Heron latest has firefox 3 b2 by default I think02:03
rootlinuxusrthunderbird yes.02:03
mopheadHey guys, does anyone want to help out with a wireless issue? it's over at #helpstpat02:03
Frustationwith the terminal ? can you send me the command plz ?02:03
jordan_cached, Especially since the wine devs themselves have an Ubuntu repository02:03
Rafaberoot: was it a new profile or did you import stuff from a Windows installation?02:03
Dr_willisFrustation,  you use wine, or cedega to run the installer, it should add icons in the menus for the games. If the game dosent work check the wine app database to se eif theres any tweaks for the game. It  MIGHT be totally unplayable with wine.02:03
jordan_!hardy | Mystik702:03
ubotuMystik7: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:03
rootlinuxusrtwo new profiles02:03
Rafabeallright, nevermind then02:03
ader10Half of my applications fail to load (I think it's a gtk problem). Any help/ideas please?02:04
rootlinuxusrproblems importing?02:04
StPatrickOk, I need a guide.02:04
RafabeNo, I haven't been able to attempt it (my Ubuntu desktop is currently in repairs) and wanted to know if a Linux copy could import a Windows profile02:04
StPatrickI need like.. a Linux Spiritual guide. WHo wants to Volunteer.02:04
FrustationDr_willis: I have used cedega to run the installer, and NFS can't run and today i want to run the game with wine if it's possible to do02:04
StPatrickYou'll be working directly with me to get my wifi working.02:04
rootlinuxusrRafabe, it should be possible02:05
StPatrickAnd I'll be listening, and learning from you,02:05
bobbo85anyone know where I could find a guide on using avidemux to convert .wmv to avi?  I have only found guides to use the CLI with mencoder02:05
StPatrickYou can maybe claim it as charity on your taxes.02:05
charles|64_ok the skydome is cutting off the bottom of my image whats up with that02:05
Dr_willisFrustation,  'wine /path/to/the/setup.exe' to run the installer,  for a start02:05
StPatrickSomeone, please, help me.02:05
Mystik7I am bill gates, I decided I hated vista, so here I am02:05
amenadoStPatrick-> a broadcom 43xx chip?02:05
StPatrickamenado,  Nope...02:05
SkinnYPuppStPatrick: #debian also good info02:05
[Rocc]DistroJockey, i have Query'd you02:05
Rafaberoot: yeah but I'd like to know for sure :P I tried the support forums, I tried the IRC channel, no response02:05
kitcheStPatrick: just ask some questions and someone will anwser if they know the answer02:05
FrustationDr_willis: i must run the installer of NFS most wanted ?02:05
iceswordMystik7, LOL02:05
charles|64_never mine02:05
kitcheSkinnYPupp: to bad they won't help ubuntu people if they know :)02:06
Dr_willisFrustation,  or wine /path/to/where/cedega/installed/it/gameprogramname.exe02:06
DistroJockey[Rocc]: I did not see any such query02:06
Pelobobbo85, I don,t think you can use avidemux to do it , but if it can, just load the wmv , and on the left side change copy to somethingelse02:06
Dr_willisFrustation,  its proiberly better to just reinstall with wine02:06
ader10Half of my applications fail to load (I think it's a gtk problem). Any help/ideas please?02:06
amenadoStPatrick-> stay here so others can share02:06
StPatrickkitche,  I have been doing that, ketche My question is I dont understand this guide. Someone please help me get through it. http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=837922&postcount=702:06
FrustationDr_willis: i must reinstall with wine ? :(02:06
rootlinuxusri could boot into windows to double-check...but i'd feel nasty...02:06
Dr_willisFrustation,  try one or the other.. dont whine about wine.02:06
Dr_willisFrustation,  if you know where cedega installed it to..use wine /path/whatever/whatever.exe02:06
FrustationDr_willis: but when i put the CD wine don't run the CD02:07
SkinnYPuppStPatrick: What is your wireless card again ?02:07
cdaviswith he 2.6.22-14-generic kernel do I get smp support?02:07
FrustationDr_willis: yes i know where cedega installed it02:07
mopheadstpatrick, tell everyone where you stopped and what error you got02:07
meoblast001how do you change the screen resolution in Ubuntu on a PS3.... its really small....?02:07
FrustationDr_willis: i go to use wine :D02:07
bobbo85thanks Pelo, it's kinda tough being a newbie and just blindly copying and pasting commands into the cli ya know?02:07
meoblast001also..... where can i find WINE for PPC?02:07
Dr_willisFrustation,  given that you havent checked the wine app database. you dont know if either will play the game. if cedga cant handle it - i doubt if the wine in ubuntu can either02:07
rootlinuxusrmeoblast001 http://lists.terrasoftsolutions.com/pipermail/yellowdog-general/2004-June/014468.html ?02:08
FrustationDr_willis: i can't play the game :(02:08
Pelobobbo85,  I know ,  but you get use to it ,  you can also look in the forum for someting called convertit , it's an all in one videoconverter02:08
[Rocc]DistroJockey, Are you still here?02:08
StPatrickSkinnYPupp,  My card is Intel® PRO/Wireless* 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)02:08
bobbo85for example right now Pelo I typed in mencoder infile.wmv -ofps 23.976 -ovc lavc -oac copy -o outfile.avi, and I have no idea what ofps or 23.976 or -ovc lavc -oac copy -o .... like what is all of that?!02:08
Dr_willisFrustation,  http://appdb.winehq.org/search_results.php?cx=013271970634691685804%3Abc-56dvxydi&cof=FORID%3A11&q=need+for+speed&sa=Search#3002:08
FrustationDr_willis: how i cjeck the wine app database ?02:08
DistroJockey[Rocc]: if you mean a private message, then you will need to register your nick to be able to do that02:08
Dr_willisFrustation,  its a web site you go to..you enter the game name in the search field.. rather stright forwared. :)02:08
SkinnYPuppStPatrick: I'll put that in the google swamp02:08
FrustationDr_willis: okay02:09
ader10Half of my applications fail to load (I think it's a gtk problem). Any help/ideas please?02:09
Dr_willis!appdb | for the 4th time Frustation02:09
ubotufor the 4th time Frustation: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org02:09
Pelobobbo85,  those are image ratios,  audio and video format and the like02:09
StPatrickEveryone, At the link i listed above, I m on the step just past chmod a+x remove-old && sudo ./remove-old02:09
StPatrickI do not understand it.02:09
StPatrickI dont speak Linux02:09
StPatrickHere's link again02:09
Stroganoffis there something BETWEEN xpaint and gimp (not kpaint)02:09
bobbo85oh and Pelo, the terminal has just been saying "skipping frame!" and counting up "pos:  3640.2s" it's at 90% complete right now but I bet it's all blank/skipped frames - is there any way to cancel it?02:09
unocrash!hi | unocrah02:10
ubotuunocrah: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:10
FrustationDr_willis: it's for me the Current ! http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=8714 but i don't know how i must take the file !02:10
Pelobobbo85,  just close the terminal02:10
unocrashi know many ubotu commands02:10
PwrSurgei'm doing a ping bacak to myself02:10
Pelo!ubotu > unocrash check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu02:10
PwrSurgesee if it still timesouts02:10
munichlinuxhi all i upgraded from 7.04 to 7.10 and the after upgrade the X server failed02:10
munichlinuxFreeFonthPath: FPE "/usr/share/fonts/X11/misc + ubuntu update02:10
munichlinuxso what is the patch ?02:11
Dr_willisFrustation,  that made no sence to me wwhat so ever.. searh for your specific game at the appdb website. see if they say its playable, or what tweaks they needed to do to get it playable.02:11
Dr_willisFrustation,  also it may need a newer version of wine to make it playable.02:11
dunnixI woke up this morning with a ubuntu update message suggesting a "partial upgrade"  I did it, and now firefox 3.0 is no there... I am using 8.04 hardy   any ideas?02:11
Krzzzzhello folks02:11
Pelomunichlinux, do a search for the error msg in he forum  www.ubuntuforums.org02:11
meoblast001rootlinuxusr; i only want WINE... not qemu02:11
c0ldfusion!ubuntu+1 | dunnix02:11
ubotudunnix: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:11
meoblast001rootlinuxusr: do i really have to download all those RPM's?02:11
Dr_willisFrustation,  thers so many variants of that game. I dont know what one you have specifically02:11
Pelodunnix, ask in #ubuntu+102:12
unocrash!ubuntu+1 > dunnix02:12
FrustationDr_willis: i need the version to ubuntu 7.10 Gusty x8602:12
unocrash!ubuntu+1 | dunnix02:12
ubotudunnix: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:12
[Rocc]Could anyone help me?02:12
unocrash[Rocc]: Whats the prob?02:12
FrustationDr_willis: i have Ati Radeon 9200 and Amd Athlon 2400+ with Processesor 2gz and 750 Ram02:12
c0ldfusion!anyone | [Rocc]02:12
ubotu[Rocc]: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:12
wobbiebobbieyes rocc02:13
FrustationDr_willis: i have ubuntu 7.10 with gusty02:13
i_r_leenucks_manRocc, state the question please....02:13
Dr_willisFrustation,  wine and some games with ATI cards - dont work too well also..02:13
SilentSounDcan someone please help me get my "eraser header" disabled? It's driving me crazy, i can't type with it enabled.02:13
i_r_leenucks_man!anyone | [rocc]02:13
ubotu[rocc]: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:13
[Rocc]i need help burning ubuntu on  my computer02:13
PeloSilentSounD, eraser header ?02:13
[Rocc]i already got that grrr02:13
Dr_willisSilentSounD,  you mean the joy-nipple on the laptop? :)02:13
i_r_leenucks_manOk, from an ISO onto a CD?02:13
[Rocc]uh huh02:14
c0ldfusion[Rocc]: got a lighter handy?02:14
mopheaddoes http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=837922&postcount=7 make any sense to anyone?02:14
unocrashdid you follow the website i gave you [Rocc]?02:14
i_r_leenucks_manOk, does your comp burn CDs?02:14
StPatrickAlso, Everyone, http://pastebin.ca/973325 Is Me trying to follow those instructions.02:14
[Rocc]c0ld: no02:14
Pelo[Rocc], you need to ask specific quesitons02:14
SilentSounDDr_willis, yes02:14
FrustationDr_willis: ... :( You want to say me that NFS will not go on my computer ?02:14
SkinnYPuppStPatrick: type "man chmod" into terminal without the quotes.02:14
bobbo85Thanks Pelo :-)02:14
StPatrickSkinnYPupp,  Ok02:14
[Rocc]i do believe that is specific....02:14
i_r_leenucks_manRocc, do you have the .iso downloaded?02:14
unocrashdid you follow the website i gave you [Rocc]?02:14
SkinnYPuppStPatrick: q for quit in manpages02:14
Dr_willisFrustation,  it depends on a lot of things..  this is the Origianl 'need for speed' or some newer variant?02:14
amenadoStPatrick-> which ubuntu version do you have?02:14
[Rocc]no, what is it?02:14
StPatrickamenado, 7.1002:15
Dr_willisFrustation,  ATI cards are often a prlblem with MANY games under wine/cedega02:15
StPatrickSkinnYPupp,  What's that uhh gonna do for me?02:15
FrustationDr_willis: I have wine 0.9.46 ! how i can install wine 0.9.54 ?02:15
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
amenadoStPatrick-> what is wrong with the stock ipw3945 that came with 7.10 ?02:15
Krzzzzhello folks02:15
StPatrickamenado,  I have no idea.. maybe nothing. how do i use it02:15
i_r_leenucks_manok, rocc, go to www.ubuntu.com02:15
wobbiebobbiehi krzzz02:15
i_r_leenucks_mango to get ubuntu, download the .iso02:15
StPatrickamenado,  See, this is why im in here asking for help. I am LINUX noob.02:16
SkinnYPuppStPatrick: let you understand what the chmod does in that line02:16
Krzzzzhas anyone had any experience with Gnome-voice-control02:16
[Rocc]its already burnt and all02:16
amenadoStPatrick-> look in your  /lib/modules/`uname -r`/ubuntu/wireless if it is there02:16
tocmo0nlordi want to unzip a game into the games dir, tried unzip -d /folder/game.zip /urs/games/game but it says its unable to find it02:16
i_r_leenucks_manOk, now when you boot go into BIOS and change boot order so CD is first02:16
=== greencult_ is now known as GreenCult
[Rocc]how so?02:16
Krzzzzi get this error when i try to add the applet to a panel02:16
StPatrickamenado,  I dont understand how to Look in that.02:16
FrustationDr_willis: i have some newer variant NFS MW and i must put wine 0.9.54 on My computer02:16
i_r_leenucks_manBIOS is like, f2, f8, f12, some key shortcut when you boot up02:16
i_r_leenucks_manit should say02:16
i_r_leenucks_manwhat comp do you have?02:16
KrzzzzThe panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:GNOME_VoiceControlApplet".02:16
amenadoStPatrick-> ls -la  /lib/modules/`uname -r`/ubuntu/wireless if it is there02:16
Pelotocmo0nlord, you need to use sudo if you unzip to anywhere outside your /home folder02:17
Dr_willisFrustation,  thers a  wine repository you can add to your repository list for the latest version of wine02:17
unocrashKrzzzz: use pastebin02:17
[Rocc]HP Pavilion 70002:17
DistroJockeyi_r_leenucks_man, [Rocc]:  we went through this02:17
FrustationDr_willis: what i must do ?02:17
[Rocc]im in bios02:17
Krzzzzsup uno02:17
tocmo0nlord sudo unzip -d /media/BARTPE/alienarena2008-linux20080227.zip /usr/share/games/02:17
tocmo0nlordunzip:  cannot find or open /usr/share/games/, /usr/share/games/.zip or /usr/share/games/.ZIP.02:17
Frogger626Does anyone know how to change the resolution on Ubuntu above 600x800?02:17
[Rocc]distro: i still need help....02:17
StPatrickamenado,  What am i looking for in this list?02:17
Dr_willisFrustation,  read at the !wine factid for a  start I gues. I dontuse wine much.02:17
unocrashKrzzzz: Use Pastebin for your error02:17
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.02:17
Krzzzzcan you explain it to me in mor detail02:17
StPatrickamenado,  ipw3945 is listed.02:17
DistroJockey[Rocc]: you said you asked a query, and I said I didn't see it02:18
FrustationDr_willis: i have wine 0.9.58 in .bz2 !02:18
i_r_leenucks_manrocc, go into private chat with me02:18
unocrash!pastebin | Krzzzz02:18
ubotuKrzzzz: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:18
DistroJockey[Rocc]: what stage are you at?02:18
i_r_leenucks_manI sent some messages to ya02:18
Dr_willisFrustation,  you dont want to use the source for wine02:18
StPatrickamenado, so is a rtl818x02:18
amenadoStPatrick-> so if you activate your wifi it does not work with that module?02:18
FrustationDr_willis: yes i want use the source why not ?02:18
StPatrickhow does one "activate their wifi" in linux?02:18
i_r_leenucks_manopen netmanager02:18
mopheadcan you open wifi-radar?02:18
StPatrickamenado,  How do i use that module?02:18
unocrashCan you access Internet from bluetooth?02:18
i_r_leenucks_manDon't use wifi-radar, that's crap.02:19
Dr_willisFrustation,  NO you dont.. they have .deb packages for the latest..  if you setup the proper repo following tha web site you can just do a apt-get install wine and it will get the latest.02:19
StPatrickWifi Radar opens.02:19
SilentSounDanyone ?02:19
SilentSounDother than cutting the wire02:19
tocmo0nlordoh LOL02:19
mopheadIs there a list of wifi connections?02:19
=== olala is now known as Iz
tocmo0nlordi was doing it backwards02:19
i_r_leenucks_manIn NetMan there is02:19
vocxtocmo0nlord, according to the manual page the order of the commands is incorrect.02:19
StPatrickmophead,  But that doesnt mean anyhting. Thre may nto be any within range wher ei am.02:19
Izhow can i unistall gnome and install another enviroment?02:19
FrustationDr_willis: where i can find the packages to the french wine 0.9.58 ?02:19
tocmo0nlord<vocx> i was doing it backwards lol, the .zip goes at end, dir where its going goes first02:20
i_r_leenucks_manlz theres some sudo apt-get thingy, let me check up02:20
Dr_willisFrustation,  read that !wine url yet? it gives links to the winehq repositories.02:20
amenadoStPatrick-> cd to that dir ipw3945 and then  sudo  modprobe ipw394502:20
mopheadstpatrick: so what are we trying to do then? I thought we were trying to run wifi02:20
Dr_willisFrustation,  http://winehq.org/site/download-deb02:20
[Rocc]Distro, Im in the dios, where we left off changing remoable device or something....02:20
StPatrickmophead,  Im trying to get my computer to realize I HAVE a wifi card.02:20
StPatrickmy wif DOESNT work.02:20
DistroJockey[Rocc]: might be easier to just put the IDE hard drive last in the list02:20
vocxtocmo0nlord, check the manpage, it is not as important which goes first or after, the important part is the switch "-d" it must appear before the directory.02:20
StPatrickamenado,  CD to which directory?02:21
FrustationDr_willis: thank ^^02:21
[Rocc]distro: What do you mean by that?02:21
tocmo0nlordi switched it around and worked great02:21
i_r_leenucks_manlz: try sudo apt-get install kde-desktop-environment02:21
DistroJockey[Rocc]: so that all other devices try to boot before the hard drive02:21
unocrashI forgot it!!!!! HOW do i get compiz!!02:22
i_r_leenucks_manRocc, change boot order so CD boots first02:22
i_r_leenucks_manunocrash: sudo apt-get install compiz-fuzion02:22
marciaHello all.02:22
i_r_leenucks_manshould work02:22
StPatrickamenado,  Dude?02:22
Frogger626What is compiz?02:22
unocrashi cant belive i forgot how to get it02:22
vocxtocmo0nlord, exactly, but you could have done this "unzip file.zip -d /usr/share/games/" also02:22
i_r_leenucks_manGraphical manage02:22
StPatrickFrogger626,  Just go get it.02:22
unocrash!compiz | Frogger62602:22
ubotuFrogger626: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:22
i_r_leenucks_manBeryl + Compiz = Compiz Fuzion02:23
i_r_leenucks_manRocc won02:23
StPatrickamenado, man im so lost.02:23
dassoukiis there a way to install the world clock app in gutsy?02:23
FrustationDr_willis: when i run with wine 0.9.58 i have nothing...02:23
[Rocc]Grr im lost...02:23
FrustationDr_willis: you had get the problem ?02:24
Dr_willisFrustation,  no idea then. I dont have the game, i dont use wine. and the appdb says the game is flakey under wine.02:24
Stroganoffis there something like xpaint but not as ugly? (not kpaint)02:24
Frustationflakey ?02:24
Dr_willisFrustation,  post a commant on the wine appdb perhaps, check their forums,02:24
FrustationDr_willis: okay...02:25
Dr_willisFrustation,  they say the game is very unplayable whenit does work.02:25
i_r_leenucks_manTALK TO ME IN PRIVATE CHAT02:25
i_r_leenucks_manTalk over PM rocc02:25
[Rocc]I am02:25
FrustationDr_willis: so... what the NFS can run with wine ? NFSU2 NFSCarbon ?02:25
amenadoStPatrick-> hang on am watching starwars..hehe02:25
i_r_leenucks_mani don't see any replies02:26
Dr_willisFrustation,  look at that wine appdatabase. they list all those games.02:26
FrustationDr_willis: okay ^^thx02:26
vocx!register | i_r_leenucks_man [Rocc]02:26
ubotui_r_leenucks_man [Rocc]: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.02:26
Dr_willisFrustation,   some do get good ratings02:26
[Rocc]Leenucks: do you have yim/msn?02:26
StPatrickamenado,  I'd be watching tv right now... If i was on WIRELESS!!!!!02:26
soulreaperhi i have linux ubuntu and i have cedega. how do i use it to install steam from steampowerd.com02:26
mikedotySo... I have these fancy effects with ubuntu now, like thumbnail previews when I alt-tab02:27
ricaneliteokay i have envy running on ubuntu 7.10 and everything works fine i get my Philips LCD HDTV Screen displayed as the second monitor fine. The one major problem is when the Philips is displayed i cant see the menu panel and if I open a application like Firefox the panel for that application is also not showing up. It is there but I just cant see it. I have it set up to 1280x720. What can I do?02:27
amenadoStPatrick-> cd  /lib/modules/`uname -r`/ubuntu/wireless/ipw394502:27
mikedotyBut now I can't alt-shift-tab.  Minor inconvenience.  How can I restore this functionality?02:27
[Rocc1I LIKE MEN!02:27
c0ldfusionhere we go02:27
soulreaperyou to !!!!02:27
[Rocc]dude why r u starting beef and you dont know me?02:27
mikedotyStop spamming away my question02:28
unocrash[Rocc1: ummmmm...... ok02:28
StPatrickamenado,  It gave me errors02:28
[Rocc1Why did my color change?02:28
methodsis there no autoexpect package for ubuntu ?02:28
[Rocc]ty ljl02:28
soulreapercan anyone help me with cedega on ubuntu02:28
StPatrickamenado,  Is Annikan dead yet?02:30
soulreaperanyone please02:30
mgray5159I am new to this channel02:30
mgray5159how are you all doing02:30
mopheadstpatrick: what error did you get?02:30
amenadoStPatrick-> changing directory gave you errors?02:30
mgray5159I am also new to ubuntu02:30
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto02:30
StPatrickamen no the command you told me to run in the directory, lol02:30
ubotuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/GaimHowto) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and IRC. See also !Kopete02:30
StPatrickMaking a pastebin now02:30
mgray5159does anyton know how to fix the skype problem with skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXv.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:31
[Rocc]ok, leenucks still here?02:31
amenadoStPatrick-> cd  /lib/modules/`uname -r`/ubuntu/wireless/ipw3945  <-- this gave you errors?02:31
StPatrickmophead, amenado  http://pastebin.ca/97334302:31
StPatrickamenado, no the command you told me to run inside there did.02:31
glissI'm surprised ubuntu can use my multimedia keys on my keyboard02:32
glissEverything on this computer works flawless with ubuntu02:32
StPatrickgliss,  Im Sooo happy for you.02:32
glissExcept for the sleep button I think02:32
jimHi... I'd like to ask if someone recommended to StPatrick to come to #debian to ask about a ubuntu wireless issue?02:32
amenadoStPatrick-> its going to a wrong directory when loading?  you finished compiling what you were doing earlier? Im referring to the old stock module02:32
soulreaperok there is 1193 people and no one can help me what is wrong with that02:32
StPatrickamenado,  I dont understand.02:33
refraxwhat is a free alternative to vmware for linux?02:33
wasup"force quit" window is stuck02:33
wasuphow the fuck do I get it off02:33
glisswhat's the difference between suspend an hibernate?02:33
MattJrefrax: Try virtualbox02:33
amenadoStPatrick-> /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/net/ieee80211/ieee80211_crypt.ko  <--this...02:33
glissStPatrick: yeah, it rocks02:33
LjL!language | wasup02:33
ubotuwasup: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:33
c0ldfusion!friendly | wasup02:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about friendly - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:33
LjLwasup: type "xkill" in alt+f2 and click on the window02:33
wasuphow in tarnation do I get it off!02:33
amenadoStPatrick-> that dont look same as the directory i asked you to cd to02:33
refraxMattJ: ok installing now :)02:33
StPatrickjim,  He left dude. He had to go. Told me when he left to ask in here, or in #Debian, that someone might be able to help.02:33
wasup!using ubotu | c0ldfusion02:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about using ubotu - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:34
StPatrickamenado,  =/02:34
unocrash!language | wasup02:34
ubotuwasup: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:34
[Rocc]Question, what one should i change the cd thing too.... um like 1. remoable device...02:34
StPatrickamenado,  Im tryin man i really am.02:34
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:34
wasupunocrash, what did i say this time02:34
ubotuPlease investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.02:34
unocrashf      u     c       k02:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about haters - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:34
wasup"xkill" won't do it02:34
unocrashhaha !haters02:34
wasupLjL, xkill won't do it02:35
StPatrick!Fix my wifi02:35
amenadoStPatrick-> hang on..let me look around02:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about fix my wifi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:35
StPatrickamenado,  Thanks :(02:35
wasupthe "force quit" window is stuck like a picture02:35
Dr_willis!love | unocrash02:35
ubotuunocrash: Love is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.02:35
Dogma_So, is anyone here running Ubuntu on a mac Via Paralells?02:35
wasuphow the hell do I get the "force quit" window off without restarting02:35
unocrash!botabuse | StPatrick, Dr_willis, c0ldfusion02:36
ubotuStPatrick, Dr_willis, c0ldfusion: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (type also /msg ubotu Bot). Don't use commands in the public channels if you don't know if they really exist. Also avoid adding joke/useless factoids.02:36
LjLwasup: i have no idea why xkill wouldn't do it...02:36
StPatrickubotu I forgive you. No one seems to know much about fixing my wifi.02:36
style23kitche it was named grandparadiso webbrowser. I kept clicking the firefox icon.... it works now thank you02:36
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:36
christophoroshello guys i installed utubu last night and now i am trying to connect an external harddrive but it wont let me see the contents of the drive any ideas?02:36
Survivorman!wireless | StPatrick02:36
ubotuStPatrick: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:36
banditofdoomhi guys02:37
wasupLjL, ubuntu has been pissing me off lately.  Rhythmbox constantly just randomly shuts off... firefox freezes on very simple tasks... and when ubuntu crashes, it crashes so bad i have to restart my computer to be able to do anything02:37
banditofdoomhi all02:37
amenadoStPatrick-> what do you have in /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/net/ieee80211 ?02:37
banditofdoomwhens zday comin out02:37
LjLwasup: i'm sorry.02:37
c0ldfusionwasup: mine doesn't do that02:37
unocrashLjL: Hey!02:37
unocrashI wasn't playing02:37
unocrashI had the ubotu window up02:37
jimStPatrick: have you determined your chipset and driver name?02:37
LjLunocrash, you weren't helping either... the warning had been given, then use PM if you need to give further factoids02:38
StPatrickjim,  chipset seems to be Realtek RTL8187b02:38
StPatrickjim, driver is anyone's guess02:38
jimok, what linux driver for that?02:38
jimpreferably your determination02:38
unocrashwhats -o mean?02:39
StPatrickamenado,  It says macsoft02:39
ricaneliteim trying to save my x configuration file and im getting this error message Unable to create new X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'.02:39
tocmo0nlordi get this error while trying to install adobe http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62276/ help ?02:39
jimunocrash: sideways lollipop02:39
StPatrickamenado, sorry softmac02:39
StPatrickjim,  Are you talking to me?02:39
amenadoStPatrick-> thats the only content of that directory?02:40
StPatrickamenado,  Yes02:40
unocrashwhy a sideways lollipop?02:40
jimunocrash: I dunno, that's what it looks like to me...02:40
amenadoStPatrick-> what happend to the original that were there?02:40
StPatrickamenado,  What original....02:40
StPatrickamenado,  I have no idea.  I dont know what was there.02:40
refraxMattJ: thank's for the suggestion, works good :D02:41
StPatrickamenado,  I didnt even know that folder was there02:41
amenadoStPatrick-> files that start wtih ieee8021102:41
SurvivormanStPatrick, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571046&page=602:41
MattJrefrax: Great :D02:41
refraxMattJ: vmware was giving me problems02:41
vocxtocmo0nlord, don't install rpm in ubuntu02:41
vocx!deb | tocmo0nlord02:41
ubotutocmo0nlord: deb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.02:41
pyraki can't umount an sd card, how do i tell what process is making it "busy"?02:41
SurvivormanStPatrick, there is a partial fix it seems02:41
MattJrefrax: I prefer VirtualBox in many ways, yes02:41
Dr_willispyrak,  lsof /dev/SDCARDDEVICE02:41
tocmo0nlordso i cant install rpm files in ubuntu ?02:41
iceswordpyrak, cd out that dir02:41
christophorosam trying to mount the usb drive but it wont let me it says "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000" anyone can help me out?02:41
Dr_willispyrak,  i think.02:41
Dr_willispyrak,  be sure you are cd'd out of any shells accessing the device.02:42
SurvivormanStPatrick, here is a fix for your wifi it looks: http://quilombo.wordpress.com/2008/03/07/realtek-rtl8187b-working-in-ubuntu-710-using-ndiswrapper/02:42
amenadoStPatrick-> your wifi is a usb dongle?02:42
StPatrickSurvivorman,  Finding posts about my problem is not my problem I can search google, and browse forums all day long.  Thank you though. I appreciate your looking, and assistance. However, what I need is someone to help me DO one of those fixes. I can't put the processes listed into effect.02:42
jimtocmo0nlord: you could look into alien -- might work even -- other than that, it's not recommended02:42
DigitalKiwiif ubuntu is debian then why is there ubuntu?02:42
StPatrickamenado,  It;s internal. Built in, but usb.02:42
pyrakDr_willis, thanks, that did it02:42
StPatrickSurvivorman,   Please do nto take this as me being ungrateful. I am very appreciative of your searching.02:43
amenadoStPatrick-> built in but usb? usb are normally removable..02:43
MattJDigitalKiwi: Ubuntu is based on Debian, it is not Debian02:43
hexoroidanybody good with rdns ?02:43
DistroJockey!debian | DigitalKiwi02:43
ubotuDigitalKiwi: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!02:43
StPatrickamenado,  Im aware of that.  Don't ask me to explain it. It's an internal USB.02:43
=== _endo602 is now known as endo602
jimDigitalKiwi: it's not debian. the only thing in common really is the packaging format... and even that is questionable, because ubuntu takes all its software from debian unstable and works on it02:43
vocxtocmo0nlord, jim, he could try alien but it is not needed to install adobe reader.02:43
Dr_willisDigitalKiwi,  its no longer 'debian'  - its  branched away from debian.    it also has different design goals then debian does.02:43
hexoroidanybody good with rdns ?02:43
refraxpyrak: next time if that happens, and that isn't the cause, then do 'fuser /dev/cdrom' and it will tell you processes using it02:44
unocrashLjL: what's -o mean?02:44
jimunocrash: what's it mean... to me? to you? to some unix command? which command?02:44
Survivormannp StPatrick02:44
hexoroidanybody good with rdns ?02:44
StPatrickSurvivorman,  Think you can walk me through one of them?02:44
amenadoStPatrick-> I guess since you dont have those ieee80211  files go ahead and compile those what you were doing earlier...see if your compiled modules would work..02:44
Lichig0I have one simple question: When Ubuntu goes to 8.04(or whatever the new version is) will my current one (7.10) notify me that the upgrade is available02:45
StPatrickamenado,  Dude I dont remember what your taslking about. Infact.. I dont know what Compiling is...02:45
LjL!modes > unocrash    (unocrash, see the private message from Ubotu)02:45
jootLichigo, Yes02:45
[Rocc]i still need help :(02:45
Dr_willisStPatrick,  thats why youinstalled the 'build-essential' package earlier. for the C compiler stuff.02:45
unocrash[Rocc]: Can you not boot to the cd02:46
StPatrickDr_willis,  i remember installing that.. i dont know what its for. I installed it cause you said i would need it.02:46
maynards-girlhow do i edit tags for songs using Exaile?02:46
xfahow can i configure speaks and headphones output seperatly?02:46
mophead!modes > me02:46
amenadoStPatrick-> you were referring to a step chmod a+x remove-old && sudo ./remove-old   this may have removed it..02:46
jimStPatrick: lots to do, lots to learn... have you removed something that you're going to have to replace in order to get something working?02:46
Dr_willisStPatrick,  as i said then if you are going to COmpile source code. You will need it..  that site you gave had the source code.02:47
danc3maynards-girl: did you read the documentation for "Exaile"?02:47
unocrash!hi > me02:47
StPatrickjim,  It seems that way02:47
DistroJockeyxfa: running   alsamixer   from a terminal didn't help?02:47
StPatrickDr_willis,  I... think I understand.02:47
[Nevan]can anyone help me with this script: http://pastebin.ca/973342 plz?02:47
StPatrickamenado,  Indeed. That seems likely.02:47
xfaif i set headphones to max an front down both volumes are 002:47
osxdude|laptopsorry, ubuntu alternate is installing on my old desktop and it's stuck at Configuring apt (40%): Scanning the mirror...02:47
xfamaybe a driver problem?02:47
amenadoStPatrick-> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=837922&postcount=7  <--this was the link you have pasted earlier when i came in..02:48
StPatrickamenado,  RIght, Im trying to do that.02:48
iceswordosxdude|laptop, nana,is it connected to internet02:48
Dr_willis[Nevan],  first line is wrong   #! /bin/sh    NO space in there.. for a starter02:48
maynards-girldanc3, i didn't see it on their wiki or site02:48
xfa Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8) is my audio chip02:48
Dr_willis[Nevan],  and you proberly want #!/bin/bash02:48
osxdude|laptopicesword I assume it is.02:48
StPatrickamenado,   I dont know how to explain why this is so difficult for me.02:48
amenadoStPatrick-> when you executed this   chmod a+x remove-old && sudo ./remove-old   this may have removed it..02:48
DistroJockeyxfa: alot of devices cancel the speakers out when phones are plugged in *shrugs*02:48
christophorosam trying to mount the usb drive but it wont let me it says "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 1000" anyone can help me out?02:48
StPatrickamenado,  That seems likely....02:48
danc3maynards-girl: have you done any basic Googling for instructions?  Have you even tried to actually *USE* the program to do what you want?02:49
osxdude|laptopEthernet is plugged in, and I configured the wireless manually, icesword02:49
StPatrickamenado,  SO now what?02:49
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:49
amenadoStPatrick-> continue with the steps02:49
iceswordosxdude|laptop, then wait02:49
StPatrickI did02:49
nickrudosxdude|laptop what do you see on alt-f4? (or one of those, has the log)02:49
StPatrickamenado,  I did, Then I pastebin linked you the errors it returned.02:49
[Nevan]Dr_willis: the problem is here: /usr/bin/screen -DmS realm $dir/$exe &> $home/test.log02:49
[Nevan]the log dont be saved :/02:49
osxdude|laptophaha, funny, nickrud02:49
xfayeah but my speakers still run after plugin in the headphones02:49
unocrash!Brainfuck > me02:49
jimStPatrick: there's a coupla possibilities... you'll have to either get help from someone or learn the whole process (albeit a step at a time) yourself02:49
nickrudosxdude|laptop ?02:49
osxdude|laptopI see it02:49
StPatrickjim,  I know man, Im trying to do both...  For now, though, I need wireless, so im tryin to find help.02:50
amenadoStPatrick-> you downloaded that  "Next download ieee80211-1.1.12 which is the newest todate."  ?02:50
osxdude|laptopnickrud it says it's failing to downloa02:50
StPatrickI downloaded the .18 one that is actually newest, yes02:50
=== jordan_ is now known as Jordan_U
Dr_willis[Nevan],  try it with bash instead of sh for a start. put an 'echo' in front of that line, to see what its expanding to exatly for a test also.  Youmay have some typo.02:50
jimosxdude|laptop: so... you're running windows right now?02:50
tocmo0nlordi get this error when trying to load alienarena2008 http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62278/02:50
StPatrickamenado,  They are sitting in a temp folder02:50
nickrudosxdude|laptop it's trying to get from a mirror probably02:51
osxdude|laptopit just tried again.02:51
amenadoStPatrick-> then just follow the steps per that instruction in the link02:51
osxdude|laptopnickrud that's excatly what it's foing02:51
StPatrickamenado,  Im tryin to tell you i already did.... but it's cool. Ill do it again02:51
unocrashosxdude|laptop: ar u from www.osx-e.com?02:51
vocxtocmo0nlord, you shoudn't be using the root terminal for games, just to do administrative stuff.02:51
unocrashthoguht so.....02:52
DistroJockeyxfa: ohh. There are more channels to the right in alsamixer also. Maybe play with 'Center' or 'Surround'. Apart from that, not sure.02:52
StPatrickamen Ok, I downloaded the file.02:52
amenadoStPatrick-> sudo ln -s /usr/src/linux-headers-`uname -r`/  /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build  <--I assume you are about to do this?02:52
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:52
nickrudosxdude|laptop this may sound silly, but if you hit escape a few times you can go back in the install, and pick a different time zone in a different country  (or maybe hand select a mirror)02:52
osxdude|laptopfirst forum I went to for macosx emulation help...02:52
osxdude|laptopooh, cool nickrud02:52
StPatrickamenado,  Yes02:52
mgray5159does anyone know how to fix the skype problem with skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXv.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:52
StPatrickamenado,  Lets see what happens.02:52
[Nevan]the problem is the test.log is empty... tried with only: $dir/$exe >> $home/test.log02:52
[Nevan]and all work good but i need screen and with screen dont work02:52
nonix4Can I make grub/casper boot directly from a .iso on an usb drive or do I really need to extract that huge amount of data there?02:53
Dr_willistocmo0nlord,  downloading that game now..:) going to take 20 min. :(02:53
xfaDistrojockey, i got headphone, pcm, frpnt front mic and microphone02:53
StPatrickln: creating symbolic link `/lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/build/linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic' to `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic/': File exists02:53
Dr_willistocmo0nlord,  downloading that game now.. down to 10 min! :)02:53
SilentSounDcan someone please help me get my "eraser header" disabled? It's an AlpsPS/2 ALPS DualPoint TouchPad Handlers=mouse3 event502:53
DistroJockeyxfa: what was it you were trying to do again?02:54
tocmo0nlordyes, problem was that it wouldn run under root02:54
tocmo0nlordgot it working on reg terminal02:54
Dr_willistocmo0nlord,  most likelyt you need to run the game as a user. since root cant access the desktop/X02:54
StPatrickDr_willis,  What game is that?02:54
Dr_willisStPatrick,  AlienArena2008 - it just came out a few weeks ago.02:54
xfai want to listen to music with the headphones, but i don't want to use the speaks at the same time02:54
DistroJockey!install | nonix4  (see the last link)02:54
ubotunonix4  (see the last link): Ubuntu can be installed in a lot of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall. Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:54
soulreaperwell can anyone help me now02:54
StPatrickDr_willis,  What is it?02:54
amenadoStPatrick-> then next step?  make && sudo make install     -- im just following the steps on that link.02:54
StPatrickamenado,  Ok.02:54
vocxStPatrick, amenado why are you doing those symlinks? You can mess the system like that.02:55
unocrashosxdude|laptop: u there?02:55
Dr_willisStPatrick,  ALiens in an arena :) http://red.planetarena.org/02:55
xfaDistroJockey, using a laptop it's useless when i am travelling and both devices run02:55
StPatrickvocx,  Desperatly trying to fix my wifi02:55
christophorosguys anyone can help me out?02:55
amenadovocx-> per the link he posted earlier..just following it..not sure if its a workable solution for him02:55
christophoroschristophoros@christophoros-laptop:~$ mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1/media/disk -o force02:55
christophorosmount: only root can do that02:55
StPatrickvocx,  Can you help me?02:55
* StPatrick Begs.02:55
tocmo0nlordmeh game looks crappy on laptop02:55
christophoroswhy i cant do it?02:55
Starnestommychristophoros: put sudo before that command02:55
refraxchristophoros: add sudo in front of the laptop02:55
refraxchristophoros: LOL02:55
unocrash!pastebin > christophoros02:55
refraxchristophoros: i mean command not laptop02:55
DistroJockeyxfa: agreed, what if you mute or drop the volume on "Front" ?02:55
osxdude|laptop!offtopic | unocrash02:56
ubotuunocrash: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:56
nickrudcrisnoh also, add a space between sdb1 and /media02:56
vocxamenado, it better to provide no help at all, that not knowing what those commands do. Be careful when helping others.02:56
amenadovocx-> i can not attest to the workability of the link he pasted earlier, im just walking trhough the steps with him02:56
xfaDistroJockey, then headphones are mute too02:56
unocrashIm not dumb02:56
christophoroschristophoros@christophoros-laptop:~$ sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1/media/disk -o force02:56
christophorosUsage: mount -V                 : print version02:56
unocrashIm on ubuntu to help. im just randomly chatting from time to time.02:56
StPatrickvocx,  He's just tryin to help man. He's just trying to help me understand a website explaination02:56
nickrudcrisnoh sorry bout that02:56
christophorosetc etc it shows me the help think02:56
osxdude|laptopnickrud guess what. I pressed alt+ctrl+f2 and went into the consle, and typed in ifconfig and, what do ya know, it isn't connected.02:57
DistroJockeyxfa: pressing  m  on a channel will toggle mute02:57
StPatrickvocx,  Do you know how to fix my wifi?02:57
nickrudosxdude|laptop ah!02:57
Frogger626Uh, hey02:57
refraxchristophoros: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /media/disk -o force02:57
refraxchristophoros: copy and paste that02:57
amenadovocx  he had removed the ieee80211 files so -- logical to may as well finish the compile steps he was working on02:57
osxdude|laptopnickrud, i'm going to not set up the network02:57
StPatrick8 min on alienarena02:57
vocxStPatrick, you can follow the advise you want, but if the one helping you isn't even sure, you can mess things up badly.02:57
nickrudosxdude|laptop done that myself a couple times, easy to set up networking02:57
refraxchristophoros: tell me if it worked02:58
StPatrickvocx,  Well, what do you reccomend then man? I need wifi working, and I'm completely new to linux. :(02:58
osxdude|laptopnickrud, that is correct, remember I'm in the alternate disk :D02:58
xfayeah but muting front mutes the rest02:58
amenadovocx-> it would not be so bad, when missing those  ieee80211 to load ipw394502:58
nickrudosxdude|laptop I would have kept my mouth shut otherwise, it's the only install I use (and know even a little about)02:58
xfaDistroJockey, istn there a tool letting me configure that seperatly02:58
vocxamenado, I get it. However, I think that when you install kernel headers the symlinks are automatically set, you don't need to do it yourself. He is using a strange non-ubuntu guide?02:59
christophorosrefrax yeh it worked02:59
unocrash!mythbuntu > me02:59
christophorosthx alot02:59
jootStPatrick< Go to the ubuntu forums wifi can be a real bitch :-)02:59
StPatrickvocx,  It was on Ubuntu forums.02:59
xfaDistroJockey, i can chose between als mixer (HDA intel) and realtek ALC88802:59
StPatrickjoot,  Yea, thanks, I know.02:59
refraxchristophoros: you're welcome :)02:59
=== olala is now known as Iz
mopheadxfa: What worked for me was muting front completely, then turning the headphones way up02:59
osxdude|laptopthere is no floppy disk, and there was an I/O error on dev/fd002:59
unocrashwhats gobuntu?02:59
refraxunocrash: a template for other "ubuntus" i believe03:00
StPatrickjoot,  As I tried to explain earlier, finiding information isnt my problem. It's taking that information, and fixing anything with it that's stoppingn me. I need a translator.03:00
amenadovocx i dont know, he found the solution, we were looking for the stock  ieee80211 but he has gone far enuff on the steps to have removed these..so we may as well go forward with building a newer  ieee8021103:00
ubotugobuntu is a freedom-focused flavour of Ubuntu intended for experienced Linux enthusiasts. See http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/gobuntu for more information and download mirrors..03:00
DistroJockeyxfa: has the laptop got a manual volume control?  alsamixer is the only thing I can think of atm. And yeah, as you said it may be a driver or changing devices may help.03:00
refraxunocrash: to create other's like kubuntu and xubuntu03:00
vocxStPatrick, Okay, just remember that you can't rush things up. It doesn't matter if you are desperate, and being new to linux doesn't help.03:00
nickrudosxdude|laptop I read somewhere that setting a kernel option of all_generic_ide fixes that, you might want to google a bit to confirm03:00
StPatrickvocx,  Been trying to make it fork 7 days 23 hours now.03:00
StPatrickvocx,  work*03:00
[Rocc]Distro: could you help me, i have no clue which one to change to the disk drive..03:00
xfaDistroJockey, muting front mutes all03:01
mopheadxfa: I also have it switched to alsa mixer03:01
osxdude|laptopah, ok. because my laptop's ubuntu install says there is a floppy drive on the system, lol (nickrud)03:01
StPatrickvocx,  I will ask again, will you help me?03:01
amenadoStPatrick this is a new install relatively speaking right?03:01
jimwhy doesn't distro rhyme with bistro?03:01
unocrashwhats medibuntu?03:01
mopheadjim: bistro is french03:01
Izhow can i update amsn ? :o03:01
nickrud!medibuntu | unocrash03:01
StPatrickamenado,  I formatted less than 2 hours ago.03:01
ubotuunocrash: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:01
jootStPatrick, I cant really help I got into a situation with my card getting on the blacklist some how and I never resolved the issue on that puter..03:01
DistroJockeyxfa: sorry, I have no more ideas atm03:01
newbieis it possible to play PS2 games on ubuntu?03:01
StPatrickamenado,  And I have formatted this laptop about 30 time sin the last 6 days.03:01
xfayeah but if i change headphones volume nothing happens..03:01
unocrashis it possible to download medibuntu?03:02
StPatrickamenado,  And Im happy to format again and start fresh.03:02
[Rocc]Newbie: try a emulator...03:02
YeaSthey, guys03:02
DistroJockey[Rocc]: are you in a device config screen or a boot order screen?03:02
mopheadxfa: I know this sounds stupid but double check that the headphones are plugged into the right hole.03:02
YeaStanyone using virtualbox?03:02
vocxStPatrick, my wireless worked after 3 months, so don't complain. Follow amenado, since he has already helped you.03:02
nickrudunocrash read the link given03:02
newbie[Rocc], which one would you suggest?03:02
amenadoStPatrick-> okay cool..03:02
YeaStI have some problem with the keyboard in virtual guest machine03:02
[Rocc]Distro: "AwardBIOS Setup Utility" is at the top...03:02
mophead!ask | Yeast03:02
ubotuYeast: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:02
StPatrickvocx,  Im not complaining. I'm stating a fact. Im not rushing anything, i am a little rushed, cause people helping me keep having to leave 1/2 way through the process..03:03
[Rocc]Newbie: i wouldn't know, sorry03:03
DistroJockey[Rocc]: and the name of the page you are on in there?03:03
StPatrickamenado,  So, are we continuing :P?03:03
amenadoStPatrick-> so go on withthat  step    make && sudo make install03:03
jootnewbie, I think there is a ps emulator in add remove programs03:03
[Rocc]Distro: im on the boot part03:03
StPatrickamenado,  Give me a minute. I gotta pull everythign back up. I closed everything down when vocx interrupted.03:03
DistroJockey[Rocc]: sec, looking something up03:03
LjLjoot, newbie: not in add/remove programs perhaps (because most come without a graphical front-end by default, and add/remove only shows graphical programs), but there are certainly some in the repositories (use synaptic)03:03
YeaStI could not type in virtualbox guest machine03:03
xfamophead, i can hear sound with the headphones but i can't sepratly change the volume03:03
[Rocc]Distro: kk ill be here03:04
StPatrickamenado,  DO you have the site up? would you link me please?03:04
soulreaperany one use cedega on ubuntu03:04
LjLjoot: uh... you said "i think". i somehow read that as "i don't think".03:04
refraxYeaSt: I am using virtualbox right now, why what is your problem?03:04
Siliciumhow i can use variables in xarg statements?03:04
xfaFront Volume and Headphones Volume run parallel, it seems to me03:04
SiliciumiE: find *.so |xarg cp $1 /usr/lib/03:04
amenadoStPatrick-> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=837922&postcount=703:04
Silicium$1 doesnt work03:04
mgray5159does anyone know how to fix the skype problem with skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXv.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:04
mopheadxfa: what eventually helped me was plugging my headphones into the speakers, and controlling volume through the speakers, with my front on mute.03:04
troxorSilicium: use curly braces03:04
StPatrickamenado,  Ok, do i need to be in a particular folder to do that command?03:04
Siliciumtroxor: i dont know03:05
DistroJockey[Rocc]: does what this site contain look similar:  http://www.computerhope.com/help/phoenixa.htm03:05
xfayeah but i am using a laptop03:05
troxorSilicium: find / -name "*.so" | xargs cp {} /usr/lib/ \;`03:05
troxorSilicium: but you probably don't want to do that command ;)03:05
[Rocc]Distro: no03:05
xfaso i could open the laptop and work it out :D03:05
Dr_willisSilicium,  i always google for xargs examples. :)03:05
jootnewbie, Sorry it is a PCX emulator my bad :-(03:06
amenadoStPatrick-> whereever you were after downloading those ieee80211 file03:06
newbiejoot, no problem :)03:06
DistroJockey[Rocc]: see anything about first boot device?03:06
StPatrickamenado, the folder i unzipped them to?03:06
amenadoStPatrick-> yes03:06
troxorSilicium: according to man xargs, it should be '{}' instead, sorry03:06
[Rocc]Distro: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf-JAVA/Doc/images/c00814740.jpg looks like mine03:07
StPatrickamenado,  I dont know how to get to it =/ I suck.03:07
amenadoStPatrick-> thats where the Makefile is... the target make and make install03:07
DistroJockey[Rocc]: sweet, looking03:07
jootLjL, No I meant " think" I just thought wrong that is all P03:07
amenadoStPatrick-> change directory == cd03:07
[Rocc]Distro: ok03:07
StPatrickamenado,  right03:07
DistroJockey[Rocc]: see that boot page at the top, you at that one?03:07
[Rocc]Distro: yeah03:08
bruenigtroxor: xargs is useless there03:08
StPatrickamenado,  It's making!03:08
bruenigfind / -name '*.so' -exec cp '{}' /usrlib ';'03:08
StPatrickError 203:08
bruenigone command is success03:08
StPatrickamenado,  Error 203:08
StPatrickWant a pastebin?03:08
amenadoStPatrick-> yes please03:08
DistroJockey[Rocc]: and what order are they in now?03:08
[Rocc]Here distro03:09
[Rocc]lemme take a pic03:09
troxorbruenig: yeah, -exec is better03:09
DistroJockey[Rocc]: that would be great :)03:09
StPatrickamenado, http://pastebin.ca/97338803:09
jimStPatrick: you're going to have to find the real error. first: make clean03:09
jimwhat command did you use to build?03:09
StPatrickjim,  I cant take directions from 2 people at once. Are you taking over?03:09
YeaStrefrax:  I just could not type anything in virtual machine03:09
refraxYeaSt: odd03:10
jair__Hello, ¿could someone help me? I have connectivity isssues with firefox after installingmy new wireless router. All other computers in the house work perfectly, one with windows and the other with Gutsy03:10
MrStonedOnesound was working, after having skype running and xmms running at the same time, sound stopped working in both, cords where checked, reboot didn't fix it03:10
StPatrickjim,  you can see what command i use at the link http://pastebin.ca/97338803:10
MrStonedOneany ideas?03:10
refraxYeaSt: what was the os on the vb?03:10
DeVonneIf I goto Hardy what is the worst that can happen?03:10
jimStPatrick: which line?03:10
newbieis there any way I could load an ISO image into the cdrom without burning a CD, or is there some software to open the image file and execute its content?03:10
StPatrickjim,  Top.03:10
refraxYeaSt: was it after the installation of the OS on virtualbox?03:10
MrStonedOnei cant get sound to work in any app, after checking vol levels03:10
[Rocc]Distro: its being sent to my email now...03:10
Dr_willisDeVonne,  a update breaks the system for a few days. :)03:10
YeaStrefrax: it doesnot matter, it does not work even in installation process03:10
jair__I've tried disabling IPv6, cleaning the DNS caché and eliminating the word feisty from my user agent, to no avail03:11
DistroJockey[Rocc]: k03:11
DeVonneDr_willis:  what do you mean?03:11
Dr_willisnewbie,  you can mount iso imatge files easially enough03:11
mopheadDeVonne: do you really want to find out?03:11
amenadoStPatrick-> follow the suggestion per your paste..starting around line 503:11
bazhangDeVonne: hardy discussion in #ubuntu+1 thanks03:11
Dr_willisDeVonne,  a few weeks ago a kernel update. made things unbootable for a day. :) befor that no sound for a few days.. befor that . samba was broke03:11
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:11
DeVonneOk thanks!03:11
Dr_willis!iso | newbie03:11
ubotunewbie: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:11
[Rocc]Distro: can we talk on Query?03:11
StPatrickso type that in?03:11
level09is there any open source solution like Cpanel ?03:11
Starnestommylevel09: ebox?03:11
Dr_willisnewbie,  or you may want to try the fuseiso tools.03:11
level09or WHM03:12
DistroJockey[Rocc]: what is Query?03:12
StarnestommyDistroJockey: private message03:12
* level09 is checking ebox03:12
[Rocc]Distro: private message on mirc03:12
MrStonedOnenone of the !sound info seems to be fore when sound stops working03:12
DistroJockey[Rocc]: sure, but you will need to register your nick03:12
amenadoStPatrick-> yes.. make SHELL=/bin/bash03:12
jimStPatrick: ok so you do have the build log... two issues: the build seems to require you to use bash03:12
DistroJockeyStarnestommy: cheers :)03:12
DistroJockey!register | [Rocc]03:13
ubotu[Rocc]: By default, only registered users can send private messages - Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname.03:13
StPatrickamenado, , jim, That gave me error 2 as well, making a pastebin03:13
jimperhaps if you do a make clean, get into bash and then run the make again it will work further03:13
vocxamenado, if you can you should talk to him in private message, because it is talking a lot of space in this channel. Just a suggestion.03:13
StPatrickamenado, jim http://pastebin.ca/97339203:13
level09sounds impressive, is it easy to install ebox on ubunto through ssh ?03:13
[Rocc]i know howto register on irc03:13
[Rocc]if thats what ur talking about03:13
DistroJockey[Rocc]: yup03:13
YeaStany idea guys?03:13
DeVonneanyone here know how to get a radeon 9000 working or can help me?03:13
jimStPatrick, run make clean then make03:14
SilentSounDHow do i disable the DualPoint mouse?03:14
StPatrickjim,  So type "make clean"03:14
StPatrickjim,  Then "make"03:14
jimthen run the make with the bash thing03:14
StPatrickjim, wait how do i run the make with the bash thing? What would I type in?03:15
[Rocc]Distro: you have yim or msn?03:15
DistroJockey[Rocc]:  nope03:15
jimyou did it already03:15
[Rocc]any messenger?03:15
jimjust do the same thing again03:15
StPatrickjim,  This :   make && sudo make install?03:15
jimactually hold up03:15
StPatrickjim,  K03:16
jimnono, don't try installing yet03:16
StPatrickjim,  Im waiting03:16
Starnestommy[Rocc]: you don't appear to be registered and identified, which is why it's failing03:16
StPatrickjim,  Also afk a sec03:16
StPatrickamenado,  Afk a sec03:16
[Rocc]Distro: Do you have any messenger?03:16
brianHow can I make it so Ubuntu 7.10 automatically opens a program when it boots up?03:16
DistroJockey[Rocc]: I have Pidgin03:16
[Rocc]Distro: what is that?03:16
astro76[Rocc], DistroJockey you guys could just join an empty channel, like #rocc or whatever ;)03:16
Johnny_5just out of curiosity...what r the possibilities of my comp getting a virus from bittorrent while runnin' ubuntu03:16
[Rocc]good point03:16
icanhasadminJohnny_5: basically nothing03:17
Integrationwhat is the name of the network manager that comes bundled with ubuntu?03:17
jimamenado, have him actually use bash rather than set the env var03:17
DistroJockeyastro76: ahh, cheers :)03:17
newbieDr_willis, thank you!03:17
Johnny_5that's what i thought03:17
troxorIntegration: networkmanager03:17
mopheadbrian: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+startup+program&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&client=firefox-a03:17
jimlike: bash <enter> make clean <enter> make <enter>03:17
sixfortyIn preferences, mouse is set full speed. How do I get the pointer to move faster?03:18
soulreaperany one have steam on linux?03:18
jimsixforty: put it in a car03:18
sixfortyjim: it's been 3,278 miles this week. No joke. Next?03:19
StPatrickjim,  amenado  Im back03:19
brianmophead: Ah, sorry, thanks >.< Shoulda checked that first.03:19
StPatrickamenado, jim  Im back03:19
=== jair__ is now known as jair_
jimlike: bash <enter> make clean <enter> make <enter>03:19
mopheadbrian: easy to forget03:19
jimamenado, have him actually use bash rather than set the env var03:20
jimanyway gotta go... luck.03:21
sixfortyI get screen flicker when I log out, then in. Know of a way to fix that?03:21
StPatrickjim,  Thanks a ton.03:21
StPatrickamenado,  You there man?03:21
StPatrickjim,  Hlpe me first?03:21
Dr_willissixforty,  may be the X server is restarting.. which is often a good thing. :)03:21
jimno can do. I have a jam session to play at.03:21
=== Mr is now known as mrkeishii
StPatrickjim,  Ok, but he's gone... and Im mid confusion, lol03:22
StPatrickjim,  What am i doing?03:22
DeVonneThis may sound stupid, but I want to make sure my kernal is the right one, lol, which comes with gutsy?03:22
sixfortyAh. I wasn't clear. The flicker and stray dots remain until rebooted.03:22
StPatrickjim,  What do i put on console nex...03:22
bazhangDeVonne: what does uname -r say03:22
StPatrickjim, damn you jim.03:22
amenadoStPatrick-> i would re-install first. am not comfortable compiling that make ieee80211.. after you installed, we can work on the stock ipw3945 ..03:23
vocxDeVonne, there is no kernAl, there is a kernel03:23
StPatrickamenado,  Ok, so, format and install pinux again?03:23
StPatricklinux even *03:23
bazhangDeVonne: then you are okay03:23
DeVonnevocx don't make fun of my spelling lol03:23
DeVonneok thank god03:23
amenadoStPatrick and if the stock ipw3945 would not work, then we can work on compiling a newer ieee80211 module03:23
StPatrickamenado,  So re-install linux?03:24
refraxI am running windows inside of ubuntu, which is running ubuntu03:24
DeVonnenow to figure out my next problem, now that that is ruled out, thanks03:24
amenadoStPatrick-> yes..03:24
bazhangthe 3945 does not work? is this straight ubuntu, or ubuntu-based? that is the best supported card out there03:24
mitch__hello ?03:25
amenadobazhang-> a step he was following removed the ieee80211 file..so we are stuck03:25
bazhangamenado: aha thanks03:25
StPatrickamenado,  Ok, doing so. See you here in a bit.03:25
StPatrickDr_willis,  Good nows, Alienarena works wonderfully!03:25
little_unix[_gandhii_]: how to enable GET command?03:25
amenadoStPatrick-> starwars will be over by then..03:25
Dr_willisStPatrick,  bad news.. i SUCK at the game...03:25
StPatrickamenado,  LoL I might go get food before I come back.03:25
mitch__looking glass doesnt work can somebody help me out ?03:26
Dr_willisStPatrick,  :)03:26
StPatrickDr_willis,  Maybe we'll practice together later, lol03:26
amenadoStPatrick-> okay go ahead..03:26
bazhangmitch__: how installed03:26
Dr_willismitch_,  you mean that sun java 3d desktop thing?03:26
little_unix[_gandhii_]: how to enable GET command?03:26
mitch__yes java 3d desktop03:26
=== piranha is now known as FlierFan
Dr_willismitch_,  i dont recall it ever working that well... :)03:26
mitch__hahah is there any way to get it working ?03:26
vocxlittle_unix, please explain yourself03:26
little_unixhow to enable GET command?03:27
mitch__ill post there error03:27
bazhangmitch__: try the granular livecd; it is not ready for any desktop really03:27
Dr_willismitch_,  ive only testedit on some live cd's and it was so.. awkward it was nasty.. it was big news for a few weeks.. then just sort of vanished.03:27
Dr_willismitch__,  I perfer the metisse (sp?) desktop as a compiz alternative for fancy stuff.03:27
mitch__oh so its not worth the trouble then ?03:27
mopheadI'm having trouble finding azureus in the file manager.  In which folder would I find the program?03:27
bazhangmitch__: not unless you are a master programmer03:28
Dr_willismitch__,  its not somthing you will use daily. No.. :)03:28
Dr_willismophead,  you installed it?03:28
ubotuazureus is a popular bittorent client written in Java, installation instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AzureusHowTo03:28
vocxmophead, you can install azureus from synaptic and it would appear in the applications menu03:28
mopheadDr_willis: yeah, I already use it.03:28
rpj8Pre-req: I'm NOT using gnome. How do I go about changing the speed at which my mouse wheel scrolls? Currently it FLIES at ridiculous rates and I need to slow it down. Is there something in the xorg file?03:28
mitch__ok haha ill try metisse03:28
mitch__and ya i installed it03:28
Dr_willismophead,  try 'which  azureus' in the terminal03:28
DeVonnewhat is indirect rendering?03:28
little_unixin console exists (other linux) GET command to check php files and etc... in my system (pentium 3) this command dont exists03:28
mopheadDr_willis: SWEET! Thanks!03:29
little_unixi use it in cron jobs03:29
little_unixbut its no exists in my console03:29
Dr_willislittle_unix,  try the wget command03:29
Dr_willisI dont ever recall a 'get' command.03:29
rpj8Pre-req: I'm NOT using gnome. How do I go about changing the speed at which my mouse wheel scrolls? Currently it FLIES at ridiculous rates and I need to slow it down. Is there something in the xorg file?03:30
little_unixnono, its dont wget (download files), i need GET03:30
nickrudftp get ?03:30
little_unixi need GET console command03:30
Dr_willisthere no 'GET' in upper case for the shell that i hae ever seen.03:30
barbedsaberHi all, when I oppen amarok, is says xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers.03:30
little_unixno (wget, ftp get, mgt)03:30
rpj8little_unix: I'ts `get`03:30
mitch__metisse doesnt show up in synaptic am i spelling it wrong ?03:30
barbedsaberwhat do I do03:30
whisperkillerhow would i go about switching from the integrated wireless chip on my laptop to my cardbus netopia?03:30
headrxSo, somehow i managed to f__k my dektop up.. when i open a program now, it no longer apears in the upper right hand 'task bar' .. pidgin for example, whenever i hit the X, it actually closes instead of just minimizing to the sys tray03:30
rpj8little_unix: Just use get and then the http address03:30
nickrudlittle_unix maybe a little more detail about what you mean maybe?03:30
vocxlittle_unix, I'm sorry, we are not understanding you.03:31
bazhangmitch__: do you know it is in the repos or not03:31
Dr_willismitch__, ,  it may not be in there. I tested it out on a mandriva live  cd. :)03:31
mitch__no i dont think its in the repos03:31
Boohbahhttp get?03:31
nickrudphp get?03:31
bazhangmitch__: then that is why it is not in synaptic03:31
little_unixi use GET in cron jobs03:31
little_unixto ckeck files (php files)03:31
headrxcan anyone help me with that?03:31
mitch__ok thanks03:31
bazhanglanguage headrx03:32
little_unixno (wget and ftp-get)03:32
Dr_willislittle_unix,  what disrto/os was this under?03:32
Boohbahlittle_unix: what do you mean 'check'?03:32
rpj8Pre-req: I'm NOT using gnome. How do I go about changing the speed at which my mouse wheel scrolls? Currently it FLIES at ridiculous rates and I need to slow it down. Is there something in the xorg file?03:32
little_unixi use it in red hat03:32
osxdude|laptopYES!!!!!!!! it's booting! yay! everyone dance!03:32
vocxlittle_unix, can you post an example of a cron job in a pastebin?03:32
Dr_willisit may bee some redhat alias then. or other add on. ask in #redhat about it..03:32
mitch__ugh what a repo urls for metisse ? there none on the website03:32
Dr_willismitch__,  it may not be in ANY of the repos.03:33
bazhangmitch__: check the mandriva repos ;]03:33
little_unixwhat link?03:33
=== DarthGates is now known as ndavid
nabyalguien sabe komo arankar el window$ en ubuntu03:33
barbedsaberwhen I open amarok or try and play a song through it, it says xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers. how do I fisx it?03:33
bazhangnaby portuguese?03:34
astro76!pt | naby03:34
ubotunaby: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:34
DeVonnedo I need xgl for dekstop effects or compiz?03:34
mitch__no open gl03:34
Dr_willisDeVonne,  depends onyour video card.03:34
icanhasadminDeVonne: NEITHER03:34
DeVonneradeon 9000 :\03:34
icanhasadminDeVonne: never ever ever install xgl03:34
barbedsaberexcuse me..03:34
icanhasadminDeVonne: it's entirely pointless in 99.9 percent of situations03:34
DeVonneI still want to play with it! :P03:35
barbedsaberI am having some problems with amarok03:35
DeVonneThey wont enable, trying to figure out why03:35
bazhangDeVonne: ask what the people in #compiz-fusion have to say03:35
icanhasadminDeVonne: #compiz-fusion can help you there03:35
metbsddoes ubuntu run well on tablet pc?03:35
level09how do I move the content of a directory up one level ?03:35
level09will this work mv * ../ ?03:35
DeVonneok thanks, I love the ubuntu community, so helpful03:36
vocxbarbedsaber, just repeat the question, don't say "excuse me" or "I have a problem" it is distracting.03:36
Dr_willislevel09,  dont use wildcards without knowing. :)03:36
level09Dr_willis: I'm not :) just asking03:36
astro76level09: that will miss .dot files03:36
Dr_willislevel09,  rm ../dirname/*  perhaps03:36
nabysorry I speak neither Englishman nor Portuguese, where I can find a channel in Spanish03:36
metbsddoes ubuntu run well on tablet pc?03:36
ubotuAquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.03:36
level09perhaps :D03:36
barbedsaberWhen I open amarok, it says xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers. how do I fix it?03:36
metbsdtoo bad i have to use windows xp!!03:36
* level09 trying ...03:36
vocxbarbedsaber, I don't know the answer to your question but open up synaptic and install xine packages, maybe you are missing some.03:36
barbedsaberit worked befor I upgraded to hardy03:37
* vocx doesn't speak Englishman either.03:37
barbedsaberare they oboulete, maybe?03:37
bazhang#ubuntu+1 barbedsaber03:37
headrxhow do i barbedsaber : install VLC, it will play anything you can throw at it03:37
mopheadtry #ubuntu+1 for hardy questions03:37
barbedsabervld is awsome, but I like amarok03:37
bazhanghardy discussion in other channel barbedsaber03:38
barbedsaberok, thanks03:38
level09so is there any command to move files and folder (sub folders )03:38
headrxi deleted everything off my system tray.. now when i X out pidgin, it doesnt go to the sys tray, how do i fix this03:38
iceswordman mv03:39
vocxlevel09, "mv /folde /folder"   read the manual page "man mv"03:39
bazhangheadrx: the x closes apps03:39
astro76headrx: perhaps you removed the tray itself, try right click on panel, add to panel... and add the "notification area"03:39
level09vocx: can I use mv  /dir/* /newdir ?03:39
headrxthank you, that worked03:40
vocxlevel09, you need to create the newdir first. Also, read the manual page, it indicates how to move several files, and so.03:40
=== Thoth is now known as chowder
towlie_whats the name of the linux app that formats c++ code by indenting it03:41
downstairsis there a game like call of duty for ubuntu?03:41
bazhangtowlie_: you want to add tabs?03:41
vocxtowlie_, I think it's "indent" but is included in other utilities03:41
downstairsi have openarena with a mod, but that's not what i mean.03:41
felixhow to remove the Lumaqq03:41
bazhangfelix how did you install it03:42
felixI forgot it03:42
bazhangdownstairs you might try with wine03:42
bazhangfelix then no idea03:43
bazhangdownstairs: check their appdb for cod403:43
felixI don't kown where I install it03:43
FnordPerfecthello again.. I still haven't solved my problem with the root-partition set to read-only after booting..03:43
bazhangfelix if you cannot give that kind of info we cannot give you good answers03:44
metbsdanyone use a tablet pc?03:44
headrxbut i know someone that has gutsy installed on one03:44
antonhello everyone03:44
metbsddid it boot?03:45
metbsdon table?03:45
vocxfelix, exactly as bazhang says03:45
downstairsbazhang: any alternatives? my comp isn't that powerful. i have to run openarena on minimum graphics03:45
antonhelp pls...03:45
metbsdwhat's openarea?03:45
headrxanton : post your question03:45
vocx!ask | anton03:45
ubotuanton: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:45
bazhangdownstairs: if I recall cod4 is fairly resource hungry, not sure how to overcome that03:45
antonhi compwiz1803:45
Y-Townanton: ask your questiom03:45
bazhangmetbsd: a game03:46
downstairsmetbsd:sorry i meant openarena03:46
FnordPerfectIs it possible that the partition is re-mounted r/o because some init script exits with a fail-status? Can I find out, which?03:46
antonthanks ubotu03:46
metbsdgame? on linux? hahaha03:46
vocx!bot | anton03:46
ubotuanton: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots03:46
antonahmm im juz new03:46
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:46
antoni want to update my compiz fusion 5.0.2 to compiz fusion to 6.003:46
vocxFnordPerfect, did you provide a read only option to the kernel at boot time?03:47
crdlbanton: what version of ubuntu?03:47
crdlbanton: also, you mean 0.5.2 and 0.6.0 :)03:47
antonyes indeed03:47
crdlbanton: despite what the package versions imply, you _do_ have 0.6.003:47
antoni have now a 0.5.203:48
FnordPerfectvocx: yes, it's provided by grub. but this is normal, isn't it? it is supposed to be remounted r/w after fsck.03:48
metbsddoes kde have comizfusion?03:48
crdlbanton: 0.6.0 was released shortly after ubuntu 7.10, so ubuntu included a development snapshot from just before the release03:48
antonand i think i dont have other extra plug ins03:48
antonlike snow03:48
bazhangmetbsd: it does when you install a couple of things03:48
crdlbanton: see the +git on the end of the version number03:48
felixthe LumaQQ just can't   login and now I using the eva03:48
vocxWhat other symptoms are there. What does "mount" say?03:48
crdlbanton: snow is not officially supported in any version, but if you want it for gutsy, join #compiz-fusion03:48
metbsdfelix: are you chinese?03:48
vocxFnordPerfect, ^03:49
FnordPerfectafter logging in, I can remount it manually with -o remount,rw without any problems03:49
antonok thank you very much for ur help crdlb03:49
antonit was greatly appreciated crdlb03:49
metbsdi use qq on windows. it's nice03:49
metbsdyou don't get qq on linux03:50
metbsdbecause linux don't support qq03:50
FnordPerfectvocx: ^03:50
felixI kown03:50
vocxFnordPerfect, What does mount say? I only have (rw,error=remount-ro) as options03:51
bazhangeva works fine with qq03:51
FnordPerfectvocx: you mean, what's in /etc/fstab? I have rw,error=remount-ro' and additionally defaults' as an option.03:52
vocxFnordPerfect, type "mount" in the terminal03:53
FnordPerfectvocx: oh.. ok. (rw,errors=remount-ro)03:53
osxdude|laptopwill someone tell me why my boot screen is at too high of a resolution for my monitor? how can I fix it?03:54
vocxFnordPerfect, well it says it is read/write? So what's the problem?03:54
icanhasadminosxdude|laptop: change res in /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:54
xtknight!fb | osxdude|laptop this is probably something to do with it?  if you mean grub screen?03:54
ubotuosxdude|laptop this is probably something to do with it?  if you mean grub screen?: Information about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub03:54
FnordPerfectvocx: it is read/write because I remounted it manually.03:55
downstairsare there any call of duty linux alternatives?03:55
Ashfire908uh, my terminal is broken.03:55
xtknightdownstairs, well many id software games work on linux.  ut2004 works on linux as well.  enemy territory quake wars, quake4...03:55
bazhangdownstairs: that are not resource intensive?03:55
downstairsbazhang: yes please03:55
vocxFnordPerfect, oh. Well, check that after a reboot. Mmmm. How did you mount the root partition if you were using it? Are you using a Live CD?03:55
bazhangdownstairs: doubtful03:55
xtknightdont think so03:56
downstairsxtnight: ut2004 what years is that set in?03:56
michael__i got alot of my windows games to work on ubuntu with no trouble and litle lag through wine03:56
allan_I'm write a plugin for audacious, but it has some problem03:56
TheFearsomeFufuIs there a package that lists any "orphaned" packages? For example libraries that I don't need, etc03:56
downstairsbazhang: i can play openarena fine.03:56
xtknightdownstairs, no idea.  it's not a war game tho it's a futuristic game03:56
bazhang!info deborphan03:56
ubotudeborphan (source: deborphan): Find orphaned libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.23 (gutsy), package size 69 kB, installed size 420 kB03:56
FnordPerfectvocx: No, I logged in at the terminal and remounted it with "mount -o remount,rw /"03:56
xtknightdownstairs, enemy territory (not quake wars, but wolfenstein enemy territory) is based in 1942 i believe.  WW203:56
=== ndavid is now known as ndavi-
allan_because used libglade in the plugin03:57
xtknightdownstairs, it's objective based and team based...fireteams, etc03:57
downstairsxtnight: that is exactly what im looking for thankS!03:57
bazhangTheFearsomeFufu: see deborphan03:57
xtknightdownstairs, but it stil uses pixel shaders i think and all that.  if that's what you mean by resource intensive :\03:57
TheFearsomeFufubazhang: Thanks.03:57
michael__XTnight thats unrelated take it to *ubuntuofftopic03:57
xtknightok i can meet you in #ubuntu-offtopic , downstairs03:57
vocxFnordPerfect, does it give any errors on startup?03:58
michael__thank you03:58
allan_when it's running, the system tell me :undefined symbol: glade_xml_new03:58
TheFearsomeFufuAnother question: Is it ok to remove the "ubuntu-desktop" package? I'm trying to remove some things I don't need, but one of them depends on the ubuntu-desktop package03:58
ubotuInformation about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub03:58
bazhangTheFearsomeFufu: that is a metapackage; what else does it wish to remove03:58
FnordPerfectvocx: yes, there were plenty of errors, since I screwed it badly while downgraded from hardy back to gutsy. but i fixed most.03:59
nickrudTheFearsomeFufu yes, but release upgrades generally require that package be installled to complete03:59
michael__that question came up yesterday i believe that it is ok to remove the desktop package but ma not sure03:59
axelHello! How to recover a wiki-entry which got lost while trying to save it?03:59
TheFearsomeFufunickrud: Ah, ok. If it's needed for release upgrades, I'll keep it then03:59
* nickrud cringes, downgrade03:59
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Ashfire908i'm trying excute a file (with ./file) and i know it exists, and i know it's excutable, but bash keeps saying the file doesn't exist http://pastebin.com/d5de3518b03:59
vocxFnordPerfect, then don't ask here! man you have been seriously breaking apart your system by doing that? Don't you think it's important to mention that beforehand?!03:59
bazhangaxel got lost? please clarify04:00
DistroJockeyaxel: google's cache maybe?04:00
FlannelAshfire908: Does it have a proper shebang?04:00
HugoEnderHello World04:01
Ashfire908Flannel, yes.04:01
Monobi2I don't have a working CDROM and my BIOS doesnt support booting from a USB stick. What am I to do to install ubuntu?04:01
FnordPerfectvocx: uhm, sorry... I mentioned it the last time I joined the channel.. also,I fixed most of it.04:01
Ashfire908Flannel, "#! /usr/bin/env python"04:01
bazhangMonobi2: what system is your computer running now04:02
axelbazhang: I typed quite a long article, but saving did not work. So I pressed the back-button. This did not work either.04:02
Monobi2bazhang: vista >_> , I want to dual boot.04:02
Monobi2bazhang: I'm on the system without a working CDROM.04:02
axelDistroJockey: Ist was not saved on a server. I wanted as the entry got lost.04:02
vocxFnordPerfect, well, big news for you. Hardy is beta now, so get the beta and reinstall. Otherwise try the alternate Gutsy CD and upgrade the packages from it. Those regarding installation scripts.04:02
bazhangMonobi2: and vista works on that older computer? you could try a net install, wubi, or a couple of other options04:03
amenadoAshfire908-> put that path in your PATH and execute the .py or cd to that dir then execute04:03
AshfireFlannel, sorry04:03
Monobi2bazhang: the computer is only a year old. Sadly the CD drive has gone to crap. By net install you mean via LAN ?04:03
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
axelMonobi2: You could also install it from an USB-stick.04:04
DistroJockeyaxel: ahh, bummer. Sorry, no further ideas.04:04
mark[oz]has anyone installed ubuntu on usb?04:04
Monobi2axel: 23:01 < Monobi2> I don't have a working CDROM and my BIOS doesnt support booting from a USB stick. What am I to do to install ubuntu?04:04
Ashfire908amenado, i'm in the directory04:05
bazhangMonobi2: what computer make and model please04:05
Monobi2mark[oz]: it SAYS it supports USB, but I tried to place the ubuntu CD into my external CD drive, and modify the BIOS, but it didnt work04:05
amenadoAshfire908-> then just  ./xxx.py04:05
Monobi2axel: ^^04:05
axelMonobi2:net, disks.04:05
Monobi2bazhang: er, Gateway ?04:05
bazhangMonobi2: precise make and model please04:05
sparky_hereI just installed 8.04 trying to use desktop effects all is working but the cube when i set it to 2x2 virtual desktops it shows 4 on the taskbar but I can only access 2 any ideas???04:06
FnordPerfectvocx: well, ok then. thanks for helping. I'll just do that. I would have prefered to find and fix the error by myself, but by now I've wasted enough time with that. mine, and yours.04:06
axelbazhang: Any idea for the lost wiki-entry?04:06
vocxsparky_here, please don't ask questions about hardy here, until it's release has been made official.04:06
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu04:06
sparky_hereSorry my bad04:07
Ashfire908amenado, nope http://pastebin.com/d15fa9e3104:07
vocxFnordPerfect, no problem.04:07
HugoEnderi am having problems logging on to root using su- to install something04:07
HugoEnderwhat are my options?04:07
FnordPerfectbye *04:07
jim_beamhas anybody installed e17 in ubuntu 7.104:07
nickrudHugoEnder   sudo <command>   or sudo -i   for a root shell04:07
Ashfire908HugoEnder, in ubuntu you use sudo04:07
bazhangMonobi2: that has a broadcom card in it?04:08
HugoEnderthen what does su - do in ubuntu?04:08
vocxHugoEnder, don't use "su" use "sudo"04:08
Monobi2bazhang: er, yes04:08
Ashfire908HugoEnder, same. but in ubuntu there is no root pass04:08
bazhangaxel: did you try your firefox cache04:08
amenadoAshfire908-> i dont think  "." is in your $PATH04:08
Monobi2bazhang: s/broadcom card/wireless card/ ?04:08
madagascarHello ! after upgrade to 8.04, MailScanner stopped working. Now i can't reinstall and can't deinstall due to inconsistent state04:08
HugoEnderso what is the highest permission in ubuntu ashfire?04:08
bazhangMonobi2: any friedns with a cd drive?04:08
Ashfire908HugoEnder, root.04:08
vocxmadagascar, , please don't ask questions about hardy here, until it's release has been made official.04:08
* nickrud copies vocx's text replace04:09
HugoEnderAshfire908, but there is no pass for root?04:09
bazhangmadagascar: #ubuntu+1 please04:09
Monobi2bazhang: I have an external CD driver04:09
bazhangMonobi2: one that works?04:09
Ashfire908HugoEnder, yes there is no password for root.04:09
Monobi2bazhang: yes, it is external04:09
Monobi2bazhang: just bought it tonight04:09
bazhangMonobi2: then problem solved04:09
vocxnickrud, seriously I felt like that was deja vu, I was expecting nickrud though04:09
Monobi2bazhang: how so? my BIOS doesnt see it :|04:10
bazhangMonobi2: that is what I use to install ubuntu on my eeepc04:10
HugoEnderAshfire908, so what stops anyone from installing stuff on ur computer using root?04:10
nickrudvocx heh. found out I had one already, just forgot #ubuntu+1 is handling hardy questions until release,  /j #ubuntu+104:10
Ashfire908!sudo | HugoEnder04:10
ubotuHugoEnder: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.04:10
Ashfire908HugoEnder, when a user account has no pass, you can't login via a password.04:10
Monobi2bazhang: well, you are going to have to walk me through it ;) . I modified my BIOS to boot from the various USB options and the Hard Drive last, but it didn't work.04:10
bazhangMonobi2: you may need to get vista drivers for it then; not sure about vista, might ask in ##windows first then come back04:11
Monobi2bazhang: vista drivers?04:11
nickrudHugoEnder and only the first, installation created user has sudo privs, unless you grant them by adding a user to the admin group04:11
axelbazhang: I tried my Konqueror history.04:11
vocxHugoEnder, basically only the users that are in the admin group can use sudo, others cannot.04:11
bazhangMonobi2: you are using vista right now, yes?04:12
bazhangMonobi2: and you have a problem with Vista recognizing an external cd drive, correct?04:12
=== GameJunkie is now known as Lleumas
Monobi2bazhang: not vista04:13
Monobi2bazhang: the BIOS04:13
Monobi2bazhang: I have the driver software for the hard drive04:13
Monobi2bazhang: er, s/hard drive/external CD drive/04:13
bazhangMonobi2: once you get that solved (hardware/bios issue) we can help you with ubuntu on there; until that time it is not really an ubuntu issue04:13
vocxMonobi2, It should be recognized by the linux kernel, and if it is not, then it won't work since the windows drivers are not compatible with linux.04:14
Monobi2bazhang: okay. Well, that is my problem. I have used ubuntu on two other machines I have, so installing ubuntu itself isnt the problem :)04:14
bazhangMonobi2: which is why I suggested asking for help in ##windows and then coming back; we will still be here when you return04:14
HugoEndervocx, nickrud : then what stops something from just coming to my computer when i am away and typing sudo to install malicious software?04:14
SilentSounDhow can i make backspace == back in firefox ?04:14
nickrudHugoEnder they need to know your user password04:15
bazhangaxel: no luck in konqueror?04:15
vocxHugoEnder, well they need your password still.04:15
HugoEndero oka04:15
axelbazhang: Not so far.04:16
madagascarhi again - how can i re-install or remove a package which "is in a very bad inconsistent state" ?04:16
HugoEnderthank you for your help guys04:16
Kurban_HaydarovI need some help guy about my friend's wireless problem04:16
axelDoes anybody know how to access the cashe of Konqueror?04:16
tyTrying to open qparted and getting this error "Failed to execute child process "qtparted-root" (No such file or directory)"04:16
sjovanaxel: i don't use KDE, but what do you mean by the cashe of konqueror?04:17
nickrudmadagascar sudo dpkg -r --force-remove-reinstreq <pkgname>04:17
bazhangaxel: I know this wont help now, but what I generally do is type it in open office and auto save then cut and paste it to whatever I am writing online--that way the web wiki messups are alleviated a bit04:17
madagascarthanks nickrud, i'll try it04:17
bazhangmadagascar: this is gutsy or hardy04:17
madagascarthis is an ubuntu question04:18
nickrudmadagascar mostly works, if it says reinstall required in the error message04:18
bazhangmadagascar: if it is hardy then the other channel04:18
nickrud#ubuntu+1 is handling hardy questions until release,  /j #ubuntu+1 madagascar if that doesn't fix it04:19
madagascari think the help i need is version non-specific04:19
Ashfire908amenado, path is not needed when i give it the path (./), but adding ./ to PATH does nothing04:19
nickrudmadagascar I understand that, but the package you have problems with is hardy specific, it might very well be a known hardy issue04:19
axelbazhang: Thanks for the hint.04:20
spredais there a 64 bit ubuntu channel?04:20
Izhow can update gnome?04:20
luckylini have a silly noob question but here goes, i'm all out of CD-r's but i have 100 DVD-R's so will a DVD-R work for burning ubuntu (probably does sorry to ask)04:20
bazhangsorry to be of immediate help axel; I have had that happen and know how much it stinks04:21
bazhangerr not04:21
Starnestommyspreda: this channel is for 32-bit and 64-bit04:21
nickrudIz you would have to compile gnome to upgrade it in a release, the new version is released with each new ubuntu release04:21
vocxluckylin, if you have that many you only need to burn ONE to try out? man do you really need to ask a question like this one?04:21
bazhangluckylin: sure no problem04:21
climatewarrior yes if you have a dvd burner you can do that04:21
climatewarriorthere's even a dvd version of ubuntu04:21
axelsjovan: I don't mean the history of browsed URLs, but the "buffer" (Zwischenspeicher in German).04:22
amenadoAshfire908-> what does ./rtvm2.py supposed to do?04:22
luckylinthanks (yes i have a dvd/cd burner)04:22
bazhangluckylin: then you are good to go04:22
Izi think i will need this cause the ubuntu i just installed was downloaded a time ago.. i got ubuntu 7.04 the feisty fawn and gnome v. 2.1804:22
tyTrying to open qparted and getting this error "Failed to execute child process "qtparted-root" (No such file or directory)"04:22
Izarent there new versions so far?04:23
luckylinok one more retarded question04:23
luckylincan you put more then one ISO on a dvd and have like a dual boot iso04:23
luckylinlike ubuntu and suse04:23
vocxIz, to get the latest you need a new Ubuntu version. After that, there are no updates, unless there is a security patch.04:23
bazhangluckylin: no; it is an image so it leaves no free space--not a data disk04:24
luckylinoh.just thought i'de ask04:24
climatewarriorluckylin, as far as I know, no you cant do that04:24
Izthat means i have to downlaod the new ubuntu version burn in and reinstall ? or can i somehow upgrade ubuntu?04:24
nickrudIz 2.20 came with 7.10, and 2.22 will come with 8.0404:24
Dr_willisluckylin,  ive seen some live-cd-dvds that do that.. but they dont do it quite that way04:24
vocxluckylin, That would be complicated. Probably would be possible to merge the two distros so they would still be one ISO, but sounds very strange indeed.04:24
luckylinyeah i noticed all iso's say zero free space even though they aren't as big as CD-R's04:24
bazhanglz that is up to you; you can net upgrade or do a fresh install04:24
DistroJockeyluckylin: is possible, but not a question for here. You would need to edit the iso I assume04:25
Izi prefer net upgrade :) how is this possible?04:25
StPatrickamenado,  I'm back. Fresh install.04:25
bazhanglz from feisty to gutsy?04:25
vocxIz, yes, you can upgrade ubuntu from the net. But you have to upgrade the entire distro, not just gnome, so it may need to download 1 GB.04:25
nickrud!upgrade | Iz04:26
ubotuIz: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:26
bazhanglz also dont do this on dialup ;]04:26
amenadoStPatrick-> paste your ifconfig; iwconfig; route -n04:26
nickrudbazhang you are silly ;)04:27
StPatrickamenado,  is that one solid command?04:27
vocxamenado, since I feel it's gonna take a while, I suggest you two move to private messages or a private channel.04:27
StPatrickamenado,  Im in #HelpStPat04:28
Izthx guys :) i just upgrating:)04:29
sjovanaxel: no sorry mate, i can't help you.04:29
M4rotkucan i upgrade to the hardy beta without install all of the other updates for gusty?04:30
iceswordM4rotku, unless you uninstall them04:30
nickrudM4rotku not advised, you should be totally up to date in gutsy before upgrading to hardy04:30
M4rotkunickrud: the reason i want to is because an update package that i installed in the past wiped out my wireless card configs and i had to reinstall everything, that's why i have to upgrade again in the first place04:31
nickrudM4rotku you could try, but the results are undefined04:32
tonyyarussoM4rotku: Hardy questions should go in #ubuntu+1 btw - they'll be able to give you more detail.04:32
Legendariohi. can anyone give me some help with the gfxboot? I tried to install it, but my boot doesn't show anything?04:32
M4rotkutonyyarusso, thanks, i'll try that channel04:32
crumbymJust checking things out..04:34
pierreluxI'm struggling to get ubuntu running on my macbook pro v4.1 ... first tried with 7.10 with the livedcd then the alternate but its failed to install grub or lilo. Now with hardy, black screen... nothings appening04:34
crumbymnikki try this website: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro04:35
nikki8965My linux keeps rebooting.  Do I need to reinstall?  It's only on 5 gigs of drive space, because I was stupid, and didn't size my partitions when installing04:35
emmamaybe someone could help you with gparted04:36
jimis parted the thing used by the installer to do partitioning?04:37
nikki8965I tried to use it, but it won't let me resize my windows partition04:37
pierreluxcrumbym: if this was for me... obviously, I checked it first04:37
jimnikki8965: ntfs?\04:37
jimthat's harder04:37
crumbymnikki have you tried this one: http://kahvipapu.com/blog/2007/12/29/liberating-macbook-pro/04:38
bumpin4hi all04:38
jimit'd be easier to find a spare hd04:38
nikki8965Ok.  I have an external HD that I need to dig out of a box04:38
crumbymnikki I have Linux installed on my MacBook Pro.. There were some settings on that last hotlink that will help yoj.04:39
jimnikki8965: does it have stuff you need?04:39
Jordan_Upierrelux, Have you seen this guide ( for V3 ) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro/SantaRosa ?04:39
jimor can you wipe it with no worries?04:39
nikki8965It has stuff I need04:39
earl_hey guys. i'm wondering if there is any sort of sega genesis (or ideally, sega cd) emulator available for ubuntu.04:39
pierreluxJordan_U: thanks but I already went over it... it seems now that I can boot in safe graphic mode with the 8.04 installer04:40
jimnikki8965: how many partitions and what kind?04:40
Jordan_Upierrelux, Then you get an error when installing Grub?04:40
jimdoes ubuntu use lvm by default?04:40
nikki8965just one partition that I can think of.  It's something I got from walmart04:40
Jordan_Ujim, No04:41
crumbymjim No04:41
crumbymJim it uses Ext304:41
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=451647 earl_04:41
izinucsjim, you only get lvm on the alternate cd04:41
emmaearl_,  -- http://www.squish.net/generator/description.html04:41
izinucscrumbym, lvm is not a file system type.. it's a partitioning type of thing04:42
bazhangpierrelux: hardy? that should be discussed in #ubuntu+1 thanks04:42
jimI'm understanding that ubuntu is changing how it's related to debian in terms of its content... are they also changing how they obtain software (snapshot of debian sid)?04:42
StPatrickjim,  Wanna have a go at my wireless now?04:42
izinucsnikki8965, did you get the $200 gOS?04:42
crumbymiz - I know, I was letting him know what the default partion format was04:42
crumbymLVM is Logical Volume04:43
sjovanhey, any of you know of a dc++ clone for linux? maby something that is in the rep?04:43
Jordan_Ujim, What do you mean by "ubuntu is changing how it's related to debian in terms of its content" ?04:43
pierreluxbazhang: this is a general question... nothing specific about hardy. I first wanted to use the stable 7.1004:43
jimlet me see if I can remember closer... I heard that ubuntu had different design values than debian...04:43
bazhangpierrelux: what system are you running now?04:43
jimany truth to that? have those values changed recently?04:44
nikki8965no.  I paid like $80 for it.  It has 'sea' in the name of it.  I'm trying to google it04:44
level09how can I detect the full path to some directory ?04:44
nikki8965yep.  seagate04:44
jimcd there, pwd04:44
pierreluxbazhang: not running ubuntu yet... I'm still trying to install ubuntu completely04:44
level09pwd ?04:44
level09ok thanks :)04:45
jimman pwd for details04:45
bazhangpierrelux: what issues are you having installing gutsy04:45
earl_this generator... won't emulate segacd, will it?04:45
pierreluxbazhang: it failed to install grub or lilo04:45
izinucsnikki8965, a seagate computer?  they make harddrives.. is it a laptop or desktop?04:45
level09great :)04:45
crumbymlevel09 - you might like whereis as well04:45
jimpwd gives you the fully qualified path name to the dir you're in04:45
level09i'm actually staring to like linux :D04:45
level09that's what I want, I'm installing some complicated crm04:45
nikki8965It's an external harddrive.  It hooks up to a computer using a usb cord04:45
Jordan_Ujim, Not that I have heard, the main design differences are that Ubuntu limits the architectures it supports and focuses on the Desktop, also they are more lenient with "non-free" software ( they include Firefox by default still instead of iceweasel and allow easy installation of proprietary drivers )04:45
jimstop staring! it's embarrisin!04:46
crumbymAnyone have suggestions on a good screen capture besides gtk-recordmydesktop?04:46
bazhangpierrelux: this was from the livecd or what? ubuntu or ubuntu-based; what errors are you getting please be precise04:46
nikki8965But, I could partitionit, and install ubuntu?04:46
jimStPatrick: maybe after awhile04:46
jimoh, oops04:46
jimnikki8965: you -could-04:47
izinucsnikki8965, yes..  however installing on an external HD requires some finesse. there are how to's on ubuntuforums.org and elsewhere on the web..04:47
level09what does sudo command actually do ?04:47
pierreluxbazhang: I was unable to use the livecd (staled with low-graphics mode) so I tried with the alternate (64 bits)04:47
jimbut you'd lose the drive unless you back it up04:47
izinucsnikki8965, why not just install in on your desktop HD?04:47
jimizinucs: how would he resize an ntfs04:47
earl_level09: some linux distributions make you log in as "root", meaning the computer administrator, to have more permission to do stuff04:47
bazhangpierrelux: if you give precise info error we can troubleshoot, otherwise...04:47
earl_level09: sudo'ing something gives you that level of access temporarily, and asks for your password04:48
nikki8965I don't have a destop04:48
Jordan_Ubazhang, Try choosing to have the installer *not* install Grub ( so the install does not fail ) then install it manually yourself ( this is what I had to do with my macbook pro back before Grub support for Apples BIOS emulation was as good )04:48
crumbymlevel09 - you can also use su04:48
pierreluxbazhang: no special messages except a red screen with a popup saying it failed to install grub... then the same with lilo (I did not try to install on MBR to mess with refit)04:48
nikki8965just a laptop04:48
level09earl_: thanks ! very helpful04:48
jimyou should be able to (build and) install su and/or sudo on any linux dist... no one's forcing anything04:48
level09so no need for sudo if i'm a root user04:48
izinucsjim, on install you'll be able to resize04:48
earl_level09: don't be a root user04:48
level09why ?04:48
earl_level09: do you leave your doors open?04:48
crumbymlevel09 = ROOT BAD!04:49
earl_it's easier to get in and out of your house that way, so it seems like a good idea, right?04:49
jimlevel09: that is a long story with some points of charge associated04:49
jimever run dos?04:49
level09sure, but how is that ? I'm using a secure private key04:49
earl_thing is, jack the ripper also gets into your house just as easily. so it's not.04:49
izinucsnikki8965, how does the live cd run on it.?  wireless work?04:49
Jordan_Ulevel09, But if your web browser is compromised it can do whatever it wants to your system04:49
cjzjm100Are the softwares of the LTS release  in the repo  in-sync with the the other release(not the LTS release)?04:50
bazhanglevel09: irc on root? hahaha04:50
level09I'm on putty client04:50
nickrudcjzjm100 no, they are substantially older, except for security fixes and a few backports04:50
Jordan_Ulevel09, Doesn't matter what authentication you use to get root privileges, if you are running applications unnecessarily as root you are at risk.04:50
level09how to disable root login ?04:50
izinucsnickrud, unless he's talking about hardy04:50
level09and how do I get back if I disabled it :D04:51
jimlevel09: one thing, if you're not too familiar with the reasons for that, conventional wisdom suggests it's a bad idea...04:51
nickrudizinucs true, but context leads me to think of dapper04:51
bazhanglevel09: uh oh04:51
jimlevel09: also not good idea04:52
TehMwakanyone run 7.10 and have a X2300?04:52
level09jim: what ?04:52
whisperkillerhow do i get the chipset of my cardbus wireless card?04:52
earl_level09: basically, if you don't need to be root to do something, which is almost always the case unless it's something that could potentially damage your computer, don't be root04:52
izinucswhisperkiller, lspci in terminal I think04:52
bazhangusb whisperkiller? lsusb04:53
jimlevel09: it's not a good idea to disable the root acct, you'll need it to fix things (for one)04:53
bazhangwhisperkiller: pci is lspci04:53
level09okay I'm convinced :D , what steps should I do now ?04:53
level09just switch to normal user ?04:53
bazhanglevel09: check for rootkits04:53
jimlevel09: let me just ask this before we get further... do you have stuff you want to keep on the machine you're being root on?04:53
level09I used a normal user , but I kept getting permission denied errors04:53
Jordan_Ulevel09, That's where you use sudo04:54
level09jim: i dont know, I'm running a lamp server04:54
jimstated another way... what if the hd of that machine were wiped? would that be a disaster?04:54
nikki8965wireless works, and the live cd works04:54
zerohi, when i try to install C&C in cedega, it says i need administrator rights to install, im the ONLY user, how can i fix this?04:54
jimare you just fooling around with lamp? or is it a production box?04:55
bazhangzero sudo04:55
izinucsnikki8965, then you could put it directy on the HD if you want04:55
level09actually its a production box :D04:55
nickrud!sudo | zero (this describes getting the privs you need)04:55
ubotuzero (this describes getting the privs you need): sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.04:55
zerobazhang, how do i run sude in cedega?04:55
nikki8965I'll try that... thanks :)04:55
cjzjm100Does the server release have all functions of the desktop release?04:56
nickrudcjzjm100 no gui on the server, otherwise same base04:56
TheOneAndOnlyzero, run sudo cedega - should clear things up04:56
level09okay then , I'll switch to my other user04:56
zeroTheOneAndOnly, thanks04:56
TheOneAndOnlyzero, np :]04:56
Mighty_Penguindoes mplayer only play videos if xorg is installed?04:56
Mighty_Penguinin cli mode04:56
bazhangMighty_Penguin: you want to watch movies in the shell?04:57
level09btw, wheres that file where I can enter command aliases ?04:57
Mighty_Penguinbazhang:  yes04:57
bazhangMighty_Penguin: how?04:57
Mighty_Penguinthe same way i can view images in cli mode04:57
bazhangdoes framebuffer allow one to play games as well?04:58
Mighty_Penguinzgv works great for images, but i havent found any way to watch videos, i've heard mplayer does but not sure how04:58
TehMwakHow to fix discolouration with a radeon x2300 on Gutsy???04:59
Mighty_Penguinbazhang: that i dont know04:59
zeroTheOneAndOnly, same problem, sudo cedega gave me the same issue04:59
level09is there any editor that supports syntax highlighting ?04:59
zeroTheOneAndOnly, ive checked out all the forums, the game is supported under ubuntu04:59
vadillolevel09: vim, gedit04:59
Starnestommylevel09: vim and gvim do, and I think gedit and emacs also do04:59
luciddreamhi, i'm trying to setup an svn server using the standalone svnserve daemon.  I think I may be misunderstanding how permissions work because I get permission denied errors even though I think I've assigned rw permissions to the svn user that the svn daemon runs as: http://pastie.caboo.se/175956  can someone take a look and tell me if i'm doing something dumb?05:00
TheOneAndOnlyzero, if you run it from the terminal, do you get any other output from the terminal other than a permission problem? ie - maybe the file itself needs permissions changed?05:00
level09should I install them , or are they already in core ?05:00
TheOneAndOnlylevel09, gedit as well as abiword do, there are others for specific languages as well05:00
Starnestommylevel09: you might need to install gvim or vim-full if you're using vim.  Gedit is already installed05:00
TheOneAndOnlylevel09, vim and gedit are in the base05:00
TehMwakgutsy - radeon discolouration problems. How does on fix them?05:00
level09great thanks :)05:00
zeroTheOneAndOnly, /usr/lib/transgaming_cedega/gddb.py:24: RuntimeWarning: Python C API version mismatch for module gddb_parser: This Python has API version 1013, module gddb_parser has version 1012.05:01
zero  import gddb_parser05:01
zeroTraceback (most recent call last):05:01
zero  File "/usr/lib/transgaming_cedega/Point2Play_gui.py", line 2750, in <module>05:01
zero    gtk.main()05:01
bazhangTehMwak: using compiz?05:01
FloodBot2zero: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:01
jimemacs uses a sortof weird system to display hiliting05:01
TehMwakCompiz wont start. but videos and pics are all discoloured. on all mediaplayers05:01
bazhanghow were the drivers installed TehMwak05:01
TehMwakrestricted drivers menu thing05:02
jimbut it uses a very versatile and flexible data structure to store the total of the hiliting and indents for the language05:02
zeroTheOneAndOnly, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62281/05:03
TheOneAndOnlyzero, http://www.cedega.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=49709&sid=6684411e3ee5fc2a1306fbd4202aff99 - seems a lot of people have had this issue, idk if there is a fix posted in that forum though05:04
TehMwakbazhang: was done useing the restricted drivers menu.05:04
SegFault[AX]sorry I haven't got a GUI right now, can anyone tell me the channel for nmap?05:04
DeVonnewhere is the cdrom drive located?05:04
SegFault[AX]DeVonne: /dev/cdrom05:05
jimoh -that- cdrom!05:05
SegFault[AX]DeVonne: any mounted cds will go to /media/cdrom05:05
jimsorry :)05:05
bazhangTehMwak: does the restricted driver support that ati card?05:05
SegFault[AX]well, pretty sure05:05
DeVonneI put in a game disc and neither one shows anything05:05
TehMwakbazhang : yes it does.05:05
izinucsSegFault[AX], irc.thelinuxshow.com #nmap05:05
jimso is it mounted? (look at output of mount)05:06
TehMwakbazhang :it says it does anyway?05:06
SegFault[AX]izinucs: thanks, damn i thought it was on freenode05:06
TheOneAndOnlyTehMwak, enable the proposed updates, and do a system upgrade, i had that issue and that's how i fixed it05:06
DeVonneactually /dev/cdrom/ don't exist05:06
SegFault[AX]DeVonne: /dev/cdrom0 then05:06
TehMwaktheoneandonly : thanks05:06
TheOneAndOnlyTehMwak, np :]05:06
DeVonnethere is no cdroms in dev05:06
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, check /media or /mnt05:07
DeVonnethere is cdrom and cdrom0 in media but the cd contents are not showing05:07
StPatrickOk, Ubuntu room. This is it.  I am ready to give up on linux. Unless someone has some ground breaking idea for my wifi. It's been ... fun...  i guess..05:08
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, that means your cd is not automounting...05:08
DeVonnehow do I fix this?05:08
michael__stpatrick whats up05:08
TheOneAndOnlyStPatrick, what's happening w. your wifi?05:08
vadilloStPatrick : have you tried Ndiswrapper05:08
StPatrickvadillo, 7 or 8 times now.05:08
[Rocc]Im having the same prob Patrick...05:08
icanhasadminStPatrick: what card?05:08
michael__stpatrick: no ndiswrapper what chipset is your wifi card05:08
bazhangStPatrick: how long have you been at this? two weeks or less than that05:09
StPatrickWifi card is a Realtek RTL8187b05:09
StPatrickbazhang,  Today was Day 9, at at least 7 hours a day,.05:09
DeVonnehow do I make my cd's auto mount?05:09
vadilloDeVonne: edit the fstab05:09
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, is it a cd drive or a dvd/cd drive?05:10
michael__rocc: what chpset is your card05:10
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, check /dev for dvd05:10
michael__Stpaterick: do you have the driver for your card?05:10
DeVonneit is not in there05:10
Bax_ubuntu fiesty: how do I find a file a just downloaded and installed through Synaptic?05:11
Mashandarit doesn't look like there's a linux driver for RTL8187B yet05:11
bazhangBax_: what file05:11
Mashandarthere's a windows and mac driver...no linux driver05:11
Bax_bazhang: bittornado05:11
StPatrickFor all those interested in trying to keep me in Linux, Here's a heads up on what's happened.  Toshiba A205-S5800. Realtek RTL8187b Wifi Card. Works fine in Vista. Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, Suse, all see card, but can't get it to work in them, Ubuntu ( currently running ) Doesnt even see card.05:11
StPatrickI have tried :05:11
vadilloStPatrick: check this one http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/wireless-internet/118266-realtek-rtl8187b-help.html05:12
Dr_willisBax_,  'which bittorrnado' or whatever the command is to run it05:12
michael__Stpatrick: you have to help me help you buddy do you have the windows driver on hand?05:12
StPatrickndiswrapper with about 30 different drivers, compiling drivers, using hacked drivers,  ^ That link, Several other links, 10 - 15 different walk-throughs.05:12
StPatrickmichael__,  I do not., I just finished formatting again05:12
Bax_Dr_willis: I can literally type that in the terminal?05:12
bazhangBax_: bittornado is in the ubuntu repos?05:12
TehMwak... stpatrick : get a cheep supported wifi card. Problem solved!05:12
StPatrickTehMwak,  That is nto an option.05:12
jimStPatrick: I'm more interested in having you choose what you want to run. If you're not willing to do that, you're not committing, and I expect more miracle requests from you as a result05:12
michael__Stpatrick i went through the same thing i have a card that uses the bcm43xx and unsupported driver05:13
bazhang!info bittornado05:13
Dr_willisBax_,  bash basics.. the which command shows the full path to the command you are running/asking about.05:13
ubotubittornado (source: bittornado): bittorrent client with enhanced curses interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.18-4 (gutsy), package size 155 kB, installed size 876 kB05:13
Dr_willisBax_,  try 'which which' :)05:13
StPatrickjim,  I prefer Mandriva.05:13
jimuse that :)05:13
StPatrickjim,   Cant get any support05:13
michael__Stpatrick:whats the name of the driver your card uses?05:13
SegFault[AX]izinucs: irssi says it cant' connect to irc.thelinuxshow.org on 6667,  is it on a different port?05:13
StPatrickmichael__,  I have no idea. Drivers have names?05:13
Dr_willisBax_,  now if you want to know where in the menus that icon went.. no idea on that.05:13
ShpookHello everyone, quick question: How do I get the Home Folder onto the desktop?05:13
Bax_Dr_willis: but I don't know what the command is for bittornado, I just know that it was the name of the program I downloaded and installed through synaptic05:13
StPatrickmichael__,  The difference between you going through it, and me, is that I am not a computer guy.l05:14
vadilloStPatrick: also this one--> http://www.datanorth.net/~cuervo/rtl8187b/05:14
StPatrickmichael__,  I do not know much about computers, at all.05:14
Dr_willisBax_,  try 'bittornado' ? thats the most logical command for it.05:14
StPatrickvadillo,  Yea, that one's fun...05:14
michael__Stpatrick: yes like the name of mine is bcmwl5.sys (im not either i came into this not knowing anything) so im gonna help you out05:14
ShpookOops, on KDE I mean.05:14
SegFault[AX]Shpook: ln -s $HOME $HOME/Desktop/Home05:14
StPatrickmichael__,  Ok :) I'm glad to hear it.05:14
michael__Stpatrick: so we have to find the driver for your card eh05:14
StPatrickmichael__,  Care to meet m e in a different channel?05:14
vadilloStPatrick what did you mean with fun?05:14
StPatricksay.. #HelpStPat?05:14
michael__Stpatrick: sure just lemme know the name buddy05:15
Bax_Dr_willis: I did, with just the name, with ./, and with "which".  Still got nothing05:15
StPatrickvadillo,  I mean i did it.05:15
hansinShould I be using 'aptitude' vs. 'apt-get'?  I am trying to get in the habit of switching to it.  I keep seeing 'aptitude' is the way to go, but maybe this is a personal preference thing?  I like to install Ubuntu as the Minimal CLI install from the alternative CD.  Does anyone know if the installer uses 'aptitude' or 'apt-get', or is it lower level than that (dpkg?)?  Thanks.05:15
DmoleBax_: bittornado works but try transmition (gui) or rtorrent (cli)05:15
level09is it bad also to use sftp as a root ?05:15
ShpookSegFault[AX]: Thank, that worked perfect.05:15
Bax_Dmole: I05:15
vadilloStPatrick: also the other one link05:16
TheOneAndOnlylevel09, only if you don't care about your system's security :p05:16
SegFault[AX]Shpook: no problem05:16
level09TheOneAndOnly: I cant upload files with a regular user, theres no permissions05:16
Bax_Dmole: I'm just trying to figure out how to find and access programs I just downloaded through synaptic, like bittorando05:16
Dr_willis!find bittornado05:16
ubotuFound: bittornado, bittornado-gui05:16
Alan_Mhansin, it has both on it.....and yes its personal preference honestly.05:16
level09I'm using filezilla05:16
ifireballBax_: you probably want "btdownloadgui"05:16
ifireballBax_: type bt<tab> to see other commands installed by bittornado05:17
DmoleBax_: that will be in the menu under internet05:17
michael__Stpatrick: the way i did mine was quite simple actually all we have to do is find something to extract the firmware from your driver and well put it in the correct spots reboot and bam youl be good05:17
TheOneAndOnlylevel09, hm, you should go in and set the file permissions as root, and then use sftp as a regular user05:17
DeVonneI still can't find or see my dvd/cd drive05:17
DmoleBax_: and like ifireball said ta is your frend05:17
amirman84what language do people use to write programs and GUIs for ubuntu? i may want to take a class on it05:17
level09TheOneAndOnly: okay thnx05:17
ifireballBax_: to see all the files installed by a package "dpkg -L bittornado"05:17
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, do you know what type of hardware you cd/dvd drive is?05:17
amirman84all i know is BASIC :)05:18
DeVonneit came with the emachine so I do not know05:18
Alan_Mamirman84: there are multiple languages that help out in that area :)05:18
ifireballBax_: (though the list of file may not provide much info as to how to use it)05:18
TheOneAndOnlyamirman84, C#, and C++, Python, and Perl...05:18
Starnestommyamirman84: there are several languages that can do that. C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, and a lot of others05:18
TheOneAndOnlyamirman84, we use them all05:18
Dr_willisBax_,  aparanty its 'bt<SOMTHING>'05:18
TheOneAndOnlyStarnestommy, PHP and Ruby can be used, but they are mostly for web development.05:18
Dr_willisBax_,  /usr/bin/btdownloadgui.bittornado05:18
Bax_ifireball: so btdownloadgui is a general command to fetch programs I just downloaded?05:19
StPatrickmichael__,  Sounds good to me man. Come to #HelpStPat?05:19
thundr2TheOneAndOnly: Is there a language that is used the most commonly?05:19
amirman84ok, i was just wondering because i see that there's a niche to be filled most specifically apps for young kids05:19
hansinAlan_M: Thanks.  I know the minimal CLI install include both, but do you have any idea what the text-based installer uses?  Just curious.  Like I said, maybe it is lower level than either 'apt-get' or 'aptitude'??05:19
DeVonneok I have found it05:19
ifireballBax_: no that's the command installed by the bittornado package05:19
TheOneAndOnlythundr2, the kernel is in C#, but C++ is used commonly for apps. Python for gui apps is very common :]05:19
amirman84my son is 2 1/2 and i was looking for some packages that could help him learn to use the mouse and stuff all i found was kletters and tuxpaint05:19
DeVonnethis is the hardware05:19
michael__stpatrick: ok im in there05:20
thundr2TheOneAndOnly: Thanks :)05:20
amirman84what language would be best for simple apps like that?05:20
StPatrickmichael__,  Uhh  How? So am i... lol05:20
TheOneAndOnlythundr2, np :]05:20
Alan_Mhansin, no idea exactly what it uses, most probably apt-get because thats what we tell users in here to use, from what ive seen its the more common one in here :D05:20
Dr_willisamirman84,  python is handy.05:20
DeVonneTheOneAndOnly: , http://www.impactcomputers.com/dvem100686rw.html05:20
TheOneAndOnlyamirman84, i'd go with python05:20
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, i saw the link, ty :] i'm reading it now05:20
Alan_Mpython :D05:20
DeVonneok thanks05:20
amirman84awesome i hope my college has a class on it05:21
Alan_Mamirman84, and if not there are PLENTY of guides online for it.05:21
TheOneAndOnlyamirman84, most colleges, even community, have some class for Python, but it will include other langs as well05:21
level09making a directory writable by a webserver, does this mean 755 or 777?05:21
steven__I am using the Darklooks theme for Gnome and now Firefox is displaying Text Boxes with dark colored background. Does anyone know how to change this?05:21
Dr_willislevel09,  both are a little overkill.05:21
level09what do u suggest :) ?05:22
Dr_willislevel09,  the dir  could just be owned by the webserver, and you wouldent need those modes05:22
dibblegohow can I run a script on login?05:22
passbedoes anyone else have problems extracting a multiple part rar file ?05:22
TheOneAndOnlylevel09, 777 will give everyone read write access, 755 will give owner read write, everyone else read only05:22
Dr_willisdibblego,  depends on the window manager. Kde has .kde/Autostart Directory. Gnome has the session management features05:22
hansinAlan_M: Thanks for the help/info.05:22
vadillodibblego: what distro are you are using?05:22
dibblegoDr_willis, I am using GNOME05:22
zmi ask a question05:22
Dr_willisdibblego,  what program anyway?05:22
level09how do I make it owned by webserver ?05:22
Hellowdibleggo, go to System - Preferences - Sessons for gnome05:22
Alan_Mhansin, its what were here for :)05:23
dibblegoDr_willis, mozilla lightning05:23
dibblegoHellow, great thanks05:23
thundr2amirman84: I can't vouch for the quality because I haven't read it, but this might be a good starting point for learning Python: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Python05:23
TheOneAndOnlyeveryone, it's nice to see everyone getting so much help tonight :]05:23
Dr_willisdibblego,  start the program, save the session. it should autostart i think.05:23
zmwhy can't firefox install the flash player plugin?05:23
TheOneAndOnlythundr2, that is actually an excellent link, it's where i began05:23
=== steven__ is now known as Mannex
Dr_williszm,  because one normally installs flash from the package maanger tool.05:23
Alan_MTheoneandonly, yeah awesome when there arent fights :)05:23
Dr_willis!flash | zm05:23
ubotuzm: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash05:23
vadillozm: 32 or 64 system?05:23
TheOneAndOnlyAlan_M, haha, not even fights, it's nice to see that no one is flooding the room w. the same question this evening - lol05:24
zmsudo apt-get install flash ?05:24
Alan_Mlol true as well TheOneAndOnly05:24
Starnestommyzm: try this: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:24
Yowshihow do i undelete something from the trash? i am not sure what duir these files came from but i didnt want to delete them05:24
TheOneAndOnlyzm, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:24
penTheOneAndOnly: just use add/remove05:24
penTheOneAndOnly: it's so  much easier05:25
TheOneAndOnlypen, that too :]05:25
MannexI am using the Darklooks theme for Gnome and now Firefox is displaying Text Boxes with dark colored background. Does anyone know how to change this?05:25
HellowYowshi: have you already deleted it or is it just in the trash?05:25
michael__anyone else having wireless troubles?05:25
Yowshijust in the trash Hellow05:25
TheOneAndOnlyMannex, go into the appearance settings, and change the colors for your theme, should correct the issue, but will change the colors for everything else accordingly05:25
amirman84michael_ : i've been there with wireless troubles05:26
HellowYowshi: hold on05:26
michael__yeah im trying to help some people out05:26
michael__it was a complete hassle to get mine working05:26
zmmust i quit firefox first?05:26
TheOneAndOnlyzm, no, but you need to restart after the install05:26
HellowYowshi: right click and press "Restore"05:26
Starnestommyzm: that would be a good idea05:26
zmok```now im installing05:27
zmthank you05:27
DeVonneTheOneAndOnly: have you read it? :)05:27
YowshiHellow there is no restore button05:27
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, yeah, sorry.05:27
HellowYowshi: hold on05:27
amirman84michael_ : i just ended up using vmware workstation to install ubuntu on a vm so i could use the bridged networking05:27
michael__amirman81: what chipset is your card??05:27
iceswordno brige,use nat05:27
iceswordthen you get online05:27
amirman84but i would like to eventually install it on a dedicated partition so i'll have to figure out the wireless stuff eventually05:27
amirman84michael_: i believe it's broadcom05:28
amirman84i use the dell drivers on my windows machine05:28
DeVonneTheOneAndOnly: do you know what is wrong?05:28
thundr2Yowshi: You should be able to just drag and drop the files to whichever folder you want them in.05:28
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, i'm checking into it...05:28
michael__amirman84: no shit garuntee i get it working in less than 20 min05:28
TheOneAndOnlygoogle's not turning up much...05:28
DeVonneok thank you05:28
Yowshithundr2: i dont recall where they came from05:28
michael__amirman84: your using the bcm43xx driver in ubuntu right?05:29
Yowshithundr2: i was cleaning out some rythm box list and clicked move to trash instead of remove05:29
MannexTheOneAndOnly, thank you05:29
amirman84i think that's the one it installed when i was using linux mint so probably05:29
HellowYowshi: idk, im going to make a suggestion that they include a "Restore" function in the next release of Ubuntu05:29
amirman84it doesnt work at all though05:29
michael__amirman84: i use a broadcom card myself =P i have a way that worked for me if you wanna try it out ??05:29
TheOneAndOnlyMannex, for what exactly? heh05:29
michael__amirman84: mine didnt either05:29
amirman84well i could do it right now since i'm on a vm05:29
MannexTheOneAndOnly, lol your suggestion regarding a previous question... nVm ;-)05:30
thundr2Yowshi: It probably came from your Home directory.  Under a directory like /.rhythmbox05:30
amirman84but i would love to know how to do it05:30
TheOneAndOnlyMannex, as long as your issue got resolved, i'm happy i could help :]05:30
amirman84do you use NDISwrapper?05:30
pierreluxbazhang: just to tell you it worked with hardy. i don't know what was wrong. maybe a wrong partitioning05:30
ntoridoHow can i make a back up in ubuntu?05:30
michael__amirman84: allright lemme see if i can find the link if not you wouldnt mind if i sent you some things would you ?05:30
amirman84not at all05:30
Yowshithundr2: no i told it to import the entire home folder i thought it would only import sound files but it seems not05:30
Bax_in the terminal, after executing something and nothing happens, How do I exit or get that program to quit so I can return to the command line?05:30
amirman84how would you send it?05:31
StarnestommyBax_: Ctrl+C05:31
TheOneAndOnlyntorido, a back up of what exactly?05:31
michael__amirman84: ok because i have saved to a folder for when i update but i think it should work for you do you have a copy of your driver?05:31
ntoridoA folder05:31
michael__amirman84: like this05:31
amirman84the windows driver?05:32
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, i'm not seeing much on google... sry =/05:32
michael__amirman84: yes05:32
amirman84forgive my noobiness05:32
ntoridoTheOneAndOnly,A folder.05:32
DeVonneok :( thanks anyways05:32
amirman84i can get a copy really quick from the dell website but it's a dell driver05:32
TheOneAndOnlyntorido, i'd say archive it using bzip...05:32
amirman84it's branded with dell's name so i guess they made their own driver for the card05:32
thundr2Yowshi: There should be a way to find out where it came from, perhaps by changing the view of the trash folder.  I don't have Ubuntu running right now, so I can only be of limited help, sorry.05:32
michael__amirman84: hey im a newb to wanna go to a seperate channel or do you mind if i message you pruvatley05:32
Bax_so let me get this straight, everything in the /usr/bin are all the commands I can use in any other directory, right?05:32
amirman84go ahead and private message me05:33
StarnestommyBax_: yes, the same goes for /bin, /sbin, /usr/sbin, /usr/local/bin/, and /usr/local/sbin/05:33
[Rocc]need help05:33
Bax_Starnestommy: what's the difference between each of those directories?  commands are more special?05:34
thundr2[Rocc]: What is your problem?05:34
[Rocc]Wireless wont work...05:34
glissneed beer05:34
CaptainMorgancan someone tell me real quick if Hardy will be an LTS version ?05:34
TheOneAndOnlyntorido, run sudo apt-get install bzip2 to make sure bzip is installed then run man bzip2, that should help you out :]05:34
ubotuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.05:34
TheOneAndOnlyCaptainMorgan, yes, hardy is LTS05:34
level09how do I install pear ?05:35
CaptainMorganTheOneAndOnly, that's great... looking forward to its release.. ;)05:35
TheOneAndOnlyCaptainMorgan, it's pretty stable now, for a beta, but yes, the final release should be great05:35
morphir_does jeos come with xorg?05:35
ceweYOU IS NAME05:35
TheOneAndOnlymorphir_, no, jeos, is basically a server install05:35
morphir_TheOneAndOnly: k05:36
TheOneAndOnlymorphir_, it stands for just enough operating system05:36
[Rocc]I need help on wireless, it wont connect no matter what i do, I know i have Linksys05:36
DeVonneTheOneAndOnly: I found the cdrom drive in place -> computer and when I goto open it it says no media, althou the disc is in the drive05:36
morphir_TheOneAndOnly: I just had to confirm :)05:36
gogetahey guys im stuck in the darkages of internet05:36
Dmoleanyone know how to copy a file from one ubuntu to another with rate limiting and resume?05:36
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, eject the disc and place it back in, see if it will read it then.05:36
DeVonneI did it still will not read05:37
gogetadoes ubuntu save softmodem suppport05:37
=== rat32 is now known as Palace_Chan
glisswhats the best way to get java 1.6 on ubuntu?05:37
amirman84michael_: did you get my PM?05:37
dibblegoI added an executable to the GNOME session startup programs and now the login session hangs; perhaps I should use & on the executable, but how do I revert it now?05:37
glissright now ive got 1.4.2 or something05:37
glissand i don't see any 1.6 packages05:37
TheOneAndOnlygogeta, http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+softmodem+support&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a05:37
gogetagliss probly next ubuntu relese05:37
DeVonneTheOneAndOnly:  ejecting and reinsterting does nor work05:38
gogetayea i wouldent ask if that led to any answers05:38
[Rocc][Rocc]: still needs help :P05:38
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, hm... run dmsg after you insert and remove it, see if there is any info in there concerning the disc drive05:39
jimjim: is [Rocc] talkin to himslf?05:39
Dmolegliss: java.sun.com05:39
thundr2[Rocc]: Please be patient.  I don't have any experience with configuring wireless, or I'd help you.  But there are hundreds of other people in the room as well.  We'll get to your question as soon as possible.05:39
DeVonne-bash: dmsg: command not found05:39
gogetaconnect cxt not workin05:40
bastid_raZorDeVonne; dmesg05:40
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, type-o sorry, dmesg05:40
DeVonne[   30.407252] Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.2005:42
DeVonneis this it?05:42
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, that looks like it'd be it, so ubuntu recognizes your cd drive05:42
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, can you put in a disc which you know for sure works under windows?05:42
Gneaok, i just had something weird happen - i had my desktop in the locked-phase with the screensaver on. when i sat back down to unlock it, it *looked* like the screensaver crashed and i was presented with the standard login screen (as if to denote switching users, since i could still hear xmms pumping tunes through the speakers). upon being presented with the gnome-ish desktop, i found that my mouse cursor no longer appears over firefox o05:42
[Rocc]Thundr2: yessir!05:42
gogetaLOL i found a driver man i lucked out05:42
gogetai have a lin modem05:42
DeVonne[   30.407243] hdc: ATAPI 48X DVD-ROM DVD-R CD-R/RW drive, 2048kB Cache, UDMA(33)05:42
DeVonnethis one does work under windows, it is a sims 2 disc05:43
GneaHas anyone seen this before or know if there's a fix for it other than logging out, restarting X and logging back in?05:43
=== icesword is now known as icesword_away
TheOneAndOnlyGnea, try ctrl+alt+f7, to switch to the default display05:43
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, at this point, i'm at a total loss :/05:43
DeVonnewell this sucks05:44
GneaTheOneAndOnly: *headdesk!* thank you :)05:44
TheOneAndOnlyDeVonne, there may be someone else in the room capable of helping you out more05:45
TheOneAndOnlyGnea, np :]05:45
Gneait was actually already on tty7 so i switched it to tty8 and back, problem solved05:45
gogetawtf im not paying thwm for a driver05:45
TheOneAndOnlyGnea, haha, awesome :]05:45
DeVonneif anyone knows why the cdrom says it cant find the media of a disc please help me05:45
Angry_BaconAny1 know why I would be getting signal loss with a 8800gt when trying to use nVidia 169.12?05:47
[Rocc]If anyone can help me with wireless please goto #helprocc05:47
Zelta[Rocc]: I think you may have better luck if you just ask your question in here.05:48
[Rocc]I have05:48
[Rocc]I need help on wireless, it wont connect no matter what i do, I know i have Linksys05:48
ZeltaWhat model, in particular?05:48
[Rocc]lemme go look05:49
michael__this is pretty sweet everyone told me wine lagged badly im getting no lag at all05:49
Angry_BaconI feel ignored, lol, he doesn't even ask his question05:49
Dmolehelp: anyone know how to copy a file from one ubuntu to another with rate limiting and resume?05:50
Dmoleother than winscp on wine05:50
TheOneAndOnlyDmole, i'd assume rsync would do it...05:50
XceIIwhy cant I (when shutting down) hear the sound?05:50
izinucsDmole, how bout just scp05:51
GneaDmole: wget05:51
Angry_BaconDoes anyone know how to get an 8800gt working?05:51
DmoleTheOneAndOnly: not that i can find in the man file05:51
Dmoleizinucs: not that i can find in the man file05:51
TheOneAndOnlyrsync is not installed by default05:52
Angry_BaconNone of the forum guides work05:52
Angry_BaconDmole: you could make a torrent05:52
TheOneAndOnlyDmole, run sudo apt-get install rsync05:52
TheOneAndOnlythen man rsync05:52
[Rocc]Wireless-G broadband router with speedboost 802.11g05:52
Dmolei have rsync05:52
TheOneAndOnlyDmole, rebuild your man pages index05:52
michael__[rocc] : i think i seen something that may help you05:52
Dmolei just can't find rate limiting and resume05:52
thundr2[Rocc]: What about your wireless card?05:52
[Rocc]its built into the hp pavilion 70005:53
TheOneAndOnlyDmole, i know wget supports resume, i'm not sure about rate limiting05:53
=== |Cain_| is now known as Cain_
amirman84has anybody in here had success getting the ATI mobility radeon x1400 to work in ubuntu, and by work i mean 3D support05:53
TheOneAndOnlyDmole, i'd go with Angry_Bacon's option of making it a torrent05:53
TheOneAndOnlyamirman84, i'm using that exact card, but the mobile version05:54
Dmoleizinucs: scp has no rate limiting or resume that i see05:54
donkey7186question. i am trying to find a plugin for rhythmbox so i can play a certain radio station on it how do i find out which i need!??05:54
amirman84theoneandonly: i'm using the mobile version too, do you have 3D working?05:55
sorryIm the type of person that brings a weapon to a party if im planning on fighting. I fight to win no matter what it takes.Im not afraid to yell that's my purse, i don't know you. Im NOT afraid to kick someone as hard as i can in the nuts, FROM BEHIND. Yah thats right. I would cheap shot the fuck out of any of you mother fuckers and then id stomp on your face while you were on the ground crying like a bitch.05:55
izinucsDmole, just  out of curiosity.. why is rate limiting and/or resume needed05:55
TheOneAndOnlyamirman84, yes i do, what version of ubuntu are you running05:55
jimsorry: so this is your victim story?05:55
michael__Damn sorry thats some fucked up shit05:55
TheOneAndOnlysorry, that has what to do with ubuntu exactly?05:55
izinucs!ops | sorry05:55
ubotusorry: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpatrick or jussi01!05:55
nickrud!language | michael__05:56
ubotumichael__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:56
michael__sorry sorry05:56
sorryit relates to ubuntu05:56
amirman84theoneandonly: do you mind if i PM you?05:56
kindofabuzzsorry: i hope you don't have kids05:56
TheOneAndOnlynot at all amirman8405:56
DmoleGnea: thank you wget was a good call05:56
RedScareanyone know anything about cpu frequency scaling?05:56
donkey7186question. i am trying to find a plugin for rhythmbox so i can play a certain radio station on it how do i find out which i need!??05:57
Dmoleizinucs:  I don't have QOS set up yet and it's a transfer that will take days so resume is likely needed but wget fills my need :) just did not come to mind untill Gnea said it05:58
sjovandonkey7186: this is a long shot (couse i don't know my self), but have you tryed apt-cache search rhythmbox | grep plugin ?05:58
RedScarewhy does powernowd refuse to scale my core 2 duo below 1GHz05:58
TheOneAndOnlyRedScare, that's the lowest freq those procs will go, i run one myself :]05:59
Delsoncan somone help me with something05:59
Delsonit might be a simple thing to eetup05:59
donkey7186sjovan no i havent05:59
RedScareTheOneAndOnly, that is what it is looking like06:00
sjovandonkey7186: nwm... apt-get doesn't have any plugins for that prog06:00
=== Angry_Bacon is now known as AngryBacon
RedScareI'm trying to discover why ubuntu runs hotter than my dual boot OS vista06:00
Delsoncan somone help me with something06:00
gogetaRedScare acpi probly runs the fans slower06:01
AngryBaconDelson: Rule number X of irc, don't ask to ask, just ask06:01
RedScarei get more noise typically as well though gogeta06:01
RedScareits very odd06:01
ZeltaDo you guys mind if I ask a question about asking a question about an issue I'm having regarding the asking of questions?06:01
TheOneAndOnlyRedScare, that's exactly it. that is the lowest freq these processors will run at, any lower (you could hack around it) and you would notice major system issues06:01
gogetaRedScare naa its turning em up then back down06:01
RedScarefrom what little I've read 8.04 beta has better power management06:02
TheOneAndOnlyRedScare, that noise you hear is the fan kicking on, there are ways to get them to not kick on until certain temps though06:02
Delsonwell u know how windows has like a grid so to speak for desktop icons....can i get ubuntu to have a more organized grid06:02
Delsonand iwanna make all the icons smaller06:02
thundr2RedScare: Is the CPU load similar between Ubuntu and Vista?06:02
gogetaTheOneAndOnly he can kill acpi and let the bios handel it or just let em run at 100%06:03
bobcI'm trying to install a new hard drive in my system which will replace my existing drive and I'm having a problem with installing grub. grub-install /dev/sdb returns /dev/evms/hda1 does not have any corresponding BIOS drive. Can anyone help me make sense of this?06:03
[Rocc]Um, did i get a answer, sorry ive been eating06:03
AngryBacon[Rocc]: scroll up06:03
izinucsthundr2, no Vista is much hungrier06:03
RedScareCPU load is similar06:03
sjovandonkey7186: btw... you don't need a plugin. you can add radiostations by default. or are you thinking about picking up signals from the air?06:03
DeVonneDoes anyone know why when I put in a cd it can't read it? says there is no media06:03
gogetaRedScare yea its just your fans running diffrently06:03
donkey7186sjovan im trying to add a radio station. but when i try and add it it isnt working06:04
gogetaRedScare as long as its not hitting danger levels i wouldent worry06:04
hellonulldelson: i'm pretty sure it is more of a matter of configuring your desktop environment, not necessarily ubuntu06:04
RedScareI'm not too worried about the heat06:04
sjovandonkey7186: so, do you get some kinde of error?06:04
RedScareits simply that I bought this because it ran sooo cool in my lap06:04
TheOneAndOnlyRedScare, if you're on battery power, you can run powertop to increase batter life06:04
donkey7186sjovanyea says that its not supported and a plugin may need to be installed06:04
RedScareas opposed to my AMD X2 6406:04
penTheOneAndOnly: I don't see the difference?06:04
donkey7186sjovan yea says that its not supported and a plugin may need to be installed06:04
=== Ash_server is now known as Ashfire908
penTheOneAndOnly: I ran and press the button it ask to press06:05
RedScarewhich often leaves burnmarks on my leg06:05
gogetaRedScare oh battery power yea ubuntu will keep those fans as low as possable06:05
penTheOneAndOnly: no increase in power06:05
DeVonneDoes anyone know why when I put in a cd it can't read it? says there is no media06:05
gogetaRedScare hence more heat06:05
thundr2Delson: I know that the icons (on the desktop at least) are able to be stretched and zoomed to whatever size you want, or do you want all icons throughout Ubuntu to look like that?06:05
penDeVonne: what ? Audio CD?06:05
DeVonnegame cd06:05
hellonullDeVonne: have you tried manually mounting it?06:05
gogetaRedScare you can adjust the settings if you wish06:05
RedScareI have06:05
kenbooIs there mips cross compiler for i386?06:05
DeVonnehow do I go about doing that?06:06
RedScareI just wanted to see if anyone had had any luck with custom settings06:06
sjovandonkey7186: wierd... i can't remember installing any plugins. maby a simple google would help you06:06
donkey7186well if i give you the website can you try?06:06
kenboosomeone compiled for Debian but couldn't find it for Ubuntu06:06
gogetaRedScare set the temp thresh hold lower so the fans will cool it more06:06
Delsoni want all the icons to be niform06:06
DeVonnehow do I manually mount it?06:06
gogetaRedScare but you lose battery life06:06
AngryBaconwouldn't the debian one work?06:06
RedScaredoesn't make sense why there's not a closer solution06:07
RedScareon my HP my battery with vista runs around 1.45, on my gateway with core 2 on vista I get up to 3.5 hours very easily06:07
TheOneAndOnlypen, it will usually give you a small amount more, some systems it won't... mine it gave me 30 more mins06:07
RedScareon ubuntu 2 if I'm lucky06:07
thundr2Delson: To do that on the desktop, you just right click the icon and go to stretch icon.  To do that for all of them, one second I'm checking06:07
gogetaRedScare well you can turn off acpi but then they will run at 100% all the time prosser and fans06:07
gogetaRedScare you willlose alot of batery power06:08
TheOneAndOnlypen, you would also need to run it as sudo06:08
monkeyBoxIs powernowd preferred over cpufreq, or vice-versa?06:08
donkey7186sjovan well if i give you the website can you try?06:08
penTheOneAndOnly: I did06:09
sjovandonkey7186: shure thing06:09
sjovandonkey7186: what's the url06:09
RedScareas far as I can tell, powernowd, and cpufreqd were both designed for AMD primarily06:09
donkey7186sjovan :     wildmorningshow.com06:09
penTheOneAndOnly: how long does it take effect?06:09
TheOneAndOnlypen, wow, and it gave you no increase at all?06:09
gogetaRedScare laptop systems have scaling prossers in speed wise its a power saving feature06:09
TheOneAndOnlymine took about 5 seconds, til the next refresh06:09
penTheOneAndOnly: I don't see any increase06:09
donkey7186sjovan    http://www.wild955.com/cc-common/ondemand/player.html?world=st06:10
RedScareyou know what is amazing though, rdesktop06:10
donkey7186sjovan referring url is: http://www.wild955.com/pages/streaming.html06:10
hellonullDeVonne: open console, mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom0 /cdrom06:10
hellonullDeVonne: you may have to use something other than cdrom006:11
thundr2Delson: It's in the preferences somewhere, I'm still looking06:11
DeVonneok will try that06:11
DeVonnemount: special device /dev/cdrom0 does not exist06:11
sjovandonkey7186: what the hell? "We thank you for your interest in seeing and hearing all we have to offer!  Your request has been received.  Please allow up to 60 hours for processing"06:11
donkey7186sjovan did you go to the right url???06:12
hellonullDeVonne: look in /dev and see which folder there is likely to be your optical drive06:12
donkey7186sjovan    http://www.wild955.com/cc-common/ondemand/player.html?world=st06:12
penDeVonne: I think maybe linux doesn't detect your CDRom06:12
DeVonneit does my mom burned dvd's with it06:12
penDeVonne: type this into terminal: more /etc/fstab06:12
AngryBaconDoes anyone know how to get a 8800gt working?06:12
thundr2Delson: To get the icons smaller in Nautilus (the file browser), just click the zoom out button at the top.  Working on the grid and a better solution now06:13
sjovandonkey7186: sorry mate... i can't help you. i tryed to lie :) "Due to licensing restrictions, we are not able to allow access to the content you are requesting from outside the United States. We are sorry we can no longer provide access to Canada. If you currently reside in the United States, please select one of the options below to process your request. Please allow up to 60 hours to process your request."06:13
DeVonne /dev/hdc        /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec 0       006:13
ZirodayAngryBacon: is this the 512MB card?06:13
gogetasjovan proxy server06:13
donkey7186sjovan oh ok06:13
AngryBaconZiroday: yup06:13
izinucsDeVonne, it may be dead.. it happened to me with a HP Lightscribe.. Used it 3 times and it bit the dust.06:13
gogetadonkey7186 go threw a usa proxy06:14
Enixhello all, it has been awhile scince i have used linux but i have a question now that my vista has crashed. My question is: Can i recover my files using a live cd or similar without  formating the hard drive thus erasing everything anyway. I want my files off the HD before i make my move to a fresh install of ubuntu.06:14
donkey7186im not in canada06:14
p_vas_salottiHE MEN06:14
DeVonneI can try booting the live cd with it if that will convince people it works06:14
donkey7186i listen to it all the time on windows but i cant on here06:14
RedScareof course Enix06:14
gogetadonkey7186 so06:14
gogetadonkey7186 usa proxy06:14
p_vas_salottiQUI PARLE FRANCAIS06:14
monkeyBoxWhat's the difference between powernowd and cpufreq?06:14
EnixRedScare: mind pointing me to some good reading material?06:14
gogetadonkey7186 you can be in iran for all i care use a proxy06:14
ZirodayAngryBacon: then thats the really new card and 7.10 does not have the updated nvidia drivers for that card yet. You can either run 8.04 which is currently in beta or compile the latest nvidia drivers by hand06:14
DeVonneif I boot the live cd and it works, then what do you recommend?06:14
donkey7186well how do i do that06:15
RedScareEnix, its actually very simple, since Ubuntu has built in NTFS support06:15
penDeVonne: boot it first06:15
DeVonneok be right back06:15
hellonullwait DeVonne06:15
sjovandonkey7186: have you tryed any other "radio" services then?06:15
hellonulltry hdc instead of cdrom0 in that command i gave you earlier06:16
AngryBaconZiroday: I installed the new drivers from nVidia, but it still doesn't work06:16
donkey7186they all work but not this one06:16
gogetadonkey7186 somewebsite acully do it foryou06:16
Enixah, i c, can it be accesed via the terminal right from the get go, or is there some configuring beforhand?06:16
AngryBaconZiroday: what version of the drivers does hardy come with?06:16
Jordan_UEnix, Boot the LiveCD, go to Places -> Computer, copy the files, rejoice :)06:16
izinucsAngryBacon, did you install them with gdm stopped?  I think that's the correct method06:16
DeVonnemount: special device /hda1/hdc does not exist06:16
RedScareEnix, Jordan is spot on, that is really all there is to it06:17
AngryBaconinzincus: yes..06:17
* AngryBacon feels a tad patronized by that one06:17
RedScareit will normally automount06:17
DeVonnei tried06:17
DeVonneroot@visionary-desktop:~# mount -t iso9660 /media/cdrom0 /cdrom06:17
DeVonnemount: /media/cdrom0 is not a block device06:17
EnixI bow to you kind sirs, have a good evening (or whatever it is where u are). :)06:17
RedScareif it doesn't its because windows has crashed and the drive has set to be active06:17
ZirodayAngryBacon: try using envy by alberto milone, it makes installing the latest drivers really easy http://www.albertomilone.com/nvidia_scripts1.html06:17
AngryBaconZiroday: tried it06:17
RedScarein which case you will have to - force06:17
gogetajust use a us proxy and enjoy06:17
izinucsAngryBacon, did you check xorg.conf to see if "nvidia" is  listed as the driver?  how bout running nvidia-settings?06:18
ZirodayAngryBacon: well then I can't help you, good luck06:18
RedScareits remarkably simple Enix06:18
RedScareHappy unixing06:18
AngryBaconizinucs: yup06:18
gogetamight need to use a few to find one fast enough06:18
penDeVonne: hm, btw, can you describe your problem again? Do you mean the CD icon doesn't change if you insert cd into it?06:18
AngryBaconalso, nvidia-settings doesn't work unless the driver is already runnning06:18
izinucsZiroday, envy is not a good suggestion.. using it may bork your system on upgrade.06:18
monkeyBoxAnyone familiar w/ cpufreqd?  It's currently reporting my speed is at 800Mhz when I have a 2.2Ghz cpu06:19
jimAngryBacon: does that surprise you? :)06:19
DeVonnewhen I am in places -> computer and try to open the cd it says no media, and cedega says no medium06:19
AngryBaconjim: izinucs suggested it06:19
gogetadonkey7186 enjoy06:19
penDeVonne: how abotu audio cd? other kinds of cd?06:20
jimahh, ok... but think about it: if you have a settings app, you might need the thing to which the settings are applied06:20
Zirodayizinucs: yes. or it may fix your install :)06:20
DeVonnelet me get one06:20
RedScaremonkeybox, its scaling your processor based on workload06:20
RedScarethis is normal06:20
monkeyBoxRedScare, How can I manually set it?  I'm currently on AC power06:21
Delsondelson: sda06:21
DelsonDelson: sdakls06:21
N3WFI3im dling ubuntu 7.10 hopefully i can run it alongside windows cause i think my second hard drive is dying lol06:21
monkeyBoxRedScare, I've tried running a cmd to set the freq to 2200,  but it still reports it at 80006:21
DeVonneaudio cd is not working wth?06:22
jimok. I'll bite. What is on your second hard drive06:22
RedScarewhat command are you running monkey?06:22
hellonulli'm having a problem with mysql-server... everytime i install a package via aptitude i get this error at the end: "E: mysql-server-5.0: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" and "E: mysql-server: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured"... i tried completely removing it via synaptic and re-installing, it still has this problem... also tried purging it and reinstalling, but the problem persists. any sugges06:22
Kemrin1I lost the Game06:22
hhMish_How do I install dpkg & apt-get back on system on which it was erased or never installed ?06:22
umopHow can i find the file that shows me mount options for a USb drive, it's mounting as read only for some reason(i cant see anything in /etc/fstab)06:22
Zirodayhellonull: you need to look at reason why mysql is not installing06:22
hellonullZiroday: where do i find that?06:23
DeVonnethe audio cd did not work, I am going to try the boot cd06:23
gogetaumop ntfs?06:23
Zirodayhellonull: it should say in the error messages when you install it06:23
monkeyBoxRedScare,  cpufreq-set -c 0 -f 220006:23
gogetaumop oh qwait the new ubuntu has ntfs rw by efult humm06:23
Dr_willisgogeta,  unless the partition is flagged as needign checked by windows.06:24
umopgogeta, Yeah, but i'm not even sure what format the drive is06:24
Dr_willisgogeta,  then it goes to read only. :)06:24
Dr_willisumop,   'sudo fdisk -l' and look06:24
DistroJockeyhhMish_: I doubt it was never installed. What does:  man dpkg   return?06:24
thundr2Delson: Sorry, I don't know exactly where to find it.  It should be fairly easy to find, but it's been quite a while since I've used Ubuntu.  I know the setting is there.  Perhaps it's in the xorg.conf file or whatever the correct config file or utility is.  Perhaps someone else can give a more clear answer?06:24
ntoridoWhats the best program for doing vector graphics in linux?06:24
gogetaDr_willis cant he use ntfsfix to reair a usb drive06:25
hhMish_DistroJockey, it was probably erased, it is appliance where I need to install it back06:25
cabrioleurntorido, inkscape or sodipodi06:25
thundr2ntorido: inkscape comes to mind, but there are others06:25
penDeVonne: I think your linux doesn't set your CDRom drive up properly, try reboot with CDRom taken off06:25
Jordan_Untorido, Or xara06:25
RedScaremonkey are you running that as sudo06:25
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:25
Dr_willisgogeta,  he could. - i hear its best to let windows fix it however.06:25
hhMish_DistroJockey, mans were erased, too06:25
penDeVonne: or reinsert your cdrom06:25
Jordan_U!best | ntorido06:25
ubotuntorido: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:25
DeVonnedo you mean unplug it?06:25
DistroJockeyhhMish_:  eek!06:25
hhMish_let's ignore small difficulties06:25
penDeVonne: well, reinsert06:26
umopDr_willis, Hmm ok06:26
hhMish_and move on06:26
hhMish_is there something like dpkg --root /mnt/sys , or I need debootstrap for that ?06:26
DeVonnewhat do you mean reinsert? just unplug and plug it back in>06:26
zmscim dead means what?06:26
thundr2ntorido: if you're familiar with Adobe Illustrator, you should be fairly comfortable with Inkscape.  I haven't tried the others extensively, though.  They might fit your needs better.06:27
hellonullZiroday: it fails to "start mysql database server mysqld"... http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62282/06:27
DeVonnepen:  do you want me to boot without the cdrom drive then with it?06:27
penDeVonne: course, try it06:27
DeVonnepen:  ok brb06:27
umopDr_willis, Okay - it must be fat32, it mounts fine on another Ubuntu install, just read only on my current box06:28
Delsonthundr2: what distro do u use?06:28
pyrakwhat's the command to "unzip" a tar?06:28
Dr_willisumop,  compare the fstab in the other.. with this machines fstab06:28
Starnestommypyrak: tar -xf filename.tar06:28
Dr_willis!info unp | pyrak06:29
gogetapyrak or click extract hear06:29
ubotupyrak: unp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.12 (gutsy), package size 9 kB, installed size 72 kB06:29
Dr_willisi like unp :)06:29
* AngryBacon hates comcast06:29
umopunp is ice06:29
thundr2Delson: I use Ubuntu and Vista.  Due to a system error, I haven't been able to boot to Ubuntu except through VMware.06:29
gogeta***AngryBacon :)06:29
gogeta***AngryBacon  get dsl06:30
pyrakunp is command line?06:30
AngryBacongogeta: dsl in my area is pretty bad06:30
gogetaAngryBacon att 6.0 mps06:30
ekontsevoysofttower: try :help set06:31
thundr2Delson: And since performance in that is sluggish under Vista, I simply have to stick with Vista for most tasks.06:31
AngryBacongogeta: i dobt that its available at that speed in my area06:31
g13y50nalguem pode me ajudar?06:31
gogeta***AngryBacon better to have slower dsl then faster comcast that blocks bt06:31
N3WFI3whats an easy way to check my hard drives health? i think one of my hard drives may be dying06:31
Starnestommy!br | g13y50n06:31
ubotug13y50n: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.06:31
Dr_willispyrak,  of course. :)06:31
umopDr_willis, I spoke too soon, the device is not even listed in fdisk -l06:32
Dr_willispyrak,  you asked for a 'command' to unzip a tar. :) unp can do it.06:32
AngryBacongogeta: its a problem if i can't get faster than 1mbps06:32
gogeta***AngryBacon thats all i get hear 1.6 mbs06:32
Dr_willisumop,  that sounds like a usb issue.. or somthing else real odd. You DID so 'sudo fdisk -l' ?06:32
Delsontrue...u sed vista for about a month06:32
Delsoni couldnt tolerate it06:32
Mashandar1.5mbps is the fastest I can get where I live06:32
gogeta***AngryBacon cable or dsl thats the max06:32
AngryBacongogeta: by cable tests at 1006:32
umopDr_willis, yeah, and it is mounted - I can browse the drive06:33
OmmeletteDuFromaoh hai there gais06:33
gogeta***AngryBacon well comcast sucks06:33
* AngryBacon knows that06:33
ashbringerIs there a package in the repos for truecrypt in 7.10?06:33
tonyyarussoashbringer: no06:33
DOOM_NXfirefox "www.google.com"06:33
DOOM_NXSegmentation fault (core dumped)06:33
DOOM_NXwhat happened? :S06:33
Dr_willisumop,  so.. what was the problem? heh - i forget.06:33
FloodBot2DOOM_NX: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:34
g13y50nalguem pode me ajudar?06:34
ashbringertonyyarusso: Why was it taken out?06:34
Starnestommy!br | g13y50n06:34
ubotug13y50n: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.06:34
tonyyarussoashbringer: when was it ever in?06:34
umopDr_willis, the drive mount read only06:34
jimDOOM_NX: segmentation fault06:34
DOOM_NXjim, what's that?06:34
gogeta***AngryBacon im syuck on dailhell atm06:34
g13y50nalguem pode me ajudar?06:34
Starnestommyg13y50n: #ubuntu-br06:34
jimaccess to unowned ram (it's a hardware segment checker)06:34
RandocalHow would I go about setting things up so that xchat loads when I boot into Ubuntu?06:34
ashbringertonyyarusso: It was definitely in in feisty, or at least I know I installed it without doing anything special...06:34
Dr_willisumop,   since its a usb drive. it got automounted i imagine, and dosent have a fstab entry.  You could unmountit, and remoubnt it manually with the proper options to let users access it.06:34
tonyyarussoRandocal: System > Prefs > Sessions06:34
DOOM_NXjim so what do i do?06:35
=== reconnect is now known as recon
Randocaltonyyarusso:  will that have xchat start when Ubuntu boots, or when I login?06:35
umopDr_willis, yeah I have been doing that, not the greatest solution - guess I'll keep looking06:35
jimdebug it... find the problem... fix it (got C chops?)... submit a bug report with a patch06:35
jimI mean...06:35
tonyyarussoRandocal: login, of course.  How would it start without a session to start in?06:35
jimwhat else would you do?06:36
DOOM_NXu mean firefox won't ever start again?06:36
RandocalI suppose so eh06:36
g13y50nalguem pode me ajudar?06:36
StarnestommyDOOM_NX: try sudo aptitude reinstall firefox06:36
AngryBaconDoes any1 know what version the nvidia driver 8.04 comes with?06:36
DOOM_NXcan't i just restart?06:36
jcp 01:36:49 up 1 day,  9:40,  2 users,  load average: 0.54, 0.15, 0.0406:36
StarnestommyDOOM_NX: try that first to see if that's the problem06:36
jcpLinux heh 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Feb 12 02:46:46 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux06:36
Dr_willisumop,  i perfer doing it that way. :)06:37
DOOM_NXok thank u06:37
jcpdoes anyone06:37
jcpknow anything about custom kernels06:37
jcpwith ubuntu?06:37
umopDr_willis, My grandfather doesn't ;)06:37
FlannelAngryBacon: #ubuntu+1 for Hardy questions, thanks.06:37
Dr_willisumop,  get the old man a BASH book!06:37
Starnestommyjcp: what about them?06:37
jcpwhere can i find information regarding it06:38
Dr_willisumop,  actually i THINK if you run the ntfs-config tool (as root) and check the right boxs it will mount them as read/w by users06:38
jcpi'm more familiar with freebsd06:38
jcpthan linux06:38
Flannel!kernel | jcp06:38
ubotujcp: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - For more: /msg ubotu stages06:38
umopDr_willis, haha, Will check it out06:38
rhineheart_mhello.. what's the best specs for a server?06:40
tonyyarussorhineheart_m: eh?  what do you mean?06:40
umoprhineheart_m, there are many variables..06:40
pyrakso with no GUI (xfce) running, how do i change the size of the command line font?06:41
rhineheart_mI will make it to run webserver mailserver dataserver proxyserver in one box06:41
umoprhineheart_m, what kind of load are you expecting06:41
pyrakit's the perfect size while it booys, until it decides to change itself06:41
tonyyarussopyrak: In 7.10, you don't.06:41
Starnestommypyrak: you may need to enable the framebuffer06:41
kenboohow to install vmware?06:43
Dr_willis!vmware| kenboo06:43
ubotukenboo: VMWare Player is in Ubuntu's !Multiverse repository (package "vmware-player", not available for Gutsy, only Feisty and Edgy), and http://www.easyvmx.com/easyvmx.shtml can create VMs for it. Instructions can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware - See also !virtualizers06:43
kenboojust use tgz binary?06:43
Gun_SmokePlaying with compiz here a bit.. Using the water effect.. How do I "draw" on the screen with water?  Like a finger on a puddle or the like...06:43
kenboouh huh. thanks06:43
Dr_williskenboo,  i thought they had debs. but ive used the tgz befor also.06:43
pyrakso is there no way to change the font size?06:44
tuntunHi. Using Firefox, How do I drag a text selection up the page so it scrolls? (I tried the firefox channel but no ones home)06:44
pyrakthat's a little ridiculous06:44
reconpyrak: have you tried going into System>Preferences>Fonts and changing it there?06:44
pyrakthis is before launching the GUI06:44
Dr_willistuntun,  it just does it automaticially here.. I select text. move mouse up.. it auto scrolls...06:45
tonyyarussopyrak: it's a well-known bug, with literally dozens of duplicates and hundreds of comments.  In short, you're right - it is ridiculous, but being looked into.06:45
kindofabuzzR.I.P Charlton Heston06:45
tuntunDr_willis, YOU AGA06:45
pyrakok, thanks for the info tonyyarusso06:45
tuntun..IN !!! :D06:45
Dr_willistuna, :) the speed depends onhow far the mouse is past the edge of the browser 'webpage' area and into the menubar area06:46
umoppyrak, I thought it was a grub boot option06:46
happosadeHow to make folder to be just like CD in wine?06:46
Kountmoney = government. bisexual andrew macfarlane controls the heroin, pedophelia, death with all his money06:47
Dr_williskenboo, I just saw this artical also    http://polishlinux.org/apps/vmware-workstation-65-beta-1-with-unity-support/06:47
Dr_willishapposade,  Huh? let me guess.. some wine game?06:47
Starnestommypyrak: about enabling the framebuffer, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65203806:47
happosadeDr_willis: yap.. Don't have CD-drive, so have to use them from harddisk06:47
reconDr_willis: your best bet is to get an .ISO by ripping the CD, then mounting the ISO like you would a CD.06:48
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Dr_willisrecon,  tell it to happosade  :)06:48
Dr_willishapposade,  you can easially mount iso images like recon  said.06:48
reconDr_willis: er, my brain b0rked. i meant happosade.06:49
Dr_willisHeh heh..06:49
hhMish_What is difference between debootstrap and cdebootstrap ?06:49
tuntunDr_willis, I just made a new profile, just in case an extension was stopping it. Yet I select some text, try to drag it up to a input box that is just out of view, but it doesnt scroll :(. I tried ff3b and it didnt work either...06:49
happosadeAnd how to get that easy :D06:49
Dr_willistuntun,  i am using FF3B5 i belive. (or 4) on hardy06:50
reconhapposade: a guide to making ISO files from CD's can be found at http://www.wikihow.com/Create-an-ISO-File-in-Linux06:50
tuntunDr_willis, /ff2 on boontoo06:51
bullgard4Why does the Ubuntu notification service use a notification-daemon instead of an ordinary subprogram?06:52
reconhapposade: replace /dev/cdrom with the /dev of your CD drive.06:52
Dr_willis!iso | happosade06:52
ubotuhapposade: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.06:52
michael__ok im at a last resort anyone in here fammiliar enough to help a friend install a driver ??06:54
=== Craig2 is now known as DeVonne
tuntunNew question for yall (amule channel is totally dead). My 'mule only connects when I have my modem firewall turned off. Even though I have specified the port-forwarding and firewall rules to allow the ftp.udp connections. Whats Is wrong with it? I prefer having my hardware firewall on ;)06:54
DeVonneOK, I tried the one thing, did not work, the live cd did not work, so I swapped the drive, live cd worked then and I still have the linux reading the cd's problem06:55
michael__i really need some help and if you think you can help install this driver join #Helpstpat?06:55
Jonnieneed help?06:55
recon!ask | Jonnie06:55
ubotuJonnie: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:55
hhMish_tuntun, get better modem06:55
tuntunhhMish_, well, that's not really any help! (and I have a decent modem anyway)06:56
z3ekhey anyway of putting Evolution in the taskbar when minimized?06:56
tonyyarussoz3ek: alltray06:56
reconz3ek: use alltray.06:56
Jonnietried to install ubuntu 6.06 lts server onto a new hp proliant ml110 g5 with sata hdd and cdrom.. installing from cd.. boot ok... then it says no cdrom detected..06:56
michael__comeone you guys havent failed me yet help me and my buddy out06:56
N3WFI3yo i just cleared one of my hard drives with zeroes how do i get windows to see the drive again06:57
z3ekthat was quick, heh thanks06:57
N3WFI3i wanna install ubuntu on it06:57
hhMish_tuntun, then I'm afraid you're on your own06:57
=== Daisuke-Ido is now known as Daisuke_Ido
tonyyarussoN3WFI3: you'll need to format it, either ntfs or fat3206:57
N3WFI3command in ms dos or something06:57
N3WFI3the drive is D:06:58
DeVonnewhat is that dsmeg or w/e command to see hardware info?06:58
Survivorman   z3ek I think there is a plugin mail-notifcation-evolution06:58
michael__whay ar you using dos ( thw command would be format) =P06:58
tonyyarussoN3WFI3: you can use gparted on the Ubuntu live CD.  And there's no such thing as "drive D:"06:58
traversthe super shitty nature of linux has suprised me yet again, my mdadm array has just disappeared06:58
Dr_willistravers,  demand a refund!06:59
tonyyarussotravers: please keep your complaints elsewhere - this is a support channel only.06:59
z3ekthanks Survivorman, let me try alltray first06:59
Jonnieanyone help ?06:59
traverswhat else is irritating is that I uncomment a line in /etc/sudoers to allow all users in the group sudo not require a password, add my user to the group06:59
traversit worked06:59
traversbut it did not survive a reboot? wtf? that's frustrating06:59
traversI would be more pleased if it had not worked07:00
traversthen intermitantly working07:00
happosade"mount: you must specify the filesystem type"07:00
ZeltaWhy isn't CSM installed by default in ubuntu?07:00
happosadeWhat the ?07:00
traversand WTF does ubuntu not come with openbsd's openssh?07:00
SeveredCrossZelta: What CSM?07:00
ZeltaCompizConfig Settings Manager07:00
Zeltalets you enable other features07:00
Survivormancssm Zelta07:00
Dr_willisubuntu installs no unneedes services by default. thats just how it is.07:00
Zeltai.e. cube07:00
Zeltawell, that07:00
FloodBot2Zelta: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:00
traversI'm not pissed because I lost any data, no, I have backups07:01
tonyyarussoZelta: Exposes more options than it was felt necessary.  Easy to add though, for those who need it.07:01
traversokay, I've got that off my chest, cya07:01
ZeltaI suppose so07:01
softtowerJonnie: wassup?07:01
RadarHi, when I select a new font to use in the console the font's letters appear stretched unless I go to an insanely high point (like 36), how can I fix that?07:01
z3ekok its saying "please click on the window you want to add to the tray etc" but when i clike on Evolution nothing happens07:01
happosade"mount: you must specify the filesystem type"   WT..?07:01
Jonnie[13:56] Jonnie: tried to install ubuntu 6.06 lts server onto a new hp proliant ml110 g5 with sata hdd and cdrom.. installing from cd.. boot ok... then it says no cdrom detected..07:01
pyrakwhile we're discussing annoying things:07:02
softtowerJonnie: this is super-weird.07:02
NickRiversis hardy heron going to be the next LTS release?07:02
pyraki used to be able to use a screensaver preference to make my screen lock when i closed the lid of my lappy07:02
tonyyarussoNickRivers: for Ubuntu, yes.07:02
reconNickRivers: yes, but not for Kubuntu. I think.07:03
Jonniesofttower: it says load own cdrom drivers?07:03
SurvivormanI believe mail-notification and mail-notification-evolution allows you to have a persistent icon on the bar and then checks your mail and alerts you when you have new mail. it can open evolution for you too z3ek.07:03
softtowerJonnie: I've never seen anything like this. I am afraid I won't be able to help07:04
N3WFI3so i just create a primary partition i guess in disc management tools?07:04
N3WFI3then i can install linux i guess07:04
happosade"mount: you must specify the filesystem type" ?07:04
reconN3WFI3: ...if you're going to install linux on it, why do you need windows to recognize it07:04
jimtonyyarusso: so you don't allow dissent here?07:05
softtowerJonnie: I would go into BIOS and double-checked everything that has something to do with CD-ROM or SATA/ATA (your CD-ROM is SATA, right?)07:05
N3WFI3just bored07:05
N3WFI3so is it best to leave it alone or convert to ntsc?07:05
tonyyarussojim: It's offtopic - support only in official support channels (otherwise the channel would be full of cruft and useless)07:05
Jonnieyes sata, in bios its auto config.. nothing to config.. notthing like enhance performance...07:05
reconN3WFI3: if you install linux on said partition that windows just recognized, windows probably won't recognize it anymore.07:05
NickRiversN3WFI3: are you planning on dual booting?07:05
tonyyarussojim: there is, however, an #ubuntu-offtopic that allows many more topics (but still not all)07:06
N3WFI3i'm thinking about a dual boot situation ya07:06
DeVonneI am having a cdrom problem also, linux wont read the disc's07:06
NickRiversN3WFI3: which distro? with ubuntu live cd it can automatically resize your windows partition and set up linux in the reclaimed free space07:06
jimok, I see... so you're banning him after he left so that he will... hmm, I don't know how to finish the sentence07:06
softtowerJonie: modern BIOSes have all kinds of weirdo SATA/PATA "modes". I would just went through every screen: I had issues like "no hard drive detected" that were caused by SATA "mode" setting in BIOS.07:07
reconjim: it will automatically redirect him to #ubuntu-ops for any further "inquiries".07:07
z3ekN3WFI3: when you install ubuntu it will install Grub a boot loader07:07
z3ekso you can keep Windows too07:07
Radaryay.. help vampires galore.07:07
tonyyarussojim: have a chance to have a friendly conversation about it first, before being let back in.  Usually works pretty well.  ("usually")07:07
N3WFI3im just dling the 7.10 desktop iso07:07
NickRiversN3WFI3: that is the live cd... it can automatically resize your NTFS partition to make space for linux07:08
softtowerSo weird to hear "you can keep Windows too". :-) Sounds like "You can switch to ice cream, but keep a box of dog poop in case you want to get back to your old habits" :-)))07:08
reconN3WFI3: there is no need to partition anything inside windows, ubuntu's installer has a built-in partitioner and bootloader setup that will use automagically set up a dual-boot.07:08
gogetasofttower prretty mutch07:08
reconN3WFI3: btw, are you using a partition or a whole hard disk?07:08
kenbooubuntu + wine is just good enough for me. I rarely have to boot Windows.07:09
N3WFI3i got 2 hard drives so i would prefer to install linux on the second drive07:09
jimyou should be able to do that07:09
jim(true of any linux)07:09
NickRiversN3WFI3: the live cd you are downloading will do the partitioning for you - no need to mess with it in windows07:09
N3WFI3i guess i just select the drive when i begin install?07:09
reconN3WFI3: the ubuntu installer has a "guided partitioning" in which you select the second hard drive, and it automatically sets everything up for you, including the dual-boot.07:09
xyyzzzWhat would be the easiest method about which I could go to install a .RPM? Is there a package I should download that does it all for me?07:10
reconN3WFI3: No messy manual partitioning required.07:10
N3WFI3ok cool07:10
michael__yeah just choose your drive in the installer07:10
reconxyyzzz: alien.07:10
=== z3ek is now known as Jez
recon!alien | xyyzzz07:10
ubotuxyyzzz: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous)07:10
=== Jez is now known as z3ek
jimno messy manual to read?07:10
N3WFI3i may need some help getting started when i begin install, this is my first time ever trying linux :)07:10
N3WFI3im sure it will be pretty smooth tho07:10
NickRiversI finally dumped vista... fought with that (P)OS since it went RTM... had enough of Cousin Bill's shite07:10
ian_`how do I give Python access to delete a file that belongs to nobody07:11
DeVonnehow do I get my cdrom to mount?07:11
xyyzzzrecon, many thanks :))07:11
N3WFI3ya vista sux07:11
reconN3WFI3: the installer is "click and forget". after filling out some basic information (name, stuff you want to log in with) it'll automatically do the rest.07:11
N3WFI3can i login without a pass?07:11
z3ekyer its a very easy install07:11
rhineheart_mI am using celeron 2.2GHz without built-in video adapter.. Would it still function if m going to remove the video card? I will not use it.. I'm in a server without GUI07:11
bullgard4Why does the Ubuntu notification service use a notification-daemon instead of an ordinary subprogram?07:11
N3WFI3i guess i will just set one to make things easy07:11
jimN3WFI3: one of the thousands of programs available for linux is the x window system, a graphical display system for programs... you can use it... you also don't have to07:11
reconN3WFI3: not recommended, but there's probably a way posted on the internet somewhere.07:12
reconN3WFI3: however, a password of "e" is better than no password.07:12
N3WFI3haha yup07:12
NickRiversN3WFI3: you want to have a password... it's part of that whole 'security' think that microsoft fails to understand lol07:12
N3WFI3i'm guessing it will auto detect my display driver07:12
reconN3WFI3: yeah.07:12
N3WFI3im on geforce 680007:13
jimknights that say 2.7182818307:13
DeVonneUbuntu won't mount cd's I know it works because live cd worked, can someone help me?07:13
N3WFI3so when my download is complete do i just open it up and install or can i mount with daemon tools07:13
NickRiversN3WFI3: it will setup a non-3d accelerated driver for your nvidia during install and then once you boot into your system you can install the proprietary nvidia driver07:13
reconN3WFI3: it'll auto-detect. You'll also see a "restricted drivers" thing when you first boot. That is the wizard that installs proprietary drivers.07:13
jimDeVonne: what does linux think your cd is? /dev/what?07:14
reconN3WFI3: neither. you have to burn it to a disc, and reboot. it'll boot from the disc.07:14
DeVonnejim:  how do I check?07:14
N3WFI3do i have to :907:14
zmhow to install cs?07:14
bullgard4DeVonne:  "won't mount cd's" is no exact description. Please report the error message that occurs.07:14
reconzm: cs?07:14
kenboois it just me that I get nvidia log everytime logon/logout X?07:14
zma kind of game07:14
reconzm: you'll want to use wine.07:14
jimDeVonne: that too, what does it say when you try07:14
DeVonneThe error message is it won't mount no media07:14
recon!wine | zm07:14
ubotuzm: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.07:14
NickRiversDeVonne: it won't mount even when you put a cd in the drive?07:15
zmi've download a package07:15
sknhHi! I was importing data into Mysql using "mysql -u root -p testtable < tabledata.sql"07:15
sknhafter entering the root password, I press CTRL+Z and then entered bg to run the process in background07:15
DeVonneno it won't NickRivers07:15
reconzm: does it end with .exe?07:15
sknhafter a while I got an error on the console07:15
Makuseruhi, i seem to be having a problem with Amarok, all of a sudden it wont get album covers, i right click and tell it "fetch cover from amazon" but it just never does it. anyone know how to fix this proble,?07:15
zmlet me see..07:15
sknhwhere can I find the error? any error logs?07:15
threefcataanyone knows how to adjust sensitivity of trackpoint on thinkpads?07:15
reconzm: odd. you are referring to counter-strike, I assume.07:15
jimso the error scrolled by too fast?07:15
kenboosknh:  you got to redirect.  >logfile 2>&107:15
NickRiversDeVonne: which version of ubuntu are you running?07:16
DeVonneNickRivers:  gutsy07:16
reconzm: download steam, run with wine.07:16
zmi packagee include a lot of .wad07:16
N3WFI3i thought u could install without burning, if i have 2 i will tho07:16
zminstall steam?07:16
reconzm: yeah, it's the only method that works, for the most part.07:16
michael__guys is being a brown distro a bad thing ????07:16
zmwhat about wine?07:16
zmmust I?07:16
N3WFI3can i burn it with windows or goto download some shit like nero07:16
reconzm: wine lets you run windows apps. steam is a windows app.07:17
N3WFI3dont wanna wait forever with my shitty download connection07:17
sknhkenboo: is there a way to find out the error now?07:17
NickRiversDeVonne: click on System | Preferences | Removable Drives and Media and make sure the option to automatically mount removable media is checked07:17
reconN3WFI3: probably windows. however, please refrain from cursing.07:17
Survivormanzm http://www.cstrike-planet.com/tutorial/1/507:17
zmyeah i got it07:17
N3WFI3ok lol07:17
kenboosknh:  no, it's gone to blackhole07:17
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
N3WFI3i remember installing vista from C: to my D: with a mounted iso tho :)07:18
DeVonneNickRivers: that is checked already07:18
NickRiversN3WFI3: you can get installation discs shipped to you for free if you have a slow inet cnxn07:18
reconN3WFI3: however, the shipping takes months.07:18
Makuseruhi, i seem to be having a problem with Amarok, all of a sudden it wont get album covers, i right click and tell it "fetch cover from amazon" but it just never does it. anyone know how to fix this proble,?07:18
N3WFI3my connection is 110kb/sec07:18
N3WFI3its ok but i dont call it fast haha07:19
NickRiversrecon - it only took a couple weeks for me07:19
NickRiversN3WFI3: 110 KB/sec? quit complaining lol07:19
Jordan_UN3WFI3, You can install Ubuntu without burning a disk with wubi07:19
z3ekheh i sent of for 300 ubuntu cds once07:19
z3ekand they all turned up07:19
KarkehanWhats do I need to do to add a user to the sudoers file on my server?07:19
NickRiversJordan_U: not 7.10 i don't think07:20
sknhkenboo: can u explain what ">logfile 2>&1" means?07:20
z3ekwe ended up chucking them round my garden07:20
N3WFI3lol z307:20
=== ajmorris_ is now known as ajmorris
Jordan_UNickRivers, You used to be able too, why not any more?07:20
DeVonneNickRivers: it is checked, anything else? :(07:20
N3WFI3so this new release coming up, is it worth installing over the previous07:20
NickRiversJordan_U: i think they bumped wubi up to 8.0407:20
tonyyarussoz3ek: that's not at all funny.  You're wasting community resources.07:20
NickRiversJordan_U: which is currently in beta07:20
Jordan_Uz3ek, That's money not going to developers07:20
=== gok1 is now known as goget1
kenboosknh:  it redirects stderr to stdout which just redirected to logfile07:21
NickRiversDeVonne: try typing 'eject /dev/cdrom' in a terminal window and see if it ejects your cdrom tray07:21
tuntunDr_willis, this link (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41708) says that ff2/3 doesnt have a drag & scroll function, but somone mentioned an addon called DragToScroll with the comment "DragToScroll extension solves the problem beautifully, but really we shouldn't need to resort to an extension to do something that should be standard/taken for granted."07:21
DeVonneNickRivers: yes it just ejected07:22
zmwhere are the installed software?07:22
Kikkomasowait why am I here07:22
KikkomasoI use debian07:22
NickRiversDeVonne: ok... so the system knows your cdrom exists... seems the problem is with the automount07:22
reconzm: under the "applications" menu, there's a link that says "add/remove software".07:22
tuntunDr_willis, this link (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41708) says that ff2/3 doesnt have a drag & scroll function, but somone mentioned an addon called DragToScroll with the comment "DragToScroll extension solves the problem beautifully, but really we shouldn't need to resort to an extension to do something that should be standard/taken for granted."07:22
DeVonneNickRivers: ok what do you suggest?07:22
softtoweranyone here runs Ubuntu on thinkpad?07:22
tonyyarussosofttower: T43, yes07:23
reconzm: for more selection and in-depth choices and complication, use synaptic package manager, under "system>preferences".07:23
NickRiversDeVonne: hang on... googling07:23
zmbut i mean in the hardrive where there are?07:23
DeVonneNickRivers: ok sure07:23
jim* anyone :No such nick/channel07:23
Dr_willistuntun,  well it does do it here.. and i dont recall ever adding that extension.07:23
reconzm: scattered.07:24
Dr_willistuntun,  i alwsya seem to select TOO much :)07:24
zmaround my hardrive?07:24
softtowertonyyarusso: T43 is a bit too old... I am having issues with relatively new wifi card. well, thanks anyway.07:24
reconzm: a .deb debian package contains the files, and they go to their respective places. like /usr/share/something/ for runnable parts, /usr/bin/ for the executable, /etc/something/ or ~/.something/ for config files, etc.07:25
vasylhello, can someone tell me if there is a way to change the behavior of alt+right click? I mean make it so that gnome doesnt show that minimize/maximize menu and instead uses the application alt+rightclick behaviour07:25
reconzm: it seems messy, but the package manager keeps everyhting in place.07:25
Starnestommyzm: they're mostly in /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/sbin, and /usr/games07:25
NickRiversDeVonne: which kernel are you currently running?07:25
zmjust very different from windows huh07:26
DeVonneNickRivers: I forgot the command to check07:26
Jordan_UDeVonne, uname -r07:26
NickRiversDeVonne: in a terminal window type 'uname -r'07:26
jimDeVonne: cat /proc/version07:27
reconzm: a lot more organized.07:27
terminalwhen i double click on sharing drive i got u must login to access n password required07:27
reconzm: doesn't depend on individual installers and registry access, one package manager manages everything.07:27
zmdoes any software run .xxx like .exe?07:27
reconzm: usually, executables don't have an extension.07:27
reconzm: you'll know if they are executable if they have the "executable" property.07:27
jimin unix executables can have any file name07:28
NickRivers.xxx? sounds like a gift from a pr0nbot lol07:28
reconin the default bash command line, they'll glow green.07:28
NickRiversDeVonne: did you just install your system?07:28
DeVonneNickRivers: few days ago07:28
=== threefcata is now known as girl
NickRiversDeVonne: and the problem started when?07:28
terminalwhen i double click on sharing drive i got u must login to access n password required07:28
=== girl is now known as threefcata
DeVonneNickRivers: it is just now I tried to read cd's07:29
joncruzI have an odd wacom problem. Things worked when I tried a live CD. but when I did an install from that CD, the tablet no longer works07:29
joncruzanyone perhaps seen something on this, or have any pointers?07:30
Dorjekardoboa madrugada galera07:30
zmDatabase package required.  abort retry ignore what should i choose?07:30
Dr_willisjoncruz,  the other day i had to isntall the wacom tools, and edit my xorg.conf to have the proper wacom tablet entry.07:30
reconzm: i'll need a little more information.07:31
joncruzYeah. I've done that in the past, and it's worked07:31
terminalwhen i double click on sharing drive i got u must login to access n password required07:31
zmi am installing the steam you just told me07:31
Dr_willisjoncruz,  i was thinking the wacom tablet stuff was enabled by default however.. unless it some how got removed07:31
joncruzthis is now 8.04 beta on a macbook. wacdump shows the device, but no activity. However, the mouse buttons do work as mouse buttons07:31
zmi click 'ok' all steps and stop at this step07:31
Dr_willisjoncruz,  i do recall the tablet needs to be plugged IN when X starts up07:31
reconzm: I've never seen that message.07:31
joncruzyeah. did the have-it-in thing too.07:32
DeVonneNickRivers: you are still here right?07:32
reconzm: odds are, #wine is better suited.07:32
reconzm: they run the whole wine gamut.07:32
joncruzso it seems to be half-working.07:32
bastid_raZorrecon; zm #winehq07:32
NickRiversDeVonne: yah07:32
reconzm: ok, #winehq. i stand corrected.07:32
joncruzsame tablet on a desktop pc running 7.10 works fine.07:33
bastid_raZorzm; /join #winehq07:33
joncruz(it's annoying, since I'm trying to add enhanced tablet support to an app)07:33
DeVonneahh, never type /list in ksirc07:34
bastid_raZorjoncruz; you're using hardy right? if so #ubuntu+107:34
joncruzahhh... danke07:34
z3ekget irssi07:34
joncruz(I've tried searching the website, FAQ, board, etc.)07:34
Dr_willisjoncruz,  if you are using hardy.. GOOOD LUCK :) we tried setting up tablets yesterday in it. Heh07:34
Dr_willisjoncruz,  some forums say theirs just work.. others say they dont work07:35
joncruzas I said, the weird thing is that it worked fine when running live from the CD07:35
Dr_willisjoncruz,  i would boot the live cd. and copy its xorg.conf somewher so you can cheat from it07:35
DeVonneNickRivers: I need to register my nick before I can private07:35
Dr_willistheres 'works' then theres 'works with all features'07:35
mohamedany body here07:35
DeVonneNickRivers:  ok done07:35
NickRiversDeVonne: ok... open /etc/fstab and look for the line that mentions your cdrom drive07:36
Survivorman zm, you didn't install steam from synaptic did you? That's a different steam I think. I sent you a link to install steam and CS from CS's website.07:36
reconmohamed: about a thousand people, a few of whom are talking.07:36
joncruzthe other thing is... if I've hit a strange bug situation I would like to help the proper people get it resolved before end of beta07:36
macogwdoes Gutsy have the printer config GUI from Fedora?07:38
=== be-net is now known as anak_ciamis
zmsurvivorman: would you please send me again? i lost it07:39
zmsurvivorman: could you please send me again? i lost it07:40
Survivormanzm, give me a sec :)07:40
michael__hey i just installed krfb were can i find it if i can use it all on reggular ubuntu07:40
JessMeisterI'm having issues installing Ubuntu on my old laptop.07:41
XTeLiSwhat kind ?07:41
XTeLiSuse xubuntu07:41
XTeLiSon older systems07:41
JessMeisterCompaq presario 167507:41
Survivormanzm, http://www.cstrike-planet.com/tutorial/1/5. go to the next page for 1.6.07:41
XTeLiShrmm... at least its not a delll07:42
XTeLiSdell even07:42
JessMeisterwhats wrong with dells?07:42
Survivormanzm, it takes a looooong time, live an hour or so to fully install, but it works.07:42
XTeLiSubuntu hates dell07:42
JessMeisteroh haha07:42
XTeLiShard to set them up correctly07:42
bullgard4Why does the Ubuntu notification service use a notification-daemon instead of an ordinary subprogram?07:42
XTeLiSwell at least mine was a pain in the neck07:42
zmmaybe i should give up it07:42
macogwXTeLiS: only if it has a Dell Broadcom wireless card07:42
XTeLiSwhich i have07:43
Survivormanzm, if your connection is fast, it might be less. I'm only on slower dsl.07:43
zmall right07:43
XTeLiSand im still having a hella time tryin to config my wireless07:43
XTeLiSit 'says' its installed07:43
XTeLiSbut i can seem to connect to any of the wireless networks around my neighborhood like i could with vista or xp07:44
XTeLiSit - drivers for my wireless card07:44
=== bluefoxx_ is now known as bluefoxx
XTeLiScan = cant07:44
Muhammad_SaadHello, I am having trouble with gnome-ppp. Can someone help?07:45
macogwXTeLiS: the drivers should be there automatically on 7.10, but you need firmware07:45
jimok, what's the next step assuming the drivers are present?07:45
macogwXTeLiS: are you on that computer right now?07:45
XTeLiSusing wired connect07:45
macogwXTeLiS: ok download http://macoafi.googlepages.com/firmware.tar.gz07:45
XTeLiSfirmware ?07:45
macogwXTeLiS: firmware is the part that the card itself loads and then the OS uses the driver to talk to the firmware to tell the card what to do07:45
macogwXTeLiS: at least, that's my understanding of it. anyone is free to correct.07:46
macogwXTeLiS: i tar'd up the firmware from my mom's computer. she has a broadcom card too.07:46
macogwXTeLiS: after it's downloaded to your desktop, double click it to extract it.  open a terminal (apps -> accessories -> terminal) and type "cd Desktop" (with the capitals)07:48
macogwXTeLiS: then type "sudo mv firmware/* /lib/firmware/" and hit enter07:48
macogwXTeLiS: and then it *should* work07:48
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glisshwo come when i tell it to install the swf-player it throws a fit and asks to UNINSTALL like 100 packages??07:49
Starnestommygliss: does that happen when trying to install any other packages?07:50
=== bluefoxx_ is now known as bluefoxx
glissStarnestommy: no07:50
glissjust the shockwafe/flash player07:50
Starnestommygliss: could you please pastbin what happens when you try to install swf-player?07:50
N3WFI3i need to burn my iso07:51
N3WFI3whats a small filesize iso burner07:51
tonyyarusso!burners | N3WFI307:52
ubotuN3WFI3: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto07:52
N3WFI3dont wanna wait forever on the dl haha07:52
MrSkittleN3WFI3: don't we all need to burn out isos?07:52
=== sven_oostenbrink is now known as phoenixz
MrSkittlehey, I'm having errors when I try to upgrade07:52
MrSkittleapt-get upgrade, that is07:52
macogwN3WFI3: for windows?07:53
Survivormangliss, install swfdec-mozilla07:53
MrSkittleum, it's the "error committing changes" thing07:53
Dr_willisN3WFI3,  i like 'burnatonce' for windows07:53
MrSkittlethere's a certain command that fixes it automagically07:53
MrSkittlewhat is it?07:53
MrSkittledpgk-configure or something?07:54
glissa girl?07:54
macogwN3WFI3: what about the iso power toy for windows that ms released?07:54
glissin an ubuntu chat room at 3am?!07:54
tonyyarussogliss: don't be annoying.07:54
glissi'm not being annoying, i'm bing funny07:54
N3WFI3windows made one?07:54
glissthere's a subtle difference07:54
macogwgliss: of course.07:54
DOOM_NXwhat do i need to compile mplayer?07:55
Dr_willisN3WFI3,  i found 'burnatonce' better then the ms one.07:55
glisstonyyarusso: i let her off easy, i was going to make a joke about philly07:55
SurvivormanMrSkittle, were you thinking sudo dpkg --configure -a07:55
macogwN3WFI3: http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm07:55
Dr_willisDOOM_NX,  a whole lot of dependencies...  and build-essential package07:55
N3WFI3i tried iso recorder07:55
macogwN3WFI3: right click an iso and there's a burn option07:55
N3WFI3it gave me an error07:55
tonyyarussogliss: and yet you're on thin enough ice as it is.07:55
N3WFI3i think its cause im running sp3 beta07:55
MrSkittleSurvivorman: that's probably it07:55
glissso why can't i install swf-player?07:55
glisswhy is there a gtk conflict?07:55
cabrioleurDOOM_NX, not much, it's up to you actually. There is a lot of options, and a compiler is a minimum. The rest of it is up to you.07:55
glissi haven't touched the repos07:56
jimgliss: but if you are able to help hold this space safe for her, she might actually say something07:56
DOOM_NXDr_willis, i have already installed mplayer, but i need to recompile it with xmms demuxer support07:56
glisstonyyarusso: my landlord turned the heat off because it's "spring"07:56
SurvivormanI had the same problem gliss when I tested it, I could only install the version I gave you.07:56
glissjim: oh, i'm not that interested07:56
macogwgliss: no. you're not being funny, by the way.  it might've been funny when i first heard it nearly 2 years ago. it's not anymore.07:56
jimmaybe tony is07:56
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glissmacogw: "no girls on irc" is a timeless joke. i heard it on irc over 10 years ago. excuse you07:57
DOOM_NXwell if anyone can help me recompile mplayer with xmms support i'd appreciate it a lot07:57
Dr_willisDOOM_NX,  hmm.. xmms support? what doex xmms have to do with it?07:57
macogwgliss: it's not timeless. it's just old & tired.07:58
glissSurvivorman: that one installed with out a problem07:58
jimDOOM_NX: it's not just configure with turning on options, then make?07:58
MrSkittleSurvivorman: you were correct07:58
DOOM_NXsee last section07:58
MrSkittleSurvivorman: thanks07:58
glissSurvivorman: the first one is a gstreamer plug in though, so i wanted that one07:58
zenixwhat is a good *lightweight* (aka, not Pidgin) multi-IM client?07:58
SurvivormanMrSkittle, no07:58
Survivormangliss, gotcha07:58
cabrioleurDOOM_NX, download sources, unpack it, then make sure you have a compiler. Do ./configure --help and find --enable options for it. If it doesn't work, install dev package for thing that's needed.07:58
tonyyarussozenix: bitlbee?07:58
MrSkittlethis has been my most pleasant experience in this channel to date!07:58
DOOM_NXi need to recompile it and remove getbits implementation07:58
ensiaaaaw, nice user experience. beep media player locked up the entire gnome. thats so cute. :)07:58
glissmacogw: so every joke over 2 years old is tired and played out by now? i guess i better throw out all these comedy movies i have then07:59
jimyou're the one that has to do that stuff... knowing something about it might be a good thing07:59
tonyyarussogliss: stop now please.  This is a support channel, only.07:59
macogwgliss: how many times a day do you watch those movies?07:59
glisstony said stop07:59
glissisn't that right tony?07:59
tonyyarussoyes, all, please.08:00
macogwzenix: you could use finch. it's the ncurses version of pidgin08:00
DOOM_NXaaaah i'll never be able to play mp3pro streams :(08:00
cabrioleurDOOM_NX, it's easier than you think. Just try.08:00
DOOM_NXcabrioleur, i don't even know where to start08:01
ricoschey guys. I had a dual boot gutsy + XP setup, and now that I installed Hardy beta (clean install),Win XP is no longer on my GRUB menu (but the partition is there intact!) what should I do?08:01
cabrioleurDOOM_NX, go to mplayer website and download the sources.08:01
Dr_willisI hope you have a lot of patience  DOOM_NX  :)08:02
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jeebusmobilericosc: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst08:02
tonyyarussoricosc: one option would be to google for a Windows chainloading grub menu.lst and copy the relevant section, adapted for the right partition on your setup.08:02
ricoscand what do I put?08:02
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N3WFI3guys my iso disappeared!08:02
N3WFI3i dont know where the hell it went08:02
DOOM_NX<Dr_willis> I hope you have a lot of patience  DOOM_NX  :) -> i hope the same for u :P08:03
jeebusmobilericosc: google add windows to grub or something...08:03
un_davejust in case this didn't come through before: hi, i just installed a theme which said "Apply suggested font" it worked, but now i just want to reset it back to the gutsy/gnome default. How do I find out what the default fonts are?08:03
Dr_willisDOOM_NX,  i cant imagine what you are doing that you need to recompile mplayer.08:03
DOOM_NXi told u, i want to play mp3pro files08:03
Dr_willisDOOM_NX,  ther is some apt-get command that can install all the needed deps for a package, when it was built. that may save a lot oftime08:04
Dr_willisDOOM_NX,  never heard of them.08:04
N3WFI3my iso got deleted or something by mistake i dont even know how it happened08:04
StarnestommyDr_willis: sudo apt-get build-dep package?08:04
N3WFI3soo annoying now i goto get it again08:04
Dr_willisStarnestommy,  A+ :)08:04
jimDOOM_NX: if you're building anything that has a configure script... first read the readme to see what it needs for building... then run configure with the options you want... then run make08:04
tonyyarussoDr_willis: apt-get build-dep, iirc08:04
tonyyarussobah, beat to it08:04
cabrioleurN3WFI3, find / | grep nameofthefile.iso08:04
Dr_willisDOOM_NX,  so for a start you proberly want to do a 'sudo apt-get build-dep mplayer'08:05