patoe1i already have the thing installed but idk were it put the shortcut to run it...00:02
patoe1nevermind found it00:03
vrkhanshi problem, i just install xubuntu, but the problem is if i leave my computer unattended, like playing music after 10 20 min it stop responding, even i move the mouse, i have to restart to make things work again, let me know what should i do, to fix this00:43
vrkhansalso i here a beep sound00:45
vrkhanscontinues beep sound00:45
gkahlawhat's the name of the app that configs the mouse settings? can't get my cursor to consistently show up...04:03
gkahlafound it! "xfce-setting-show mouse"04:05
redwhitewaldoi'm on xubuntu 8.04 beta. is it a bug that screensaver does not go on "lock" mode?07:04
Muhammad_SaadHello, I am having trouble with gnome-ppp. Can someone help?07:52
nikolami have a problem.08:18
nikolamI dont want to restart my computer08:18
nikolambut my DVD is stuck in the second DVD drive08:18
nikolamand it is shown as mounted08:19
nikolambut when I try to unmount i cant08:19
nikolamI left DVD in drive last night08:19
nikolamand now i cant open it08:19
nikolamMy second (pata, master) DVD recorder opens and works fine08:20
nikolamBut slave pata drive (cdrw DVD combo) wont open tray08:20
nikolamI were reading from it last night08:20
nikolamand DVD is stil IN08:20
nikolamHow to kill/disable those processes that are holding DVD inside08:21
nikolamOr connect/disconnect /dev/hdb drive08:21
nikolamwithour shutting down computer?08:21
nikolamI just tried.08:22
nikolamI CAN read from it and ir reads fine08:22
nikolamBut it is simply stuck and i cand umount it and open tray08:23
nikolam"/media/cdrom0: device is busy08:23
siggjennikolam: did you try to use lsof to find which processes are using your DVD drive?08:28
nikolamlsof have huge output08:31
siggjengrep for cdrom0 then08:32
siggjenwhere is cdrom0 mounted?08:32
nikolamjust a sec, pid 9491 is in error message08:32
nikolam/dev/hdb              4.2G  4.2G     0 100% /media/cdrom008:33
siggjenyou could grep for hdb then08:33
nikolamno output with hdb eather.08:34
nikolambut error message is:   USER        PID ACCESS COMMAND08:34
siggjenyou might be able to umount with --force, but then you might not be able to mount it again08:34
siggjenwithout a reboot08:34
nikolamtryed that08:34
nikolamumount2: Device or resource busy08:35
nikolamumount: /media/cdrom0: device is busy08:35
nikolampid is 9491 bash08:35
siggjenyou have no thunar windows or anything with DVD drive contenst?08:35
siggjenmaybe a bash session in /media/cdrom0 ?08:36
nikolamI killed that bash process08:36
nikolamkill -9 949108:36
nikolamand now i can umount :)08:36
siggjenthen you might just be stuck with the DVD drive till next reboot08:36
nikolamso... point is..08:37
nikolamto look at the error messages and to kill that process next time :)08:37
nikolam10X a lot for help08:37
nikolamsiggjen, 10x08:38
siggjeni'd try to kill without -9 first but ok08:38
nikolami use -9 as last resort, thanks anyway08:39
nobbiHi @ all09:40
nobbiI need some help09:40
nobbiI can't mount my 8 GB SD Card on my eee pc09:41
nobbiHello, is there anybode here?09:42
siggjennobbi: how did you try to mount the sd card?09:44
nobbiper Terminal09:47
siggjenwhich command?09:47
nobbiHad find some sites in the net and I was following the instructions09:47
nobbisudo nano -l09:48
nobbi#ve forgotten the rest09:48
siggjenyou got the url for the site?09:49
nobbiit's so hard for a linux newbie09:49
nobbijust a moment, I try to find out09:49
siggjeni'd mount a sd card with something like this: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/mountpoint09:51
siggjenofcourse depending on the sd card being in /dev/sdb109:51
nobbimount: mount point /media/mountpoint does not exist09:55
siggjenmake it then09:55
siggjenor change to a mountpoint that suits you better09:55
nobbiHow to do?09:55
siggjenmkdir /media/mountpoint09:56
siggjen/media/mountpoint is the path to the folder where you want to mount the drive09:56
siggjenyou can place it many places09:56
siggjenyou might need to put a sudo in fornt of that command09:57
nobbiAt the moment, it work09:58
nobbiThe ( GB sd card is mounted09:58
nobbi8 GB09:58
siggjenyou might want to put it in /etc/fstab09:59
siggjentry to read man fstab09:59
siggjenand google it09:59
nobbiI try to find out09:59
nobbiIt's easier for me in german10:00
siggjenman is a nice command to learn about things10:00
helpmeis there any one willing to help me10:55
helpmewith some irc problem10:55
helpmecan not connect to the server10:57
helpmemy client  is php irc server  .platform  :linux10:57
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Naraicive a problem with a realtek 8187 card. it isnt listed under any sort of network config tool, but when i run "lsusb" it appears, does anyone know how i can get my system to detect this card as a wireless adapter13:11
Iskri have a similar problem =P13:12
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:16
grotheskIs language support improved in hardy in comparison to dapper?13:26
grotheskIn dapper, many menu entries remain englisch when installing german language support.13:26
Iskrdas ist nicht gut!13:28
grotheskFinde ich auch.13:28
TheSheepgrothesk: yes, it is improved13:29
grotheskThen I'll cosider upgrading my parents dapper to hardy this summer.13:32
Iskrok one thing that cannot be performed on 128 mb ram boxes is the use of gui packet managers13:46
Iskrlol it went using 125 mb of swap13:46
Gar1good morning!  hardy beta question14:13
Gar1can't access my ntfs hd14:14
TheSheep!ntfs | Gar114:16
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu14:16
ubotuGar1: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE14:16
ere4siGar1: try the ntfs-3g link14:17
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AC0RNZ yo guys, im looking for progrram that can like.... rar a huge iso file, but mark it up into like ....  2 areas both 500mb... then wen i click extract on part 1... it will extract part2 also and make the iso again16:45
kebif you use rar with the -v500M option it will make such a multivolume archive16:48
kebthen unrar will rebuild if you have all the pieces16:49
kebi dunno of a graphical client for rar16:49
AC0RNZwait, how do i get rar with the -v500M?16:50
kebfull description of options is in /usr/share/doc/rar/rar.txt.gz16:50
nikolamdoes anyone here uses linux software raid118:34
nikolamI installed my xubuntu a year ago o software raid1 partition i made during setup18:36
nikolamand i had another raid0 partition18:37
nikolamNow i decided to turn raid0 to raid118:37
keb/dev/md0: 54.38GiB raid1 2 devices, 0 spares.18:37
nikolamand i have done cat /proc/mdstat http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62341/18:38
nikolamNow I see that my system md0 raid1 is not the same labeled as md2 i just created!18:38
nikolamhi keb18:38
nikolamkeb would you please look at the pastebin and tell me why md0 is different then md2 i just created?18:39
nikolamis md0 cofigured right here at me, as 2 devices, 0 spares like you?18:40
nikolamor setup that uses md2 now is the same as yours?18:40
keblooks like you didnt add the sda6 partitions to the md0 assemly18:40
nikolamjust a sec, sda6 and sdb6 are parts of md2 assembly18:41
kebyou have three partitions: sda5, sda6, sdb618:41
kebdo you want all of them in a raid1?18:41
nikolamahaaaa sdb5 is not even ADDED to RAID??? aaah18:41
nikolamoh, now i see, i lived in oblivion through all of las year with md0 raid1 with not actually using raid1 aaah18:42
nikolamok, I will tranfer all of my system to md2 anyway18:43
kebwell at least your sdb5 partition is nice and rested18:43
nikolamaaaah keb keb, you are hurting me aaaah18:44
nikolamOk, I am just not shure why that was the case18:44
nikolamI made that raid during setup of ubuntu18:45
Stroganoffxubuntu is too slow ;)18:45
nikolamOk, I have one more question,18:45
nikolamIf I want to make sda5 and sdb5 like, separate normal partitions,18:46
nikolamso that i can use whole space there, should i use raid0 for that18:47
nikolamor can i make them have data on them in a normal fashion18:47
nikolambut to make them and act like a single device?18:47
kebnikolam : either raid0 or lvm18:48
keblvm has lower risk of failure18:48
nikolamshould i mess up with lvm, could i continue to use md2 as raid1 and use lvm at the same time18:49
nikolami never used lvm18:49
kebraid0 should be faster18:49
keblvm comes installed with xubuntu, but i never figured out how to set it up18:50
nikolamYes, but i am thinking, if I loose one drive, not to loose all data, but just to make them adressed as one drive18:50
nikolamI have no experience with lvm , also i am not shure how 2 xp installations would like lvm on drive beside 2 ubuntus18:51
kebyes that would be lvm, they are just blocks of storage catenated.  with raid0 they are striped and one drive going down means lose all data18:51
nikolamand lvm on top18:51
nikolamOk, to me lvm sounds better for semi-important data18:51
keboh you mean combine storage of md0 and md2?18:51
nikolamno no, i will break md0 to eather raid0 or vvm with system and important data on md2 as raid118:52
kebStroganoff is that the new xubuntu install18:53
nikolamno, I am using is since 7.10 came out18:54
nikolamI plan just to copy whole system to new md2 mount it as root restart an delete md018:55
nikolamIf I just copy whole system to another partition19:46
nikolamand change /etc/fstab and grub settings19:46
nikolamwill it be enough to migrate linux from one partition to another?19:46
kebyou also have to run grub19:47
nikolamcp all fix fstab, fix /boot/grub/menu.lst19:47
nikolamand that is it?19:48
nikolamif I just copy, will it also kopu appropriate permisions?19:48
nikolamBoth partitions are ext319:48
kebyou can use dd to copy partitions19:49
nikolamnew partition is smaller. I will not copy part of /home19:49
kebi am not sure about the special files like /dev19:50
nikolamme neaither19:50
nikolammaybe i should use cp --preserve19:51
zoredache_use rsync20:04
zoredache_rsync -a src dst20:04
zoredache_or or tar with a command like 'tar -c . | tar -C /dst -x'20:04
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nikolamrsync would be great.20:07
nikolamI just need to make src partition to have less data then dst20:07
nikolamor maybe tar would be better in this case20:08
kebthere should be an exclude parameter to rsync20:08
nikolamit would be very nice20:09
kebcheck the man page ;)20:10
nikolami checked: should rsync -a / /md2--exclude=/home do the trick?20:12
zoredache you would probably want a space after the md2... you might also want to through in a -v so you see what is going on20:17
redwhitewaldohow do i import my photos with xubuntu 8.04beta/22:08
kebplug in the camera to usb, an icon should show up on the desktop, copy the files...22:09
redwhitewaldokeb: i plugged in camera to usb, powered on camera, but no icon on desktop22:10
redwhitewaldomy camera worked in ubuntu 7.1022:10
redwhitewaldodo i need a special program?22:10
kebnot likely22:11
redwhitewaldowhen i plug in my iPod, i see an icon on desktop, but not with my digicam22:11
kebif you do 'lsusb' in a terminal does it show the camera plugged in?22:11
redwhitewaldoBus 001 Device 005: ID 04a9:3074 Canon, Inc. PowerShot A60 (ptp)22:12
redwhitewaldokeb, you there?22:15
kebyes. not sure what now22:15
redwhitewaldothis is  a strange problem22:16
redwhitewaldohow can i figure out whether my camera is set up to work as USB drive?22:25
S0210I have a Canon A610. How can I download the pictures from it under Xubuntu 8.04beta?22:28
=== S0210 is now known as Salix_
kebis the camera in "review mode"22:29
Salix_keb: Yes, in review mode.22:30
Salix_keb: What's next? I have no idea if it is recognised at all...22:32
keb if you do 'lsusb' in a terminal does it show the camera plugged in?22:32
kebanother fellow here has the same problem22:33
siggjenmkdir /media/camera; mount /dev/sdb1 /media/camera22:33
redwhitewaldoSalix_: (make sure you power on comp before trying the lsusb command22:33
siggjenmight work22:33
Salix_keb: "lsusb" finds it.22:34
redwhitewaldofolks, what's the Xubuntu equivalent of Ubuntu's "Places / Computer"?22:36
siggjenthunar isn't that bad starting point22:36
Salix_siggjen: /dev/sdb1 doesn't exist22:38
siggjenmaybe it's /dev/sda1 instead22:38
siggjeni'd browse /dev/sd* to check22:38
Salix_siggjen: /dev/sda1 seems to be OK22:39
keb/dev/sda1 could be your sata hard disk too22:40
Salix_keb: I'm afraid you're right... (seeing the content of /media/camera)22:41
kebthis thread has some things people tried with previous versions https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgphoto2/+bug/9125022:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 91250 in libgphoto2 "[edgy-backports] Error in libgphoto2 udev rules" [High,Won't fix]22:44
kebredwhitewaldo does your camera have a PC and a PTP setting?22:46
redwhitewaldokeb: how can i figure that out?22:46
kebwell your lsusb is saying PTP so i'm guessing it does22:47
TheSheepredwhitewaldo: there is a places plugin for the panel22:47
redwhitewaldoTheSheep: oh, yeah. I have the places plugin already there, right between "applications" and firefox icon22:47
kebPC = USB mass storage mode, PTP = Picture Transfer Protocol mode22:49
redwhitewaldokeb, oh yeah, so i guess my camera has a PTP setting.22:50
redwhitewaldokeb, how can i figure out whether my camera has a PC (USB mass storage mode) setting?22:50
Salix_keb: I don't have /etc/udev/rules.d/45-libgphoto2.rules22:50
kebredwhitewaldo : the manual for the camera maybe22:51
kebSalix_ yeah that may have changed in 8.04beta.  is gphoto2 installed?22:51
siggjenĀ«lsmod | grep usb_storageĀ» could tell if the module is loaded or not22:53
Salix_keb: Khm... No. I checked only libgphoto2-2 but forgot to check gphoto2 (and gtkam). They're not installed yet. That should be the next step, right?22:54
kebSalix_ maybe. your system should see the camera without those apps22:55
redwhitewaldokeb: the manual (http://www.retrevo.com/search/f/d/742a0e086fc8fb40748d194346461e14.pdf?email=) doesn't say anything about it being a PC/USB camera22:55
Salix_keb: Would you recommend to try to give a try with gphoto2 or rather to find the reason  seeing the  camera only from "lsusb"?22:57
kebif you have a memory card reader in the computer, you can try taking out the memory card from the camera and plugging it directly into the computer22:57
kebassuming the slot is the same type22:58
redwhitewaldoassuming that my camera (powershot a60) is a PTP camera and not a PC/USB-Mass_storage camera, what should i do now?22:58
redwhitewaldo...to get pics from cam to comp?22:58
kebSalix_ : i would try to figure out what is wrong before complicating the situation with more software22:59
redwhitewaldohi, keb. i don't think my canon powershot a60 can do USB-mass_storage mode. I think my camera can only do PTP mode. What is the next step? 8-(23:00
kebredwhitewaldo :  i don't know.  google around for PTP support and ubuntu.  i have to go to meeting so good luck23:02
redwhitewaldokeb, my cam says it DOES have ptp. so why do we need to search for that?23:02
kebwell the question is how to use the PTP in xubuntu23:03
redwhitewaldoi see23:03
redwhitewaldokeb, are you saying that xubuntu doesn't have as good digital camera support as ubuntu?23:03
kebredwhitewaldo not saying that23:04
Salix_keb: as well as I see it is the same question for me (Canon A610 is another PTP case)23:04
kebthis thread might be relevant too https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gphoto2/+bug/18950623:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189506 in gphoto2 "Normal user can't access USB camera Error (-53: 'Could not claim the USB device')" [Undecided,Fix released]23:05
redwhitewaldois there no makeshift solution to importing the pics from cam to comp? No command I can enter into terminal?23:09
Salix_I have to go23:16
Salix_keb: thanks23:17
redwhitewaldois it possible to give each workspace its own background image/color?23:26

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