lifelessI think thats a possible occurence when you cherrypick with a reference branch that has more data than the actual branch you are merging too00:01
lifelesswhat command did you use to create the bundle ?00:01
Stavrosjust bzr send --mail-to=bla . remote-branch00:02
lifelessbbiab sorry00:02
jelmerStavros: the branch against which it will generate the bundle is the first argument00:03
Stavrosoh :/00:04
jelmerso you probably want to swap the arguments00:04
jelmerthe second argument defaults to "."00:04
Stavrosah, this was the command: bzr send -r 269 -o file.patch .00:04
Stavrosso the "." needs to be the branch url?00:04
=== mw is now known as mw|out
Stavrosah, that worked, thanks00:07
Stavrosthis "bzr send [SUBMIT_BRANCH] [PUBLIC_BRANCH]" is a bit confusing, i took "public branch" to mean the remote branch00:07
abentleyjelmer: Actually, the second argument doesn't default to anything.  If you don't supply it, no source_branch appears in your merge directive.00:14
ubotuNew bug: #214298 in bzr "'bzr pull' internal error parsing for an int in bzr 1.3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21429800:16
Stavroshmm okay, i've merged the changes, which were apparently done while the branches diverged... what do i do now?00:19
Stavrosare the changes only in the working copy, or do they appear as a commit in the repo?00:19
Stavrosbah, i don't understand this bundle thing...00:24
Stavrosnow there are "pending merges" in my repo00:24
bob2backing up a bit, did you commit after merging?00:25
Stavroswell, i edited the changes because the branches had diverged, so i redid what i had done in the intermediate commits00:25
Stavrosand i haven't committed yet, no00:25
Stavrosi thought bzr's merge would take care of the diverging, though...00:26
bob2a merge isn't recorded until it is commited00:26
Stavrosso how do i commit it to make sure the developer and his commit message is preserved?00:26
bob2well, the working copy records that there are pending merges, but it's not recorded in the branch00:27
Stavrosso if i wanted to get rid of it i'd just revert?00:27
bob2when you merge from someone ele, you create a new commit, saying "merged blah blah" and that commit will incorporate the merged work00:28
Stavrosso now i need to actually commit that?00:28
Stavrosand what happens now that i edited the working copy?00:28
jelmerabentley: ah, ok00:28
bob2well, I dunno what you've done since - but you only want to commit the merge itself + any fixups needed00:28
Stavrosi just changed a few lines in those files, and they reappeared unchanged, since the revision was old00:29
bob2if you want to go back to where you were before any of this, bzr revert --forget-merges will get you back to the last commited state00:29
Stavrosso if i commit now it should commit the correct, changed thing?00:29
bob2I've lost track of what you've done, sorry, but if the only changes you've done were "bzr merge someurl ; vi blah blah" then commiting now is what you want00:30
Stavroswell, let me explain00:30
Stavrosa dev made a change to a file, and i did too, at the same time00:31
bob2but I've got to head, so sorry and good luck :)00:31
Stavrosthanks :)00:31
Stavrosi have to go too, come to think of it00:31
Stavrosthanks for your help00:31
lifelessbob2: --forget-merges is different to what you describe00:31
lifelessStavros: I have a suggestion for you00:33
lifelessStavros: forget bundles for a bit; just work with regular branches on your local disk00:34
Stavrosi have00:34
lifelessStavros: bundles don't alter the workflow, all they do is provide a different transport00:34
Stavrosi can't do what i want without bundles, sadly :/00:34
Stavrosyes, i just expect this transport to work like branches, and it looks like it doesn't00:34
Stavrosbecause branches would have merged the changes correctly00:34
lifelessonce you get bzr's workflow without bundles, bundles drop in transparently00:34
lifelessStavros: if you can put up a script showing what you did we can help you understand what is going on00:35
Stavroshm, let me try to summarize00:35
Stavrosperson A makes a change, person B pulls and makes a change, person A makes another change and person B sends his change to A00:35
Stavrosnow, person A does bzr merge and the merged file has lost that last change from A00:36
lifelessthis is very hand wavy00:37
lifelessI can't tell if you are missing key steps like 'push' 'commit' etc00:37
Stavroswhat do you want me to write exactly? the commands?00:37
lifelessthat would be ideal00:38
Stavros(i don't know the exact commands of the other person, though)00:38
Stavrosok, sec00:38
Stavroslet me get a pastebin00:38
Stavroshow about this? http://dpaste.com/43838/00:40
lifeless'pull' means 'become the contents of $URL00:42
lifelessif you pull and both you and someone else have done work, you get an error00:43
Stavroseven if the branches have diverged? shouldn't it warn?00:43
lifelessif you force it, you lose your work00:43
Stavrosi didn't force it, though00:43
Stavrosjust pulled00:43
lifelessin general you should use *merge* to integrate other peoples work00:43
lifelessand pull when maintaining a mirror of another branch00:43
Stavrosbut merge does the same, it just doesn't commit00:44
lifelessmerge does *not* do the same00:44
Stavrosit did :p00:44
Stavroslet me try it again00:44
lifelessmerge integrates two branches into an intermediate state in your working tree00:44
lifelessthe subsequent commit will record the combined work00:44
Stavrosno argument there00:45
Stavrosi'm saying that the merging didn't work correctly00:45
Stavrosbecause it still gives me the other person's changes00:45
lifelesswell you didn't have 'merge' in that transcript00:45
Stavrosinstead of both of the changes merged00:45
Stavrosyes, i did it now00:45
Stavrosreplace the last "pull" with "merge"00:45
lifelessso, in the absence of knowing what B did, I have to assume they overwrote your changes00:45
lifelessso bzr is seeing: change 1, change 2, change 3(reverses 2), change 400:46
lifelessall in a series00:46
lifelesshowever, we can debug this00:46
lifeless'bzr log'00:46
lifelesswill show you the history00:46
lifelessinvluding all the actions taken by B (not at command level, but as outcomes)00:46
Stavrosyes, that doesn't show the last one, because i merged and didn't commit yet00:46
lifelessbzr log -v will show a summary of the action changes00:46
lifelessso commit ;)00:47
Stavrosah, sec00:47
lifelessbzr diff -r X..Y will show the changes between X and Y00:47
lifelessbzr diff -c Y will show the change committed in Y00:47
Stavrosok, done00:47
lifelesswe can use this to figure out where the change from line 12 went00:47
Stavrosactually, it was more like "i made changes in lines 30-40, the other person made a change to line 1 (with the old lines 30-40), and now bzr replaced my change with his lines"00:48
Stavrosso it just reverted to the old ones00:49
lifelessthats what you are seeing00:49
lifelessand bzr can tell us when it happened00:49
Stavrosbzr log doesn't show much more, it just shows what i said00:50
Stavrosold lines being added00:50
lifelessso use bzr diff00:50
Stavroserr, i mean diff, sorry00:50
lifelessit shows the old lines being reinstated during his commit ?00:50
lifelesswas his commit a merge ?00:50
Stavroslet me check log00:50
lifelessanyhow, basically what you have here is person B reverting your change in some manner, and bzr faithfully bringing the reversion back to you00:51
Stavrosit doesn't say, it just says "committed", but i don't think it was a merge, there wasn't anything he could have merged00:51
Stavrosyes, exactly00:51
Stavrosbut what's puzzling is that bzr should be smart enough to undo that, shouldn't it?00:51
lifelessno, its not meant to undo it00:52
Stavrosif we both diverged from a single graph node, shouldn't it merge both our changes?00:52
lifelessif he incorporated your change00:52
lifelesshang on00:52
lifelessif he incorporated your change into his tree00:52
lifelessand decides its wrong00:52
lifelessso puts it back00:52
Stavrosoh, i don't think he did...00:52
lifelessand then you merge from him00:52
Stavrosmaybe he mixed something up in the working copy...00:52
Stavrosi see what you're saying00:52
lifelessbzr is *meant* to put it back in your tree00:52
lifelessthis isn't a *failure to merge*00:53
lifelessthis is *merging a reversion*00:53
Stavrosyes, but this assumes that he consciously reverted it00:53
lifelessand you can tell its that because in his commit you can see the reversion00:53
lifelessthis could be a mistake - new toolchain etc00:53
lifelessor it could be deliberate00:53
lifelessbzr can't tell you that sorry :P00:54
Stavrosit's probably a mistake, because it's two lines00:54
Stavrosit's odd though, it's not an easy mistake to make, is it00:54
lifelessmerge; revert FILENAME; commit00:54
lifelessthat will do it00:54
Stavrosyes, that's a conscious revert00:54
lifelessmerge; revert; commit00:54
lifelessthat won't do it00:54
lifelessbecause 'revert PATH' preserves pending merges.00:55
lifelesswhereas 'revert' clears the pending merge list00:55
lifeless(bzr help revert)00:55
Stavroshmm yes00:55
Stavrosor perhaps he forced a commit after pulling and bzr warning him the branches had diverged00:55
lifelessso in particular, 'bzr revert .' after a merge will discard all the content of the merge while preserving the fact of the merge00:55
Stavrosbut hmm, wouldn't it incorporate the merge in the working copy when pulling?00:55
Stavroswell, i'll just do this by hand then, it's not a big deal00:57
Stavrosthanks a lot for your help!00:57
lifelessso; you shouldn't need to do anything by hand :P.00:58
lifelessin particular to get your changes back now:00:58
lifelessbzr merge . -r X..Y00:58
Stavroswait, what does that do?00:58
lifelesswhere X is the commit before Y and Y is the commit where you put those two lines in00:58
Stavrosoh wow00:58
Stavroslet me do that00:58
lifelesswill merge from your own history the change he discarded00:58
Stavrosif that works, it will be very very cool00:58
Stavrosactually wth, those commits where a while ago01:00
Stavroshow did he manage that? damn01:00
Stavrosapparently those changes were done in two different revisions01:01
Stavroshey, what do you know, that DID work!01:02
Stavrosthat's great!01:02
lifelessStavros: :)01:08
spivpoolie: I attached that branch to that bug01:12
lifelessanother one sent :)01:36
lifelessspiv: call ?01:39
lifelessspiv: I want to talk about the repository get stream smart method01:39
jmlhello every body!02:08
jmlI was just talking to a friend who is playing around with Launchpad on his Windows box that's living inside a corporate firewall.02:08
jmlwe hit https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/190209 -- xmlrpc doesn't respect $http_proxy02:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190209 in bzr "launchpad plugin xmlrpc does not use $http_proxy (branching lp: uris does not use system http proxy)" [Medium,Confirmed]02:09
jmlbut, I was thinking, I bet he doesn't have any environment variable with proxy settings02:09
jmlon account of being on Windows02:10
jmlwhich led me to wonder, what *should* we do for proxy settings on Windows?02:11
pooliei think there should be a per-location configuration variable02:22
markhfyi, its possible to fetch the IE proxy settings.  UUIC, firefox stores its own - I assume in the profile directory02:22
lifelessmarkh: hi02:26
pooliehello markh02:27
lifelessmarkh: your strategy document; I have a comment to make - I think it would be better to say 'we are going to do X, Y and Z. We chose this because: ... historical exposition and status of things'02:27
poolieare you (still) in china?02:27
poolielifeless: re the knit index, i'd be inclined not to expose it02:28
jmlmarkh: I think I'd like Bazaar to do that.02:28
markhpoolie: Hi - I'm leaving on Saturday02:28
jmlbut the first iteration should be variables in the config file.02:29
abentleyWhat should I do about xml8?  Ian sorta reviewed it, but said he wasn't sure he should cast a binding vote.02:29
lifelessmarkh: right now, when I read it to review it comes across as a very informative document, but you have to get to the end always02:29
markhlifeless: you mean explicitly make decisions?02:29
abentley(due to his inexperience with that code)02:29
lifelessabentley: I have one more major thing I feel very urgent to do - killing knit joins02:29
lifelessabentley: then I'll do a review of the code in detail for you02:30
lifelessmarkh: yes!02:30
lifelessmarkh: open questions are things for the list; decisions are things for the tree.02:30
abentleylifeless: okay, thanks.02:30
lifelessmarkh: if the decision can't be taken yet, thats fine- it can still go in the tree.02:30
lifelessmarkh: but if it *can be taken*, we should take it. We *can* change our mind later.02:30
markhlifeless: yes, I agree, thanks.  In the initial drafts I didn't want to come across as having pre-conceived decisions without relevant consultation.  I agree I should re-edit it to reflect the fact it does seem to have consensus.02:31
lifelessmarkh: I appreciate your tact; however I encourage you to lead where you know the territory02:32
markhits was more a "new kid on the block" thing :)  I'll do that in the future as I get known better02:32
markhthanks though!02:32
=== BasicMac is now known as BasicOSX
markhso re IE proxies, the next pywin32 build should be able to do everything IE can wrt proxies, including auto-detect, and proxies specified on a per-url basis (or per-zone, or whatever it is that IE does).  That should be out in a few weeks (or maybe even days!)02:35
markhsimply by calling 2 functions exposed by winhttp.dll, but that's ok02:35
markhso I guess doing it now with ctypes would be fairly easy02:35
abentleyOdd_Bloke: Are you planning to update your patch for check?03:02
Verterokhi poolie03:35
Verteroka quick question, bzr still supports non-dirstate branches?03:47
poolieppa documentation patch sent to pqm03:47
poolieVerterok: do you mean older formats?03:47
poolieyes, older formats are still supported03:47
poolieback to about 0.103:47
VerterokI suppose so03:47
Verterokpoolie: thanks, I asked because to improve bzr-eclipse decorations I wrote a dirstate reader in Java :)03:49
poolieoh i see03:49
lifelesssome emacs dude did this too03:49
pooliewell, that should cover almost all users03:49
lifelessI think we should change dirstate every release now03:49
* poolie starts releasing 1.3.103:49
Verteroklifeless: I get the idea from there03:50
Verterokoh, great!03:50
lifelessbecause it is totally unsupported to do that03:50
pooliewell, now03:50
pooliei think people can rely on us not changing the format without changing the format string03:51
lifelessthey can03:51
Verteroklifeless: it's just a temp workaround, until the xml-thing get's finished03:51
lifelessbut we should be able to rely on people not reading our gizzards03:51
Verteroklifeless: I agree, actually the this java "dirstate reader" only support format 3, and check this, if it's not format 3, it fallback to 'bzr inventory'03:53
lifelessVerterok: why have the reader at all if inventory is sufficient?03:54
Verterokin a small tree the it is ~15x times faster03:54
lifelessVerterok: I think that the time would have been better spent fixing bzrlib.builtins.cmd_inventory to be 15 times faster03:55
VerterokI'm sure that most of the time is used in the startup of 'bzr inventory'03:56
Verteroklifeless: sure, I could try to improve inventory03:57
Verterokbut I really don't know how to/where start :-P03:59
lifelessbzr --lsprof-file=foo.cachegrind inventory03:59
Verteroklifeless: thanks04:00
lifelesspoolie: abentley: spiv: I have sent an RFC about fetch/join etc to the list04:06
lifelesswould be obligated if you could eyeball04:06
pooliemy Make is a bit rusty...04:07
pooliethanks for your detailed comments on my page designs :-P04:15
jameshspiv: I sent an updated post_change_branch_tip hook patch that merges Ian's work with mine04:28
abentleyjamesh: Why isn't branch one of the ChangeBranchTipParams?  It seems funny to have a tuple where one of the items is just a bag of data anyway.04:31
jameshabentley: because that's what Ian's branch had?04:32
lifelesspoolie: well, its pretty much what we've all been saying for months, so I didn't see anything to disagree with or suggest something different04:32
abentleyjamesh: Well, he's not around, and you're the one submitting the code...04:32
jameshabentley: I've got no problem making the change you suggested04:32
jameshabentley: and Ian's branch never actually called the hooks so I doubt he was depending on it :)04:33
abentleyI'll just see what else is out there.04:33
poolielifeless: ok, i'm glad you agree04:34
poolieor indeed more than agree04:34
lifelessabentley: thanks04:35
lifelessabentley: replied04:35
abentleyjamesh: Yes, if you could make that change, I'd appreciate it.04:36
poolieoh interesting, 'make check' seems to fail at the moment because of something broken in hardy's libraries04:37
abentleylifeless: So the data stream would be tagged to indicate whether the texts were annotated/unannotated?04:37
pooliecould people please run04:39
pooliepython -Werror -c 'import xml.etree.cElementTree'04:39
poolieand tell me if it works?04:40
poolielifeless: ^^04:42
Verterokpoolie: works fine in OS X 10.4 (ppc), python-2.504:42
lifelessabentley: yes, the data stream is self delimiting in that respect (see knit.get_data_stream)04:42
lifelesspoolie: can you ls  ls /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/_xmlplus/04:43
lifelessthere is a bug in lp about this, which I have already commented on being not bzr's fault04:43
Verterokpoolie: but it crash on python-2.4 (Linux)04:43
poolieoh great04:43
lifelesspoolie: ls -R on that dir04:43
lifelessI think you'll find that the tree is empty04:43
poolieyes for me too it has subdirectories but no files04:44
abentleylifeless: Yeah, I know how it works now, just weren't sure whether you were changing it.04:44
lifelessso this is a borked package upgrade leaving an optional thing around which is going to barf04:44
poolieand oddly enough dpkg -S doesn't know anything about it04:44
lifelessabentley: I'll be tweaking04:44
lifelesspoolie: yes, because its gone as far as ts concerned04:44
lifelessabentley: but I'll keep that property04:44
jameshabentley: sent an updated bundle04:45
abentleyjamesh: Thanks.04:45
lifelessspiv: so, I think its time to do Weave.get_data_stream/insert_data_stream04:45
lifelessspiv: I'm thinking the simplest approach is just to extract all the texts as full-texts04:45
lifelessand during insertion generate full-texts and insert04:45
poolieyes it's bug 212917, i'll redirect it04:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212917 in python2.5 ""make check" got an internal error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21291704:46
spivlifeless: from the relatively little I know about weaves, that sounds reasonable to me.05:04
abentleylifeless: do we even care enough about weave to update them?  Maybe the weave <-> weave fetcher should be using a private version of join?05:06
* Verterok goes to the bed, while macports builds kdelibs3+kcachegrind05:12
Verterokg'night all05:12
lifelessabentley: weave -> knit05:17
lifelessabentley: while we want to support that we either need join, or we need data stream support for weaves.05:18
lifelessthe latter seems cleaner05:18
abentleylifeless: Oh.  Well, it wouldn't be computationally expensive to generate the deltas, but it might not be worth the time, so I'm okay with making weave suck more.05:18
mae^could someone help me. i'm getting a memory error for pretty much all commands: http://pastie.caboo.se/17769005:19
lifelessabentley: I've sent mail just now as it happens05:19
mae^however, I was able to make a branch and it seems to work ok05:20
beunomae^, you seem to be using an old version of bzr. I'd recommend you upgrade, there have been many performance enhancements since05:20
lifelessmae^: that version of bzr corrupted dirstate files from time to time05:20
lifelessmae^: the C extensions handle that corruption with the symptoms you are reporting05:21
mae^ah, good to know. i shall upgrade. many thanks05:21
lifelessmae^: you'll need to: a) upgrade to a bzr version like 1.0, or 1.3.1 (something newer :))05:21
lifelessmae^: and b) you probably need to recreate that tree - bzr branch to a new directory will work, but the .bzr/checkout/dirstate file may still give you grief05:21
mae^gee, didn't know its been that long05:21
lifelessthere are notes in launchpad about this, or you can ask here and someone should be able to step you through getting a pristine dirstate/not accessing the tree.05:22
beunomae^, bzr does a new release every month or so, so it might of not been that long  :)05:22
lifeless5 months05:22
mae^so is this something bzr can fix or check beyond upgrading the binaries?05:22
lifelessupgrading the binaries will avoid creating the problem again05:23
mae^and the current repo?05:23
lifelessyou probable did a 'bzr mv' that hit the bug in 0.9105:23
lifeless14:20 < lifeless> mae^: and b) you probably need to recreate that tree - bzr branch to a new directory will work, but the .bzr/checkout/dirstate file may still give you grief05:23
jdongthe bzr 1.3 stack is built in gutsy-backports now, just in case the PPA isn't up to sync yet05:23
jdongof course by that I mean 1.3.105:23
mae^ok, well I'll upgrade and see where that gets me05:24
=== Verterok is now known as Verterok_
poolie(out for a bit, back soon)05:37
mae^upgrade + branch'd .bzr dir did it05:43
mae^lifeless: thx05:44
=== mwhudson_ is now known as mwhudson
* poolie merging "make dist" patch07:10
lechon the CLI, is "baz" the same thing as "bzr" or did I grab the wrong thing?07:22
AfClech: Nothing to do with each other.07:22
poolieyou need bzr instead07:22
lechaka bazaar-ng?07:23
AfClech: yes07:23
lechalright, thanks07:24
AfCpoolie: Maybe it's time to get rid of http://bazaar-vcs.org/Baz1x07:24
AfC"you are welcome to use" is not really the right message anymore :)07:24
AfCand having anything besides a loud "baz is not bzr" on that page probably isn't helping.07:24
poolielech: what platform are you on, and how did you get that installed?07:25
poolieafc, good point07:25
lechpoolie, debian on a headless box07:25
lechapt-cache displayed bazaar in my search results so I figured that was it07:25
pooliewith 'install bazaar'?07:25
AfC(I am recently made aware of this because when I asked what version of bzr a person had a few hours ago as they were adding build support for their distro to my project, they responded "1.4.2" and I was like "WTF?")07:25
lechpoolie, yes07:25
lechI suspect though bzr requires bazaar to be installed though, no?07:26
poolielech, afc, there's a bug open about it; dysfunctional debian process (imao) is making it slow to fix07:26
AfCpoolie: yeah07:26
AfCit's hard to get rid of obsolete software.07:26
lechpoolie, you mean it showing up in the update tree?07:26
pooliei mean at minimum it should not be called 'bazaar' anymore07:27
AfChah... you guys should do a 1.4.3 revision of baz... containing bzr :)07:27
AfC[Ok, I'll shut up now]07:28
pooliethere is still some value in having it07:28
AfCYeah. You really don't need http://bazaar-vcs.org/Baz1x/Downloads at all. It's diluting your brand.07:28
pooliefor people who have very specific needs, such as using it to convert to bzr07:28
lechinstead of removing it, why not simply update it and use it as an alias? :)07:28
pooliethat's the plan07:29
AfClech: it is completely different software07:29
AfClech: the only thing that it has in common is that both are revision control tools.07:29
lechAfC, according to the URL it displays in the package tree, it's the same thing07:29
lechat least, it points to bazaar (bzr) pages07:29
lechin aptitude at least07:30
AfCLike I said, massive branding problem07:30
lechahh, alright07:30
lechwell, thanks for helping clean things up in that respect for me07:30
james_wpoolie: it's not Debian being dysfunctional really, it's baz failing to build.07:31
lechfetching a project moves it to the current directory I happen to be in, correct?07:31
pooliejames_w: i think it's a bit bizarre that failing to build means it remains available07:32
AfClech: that's right07:32
AfCpoolie: Seriously though, I don't think you guys hosting debs of baz is helping very much07:33
james_wpoolie: the argument is that the old version built fine, so you might as well let people use it.07:34
james_wpoolie: the problem is that we can't rename the package, as you need to build it to do that.07:34
pooliei can appreciate the argument but i don't think it's a good tradeoff in this case07:36
lechok, first use of bzr with my first error07:37
AfClech: back up: do you have a recent (ie >= 1.3) version of Bazaar installed?07:38
lechBazaar (bzr) 0.11.007:39
lechI am guessing that might be a no?07:39
poolieit's about 18 months old07:39
pooliefor us that's a long time :)07:39
lechwow, yeah... what the hell07:39
lechI even did a full package update before this07:40
AfClech: these guys are moving _very_ fast, at roughly one release per month. That makes it at least 15 versions old07:40
poolieif you're on the last stable debian release that may be the problem07:40
lechI'm on sarge for this box07:41
AfClech: let me guess. You're using Debian. You'll need to point your sources at the packages published by the Bazaar hackers (several are [or once were] Debian packagers)07:41
pooliejames_w probably knows the best source for it...07:41
lechI have backports, but apparently it appears it snagged from one of the stable mirrors07:41
james_wdo we still build .debs for Debian?07:42
poolieI do not07:42
poolieI would kind of like to though07:42
lechdeb-ppc please07:42
AfCThere's a 1.3 on the backports page you guys link to  http://backports.org/debian/pool/main/b/bzr/07:42
pooliei probably should build them separately and put them onto bazaar-vcs07:42
poolieppc may be hard07:42
james_wlech: the backport was only for etch I'm afraid.07:42
pooliethat looks good07:42
poolies390 even :)07:43
AfClech: Bazaar builds very quickly and easily from source, so if you get stuck you can always just build it manually.07:43
pooliebut not ppc afaics07:43
pooliei meant ppc may be hard for me to build myself only because i use an i386 machine07:43
pooliebut as afc says, just installing from source may be easier07:43
lechI think at this rate I might just be better off downloading individual files off the branch I'm staring at in my browser07:43
pooliei wonder why there is no ppc theer?07:43
poolielech, get a source tarball from /Download and try that?07:44
lechI'm afraid I don't know how to build from source unless you think you can talk me through it07:44
lechpoint me to the tarball07:44
AfCEeek! http://bazaar-vcs.org/InstallationFaq talks about bzr-0.807:44
lechlet me back root out to a working temp directory07:45
AfC[I mean, no it doesn't have to be absolutely current, but relatively recent would probably be a good idea :)]07:45
pooliethe example that mentions it is not really a good idea anyhow07:46
pooliejust symlinking the script will still work but has several shortcomings07:46
poolielech: how did you go07:49
poolieAfC: thanks for finding it07:49
poolieabentley: bb having trouble again, "temporarily unable to service"07:51
* AfC heads out07:52
lechpoolie, ok untarred and ready to go07:56
lechworst thing that can happen is this won't work :)07:57
poolielech: i have a meeting in a minute, suggest you follow the README and InstallationFaq and let me know if you have trouble07:57
poolieshould be just07:57
pooliesudo python setup.py install07:57
poolieandyou're done07:57
pooliei'll still be here  so do ask if you get stuck07:59
poolieor others may help07:59
lechlaunching python setup.py install then07:59
lechBazaar (bzr) 1.308:01
lechalthough, I did see a ton of warnings fly by in screen08:01
lechlets see if it properly snags what I need08:02
lechwe has transfer08:03
pooliewhat are you pulling btw?08:07
lechniice, the server just died on me08:08
lechok, so it seems to have died a fraction of the way through the process. how do I "finish" that job? just do "bzr pull" ?08:11
lechok, can't even do that08:12
* lech hoses the directory and tries again08:12
AfClech: fwiw that server didn't answer me when I tried it08:21
lechAfC, I just now noticed that there are tgz/zip links for the package which I missed earlier08:21
AfCWell, now you have Bazaar, and can start using it for any work you're doing. It's really rather smart.08:22
lechthanks for the help guys, I'll pop in when I need it again :)08:23
* lech tips his hat08:23
dokopoolie: does /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/_xmlplus still exists on your system? are there files in this dir?09:41
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pooliedoko: it exists but it is empty10:04
pooliecorrection. it contains two empty dirs10:04
dokohmm, strange. I assume your system was upgraded from gutsy?10:06
pooliemaybe from feisty10:06
poolievia gutsy10:06
dokook, will try to reproduce this10:06
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WinterstreamI've been looking for a command that will allow me to view a previous revision of a file, but I haven't found anything yet.11:12
WinterstreamHow can I do this?11:12
luksbzr cat -r11:13
Winterstreamah, thanks luks11:13
yaccHow do I tell bzr log to show only revisions commited after say  2008-03-20?11:33
bob2bzr help revisionspec -> date11:36
ignasis bzr calculating test coverage on their codebase?11:46
AfCdefine "calculating" and "coverage"11:48
bob2someone should strap z3c.coverage into bzr selftest11:48
ignasAfC: something like: http://schooltool.pov.lt/coverage/11:49
ignasevery once in a while11:49
ignasjust to see if you are testing your code ;) or just think that you are...11:49
LarstiQignas: there is a --coverage option11:50
ignasare there restults published anywhere?11:50
LarstiQno idea11:50
* dato waves to LarstiQ 11:51
LarstiQignas: I'm not familiar with the output it generates either.11:51
LarstiQhey dato :)11:51
ignasemm, how do i run bzr tests?11:57
bob2bzr selftest11:58
speakmanWhat's the current and fastest repo format?11:58
speakman(but still safe...)11:58
ignasbob2: and i pass --coverage to that?11:58
bob2pack-0.92 is the current default (if anything is faster it'd be the s3kr1t dev formats)11:59
speakmanok, nothing's stable yet?11:59
bob2ignas: dunno where LarstiQ meant you to use --coverage, afaict selftest doesn't take that option and in fact crashes if you try to use it :)12:00
ignasit seems that there is no such option ...12:00
bob2the dev ones are not, hence their name ;p12:00
LarstiQbob2: bzr --coverage coverage_dir status12:01
bob2oh, a global option, awesome12:01
LarstiQbob2: I only figured that out ten minutes ago after looking at NEWS and then `bzr help global-options` ;)12:01
ignasI ran McCabe complexity analysis on the code and was very interested in how much one function is tested ;)12:03
ignasaccording to the internets 50 is "beyond testability and pretty much unmaintainable" and bzr has a 98 ;)12:07
james_wignas: which function?12:17
ignasbzr/bzrlib/workingtree_4.py - InterDirStateTree.iter_changes12:19
ignasit has 5 tests i think ;)12:19
ignasjames_w: how do you like it? ;)12:32
james_wignas: yeah, that's nice12:35
ignasjames_w: http://ignas.pov.lt/bzr_coverage/reports/bzrlib.workingtree_4.html12:43
ignasit's covered quite well though12:44
ignasso someone could refactor it into something maintainable ;)12:44
skam123hi there12:53
skam123i try to us the bzr->bugzilla integration but the offical documentation is not that comprehensive to me12:54
skam123is someone using this integration?12:54
james_wskam123: I think I know how it works, what are you trying to do?12:55
skam123james_w: our developers woulr appreciate if the --fixes switch would set a given bug on commit to fixed12:57
skam123right now bugzilla is running stand alone, bazaar rep is somewhere on the server-fs. users are committing using ssh+bzr, there is no bzr server running12:58
james_wskam123: ah, the integration won't do that for you I'm afraid, it just marks the fact that it is fixed in bzr.12:59
skam123ah. ok12:59
james_wa script could them close bugs for you if you like, but at the moment bzr has no facility for doing that.12:59
james_wI think it's too much to make bzr do all that, but it would be great to have some example scripts or something for people to set up.13:00
skam123has anybody tried some tool like http://www.mkgnu.net/?q=scmbug13:01
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aantnThere seems to be a bug in bzr14:08
aantnit causes problems if filenames have characters like é in them14:08
hmeland_aantn: Which bzr version are you using?14:09
aantn1 sec14:10
aantnb0le is the one with the problem14:10
aantnIt's on my branch14:10
aantnb0le: which version of bzr are you using?14:11
b0leupgrading to 1.3 at the moment, will try again after that...14:14
lukswhat kind of problems does it cause?14:15
b0lehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/63324 - similar to this14:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 63324 in bzr "exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character" [Medium,Confirmed]14:17
luksb0le: can you be more specific? ideally paste the traceback?14:18
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b0leluks: unfortunately I didn't keep the output, and have just updated to 1.3, and am trying again (though it seems to take quite a while...)14:19
spivb0le: or perhaps like https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/135320 ?14:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 135320 in bzr "bzr merge - exceptions.UnicodeDecodeError" [Undecided,New]14:23
b0le"With LANG=en_AU.UTF-8 this works for me."14:25
b0lehowever, "bzr grep" fails, even with LANG... (after I have sucessfully "bzr co"-ed the repo with the above env variable)14:26
b0le"bzr: ERROR: exceptions.UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 29: ordinal not in range(128)" is pretty close to what the error was (just different byte and position)14:27
b0leluks: spiv: aantn: http://pastebin.ca/97829414:35
luks"encoding: 'ANSI_X3.4-1968', fsenc: 'ANSI_X3.4-1968', lang: None"14:36
luksI'm not sure what exactly that encoding is, but I'd bet it's something similar to ascii14:36
luksand so doesn't support characters like é14:36
datoluks: that's the formal name for C/ASCII14:37
aantnis there something I can change on my branch so that it'll use the proper encoding?14:39
aantnI can always change the filenames, if I must14:39
b0leexporting LANG fixed it last time - so is that a problem with my setup?14:39
luksaantn: no, it's a problem on the client side14:40
luksthe only way you can fix it is to restrict yourself to ascii14:40
aantnluks: that's not terrible14:40
aantnI only use the é in one or two places14:41
luksbzr doesn't know to encode characters like é if the client system tells it to use ASCII14:41
b0leluks: do you know why LANG=... fixes "bzr co", but "bzr grep" still fails14:42
spivOr change the client system's locale something other than ASCII (e.g. by setting LANG=en_US.UTF-8)14:42
luksb0le: bzr grep is a plugin, and probably not tested on non-ascii characters14:42
spivb0le: yeah, that's probably a bug in the grep plugin.  File a bug on the plugin.14:43
luksif it does have a bug tracker, it would be worth filing a bug report14:43
b0leluks: spiv: aantn: thanks for the help :)14:45
spiv(If there's no plugin, try mailing the bazaar mailing list I guess)14:45
spivIf there's no *bugtracker*, I mean :)14:46
aantnb0le: I think I'll just change the é to an e14:48
SheikPunkhow to ignore files by extension15:07
SheikPunkignore for example .log files15:07
luksbzr ignore '*.log' ?15:09
SheikPunkluks: i go try15:09
SheikPunkluks: and all directory?15:09
SheikPunkbzr ignore 'logs/*'15:09
luksbzr ignore b/ should be enough15:10
luksbzr ignore logs/15:10
luksdunno why I typed 'b' there15:10
SheikPunkluks: thanks...15:12
ubotuNew bug: #214619 in bzr "exceptions.KeyError when branching from 1.1 server via bzr+ssh" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21461915:26
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fbondHi, I'm using the loom plugin.  When I make changes to a thread and then move up-thread, the new changes to the lower thread are applied as new commits on the higher thread, but what I really want is to rebase the higher thread on top of the new commits on the lower thread.  Anyone follow me?16:12
fbondWhat is the best way to do this?16:12
james_wfbond: you may be able to do it with the rebase plugin.16:14
james_wI'm interested in why you are using the loom plugin if you want to do this though.16:14
james_wrebasing a thread will probably stop you from moving up thread from the one you rebase.16:14
fbondWell, I want the loom plugin to act more like quilt, I guess.16:15
fbondjames_w: perhaps I should not be using loom, but should instead just branch and rebase?16:16
fbondi.e. create feature branches...16:16
james_wthat would be the better solution currently.16:16
james_wit may be possible to make a quilt mode for loom at some point.16:17
james_wcan I ask why you don't just use quilt on top of bzr?16:17
james_wI'm unsure of what the tradeoffs here.16:18
fbondHmm... I don't really love quilt...16:18
fbondI actually just used shelve for a while.16:18
fbondBut shelve is un-fun in that it doesn't deal with adds, moves, etc...16:18
fbondquilt would be roughly the same in that respsect...16:18
james_wyeah, shelves not viable for all this.16:18
fbondThe ideal situation would be an extension of loom that rebases when I do up-thread, I think.16:19
fbondMaybe bzr up-thread --rebase16:19
fbondOr bzr rebase --replace, to replace a section of history with another section...16:19
james_wyeah, it's not ideal because it means that the threads above no longer share history with those below16:20
fbondWell, they all have to be rebased...16:20
james_wand lack of history means merging can't be as good.16:20
fbondSo maybe, then, `bzr rebase-threads' to rebase all threads above the current one.16:21
asabilfbond: bzr-interactive may help16:25
asabilit containes a record-patch16:25
asabilthat records the patch in patches/16:25
asabiland can be managed using quilt16:26
asabilit is barebone though16:26
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fbondjames_w: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-loom/+bug/21465716:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214657 in bzr-loom "Should support rebasing threads" [Undecided,New]16:56
ubotuNew bug: #214657 in bzr-loom "Should support rebasing threads" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21465717:05
brink_I'd like to migrate a Sourceforge Subversion project to either bzr or git.   I was hoping to get some advice.  Sourceforge doesn't support anything but Subversion and SVN.   I'm considering Launchpad, but I'm not that familiar with it.    I'm also not entirely sure how to get everyone on board for a switch to distributed development.   It seems to me the project really needs support for distributed development, but I'm not s17:09
NfNitLoopbrink_: you got cut off at "I'm not s..."17:16
NfNitLoopbrink_: The nice thing is that you don't necessarily have to get everyone on board.17:16
NfNitLoopYou can use bzr-svn with an ongoing svn project.17:16
NfNitLoopand sync changes between the two repositories.17:17
brink_The ending is ...I'm not sure how to explain it to a generally skeptical audience unfamiliar with the concept.17:17
NfNitLoopYou can just create your own bzr branch, register it with Launchpad...17:17
NfNitLoopand keep them in sync.17:17
NfNitLoopthen people can choose to use svn or bzr.17:17
NfNitLoop(I think Launchpad even has an option to keep a branch in sync automatically, but IIRC you have to contact them and set it up that way.)17:18
brink_I actually tried using Launchpad as an experiment.   The import status has been "Testing" for more than a week.   But as I said, I'm not that familiar with Lauchpad, so maybe I'm doing something wrong.17:19
james_wbrink_: can you give a pointer to where you tried?17:19
jdongbrink_: the launchpad importer thing hasn't inspired my confidence either17:20
jdongbrink_: I'd personally also suggest using bzr-svn to mirror Subversion projects into bzr17:20
brink_Here's the link:  https://code.launchpad.net/sphinx4/trunk17:20
NfNitLoopyou may have to babysit your first import though, so that it doesn't kill your box.  Stupid memory leaks.  >.<17:20
brink_Is bzr-svn more useful than the Launchpad mirror?17:21
brink_Can bzr-svn be merged back?17:22
james_wbrink_: yeah, you can merge back when using bzr-svn.17:22
jelmer'evening awilkins17:49
awilkinsHello there jelmer17:50
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aelkner__can someone help me with a problem i'm having with bzr?18:55
aelkner__is anyone here?18:56
beunoaelkner__, sure18:56
aelkner__i think i got the lastest version when i did my updates on my linux box18:57
aelkner__but now bzr co is giving me the following failure18:57
aelkner__bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for http://staging.schooltool.org/bzr2/schooltool/schooltool.lyceum.journal/.bzr/repository/packs/71f1ff934019ef067e17e22956a982c2.pack: Expected a boundary (TXyz-fP5Lqw3jFjqmB=L) line, got ''18:57
james_whi beuno18:57
aelkner__bzr --version:18:57
aelkner__Bazaar (bzr) 1.3.1rc118:58
aelkner__  Python interpreter: /usr/bin/python 2.5.1.final.018:58
aelkner__  Python standard library: /usr/lib/python2.518:58
aelkner__  bzrlib: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib18:58
aelkner__  Bazaar configuration: /home/aelkner/.bazaar18:58
aelkner__  Bazaar log file: /home/aelkner/.bzr.log18:58
beunohey james_w :)\18:58
aelkner__does that help?18:58
beunoaelkner__, could you paste your .bzr.log into a pastebin of some sort (ie, not the channel)18:59
aelkner__buone: how do i get to the pastebin for #bzr?18:59
james_waelkner__: is there a proxy in the way?18:59
beunoaelkner__, I usually usehttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/19:00
aelkner__janes_w: i don't know if there's a proxy in the way19:00
beunoaelkner__, it would seem like a setup problem (http server, proxy, etc) instead of a bzr error19:00
james_wthis error has been reported a few times, and every time there is a proxy in the way.19:01
james_wthere's a bug report19:01
aelkner__ignas: do you know of a proxy on the host side?19:01
ignasyou got the error both with launchpad and on schooltool.org19:01
ignasso if there is a proxy - it's either on both websites, or at your place it seems19:02
beunoLP doesn't have a proxy, that's for sure19:02
aelkner__how would i check for a proxy?19:02
aelkner__is there a command that i can run from my machine?19:03
beunoaelkner__, I'm not sure we'll be able to help you with detecting a proxy19:06
ignasemm, so what should i recommend to people who are behind a proxy and want to bzr get the development branch?19:07
james_wyou can use ssh19:08
ignasyou mean developers can19:08
james_wthough there may be people with port 22 firewalled, and a transparent http proxy that does this.19:08
james_wignas: nope, anyone can download a branch over ssh from launchpad.19:09
ignaswhat about users that want to see the latest and greatest?19:09
james_wat least I assume that works for mirrored branches as well.19:09
ignasso lp:~ignas/some-branch is not something that will reliably work?19:10
ignasit is a bit insane that if they want to make a read only checkout of my code they have to have a user on launchpad19:18
ignasor not be using a proxy19:18
james_wnot be using a broken proxy19:20
james_wthe bug report in question was looked at by squid developer and he said the bug there is fixed in the latest versions.19:20
ignasi see19:23
lagai've just updated my bzr tree and resolved some conflicts. however, i still get messages like "Conflict adding file mythbuntu_common/dictionaries.py.BASE.  Moved existing file to mythbuntu_common/dictionaries.py.BASE.moved.". none of these files exist. what can i do to resolve this?19:36
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james_wlaga: that's pretty odd.19:50
lagajames_w: yeah. :) i use  bzr 1.3.1rc1 on ubuntu hardy19:51
james_wlaga: I think this may happen if someone accidentally commits the files spat out in a previous conflict/19:53
james_wnot sure why they don't exist though.19:53
lagayeah, i think so too.19:53
lagai tried to bzr remove them, but it just said 'mythbuntu_common/dictionaries.py.BASE does not exist.'19:54
james_wdoes "bzr resolve 'mythbuntu_common/dictionaries.py.BASE'" work?19:54
lagajames_w: yeah, it does. thanks! :)19:55
lagai should remember that, it's pretty obvious once you see it19:56
muszek_hi... a newbie question: I (user muszek) have created a repo.  another user on the same machine (tomekg) made a checkout and bind'ed his repo to mine.  Now when he tries to commit, he gets a "permission denied" error.  I figure it's about "regular unix file permissions"... how should I handle this?19:56
james_wlaga: once you have resolved all the conflicts and committed we should make sure that you haven't got anything in your branch that will cause problems later, so please ping me.19:56
james_wmuszek_: yes, it sounds like file permissions would be the issue.19:57
lagajames_w: ok.19:57
lagajames_w: ping.19:57
james_wthe common way to solve this would be to make your file owned by the a group that you are both a member of, and then make all directories g+s.19:57
james_wlaga: :-)19:57
james_wso, can you pastebin me the output of "bzr inventory" and "bzr log -r -1 -v" please?19:58
muszek_james_w: but how should it be done properly?  first thing that comes to my mind is to chmod everything so that owner&group can write and add tomekg to my group... but that doesn't seem to elegant...19:58
james_wmuszek_: yes, that's the correct way, except you should use a different group and add you both too it19:59
lagajames_w: here we go: http://www.pastebin.ca/97867119:59
james_wand as well as making files and directories writeable, make all directories g+s, i.e. set the group sticky bit.19:59
james_wlaga: ok, that all looks ok to me, I don't know where those problems came from.20:00
muszek_james_w: do you know about any article on the topic? (I'm affraid I'll be doing something wrong, especially when messing with .bzr directory)20:00
james_wmuszek_: nope sorry20:01
lagajames_w: PEBKAC, most likely. thanks for your time.20:01
james_wlaga: I don't think it was. No problem anyway20:02
james_wmuszek_: groupadd "newgroup"20:02
james_wadduser muszek newgroup20:02
james_wadduser  newgroup20:03
james_wadduser  tomekgnewgroup20:03
james_wadduser tomekg newgroup20:03
james_wthat's better20:03
james_wchown muszek:newgroup -R branch20:03
james_wchmod g+w -R branch20:04
james_wfind branch -type d -exec chmod g+s '{}' \;20:04
james_wI think that's right20:04
muszek_james_w: thanks (I'll handle it, I have some "find..." one liner from the times we were doing it over ftp20:05
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abentleyspiv: Why doesn't RemoteBzrDir implement set_make_working_trees?20:50
nixternalOK, somehow my docs repo got mucked and now I have this error:20:53
nixternalbzr: ERROR: No repository present: "file:///home/nixternal/work/ubuntu/docs/repos/kubuntu-hardy/"20:53
nixternalright after i did a bzr revert this happened20:53
abentleynixternal: What does it say when you run "bzr info"?21:00
nixternalsame error21:00
abentleyIs kubuntu-hardy a repository, or a branch within a repository?21:01
nixternala repo21:01
abentleyWhat do you get from ls /home/nixternal/work/ubuntu/docs/repos/.bzr ?21:02
nixternalbackup.bzr  branch  branch-format  branch-lock  checkout  README  repository.backup21:02
abentleyDid you recently try to upgrade your repository?21:03
* nixternal looks21:03
nixternalbah, looks like I did a bzr upgrade and not a bzr up21:03
abentleyOkay, so either repository.backup or backup.bzr should provide a working repository.21:04
abentleyLet's start by renaming repository.backup to repository.21:05
nixternalbooyah! that worked21:06
abentleyTry bzr info /home/nixternal/work/ubuntu/docs/repos21:06
nixternallookin' good :)21:06
abentleyGood.  What format is it currently in?21:07
abentleyThat is an experimental format.  Converting it into a supported format is somewhat roundabout.21:09
nixternalI am a bzr dummy...I can get away with utilizing svn syntax to get by21:10
abentleyIs the trunk branch in a public location?21:11
nixternalI just have a tad bit more work in this repo and then it is done with due to us moving to intrepid branches21:13
abentleyWell, ubuntu-intrepid is in the right format.  So when you switch to it, I'd recommend using a new shared repository.21:16
nixternalroger that, thanks for the tip21:17
Vantagehi, I'm doing some performance testing on bzr against a converted CVS repo and for some reason the performance of bzr 1.3 seems to be much worse than the last time I tested (pre-1.0)21:28
Vantagein a lightweight checkout a diff between to revisions is taking almost 20 seconds (on a local machine)21:28
Vantageheavyweight checkout takes about 4 seconds for the same diff21:28
Vantageand cvs across a network is under 1 second...21:28
beunoVantage, many of the peformance issues are being currently worked on, but if you could send in more information to the mailing list, it might help as a use case to test against21:30
Vantagebeuno: ok, is there anything specific in this regard that's alreay known?  Like I said, I had been playing with previous versions of bzr (0.18 and one of the 0.9s) and don't recall it being this slow before21:32
beunoVantage, most of them are knonw, yes. We moved to a different storage format that enables to scale much better, but it regressed in some areas21:33
lifelessVantage: what bzr versioned are you using today?21:33
beunoso a lot of work is being done to improve even what we had before  :)21:33
Vantagelifeless: 1.321:33
lifelessabentley: bb is down21:33
lifelessVantage: 1.4 is significantly faster at log21:34
Vantagebzr log also takes about 4 seconds or so for lightweight or heavyweight21:34
Vantagelifeless: is 1.4 out?21:34
Vantagelifeless: what about diffs?21:34
abentleylifeless: Starting up...21:34
lifelessVantage: for diff; I'm working on the issues with diff, but understand that comparing 'single file diff' with 'tree wide diff' will always be biased to the single file implementation of a vcs21:34
Vantagelifeless: even if you request it for a single file?  e.g. bzr diff -r2..1 index.html ?21:35
abentleylifeless: working now.21:35
nixternaljust noticed 'bzr revert' doesn't work...could that upgrade have mucked that up as well abentley?21:36
Vantagelifeless: of course, even given that, at 20 seconds it's not really usable ;)21:36
nixternalabentley: I meant 'bzr add'21:37
abentleynixternal: I suppose it's possible.  What version of bzr are you running?21:37
nixternalbzr: ERROR: exceptions.AssertionError:21:38
lifelessabentley: looks like many of the email votes from last night haven't been noticed ?21:39
abentleylifeless: I ran them through manually this morning.  They should have been.21:39
lifelessabentley: http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/request/<1207701408.9506.118.camel@lifeless-64>21:39
lifelessabentley: I'm hoping I can land all my patches as one merge21:39
lifelessabentley: :P21:39
abentleyGod, I hate the way firefox mangles urls.21:40
lifelessVantage: say you have a tree with a root directory of 20,000 files.21:40
abentleynixternal: Please provide the whole error message via pastebin.21:40
abentleyubotu: paste21:40
ubotuNew bug: #214777 in bzr-gtk "gcommit: unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'float' and 'NoneType'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21477721:40
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:40
nixternalabentley: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62682/21:41
lifelessVantage: a vcs that stores separate revision numbers, and one file on disk for each of the 20K files can diff a single file with less work than a vcs that has to indirect through the list of all revisions for the two revisions to figure out internal keys for the 20K files21:41
abentleylifeless: Can you look at nixternal's bug?21:42
lifelessVantage: that said, 20 seconds sounds like a bug to me.21:42
Vantagelifeless: any way to get more information on what's taking so long in the process?  debug flag or something like that?21:42
lifelessVantage: are you using bzr+ssh? if so -Dhpss. you can use -Dtransport21:43
lifelessand you can get lsprof information as well with --lsprof-file=foo.cachegrind21:43
lifelessabentley: sure, I can peek21:43
lifelessnixternal: hi21:43
Vantagelifeless: this is just on the local file system21:43
nixternalhowdy lifeless21:44
lifelessVantage: 20 seconds on local file system? you said lightweight checkout...21:44
lifelessVantage: lightweight checkout of what branch21:44
lifelessnixternal: you're just running 'bzr add' ?21:44
Vantagelifeless: yeah, and the shared repo is on the same filesystem21:44
Vantagelifeless: HEAD21:44
nixternallifeless: 'bzr add' or 'bzr add foo/bar/foobar.xml'21:44
lifelessVantage: what format is the shared repo ?21:44
lifelessnixternal: so it looks like the file is already added21:45
nixternalbut it isn't21:45
lifelessnixternal: but we're not detecting this correctly; can we try starting fresh - make a new branch from the current one's last commit21:45
Vantagelifeless: it's a converted cvs repo using cvsps-import21:45
ubotuNew bug: #214784 in bzr-gtk "Gcommit fails with unknown error: float division" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21478421:45
lifelessVantage: that doesn't tell me what format :P. 'bzr info' will21:46
Vantagelifeless: basically I converted the cvs repo, then checked out a heavyweight copy of head and a lightweight copy of head to another directory21:46
Vantagelifeless: i'll get that21:46
Vantagelifeless: Lightweight checkout (format: dirstate or dirstate-tags or pack-0.92 or rich-root or rich-root-pack)21:46
nixternallifeless: if I branch that, I will be waiting about 3 hours for it to finish21:48
abentleylifeless: Got your vote in.21:48
lifelessnixternal: why would it take three hours ?21:50
lifelessVantage: does it say anything about the repository?21:50
nixternalif you mean 'bzr branch lp://foo@bar/blah/blah/blah'21:51
lifelessnixternal: no, I said your current tree's last revision21:51
nixternalhow do I go about doing that?21:51
lifelessbzr branch . ../foo21:51
Vantagelifeless: Lightweight checkout (format: dirstate or dirstate-tags or pack-0.92 or rich-root or rich-root-pack)21:52
Vantage  light checkout root: .21:52
Vantage   checkout of branch: /home/user/revision_control/shared_repos/bzr_shared/bzr/test/branches/HEAD21:52
Vantage    shared repository: /home/user/revision_control/shared_repos/bzr_shared/bzr/test21:52
nixternaltransferring now21:52
abentleynixternal: by the way /home/nixternal/work/ubuntu/docs/repos does not look like a repository.  It looks like a standalone tree.21:53
lifelessVantage: garh. I feel an urge to delete a swathe of info patches; older versions may have been ugly, but they gave what I needed21:53
lifelessVantage: what does bzr info /home/user/revision_control/shared_repos/bzr_shared/bzr/test/branches/HEAD tell you?21:53
abentleylifeless: bzr info -v will tell you the repository format.21:54
lifelessabentley: its bizarre that you'd need that as its no more expensive to get than what we already do without -v21:54
lifelessand the lightweight checkout format can accurately tell you -21:55
Vantagelifeless: here's the format section from bzr info -v21:55
Vantagelifeless: Format:21:55
Vantage       control: Meta directory format 121:55
Vantage  working tree: Working tree format 421:55
Vantage        branch: Branch format 621:55
Vantage    repository: Packs containing knits without subtree support21:55
lifelessVantage: ok thanks21:55
lifelessVantage: how many files are in your project21:55
Vantagelifeless: and that came from within the lightweight checkout21:56
lifelessVantage: and how many lines are in /home/user/revision_control/shared_repos/bzr_shared/bzr/test/.bzr/repository/pack-names21:56
nixternallifeless: branch completed (glad I know that trick now)21:56
abentleylifeless: it's not about being un-expensive, it's about being un-verbose.21:56
Vantagelifeless: this module that i'm testing has about 300021:56
lifelessabentley: in the format: (...) we could filter that to only show ones plausible for the repository; thats what I'm talking about21:57
lifelessabentley: we show that by default21:57
nixternaland bzr add works :)21:57
lifelessnixternal: ok, if the project is open please file a bug on the problem with add; if you can remember doing anything else like mvs/renames/deletes in the other copy21:57
lifelessnixternal: a copy of .bzr/checkout/dirstate for the broken copy would be useful21:58
nixternalroger that21:58
nixternalthanks again!21:58
lifelessnixternal: and the paths it was having trouble with21:58
abentleylifeless: So then you get people saying: "I told bzr to create dirstate-tags checkout and it created a pack-0.92 one instead.  WTF?"21:58
Vantagelifeless: the file has 31 lines in it21:58
lifelessabentley: it doesn't change what bzr did21:59
abentleyNo, it only makes it look like it did the wrong thing.21:59
lifelessabentley: but if they say that it may be highlighting that use of a shared repository should give a ui hint that it did21:59
lifelessabentley: e.g. 'checked out XXX into foo/bar of shared repository /path/to/repo/'21:59
lifelessVantage: you might try doing 'bzr pack' and see if that alters the performance you are seeing for 'diff -r x..y foo.html'22:00
lifelessabentley: is the a bb page which shows the review requests I sent in that have not been approved (either by not being reviewed, or by being bounced) ?22:01
abentleyNot at present.22:02
lifelessI'm trying to figure out if there are any threads in my stack that are not ready to merge22:03
lifelessit would be cute to be able to do 'bzr missing' against a virtual branch that shows bb requests that are approved as merged22:05
ubotuNew bug: #214800 in bzr "bzr diff on removed file fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21480022:06
Vantagelifeless: pack seems to have gotten it down to 5 seconds22:07
abentleylifeless: My listing shows your http://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/request/%3C1207695099.9506.109.camel@lifeless-64%3E as unapproved.22:08
lifelessabentley: do you think it can go ?22:08
abentleyI had the same qualms as John.  Have you checked whether it's a performance regression?22:09
lifelessnot at the very large scale; I can say that iter_rev_trees didn't use the inventory cach eanyway22:09
lifelessthe cache was only used during fetch; disabling it make the inventory knit get read three times; that patch brings that down to 2 times, and the patch to eliminate join() that I'm working on will bring it back down to one.22:10
abentleyIt looks as though it was also used in commit.  Is that wrong?22:12
lifelesscertainly for packs22:12
lifelessreplying to johns mail22:12
abentleyI think it's not used by commit.  It's just the way the diff hunks line up that's confusing.22:13
lifelessbasically though I'm happy for knit based formats to get somewhat slower; they are holding pack formats back from stacking and fast build tree etc22:15
lifelessVantage: thanks for that data point; I think we will have to find this performance issue in index lookups sooner rather than later22:16
Vantagelifeless: no problem.  Thanks for the help.  5 seconds is still a little slow, but considerably better than 2022:17
lifelessVantage: how long is 'bzr ls -r X' where X is the revision you used to diff ?22:18
lifelessVantage: also, you might try getting the revids and doing 'bzr diff -r revid:A..revid:B' and see if that is any faster22:19
lifelessVantage: this will help figure out where the time is going22:19
Vantagelifeless: as in number of files?22:20
lifelessVantage: not sure what you mean22:20
Vantagelifeless: "how long is 'bzr ls -r X'"  -  How long is the number of files?22:21
Vantagelifeless: I was using revno for the diff22:21
lifelesswhat is the time taken by 'bzr ls -r X'22:21
lifelessVantage: yes, I figured you where, if you try revids you may find its faster22:21
Vantagelifeless: ah... real    0m3.822s22:22
Vantageuser    0m2.548s22:22
Vantagesys     0m0.164s22:22
lifelessVantage: try 'time bzr ls -r X > /dev/null'22:22
abentleylifeless: bb:approve22:22
lifelessabentley: where there any other pending in this arc of work?22:23
Vantagelifeless: real    0m3.097s22:23
Vantageuser    0m2.476s22:23
Vantagesys     0m0.156s22:23
Vantagelifeless: where do you get the revids?22:23
lifelessVantage: so that says that of the 5 seconds to diff, 3 is figuring out the revno to revid mapping22:23
lifelessVantage: log --show-ids22:24
lifelessoh, getting the inventory out is part of the 3 seconds as well22:24
abentleylifeless: I don't believe so.22:24
lifelessabentley: sweeet, I'll land the entire set22:25
abentleyI gotta say it's irritating to see all yours sail through while mine tend to be blocked or ignored.22:25
Vantagelifeless: what's the syntax for using revid and what's the format of the id?  I tried it, but I don't think I did it correctly22:31
Vantagelifeless: the revision-id is cvs-blah-date-what looks like a hash22:31
lifelessVantage: yah, its opaque data, not a structured format22:32
Vantagelifeless: ah, got it.  i was getting "paths are not versioned because I was in the wrong directory... argh...22:33
Vantagelifeless: real    0m5.269s22:33
Vantageuser    0m4.928s22:33
Vantagesys     0m0.196s22:33
lifelesshmm ok22:33
Vantageso still 5 seconds22:33
lifelessCould be we are still mapping22:33
lifelessif the tree can be published, I'd be happy to have you file a bug and investigate22:33
abentleyWhich version of Bazaar?22:34
Vantagelifeless: unfortunately, I can't do that...22:34
lifelessabentley: 1.3 I believe22:35
Vantageabentley: 1.322:35
lifelessVantage: thats a shame. I'm sure we will fix the performance issue eventually; but you know - reproducible cases are easier to work on.22:35
abentleyhandling of revision specs is much faster in bzr.dev22:35
Vantagelifeless: agreed, of course, it's not my call ;)22:36
lifelessabentley: I have a solid share of ignored ones - some sit around for months22:46
lifeless-> food bbs22:47
lifelessabentley: I'm going to read your stacking policy stuff today and give the feedback you asked for22:51
abentleylifeless: Cool.22:53
abentleylifeless: I really wanted your response to the "Playing with stacked branches" message22:54
lifelessabentley: yes, thats the one I have starred to read22:58
lifelessI've felt a little time pressure on the api work;22:58
lifeless4 or 5 more methods and we're at the point of being able to migrate across,22:58

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