stgraberogra_cmpc: I'm currently working on installing a fat client server for a school project. My problem is that when generating the chroot (basically installing ubuntu-desktop then removing some stuff like NM) things like dbus/syslog/cups/... start inside the chroot11:08
stgraberogra_cmpc: so I can't then build a clean image (with empty /var/run) and unmount /proc /dev /sys11:08
stgraberogra_cmpc: any easy way to stop all process started from the chroot ?11:09
ogra_cmpchmm, ltsp-build-client usually uses a start-stop-daemon diversion11:09
ogra_cmpcdo you install ubuntu-desktop afterwards ?11:10
ogra_cmpctry adding it to the EARLY_PACKAHGES variable instead11:10
ogra_cmpcin the basic-configuration plugin11:10
stgraberok, will give that a try, would be a lot cleaner than what I currently have :)11:11
ogra_cmpcthen the start-stop-daemon should cover it11:11
ogra_cmpcyou will still need to do the removals manually11:11
ogra_cmpci guee that would be worth having a function/plugin in intrepid11:11
stgraberogra_cmpc: is it normal that my syslog.conf is overwritten by default (contains only *.* @ ? I have no lts.conf file and then it shouldn't try to use a remote syslog server12:20
ogra_cmpcits normal, i think ltsp-client-setup does it12:21
stgraberif [ -z "$SYSLOG" ] || [ "$SYSLOG" = "remote" ]; then12:22
stgraberso I'm supposed to set SYSLOG to some weird value just to keep my original syslog ? (so -z fails)12:23
ogra_cmpchmm, yeah12:25
ogra_cmpcwe should improve that12:25
ogra_cmpcSYSLOG="dont touch me"12:26
stgraberI would have thought that the default would be to have a local syslog12:26
stgraberand the remote syslog being an option12:26
ogra_cmpcnah, default points to the server12:26
ogra_cmpceven if the server doesnt support it the client wont run out of ram due to logfile spamming12:27
ogra_cmpcoh, that remonds me ... i need to fix the server side still12:27
* ogra_cmpc makes a note to not forget about that before final12:27
stgraberhehe, yes I just checked and we don't seem to have a syslog daemon listening server-side12:28
ogra_cmpcth einitscript is prepared to override from /etc/ltsp12:28
ogra_cmpci just need to dump a file in there that says SYSLOG="-r"12:28
ogra_cmpc(probably with sourceing /etc/default/syslog and appending if -r isnt in the list )12:29
* stgraber wonders why is rc.local script doesn't start with his fat client setup ...12:33
ogra_cmpcdid you properly put it in /etc/rc.local and is /etc/rc.local executable ?12:36
ogra_cmpcif [ -x /etc/rc.local ]; then12:37
ogra_cmpc(from /etc/init.d/rc.local)12:37
stgraberrunning /etc/init.d/rc.local start works correctly ...12:40
stgraberthe only thing I see is that the init process would be stuck before S9912:41
stgraberogra_cmpc: hmm, rc.local is K99 in the chroot and S99 outside ..12:45
ogra_cmpcits not in RC2_WHITELIST12:46
ogra_cmpchave a look at the basic-configuration plugin ...12:46
ogra_cmpcits probably best to empty the RC variables alltogether12:46
ogra_cmpclaga had the same prob12:46
stgraberright, I'll have a look at them ... I'll also need to fix some VTs stuff (have standard ttys) and disable some other daemons (bluetooth for example as we don't have that kind of stuff here)12:48
stgrabermy main problem was ntp as I need a very accurate clock to do Kerberos authentication and having that rc.local problem made authentication impossible :)12:49
stgraberbtw, is that new that nbd can reconnect when the network is disconnected ?12:50
ogra_cmpcrigth, a fat client plugin will unset these vars in the future12:50
ogra_cmpcits relatively new afaik12:50
stgraberI saw that this morning, was building a new image, removed the old one, put the new one and it worked without rebooting :) (I tried to start OOo)12:50
stgraberwell, that's really really good news :)12:51
stgraberFrancis will be extremely happy as it was the main reason they were stuck with NFS for Millexterm12:51
stgraber(and what could be better than getting rid of NFS ? :))12:52
ogra_cmpcwell, i'm not sure it will handle failover or stuff12:52
ogra_cmpcthats what francis is after12:52
stgrabermaybe you can do that now with some load balancing magic. Setting the load balancer IP which then redirect to the right server, when one of the servers is done, just redirect to the other. It previously was impossible because nbd wasn't able to reconnect but now it should be possible.12:54
RichEdogra_cmpc & stgraber : meeting in 5 mins ?12:55
stgraberRichEd: yep12:55
ogra_cmpcoh, i nearly forgot12:56
* ogra_cmpc makes some coffee12:56
* RichEd gets coffee too13:00
RichEd=== education meeting in #ubuntu-meeting === 2 mins ===13:00
pips1I was hoping to touch base with you guys, regarding the edubuntu.org site... i.e. the minimum of changes required for the release14:15
pips1we definitely need a concise and clear text about how to install "edubuntu / ubuntu education edition" from hardy onwards14:17
* pips1 reads https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases/EdubuntuAddOnCD14:17
pips1RichEd: ^^^14:19
RichEdpips1: will check in a few mins14:19
stgraberI asked davmor2 to update it a bit as I'm not native english and he has been working on a lot of the other testcases14:20
stgraberwe'll try to add some screenshots too14:20
pips1stgraber: nice14:21
pips1RichEd: you have mail16:09
LaserJockdang missed another meeting16:10
pips1hi LaserJock16:11
pips1i've been out of touch for weeks and weeks :-/16:11
pips1but I noticed that you have been quite the busy bee with packaging edu apps16:12
LaserJockI tried to make a push there at the end16:12
RichEdpips1: thanks16:13
RichEdhello LaserJock fellow16:13
LaserJockhi RichEd16:13
LaserJockI'm seeing a quite common question about Hardy installation16:14
LaserJockpeople assume with the split that they need the Ubuntu Server CD to get LTSP16:14
LaserJockwe need to make it as clear as possible that they need the Ubuntu Alternate CD16:14
pips1and please try to prepare that text before release day ;-)16:15
LaserJockThen I think we need to define a bit more what Edubuntu is16:15
RichEdogra_cmpc: renewing you in edubuntu-members ... what is the expiration policy ?16:15
LaserJockas people are asking what's the difference between Ubuntu and Edubuntu16:15
RichEdhow much do i extend you for ... never expires is an option ... but i presume that is not "an official" way to go16:16
LaserJock1 year16:16
ogra_cmpcRichEd, usually a year16:17
LaserJockis the general term around Ubuntu16:17
ogra_cmpcbut i dont remember being renewed for the last two16:17
RichEdokie ... and a quickie classmate question ... wallpaper16:17
ogra_cmpcwhat about it ?16:17
RichEdyour (the default wiredubuntu) is way off centre16:17
ogra_cmpcon purpose16:17
ogra_cmpcit looks creepy in the middle16:17
RichEdi made an 800x480 ... but when i am in pan mode  ... there is a brown edge ...16:18
RichEdis the full screen 800x600 ?16:18
ogra_cmpcyou cant do that on a widescreen and have it look gfood16:18
ogra_cmpcoh, that16:18
ogra_cmpci can default it to fill mode so it streches with the scaling16:18
RichEdwhat is the option to select an image of a larger size and scale down16:18
RichEdthe ones i selected did not seem to do that16:18
ogra_cmpcthere is a pulldown in the wllpaper dialog16:19
RichEdexplain centered ? what should that do exactly ?16:19
ogra_cmpcmode or so16:19
ogra_cmpcthe wallpaper is cut to 800x480 for the classmate (it eats a lot of ram to hold it in memory so i needed to scale it down))16:19
ogra_cmpcthere are several modes you can set for wallpapers16:20
pips1ok, i got to run, i'll try to make it to the next meeting...16:20
ogra_cmpcone is to fill the screen and strech the pic16:20
ogra_cmpcthe current one just keeps it centerd16:20
ogra_cmpcso you see the background color of the desktop where it doesnt cover it16:20
* RichEd will play around with options and .png sizes16:21
ogra_cmpcRichEd, iwth centered i mean that the original wllpaper you sent me has the logo exactly in the middle16:21
RichEdi like it centred :)16:21
* RichEd is a well balanced sort of a preference person16:22
RichEdperhaps that is a sign of being a bit @n@l and not adventurous16:22
ogra_cmpcwell, pick any of the others but note that that costws you some MB in ram if you dont scale them down before16:22
RichEdthat's why i made up a 800x48016:23
RichEdwill make a 800x600 and try options to see what i can get to16:23
ogra_cmpcthat will look odd ... 800x600 wil be scaled down or cut off on 800x48016:24
ogra_cmpcboth doesnt look good16:24
ogra_cmpci'd go for 800x480, center the logo if you want that and set the wallpaper chooser to scale16:24
ogra_cmpcthat way it will be properly scaled up if you switch to edtended screen but dont look squeezed in the default mode16:25
tmelbyeSmall question: Total newbie!!!: Have changed the login screen for thin clients but now all I get is a gray screen with the login. No icons... Changed the "default" in /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/ldm/themes16:28
RichEdb.t.w. sudo iwlist scan sees my network ... but that may because it is now configured & up ... will retry after a reboot16:28
LivingByPlanCan I get some help with installing Edubuntu here?16:29
ogra_cmpcRichEd, if you see that its clearly not a bugt with the driver16:29
tmelbyeSame problem as this guy: http://www.nabble.com/Thin-client-login-screen-problem-td16053797.html16:29
LaserJockLivingByPlan: what's the problem16:30
LivingByPlanI am trying to install 7.10 on a P4 with 256 MB of RAM.16:30
LivingByPlanThe installation gets to the point of installing the software after the base system16:30
ogra_cmpcLivingByPlan, from which CD ?16:30
LivingByPlanIt gets to 85%. The last message says that britty.x11 is installed.16:31
ogra_cmpcth elivecd needs over 300M16:31
LivingByPlanThen the system just hangs.16:31
LivingByPlanThis is a CD that I got from Ubuntu orgranization in Canada.16:31
LivingByPlanI am trying to install a Workstation.16:31
ogra_cmpcwell, do you install from a running desktop or do you see a blue text installer ?16:31
LivingByPlanBlue text installer.16:32
LivingByPlanI am creating a dual-boot but it never gets to where it installs GRUB.16:32
LivingByPlanI have added memory to the computer to see if 512 MB helps.16:32
LivingByPlanSame problem.16:33
LivingByPlanThe CD drive is a Samsung. Am trying with a different CD drive to see if that makes a difference.16:33
ogra_cmpcdo you see any obvious errors if you switch to console 4 (alt+f4) ?16:33
ogra_cmpcthere runs the log16:33
LivingByPlanI have just started the installation again.16:34
LivingByPlanIt will take some time to get there.16:34
LivingByPlanOr can I do that at anytime during the install to follow progress?16:34
ogra_cmpckeep an eye on the log (alt+f4)16:35
ogra_cmpcyou get back to the main screen with alt+f116:35
ogra_cmpcalso did you run the cd selftest ?16:35
ogra_cmpcmight be that the media is bad16:35
LivingByPlanHave run the CD selftest. Says it is okay.16:36
LivingByPlanI have used this CD successfully on one machine.16:37
LivingByPlanI have the images downloaded to a extrernal hard drive.16:37
LivingByPlanDo you know of a way to boot from that image?16:37
tmelbyeanyone knows how to fix error in thin client login screen???16:38
tmelbyeAnyone knows how to fix error in thin client login screen? All screens are gray,,,19:13
tmelbyeNeed help with thin clients.... please....19:29
tmelbyeAnyone knows of a good help-forum?19:44
Muhammad_Saadfor what?19:45
tmelbyeProblems with login screen for thin clients. Changed the theme but now it's all gray....19:45
rodzilla87Is there anyone who has had experience with setting up a standalone Edubuntu box...where desktop changes will be cleared once the machine is rebooted or logged off?23:15
rodzilla87Is there anyone who has had experience with setting up a standalone Edubuntu box...where desktop changes will be cleared once the machine is rebooted or logged off?23:25
rodzilla87Anyone have any experience with resetting the desktop of a stand alone Edubuntu box?23:28
rodzilla87what is that cbw1066?23:34
cbw1066_First go at irc - having a few problems.23:34
HedgeMagerodzilla87:  you mean that a user screwed up their desktop, or something is wrong with the system, or what?23:35
rodzilla87Well no.  Let me explain23:35
HedgeMagecbw1066_:  just ask :)23:35
rodzilla87I want to put one desktop out in a public library...in the childrens section for them to use.23:36
rodzilla87But I have looked at Pessulus and I dont think it does what I want it to do.23:36
rodzilla87I want the kids to be able to play with the educational software, surf the net...whatever...but the changes to go away after their session is done23:37
rodzilla87make sense?23:37
HedgeMageahh, okay23:38
HedgeMagebrb kid stuck upside-down23:39
rodzilla87lol ok23:39
HedgeMageI haven't done that, but I'm sure others have -- it's a simple matter of overwriting the home dir on logout.  Perhaps ask on the mailing list or forums?23:41
cbw1066_I think there is a bash_logout script in the users home.23:42
rodzilla87Thanks to the both of you.  I have posted a question on the mailing list...but I thought I would check here for a faster answer.23:45

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