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MootBotMeeting started at 16:01. The chair is barry.15:01
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barryhi everybody, and welcome to this week's ameu reviewer's meeting15:01
barrywho's here today?15:01
barrydanilos salgado sinzui ping15:04
barry[TOPIC] next meeting15:04
MootBotNew Topic:  next meeting15:04
* sinzu1 kills his main computer15:04
barrysame time and place?  anybody know they won't be able to make it?15:04
barry[TOPIC] action items15:05
MootBotNew Topic:  action items15:05
barry * (continued) barry to remind lp devs to do pre-impl calls15:05
barrydo i still need to do this?  ;)  i think so15:06
bigjoolswhat's a pre-imp call?15:06
barry * sinzui to email jamesh about some branches not being picked up by pending-reviews15:06
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barrybigjools: :)15:06
barrysinzui: you did that right?15:06
sinzuibarry: right. jtv had some creative markup in his PR blocks15:07
barrysinzui: cool, thanks15:07
barry * allenap to update Reviewers' guidelines with _pseudo_private policy15:07
allenapDone, see https://launchpad.canonical.com/PythonStyleGuide under Private Name Mangling.15:07
barryallenap: thanks15:08
barryhere's one that came up in asiapac:15:08
barry * barry to update PendingReviews with clearer instructions on using review-submit15:08
barryi think there's still some confusion about how to ask for a review15:09
barryso it was suggested that i add instructions on PendingReviews, pointing people to the lpreview plugin15:09
barryi haven't done this yet though ;)15:09
barry[TOPIC] queue status15:10
MootBotNew Topic:  queue status15:10
barrygenerally looks okay to me; any comments?15:10
barryguess not ;)15:11
schwukmwhudson has had a branch sitting in my queue for a couple of weeks. Last activity I saw was sinzui asking him some questions.15:12
sinzuithat's rught15:12
schwuksinzui: did he answer them?15:12
schwukmwhudson__: ^^15:12
sinzuiIt was an innocent enough set of questions. I didn't even ask for changes I think15:12
sinzuiI'll hunt down mwhudson__ tonight15:13
schwuksinzui: cheers15:13
* sinzui struggles to use this keyboard15:13
barryone thing to mention: jml had a branch that he tried to get reviewed for a week, with no luck.  that's unfortunate.  i ended up reviewing it on my on-call day15:14
schwukwhy couldn't he get it reviewed?15:14
barryschwuk: i don't really know.  he says he asked #lp-reviews and got no takers15:15
bigjoolsdid he put it in the queue?15:15
gmbThat seems odd. We've got pretty good on call coverage now, don't we? And the OCR usually picks up the queue.15:15
* schwuk suspects this is the same branch he tried to ping jml about at the start of his shift, but got no response15:15
bacthat's odd.  unless he showed up just as the reviewers were leaving15:15
intellectronicagmb: maybe things are looking differently from that side of the world15:16
intellectronicabut either way, good old PR should work as a backup.15:16
gmbintellectronica: True. Even so, *someone* should have been picking up the queue, or at least doing an assignment run.15:17
barryi think this is a good example why we can't completely ignore or kill off PR yet15:17
gmbSo it looks like there was a big hairy communications failure somewhere along the line.15:17
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bacbarry: when you do your write up, remind developer that merely sending a cover letter to the list isn't sufficient to trigger a review.  this happened yesterday.15:18
intellectronicawe've got a process in place - the OCR does allocation at the end of the shift. if there's a problem it's simply because we don't follow it15:18
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barrybac: good point15:18
gmbWhat intellectronica said.15:18
intellectronicabac: yeah, happened to me twice today too.15:18
bacin their defense 'bzr review-submit' does seem like it should be enough15:18
gmbbarry: Maybe it's worth making a note that OCRs should be allocating all un-allocated branches at the end of their shift.15:18
barryas much as it sucks to edit PR, i still think we should recommend that people do that, but perhaps only if they can't get an all-call review?15:18
intellectronicaeither you get an agreement from a reviewer directly to take on the branch (and send the letter to him directly), or it goes to PR (and preferably both)15:19
barrygmb: we've mentioned that before, but i guess i'll add that to my PR note15:19
gmbbarry: That's what I usually expect. If I have an email dialog with reviewer X then I don't usually put things in their queue unless they ask me to.15:19
barryintellectronica: +115:19
intellectronicait sucks, but now that the review plugin generates the markup for you, it's really not that terrible15:19
gmbAlthough interestingly it insists on putting all branches in 1.2.6,,,15:20
barrygmb: right, i don't think you should /ever/ put something directly in a review's queue unless you've cleared it with them first15:20
barrygmb: yeah, why is that? :)15:20
barrygmb:  it also (for me) insists on sftp urls15:20
gmbbarry: Well the code that looks the milestone up is preceeded by the comment "hacky hacky"15:20
* barry has been meaning to mention that15:20
gmbThat might be a clue...15:20
* barry lols15:21
gmbbarry: I'll take a look at it this week (or we can file a bug for mwh's attention if you prefer)15:21
barrygmb: where would the bug go?15:21
* bac wondered why everyone seemed to be using sftp now15:21
gmbbarry: There's an lprevew project in LP.15:21
gmbI'll find it, hang on...15:22
barrygmb: cool +1.15:22
gmbbarry: http://launchpad.net/bzr-lpreview15:22
barrygmb: do you want to submit those bug reports?15:22
gmbbarry: Sure, will do.15:22
barrygmb: thanks15:22
gmbbarry: Can we also make a note for the next AsiaPac meeting15:22
gmbfor mwh to look at my 800-line limit patch?15:23
barry[ACTION] gmb to submit bug reports for bzr-lpreview about the 1.2.6 milestone and sftp urls15:23
MootBotACTION received:  gmb to submit bug reports for bzr-lpreview about the 1.2.6 milestone and sftp urls15:23
barrygmb: will do15:23
gmbIt's probably slipped under his radar, much like it did mine.15:23
barry[ACTION] barry will prod mwh to look at gmb's 800-line limit patch15:23
MootBotACTION received:  barry will prod mwh to look at gmb's 800-line limit patch15:23
barrythat's all i have about the queue.  anything else from y'all?15:23
barry[TOPIC] mentoring update15:24
MootBotNew Topic:  mentoring update15:24
barryany comments?15:25
bacmentoring + on-call is going well15:25
barryfor me as well15:25
* bigjools is enjoying it15:25
* barry waves to bigjools 15:26
* bigjools hi-fives barry15:26
* allenap is enjoying it too15:26
* schwuk enjoyed his first 'shift'15:26
schwukI'm not sure if intellectronica did though :)15:26
barryschwuk: glad you've had your first shift!15:26
intellectronicawhy, it was a great review15:27
intellectronicaand i totally dug introducing twitter to our arsenal of communication tools ;)15:27
schwukintellectronica: if you were happy, then I'm happy :)15:27
barryintellectronica: how did you guys use twitter?15:27
schwukintellectronica: then I'll have to show you my idea for a twitter plugin for bzr :)15:27
intellectronicait was the end of the week, schwuk had to go and welcome guests, and he suggested that i twit him once i reply to his review15:28
bigjoolsa diff in 160 chars will be challenging :)15:28
schwukbarry: what he said15:28
barry[TOPIC] review process15:29
MootBotNew Topic:  review process15:29
schwukbigjools: 140, and there's always pastebin :)15:29
barryi don't have much to add here, any comments?15:29
sinzuiLast week and this week we have received reviews that were not submitted with review-submit15:30
sinzuiI think we need a reminder sent to everyone (though everyone may have gotten the message now)15:30
bigjoolscan we get the review plugin packaged and added to lp-debs?15:31
barrysinzui: that's part of the note i'm adding to PendingReviews15:31
gmbbigjools: I think you'll need to talk to mwh about that. Where would we put it?15:31
salgadobigjools, it could also be added to sourcecode/15:31
salgadothat's way easier15:31
gmbsalgado: +115:31
bigjoolsany or all, I don't care :)15:31
barrysalgado: can that be made to easily plug into bzr from there?15:32
gmbWe've got to keep it private unless sabdfl authorises it, so...15:32
bigjoolsI've given up constantly doing bzr pull to see if it's been updated15:32
gmbbarry: We could make it part of rf-setup15:32
gmbAnd create a symlink15:32
statikbarry: can symlink from ~/.bazaar/plugins to lp-sourcedeps15:32
barrygood point.  probably as part of utilities/link-external-sourcecode.sh15:33
barryanybody want to take that on?  i'll be happy to review such a branch15:33
BjornTwhy would it be in link-external-sourcecode.sh?15:34
barryBjornT: that's what creates symlinks into sourcecode15:34
gmbbarry: I think it should probably be part of rf-setup.15:34
gmbWhich is run only once (preferably, anyway)15:35
barrygmb: yeah, i guess so15:35
barrygood point15:35
BjornTbarry: well. it creates symlinks from a branch to another source code location. i'd say that's a bit different from linking from your home dir15:35
schwukgmb: +115:36
barryanyone want to take this action?15:36
gmbbarry: I'll do it.15:36
bigjoolsrf-setup gets my vote, although I am wary of running it multiple times even though it seems to check if work needs to be done15:36
barrygmb: you rock, thanks15:36
gmbShouldn't take long.15:36
barry[ACTION] gmb to add lpreview to sourcecode and hack rf-setup to link it in15:37
MootBotACTION received:  gmb to add lpreview to sourcecode and hack rf-setup to link it in15:37
barrythat's it from me.  we have 8 minutes left if anybody has anything else to discuss15:37
barryi guess we're done then15:38
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:39.15:39
bigjoolsgrassy ass barry15:39
statikthanks barry15:39
gmbCool, thanks barry.15:39
barrythanks everyone!15:39
intellectronicathanks barry15:39
schwukthanks barry15:39
* gmb goes to celebrate with his other half for a few minutes15:40
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