heartsbloodlike when a select a window from the foreground i'll get a slight sound lag if i'm listening to something00:00
testxanyone here got Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8039 !00:00
testxmy wlan and ethernet both stopped after updating my ubuntu00:00
heartsbloodaccording atop pulseaudio is @ 7% cpu with rhythmbox playing.  is it just me or does that seem high?00:01
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mooboo1anyway to view a manual page, without using the command 'man' ?00:02
mooboo1like perhaps with a gui?00:03
poniSo... I got a problem in Hardy Heron, in Hardware Drivers, it's not listing anything and I'd like to install Nvidia driver =)00:13
jbroome!nvidia | poni00:14
ubotuponi: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:14
lilythanyone tell me how t resolve liblauchpad problem?00:15
T1m0thyi don't know00:15
T1m0thyi have it too00:15
T1m0thyPlease make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks, before installing Hardy00:16
T1m0thySo I wouldn't ask. :p00:16
thompawhy not ask?00:16
lilythPlease learn how to push packges properly before putting them in a release, even if its beta00:16
T1m0thyI'd assume uninstall/reinstall or wait for updates.00:16
T1m0thyDo you know, thompa00:17
thompano clue00:17
thompawhats the problem with liblaunchpad00:17
thompai mean whats the question?00:18
lilythwell, the installed version is liblaunchpad-integration000:18
T1m0thyIt's a broken package.00:18
lilyththe one that came down today is liblaunchpad-integration100:18
lilythcant remove the old one00:18
lilythwithout uninstalling a LOT of stuff00:18
lilythcant get the new one in00:18
lilythcoz it conflicts ith the old one00:19
scizzo-lilyth: its reported in launchpad00:19
lilythIm sure theres some magick apt incantation to fix00:19
lilythbut Im not an apt guru00:19
lilythso I was hoping someone here knewit00:20
lilyththank you scizzo-00:20
T1m0thyIt's saying my package isn't broke anymore.00:20
thompalilyth: i have liblaunchpad1 installed00:20
lilythlucky you.00:20
T1m0thyHave you run sudo apt-get update and installed ALL the latest ones?00:20
lilyththts the only one tht wont go00:21
thompasays here launchpad-integration0 and 1 installed00:21
T1m0thysame, thompa00:21
MTecknologyall of a sudden with todays updates, AWN has a white edge on the right and bottom... anybody else have that issue?00:21
lilythI dont have integration1 installed, thats my hangup00:21
MTecknologyit's either todays or yesterdays updates00:21
T1m0thylilyth, you can't install it?00:22
thompalilyth: all i did was a fresh install and its there00:22
lilythno T1m0thy I cant00:22
thompait was there by default00:22
T1m0thyHmm.. :\00:22
lilyththompa  fresh install?00:22
thompai installed beta last night, have since updated is all00:22
lilythIve had the beta in like a week, I guess00:23
jmdcI crashed the installer doing manual partitioning. I made a boot primary boot partition, then tried to make a logical partition with all the remaining free space, and choose "do not use", but the installer just churned on that for a long time, and stopped updating the gui - I just had an empty, unresponsive window.00:23
scizzo-!launcpad #21386300:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 213863 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:23
thompalilyth: i know an upgrade should work, but i had issues00:23
MTecknology!bug 21368300:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 213683 in openlibrary "LCCNs not appearing in imported LoC records" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21368300:23
T1m0thyzomg, The updates keep coming and coming. I wish it was always like this.. I've been thinking of moving to a distribution where the repositories are updated a lot more often.00:23
scizzo-MTecknology: thanks00:23
scizzo-MTecknology: hmmm not really the one I am looking at00:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 213863 in launchpad-integration "trying to overwrite `/usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/lpi-bug.png', which is also in package liblaunchpad-integration0" [High,Fix released]00:24
MTecknologyscizzo-, i think you can just say either 213683 or bug 213683 in a sentence and it'll pop us00:24
lilyththts it00:24
MTecknologynope, nvm00:24
MTecknologyused to00:24
lilythhmm 'fix released'00:24
lilythwhts that00:24
thompalilyth: maybe check repos00:24
scizzo-lilyth: go to the link...there are workarounds if you have problems00:25
lilyththank you scizzo-00:25
scizzo-MTecknology: hehe nice.. :)00:26
mooboo1nemo, actually it was the "Virtual" line in my xorg.conf that was the culprit, strange how that I've had that line a long time, and it never caused any trouble00:26
MTecknologyO, apparently my issue with awn is fixed with the updates of the last few hours00:26
lilythhmm says fixd 11 hours ago00:26
* lilyth refreshes00:27
SmegzorI found out whats causing me to not be able to change my desktop wallpaper.  Its something Ubuntu Tweak is doing to break .gconf00:27
cyclonutmooboo1: what trouble was it causing again?00:27
mooboo1cyclonut, GDM was appearing large, and only 1/4 of screen00:27
cyclonutaaah, like you had another monitor connected00:27
mooboo1when I use driver 'nv' i can use displayconfig-gtk to set refresh rate 50-85, but when i use 'nvidia', displayconfig-gtk only let me select 50-54 even though it actually runs at 85 hz00:28
mooboo1cyclonut, yeah, exactly00:28
SmegzorI got back the ability to change wallpaper, then installed Ubuntu Tweak, used it to hide desktop icons and BAM!  Lost the ability to change wallpaper.  I tested that before and after.   So I have to delete .gconf again :(00:28
x0xhow to install proftpd?00:28
scizzo-x0x: apt-get install proftpd00:29
scizzo-x0x: maybe?00:29
x0xE: Couldn't find package proftpd00:29
lilyththanks al.00:29
MTecknologyx0x, aptitude search proftpd00:29
scizzo-x0x: then you should check the repos you have00:29
MTecknologyIs anybody else having having color glitches with Firefox with the bookmarks toolbar?00:30
x0xst3v3n@AmaderBanglaChat:~$ aptitude search proftpd00:30
x0xno reply00:31
scizzo-x0x: check your repos00:31
MTecknologyaight - i'm out00:31
x0xi am on text only00:31
scizzo-x0x: less /apt/sources.list00:31
cyclonutanyone know the actual day of release for hardy?00:32
x0x. /apt/sources.list: No such file or directory00:32
T1m0thyI believe.00:32
cyclonutthanky sir00:32
scizzo-x0x: less /etc//apt/sources.list00:32
scizzo-x0x: less /etc/apt/sources.list00:32
cyclonutI need to set up a server for long term use, and I want ot use hardy due to LTS. however, I need to set it up in the next couple days. I guess I'll just risk the upgrade00:32
x0xschallstrom_ what do i add here now?00:33
scizzo-x0x: actually the question is if you have changed that file00:33
x0xi didnt00:33
scizzo-x0x: I just installed a gutsy server and I have hardy desktop server which both shows proftpd00:33
x0xtake a look00:34
scizzo-x0x: hold on00:34
scizzo-x0x: you are on dapper?00:34
scizzo-x0x: then this is not really the right channel first of all since its hardy only.....for testing00:35
x0xi am in x.1000:36
scizzo-x0x: but this is still the hardy support channel.....#ubuntu is the main help channel for stable releases....00:37
Sergeant_Ponymorning / afternoon / evening00:38
scizzo-x0x: but I can tell you to try and comment out the cdrom and remove the # infront of the universe repos then run: apt-get update && apt-cache search proftpd00:38
x0xhow do i exit from less ?00:39
scizzo-x0x: q00:39
gilster32i have been getting issues with the process '00:40
gilster32sorry. with the process " evolution-data-server'00:41
Sergeant_Ponywhat are the text editors that come with ubuntu that are command line used?00:41
gilster32sometimes it is running the processor at 98 percent for hours. then my machine locks up00:41
x0xscizzo- tnx00:43
x0xi got proftpd00:43
critter-Sergeant_Pony, nano is most often used00:43
scizzo-x0x: hehe no problem00:44
x0xscizzo- do you know how to setup ns1.something.com ?00:44
scizzo-x0x: you mean dns server?00:44
soundrayI can't find the restricted drivers manager after upgrading to hardy. Has it been replaced?00:45
scizzo-x0x: well yes.....took a while to understand but wasn't to hard00:45
x0xcan you teach me?00:46
scizzo-x0x: actually I would suggest to read about it00:46
scizzo-x0x: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/dns-server-setup-using-bind-in-ubuntu.html00:46
Sergeant_Ponycritter: nano.. ok. I tried gedit but it wouldn't work... I'll try that. Thanks00:46
scizzo-x0x: usually ubuntugeek website have rather good howtos for understanding those kind of stuff00:47
scizzo-x0x: plus I need to sleep00:47
x0xwell me too00:48
x0xits 6 am00:48
Sergeant_Ponycritter-: if I need to edit under sudo does it also work for that?00:48
Fritzelwhen you renice which way is lower priority?00:50
xtknightanyone here with an nvidia 6xxx or higher where the installer freezes(nv), except in safe graphics mode(vesa)?00:51
xtknightor anyone with a geforce 8xxx and higher that can use nv?00:51
xtknighti'd like some comments on Bug 6223000:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 62230 in xserver-xorg-video-nv "Corrupt graphics on boot with 7800GT/nv" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6223000:51
soundraySergeant_Pony: use nano with sudo, gedit with gksudo00:52
Sergeant_Ponysoundtray: ahh, ok... that would explain it. Thanks for the info.00:52
x0xscizzo- do you use yahoo or msn?00:52
dassoukidoes anyone have a problem with cheese? it shuts down randomly, with no error wutso ever00:53
xtknight!info cheese00:53
ubotucheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.22.0-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 1070 kB, installed size 4892 kB00:54
x0x -fredorik:#ubuntu- fredorik has sent you a memo! To read it, type /server 1 < FUNNY?00:54
soundrayWhat's the recommended procedure for switching to the binary ati driver?00:54
xtknightsoundray, gksu jockey-gtk00:54
soundrayxtknight: will try, thanks00:54
xtknightdassouki, cheese starts for me but i have no capture device.  i only see a test image00:55
dassoukixtknight, mine starts, the webcam light goes on00:55
soundrayxtknight: looks familiar. Thank you! Rebooting to test...00:56
dassoukixtknight, mine starts, the webcam light goes on, then crashes 10 seconds later00:56
xtknightdassouki, does it also crash in gstreamer-properties00:56
sivel27hello all00:56
sivel27quick question.00:56
xtknightgoto video, default input, see if you can see an image from your webcam without a crash00:56
x0xERROR:>   [4/9/2008 5:56:32 AM] Requested action not taken (e.g., file or directory not found, no access).00:57
dassoukino my webcam works fine, i ran gstream-properties, and it detects the cam00:57
dassoukixtknight, no my webcam works fine, i ran gstream-properties, and it detects the cam00:57
xtknightyou can preview an image?00:57
dassoukinot on cheese00:57
xtknighton gstreamer?00:58
xtknightpress Test00:58
x0xUnable to transfer.00:58
x0xThis is most likely due to insufficient permissions. Verify both the destination path and permissions, then try again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator or hosting provider.00:58
x0xi am getting this error on proftd00:58
dassoukii can see my self :D00:58
x0xhow do i fix it now?00:58
xtknightdassouki, ok00:58
dassoukixtknight, i can see my self,00:58
sivel27running heron, restricted drivers, ati 9700 pro...... the resolution hooked up to my 32 lcd says 1360x... but it looks like 1280x768, the problem is the refresh reate im guessing, as it looks "cut-off" on both sides, i.e black bars. any suggestions?00:58
xtknightdassouki, run "cheese" from the console and report any errors you see00:58
xtknightsivel27,  1360x768 is your lcd's resolution?00:59
dassoukixtknight, using source: v4l2src00:59
dassoukiSegmentation fault (core dumped)00:59
xtknightwell that is because the graphics card is scaling.00:59
xtknightso it's sending the monitor a full image00:59
sivel27the max, yes. i only want to run it in 128000:59
xtknightdassouki, then i guess file a bug on launchpad for cheese00:59
SmegzorI've found a bug.  Could somebody confirm this please.. Try to change your wallpaper using system/preferences/appearance.  Then run gconf-editor and hide your desktop.  Now try changing your wallpaper as before.  When I do these things, I lose the ability to change wallpaper except by restarting X.  I initially blamed Ubuntu-Tweak but I think its somewhere else.00:59
sivel271366 rather01:00
sivel27is the max01:00
xtknightsivel27, ok.  this is not an option in screen resolutions, then?01:00
dassoukixtknight, thanks anyways01:00
sivel27no, it "says" its @ 1366, but it looks more like a "cramped" 128001:00
Luckridersivel27, have you tried changing the screen type in the ui01:00
xtknightsivel27, that's because your graphics card is scaling01:01
Luckriderthat is how I fixed mine01:01
xtknightbut that does not mean you are at that resolution01:01
sivel27no i havent01:01
sivel27how does one go about with that?01:01
Luckridergo to other01:01
Luckriderthen click01:01
xtknightwell font size isn't going to fix black bars01:01
Luckriderthen... hold on01:01
Luckriderlet me check01:01
sivel27other? from what place?01:01
dassoukixtknight, do u kno where the cheese config files are01:01
xtknighti'm not sure.  there used to be a tool in screen/graphics under Other01:01
xtknightmine recenetly disappeared too01:02
xtknightit was in applicatoins menu01:02
xtknightgksu displayconfig-gtk01:02
xtknightis the cmd line01:02
sivel27so it has nothing to do w/ refresh?01:02
xtknightno dont think so01:02
sivel27ill try that right now01:02
xtknightyou are running at 1280 on the gfx card, regardless of what lcd says.01:02
sivel27would doing this be bad during a apt-get update running/01:02
LuckriderI am so sorry hold on01:02
LuckriderMy friend installed KDE with Gnome01:03
Luckriderand it is hard to find that01:03
SmegzorIs anyone testing the wallpaper bug I just described?01:03
xtknightdassouki, hmmm nope01:03
xtknightSmegzor, uh one second01:03
sivel27so, run the cmd line you posted then?01:03
xtknightsivel27, yeah01:03
jburdDoes hardy have desktop effects disabled by default on the LiveCD?01:04
xtknightSmegzor, what do you mean hide my deskto01:04
xtknightjburd, it's enabled by default if there's an open source driver that supports it.  like intel01:04
xtknightas far as i know01:04
Unxuxuwho is running adobe flash player with ffox 3 beta 5?01:04
jburdAh.  Does it allow installing non-free drivers?01:04
xtknighti know it enables itself right after i install prop drivers without my doing anything01:04
xtknightUnxuxu, me01:04
Luckridersorrry Sivel27, I can't find it in my system01:04
Smegzorits a tick box in gconf-editor under apps/nautilus/preferences01:04
Luckriderbut if you find the gui01:04
Unxuxuxtknight: Could you help with it?01:05
Luckriderlook for screen01:05
xtknightLuckrider, sivel27 the gui is gksu displayconfig-gtk01:05
Smegzorits called show_desktop01:05
Luckriderand click the pull down01:05
sivel27ok, ill try the displayconfig cmd01:05
xtknightUnxuxu, yeah in a few... testing things01:05
Unxuxuxtknight: ok... tks... good lucky with your tests01:05
Luckriderit is01:05
Luckriderclick model01:05
Luckriderand change it to one with the desired resolution01:06
xtknightSmegzor, yeah i guess that's a bug, but you can get the wallpaper to load if you toggle show desktop once again01:06
Luckridersivel27 did you get that?01:06
sivel27hmm. under the res options, theres every res except 128001:06
Smegzorhmm.   I don't want to see icons on my wallpaper :)01:06
Luckriderclick on the model01:07
xtknightSmegzor, no i mean toggle it again01:07
Luckriderthen change it to generic 1400x150001:07
xtknightjust turn off/on01:07
xtknightcauses it to repaint01:07
Luckriderthat is how I fixed mine01:07
Smegzorso you found the same behaviour?  I'll file my first bug report :D01:07
xtknightbut it's still a bug.  feel free to file it on launchpad01:07
sivel27ok one sec01:07
xtknightUnxuxu, what was your question?01:07
Luckriderthen you can change the resolution01:07
sivel27you mean after setting it , turn tv on/off?01:07
xtknightSmegzor, once filed give me the ID and i'll confirm it01:07
Luckriderwait, you are using a tv01:08
xtknightsivel27, setup a display and find 1366x768 resolution01:08
xtknightsounds like a tv to me01:08
sivel27it is01:08
Luckriderthen yeah you might need to turn it off01:08
Unxuxuxtknight: I cant get flash plugin work... Im reading things about 4 hours or more... no success!01:08
Luckriderit is and LCD01:08
xtknightsivel27, i've heard of your display having an EDID bug i think?01:08
Luckrideror plasma?01:08
critter-Sergeant_Pony, yep it sure does sudo nano filename01:08
xtknighti dont know01:08
xtknightUnxuxu, what ubuntu did you install, 32bit or 64bit?01:08
Unxuxuxtknight: 3201:09
sivel27dont know wht bug you speak of, windows runs the res fine01:09
xtknighttype "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras"01:09
Unxuxuxtknight: this command is for me?01:09
xtknightUnxuxu, sorry ya01:09
Luckriderit should work with it still on01:09
mohamed_how can innstall firefox java plugins , i have already java-sun installed ?01:09
xtknightLuckrider, pastebin "sudo ddcprobe" please01:09
LuckriderI hava an aquos that works that way01:09
Luckriderwhat xkight?01:10
Unxuxuok... this will install adobe plugin, or gnash?01:10
xtknightLuckrider, sorry i meant sivel2701:10
xtknightUnxuxu, adobe01:10
Unxuxuxtknight: ok... this will install adobe plugin, or gnash?01:10
Smegzorxtknight: hmm!  no amount of toggling that setting is giving me back wallpaper changing.01:10
Unxuxuxtknight: hmmm nice... will try now!01:10
xtknightSmegzor, really..01:10
sivel27im sorry, xt, what was that?01:10
xtknightsivel27, type "sudo ddcprobe"01:10
xtknightand paste the results01:10
xtknight!pastebin | sivel2701:10
ubotusivel27: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:10
Sergeant_Ponycritter-: thanks01:11
Smegzoryeah :(  My .gconf is brand new (deleted and recreated 15 mins ago or so).  I've done very little to it other than customising a panel.01:11
sivel27command not found, and i havent changed the display options yet if that matters01:11
xtknightsivel27, sudo apt-get install xresprobe01:11
xtknightSmegzor, well for me basically turning show_desktop off/on at any immediate moment causes the desktop to repaint, which will cause the wallpaper to change if it had been changed.01:12
xtknightso i have no icons, then i turn show_desktop on then back off.. and now no icons and an updated wallpaper01:12
xtknightit's stlil a bug but..01:12
Smegzorhmm..  I'm clicking on different images in the appearance gui.  Maybe my double clicks aren't being recorded in the registry?01:13
xtknightwallpaper is in gconf also01:13
xtknighti forget the path name01:14
Unxuxuxtknight: its impossible!   I got the same error... of course... the package suggest by you, contains the same flash-nonfree package...01:14
Smegzoryeah I've been in gconf hunting for this problem for days01:14
Unxuxuxtknight: Download done.01:14
Unxuxumd5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz01:14
UnxuxuThe Flash plugin is NOT installed.01:14
sivel27ok xt, its pasted01:15
xtknightUnxuxu, going to try and reproduce it on a clean hardy01:15
sivel27under sivel01:15
xtknightsivel27, url?01:15
xtknighti cannot see it01:16
xtknightdtiming: 1360x768@5901:16
xtknightso sounds like this is the proper res01:16
Unxuxuxtknight:  ok... I have a fresh install... I had installed yesterday... just some updates ...  (my english is poor, dont piss in my mouth)01:16
Smegzorhmm..  why doesn't my desktop refresh?  Is there anything I can do to force a refresh?01:16
xtknightSmegzor, killall nautilus && nautilus01:17
sivel27yes, however, the screen looks "smashed" in from the sides, and the upper and lowers bars are cut off a bit01:17
xtknightsivel27, so basically what you need to do is get fglrx to recognize01:17
xtknightsivel27, type xrandr -q | grep -i current01:17
xtknightyou can just paste this single line here.01:18
Smegzordone.  I get an error when it restarts..  ** (nautilus:15309): WARNING **: Unable to add monitor: Not supported.  Could that be significant to my problem?01:18
xtknightSmegzor, nah same thing happens to me01:18
Smegzoroh ok01:18
xtknightdid the wallpaper update?01:18
Smegzoryes.  trying to update manually now01:19
Smegzorits updating manually again01:19
xtknightUnxuxu, there is a bug right now with flash player01:19
xtknightnobody can install it01:19
xtknighti will search/file a bug01:19
sivel27Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1360 x 768, maximum 1360 x 76801:21
Smegzorgah!  this is frustrating!  I can change wallpaper if I show icons, but not with icons hidden :<01:21
xtknightit thinks you're already at that resolution01:21
xtknightsivel27, then it could be overscan01:21
Smegzoreven after shutting down nautilus01:21
SmegzorI'll log out and back in..  might help01:21
sivel27ok, are there any other ways to fix this, as its my htpc, hooked up in my living room01:21
Unxuxuxtknight:   dammmmn it!   you tube is my TV channel!... LOL...  whataf*ck!01:22
Smegzorthen I'll go find a nice brick wall for my head01:22
penhow to disable gnome draw desktop call to let compiz desktop cube take over?01:22
xtknightsivel27, does your tv have any options for adjusting image position?01:22
xtknightUnxuxu,  i filed a bug here: Bug 21434101:23
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214341 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash plugin md5sum outdated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21434101:23
Unxuxuxtknight:  I will try to do something and try to help the community...  what is the firefox 3 beta 5 plugins folder?  I have a java plugin working... how could I know where is this plugin running from?01:24
sivel27i believe so, but not only is it "smashed" from the sides, but the menu and bottom bar are cut off01:24
xtknightUnxuxu, the problem is, the plugin isn't even being downloaded01:24
xtknightUnxuxu, i can try and patch it01:24
xtknighti mean it's not even being installe01:24
xtknightshould bein /usr/lib/firefox/plugins01:25
soundrayxtknight: I've managed to enable desktop effects for the first time. Nice!01:25
Unxuxuxtknight:  I have a .deb package for this adobe flash 9...  no md5sum check is needed... but I cant know where I could link .so to01:25
xtknightUnxuxu, you can put the .so in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins01:26
xtknightsoundray, neat01:26
soundrayxtknight: thanks again for your jockey hint01:26
Unxuxuxtknight:  yeah... but the firefox does not run it from there.01:26
xtknightwell i have no idea01:27
sivel27ok, how about this, how can i change my refresh a couple of points?01:27
sivel27ok, its GOOD!!!! i switched inputs01:27
sivel27thank you for all fo you help xtknight01:28
m1ranyone tryed install adobe air ?01:28
Unxuxuxtknight:   how could I know what is this folder of my java plugin is running from?  I will put it there...  gotcha?01:28
xtknightwhat did you do again?01:28
xtknightUnxuxu, type about:config in firefox01:28
sivel27i simply switched from pc input to av and back again01:28
sivel27i do have one last question of you though01:29
sivel27its about compiz. in the advanced manager, i enabled the "cube" effect. but when i use the "cube", it looks more like a flat wall01:30
Unxuxuxtknight:  ok... Its got the filename... libjavaplugin_oji.so  nice... whats is the best way to search for it?    find? locate?01:30
xtknightsivel27, you need to enable more workspaces01:30
xtknightUnxuxu, sudo updatedb && locate libjavaplugin01:30
Unxuxuxtknight: tks01:30
sivel27in the advanced menu for effects?01:30
xtknightsivel27, it's near the trash icon, workspces01:31
sivel27how many?01:32
xtknighthow many sides do you want your cube to have?01:32
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:32
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu01:33
sivel27so the same goes for the top and bottom?01:33
xtknightsivel27, what do you mean?01:33
Luckrideris there a place where I can upload pics for this chan01:33
xtknightLuckrider, http://imageshack.us is a general site01:34
sivel27the top and bottom of the cube are light blue01:34
Luckriderit thought there was like a pastebin for pics or something01:34
Smegzorxtknight: Here is my bug report..  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/21434701:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214347 in ubuntu "Cannot change wallpaper after showing/hiding desktop " [Undecided,New]01:37
LuckriderI got this when I tried updating my system01:37
Smegzorheh  thanks ubotu :)01:37
Luckriderlol, what would we do withput bots01:38
Luckriderso... has anyone seen that error, is there any fixes01:39
xtknightSmegzor, i'll confirm it in a second01:39
xtknightSmegzor, well at laest part of it.  i dont have the exact same problem01:39
xtknightUnxuxu, i've got a fix you can try in just a few minutes01:40
Smegzoryeah I realise that.  I wrote it from your perspective.  I didn't mention that I can't get the ability back at all.  I'm assuming I'm just unlucky (I'm usually right about that).01:40
Luckriderso... has anyone looked at the synaptic error that I had, I can't add new apps because of it.01:41
Unxuxuxtknight: nice!01:42
Unxuxuxtknight: I will open right now my ffox... I install the plugin into /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins01:43
Unxuxuxtknight: lets check!01:43
Smegzornow that my bug report is done, I'll reboot and see if that helps (hey it works for Windows)01:44
Unxuxuxtknight:  goooooood!   Working!   I fix it!   damnnn brain!01:44
Smegzor10 zillion sad users can't be wrong..  can they?01:44
os2macwhat is the final release date?01:46
Flannelos2mac: 24th01:46
Unxuxuxtknight:    Where is the best place to post my solution!???  I think the community will be greatful!01:46
Luckriderhas anyone gottent his problem with the most recent batch of updates?01:47
xtknightUnxuxu, um Bug 214341 i guess01:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214341 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash plugin md5sum outdated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21434101:48
os2macLuckrider: yeah I am getting the same problem.01:48
Luckriderok... so I am not the only ne01:49
os2macif you go run synaptic you will also get a couple broken packages associated with it.01:49
LuckriderI am trying to install parallels, and can't now01:49
os2macdunno know how to fix it yet.01:49
Luckriderit is some library01:49
Luckriderit is library for launchpad01:49
Luckriderstupid launchpad01:49
ubotuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/01:49
Luckriderso our bug tracker has a bu01:50
Luckrideroh, the irony01:50
Luckriderkde broke my box01:51
Luckridersorry wrong chan01:51
iainI'm having a problem with ark and kubuntu 8.04.  I'm trying to extract a .zip file and it keeps saying "could not write to the destination file".  Am I just doing something dumb here?01:51
jaffarkelshachow do you put wireless card in monitor mode01:51
SmegzorGRR!  Still can't change my wallpaper without icons.  Oh well, I'll just have to kill the icons the manual way01:53
os2maciain, Sudo maybe? do you have rights to write to the directory?01:53
iainits in my home directory01:54
os2macis it in a sub directory?01:54
os2macthat you created?01:54
os2macdid you set the permissions?01:54
os2macor is extracting somewhere else you DON"T have perms to?01:55
iainpermissions all look fine01:58
os2mactry doing it with sudo.01:59
Luckridernow,  can't update at all, there is a new updat that apreared a few seconds ago, and I can't install it01:59
Luckriderthis stupid bug01:59
Luckriderdoes anyone have any ideas about how to fix synaptic?02:00
os2macLuckrider: which repository are you pointing to?02:01
GilouLuckrider> use aptitude update02:01
Gilouthis dependency issue has been solved02:01
Luckriderok, let me try aptitude02:02
=== evalles_ is now known as effie_jayx
Gilouer just click "check for updates" or so in the update manager02:02
os2macGilou if he is point to a mirror it may not have filtered down yet.. I am pointed to the main repository and I am fixed.02:02
Gilouyeah might be, might also be outdated package information02:03
LuckriderI am in Northern-Eastern US02:03
Luckriderit may be faster than some other places02:03
Gilouyeah, I guess it depends on the mirror you use, but try to update your Packages info first, then we'll play with your mirror list ;)02:03
Luckriderit is still updating in the terminal02:03
Luckriderwait for a pastebin02:04
Luckriderthere is the error I got from the update in terminal02:04
DG19075already doing the update download here02:05
Luckriderthat was because I forgot that update manager is running02:05
Luckridergive me a sec02:05
Riskbreakerhey boys i'm trying to compile something. see this thread.02:05
os2macGilou: I switched to the main repository and that corrected the problem I don't think the US mirror has the changes yet.02:05
Riskbreakerthere is a problem in the compilation02:05
Riskbreakerand they are saying to apply a patch02:05
Riskbreaker....how do you do this?02:05
Gilouwell, the good idea here would be to wait for the update02:06
Gilouinstead of harassing the main servers :p02:06
GilouRiskbreaker> patch -p0 < /path/to/file.diff02:06
os2macand be patient... NEVER.. :) I are a linux user... Wait? do not want! :P02:06
Riskbreakeris pathtofile the  patch  or the object?02:06
Gilouthe path to the patch file02:07
yoandyhi, my hardy doesnt detect my  bcm94311 wifi card, lspci show the card but is not detected at boot time, any clue?02:07
* os2mac is in your repository downloading ur updates.02:07
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about supported - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:07
ubotuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection02:07
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)02:07
Luckriderthat was better02:07
LuckriderI like ubotu02:08
ubotuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu+1!02:08
yoandyLuckrider: no hard is for me?02:08
RiskbreakerGilou: i did  patch -p0 qc-usb-messenger-1.7-for-2.6.24.patch02:09
Riskbreakerand no response02:09
Luckrideryoandy, what are you talking about?02:09
Riskbreakeri dont have a command prompt either02:09
GilouRiskbreaker> ok, just read once more what I typed02:09
Riskbreakeroh yeah02:09
Riskbreakersorry about that02:09
Gilou^C will give you your prompt back02:10
yoandyLuckrider: forget about, i made a question, you said !hard and i though it was for me02:10
Gilouit was02:10
LuckriderI saw hard and was confused02:10
Riskbreakergilou: then in this case would i be patching the compile script?02:10
Gilouyou'd be patching whatever the patch is patching :)02:10
Riskbreakerthey don't really specify in the thread >,<02:11
cyclonutSo folks, I need to be setting up a server in the next few days. I would like to do it on Hardy, as it has LTS, however, it is beta which means there may be some serious security vulnerabilities yet to come. What do you recommend I do?02:11
Gilouif it complains about not being able to find the files, try to increase the number of directory to strip  (-p1), it depends on how the patch was made02:11
Gilouyou can edit the .diff file using a text editor02:11
Gilouit's "common" knowledge for people hacking code Riskbreaker, that's probably why it's not mentionned02:12
Riskbreakeryeah i figured02:12
Giloucyclonut> install debian02:12
* Gilou hides02:12
Dr_williscyclonut,   wait a few days for it to get released?  It will be the next LTS  - so either go with the old LTS and upgrade in a few weeks.. or bite the beta bullet. and use it now.?02:12
Luckrider16 days to be axact02:12
Gilouadvice about ubuntu would be to use the beta for a few days02:12
cyclonutDr_willis: thing is, I've got a timeline, I need it set up nowish02:12
cyclonutwhat is the security risk behind Hardy?02:13
Dr_williscyclonut,  well willyou get fired if it screws up. :) or just yelled at..02:13
cyclonutor rather, how extreme is it02:13
Gilouset it up using the beta, and put your balls on the table02:13
Dr_willisI doube if thers much of a security risk.02:13
cyclonutDr_willis: just yelled at ;) oh, and my university might sue me :-P02:13
Gilouit's based on a 2.6.24 kernel, so your main problem will be that02:13
yoandyso, any hints plz, why my broadcom card is not detected at boot time?02:13
LuckriderDr_willis, the beta is very stable as long as you can update daily02:13
cyclonutDr_willis: basically, I got a grant to provide Ruby/Rails hosting for students here02:13
Dr_willisbut who knows . 4 days after its actually released ther MIGHT be some huge security issus pop up.. then again,  the old LTS may have some security issue show up also..02:14
cyclonutDr_willis: I am in charge of setting up the server02:14
* cyclonut is not a sysadmin02:14
Giloucyclonut> give half of your grant to a sysadmin :p02:14
* os2mac os2mac is02:14
* Gilou is too02:14
Luckriderbut still, I have found Ubuntu to be the most secure02:14
Dr_willisI would go with the beta then. :)02:14
cyclonutDr_willis: okay, advice taken :)02:14
Dr_willisbut its YOUR decision. :)02:14
Luckrideros2mac, so is that how you got me a pm?02:15
* cyclonut expects intrusion log to show a "dr_willis" hitting server an inordinate number of times02:15
Dr_willisand youa re asking this in the beta channel.. so what other answer doyou expect.02:15
cyclonutGilou: lol02:15
os2macLuckrider: nope just have a registered nick02:15
cyclonutDr_willis: truth. Thing is, I run Hardy without any trouble on my lappy02:15
cyclonutDr_willis: so I am partial too :-P02:15
Luckriderwell... I just registered a minute ago02:15
DG19075Outside of the bugs, I've found HH very stable. Same goes for 7.04 and 7.10.02:15
os2macLuckrider: well there you go.02:15
Luckriderbut.. I have tried pm before registering weeks ago, that is why it didn't work02:15
Luckriderlol, so strange02:16
AngryBaconNeed help with nvidia drivers, see:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=468070002:16
* cyclonut hopes real sysadmin doesnt bring down the wrath of 1000 gods upon him02:16
* Luckrider opes to contibute for many years to come, and be promoted ot sysadmin02:17
DG19075ll the Ubuntu zversions I've run have been anvil-solid. Some of the audio apps are better than the Windows equivs!02:17
cyclonutluckrider: with that typing, you'll be rm -rf'ing your way to victory in no time02:17
os2macLuckrider: dunno if I would consider getting the title sysadmin a promotion.02:17
Luckrideroh well02:18
os2macof course I are one.02:18
Luckriderno pay02:18
Luckrider"I are one"02:18
GilouI HAS ROOT02:18
Luckridersos do Is02:18
LuckriderI has root no caps02:18
os2macgave that shirt to one of the girls I work with... not realizing the double endendre.02:18
Dr_willisand we are impressed by this?02:19
LuckriderI want to get some of those fancy linux shirts02:19
Dr_willisMy wife has a Tshirt with '404' on it. :)02:19
Luckriderof course, I have no internets monies02:19
LuckriderI like that02:19
LuckriderI also like the shirt that says "In a world without walls and fences, who needs windows and gates"02:20
woodwizzlemy bad02:20
DG19075would love a shirt with Tux on it, saying,,Linux Rules02:20
LuckriderI love geek shirts02:20
diefordethklokhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=400236, would this tutorial work on hardy?02:20
Luckridermy freind has about 50 of them02:20
Luckridermost tututials do02:21
* AngryBacon is wearing a shrodinger,s cat shirt02:21
Luckriderwhat version is it?02:21
DG19075but I wouldn't have Tux all crosseyed as I've seen him lately02:21
Luckriderwhat version of Ubuntu02:21
diefordethklokOh, 8.04 is what i am gooing to be using02:21
Luckriderthat is a great place for geek shirts02:22
Luckriderno... what version is the guide for?02:22
Dr_willisLuckrider,  yep. Me and my wife have a lot of matching geek-tee shirts02:22
Luckriderthat is cool02:22
Dr_willis"All Your Base" and "Loading" and "404" :)02:22
Luckriderdieforthklok, just try it02:22
Luckriderif it doesn't work02:22
diefordethklokI did it on 7.10, it worked better than the windows drivers :)02:22
Luckriderthen look again02:22
Riskbreakerhey gilou02:22
os2macI am also a DBA.... http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/itdepartment/595d/02:23
Luckriderthen it should work for Hardy02:23
diefordethklokI love jinx for geek shirts :)02:23
Riskbreakerit says it couldn't find the file at line 302:23
Riskbreakerthis is line 3: @@ -3657,8 +3657,13 @@02:23
Gilouas I said..02:23
Gilou<Gilou>  if it complains about not being able to find the files, try to increase the number of directory to strip  (-p1), it depends on how the patch was made02:24
Riskbreakeryeah i just wanna know if i should  even bother because that doesn't look to me like it references a file02:24
Gilouyeah but line 3 was after the meta information about the diff file02:24
Gilou(probably, not sure, but it looks like it ;))02:24
Riskbreakerp1 it is then?02:25
Giloumight be..02:25
Riskbreakerseems like it worked.02:25
Peloevening folks02:29
derspanksteranyone using a FreeNAS server with Hardy?02:29
woodwizzleanyone else having trouble with liblaunchpad-integration1 not installing properly?02:30
Luckridermine was doing it02:31
Luckriderjust wait for the next update02:31
Luckriderthat fixes it02:31
virtualdwoodwizzle: i did have that problem, aptitude dist-upgrade fixed it02:31
diefordethklokIs the rt73 support going to be improved by the final release of hardy?02:33
diefordethklokThis is painfully slow :S02:33
Gilouyou can try to use it from the rtxx site02:34
Giloulast time a friend of mine needed something for a rt73 chipset, I had to get him a 2.6.24 kernel, so now that ubuntu uses such a kernel, it will probably work02:35
Pelohow stable is the beta ? I don'T usualy do betas but I'm a bit bored I'm considering it02:36
diefordethklokThe beta is fine for me02:37
derspanksterPelo: running well here02:37
diefordethklokI haven't ran into any major problems here02:37
Pelook how would I go about getting it ?02:37
derspanksterPelo: you may miss some of your Firefox extension with Firefox 3 B502:38
Peloderspankster, I only have addblock plus and the one to stop things from autostaring , no biggy02:39
diefordethklokClick on the countdown thing on the homepage02:39
diefordethklokIt'll tell you how02:40
DG19075Beta is running nicely here02:40
Pelocan I upgrade from a cd or just online ?02:40
Dr_willisPelo,  any cd will proberly be a bit out of date.02:41
LuckriderI upgraded from CD02:41
Luckrideruse the cd, then just update02:41
diefordethklokLive cd installation complete :)02:41
derspanksterI did the online upgrade - went well02:41
DG19075nline upgrade works here too02:41
PeloI'll try online , hopefully it will be faster then when I tried the official upgrade way back when02:42
diefordethklokon a side note, does automatix have a hardy edition?02:42
Pelodiefordethklok, automatix is no more02:42
derspanksterI'm not upgrading my desktop until final because I want to do a complete reinstall. Got a lot to get rid of and clean the slate.02:42
derspanksterdon't need it02:43
Pelodiefordethklok,  there was an article on diggs about it a few weeks ago,  hardy includes sufficent support for the usual automatrix stuff that they won't do it anymore02:43
* Gilou will probably upgrade all his ubuntu boxes to 8.04, then stay on it for a while02:43
GilouLTS has that effect on me02:44
derspanksterGilou: agreed02:44
* Luckrider will stay with 8.04 until 8.10 comes out02:44
diefordethklokI haven't read digg in a while ...02:44
DG190758.10=Intrepid Ibex, osomething like that?02:45
diefordethklokGuess I should start :P02:45
Gilouactually, as always, it will depend on the new toys 8.10 brings :)02:45
* Pelo might skip intrepid ibex just because of the name 02:45
derspanksterI wonder what version of FF will ship with 8.04 final??02:46
DG19075good question02:46
jbroomederspankster: i dunno, it keeps me up at nights02:46
derspanksterjbroome: really?02:46
DG19075is till trying to figure out what kind of creature the eft in Edgy Eft was...02:47
RAOFA salamander.02:48
DG19075Trying to go after the SuSE chameleon, as it?02:48
DG19075Tried SuSE 10.0 , but couldn't handle a lizard on the desktop02:49
derspankstertried other distros over the years but have stayed with Ubuntu for a while now.02:50
nomasteryodathe rpm distros are slower imho02:51
Pelothanks for the info folks,  see you later02:51
DG19075Same here..with SuSE, Debian, Fedora, and Puppy, but the Big U wins in a rout02:52
derspanksterjbroome: Firefox 3 final isn't due until mid June I think. Wouldn't think Hardy would ship with a Beta or02:52
derspankstersorry - or a RC02:52
DG19075and then an easy upgrade to final online I bet02:53
penAnyone know how to speed up Firefox scrolling speed?02:58
derspanksterpen: do you have smooth scrolling enabled?02:59
penderspankster: no, but the scrolling is not responsive02:59
penderspankster: even the menu is delayed03:00
derspanksterpen: Hmmm, I know that having smooth scrolling enabled slows it down on my box03:00
derspanksterpen: what version?03:01
penderspankster: Firefox b503:01
derspanksterpen: same as I am. No issue here. When was your last upgrade?03:02
pendidn't you have one too?03:02
penthe 150mb one03:02
penI don't understand why epiphany is so fast while firefox is so slow even I use safe mode03:03
derspanksteralways been a problem with B5?03:03
penI don't know03:03
penFF3 is slow in the betas03:03
penis there a tweak to make it back like FF2?03:04
DarkMageZyou can install firefox 2 from the repositories03:04
derspanksternot for me, actually more responsive than 203:04
derspanksterI am running both03:05
DarkMageZi'm sure there are gonna be some small corner cases where firefox 3 is worse than firefox 2... hopefully they will be found and removed before launch.03:05
penDarkMageZ: FF2 is already installed, but I think I like the new engine.03:05
penthe new gecko03:05
penit renders better I think03:05
Dr_willisi just noticed that i installed ff2, and i run firefox-2 and it runs firefox 3-b5 L:)03:06
Dr_willisanyone else noticed this03:06
Dr_williswell bbl ya all.03:06
penno other tweak?03:07
penmaybe chrome03:07
DarkMageZ... wow... that was very hit & run... i had the answer to his question as well.03:07
penor something in about:config?03:07
penDarkMageZ: ya03:07
penDarkMageZ: he is in the hurry maybe03:07
penoh no03:08
DarkMageZlol, you don't ask questions when you've only got 10 seconds left03:08
penit's also slow in FF203:08
penDarkMageZ: lol03:08
penDarkMageZ: maybe you are right03:08
DarkMageZpen, did you do anything retarded to your xorg.conf recently?03:08
penwhat should I do now?03:08
penI add something03:08
penaccording to other people, the options should speed up FF303:09
penbut they don't03:09
penhowever, it worked03:09
DarkMageZwhat is it that you added?03:09
penbefore I change my nvidia powermizer to 203:09
DarkMageZyou added that entire chunk or that's your current chunk?03:11
penthat's it03:12
pensome are comment out03:12
DarkMageZcomment out 2,4 & 8 and see how that goes for you03:12
yoandyim reporting a bug cause my broadcom card its no working, if my wifi card its shown at lspci but its driver is not loaded at boot time, its right to say its not detected?03:14
penDarkMageZ: k, brb03:15
RAOFyoandy: Yes.  However; have you run System->Administration->Hardware Drivers?  IIRC broadcom requires non-free firmware before it works.03:15
penDarkMageZ: hey03:18
penDarkMageZ: back to normal speed03:18
penDarkMageZ: but can you tell me why?03:18
penDarkMageZ: why that three?03:18
* icanhasadmin prays this update doesn't crash like the last 203:19
decaycould someone tell me where the nvidia control panel is?03:20
DarkMageZpen, i don't recall EXA being fully supported by nvidia. which could cause serious slowdowns ッ 2 & 4 there. 8 because the triple buffering could have also caused it.03:20
Gilounvidia-config? :)03:20
pendecay: you have to install nvidia-settings first03:20
penconfig maybe03:20
penDarkMageZ: I thought EXA is newer03:21
Gilounvidia-xconfig and nvidia-settings03:21
DarkMageZpen, yes. you're right there. but the driver has to support exa's features completely or you lose serious performance.03:21
decayGilou: pen: thank you03:21
Gilouah I'm mistaken, nvidia-xconfig might only be to add the module information in the X11 conf03:21
RAOFnvidia don't support EXA or XXA.  They use their own RenderAccel acceleration thingy.03:21
yoandyRAOF, there's (i have) no bradcom driver option at "hardware drivers", anyway i followed instructions at http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b43 and still no luck, my card is not detected at boot time (i state this cause there is no trace from driver being loades at dmesg)03:21
Gilouso pen was right03:22
penDarkMageZ: got the exa part, but then why triple buffer would slow down FF?03:22
penGilou: :)03:22
penGilou: you have to install that first then run that in either command or under System-Administration-NVIDIA X server information03:22
RAOFRenderAccel is crap at a couple of things, which is why nouveau is faster at 2d (on my card at least).03:23
penRAOF: I see03:23
penRAOF: then how about triple buffering?03:23
RAOFDunno.  That increases the latency between rendering and display (of 3D), but I can't see offhand why it'd slow down 2d.03:24
penRAOF: so do I need to comment out the RenderAccel too?03:24
RAOFNo, because that'd disable *all* 2D acceleration, and RenderAccel _is_ better than nothing (EXA was, until recently, worse than nothing in some situations).03:25
jaffarkelshachow do i find out if my wifi card can be set to monitor mode03:26
DarkMageZpen, you can try adding the triple buffer back if you want. i was just wiping out some potential causes.03:26
penDarkMageZ: I see03:26
pennevertheless, thx for the help03:26
tale_I have some nfs mounts that are automatically mounted via /etc/fstab.  When I login with Hardy they are mounted, icons are placed on the desktop, and nautilus windows are opened for each share.  Is there a way that I can make it not open the nautilus windows?03:26
yoandyops, lost connection!03:27
yoandyRAOF, did you said something about my broadcom :)03:27
RAOFyoandy: No; you seemed to have covered all the bases.  Bug filing time (search first - it's probably been reported already).03:28
yoandyRAOF, ok thanks!03:28
Peloevening again folks03:30
Pelowhat kind of speeds have you all been getting for the online upgrade ? I hover between 50k and 150, it's a bit disappointing03:30
tale_anybody else annoyed by the behavior of nfs mounts?03:31
Sergeant_Ponynow that I have my sound working 100%. I can work on getting my wireless working :)03:33
thelsdjAnyone know if theres known issues with firefox beta5 crashing a lot?03:34
icanhasadminthelsdj: indeed yes03:34
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: what wifi card?03:35
tale_yes, firefox crashes a lot on flash sites for me03:35
thelsdjfor me its crashing basically idle, also freezing up a lot (goes grey) when i'm not even using any dynamic sites or loading any pages, just reading a static page03:35
Sergeant_Ponyicanhasadmin: let me check it's an AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter03:36
tale_I'm really surprised that the beta isn't a little more stable.03:37
tale_I'm also seeing an issue where my "network bookmarks" disappear.03:37
tale_I can create a launcher to connect to a server and it disappears after a reboot03:38
Sergeant_Ponyicanhasadmin: I'm assuming it's a driver issue...03:38
tale_anybody else seeing this behavior?03:38
Sergeant_Ponytale_ I use "connect to server"03:39
tale_do your bookmarks disappear?03:39
tale_they changed the options for the connect to server dialog03:40
Sergeant_Ponytale_ I dunno... don't save bookmarks for connecting to different servers03:40
tale_so now it contains a create bookmark checkbox and it allows you to specify the name03:40
tale_it will create an icon on your desktop and put a bookmark on the left in nautilus03:40
tale_the only problem is that they aren't persistant like they were in gutsy03:41
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: heh, there's 1 way to fix it, and it's not fun.03:41
Sergeant_Ponyicanhasadmin oh?03:41
akkgah, why doesn't hardy resume from hibernate?03:42
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: just had to do it myself ona n acer. there's a patch from a link on madwifi.org's compatibility page. the AR242x is actually the ar5007. problem is the patched drivers can screw with HAL and stop you from booting properly if it's incompatible with your kernel version03:43
Sergeant_Ponyicanhasadmin so I need to see what kernel I'm running? and make sure it's compatible03:43
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: in other words, i got it to work on 1 box after having to reinstall twice, and there's not enough documentation to say for sure what it's compatible with and what it isn't. i can tell you if you use HAL and -16 it may crash horribly03:45
Sergeant_Ponyicanhasadmin: I'm running this kernel- 2.6.24-15-generic (#1 SMP Tue Apr 8 00:33:51 UTC 2008)03:45
Sergeant_PonyI do have hal installed under restricted drivers03:45
Sergeant_Ponyand it is in use (activated)03:46
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: there's a pretty good chance it'll work. I mean i know for a FACT the wifi will work the second you install them and load ath_pci, but as i said.. may bork your install. can't promise anything.03:46
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: but i'll get you the link if you like03:47
IamReckHe all I was just having a little problem with System Monitor in Ubuntu 8.04 Beta03:47
IamReckWhenever I go to the resource tab, it takes up my CPU to %100 percent03:47
Sergeant_Ponyhmmm... it would be nice to be able to use it... I guess I will have to go for it and hope for the best ;)03:47
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: yeah, just whatever you did you get your audio working, make sure it's backed up or you can do it again03:48
Sergeant_Ponyicanhasadmin: I knowwhat I did so I can recreate it if necessary03:48
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: ok, gimme 1 sec. i'm running a package manager so i'm a bit laggy03:48
Sergeant_PonyI'll be heading home in about 10 minutes, I'm at work. But I will be back on when I get home.03:49
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: ok, i'm not going to be here probabaly. maybe i can point you to the right page to get the link?03:49
Sergeant_Ponyok, sure03:50
IamReckAnyone else having the same problem?03:50
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: actually, i found a nice little guide: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/atheros-5007eg-with-madwifi-on-i386-platform.html03:51
Sergeant_Ponycool, thanks03:51
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: in your Hardware Drivers, do you only have HAL or you have something else that involves your wifi card?03:53
Sergeant_PonyI have another for wifi and I will have to disable that?03:54
FliesLikeABrickif I told gnome to rotate my display under System->Preferences->Screen Resolution, what file is that option saved in?  I changed it, nothing shows up right, and I need to manually revert the change03:54
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: you'll have to yes. also you should sudo rmmod ath_pci before you make install on the new ones03:55
Sergeant_Ponyicanhasadmin: ok...03:55
Sergeant_Ponybe back in a bit03:55
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: ok, make yourself familiar with ifconfig and iwconfig, you'll need it. also possibly even wlanconfig.03:56
Sergeant_Ponyok, thanks.. I'll be back03:56
r00723r0Why are desktop effects not loading?04:01
pleaseandthankyois there a good diet softwares? like for a diabetes guy or a healthy living diet software for person who has heart d eases?04:02
icanhasadminpleaseandthankyo: i'm very sorry.. but maybe #defocus ?04:06
rpedro_pleaseandthankyo: a quick google search found this article http://www.linux.com/articles/5160604:07
pawanwhen is the new version coming out04:09
icanhasadminpawan: april 24th?04:09
DanaGwtf?  openoffice is dark and greyscale.04:09
r00723r0Does anyone know why desktop effects might not work?04:10
r00723r0I have an nVidia 7600GT with latest drivers installed through Synaptic.04:10
=== elkbuntu_ is now known as elkbuntu
icanhasadminr00723r0: could be 100 reasons. i suggest #compiz-fusion if no one is around here04:13
icanhasadminDanaG: Calc broke it. I saw him do it.04:13
DanaGHuh? I think I missed the joke there.04:19
icanhasadminDanaG: you know calc... he manages the OOo package... he's right there *points*04:22
x1250Any where I can find a hardy nightly build iso?04:24
jbroome!nightly | x125004:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about nightly - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:24
sivel27hello again04:26
dapiz987my ubuntu system will not detect my windows samba shared printer (im on 8.04) can anyone help me?04:26
dapiz987my windows pcs detect it fine04:27
sivel27i cant seem to fix this problem when using apt04:27
sivel27Errors were encountered while processing:04:27
sivel27 /var/cache/apt/archives/liblaunchpad-integration1_0.1.18_i386.deb04:27
sivel27E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)04:28
dapiz987can anyone help me with that?04:28
mheathsivel27: Were you running apt-get from the command line?04:29
virtualdsivel27: dist-upgrade worked for me04:29
virtualdbut that was aptitude dist-upgrade04:29
mheathsivel27: Do an apt-get update, then retry it04:29
mheathYou might have to do an apt-get -f install04:30
icanhasadmini second mheath04:30
mheathI was having problems with that package earlier in the night, too, but it seems that it was fixed by a package released just barely.04:30
sivel27ok, im trying noe04:30
sivel27well, a little updateing left to go, but so far it looks to be working, thanks everyone04:32
ubotuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide04:38
DanaGI likey Aptitude.04:38
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robc4has anyone used the .xml wallpaper feature yet?04:42
moj0risingI haven't.04:42
T1m0thyWhat is it? o.o04:42
robc4I thought it was supposed to be in gnome 2.2004:43
robc4you can drag an .xml file into the wallpaper section and if its set right, it auto changes the wallpaper at set times04:43
robc4like fedora 8 did04:43
robc4with infinity04:43
moj0risingI use KDE so I don't know much about that.04:43
robc4however, its not working yet04:43
moj0risingDoes anyone here know how I might remove the restricted braodcom wifi driver via the command line?04:44
moj0risingafter upgrading to hardy...04:44
moj0rising...I get an error, "b43-phy0 error: you must go to http://linuxwireless.org"04:44
moj0risingand x won't load.04:44
DanaGI want that wallpaper feature, too!04:44
DanaGIt may seem like a small feature, but it can be beautiful if done correctly.04:44
penwhat feature04:44
moj0risingI'm hoping removing the driver will bring x back.04:44
robc4I suggested it 4 or 5 months ago, but it doesnt seem its in there yet04:45
DanaGWhere's the suggestion?  I'd like to comment on it.04:45
penAnyone know how to get ZSNES sound quality back?04:45
robc4Marain from Fedora explained how it works in an interview back in october or something04:45
robc4let me get it04:45
DanaGAah.  It's not a bug-report or a Launchpad blueprint, then.04:47
virtualdmoj0rising: sudo rmmod driver-name from the console04:47
robc4no, I have no clue how to get this to the devels04:47
robc4there is too many ways04:47
robc4it would probably take them 5 minutes :)04:47
Pirate_Hunterhello finally using hardy but whats going on with my resolution, I want it either 1024x980 or higher, how can i do this?04:48
DanaGImagine seeing a landscape change over the day.... it'd be awesome.04:48
robc4yea, that is what they did04:49
DanaGI've tried applying the patch to Ubuntu, but it didn't apply.04:49
DanaGOh, and while they're at it, they should add support for ARGB.04:49
robc4they have an .xml file for the infinity wallpaper that changes every hour all day04:49
robc4its a set of 24 wallpapers04:49
robc4the blue changes to black and then light green in the morning04:49
DanaGActually, it's just 4 images; it blends them on the fly.04:49
robc4Mairain posted a link with 24 images04:49
DanaGInstead of doing an "allow other apps to pain wallpaper", you could just set the Gnome wallpaper to transparent to use the Compiz wallpaper plugin.04:50
DanaGBut I want (both!) features!04:50
DanaGARGB and slideshow.04:50
robc4so is the best way to create a launchpad blueprint?04:50
Pirate_Hunterhmmm can someone help me get resolution working plz, it seems i can only go up to 920x... which is absurd, plz some help?04:50
robc4I dont want to go into ubuntu-devel and throw it at them04:51
DanaGOr a wishlist bugreport.04:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about blueprint - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:51
ubotuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/04:51
DanaGI'm not sure how to do blueprints, myself.04:51
robc4I am afraid I will mess everything up04:54
DanaGOh, I've wished for that feature for quite a while, since I first discovered it.04:56
brandi_virtuald: Thanks!04:56
robc4well bump it up on the forums04:56
Pirate_Huntercan someone help me get resolution on hardy higher than 920x.... as I find that absurd?04:56
robc4--dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:57
robc4are you familiar with the terminal?04:57
brandi_virtuald: Silly question. Can you tell me how I tell what the driver name is to remove?04:57
EdLinPirate_Hunter, if robc4's advice doesn't work, try editing xorg.conf using information from the Gentoo wiki. I had to do that for my Acer AL2216W. Now I get 1680x1050 - its native res.04:58
DanaGdpkg-reconfigure doesn't help anymore.04:58
virtualdbrandi_: do an lsmod and try to find it there04:58
virtualdbrandi_: lsmod|more04:59
Pirate_Hunterrobc4, EdLin: what i dont understand is why the screen setting mostly found in administrator has been removed its like on every release the developers do something outrages :\04:59
brandi_thanks again, virtuald. Giving that a go.04:59
virtualdno problem04:59
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: you try that thing?04:59
EdLinPirate_Hunter, I've filed a bug, hopefully the developers will get the message. Else #ubuntu will be even more busy. ;-)05:00
penAnyone know how to get ZSNES sound quality back?05:00
Pirate_HunterEdLin: can you post me the Gentoo link you used?05:00
brandi_Darn. I don't see anything that looks like it might have anything to do with this driver.05:01
brandi_in lsmod05:01
Pirate_HunterEdLin: yeah most likely but i wanted to use hardy as i reformated my disks05:01
EdLinPirate_Hunter, I don't remember. Put the name of your monitor into the gentoo wiki's search I assume will make it show up.05:01
EdLinor use site:gentoo.org somesang foobar 2112 (assuming that's the name of your monitor) and see what google turns up.05:02
brandi_ah. Well. I do see information on the wifi in lspci05:02
EdLinif you have the same monitor as me, I can share my xorg.conf.05:02
brandi_but not sure how that might help me remove the driver.05:03
Pirate_HunterEdLin: ok thanx I cant believe im upset already with hardy and it doesnt recognise the command --dpkg-reconfigure :/ im very cross considering its 5.03 in the mourn :\05:03
EdLinno dashes, just dpkg-reconfigure05:03
robc4yea,  Igot the dashes wrong05:03
EdLin"sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"05:03
icanhasadminEdLin: does that still work in Hardy?05:04
EdLinnot for me05:04
* DanaG uses a manual xorg.conf.05:05
* EdLin does too, but hopes that this will be fixed for people who can't handle the command line05:05
akkI discovered yesterday that I can cp /dev/null /etc/X11/xorg.conf, restart X and it still works05:05
akkwho needs xorg.conf?05:06
EdLinmy monitor would only go up to 640x480 without a manually edited xorg.conf05:06
nomasteryodaakk, lol05:06
=== iMatter is now known as ATOMBOMB
EdLinbelieve me, that's bad.05:06
akkEdLin: I'm still looking for a decent reference on overriding whatever stupidly low resolution the monitor requests05:07
* DanaG needs one.05:07
EdLinwell, eventually I managed 800x600, until I disabled safe mode05:07
DanaGCan't tweak touchpad without it.05:07
Pirate_HunterEdLin: dpkg works here05:07
DanaGLook at all the nifty stuff you can do.05:07
akkyeah, I ended up having one anyway so I can set my capslock key to be ctrl05:07
EdLinPirate_Hunter, great!05:07
MitHi I can't seem to find any reference to this issue in launchpad or the ubuntu forums... but after upgrading from 7.10 to 8.04 alpha05:07
MitI can mount my cdrom drive05:07
akkand if I wanted to enable the synaptics driver, I'd need it for that (but it's so buggy anyway)05:07
Pirate_Huntericanhasadmin: dpkg works here for me but than im still on keyboard options and i want resolution05:07
nomasteryodaDanaG, true... xorg is required for the touchpad and wacom tweaks05:07
Mit* I can't mount my cdrom05:07
Mitwhen ever I issue the cmd mount /media/cdrom05:08
DanaGAnd you can't hotplug Synaptics.05:08
DanaGSynaptics isn't buggy for me.05:08
akkyeah, I think it's only buggy because I have an Alps trackpad05:09
Mitthis is the error I get:05:09
Mitmount: block device /dev/scd0 is write-protected, mounting read-only05:09
Mitmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/scd0,05:09
Mit       missing codepage or helper program, or other error05:09
Mit       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try05:09
Mit       dmesg | tail  or so05:09
akkit does lots of weird little things, like whenever i resume from suspend it sends a spurious right-click so I come back to a posted context menu05:09
akkand it disables the sonypi driver05:10
Pirate_HunterEdLin, icanhasadmin: nope just allows keyboard setting AHHHH to early in the mourn to be using my brain.... well going to sleep and wake up in around 21 min :D05:10
DanaGAlps sucks.05:10
icanhasadminHardy is making a lot of very tired smart people world 'round :D05:10
Pirate_Huntercan someone tell Mit to use pastebin05:10
Mitwhat is pastebin?05:10
Pirate_Hunter!pastebin | Mit05:10
ubotuMit: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:10
DanaGOne of my friends has a laptop that only detects alps touchpad after a second unload and load of psmouse.05:10
akkThe only reason I wanted the synaptics driver is to disable tapping=left click05:12
Mitso how do I use Pastebin? do I just paste my message into there?05:12
Mitsorry I've never been in this channel05:12
akk'cause the normal mouse driver has gotten really sensitive about that (used to be much better)05:12
MitI've usually been able to find work aroudnds05:12
omar_Guys, some of the python based applications don't work with me, maybe because I tried to install the latest alpha version of python. can anyone help?05:12
nomasteryodaMit, its ok... happens to everyone05:13
x1250Mit, yes, just paste it there and you'll have a link to you post, and you can show us that link...05:13
nomasteryodajust paste your contents into pastebin and let us see the url to it05:13
i2c4uhow can there is no i2c-isa.ko module on hardy (beta)? is it supposed to be that way?05:13
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EnderTheThirdAnyone know a fix to npviewer crashing all the time in Firefox 3 Beta 5?  I'm not sure if it's a Hardy problem or not, but I do know that I never had so many Flash crashes in Gutsy.05:14
Mithere is the url:05:15
DanaGFlash in Firefox 3:05:17
DanaG*segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault* *segfault*05:17
robc4seeya guys05:18
DanaGI just ♡♥♡♥ Flash.  NOT.05:18
EnderTheThirdDanaG:  Yeah, not fun.  Is it FF3 that's causing trouble (beyond Adobe being a bunch of jerks)?05:18
DanaGIt only crashes on youtube.com, though.05:18
DanaGEvery 3 pages or so.  At least last time I tried, that is.05:18
EnderTheThirdGoing back to Gutsy wouldn't help though, right?  I was using Beta in Gutsy and never had this problem.05:19
DanaGBeats me.05:20
MitI've had issues with Flash and Firefox under linux all the time to the point I just block it with flashblock or noscript05:20
Miteven on Firefox 205:21
Miton Fiesty05:21
MitI think it's just adobe's Flash Pluggin for LInux Is just really buggy.05:21
EnderTheThirdDamned flash video makes it hard to go without for me.  :-/05:21
Mitdoesn't help that Firefox doesn't protect it self from plugin crashes05:21
Mitit just crashed on me too05:22
Mitgoing to youtube05:22
Mitcould be the new beta 5 that's doing it05:22
Mithave you tried running and older beta?05:23
jbroomei'm on x86_64 so that's not helping05:23
ChaosParserFor flash issues, try Opera's new beta, Kestrel.  It works and its fantastic.05:24
x1250anyone has experience the "grey window bug" ? Suddenly a programs window turn into grey, like if it were disabled or something. Only fix is to kill and restart the app...05:24
x1250this has happend with firefox and pidgin05:25
Jordan_UChaosParser, Does it somehow magically make the flash plugin not crash or does the plugin crashing not crash the browser ( like with nspluginwrapper ? )05:25
Mitso any thoughts on what I can tweak to get my cdrom working again?05:25
Jordan_Ux1250, That means that it is not responding ( it's a feature of compiz )05:25
RAOFx1250: You'd be using Compiz, yes?  That happens when the windows don't respond (specifically, to a WM_PING message, or somesuch).05:26
Mitsometimes though it will respond at a later date05:26
Jordan_Ux1250, For firefox try getting flashblock05:26
RAOFx1250: The upshot is: the app is broken, hit it with a stick.05:26
ChaosParserJordan_U: I have never had it crash yet.05:27
Mitare there any other commands I'm forgeting or don't know about that can help you guys trouble shoot the cdrom issue in 8.04?05:27
x1250Yes, compiz here... Ok, I'll wait some new updates then.05:28
DanaGArgh, Wine can't do surround on my audigy2.05:28
x1250Mit, I saw your pastebin, but cannot help :(05:28
Mitanyone have suggestions how to write a launchpad bug?05:29
Mitor if there is a better place to get the devs attentions?05:29
RAOFMit: Launchpad bugs are it.05:29
RAOFMit: There are any number of suggestions.  Let me find a link...05:29
x1250you can always try ubuntuforums.org if nobody knows how to help here...05:29
RAOFMit: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs is probably a good start.05:30
DanaGAny of you use Wine with surround?05:30
andrew__hi i just installed 8.10 beta and i'm trying to compile something (fwcutter) but it spits out a few pages of errors. What should I do ?05:31
Jordan_Uandrew__, Why are you trying to compile fwcutter? It's available in the repos05:32
andrew__oh I didnt know05:32
andrew__was following some linux wireless tutorial05:32
Jordan_Uandrew__, First off, have you tried System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers?05:32
andrew__i will05:33
andrew__no prop drivers in use05:33
* DanaG needeth help with Wine.05:33
DanaGOr can Wine just not do surround?05:34
DanaGI try to tell it to use surround51:1, it instead uses hw:1.05:34
RAOFDanaG: I'd be tempted to suggest that it doesn't do surround.05:34
Jordan_UDanaG, What, do you have a drinking problem?05:34
DanaG... and then tries to open 6 channels on the 2-channel virtual device.05:34
* Jordan_U plays scenes from airplane in his head05:35
DanaGAudigy2 does surround oddly -- it only maps correctly if you use surround51.05:35
cr0mulent214 updates and I installed the beta two days ago, awesome.05:35
cr0mulentAre there nightly changes added to the update manager in the beta?05:35
woodwizzleDoes hardy have a GUI tool to configure multiple monitors?05:35
andrew__ok got fwutter now05:35
andrew__what would cause those errors compiling tho05:36
andrew__some package i need ?05:36
Jordan_Uwoodwizzle, I think system -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution does it but I am not sure05:36
andrew__but which one05:36
woodwizzleJordan_U: I thought so too. But it only shows 1 monitor even though i have more plugged in05:37
Jordan_Uandrew__, Easiest thing to do if the package is available in the repos but you still need to compile from source for some reason is to "sudo apt-get build-dep <package>"05:37
cr0mulentJordan_U: can you add compile script options after the package name?05:40
Jordan_Ucr0mulent, No, it only grabs the build dependencies for the package as configured in the repository05:40
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
Mitthanks for the help05:45
cr0mulentJordan_U: Are nightly builds of packages downloadable from the update manager?05:48
RAOFcr0mulent: I think you misunderstand how Ubuntu development works.05:49
J-_When I go to turn off my mounted drive(external) for some reason it leaves an empty folder in /media/disk then when I turn it back on/remount it, it remounts o na different name and the files, etc.. are there.05:49
J-_when it remounts, it is /media/disk-1 or something like that05:50
RAOFcr0mulent: Packages are built exactly once per version (per arch).  You get new versions of packages from the update manager, yes.05:51
J-_Never happened before in earlier versions of Ubuntu05:51
RAOFThat's because it's a bug.05:51
RAOFThat's been recently introduced; there's a LP bug & a thread on Ubuntuforums (with a workaround).05:51
DanaGI've had the issue before, actually.05:51
DanaGAges ago.05:51
J-_I never did. =)05:52
FinnishWhere can I get MS-fonts for OpenOffice?05:52
Fritzelis there a way I can tell kde4 to maximize a window to take up the full screen similar to the way compiz does it with a keybinding?05:52
chapoceroWhere can i go to report errors that I am recieving while installing updates?05:52
DanaGfor MS fonts.05:53
Jordan_UFinnish, I think just installing msttcorefonts should do it, though I have never tried with OpenOffice specifically05:53
RAOFFritzel: Probably.  But maybe not; KDE 4 hasn't yet finished porting the thousand and one pointless options it used to have :P05:53
Fritzel-nod- any clue if there's a way to use compiz as a temporary replacement till kde4 comes into it's own?05:54
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion05:54
ChaosParserFritzel: Yeah, just use compiz-settings-manager.05:54
FritzelChaosParser: my question was more about getting them to coexist05:55
DanaGgit compiz supports kde4 if you have the development stuff installed.05:55
Jordan_UFritzel, I would expect you to be able to just "compiz --replace" ( you will obviously loose any kwin functionality then though )05:55
Fritzelyeah but my problems seem to com from plasma05:56
Fritzelis it possible to run kde4 without plasma would be a better question but I have a hunch I'm not goign to like the answer05:56
Jordan_UFritzel, I would ask in #kubuntu, there is probably a "maximumize" and I don05:57
Jordan_U... don't think they will mind you asking about KDE 4 on Hardy even though it's technically not the right place to ask05:57
FritzelI was just about to say they'ld just send me here05:58
=== paul928 is now known as xfce_noobie
Jordan_UFritzel, Well whatever you do, don't tell them I sent you :)05:58
J-_Is Firefox 2 in Hardy repos?05:58
omar__Guys, it seems that gtk is not installed on my machine, which is important in order to run Python based applications, what's the command to install it?05:58
Jordan_UJ-_, Why would you want firefox 2?05:59
* Jordan_U loves his FF305:59
J-_FF3 beta 5 is a mess05:59
Fritzelfirefox 3 has practically none of my addons :(05:59
J-_Could be my fault though05:59
Jordan_UJ-_, A mess in what way?05:59
Fritzelother than no addons, I think FF3 is a great improvement ^^05:59
J-_I added firefox 2 addons to FF3, and well, it updated to Beta 5 and it's a bit horrid ;)06:00
J-_The UI that is06:00
omar__Can anyone help tell me what's the command to install gtk??06:01
Jordan_Uomar_, mind if I ask why? gtk isn't worth much without applications to use it, and applications that need it should bring it in when installed06:02
Fritzelis there a git for dummies guide somewhere?06:02
FritzelI would prefer to use compiz on hardy if I can get it to work unfortunatly I've never been able to figure out how to get it directly from the source06:04
Fritzelmainly due to git06:04
penAnyone know how to get ZSNES sound quality back?06:04
omar__Jordan_U: That's the problem, none of the python-based applications work on my machine now, and might be because I tried to install pyhton version 3.00 alpha, and now I'm trying to fix them.06:05
Jordan_Uomar_, sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0 ( I think )06:05
J-_Fritzel: http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=intitle%3Agit+filetype%3Apdf&btnG=Search&meta=06:05
RAOFMaybe _that's_ why git is so impenetrable!  As a way of keeping the less knowledgable from running unstable code!06:05
Jordan_Uomar_, How did you install the python 3.00 alpha?06:05
* Fritzel chuckles06:05
Fritzelit certainly has kept me away06:05
Fritzelthanks J-_06:06
omar__Jordan_U: I downloaded it from the net at www.python.org06:06
Flannelomar__: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/libgtk2.0-006:06
RAOFFritzel: On the other hand, why are you installing compiz from git? :)06:06
Fritzelbecause someone just said I should get it directly from the devs for it to be kde4 friendly?  and last I tried they didn't let you get it without gitting it06:07
=== xfce_noobie is now known as paul928
RAOF!info compiz-kde hardy | Fritzel06:07
ubotufritzel: compiz-kde (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager - KDE window decorator. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.7.2-0ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 102 kB, installed size 272 kB06:07
RAOFOr is that not what you mean?  KDE4 really shouldn't care that you're using Compiz as your compositing manager.06:08
Fritzelyou can tell ubotu is getting upset with me :P it didn't even take the time to capitalize my name like you did ><06:08
J-_Wow. lol06:09
RAOFOur (regular) compiz probably isn't built against kde4, and probably can't handle kde4 window decoration themes, but should otherwise work fine?06:09
Fritzelwell it, hang on let me install it and I can explain it better06:10
=== x0x is now known as xx0xx
omar_Flannel: But this package seems to be already installed.06:10
Flannelomar_: assuming its the Gutsy version, then you do have gtk06:10
Flannelomar_: You may need the python bindings or something, but you do have gtk06:10
omar_Flannel: Nope, it's not Gutsy it's Hardy06:11
Flannelomar_: Er, thats what I meant.  That was the Gutsy version06:11
omar_Flannel: Oh okay.06:11
penis there a way to make one app use oss?06:11
omar_Flannel: Then can you give me the Hardy version?06:11
penin hardy06:12
Flannelomar_: Its probably the same package.  If you're on hardy and that package is installed, it just means the package name didn't change.06:12
Flannelomar_: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/libgtk2.0-0  same name06:12
Fritzelactually nevermind everything looks fine off the bat, perhaps whatever my problem was before has been resolved06:12
omar_Flannel: But what might be preventing the python based applications to work on my michine?06:13
Flannelomar_: No idea.  Like I said, you may need the python bindings.06:13
omar_Flannel: Where do I get them?06:14
Flannelomar_: but, assuming you have Ubuntu, you should already have them06:14
omar_Flannel: Yes but I migth have lost them when I tried to install the Alpha version of Python3.006:14
dwidmannHmm, seems the multimedia hotkeys crash some background process in Kubuntu Hardy :(06:15
Fritzelumm what's the best way to launch compiz at login? I think when I logout it'll go back to the default manager won't it?06:15
dwidmannFritzel: I dunno, maybe someone in #compiz-fusion would know (I think that's the right channel name, not sure)06:15
Fritzeldwidmann: alright I'll check there06:16
Flannelomar_: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/python-gtk206:16
J-_Finally, the darn drive mounted proper after about 6 tries. <306:18
Fritzelexcuse this tiny paste, but it's relative to my next question06:19
Fritzel <FusioBot> Fritzel: There is no standard way to autostart compiz on kde, options available include adding compiz-manager or fusion-icon to the autostart directory (on ubuntu, compiz-manager is simply named compiz)06:19
Fritzelif I do that06:19
Fritzelhow will the session restore functionality of kde handle that?06:19
Fritzellike basically I won't end up with 2500 compiz's trying to run after 2500 logins will I?06:20
DanaGOh yeah, you can always install gtk window decorator, and then use an Oxygen metacity theme.06:21
DanaGI have seen such a theme on some "nanolx" repo, but you can probably just find it on gnome-look.org.06:21
tapoxihi all, what's the name of the gtk+ x configuration tool?06:23
LibertyShadowAdobe Media Player.... as if there weren't enough already (for windows)06:24
LibertyShadowHow about making the flash plugin not suck!06:24
subparLibertyShadow, i second the motion06:26
tapoxisecondly, say I install a bad driver and it really destroys humanity06:28
tapoxiany easy way to undo that?06:28
subparwell if humanity is destroyed, then there's no one to help ya out06:28
tapoxiwell, I'm under the impression that extraterrestrials run Linux.06:29
subparnah they just developed it06:29
jbroomei thought it was osh06:29
jbroomeaccording to independence day06:29
tapoxiI installed the AMD FireGL driver, now I'm running in reduced graphics mode.06:29
tapoxiI can't run the catalyst control panel, it crashes immediately.06:30
tapoxiDo I need to load a module?06:31
RAOFThis depends on how you installed fglrx.06:31
icanhasadmintapoxi: RDM is your friend06:33
tapoxiATI's script06:34
tapoxibrb, might just be a bad xorg.conf06:34
RAOFNo, it isn't :(06:34
danageis gstreamer currently broken?06:35
RAOFNot for me.06:35
danageshit. rhythmbox loads but doesnt play, same for totem06:36
danagesame for nautilus preview on hover06:36
FAJALOUok so i have an nvidia card that was working on 7.1006:36
Pirate_Hunterhi how come i cnat open .zip files in hardy?06:36
FAJALOUbut will not work on 8.0406:36
FAJALOUi have the drivers correct, but when i reboot, i get a 'configure your screen or run in low res'06:37
ChaosParserPirate_Hunter: cause you don't have something installed.  go to add/remove and type in zip06:37
critter-FAJALOU, i'd like to send you a private message can you register your nick ?06:37
FAJALOUso every time i configure it, it changes the drivers from nvidia to nv06:37
Pirate_HunterChaosParser: i wouldve thought it would be part of hardy just like it was on gutsy :/ hmmm is this really going to be fully released on time i wonder06:38
FAJALOUcritter, how to register06:38
ChaosParserPirate_Hunter: What happens when you try to open a zip?06:39
critter-it appears i'm not registered either.  i'm a friend of yours if you hop on efnet i might be able to help06:39
Pirate_HunterChaosParser: not recognised trying it your way06:39
danageRAOF: wow, just restarted x... it works06:39
ChaosParserFAJALOU: Desktop or notebook, what resolution should it be, and what does your xorg say?06:40
FAJALOUon efnet's ubuntu+1 ?06:40
FAJALOUchaosparser desktop, 1440*900 xorg says that the driver is nv not nvidia06:40
kevin__so the release candidate is coming out soon?06:40
ChaosParserFAJALOU: Is 1440*900 correct?06:40
FAJALOUthat's what i want it to be on06:41
FAJALOUand that's what it was on in 7.1006:41
ChaosParserFAJALOU: The xorg will revert to nv if there's a problem, generally.  What resolutions are listed in the xorg?06:41
FAJALOUa lot,06:41
Fritzelwhat would I execute if I wanted to bring up the window that kde ALT+F2 brings up? the one that lets you type in a program06:42
tapoxiI installed fglrx from ATI's site, the catalyst installer06:42
ChaosParserFAJALOU: Save a copy of the xorg as xorg.conf.old, then try removing any resolutions you don't want, setting the virtual resolution to the one you want, and then changing nv to nvidia and save, then restart x with ctrl alt backspace.06:42
tapoxiI'm always running in low graphics mode, can't run the graphical X config utility06:42
ChaosParserFAJALOU: What nvidia card do you have, btw?06:43
FAJALOU6200 xt06:43
RAOFtapoxi: Right.  You should have used System->Administration->Hardware Drivers, ideally.06:45
tapoxiWell, the installed version didn't support Composite.06:45
FAJALOUchaos, even with the resolutions in there, i still can't see them all06:45
tapoxiI can get into X, but I'm running at 1440x900 or so, not 1680x105006:46
RAOFtapoxi: If you're using Hardy, then the installed version supported Composite.  If you're not using Hardy, this is the wrong place for support :)06:46
tapoxiMy Xorg.conf looks fine, the module seems loaded, I don't know what's wrong06:46
FAJALOUok so i changed it in the xorg.conf06:47
RAOFtapoxi: It's probably the wrong module (from linux-restricted-modules)06:47
FAJALOUfrom nv to nvidia06:47
tapoxiRAOF: I'm using Hardy.06:47
FAJALOUso should i try a ctrl alt backspace?06:47
tapoxiRAOF: How do I load the right module?06:47
RAOFtapoxi: So, presumably the plan was to get compiz to work; the way to do this would have been to remove the line specifically disabling Composite from your xorg.conf.06:48
critter-what is composite ?  how does that make graphics rendering different ?06:48
FAJALOUso should i?06:48
RAOFtapoxi: What you probably want to do is add 'fglrx' to DISABLED_MODULES in  /etc/default/linux-restricted-modules-common06:49
critter-FAJALOU, that will restart your x session.  you'll have to log in again.06:49
FAJALOUok but that will make my x session reset so the nvidia drivers in xorg work... correct?06:49
RAOFcritter-: Composite makes everything render off-screen, basically. (Among other things).06:50
critter-FAJALOU, i dont know FAJALOU i think someone told you to edit xorg.conf after backing up a working one.  to test new settings you'd have to restart the server06:50
tapoxiOkay, let me see if this works06:50
RAOFtapoxi: Oh, you'd need to restart, of course.06:50
FAJALOUso if i changed that one line from nv to nvidia06:50
tapoxiRAOF: Of course :)06:50
FAJALOUshould i restart to see if it works?06:50
omar_Guys, is it possible to install the KDE desktop on Ubuntu?06:50
critter-FAJALOU, if that does not work after you ctrl-bksp then sudo cp xorg.conf.old /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  in case you get stuck06:51
os2macomar_ yes it is06:52
os2macor you can go get Kubuntu which is a KDE version of Ubuntu06:53
omar_os2mac: Is done by just typing " sudo apt-get install kde-desktop " in a terminal?06:53
os2macyou can do it with apt-get though I am unfamiliar with the exact package name... you could go to synaptic and search for KDE06:54
RAOFomar_: You'd be after the "kubuntu-desktop" package, probably.  Or even the 'kde4' package, IIRC.06:54
omar_RAOF: The KDE4 is different than Kubuntu-desktop, right?06:55
ubotuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide06:55
FAJALOUok even after i ran w/ the new xorg...06:55
* DanaG likes aptitude!06:55
FAJALOUit still is running at 800x60006:56
FAJALOUwould it help to see the xorg.conf?06:56
* os2mac uses apt-get06:56
dwidmannomar: kubuntu-kde4-desktop07:03
FAJALOUso i went into xorg.conf07:05
FAJALOUand changed something07:05
FAJALOUthen rebooted.07:05
FAJALOUand i got a screen that said to reconfigure you're monitor and video drivers.07:05
FAJALOUso i did.07:05
FAJALOUand tested it,07:05
FAJALOUand it looked good,07:06
FAJALOUso i clicked ok07:06
FAJALOUand booted,07:06
FAJALOUand now back to 800x60007:06
FAJALOUso what's happening between those?07:06
DanaGCustom-installed ATI?07:06
DanaGfglrx, I mean.07:06
DanaGAre you using custom drivers?07:07
DanaGfrom the manufacturer's web site.07:07
FAJALOUi'm (supposedly) using nvidia geforce 6800 generic07:07
FAJALOUand trident generic07:07
tritiumosuAnyone help me with an iptables problem?07:07
wolf4914I have low graphics mode after upgrading to a new kernel so I booted in 800x600 tried modprobe nvidia - did not work07:07
FAJALOUand during the test it seems to work07:07
DanaGBy custom-installed, I mean downloading from nvidia.com.07:07
wolf4914Is there an option I can do in grub to boot in init 3?07:08
FAJALOUno i did it through envy and also through synaptic07:08
DanaGAah.  Make sure you're not trying to use 175 or such driver version -- the packaged one is 169.12.07:08
FAJALOUi ran it through envy,07:09
DanaGEdit that if using non-repo version.07:09
FAJALOUi don't know if it's non-repo or not07:09
wolf4914Now the box boots and I have all different colors on the screens - will try to install nvidia driver with no X07:09
DanaGdmesg | grep NVRM07:09
FAJALOU[   22.992000] NVRM: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 Kernel Module  1.0-9639  Mon Apr 16 20:20:06 PDT 200707:10
DanaGEnvy likely installed a different version; that breaks things.07:10
RAOFAaah, old legacy.07:10
RAOFSorry, new-legacy.07:11
DanaGDon't'cha love NVIDIA's naming?07:11
DanaGThat's part of why I'll be going ATI next time: it may suck compared to nvidia for now, but at least it's open-sourced sucky, and not closed-source not-quite-as-sucky-but-pretty-close.07:11
FAJALOUok so how to change it?07:11
FAJALOUwhat to do...07:12
dwidmannDanaG: nvidia doesn't seem too sucky here .... actually seems pretty stable, albeit it being closed source07:12
DanaGI've been getting random hard-lockups.07:13
FAJALOUdanag what to do?07:13
dwidmannDanaG: which card07:13
RAOFdwidmann: Except for pink shadows on nv5x+, and random hard-lockups, and black-flashes with OpenGL, and...07:13
DanaGGeForce Go 7600.07:13
dwidmannRAOF: I've been getting none of that, then again, I was a bit choosier about the card I got (8600GT), just because I hadn't heard tons of bad about it (like I had with the 8800s, some of the mobiles .... etc)07:14
dwidmann7800 was apparently another one to avoid the the 7600 and 7900 were fine .... etc07:15
RAOFdwidmann: Hm.  Are you using Compiz?  Because you should be getting pink shadows :)07:15
dwidmannRAOF: why would I want to use that?07:16
wolf4914So how do I tell grub to boot in init 3?07:16
* dwidmann is in love with kwin07:16
RAOFdwidmann: Aaah.  Yes.  Much of nvidia suckiness is hidden when you don't use an OpenGL compositing window manager.07:16
DanaGMy next laptop will likely have an HD2600 or HD3860 or the successor.07:16
RAOFI hope _I'll_ hold out long enough for my next laptop to have a high-end intel GPU.07:17
critter-how do i install something so i can see a graphical hardware tree of what i have installed ?07:17
dwidmannRAOF: I didn't say I didn't use kwin kde4 on occasion though07:17
DanaGMy laptop is reaching old-age despite being not very old.07:17
dwidmannRAOF: it seemed fine ....... Quake4 (opengl) seemed fine also07:17
RAOFcritter-: I think you'd be looking for System->Preferences->Hardware Devices, no?07:17
DanaGCracked hinge, broken screw in hinge (due to lack of thread-adhesive!), missing cardbus ejector lever, and other stuff.07:18
RAOFdwidmann: If you have sync-to-vblank on you should notice that it misses a refresh every now and then, giving you an all-black screen for a fraction of a second.07:19
LynoureDanaG: I guess you use it actively... I have been thinking of going kind of the other way, replacing the laptop with Eeepc (or somesuch) and a desktop machine07:19
dwidmannRAOF: hmm, didn't notice that07:19
critter-RAOF, thats not listed in my hardy07:19
dwidmannRAOF: I'd test, but it can wait a week, my desktop is taking some downtime for now while I add in some new parts and such (vga cooler, 4 case fans, new cpu hsf, etc)07:20
RAOFcritter-: It'd actually be Hardware Information, sorry.07:20
DanaGIf I had to go desktop, I'd use silentpcreview.com for reference.07:21
DanaGCurrent laptop: Gateway M685.07:21
DanaGNext laptop I'm considering: "HP Compaq" 8510p.07:21
dwidmannDanaG: I should have, but the stuff I got seems to be fairly decent. I'll see how it works out07:21
critter-RAOF, i dont know how this is possible but i dont see that either.  i installed something from the repos that will display it though.  however hardware information is not there07:21
DanaGnotebookreview.com -- remember it.07:22
DanaGLenovo x60 or HP 2510p are good for small notebooks.07:22
FAJALOUok so back to 800x60007:23
FAJALOUwhat happens07:23
FAJALOUis that i restart after trying07:23
FAJALOUand it says configure my monitor and graphics card.07:24
FAJALOUand then i test it and it looks good.07:24
FAJALOUbut then when i run it here,07:24
FAJALOUit doesn't work...07:24
DanaGDoes VIA Chrome9 work in Linux?07:24
RAOFDanaG: Depends on how you define 'work', I think.07:25
SeveredCrossIsn't there an OpenChrome driver in Hardy?07:26
SeveredCrossOr am I confusing that for something else.07:26
RAOFThere is an OpenChrome driver, yes.07:27
RAOFWhich provides some acceleration, I believe.07:27
JanPeterAnyone have any idea what's with nvidia-glx not allowing itself to be removed?07:36
JanPeterwhat about it? i've done everything in sudo07:38
icesworddon't know07:39
LynoureJanPeter: one thing that is good to share is what happens when you try...07:39
JanPeteryea.. sorry this is carried over from #ubuntu07:40
JanPeterjust realized this is the hardy channel07:40
JanPeteri have stumbled across something07:41
gluerQ: which driver is better, the restricted nvidia driver or the nvidia driver from nvidia?07:44
JanPeteri believe the driver from nvidia is restricted?07:44
JanPeterbtw there is a workaround for the nvidia-glx removal error07:45
xtknightrichard, right now without updating which flashplugin-nonfree do you have?07:52
xtknightdpkg -s flashplugin-nonfree | grep Version07:52
xtknightalright.  the update is 124.007:53
xtknightbut it probably wont fix your issue, anyway07:53
richardI think it might be Firefox itself07:53
xtknightflash itself is generally unreliable07:54
xtknighti've had it crash so many times07:54
xtknightbut usually works until i have up to 5 windows open then things start getting messy07:54
xtknight5 firefox windows, or 5 flash windows07:54
richardsame here.  crashes randomly when-ever i go to a website with flash.   When it reloads itself back to it's session. it won't crash then.   but if i access another website with flash, the process start all over.07:55
richardAre there other flash player alternatives?07:55
xtknightyes, but they work very poorly07:56
xtknightprobably worse ;007:56
xtknight1info gnash07:56
xtknightwhy doesnt my shift key work07:56
jcarey75I was having a problem with flash until tonight ia32-lib updates07:56
jcarey75I'm on Hardy amd6407:56
xtknightamd64 here too07:56
richardI have another problem, want to hear it07:57
richardor see it i mean07:57
xtknightsure ;p07:57
dwidmannrichard: what would you do if someone said no?07:57
xtknighthe would cry himself to sleep07:57
jcarey75Several days ago it was working fine (I think, can't remember any specific issues), then after an update if I had a couple of tabs open with flash content and I closed one, all of the flash content on all other pages would be just a light gray box. After this evenings updates I cannot replicate the bug.  :)07:58
richardblack circle tells the problem07:59
richardso how do i fix this big trash icon?08:00
richardnot that it's crashing but it's annoying08:00
xtknighttry remove/re-adding it/08:01
richardtried it08:01
xtknightmine's not that way08:01
richardit goes back to normal size when i have something in there08:01
jcarey75xtknight, are you having problems with your shift button? If so, are you running vmware server?08:01
xtknightjcarey75, hahayes08:04
xtknighti just installed the latest vmware08:04
xtknightwith 2.6.24 vmware-any-any patch08:04
xtknighti think i've had this happen to me before anyway, usually rebooting restores order08:05
woodwizzlehow do I fix broken packages?08:05
jcarey75I had that issue yesterday, it only happened when I used ctrl-alt-enter to toggle full screen in vmware08:05
jcarey75in the guest08:05
xtknighti dont think i even did that but i may have used full screen but maximizing it08:06
dwidmannwoodwizzle: tried sudo dpkg --configure -a08:06
dwidmannwoodwizzle: how about "sudo apt-get -f install"?08:06
xtknightjcarey75, something to do with the vmware fighting over x server locks for the keybaord08:06
jcarey75xtknight, I just maximize the vmware server console window (with tabs / buttons / menus off) on it's on desktop, but I haven't had the issue since, just the one time I tried alternating full screen.08:08
woodwizzlethe problem is liblaunchpad-integration108:08
xtknightoh they're dealing with the launchpad integration problems08:08
xtknightjcarey75, i bet this is the only time i'll have the isuse08:08
xtknightif not im not sure where to file a bug08:09
xtknightmy ctrl button doesnt work either08:09
jcarey75I did, let me see if I can find it08:09
jcarey75xtknight, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/195982   mine's near  the bottom in all lower case  :)  I have no idea if it's filed correctly for attention though.08:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195982 in linux "Shift key (and caps lock) stop working when using VMWare" [Undecided,Incomplete]08:11
owen1i can't see subtitles in Totem 2.22.0  any ideas?08:12
FAJALOUi got it to go into 1440x90008:14
FAJALOUinstalled linux-restricted-drivers08:15
FAJALOUso, from here,08:15
FAJALOUhow do i get compiz to work?08:15
FAJALOUb/c it says i can't enable the animations...08:15
FAJALOUany thoughts?08:15
jcarey75xtknight, by the way, after tonight's updates vmware server 1.05 broke, I had to rerun an sed command because libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0.1200.8 is now libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0.1200.9  I didn't know until I rebooted for other reasons after the update.08:16
xtknightjcarey75, hey now that your keys arent broken can you try something for me08:17
xtknightjcarey75, run xev and press ctrl a08:17
xtknighton the window08:18
FAJALOUok w/e08:18
xtknighti'm trying to see how the events sent to x server diff08:18
FAJALOUone accomplishment every night08:18
FAJALOUnight all08:18
xtknightjcarey75, basically i need the info printed when you press ctrl a.  you have to have your mouse over the window for it do print anytihng.  so the best solution i've found is to move your mouse to the edge of the window, then copy the events you see in the terminal08:18
xtknightit's a little finicky08:20
tritiumosuVanessaE: It doesn't seem to like that -ttl-gt 200 option in the argument... weird.08:20
tritiumosuwrong room >_> oops08:21
jcarey75xtknight, I haven't run that command before, just did, I've got a lot of "notifying events", I'm not sure if my ctrl a is even still in my terminal log08:21
xtknightjcarey75, yeah  i just look for the lines around control-l [left control] or control-r [right control]08:22
xtknightjcarey75, click the xev program right on the border, then ctrl-a, then move moues to console and you should be able to wrestle out the last five paragraphs it prints08:23
jcarey75xtknight, I caught the whole thing, might include an extra left click here or there, what is a good place to post...I forgot08:25
xtknightexclamation mark pastebin ;008:25
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:26
xtknightwe really should mention, that the shift and ctrl works within the vm08:26
xtknightso i copied the capitals out of my vm08:26
jcarey75I just saw what you had to do...helped though, made it so I could click and finish.   http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62606/08:27
richardI found the exact website that fill crash my firefox because of flash: http://www.wftv.com/video/15817645/index.html08:27
richardSomeone test this website with firefox and tell me if it crashes for you too08:28
xtknightjcarey75, oh i dont see much difference between yours and mine. oh well08:29
xtknightjcarey75, so that's odd.  x is picking it up.  not gnome/08:29
xtknightnow my gnome-terminal is crashing at the first character i type08:30
xtknightmaybe my ctrl is just stuck on/08:30
jcarey75richard, that site crashes flash for me too, so does yahoo videos, but flash is working much better than it was for most sights that are not as flash based (the site you mentioned seems to have several flash windows going on)08:31
xtknighti think i'm gonna call it a night08:32
jcarey75xtknight, cool chatting with you good luck on caps08:32
xtknightjcarey75, ;p08:32
poniI got a problem in hardy, except for not being able to find nvidia drivers in Hardware Drivers, I also lag a bit, mouse freezing few secs once in a while, etc... Any idea?08:32
xtknightdude this is weird08:34
xtknightevery program on my pc is crashing now08:34
xtknightsorry, reoprt a problem closed unexpectadly08:34
xtknightjcarey75, what was that sed hack you were talking about08:35
jcarey75xtknight, saw your bug post, I have nvidia drivers too, 171.06 beta, after the updates tonight and the vmware issues I was having (unrelated to the shift / ctrl issue) I had to hard reset my machine, only once though, may have been a fluke.08:36
xtknightmight not be able to use hardy08:36
jcarey75xtknight, the sed hack was from fjgaude's instructions here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=73694408:37
xtknightill have to try this in a chroot and see if it still happens08:37
xtknightah i see i got something called vmware-any-any, seemed to work for kernel 2.6.2408:37
xtknightif i press ctrl alt f1, windows flash all over the place08:37
WelshDragonHey, When login to hardy, all the panels keep appearing and disappearing every second until eventually they don't come back. When i run gnome-settings-daemon i get this message:08:37
WelshDragon** (gnome-settings-daemon:26840): WARNING **: Failed to acquire org.gnome.SettingsDaemon08:37
WelshDragon** (gnome-settings-daemon:26840): WARNING **: Could not acquire name08:38
jcarey75It is how I got vmware server 1.05 working, I had to use the vmware-any-any, but he has some additional links and the sed cmd for amd6408:38
WelshDragonAny idea how i can fix?08:38
xtknightmy vmware comes to the front and then ... my sticky notes program crashes08:38
xtknightjcarey75, have you noticed the vmware maximize button never works either08:39
xtknighti mean you can never get it back into windowed state after it's maximized.08:39
xtknightsometimes i can't minimize it either08:40
xtknighti wish they'd get their stuff straight08:40
xtknightthe gtk integration is clearly immature08:40
jcarey75xtknight, after tonight updates vmware would not open several errors and such and after review I noticed his last sed command was for ibgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0.1200.8 which had been updated to ibgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0.1200.9, so I just replaced the 8 with 9 and it works now. I'm checking the maximize now.08:40
xtknightthe top toolbar thing in vmware that appears when you full screen...that just gets narrower when i press maximize again to restore the window08:41
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itsblandI need some advice: I want to encrypt all files to be stored in my external portable hard drive (it's in FAT32 right now but I'll reformat it to ntfs for compatibility). Anyway to encrypt files seemlessly? Truecrypt?08:43
jcarey75xtnight, from maximized, my first window was just as large as max, but I was able to resize it, now it toggles between the two, but with the outstanding shift issues, I probably will never full screen it, fortunately I don't need to.08:43
=== _KAMI_ is now known as KAMI_Dolgoz
jcarey75xtknight, I misspelled the previous msg, I agree virtualization certainly has issues, I'm just glad it's enabled me to leave dual boot behind (except for games)08:46
xtknightjcarey75, Hey, restarting the X server works08:47
xtknightjcarey75, thanks for helping me debug this i'm really going to call it a night now.  it was just fun messing with my desktop and making things crash...for a few mins08:48
jcarey75xtknight, my pleasure, see you around08:49
ethana2nehalem looks insane08:50
ethana2what on /earth/ am I going to do with all that power??08:50
ethana2You know08:50
jcarey75xtknight, I'm still real new to linux, I'm just glad it was an issue I'm familiar with.08:50
xtknightjcarey75, ah08:50
xtknightjcarey75, what's your launchpad username on that page?08:50
ethana2I guess I'd like to get the quad core and use the CPU for 3d instead of a gpu......  anybody know if gallium can do that?08:51
xtknightquadcore would still be slooooooow08:51
xtknightgallium replaces mesa tho, so it should08:51
xtknightthey're going to need some sort of reference renderer08:51
xtknightactually quake2 ran fine with cpu on my old athlon6408:52
xtknightquite amazing.  maybe someone will come out with some new quake2 engine and i'll be able to see graphics i could never see with my normal GPU!08:52
Jessicatzhey I'm getting a broken tarfile for linux-headers-2.6.24-1508:54
JessicatzI hope that's known already08:54
JessicatzI will try deleting it08:56
Jessicatzand retrying08:56
Jessicatzthat worked08:59
Jessicatzstupid me.08:59
flutefluteis anyone else having issues with the mountpoints of usb drives? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/21417809:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214178 in ubuntu "USB mounts in a new folder if left plugged in on shutdown" [Undecided,New]09:02
ba5egnome goes wierd when I use xserver-xgl, anyone know what to do?09:04
ba5efonts, colours are wierd and session does not last sometimes09:05
virtualdba5e: uninstall it09:05
ba5eI have hehe09:06
ba5eI upgraded from 7.10 and it started happening09:06
ba5evirtuald: any idea what could cause it? desktop effects work, a bit09:08
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone know how to put my card in monitor mode (or even if it can be done for my card) how do i find out if i cant be.09:10
virtualdba5e: xgl itself, and the nvidia driver if you use it09:13
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone know how to put my card in monitor mode (or even if it can be done for my card) how do i find out if i cant be.09:15
ba5evirtuald: I have ATI, so need xgl :(09:15
ba5ejaffarkelshac: what do you mean monitor mode? hardware monitoring=09:16
jaffarkelshacno wireless card monitor mode ba5e09:17
NineTeen67CometHi all .. I am running 8.04 Beta (server) and for some reason the box just quits working (no network etc) .. the error logs are free from anything I can see as obvious errors, but still it initially ran for a day just fine (mainly for media serving in my house, and a backup to my web server) .. It's a PIII 450/360mb ram, 10gig and 2 360gig hdd .. headless box09:27
nesphi, anyone here knows why postgresql doesn't show in System->Administration->Services?09:40
phaidrosheho, yesterdays update broke X again.09:54
phaidroshere, nvidia with -rt kernel09:54
phaidrosany hints where to look?09:54
RAOFphaidros: Do you have linux-restricted-modules installed?  My nvidia works just fine.09:56
phaidrosit happened the 3rd time with all my nvidia machines.09:57
phaidrosit seems after rebooting into a newer kernel nvidia_new is not loaded automatically09:57
phaidrosloading by hand works09:58
jcarey75phaidros, I'm using nvidia's beta 171.06 and have had to reinstall after the kernel updates09:58
phaidrosjcarey75: are you using it as a package from hardy repos?09:59
jcarey75phairdros, I'm installing from the nvidia website, I don't think they're available in repos (not 171.06)10:00
phaidrosso thats not unusual that you have to reinstall those drivers ;)10:00
jcarey75yeah, thought I'd pipe in, just in case10:00
phaidrosmine is all from within package repos and should not break for a kernel upgrade ..10:00
* phaidros is just wondering if that might be useful to know in tha last days of beta before going to be the next LTS ..10:01
phaidroswhat is the letter 'B' saying when using aptitude search nvidia -> iB nvidia-glx-new (i is for installed, but B ?)10:03
RAOFHm.  Quite possibly.10:05
jcarey75phaidros, from some searching, I'd agree, quite possibly10:07
phaidrosok, solution was a simple aptitude reinstall nvidia_glx_new linux-restricted-drivers-2.4.26-15-rt .. dunno which package was the one then ..10:08
phaidrosand: reboot10:08
cpk1 /usr/share/doc/aptitude should have readings that say what it is, I remember finding it in there before10:09
jk__are there any known vunerabilties in ubuntu10:15
phaidroscpk1: .. there is nothing just news, README and changelog :(10:16
cpk1hmm, maybe wrong dir... hang on10:16
cpk1phaidros: get  aptitude-doc-en first I think =P10:18
phaidroshehe :)10:18
savvasjk_: I don't think so, but each time there is a security breach, they post it at a special site, I can't remember the name, i'll get back to you as soon as I finish upgrading :)10:20
phaidrosfor the sake of chatlog: aptitude .. B - the package has broken dependencies.10:22
Fritzelwhere do you disable the little tooltips that come up when you mouse over a task bar application?10:22
Fritzelthat's in kde mind you10:22
phaidrosjk_: there is a security mailinglist / newsfeed for ubuntu, where all critical bugs come through.10:22
phaidrosjk_: useful is the debian security list as well, because ubuntu often inherits packages from debian10:23
TerrorBitepart #ubuntu #ubuntu+110:28
TerrorBitewith a /10:29
TerrorBiteI'm on an EeePC and debating if I should update to Hardy LTS10:29
Davo_Dinkumdo it10:30
cpk1TerrorBite: you mean now as opposed to in 2 weeks or so?10:30
TerrorBitecpk1, basically10:30
savvasTerrorBite: there are two weeks left, i suggest you wait for the final :)10:30
cpk1if there is no explicit reason I dont see why you wouldnt wait 2 weeks10:30
savvasif gutsy works with eeepc, there's no need i guess10:31
TerrorBitealright, I'll wait then10:31
Davo_Dinkumanyone using hardy on powerpc?10:31
Davo_Dinkumor is there another channel for that?10:31
cpk1TerrorBite: basically there will still be problems up to release, much easier on yourself if you wait, unless you want to help out =)10:32
TerrorBitecurrently though, I have no other PC to fall back on should something particularly nasty occur10:33
TerrorBiteotherwise I'm glad to help10:33
Fritzelis there anyway not have kopete bug me for my wallet password when I login? it starts when I login automatically10:34
ikoniais anyone using smbldap-tools on fedora 7 or 8  ?10:36
tomahasamootDoes the static tar ball of Skype work on amd64?10:40
tomahasamootthat's 2.010:41
jimiridgewhy dont you give it a try?10:42
savvasDavo_Dinkum: you're in the right channel :) whatever is the problem, ask10:44
FXMaverichello, ive got a problem compiling a programm which uses the asm/dma.h. anyone experience with that?10:45
FXMavericunsing c on an ubuntu 7.1010:45
kane77what is the situation with hardy and broadcom cards? (the former bc43xx driver)10:49
cwillukane77, working flawlessly for me10:50
cwillub43 driver10:50
cwilluand b43-fwcutter10:50
kane77cwillu, okay.. will upgrade today in school...10:50
cwillukane77, well10:50
cwilluyou had better not be in here for tech support later today :p10:50
Davo_Dinkumsavvas: no problems yet, just wondering :D10:50
* cwillu points at the motd :p10:50
KrimZoni have some problems - clicking the gnome-panel clock freezes gnome-panel (unresponsive but not crashed) and i have to kill it in a terminal10:51
cwillu... (including broken dependencies), and how to fix it when it breaks ...10:51
cwillukane77, but ya, it's been working perfectly;  you'll have to undo ndiswrapper gunk if you did it under gutsy10:51
savvastomahasamoot: it does, but you have to go "pro" and install it using: dpkg --force-architecture yourfile.deb10:52
kane77KrimZon, do you have compiz enabled by any chance? I've seen this happening...10:52
KrimZonand also my tty1 - tty6 virtual terminals aren't working, i press ctrl-alt-f1 etc and just see a blinking cursor in the top left, no login prompt and doesnt respond to any keypresses10:52
KrimZonkane77: i just use the simplest looking visual setting because it allows me to snap windows to each other and the sides of the screen10:52
kane77cwillu, I don't want to run it as production machine, I want to betatest it so that developers would be able to fix some bugs :)10:52
cwilluokay :)10:53
savvasKrimZon: try press enter, maybe it will show you the login prompt10:53
kane77I already am running hardy on my desktop and it works nicely even the wifi card..10:53
KrimZonsavvas: ok... doesnt respond10:54
cwillukane77, my only showstopper is the scheduler uid-based grouping braindeadedness10:54
cwilluso if bug 188226, I'll be in heaven10:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188226 in linux "Kernel should use CONFIG_FAIR_CGROUP_SCHED" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18822610:54
cwillugets fixed, rather10:54
savvasKrimZon: sudo aptitude reinstall busybox-initramfs initramfs-tools console-setup brltty10:55
savvasKrimZon: then reboot and see if it works10:55
savvasKrimZon: also this one: sudo aptitude reinstall system-services10:57
jk_is the a lightscribe software for ubuntu10:57
ikoniajk_: yes10:59
ikoniajk_: visit the lightscribe website for info10:59
KrimZonok, rebooting...11:00
KrimZonsavvas: they're still broken11:05
savvasKrimZon: well.. sorry, tried my best :)11:08
savvasconcider reporting it11:09
AmiGanguliHi all.  Anybody up for debugging sound issues?  Apparently there are a lot of problems right now, so if I can get so far as to just associate my issue with an existing bug I can track, then I'd be happy with that.  As it is, non of the bug reports seem to match exactly my problem.11:11
cwilluwell, describe away11:11
AmiGangulicwillu:  Pretty simple, in a way.  I've been tracking Hardy and my sound stopped working.  Both input (usb mike) and output.  Other bug reports I've found seem to be kernel based, but my devices are still there.  Tried unmuting everything in alsamixer, but no effect.  No error messages anywhere that I can locate.11:14
AmiGanguliWish there was a map of some sort that detailed how the Hardy/pusleaudio setup is supposed to work, and how one can test different components in isolation.11:16
cwillupulseaudio process running?11:16
AmiGanguli /usr/bin/pulseaudio --log-target=syslog11:16
AmiGanguli /usr/lib/pulseaudio/pulse/gconf-helper11:16
KrimZonhmm... strange - i got them back but in some crazy text mode11:19
Davo_Dinkumoh hello busybox11:19
cwilluAmiGanguli, wanna pastebin your syslog?11:20
AmiGanguliSure.  But what's "pastebin"?11:21
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:21
AmiGanguliOk.  Think it worked (though I spelled my name wrong :-): http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62619/11:24
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:25
iainhello using kubuntu 8.04 on a rather pathetic celeron with built in intel graphics... I'm trying to get 3d acceleration working but I'm having trouble, when I do the dpkg reconfigure it doesn't give me the chance to autodetect hardware, or pick drivers, etc... it just lets me select my keyboard style.  Anyone help me?11:36
Davo_Dinkumheh xubuntu wont even boot on a g4 1ghz11:37
m4gnu5hi hi11:37
m4gnu5which package do i need for a nvidia 6150?11:37
Davo_Dinkumim trying to boot xubuntu hardy on g4 1ghz but keep getting a busybox prompt11:41
AmiGangulicwillu: I should add that sound was working with earlier Hardy releases.  It stopped working after I updated on Monday (although I hadn't updated for a week or so before then).11:43
recon69m4gnu5: have you tried admin->hardware drivers ?11:43
m4gnu5it says there are no drivers in use in this system ...11:44
iainhmm doing a bit of reading... with hardy it doesn't really look at xorg.conf... so now my question is where does it look for its configuration and how do I check to see that 3d acceleration is working right?11:44
recon69m4gnu5: and did you install nvidia-glx-new drivers in synaptic11:46
m4gnu5there are 3 nvidia-packages now: nvidia-glx nvidia-glx-legacy and nvidia-glx-new ... ?11:46
m4gnu5i installed the new one11:46
ChaosParseriain: That's a lie.  I just to edit the xorg after and update because it decided that GDM should be at some absurd resolution.11:46
ChaosParseriain: *had to11:47
m4gnu5without xorg.conf it works with 1024x768 and without 3d11:48
m4gnu5nv works with 1280x768 o.O11:48
m4gnu5nvidia doesnt work11:48
frejanyone having problems with keyboard mappings (recent update)... ?11:48
frejmy arrows are doing layout switching instead of.... being arrows (up,right.....)11:49
recon69 iain: you can try glxinfo11:50
frejie, Right arrows has keycode 102 but it's mapped to MUHE (Muhenkan)11:50
iainokay... I think I'll have to add in something about the intel chip then in xorg.conf... still kinda annoying... I'd just like to know why dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg only lets me adjust my keyboard and nothing else...11:50
recon69iain: are you getting any gnome-setting errors when your system starts?11:51
=== shockhead is now known as abcdefghijklmnop
iainrecon69 I'm using kubuntu 8.04 with kde4 and I don't see any errors in any of the logs...11:53
iainhere is what glxinfo is reporting:11:54
=== abcdefghijklmnop is now known as shockhead
Pelomorning folks,  I upgraded to the beta last night , and I have a couple of questions11:55
Pelo1- where are by bookmarks in firefox ?11:55
Pelo2- what hapened to cups , I can't open the manager ?11:56
pleaseandthankyowhat are police there for really(i am sure more than half is not enforcing governmental laws)? how to get on the side of the police when encountered? should i pay money to the police/tip whenever they shows up or in advance?11:57
dns53hmm do you want a real answer or are you just bored11:59
jimiridgemy fav cop movie is "hot fuzz"12:00
dns53got the hd version cheap12:00
Pelopleaseandthankyo, policemen like to know you are on their side , you can show them you are on their side by showing them that you "also" have a gun just like them , when you see a policeman just put out your gun very quickly to show it to him12:00
jimiridgeyeah you should always keep a gun within sight12:01
* Pelo realy wants to know wht happened to his bookmarks in firefox, are they gone forever or are they still safe somewhere 12:01
muszek_sshd on my VPS (running hardy - dist-upgraded from some really small "gutsy minimal" image) is not starting by default... how do I make it so that it initializes on the boot up?12:01
recon69iain: that glx dont look right, but not an expert. had a similar problem with my nvidia 6800. the driver was not loading correctly because xserver.xgl was installed. this caused the screen-resolution to not be reported, which caused gnome-setting-daemon to crash, which the caused the keyboard to be setup incorrectly. so not sure but you might want to try removing xserver.xgl  and run glxinfo and see if it changes.12:02
dns53Pelo well bookmarks are in the .mozilla directory, you could have somehow created another profile12:02
Pelodns53,  ~/.mozilla ?12:03
dns53Pelo yes, if you have 2 folders in ~./mozilla/firefox you have 2 profiles12:04
Pelodns53,  I havwe like 5 . beats me where they come from12:04
dns53Pelo try running firefox-3.0 -ProfileManager12:05
Pelodns53, which I find where ?12:06
dns53in a terminal, this would cause a window to come up where you select your profile12:06
Peloonly has the one "default" profile in it12:07
dns53well the bookmarks are in the profile directory as the file bookmarks.html12:09
Pelodns53, i,m deleting the other *** default folders and leaving the one with the most stuff in it,  I'll see what happens12:10
pleaseandthankyoPelo are policeman trained like soldiers?12:10
recon69iain: and i notice that you server glx is 1.4 while you client xgl is 1.2 from glxinfo , not sure what that means though :)12:10
Pelopleaseandthankyo,  no policemen are trained to help ppl with words and love12:10
dns53well you could edit the profiles.ini, or rename the other profiles to the active name and start it12:11
Pelodns53, I checked in profile.ini,  the profile listed is the correct one , the boot marks just aren't getting loaded,  any bookmarks, I'm starting to wonder if the problem isn'T eslewhere ,12:13
dns53you using any bookmark extensions?12:14
dns53try launcing firefox in safe mode, firefox -safe-mode12:15
Pelodns53, not that I am aware of ,  i've just tried  manageing bookmarks and restoring backup and nothing , even tried importing them from the .html file and nada12:15
dns53well load the html file in the browser and recreate it again12:16
Pelodns53, that's my last options,  I have about 100 links in there12:17
Peloat leasst now I know they are safe12:18
cwilluPelo, what's going on?12:20
Pelocwillu, just upgraded to hardy beta,  no bookmarks in FF , file is still there but no bookmarks in the browser12:21
Pelocwillu, cna't import them back, can't restore the backups , nada12:21
cwilluwere you using 3.0 before?12:21
dns53are you switching between firefox 2 and 3 a lot?12:21
Pelocwillu, no 2.0 I think I just upgraded from gutsy default12:22
cwilluthe 3.0 beta in gutsy did weird things with the profile that isn't quite handled right in hardy in my experience12:22
cwilluPelo, does it let you make new bookmarks?12:22
Pelotrying now12:23
cwillu(note that they won't necessarily show up in the bookmarks tab, just hit the star thingy and tell me if it's still lit on that site after a ff restart12:23
Pelocwillu,  no it is not letting me bookmark12:23
Pelocwillu, star thingy ?12:23
cwilluin the url bar12:24
Peloyou mean the timer thing ?12:25
cwilluthe star, on the right side of the url bar12:25
cwilluto the left of the drop-down arrow12:25
Pelocwillu, yeah the timer spinner ,  nothing happens, can't bookmark12:26
Pelomy history is still there tho12:26
cwilluit's not the timer spinner, it's a 5 pointed star12:26
cwillumake sure you have a page open, not going to another url or anything12:27
cwilluif you don't see a star on the right side of the url bar, then I don't think you're running 3.0, which is really really odd if you're running hardy12:27
* Pelo looks closer , cwillu is correct , it's a pentacle,12:27
cwilluif you click on that, does it light up?12:28
PeloI see the star,  nothing I happens when I click on it12:28
PeloI do get a finger mouse arrow but that is it12:28
cwilluit doesn't turn yellow?12:28
Pelocwillu, no change at all12:28
dns53can you write a file to the profile directory? are you out of disk space?12:28
cwilluPelo, close firefox, check your free disk space, and then run firefox -P, make a new profile, and see if it still acts weird12:29
Pelocwillu,  the lastpage I had up also had RSS in it , that little icon in the url bar bring up the regular rss page for that page12:29
PeloI have mor ethen enough diskspace12:30
cwilluokay, then just do the close and launch via firefox -P12:30
Pelook well at least now I am getting bookmark12:30
cwilluborked profile dir12:31
cwillumaybe do a recursive chown and chmod on the .firefox/.mozilla dirs, but otherwise, I'd just reimport everything into the new profile12:31
Pelocreated a new profile,  remported bookmarks,  works fine now, Just a bit of reordering todo , thanks12:34
* Pelo wonders if this is how ppl feels when he helps them in the #ubuntu channel, no wonder they are so greatefull 12:35
* cwillu is still waiting to understand :p12:35
cwilluI always get the most interesting problems though12:35
cwilluI'm pretty ecstatic about hardy though, other than this config_fair_user_sched debacle in the kernel12:36
Pelocwillu, the only way I can get help is to run unstable software  I think we are in the same boat12:36
Pelocwillu, config far user shed ?12:36
* Pelo just needs to fix cups now 12:37
cwilludefault process scheduler changed in 2.6.23.  They added process group functionality to it in 2.6.24, and to make sure it got tested, they made sched_fair_user_sched the default12:37
Peloah , I see , over my head stuff12:38
cwilluit's not the recommended setting though, it's just a half-baked approach that uses the cgroup functionality more than the default cgroup setting (and does it unconfigurably)12:38
cwilluPelo, okay12:38
cwillusimple example :)12:38
cwillusay you have a task running root12:38
cwilluit's niced +1912:38
cwillusay you have another task (say, a video game), running under your account, niced -512:38
cwilluif both tasks are trying to peg the cpu, what percentage should each of them get (approximately)12:39
Pelocwillu, no problem , you just need to know I'M one of those "shouldn't realy be using linux ppl cause he just doesn't realy get it , realy , deep down"12:39
dns53well they are tweaking with scheduling,with microsoft they are not allowed to touch it at all or something will break, in linux we have flamewars because one may work better than another one12:39
AmiGanguliHave to run I'm afraid.  Will keep Googling for sound-problem fixes.  Cheers!12:39
Pelocwillu, well I can'T tell the % but I knwo that the game should have priority12:39
cwilluPelo, exactly12:40
cwilluPelo, however, with fair_user_sched, they'll each get exactly 50%12:40
cwillunice levels will only affect processes running under the same user12:40
cwilluand it breaks stuff all over the place (in the 'why is my desktop so laggy' sense)12:40
Pelothat's not how it is suppose to work as I unsderstand it ,  this bugs me because I have manualy teaked the nice value of some progs12:40
cwillusound in at bug 18822612:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188226 in linux "Kernel should use CONFIG_FAIR_CGROUP_SCHED" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18822612:41
cwilluthey've set it to the right setting for _every_ kernel flavour except -generic, and even then only on x8612:41
cwilluthey're afraid of regressions, that we're really trying to get them to _revert_ the behaviour to gutsy's behaviour12:42
Pelocwillu, lovely , my kernel of choice12:42
jimiridgei think im currently on a generic kernel12:43
cwilluone of the mainline linux devs (i.e., not ubuntu or debian) even said as much on the bug report12:43
jimiridgereally want 68612:43
cwillujimiridge, almost certainly you are12:43
cwillugeneric is what you want, really12:43
cwilluyou don't want 686 :p12:43
cwillureally truly12:43
* Pelo knows he's on the generic kernel cause he had to edit grub menu.lst manualy 12:43
limpchey. whats happened with the ubuntu 8 release?12:43
cwillustuff?  what do you mean?12:43
Jaymaclimpc: it's due out on 24/04 :)12:43
Jaymacjust over 2 weeks12:44
limpci see.  it used to be the 4th?12:44
cwillunever as far as I know12:44
Jaymaclimpc: It has always been the 24th12:44
Pelolimpc,  I've never heard the 4th12:44
jimiridgeubuntu.com's index page has a countdown12:44
cwillu8.04 != the fourth :p12:44
limpc8 isnt april anyway12:45
Pelofourth month12:45
jimiridgeshould wait till oct to releaaase it ;)12:45
orvokkiMight make sense to talk of 8.04 since if I calculated correctly, Ubuntu+2 is 8.10.12:45
limpci thought their page said the 4th. ah well12:45
orvokkiWhich page?12:45
Pelojust in case no one has seen this yet   http://www.petitiononline.com/RRH53888/petition.html   to stop Uwe Boll12:46
Jaymacthe naming convention of ubuntu is Y.MM12:46
orvokkiPages are prone to errors. :)12:46
jimiridgegod i  wish there was an easyy way to make debs12:46
jimiridgethe ubuntu general package howto is like a mile long12:46
limpcorvokki, no idea, lol. i went looking for it but dont see it.  guess im smoking something.12:46
cwillujimiridge, checkinstall will kinda work12:47
Jaymacwww.ubuntu.com has a countdown in the top right, if that is what you are looking for12:47
jimiridgenah checkinstall sux12:47
orvokkicwillu: You'd probably still have to work out the dependencies yourself though.12:47
flipstarwhere do i find the kernel patches for ubuntu? (that are made to the ubuntu-kernel)12:47
cwillujimiridge, but there's a reason why debs are complicated, because making things install and uninstall properly is complicated :)12:47
orvokkiCheckinstall is a nice basis.12:47
cwilluflipstar, linux-source should be up to date12:48
flipstarit is..but no ubuntu patches there..12:48
cwilluflipstar, uH?12:48
orvokkiDoes Ubuntu even patch its kernels?12:48
cwilluya, there is12:48
flipstari want to try 2.6.25..but need the ubuntu patches for that12:49
orvokki!info linux-source12:49
ubotulinux-source (source: linux-meta): Linux kernel source with Ubuntu patches. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB12:49
orvokkiflipstar: There might be none available.12:49
cwilluPelo, oh ya, and root is a bit special by default too, it actually would get 2/3's of the cpu :p12:51
recon69should I be worried that a lot of my packages cant be verified , the kernal was one example?12:51
orvokkiIsn't 2.6.24 the one that will get to Hardy anyway?12:51
Pelocwillu, lovely,12:51
orvokkiSo I consider it possible there *are* no Ubuntu patches for
cwilluorvokki, there might be something in the ubuntu git repo12:52
esoxHi, will an update from gutsy to hardy make changes to udev rules ?12:52
flipstarhm there are not general?12:52
dns53recon69 well you could just use the ubuntu source instead of a mirror, i would not worry myself12:52
cwillurecon69, can't be verified usually means they've been replaced12:53
cwillurecon69, does it still do it after you recheck for updates?12:53
m4gnu5am too stuid for nvidia :D12:53
cwilluesox, myself, I'd be surprised if they didn't12:53
recon69m4gnu5: did you get the driver working?12:54
m4gnu5may i install another driver ?12:55
esoxcwillu: that's what's I'm afraid of... I tried an install and after I couldn't plug and run my usb midibox12:55
dns53m4gnu5 well there are 3 versions of the driver, nvidia-glx nvidia-glx-legacy, nvidia-glx-new12:56
Pelolater folks thanks for the help ( specialy cwillu )12:56
cwilluif you had a rule that worked before, you should be able to add it easily enough12:56
cwilluPelo, later12:56
esoxcwillu: but I did exactly the same workaround that what I did to run it on gutsy. No success12:56
m4gnu5i guess - it won't be legacy with 6150 ...12:56
esoxcwillu: well, I added and corrected it, but didn't work...12:56
m4gnu5glx says it is for geforce4 and glx-new for "newer" cards o.O12:56
esoxcwillu: also, I use the option "SWCursor" "yes" on xorg to solve a pointer corruption issue. If I do that on closed driver on hardy, X doesnt start...12:58
cwilluesox, got an xorg log for that?12:58
cwilluesox, bug reports are useful :)12:58
dns53run nvidia-xconfig to regenerate your xorg.conf12:58
m4gnu5magnus@aldi:~$ cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old |grep EE12:59
m4gnu5(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)12:59
m4gnu5it seems i have the wrong driver?12:59
marijushello, since yesterdays gdm update my log in screen has a much to big resolution... anyone knows where i can adjust this???13:00
esoxcwillu: well, I removed hardy to go back to gutsy... But I noticed that xorg.conf had a totally different syntax13:00
dns53m4gnu5 have you rebooted after upgrading the kernel?13:01
m4gnu5yep - three times... every time i tried another driver ...13:01
m4gnu5on 7.10 x worked out of the box :-/13:02
dns53delete your xorg.conf, run nvidia-xconfig and try it again13:02
m4gnu5that doesnt work13:02
cwilluesox, well13:03
cwilluesox, I guess, good luck if you update in two weeks?  Can't really do much if you're not running it :)13:03
m4gnu5hm - nvidia-xconfig creates a XF86Config .. ??13:04
dns53m4gnu5 yes13:04
m4gnu5should i rename this one to xorg.conf ??13:04
esoxcwillu: but I did that install from hardy-studio CD. Maybe if I update my gutsy config it will keep all working...13:04
esoxIf I update to hardy, will it keep all may wacom stuf in xorg ?13:07
MilhousePunkRockHello everyone!13:07
pleaseandthankyowhy is it hard to admit that i'm being bullied?13:08
MilhousePunkRockI updated my Kubuntu desktop to Hardy lately, so far so good. I do have a few problems though, at least one of them should be solveable.13:08
MilhousePunkRockI updated my Kubuntu desktop to Hardy lately, so far so good. I do have a few problems though, at least one of them should be solveable.?13:09
ubotuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience13:09
cwilluand !ask13:10
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)13:10
MilhousePunkRockcwillu: Ouch, looks like I hit the arrow up instead of enter, sorry...13:10
m4gnu5the config of nvidia-xconfig doesnt work13:10
MilhousePunkRock1. How do I make Konqueror the default manager instead of Dolphin (possibly without uninstalling Dolphin)?13:11
recon69m4gnu5: why dont youpost you current xorg.conf to the paste bin, might give some clues13:11
MilhousePunkRockcwillu: That's my new keyboard's fault, the arrow keys are directly under the enter key ;)13:11
jaffarkelshachow do i find out which modules my wireless card is using13:13
recon69m4gnu5: try back up you xorg.conf and run dexconf , then restart you gdm . might help13:17
m4gnu5k i try13:20
m4gnu5that doesnt work... i guess its something with the driver ... ???13:22
recon69 m4gnu5: well, you should really have a driver listed in system->admin->hardware drivers13:23
m4gnu5there is none13:24
recon69m4gnu5: well i feel your pain, took me a couple of days before i found what was causing my nvidia glx problem.13:26
m4gnu5it worked great with 7.1013:28
m4gnu5i did an upgrade to 8.4 yesterday and X is broken :-/13:28
x0xcan anyone help me with cpanel?13:29
ubotuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)13:29
x0xi installed cpanel using apt-get install cpanel13:30
x0xnow what to do?13:31
Dr_willisread its docs? run the program?13:31
Dr_willis!info cpanel13:31
ubotuPackage cpanel does not exist in hardy13:31
Dr_willisHmm.. is the bot confused again?13:31
x0xwhere do i get the doc or how to run it?13:32
Dr_willismost programs put docs in /usr/share/docs/PROGRMNAME13:33
Dr_willistry 'cpanel' at a shell? I dont even know 2what cpanel is13:33
ikoniafingers crossed cpannel doesn't exist in hardy13:33
jtravnickx0x you where given the link in ubuntu13:33
ikoniacpannel is a poor webinterface13:33
ikoniafor people who need web gui's to manage servers13:33
ikonianice big security holes13:33
ubotuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.13:34
x0xhttp:// < webmin13:34
x0xis on ubuntu :D13:35
Dr_willisYou may want to tyr out ebox.13:35
muszek_I haven't messed with email server for two years and now I need to install postfix... has it gotten any easier since then thanks to some tools? (last time I ate most of my hair)13:35
Dr_williswebmin is easially installed on about any disrto from source.13:35
x0xDr_willis how to install it?13:35
x0xlol yeah13:35
Dr_willisx0x,  ebox? well like the factoid said see '!ebox'  I imagine its apt-get install ebox13:35
muszek_x0x: sudo apt-get install webmin13:35
Dr_williswebmin is NOT in the repos13:35
JaymacI just got a usb stick.. when I plug it in, it mounts directly to /media/disk - is there any easy way of changing the name of the directory it mount to?13:36
x0xi do have webmin13:36
m4gnu5i guess i need "linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24" right? but i have it 3 time o.O13:36
Dr_willisJaymac,  give it a proper 'name/label' under windows - might do it.. or under gnome, right click on it, check its properties. theres some tabs you can set some info/settings for that I recall.13:36
MilhousePunkRockJaymac: I think, if you bring up the properties from the context menu, you can change the mountpoint13:36
Dr_willisx0x,  if using webmin you really SHOULD not allow access to it from the internet.  Set it to allow Localhost only connections.13:37
x0xDr_willis lol that is my dedicated server :D13:37
x0xtake a look13:37
x0xis webmin13:37
ikoniax0x: nice security holes13:38
Dr_willisx0x,  i  know what webmin is and how it looks.13:38
Dr_willisIm saying its a VERY VERY VERY bad idea to have it open to the internet like that.13:38
x0xhow do i access if i am from remote?13:39
muszek_nah, just set root's password to something tricky, like "password" and you'll be fine ;)13:39
dns53how did you guess my password?13:39
JaymacDr_willis: got it, thanks... it's got an annoying label too... looks like another boot into windows is needed :(13:39
recon69m4gnu5: well if not installed install the one with the ubuntu symbol beside it13:41
Dr_willisx0x,  i would ssh in then access it.13:41
=== dns53 is now known as dns
Dr_willisJaymac,  i noticed the gnome-properties way the other day. but it can cause some other issues. its best to set a nice name for it.13:44
=== dns is now known as dns_server
=== dns_server is now known as dns53
x0xwhat is cacti?13:46
Picix0x: snmp polling system that plots on rrd graphs.13:47
x0xi am installed it now what will be my user name?13:48
x0xand password :s13:48
Dr_willisI think we are back to reading the programs docs and information.13:48
sivel27good morning all13:50
x0xmay i put it login info here?13:54
m4gnu5if i boot a 386-kernel i can choose the restricted nvidia-driver o.O but there works only 1 cpu-core13:54
m4gnu5but the restricted modules for x86/x86_64 are installed too13:54
Dr_willisyou dont want the 386 kernel.13:55
Dr_willisyou most likely want the -generic kernel13:55
x0xDr_willis help me with login13:56
x0x;s i cant find login name and password13:56
Dr_willisx0x,  you want me to help you with a program you just installed.. that i have NEVER used.. and you have not read its docs yet?13:56
Dr_willisI dont think thats going to happen. I aint reading the docs for you.13:56
x0xok tell me how to read the doc?13:57
x0xwhere is the doc located at13:57
Dr_willisas i said eearlier - MOST programs from the repos put docs in /usr/share/PROGRAMNAME, or look at the programs homepage.13:57
Dr_willisif all else fails update the locate databasem and use 'locate pattern' to find what the program putwhere. and what docs it may have.13:58
Picix0x: http://docs.cacti.net/ too13:58
thompaanyone know if 2.6.24-15-generic is going to be last kernel update/14:02
x0xtnx Pici14:02
thompaasking because of some drivers that are incorporated in 2.6.25, which i dont want14:03
x0xnow i cant see graphs images :S14:03
m4gnu5under system -> hardware-driver is no nvidia listed... o.O14:05
m4gnu5but i have installed the restricted modules...14:05
Jaymacone more usb question... I have the stick mounted at /media/usb_stick... no problem there - i'm unable to sync it with unison due to permissions errors...14:06
mheaththompa: IIRC, the kernel freezing policy makes it so they won't upgrade to .2514:06
setuidNo major breakage today?14:06
mheaththompa: There may be more updates to .24 (Ie, a .24-16, -17), etc, but upgrading to new kernel versions requires a big reason now.14:06
setuidThis damn keyboard issue is driving me *MAD*!! I have to switch the keyboard from 105 to 104 and back at least 200 times a day.14:07
setuidJust had to do it again... arg!!14:07
m4gnu5may it works with a brand new install ??14:07
thompamheath: i thought so good. cause i have some acer acpi stuff i had to build which is backported and in .25, so i dont want to start over14:08
thompaanyway atheros ar5006 and 5007eg work if you disable all the restricted hardware stuff and install madwifi plus the patch14:09
tomahasamootThe version of kVIrc that's packaged for 8.04 is old and buggy... the guyies at #kvirc are saying use 3.414:18
Pici!info kvirc14:19
ubotukvirc (source: kvirc): KDE based next generation IRC client with module support. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:3.2.4-5.1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 3038 kB, installed size 9136 kB14:19
clarezoecan anyone tell what does this mean? I use iwconfig and then comes this "lo        no wireless extensions.14:20
clarezoeeth0      no wireless extensions.14:20
recon69clarezoe : well eth0 would likely be a wired ethernet connection , you should have a wlan0 as you wireless card. try ifconfig to see what interfaces you have14:23
clarezoerecon69, there's a eth0:avahi Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:17:08:2d:71:0414:24
clarezoe          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:, but I'm using wireless now14:24
Terrasqueclarezoe: thats just a virtual interface attached to your normal ethernet card.14:25
clarezoeTerrasque, OK, I have virtual box, but I don't have it running, I didn't see it before14:26
clarezoeand I can't see the wireless signals by the nm-applet as before, I don't what was wrong14:27
Terrasqueits not your virtual box, its just a virtual interface for the avahi system14:28
clarezoeTerrasque, thanks but what is the avahi system?14:31
dns53avahi provides zeroconf for linux, it allows things like itunes music sharing (daap) to be discovered14:32
Terrasqueclarezoe: a system for automated network communication. Also known as zeroconf or Rendezvous14:33
clarezoedns53, Terrasque, I don't have to do anything with it, I don't know why I have it and how to use it. Just leave it right?14:35
clarezoemy problem is now I can't see the wireless signals with the nm-applet as before14:35
Terrasqueclarezoe: iwconfig shows nothing?14:36
dns53well you can use zeroconf to get an ip address without using dhcp, you can also discover things like ssh, ftp and vnc14:37
clarezoeTerrasque, it shows " lo        no wireless extensions.14:37
clarezoeeth0      no wireless extensions.14:37
clarezoeeth1      IEEE 802.11g  ESSID:"NOMAD"14:37
Terrasqueeth1 is your wireless interface then14:37
clarezoedns53, thanks, I'll try to know more about it later :)14:38
andre someone can help me my screen is set to 800x600 in ubuntu 8.04, i used 1024x768, but xrandr tell me that i just can use 800x60014:38
Terrasqueclarezoe: does it show any more data? my iwconfig shows things like signal level, noise level and link quality14:39
clarezoeTerrasque,  IEEE 802.11g  ESSID:"NOMAD"14:39
clarezoe          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.412 GHz  Access Point: 00:15:F9:6C:40:D014:39
clarezoe          Bit Rate:24 Mb/s   Tx-Power=20 dBm   Sensitivity=8/014:39
clarezoe          Retry limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off14:39
clarezoe          Power Management:off14:39
clarezoe          Link Quality=64/100  Signal level=-55 dBm  Noise level=-88 dBm14:39
clarezoe          Rx invalid nwid:0  Rx invalid crypt:0  Rx invalid frag:014:39
clarezoe          Tx excessive retries:2  Invalid misc:3845   Missed beacon:1014:39
jussio1!paste | clarezoe14:39
Pici!paste | clarezoe14:39
ubotuclarezoe: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)14:39
andre someone can help me my screen is set to 800x600 in ubuntu 8.04, i used 1024x768, but xrandr tell me that i just can use 800x60014:40
Terrasqueclarezoe: uhm yes.. pastebin things like that. Anyway, the card reads off signal strength fine, so I would hazard a guess that the problem lies in nm-applet-14:40
Lynoureandre: Do you have other resolution defined in you xorg.conf?14:41
andrelynoure my xorg.conf does not have any line about resolutions :S14:41
andrelet me show u14:42
clarezoeTerrasque, I've tried to use wicd on Sunday it removed my network manager, but it didn't work, so I removed wicd and reinstalled network manager again, then I got problems14:42
Terrasqueclarezoe: tried uninstalling (with purge) and reinstalling network-manager?14:43
andrelynoure i have input device, device, monitor, screen, endsection, the identifier for all is default14:43
Lynoureandre: you could try reconfiguring xserver...14:43
andrehow ?14:44
clarezoeTerrasque, will it cut off my network then, libnl1  network-manager-gnome will be removed too14:44
Lynoureandre: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -f xserver-xorg14:45
LjLmy KSysGuard doesn't seem to list the sensors for CPU temperatures and fan speeds anymore after upgrading to Hardy, although "sensors" in a console still shows them as usual. what gives?14:46
andreLynoure, ok thanks, ill try it now, but before, do u know if i got this problem coz of xrandr ?14:46
sivel27i have absolutely no sound on my laptop, much less my usb headseat, and its driveing me nuts14:47
mluser-workAnyone know if there are still problems with the 'Human List' gdm theme?14:48
Terrasqueclarezoe: you can configure the wireless interface via command line too. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo - WPA Supplicant part there14:48
Pelomorning ,  anyone experiencing issues with wine and the notification area ?14:48
* Pelo will never ever ever do beta again 14:49
andreLynoure, debconf: falha ao inicializar frontend: Xserv-xorg14:49
andredebconf: (Can't locate Debconf/FrontEnd/Xserv.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.8.8 /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.8 /usr/share/perl/5.8 /usr/local/lib/site_perl .) at (eval 19) line 2.)14:49
andredebconf: tentando com frontend: Noninteractive14:49
andre/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: especifique um pacote para reconfigurar14:49
Lynoureandre: I don't know much about xrandr14:49
andreLynoure, this last line means "Type a package to reconfigure"14:50
Picixserver-xorg, not Xserv-xorg14:50
andredebconf: tentando com frontend: Noninteractive14:50
sivel27i have absolutely no sound on my laptop, much less my usb headseat, and its driveing me nuts, any suggestions?14:50
rski wan't to remove evolution but then it also want's to remove gnome-panel and i quite like that app...14:51
rskhow to go around it?14:51
clarezoeTerrasque, thanks14:51
andrePici, for both i got the same message14:51
sivel27what do you use for an email client?14:51
rskgmail :-)14:52
sivel27web based?14:52
andre:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -f xserver-xorg14:52
andredebconf: falha ao inicializar frontend: Xserver-xorg14:52
andredebconf: (Can't locate Debc14:52
Lynoureandre: oh, sorry, --force  instead of -f14:53
andreok ;) let me try14:53
andreuse framebuffer ?14:53
andrefrom kernel ?14:53
LynoureWhen unsure, default should be pretty safe14:54
sivel27any fixes for sound on a laptop, intel ich6 snd chipset?14:54
rsksivel27: what kind of fix?14:55
sivel27to make the sound work14:55
rskand it dosen't are you using the latest update for kernel?14:55
sivel27are you talking to me rsk?14:56
sivel27i guess not14:56
sivel27what was your question?14:56
rskhow can my answear 'yes' be intrepited else14:56
rskmy question was14:56
rskand it dosen't? you using the latest update for kernel?14:57
nonix4Hmm, any chances to get E8xxx cpus supported w/ coretemp? (haven't updated to generic kernel .28 yet, on .26 atm; didn't notice that in changelog)14:57
sivel27yes i am, its running alsaa14:57
* nonix4 ponders whether that'd need anything else besides allowing the cpuid...14:57
rskok afaik there's some fixes on the wiki14:57
rsktry that for starters14:57
LjLwould the contents of /var/lib/dpkg/status from the live cd's casper/filesystem.squashfs be an accurate representation of what's installed by default?14:57
Pelowine ? tray icon ? anyone ?14:58
andreLynoure, same thing till now :( i restarted my X and just see 800x60014:58
andrein the xorg.conf i have Section "Screen"14:59
andre        Identifier      "Default Screen"14:59
andre        Monitor         "Configured Monitor"14:59
andre        Device          "Configured Video Device"14:59
Lynoureandre: you could pastebin your whole xorg.conf15:00
recon69andre: you probably running the default drivers and they only do 800/600 screen.15:00
Lynourerecon69: Which drivers do that badly nowadays?15:01
andrerecon69, it happend after i get up to date it looks like xrandr was installed here15:02
andre# If you have edited this file but would like it to be automatically updated15:03
andre# again, run the following command:15:03
andre#   sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg15:03
andreSection "InputDevice"15:03
andreIdentifier"Generic Keyboard"15:03
andreSection "InputDevice"15:03
andreIdentifier"Configured Mouse"15:03
andreSection "Device"15:03
recon69andre: use the paste bin15:03
andreIdentifier"Configured Video Device"15:03
andreSection "Monitor"15:03
andreIdentifier"Configured Monitor"15:03
andreSection "Screen"15:03
andreIdentifier"Default Screen"15:03
andreMonitor"Configured Monitor"15:03
andreDevice"Configured Video Device"15:03
andreSection "ServerLayout"15:03
andreIdentifier"Default Layout"15:03
andreScreen"Default Screen"15:03
andrerecon69, i am sorry i am new here i dont know what means "paste bin"15:04
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)15:04
catweazleandre: with fbdev is not so good, what gfx chipset is it?15:09
sivel27well, i didnt find anything useful as far as a fix is concerned15:10
andreuhm just a minute15:11
catweazleis it a VM?15:11
andreit is15:11
andrei think i was using VESA i dont know15:11
glueri have one of those logitech bluetooth keyboards, when i first boot ubuntu, i have to wait at login prompt for around 30 sec until the KB starts working, anyway to fix this?15:12
adredhi, i am currently using gutsy. how do i upgrade to hardy?15:12
dns53adred check the links in the channel topic15:12
BadRobotdoes anyone knows if Eee Pc 701 supports Ubuntu Hardy_15:13
dns53BadRobot using it currently on my eee, the wireless does not work so use a different kernel15:14
andrecatweazle, my motherb is a8vvm-ultra asus15:14
DooMRunneRsomeone in here who had installed hardy under vmware6?15:14
DooMRunneRi cant compile the kernel modules for the vmware-tools15:14
andrecatweazle, i think my chipset is not suportted i am not sure, but in 7.10 was fine15:14
recon69adred: well hardy is beta , might not be the best thing for you to upgrade to just yet. it released in about 2 week anyway15:14
dns53as always ~100mb daily of updates15:15
ningboi recently made a clean install to hardy heron, i did the same thing for WPA as for gutsy but it doesn't work now, any suggestions?15:15
catweazleandre: it gives you only the hardware from the VM15:15
aguitelningbo: what card?15:16
ningboaguitel how can I tell? I forgot15:16
andrecatweazle, how can i procede now?15:16
catweazleandre: what VM you use?15:17
ningbo06:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (rev 02)15:17
ningbo07:00.0 Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (rev 15)15:17
ningbo09:04.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Cardbus Controller15:17
aguitelningbo: do you have icon in the bar?15:17
ningboaguitel: yes, i downloaded ca-certificates and put in the same settings i did in gutsy for the network manager15:18
andrecatweazle, my lspci http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62643/15:19
savvashardy + hp laserjet P1006 = awesome :)15:20
andre VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890 [Chrome9] Integ15:20
andrerated Video (rev 01)15:20
gluerhardy + hp laserjet P3005N = awesome +115:20
zerodamageDoes anyone know what day this month hardy will be officially released?  Seems like it is taking longer than normal for a release candidate to show up and there still be time to release the final.15:29
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:33
ryrules1will my bcm43xx wireless card support injection in heron15:33
ryrules1and how would i go about supporting injection in heron i used a patch in gusty15:33
Ayabarado I still need the w32codecs to play some wmv files? mplayer throws "Cannot find codec 'dvaudio' in libavcodec" at me15:35
h3sp4wn_Possibly - I haven't needed it for ages15:36
ryrules1can anyone see what im writing?15:36
ryrules1or no15:36
andreLynoure, catweazle i still have the problem guys :( any sugestions ?15:36
Sergeant_Ponyhmm... I did 120 updates this morning and now hal is red in restricted drivers even tho it's enabled. Any ideas?15:36
zniavreyou should install linux-restricted-module with good kernell15:37
Sergeant_Ponyexplain... everything is working the way it's supposed to with no issues15:37
mon^rchhello, i'm having problems with ff and flash... anybody else?15:38
mon^rchFirefox could not install this item because "install-0vr..rdf"15:39
Lynoureandre: I don't even understand why you need xrandr in a virtual machine, so I don't think I'll be much help here15:39
* Lynoure tries to do only fun support :)15:39
andreLynoure, i do not need xrandr in a virtual machine :S i just did last update in 8.04 and my screen resolution got like that15:40
andrexrandr is the new screen manager for ubuntu is not it ?15:40
hackelDoes anyone know how to configure a sound device for qemu with virt-manager / libvirt?15:42
NBrepresentHi, just checking, the disclaimer 'not for production use' is no longer in effect after April 24?15:45
omarcan I install the xfce on Ubuntu?15:51
h3sp4wn_omar: yep15:51
h3sp4wn_omar: depending on what you want - probably the minimum would be the xfce4 metapackage15:51
omarh3sp4wn: Uh-huh okay, but what about the advanced one?15:52
h3sp4wn_omar: if you want xfce made to look (badly) like a second rate gnome then you can get xubuntu-desktop15:54
NET||abuseis it possible to take a new vista laptop, 160GB drive (I have it a week and 80GB used), install ubuntu and resize the vista image down to 100GB, use 60 for ubuntu and dual boot that way?15:55
NET||abusethe resize is the big issue to start with15:55
NET||abusethen i'd like to be able to run vista as a vm inside ubuntu15:55
h3sp4wn_I am not sure that gparted deals with the vista ntfs yet15:56
NET||abuselive from the other partition, or be able to just boot into that parition where needed?15:56
flutefluteNET||abuse: almost certainly first part yes, vm unlikely15:56
NET||abuseyeh, that was my first concern15:56
omarh3sp4wn: Can I just install it by just typing : sudo apt-get install xfce4 ?15:56
NET||abusethe ntfs with vista, i'm not sure how updated/different it is to XP ntfs?15:57
h3sp4wn_omar: yep15:57
h3sp4wn_omar: then just select xfce4 from the session choices15:57
DanaGVista can resize itself, to a point.15:57
DanaGLook in disk management.15:57
mluser-workAnyone know if the 'Human List' gdm theme is still broken?15:57
omarh3sp4wn: Uh-huh okay, so it's the same as kde4, right? :D15:57
h3sp4wn_omar: In what respect ?15:58
nemoNET||abuse: the one thing you will run into with vista is you will need to use the vista boot manager15:58
flutefluteNET||abuse: you could resize beforehand inside Vista: http://vistarewired.com/2007/02/16/how-to-resize-a-partition-in-windows-vista/15:58
omarh3sp4wn: With respect to inta15:58
omarh3sp4wn: With respect to inta15:58
nemoNET||abuse: !@#$ vista clobbers the boot manager at random unless your bios has boot sector protection15:58
omarh3sp4wn: With respect to installation*** ><15:58
h3sp4wn_omar: Yep15:58
nemoNET||abuse: that, or you don't mind carrying grub around on a CD15:58
h3sp4wn_NET||abuse: Or a usbkey15:59
omarh3sp4wn: And yead I have a problem, my screenlets , art manager and emesene, are not working.15:59
omarh3sp4wn: It might be because I tried to upgrade python to version 3.0 alpha16:00
h3sp4wn_omar: maybe you need the more stuff in xubuntu-desktop then - I dunno much about that stuff though16:00
omarh3sp4wn: Oh, it's okay. :)16:00
h3sp4wn_That seems an insane thing to do (Ubuntu uses python for loads of stuff)16:00
omarh3sp4wn: thanks a lot.16:01
h3sp4wn_and if its corrupting files you are in a right mess16:01
h3sp4wn_(I was in a similar situation with perl once)(16:01
omarh3sp4wn: Yeah I know, but now I got it back to python 2.5 :)16:01
h3sp4wn_Maybe you are lucky and not much is broken if anything16:02
h3sp4wn_Why not just put it into /usr/local if you really want to try it16:02
DanaGMy Vista hasn't clobbered the MBR.16:03
nemoDanaG: my brothers has. repeatedly.16:03
DanaGIt doesn't do it randomly.16:03
nemoDanaG: and there was no pattern16:03
nemoDanaG: he'd run vista for a while, fine.16:03
DanaGDang, that's odd.  It's never happened to me.16:03
nemoDanaG: has happened to him over half a dozen times16:03
Exilantanyone else here has problems with logging off, shutting down, ctrl-alt-bsing just leading to a black screen? or can point me to a solution. seems to be fglrx related.16:04
nemohe has gotten dang fast about replacing MBR16:04
nemoDanaG: it does discourage running Vista :-p16:04
omarh3sp4wn: yeah, actually I tried to remove python yesterday. and lead me to loosing the gui. :)16:04
nemoDanaG: if we could only figure out what is different between his vista settings and yours. but with OEM, who friggen' knows.16:04
DanaGIs it an OEM system?  Perhaps the OEM did something funky.16:04
nemoDanaG: the problem has been repeatedly covered online though.16:04
DanaGMine was OEM with XP; I installed Vista plain from DVD.16:04
omarbut luckily i got it back easily. :)16:04
nonix4Is there any simple way to check whether "Commit:     ae770152c801f10a91e5e86597a39b5f9ccf2d0d" is being considered for inclusion to hardy kernels?16:05
nemoDanaG: well. that is one difference I suppose16:05
nemoDanaG: perhaps you checked off the "Don't be evil" installation checkbox16:05
DanaGPerhaps there's some recovery partition or BIOS thingy that screws with the MBR.16:05
nemoDanaG: nope to recovery partition or BIOS thingy16:05
nemoDanaG: the *vista* boot loader is consistently replaced. the bios is vanilla16:05
nemoDanaG: and it ONLY happens when he boots vista16:06
nemowhich is one reason he does that less often16:06
nemoDanaG: again. the problem is well documented16:06
nemothe only solution is to deal with it, protect your boot sector in bios, or use the vista boot loader16:06
h3sp4wn_Can the nt version of grub not be used16:06
nemoh3sp4wn_: huh? NT version of grub?16:07
nemoh3sp4wn_: the issue is the MBR is getting overwritten16:07
nemohas nothing to do with NT, linux or whatever16:07
nemoh3sp4wn_: any boot loader that is not the vista one gets clobbered16:07
x0xanyone here to help me with dns?16:07
h3sp4wn_nemo: Could hook something in to the startup to reinstall grub16:08
nemoh3sp4wn_: there are instructions for using ubuntu with the vista boot loader... I don't think it chainloads though, so you can't still use grub16:08
h3sp4wn_(There is a windows version of grub)16:08
nemoh3sp4wn_: you mean into shutdown I think :)16:08
nemoh3sp4wn_: whether there is a windows version of grub or not doesn't make a damn bit of difference16:08
h3sp4wn_nemo: I would hook it in straight away after boot16:08
nemoif the MBR is being overwritten16:08
x0xanyone here to help me with dns?16:08
nemoh3sp4wn_: huh? you can't boot :-p16:08
h3sp4wn_nemo: and overwrite the mbr myself16:09
nemoh3sp4wn_: you could rewrite the MBR as vista shuts down16:09
nemothat'd be legit16:09
nemoh3sp4wn_: doing it on boot is stupid16:09
nemobecause you can't16:09
DanaGOh, maybe some antivirus solution is doing it.16:09
nemoDanaG: quite possible. but if so, it is Vistas16:09
nemoDanaG: believe me, that thought occurred to us.16:09
h3sp4wn_nemo: hook it in to the registry to run grub-install16:09
nemohe has no 3rd party AV16:09
nemoDanaG: and again. many other vista users have run into this16:09
DanaG"well documented" -- I can't find it.16:09
nemoh3sp4wn_: it would need to do it on shutdown. not on vista startup16:10
nemoh3sp4wn_: on vista startup everything is fine.16:10
nemoh3sp4wn_: and running grub install is pointless16:10
nemoall you need to do is write 512 bytes to the MBR16:10
nemothat would be a very tiny patch :)16:10
h3sp4wn_Either way its not difficult to do16:10
nemoh3sp4wn_: great. write me up a solution to send to him, since I don't have a windows machine or a vista one :)16:10
nemoh3sp4wn_: anyway, no one has made one yet...16:10
h3sp4wn_I don't have vista either unfortunately16:11
nemosome windows version of dd would be nice16:11
nemothat worked in vista16:11
nemoDanaG: fine. one sec.16:11
DanaGThere's a windows version of DD.16:11
nemofor vista? that'd be nice16:12
nemoDanaG: anyway. here. I'll start linking you to the links he was sharing with me16:12
DanaGYou could add it as scheduled task, and it'll run as admin.16:13
h3sp4wn_dd should be part of the services for unix stuff16:13
nemoDanaG: http://codylogan.net/2007/08/20/nothing-is-ever-easy/?akst_action=share-this  - 6th paragraph.  not the XP MBR thing. that is sepparate issue16:13
h3sp4wn_(afaik you can get them in vista anyway)16:13
nemoDanaG: getting more links16:13
nemoDanaG: http://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?t=1168  post #516:13
DanaGHmm, "XP drive is G" -- that's silly -- it's rather easy to fix.16:14
DanaGYou just have to mark the partition active before installation.16:14
nemoDanaG: anyway. I don't run windows except in a VM. So. Don't much care16:14
nemoDanaG: just. he's run into repeated overwrite of grub with windows boot loader, and it isn't due to AV and it isn't him alone.  But then, your situation is different due to the DVD16:15
nemohe doesn't even have a DVD16:15
nemoMS has never given OEM that option16:15
nemoDanaG: so. you bought Vista? :)16:15
DanaGNope, got it through the beta.16:16
h3sp4wn_I think I can have an upgrade for a silly low price as a student16:16
Pelore-re-re-hi folks16:16
DanaGOh yeah, I have to go off to class now, but anyway, you can add Ubuntu to the Vista bootloader.16:16
h3sp4wn_But I would need 4gb ram16:16
=== DJones_ is now known as djones
DanaGI use just 1; works well enough.16:17
* nonix4 likes 8 so far16:17
h3sp4wn_My laptop that might use it takes a max of 416:18
PeloI have a partiton that mounts to /home/jean/Downloads , showing up as "Média 69.p Gio" on my desktop it didn't do that before,  it's ext3  what gives ?16:18
DanaGSome HP workstation laptops allow 8, for an ungodly high price.16:18
h3sp4wn_DanaG: The official hp upgrade is £500 for 4gb16:18
DanaG2x 4GB SODIMM.16:18
nonix4MemFree:       6069580 kB - that's within one hour of powering this 'puter up or so. Only a handful of programs running so far.16:18
DanaG1200 bucks if you get it through them.  (8510w model; base is 1x2GB)16:19
* DanaG has to go now. Will be back some time later.16:19
brunodboI've been having multimedia problems since I updated my beta install this morning16:20
brunodbomp3's won't play, quicktime doesn't play in movie player, ..16:20
h3sp4wn_DanaG: Actually mine can have 8GB (8710w) I don't need it though16:21
Bjbbopman i always have multimedia problems16:21
Bjbbopstill dont work16:21
Pelobrunodbo, install , or reinstall all gstreamer0,10 packages , and lame , and mpeg123 and mpeg32116:21
jodiePurchased the Garth Brooks Utilimate audio CD set.. Music plays fine but ubuntu 7.10 doesn't reconize the video DVD.. Can some one tell me what I'm missing.16:22
brunodbook Pelo16:22
nonix4[   44.145929] raid6: using algorithm sse2x4 (9062 MB/s) ... wonder why it caps at lower-than-single-disk speeds in practice, even when doing read only...16:22
Pelojodie, you need to install the libdvd stuff, and the css decoder and using totem-xine also helps16:22
ExilantAnyone in here running flash successfully in konqueror? if so, how?16:22
Pelo!dvd | jodie16:22
ubotujodie: For playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs16:22
h3sp4wn_Exilant: konqueror4 seems to just work16:23
* Pelo can't beleive he's doing support in the beta channel now 16:23
h3sp4wn_Or it did last time I checked16:23
jodieubotu - thanks I'll check it out16:24
Exilanthm, is kde4 usable? last time i checked it wasn't16:24
h3sp4wn_For what definition of usable16:24
jodiePelo.. Thanks16:24
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org16:25
h3sp4wn_Its more usable than kde1 was first time I tried it16:25
Exilanti see :)16:25
jaffarkelshacis there veoh for hardy? i have been searching online but nothing with wine worls16:32
Peloveoh ?16:33
Stockfischhi .. yesterday I upgraded to hardy and now I have a small problem .. when I connect my ipod rhythmbox starts automatically and I don't know how to stop this .. at system -> preferences -> media (I don't know the correct english entries since I'm using a german ubuntu) I can't change this16:33
gonzo719_has anyone gotten VirtualBox OSE working in 8.04 with the latest kernel?16:33
brunodboPelo, I reinstalled all gstreamer0.10 packages I had installed, installed lame, and reinstalled all mpeg packages16:34
brunodboproblem remaiiins16:34
Pelobrunodbo,  and lame ?16:35
brunodboinstalled lame16:35
Pelobrunodbo, I'm out of ideas16:35
brunodbothanks anyway16:35
jaffarkelshacpelo do you not know veoh16:35
brunodbobtw, is there a way to select packages in the command line, that have partially the same name?16:36
Pelojaffarkelshac, by another name maybe, , I'm no good with acronymes16:36
brunodbolike a wild card?16:36
brunodbosay 'aptitude reinstall gstreamer0.10*' or something?16:36
Pelobrunodbo, why not use synaptic ?16:36
jaffarkelshacveoh is a sorta like youtube, except most of the content is a 5 min preview and you need veoh player to watch the rest16:36
brunodboi used synaptic now16:37
Pelojaffarkelshac, ic, I think I've heard of it16:37
brunodbobut would like to know if there is a command line way to do tthat16:37
jaffarkelshacStockfisch, unfortunately i dont have an ipod16:37
Pelobrunodbo, just do a serch for gstreamer and the select all the needed packages16:37
Pelobrunodbo, ignore me then ,16:37
Pelolater folks , gotta go16:37
jaffarkelshacbrunodbo just search in terminal with the core name as in "sudo aptitude search gstreamer" and it will return all packages with gstreamer in the name16:39
Stockfischjaffarkelshac: actually I know I could change this behaviour in gutsy, but now there's no entry for what to do with ipod .. but .. thanks anyway16:39
Sergeant_Ponynetwork UNCLAIMED16:40
Sergeant_Pony       description: Ethernet controller16:40
Sergeant_Pony       product: AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter16:40
Sergeant_Pony Anyone know what this meens?16:40
brunodbojaffarkelshac: yes, but how do I perform actions (install, reinstall, ...) for all packages that have 'gstreamer' in their name?16:41
StockfischSergeant_Pony: yea ... seems to be an athero wireless network card :) .. shouldn't it work with madwifi ?16:42
Bjbbopman this is complicated i need to register  my nickname16:42
Sergeant_PonyStockFish it doesn't even show up under network... but yea it should be madwifi16:43
jaffarkelshacbrunodbo, well manually "sudo aptitude install gstreamer1 gstreamer2 ........ and it will install all, i am not sure how it can install but just 1 name16:43
h3sp4wn_brunodbo: try - sudo aptitude reinstall gstreamer~i16:46
h3sp4wn_brunodbo: run aptitude clean first16:46
StockfischSergeant_Pony: seems you're not the only one having problems with hardy and atheros ... do you speak german ? I found this tutorial http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/160673/16:48
Sergeant_PonyStockfish... sorry no German16:49
rrittenhouseI'm not sure if this is related to the updates this morning but ever since im getting errors that /tmp is full?16:49
Sergeant_PonyStocjfish it's not even scanning for any wifi in the area.... nothing16:50
StockfischSergeant_Pony: hmm .. do you use the restricted drivers ?16:51
rrittenhouseWhy would hardy tell me that /tmp is full? If I do a df -h it tells me "overflow" is 1.0MB and its using 1.0MB and thats mounted on /tmp16:53
Sergeant_Ponynope... since the last set of updates hal is red but activated.....16:53
hydrogenI'm starting to think16:54
hydrogenthat the designers of the gtk file dialog16:54
hydrogenare going out of their way to make it more and more horrible16:55
hydrogenevery release16:55
brunodboh3sp4wn_: cool, that works16:55
hydrogenevery time I think its reached the worst it can be16:55
hydrogenthey manage to make it even worse16:55
nemohm. going to have to create a boot partition.16:55
awalton__hydrogen, oh you know us GNOME developers. if it's a hindrance to the user, we throw it in.16:55
nemorunning into that stupid Error 18 in grub16:55
nemoodd thing was, it just appeared. laptop was working fine previously.16:55
awalton__all of those buttons everywhere, all of those configuration options...16:55
nemomaybe the kernel got moved around on FS or something?16:56
awalton__hydrogen, file bugs, nag.16:56
LaneyAre there european mirrors of the daily images?16:56
jaffarkelshacis it possible to access the partition os ubuntu installed using wubi from other installations. the space is a root.disk file16:56
hydrogenawalton__: I have to imagine that these changes are deliberate16:56
hydrogenthey are way too bad to be accidental16:56
awalton__seeing as you haven't even quantified such changes, I wonder. but either way, file bugs, nag.16:57
kane77anyone else with broadcom 43xx wifi having problem after upgrade?16:59
hydrogennah, It just reaffrims my belief that gtk is bad... totems dialog now automatically filling in the file path as you type it without any warning goes completely against all other dialogs behavior and is unbelievably annoying16:59
rrittenhouseI just did my updates for the second time today and now gksudo will not accept my password!17:01
Sergeant_Ponyhmm wireless working just can't connect still....17:01
h3sp4wn_awalton__: Any idea how I added - Open Terminal to the menu when I right click the desktop17:02
awalton__h3sp4wn_, sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal17:02
donomoim using the compiz config settings manager and ive turned on Desktop Cube and Rotate Cube. when i do ctl-alt-arrow, it flips like paper instead of showing a cube.17:02
donomoany ideas?17:02
cjsoftukI upgraded to Hardy today, and it's awesome, except there's a few things not quite working as expected.  VMWare Server Console is borked.  Don't tell me it's in the repos, please!?  It's telling me there's missing version info, namely GCC_4.2.0 and GCC_3.417:03
h3sp4wn_awalton__: Brilliant17:03
jbroomecjsoftuk: known issue17:03
cjsoftukjbroome: There's a copy of vmware-server in the partner repos, according to aptitude, I'll try that17:04
jbroomedoes it have console too?  i haven't checked17:04
cjsoftukjbroome: DUH, I forgot about that17:04
daekdroomHm. Is hal package dependencie tree broken?17:10
sivel27any fixes for sound on a laptop, intel ich6 sound chipset?17:10
slanninghi, having a problem in hardy - I can login (graphical interface), but....I think GNOME isn't starting or something - I have a mouse and can move it17:14
slanningcan start programs from text terminals:   DISPLAY=:0.0 gqview17:15
donomocompiz window animations are so fun!17:15
donomoslanning: sounds like you dont have even a window manager17:15
daekdroomslanning: did you install ATI proprietary driver?17:16
slanningnvidia one17:16
daekdroomwell. Because when I installed ATI proprietary driver here, I get something similar to that.17:17
slanningit broke monday actually, just dist-update again today didn't fix it17:17
daekdroomIt's a little bad conf at xorg.conf17:17
daekdroomThere was a phew 0s where there shouldn't be. :p17:17
slanningthere was a new "pulseaudio" thing added, could it be related?17:19
slanningI get some messages in /var/log/messages17:19
slanninghm, ok17:19
daekdroomPulseaudio is the new audioserver. It doesn't break stuff like that.17:19
daekdroomYou should try to use dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:20
daekdroomeven tho that isn't the command to configure it anymore. It makes a fresh xorg.conf with keyboard configuration (make a backup).17:20
MrKeunerhi, will one be able to log vino connections(any attempts) in 8.04.24?17:21
ubotunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.17:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hamachi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:24
miipis anyone using virt-manager to remotecontrol kvm over ssh on another machine successfully?17:24
jaffarkelshacno, i use ssh but not virt-manager17:26
slanningI think my problem is gtk or something - in /var/log/messages there's a segfault from gdm, and several "GTK_IS_TREE_VIEW ... failed" messages17:27
numusis repos really slow?17:27
daekdroomnumus: probally you're using a overloaded repo17:28
numusdaekroom just getting the updates from the us.archive.ubuntu.com17:28
numusit is dowloading at around 7 kb/s17:28
daekdroomHm. Checked if your internet is fine?17:29
numus1 mbit.. a little slow but not that bad17:30
bluefoxx__how can i low-level format a SATA drive? i think i need to do it to mine as its been buggering up files the past week and gparted has been on "mkfs.ext3" al night17:30
nemohey. this is a little silly, but due to how ubuntu autogenerates the grub conf, I want to be careful.  Is there a how-to for adding a new /boot partition?17:30
mxpxpodI'm trying to run firefox-2, but I can't get it to use ~/.mozilla/firefox.2-replaced as its user directory to use my firefox2 extensions... how would I do that?17:30
nemoas it applies to, oh, /etc/fstab UUIDs, grub conf changes, etc?17:31
h3sp4wn_bluefoxx__: You cannot without tools that cost alot of money17:31
nemoI've just created a 512MiB primary partition.17:31
h3sp4wn_bluefoxx__: Unless you are lucky and your hard drive manufacturer provides them17:31
h3sp4wn_(probably for dos)17:31
bluefoxx__h3sp4wn_: theres nothing in the repos?i know i can low-level my scsi drives...but thats those -. -17:32
nemomxpxpod: are you asking about how to create a new firefox profile?17:32
nemomxpxpod: use profile manager.17:32
h3sp4wn_bluefoxx__: Its not something that you should ever need to do17:32
mxpxpodnemo: I'm not sure if I need a new profile or not... firefox3 in gutsy used ~/.mozilla/firefox-3.0, so I figured that I could get firefox2 to use ~/.mozilla/firefox.2-replaced17:32
nemomxpxpod: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_Manager  - same tool applies to sharing profiles between win/lin, whatever.17:32
h3sp4wn_nemo: There is no reason why it is complicated17:33
=== bluefoxx__ is now known as bluefoxx
nemomxpxpod: your profile can be wherever.17:33
ubotuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:33
ubotuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories17:33
nemoh3sp4wn_: ok. just trying to be cautious.17:33
nemoh3sp4wn_: seems I will need to make *some* changes.17:33
h3sp4wn_nemo: Unless its on the non primary drive17:33
nemoh3sp4wn_: /etc/fstab will definitely need modification, and the grub files.17:33
nemoh3sp4wn_: and I want to make sure later updates to grub conf use the right partition for booting.17:33
bluefoxxi officially think that SATA sucks. im sticking to scsi XD17:33
nemobluefoxx: scsi is dead. long live USB17:34
h3sp4wn_bluefoxx: Good idea17:34
h3sp4wn_bluefoxx: SAS is ok17:34
h3sp4wn_nemo: menu.lst or are you using grub2 ?17:35
bluefoxxi still use scsi. the stuff is cheap and reliable now[cheap as in second hand and salvaged from old computers ppl toss out]17:35
bluefoxxplus it lets me have more hards in my system than i should even need hehe17:35
h3sp4wn_I don't like the wineing sound you get from 15000 drives but my sparc has them anyway17:36
nemoh3sp4wn_: I'm using whatever was default in ubuntu hardy :)  - this machine is in middle of gparted resize to make room for partition, so I'm loath to muck with it now17:36
h3sp4wn_nemo: thats grub-legacy or grub1 or whatever17:37
mxpxpodnemo: is there a way to get FF2 to start with a certain profile and ff3 with a different?17:37
MrMistI want to have the display on my CRT when I have it connected to my laptop... is this difficult to achieve ?17:38
akkdepends on the laptop17:38
h3sp4wn_MrMist: Permanently yes17:38
h3sp4wn_MrMist: With xrandr - not really if you have a suitable driver17:39
akksome laptops, if you boot them with a monitor connected, they'll remember that.17:39
h3sp4wn_The new xrandr drivers mess with that17:39
h3sp4wn_(Mine is a thinkpad and fine in that respect until xorg is involved)17:39
h3sp4wn_the kernel even lets me switch outputs etc17:40
akkgutsy had an update back in january that horked the video-out signal on my laptop17:40
MrMistThis PC used to be fine. But not anymore. I've got a Dell Latitude17:40
akkbut hardy fixes it, fortunately17:40
MrMistxrandr ?17:40
nemomxpxpod: of course17:41
nemomxpxpod: read that link. it also links to launching firefox with a specified profile.17:41
mxpxpodnemo: so I'll have to edit my .desktop files17:41
nemomxpxpod: that is definitely the recommended way to do things. but basically it amounts to firefox -P profilename17:41
nemomxpxpod: yep.17:41
mxpxpodnemo: hrmm, ok17:41
mxpxpodI know it used to be that you could run ff3 and ff2 side-by-side17:41
nemoh3sp4wn_: aight. well. are you aware of a walkthrough? I'll try to cover all bases, but...17:42
nemomxpxpod: well. that is still true.17:42
mxpxpodnemo: if I run firefox-3.0 from the command line and ff2 is running, it pops up a ff2 window17:42
nemomxpxpod: try a new profile :)17:42
mxpxpodnemo: that's using a new profile17:42
nemooh really. huh. I thought the new mechanism checked in profile17:42
MrKeunerhi, will one be able to log vino connections(any attempts) in 8.04.24?17:42
h3sp4wn_nemo: No - I have never used anything other than the grub manpage17:43
h3sp4wn_the important file is /boot/grub/menu.lst (17:43
nemoh3sp4wn_: seems you'd have to edit fstab too - to add a /boot entry17:44
nemomxpxpod: dunno what to say.  irc://irc.mozilla.org/firefox  best place to ask.  guess you should ask and check back17:44
nemomxpxpod: on reflection. of course it can't be profile.  I've run into same thing if running firefox through ssh -YC17:44
mxpxpodnemo: right, which is why I asked about pointing firefox 2 at a different config directory, such as ~/.mozilla/firefox-217:45
evan_hey what happens if i load hardy from winxp?17:47
jaffarkelshacwhat to you mean load from winxp17:47
topyliwubi the windows installer?17:48
evan_jaffarkelshac, i mean the windows installer of hardy. will it install hardy on my windows partition?? or wil it install hardy as a program or what will it do?17:49
topyliit will install ubuntu in a virtual disk inside a single file on your windows filesystem17:50
evandevan_: It will install Ubuntu as a set of files on your Windows partition and add an entry to the Windows bootloader.17:50
jaffarkelshacit will reserve a partition and install hardy there, it will not affect your windows. i will appear as a file in windows evan_17:50
jaffarkelshacit really is the safest way to install ubuntu if you feel you might mess things up with partitins evan_17:52
* Gilou really loves pulseaudio17:53
evan_jaffarkelshac, its because i realy like ubuntu dut my laptop isnt realy stable ( from edgy untill hardy ) it get´s overheated everytime!17:54
topylislower than a real installation i guess though17:54
jaffarkelshacreally, i found mine faster17:54
jaffarkelshacin 10 min it was ready to use including updates17:55
topylioh. i haven't tried, don't have a windows box :)17:55
jaffarkelshaci use my windows less and less, veoh is the only thing that makes me go back so far no alternative17:56
spiderfiremy sound can only play in 1 app at once17:57
spiderfirelast time i checked17:58
FliesLikeABrickyeah, I've been running into that with hardy sometimes, haven't been able to nail it down really.  I seem to run into that in most betas17:58
FliesLikeABrickon one computer I have that problem, but on another with identical hardware I don't :-/17:58
FliesLikeABrick(both running hardy)17:59
spiderfireis that what pulse audio is for?17:59
spiderfiresound servers?18:00
FliesLikeABrickpulseaudio is supposed to make the whole audio subsystem work better, and should avoid things like this18:00
spiderfiretheres many sound servers18:00
spiderfirewhy so many18:00
FliesLikeABrickjaffarkelshac what is veoh?18:00
jaffarkelshaci should probably say veoh player, its required to watch full length videos from www.veoh.com18:01
FliesLikeABrickvideos in what format?18:01
jaffarkelshacit streams online format is flv18:02
FliesLikeABrickI'm pretty sure VLC can stream flv too18:02
FliesLikeABrickmplayer too probably18:02
jaffarkelshaci know but with veoh.com it requires the player to be installed.18:02
FliesLikeABrickdoes it work in wine?18:03
jaffarkelshacusually you only get 5min preview and need the player for the full length18:03
spiderfirehave you heard of ovguide.com?18:04
jaffarkelshacwine is unsuccessful it needs to install plugins in the webrowser18:04
jaffarkelshacyeah spiderfire, since stage6 shut i am having to use veoh.com18:04
jaffarkelshactoo bad about stage618:04
smallfoot-update warsow in the repo18:06
Danish989Hi everyone18:09
Danish989I have a question; I'm going to be completely new at linux and was going to install Gutsy Gibbons, but then I heard that Hardy Heron releases in 15 days ... should I upgrade from gutsy to hardy in 15 days or just wait?18:09
FliesLikeABrickI would say you could install hardy now without trouble18:10
Danish989the beta version?18:10
kibabI just wanted to confirm, there is a clean path from the hardy rc's to the final release right?18:10
orvokkiStill not recommended though.18:10
FliesLikeABrickyes kibab18:10
Danish989what's not recommended @ orvokki?18:10
MadProcessorHardy is a beta though18:10
kibabFliesLikeABrick: k. thanks.18:10
MadProcessorkeep that in mind18:10
MrMistDanish989: I upgraded to hardy beta two days ago. Works just fine :)18:10
orvokkiDanish989: As said before, Hardy is in beta testing still even though it mostly works fine.18:10
* kibab wonders if the update manager with a read-only /tmp have been resolved in hardy18:10
orvokkiSo it's not a recommended choice unless you know what you're doing.18:11
kibabs/read only/non-execute/18:11
FliesLikeABrickI've been using hardy for a few months just fine.  If you're just using this for personal testing you should be fine18:11
Danish989I was wondering, if I upgrade from hardy beta to the stable version, will i have to reinstall my software and re-configure settings to my liking/18:11
PiciDanish989: I suggest waiting until after release to get it.  You aren't going to get much support in here with issues, especially if you are a new user.  And #ubuntu will be very croweded on release day.18:11
FliesLikeABrickno Danish98918:11
ubotuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Hardy. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.18:11
slanningI don't know how to proceed - I put /etc/X11/xorg.conf.failsafe and "Failsafe GNOME" and booted using a previous known-working kernel ; the result is the same18:12
slanningpast graphical login, the music plays and the mouse works, but I'm staring at the blank background18:12
slanningas before, DISPLAY=:0.0 gqview   opens up gqview in the ctrl-alt-F7 screen18:14
slanningthis is since dist-upgrade monday18:14
Danish989ok so I should just go ahead and install Gutsy Gibbons then?18:18
FliesLikeABrickthe choice is ultimately up to you18:19
Danish989how complicated is the upgrading process?18:19
FliesLikeABrickvery simple18:19
Danish989is hardy heron beta advisable to be used by a linux n00b?18:20
FliesLikeABrickI would say yes, but there are people here who would disagree18:20
subparDanish989, you should be alright, as long as you can google and follow directions :)18:21
akkProbably not while it's still in beta -- lots of people are still having issues with it18:21
akkunless you want to stop being a n00b fast :)18:21
FliesLikeABrickDanish989 the odds of you running into problems at this point are slim, but if you're looking to understand linux and learn more, then it couldn't hurt to run into problems as long as you are comfortable having to fix things18:21
macogwDanish989: its mostly usable, just dont do daily updates til you pop in and check that they havent broken anything big18:21
subparanyone else having the problem where you can't send/receive in evolution18:21
bluefoxxi have a suspicion that my 'sata' on my mobo is really just an extra ide channel that converts it to sata...if thats possible...18:21
FliesLikeABrickhardy has been largely functional for a long time, moreso since this is a LTS version18:21
FliesLikeABrickwhy bluefoxx ?18:22
macogwDanish989: if something big (by which i mean X since noobs tend not to like when that goes away) has broken, you're going to need to run out of noobdom and into seasoned-user-mode pretty quickly18:22
bluefoxxFliesLikeABrick: b/c scsiadd detects my sata drive as being manufactured by 'ATA'18:22
FliesLikeABrickSATA drives are still ATA drives18:22
bluefoxxFliesLikeABrick: it should say seagate18:22
evan_how do i have controll of my fan speed?18:23
komputeshow do i change my video driver18:23
bluefoxxHost: scsi1 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 00|  Vendor: ATA      Model: ST380815AS       Rev: 3.AA|  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI  SCSI revision: 0518:23
LjLmy KSysGuard doesn't seem to list the sensors for CPU temperatures and fan speeds anymore after upgrading to Hardy, although "sensors" in a console still shows them as usual. what gives?18:23
sivel27any fixes for sound on a laptop, intel ich6 sound chipset? this is annoying. cant seem to find much on it18:23
FliesLikeABricksivel27 tell us more about the problem you are having18:24
Danish989how about I just install gutsy gibbons and get used to that .. then upgrade to hardy heron when it is out of beta and stable?18:24
FliesLikeABricksure Danish98918:25
Danish989okie, Thanks a lot :)18:25
sivel27well, im on a toshiba laptop, running heron. i have the volume icon there, but nothing plays out of seakers, no matter what i do18:25
penhow to assign multimedia keys to compiz?18:28
MadProcessorsivel27: Have you tried turning up the sound with "alsamixer" ? Run that command at the command line18:28
sivel27ok one sec18:29
sivel27alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device18:29
Niklas_Ewhen I updated the hardy, it made so it doesn't initialize the network (I need to run dhclient eth0) is this a known bug?18:30
evan_What is the replacement of fancontroll in hardy?18:31
jaffarkelshaccan you install other desktop environments?18:31
slanningI guess I just try waiting till friday, see if stuff is fixed magically by then18:32
sivel27very irritating18:33
komputeshow do i change my video driver18:33
sivel27im trying to "ween" myself off of windows "dependancy"18:33
jbroomeand a dependancey on ""18:34
MadProcessorsivel27: Guess you don't have Alsa installed, do you even have the soundcard recognized by ubuntu?18:34
mydoghaswormsSince upgrading to 8.04 Beta, I have no sound. How do I go about finding out what the problem is?18:34
Danish989ok, this is probably a stupid question; Ubuntu needs it's own file system and it'll partition my hard disk and then format a partition to it's file system right?18:37
akkDanish989: Right, that's the normal (and best) way18:37
Danish989and that means the hard disk will be formatted clean, right?18:37
DanaGWHere'd the "Mount archive" option go?18:37
sivel27im in the same boat18:37
DanaGYou can resize existing partitions.18:37
evan_does anyone know a fancontroll replacement for hardy?18:37
akkDanish989: No, you don't need to reformat existing partitions, just new ones18:37
akkDanish989: you might need to resize the existing partition smaller to make room for new partitions18:38
mydoghaswormssivel27: You mean with the sound?18:38
Danish989and resizing existing partitions doesn't mean formatting them?18:38
akk(um, can the live CD do that? I've never installed with it)18:38
akkright, resizing doesn't mean formatting18:38
Danish989can I resize a partition on a hard disk thats formatted with the NTFS file system and install ubuntu on that? (will ubuntu change the file system for it's partition itself?)18:39
mindframe-i can't get wireshark to work18:39
mindframe-every time i tell it to start a capture it just locks up18:39
mindframe-it starts dumpcap but the gui is unresponsive18:39
penhow to assign multimedia keys to compiz?18:40
cwilluDanish989, just make sure that windows has done a clean shutdown;  if you just hard-reset the computer, ubuntu will refuse to touch the windows drive (with good reason)18:40
cwillumindframe-, what does top show when you run it?18:41
mydoghaswormssivel27: I have only read from MadProcessor's comment to you, but did you also lose sound after upgrading?18:41
cwilluand if you run wireshark from a terminal, does anything useful show up?18:41
e_r_c_eHI! need help, while i was home, my comp went crazy. it restarted itself and gnome logined me in but not loaded desktop.18:41
e_r_c_ewhat's going on?18:41
Danish989okie, thanks cwillu18:41
cwillue_r_c_e, this probably falls under the "Please make sure you know how to administer an Ubuntu system, before installing Hardy" category of beta software :p;  what happens if you just hard reset it?18:42
e_r_c_ecwillu: i am at ubuntu from dapper, i know how to use and administer ubuntu and I DIDN'T RESET MY COMP!!!!!!!!18:43
mindframe-cwillu, it actually works when i run it in terminal w/ sudo18:43
mindframe-seems that gksu is causing the issue or something18:43
daekdroomIt's a bad configured xorg.conf18:44
e_r_c_edaekdroom: speaking to me?18:44
daekdroomGTK programs don't find the screen, so they can't start. Happens to me everytime I try to install fglrx driver18:44
macogwe_r_c_e: he's suggesting that you do a hard restart and see what happens18:44
cwillue_r_c_e, no, I'm asking if it works if you do a reset18:45
qziook im doing an safe-upgrade and suddenly i cant go to pages in firefox, "enter" from the address bar throws error...18:45
macogwqzio: a firefox update probably just installed18:45
cwilludaekdroom, xorg.conf doesn't seem likely, unless its a compiz issue (if xorg starts up at all, then it's not a case of apps not being able to connect)18:45
macogwqzio: when that happens, firefox needs to be restarted to function correctly18:45
qziomacogw: ok.18:45
e_r_c_edamn, i'll reset if ya want but remember, i left it 10-20 seconds without power and it didn't work18:45
cwillue_r_c_e, does it get you to a login prompt?18:46
e_r_c_ecwillu: YES; but desktop doesn't load!18:46
daekdroomcwillu: Make a backup of xorg.conf @ console and dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg18:46
cwillue_r_c_e, once it's loaded, switch to a vterm, and run DISPLAY=:0 metacity --replace, switch back, and see if that brings anything up18:47
cwillu(i.e., after login screen, after the drive settles down, etc)18:47
e_r_c_ebut safe mode works??18:47
cwillusafemode uses metacity, not compiz ;p18:48
clarezoeanyone knows how to merge two pdf files into one18:48
cwilluclarezoe, -> #ubuntu18:48
cwillumindframe-, but gksu from a terminal doesn't work?18:48
cwillumindframe-, (as opposed to gksu in a launcher?)18:49
mindframe-let me check18:49
unicumwill the problems with the macbook (core2duo) wlan be fixed in ubuntu 8.04??18:49
poniAnyone else noticed a slight bit of ... random freezes in Hardy beta? I run hardy on my laptop, with 1.5gb RAM, and a dualcore cpu, though I get random freezes, where it completely freezes for a few seconds, this is both with live CD and with installed Hardy. Is this normal "beta behaviour"? : )18:49
cwilluunicum, best bet would be to check launchpad for related bugs, and see if they're marked as fixed18:50
e_r_c_ein terminal : no protocol specified, mistake of displ. manager: unable to open X display at :018:50
cwilluponi, well18:50
mydoghaswormsIs it possible, that after upgrading to 8.04 Beta, the system does not detect my sound devices anymore? It certainly seems that way.18:50
cwillue_r_c_e, and xorg is logged in (as much as it does)?18:50
daekdroome_r_c_e: Bad configured xorg.conf18:51
mydoghaswormsDoes it having something to do with the switch to PulseAudio?18:51
daekdroomHappens to me after I use ati-config --initial because it doesn't handle options well18:51
mindframe-cwillu, it indeed does not work w/ gksu from a terminal18:51
cwilluponi, it shouldn't be normal, but it might be;  can you run top in a terminal and see if there's anything hitting the cpu hard, or if anything is showing up on the second line from the top under %wa?18:51
jaffarkelshaci installed xubuntu-desktop on my  laptop to see how it, but when i uninstall it all the apps it installed stay18:51
cwillumindframe-, what about gksudo?18:51
e_r_c_ecwillu: this error is not logged in /var/crash, daekdroom: I didn't never edited xorg.conf on my own hands!18:51
cwillu(they behave differently based on the name I believe)18:51
cwillue_r_c_e, from the vterm, check if xorg is running (ps aux|grep X)18:52
daekdroome_r_c_e: but something might have did so. Like a driver (I've seen that happen with nvidia drivers too)18:52
mindframe-cwillu, does not work18:52
cwillue_r_c_e, you aren't using anything like envy or the like are you?18:52
cwillumindframe-, what about from a gnome-terminal launched with gksudo?18:52
mindframe-cwillu, the gui even freezes up when i click on the capture options18:52
mindframe-so gksudo gnome-terminal then wireshark?18:53
cwillumindframe-, open a top in another window, and see if anything is spiking the cpu when it freezes18:53
mindframe-it doesnt spike18:53
e_r_c_ecwillu: what should be printed in term?18:53
cwillumight have to be xterm actually, but either way18:53
cwillu/usr/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -dpi 100 -auth /v ......18:53
cwilluthe :0 is what I want to know18:53
e_r_c_ecwillu: cannot copy-paste, tell you somethink like it =)18:54
cwilluwhat's the number after /usr/bin/X?18:54
mindframe-cwillu, it works from a gnome-terminal started w/ gksudo18:54
sivel27sorry about that, laptop froze. it says intel ich6 chipset, but no sound18:55
cwillue_r_c_e, ps aux|grep -i compiz18:55
mydoghaswormssivel27: How did you get a list of audio devices on your machine?18:56
qziohm.. the new ff-beta is crashing alot.. like 3-4 times in 10 min18:56
e_r_c_ecwillu, what do wa want to known from this cmd =?18:56
cwilluif you see compiz anywhere, other than the grep line18:56
sivel27i double clicked the vilume icon and used the scrollbar for chosing devices18:57
e_r_c_ecwillu: i see it as being runned by my user18:57
cwilluqzio, run it in a terminal and see what it says when it crashes18:57
e_r_c_ei'm sure it'll print core dumped18:57
cwilluyes, but the text leading up to that is handy :p18:57
mydoghaswormssivel27: I don't even get that. The systems did not seem to have detected any audio devices on my machine, but they were working on 7.1018:58
cwillue_r_c_e, you're logged in under the same user in the vterm as in x, right?18:58
e_r_c_ecuz i havent got any other18:58
qziocwillu: ** Message: GetValue variable 2 (2)18:58
cwilluqzio, pastebin it18:58
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)18:58
cwillue_r_c_e, export DISPLAY=:018:59
cwillue_r_c_e, killall compiz compiz.real; metacity --replace18:59
=== bluefoxx is now known as bluefoxx|showeri
cwillumindframe-, well, I guess it's launchpad time19:00
jbroomebluefoxx|showeri: let us know how the shower was.  Don't leave us hanging19:00
sivel27mine was working on 7.10 as well19:00
cwillumindframe-, check if it acts the same way (gksudo term, etc) after a reboot, and then see if anybody has reported it, and report it if not :p19:00
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)19:01
cwillue_r_c_e, note that case is important, etc (you can't paste I guess? :p)19:01
goldinsHello, I just installed hardy and the default kernel doesn't work19:01
ponicwillu: Nothign really hitting the CPU hard... Everything quite low19:01
e_r_c_ecwillu: i doubt that there is text-based explorer19:01
cwilluponi, anything showing up on the second line %wa?19:01
goldinsthis wouldn't be a problem except that the nvidia drivers don't seem to be working with the 2.6.22 kernel19:01
cwillue_r_c_e, you'd be surprised :p19:02
cwillugoldins, what doesn't work?19:02
e_r_c_etell me how to install it?19:02
cwillue_r_c_e, you mean a browser, or which?19:02
ponicwillu: on Swap ..?19:02
cwilluponi, stop being cryptic, I can't read your mind or see your screen :p19:03
e_r_c_ecwillu: somethink like text-based firefox19:03
ponicwillu: Just wondering what you meant by second line %wa19:03
cwillusorry poni, wrong person :p19:03
ogre_hey, im fixing that bug with liblaunchpad-integration1_0.1.18_i386.deb but the package isnt at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/launchpad-integration/ . any suggestions?19:03
qziocwillu: i just get some ** Message: GetValue variable 2 (2) then core dumped.. is there a --debug perhapse? :)19:03
goldinscwillu: it doesn't boot. First, it turns off all the lights on my USB keyboard. Then (if I let it boot graphically) it hangs forever on the loading bar with the bar going back and forth, or (if I interrupt grub and then boot it) it hangs looking for the root partition.19:03
qziowill try safemode19:03
cwillu3rd line actually, where it has cpu(s):... %sys, %id, ...19:03
cwilluqzio, what plugins do you have on?19:04
cwillugoldins, have you had to mess around with grub in the past?19:04
ponion %wa19:04
cwilluponi, that was wa%?19:04
DanaGHere's something odd: iif I disable my TPM chip, Linux won't boot.19:04
cwilluokay, probably just io killing you19:04
qziocwillu: firefbug and downloadstatusbar.19:04
goldinsIt did the same thing on a machine I have at home but there I have a much less complicated video configuration so it wasn't a problem19:04
poniyeah cwillu19:04
goldinscwillu: yep19:04
goldinscwillu: never on this machine though19:04
e_r_c_ecwillu: somethink like text-based firefox19:04
cwilluqzio, ya, kill those, and try it again (I've been running trunk builds of firefox, and haven't had a crash in 2 months)19:05
cwillugoldins, if it's hanging waiting for the root partition, it's not video related19:05
goldinsI know19:05
goldinsthe 2.6.22 kernel boots just fine19:05
cwillusorry, getting my threads mixed up19:05
goldinsbut then the video doesn't work properly19:05
DanaGFor me, the hang happens after something about "bringing up CPUs".19:05
cwillugoldins, okay, can you pastebin me your /boot/grub/menu.lst?19:06
goldinscwillu: I haven't touched it, it's completely standard19:06
goldinsbut sure thing19:06
cwillugoldins, yep, sounds like a device rename from the upgrade though19:06
cwillugoldins, probably the lack of a device uuid, or a rename of the devices from /dev/hda to /dev/sda19:06
goldinscwillu: but the root device in menu.lst is referenced by UUID19:06
ogre_hey, im fixing that bug with liblaunchpad-integration1_0.1.18_i386.deb but the package isnt at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/launchpad-integration/ . any suggestions?19:07
goldinsand it's the same UUID for 2.6.22 and 2.6.2419:07
DanaGwhat the heck?  My ACPI hotkeys just randomly broke.19:07
cwillugoldins, try bringing it up as the device path19:07
ogre_oops,still applies though19:07
cwilluroot=/dev/sda or whatever19:07
goldinsalright, wish me luck19:07
cwillue_r_c_e, links is a textmode browser19:07
qziocwillu: do run firebug?19:08
DanaGlinks2 is better.19:08
DanaGlinks doesn't do ssl.19:08
cwilluI just saw that :p19:08
cwilluqzio, no19:08
jk__i installed xbuntu-desktop and it installed a bunch of stuff a whole not, how do i remove all of them.19:08
cwilluqzio, disable both of those extensions, you can turn them back on once we've seen firefox not crash :p19:08
e_r_c_ehey cwillu i think that dpkg was problem, it's fixing gdm.conf right now...19:09
cwillujk__, I think you can remove xubuntu-desktop via aptitude, and it'll offer to uninstall the automatically installed packages as well19:09
jk__it did not, it just uninstalled xubuntu-desktop19:09
h3sp4wn_Only if you installed it with aptitude19:10
h3sp4wn_you can try the apt-get autoremove thing19:10
cwillujk__, apt-get autoremove19:10
h3sp4wn_but I personally don't trust it19:10
Moniker42hey, i'm just installing hardy beta on my macbook19:11
cwillujk__, synaptic has an 'Installed (auto removable)' status filter19:11
Moniker42is there no support for HFS+?19:11
jk__i will check that19:12
Moniker42gparted from the liveOS seems to be hanging on resizing my HFS+ partition19:12
DanaGWTF?  My "Hibernate" and "Sleep" entries are missing!19:12
cwilluDanaG, that'd be the same cause as your acpi buttons breaking, no?19:12
cwilluor just leave, whichever :p19:12
nemoMoniker42: CONFIG_HFSPLUS_FS=yes  should be set...19:12
nemoI wish ubuntu included /proc/config.gz :(19:13
akkyeah, why don't they?19:13
cwillunemo, /boot/config* is what you want anyway19:13
nemocwillu: the other one is more convenient.19:13
cwilluno point putting it statically into the kernel, that file gets installed anyway19:13
Moniker42nemo, well i've already started the resizing... but it's hanging. should i cancel the operation?19:14
nemocwillu: easier to ask a user on any linux to just hit /proc/config.gz first19:14
cwillunemo, uname -a?19:14
nemocwillu: without having to know particulars. doesn't increase kernel significantly19:14
Moniker42i'm a bit worried it could've started doing something and will damage my OS X installation =(19:14
cwilluI'm not a fan of diffing their pastebin against the known settings :)19:14
nemocwillu: that requires having a standard /boot/config* format. there isn't one.19:14
cwillunemo, there is as far as standard ubuntu kernels is concerned19:14
nemoMoniker42: looks like it is built as a module19:14
cwilluand if you're installing your own, then turn it on19:14
nemocwillu: heh. just saying. /proc/config.gz allows for generic linux support19:15
nemono looking up how distro X works19:15
WileI'm on kubuntu 8.04, with Compiz enabled, and I have problems with multidesktop... The configuration windows tell always come back to "1 desktop", there are 4 showed on the taskbar, and there are 2 really active...  Is this normal doctor ?19:15
dotpavanhi.. I have been experiencing FF3b5 (with NoScript) crashes (random) when viewing flash.. one recommended fix was using flashplugin-nonfree_9.0.115, anybody throw some light if it is effective?19:16
cwillunemo, if we were on #linux, then I'd sympathize, and probably even agree :p19:16
cwilludotpavan, as opposed to?19:16
nemoMoniker42: aaaaanyway. yeah. the module is there19:16
nemoMoniker42: checked in lsmod to see if it is loaded?19:16
dotpavancwillu, as opposed to wait for FF3 final release :) or gnash?19:16
* Moniker42 checks19:17
nemoMoniker42: could also try a modprobe hfsplus  of course19:17
cwilludotpavan, just run the nonfree flash19:17
cwilluit works19:17
dotpavancwillu, ok, shall give it a shot. Thanks! just that the default installation was lil problematic and I was skeptical abt configuring it unless proven ;)19:17
cwilluWile, sounds like a kde bug;  gnome had a similar bug for a while, but they fixed it back in feisty19:18
cwilludotpavan, ya, the package was broken for a while19:18
Wilecwillu: OK. Will take a look to the reported bugs.19:18
cwilludotpavan, ubuntu-restricted-extras will install all the standard bad things that you shouldn't need in a free world :p19:18
frank_cwillu: except w32codecs19:19
nemoMoniker42: you know - I thought Mac abandoned HFS+ recently...19:19
nemofor that Sun filesystem19:19
nemothe patented one19:19
cwillufrank_, you shouldn't need that in a bad world either :p19:19
LjLmy KSysGuard doesn't seem to list the sensors for CPU temperatures and fan speeds anymore after upgrading to Hardy, although "sensors" in a console still shows them as usual. why could that be?19:19
goldinscwillu: I don't think the root device is the issue19:20
Moniker42nemo, lsmod lists hfsplus, but as used by 0...19:20
goldinsI mean, I tried booting it off /dev/sda2 but it didn't work19:20
goldinsmy point is that there's no reason that when it starts to boot it removes usb power19:20
hischildLjL, perhaps reinstall ksysguard to make it aware of the new stuff? or perhaps the kernel lists them differently? perhaps it doesn't have permissions? (those are just random thoughts)19:20
goldinsI think there's something wrong with this kernel19:20
nemoMoniker42: can you mount the partition?19:20
nemoMoniker42: um. with gparted halted of course19:21
LjLhischild: as far as i can see, the module for my sensors are still called the same way19:21
Moniker42nemo, i was hesitating to stop gparted...19:21
cwillugoldins, what fs are you running?19:22
cwillujust ext3?19:22
goldinscwillu: yep19:22
hischildLjL, then i'm at a loss, sorry19:22
=== ziimp is now known as ziimp_
Moniker42nemo, mount: can't find /dev/sda2 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab...19:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cdrom - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:23
LjLhischild: uhm, it might seem that the lm-sensors interface has indeed changed, according to http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-667052-view-previous.html?sid=18d0e57ebff572ecd6f671ba7b1ca5ee (although i still have libsensors3 available and installed)19:23
dotpavangoldins: you have powertop installed? it *might* do that19:23
nemoMoniker42: fun times. check dmesg I guess19:24
hischildLjL, and you happen to have that version of ksysguard as well?19:24
LjLhischild: 3.5.9. but i had kde 3.5.9 on gutsy too19:24
Moniker42program gparted is using deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert to SG_IO19:24
cwillugoldins, got a hardy livecd?19:25
cwilludoes it boot?19:25
hischildLjL, and also kde 3.5.9? might be something connected19:25
LjLhischild: yes i had kde/ksysguard 3.5.9 before, and i have 3.5.9 now (in hardy 3.5.9 is default, in gutsy i upgraded to it from backports)19:25
goldinscwillu: I don't have a hardy livecd, I installed from gutsy19:26
e_r_c_eEUREKA!! IT WORKZ!! dpkg --configure etc WORKS!!19:26
goldinsupdate-manager -d19:26
hischildLjL, well file a bug with a link then is what i'd say ... if downgrading works on it19:26
MrKeunerhi, will one be able to log vino connections(any attempts) in 8.04.24?19:26
nextstepHell all .. i have a serious issue in Hardy after applying updates today.  When I enter X my screen just displays the background image and nothing ever loads ...help please19:26
e_r_c_egoldins: we know how to upgrade from gutsy19:26
hischildnextstep, did you wait 5 mins?19:27
goldinse_r_c_e: there's more than one way to do it.19:27
nextstepi left it sitting for about 2019:27
nextstepno luck19:27
nextstepand failsafe terminal doesnt work either19:27
cwillugoldins, any chance you could be persuaded to burn one and see if it boots?19:27
e_r_c_enextstep: it was for me too, it doesn't load desktop after logging in?19:28
cwillue_r_c_e, -> nextstep :p19:28
goldinscwillu: sure. Does it have this 2.6.24-15 kernel?19:28
cwillubelieve so19:28
cwilluit'll have something in the 2.6.24 series19:28
nextstepsorry .. failsafe gnome19:28
cwillueither way if an older one works, then that'll give us some approach for your install19:28
nextstepyeah .. login screen is perfect .. after login = nothing19:29
nextstepso I am not the only one then ?19:29
nextstepcwillu: ?  what do you mean19:30
anteayawill nodebox work on hardy?19:31
cwillunextstep, was talking to goldins19:31
nextstepahh k19:31
jmdcWhen I resume after suspend to ram, system load is reported to be very large (>13). Performance is just fine, it's just the reported system load that goes up so much. Have others experienced this? Is this a bug, or is everything "working as designed"? Should I file a bug report?19:31
Ace2016Hi all19:32
nextstepwoah .. i just got a failsafe gnome to come up .. been about 30 mins now19:32
Ace2016can i get a download link for hardy please19:32
Ace2016google gave me a link to alpha 119:32
nextstepace:  sudo update-manager -d19:33
Ace2016no i haven't got ubuntu on this machine19:33
nextstepor do you need the full release ?19:33
Moniker42btw i think it was !livecd you were looking for cwillu19:33
ubotuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.19:33
nextstepsorry no idea19:33
goldinscwillu: I don't see a livecd19:33
* Ace2016 thinks a download link should be in the topic19:33
cwilluMoniker42, no, I was actually hoping they had some basic diagnostic info for the 'hardy fails to boot from some cd drives' bug :p19:34
Ace2016well i prefer the alternative installer19:34
cwillugoldins, the normal cd is a livecd19:34
Ace2016acpi issues?19:34
goldinsbut I have the install cd almost downloaded19:34
cwillugoldins, yep19:34
Ace2016goldins: can i have a link to the download location?19:34
goldinsAce2016: I'm getting it from GAtech19:34
Ace2016oh that simple huh19:35
goldinsGAtech seems to be capping me at 2.5 mbits or so19:35
Ace2016so what does that equate to in kb/s?19:37
nextstepe_r_c_e:  did you find any way of fixing yours ?19:37
hischildAce2016, about 300kbps tops19:37
Ace2016where are you located? are you sure its not your isp?19:38
cwilluKB/s you mean? :p19:38
goldinsAce2016: My ISP is the united states government19:38
cwillukb/s would be something like 2000 :p19:38
goldinswe have 3 gbits to the internet19:38
nextstepstupid wireless card19:39
goldinswe sit on internet219:39
nextstepSorry to ask again, but since i got dc there did anyone post a response about fixing this issue?19:39
Ace2016but i doubt they'd allow a single user to use too much bandwidth, proably capped19:39
goldinsAce2016: I mean, there's definitely a 100mbit router between me and the internet19:39
goldinsAlso, my IRC traffic is much slower since I have to route it through an SSH tunnel on a remote server19:40
Ace2016but i'm pretty sure the admins would share the bandwidth out and cap users19:40
xrhstaraspatrahi from greece19:40
Ace2016have you considered that maybe they don't want people on irc?19:41
goldinsAce2016: oh they definitely don't want people on IRC19:41
xrhstaraspatracan i ask a question about overlays and flickering on 3d games/programs only when compiz is activated? - with graphic card ati radeon hd240019:41
Ace2016see in that case i suggest you don't go around telling everyone, maybe just put up with it19:42
* cwillu scoffs at the notion of telling me I can browse the internet, but I can't connect to irc19:42
nextstepe_r_c_e:  did you find any way of fixing yours ?19:42
cwillusuch nonsense belies a fundamental misunderstand of what the internet is :p19:42
cwillunextstep, I think he just did a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh19:43
* cwillu puts e_r_c_e on his ignore list19:43
Ace2016cwillu: well i think browsing has become linked with web pages, so when people mean browse the internet they mean web pages19:43
sielnt_I'm completely missing my screen configure tool in administration, did hardy get rid of that gtk app?19:44
goldinsWe're also blocked from a whole list of sites19:44
cwilluAce2016, yes, but what if you browsed to a page that implemented an irc client via http redirects?19:44
nextstepsadly i already did that .. without the -phigh switch .. what does that do ?19:44
K|makes you anwer less19:44
cwilluAce2016, "The internet treats censorship as damage, and routes around it"19:44
goldinscwillu: or a java irc client19:44
cwillugoldins, I didn't want to beg the question :p19:44
cwilluno java, no flash, no javascript, just a form and a meta refresh :p19:44
anteayawill nodebox work on hardy?19:44
cwillunextstep, just makes it not bug you for the settings19:45
cwillunextstep, you restarted X after?19:45
hischildcwillu, you know that i actually use that :P i tunnel traffic through my home pc with ssh, so i can avoid the school censorships :P19:45
nextstepnothing changed19:45
nextstepin face now that i think about it .. the reconfigure didnt ask me for any video settings either .. just kb settings19:45
cwilluhischild, I socks proxy through my server in the states so I can still get my pandora fix internationally :p19:46
hischildfor hardy, it doesn't ask you for video settings.19:46
xrhstaraspatrai'm sorry asking you again, but i have  overlays and flickering on 3d games/programs only when compiz is activated? - with graphic card ati radeon hd240019:46
hischildcwillu, sounds nice though i have no idea what it all means :P i'm assuming some sort of avoiding of limitations19:46
cwilluhischild, it's the -D option to ssh :p19:46
hischildcwillu, riiiight19:46
hischildcwillu, mind explaining the difference with normal tunneling?19:47
goldinsssh -D [port number] [remote server]19:47
goldinsthen, configure your local programs to use the proxy server sitting on localhost:[port number]19:47
cwilluhischild, it's a socks proxy, no static routing required, I just tell firefox to use it as the proxy19:47
hischildgoldins, i know how to use proxying using ssh19:47
nextstepcwillu:  well that made some progress in the wrong direction .. now i get Cannot display this mode on my monitor ...lol19:47
hischildcwillu, i see19:47
cwillunextstep, ctrl+alt+[-]?19:48
muszek_hi... I (muszek) have created a repo.  another user on the same machine (tomekg) made a checkout and bind'ed his repo to mine.  Now when he tries to commit, he gets a "permission denied" error.  I figure it's about "regular unix file permissions"... how should I handle this?19:48
hischildcwillu, i just run firefox at home and route that19:48
cwilluhischild, gah19:48
cwilluwhy would you pipe graphic data remotely?19:48
hischildcwillu, because we can't set proxy's at school for programs. Funny thing is that it runs so smooth (yes it does) that you don't notice a difference19:49
cwilluhtml+css+images is orders of magnitude smaller than the screen data required to display firefox remotely :)19:49
nextstepcwillu:  just a mess of graphical artifacts all over the screen now19:49
h3sp4wn_Why not just use NX or freenx19:49
xrhstaraspatrai'm sorry asking you again, but i have  overlays and flickering on 3d games/programs only when compiz is activated? - with graphic card ati radeon hd2400 , help?19:49
cwilluh3sp4wn_, ssh works out of the box, and integrates into the existing window manager19:49
DanaGAnybody else just have gnome session break?19:49
hischildbecause i'm lazy :P19:49
h3sp4wn_cwillu: So does NX19:49
DanaGI can't log into gnome anymore.19:49
cwillufreenx, on the other hand, is just annoying, isn't installed by default19:50
nextstepDanaG :  welcome to the party19:50
DanaGShould I just downgrade gnome-session?19:50
h3sp4wn_cwillu: Other than the default part but defaults are crappy anyway19:50
nextstepyou can login, but you get no screen after .. right ?19:50
hischildDanaG, nextstep, assuming it's gnome specific, would i be safe when using fluxbox and updating?19:50
cwilluh3sp4wn_, they don't force you to use a window anymore?19:50
h3sp4wn_cwillu: Nah - I am using the one from nomachine.com (non free) its like citrix19:51
h3sp4wn_You can load a desktop or an app19:51
cwilluh3sp4wn_, either way, there's much to be said for not requiring additional installed software, especially when the point of interest was a machine that he presumably doesn't have admin access to :p19:51
hischildschool machine yes :19:51
nextstepDanaG .. you want to try to downgrade and see if it fixes you ?19:52
DanaGOdd: I seem to have to dpkg --configure -a19:52
nextstepbeen there done that ... still broken for me sadly19:53
DanaGgnome-system-monitor, gconf-editor, gnome-media-common, libgnome-desktop, and a whole bunch of other things.19:53
nextstepi didnt even pay attention to what updates I applied today .. was there a gnome one in there ?19:53
DanaGI'll try downgrading.19:53
DanaGAlso, when I was installing the updates, HAL randomly stopped and didn19:54
DanaGdidn't restart.19:54
DanaG2.22-0ubuntu2 works.19:55
DanaGgnome-session, that is.19:55
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
nextstepkk ... how do i force downgrade ?19:55
sami88An Error occurred: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.24-15-generic_2.6.24-15.27_i386.deb: unable to make backup link of `./lib/modules/2.6.24-15-generic/kernel/drivers/net/irda/actisys-sir.ko' before installing new version19:55
sami88What on earth do I do?!19:55
DanaGsudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/gnome-session_2.22.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb19:56
DanaGInstalls that specific version.19:56
DanaGWhy does hpijs never ever ever ever ever show changelogs?19:56
x0xhey guys check out http://www.dnswatch.info/dns/dnslookup?la=en&host=www.hotircchat.com&type=A&submit=Resolve19:57
x0xwhy i getting this error :s19:57
sami88Guys I desperately need your help19:57
nextstepkk DanaG .. i am rebooting now19:58
x0xi have added dns19:58
DanaGdon't reboot19:58
DanaGjust kill X.19:58
x0xDanaG that look likes like spam?19:58
sami88sudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/gnome-session_2.22.1-0ubuntu2_i386.deb19:58
x0xDanaG that look like spam?19:58
nextstepdanag:  cant even get into X at all after doing the reconfigure xserver-xorg19:58
StucKmanwhere can I get the ubuntu installer's kernel config?19:58
DanaGWho keeps telling people to dpkg-reconfigure xorg?19:58
DanaGIt's not a be-all end-all solution to everything.19:59
nextstepit broke me even more it seems19:59
nextstepX is completely dead now19:59
karmelekanybody experienced problems with printing on 8.04?19:59
DanaGThere should be a backup xorg.conf somewhere.19:59
x0xwho can help me with dns?19:59
StucKmanx0x: here19:59
nextstepwell 1 monitor can view X .. the other is out of bounds for the graphics19:59
nextstepand its the primary19:59
sami88error processing linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-15-generic (--configure): dependency problems - leaving uncofigured20:00
x0xStucKman can i pm you?20:00
=== x0x is now known as xx0xx
DanaGOdd: I select a theme in gnome-appearance-properties, I get "Custom" instead.20:00
DanaGIt doesn't apply the metacity theme.20:00
sami88Save me jebus!20:01
nextstepuugh .. DanaG got any more ideas on this ... cant even start X now20:01
dotpavanDanaG, it is usually advised to make backup copies of xorg conf, menu.lst, sources.list before making changes20:02
DanaGI have a quite tweaked xorg.conf; boy, was I surprised when it was randomly destroyed and replaced with one using vmmouse.20:02
DanaGThat happened after one xorg update -- with no notice or confirmation.20:03
xx0xxStucKman you there?20:03
sami88I can't update!20:03
h3sp4wn_I have never known it not make a backup20:03
DanaGBut I was randomly clicking things on accident because ALL my touchpad settings were discarded.20:03
sami88An Error occurred: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.24-15-generic_2.6.24-15.27_i386.deb: unable to make backup link of `./lib/modules/2.6.24-15-generic/kernel/drivers/net/irda/actisys-sir.ko' before installing new version20:03
sami88No one will help?20:04
nextstepCan anyone help with this....  after a dpkg reconfigure of xorg file I can no long view X because it is out of bounds for my monitor.  Manually changing the xorg.conf file to include a resolution it supports does nothing either.20:05
karmelekMy hp 840c prints very strange -20:06
karmelekit stops printing after some lines and continue on the next sheet of paper20:06
karmelekhow to fix it?20:07
cwillunextstep, investigate xrandr20:07
cwillu(terminal app)20:07
nextstepi had a very custom xorg.conf file that was working with my multimonitor setup ... so i hate to think everything is broken because of this update20:08
nextstepputting it back in as the default xorg.conf file does the same thing20:08
nextstepcould this be an nvidia driver issue ?20:09
redwhitewaldois there a terminal command to import pics from digital camera to computer?20:10
nextstepohh wait .. i just got 1 of my 3 screens back in x20:10
nextsteplmfao .. except i have no network in X .. only in shell20:11
nextstepdoes envy work in hardy ?20:12
jbroomenextstep: yeah20:12
kane77where did the share settings go in hardy??20:16
kane77I mean samba of course...20:16
Pirate_Hunterhas there been a fix for the screen resolution problem in hardy if not can anyone tell me where the xorg file is located?20:17
Pirate_HunterAm i the only one who believes this beta release is outrageous but yeah can someone answer my question20:18
insomninjaPirate_Hunter, the xorg.conf is located in /etc/X11 remember to make a backup before editing it20:18
StucKmanPirate_Hunter: /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:18
sourcemakerI have instaled virtualbox but by windows 2000 server does not start... there is no error message20:18
Pirate_Hunterinsomninja: yeah will do so20:19
Pirate_Hunterinsomninja, StucKman: thanx20:19
Pirate_Hunterinsomninja, StucKman: just incase has there been a fix for screen resolution in hardy and if i mess up xorg file how can i use the backup i.e. what is the command again?20:22
StucKmanPirate_Hunter: just nuke the new broken config and copy/move the old one over20:22
insomninjaPirate_Hunter, in the terminal (you might need to log in first): sudo cp the_backup_file /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:24
K|why should it be outrageous?20:24
Pirate_HunterStucKman: I would but i did not know beta was this messed up so i havent got a copy of my old config file from gutsy :(20:24
DanaGLook in /etc/X11 -- you may be able to find a backup.20:25
Pirate_HunterStucKman: this beta release is making me cross :/20:25
Pirate_Hunterinsomninja: thanx will write that down20:25
DanaGInput-hotplug is annoying -- it means you can no longer configure evdev through xorg.conf.20:25
MrKeunerwhat is the latest iso I can download? is it the beta published a while back?20:25
jbroome!daily | MrKeuner20:26
ubotuMrKeuner: Daily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/20:26
awen_if anybody is using kubuntu hardy and have time for it... please test kde-guidance-powermanager from https://launchpad.net/~andreas-wenning/+archive , it has added support for showing power consumption when on battery; please tell if it works for you (or not)20:26
MrKeunerjbroome: thanks20:26
racquadHello everybody! Does anyone know where can I change the default gnome calculator? I have  a MS natural keyboard with a shortcut to the calculator but I don't like the gnome's default one.20:26
MrKeunerracquad: check update-alternatives, though not sure20:27
MrKeunerracquad: what does an "MS natural keyboard" have that others don't in terms of calculator thingy?20:28
mheathracquad: To make sure I understand you correctly....20:29
racquadNothing, it's just that I like that keyboard and I would like to use my prefered calculator program20:29
mheathYour button correctly opens the Gnome Calculuator, and you just want to change what calculator app its opening?20:29
MrKeunerracquad: ah Ok but how do you run the default calc?20:29
MrKeunerhmm I see20:30
MrKeunerupdate-alternatives might work20:30
racquadMrKeuner: I just press the "Calculator" button on my keyboard. That's the point.20:30
K|awen_: how do i start it?20:30
MrKeunerracquad: yep I would try update-alternatives20:31
racquadAt keyboard preferencer window, I can only set which is the button that starts the calculator program, not which calculator program20:31
MrKeunerracquad: that's correct20:31
awen_K|: you should have a battery icon in your lower left corner ... close that one, and start it again with the command guidance-power-manager20:32
racquadMrKeuner: at /etc/alternatives I don't see any symlink to calculator. So I don't think that update-alternatives should apply20:32
MrKeunerracquad: then, sorry I have no further idea20:32
mheathracquad: hold on a second, I'm poking through gconf, seeing if I can find anything relevent20:33
racquadmheath: thanks20:33
K|awen_: it tells me 0:00 remaining20:34
K|with 97% battery20:34
MrKeunercan I log vino connections(any attempts) in 8.04.24?20:34
K|ah, now it updated to 3:05 remaining20:34
mheathracquad: I don't see anything right off. A temporary hack/solution would be to mv /usr/bin/gcalctool /usr/bin/gcalctool.old, and then symlink /usr/bin/gcalctool to your new app.20:35
K|and now it tells me the time to charge20:35
awen_K|: it should show the current power-consumption? eg. 25 W20:35
racquadmheath: Just what I thought. It works, but at the next system update, there's the risk to loose this config :)20:36
awen_K|: but only when you are running on battery20:36
kane77so how do I configure shares using samba? I have been able to share a folder in nautilus by right clicking and configuring share options, I see this folder BUT where do I specify password to connect??20:36
mheathracquad: one second20:36
K|awen_: shows me "Discharging (97%) - W"20:37
ader10The near-instant tooltips are extremely annoying/intrusive to me. Is there a way to delay or disable them?20:38
awen_K|: hmm ... can I ask you to run "lshal | grep battery" and put in a pastebin? :)20:39
ader10The tooltips are especially annoying in pidgin, azureus, and the icons on my toolbars20:40
insomninjais there a console command to change key map, from Swedish dvorak to English dvorak and back, I can't use gnome-keyboard-properties as I'm not currently running gnome20:40
K|awen_: http://pastebin.kubuntu-de.org/89217220:41
insomninjais loadkeys perhaps what I want?20:41
DanaGtry 'man' about it.20:41
insomninjaDanaG, thanks20:42
awen_K|: thanks ... seems your battery does not support it, I'll poke you in a bit to have you test it again and see, that the unneeded W isn't there... thanks for the help so far :)20:42
dudicusquick question about building with deps. in my control file (I am rebuilding mysql server) I have variables like mysql-common (>= ${source:Version}), ${shlibs:Depends} these end up being NULL ones debuild finally gets to that point. Why are these variables null?20:43
K|awen_: You're welcome20:43
dudicuscould it possibly be that I am running debuild -d  ?20:44
xx0xxi am getting error with bind9. NDC command failed : rndc: connect failed: connection refused20:45
sarixehi, where can i find the changelog for the newest amarok update?20:46
awen_K|: I've uploaded a new version ... you should be able to test it in around 20 minutes20:46
K|will do20:46
awen_K|: thanks a lot20:47
miip_is anyone using virt-manager to remotecontrol kvm over ssh on another machine successfully?20:47
jbroomemiip_: i haven't poked @ kvm much, but it's on my list20:47
miip_on localhost virt-manager works great, but i had some trouble with a remote machine20:48
=== miip_ is now known as miip
goldinscwillu: so the CD works...20:49
goldinsso does the -generic kernel20:49
goldinswhich is what I'm using now20:49
ubuntuRight, I have a current install of Ubuntu Hardy on my 300gig hard drive. I now want to install Kubuntu on my machine while keeping Ubuntu - so i can dual boot. Im on the Kubuntu live cd, how do i do this?20:49
goldinsubuntu: Why?20:50
nextstepWell I am back and still cant get anything to happen in X .. login is fine but past that is nothing.  Any ideas ?20:50
ubuntuGoldins: So I can change between the two operating systems, because im thinking of changing from gnome to KDE, but I don't want to complely change20:51
goldinsnextstep: did you do something to it?20:51
goldinsubuntu: I'm pretty sure you can install the kde packages on ubuntu, and decide at login which to use.20:51
ader10The near-instant tooltips are extremely annoying/intrusive to me. Is there a way to delay or disable them? The tooltips are especially annoying in pidgin, azureus, and the icons on my toolbars.20:51
awen_ubuntu: just install the package "kubuntu-desktop"20:51
goldinsubuntu: the only difference would be the login manager20:51
ubuntuwill it get all the repos and stuff for kubuntu?20:52
goldinswhich, if you really, REALLY, wanted to, you could change as well20:52
ubuntuor will I do that myself?20:52
goldinsThere are separate repos?20:52
ubuntuI thought there were, maybe not ;)20:52
miipits all the same20:52
nextstepgoldins: just did the updates today and that broke everything and someone here told me to reconfigure xorg which broke things even more20:53
h3sp4wn_There is one repo with some experimental kde4 stuff20:53
ubunturight so if I install kubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu system I can choose what enviroment to use on login?20:53
goldinsnextstep: that's awesome.20:53
nextstepI can at least get into X now, but i have to wait for the 5 min failover time20:53
miipubuntu: yes20:53
ubuntuI love you guys20:53
goldinsnextstep: move your xorg.conf20:53
goldinsnextstep, somewhere like xorg.conf.bak20:54
nextstepyeah .. tried that already as well as replacing it with my original one .. i dont think that is the issue.20:54
nextstepproblem seems to be that gnome will not load properly20:54
goldinsnextstep: ah. Well.20:54
goldinstry installing another window manager and see if that's the problem20:54
goldinsI use ion20:54
goldinsinstalling it will add it to the sessions list20:54
nextstephumm .. ok let me just install kde desktop then and see what explodes20:55
goldinsKDE is huge20:55
goldinsare you sure you want that?20:55
goldinsinstall something puny20:55
nextstepsuggestions ?20:55
goldinslike fvwm or ion20:56
nextstepion3 i assume ?20:56
nextstepyeah .. its gnome .. ion loads perfectly fine20:58
billisnicebeta stinks20:58
billisnicedoes the ubuntu team update the download CD daily?20:58
nextstepanyone know what to do in this situation?  should i just reinstall all the gnome stuff ?20:59
DanaGVersion 2.22.1-0ubuntu3:    * ensure that metacity is the default window manager after a dapper->hardy upgrade21:01
DanaGI think that gnome-session update is what broke gnome.21:01
DanaGI rolled that one package back, and it fixed it.21:01
DanaG(I also had to first run dpkg --configure -a )21:01
DanaGI also see an nvidia-glx-new update, but I haven't installed it.21:02
PrefixIs there a way i can just install all the packages on a Kubuntu CD?21:02
swubooHas anyone else been having a problem with Firefox fonts looking godawful?21:02
ader10The near-instant tooltips are extremely annoying/intrusive to me. Is there a way to delay or disable them? The tooltips are especially annoying in pidgin, azureus, and the icons on my toolbars.21:03
nextstepdana:  doesnt seem that rolling back to that version did anything for me21:03
awen_K|: the new version is ready in my PPA21:03
nextsteplet me force install it again and see what happens21:04
nextstepdanag:  what is that command 1 more time please ?21:05
swubooNo thoughts on Firefox 3 fonts, then?21:07
esoxHi, I would like to know, if I update gutsy to hardy, will it keep all settings, and those settings will work - I mean udev rules, home-compiled softs, xorg settings (I've noticed that hardy's xorh is quite different), including my wacom tablet settings (hardy doesn't provide pre-settings in the regular xorg) ,?21:07
derspanksterswuboo: they look fine to me21:07
K|awen_: ok, works, and the w is gone21:07
awen_K|: thanks a lot for testing ... you were just the test case I needed21:08
akkswuboo: I didn't see your problem, but there was a bug in installing new ttf fonts that's fixed now, bug 21266921:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212669 in x-ttcidfont-conf "newly installed fonts don't show up in hardy" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21266921:08
K|awen_: no problem, if i can help the good cause :)21:09
nextstepdanaG:  can you please tell me how to install that older package again ?21:10
KenSentMeI got some trouble connecting my laptop to the wireless network at work. How can i stop networkmanager using the interface and how can i get wpa_supplicant to use it?21:15
nextstepis DanaG still here ?21:16
swubooakk:  Ah, thanks.21:17
swubooSorry, missed your reply akk.21:17
jaffarkelshaccisti whats the problem21:17
KenSentMeOr is it possible to install an earlier version of networkmanager (like the one in gutsy) on a hardy system?21:19
nextstepOk .. maybe I should just start over here.  After the latest updates my gnome is completely broken.  Only will start in failsafe mode.  Can someone help me either roll back to the previous version or fix the updated one ?21:19
stefgnextstep: first try adding a new test user and log in as that21:20
goldinsI can't get my nvidia stuff working :-(21:20
nextstepstefg:  ok .. doing that now21:20
nextstepstefg:  also just so you know i have a tar file of my entire system from last night ... if i have to restore21:21
esoxwhat is the best, installing from CD or updating gutsy ?21:22
stefgesox: i'd always prefer a fresh install (if you have /home separate) cleaner and quicker21:24
ubotuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate21:25
esoxstefg: I didnt manage to use udev rules for my midibox with hardy the way I did on gutsy21:25
dfeuerHas the Gutsy problem with Intel wireless flaking out been fixed in Hardy?21:26
sourcemakerwhen I use vpn on linux... I receive the following message:  martian source, ll.. what's wrong?21:27
nextstepstefg:  I would love to tell you, but now i cant get into x again . .. screen resoution is out of bound21:27
esoxstefg: and also some xorg settings didnt work on hardy21:27
stefgesox: run sudo dpkg-reconfugure xserer-xorg21:29
stefgesox: run sudo dpkg-reconfugure xserver-xorg21:29
stefgesox: run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg21:30
=== bluefoxx|showeri is now known as bluefoxx
stefgesox: ati video?21:30
=== _robilive is now known as robilive
esoxstefg: yes but some settings that helped me to solve a cursor corruption crashed X. Yes ati radeon X700 mobility21:30
esoxwith ati closed drivers21:31
stefgprobably problems with the new kernel and the restricted driver21:31
nextstepstefg:  starting with a new user is the same issue.  gnome is corrupted it appears21:31
nextstepjust goes to a blank desktop21:32
nextstepthen after 5 mins to the failsafe gnome21:32
stefgnextstep: sure, the problem is the ati driver / mismatch with the new kernel. so it's no user setting21:32
nextstepstefg:  actually I am on nvidia21:33
nextstepand even with envy or the ubuntu driver I have no change21:33
billisnice123 updates going on now on  my machine21:33
stefgsorry.. mixed up two persons21:33
nextstephow to do go back to the previous version of gnome ?21:33
penis there a way to control NVIDIA Powermizer?21:34
nextstepthe one before this update broke the world21:34
esoxstefg: will this mismatch be solved on released version ?21:35
esoxstefg: and will hardy keep my wacom settings ?21:36
stefgesox: i think so. so hardy is beta, that means that updates are released, even when not all dependencies are met at the same time.21:36
Black_MagicX Error of failed request:  GLXBadDrawable21:36
Black_Magic  Major opcode of failed request:  143 (GLX)21:36
Black_Magic  Minor opcode of failed request:  5 (X_GLXMakeCurrent)21:36
Black_Magic  Serial number of failed request:  52421:36
Black_Magic  Current serial number in output stream:  52421:36
Black_Magic Im getting that21:36
ubotupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:37
Black_Magicmeant to pastebinit...21:37
esoxstefg: but if I update now, the update manager will clear everything ?21:37
Black_MagicMoniker42: I usualy do /exec pastebinit <text or file?21:37
Black_MagicMoniker42: I usualy do /exec pastebinit <text or file>21:37
Black_Magicforgot the /exec pastebinit21:37
Black_MagicHow does Piping command to pastebinit work21:38
stefgesox: i can't tell, depends on wether all packages are already uploaded and synced in the repos.21:38
Black_MagicLike a live command so itl paste that21:38
esoxstefg: I mean : I will not have to do a new install at release time ?21:39
nextstepstefg:  you know ?21:40
stefgesox: usually not.... wait some time. but doing a fresh install when the release happens is a good idea anyway. sometmes the beta phase leaves inconsistencies,21:40
Black_Magicsavvas: HEY! i think you fixed it21:41
Black_Magicand hopefully it worked21:41
nextstep /sad21:41
Black_Magici didnt get the hplips error i didnt even go through the entire Purge21:41
Black_Magicit did something with selinux21:41
nextstepi guess i get to format and reinstall this thing then21:41
Black_Magici think SELinux was causing the problem21:41
stefgnextstep: all i know is that i run hardy since alpha 5 on nvidia with gnome, and i have /no/ breakage. it's already better for than gutsy21:41
stefgbetter for me21:41
Black_Magicnextstep: You DONT have to reinstall21:42
nextstepany other ideas then21:42
nextstepthis update has me hosed21:42
Black_Magicnextstep: just keep this one until stable test around for a while and if you get majour errors then do a reinstall21:42
stefgnextstep: see /topic21:42
Black_Magicor make a new partition for the vanilla unchanged hardy21:42
nextstepwell i cant get into gnome .. so its fairly impossible to do anything21:43
Black_Magicnextstep: Have you tried xfix?21:43
Black_MagicUsing recovery thing21:43
nextstepi tried .. but didnt work21:43
nextstepplus that just really fixes the xorg file and my issue is gnome21:43
Black_Magicget any errors during text boot?21:44
nextstepnothing related21:44
Black_Magicwell then....is your /home on another patiton?21:44
nextstepi just need to go back to the pre-update gnome21:44
Black_MagicYou could try if you have a reliable wireless or ethernet connection removing gnome21:44
Black_Magicthen reinstalling21:44
nextstepyeah i have home seperated, I however dont have my 200 monitored machines install of nagios in my home21:44
Black_Magicdoing sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade21:45
nextstepso either way ... /sad panda21:45
=== DreamThief is now known as dreamthief
Black_MagicWhy does my Computer go better without FGLRX?21:45
nextstepim already at the newest everything, its the gnome i got today that is broken21:45
Black_Magicatm its using mesa21:45
Black_Magicnextstep: do sudo apt-get remove gnome21:45
Black_Magicnextstep: then i think the Ubuntu package website has a package place to download packages and then grab the gnome package from there21:46
Black_Magicand then insalll21:46
=== dreamthief is now known as DreamThief
nextsteptrying a gnome reinstall .. although i have done this once already21:47
Black_Magicstefg: Erm when i was in text boot it said Unable to set kernal variables [Fail]21:47
Black_Magicnextstep: Try Purging gnome then reinstalling21:47
sivel27any way to see what my audio hardware is identified is?21:47
Black_Magicnextstep: with aptitude21:47
nextstepsudo apt-get purge gnome*    correct ?21:48
Black_MagicIm pretty sure...i wont test that tho21:48
nextstepkk cant get any worse21:48
Black_Magicuse aptitude21:48
Black_Magicsudo aptitude pure gnome21:48
Black_Magicgnome is a smarter system them APT21:48
Black_Magici mean Aptitiude21:48
nextstepgnome by itself does nothing .. i assume i have to * it21:49
nextsteplol .. more than 40 packages exist with gnome in them .. so it cant do it21:50
nextstep /shoots gnome21:50
Black_Magictry sudo aptitude -f install21:50
penis there a way to control NVIDIA Powermizer?21:50
Black_Magicsometimes aptitude comes up with fixes...21:50
nextstepi think gnome-session is the broken one21:50
ph8is avahi a default part of ubuntu now? or has it squirreled its way onto this machine through some other means?21:51
Black_Magicgnome has ALOT of packages...21:51
nextstepyeah ..21:51
nextstepand it also removes ubuntu-desktop .. lol21:51
Black_Magictry apt-get remove gnome221:52
Black_Magic gnome - The GNOME Desktop Environment, with extra components21:53
nextstepreinstalling gnome-sesssion and ubuntu-desktop atm21:53
Black_Magici excuted cache search and was scrolling up to find gnome21:53
nextstephere goes reboot 1000000 of the day21:54
nextstepi feel like windows all over again21:54
h3sp4wn_pen: tried nvidia-settings ?21:54
Black_Magicnextstep: LOL21:54
Black_Magicatleast no blue screen >.>21:54
penh3sp4wn_: of course21:54
Black_Magicnextstep: remeber those blue screen errors...21:55
penh3sp4wn_: there is no pull down menu to choose modes21:55
nextstepunfortunately yes21:55
h3sp4wn_pen: Wait 30 seconds I think on my other laptop I can change those modes21:55
penh3sp4wn_: really?21:55
nastasthere is a folder in my trash that i can't delete. it says "Error removing file: Permission denied" any idea???21:56
Black_Magicnastas: Use root nautilus..21:56
Black_Magicor sudo rm -f21:56
Black_Magic<filename here>21:56
Black_Magicor path/to/file21:56
nextstepyeah .. this is still a mess ... wont start into X still. I will just reload the thing tomorrow and start over i guess21:57
henryvpshello.. i just updated my 8.04 and now my gnome panel is buggy.. if i reboot it shows up but hangs.. when i restart X, the panel won't appear at all..21:57
nastasBlack_Magic root nautilus shows empty trash21:58
Black_Magicgo to your /home/<Your User>21:58
h3sp4wn_pen: Hmmm something has changed - I have disabled powermizer before21:58
Black_Magicthen select show hidden files and go to .trash21:58
Black_Magicshould be something there then21:59
penh3sp4wn_: really?21:59
h3sp4wn_yep I will try to remember how I did it21:59
nastasthere is no .trash folder in /home/user22:00
nextstepits .Trash in the shell22:00
nextstepif that is what you are doing22:00
nextstepcase sensitive22:00
jbroomeit's not /home/user, it's /home/YOURLOGINNAME if that's giving you trouble22:01
sarixeor just ~22:01
penh3sp4wn_: k22:02
=== ziimp_ is now known as ziimp
nastasany suggestion?22:04
sarixeso... i just upgraded amarok to 1.4.9, and while now it works with dbus and hal, it doesn't actually want to connect.  instead of connecting, it just sits, and gives no errors.22:04
sarixemaybe there's something being output to the terminal i'm missing22:05
N3WFI3hows hardy ppl, does it feel rdy for release?22:12
N3WFI3not many days to go22:12
jk__well no problems from me22:12
kane77N3WFI3, not many problems really.. I find it very stable for me...22:12
jk__some nvidia problems with resolution22:12
N3WFI3i figured i would stick with gutsy till the next stable rls is out22:12
jbroomeN3WFI3: good idea22:13
N3WFI3works very well22:13
kane77but I haven't tested suspend and hibernate - two things I prayed for every evening and morning :)22:13
N3WFI3i never use those things22:13
billisnice_After 123 uppdates today I am missing Application>add/remove. How do i get add/remove back?22:13
kane77N3WFI3, it is _very_ useful for laptop22:14
N3WFI3i only use desktop :)22:14
ader10The near-instant tooltips are extremely annoying/intrusive to me. Is there a way to delay or disable them? The tooltips are especially annoying in pidgin, azureus, and the icons on my toolbars. Please help.22:15
jbroomeader10: i noticed the ones on pidgin, haven't been bothered by them anywhere else22:16
N3WFI3is there any huge features in hardy that people will notice right away?22:16
kane77policy kit, pulse audio22:17
akkader10: might look in gconf-editor for something related to tooltip delay? Or google on gtk toolkit delay, maybe with gconf added22:18
AboSamoorhow can update iwl3945 module, i have one which version 1.2.0 ?22:18
kane77although I'm not sure if it's that noticeable.. there are many small changes, new versions of programs (OO.org 2.4, wesnoth 1.4, xmoto 4.2 etc.)22:18
ader10akk: nothing in gconf-editor22:19
h3sp4wn_AboSamoor: use the - wireless-compat tarball22:25
h3sp4wn_AboSamoor: http://linuxwireless.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6/compat-wireless-2.6.tar.bz222:26
swatTXis this the right place for a hardy question?22:28
bicyclistAre there any news on the pink shadow topic in hardy ?22:30
swatTXOk. I seem to be having trouble with some system updates. I get to item 139 of 185 and then i get an error message saying "Could not download the upgrades"22:30
ader10The near-instant tooltips are extremely annoying/intrusive to me. Is there a way to delay or disable them? The tooltips are especially annoying in pidgin, azureus, and the icons on my toolbars. Please help.22:30
Boohbahpink shadow... ?22:30
Boohbahader10: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop22:31
Black_Magicanyone thought of Burning hmm...22:32
jbroomethe near-constant repeating of the tooltip question is extremely annoyin/intrusive to me.  Is there a way to delay or disable them?22:32
ader10Boohbah: ?22:32
ader10Boohbah: Does it install kde3.x or 4?22:32
ader10Boohbah: Will it install kde4 after the release of hardy?22:33
derspanksterI don't think it's possible but has anyone been able to run compiz with the sis661 card?22:33
Boohbahsudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop22:34
Boohbahwill install kde422:34
sarixeanyone else having problems with amarok+ipod?22:34
ader10Boohbah: Will it install kde4 after the release of hardy?22:34
Boohbahyes, now and after release22:34
ader10Boohbah: I don't like kde4 :\22:35
Boohbahwell, it's got a lot of work left to be done...22:35
ader10no dual-monitor support, high resource usage22:35
ader10imho it was prematurely released22:36
AboSamoorhow can i install that ?22:36
AboSamoorh3sp4wn_ how i can install that wireless-compat tarball22:36
Moniker42umm... is that bloody irritating region selector going to be in the final release?22:40
swatTXanyone having problems downloading updates?22:40
Moniker42it looks lovely, but it took me something like ten seconds to select my city with my laptop trackpad22:40
derspanksterswatTX: what kind of trouble?22:42
quittthow many days we have?22:43
Dr_willisMoniker42,  ya mean the timezone thing?22:43
swatTXderspankster: My system is telling me that there are updates but I can't download and install them all.22:43
h3sp4wnAboSamoor: uncompress it - tar xf22:43
h3sp4wnAboSamoor: then just run make22:43
derspanksterswatTX: Oh, sometimes update manager hangs for me and I have kill it and start over.22:44
Stormx2My URL handler for firefox beta 5 seems broken. Things like xchat can no longer open links. Any fix available?22:44
BoohbahStormx2: it's a beta... use firefox 222:44
swatTXderspankster: Well it's not hanging on me... it just tells me that it couldn't download the updates and then the update manager rolls back or whatever.22:45
Stormx2Boohbah: I don't want to downgrade. plus I'm pretty sure it isn't a firefox problem.22:45
Stormx2Boohbah, anyway, I thought it's wrong to use packages outside of the repositories?22:45
swatTXderspankster: It's also telling me something about a 'partial update' , which i've never seen before22:45
BoohbahStormx2: sudo apt-get install firefox-222:45
derspanksterswatTX: have you run the partial update?22:46
Stormx2I'd rather fix this problem22:46
Stormx2I don't want to go back to firefox 2 just when I got used to 3.22:46
Boohbahyes 3 is an improvement22:46
Boohbahbut beta 5 breaks adblock plus for now... :(22:46
swatTXderspankster: not completely. that's where the problem arises about downloading the updates. I noticed that there was 185 items and I've managed to get to item 13922:47
derspanksterStormx2: I had the same problem with B4, when B5 came along it was fixed.22:47
Stormx2Oh blimey, heh.22:47
Stormx2derspankster: Oh, I've found the problem.22:47
Stormx2Preferred app for web links: /usr/lib/firefox-3.0b4/firefox "%s"22:47
* Stormx2 fixes.22:47
derspanksterbroken packages?22:47
redwhitewaldowhat's the official HardyHeron way of making dual-monitor support (2 video-out jacks- card) to work in Hardy ?22:47
Fritzeldoes anyone happen to know where I can get the microsoft fonts for use under wine? I have the necessary liscensing22:48
Stormx2Fritzel: msttcorefonts?22:48
Fritzelif that's it yeah22:48
aguitelanyone use wireless card with chipset Realtek 8180L ?22:49
FritzelI'm not seeing it in the repo, which is understandable, but I'm not exactly sure where to look? would that just be something I get directly off of microsoft and install under wine?22:49
derspanksterStormx2: Good for you!22:50
Fritzelok I take that back it shows up on the command line but not in adept ><22:51
Dr_willis!info msttcorefonts22:54
ubotumsttcorefonts (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.4 (hardy), package size 34 kB, installed size 196 kB22:54
Dr_willisYou need to enable the Multiverse repo.22:54
redwhitewaldoDr_willis: u talking to me?22:55
Dr_willisredwhitewaldo,  looks like thats ONE site with the info u asked for. If you have a nvidia card you will want to enable twinview22:55
redwhitewaldoDr_willis: thanks. but my card is Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc R480 [Radeon X850XT Platinum (PCIE)]22:56
Dr_willisbackup yur xorg.conf in any case.22:56
Dr_willisas for ati - they have some similer thing to Twinview- but ive never used it.22:56
redwhitewaldoDr_willis: i got dualmonitor working on 7.10 by editing my xorg and doing an xrandr command. is there no more user-friendly way in 8.04?22:56
Xiol32hey everyone, does anyone know if 8.04 will allow me to get my multi-monitor setup right, cos thats whats holding me back at the minute. got one monitor on DVI, the other on VGA. I need to swap my monitors around so that 2 is my primary and 1 is my secondary, but i can't seem to do it with 7.10, even using nvidia-settings...22:57
Dr_willisredwhitewaldo,  no idea. I dont use ati. For my Nvidia card i run 2 commands fromthe shell. restart X and its done.22:57
swatTXCan anyone help me? I'm having problems updating my system. When i click on the update icon in the upper right tray it tells me that there is a 'Partial Upgrade' but I can't complete the updates.22:57
Dr_willisXiol32,   Only issue ive had befor with nvidia and twnivew was GDM/KDM started on the wrong screen. that was fixable with the kdm/gdmrc config files.22:58
Dr_willisXiol32,  I also had to drag the panels from one screen to the other initially. :) but under hardy i do not thinki had to do that. I belive the nvidia config tools let me selext what monitor was #0 and what one was #1   I dont recall any issues like those under hardy.22:59
Xiol32Dr_willis: yeah, for me the panels and such appear on my second monitor, rather than my primary. no matter what i do i just can't get it to think that the DVI monitor is my primary monitor. i will try again when 8.04 is released, currently running it on laptop22:59
Dr_willisXiol32,  so yes.multimonitor under hardy worked better.22:59
Dr_willisXiol32,  i just drug the panels over to the other monitor.  the first time i logged in.22:59
Xiol32Dr_willis: ah good, i shall give it another shot then when it's released. haha, yeah i shohuld've thought of just dragging them across, though cos that monitor was primary i presumed everything would launch on that monitor...23:00
Dr_willisThe nvidia tools are not installed by default with the nvidia-glx drivers however. you need to install them from a seperate package.23:00
swatTXCan anyone help me? I'm having problems updating my system. When i click on the update icon in the upper right tray it tells me that there is a 'Partial Upgrade' but I can't complete the updates.23:03
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes23:05
esoxI was doing a ,webh update from gutsy, at the end of download, I had a message error saying the download wasn t done.... and then I reboot, and I have lots of updates going on...23:05
esox738 updates...23:06
esoxwhat's that mess ?23:06
swatTXDr_willis: I'm already on Hardy so that page is of no use.23:07
esoxubotu: you have an idea ?23:07
esoxis it messing up my gutsy ?23:08
aTrain78anyone have a mx4000 and 8.04 working correctly?23:08
esoxnobody can help ?23:09
esoxallo ???23:10
Moniker42ello esox23:10
sarixeanyone else having problems with amarok 1.4.9 and connecting an ipod?23:10
esoxdid you see my previous messages ?23:11
sarixeesox : ubotu is a bot23:11
esoxMoniker42: I tried an update of my gutsy, and it messes all my system...23:11
Moniker42well this is #23:11
Moniker42this is #ubuntu+123:11
Moniker42which is for the next release of ubuntu (hardy heron)23:12
esoxMoniker42: I was updating to hardy...23:12
nemo!@#$ iwl3945 - still broken. driving me mad23:13
nemoI thought it was my config. but is definitely this driver23:13
esoxMoniker42: and all download of new package was ok, but at the end it said it wasnt able to download... it did a automatic dpkg-reconfigure -a and the I reboot and its installing 738 updates...23:13
swatTXCan anyone help me? I'm having problems updating my system. When i click on the update icon in the upper right tray it tells me that there is a 'Partial Upgrade' but I can't complete the updates.23:14
swatTXI'm already on Hardy23:14
esoxswatTX: exactly the same but still on gutsy after trying to update to hardy23:14
esox738 updates23:15
swatTXesox: I've been on Hardy for at least a week now but today there were these updates, I'm lost and hoping i don't have to reinstall.23:16
esoxswatTX: same for me... i just spend one day to install a clean gutsy to update hardy...23:17
esoxand no help23:17
swatTXesox: since you're still on gutsy have you tried asking in the #ubuntu room?23:19
esoxswatTX: well they will tell me : you were updating to hardy, its a hardy update ,issue23:19
subparanything i should be wary of before updating with the new updates?23:20
esoxsubpar: carefull  I just tried and update and its a mess...23:20
subpardoes it wreck the system or just a bunch of broken dependencies like the last one23:21
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esoxsubpar: well the dowload of new files stopped at the end with an error, it did a dpkg-reconfigure -a and now its making a partial update of 738 files23:22
Xiol32esox: did you just do the update today? i updated a 7.10 machine to 8.04 yesterday with no issues23:22
esoxXiol32: 30 min ago23:23
subparI know the update from yesterday had some stuff broken in it23:23
Xiol32esox: ah. can you not just run update-manager -d again? (i'm a noob, really...)23:23
subparI was able to hotfix that23:23
subpar/echo $server23:23
esoxXiol32: what is -d ?23:23
picard_pwns_kirkis anyone else having a problem with liblaunchpad-integration (package)?23:24
subparpicard_pwns_kirk, yeah I had that problem yesterday23:24
subparthere's a hotfix for it23:24
Xiol32esox: it causes update-manager to look for the devel releases23:24
picard_pwns_kirksubpar: link?23:24
subparhold on, I cleared my history this morning, so I have to find it again23:24
Xiol32esox: so you get a button at the top of update manager to do the dist upgrade for you23:24
swatTXwhat is this 'partial upgrade' non sense i keep seeing?23:26
esoxswatTX: same thing, it tries to update to hardy to gutsy...23:26
esoxfrom hardy to gutsy23:26
subparI can't find it23:26
subparit's the one where it can't overwrite the 16x16 png right?23:27
esoxswatTX: and now, I'm on gutsy with termnal looking like hardy23:27
picard_pwns_kirkI've found a bug post23:27
picard_pwns_kirkI'll try it23:27
subparyeah that's what I did23:27
Xiol32esox: it's trying to "upgrade" from 8.04 to 7.10? i'm confused.23:27
subparit fixes it just fine23:27
esoxXiol32: yes it is, I'm confused too23:27
swatTXesox: what does it say when you type 'lsb_release -a' into the terminal?23:27
esoxswatTX: it says hardy...23:28
esoxI'm lost23:28
swatTXesox: says the same for me.23:29
esoxswatTX: http://pastebin.org/2865123:30
esoxI try a reboot23:30
swatTXThis is the first time i've seen this 'partial update' prompt though so I'm not sure what's up with that. Everytime i try to do the update it asks me for my password, then goes straight to 139 of 185 and then tells me it can't download anything23:30
Xiol32somehow i don't think a reboot is going to fix his problems!23:31
swatTXif our problems are similar it won't, i've tried that twice now.23:32
Xiol32swatTX: ive noticed that rebooting will fix windows machines, printers, routers, other networking gear, phones, tvs, radios, most other electronic equipment... but rebooting a linux box does nothing at all.23:33
Gilousometimes, it does :)23:33
swatTXthe only thing i can think of is that somehow some system files got screwed up. When i got to my machine this morning i had an error saying something about 'not being able to hibernate properly' or something to that effect. Then i tried to do the updates and here i am23:33
Fritzelis there a way to restart sound without restarting X?23:34
Gilouwhat "sound" Fritzel ?23:34
esoxok, I'm on hardy with a gutsy kernel...23:34
Gilou /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart would restart the sound server23:34
Fritzelwhatever hardy KDE4 uses by default,23:34
Fritzelthank you23:34
Fritzelthat's odd23:35
Fritzelno init script for pulse audio, yet audio does work (or will anyway if I relogin)23:35
esoxswatTX: and it still wants to upgrade from hardy to gutsy...23:35
swatTXesox: how can you tell that it's trying to go back to gutsy?23:35
reya276anyone know how to get Wacom Bamboo tablet working on Harfy23:37
esoxswatTX: when I start update manager it says partial updatge, I say, ok it says cant do update from hardy to gutsy with that stuff23:37
Fritzelwhat would I be using if the pulse audio script isn't there? pulse is what is used by default on hardy kde4 correct?23:37
OasisGamesI keep getting a Nautilus crash when I select an icon:  symbol lookup error: /.../libnautilus-burn-extension.so: undefined symbol: nautilus_file_info_get_mount23:37
esoxswatTX: no way out...23:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190968 in linux "[hardy] [regression] iwl3945 doesn't associate on kernel 2.6.24-7" [Medium,Triaged]23:39
nemoI believe I have that same bug. wireless is completely non-functional23:39
nemounfortunately, I didn't preserve 2.6.24-523:39
nemoanyone here who can help me try that release?23:39
esoxswatTX: I'm still on 2.6.22 kernel23:39
nemosomeone in the bug said downgrading worked for them23:39
swatTXesox: instead of doing the partial update i hit the close button. that took me back to the normal update screen. then i hit the check button and it's doing something now..23:39
swatTXesox: remind me how  to check my kernel again23:40
esoxswatTX: if I hit close it doesnt do anything23:40
nemoswatTX: uname -r23:41
swatTXesox: i'm on 2.6.24-12-generic23:41
esoxswatTX: I'm trying the updates one by one with synaptics23:42
swatTXnemo: thanks =p23:43
aNOOBisadoes anybody work with idjc here?23:43
nemonow. if anyone could help me get back to 2.6.24-5...23:43
ader10The near-instant tooltips are extremely annoying/intrusive to me. Is there a way to delay or disable them? The tooltips are especially annoying in pidgin, azureus, and the icons on my toolbars. Please help.23:44
aNOOBisahas anybody ever compiled idjc on hh23:45
swatTXader10: do you have compiz?23:45
ader10swatTX: I am not running compiz23:45
swatTXader10: only reason i ask is because i found how to disable tooltips with compiz-fusion. didn't mean to get you hopes up.23:46
ader10swatTX: No problem, it's nice to know that not everybody ignores me :)23:47
swatTXader10: i can relate23:47
swatTXesox: any luck? I'm still downloading files (184 of 332)23:49
orudieso what are some of the main updates/features of 8.04 over 7.10 ?23:49
Ssam`hey.....if i install ubuntu 8.10 beta23:49
Ssam`will i be able to update it to the release when its out?23:49
ader10Ssam`: yes23:49
OasisGamesSsam`: It'll update itself.23:49
esoxswatTX: after a few manual updates with synaptics updxate manager is a bit more polite...23:50
Ssam`is there a text based installer?23:50
Ssam`or min install23:50
Agrajag-g'day, does anyone else have a problem with resized/large images ff3b5? i often get blank/black images in websites, but if i "copy image location" and view the image by itself (not resized), it looks ok23:50
iroAnyone knows how to configure a sound card? i have a speaker icon with a red symbol on it ;( ?23:50
Ssam`i got a 12kb dl23:50
Ssam`iro alsamixer23:51
iroyou mean i should install it? or is it installed already i din't check ;P23:51
orudiei currently have 7.10 server ed installed, will it update itself  when 8.04 comes out ?23:52
swatTXesox: is it still saying you have like 789 updates or something like that?23:52
Ssam`lol orudie yes it will update itsself...i asked that like 4 seconds ago23:53
nodekrai have trouble in 804 with network.... eth0 is up but link is dead (( .. what can i do?23:53
esoxswatTX: no, only 159 now...23:53
redwhitewaldois Hardy heron using libstdc++5 or is it on libstdc++6? please tell me.23:53
orudieSsam`, you asked about installing beta23:53
nodekrain another OS network work fine23:53
Ssam`iro lsmod | grep snd23:53
orudieSsam`, i dont really want to install the beta, cause i dont see a need to23:54
Ssam`iro:  tell me what that returns23:54
iroSsam` nothing :P23:54
orudieSsam`, still cant get an answer how is 8.04 different from 7.1023:54
Sergeant_Ponyalot different23:54
Ssam`i dont noe i am on debian ask them23:54
iroSsam` : irek@irek-desktop:~$ lsmod | grep snd23:54
Sergeant_PonyI'm running it here on my laptop23:54
Ssam`hrmm your sound card isnt installed23:54
orudieSergeant_Pony, how is it different ?23:55
iroit is ;P23:55
OasisGamesGNOME 2.22, Compiz is at 0.7.2 (or did they get 0.7.4 into it yet? Meh, we're gonna push out 0.7.6 really soon anyway), FF3 works perfectly, etc. Lots of new things.23:55
iroi didn't touch it and it worked in 7.1023:55
nodekra i have trouble in 804 with network.... eth0 is up but link is dead (( .. what can i do?23:55
orudieSergeant_Pony, do you have a server ed ?23:55
Sergeant_Ponyorudie: new features... improvements....fixes23:55
Ssam`iro:  well its not being detected reboot if that helps i dont noe it helps with me23:56
Ssam`and install alsamixer23:56
Sergeant_Ponyorudie: my server is still 7.1023:56
iroSsam` i rebooted like 50 times :P i also have graphic problems23:56
dexterhi guyz23:56
Ssam`and u just upgraded?23:57
Ssam`hrmmm reinstall the driver23:57
irowell i installed a clean 7.10 and upgraded to 8.04 cuz i had no CDs at home23:57
dexteri m new to ubuntu and i m facing some problem with my display can any one help me with it?23:57
iroSsam` "E: Couldn't find package alsamixer23:58
Ssam`dexter: #ubuntu23:58
icanhasadminyay, another update with nothing broken,23:58
icanhasadminSergeant_Pony: you get your wifi to work?23:58
dexteri cant understand <Ssam>23:58
Ssam`aptitude install alsa-utils23:58
esoxswatTX: any success?23:58
Ssam`dexter: you are in the wrong channel try #ubuntu this is #ubuntu+123:59
Sergeant_Ponyicanhasadmin : did the setup this am.. still same problem it sees the wifi but can't connect and get ip23:59
swatTXesox: at 237 of 332 now23:59
irook guys i'll be back later got 2 get some food :P23:59
pewshhm - my box locks up during "creating ext3 file system for / "23:59
dexterbut there i was told to join #ubuntu+123:59
dexterany way i m going back to #ubuntu23:59
pewshI setup software raid1 - I'm wondering if that caused an issue23:59
Ssam`brb eating23:59
Sergeant_Ponydexter: this is fir 8.04 support23:59

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