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cody-somerville_MMA_, How is Ubuntu Studio coming?14:35
_MMA_Well. :) I just tested today's daily.14:35
kwwiihi all14:50
kwwiian improved wallpaper?14:51
kwwii_MMA_: check that out and let me know what you think14:55
_MMA_kwwii: OMG! Who shot the chicken? It's so bloody.14:55
kwwiilong live the ubuntu chicken14:55
_MMA_kwwii: It's fine with me in any case.14:56
savvaskwwii: that chicken should be de-centralised :P15:17
savvasi mean, it should be at the right corner, just as the original one :)15:18
kwwiisavvas: we had a problem with the chicken being cut off on the right side15:20
kwwiias it is not 4:3 on some peoples monitor the zoom effect cuts off the right side15:20
DanaGHmm, I hadn't heard it called that before.15:23
DanaGOne thing I would like to see: the other (red-crested) design from "remix-more-polish" on the wiki.15:24
DanaGOh yeah, and you will be tweaking the GDM theme a bit more, right?15:25
kwwiithe thing is that we are also printing t-shirts with this stuff so it has to be done in an hour or so15:25
kwwiiand final freeze is tomorrow15:26
DanaGIt just seems odd to me to have two of the three coil-thingies be the same orange color.15:27
_MMA_kwwii: I think the whole thing should be brown.15:28
_MMA_No Blue.15:28
_MMA_No green.15:28
andreasn_MMA_: gold15:28
DanaGI like orange.15:29
_MMA_I like apples.15:29
_MMA_The heart of the matter. ^^^15:29
andreasnthe color of dreams15:29
andreasnand a scent of children tears15:29
DanaGTo me, the red where it is still looks a bit bad.15:30
savvaskwwii: hm.. actually i had that problem as well, can't we manipulate svg to get a proper output for wide screens and normal ones?15:30
DanaGAnd what's with the floaty dots?15:30
DanaGI've actually come to like the (brown) background just fine, though.15:31
_MMA_Floaty dots are the new aqua pill. ;)15:32
kwwiiI think that i should just leave it as is :p15:33
kwwiiless work for me15:33
DanaGJust changing colors?  There was a source for the other heron.15:34
kwwiii do like the red crested chicken though15:34
DanaGThat's the one.15:34
DanaGHeron, chicken, whatever.  It's an abstract bird -- it looks pretty snazzy no matter what you call it.  But that IS the first time I'd heard it called a chicken.15:34
* _MMA_ wants some buffalo wings.15:35
DanaGOh yeah, is the current wallpaper a png or an svg?  If it's svg, I can just tweak the background color myself.15:35
DanaGHeh, I didn't initially know that "buffalo" == "spicy" -- so one day I had a "Buffalo Chicken" pizza slice, and was surprised when it was quite spicy.  It was good, though.15:37
cody-somervilleThe exact same bird thing is at a local restaurant here15:43
* DanaG wants red-crested birf.16:08
kwwiiI am really bad at drawing birf's16:09
* andreasn read "barfing birds" there for a moment16:10
DanaGYo, there's a source for that one already.16:11
kwwiiwhich one is that?16:14
DanaGsource for remix-more-polish.png16:14
DanaGYou can grab the heron from there.  The source is svg, I believe.16:14
_MMA_At this point, there's no need to touch it. Unless there's an extension like Dapper. Too close to final.16:16
DanaGIt does look odd having two of the three spiral thingies be orange.16:17
kwwiiI do not think that such a drastic change one day before the final freeze is a good idea16:20
* _MMA_ thinks we should just all switch to Macs and be done with it.16:21
cody-somervilleBut Macs are easy to hack :(16:53
_MMA_Only with Flash installed right?16:54
troy_s<kwwii> savvas: we had a problem with the chicken being cut off on the right side17:11
troy_s<kwwii> as it is not 4:3 on some peoples monitor the zoom effect cuts off the right side17:11
troy_sThen compose two perhaps?17:11
troy_sCenter punching option shouldn't even be on the table -- that's more mooky than mooky.17:11
troy_skwwii: How was it getting chopped?17:12
_MMA_troy_s: It might end up being a space on the disk issue as well.17:13
troy_s_MMA_:  I don't know what to say.  Centre punching is worse than worse.17:14
kwwiitroy_s: it is a mix of scaling and cropping to keep the aspect ratio17:14
troy_s_MMA_: With the more nerfed tones the composition is already put on the hairy edge.17:14
_MMA_I know you don't like it but it servers 2 purposes. 1) Saves space. 2) Maintains aspect across desktops. Though, like you said, isnt the optimal thing.17:14
kwwiinot in the svg but in the zoom desktop background thing17:14
troy_skwwii: Zoom is not allowing the chicken to stay on the screen?17:15
kwwiihrm, maybe the chicken is just shy17:15
troy_s_MMA_: Sure.  Aware.17:15
kwwiithe is one smart chicken17:15
troy_s_MMA_: Centre punching is just not an option and shouldn't be.17:15
troy_skwwii: I can only imagine that hte bird would get chopped in what -- less than .05% of installs?17:16
troy_skwwii: Is there a bug report?17:16
kwwiitroy_s: actually, as the pic is not in 4:3 ration I guess a lot of them get cut off17:17
_MMA_troy_s: So you saying most have 4:3 screens? .95?17:17
troy_skwwii: Whoever's decision that is should be shot.  Centre punching is a dead giveaway to complete mooka palooka.17:17
_MMA_So is using brown.17:18
_MMA_No Blue.17:18
troy_s_MMA_: Zoom shouldn't be shifting it that much.  And even if it were, perhaps there is an option by making the bird larger and letting it clip a little.17:18
troy_s_MMA_: Composition has been around a while.  I'd suggest that it isn't exactly abstract suggestion.17:19
* _MMA_ downloads the bloddy chicken.17:19
troy_s_MMA_: There are tomes written on the matter.  So uh... :P17:19
_MMA_Actually, the new image is fine. It's almost center on 4:3. kwwii: It's fine. I'd ship it.17:21
troy_s_MMA_: *sigh*17:21
_MMA_There's no way its getting clipped.17:21
_MMA_Which was the issue.17:22
troy_s_MMA_: Why is that an issue?17:22
troy_s_MMA_: I'll go on record saying that centre punching is at least as bad if not worse than clipping.  It is absolutely mookie as hell.17:22
_MMA_Don't know. Just what someone said. "savvas: we had a problem with the chicken being cut off on the right side"17:22
_MMA_It's not being cut off.17:22
troy_s_MMA_:  This is getting to be worse than bad TV.17:22
kwwiilet's get out the boxing gloves17:23
* _MMA_ goes to watch "The midget bachelor".17:23
troy_skwwii: Naw.  It's just so extremely unfortunate that Ubuntu can't even get decent composition with its delivery.17:24
kwwiiwell, we are slowly getting there17:24
_MMA_kwwii: Hand the kid the source .svg (the one from the PNG above) and let him tinker with the composition.17:24
troy_s_MMA_: There is no solution17:25
troy_s_MMA_: As I said before17:25
_MMA_kwwii: But you can only ship 1 image.17:25
_MMA_Meat for Troy. ^^17:25
* _MMA_ cant type.17:25
troy_s_MMA_: It is _impossible_ to compose for two different aspect ratios.  That said, Let the fscking bird get clipped slightly.17:25
_MMA_troy_s: Soooo.... grab Kens current SVG and do what you will.17:26
troy_s_MMA_: Either that or some up with some sort of float scenario... Unless there is a clever way lurking in the corner.17:26
troy_s_MMA_: Maybe you didn't read that.17:26
_MMA_Compose for widescreen and see how the 4:3 get's chopped.17:26
troy_s_MMA_: How the heck do you get anything close to Phi on two photos that have different aspects without a float?17:26
kwwiiI think I should find the nastiest ugly curve thing and replace the heron with it17:27
_MMA_troy_s: *If* we could to backgrounds like we do GDM it would be great.17:27
troy_s_MMA_: Yeah... thought.17:27
troy_skwwii: Go with it.17:27
troy_skwwii: Put that sad and unfortunate thing known as OpenSUSE background in there.17:27
troy_skwwii: And colortone it brown.17:28
troy_s_MMA_: Honestly... I can't think of a way to have it on a 'non-clip'.17:28
_MMA_troy_s: But you're still avoiding grabbing the SVG and composing for widescreen regardless of how 4:3 will get cropped. :P17:28
* _MMA_ wonders if an xml would even work.17:29
* _MMA_ tests.17:29
troy_s_MMA_: Guy I have dicked with that chicken a _little_.17:29
_MMA_We're here now talking. :P17:29
troy_s_MMA_: I just can't think of a way.  It isn't about dicking.17:29
troy_s_MMA_: And I am also simultaneously getting ready to go to my dental appointment you ass.17:29
_MMA_Ten why give shit if even you cant think of a way around? :)17:29
* _MMA_ steals the Doc's pain meds.17:30
troy_s_MMA_: I said just leave it then... let it clip.  This isn't some sort of security camera.17:33
_MMA_Looks like the only XML file it likes is one that defines all the wallpaper fading.17:33
_MMA_troy_s: Yeah. After givin' some shit about it. :P17:34
troy_s_MMA_: The issue is not whether or not we have a solution as the _END USER_ will care not, and after watching close to proper composition even on Saturday morning cartoons and commercials selling rubber frutiy-o's, will _perceive_ mookie17:34
_MMA_It's just not a great solution all around.17:34
_MMA_Notmuch anyone can do if only 1 image can be shipped.17:34
troy_s_MMA_: Agreed.  The question would be what is the less - more - worse - perception.17:34
_MMA_But even then, the 4:3 will be set and look like ass for 16:9/10 screens.17:35
troy_s_MMA_: And in this instance, I would vote that centre punching - with the desaturated background pulling the visual flow even more toward the bird, is _possibly_ worse.17:35
troy_s_MMA_: On both actually... which is the point.17:35
troy_s_MMA_: And even a quick perusal of say, BestBuy in the LCD section shows ... well not a lot of 4:5 screens.17:35
troy_s_MMA_: But alas.  This is probably all in vein as oddsmakers in Vegas have the bets placed already.17:36
troy_s_MMA_: Anyways, moving onto more productive things -- did you get your chore done?17:36
_MMA_The best solution would to be able to make XML wallpapers.17:36
_MMA_troy_s: Yes. Sent off.17:37
_MMA_We'll see what comes of it.17:37
troy_s_MMA_: Oh and if DanaG or whoever was asking about the dots comes back17:38
troy_s_MMA_: Those were in the original opacified version as heads -- they shouldn't be floating nor a different colour.  I asked Ashton about them.17:38
troy_s_MMA_: It was pretty clever.17:38
troy_s_MMA_: Dentist!  (Kudos on you for getting your chores done.)17:38
_MMA_troy_s: Sounds like a good GNOME bug for you to file upstream. "Allow .xml wallpapers."17:41
kwwiihrm, so what is better, installing 4:3 or whatever the other ratio currently is17:55
kwwiiit definitely cuts off the right side on my desktop17:56
_MMA_Go with what you have.17:57
_MMA_Zoom and the widescreen image. To me, (who cares what Troy thinks anyway. ;)) it's the best solution we have ATM.17:58
cody-somerville_MMA_, Do you want to skype later? (like after I get off work)18:06
_MMA_sure. I should be around.18:06
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DnaXqualcuno conosce e sa dove trovare Cimi? (quello che ha fatto Murrine)20:30
_MMA_DnaX: Channel is English. Cimi hasn't been here in a bit.20:31
_MMA_DnaX: Try @#murrine #archlinux.it #fsug-pd #oxygen or #archlinux20:32
DnaXthanks ;) sorry for italian20:34
kwwiiso, there is a new wallpaper pacakge coming soon21:57
kwwiijust to piss _MMA_ off21:57
_MMA_Thank god I don't get that ugly chicken in Studio. ;)21:57
kwwii_MMA_: no, I have a new policy for derivatives21:58
kwwiiall derivatives *must* use a chicken based theme21:58
kwwiiwe are going to choke this chicken21:59
* _MMA_ makes it all greyscale and sets view to "center".22:00
kwwiiand when the chicken is cooked we can move on22:01
_MMA_Im gonna make a black one and call it "Burnt chicken". :P22:02

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