asacseb128_: i could reproduce it with our builds, but not when building upstream sources. now that almost all patches we had could be dropped there is a good chance that those are fixed. i didn't get them while doing my tests here at least.00:23
asacseb128_: partially good news is that you can now add certs00:26
asachowever, the reason, why the arguments passed to the cert dialog are not used to prefill the proper url is still unknown00:27
seb128_which means from an user point of view?00:28
asacseb128_: the user experience is somewhat similar to that of adding a exception manually.00:31
asacseb128_: youll see00:31
asacdefinitly an improvement to "no new certs" :)00:32
seb128_hum, make me think that I need to talk to pitti to know why apport starts firefox rather than the preferred browser00:33
seb128_especially that running firefox for non firefox users doesn't work00:33
asacseb128_: it does?00:34
seb128_you get the question about migrating your datas and then firefox doesn't load the called url00:34
seb128_I had to use something else than decide later to get the thing opening a webpage00:35
asacseb128_: which migration dialog are you talking about?00:36
asacseb128_: like what you get when you run:00:36
seb128_I click on "decide later" since I updated because that's the default choice and I didn't bother ;-)00:37
asacok. thats definitly not something a "normal user" will see. it only pops-up if you ran firefox 3 alpha or early betas00:37
seb128_but that breaks "firefox URL" apparently00:37
seb128_ah, I though it ran to migrate the firefox2 datas00:37
asacno ... previousl ffox 3 used a separate profile directory00:38
seb128_the label is misleading then00:38
asacit just asks you which one you want to continue :)00:38
asacto use00:38
asacseb128_: the title reads "firefox 3 beta support" :)00:38
asacseb128_: the label was drafted by mpt00:39
asacin london00:39
seb128_anyway the issue is not there, it's rather than I use epiphany which is correctly configured in GNOME and than apport calls firefox00:39
asaci had a different versoin .... but that was a bit too echnical00:39
asachehe right00:39
asacthats definilty an issue00:39
asacmaybe pitti did this back when ssl was completely broken for ephy?00:39
asacwas that broken?00:40
asaccan't remember00:40
asaclets wait i guess00:40
seb128_yeah, I need to try again00:40
seb128_the crash was an installation issue00:40
seb128_so might be that's it's trying to use sudo apport or similar00:40
seb128_and so not using my user settings00:41
seb128_I'll talk to pitti about it when he's around00:41
asacright. night00:41
asactomorrow meeting starts at 8 *sigh*00:41
seb128_waouh, it's late again00:41
seb128_too much to do this week00:41
seb128_see you later00:42
seb128_tedg: your gnome-screensaver tarballs seems to not be the upstream one?00:50
=== asac_ is now known as asac
dholbachgood morning07:11
seb128good morning08:12
dholbachhey seb12808:16
seb128hello dholbach08:18
mvogood morning seb128!08:25
seb128hey hey mvo08:26
Hobbseemorning seb128, dholbach, mvo08:32
mvohey Hobbsee, dholbach!08:39
Hobbseemvo: sky fallen in yet?08:39
mvoits falling for me all week already08:39
crevetteseb128, would you be against updating gnome-phone-manager to the latest version ? it solves some problem; but the heck is gnokii has to be updated as well08:40
seb128crevette: no really opinion, I'm too busy to do that myself and it's late for hardy08:41
crevetteyeah, I understand, that's why I was asking08:42
crevettegnome-phone-manager is not really a problem, but I'm but concerned with gnokii08:42
Hobbseemvo: oh dear.  how's the compiz testing going?08:44
mvoHobbsee: not too bad, the upgrades are currently more work, dapper->hardy and gutsy->hardy double the amount of test cases and potential failures08:45
Hobbseemvo: yeah, true.  Need some help?08:46
mvoI wouldn't mind :) checking for missing bits in the python transition is probably something that is straightfoward, or testing if the current alternative CD upgrades a dapper or gutsy with the instructions on the wiki08:50
mvoor with bug #21356608:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 213566 in xkeyboard-config "dapper->hardy missing files on upgrade" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21356608:51
* Hobbsee can't do the cd stuff - bandwidth limitations.08:59
* Hobbsee looks at the bug08:59
cassidyabout UVFe, would be cool if someone could take a look on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/21287309:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 212873 in empathy "UVFe empathy: 0.22.0 -> 0.22.1" [Wishlist,New]09:09
Hobbseecassidy: ack'd.09:11
cassidyHobbsee: thanks09:12
tjaaltonhow do I prevent trackerd from starting up? I've removed the tracker*-files from /etc/xdg/autostart09:17
seb128tjaalton: sudo apt-get remove tracker?09:19
tjaaltonseb128: obviously :)09:19
seb128tjaalton: other system, preferences, indexing and uncheck the index and watch options, that's what is done in hardy by default09:20
tjaaltonseems to have no effect, but I'll just remove it09:24
seb128tjaalton: that should, it works for everybody else apparently09:26
huatsmorning everyone09:43
huatsseb128 crevette o/09:43
seb128lut huats09:43
crevettesalut huats09:50
mvoseb128: is someone working on metacity?10:05
seb128mvo: you ;-)10:05
seb128mvo: you mean in ubuntu?10:06
seb128mvo: marnanel is upstream for it10:06
mvoyeah, if someone is updating it or anything, I would like to work on it and this is a check_lock()10:06
* mvo wants bzr10:06
seb128mvo: go for it ;-)10:06
* mvo checks metacity into bzr10:08
Hobbseemvo: is there any wya to say "use this mirror in all cases, except when it doesn't have the required stuff, in which case, looka t that mirror?"10:50
mvoyeah, if you have "deb http://mirror1/ubuntu hardy main" and a line below "deb http://mirror2" it will use mirror1 if it has the stuff and mirror2 if mirror1 is e.g. outdated10:53
seb128asac: hey10:54
seb128asac: could you look to https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/214468? that seems a xulrunner issue, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13274689/stacktrace-visitingbugtracker-dbgsym.txt10:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214468 in epiphany-browser "Epiphany crashes inside xulrunner when viewing HTTPS sites" [Undecided,New]10:54
Hobbseemvo: ahh, so it will obey that, all the time?10:55
* Hobbsee moves more mirrors around then10:55
Hobbseemvo: thanks10:55
mvoit should, if not, that would be a bug :)10:55
Hobbseemvo: wasn't sure if it was picking the fastest one, or something10:56
HobbseeFetched 99.6MB in 7min37s (218kB/s)10:57
Hobbseethat's better.10:57
Hobbseestill not hte mirror i was hoping for (that one's not unmetered), but it's still faster than pulling it from the UK.10:57
asacseb128: wow: resolved_path = "/etc/alternatives/xulrunner-addons-flashplugin\000lternative.so"11:01
seb128asac: yeah, that's what I wrote before11:01
seb128I'm wondering how that happened11:02
seb128and if that's a weird filename on the disk or a code error11:02
asacseb128: looks like an infinite recursion. funny thing is that java plugin appears to retrigger a plugin scan11:04
asacseb128: was there a java update recently?11:04
seb128asac: not that I know, but maybe better to ask doko11:05
seb128asac: there was a flash plugin update this night though11:06
asacin the archive?11:07
seb128asac: the flashplugin-nonfree thing11:09
seb128asac: "   * Update md5sum and package version for Flash"11:09
seb128asac: that's the changelog entry11:09
asacseb128: ok. let me check if i can already get that11:11
seb128well, I don't get the bug having those installed11:11
seb128so I guess it's not the update11:11
asacseb128: i am in a stat whre i cannot close the crash notificatoin bubble11:31
asaci had that a few times now; anything i can gather now to help you?11:31
asachmm ... it auto disappeared. anything next time i get that?11:31
seb128no idea, maybe mvo knows better, he hacked on that already11:32
mvoasac: that usually happens if the notification-daemon crashes iirc (or hangs)11:33
mvoasac: is there a crash file for that daemon?11:33
* asac looking11:40
asacmvo: no, but i think there already were too many crashes in. ill see if i get one next time11:40
fernandomoin all12:24
seb128hey fernando12:26
fernandohey seb128, how are you going?12:27
seb128fernando: good, what about you?12:27
fernandoseb128, good too12:27
dholbachhey fernando!12:34
* dholbach hugs fernando12:34
fernandohey dholbach12:34
* fernando hugs dholbach 12:34
fernandodholbach, how are you going?12:36
dholbachgood - just a bit tired :)12:36
fernandorest a little =)12:38
dholbachI'll make it a lunch break soon :)12:39
seb128hey pedro_!13:01
pedro_bonjour seb128!13:01
pochuseb128: I guess we should get 2.22 in before tomorrow, right?13:29
seb128pochu: yes, it's mostly done now13:30
seb128I've gnome-user-share to consider on my list if it's fixed in debian13:31
seb128swfdec-gnome to sync if they update13:31
seb128the mobile team does cheese13:31
pochuand anjuta (I know it's in universe, but I don't care :p) and I haven't seen robster lately, and it's not in pkg-gnome yet13:32
seb128gedit-plugins which can be fake synced, slomo did the update but didn't upload due to some debian transition13:32
seb128ah, we don't have that on the desktop so I didn't really bother13:32
seb128but you are welcome to do the update if you want ;-)13:32
pochuember: if you were looking for updates, feel free to do anjuta even if it's listed to be synced :) If you weren't, then nevermind13:33
pochuoh, I thought it was in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/WeeklyTODO. I see it's not13:33
pochuember: the update should be trivial... if you aren't going to do it, let me know and I'll take care of it13:34
huatspochu: if I find some time and if ember has not, I might do it too (anjuta)14:00
huatspochu: In fact it is building right now :)14:06
mvoasac: can we have a transitional /usr/bin/mozilla-thunderbird binary symlink or something for dapper->hardy upgrade compatibility?14:17
Hobbseemvo: we don't already?14:19
Hobbseemvo: er, why?  mozilla-thunderbird depends on thunderbird, and that will provide the link required?14:20
Hobbseeoh, that's right.  it screws up gnome-do, and the run command, if you do.  IIRC.14:20
mvodoes it? I had a upgrade the other day where it was missing14:20
Hobbseeit'll certainly provide thunderbird.14:21
mvoyeah, thunderbird is there, just no mozilla-thunderbird and that kills custom launchers14:22
Hobbseemvo: have you tried using a symlink for mozilla-thunderbird on any post-2.0 thunderbird release?14:22
mvonot a big thing, but irritating14:22
Hobbseemvo: you need to, because i'm fairly sure it breaks.14:22
emberhuats feel free to do it14:22
Hobbseemvo: right, so if you symlink ln -s ../lib/thunderbird/thunderbird mozilla-thunderbird it works, but not if you symlink what was ln -s ../lib/thunderbird/mozilla-thunderbird mozilla-thunderbird, which i'd tried previously14:25
Hobbseesorry for the noise.14:26
huatsember: ok14:27
mvoaha, thanks14:29
Hobbseemvo: darn you.  now i'm triaging thunderbird bugs.14:31
Hobbseemvo: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/+bug/148008 is the same thing.14:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 148008 in mozilla-firefox "ff will not open thunderbird" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:34
Hobbseemvo: in fact, that's the bug that you're talking about.14:35
asacmvo: which application opens mozilla-thunderbird after upgrade?14:35
mvoasac: no app, but custom desktop launchers (e.g. if people created a gnome launcher on their desktop or panel14:36
* Hobbsee marks another dupe.14:36
Hobbseeasac: old firefox shortcuts too, it appears.14:36
asacmaybe the bug was that the .desktop file name changed?14:36
Hobbseeasac: entire binary name changed, and the mozilla-thunderbird symlink to run-mozilla.sh got removed.14:37
mvopossible both14:37
asacHobbsee: sorry, what is a firefox shortcut?14:37
Hobbseeasac: mailto?14:37
asacah ok scheme/protocol handler14:37
Hobbseeasac: a lot of people have set their prefs.js / users.js with it too, it appears, then it broke.14:38
Hobbseeasac: presumably because it was having trouble working originally14:38
asaccan someone file a blocker bug on that?14:39
asace.g. ship binary link + .desktop file link?14:39
mib_mhawq70ghave a question about the new beta release of ubuntu14:40
Hobbseeasac: i could probably just fix the package, if you wanted.14:40
mib_mhawq70gWith Ubuntu 7.10 my ATI grafik driver provided by ubuntu OS worked fine and i could use the desktop effects without any problems14:40
Hobbseeor at least, attmept it14:40
mib_mhawq70gbut with the beta i.e. 8.04 i can't use the desktop effects, if i use it, then the windows open and close with a strange twist and disturbance14:41
mib_mhawq70gand while booting the ubuntu logo is also not sharp i.e. the 8.04 beta version does not seem to be working properly with the ATI grafic driver14:41
mib_mhawq70gis this some kind of bug which i can report on the ubuntu website?14:41
asacHobbsee: if you build on top of bzr branch and push that somewhere so i can merge that would be appreciated14:41
asacHobbsee: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/thunderbird/thunderbird.dev14:42
mib_mhawq70gi am using the restricted driver and if i switch off the desktop effects then everything works fine14:42
Hobbseeasac: what on earth?14:42
Hobbseeasac: did you guys never do a user migration from .mozilla-thunderbird to .thunderbird?14:42
huatspochu: bug 21460114:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214601 in anjuta "Please sponsor gcalctool 2.4.1 into hardy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21460114:44
Hobbseeasac: if you didn't do so, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunderbird/+bug/155621 is probably a blocker.14:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155621 in thunderbird "mozilla-thunderbird --> thunderbird.  Did not find old profile folder" [Undecided,New]14:44
seb128huats: wrong title ;-)14:46
asacHobbsee: no ... we still have .mozilla-thunderbird because old profiles still have absolute paths in it14:46
asacgetting that right is easy for most, but really tricky for corner cases14:47
Hobbseeasac: i realise that, but you probably should be copying it to .thunderbird or something too?14:47
Hobbseeasac: any extensions which aren't compatible got disabled.14:47
Hobbseeotherwise users suddenly think their email has vanished, whcih is bad.14:47
huatsseb128: oups14:47
huatsI am correcting that right now...14:48
asacHobbsee: i don't understand that14:48
huatsseb128: thanks14:48
asacwhy would i copy it .thunderbird?14:48
asacits not used by our package '14:48
seb128asac: ok, so the for your information the new xrandr capplet thingy had broken dpi calculation14:48
Hobbseebecause our package uses .thunderbird since thunderbird 2.0, last i checked.14:48
seb128asac: so it might explain some font rendering issue reported by some people14:49
asacHobbsee: can't ack that, we are still using .mozilla-thunderbird14:49
seb128asac: those using it had 1x1 dpi numbers for example instead of 96x9614:49
Hobbseeno, i lie, we are still using .m-t14:49
* Hobbsee puts the symlink back in14:49
Hobbseeasac: are they using upstream firefox, or something?14:50
asacupstream is .thunderbird14:50
asacbut ubuntu never had that14:50
Hobbseeright, yeah14:50
asacseb128: strange. what does pango do with 1x1 dpi?14:51
seb128asac: I'm not sure, but I noticed that it broken evince (it displays things very zoomed out) and fonts in epiphany-browser which are smaller14:51
Hobbseeasac: any idea why that guy, and the dupe, got that bug then?14:51
seb128asac: GNOME seems to not care about the dpi number14:52
seb128asac: the redhat guys added that to the capplet code14:54
seb128"    * Firefox apparently believes what X tells it. It is a foolish14:54
seb128     * application."14:54
asacthats not true14:54
asacfirefox has a lower bound of 9614:54
asaceverything below will be intepreted as 9614:55
seb128ok, so without this capplet the value is 120 for me14:55
seb128and using the capplet broken or fixed looks the same14:55
asacand fonts are directly rendered by pango (not through the dpi detected by it)14:55
seb128which makes sense according to your comment14:55
seb128evince was totally broken14:55
asacyou won't see any font issues due to firefox ... its just pango used for fonts14:55
seb128and firefox was rendering things the same way as when 96 dpi is used14:55
asacdpi is only used to scale images14:55
asac(but with 96 dpi lower bounds)14:56
seb128I was commenting because you pochu and you discussed the issue some days ago14:56
asaci fixed a related bug upstream14:57
seb128ok, so it's all good14:57
pochuhuats: thanks! looking at it14:58
huatspochu: ok great14:58
huatsping me if something is needed14:58
* Hobbsee marks more dupes14:58
Hobbsee7 bugs, for the 5-a-day.14:59
seb128Hobbsee: still the launchpad integration bug?14:59
Hobbseeseb128: eparse?14:59
Hobbseeseb128: luke fixed that.14:59
Hobbseeseb128: no, this is thunderbird bugs.14:59
seb128Hobbsee: ok, that's one which had several duplicates14:59
seb128so I was wondering ;-)14:59
Hobbseeseb128: yeah, i'm sure it does :)15:00
Hobbseeseb128: i've not been back to that one.15:00
Hobbseeasac: are all crashes that begin with __kernel_vsyscall () dupes?15:03
asacHobbsee: no ... thats just the top15:05
Hobbseeasac: hmm, kay.15:05
asacbut the rest can be completely different15:05
emberseb128 do i need to g-t with b-d on lp .17 too or it is fine?15:05
Hobbseeasac: yeah, i suspected so, thanks.15:05
seb128ember: everything using liblaunchpad-integration0 need to be rebuilt, things added <separators/> in the description need to be updated to not15:07
emberok, i'm gonna re-check some things15:07
Hobbseedholbach: who commits the bugs for 5-a-day now?15:08
dholbachHobbsee: hm?15:09
Hobbseedholbach: Bugs have been added, but not committed yet (already committed 28 minutes ago).15:09
dholbachit will commit a batch of added bugs (if 60 minutes have passed), or you can either use   --add -f15:10
Hobbseedholbach: -f worked, thanks.15:14
dholbachHobbsee: it was blueyed's idea :)15:14
* Hobbsee wonders hwo bughelper works nowadays15:15
* Hobbsee suspects teh syntax has changed15:15
pochuwow, anjuta's clean targets are so broken...15:16
pochu$ zgrep "^+++ " anjuta_2.4.0-2.diff.gz | grep -v debian | wc -l15:16
Hobbseemvo: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+bug/214612 is an apt bug, no?15:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214612 in soyuz "Provide pdiffs for apt-get update" [Undecided,New]15:16
mvoHobbsee: no, if anything a won't fix - but let the soyuz people decide15:17
mvoHobbsee: apt supports pdiffs just fine, we just don't pulish any of those15:17
mvoand that is reasonable because our archive goes through a lot more churn15:18
* xhaker asks how to rm a link in a preinst script when rm_conffile does the wrong thing, and creates a dpk-.bak15:20
xhakerchecking checksums of a link? shouldn't i be able to just rm -f the link?15:21
pochuhuats: uploading, thanks!15:22
pochuhuats: btw, you forgot to update the maintainer ;)15:22
huatspochu: oh that is true...15:23
emberseb128 http://pfragoso.org/ubuntu/gnome-terminal_2.22.1-0ubuntu2.debdiff15:35
seb128ember: there is no need to change the build-depends there if it's not using the api which changed15:37
seb128ember: don't bother, those just need a no change uploaded, that's as quick to do rebuild that to sponsor so it's not really useful to go through sponsoring there15:37
emberoh okidoki15:38
Hobbseeack.  i'd forgotten how bad mines is with a touchpad.15:44
seb128asac: so this epiphany crash from this morning is due to j2re1.4, once this one install I can confirm epiphany is crashing16:19
asacseb128: j2re1.4 why do you use that?16:25
seb128asac: I don't, the submitter figured the crash was due to this one, and I installed it to see if it trigger the crash on my installation too16:26
asacand not java5, java6 and so on16:26
asacreassing that bug against java 1.4 id say16:28
seb128epiphany was not crashing before the recent updates16:28
asacwith java 1.4?16:28
seb128it doesn't seem that the submitter just installed java 1.416:29
seb128so it's likely the xulrunner or the epiphany-browser recent updates which triggered the issue16:29
seb128btw why do we still have j2re1.4 in hardy multiverse if it should not be used?16:29
asacseb128: because doko claimed that nothing else works on amd6416:30
asacbut i think thats not true anymore16:30
asacill prod him16:30
seb128anyway low priority bug, I just wanted to let you know that the crash is due to it16:30
asacseb128: upstream changed the api used by java plugin in recent updates to fix security issues. most likely they didn't consider 1.4 worth not to break.16:31
asacso it makes sense to some degree that this appeared now16:32
seb128epiphany or xulrunner?16:32
asacepiphany doesn't implement any plugin host ;)16:32
asacthats the advisory that changed raised the bar for java16:33
asacbut thats for the stable release branch16:33
asacmost likely they did mor eintrusive changes to trunk16:33
seb128I'll reassign from epiphany to xulrunner and let you talk to doko ;-)16:33
asaclet me look16:33
asacseb128: yes, please add java 1.4 to title16:34
asacso i can easily spot that16:34
asaci ping doko. lets see16:34
asacseb128: bug id?16:46
seb128asac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21446816:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214468 in epiphany-browser "Epiphany crashes inside xulrunner when j2re1.4 is installed" [Undecided,New]16:47
seb128asac: I just reassigned it16:47
asacoh :)16:47
* asac hits cancel16:47
crevettehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evince/+bug/213745/comments/49 wtf16:58
crevetteI don't understand such people16:58
asacseb128: bug 21446816:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214468 in meta-j2re1.4-mozilla "[removal request] Remove all java 1.4 bits from hardy (Was: Epiphany crashes inside xulrunner when j2re1.4 is installed)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21446816:59
seb128asac: ok17:00
seb128asac: you might want to make xulrunner conflicts on it then?17:00
asacseb128: good idea.17:00
asaccrevette: actually i would like a feature to edit comments in launchpad ... or remove comments completely (well hide them would be enough)17:02
asaclike slashdot ;)17:03
asacpeople then could rate up useful comments and i could just read the gems ;)17:03
asacparadise :)17:03
seb128asac: btw will you do the epiphany-extensions update?17:04
seb128crevette: did you ask for an approval for the new gnome-phone-manager version?17:05
asacseb128: yes i can do the update. does it ship anything new besides our xul patches?17:06
crevetteseb128: no I'm overusy during the day17:06
crevetteI just arrived now, and I need a break17:07
crevettesorry :/17:07
seb128asac: I didn't look to detail, just that they did xul1.9 changes and you know better if the ubuntu patches can be dropped or not17:07
seb128crevette: that's alright ;-)17:07
seb128crevette: I'm not using it anyway, was just curious17:07
asacseb128: i thiknn chpe just used our patches. but ill see17:07
seb128asac: ok, thanks17:08
asacseb128: 2.22.1 is latest right? (wonder because ephy had
crevetteI need to figure out if phone-mgr 0.50 and latest gnokii have know bugs17:16
crevettebut I don't know who do I need to contact for those17:17
asacmvo: you know apturl apt:something?section=multiverse right? is there a section i can use for the partner repo?17:55
mvoasac: yeah, that should work, but I suspect there is a bug in the code, I will investigate17:56
mvoasac: partner will not work I'm afraid17:57
johandcHi, where does the new xrandr and gnome-display-settings store its settings?18:26
johandcI flipped my desktop upside-down which renders the screen black, and now i cant set it back to normal again.18:26
vuntzstupid question19:30
vuntzdoes /etc/timezone end with \n?19:30
shiyeevuntz: does on my system19:33
kwwiipitti: I'll make you a deal...upload my ubuntu-wallpaper package and I will make it more than 1MB smaller19:49
Nafallocan I get ekiga to use pulseaudio?21:40
seb128Nafallo: no idea about ekiga21:40
NafalloI bet speakers work because of some emulation somewhere, but not the mic :-/21:41
Nafallonot sure what happened to Evince, but my PDFs are scaled down to 2% or something...22:02
seb128Nafallo: update again and restart your session22:10
seb128Nafallo: you used the new xrandr capplet right?22:10
seb128Nafallo: gnome-desktop was using a wrong dpi calculation and evince uses the xorg value22:11
Nafallodunno. just double-clicked the PDF :-)22:11
Nafalloah. fixed bugs are the best ones :-)22:11
Nafallowill need to logout later then ;-)22:11
seb128update and try to use the capplet22:15
seb128that might fix it too22:15
Nafallohi tedg :-)22:16
tedgHello Nafallo22:16
Nafallomorning pochu :-)22:16
pochugood night Nafallo!22:20
pochuNafallo: where are you from? I thought you were from Norway or Sweden...22:20
Nafallopochu: Sweden, but live in London.22:21
NafalloWed Apr  9 22:21:19 BST 200822:21
pochuNafallo: I'm in Spain :)22:23
Nafallopochu: yea, I figured.22:24
Nafallopochu: still morning somewhere :-P22:24
tedgNafallo: I have a new GPM package in my PPA that I believe fixes some of the idle brightness problems (I think you were having that one), could you see if it fixes it?22:43
Nafallotedg: sure. tomorrow morning. have the laptop in the office.22:45
Nafallotedg: BST btw.22:45
tedgAh, so e-mail me then, I'll be asleep ;)22:46
Nafallotedg: your_nick@canonical.com ? :-)22:50
AmaranthNafallo: first.last@canonical.com22:50
Nafallooki. kewl.22:50
Amaranthdon't tell anyone the secret ;)22:50
tedgNafallo: So Ted.Gould.22:51
Nafallotedg: yea. asked who you where when I was in the office :-)22:51
tedgHeh, my first stalker... ;)22:51
Nafallonot where. was :-)22:51
Nafallotedg: might as well when seb told me you would fix my issues ;-)22:52
yoschseb128: ping23:07
seb128yosch: hi23:11
yoschseb128: sistpoty mentioned by mail you would decide about exception for desktop-related items23:13
yoschI have one package that would could be usefully added:23:13
seb128right, for universe and after the freeze (which is not in effect yet)23:13
seb128hum, I've no clue about fonts, better to just subscribe the motu team to this one23:14
yoschseb128: ok, I thought we were already there23:14
yoschI've been in touch via email with Arne and cjwatson. How do I subscribe the motu team?23:15
seb128ask on #ubuntu-motu about they procedure, I don't know exactly23:16
yoschOK willdo. Thanks.23:16
seb128you are welcome23:17
vuntzseb128: would you have some time to test something?23:37
seb128vuntz: yes23:37
vuntznew reading/writing code for setting timezone23:37
vuntzit should work, but, well, it's not really tested...23:37
vuntzlet me do a 'make dist'. Will be easier for you & me23:39
vuntz(don't want to commit the writing code right now)23:39
waltersdoes anyone know how I can find out which version of dbus the dbus-glib package in debian lenny was built against?23:42
waltershm, i guess i need to map from lenny to a version number23:42
seb128walters: http://buildd.debian.org/pkg.cgi?pkg=dbus-glib23:42
waltersah, that is nicer than the interface linked from build.debian.org/index.html23:43
seb128seems to be dbus 1.1.123:43
waltersbackground here is: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1543023:44
ubotuFreedesktop bug 15430 in GLib "ABI break in git head" [Critical,Assigned]23:44
vuntzseb128: http://www.gnome.org/~vuntz/tmp/gnome-panel-
vuntzseb128: I guess reading the timezone will work. I'm more interested in setting the timezone23:45
vuntzseb128: it should do the right thing wrt /etc/localtime and /etc/timezone and it shouldn't touch any other file23:45
seb128vuntz: ok, trying in a minute23:46
seb128vuntz: building23:57
seb128vuntz: ok, built23:59

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