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nixternaldoing translations suck!16:28
nixternalmdke: did you have any translations that didn't validate? I just ran validation on the kubuntu ones and supposedly all of them validated18:46
nixternalkind of hard for me to believe after my experiences the past 2 years18:47
nixternalahh, nevermind, a booboo in my script :)19:01
mdkenixternal: yeah, loads20:27
mdkenixternal: I have some ideas about improving the translation import experience20:31
mdkenixternal: but I've just realised I haven't got time before dinner to explain them, so I'll do it later! :)20:32
nixternalI have them all fixed now for Kubuntu docs20:32
nixternalmdke: I was thinking about writing a new translation script in python that would automate a lot of stuff, but fixing the imported translations would be the toughest to script20:33
mdkenixternal: I don't think translation fixage is possible automatically21:07
mdkenixternal: however, carlos is talking about implementing some syntax highlighting or tag validity checking in rosetta for that21:08
mdkenixternal: for now there is something we can do21:09
mdkenixternal: if you fix the translation directly in the po file, rather than the xml file, then it can be uploaded to rosetta to ensure:21:10
mdke(a) that if you need to download translations later on (like for an update) it will be fixed21:10
mdkeand (b), that you won't get the same error repeating itself over multiple releases: for the next release it will be fixed21:10
nixternalis there a way to validate po files at all?21:13
mdkenixternal: using translate.sh :)21:14
nixternalthere wasn't all that much breakage this time around21:14
nixternalbut fixing some of the breakage is tough due to not knowing the language21:14
mdkenixternal: i generally find it's all tag breakage rather than language21:15
mdkenixternal: anyhow, if you want to upload any po files to rosetta, you need to update the PO-Revision-Date in the header, that should be sufficient.21:16
nixternalya, it is all tag breakage here as well21:16
mdkedoing everything in the po file is a good idea because that way we can build the xml at deb build time as I've done for the intrepid branch21:16
mdkeslims down the package a lot21:16
mopheadHello all.  I'm new.21:17
nixternalhowdy mophead21:17
mdkehi mophead, welcome aboard21:17
mopheadHave you been hearing the talk about making a more accessible documentation?21:17
mopheadHowdy, yourself! :)21:17
nixternalmore accessible as inputting it into peoples brains?21:17
mdkewhat do you mean by accessible? and what talk?21:17
nixternalman, I nixed common/ and bzr revert will not revert it :)21:18
mopheadThis kind of talk http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/item/5580/ about making the text more accessible for people who are a little less tech savvy21:18
mopheadIn ubuntu speak, "human beings."21:18
mdkethat post is about the release notes21:18
mopheadThere's also 6662, which I wrote21:19
mdkesounds sensible, I agree. that's something for the marketing team really though, I think21:19
mdkethe docteam doesn't really work on the release notes21:19
mopheadok.  But take a look at idea 666221:19
mdkemophead: you refer again to the release notes, but I think you're really thinking of the desktop help system21:20
mdkemophead: we take care of the desktop help system, and would certainly be interested in any concrete suggestions for improving it21:20
mdkemophead: we've worked quite a lot over the last year or two on making it understandable for all users21:21
mopheadcool.  The first thing that I noticed is that, under troubleshooting, the help says "if x, then do y", but never says what to do if not x.21:22
mdketroubleshooting in which section?21:22
mopheadIt was the wifi card section on connecting to the internet21:22
mdkeyeah, that section needs a lot of improvement. We have a bug report about it, I think21:23
mopheadReally?  Wow.  I wouldn't go so far as to file a bug report21:23
mdkeyeah, bug reports are essential for us to trace issues21:24
mopheadI will definitely volunteer to proofread help files for readability21:24
mdkemophead: that would be helpful; you can file a bug report for each issue you find and we'll fix it; or even start submitting some fixes of your own21:24
hypa7iamophead: i can show you how to do bug reporting on tuesday21:24
hypa7iait's not hard at all21:24
mdkemophead: have a look at the pages under https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/ for info on our processes21:25
mdkemophead: and tell us about any issues on those pages too :)21:25
hypa7iamophead: this is leigh btw :)21:25
mdkehypa7ia: heya!21:25
mopheadyes, I know!21:25
hypa7iamdke: hi?21:25
hypa7iamophead: ok good :)21:25
mdkehypa7ia: sorry, perhaps you are a different hypatia21:26
mopheadI can start crawling through the documentation wiki.21:26
mopheadBut the thing is, I recognize there is also a need for technical documentation.21:26
mdkemophead: technical documentation can be written in a way that is easy to understand too; our aim is that any user can use our help21:27
hypa7iamdke: yup, i'm the other one :) https://edge.launchpad.net/~hypa7ia21:27
mdkemy bad21:27
hypa7iano worries21:27
mopheadmdke: that's the trick, yeah.  I guess that's what I'm volunteering for21:28
mopheadI'm glad that it's something that is on your radar though21:31
mopheadhypa7ia, if you could guide me, that wou ld be a big help21:31
mdkemophead: sure21:32
hypa7iamophead: remind me on tuesday and we'll go over it :)21:42
hypa7iaLINUX PARTY21:48
nixternalNo localization exists for "config_desktop-ku" or "config". Using default "en".21:54
nixternalmdke: ^^21:55
nixternaldon't get why it is doing the "config_desktop-ku"21:55
nixternalin the past it would have just been "ku"21:55
nixternaloh man21:55
nixternalderr on me21:55
* nixternal needs to fix the xml files for the correct lang21:55
nixternalargh argh argh argh!21:55
mopheadI'm still not entirely sure how I want to do it22:02
mopheadBut I know I'm a good reader!22:02
mdkenixternal: is that because you changed something inside the xml? Maybe you changed the value of &language;?22:05
nixternalI didn't change it manually, it was changed with the pot files22:05
nixternalpo files rather22:05
mdkenixternal: erm, that's very odd indeed22:07
nixternalit happened in Gutsy as well, I remember fixing it22:08
nixternalthere is the kubuntu-docs translations...take a look and see how weird it is22:08
mdkenixternal: no problem to report in ubuntu-docs like that22:08
mdkeit's all language="en" as per the original22:11
nixternal<article id="about-kubuntu" status="complete" lang="about-kubuntu-cy">22:13
nixternalthose get added to all of the translated .xml files22:13
nixternaland that is how the files look from the translation tarball22:14
mdkedo you rename to po files to cy.po before you use the translate script22:15
LaserJockyeah <lang>.po is expected22:16
nixternalI forgot to change them first22:16
mdkeah, that's why. are you using the same translate.sh as ubuntu?22:17
nixternalI will write a quick script to fix that22:17
nixternalhow do you check out a bzr branch? ie. what is the best way? I have to re-checkout the kubuntu-hardy branch22:17
mdkesee hack.sh for the rename22:18
mdkenixternal: well, "bzr branch url" is the usual way. Some tips are on wiki.u.c/DocumentationTeam/Repository for speeding things up22:18
nixternalya, looking there as well as the bzr bind docs22:18
mdkebzr bind doesn't help you with checking a branch out22:19
nixternalalright, branch downloading...that should take a week or so :)22:21
nixternalI need to go put this desk together while that goes22:21
mdkenixternal: if you have the ubuntu-docs branch already in a shared repo, getting kubuntu-docs in the same repo will only take a few minutes22:22
LaserJocknixternal: I have some scripts in edubuntu-hardy too for tranlsation stuff22:25
mdkeman there are insane amounts of errors in ubuntu-docs this time round :(22:38
mdkethis will take a while22:38
nixternalI don't want to put this desk together22:45
nixternalI wish I knew magic22:45
mdkeflat packs rock22:46
nixternalmy goal for Intrepid, is make it much easier to do translations22:46
mdkethere is no way around it, except if rosetta implements syntax highlighting or checking for translators at the source22:48
nixternalI am talking the importing stuff :)22:48
mdkeand uploading corrected po files, I think that will help22:48
nixternalthe validation portion is easy enough to fix, just tedious and time consuming22:48
mdkenixternal: well, that is already pretty straightforward, to be honest. The renaming bit is just a bug in rosetta22:48
mdkeeverything else is done in translate.sh automatically22:48
nixternalso lets beat up the rosetta people in getting stuff fixed :)22:49
mdkewell, it's not hard to do the rename thing either :)22:49
nixternalya, but I am lazy and forgetful obviously22:49
mdkebut I'll certainly pursue this syntax highlighting/checking idea, it sounds awesome22:49
nixternalbut, unlike some people, I haven't forgotten my svn password or lost my ssh key :)22:50
mdkeit's only a matter of time22:50
mdkeit's the kubuntu way22:50
sommermdke: should I commit that spelling fix patch, for the serverguide?23:13
mdkesommer: yes, go ahead. thanks23:15
sommermdke: cool, will do. thank you23:15
mdkesommer: also to the intrepid branch if you don't mind23:16
mdkeotherwise I'll do that bit23:16
sommeryep, I'll apply it there as well23:16
mdkeok, here goes with the supercommit23:20
* mdke signs off for the night23:24

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