xivulonthey were suggested by szaka to minimize hardreboot issues00:00
TheMusoevand: If we have to go all root for only-ubiquity, its trivial to slip some code into the casper script to check the cmdline, and if only-ubiquity exists, save the setings as root. I was actually playing with such an idea late last week.06:53
evandTheMuso: good to know, thanks06:54
superm1evand, sorry to be pushy, but would you mind giving the dvd livefs and ISO another prod before you head off to bed?06:59
superm1the lang support thing was sorted out earlier this afternoon06:59
evandsuperm1: not at all.06:59
superm1great thanks07:00
evandsuperm1: done08:10
superm1evand, great, i'll pull this overnight then and get it in our factory image tomorrow for testing08:11
superm1i didn't get a chance to ask you, did you sort out the keyboard preseeding for this ubiquity release?08:11
superm1looking at my list, that was the last one that i wasn't sure on08:12
evandnot yet, I've been looking at it, but I haven't been able to track down the cause yet08:14
superm1okay, i'll make sure everything else is in shape then08:14
CIA-1partman-basicfilesystems: cjwatson * r560 ubuntu/debian/changelog: expand changelog08:17
GreatMandrillhi. I have noticed that after finishing the ubuntu-server installation the apt cd source is /etc/apt/sources.list is disabled. There is a easy way to make this entry active after the installation?. Some preseed command perhaps?. Thanks09:12
CIA-1partman-basicfilesystems: cjwatson * r561 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 56ubuntu409:16
cjwatsonGreatMandrill: not really - in most cases it isn't appropriate because apt will end up asking you for the CD any time you try to do package management operations09:17
GreatMandrillok, thx09:19
cjwatsonthere isn't actually a way to change that with preseeding (because the apt-setup code in question runs after preseed/late_command); you could file a bug on Ubuntu apt-setup if you decide you still want that09:24
* cjwatson attacks bug 8571310:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 85713 in ubiquity "No mount point options listed during manual partitioning" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8571310:04
CIA-1ubiquity: cjwatson * r2614 ubiquity/ (4 files in 3 dirs):10:59
CIA-1ubiquity: * Offer a list of mount points when creating a partition (LP: #85713).10:59
CIA-1ubiquity:  Adjust this list (and also that offered when editing a partition) if the10:59
CIA-1ubiquity:  file system is changed to FAT or NTFS.10:59
CIA-1ubiquity: cjwatson * r2615 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog scripts/install.py): * Guard against division by zero while copying files (LP: #211503).11:31
xivulonevand, have asked cking on #ubuntu-kernel re sysctl settings in lupin-support (bug #204133)12:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204133 in wubi "wubi install unusable - Buffer I/O error on device loop0" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20413312:43
xivulonI'd wait for his reply before deciding what to do with lupin, but in the meantime it might be reasonable to use settings closer to default12:43
Siliciumis the name of ubuntu installer hardcoded?12:43
Silicium"welcome to ubuntu installer"12:43
Siliciumor iam able to change this text12:44
xivulonevand, re mounthost, there is no much point about maintaining it at this point, unless we will have new fs packages in the LTS lifespan that will make remounting of ntfs/loops feasible12:45
xivulon"welcome to ubuntu installer"12:50
xivulonmy english is poor, but shouldn't that be "welcome to the ubuntu installer"?12:51
* xivulon thinks about last time an installer welcomed him12:52
Siliciumthath shouldbe "welcome to $foo installer"12:53
Siliciuminstaller for my distribution12:53
xivulon"welcome to $foo installer"12:54
xivulon"welcome to $foo installer"12:54
xivulon"welcome to THE $foo installer"12:55
Siliciumdamn thats not the topic12:55
Siliciumi wanna change the text12:55
xivulonsorrey for the multiple posts, using a webgateway wich does not like clipboard paste...12:55
xivulonI know mine was a side comment, I do not know much about ubiquity code (assuming that is what you are referring to).12:56
Siliciumnot buiquity12:57
Siliciumthe ncurses installer12:57
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
cjwatsonxivulon,Silicium: there's a reason we don't include "Ubuntu" in Ubiquity's text :-)13:02
Siliciumhey cjwatson haha youre help is everywhere, :D13:02
cjwatsonSilicium: where do you see the text "Welcome to Ubuntu installer"?13:02
Siliciumyou greate13:02
Siliciumcjwatson: i mean the welcome text in the ncurses installer13:03
cjwatsonerr, it doesn't have any as far as I know13:03
cjwatsonthe first screen is "Choose language"13:03
cjwatsondo you mean F1 at the CD boot menu, which says "Welcome to Ubuntu!" in its title bar?13:04
Siliciumnope this i have edited13:04
Siliciummom i see which dialog is it13:04
Siliciumerm, cjwatson you got payed for you support work?13:05
cjwatsonno, my job is Ubuntu Platform Team Manager13:05
Siliciumyou everytime here in the chan an help for stupid questions :D13:05
Siliciumcjwatson: ok cool :D13:05
Siliciumcanional inc?13:05
Siliciumor in the "free" community?13:05
cjwatsonbut I happen to care about the Ubuntu installer quite a bit, and that was my main job before I moved to management13:05
cjwatsonCanonical UK Ltd.13:05
Siliciumok cool :)13:05
cjwatson(if you want the company on my paycheques ...)13:06
cjwatsonif you press "Go back" from the alternate installer's first screen, the title bar is "Ubuntu installer main menu"13:06
cjwatsonthat's hardcoded in the main-menu package, somewhat unfortunately13:06
cjwatsonthe reason it isn't just ("%s installer main menu" % distribution) is that Ubuntu sometimes gets transliterated13:06
Siliciumthis is what i think13:07
cjwatsonso, for instance, in Macedonian it's "Убунту"13:07
Siliciumso the language files are also hardcoded?13:07
cjwatsonwe've generally tried to get rid of explicit references to Ubuntu; the ones that remain is where it's hard to justify removing the distribution name13:07
cjwatsonafraid so13:07
cjwatsonI consider everything like that to be a bug, FWIW13:07
Siliciumand in which binary?13:07
cjwatsonmain-menu source, builds main-menu.udeb; it ends up in /var/lib/dpkg/info/main-menu.templates in the initrd which is loaded into /var/lib/cdebconf/templates.dat as the installer boots13:08
Siliciumok thanks13:08
cjwatson(and /var/lib/dpkg/info/main-menu.templates is then removed to save memory)13:08
xivuloncjwatson, did you happen to find out anything new on #206113 ?13:08
cjwatsonxivulon: I'm afraid not, it's a kernel problem isn't it?13:08
xivulonah no that one I found out13:09
xivulonif you mean the buffer I/O13:09
cjwatsonoh, right, sorry, mixed up13:09
xivulon206113 is about swap creation13:09
cjwatsonno, I haven't looked further at it. The root error is "mkswap: unable to write signature page", which is literally write() failing13:10
xivulonI am not too concerned since that appears to be the only report I have seen on that, but still13:10
cjwatsonhow about I make it at least give the errno13:10
cjwatsonthen you might be able to have a better guess at the cause13:10
xivulononly thing I can think of is if the swapfile is not contiguous13:10
xivulonI remember mkswap does not like that, but not sure what the errorno would be in such case13:11
cjwatsonwell, it's not what mkswap likes really, it's what the kernel says to write()13:11
cjwatson    if (write(DEV, (char *) signature_page + offset, pagesize - offset)13:11
cjwatson        != pagesize - offset)13:11
cjwatson        bb_error_msg_and_die("unable to write signature page");13:11
cjwatsonnow, it could be a short write, but that generally ought not to happen when writing less than a page13:12
cjwatsonbut it's possible13:12
cjwatson(if you don't know: write() is not guaranteed to write everything in one go)13:12
cjwatsonI'll try installing the obvious fix for that and see if it helps13:12
xivulonthe kernel issue by the way was due to the sysctl parameters in lupin-support13:14
cjwatsonhooray for the existence of bb_full_write; writing out that code over and over in N different codebases gets boring13:14
xivulonfor some reason the new kernel does not like them anymore, have asked cking to have a look13:14
xivulonwe also have to decide whether to keep mounthost in13:15
xivulonbasically now it does nothing, since /host is mounted rw in initramfs13:15
xivulonit might become useful if ntfs/loop become remountable and initramfs is changed accordingly (within hardy LTS)13:15
xivulonnot sure if that is likely to happen... otherwise we can just remove mounthost13:16
cjwatsonoh, err, busybox can't be relevant!13:18
cjwatsonthis is in ubiquity so it's util-linux' mkswap, duh13:18
cjwatsonxivulon: spawned off a util-linux task and asked LaMont to have a look13:23
xivulonthanks a lot13:23
xivulonany view on mounthost ^?13:24
xivulonbasically that translates to: any chance for ntfs-3g to become remountable with a package update in 8.04 cycle?13:24
xivulonI'd guess that would be a new feature, hence not13:24
cjwatsonsounds unlikely, though feel free to petition the release manager13:27
xivulonwell I'd guess if that was required we could also update lupin-support package correct?13:28
xivulonI'd remove mounthost for the time being13:29
Siliciumcjwatson: do you have any idea why the package ipbx-frontend does not configure?13:42
Siliciumi cant find any problem13:43
Siliciumand when i boot the system and type apt-get install ipbx then works fine13:43
cjwatsonSilicium: looks like it's sensitive to $TERM and can't deal with the installer's terminal13:44
Siliciumcan i fix that?13:45
cjwatsonipbx-frontend doesn't appear to be in Ubuntu, so I'm unable to help further13:45
Siliciumi know, is my package :D13:46
Siliciumso is it a package problem13:46
cjwatsonoh, it might not be that actually, I see an error to do with postgresql in there13:46
cjwatsonwhich means that it's probably bug 20410813:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204108 in udev "stripped-down permissions.rules needed for udev-udeb" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20410813:47
Siliciumif i install postgresql manually with apt-get and then ipbx is will works13:47
cjwatsonyep, looks like it13:47
cjwatsonyou'll need to wait for that bug fix13:47
cjwatsonnote that it's fix committed so it should come along shortly13:48
cjwatsonchanging the way you install postgresql will not help13:48
Siliciumso then is it not he bug13:48
Siliciumi can install if i do manually13:48
Siliciumthen it works13:48
cjwatsonright, it'll work after you reboot13:49
cjwatsonthe problem is that /target/dev/null when the installer is running is not writable by the postgresql user13:49
cjwatsoner, the postgres user13:49
Siliciumoh ok13:49
Siliciumthats the bug13:49
cjwatsonbut when you reboot it will work fine because the normal udev rules will come into effect13:49
Siliciumcan i reload the udev rules?13:49
Siliciumbefore install ibpx13:50
Siliciumso we should release the beta thoday :D13:50
cjwatsonthe bug will be fixed by relese13:50
cjwatsonthis is the sort of thing you get when working on a beta; it is practically guaranteed to contain bugs :-)13:50
Siliciumok fine13:53
cjwatsonin order to work around it you'd need to insert the output of 'grep null /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules' into some file in /etc/udev/rules.d/ in your initrd13:53
Siliciumso i have a live CD too, this must be enaught for my interesting customers :)13:53
Siliciumno easy13:54
Siliciumi will wait13:54
PecisDarbshi people, where I can find translatable strings for Live CD, for those menus in the beginning?14:13
MirvPecisDarbs: gfxboot-theme-ubuntu14:13
PecisDarbsok, thanks :)14:14
MirvPecisDarbs: ie. https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/gfxboot-theme-ubuntu/+pots/bootloader14:14
MirvPecisDarbs: no problem :)14:14
PecisDarbsbtw, I have problems with fonts in my language, like it should be INSTALĀCIJA, but it goes like INSTALCIJA14:14
PecisDarbstranslations are ok14:15
PecisDarbsso it just drop fonts14:15
PecisDarbswhere should I report that?14:15
Mirvsomeone else can maybe answer that, I'm actually no installer developer at all14:15
cjwatsonPecisDarbs: which language?14:17
PecisDarbscjwatson: Latvian14:17
cjwatsonand at what point do you see INSTALCIJA14:17
PecisDarbsI will have to test it14:19
PecisDarbscjwatson: it usually happens at the beginning, mostly when I view installer help14:19
PecisDarbsINSTALCIJA was example, I can't remember exact strings, but they where many14:19
cjwatsonI'm just asking because it will help me track it down exactly14:20
cjwatsoncurrent CD images seem to have reasonable Latvian fonts14:21
cjwatsonPecisDarbs: http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/tmp/latvian-boot-help.png14:22
cjwatsonPecisDarbs: perhaps you were using 7.10?14:22
PecisDarbscjwatson: no no, I was using recent daily cds14:23
evandxivulon: ack'ed14:23
PecisDarbsstrange, I have to check that, if it is gone, then thanks :D14:23
PecisDarbscjwatson: I will check this asap and then will report back14:24
PecisDarbshave to download and burn live cd14:24
cjwatsonok, thanks14:25
CIA-1ubiquity: cjwatson * r2617 ubiquity/ (3 files in 2 dirs):14:32
CIA-1ubiquity: * Ensure that "Location for the new partition" always defaults to14:32
CIA-1ubiquity:  "Beginning" (LP: #207810).14:32
Siliciumcjwatson: is the bug in a base install package or also on the installer cd14:33
Siliciumso, i need to download a new cd to fix the bug i fix is released?14:33
cjwatsonSilicium: it's in a package that forms part of the installer initrd, so yes, you'll need a new CD14:35
Siliciumonly the initrd?14:46
Siliciumokay, then i can only replace that in my cd build environment :)14:46
Siliciumthanks a lot14:46
CIA-1ubiquity: cjwatson * r2618 ubiquity/ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py: on_partition_*_use_combo_changed may be called before partition_*_mount_combo has been set up14:47
cjwatsonyes, though replacing just the initrd is risky and I would recommend a full upgrade14:47
evandxivulon: new lupin without mounthost uploaded.15:08
PecisDarbscjwatson: yes, seemingly fonts aren't skipped anymore, big thanks to anyone who fixed this :)15:08
cjwatsonPecisDarbs: excellent. This was probably because we were unable to regenerate the reduced font for a while; Liu Qishuai figured out the problem and we fixed it in February15:10
PecisDarbsI see15:10
PecisDarbsnice :)15:10
CIA-1debian-installer: cjwatson * r905 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 20070308ubuntu3715:25
GreatMandrillcjwatson: where i can get the apt=key pakage (or his source) with yesterday's patch> Thanks15:46
xivulonevand thanks for that16:00
evandno problem16:02
xivulonfor lupin not sure what to use for the parameters16:03
xivulonthe tradeoff is that if we are too loose people may have issues with hard reboots and blame ubuntu for fs corruption16:04
xivulonif we are to strict we have I/O errors...16:04
xivulonI mean lupin-sysctl16:04
xivulonas mentioned I already asked cking16:05
xivulonin the meantime we might have bdmurray and myself to do some empirical tests by gradually rising dirty_limit & co16:06
xivulonarguably not very scientific...16:06
evandindeed, I read the scrollback in -kernel.  I'd wait to see what he says.  Hopefully he can fix the problem or find a workaround.16:06
evanddid you catch the zdnet article yet?  Very nice, though I emailed the author about the last paragraph, noting that Wubi can be run stand-alone and thus removes the need for a CD, we just don't have it up on the website yet.16:08
xivulonI read the one in ars-techica some time ago'16:09
* xivulon reads zdnet16:09
xivulonah had seen that too16:09
xivulonyeah read a few people recommending Daemon Tools & co just to use wubi...16:11
xivulonkind of defeats the purpose...16:11
evandheh, indeed16:11
evandany response from Matthew Nuzum?16:12
xivulonnot yet16:12
xivulonin fact I also have to ask about metalink url...16:12
xivulonI'd think the easiest route there is to have a wubi-specific url for metalink and other possible runtime data16:13
xivulonWe can fix public metalink issues later on16:13
xivulonI am stretching the SF terms of use...16:13
cjwatsonGreatMandrill: should be in the apt package in hardy16:14
GreatMandrillthx, cjwatson16:14
cjwatsonevand: do you think your patch from bug 182004 should just be applied in lieu of anything more sophisticated?17:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182004 in ubiquity "partitioner fails if partially preseeded due to seen flag madness" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18200417:42
evandcjwatson: yeah17:45
xivulonevand by the way just noticed that I forgot to push rev 481, in case you were tempted, do not use 480...18:14
xivulonwill upload rev 481 tonight18:14
xivulonah not sure what you want to do with segfaults18:16
xivulonI'd suggest using nsis 2.36 until someone complains...18:16
evandxivulon: we're going to need to come up with a better argument for the release team than "we hope nsis 2.36 fixes the segfaults, but we have no evidence that it does" if we're going to use 2.36.18:22
evandI tried to reproduce my crashes using the older nsis with debugging build, but I could not18:22
xivulonI know but how can we track a bug if when the bug cannot be reproduced with debugging symbols?18:22
xivulonEven binary search is impossible18:23
xivulonWe know that 2.34 segfaults, and 2.36 seems to fix it, having people use 2.36 extensively might be the best we can do18:24
xivulonif we have reports of segfaults in 2.36 we go back to 2.34 (which was more tested) otherwise we stick with 2.3618:25
evandxivulon: can you join #ubuntu-release?  Lets make the case to slangasek.18:27
xivulonevand can you pls also look at 214211 when you have a minute?18:28
evandwill do18:29
xivuloncjwatson, just noticed your comment in #208818 , do you want me to run some tests there?19:12
xivulonevand have reassigned 214211 to you if you do not mind: configure_hardware >  self.chroot_setup(x11=True) > No such file or directory: '/root/.Xauthority'20:12
xivulonin ubiquity20:12
evandindeed, I caught that.  I'll take a look later today, I'm quite busy with other work atm.20:16
xivulon.disk/info is the same for alternate and live, correct?20:28
cjwatson214211 sounds like my fault. Why doesn't /root exist?20:41
cjwatsonxivulon: 214211 says it's with the beta, so it can't possibly be the x11 stuff20:41
cjwatsonbecause I added that code post-beta20:41
cjwatsonhuh, is wubi downloading the ISO? that's broken surely20:42
cjwatsonoh! broken in noninteractive mode, I suck20:44
cjwatsonevand: I'll fix this if you like20:44
cjwatsonxivulon: 208818> if you can, yes please20:47
cjwatsonxivulon: assuming you know what it's supposed to look like20:47
evandcjwatson: that'd be great, thanks20:49
xivulonnot sure what to look at but will try to figure it out, "comment out the following piece of code" how do you usually do that? I know how to use sed20:49
xivulonbut that is for one liners...20:49
xivuloncjwatson: wubi will download the daily ISO20:51
mario_limoncieller um cjwatson, you're fix for usplash broke noninteractive20:52
mario_limonciell~ line 1200  you are assuming x11 is available20:53
mario_limoncielland same thing at line 122620:53
CIA-1ubiquity: cjwatson * r2621 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog scripts/install.py):20:53
CIA-1ubiquity: * Stop X forwarding code from breaking if we aren't running within X20:53
CIA-1ubiquity:  (LP: #214211).20:53
cjwatsonxivulon: stick # at the front of the line20:54
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: heh, that was 214211 that xivulon referred to above, and I just fixed20:54
mario_limonciellah yeah i just looked at the diff20:55
cjwatsonxivulon: that's very confusing. Why?20:55
cjwatsonxivulon: it should use the one that's right there in the drive, ideally20:55
mario_limonciellalso for this latest dvd it would appear that less language packages are pre-installed.  was there a particular reason for that?20:56
xivuloncjwatson, depends how he runs it, if he is using a physical CD will use that (will extract the CD content as iso first), if he runs wubi standalone it will download20:57
cjwatson"PS: It crashes when it is installing Ubuntu from the CD."20:59
xivulonre commenting I meant I never found out how to edit documents in busybox, and the few times I needed to always ended up using sed (don't laugh), which is inconvenient for several lines, was wondering if you had any tip20:59
cjwatsonsaith the bug report20:59
cjwatsonsed is what you need to use in the initramfs20:59
cjwatsonit's not convenient - correct :-)20:59
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: DVD ought to have all available language support21:00
* xivulon starts pertition for editor in busibox!21:00
cjwatsonthere is an editor in busybox, it's just not in the initramfs21:00
cjwatsonI might add it in intrepid21:00
mario_limonciellcjwatson, all the languages were "available", just the amount pre-installed in the livefs has changed21:00
mario_limonciellso i wasn't sure if that was intended21:00
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: no, I mean they're all supposed to be preinstalled in the livfs21:00
mario_limonciellhm well i preseeded all the language characters i could see, and a very large amount of lang packages got installed at the end still21:01
mario_limonciellthe livefs is awfully small to have all lang packs this time around too anyhow (835 mb)21:01
xivulonwhen it is installing Ubuntu from the CD.21:02
cjwatson= Language packs; in theory we're putting them all on the DVD =21:03
cjwatson * /^language-pack-[^-]+$/21:03
cjwatson * /^language-pack-gnome-[^-]+$/21:03
cjwatsonsays the current live-dvd build21:03
cjwatsonbring it up on #ubuntu-devel?21:03
xivuloncjwatson the way I read is that "it crashes when it is installing Ubuntu from the CD"= "when in ubiquity"21:03
xivuloneven if he was using wubi with cd that would be ejected21:03
mario_limonciellcjwatson, let me get a log from a full install of everythign that gets installed (my last install failed due to the noninteractive), so i'll do one with automatic-ubiquity and then bring it up so i have some hard evidence21:03
cjwatsonxivulon: it sure sounds like a physical CD though21:04
cjwatsonmario_limonciell: the .manifest file lists all the packages installed in the livefs, so you can check that way21:05
xivulonhmm not sure he says it was an iso issue, I will ask to avoid doubts21:05
mario_limonciellcjwatson, well that definitely shows it then.  the manifests are significantly different21:06
xivuloncjwatson the only reason wubi would redownload when there is a CD is if the checksum of squashfs fails21:14
xivulonthat is only tested when there is no internet connection (since with internet connection I assume I can get the md5 of the full iso).21:15
xivulonThere used to be a bug whereby that check would always fail, but then again he would then not have been able to download the ISO...21:15
cjwatsonevand: do you have anything more for the next upload? We should get that done ASAP if it's breaking wubi21:58
evandcjwatson: no, I'll do another upload later tonight for the rest of my work, but I agree, I'll do an upload now.22:08
cjwatsonok, cool22:11
cjwatsonif you're going to do another one today anyway feel free to wait for that; I'm finishing up now anyway22:11
xivulonevan have uploaded rev48122:25
xivulonto use nsis 2.36 rename the nsis folder and run make prerequisites22:25
cjwatsonxivulon: on 208818: now that I look at it again, you don't need to use sed; I included detailed directions on using a real editor in the real system22:36
cjwatson"Boot with the 'break=casper-bottom' kernel parameter, run 'chroot /root nano /usr/bin/ubiquity-dm', ..."22:36
xivulonheh was about to try the same thing... I am crap at regex & co...22:37
xivulondownloading the iso now22:37
* cjwatson -> housework then bed22:38
blahblahxhowdy folks23:30
blahblahxis it possible to edit the link for the release notes in ubiquity?23:30
cjwatsonblahblahx: sorry, more detail? (I know the link you're referring to, just trying to figure out what you're trying to do)23:38
cjwatsonis this for producing a custom image?23:38
blahblahxand i have custom release notes23:38
cjwatsonright, certainly23:39
blahblahxthat i want the button to link to23:39
cjwatsonthe URL is in .disk/release_notes_url on the CD23:39
blahblahxwhere on the cd?23:39
cjwatsonlet me clarify. /.disk/release_notes_url on the CD23:39
blahblahxon the final iso?23:40
blahblahxhuh let me see23:40
cjwatson${LANG} in the URL is replaced by the ISO-639-1 code for the language, if you want to internationalise your release notes23:40
xivulonevand 38223:41
blahblahxwhat if for some reason i dont have a .disk folder on my final iso?23:41
blahblahxwhy would that be?23:41
blahblahxcould i just create it if its not there?23:42
cjwatsonblahblahx: perhaps because you used cp with a * wildcard to copy things over23:42
blahblahxcjwatson: actually i used reconstructor.23:43
blahblahxcjwatson: you know about it?23:43
cjwatson* does not match hidden files or directories (those whose names begin with .)23:43
cjwatsonI know about reconstructor, but I didn't know it was so badly broken as to not include .disk23:43
blahblahxits not23:43
blahblahxi have seen other isos made with it that have .disk23:43
cjwatson.disk is required, so I suggest you grab an Ubuntu image, copy across its .disk, and tweak to suit you23:43
blahblahxam i supposed to have a .disc_id file in the main folder of my iso?23:44
cjwatsonbeware of the .disk/casper-uuid-generic file; you need to make that match conf/uuid.conf in the casper initrd, if there is one23:45
cjwatsonI've never heard of .disc_id. The installer doesn't use it.23:45
blahblahxahh thank you23:45
blahblahxcjwatson: because i had copied a .disk folder to my iso from a similar distro, but there were ubiquity errors. could that be from the uuid.conf?23:46
cjwatsonif you got the casper-uuid-generic file wrong, then it wouldn't get as far as ubiquity; it would simply fail to boot23:46
blahblahxoh then nevermind its not that23:46
blahblahxoh wait disc_id is a reconstructor info file, nothing important23:47
cjwatsonif there is a /conf/uuid.conf file in /casper/initrd.gz, then the CD is required to have a file matching /.disk/casper-uuid* with the same unique ID in it. (You can boot with the ignore_uuid parameter to skip this check.) This is so that you can put a rescue image on the hard disk that looks mostly like a live CD, without casper accidentally booting from it.23:48
cjwatsonBut if you aren't running into this, you don't need to care.23:48
blahblahxwell the disk boots fine, but then when i open ubiquity, i get a language error like "language exited with error 127"23:48
blahblahxand it tells me to check my syslog23:48
blahblahxwhich i checked, but couldn't quite decode the part about ubiquity23:49
cjwatsonI've heard a few reports of this, but either I haven't diagnosed it or I have forgotten what the result was. Could you please put the full syslog somewhere that I can see it?23:49
blahblahxshall i pastebin it?23:49
cjwatsonyes, please23:49
blahblahxok this pastebin that i post will be from the cd where i copied the .disk folder from another similar distro23:49
blahblahxgimmie a sec23:49
blahblahxshould i post the entire syslog or just the parts with ubiquity in them?23:50
cjwatsonthe entire syslog, please23:51
cjwatsonextra information is rarely harmful, and missing information can be painful to get past23:51
Siliciumwww.opensnom.org - the Open Snom Implementation23:52
blahblahxoh wait thats not a correct link23:53
blahblahxcjwatson: hold on ill post the real link23:53
cjwatsonhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/ubuntu-paste may be useful; you can feed it data to pastebin on stdin23:53
cjwatson(not my work originally, though I forget where it came from)23:53
cjwatsonSilicium: why's that relevant here?23:54
cjwatson(says it's based on Debian, not Ubuntu?)23:54
Siliciummaybe :)23:54
blahblahxhere its on pastebin.com and i put the name as blahblahx cjwatson23:54
mario_limonciellcjwatson, ooh neat toy23:54
blahblahxSilicium: yeah?23:54
cjwatsonblahblahx: err, sorry, no idea how I would search for that23:55
cjwatsonoh, I see, the links on the left23:55
blahblahxcjwatson: right23:55
cjwatsonhttp://pastebin.com/m776aaa31 ?23:55
cjwatsonblahblahx: please post /etc/lsb-release23:56
blahblahxon the livecd?23:56
blahblahxok one sec23:56
xivuloncjwatson, when I boot Xubuntu live cd I see ubuntu usplash23:58
blahblahxnow its called blahblahx223:58

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