LjLthat's not very practical at all for the implementation.00:00
[NikO]LjL, bot have also lot of feature / link direct link to the french wiki00:00
LjL[NikO], but of course you could keep all your factoids as they are00:00
[NikO]so we prefer to link to wiki and not to a database00:00
Andres_LjL, why wouldn't it be practical?00:01
LjLyou won't be "linking to a database"...00:01
LjLAndres_, because it's a bot with its own DB, making it interact with launchpad is not something i'd wish to its author.00:01
[NikO]all irc user can add tag > link00:01
[NikO]as you can see, because you idle a time on #ubuntu-fr00:02
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LjL[NikO]: you mean everyone can add new factoids?00:02
[NikO]but important ones we lock them00:02
LjLwell, i don't know if that will be possible, but i think it could be00:02
[NikO]LjL, see on #ubuntu-fr a simple demo00:03
LjLbetter in -geeks i think00:03
[NikO]ok :)00:03
RoAkSoAxLjL, i see... but still would be good to have it uploaded to LP for translations so that way contributors are able to help on translating ubotu to their own language00:04
RoAkSoAxat least not tto have the hole DB but the important factoids00:05
LjLi don't see why that couldn't be done from the web interface...00:05
RoAkSoAxLjL, that could be done aswell, but i ment like having a new way of contributing with the project, since now, most of contributions are managed and located in LP, such as bugs, answers and translations of the system and packages... so adding factoids to LP for translation would be a new way to contribute done in the LP website00:08
RoAkSoAxand that the actual translations team can translate, verify and validate translations of contributors as it is done with the system and its packages00:09
LjLfactoids are just quick things to give support to people on IRC, though00:10
LjLi really don't think they're on the same level as system software00:10
LjLalso, on many channels ops would like to control factoid contents00:10
LjLand anyway, no matter its merits, i think it's just technically unlikely to happen00:10
LjL(where's the source for launchpad, for starters... ;)00:11
RoAkSoAxok ;)00:11
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