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AliRezaTaleghanii use hardy, 04:50
AliRezaTaleghaniis their any i686-smp kernel for me?04:51
AliRezaTaleghanino idea?04:51
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Ngmjg59: so. the optical drive in the DL145 is 9.5mm where all the other HPs we have seem to be about 12mm10:17
Ngie I have nothing to swap it out for :/10:17
Ngcking: the DL145 bios does have an option to present the SATA controller as PATA, trying that now12:10
Ngcking: doh, it's still full of fail12:11
ckingNg: bummer12:11
NgI'll poke around the bios a little more to check there isn't anything else along those lines12:12
Ngnormally that option does seem to specifically refer to AHCI, this just offers SATA/PATA12:12
ckingThe main problem is that the controller subsystem has changed a lot - so it's one of those corner issues where a quirk may need to be added :-(12:13
elmargolHi if I inset my proxim wireless pccard into my laptop syslog is spammed wifi0: hardware error; resetting 12:13
elmargoland i get 100% system cpu usage12:14
elmargolThe same card works on my other laptop12:14
Ngcking: hmm, no other options in the main system bios12:15
* Ng checks for a sata controller bios12:15
ckingNg, Annoyingly, there are some possible kernel module tweaks one could try, but I don't know how to pass them down to the module on a LiveCD.12:16
Ngsata controller bios has no options12:17
Ngcking: I could at least try the options from the busybox shell12:17
ckingNg: Give me a little while and I will find some appropriate runes.12:18
NgI'm just going to have a quick check to see if there's an updated bios or something12:19
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ckingNg: I suggest trying: options libata noacpi=112:26
Ngcking: I'm going to try booting a gutsy alternate installer to check this definitely isn't a regression. beyond that I should hand this off to the server team - they can netboot it and yous can all get it seeing the CD drive. I don't think physical presence or actual CDs are necessary here since the issue is the thing not even being detected12:27
Ng(I will check that it netboots correctly though ;)12:28
ckingNg: OK makes sense.12:28
xivulonhi cking12:30
ckingxivulon: hi there. How can I help?12:31
xivulonI believe that evand mentioned some issues with wubi and buffer i/o error12:31
xivulonI did some testing yesterday and found out the issue, but would appreciate some further help12:31
ckingxivulon: good - I've been stuck trying to obtain a working XP system to experiment further.12:32
xivulonno need anymore :)12:32
xivulonthis is the new problem12:32
xivulonbasically wubi uses a nested filesystem, one problem is that data loss in the host filesystem (generally ntfs) may result in journal disruption in the hosted filesystem12:32
xivulonto minimize the problems, Szaka suggest to use sysctl settings that would minimize the use of cached disk data12:33
ckingThat makes sense12:33
xivulonwhat happened is that new version of the kernel (12) does not like the settings we always had12:33
xivulonand that resulted in the buffer I/O errors12:34
ckingOK - any details on the settings being used?12:34
xivulonsure one sec12:34
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204133 in wubi "wubi install unusable - Buffer I/O error on device loop0" [High,In progress] 12:35
xivulonso first point is: I am quite sure those settings used to work in the past, and I do not know if that is any reason of concern kernel-wise12:36
xivulonsecond point is: what would be a reasonable/safe set of settings to use in order to minimize hardreboot problems?12:37
ckingxivulon: OK I will put some effort in this afternoon to see if they work.12:37
xivuloncking thanks, please post anything you find in the bug12:38
ckingxivulon: 2nd point: good question. This needs some figuring out :-)12:38
xivulongreat, looking forward to that!12:38
ckingxivulon: Thanks for getting it so far. I got stuck on the XP enviroment to test this out, so you've helped me a huge amount.12:38
cking..I also got side tracked on other stuff too :-(12:39
xivulonah that wasn't strictly necessary, provided you have an ntfs partition (virtual or not) you can test on that...12:39
xivulonI could have provided a skeleton for the rest12:39
ckingxivulon: I'll keep you posted... your help has been invaluable - collect 1 free virtual beer :-)12:40
xivulonah thank you for looking into this!12:40
ckingnp - it's what we are here for.12:41
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* cking_lunch time for food12:41
Ngcking: 7.10 fails in exactly the same way as 8.04 with the same SRST error. 12:43
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rtgzul: Please send a note to the kernel mailing list when you get xen patched. I won't be on IRC much today.13:36
zulrtg: sure...im doing a test build right now13:36
rtgzul: thanks13:36
amitkrtg: you in austin?13:40
rtgamitk: yep, getting ready to head out.13:41
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mjg59Ng: Arse.15:37
smbzul: Are you currently working on bug 208281?15:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 208281 in iscsitarget "iscsitarget will not compile" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20828115:43
zulsmb: Im trying to get a ffe for it for the universe one but yes I was15:43
zulsmb: do you want me to fix the lum one?15:43
smbzul: I was about to ask whether I should do something or what. :) 15:44
zulsmb: I was going to send a patch today once I fix this ebox problem :)15:45
smbzul: I guess soon enough. So I rather take care of your xen updates. 15:45
zulsmb: ok15:46
zulxen updates builds fine and boots fine here15:46
smbzul: Ok, thanks15:47
zulsmb: got an update but just have to see if it builds16:30
smbzul: ok16:31
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munckfishHi, re ps3-kboot update. Good new is I can now get the hardy daily live to boot on PS3, however, although the install kernel boots, the graphics are all messed up.17:19
munckfishand when it reaches X it's going to a sort of messed up failsafe 17:19
munckfishpseudo terms are also messed up17:19
munckfishI need to quickly work out if this is something left wrong from kboot or whether it's a new issue17:20
munckfishdoes anyone have any tips or links on how to debug the framebuffer graphics we use while booting up?17:21
munckfishI'm completely green to this whole part of Linux at the moment17:21
infinityHrm, is anyone doing anything about the FTBFS of linux on all x86 arches (broken virtio configs)?19:02
infinitysoren: I suppose the changelog might have you to blame...19:03
amitkinfinity: it'll happen later today19:08
infinityamitk: Kay.  I was just about to kick off a rebuild test, and having the kernel FTBFS annoys me. :)19:10
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IntuitiveNippleBuilding the hardy git 'generic' flavour tonight I'm getting "previous or current ABI file missing" - it's building 2.6.24-16.29, is that correct (CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=4; fakeroot debian/rules  binary-generic binary-header) ?21:02
amitkIntuitiveNipple: it needs an ABI bump, will happen later today21:19
IntuitiveNippleThanks Amit - I thought that was the case haivng looked at debian/abi/* but wanted to be sure21:20
IntuitiveNippleDidn't realise until the end of a long build... was trying to avoid starting from scratch with AUTOBUILD :)21:21
amitkIntuitiveNipple: you can add a skipabi=1 to the end to force a .deb if you want21:22
IntuitiveNippleHmmm, I did try that but got ignored... thanks for that, I'll try it again later to see if I got it wrong somehow21:24
IntuitiveNippleahh! I only put "skipabi", forgot the "=1" bit :p21:25
sourcemakerwhen I use vpn on linux... I receive the following message:  martian source, ll.. what's wrong?21:31
sourcemakerand my application does not work then21:31
IntuitiveNipplesourcemaker: A martian source is an invalid, non-routeable address... You'd be better off asking in ##linux or #ubuntu21:39
sourcemakerIntuitiveNipple: ok... thanks21:40
amitkIntuitiveNipple: thanks for the wiki update21:45
IntuitiveNippleyou're welcome - I've lived on that page before so every little helps :)21:49
IntuitiveNippleThe only thing I've left to work out is how to do a make-kpkg out-of-tree build 21:50
IntuitiveNippleHopefully this build will give me a pure Ubuntu kernel with the i450NX patch in so I can sign off the failed PowerEdge server21:52
elmoIntuitiveNipple: the patch in that b ug report won't work on the server I originally reported it against, though, will it?21:55
IntuitiveNippleelmo: No, but if you want to provide the dmidecode output of the server, it can be added. I didn't want to add anything I'm not 100% sure about21:57
IntuitiveNippleIt'd be best to test each one - unfortunately there's not an easy way aside from building a kernel that ignore the i450nx fix entirely.21:58
elmoIntuitiveNipple: I don't have an i450 in the machine though?21:58
elmois what I meant21:58
IntuitiveNippleDid you manage to capture a boot log ?21:59
elmoI think there's a screenshot in the bug22:00
elmooh, yes22:00
elmobecause, haha!, if you wait 30+ minutes, it eventually finds the drives22:00
elmoand you can continue the boot22:00
IntuitiveNippleI was wondering more about a full serial console log, but, looking at your screenshots the aacraid module is loading so it's possible the causes of the "Disk offlined" messages are different. I switched to bugzilla in solving the bus issue - I maybe should create another Ubuntu bug report especially for this22:03
elmoyeah, we haven't upgraded firmware yet either, to rule that out22:04
elmoIntuitiveNipple: how did you update the firmware btw? 22:04
IntuitiveNippleI had some fun today - discovered the PERC2 is also a HP NetRAID 4M (Adaptec AAC364) and got one from ebay for £18!22:05
IntuitiveNippleDownloaded the Dell firmware DOS-floppy installer .exe, ran it from wine and wrote the files to the two floppies, then used them to update it22:06
IntuitiveNipplethere's "afu.exe" (adaptec firmware updater) on the boot floppy22:06
IntuitiveNippleThe battery on the PERC2 cache was failing and Dell don't do a replacement - got the NetRAID 4M, found a HP replacement part # on the battery, they cost US$128 minimum, so done well on that server today!22:07
tormodhi, bug #192772 could need some sponsor love before the freeze. It's assigned to Tim Gardner but he seems to hide.22:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 192772 in linux-wlan-ng "please merge linux-wlan-ng 0.2.8+svn1851+dfsg-1 from Debian main unstable" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19277222:10
sorenrtg: Did you get the kernel build sorted out?22:16
smbrtg might still be in transit22:17
sorensmb: In transit? Fro/to?22:17
sorenfrom, even.22:17
smbsoren: From Linux Founation22:18
sorensmb: To? :)22:18
sorensmb:  I thought he'd be here until tomorrow sometime.22:18
smbsoren: but the build should be ok now. 22:18
sorenOk. For a second I thought I was missing a patch, but looking at the changelog, it must be there already, so I'm slightly more calm now.22:19
smbsoren: Hm, got the impression he was travelling today, but I might be totally wrong22:19
smbsoren: We had two updates from alessio and chuck to get xen and rt building again22:21
sorensmb: Alright.22:21
IntuitiveNippleelmo: I've redone the i450NX bus issue as bug #21481422:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214814 in linux "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s!" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21481422:46
Amaranthtjaalton: so should i file a bug for the dh_strip stuff? I've got a report that installing from the .run file fixes the yellow/pink/etc shadows in compiz so it seems stripping the files is causing this problem22:49
Amaranthoh, you probably aren't here :P22:49
elmoIntuitiveNipple: ah, ok, thanks.  shame.  I don't suppose you want to debug by PE for me? ;-)22:52
IntuitiveNippleWell whilst I'm on a roll... want to PM me about it?22:55
elmoIntuitiveNipple: heh, I was mostly kidding - thanks though23:09
IntuitiveNipple:) It looks simply enough23:09

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