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dholbachgood morning07:11
vdngood morning07:18
asaclool: do you know who sponsored midbrowser?09:00
StevenKI did09:00
asacStevenK: strange on launchpad its "uploaded by cwong1"09:01
asacwas that a sync from  mobile PPA?09:01
StevenKasac: That's Launchpad using the Uploaded-By field in the .changes file09:01
StevenKasac: Yes, it was taken from the ubuntu-mobile PPA.09:01
asacStevenK: why do you use that Uploaded-By field?09:02
StevenKasac: Because I didn't want to regenerate the 50Mb tarball and then have to upload it from my home ADSL.09:02
asacStevenK: ok. so it was a sync request?09:03
asacStevenK: can we disable that sync again?09:03
StevenKasac: Well, it was a fakesync09:03
asacStevenK: we want to push that to main and i don't like the idea that it gets auto promoted from mobile PPA09:04
asac(i am fine if you review and test it though - instead of me)09:04
asacStevenK: how does this kind of fakesync work technically?09:04
StevenKasac: Download the source package from the PPA, re-sign it and upload to the archive09:05
asacStevenK: ah ... and you did that from rookery i guess09:05
StevenKasac: chinstrap, so close enough09:05
asacStevenK: anyway ... please test it before doing next time. afaik it doesn't start atm ;)09:06
asacyay \o/09:06
StevenKasac: Sorry for the trouble :-/09:06
asacno problem. i don't have trouble ;)09:07
asacill delegate that to cwong ;)09:07
StevenKYou're happy to upload it after cwong1 has fixed it?09:07
asacStevenK: i am happy to do the hardy pushes, yes.09:08
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davmor2I can't seem to get notepad to work in xephyr mode.  Is this a know issue?11:18
davmor2nor chat11:18
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Dennis__hello, i have a question, is it posible for me to use ubuntu mobile on my acer n311? or is the project still to far in beta ?13:59
persiaDennis__: You'd need to port it to ARM first, your resolution might be a bit low, and it's still under development.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/FAQ14:06
Dennis__ok thank you,14:07
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loolOh this one made my day:14:30
loolroot@ume:~# /etc/init.d/moblin-system-daemon stop; echo $? * Stopping MoblinSystemDaemon moblin-system-daemon                      [ OK ] 14:30
loolroot@ume:~# invoke-rc.d moblin-system-daemon stop; echo $? * Stopping MoblinSystemDaemon moblin-system-daemon                             Terminated14:30
loolHeh and it's due to a ps | grep finding invoke-rc.d itself to kill; cute14:34
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mbomanhi. I am building UME for my Cloudbook20:17
mbomanbut it seems to have a problem adding function sets20:19
ian_brasil_mboman: are you following the image creator info on moblin.org?20:59
mbomanian_brasil_: I following this document: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/CreatingAnImageForUMEDevice21:01
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ian_brasil_mboman: there is a warning on this page that more recent documentation is available at http://moblin.org/documentation_howto/howto_create-image.php ..maybe have a look on there too?21:05
ditoahey all22:22
[g2]ditoa: hi :)22:22
ditoai own an eee pc and was wondering if it is possible to install ubuntu mobile to it?22:23
agoliveiraditoa: Yes, it is but will require some tinkering with the kernel to make network work I guess. I have one but didn't try it yet.22:31
GrueMasterYes, it is.  Use the mccaslin images to install.22:31
GrueMasterThe hardware is very similar.22:32
ditoaahh cool22:32
[g2]is UME x86 focused or multi ARCH like ARM22:32
ditoai only read about ubuntu mobile like 10 minutes ago so please forgive me asking questions for which the answers are well known :)22:32
agoliveiraditoa: Check this one out: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded22:33
ditoamany thanks :)22:35
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