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Nafallo.win 8100:57
bddebianHeya gang01:30
xtknighti should be able to publish an update of flashplugin-nonfree on my ppa, shouldn't I?01:33
xtknightor no?01:33
TheMusoxtknight: You should yes.01:35
xtknightTheMuso, thanks.  just fixing bug 21434101:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214341 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash plugin md5sum outdated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21434101:36
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LaserJockhmm, so do we get flashplugin-nonfree part II?04:11
jdonglooks like it04:12
jdonghow many things are incompatible this time?04:12
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superm1part 2?04:12
superm1what happened?04:12
jdongsuperm1: new flashplugin apparently04:12
superm1with plugin included in deb by chance?04:13
superm1or what is deal?04:13
superm1hm i dont see anything new according to https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/04:14
jdongbug 21434104:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214341 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash plugin md5sum outdated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21434104:14
jdongit's always the md5sum fun.04:15
jdongwe could just not check MD5sums :D04:15
jdong</bad security joke>04:15
LaserJockwhy not?04:15
LaserJockit's not like Flash has the best security history or anything ;-)04:15
superm1well i'd be for maybe presenting a warning04:16
superm1that they don't match04:16
superm1and explain what can cause that04:16
superm1so that people can still proceed04:16
jdongmaking dpkg fail in postinst is probably the least elegant solution04:16
superm1although i'd moreso be for Adobe to put it in the canonical partners repo04:16
superm1but that's too idealistic04:16
jdongsuperm1: yeah and the world would spin a lot better if getdeb packages were reviewed into universe...04:17
jdongyou utopians ;-)04:17
jdongthat should be triaged and set to high importance, no?04:18
jdongwait xtknight has a debdiff04:18
xtknightyeah it worked for me at laest04:19
jdongit looks reasonable04:19
LaserJockjdong: Fedora's pretty fast. I first noticed the flash thing because I had an update to install04:19
xtknightwe dont need an SRU do we?04:19
LaserJockthen I opened up my email and saw the SRU bug04:19
jdongxtknight: for gutsy and friends very likely04:20
xtknightif it's a new flash... flash would be completely broken for everyone, so it's sort of vital to update the md5sums for it unless you're going to change the download link04:20
xtknightoh that's right gutsy uses it too04:20
jdongLaserJock: we need a standing SRU, like a volatile setup04:20
LaserJockjdong: well, as long as Adobe doesn't cause problems it's a pretty straightfoward deal04:21
LaserJockbut I think a standing SRU approval would be a good idea04:21
LaserJockit's not like we're gonna do a code review04:21
mbtDoes anyone have any ideas on debugging a package that works properly under a debugger (gdb) but not outside of it?  I'm trying to fix a particularly troubling bug (bug 106583) and it works when under GDB, but not outside of it.04:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 106583 in alltray "No windows hiding with compiz" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10658304:22
jdongxtknight: I uploaded your debdiff04:22
jdongthanks for jumping on that one :)04:22
xtknightoh thanks04:22
xtknighti'm also wondering why even bother checking the md5sum04:22
LaserJockbut yeah, we need to do something about bailing out of postinst04:22
jdongxtknight: MITM attack. This would be a root compromise04:22
xtknightwell i mean people are already at risk by using closed source things *shrugs*04:23
jdongxtknight: that's not quite the same thing04:23
mbtxtknight, jdong: Wouldn't there be a way to do it in a manner that doesn't require the package being updated every time?  It is a bit annoying the frequency which the md5sum on flash changes.04:23
jdongxtknight: there still is some "trust" if you call it that in big-names04:23
xtknightwe could download the latest md5sum from ubuntu04:23
jdongmbt: if adobe GPG signs their flash stuff or provides a SSL/HTTPS download method04:23
LaserJockmbt: we can't know the md5sums ahead of time04:23
xtknightor something04:23
mbtNo, but what if the md5sums were checked from an https Ubuntu server with a list?04:24
jdongxtknight: if we download md5sums from somewhere, then we should just always keep the package updated.04:24
mbtUsing curl or something?04:24
jdongmbt: ^^04:24
xtknightif adobe uploaded a .md5sum would that fix it?04:24
jdongthere would be no difference in complexity.04:24
jdongxtknight: no04:24
jdongxtknight: what prevents me from spoofing that?04:24
mbtNo, but it wouldn't require the package be rebuilt.04:24
mbtSSL signature04:24
jdongmbt: the package rebuild is probably the least of concerns04:24
jdongif Adobe would provide a SSL download URL I'd be happy to remove this check.04:24
jdongbut that apparently is not the case04:25
LaserJockI would be concerned about people getting new software without us knowing about it04:25
jdonghonestly adobe+canonical partner is the BEST solution04:25
jdongLaserJock: +104:25
jdongpackage fetchers IMO are a bad idea04:25
mbtjdong: There have been times where there has been considerable lag and many duplicate bugs...04:25
crimsunremove it completely from the archive04:25
jdongmbt: indeed, mostly because of the painful procedure currently to get that update in04:25
jdongmbt: but there's no reason why that cannot be reformed04:25
xtknightwell this works04:25
xtknightdo you call that secure?04:25
jdongxtknight: does that actually work? :)04:26
crimsunno, it's not "secure"04:26
xtknightbut i dont see why that's any better than http04:26
xtknightanyone at adobe could still upload a tainted package04:26
crimsunit's not much better04:26
jdongif anyone at adobe uploads a tainted package we're all screwed anyway04:26
jdong</chicken little>04:26
xtknightnot in our current system though04:26
mbtTrue enough, but at least it's not MITM if you verify the SSL cert, which is probably the biggest problem downloading it via HTTP.04:26
LaserJockthe problem last time was that Adobe's package broke Konqueror04:26
jdongis there any attempt for canonical to work with Adobe on this?04:27
LaserJockit takes us all of a couple hours to get a new package with md5sums to the archives04:27
jdongI find it hard to believe we can't reach an agreement for flashplayer04:27
crimsunthe real solution to this is to have the browser handle it via a plugin04:27
LaserJockjdong: well, we had to remove Acrobat Reader completly04:27
xtknighttakes longer to file an SRU for gutsy tho04:27
LaserJockjdong: my guess is Adobe doesn't really care04:27
LaserJockxtknight: we can fix that04:28
jdongxtknight: that's why I proposed a standing SRU04:28
xtknightok.  ive never even heard of that.  but i know what it is now04:28
crimsunas long as we have this inane package in the archive, it will remain an issue.04:28
mbtIt'd be nice if Adobe were more friendly, to be sure; then it wouldn't be an issue at all, and known-good versions could be kept in the repos.  :-/04:28
xtknightcant FF download from adobe anyway04:29
jdongxtknight: on 32-bit04:29
crimsunwe already do nasty things like assume EULA acceptance04:29
xtknightyea true04:29
LaserJockI agree with crimsun that Flash should be done via the browser04:29
jdongLaserJock: well that's the easiest solution for us but isn't htat just skirting the responsibility?04:29
xtknightFF should make an official plugin wrapper or get nspluginwrapper into the tree04:29
xtknightfor 64bit04:29
LaserJockjdong: well, not necessarily04:30
xtknightthen there's no use in having the package at all04:30
LaserJockjdong: I bet Adobe would be much more willing to work with Mozilla than Canonical04:30
jdongLaserJock: how is it not "this isn't our problem, it's the user's problem now"04:30
mbtWhat about canonical putting resources into the free flash players?  Is that happening?  Or are there patent issues there?04:30
jdongoh that's what you meant04:30
jdongmbt: haha. free flash player.04:30
jdongmbt: reimplementing flash from ground up is not a walk in the park04:30
mbtjdong: Well, it works for some things... just not everything.04:30
crimsunfirst, updating this package endlessly is /not/ the solution.04:31
LaserJockyeah, I'm saying the actual browser that needs flash should maybe handle getting it04:31
jdongmbt: complexity wise I don't think it's any less nontrivial than implementing java from ground up and look at how long that took04:31
jdongcrimsun: agreed....04:31
jdongLaserJock: firefox already kinda does that04:31
jdongLaserJock: before we castrated that ability04:31
Hobbseecrimsun: throw it out instead?04:31
crimsunHobbsee: absolutely.  Make the browser handle it.04:31
LaserJockyeah, but it wasn't good about plugins04:31
Hobbseedoes it not already?04:32
xtknightFF is fine on 32bit we just need to fix the 64bit04:32
crimsunHobbsee: for some arches and browsers04:32
jdongHobbsee: ubufox disables that ability for flashplugin in particular04:32
Hobbseeoh, meh, 64 bit.04:32
Hobbseejdong: tasty.04:32
jdongyeah :)04:32
jdongwhen is a feature not a feature? ;-)04:32
LaserJockwell, can we get ubufox to handle it?04:33
xtknightwhat else uses flash? epiphany,etc, do they have methods of d/l'ing it?04:34
jdongI don't see how having ubufox handle it is any less evil than turning off the MD5sum check04:34
xtknightwe dont have to bother w/ updating the package04:35
xtknighti guess04:35
LaserJockbtw, has anybody got a new package ready to go?04:35
LaserJockor did we already do it?04:35
crimsunit was already uploaded.04:35
LaserJockyeah, I see it now04:36
LaserJockdid anybody test it?04:36
LaserJocklike for konqi problems04:36
crimsunit works on KDE4's konqueror04:36
crimsundidn't test KDE304:36
LaserJockI guess I was asking if it's been uploaded to -proposed04:36
LaserJockfor the gutsy horde04:36
ajmitchah, flash, everyone's friend04:37
LaserJockajmitch: oh man, in the edu world it can be particularly exciting04:37
LaserJockeverybody likes doing all their learning content in Flash04:37
LaserJockthen trying to have 30 kids run it over a LTSP server04:38
mbtheh, does the new version work with libflashsupport without crashing?  :-D04:38
xtknightwell i dont think there's a free equiv to Flash itself04:38
xtknightsome free flash decoders that are half broken, not much more than this04:38
crimsunmbt: not really.04:38
crimsunwhat do you expect?  It's Flash.04:38
LaserJockI like it when flash works though04:39
LaserJockas that's how I got my wife to ditch Windows04:39
mbtI started using Totem for YouTube with all the ick that is flash04:39
jdongmbt: that's great for the simple case of a flash video player04:45
mbtYeah, but that's about it...04:45
jdongmbt: too bad flash is a pretty complete JITting language runtime.04:45
LaserJockugg, Need to get 210MB of archives.04:47
LaserJockI sure wish my school didn't decide to mess with their VPN04:48
LaserJock*hadn't decided04:48
LaserJockthey had a decent setup I could use, now they've got three different access points and none of them work04:49
LaserJockanybody feeling like doing a gutsy package for flash?04:53
LaserJockI can ack an SRU for it04:53
mbtI don't have a gutsy build env right now, since I went and focused on Hardy... been working on Alltray lately04:54
xtknighti'll try04:54
xtknight!info flashplayer-nonfree gutsy04:56
ubotuPackage flashplayer-nonfree does not exist in gutsy04:56
xtknightwhat's it called on gutsy?04:56
LaserJockit's the same04:57
LaserJock!info flashplugin-nonfree gutsy04:58
ubotuflashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 17 kB, installed size 156 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)04:58
xtknighto plugin04:58
jdongflashplugin-nonfree | | gutsy-updates/multiverse | source, amd64, i38604:58
jdongthat's the sucker.04:58
jdongwould it really kill us to put the true version number?04:58
xtknightwe do on hardy04:58
xtknightnot sure why not on gutsy04:58
jdongright but the SRU policy by default would be bump 12.2 to 12.304:58
jdongthat's why it's 12.2 right now04:59
jdongthat's actually
jdongLaserJock: ^^ your opinion on this?04:59
jdongI personally would say put the real 9.0.124 version number in04:59
jdongbut of course set it less than Hardy by a bit04:59
emgentlaunchpad down ?05:00
LaserJockawesome we have 3 different version conventions for flashplugin-nonfree in -updates05:00
jdongLaserJock: lol05:01
jdongmore than that.05:01
LaserJockfor goodness sakes05:02
* jdong looks at the feisty and dapper one05:02
jdongisn't dapper a higher version?05:03
LaserJockit should be05:03
LaserJockwhy isn't it in -updates?05:04
StevenKThe dapper one is higher, according to dpkg05:04
jdongLaserJock: probably because when it was done, it's not accepted in -updates05:04
jdongLaserJock: we used to have quite strict policy, remember?05:04
LaserJockwould it kill us to just use the real version?05:05
jdongthat's my sentiments05:05
jdonglet's just use the real version05:05
LaserJockI think it's more confusing to users looking for the update to see that is really
xtknightgutsy-proposed debdiff up. Bug 21434105:08
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214341 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash plugin md5sum outdated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21434105:08
xtknighttested on i386/firefox only, works fine05:08
xtknighthold up my bad i uploaded the wrong gutsy one05:09
xtknightnevermind we're good :)05:10
LaserJockseems like we should make that version lower than Hardy though for some reason05:11
LaserJockyeah, we better make it lower05:12
jdongjust put ~gutsy1 on it05:12
LaserJockif we need to do any updating we'd hate to cause a downgrade when people upgrade05:13
LaserJockyeah, I agree05:13
LaserJockthat's lower isn't it?05:15
* LaserJock forgets the magic dpkg --compare-versions incantation05:15
xtknightwell should i do anything or wait for someone else to look at it for final decision?05:15
LaserJockI would like somebody to check konqi if we can05:15
LaserJocksince that was the problem last time05:16
chapocerowhich programming language is the majority of ubuntu development done in?05:16
LaserJockchapocero: depends on what you mean buy ubuntu development?05:16
xtknightkernel is C, lot of UI is python05:16
LaserJockI would say bash05:16
mbtthere is a lot of everything in ubuntu... c, c++, shell, lisp, python, c#...05:17
chapoceroah, xtknight is the winner i think with the answer i was most looking for.. lol :P05:17
chapocerothanks all05:17
xtknightdo i get a cookie?05:17
chapocerohmm... you know i made some... but they didnt turn out so well, so i dont think you really want one05:18
saivannI'm looking to see if latest flash works with konqueror05:18
LaserJockchapocero: what are you trying to get at?05:18
jdongchapocero: I like mbt's answer better though...05:18
jdongchapocero: it'd really help us to understand the purpose of the question05:18
LaserJockjdong: I liked mine, personally ;-)05:18
jdongare you interested in contributing to Ubuntu and would like to pick a language to learn?05:18
jdongor just curiousity?05:18
chapoceroLaserJock, i used to get a little bit in to programming several years ago.. some vb and c++, but most of it was forgotten.. im just trying to get various references on ideas of where i want to pick back up from05:18
LaserJocksaivann: awesome05:18
jdongtechnically LaserJock is correct.... in a cheap way.... :)05:18
LaserJockjdong: dude, "ubuntu development" I'm totally right on :-)05:19
LaserJockalthough dash/bash05:19
LaserJockbut still05:19
jdongLaserJock: pfft I'd say that's debian/copyright :P05:19
LaserJockchapocero: boy, sky's the limit05:20
jdongLaserJock: haha speaking of satire, you might get a kick out of my boredom earlier in the day: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JohnDong/FFeRejectionForm05:20
jdong(the only problem is that it'll probably be used against me some day :D)05:20
LaserJockC/C++/Ruby/Python are probably some of the most common05:20
saivannLaserJock : ERROR: Your architecture, \'x86_64\', is not supported by the05:21
saivann       Adobe Flash Player installer.05:21
LaserJockjdong: I saw that in -devel earlier05:21
saivannLaserJock : I don't think that the old installer had this warning about 64 bit05:21
LaserJocksaivann: did it die?05:21
saivannLaserJock : yes05:21
LaserJockthose cheeky buggers05:21
jdongAAh! regression! lock the doors! Engage protocol C-A-1-6-0!05:21
superm1so really why not at least put a warning in to let users pass by the md5 failing?05:22
saivannLaserJock : --help does not give any outputs..05:22
LaserJockjdong: that's CHARLIE-ALPHA-ONE-SIX-ZERO05:22
xtknightsaivann, yes the flash player has had the warning about 6405:22
chapocerowell i hope to bone up on some of the things ive forgotten and/or missed out on as far as useful programming languages before i start resuming my college career... but once i get a bit better foundation i hope to do what i can to contribute... i think im going to look in to some C or python05:22
superm1it would lower the priority of these SRU sprints to get it updated across releases05:22
xtknightsaivann, you must run with linux32 if you use install-flash-player.  however the debian package doesnt05:22
LaserJockchapocero: those would be excellent choices05:22
LaserJockthey can get you around a heck of a lot of code05:23
saivannxtknight : Ok thanks, I will now try on a x86 hardy05:23
xtknightsaivann, wait were you trying the flashplugin-nonfree package or flash off adobe.com?05:23
saivannxtknight : flash from adobe, of course05:23
xtknightsaivann, i mean "linux32 ./install-flash-player"05:23
xtknightrun linux32 on a 64bit machine but, you must use nspluginwrapper also05:24
xtknighti think they meant for you to try the package05:24
jdongyeah, the package is what we're concerned about at the moment05:24
jdongdon't scare us like that!05:24
saivannxtknight : is /usr/lib/mozilla the good place for firefox 3.0 ?05:26
LaserJockxulrunner-addons I think05:27
LaserJockthough it may not make a difference05:27
xtknightsaivann, hey sorry for this misunderstanding.05:28
xtknightcan you download the flashplugin-nonfree packages here https://launchpad.net/~xt-knight/+archive05:28
xtknightamd64: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/13268638/flashplugin-nonfree_9.0.124.0ubuntu1%7Eppa2_amd64.deb05:28
jdongLaserJock is right05:28
saivannxtknight : Why not :) thanks05:28
jdongthough symlinks idiotproof it05:28
saivannxtknight : Sorry? np here :)05:29
xtknightsaivann, oh yeah basically we just didn't want you using install flash because the pakcage is what we need tested.  and package makes it easier for you05:29
LaserJockxtknight: I'm going to make bug #214341 a dup of bug ##17389005:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214341 in flashplugin-nonfree "flash plugin md5sum outdated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21434105:29
saivannxtknight : I though the flash player installer was less "manual", I also think like you05:30
LaserJockbah, screwed that one05:30
xtknightBug 214130 too05:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214130 in flashplugin-nonfree "flashplugin-nonfree mismatch" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21413005:30
saivannxtknight, LaserJock : Tested 4 sites with flash in Hardy with konqueror and latest flash plugin from xtknight PPA and it works flawlessly05:32
xtknightsaivann, nice. thanks for taking the time05:32
saivannxtknight : Thanks for your instructions :)05:33
LaserJocksaivann: is that KDE4 konqi?05:33
saivannLaserJock : no, I'll test KDE4 konqueror in 2 seconds05:34
LaserJockthat's ok05:34
LaserJockcrimsun tested it05:34
saivannLaserJock : A nice :)05:34
saivannSounds like we'll not need to wait a very long time before updating flash-plugin this time!05:34
saivannLaserJock xtknight : Tested two times konqueror for KDE4, does not work. Konqueror freeze when I go on youtube.com. Flash is properly detected by nsplugin but does not seem to works when surfing on flash sites05:41
saivannInstead of flash content, I get grey areas05:41
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xtknightyeah ive always gotten that a lot even with the old plugin :(05:42
xtknightbut it happenedin FF for me05:42
saivannmmh, firefox and konqueror works flawlessly, but konqueror for KDE4 does not work yet.05:43
xtknightsaivann, do you know if KDE4 konqi works with the old flash?05:44
saivannxtknight : I don't know, sorry05:45
xtknightbut it worked for crimsun i think05:48
saivannxtknight : Maybe that I have some missing depends.. I tested this in ubuntu but not kubuntu with whole kde4 installed05:49
saivannxtknight, LaserJock : Also successfully testing in Gutsy, konqueror with nsplugins works correctly with latest flash, and also firefox 205:57
xtknightsaivann, i'm thinking the kde4 problem is due to nspluginwrapper or something.  maybe konq uses a different plugin folder than FF?05:58
xtknightseems like that should be another bug to me, at least, if it is indeed a problem05:59
saivannxtknight : Actually, it looks like konqueror and konqueror for KDE4 looks in the same Firefox folders to find flash plugin06:00
saivannxtknight : It really looks like a nspluginwrapper issue to me, yes.. but I don't know where is the problem since nsplugins search in the same folders and find the same plugins06:02
xtknightsaivann, maybe running kde4 konq in the terminal would reveal something06:03
saivannxtknight : That's a good idea06:03
xtknightsaivann, ive had flash go gray in FF with multiple windows open and stuff06:03
saivannxtknight : old or new flash plugin?06:03
xtknightprobably new too06:04
xtknightseems to have happened forever06:04
saivannxtknight : Seriously? That's the first time that it happens to me yet06:04
xtknightsaivann, yeah.  i reboot FF and it works again06:04
xtknightit happens when multiple instances of nsplugin start and somehow it gets all messed06:04
xtknightsegfaults and grays out all the flash areas06:04
LaserJockok, I'm gonna upload xtknight's package to gutsy-proposed06:04
xtknightdoes flashplugin-nonfree even call nspluginwrapper when it installs?06:04
saivannxtknight : In my case, rebooting konqueror does not help, also I got a grey windows with "nspluginwrapper" in the title06:05
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xtknightok i guess nsplugin is called.  so that should not be the problem.06:05
xtknightsaivann, did you find anything from the terminal output?06:06
saivannxtknight : I'm still searching the good command to start konqueror, it's not konqueror-kde4..06:07
xtknightmaybe /usr/bin/kde4/konqueror or similar i dunno06:07
xtknightpossibly opt , lib..06:07
saivannhehe /usr/lib/kde4/bin/konqueror06:08
xtknight /usr/lib/kde4/bin/konqueror06:08
xtknightbeat me06:08
saivannyes I get relevant outputs06:09
LaserJockand it's off!06:10
LaserJockxtknight: good work06:10
saivannThe program 'npviewer.bin' received an X Window System error.06:10
xtknightsaivann, run "sudo ldconfig"06:10
xtknightlooks like you've got other lib errors but i dont know if those are normal06:10
xtknightsaivann, interesting.  you might need to a file bug for konqueror-kde4<> nspluginwrapper06:11
xtknightdoesnt seem like the new flash caused it though06:11
LaserJockHobbsee: do you have powers to accept packages into -proposed?06:11
xtknightmaybe crim had 32bit thats why06:11
saivannxtknight : Even after running "sudo ldconfig" and restarting konqueror, does not change anything yet06:11
jdongLaserJock: I believe she went off to uni06:12
saivannxtknight : That would make sense06:12
LaserJockspeaking of that06:13
LaserJockI have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow and I'm nowhere near ready06:13
LaserJockso I best be off for tonight06:13
saivannxtknight : I'm installing this in hardy 32bit just to see06:14
xtknightsaivann, you're one of the most determined/dedicated testers i've seen :p06:14
saivannxtknight : Haha, I take it as a compliment :)06:15
xtknighti am obsessive in my own ways06:15
saivannxtknight : ^^06:15
xtknightand i probably dont test things enough :p06:15
xtknighti often end up posting three times to my ppa06:15
StevenKBetter than that than three times to the archive :-)06:16
saivannxtknight : I'm addicted to test and I love to find explanations :)06:16
HobbseeLaserJock: don't thin so06:18
saivannxtknight : It works with 32bit!06:24
saivannxtknight : for which package should I post a bug about that, in your opinion?06:24
xtknightsaivann, for now leave it unassigned to any particular patch06:24
xtknighti mean package06:24
xtknightjust ubuntu06:24
saivannxtknight : Ok, thanks06:25
xtknightsaivann, if you want to go a step further you can get some people to confirm it06:27
xtknightotherwise could just be something broken on your machine, i dunno06:27
xtknightunlikely though06:27
saivannxtknight : Maybe people from #ubuntu-testing?06:27
xtknighti didnt even know about that channel06:27
saivannxtknight.. Yes, well I think that it's not a good idea. Perhaps that I can open the bug and then ask people to reproduce?06:28
xtknightsaivann, well yeah that sounds good to me06:28
xtknightdoesnt matter who it is, can be anybody :)06:28
TheMusoAnybody got an idea of whats wrong with this? http://www.themuso.id.au/ubuntu/vlc_0.8.6.release.e+x264svn20071224+faad2.6.1-0ubuntu3_20080409-143506:28
saivannxtknight : Great06:28
StevenKTheMuso: Looking06:32
xtknightTheMuso, i dont know im assuming youve seen this? http://ramblings.narrabilis.com/wp/vlc-build-for-rhel5/06:32
TheMusoxtknight: No, looking.06:32
xtknightcould be gcc versions06:32
xtknightone might define the function implicitly06:33
HobbseeTheMuso: you clearly did something bad in a past life.06:33
TheMusoHobbsee: Oh yeah. Just pulled a package down that built successfully last time, did a tweak within the debian dir, adding a dep to a binary package and changelog bits, and tried to rebuild.06:33
HobbseeTheMuso: strange.06:34
TheMusoHobbsee: Indeed.06:34
RAOFI'd be wondering two things: (1) why that's a size_t _reference_, and (2) why it's not getting implicitly upconverted to a long long int.06:35
StevenKIt could be a size_t deref'd pointer.06:36
StevenKWhy they wouldn't just pass a size_t is beyond me06:37
TheMusoStevenK: As I said above, no actual code changes since last upload and that previous one worked.06:37
StevenKTheMuso: Which means something in the toolchain it's using has changed06:37
xtknightprolly gcc06:38
TheMusoStevenK: My thought exactly.06:38
TheMusoWell its a .cpp file,.06:38
TheMusoxtknight: The link you posted has a solution, but it sounds hacky to me.06:39
xtknighti think the people upstream should just make it work with whatever gcc ubuntu has now.  more strict casting or w/e is needed06:39
xtknightrhel5 obviously doesnt work either06:40
TheMusoSo... Should I do that hack? I'd rather not...06:56
xtknightno idea07:00
RAOFYeah, that's a bit of a hack.  It's probably meant to be from <algorithms> or something.07:05
=== zakame_ is now known as zakame
RAOFTheMuso: Man, I'm a C++ god.  It _is_ meant to come from <algorithm>.  I suppose that they're 'using std;' at some point?07:10
dholbachgood morning07:11
bluefoxicyI'm bored.07:11
RAOFbluefoxicy: Kindly finish nv40 gallium, then.07:11
bluefoxicydholbach:  Piss of keybuk again so I can watch him spend 15 minutes demonstrating how to effectively convey his feelings with a vocabulary composed 95% of swear words :)07:11
TheMusoRAOF: Haven't checked yet, am about to head into a meeting. Will check later.07:12
RAOFHeh.  'You often need to do some string processing in C++.  This indicates that you've chosen the wrong language'.07:12
dholbachbluefoxicy: what are you talking about? where did I piss off Keybuk?07:12
bluefoxicydholbach:  oh, it was like a year and a half ago, something about openoffice.org build-deps.  I just felt like I should bring it up once in a while but never really got around to it.07:13
TheMuso  /c07:13
bluefoxicyanyway I'm going to sleep.  I'm even more disruptive when drowsy.07:13
dholbachbluefoxicy: I never uploaded anything related to bluefoxicy07:13
dholbachto openoffice07:13
bluefoxicyYou seem drowsy too.07:13
dholbachI just got up07:14
warp10Good morning07:14
* Hobbsee headdesks08:31
Hobbseewhy do the non-computer savvy people realise they're giving out viruses, but the computer-savvy people don't?08:31
_rubenthey're too smart to do so08:32
DarkMageZHobbsee, "compter-savvy" people think they're awesome and that they'd never fall victim to it. while others will either be completely ignorant or show worry that it could be happening.09:05
DarkMageZthere was a kid in my class accidentally infecting every removable hard-drive with his usb stick. he somehow didn't manage to think that he was doing it.09:07
DarkMageZhe had a virus that would make the machine shutdown when you tried to do anything that could destory it... like run command prompt. this was on hard-drives for cisco class. so no ping :'(09:12
\shScottK, you got the fix for wine from yesterday?09:19
slytherinDarkMageZ: that is an old one. I have seen that virus at least 1 year ago.09:22
DarkMageZslytherin, no anti-virus in this environment cause we should all be competent.09:22
slytherinDarkMageZ: actually that virus specifically reboots the machine when you open command prompt. I don't remember the solution but see if running 'command' instead of 'cmd' makes a difference.09:25
DarkMageZoh, this one has other triggers like regedit and other things09:25
slytherinDarkMageZ: may be it is a variant09:26
DarkMageZmeh, either way. not my problem. i boot into a ubuntu live cd anyways.09:26
=== ubiq_ is now known as lucid
mok0dholbach: ping11:06
dholbachmok0: pong11:07
mok0dholbach: hi, dholbach, I have a few troubles with 5-a-day11:08
dholbachmok0: fire away11:08
mok0dholbach: hang on, I need to find it first :-)11:08
mok0dholbach: in files.py, you need to import os11:09
mok0dholbach: otherwise it wont find os.syserr11:09
mok0dholbach: sorry, it's SYS11:10
mok0dholbach: sys.stderr11:10
dholbachmok0: I have the fix queued up, will upload in after I've checked some other things11:10
mok0dholbach: second, when I tried to register bugs yesterday, it kept on telling me to use --add on the first few bugs11:11
mok0dholbach: but that was what I was doing...11:11
dholbachcan you paste me what the command line output?11:12
DktrKranz2mh... z88dk should not be available for amd64 and ia64, but it keeps building. Any clue on how to exclude it for these ports?11:13
mok0dholbach: ok, 2 secs11:13
dholbachmok0: gracias11:13
HobbseeRAOF: so, why is gnome-do terrified of openoffice?11:13
mok0dholbach: I haven't got a bug # from today yet11:13
dholbachmok0: just give it 123456 - I can remove that from bzr afterwards11:13
mok05-a-day --add 123456 gives11:14
mok0You need to use  5-a-day --add  first to add a few bug reports to your list.11:14
mok0dholbach: Ah, I see you have an LP project for 5-a-day, so I could've reported it there11:17
dholbachmok0: thanks for reporting it at all - I don't mind IRC :)11:17
TheMusoRAOF: re vlc and your comment earlier, they have using namespace std, so I don't know what you were referring to.11:27
dholbachmok0: did you ever successfully use 5-a-day?11:51
dholbachmok0: what does    cat ~/.5-a-day   say?11:52
mok0dholbach: @12:51: no12:09
mok0dholbach: @12:52: mok012:09
dholbachmok0: OK, found it - fixing it12:23
mok0dholbach: hey  cool12:23
stanipochu: are you there?12:37
dholbachmok0: I updated it with the fix: can you check http://daniel.holba.ch/temp/five-a-day_0.26_all.deb (and http://daniel.holba.ch/temp/five-a-day-applet_0.26_all.deb if you use that) and see if that fixes the problem?12:40
mok0dholbach: sure, will do right away12:40
staniI've added a patch to Bug #214539 which fixes it. Can someone upload it (pochu, ScottK, POX_, ...)?12:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214539 in phatch "Phatch is unusable for specific themes" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21453912:43
pochustani: yes12:44
pochustani: I didn't know you used Launchpad for Phatch :)12:45
stanipochu: thanks12:45
pochustani: you know, I know write phatch instead of patch sometimes ;)12:45
stanipochu: Well spe was started before Ubuntu was born. For Phatch I decided to go for what is most friendly to my main distro (launchpad+bzr).12:46
stanipochu: Haha, that is also what I like about the name: Phatch patches your photos.12:46
mok0dholbach: I get an exception12:50
stanipochu: BTW, the phatch repository is up and running in PPA ;-) Thanks a lot.12:50
mok0dholbach: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6662/12:51
mok0dholbach: making the directory now12:51
pochustani: cool :)12:51
dholbachmok0: the directory does not exist?12:52
pochustani: uploading. POX_: I've based phatch in the Debian package, including a patch to fix themes12:52
mok0dholbach: no12:52
dholbachmok0: hang on then12:52
mok0dholbach: I created it, and got another exception12:52
pochustani: if you want me, I can include this patch in Debian... it's trivial to do so12:52
mok0dholbach:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6663/12:53
stanipochu: ok, you can do so. But after Hardy release, I will release Phatch 0.1.4 which includes this patch. Besides Debian and Ubuntu Phatch is also available on ArchLinux. So I want them to get it too.12:53
stanipochu: do you have some time to chat about the SPE PPA? (here on in #heya)12:54
pochustani: yes, but I may be a bit slow to speak... let's join there12:56
POX_pochu, stani: I will be home in 4 or 5 hours12:57
POX_I will upload it then12:57
staniPOX_: Thanks.12:57
POX_(if I upload it now, it will still have to wait for dinstall)12:58
pochuPOX_: ok, I'm including the patch in svn12:58
dholbachmok0: I uploaded a new version. could you remove the directory you created and try with the new version again?13:02
* dholbach hopes it works for real now, ugh13:03
mok0dholbach: on your ppa?13:03
mok0dholbach: ... or using the same URI's from before?13:03
dholbachmok0: no on http://daniel.holba.ch/temp/13:03
mok0dholbach: ok13:03
dholbachgracias mok013:03
mok0dholbach: glad to be able to help!13:03
dholbachI refactored the code in the last version, seems like I optimised a few safety checks away :/13:05
dholbachtest driven development...... one day13:06
mok0dholbach: I deleted the directory .5-a-day-data, and I still get an exception13:06
mok0 File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/fiveaday/files.py", line 107, in add13:06
mok0    f = open(log_file(), "a")13:06
dholbacherm... maybe I didn't upload the right .deb - hang on13:07
mok0dholbach: it was version 0.2613:08
dholbachyeah, I didn't bump the version, just rebuilt the package with new code - could be I uploaded the wrong one13:08
dholbachcan you download the .deb again (this time it should be the right one)13:09
mok0dholbach: ok, hang on13:10
mok0dholbach: still getting exception13:11
mok0dholbach: same as above, line 10713:12
dholbachthis is my line 107:13:13
dholbach                       return 106 #106: bug has already been added today13:13
mok0dholbach: checking...13:13
dholbachI just downloaded the .deb - maybe it was proxied or something13:13
mok0dholbach: I used wget13:13
dholbach591d29a5eeb9ae7b621f0026ed678631  five-a-day_0.26_all.deb13:13
dholbachthis is the md5sum of the .deb I downloaded myself13:13
mok0dholbach: nope, that's not the one I have...13:14
mok0dholbach: now I have it13:14
mok0dholbach: it's doing something13:15
* dholbach hugs mok013:15
mok0{{{ dholbach }}}13:15
mok0dholbach: ... how long is it supposed to work?13:16
* mok0 hopes it's not just hanging...13:16
dholbach5-a-day stores all the submitted bugs in bzr, so it'll get the branch now, then add your submitted bugs to it13:16
dholbachif you run ps afxvw, you will notice that bzr is doing its thing13:17
mok0dholbach: yikes  is it copying the entire bug db?13:17
dholbachno :-)13:17
* dholbach uploads to PPA13:18
dholbachthanks again mok013:18
dholbachyou ROCK13:18
mok0dholbach: ah, committed now. Very advanced syststem13:18
mok0dholbach: you too13:18
dholbachmok0: we used the same in bughelper (for the bug clues), it worked quite well :)13:18
mok0dholbach: can I add yesterday's bugs?13:18
* dholbach -> dogwalk13:20
ScottK\sh: No.  No one gave me a debdiff for wine, AFAIK.  I know it's a simple change but may available mental bandwidth is very limited right now.13:27
\shScottK, you need to change the build-dep of "libgif-dev|libungif-dev" to "libungif-dev" just for the gutsy backport13:28
\shScottK, which means wine backport needs a small change sourceful upload13:28
ScottKI can do that.13:29
ScottKDo I want .58 again or try with .59?13:29
\shScottK, we had this problem before, you remember? it was because fontforge was clashing with libgif (for I don't know what reason)13:29
ScottKI do vaguely remember.13:29
ScottKI was hoping you and Scott had solved it somehow.13:29
\shScottK, i missed the wine .59 upload..so I would say go with what scott uploaded yesterday :)13:30
jdongScottK: let's look at .59 for wine13:31
\shoh man...I have such a horrible setup for a server now....13:31
jdongScottK: would it hurt anything to flip to the b-d in universe then backport?13:32
ScottKjdong: We want to prefer libgif for the future, so I think that would be wrong.13:32
\shjdong, yes it will hurt13:32
jdongI see13:32
\shjdong, libungif is gone since hardy13:32
\shjdong, so we need to go with libgif13:33
\shjdong, but for gutsy it's different13:33
jdongok let's do a sourceful backport of .59 though13:33
ScottKjdong: Just give it a spin and make sure it works.  I'll do a sourceful backport.13:33
ScottKI'm leaving town tomorrow AM, so it needs to be today.13:33
\shjdong, just wait until this evening...I have to reintroduce the lpia changes13:33
jdongcool! ScottK is telling me to play Starcraft.... IMMEDIATELY....13:33
ScottKSounds like a useful stress test case.13:33
ScottKjdong: YokoZar said iTunes works on .59 too.13:34
\shanyways.../me goes back to 7TB serevr13:34
=== Lure_ is now known as Lure
zuljdong: slacker..13:47
jdongzul: between studying for a number theory test and playing starcraft, which would YOU choose ;-)13:48
jdongtoo bad I have to study waiting for it to compile13:48
zuljdong: well being the geek that I am obviously the number theory ;)13:50
mok0when builds are done in the build queue, how long before they appear in the archive?14:06
Hobbseedepends on how far through the publisher it is, but between 30 mins and an hour, iirc.14:07
* persia thinks it is between 42 and 99 minutes14:07
* cody-somerville doesn't think persia is being facetious either.14:09
persiaNope.  The difference between my guess and Hobbsee's is that I think there is a delay cycle between the thing that copies from built to accepted before the publisher runs, although there could have been internal improvements since I last asked lots of questions (October).14:10
Hobbseeevening mdomsch14:14
mdomschgood day Hobbsee14:14
Hobbseepersia: there have been improvements, and i don't think it's just for ppa14:15
mdomschsee my blog this morning - I was hanging out with some ubuntu/canonical folks last night14:15
Hobbseemdomsch: ready for hardy freeze?14:15
mdomschHobbsee, I trust superm1 has it under control :-)14:15
* persia defers to Hobbsee, who pays more attention to these things, but suspects that 43 minutes is still a likely minimum14:15
Hobbseeah yes, that's right.14:15
Hobbseepersia: i'm no soyuz expert.  It was too frustrating.14:16
Hobbseepersia: Fujitsu is the resident expert.14:17
Hobbseemdomsch: where is your blog?14:17
persiamok0: There's your pointer :)14:17
Hobbseeoh, found it.14:18
cpro1guys, for PRIMARY archive, everything built by :03 will be in the archive by :5514:18
* mdomsch ribs rtg for not having sent patches sooner, but hey14:18
Hobbseecpro1: ahh, thanks.14:18
persiacpro1: 52 minutes?  Is there ever a case when it happens in less time?14:18
mok0persia: thanks :-)14:18
cpro1for PPAs everything built by :00, :20, :40 will be in the archive within 2 minutes.14:19
=== cpro1 is now known as cprov
* persia calculates that as 52 minutes to 111 minutes14:19
Mez\sh ping14:19
\shMez, yepp14:19
Mez\sh, you were the sponsor for php5-xdebug ?14:19
\shMez, yepp14:20
\shMez, if you hit by the "different path names for config" bug14:20
\shMez, please kick php uploader ,->14:20
Mez\sh .... ooh, havent spotted that bug yet... got a link?14:20
* Mez is actually working on the debian package14:21
cprovpersia, correct.14:21
\shMez, no...php5 on i386 has -lfs suffix for module dir, and amd64 not14:21
persiacprov: Any chance of the PPA speedup happening for the main archive in the June release, or is the volume just too high?14:21
MezI was just reading through the ubuntu's package code and was wondering if the guy who wrote it supplied painkillers for the headache (and wondered why you didnt just suggest a lintian override for the config.guess and config.sub thing - as client isnt built!)14:22
Mez\sh, the code for php5-xdebug shouldnt hit that, as I beleive it uses the proper api placement from php-config5 ?14:22
slytherinpersia: long time no see.14:22
persiaslytherin: Just quiet :)14:22
\shMez, yeah, php-config5 provides different dir names actually...so having the config file for php I had to do a terrible workaround ;)14:23
cprovpersia: zero chance, primary archive publication is more complex than PPAs, sorry. We are struggling to keep it hourly 100 % of the time.14:23
Mez\sh, hehe... yeah, may be terrible, but it works14:23
persiacprov: Understood.  Thanks :)14:23
cprovpost 2.0 (en of July), maybe ;)14:23
Mez\sh, I will however, point you to an issue with the package that WILL cause problems (as the maintainer of XDebug told me14:24
Mez\sh, CFLAGS = -02 will cause problems, it needs to be set to -0014:24
Mez\sh, can cause a segfaiult14:24
MezFrom email: I checked this, and it seems -O2 is used in non-debug mode. Please do14:25
Meznot do that, as there's some optimization that mess up things and cause14:25
Meza segfault.14:25
\shMez, not here.14:26
Mez\sh, actually I'll quickly fix that in the ubuntu package.14:26
\shMez, I have it running on amd64 and i38614:26
Mez\sh, that may be so. But you have to respect the person who created it when they say it can cause a segfault14:26
\shMez, sure...does he know how to create this situation?14:27
Mezone sec14:27
Mez<Derick> no, not anymore14:28
Mez<Derick> it could be a specific GCC issue14:28
Mez<Derick> I couldn't find *what* it was either14:28
Mezyeah, I know14:29
\shit would be good to know which gcc he was using (gcc 4.2 or 4.3) and actually he should fix it,-)14:29
\shwell, anyways, please do as you wish :) if -O0 is better then -O2 let's change it14:29
persiaMight be a symbol-not-found issue if it compares code to stacktraces.  It might lose track if the line of code under consideration was optimised away (or at least that is one of the things that causes me to interrupt when manually chasing stacktraces).14:30
ScottKHobbsee: I think this is the blog mdomsch was referring to http://direct2dell.com/members/Matt_5F00_Domsch.aspx14:36
HobbseeScottK: thanks.  i said i found it, though14:37
ScottKAh.  Missed that.  Sorry.14:38
Hobbsee* np14:41
* sebner is of the opinion that \sh should consider writing better changelog entries :P15:07
\shsebner, or better "hae?" :)15:08
sebner\sh: better changelog entries :)15:09
\shsebner, example?15:09
sebner\sh: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/athcool  <-- "- Added zlib1g-dev to build-deps15:09
sebner" But *why* ;)15:09
\shsebner, it's written there15:10
\sh * Patched Makefile to link against zlib (added -lz)15:10
\shand for zlib you need what in b-d? :)15:10
\shand it's damn old15:10
mok0I need a hard-core MOTU to take a look at bug 11061315:11
sebner\sh: möhh. Nevermind then ^^ but debianfixed the -lz issue without adding zlib15:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110613 in svn-buildpackage "patch: empty files in files list, add missing "-p" to mkdir" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11061315:11
\shsebner, no...they just uploaded a new upstream version15:12
sebner\sh: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=45044715:13
ubotuDebian bug 450447 in athcool "athcool: FTBFS: undefined reference to `gzopen'" [Serious,Fixed]15:13
\shsebner, yes...seriously...I compiled the package before and most probably it ftbfs because of the missing build-dep15:14
\shthese days...15:14
sebner\sh: I did a rebuild without problems (of the debian package)15:14
\shsebner, the .11-1 version?15:15
\shsebner,  in feisty? :)15:15
sebner\sh: ^^ hardy. I'll make a sync. new version is a 1bugfix-release15:15
sebner\sh: .12-215:16
\shsebner, yeah...the old version is sitting in ubuntu since feisty :)15:16
\shsebner, and I uploaded it during feisty :)15:16
sebner\sh: I know as you can see ^^15:16
sebner\sh: do you remember on which platform it FTBFS? Otherwise I will make a sync request as it seems that the build-dep isn't necessary anymore15:17
\shsebner, imho it was just libz missing in feisty for some reason...and no...it could be i386 or amd64...it's long time ago15:19
\shsebner, if it works now...sync and done :)15:19
sebner\sh: hmm no. wired. Another problem ^^  Depend on pciutils-dev (>= 1:2.2.10) we have 2.2.4. What's the way in such a case?15:20
\shsebner, check if 2.2.4 is enough for the new version.15:21
\shsebner, well, buildwise and also running15:21
sebnerkk. thx15:21
sebner\sh: btw. wine landed. wuhu :)15:21
\shsebner, well, yes...but without the last cahnges in .58-0ubuntu3 ...:(15:22
\shso I have to readd them tonight15:22
sebner\sh: did he forget it?15:23
\shsebner, looks like...15:23
sebnerdamn it15:23
\shsebner, just a few lpia adds15:24
sebner\sh: hmm we need the new dependency. So I suppose extracting the fix?15:31
\shsebner, what fix then? it's new upstream...15:32
sebner\sh: argh. I already said that new upstream is a *1* bugfix release. "fix freeze problem on SiS741 series chipsets"15:34
\shthen I wonder why they need a new pciutils...15:34
\shand why it's not working with our version in main?15:34
sebner\sh: * Depend on pciutils-dev (>= 1:2.2.10) and pkg-config, and use15:36
sebner     "pkg-config --libs libpci" to build statically with the correct15:36
sebner     libraries.15:36
sebner\sh: http://pastebin.com/m6dbb634115:37
\shsebner, yes...:) but I wonder, what the fix in the source was, if not using new pciutils or something which relates more on pciutils15:38
sebner\sh: maybe because of that. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=44501615:39
ubotuDebian bug 445016 in athcool "athcool: Does not start due to missing libpci.so.2" [Grave,Fixed]15:39
=== beuno_ is now known as beuno
\shsebner, ok...can you extract the fix of upstream for this freeze problem?15:42
sebner\sh: I'll try it :)15:42
sebner\sh: diff -ruN should be enough? if yes I have to change 1 line. I love such things ^^15:45
\shsebner, pastebin pls15:45
sebner\sh: http://pastebin.com/m75690d5715:45
sebner\sh: but ignore the changelog ^^ was just testing something15:47
\shsebner, aehm...no the source change :)15:49
\shnot the package change15:49
sebner\sh: see athcool-0.3.12/chips.h15:49
* \sh 's blind15:49
SpookyETI'm having trouble creating a deb package. dpkg-source: error: source package has two conflicting values - bcwipe-1.7 and bcwipe. I've checked. I see bcwipe-1.7 everywhere.15:50
sebner\sh: do I have green lights?15:51
azeemSpookyET: 16:47 < azeem> changelog has bcwipe and control has bcwipe-1.715:51
\shsebner, create a debdiff against the version in hardy (.11-1ubuntu1) and push it to LP and subscribe..I'll upload when I'm at home15:51
sebner\sh: fine :) just with the fix our don't we ignore the cosmetic fixes. e.g lintian warning ...15:52
\shsebner, I'll tend to fix the make clean stuff more like this: [ ! -e Makefile ] || $(MAKE) clean something like this ;)15:53
SpookyETazeem. I removed from Source and Package. Now it builds into an error.15:53
sebner\sh: never saw that before ;) But yes. include all fixes?15:54
bddebianHeya gang15:54
sebnerheya bddebian15:54
\shsebner, it says: test if Makefile does not exists, but when it's there execute $(MAKE) clean :)15:54
bddebianHello sebner, \sh15:54
\shhey bddebian15:54
sebner\sh: I know. I'm just wondering why -e and not -f15:55
\sh-e is enough imho...need to test if -f fails when it's a symlink ;)15:56
\shsebner, which should fail, if Makefile is a symlink to something else...because of the existence of -h ;)15:57
sebner\sh: well I hope you'll upload it though I'm using -f ^^15:57
\shsebner, no..I don't care :)15:58
\shsebner, if you want, just fix http://lintian.debian.org/reports/tags/debian-rules-ignores-make-clean-error.html :)15:58
sebner\sh: ehm. what do we were talking about in past xD15:59
* \sh heads home now...16:00
\shcu later16:00
ScottKdholbach: I see we are not going to agree on Envy.  I'm not going to ack it, but I also sent a comment to the bug just now saying I don't want to stop other motu-release people from approving it if they think it should go in.16:09
dholbachScottK: thanks - I realised that others were abstaining from the discussion16:10
dholbachScottK: how is the motu release team doing otherwise?16:10
ScottKSeems fine.16:10
ScottKI think we could use the extra 2 months that Dapper got for bug fixing.16:10
ScottKA lot of things seemed to come late.16:10
dholbachScottK: I guess that makes sense - sounds like good feedback for the "release cycle" session at uds16:11
ScottKPersonally the late arrival of python-central sucked a lot of my time away from what I wanted to be working on.16:12
dholbachwith late arrival you mean the bugs that were fixed late?16:13
ScottKdholbach: Specifically Bug 20489516:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 204895 in harvestman "Packages failed archive rebuild test possibly due to python-central transition" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20489516:14
dholbachScottK: right - there's also a bunch of "interesting" upgrade behaviour bugs - ask mvo16:16
LaserJockScottK: gfortran was the one for me16:16
LaserJocklittle as I do, that took a lot of my available time16:16
emgentheya people16:17
ScottKdholbach: I've seen.16:17
dholbachto me it seems like we're in much better shape than we were 2 months before dapper release though16:18
ScottKI wasn't involved in development then, so I've no basis for comparison.16:20
ScottKGetting setools unforked was another time sump I hadn't planned on.16:21
LaserJockdholbach: perhaps, I have a bit more of an uneasy feeling, but yeah, there was a lot of "umm, this isn't gonna make it" with dapper16:21
ScottKkde3 seems rock solid this time around.16:22
* LaserJock confesses to running Fedora KDE3 at the moment16:22
sebnerLaserJock: damn you :P16:23
* ScottK has enougn trouble keeping one Linux distro straight in his head.16:23
ScottKIntrepid should get a little sporting since Debian has started to freeze up for Lenny.16:23
SpookyETFirefox is so slow in Ubuntu. It stinks. I have to make a package.16:24
SpookyETI don't get why it's split up into xulrunner and a few other things16:25
LaserJockbecause more than Firefox can use xulrunner16:26
SpookyETMy firefox build for arch linux is 7 times faster16:26
LaserJockgood for you16:27
SpookyETI want to do the same for Ubuntu16:27
SpookyETdebs are proving difficult16:27
LaserJockSpookyET: then discuss it with the Mozilla Team16:27
SpookyETLaserJock: I'm not going to wait on somebody else16:28
LaserJockumm, but you're waiting on people in here?16:28
LaserJockI'm saying you can get firefox-specific help from the Mozilla Team16:28
SpookyETI'm learning how to make debs.16:29
SpookyETI've been spoiled by pacman simplicity16:29
SpookyETDebian package management and creation is quite messy.16:45
SpookyETIs pbuilder like ABS/ports/portage?17:13
LaserJockpbuilder is a .deb builder that uses a clean chroot environment17:14
LaserJocki.e. you give it a source package and it spits out a .deb17:14
\shsebner, can you give me the bug number for athcool?17:15
SpookyETpbuilder create seem to be retrieving a lot of packages.17:15
LaserJockSpookyET: yeah, it's creating a minimal Ubuntu chroot environment17:16
freeflyingcan I upload new package now? any exception need? thanks17:17
LaserJockfreeflying: what kind of package?17:17
LaserJocki.e. what do you mean by "new"?17:18
freeflyingLaserJock: a gui tool for PostgreSQL17:18
sebner\sh: I have to upload first. just wondering if I should make a new one or attach at *any* open athcool bug report17:18
freeflyingLaserJock: never been in Debian/Ubuntu17:18
LaserJockfreeflying: uh yeah, you need a Feature Freeze exception for that17:18
ScottKfreeflying: No.  You need an exception and it's stunningly unlikely you'd get one.17:18
\shsebner, create a new one...17:20
\shsebner, I don't see one which mentions the problem17:20
\shsebner, in LP that is17:20
sebner\sh: k.17:20
sebner\sh: bug #21467017:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214670 in athcool "Fix a freeze on SiS741 series chipsets and various stuff" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21467017:21
ScottKfreeflying: Wait a few weeks and be first in line for Intrepid17:21
\shsebner, thx ...17:22
\shsebner, test building and uploading...thx17:23
sebner\sh: np. I testbuilded and tested it. Running.  But I can't test the fix though17:24
\shsebner, well, I added the bugno for LP to your changelog (without changing your tagline :))17:25
sebnerah ok. sry and thx ^^17:25
\shbah...233 € more to pay for electricity...I have to stop fan in my bathroom17:28
\shsebner, it was on i386 the ftbfs (amd64 is not in the arch list ;))17:29
sebner\sh: ah. ok then ^^17:30
sebner\sh: maybe also a candidate for a SRU?17:33
\shsebner, then you need to do it down to feisty17:34
\shsebner, please ask someone from the sru team...17:34
\shsebner, did you get the accepted mail from athcool?17:35
\shah no...there it is17:36
* ScottK gives YokoZar a smack for \sh17:36
ScottKYour wine upload that added the lpia stuff back in he forgot.17:37
\shScottK, well, I'll give yokozar a bzr training ;)17:37
ScottKThat'll teach him to forget something17:37
sebner\sh: well the good thing is that I can reuse my debdiff. I'm just curious if it's a candidate17:38
\shsebner, well, you need to provide at least new version numbers...and you have to remove all debian/ dir changes :)17:38
\shsebner, just the code fix is important for SRU ..17:39
sebner\sh: what debian/dir changes? the package is the same since feisty!?17:39
SpookyETBuilding debs is a bitch. You've got tools upon tools upon tools.17:39
\shsebner, updating standards version, debian/rules etc. :)17:39
\shSpookyET, you never used rpm and .spec files...17:40
sebner\sh: Sry I don't understand. just different versions numbers yes but the debdiff should be the same17:40
DaveMorrishow do you add/remove new content to a config file when packages are installed, anyone got an example?17:40
SpookyETNo, I have not. I've used pacman and one simple PKBUILD file.17:40
Spec\sh: have too.17:41
\shsebner, no.. the change to debian/rules is not going into SRU, the improved copyright notice doesn't go in, and the standards version change doesn't go into an SRU :)17:41
\shsebner, so only a new changelog entry and the source fix in chips.h is important :)17:42
\shSpookyET, pacman? the suse packman?17:42
SpookyETno, Arch Linux17:42
SpookyETIt's grandma easy. A simple PKGBUILD file and one command: makepkg17:43
SpookyET99% of the time with no arguments.17:43
\shdamn...I can't use "cool" anymore and now I need to be careful to use .spec , too ;)17:43
sebner\sh: ahh now I understand. Ok thx :)17:43
Spec\sh: =P17:44
\shsebner, and now for the fun of it, we have one version in 2 releases (feisty/gutsy) so you need to adjust the ubuntu rev to something else then just -1ubuntu2 ,-)17:44
Spec\sh: i don't log/read mentions of "spec" 'cause it's always "did you read the damned spec?!" or "check the spec sheet on it!"17:45
ScottKSome MOTU (or hopeful) that cares about nexiuz ought to have a look at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2008-April/003575.html17:45
jdongDear Firefox default URL handler:17:45
jdongburn in freaking hell.17:45
\shSpookyET, well, ports makefiles are easy too...and gentoo ebuilds are also easy...but cobalt pkg files are complicated...it's a tar.gz file, with an rpm inside which you have to create and another installation makefile in the tar.gz...17:46
\shoh no not again nexuiz17:46
jdongScottK: that's a backports bug17:46
jeromegScottK: i think is wrong, everything is fine for me on both gutsy and hardy17:46
jdongScottK: nexuiz 2.4 is sitting all in NEW17:46
\shwhy that?17:47
jeromegah ok :)17:47
* ScottK didn't look into it, just wanted to make sure...17:47
jdongScottK: and in my defense that's a soyuz bug.... old versions should NOT be expired this ridiculously quickly17:47
ScottK .. someone did17:47
SpookyET\sh: well yeah. I would say that pacman is the BEST package manager. Similar to apt, but cleaner17:47
\shjdong, bah :)17:47
ScottKjdong: Did you file said bug?17:47
jdongScottK: on my TODO list17:47
ScottKjdong: You may be using the wrong DE.  Konqueror handles different file types VERY well from my perspective.17:48
\shjdong, it's released dude17:48
\shjdong, and it's in the archives17:49
jdongScottK: no it's a firefox transitioning bug in GNOME's url handler17:49
jdong\sh: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/nexuiz/2.4-1~gutsy117:49
james_wDaveMorris: what are you trying to achieve?17:49
ScottKjdong: OK.  I think that reinforces my point.17:50
\shjdong, the backport...this guy is writing to -motu ml..and this means: hardy ;)17:50
jdong\sh: I am not sure what he meant17:50
jdonghe didn't explicitly say Hardy, did he?17:50
* jdong looks again17:50
jdong\sh: but nonetheless it is a backport bug I saw this morning17:50
jdong/usr/lib/firefox-3.0b4/firefox "%s"17:50
DaveMorrisIn http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/MythStreams a couple of files need updating17:50
jdongScottK: ^^ hardcoded 3.0b417:50
POX_are backports for ubuntu generated automatically or someone has to build them and upload?17:50
jdongPOX_: both17:50
jdongPOX_: usually generated automatically17:51
POX_someone backported griffith and it's broken17:51
ScottKPOX_: To which release?17:51
ScottKWhat needs to be done to fix it?17:51
POX_rebuild probaby17:52
POX_.deb doesn't contain all files17:52
ScottKOdd.  It was a no change backport from Hardy.17:52
jdongdeb doesn't contain all files?17:53
POX_symlink in /usr/bin is not there, size doesn't match, ...17:53
POX_just try to install it17:53
jdongI amI am.17:53
jeromegjdong: waht do you think of the pidgin 2.4.x backport ?17:54
POX_dpkg should complain and refuse to install it17:54
jdongjeromeg: is that a newer one than the last one I looked at?17:54
sebner\sh: ^^. we'll see ^^17:54
james_wDaveMorris: why can't you just ship the updated versions in the package?17:55
jeromegjdong: yes, 2.3.x has been updated in gutsy17:55
jeromegjdong: there is 2.4.x now17:55
jdongjeromeg: then I haven't had a chance to look yet17:55
jdongapt-get update17:55
\shsebner, don't we have another powersaving software in main?17:55
sebner\sh: hmm dunno. why?17:56
sebner\sh: you mean because this one is outdated?17:56
\shsebner, right :)17:56
DaveMorrisjames_w: because I think they change depending on what other mythtv plugins are installed17:56
sebner\sh: I'll fire up synaptic :P17:56
\shsebner, there are two bugs still open...one is about a wrapper script (whishlisted it now) and the other one is about "athcool is not working with suspend/resume)17:56
jdongroot@jdong:/# which griffith17:57
jdongPOX_: the package installed perfectly fine17:57
sebner\sh: I see17:57
james_wDaveMorris: well, the package that uses these files is taking the wrong approach really, it should allow plugins to drop a file in a directory to register.17:57
jdong  Installed: 0.9.6-2~gutsy117:57
\shsebner, powersaved e.g.17:57
\shbut it's also universe17:57
james_wDaveMorris: you could insert the text if it is not already present, but that's pretty hairy.17:57
DaveMorrisok, I'll have a look when I get home since I need to leave now17:57
DaveMorristhanks for the advice17:58
POX_jdong: please paste `md5sum griffith_0.9.6-2~gutsy1_all.deb` output17:58
jeromegPOX_, jdong : griffith seems to work fine for me, a bunch of gtk errors in the terminal but nothing to worry about17:58
sebner\sh: hmm. same features as athcool?17:59
jeromegPOX_: 5b67d65a44c4c56be6107b3e70e23e26  griffith_0.9.6-2~gutsy1_all.deb17:59
sebner\sh: kpowersave xD17:59
\shsebner, actually I don't need any power saving tool...mostly because I need all the cpu speed for compiz and compiling ;)18:00
jdongyeah it runs fine from a pbuilder18:00
jdongfetched from archive.ubuntu.com18:00
POX_ok, so it's mirror's problem (http://na.mirror.garr.it)18:00
sebner\sh: and for nexuiz :P18:01
POX_or users18:01
\shsebner, follow #ubuntu-devel pls :)18:01
jeromegjdong: i think the tracker backport should be acked18:02
jeromegjdong: there does not seem to be problems for most people, and it really solves a lot of issues18:02
jdongjeromeg: agreed. pochu's e-mail came after my backport process day18:03
jdongjeromeg: I have it slated for Friday18:03
jeromegjdong: great18:03
sebner\sh: don't even *think* about the possibility to remove it from the repo after my update!!! :P18:03
\shsebner, *eg* :)18:04
jeromegjdong: scribes should be fine too, i've been using the backported package since the 20 of january without any issues18:05
jeromegi guess i never tested a backport that much :)18:05
sebner\sh: deal. we remove it for intrepid :P18:05
\shsebner, yepp...we should get rid of old crap which doesn't work anymore on modern systems18:06
jeromegdiner time18:07
jeromegbye all18:07
SpookyETI've made my first deb. That was freaking complicated compared to pacman packages.18:07
ScottKSpookyET: FYI, whining about how awful Debian packaging is does not encourage people to volunteer their time to help you.18:08
ScottK\sh: What's you definition of modern?18:08
sebner\sh: fine :)18:08
\shScottK, well, I think everything which was invented 2007-02-02 ;)18:11
\shinsert "after"18:11
ScottKYeah.  I've got a circu 2001 laptop that runs Hardy reasonably well.  Actually far better than Gutsy because acpi was broken for it in
\shScottK, serious...when we have a working piece of software for a delicate area like powersaving, I would rely more on something in main, then a piece of software which last upstream version was released in 200518:13
ScottKWell when that laptop was on Gutsy I was using gkrellem because it worked.18:14
ScottKThe modern stuff didn't18:14
ScottKIt's a balance thing.18:14
\shScottK, but compare the new upstream releases between your gkrellm and athcool e.g. I mean, we have to be careful about what software can do to our users hardware (I'll remember this damn discussion about laptop-mode of ubuntu grills laptop hd just because nobody understand the s.m.a.r.t. manufacture data ) :=18:17
ScottKRight. I agree about being careful, but one of the nice things about Linux is that you can, in fact, continue to use older hardware.  Let's not throw that away.18:17
\shScottK, no...but we should deal with software, which is rotten and stinks, and doesn't get cleaned up from debian archives in time for intrepid :)18:20
\shScottK, which means, old kernel modules (via module-assistant or whatever), which are not updated for new kernel releases etc.pp.18:21
JontheEchidnaCould the REVU admins re-sync the REVU uploaders keyring?18:44
=== danielm_ is now known as danielm
RainCTJontheEchidna: sure, one moment :)19:13
JontheEchidnaRainCT: Thanks :)19:14
RainCTJontheEchidna: what's your Launchpad ID? (knowing it I can sync your key first)19:15
RainCTJontheEchidna: ok, done19:17
RainCTno problem :)19:18
JontheEchidnaSo how do I upload a package to REVU?19:22
ubotuREVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU19:22
RainCTisn't it explained there?19:22
JontheEchidnamaybe I missed it...19:22
JontheEchidnaOh, the dput stuff19:23
mok0Why is hardy's devscripts package so far behind?19:52
RainCTmok0: because you haven't merged it :)19:56
ScottKmok0: You might look if linitian needs updating while you're at it.19:58
RainCTScottK: there's a new version too20:00
* ScottK has no time for anything but displayconfig hacking right now, so feel free to go for it.20:01
RainCTScottK: it can probably be synced, but does it need a FFe?20:01
ScottK\sh, jdong, or YokoZar: I'll be unable to upload probably for a week after today, so if you want wine backported, please debdiff me.20:02
ScottKRainCT: It's in Main20:02
RainCThm, true ^^20:02
RainCTbtw, if a sync is requested today does it need a big-freeze-exception, or not, or does this depend on the archive guy who looks at it?20:03
ScottKException process is different in Main.20:04
* ScottK would suggest ping slangasek (just did) and see how he feels about it.20:04
RainCTthis last question was for universe20:05
ScottKWhat package?20:05
ScottKSorry.  Thought we were still talking lintian20:06
ScottKslangasek: The question was would it be desireable to update lintian at this point.20:06
RainCTScottK: any package in general. as when someone looks the next time at some sync there's probably already big freeze20:07
=== pgquiles_ is now known as pgquiles
slangasekScottK: are there enough new goodies in 1.23.46 to justify it?20:08
ScottKUse your judgement as I can't tell you when someone looks next20:08
ScottKslangasek: I like it for "Warn if the .diff.gz contains changes while the package uses a patch system."20:09
ScottKIt's a long list though.20:09
slangasekScottK: then I'm amenable20:10
ScottKslangasek: Thanks.20:10
geserdoesn't it also contain better checks for bashism?20:10
ScottKRainCT: Would you be up for checking if the new lintian builds/runs here?20:10
ScottKgeser: It's a long list20:10
ScottKI think it does20:10
ScottKSomeone please look into it.20:11
* RainCT wonders why he has linda 0.3.26ubuntu2 when in debian there's 0.3.24 -.-20:11
* ScottK goes back to comitting atrocities on kde-guidance.20:11
RainCTScottK: sure, one moment20:11
ScottKRainCT: Linda's been removed IIRC20:11
geseryes, linda is gone20:12
DktrKranzstani, I tried drpython on Hardy and I can open files normally. Is there a specific procedure to trigger the issue^20:12
geserDebian bug #46903920:13
ubotuDebian bug 469039 in ftp.debian.org "RM: linda -- RoM; deprecated" [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46903920:13
RainCToh. it had some nix checks, though20:13
ScottKThe theory is they're all in Lintian.  Practice is often different than theory.20:14
RainCTwill, I'll file bugs in lintian then :P20:14
LaserJockjames_w: so it looks to be a MOTU problem (in regard to the ubuntu-bugsquad thread)20:15
LaserJockor at least ubuntu-dev20:16
LaserJocknot sure what other Core Devs do20:16
RainCTScottK: new lintian builds fine, installing it now20:18
james_wLaserJock: sorry, what is the MOTU problem?20:18
LaserJockjames_w: requiring debdiffs20:18
LaserJockjames_w: you didn't find any triaging wiki page that said to ask for a debdiff?20:18
james_wLaserJock: yes, however there is some good reasoning behind it.20:19
james_whowever, we don't really have anything better to answer with right now.20:20
LaserJockthat at least isn't making it mandatory, just saying it's got better chances20:20
LaserJockalthough I think that's more or less how it goes20:20
LaserJockI don't think we've ever closed a bug because it didn't have a debdiff20:21
ScottKI think it's like asking for a new package review for something from a bzr branch.  You can do it, but the number of potential reviewers goes down.20:21
james_wthere are a few problems that are combining to make this worse than it should be, so I'd like to get input from everyone to get and idea of what the process should look like, and then we can move towards it.20:22
LaserJockwell, I think having people who don't know what there doing not touch bug reports would be a good idea20:22
LaserJocki.e. if you don't know just leave it alone20:22
james_wLaserJock: do you have an example?20:23
LaserJockthe status flippers20:23
LaserJockor Importance flippers actually20:23
james_wwell you need to be in bugcontrol to change Importance, so they have shown a certain level of understanding.20:24
LaserJockuhh... yeah20:24
james_wbut yes, that should be the rule, I agree.20:24
LaserJockthat would be the problem, IMO20:24
LaserJockbugcontrol is darn near meaningless20:24
james_wI don't think that's true.20:24
LaserJockk, I'd love to be wrong20:25
LaserJockI just see a lot of bugmails that indicate that the person doing the work doesn't know anything about the bug or the software20:26
RainCTbug 21475220:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 214752 in lintian "Please sync lintian 1.23.46 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21475220:27
james_wyou could say that a MOTU uploading a debdiff knows little about the bug or the software, and has more potential to damage Ubuntu as a whole.20:27
LaserJockI agree20:28
james_wHowever I am sure there are cases where people in bugcontrol overstep their mark.20:28
LaserJockI'd so a whole lot of bugcontrol is busy work20:29
LaserJocksome of which is necessary20:29
james_wthat's why I think it would be good to have more ways for people triaging reports to escalate them to people that may understand development better.20:29
LaserJockbut I think we can maybe get everything more efficient20:29
james_whowever there are obviously issues with that, for instance the lack of developer time, so we need to move there slowly.20:30
james_wLaserJock: I'd agree with that.20:30
LaserJockwe need a cohesive strategy that includes both bug triaging and developers20:31
LaserJockmy feeling is that the two have kinda "gone their separate ways"20:31
james_wI'm going to spend a few days soliciting feedback from that thread on the issue, and then see if we need to make any development process changes at the time.20:31
LaserJockwe need to really have a look at our processes and policies20:32
james_wanother thing that is a problem at the moment is that there is no good way to represent all of the states that a patch in launchpad can be in.20:32
LaserJockstrip them down to what is needed20:32
LaserJockand get the documentation together20:32
james_wso the two communities need to decide on a structure, and then (with the help of launchpad) implement that and stick to it.20:32
cbx33LaserJock, !!!20:32
LaserJockas there's just too much for a lot of people to keep track of right now20:32
cbx33yo yo yo dude20:32
LaserJockhi Pete20:33
james_wLaserJock: yes, I agree.20:33
LaserJockfundamentally though, we gotta have MOTUs on the same page20:33
LaserJockwhich I believe is a real issue20:33
james_wLaserJock: apart from patches, is there any other area that you would like to see bugcontrol and -motu converge in?20:33
LaserJockwe certainly need to agree on tags, statuses, and Importance20:34
LaserJocktriagers need to know how to most effectively get things to developers20:34
mok0ScottK, RainCT, I will merge devscripts then20:34
LaserJockand developers need to help the triagers know what they want20:34
mok0ScottK, RainCT, and take a look at lintian afterwards20:35
james_wLaserJock: great, thanks, we can look at those at some point then.20:36
LaserJockperhaps what we need is this20:36
LaserJocka list of every develper process20:36
LaserJockthat describes what the developer, a contributor, and a triager should be doing20:36
james_wthat would be great.20:37
LaserJockthen we can build good processes and policies to match20:37
LaserJockand make sure that we're on the same page20:37
james_wyeah, it definitely sounds like UDS material.20:37
james_wpost-hardy at least :-)20:37
james_ware you going?20:37
LaserJockno, sadly I was hoping to defend my dissertation around that time20:38
james_wah, good luck with that.20:38
LaserJockI would encourage though, that UDS discussion only be a part of the solution20:38
james_wIt won't all be done at UDS anyway, so there will be plenty of opportunity for input.20:39
LaserJockwe need buy-in and feedback from everybody, not just the people at UDS20:39
james_wLaserJock: I agree totally20:39
james_wit's just a great opportunity for discussion of this sort of thing.20:40
LaserJockI've just had enough "Oh, but we decided that at UDS" experiences to be wary20:40
SpookyETWhere can I find the xulrunner deb generation files?20:41
LaserJockI'm also thinking we should maybe ditch as much Universe/Main diff as we can in our processes20:41
james_wI imagine in this case what would be discussed would not be the specifics, but the way in which each side wants to know what they should be doing, and the boundaries that they can expect.20:41
james_wLaserJock: that sounds sensible20:41
LaserJockwe've done a pretty good job of that so far, but there's probably more to do20:41
james_wisn't the proposal to drop the distinction in the archive still hanging around?20:42
LaserJockand certianly it would be a good idea to have matching policies for if that ever happens20:42
james_wyes, the confusion would be endless if not.20:44
SpookyETWhere can I find the firefox 3 deb creation files? are the "debian" folders shared anywhere?20:50
LaserJockSpookyET: did you get the source package?20:50
SpookyETI have the firefox source, but where can I find the "debian" folder that ubuntu created. I want to modify some things20:51
LaserJockif you got the Ubuntu source package the debian directory is in the unpacke source20:53
LaserJockSpookyET: you might want to look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Build/Apt or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Build/Bzr20:55
LaserJockexcept those are kinda old20:56
sebnerRainCT: around?21:01
sebnerheya afflux :)21:10
affluxhi sebner ;)21:10
RainCTsebner: pong21:13
staniLaserJock: Thanks for your help yesterday. My PPA is running fine now.21:24
LaserJockstani: awesome21:24
staniLaserjock: I could go back to feisty. As you guessed installation did not work for all distroreleases the same way.21:31
LaserJockstani: yeah, that would've been my guess21:32
sebnerRainCT: debian folks appreciate my boson .desktop fix patch and are very happy about it ;)21:43
RainCTsebner: great :)21:43
sebnerRainCT: ^^21:43
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=== dreamthief is now known as DreamThief
yoschogra_cmpc: ping21:55
RAOFHobbsee: Terrified?  In what way?22:06
RAOFHobbsee: If you don't remember the context, that was "why is gnome-do terrified of openoffice"?22:07
SpookyETI hate open office22:14
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mario_limonciellwhy do we still have gnome-bluetooth's obex server available?22:16
RainCTgood night22:16
mario_limonciellit seems counter productive to include it still22:16
mario_limonciellsince the support is native to bluez now22:16
mok0ScottK: ping!22:24
mok0ScottK: I have a suggestion to a fix to pykdeextensions22:25
mok0bug 13818922:25
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138189 in pykdeextensions "application tries to dlopen /usr/lib/libpython2.5.so (only found in the -dev package) " [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13818922:25
ScottKmok0: That'd be cool.22:25
mok0ScottK: I will leave it to you, since you've dealt with it's impacts22:26
ScottKmok0: I think we've got it worked around for now (packages needing it depending on python-dev), so it needs to be fixed, but I think it can wait.22:26
ScottKmok0: Did you test that and see if it works?22:27
mok0ScottK: no, I haven't22:27
ScottKI'm not sure, but I think I tried that.22:27
mok0ScottK: I was hoping you would do it :-)22:27
ScottKNot for a while.  I'm leaving town in the AM for a week.22:27
mok0ScottK: ok, I'll try it tomorrow, then22:28
mok0ScottK: can you suggest a good way to test it?22:28
ScottKmok0: Debian needs the fix too, so if it works, push the fix there.22:28
mok0ScottK: ok22:29
ScottKmok0: Make your own version of kde-guidance that doens't have the python-dev dependency22:29
ScottKmok0: Install that and remove python-dev22:29
ScottKmok0: If you can run displayconfig then, you have a winner.22:30
mok0ScottK: got it22:30
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YokoZarApproximately how many hours do I have to make an upload before freeze rejects it and I have to ask someone else to do it for me?  I'm debating doing some work now or later this evening.22:59
FujitsuYou can upload once the freeze is in place. It'll just get stuck in a queue.23:00
yoschhi guys, I got an update for ttf-ubuntu-title (the font to used for Ubuntu branding in the LoCos and other things) http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=ttf-ubuntu-title23:19
yoschseb128 told me you'd help me out23:19
yoschwhat the process to follow from here?23:23
mok0motu-release ppl, please check out bug 19577223:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 195772 in matplotlib "please upgrade python-matplotlib to version later than 0.90.1" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19577223:34

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