[reed]ask kaie on moznet00:19
ftamozilla bug 42788900:23
ubotuMozilla bug 427889 in Libraries "crash in nss" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42788900:23
ftagoing to bed00:23
asacfta: night00:26
Jazzvaasac, I won't finish this tonight ... it will be ready tomorrow evening. Sorry for the delay. There's something else I have to do...00:27
JazzvaIs that ok? I could stay up, if it must be ready tomorrow...00:27
asacJazzva: nono00:28
asactake a rest :)00:28
asacJazzva: maybe push your changes to a branch as they are00:28
JazzvaGood :)...00:28
asacas a checkpoint ;)00:28
asacJazzva: extensions need to get in soon. the data should not be that hard to get in00:29
JazzvaWell, there are only 5 done... Seems like 6 extensions are still not in the archive (useragentswitcher, all-in-one-sidebar, ...), or something...00:29
Jazzvaand I still have to get the icons and stuff00:29
asacthey have definitly been source newed00:30
asacyes. icons shold be in the bzr rees00:30
Jazzvadamn, i forgot that :)...00:30
JazzvaThey are used in the extensions ... not thinking :)00:31
asacJazzva: yeah at least those that have a icon in the addons dialog should have one00:32
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asacfta: we will demote flashsupport to not get pulled in by default07:55
ftawhy ? it will prevent the sound to work with pulseaudio09:11
asacpeople can opt in if they want to09:16
asacanyway, we assigned our pulseaudio guy to see if there is any patch available09:16
asacfor the crashes09:17
[reed]new flash just got released09:43
asac[reed]: do you see crashes with libflashsupport?09:46
asac(aka pulseaudio support for flash)09:47
[reed]I get flash crashes, but it might just be in flash itself09:47
asac[reed]: do you run pulseaudio?09:52
[reed]oh, and didn't you see this crash the other day?09:52
[reed]pretty sure09:52
[reed]that I do09:52
asac[reed]: yes. ill add a patch for that crash09:52
[reed]what bug # was it?09:52
asacbasically a dump NULL check09:52
asac[reed]: no idea. we found a patch in maemo09:52
asacunfortunately, i am currently too overloaded to forward things until we release09:53
asacas i could not follow up :(09:53
asac[reed]: did you see that crash?09:53
[reed]yes, those are my crash reports I gave you above09:53
[reed]ones I've personally hit09:53
asac[reed]: i have a bug id in launchpad, but I guess you asked for bmo id?09:53
asac[reed]: indeed ... your crash involves libflashsupport09:54
asacok ... so you basically hit the two main crashers we see09:54
[reed]and I use mozilla.org nightlies09:55
[reed]not ubuntu builds09:55
asacanyway ... you see the libflashsupport crash09:55
asacso no difference09:55
asac(actually thats why I asked you if you see those crashes to verify that its not ubuntu only)09:56
asac[reed]: but you use libflashsupport from ubuntu, right?09:56
asacfta: looking at flashsupport code right now. i think the ssl backtraces you got are really related to flashsupport09:57
asacdo you still have the paste ids?09:57
asacso we can make a bug out of it?09:57
[reed]paste ids?09:57
* asac scrollsback09:58
[reed]I did build my own copy of libflashsupport at one point, but I may have swapped to the ubuntu version... checking09:58
[reed]this is on my gutsy laptop09:58
[reed]not my hardy laptop09:58
asac[reed]: ok and you saw those crashes on gutsy?09:59
asacor hardy09:59
asacso its your own build right?09:59
asac[reed]: did you use gnutls or openssl?09:59
asacdamn. i hoped that its a gnutls related issue10:02
asactrying anyway10:02
asacbang. segfault10:05
asacgood try ;)10:05
asachmmm ... now i got this before crash:10:27
asac** Gtk:ERROR:(/build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.12.9/gtk/gtkplug.c:182):gtk_plug_set_is_child: assertion failed: (!GTK_WIDGET (plug)->parent)10:27
asacmight be a pointer10:28
fta2<fta> for http://paste.ubuntu.com/6635/10:42
fta2asac, ^^ this one ?10:43
asacis that the one fixed by nss update?10:59
asacfta2: ?10:59
fta2no, see mozilla bug 42788911:03
ubotuMozilla bug 427889 in Libraries "SIGPIPE from send() syscall, called from libpthread" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42788911:03
asacflash today doesn't fix the issue ... damn11:15
asacit fixes a few asserts though11:15
asac(so at least some improvement)11:15
asacfta2: ^^11:15
asacfta2: gdb crashes for me now11:28
asacfta2: it suddenly started. i could do it a few times but now its crashy11:28
Volansasac:  have you looked at ubuntu-it-menu? If it's ok for you, I can ask DktrKranz to sponsor it14:33
asacVolans: yes, tell him to use the bzr branch and push that before he uploads to ~ubuntu-dev14:34
Volansthank you for the review asac, oh DktrKranz2 is here... if you want to tell him directly to avoid misunderstanding14:39
asacill drop info on the bug14:39
asacVolans: i think to be safe you would need to add exception for the logo licenses in COPYING14:40
asacok dropped the ack14:41
Volansasac: the exception is also in the LICENSE file: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~volans/firefox-extensions/ubuntu-it-menu.ubuntu/annotate/volans%40ubuntu-it.org-20080408173339-5n3tno7fsjhrg0p9?file_id=license-20080407174203-eay18jva50h2atma-114:42
Volansis what you sayng for COPYING?14:45
asacah ok14:47
asacthen all is good14:47
asacits in the archive admins hand now14:47
Volansok thanks :)14:47
asacVolans: can you also tell your sponsoree to set the bug to fix committed after upload?15:36
Volanssure :)15:40
asaccarlos: did my imports already start to immport?17:11
* asac not asking if they are ready ;)17:11
carlosasac: no, sorry, it will still need some time... oo.org is delaying everything :-(17:27
asachow far is ooo?17:28
asaccarlos: does every ooo upload cause this?17:29
carloswell, it's a mix of that and long running exports17:30
carloswhich degrade the performance a bit17:30
DktrKranz2asac: I just read backlog. Is it ok to upload to NEW without further action from motu-release?17:38
DktrKranz2(ubuntu-it-menu stuff)17:38
asacDktrKranz2: yes. if i posted the FF exception bug in the bug referenced in changelog it should be fine17:54
DktrKranz2asac: last question. you said to move bzr repo to ~ubuntu-dev, is it enough to reparent it and adjust entry in debian/control?19:10
ftaasac, Bug 19778619:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 197786 in prism "Prism apps think I'm offline and no way to change it" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19778619:17
rzrasac: thx for flashblock, hope it'll save FF3 lifetime expectancy19:23
ftaasac, mozilla bug 42668120:11
ubotuMozilla bug 426681 in Security: PSM "FF3RC1 should use NSS_3_12_RC2" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42668120:11
ftaasac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=75019720:26
cwong1asac: ping21:38
fta[reed], http://paste.ubuntu.com/6681/  known ?21:58
ftaohoh, mxr has been updated22:06
ftaasac, gdb is crashing for me too now.23:06
ftatrying gdb inside gdb :)23:07

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