LeChacalI am new to setting up a server and screwed up my hosts file so i cant sudo now because of the host name but i only have remote access to the server is there away to log in remotely in recovery mode so i can fix the hosts file? I dont want to wait a few days tell i have physical access to the box. thank you00:31
kgoetzLeChacal: unless you have some form of ALOM no you cant01:28
sommerLeChacal: do you have a console now?02:12
sommerah, kgoetz what up02:13
kgoetzsommer: just got my perl workin \o/02:13
sommerheh, perl's cool02:13
kgoetzsommer: hows your day (evening?) going?02:13
kgoetzit was a pretty serious case of pebkac :|02:14
sommerwas going good, then I watched the champions league02:14
kgoetzwhats that?02:14
sommerI've recently become a football fan (soccer as we say in the states)02:15
kgoetzaaah. hehe02:15
kgoetzfwiw, its soccer in au too ;)02:15
sommerarsenal lost!!!... noooooooooooooooooo02:15
mohamed_hello all, what is the command or the script that i can control running service from  ?02:15
sommerheh, its pretty awesome!02:15
sommermohamed_: /etc/init.d/*02:15
sommermohamed_: restart, start, stop, etc02:16
mohamed_sommer yes, but i mean something that i see runlevel in it02:16
kgoetzi stopped following soccer when i stopped playing it.02:16
mohamed_i remember i had something like this before but don't know its name02:16
kgoetzmohamed_: what control do you want exactly?02:17
sommerheh, I played amrerican football... went soo long and never knew02:17
sommerawesome sport02:17
mohamed_kgoetz, e.g if i want service to run e.g in runlevel4 instead of 202:17
sommermohamed_: check out update-rc.d02:18
mohamed_something like chkconfig in redhat02:24
sommeryep, update-rc.d02:24
sommernot, quite as user friendly, but it works02:24
sommerI must admit I've only used it to either stop a service at boot or stop one02:25
sommerthe other scenerios...02:25
sommerheh, start one that is02:26
mohamed_yes me too, :)02:26
sommerI'd hate to rtmf ya, but if you check the man page it does the fine tuning stuff as well02:26
kgoetzthere is an ncurses tool for setting runlevels i think. nfi what it is though02:26
sommertrue true02:27
kgoetzmohamed_: by the way - its considered rude to ask a question two places at once ...02:32
mohamed_kgoetz, u mean that i ask on debian ?02:33
kgoetzyes. and another bit of information: if #debian is aware your asking ubuntu questions they'll rightly flame you.02:34
mohamed_i'm sorry , only simply i try to find  answer02:34
mohamed_because i'm realy use a tool before and i remember that someone also told me about02:35
mohamed_but it seem that i forget alot02:35
mohamed_and for ubuntu and debian i have the two system running :)02:36
max_anyone, I have 20 ubuntu workstations on my server.  How do I remove packages from all 20 at once, remotely, also apply updates?02:38
sommermax_: you could look into clusterssh02:39
kgoetzor a tool like puppet/cfengine02:40
sommerheh, I've been meaning to look into those as well :)02:41
sommerwell more than the mag articles02:41
kgoetzcfengine is a monster (i've used it). puppet is meant to be less of a monster :)02:41
kgoetznever tried clusterssh, but i've been told about it (it was used to manage all the AP's at LCA)02:42
kgoetzone think i found amusing was a bloke usin cfengine to roll out puppet - so blazingly obvious, but i still get a grin from it02:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cfengine++ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:48
mohamed_kgoetz, what u do when u want some answers ?02:51
kgoetzmohamed_: depends what answer i want02:52
mohamed_technical of course02:52
mohamed_because u consider me behave  bad02:52
mohamed_at least u tell  me first the rules02:53
mohamed_u said it is consider02:53
kgoetzusually ask the relevent channel, search the web if i cant get an answer, read a man page (etc)02:54
mohamed_yes, this is what i do02:54
mohamed_my behaviour s not very bad as you see it02:54
ScottKTry one place at a time so you don't take the chance of wasting other people's time if multiple people answer.  Wasting time of people you are asking for free help from is considered disrespectful.02:54
ScottKmohamed_: Do you see the guide to smart questions in /topic?02:55
mohamed_ScottK, i know that poeple time is important but don't expect that all people know the rules02:56
mohamed_this is what i mean before you deal with people that they behave bad tell them first02:56
ScottKmohamed_: He pointed it out to you in order to help you.02:56
ScottKmohamed_: My advice is read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GettingInvolved from the topic.02:57
ScottKWrong url02:57
max_sommer: thanks02:57
ScottKhttp://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html <-- That one02:57
mohamed_and again thx for all people help, i hope oneday i can help here also02:57
max_that worked02:57
mohamed_thx ScottK02:58
ScottKmohamed_: No problem.02:58
mohamed_i have to read it carfull before i ask here   again :)02:58
sommermax_: np03:00
sommerScottK: hey03:00
ScottKhey sommer03:00
sommeron that amavisd-new bug, I don't think that $hostnanm is documented03:01
sommerI can add that for the next version of the docs03:01
mactimesHello everyone.  Is there a "recipe" to install ubuntu server using RAID1 for the OS partitions, for use with hot swapping or something similar?03:02
ScottKsommer: Agreed.  It should also be documented in the package.03:02
sommerthe amavis docs do describe it... which is why I had it in my config, so either way03:03
ScottKOK.  Then yes please.03:03
ScottKI'd suggest add it to the docs package and close the bug to that.03:04
sommercool, I think it'll have to be for ibex though... too far past SF03:04
sommer I'll update the wiki page though03:05
ScottKMakes sense03:06
sommerI'll update the bug tomorrow :)03:07
sommerit's probably a small use case03:07
mohamed_at last i find it,  is  sysv-rc-conf03:20
mohamed_this realy better and clear than other commands03:20
ScottKmohamed_: sommer that I've been talking with is in charge of our server documentation.  Perhaps you could suggest to him how to improve our documentation to have made finding that easier for you?03:31
mohamed_ScottK, if  u simplify documentation for people like me i'm lazy :)03:32
mohamed_the command i find save for me to deal with rc-update ...etc03:33
ScottKsommer: ^^^ Might be worth a mention on the wiki03:33
mohamed_ScottK, sometimes i install the server not as real server but to use  it as a base for e.g vdr system03:34
mohamed_for this i search how to delete unwanted services03:34
mohamed_to make it boot fast03:34
ScottKIt's generally a good practice not to have stuff you don't need running.03:35
mohamed_documentation is realy good because i install ubuntu-server b4 and find everything i need but this was real server03:36
mohamed_if i can help in something this will be good you can consider me as ubuntu and debian user :)03:37
* ScottK is pretty busy with some actual work right now, but maybe sommer will have some interest in documentation.03:39
mohamed_hello sommer , with documentation u can add this command only for lazy people like me :)03:40
ScottKHe may have gone.03:42
mohamed_ok then if u see if anyone can benifit from u tell him about, because i find it difficuly after deep search03:43
mohamed_i have to leave have a good night all03:47
sommereh... yep, that's worth documenting03:48
JaxxMaxxfer sure!03:55
pleaseandthankyois there a good diet softwares? like for a diabetes guy or a healthy living diet software for person who has heart d eases?04:02
googlahhello. somebody here?04:17
n6rejevening folks.. how do we know what packages are installed by default on 7.1 server?  Like the MTA and mail server04:24
n6rejftp etc...04:24
pschulz02n6rej: Do you have one installed.. or are you looking for a list.04:25
n6rejpschulz02: i just did a clean install tonight and I don't want to reinvent the wheel.. it asked me if I wanted a local mail server and I told it yes, but I don't see which it used... same with ftp04:26
pschulz02n6rej: postfix04:26
n6rejpschulz02: like i figured out dovecot is installed.. but thats not a mta04:27
pschulz02n6rej: dpkg -l04:27
n6rejpschulz02: ok.. ty04:27
n6rejpschulz02: are you confortable with samba/wins?04:35
pschulz02n6rej: No.04:40
pschulz02A long time ago maybe.04:41
n6rejpschulz02: ok.04:44
n6reji think maybe I found the problem.. we'll see04:44
n6rejpschulz02: i'm trying to setup a area on the server where my mac, pc, and *nix can all share files... like a "file server"04:45
n6rejpschulz02: i'm running into problems with filename length :(04:45
pschulz02Anyone here using iSCSI?04:58
=== n6rej_ is now known as n6rej
pschulz02n6rej: filename or path?05:01
n6rejpschulz02: filename... some of the songs hav elonger then 31 chars in their name05:02
pschulz02What underlying filesystem are yuou using?05:02
pschulz02n6rej: Is this on your ubunutu-server box?05:03
n6rejpschulz02: the songs currently are on my wins box.. I want to move them to the server so everyone ( all the platforms ) can more easily share them05:03
n6rejwhich is yes, a ubuntu 7.1 server05:03
n6rejpschulz02: ext305:04
pschulz027.10 <-- sorry for being pedantic05:04
n6rejpschulz02: its ok :D05:04
pschulz02So.. you can see the Samba share from your windows box?05:04
n6rejpschulz02: yep, got all that fixed... its resolving fine now... still have a minor problem with bind, its not recognizing my cnames05:05
pschulz02n6rej: Did you change the serial number/restart bind?05:06
n6rejpschulz02: UGH05:06
n6rejlol forgot the sn05:06
n6rejpschulz02: no joy.. here's the local file.. http://pastebin.com/m2cecc74805:08
n6rejpschulz02: i had errors in my samba before but testparm says its all good now05:09
pschulz02n6rej: What does your named.conf look like?05:25
n6rejpschulz02: let me get it05:25
pschulz02n6rej: That is where the '@' wildcard will get defined.05:26
n6rejpschulz02: oh, I think thats in named.conf.local ?05:26
pschulz02n6rej: You can leave off the domain from all of your A records..05:26
n6rejpschulz02: http://pastebin.com/m4f9d47bf ( named.conf.local )05:27
pschulz02n6rej: They need to be.. 'name IN A IP.ad.dr.ess05:27
n6rejpschulz02: ok.. annabelle is the servers, "name" hallhome.lan is the "domain"05:27
n6rejpschulz02:  ok05:27
pschulz02n6rej: Ok.. so the first file was called 'db.lan'?05:28
n6rejpschulz02: yes and its reverse is db.19205:28
pschulz02Ok.. from the top od db.lan..05:29
pschulz02$TTL 8640005:29
n6rejpschulz02: i'm with you05:30
* n6rej and I really appreciate what your doing05:30
pschulz02Ahh .. I haven't seen the 'D' 'H' 'W' notation before.05:30
n6rejpschulz02: that from about redhat 6 days05:30
n6rejidk if its predicated or not05:30
pschulz02n6rej: Every record should have 'IN' in it.05:31
pschulz02n6rej: after the header05:31
n6rejpschulz02: omg how did it even work!05:31
pschulz02n6rej: Not sure :-)05:31
n6rejpschulz02: but not cname right?05:32
pschulz02So 'name IN CNAME anothername'05:32
n6rejok done05:32
pschulz02Ok.. there is the command named-checkzone05:32
pschulz02named-checkzone hallhome.lan db.lan05:33
n6rejannabelle.hallhome.lan has no A records or AAA records05:33
pschulz02Ok.. add an A record for annabell05:34
pschulz02(pointing to an IP)05:34
n6rejthat makes sense05:34
n6rejloaded serial 6 "OK"05:35
n6rejpschulz02: says same thinga bout db.192 ( the reverse )05:35
pschulz02n6rej: have a look at db.12705:36
n6rejpschulz02: http://pastebin.com/m2a8ceac6 (db.192)05:36
pschulz02n6rej: You need the have IN PTR entries.05:36
n6rejpschulz02: http://pastebin.com/m7273a00405:36
n6rejok I'll fix that05:36
n6rejpschulz02: says I need one for the NS reverse also?05:37
pschulz02n6rej: Notice how db.127 used 3 numbers.. db.192 should only have one.05:38
pschulz02Compare trhe lines in named.conf.local (for 192.168.1) with those in named.conf (I think.. for 172.)05:39
n6rejps kk05:39
pschulz02n6rej: You need an IN NS record in the reverse DNS.. it should be the same as the record in the regular DNS.05:40
pschulz02n6rej: You are telling the people who are looking up the domain (be it a forward, or a reverse lookup) which nameserver is responsible.05:41
n6rejpschulz02: are thse 2 lines right in the db.lan?05:41
n6rej NS      annabelle.hallhome.lan.05:41
n6rej MX      10      annabelle.hallhome.lan.05:41
n6rej69 is the ip of the server05:41
pschulz02Put an 'IN' in front of them.05:41
pschulz02eg. '@  IN  NS  annabelle.hallhome.lan.'05:42
n6rejpschulz02: yep, fixed it05:42
pschulz02n6rej: I think you might be able to leave out the '@' but I always put it in..05:43
n6rejpschulz02: i dont' get it, check is still not liking the reverse http://pastebin.com/m2d66161605:46
n6rejpschulz02: I could try cheating and just put @ for the ip05:47
n6rejpschulz02: ugh, i know whats wrong.. "hallhome.lan" is not defined anywhere05:49
pschulz02n6rej: It should nbe whatever is defined in named.conf.local05:51
n6rejpschulz02: hmmmmmmmmm thats in there05:52
n6rejis the @ in 127 messing us up?05:53
n6rejroot@annabelle:/etc/bind# named-checkzone hallhome.lan db.19205:54
n6rejzone hallhome.lan/IN: NS 'annabelle.hallhome.lan' has no address records (A or AAAA)05:54
n6rejzone hallhome.lan/IN: loaded serial 505:54
n6rejweird :(05:54
=== n6rej_ is now known as n6rej
pschulz02Still got problems? Had to pop away..06:08
n6rejpschulz02: yeah06:11
n6rejstill same error06:11
n6reji've tried everything.. can't get the reverse to work right :(06:12
n6rejpschulz02: i swear this thing is posessed!06:17
pschulz02n6rej: pastebin06:17
pschulz02Error with 'named-checkzone'?06:18
n6rejpschulz02: here's both forward and reverse http://pastebin.com/m4faec42b06:18
n6rejpschulz02: yeah..06:18
n6rejbind doesn't show anything in the syslog if I restart it06:19
* n6rej well nothing negaive06:19
n6rejugh negative even06:19
n6rejpschulz02: from winds i can ping annabelle  or hallhome.lan but not mail. or www. or ftp.06:21
pschulz02Ok.. is bind process running?06:21
n6rejpschulz02: yes06:21
pschulz02What does 'host annabell' tell you (on annabell)06:21
n6rejannabelle.hallhome.lan has address
pschulz02Ok.. what about 'host mail'06:22
n6rejmail.hallhome.lan is an alias for annabelle.hallhome.lan.06:22
n6rejannabelle.hallhome.lan has address
n6rejpschulz02: this is my line in my /etc/hosts    annabelle annabelle.hallhome.lan hallhome.lan06:23
pschulz02Ok.. what about 'host'06:24
pschulz02'host' uses DNS (not hosts file :-)06:24
n6rejhost ?06:25
n6rejcomes back blank06:25
n6rejpschulz02: ok :D06:25
pschulz02n6rej: This is the domain used for reverse lookup.06:26
n6rejpschulz02: yeah... what the heck is going on with the reverse?06:26
pschulz02can you please paste named.conf.local again.06:27
n6rejpschulz02: sure06:27
pschulz02What is your 'resolv.conf' on annabell? Does it point to itself?06:29
pschulz02Odd.. I can't see any obvious problem.06:31
=== n6rej_ is now known as n6rej
n6rejwow that was ugly!06:33
n6rejpschulz02: i installed resolvconf package06:33
n6rejpschulz02: here's what it says ... http://pastebin.com/d3f12df0706:39
pschulz02Ok.. well, it should work then..06:44
pschulz02What about the following (dot at the end is important) - host
n6rejlet me triple check06:48
n6rejpschulz02: added the . still no printout06:48
n6rejwhats really strange is nslookup works06:49
n6rejroot@annabelle:/etc/bind# host
n6rej69.1.168.192.in-addr.arpa domain name pointer annabelle.hallhome.lan.06:53
n6rejpschulz02: you must be working07:02
mfiersheya. I got software RAID 1, and my mailbox is spammed with degraded array messages.. I checked the internet and it seems I have to re-synchronize my disks, but it also seems this synchronising should be done automatically07:03
pschulz02n6rej: Busy trying to injest documentation on iscsi while fending off user requests.07:05
n6rejpschulz02: yeah, figured you were working.. I'm thinking this is a samba problem now... cause I think dns is working properly on the server07:05
mfiers..and in my case, I don't think it's synchronsing...07:06
n6rejmfiers: shouldn't there be a log entry?07:06
mfiersn6rej: well.. what will that log make me any smarter? Unless saying it encountered a degraded array?07:08
n6rejmfiers: depends... idk much about raid ( less its in the can :P ) but I would think you could crank up the reporting to more specifically pin point the problem07:09
mfiers /proc/mdstat gives me 5 degraded arrays out of 6 devices07:09
mfiersso 1 is working properly :) the others arent.. The system still works (yeah, mirroring), but it's quite annoying that the system isn't really as it should be07:10
n6rejmfiers: and from what I just read dangerous too.  questions is whats causing the non-sync problem07:11
n6rejmfiers: seems to me there should be a tool for that07:11
n6rejgotta run07:12
n6rejpschulz02: thanks a million for all your help07:12
=== jords__ is now known as jords
mfiers..all manuals say the syncing is done automatically..07:18
mfiersI don't see it done automatically...07:18
_rubenmfiers: sudo mdadm /dev/md0 -a /dev/sda1 .. just an example .. it'll hot (re)add sda1 to md0 and rebuild will be initiated .. or replace the broken drive ;)07:21
_ruben"or replace the broken drive first" even .. after replacing you still would need to repartition it and add it to the array07:22
mfiershmm.. Okay, I'll try.. What I did now was unmount one of the degraded disks (umount /dev/md5), and then tried mounting again, and it says 'ext3-fs: unable to read superblock)07:24
_rubenmfiers: ouch? you sure that md5 is holding an ext3 filesystem?07:25
mfierspretty sure yes07:25
mfiersI only have ext3 filesystems on this system07:25
_ruben(un/re)mounting has nothing to do with the array itself (its health that is) afaik07:25
mfierssudo mdadm /dev/md5 -a /dev/sdb9 says: mdadm: cannot get array info for /dev/md507:25
mfiersbut.. _ruben: it works for a mounted md07:26
_rubenscary .. sounds like md5 is messed up somehow07:26
mfiersso it is now recovering md207:26
mfiersI think I'll reboot and then sync the md5.07:27
mfiersthx for the help _ruben! One question still: how is it possible that in 2 months, I already got 4 degraded arrays?07:27
_rubenand hope for the superblock not to be too messed up .. you could try using one of the copies of the superblock07:27
_rubenmfiers: bad disk?07:28
mfiersforced reboot or so?07:28
_rubenunclean shutdown might cause it too yeah07:28
mfiers_ruben: superblock... means:  putting the superblock to 0 with --zero-superblock, and then re-create the array with mdam -C ..., right?07:29
_rubenif possible i'd run a disk healthtest on it (using the appropriate tools provided by the disk's manufacturer)07:29
_rubenmfiers: well .. there's 2 superblocks .. the one of the disks for the md's .. and within the md's for the respective filesystems .. both seem to have problems .. i never tried zero'ing the md's superblock (never had similar problems)07:30
mfiersa superblock just contains some info about the harddisk, right?07:33
mfiersokay.. it seems to have worked for md2. Will do the others now. Thx for help _ruben07:38
=== mfiers is now known as mfiers|afk
_rubenhrm .. my installation (for documentation purposes only, read: screenshot galore) of gutsy server under vmware (2 virtual disks with s/w raid and lvm) seems to hang at "Creating device files..."10:42
krauti've a sun galaxy x4100 system with a custom kernel. now i want to check the official ubuntu kernel. when i boot the system with it, i won't find the root-device, because the array disk connected to the lsi-controller won't be found.11:27
krautany ideas what i could do?11:27
TrioTorusI'm considering switching nsswitch.conf from password: ldap files to password: files ldap, but I need all users in the ldap directory to also be a member of some system groups like 'admin' or 'video'. Do I have to include those groups in the ldap directory then, or how is this usually done?14:04
sommerTrioTorus: I believe so14:13
TrioTorusreading up on this, I better ask my question this way: do I migrate system UID's and system GID's to ldap or not?14:18
sommerwhen migrating my main server I didn't14:21
sommerI did migrate the user uid and gid numbers though14:21
sommerbut none of my user's need to be in the system groups at this point14:22
KB3NZQ_XPdoes any one know where i can download gnome for offline install with a cd14:27
=== Rayn_ is now known as Rayn
RaynHey all, I've got a process on one of my machines that occasionally spirals out of control and completely locks the system.. is there a way I can put it in some kind of jail so it can't do that? it's java fwiw14:34
KB3NZQ_XPdoes any one know where i can download gnome for offline install with a cd14:34
ScottKKB3NZQ_XP: That's radically off topic for #ubuntu-server.  Try #ubuntu.14:37
KB3NZQ_XPwell it is going to be installed on my server14:37
KB3NZQ_XPthat is why i asked here14:37
ScottKOnce you install Gnome, it's not a server anymore (at least by our definition).  Anything about Gnome, you really need to ask about in #ubuntu.14:39
KB3NZQ_XPi need gnome because i'm not that cood w/ command line14:46
KB3NZQ_XPi need gnome because i'm not that good w/ command line14:47
ubotuUbuntu server does not install a desktop environment or X11 by default in order to enhance security, efficiency and performance.  !eBox provides a GUI system management option via a web interface.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerGUI for more background and options.14:48
sommerthat should get you started14:48
KB3NZQ_XPthank you i have to go14:52
TrioTorusany idea if ebox mail module is going to be in Hardy?15:06
zulno it isnt15:06
_rubenwouldnt know, but i did hear that that module most likely wont cover postfix/dovecot which are the 'prefered' tools15:06
TrioTorusthat's a bit sad to hear. It means I have to be missing out on a mail gui and a apache gui. Reason enough to go for webmin anyway?15:10
ScottKNo.  On Debian and derived systems webmin will lead to tears in the end.15:11
linunutGuys, situation time: You've got a server with 1TB in a RAID-1. You dropped a LOT of dough on this endeavor. Your network has both windoze and *nux boxes. What file system do you use?15:12
_rubenlinunut: depends on what kind of stuff you're storing on it15:12
linunut_ruben: oggs, mostly.15:13
_rubenfirst guess would be xfs15:13
_rubenthat the clients are both win and lin doesnt matter, since you'll be using nfs/cifs/smth else as protocol in between15:13
linunut_ruben: Good to know. I might just go ext3 then15:14
linunutI was mostly worried about the cross-platform compatibility15:14
* ScottK is conservative about file systems and would recommend ext3.15:14
_rubenearlier today i read an article on ext2/ext3/reiser/xfs/jfs and the various uses/pros/cons15:14
_rubencant find it now tho :/15:15
_rubenconservative: ext3 .. else xfs is an option, tho not necesarily better/worse than ext3 afaik15:15
linunut_ruben: I pretty much read all are prone to fail at some point.15:15
linunutI would have guessed there was no epic difference in the end.15:16
linunutI was mostly worried, as I said, about the multi-platform network15:16
_rubenthere might be some performance differences .. both during runtime and fsck for example15:16
TrioTorusScottK: I heared about that. What is your proposal for mail and apache gui besides 'use cli'?15:16
_rubenlinunut: that'd be the least of your worries i'd say ;)15:16
linunut_ruben: Heh, and the most?15:17
_rubenlinunut: i'd say performance and reliability .. and in that subject i wouldnt know the diff between ext3 and xfs15:17
Deepsapparently xfs is better with larger files than ext315:17
ScottKTrioTorus: I don't have one, but I'd rather fumble through learning cli than have an unreliable server.15:17
linunut_ruben: Gotcha. And hey, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems15:18
Deepsgoogling xfs vs ext3 is giving that indication, at least15:18
linunutWiki to the rescue15:18
linunutDeeps: Heh, yeah, when you start talkin' Exbibytes15:18
Deepslarger files, not larger file systems15:19
Deepsnot that ext3 can cope with ebs anyway15:19
linunutHeh, luckily I don't have that large of files15:20
Deepsi'd guess ext3 on linux is probably safer than xfs15:20
Raynlinunut: ultimately you're not completely stuck with what you pick, as long as you have room you can do the resize shuffle and switch if you ever needed to15:21
linunutRayn: This'll be my first real 'server' setup15:22
linunutFOr storage purposes, anyhow15:22
Raynsure, and samba will abstract the underlying system anyway, so I wouldn't worry15:23
TrioTorusScottK: I value that opinion, I really do. It is how I do it now, but boy, I'm looking forward to some universal webinterface service configuration on linux. A freedesktop.org effort for the server: freeserver.org: my wet dream.15:25
RaynTrioTorus: good luck nailing down interfaces for long enough in the open source world, heh15:26
ScottKFor Postfix, most of the heavy lifting is getting an initial config that meets your needs.  Once you have that, it's pretty easy to replicate to other boxes and you don't have to touch it much.15:27
TrioTorusRayn: not talking about the look and feel of an interface, but rather 'guidelines on how it should be done', just like freedesktop.15:30
Raynno, sure I understand, just most server apps have their own weird way of doing the configs, and getting them to conform would be an impressive feat15:31
TrioTorusScottK: okay, it does help now that you said that :-)15:31
TrioTorusRayn: yes, you would have thought xml would have helped, but don't want to get into that 'human readable' discussion again...15:33
Raynheh, yes see everyone has an opinion15:33
Deepshmm, wonder if anyone has any ideas15:54
Deepsi'm trying to stream media over an unreliable network (ethernet over powerline)15:54
Deepssometimes i can get 10mbit, but moments later it can plummet to 100kbit and then jump back up again on its own moments later15:55
Deepsthis results in the video skipping15:55
Deepsi'm guessing what i really need is a better media player that will just buffer more data15:55
Deepsrather than trying to overcomplicate it and have a network file system that'll buffer data for me15:56
Raynmplayer -cache (something large)15:58
Deepsyeah, i'm trying to do it with vlc, but if i increase the cache, it increases the delay between pressing play and pressing pause15:58
Raynmplayer stores the cache in memory and plays once it has recieved a certain threshold15:59
Deepsie, a 2sec cache in vlc will mean when i attempt to pause, i'll still get 2sec more stuff15:59
Deepsthere a nice gui for mplayer?15:59
Deeps(i realise this is the wrong channel, heh)15:59
TrioTorusin here http://ebox-platform.com/features/ ebox DOES seem to use Postfix. Now it's only dovecot that is missing.16:09
zulTrioTorus: I have talked to them about this before and its being worked on by the ebox developers16:10
TrioToruszul: great!16:11
zulbut not for hardy16:12
TrioTorusokay, what can't be done can't be done. But I've got high hopes that ebox is going to be THE tool for linux servers (if you don't want landscape that is)16:12
TrioTorusso I'm willing to invest in it if they keep heading the right direction16:13
jdstrandzul: does ebox still have workarounds for apparmor? eg, there were problems before that slapcat didn't work with apparmor enabled. these are fixed now in the apparmor profile.16:13
TrioTorus(too bad ebox seems to be perl)16:13
zuljdstrand: yeah i think we commited a workaround for it16:14
* TrioTorus isn't keen on perl16:14
* nijaba neither16:15
jdstrandzul: would it be possible to have you (or them) see if ebox works in enforcing mode?16:15
jdstrand(or without the workarounds)16:15
zuljdstrand: sure...16:16
zulfoolano: ^^^ :)16:16
jdstrandzul: thanks!16:16
jdstrandfoolano: ^16:16
jdstrandoh heh16:17
foolanoi had to modify the example backup script that slapd ships16:17
foolanoit tried to write in /var/backups/ldap16:17
foolanoand apparmor didn't allow that16:17
jdstrandfoolano: that backup script-- it uses slapcat?16:17
foolanojdstrand: right16:17
foolanothe obvious workaround was using > instead of -f16:18
jdstrandfoolano: yeah-- the problem was that all the slap* utils were symlinked to slapd. apparmor normalizes the pathname of symlinks to be the absolute path of the file the links point to16:18
foolanoi see16:18
jdstrandfoolano: that would work yes16:18
foolanojdstrand: the current package in hardy does that16:19
jdstrandfoolano: but in the general case, the slap* utils would fail anytime they tried to access stuff not in the profile (as you saw)16:19
foolanohave you changed that?16:19
jdstrandfoolano: this has been fixed in the slapd package so that we hard link to slapd rather than symlink16:19
jdstrandfoolano: so now all the slap* utils are unconfined (as they should be)16:20
foolanoalright, cool16:20
jdstrandfoolano: if your only change for dealing with apparmor was the aforementioned redirection, then you don't have to change anything16:21
jdstrandfoolano: but if there were other changes, everything should work properly now16:22
foolanojdstrand: ok, cool. I only changed that. So everything should be fine16:22
jdstrandfoolano: great :)16:23
foolanothanks :)16:23
foolanoTrioTorus: at the time we started eBox, I think using perl for a tool to do sys admin tasks was a right decision.16:27
foolanoTrioTorus: i hate OO programming in perl, it's just a hack. But we have been able to use a lot stuff from cpan16:27
foolanoand regarding dovecot, i think the switch to it from courier shouldn't take too log16:29
jdstrandfoolano: just curious-- does ebox run under taint mode?16:31
jdstrandfoolano: what about mod_perl?16:32
foolanojdstrand: we always retrive the user passed parameters via a method that takes care of checking unsafe chars16:33
foolanojdstrand: we run it under mod_perl16:33
TrioTorusfoolano: thanks for that info. I do think you guys did a splendid job though, so I'm all supportive :-)16:33
jdstrandfoolano: ok, but does that mean it doesn't run with taint mode enabled?16:35
jdstrand(this is a very nice feature of perl for web apps)16:35
foolanojdstrand: no, we don't run it under taint mode16:36
foolanowe'll look at it but you have to keep in mind too that under its normal use the only user of the webinterface is the system administrator16:38
jdstrandfoolano: IMO, adding taint mode checks would be a really good idea, especially if/when ebox is considered for main inclusion16:40
foolanojdstrand: i'm testing it with the taint mode enabled right now16:47
jdstrandfoolano: cool!16:47
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DSpair'lo all... I'm hoping someone might assist me with an installation issue.18:31
DSpairI am installing Ubuntu 7.10 on an IBM 306m which uses an Adaptec 9406 SAS/SATA controller. Ubuntu loads the aic94xx driver and is able to access the CD-ROM, but not able to see the hard disk...18:31
DSpairWhen I look at the dmesg, I see the following error right after the CD-ROM is detected: ERROR: Unknown device type 518:32
zulmathiaz: ping isnt #214556 more of a nautilius thing19:19
mathiazzul: hum - may be19:21
mathiazzul: I think it's more a user support request19:21
mathiazzul: I don't really know actually19:22
zulmathiaz: yeah that was also a thought19:22
zulalso kind of snarky with the tone19:22
nijaba**** Reminder: server meeting in 2h10m from now ****19:49
frame45~foo: U there?20:16
frame45?? Where can I find info? Here's what I need to do:  Client has 2 restraunts with P.O.S. systems, he wants both systems to feed to a server(ubuntu) and then be able to login via VPN from his MacBook from an internet connection.20:27
henkjanhmm, no ubuntu-server meeting?21:09
sommerhenkjan: 21:00 utc21:10
henkjanah, forgot about dailightsavings21:11
henkjanit used to be 22:00 in GMT+1 (the netherlands)21:11

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