jmdcnickrud: I'm refering to the allowed filesystem types of the partition. if I remember correctly, /boot can't be an xfs or jfs partition00:00
webtoeyes yes yes with typo as wel00:00
nickrudjmdc correct. ext2/3 for /boot is pretty standardized00:00
budluvathanks guys00:00
webtoei'd like to see you lot drink and answer linux questions....00:00
RedScarehow do I integrate the RandR extensions that xbacklight uses into gnome power manager so that the native backlight system will function00:00
nickrudbeen there done that, learned my lesson (more than just typos, thank you)00:00
jmdcnickrud: okay, thanks00:00
webtoenickrud: well you're just not practicing enough.... :P00:01
CloudFXhi.. i was in the process of installing vmware via terminal, when the window was accidentally closed.  now when i try to reinstall, i get an output telling me a previous version has already been installed, and to try to re-install00:01
rycolehow do i view the list of packages i've installed with apt-get ?00:01
testxwebtoe, :)00:01
lopinMy ati drivers just died00:01
webtoenickrud: I had lots of embarrassing posts on linuxquestions.org...00:01
Flannelrycole: dpkg -l00:01
nickrudwebtoe heh. the net is forever ......00:01
webtoetestx: opps!! no wait! I'm not drunk!! I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!00:02
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webtoei've never actually tried googling for myself come to think of it....00:02
lopinI'm stuck using metacity, and I can't configure the drivers.  I have slow performance, and there's a diagonal line across my screen, where the display looks folded...00:02
testxi got a work around this00:02
testxrm -rf /dev/ubuntu00:03
dimas_i need someone to help me to create an account for hotmail in evolution00:03
testxthe dev edition is LFA00:03
lopinWhat am I removing?  What is /dev/ubuntu?00:03
testxLinux For Aliens00:03
webtoetestx: /dev/ubuntu does not exist00:03
RedScarehow do I integrate the RandR extensions that xbacklight uses into gnome power manager so that the native backlight system will function00:04
testxtouch /dev/ubuntu00:04
nickrudlopin he wasn't talking to you, a bad joke. testx rm -rf is never a joking matter in this channel ;)00:04
webtoeRedScare: We doin't know!!!00:04
detedagowacan anyone help me with a net install fo ubuntu i dont understand these instructions00:04
bastid_raZor!hotmail | dimas_00:04
ubotudimas_: If you need to use an MSN Hotmail account, consider packages such as "hotway" and "hostsmtp", which are gateways respectively to the !POP and !SMTP protocols (also supporting Lycos and Spray)00:04
timoso can i upgrade now?00:04
team1432How does one create an ad-hoc network with 7.10?00:04
testxohh man am sorry nickrud00:04
lopinnickrud, I know that's not a joking matter!  Which, is why I got concerned when he said it!00:04
lopinBut, anyway...00:04
RedScareits a bot webtoe00:04
lopinWhy the hell did my graphics drivers just die out of nowhere?00:04
RedScaredesigned to repeat the question and notify me when my handle is replyed to00:05
testxyou gotta be on ubuntu lopin00:05
RedScarereplied, eh hem00:05
lopinYes, I'm on ubuntu...00:05
lopinThe drivers aren't even installing...00:05
testxwebtoe, i guess that am removing ubuntu i gave it a shot \;) back to fbsd00:05
webtoeRedScare: well its annoying that it has asked the same question over and over! I still don't know. I didn't know before, I still don't know :P00:05
dimas_bastid_raZor i have it all ready installed but i dont know the parameters for the account would you help me please?00:05
nickrudlopin which ones aren't installing?00:06
webtoetestx: NOOOOOOO not those heathens....00:06
testxwhats your gfx card lopin \/00:06
lopin20 minutes ago, I was using Compiz-fusion on XGL, and now I'm on metacity, going at .3 frames a second...00:06
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RedScareI was hoping to have some new users come in00:06
detedagowawebtoe can i pm you i have a couple questions00:06
RedScareI suppose I'll just have to try later00:06
lopinBoth the ATI fglrx from the repo, and the ones from ATI's site...00:06
nickrudoh. Mix and match is no fun00:06
lopinATI's installer ran fine, but I don't have ANY drivers right now...00:06
webtoeRedScare: I know. Sorry, I just don't know. I thought you were someone just spamming;00:06
nickrudlopin did you reboot after the ati site driver install?00:06
testxwell you better get the manual one00:06
testxpackages tends to be stupid sometimes00:07
lilythsomeone want to tell me how to fix this liblaunchpad mess?00:07
testxk guys ill burn my fbsd cd00:07
lopinI don't even remember doing anything to break something!00:07
testxhappy ubuntiwing00:07
webtoedetedagowa: just message in this channel00:08
lopinI just got Compiz to turn back on, but I'm still moving at .3 frames a second...00:08
bastid_raZordimas_; i don't use hotmail.. i don't know which ports you need. check this forum post :: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20040800:08
webtoedetedagowa: that way, if I don't know the answer, someone else might00:08
nickrudlopin with ati site driver 8.3, don't use xgl00:08
dimas_bastid_raZor i know the port 250000:09
lopinWHy not?00:09
nickrudlopin xserver-xgl that is, it's not needed since 8.3 has aiglx support00:09
lilythno one knows anything about broken hardy updates today?00:09
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bastid_raZordimas_; okay, that forum post should have the answers you need.00:10
nickrudlopin but before you do anything else, put a copy of /var/log/Xorg.0.log on http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org00:10
lopinIt was working fine twenty minutes ago?!00:10
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mandelsonNam Manny using Ubuntu 8.1 want to install a game00:10
team1432Anyone? Ad-hoc networks?00:10
dimas_bastid_raZor i gone trough that page already..would you walk me through please00:10
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goldbondhow do i un .gz a file?00:11
Gilougoldbond> gunzip file.gz00:11
CloudFXi need help setting up a virtual machine00:11
dimas_bastid_raZor i just need to create the account for it00:11
bastid_raZordimas_; you don't have a hotmail account?00:11
webtoeteam1432: you can set one up on the command line with iwconfigf00:11
webtoeiwconfig even...00:11
lewenchAnyone know a good system utility to add to my desktop?00:11
goldbondGilou: it is a so.gz file. what do i do with a so?00:11
dimas_bastid_raZor yes00:11
webtoeteam1432: atleast I believe you can...00:12
Gilougoldbond> you can edit it maybe, or do "file so" to know what's inside00:12
webtoeteam1432: but have you even googled for this? first hit was https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc00:12
nickrudlopin for some reason, you're not using the fglrx driver but the open source radeon driver.  edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf , find the driver section and change 'ati' to 'fglrx'00:13
lopinCould that have done this?00:13
lopinOkay...  Then restart, or would restarting xserver be sufficient?00:13
cricket____i'm unable to copy files from a data dvd to my hard drive      cp: reading `1000 Homo DJs/[1990] supernaut/01 - supernaut.mp3': Input/output error00:13
nickrudxserver will be enough to try first, then reboot if it doesn't work00:13
kiyuraYou only need to reboot when something changed in the kernel.00:14
kiyuraThat isn't a module.00:14
lopinIt doesn't exist?...00:14
dimas_bastid_raZor: which server you use in evolution?00:14
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lilythubuntu question00:14
lilythhardy updates00:14
lopinI don't have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf...00:14
lilythbroken today00:14
lilythanyone? anyone at all?00:14
bastid_raZordimas_; what account are you referring to if you have a hotmail and have followed that guide from..... server? my ISP provides me email and i use Gmail.00:14
webtoelilyth: try ubuntu+100:14
nickrudlilyth #ubuntu+1 is handling hardy questions until release,  /j #ubuntu+100:14
nickrudlopin oh yes you do00:15
lopinIt's not there!00:15
dimas_i think i should change my nick for a female one...lol00:15
lopinI know that it should exist, but it's not there!00:15
bastid_raZordimas_; i'm confused by what you mean.. my ISP gives me the info i need to add to evolution and i found a guide for setting up Gmail for use in evolution00:15
nickrudlopin if you are absolutely sure, sudo dpkg-reconfigure -pcritical xserver-xorg will build a default, then make the edit I gave00:15
webtoedimas_: you can change your nick if you want but be prepared for endless a/s/l questions00:15
dimas_bastid_raZor would you give me that info please?00:16
lopinOkay...  I'm starting to get scared here...  Files like that don't randomly disapear, right?00:16
dimas_bastid_raZor i have an account with gmail too, so let me try that one00:16
bastid_raZordimas_; uh, no.. my ISP being it is my info.....00:16
bastid_raZordimas_; one sec i'll find the guide.00:17
nickrudlopin mine has never disappeared, no.   do    ls /etc/X11  (make sure you get the caps right)00:17
lopinmd5sum: /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory00:17
geniilopin: Are you on a livecd?00:17
cricket____i'm unable to copy files from a data dvd to my hard drive      cp: reading `1000 Homo DJs/[1990] supernaut/01 - supernaut.mp3': Input/output error       anyone know how to fix this?00:17
lopinHELL NO!00:17
nickrudthat's part of the dpkg reconfigure, that's ok00:17
nickrudbut proof it's gone00:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hell - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:18
PwrSurgehi, anyone here know how to fix unstable ssh connection from ubuntu linux to freebsd?00:18
lopinThis was working all of twenty minutes ago.  Would driconf have anything to do with this?00:18
PwrSurgecan't seem to keep a stable connection longer than 5 minutes00:18
nickrudlopin you ran something called driconf? Never heard of it00:18
webtoecriket___: how are you copying them? what command you using?00:18
bastid_raZordimas_; http://tuxicity.wordpress.com/2007/03/08/howto-set-up-gmail-in-evolution-gnomes-mail-client-and-organizer/00:18
detedagowacan anyone help me do a net install00:18
cricket____sudp cp -r00:18
* doom_ gn all00:18
cricket____sudo rather00:18
lopinIt came from the repos...  To enable direct rendering, cause it randomly disapeared...00:19
PwrSurgeget connection reset by peer00:19
dimas_bastid_raZor thank you and sorry to bother00:19
PwrSurgeeven while i'm typing in the session00:19
bastid_raZordimas_; that guide will work.. best of luck.. no bother just sometimes hard to understand what is actually needed :)00:19
tonyyarussow/in 600:19
solexious[Q] Im wanting to make a custom input for ubuntu, like an lcd screen with buttons, but im not sure what to search for...00:19
nickrudlopin never used it, no opinion on it00:19
webtoecricket___: sorry, just to clarify, you need cp -R /media/path_to_dvd /homa/my_user_name/00:19
webtoeand the full error message is?00:20
lopinWell, I'm gonna purge that sob...00:20
PwrSurgeconnection is stable, other protocols don't have issues00:20
goldbondhow do i install sqlite without root access?00:20
lopinBRB.  Restarting...00:20
PwrSurgeRead from remote host chestnut: Connection reset by peer00:20
hegemonscreen res problems, any help?00:21
PwrSurgechestnut is my freebsd box00:21
PwrSurgewhich i ssh to using my laptop with xubuntu installed on00:21
B-rabbithegemon, what is the problem?00:21
bastid_raZordimas_; don't forget to enable pop in gmail from your gmail account.. if not evolution will not be able to download your email.. if i log in to my gmail from a browser i always double check that setting before logging out.00:21
hegemonor redirect works too00:21
kiyurahegemon: You're not at the right one?00:21
webtoegoldbond: you can only install it in the directories you have root access to. This means compiling from source and installing within you /home directory00:21
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hegemonI can't increase teh resolution, and none of the online guides seem to actually fix the problem00:21
ricanelitewhat is xserver-xgl?00:21
dimas_bastid_raZor my isp provider is something personal i have to check with gmail?...is it free?00:21
goldbondthanks webtoe00:21
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cykaok another question00:22
cricket____cp: reading `1000 Homo DJs/[1990] supernaut/01 - supernaut.mp3': Input/output error00:22
webtoegoldbons: no worries00:22
cykahow do u alter the screen res in ubuntu KDE00:22
PwrSurgecan anyone see me type???00:22
ricanelitei have my compiz running with cube but I thought I needed to have xserver-xgl installed00:22
cykayes PwrSurge00:22
goldbondwebtoe: can i use one of the "Precompiled Binaries for Linux"?00:22
goldbondwebtoe: http://www.sqlite.org/download.html00:22
ricaneliteand everything is running fine. will what will xserver-xgl do if I install it?00:23
hegemoncyka: go to System>Prefs>Screen Res00:23
Fred_Samboi have this perfect fiesty install with all kinds of custom stuff.  I am nervous about upgrading00:23
PwrSurgeso nobody knows how to fix?00:23
Fred_Samboshould i save everything and do a fresh install00:23
Fred_Samboor upgrade00:23
PwrSurgei updated openssh on both ends to latest version00:23
PwrSurgesame thing00:23
bastid_raZordimas_; correct, your ISP will give you all the information needed to set up your email.. evolution is no different than any windows email client for what settings need set.. both need the same info so that is not a hold up for your ISP.. some ISP admins freak when you tell them you have linux..i know mine is retarded and drinks the M$ kool-aid00:23
dimas_bastid_raZor the smtp "smtp.myisp.com" is something i have to ask to gmail?...is it free service?00:23
monkey_Why not wait 17 days and then upgrade?00:23
XeiaieX16 days00:23
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BarryToemanFred_Sambo: at least backup your /home directory before doing anything00:24
hegemondid that fix it cyka?00:24
monkeybritchesI still think it's yesterday, it seems00:24
UnxuxuHi...  flash plugin isnt install flashplugin-alternative.so to firefox 3 beta 5 on hardy heron...   where I need to point?00:24
webtoegoldbond: urm not sure00:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about proftpd - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:24
Fred_SamboBarryToeman:  I have a full simple backup, would that work00:24
bastid_raZordimas_; you can use smtp.gmail.com for your gmail settings00:25
goldbondwebtoe: thanks anyway00:25
XeiaieXi got a bunch of official cds now in 2 weeks theyll be useless :(00:25
webtoegoldbond: you might be able to use this one but I don't know how they compiled it. http://www.sqlite.org/sqlite-3.5.7.so.gz00:25
B-rabbit!flash | Unxuxu00:25
ubotuUnxuxu: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:25
webtoeit may not work00:25
dimas_bastid_raZor ok i will try00:25
Fred_SamboBarryToeman: I also have my home folder backed up, but how would that effect things like wine?00:25
hegemonI can't increase teh resolution, and none of the online guides seem to actually fix the problem00:26
ubotuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP00:26
webtoeshared binaries are usually depenedent on the binaries that were used to compile/link them00:26
bastid_raZordimas_; you're over thinking this too much.. :) follow the guide and evolution will have you sending and receiving email in just a few minutes00:26
cykahegemon: i seem to be missing the screen res selector00:26
hegemon"Screen Resolution", also, what version of ubuntu to you have?00:26
ubotuFTP clients: !Nautilus, !gFTP (for !GNOME) - !Konqueror, !Kasablanca, !KFTPGrabber (for !KDE) - See also !FTPd00:27
UnxuxuB-rabbit:  but its not for gutsy, dapper or edgy...00:27
nickrudyrm lopin hasn't come back00:27
cyka7.10  hegemon00:27
cykawith kde 3..5.x00:28
cykascreen res seems tiny00:28
hegemoncyka, try sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg00:28
UnxuxuHi...  flash plugin isnt install flashplugin-alternative.so to firefox 3 beta 5 on hardy heron...   where I need to point?00:28
Fred_SamboIf I use simple backup can i restore to a newer version?00:30
Fred_Sambolet me rephrase that00:30
slavadoes anyone else have the problem where installing 7.10 on a playstation 3 fails downloading the linux-cell kernel?00:31
nerdpartyHow do I manage repositories on Dapper?00:31
B-rabbitUnxuxu, sorry duno..erm..try using "gnash"00:32
Fred_SamboIf i do a simple backup in fiesty and then install hardy and restore the backup, will I upgrade, or just restore to Fiesty00:32
nickrudnerdparty it's a manual edit of /etc/apt/sources.list for dapper00:32
B-rabbitUnxuxu, sudo apt-get install gnash00:32
detedagowacan anyone help me out with a net instal;ationto a remote system?00:32
UnxuxuB-rabbit:  gnash sux a lot!   low quality00:32
nickrudFred_Sambo if you do a complete backup of fiesty you will get feisty back00:32
Riskbreakerhey guys. i was looking to install windows vista fonts on my ubuntu. (i know i'm not supposed to, the EULA says i'm forbidden, yadda yadda. whatever.) i used this howto:00:32
UnxuxuB-rabbit: but tks by the way00:32
bastid_raZorFred_Sambo; i don't think it'll work that way.. if you want to make a copy of the packages you have then install all those to hardy .. that may work00:33
nerdpartynickrud: how would I go about installing a universe repository then?00:33
bastid_raZor!clone | Fred_Sambo00:33
ubotuFred_Sambo: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate00:33
Riskbreakerand now although the fonts show up in my list, they are unusable and render as blank white blocks. any suggestions?00:33
geniidetedagowa: What is currently installed on the remote system that you are able to access it enough to attempt installing something else on it?00:33
monkeybritchesI believe some of the windows fonts, like Arial, are permitted00:33
nickrudnerdparty  gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list, look for all lines ending in universe and remove the # at the beginning. (also, add the word multiverse to the lines with universe for access to that repository as well)00:34
webtoedetedagowa: sorry, you need to install a base system on the machine. You need to have atleast a cdrom drive and use the alternate install cdrom00:34
webtoedetedagowa: ubuntu doesn't provide floppy images (I believe debian might still do(00:35
BSG75anyone know of anyway to minimize thunderbird to the tray?00:35
nerdpartyHow do I make myself administrator?00:35
Starnestommynerdparty: add your user to the admin group or use sudo00:35
BSG75nerdparty: sudo -s00:35
Fred_Sambonerdparty: sudo00:35
MathmanI don't think 2.6 kernels fit on floppies anymore00:36
monkeybritchesI stand corrected00:36
geniiMathman: I don't think so either00:36
nerdpartyHow would I go about adding my user to the admin group?00:36
sarah___hey guys, just wondering is it possible to partition my harddrive for a dual boot of ubuntu/windows?00:36
bastid_raZornerdparty; did you create your user during the install?00:37
webtoedetedagowa: probably best if you explain the situation completely and we might be able lto give better advice if we're being useless00:37
BSG75nerdparty: are you the only user in your system?? you probably already are00:37
sarah___Fred_sambo how come?00:37
Fred_Sambojust kidding00:37
dimas_bastid_raZor doesnt want to work...ahhaaahhhh!!!!fkggoptjofg00:37
bastid_raZorsarah___; yes, are you using windows or ubuntu now?00:37
BSG75sarah: yes .. I am on a dual boot at the very moment00:37
webtoesarah___: yes you can.00:37
Fred_Sambosarah___just kidding00:37
nerdpartyBSG75, bastid_raZor: No, I'm not, I got the computer from my brother, it's my computer now and he wants nothing to do with it, so I want to delete his user and make myself admin.00:38
monkeybritchessarah__ : yes, just start up with the Ubuntu disc in the drive and it should give you an option to partition for dual boot during installation00:38
bastid_raZordimas_; which part does not work? i followed that guide and mine works perfectly00:38
detedagowawell, like i said earlier the laptop i need to install ubuntu on has no OS at all....no cd rom drive otherwise id just use the cd, so my only other option is a net install but i dont understand how to do a net install00:38
sarah___well bastid_raZor i had gusty, and loved it. But i had to install windows to run software for my math class. Now i am on windows with no ubuntu00:38
sarah___and i feel sad :(00:38
sarah___so i need to get my ubuntu back00:38
webtoesarah___: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot that should help maybe...00:38
max_Someone Help:  the xorg process slowly accumulates more and more memory usage over time.  it's now 785MB.  Any tip on how to troubleshoot?00:38
monkeybritchesDid you try running that software in Wine?00:38
dimas_bastid_raZor doesnt connect to to server00:38
bastid_raZornerdparty; you'll have to use his account to add your user to the admin group.00:38
Fred_SamboLet's see what ubotu says00:38
sarah___i only have a 40GB harddrive is that ok?00:38
Fred_Sambo!dual boot00:38
ubotuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:38
elmerIs there a way I can make Compiz NOT minimize all windows when I switch desktops?00:38
webtoemax_: what version ubuntu? it sounds like a memory leak...00:38
webtoesarah___: yes00:39
monkeybritchesI only have 8gb on this partition...00:39
nerdpartySo if I make myself admin I can delete his user even though he's the one who installed it?00:39
BSG75sarah__: you need about 5gb for an okay install.. you can do it on less if you pick and chose what you want00:39
bastid_raZorsarah___; 40G is fine.. in the LiveCD simply make partitions for ubuntu .. / and a /swap are all that are really needed a /home is wise to create but not a must00:39
AxioplaseFor some unknown reason, my ubuntu happens to be very slow at booting programs: vi or emqcs take approx 10s to launch from a terminal. Sometimes, a reboot suffices to fix that, but not always. And this problems appears immediately, not after a while of uptime. Known bug?00:39
bastid_raZornerdparty; yes,00:39
nerdpartyWish me luck.00:39
BSG75oh that 5gb included space for you to play with too :)00:40
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dimas_bastid_raZor doesnt connect to server00:40
sarah___thanks guys00:40
webtoeAxioplase: no idea. What are your system specs. Are you running them from Gnome termnial? what version of ununtu?00:40
BSG75axioplase: are you running azureus?00:40
elmerIs there a way I can make Compiz NOT minimize all windows when I switch desktops?00:40
Axioplasewebtoe: err, gutsy on a 1.6Ghz laptop..00:40
bastid_raZordimas_; if you followed that guide to the letter it should work. :\ sorry i have to run00:40
BSG75elmer: yes00:40
max_webtoe : well it happens with 7.10 , but I'm using 8.04 now00:41
elmerBSG75, could you tell me how?00:41
elmeror link a guide00:41
Axioplaseaccording to strace, it seems to be polling/reading some ICEauthority related stuff, though I'm nt sure00:41
BSG75elmer: it's one of the damn settings in advanced desktop effects settings00:41
max_webtoe - it's definately a mem leak , but how do i troubleshoot / fix those?    compile xorg from source?00:41
elmerBSG75, OK, I'll look there. Before I do do you know which one?00:41
AxioplaseBSG75: I don't know if it was a joke, but no. It happens from the very boot time. Gnome itself takes several minutes to launch after I log in from gdm.00:41
webtoeAxioplase: vi should be pretty nippy. Emacs is always a bit slower. What amoutn of RAM and what graphics card. Are you starting the console version of the graphical version of the programmes?00:42
daedrado you need a crossover cable or a straightthrough cable to connect two computers via ethernet?00:42
BSG75elmer: good luck .. I knwo it's there .. I just dealt with the same annoying thing00:42
webtoemax_: yes :P If you're using gutsy etc then this could be a firefox problem (if in doubt, blame firefox memory leaks)00:42
daedraand what do you need to do on each computer to share internet?00:42
zaemisis there a way to view reverse dependencies?  like, which packages installed on the system require on a given package?00:42
Axioplasewebtoe: I run FBSD on that same laptop, and vi/emacs run within microseconds. I have an integrated intel graphic card00:42
gilster32i have some issues with a particualr process, 'evolution-data-server' it occasionally load processort to 97-98% and stays there, anyone experience this?00:43
tahlvinHow do I delete a user and their home directory at the same time?00:43
elmerBSG75, Yeah. It's kind of cryptic in this thing. I have no clue what one it is...00:43
BSG75axioplase: it was a joke and wasn't .. but if you are having that issue from boot .. try hdparm and check things out from there00:43
nickruddaedra crossover between, and set up forwarding on the one directly connected (firestarter can do that for you)00:43
BSG75elmer: LOL I hear ya00:43
BarryToemantahlvin: userdel -r username00:44
geniitahlvin: sudo deluser --remove-home username00:44
daedranickrud: is firestarter a front end for iptables/netfilter00:44
BarryToemani win00:44
Axioplasewebtoe: running vi from console is immediate though (but emacs still isn't)00:44
nickrudgilster32 do you use evolution mail? if not, remove the package evolution data server and the rest of evolution00:44
nickruddaedra yes00:44
AxioplaseI guess it's related to some X crap, and that those apps wait for an event or something...00:44
BSG75I am trying to figure out how to minimize thunderbird to the bloody tray .. I refuse to believe that they wrote an awesome app like tb and didn't put in minimize to tray option .. hell even nagwares that I don't want does that00:44
webtoeaxiplase: emacs never is. It depemnds on what lisp files it decides to compile when it starts. Mine is dog slow which is a pain in the arse00:45
gilster32nickrud: no i actually dont use it  at all. i was just wandering why it would be on to begin with. and why it goes into these high power processor mode00:45
Axioplasewebtoe: 10s for a fresh install of emacs ? you must be joking.00:45
nickrudgilster32 bug00:45
elmerBSG75, do you know if it's caused by an effect or what?00:45
webtoemax_: its hard to diagnose without compiling with source and tracing. Do yo know what programmes you're using a lot of ? firefox? flash?00:45
McGodGuys, How do I re-install NetworkManager w.o any internet00:45
BSG75axioplase: what does "top" say? are you running something that's hogging process?00:45
daedranickrud: wow - that is so much simpler than ubuntu!00:45
daedraIts working :D00:46
McGodlast resprt is reinstall00:46
daedranickrud: I mean *windows00:46
webtoeAxioplase: it depends on RAM, whether you're doing the GTK version or not00:46
BSG75elmer: looking00:46
nickrudBSG75 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/211000:46
elmerthanks BSG7500:46
Axioplasewebtoe: a few deskbar applets. not more. Nothing terrble in top00:47
BSG75nickrud: I found that .. but it doesn't have a download link00:47
McGodHow do I install NetworkManager from the cd?00:47
geniiBSG75: Perhaps take at look at alltray, it can minimize apps which normally won't on their own. It's in the repos00:47
BSG75or am I mistaken?00:47
webtoeAxioplase: bear in mind, the latest 2.22 of emacs is no longer really a text editor. Its a lisp virtual machien basically with a load of the internal functions ported over to elisp00:47
Axioplasewebtoe: xterm too takes a dozen or two seconds to launch...00:47
BSG75genii: I have installed :) .. that will be my next step .. thank you :)00:47
daedranickrud: is there a simplified mounting application in ubuntu? I'm dealing with ntfs00:47
AxioplaseI really think that it's because of X somehow...00:47
webtoeaxiosplase: hmm, possibly a hard drive issue then. check dmesg. If you're using an IDE hard drive check that it is running 133Mhz rather than 3300:48
elmerI changed a setting or something00:48
elmerI have no title bars00:48
jcornwallMcGod, find /media/cdrom | grep network-manager and dpkg -i it00:48
BSG75elmer: LOL00:48
webtoeAxioplase: if it is, its because of the hardware driver probably00:48
BSG75elmer: look into your Emerald theme manager00:49
webtoeaxiplase: are you starting emaccs as a gtk app or as a cli app?00:49
nickrudBSG75 no, you're right. I tracked down the home page, seems to be obsolete. Sorry http://minimizetotray.mozdev.org/installation.html00:49
georgeguitarhi, somebody who can help me with my usb flash memory?00:49
Ssam`what is that add/remove menu thingy called00:49
BSG75nickrud: hey don't be sorry .. you tried to help .. what more can I ask for :)00:49
Ssam`if u want to apt-get it?00:49
elmerBSG75, for the minimizing or title bars?00:49
samurailink3@Ssam you are thinking of synaptic00:49
BSG75title bars00:49
elmerI fixed00:49
BSG75you da man :)00:49
Ssam`i have synaptic00:49
=== kamus is now known as zettairedo
nickruddaedra no, but doubleclicking the device in the filemanager will mount it00:50
Ssam`i want my debian to look as much like ubuntu as possibel00:50
samurailink3@Ssam , or you could use 'sudo apt-get programname'00:50
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, usb flash memory or flash drive?00:50
webtoeaxioplase: you need to apply a fuzzy regex to my typing as i keep spelling your name wrong...00:50
elmerSo now all I need to do is figure out how to keep the windows open when I switch desktops00:50
wtfhi! im trying to install ubuntu.. but when i try to do partitionate the hd... it gaves me some error (its not especified...) then i try to do the partitioning using G part and i get the same error... can some1 tell me whats wrong? ask me and ill send you the images via imageshack url (or can i paste em in the channel?)00:50
Ssam`i cant even seem to log out as user :/00:50
nerdpartyOkay, just made myself admin, now what do I do to delete a user and their home directory again?00:50
samurailink3@Ssam`  - That is strange... any messages?00:50
geniiwtf: Better to just type in here exactly what it says in the error, vague or not00:51
Ssam`nope....u click quit it lists logout and shutdown and reboot are unclickable unless ur root00:51
Ssam`and debian people are ignoring this issue00:51
daedranickrud: it doesn't mount writeable00:51
wtfit makes the gpart to crash u.U00:51
max_webtoe : something tells me its a graphics thing... im using compiz00:52
BSG75genni: I read your message to wtf and thought you were mad :)00:52
wtfit says nothing but error00:52
wtfand it can't00:52
Ssam`one said its a security thing...but i am using Xfce and there isnt a graphical user management00:52
Chronixi need a bit of info00:52
Mifuynewtf, how many hdd are you partitioning? How many partitions are you creating at a time?00:52
wtfcan i paste here the url to the snaopshots?00:52
ChaosTheory^Does Downloader for X automatically integrate with Firefox?00:52
geniiwtf: Are you trying to make some partition with a filesystem like ntfs or xfs or similar?00:52
Starnestommywtf: yes00:52
samurailink3@Ssam` - Ah-hah! I see... Lemme find the name of the program, you should be able to apt-get that and take care of it.00:52
webtoemax_: maybe, what graphics card you using? and what ubunut?00:53
Chronixif i am a hardcore gamer and install ubuntu can i still play my games at full performance?00:53
wtf1 hd and 1 partition in the 1st half with 4 logic partitions00:53
hegemonok, I don't think my xorg is acutally reading from the xorg.conf file00:53
geniigah fredorik00:53
hegemonanyone know a workaround?00:53
Ssam`thanks man owe u one if u do that00:53
elmerChronix, some games will work in Cedega, but not all00:53
samurailink3SSam` - You should 'sudo apt-get install users-admin'00:53
elmerBSG75, any luck with the setting?00:54
nickruddaedra then you will need to set up /etc/fstab,  something like:   UUID=<see blkid for uuid of device> /media/<device> ntfs defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0 1  . device is the /dev/<device>00:54
Ssam`which is why i come here instead of debian usually....i still like ubuntu just waiting for the new release00:54
Mr_Bad_Newsdoes anyone really good with wireless problems00:54
nerdpartyWhat's the command to delete a user and their home directory? userdel ... something?00:54
Mr_Bad_Newsi updated to feisty and now my wireless doesnt work00:54
samurailink3SSam` - That will give you the gui, make sure to run this with sudo, hopefully after that, you can edit your permissions and get this straightened out.00:54
geniinerdparty:  sudo deluser --remove-home username00:54
Mifuynebut I guess I learned something today xD00:54
Ssam`there isnt a users-admin00:54
geZehi, when typing in the console some of my letters overlap each other. I already changing the font etc but it doesn't help. Any ideas?00:54
samurailink3Ssam` - Yea these people are usually very helpful. I've been on Ubuntu for a while, started out on suse... Oh.. umm... lemme check around real quick.00:55
Ssam`is there a ubuntu packages?00:55
geZe*tried changing00:55
webtoeMr_Bad_News: you are having problems with feisty wireless? what wireless card do you have?00:55
MifuynegeZe, I don't know if this is possible, but is overwrite on?00:55
Ssam`ill download it and install it manually00:55
Mr_Bad_Newsintel centrino web_knows00:55
samurailink3Ssam` - Yea, that's a good idea00:55
Mr_Bad_Newsit was working fine until i upgraded00:55
webtoehmmm, you're the second person who has called me web_knows...00:55
geZeit also doesn't happen with all letters, only long ones00:55
max_webtoe - well , im using ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04 on a Geforce 6800, but it also happened on my laptop which is a ATI Radeon, and had mem leaks with that using desktop effects under XGL.   remember its only the xorg process that is mem leaked00:56
Ssam`yea.....ubuntu people are pretty helpfull and tolerent if u go on other channels for help and ur a newbie theyll just say RTFM even though u have Read the friendly manual00:56
Mr_Bad_Newstypo sorry00:56
Chronixwill ubuntu affect me playing counter-strike:source?00:56
MifuyneO.o it sounds like it's limiting how much you can type per line...00:56
FarkieDepends how you run it Chronix00:56
geZemh, no, fore example if i type two m, it is already overlapping00:56
nerdpartyMuahahaha! I am now admin and the only user!00:56
webtoeMr_Bad_News: do you know the exact chip? It should be reported by sudo lspci -vv00:56
geZelooks like an m with an n in the middle00:56
samurailink3Ssam` - Yea, I've seen that and it kinda angers me. There are people that want to learn, not just get everything on a plate and served to them. The people who know should help out. Everyone has problems at one point or another, even guru's. That is the mentality open source was build on.00:57
elmerIs there a way I can make Compiz NOT minimize all windows when I switch desktops?00:57
McGodi hate wpa00:57
tarkushi. anyone here using aptana? im trying to figure out the best method of install. for some reason its not in the repos..00:57
LjLfredorik: try asking your question without first having send malicious commands to IRC users.00:57
MifuynegeZe, are you using Konsole or Terminal?00:57
georgeguitarhi, somebody who can help me with my usb flash memory?00:57
bastid_raZornerdparty; excellent.. now you have the power00:57
Mr_Bad_News Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection00:57
Axioplasewebtoe: I have an idea: a bad /etc/host file... I remember having that a while ago... need to restart X to be sure... bbl00:57
Mifuynewhat's your keyboard layout set to?00:57
geniiChronix: If you are a hardcore Windows gamer I'd suggest just keeping it around and dual boot. Many games don't work that great under wine or cedega.00:57
wtfanybody looked at my screenies? something wrong?00:57
webtoemax_: its difficult to say still. Drivers are implemented as modudels for X so they'll show up under its memory footprint. It could be any number of X problems00:57
Ssam`lol everyone starts somewhere00:57
geZeGeneric 105-key (Intl) PC, german layout00:58
samurailink3Ssam` - Agreed00:58
BSG75elmer: are you switching desktop via keyboard?00:58
Ssam`ummm ill google ubuntu's repository00:58
Mifuynehave you tried changing keyboard layout?00:58
Mr_Bad_Newswebtoe, it shows up in my network-admin00:58
samurailink3Ssam` - I'll do the same and see what I come up with00:58
Mr_Bad_Newsand it says i have 99% connection00:58
Ssam`aight thanks00:58
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, what's wrong with your Flash drive?00:58
Mr_Bad_Newsbut it only recieves one packet at a time00:58
Mr_Bad_Newsand doesnt send any out00:58
geZemh, no. you think that could help? because it is typing the right letters00:58
SunRayCafeokay, I did a stupid thing... I managed to change the path to the default Text Editor application in gnome... Does anyone have the default path handy?00:58
elmerBSG75, yes, and even the Cube does it00:59
webtoemax_: as its showing under X it maybe due to xgl?00:59
SunRayCafein 7.1000:59
Mr_Bad_Newswhereis gedit SunRayCafe00:59
=== bruenig is now known as bruenig_
Mifuynesorry, I'm trying @_@00:59
wtfmy screenies are ignored :'( im already frustated installing linux and i didnt even get started00:59
BSG75elmer: so ctr alt left and right?00:59
daedranickrud: the problem is it gets mounted in /media because its a usb plugged in NTFS00:59
=== bruenig_ is now known as bruenig
MifuyneI guess I shouldn't mislead you, I'm not entirely sure what's going on...00:59
Mifuynewtf, can you resend the links?00:59
bastid_raZorSsam`; an easy way to search to see if a package exists is either in synaptic or on the website :: http://packages.ubuntu.com/00:59
FarkieIsn't it "sudo xmodmap /usr/share/xmodmap/xmodmap.uk" to change keyboard layout?00:59
SunRayCafeMr_Bad_News, ah! thanks much!!00:59
elmerBSG75, actually when I alt+ctrl left or right it just switches to the same desktop with now windows00:59
elmerBSG75, but the switcher works in the corner, it just minimizes all of the window01:00
Ssam`thanks bastid_raZor01:00
wtfthanks Mifuyne01:00
bruenigwtf: that root is massive01:00
georgeguitarhi Mifuyne, thank, I was trying to use my usb modem and I wrote this rmmod usb-storage to allow the usb modem works as a modem, but now the automount is not working01:00
Mifuynethat is a lot of partitions...01:00
webtoeMr_Bad_News. two secs01:00
cricket____i am unable to copy files from a data dvd i tried using a file manager first then tried sudo cp -R /media/cdrom/file /home/cricket/file       and i get this message:   cp: reading `1000 Homo DJs/[1990] supernaut/01 - supernaut.mp3': Input/output error                     does anyone know how to fix this?01:01
wtfbruening you mean /boot? or /?01:01
Ssam`i am on Xfce it will work on that right01:01
BSG75elmer: hmm weird .. under General options.. you do have 4 virtual horizontal  and 1 vertical virtual and number of desktop 1 right?01:01
elmerBSG75, yes01:01
=== kirby is now known as Charitwo
bruenigwtf: /01:01
bruenigwtf: if you are separating off a /home, there is no reason that needs to be bigger than 10 GB01:01
elmerBSG75, number of desktops 1?01:02
BSG75elmer: yeah01:02
samurailink3Ssam` - It should, debian isn't too far removed, this package should be fine01:02
AxioplaseWebspot: I think that was that..01:02
BSG75elmer: 4 virtual horizontal01:02
webtoeMr_Bad_News: Not sure. Is this any help http://odzangba.wordpress.com/2007/05/15/intel-corporation-prowireless-2200bg-amilo-pro-v2000-ubuntu/01:02
georgeguitarMifuyne, and now I can't even see the usb flash memory01:02
redips1Hello all..Does anyone know when the system is changing to 8.4?01:02
BSG75you wanna give me a pm .. we can go through our settings if you want01:02
Ssam`still downloading01:02
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, try: sudo modprobe usb-storage01:02
wtfbruening... but that shouldnt end in an error, did it? :S01:02
Axioplasean old static IP in /etc/hosts for the local machine name.. (I moved to a different network)01:02
webtoeAxiosplase:that work? That's a new interpretation of my name...01:02
wtfbruening ill put it less, but it gets me the error01:02
Axioplaseand name resolution by X took ages01:03
elmerBSG75, when I switched it to 1 desktop it just put all my windows on this desktop01:03
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok I'll try it01:03
Axioplasewebtoe: that's a completion error :)01:03
elmerBSG75, IT WORKS!01:03
UnxuxuWho is on Hardy?01:03
=== vix is now known as vix85
elmerBSG75, thanks01:03
budluvahow do i edit/view mimetypes in ubuntu?01:03
bastid_raZor!hardy | Unxuxu01:03
ubotuUnxuxu: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu01:03
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, if that doesn't work, try: sudo insmod usb-storage01:03
webtoecricket___: have you been able to get this to work on another machine? are you sure its not just the machine buggered?01:03
BSG75elmer: you are welcome :)01:03
AxioplaseI now deserve a quiet and relaxed night...01:04
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok01:04
Axioplasewebtoe: cheers01:04
HamledRecently I've been losing the ability to actually move around the windows on my desktop (dragging from the title bar, alt+grab, and the move menu selection all don't do anything), sometimes on a single window, but more recently on every window and even after rebooting. I'm using GL Desktop, does anyone have any idea what might be causing it?01:04
webtoeaxioplase: its just that a couple of people have misspelled my name in the same way. I think pidgin or something is auto correcting my name...01:04
DragginHey again.  I know I've probably asked this before, but I can't seem to remember... I understand the concept of mounting, but if I have a system that doesn't automount, and I stick a USB key in the computer, how do I know where the device is present in the system in order to mount it?01:04
georgeguitarMifuyne, I have this error with the insmod, the first It didn't work01:05
georgeguitarinsmod: can't read 'usb-storage': No such file or directory01:05
cricket____oh yeah i used on both os x and windows01:05
Axioplasewebtoe: we<tab> in irssi. And a chan with more than 1000 people makes completion errors very frequent01:05
samurailink3@Draggin you could user 'sudo fdisk -l' to get a list of everydisk on the system01:05
ChaosTheory^Does "Download for X" automatically integrate with Firefox?01:05
redips1Will my system automatically upgrade to 8.04?01:05
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, you've tried disconnecting and reconnecting your flash drive, right?01:05
HamledDraggin, you could try to guess which it might be in /dev or read dmesg to see the usb driver information01:05
Tu13escan anyone help me with Wake-on-LAN? My NIC turns off when I go into standby or when I halt01:05
webtoeDraggin: chekc dmesg. Type it at a command prompt and it will tel you what it detected when the stick was stuck in. You can then mount it01:05
tarkushi. anyone here using aptana? im trying to figure out the best method of install. for some reason its not in the repos..01:05
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes01:06
lewenchIm having a WINE problem. Installed the package but it will not open. I see it under Application, but again it won't open. Tried remove and package and reinstalling it but that didn't do anything either. Any help please?01:06
DragginWow... lots of info... Let me check those out... Thanks :)01:06
samurailink3@redips1: it will show in your update manager on the release date, or you can get it early (in beta form of course)01:06
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.01:06
webtoeTu13es: It will do, those are power saving modes01:06
rycolehey guys. i've got apache using mod_dav_svn, for subversion. apache itself is serving up my pages fine, but when i navigate to my <Location /svn>, it gives me a forbidden 403 message. Any ideas?01:06
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, gimme a sec01:06
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok01:06
Tu13eswebtoe: hm?01:06
lewenchIm having a WINE problem. Installed the package but it will not open. I see it under Application, but again it won't open. Tried remove and package and reinstalling it but that didn't do anything either. Any help please?01:06
aka_missa42hello ppl01:06
redips1Thanks for the help!01:07
cbrrhow to install drivers for my ati radeon xpress 1100?01:07
nerdpartyHow do I use the unrar-free repository? I installed it and everything, now what do I do?01:07
samurailink3@redips1: of course :)01:07
rycolenerdparty: you mean, apt-get?01:07
orlandojhi all. I have an Ubuntu NIS Server and Ubuntu Clients. How can I change the password in the client machine ?01:07
coach_zi am having a hard time ejecting/unmounting my external drive....ubuntu keeps telling me that the drive can not be ejected, also that it 'still has information to write to the drive' but im not running anything from that drive....can anyone help me with this please?01:07
aka_missa42ok bye01:07
samurailink3Well, I'm out Ssam`: I hope that fixes your login issue. If not, you could look up how to edit users with bash.01:08
redips1Everyone have a good night!01:08
nerdpartyrycole: I don't know, I think it's called unrar-free and I just got it through Synaptic.01:08
rycolenerdparty: oh, never heard of it. i usually use apt-get.01:08
bastid_raZornerdparty; you can read the doc for it by using man unrar in a terminal01:08
Ssam`awww :(01:08
cbrrhow to install drivers for my ati radeon xpress 1100?01:08
Ssam`broken dependencies01:08
ticksry to jump in here but does anyone know a solution to hooking my phone up through usb ?01:08
Ssam`aight samurailink3 thanks01:08
nerdpartybastid_raZor: How do I do that?01:08
webtoeTu13es: If a machine is sleeping, it probably won't wake up01:09
bastid_raZornerdparty; open up a terminal then type man unrar01:09
phs5555how do  i change screen resolution with the cli?01:09
Tu13eswebtoe: it should, though01:09
Dragginwebtoe and Hamled... I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what I'm seeing when I type dmesg... What am I looking for in there?01:09
webtoetick: depends on the phone and how you are trying to connect it to your machien01:09
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, do you know if you've done anything else?01:09
ticksung a707 and usb cable:)01:10
HamledDraggin, try dmesg | grep usb01:10
tickerr samsung01:10
lewenchAnyone know why when I click on WINE to start it won't open? I installed ventrilo which was working before, but now when I start it up it just says its opening but won't open and the tab closes01:10
richardIs GNU Texinfo the same as the command "info" ?01:10
webtoeTu13es: Why should it? if your machien is sleeping or hibernating its waiting for user input. Its up to the bioes to tell it to wake up, and typically that is done from shut down, not hibernate of sleep.01:10
daedraI have this external usb NTFS drive that mounts in /media - how do I make it mount writeable in /mnt ?01:10
webtoetu13es: that's my understanding anyway01:10
Draggincbrr - sorry I have no idea, I'm running nVidia01:11
SplatI'm having a problem, every time I boot my computer it comes up with the ubuntu is running in low graphics mode, if I reinstall the nvidia driver and restart x it's fine.. until I reboot again.. any ideas what I've managed to do wrong?01:11
lewenchAnyone know why when I click on WINE to start it won't open? I installed ventrilo which was working before, but now when I start it up it just says its opening but won't open and the tab closes01:11
nemikhi. does anyone else's laptop with gutsy get an "inu" message when resuming that freezes the laptop?01:11
binvijHello , i have an issue with playing mp4 format. The issue is that it shows the movie but does not play the audio.. can anyone suggest me the required codec01:11
webtoetick : you need to check dmesg, see if your phone is recognised as a phone device01:11
pschorfhello, all01:12
coach_zi am having a hard time ejecting/unmounting my external drive....ubuntu keeps telling me that the drive can not be ejected, also that it 'still has information to write to the drive' but im not running anything from that drive....can anyone help me with this please?01:12
richardbinvij :  What media player are you using?01:12
cbrrDraggin: ok thanks i'm searching 4 solution in google anyway01:12
webtoeDraggin: you need to look in dmesg for somethign relating to sda01:12
nerdpartyIt says there's no manual entry when I try "man unrar"01:12
binvijvlc media player01:12
georgeguitarMifuyne, humm at the beginning I just followed this tutorial: http://www.nabble.com/3-Mobile-USB-modem-td16208164.html01:12
Dragginwebtoe - okay... About that - what exactly does 'sda' mean?  I see my hard drives are also detected as sda and not the (apparently) standard hda01:13
richardbinvij : Try opening it in Totem Player.    There should be a option to view the Video's properties.  Try looking in there.01:13
georgeguitarMifuyne, the section that says: OK - PRETTY MUCH DISREGARD MOST01:13
bastid_raZornerdparty; did you install unrar or just look at it from synaptic .. try sudo apt-get install unrar01:13
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, I found it01:13
webtoeDraggin: yeah don't worry. The kernel decided to call IDE drives hd something01:13
nemikhi. does anyone else's laptop with gutsy get an "inu" message when resuming that freezes the laptop?01:13
goldbondi am trying to compile sqlite and i am getting this error: http://dpaste.com/43845/01:13
JoelitoDoes anyone know a good tool to create crosswords?01:14
goldbond i missing some build packages or something?01:14
webtoeDraggin: and devices that are vaguely like SCSI devices sd somthing01:14
Dragginwebtoe, ah, okay, so its because I have SATA drives then I guess?01:14
ScuniziDraggin, sda is drive #1, sdb is drive 2, sdc is drive 3.. sda1 is first partition, sda2 is partition 2 etc.01:14
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, have you tried restarting the X Server? Try to disconnect the usb modem first01:14
webtoeDraggin: because of the way usb flash disks were developed, they are classed under the SCSI naming scheme01:14
binvijwhen i double click on mp4 it opens up in totem. in the properties section the audio area is greyed out01:14
geniiDraggin: sdX devices used to be for SCSI device names. Ubuntu has shifted from hdX to sdX perhaps 2 releases ago now01:14
ticki dont believe it is01:14
Dragginwebtoe, thanks, let me have a look if I can make sense of dmesg again...01:14
binvijam i missing a codec.. .everything else plays fine01:14
tickthe output  didnt list it01:15
webtoeDraggin: as I think someone suggested try dmesg | grep sd01:15
Scunizibinvij, try it with gxine.. solved some of my issues.. or vlc..01:15
richardbinvij : Did you install the Ubuntu Restricted Package?01:15
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, try sudo insmod usb_storage01:15
webtoethat should cull the crap you get when you type dmesg01:15
Dragginwebtoe - thanks, I'll try that01:15
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok, I'll do it, just wait me, because I'm using the usb modem to be connected to Internet01:15
ticknot by name anyway01:15
Mifuynebut try the usb_storage one first01:15
max_webtoe: know of any way on getting details of my running modules?   at the least just a list of the running ones?01:15
binvijyes i did install ubuntu restricted packages .. and the other media formats are working fine01:16
Mifuynealthough you should be doing this after you plugged your flash drive01:16
webtoemax_: for x? look in /var/log/Xorg.0.org01:16
=== JohnM_ is now known as JohnMM
nerdpartybastid_raZor: I'm positive that I got it from Synaptic.01:17
webtoemax_: it will say what modules its trying to load01:17
phs5555i need help changing the screen resolutino. going through system prefrences and screen resolution has no effect01:17
bastid_raZornerdparty; did you try the apt-get command i gave you?01:17
bastid_raZorphs5555; how about system>administration>screens and graphics?01:18
tickok still no metion of my phone01:18
nerdpartyIt says "Unable to lock the administrative directory, is another process using it?"01:18
bastid_raZornerdparty; close synaptic.01:19
Chris|how do i set /etc/vga/libvga.config to my touch pad mouse?01:19
Chris|i see options, but i dont know how to check which mouse i should set it to01:19
ticki installed openobex01:19
_linuxftwHey, how would I go about installing nvidia drivers on ubuntu? (X won't start)01:19
nerdpartybastid_raZor: Okay, i did that and did the apt-get and installed it, now how do I use it?01:19
Dr_willisChris|,  on my laptop the touchpad is /dev/input/psaux or /dev/psaux01:19
Mifuynepiqoni, can't you just uninstall OSS?01:19
Cle0i want a command to know my LAN ip and my internet ip01:20
Mifuynepiqoni, why not use Alsa?01:20
Dr_willisI think thers a ubuntu skype wiki page.01:20
Chris|that might help Dr_willis01:20
ubotuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto01:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ip - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:20
piqoni <Mifuyne>  because my headphones do not work with alsa01:20
bastid_raZornerdparty; in that terminal try man unrar ... that is going to give you a list of syntax's for you to use with the unrar command in a terminal01:20
jpw27_Every time I turn my computer on, it goes into low graphics mode and I have to reinstall my nVidia drivers every time.  any way out?01:20
Mifuyneare they usb?01:20
richardbinvij : Did you check if you muted your speakers?  other than that, i am still looking for a codec viewer or something :|01:20
Cle0i want a command to know my LAN ip and my internet ip01:20
richardbinvij : haha01:21
piqoni <Mifuyne> by the way, even with oss they dont work, I mean they DO WORK, but with low volume, and the speakers of laptop dont mute when I plug the headphonse01:21
bastid_raZornerdparty; since it is installed if you are in the GUI and double click .rar file it will automatically use unrar.01:21
webtoetick: sorry, that was my fault. Was following several conversations. What are you trying to do then? Connect via bluetooth?01:21
piqoni <Mifuyne> for this, ubuntu is horrible01:21
MifuyneAre these headphones connected via USB?01:21
Dr_willisCle0,  'ifconfig' for the local ip#01:21
richardbinvij : you could try playing it in different players.   Did you try Mplayer?01:21
Cle0i know this01:21
tickno just usb cable01:21
piqoni <Mifuyne>  no (please right my name so I can see the highlight01:21
bastid_raZornerdparty; do you have any .rar files to test CLI or the GUI methods?01:21
tickjust dont know that much about it01:22
binvijrichard: in order to check the settings i inserted a dvd and it played with sound ..01:22
webtoetick: and what phone? sorry, just to warn you, its nearly 1:30am here and so I need to bugger off soon.01:22
ticksamsung a70701:22
Mifuynepiqoni, when you said Skype doesn't work, you mean there's no sound?01:22
nerdpartybastid_raZor: The GUI method is working, I don't understand the CLI one though.01:22
binvijrichard: this video is downloaded from google in mp4 format01:22
webtoetick: it depends on the phone. My nokia e65 doesn't show up using the usb cable but on bluetooth its fin01:23
richardbinvij : Google Video?01:23
piqoni <Mifuyne>  it opens and When I log in it closes, I mean this is a common problem for those that installed OSS01:23
rectec794613I NEED HELP! I formatted my iPod partition to FAT16 (dont ask why) And now Ubuntu dosnt detect my iPod OR my CD Drive!01:23
binvijrichard: yes from video.google.com01:23
style23Are there any torrent programs other than the one that comes with ubuntu gusty, that works with linux?01:23
tickya i have just the cable01:23
bastid_raZornerdparty; CLI is your friend.. learning how to do things in command line are \very\ useful..  glad to see that the GUI method works.. all is good01:23
Dr_willisstyle23,  dozens of torrent clients out for linux.01:23
rectec794613I NEED HELP! I formatted my iPod partition to FAT16 (dont ask why) And now Ubuntu dosnt detect my iPod OR my CD Drive!01:23
piqoni Mifuyne, whats your advice about my sound problem01:23
Scunizibinvij, give us a link to the video and I'll see if I can play it.01:23
Dr_willis!torrent | style2301:23
ubotustyle23: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P01:23
webtoetick: if it isn't mentioned in your dmesg log after plugging it in I don't think thigns are good. Sometimes it'll let you access pics etc storedo n it but nothing else than that01:23
tickwas wondering if there was program out there to make it work01:24
nerdpartybastid_raZor - Thank you so much, this has been bugging me forever, and now I can open .rars. Thanks so much.01:24
Mifuynepiqoni, hmmm, I'll be honest with you, I don't know that much. Sorry >_<01:24
rectec794613I NEED HELP! I formatted my iPod partition to FAT16 (dont ask why) And now Ubuntu dosnt detect my iPod OR my CD Drive!01:24
style23dr_willis thanx01:24
binvij<Scunizi>: let me get the url01:24
Mifuyneand I can't switch my sound drivers to OSS01:24
webtoetick: no its down to the device to announce itself to the kernel, and then the kernel to decide what module/driver to use for it01:24
Scunizitick, I have the same phone and haven't found anything yet..01:24
Cle0is a internet ip01:24
piqoni Mifuyne, ok thnx for the help anyway.01:24
rectec794613Um help01:24
tickok thx...01:24
bastid_raZornerdparty; in synaptic when you click a package to install be sure to apply them.. it will then install what packages you want.01:24
Scunizitick, sorry.. I have the 737.. but pretty much the same thing01:24
webtoeright i'm off to bed01:25
bastid_raZornerdparty; glad i could help :)01:25
tickthx for your help01:25
Dr_willisrectec794613,  if you formated it while linux had it mounted.. you may have confused the OS. You might need to reboot.  Other then that. No idea01:25
jpw27_Every time I turn my computer on, it goes into low graphics mode and I have to reinstall my nVidia drivers every time.  any way out?01:25
Chris|hrm, success.. mouse now works under cli mode, but its too fast :/ i'm sure there's a fix in some config file, can someone direct me to the right direction?01:25
Dr_willisrectec794613,  and begging for help dont get you that much more attention.01:25
zero88Wheres Ubotu at?01:25
rectec794613dude dont bee an ass01:25
Dr_willisrectec794613,  messing with the ipod shouldent of affected the cdrom at all.. good luck then.01:25
Mr_Bad_Newsim having the exact same problems01:25
Mr_Bad_Newsdoes anyone know how to fix it?01:26
rectec794613well idk it just wont detect either of them01:26
piqoni Mifuyne, do you know anything about OpenSUSE, regarding the sound problems, maybe if I install that OS, Ill by fine??????01:26
Dr_willisrectec794613,  you may have some other deeper problem. I would check out the 'dmesg' command output.  as you plug in the device.01:26
binvijScunizi: _http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-689197864357750189501:26
Scunizizero88, use the bang first like !pastbin01:26
zero88Dr_willis, what if messed around with the fstab?01:26
bastid_raZorjpw27_; are you using the restricted drivers manager? how are you installing the drivers? from the repo's ?01:26
Mifuynepiqoni, I can't say I know anything about it =/01:26
zero88Scunizi, ah thank you =)01:26
piqoni Mifuyne, ok01:26
pharohhey how can one see what version of linux one has?like whether its x86_64 or just x86?01:26
Dr_williszero88,  if he messed with the fstab - then he can try to mount them manually. that would be the next thing i would suttest rectec794613  tries. Manual Mounting.01:26
Mifuynepiqoni,  if there are articles and posts saying that it should fix the problem, it wouldn't hurt to try, right? :)01:26
jpw27_bastid_raZor, just installing them by hand.  restriced drivers tells my i don't need any01:26
louciousgreatings ubuntu lusers01:26
louciousso whats new with ubuntu01:27
rectec794613GParted wont work :(01:27
Scunizibinvij, playing inside of FF works for me.. let me download and try with an application01:27
zero88Dr_willis, is he trying to get files onto a Ipod?01:27
Dr_williszero88,  no idea. I imagine so. :)01:27
piqoni Mifuyne, I DIDNT UNDERSTAND01:27
binvijyes it works there for me too01:27
Mifuynepiqoni, never mind01:27
Flannel!caps | piqoni01:27
ubotupiqoni: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.01:27
Mr_Bad_Newsand i cant get vmware working01:27
max_thanks webtoe01:27
Mr_Bad_Newsit says starting up but does nothing01:27
Mr_Bad_Newseven when i run it from the command line01:28
piqoniOK SORRY,01:28
zero88Dr_willis, i see.01:28
notdarkyethey, when a mentor or someone makes a comment to you application, is it best to reply by updating you application or adding a student commnet01:28
BSG75any recommendation on a good bt client?01:28
bastid_raZorjpw27_; with 7.04 i had the same issues.. for some reason though when upgraded to 7.10 the restricted manager worked and all was well.. what video card do you have? and which drivers are you using?01:28
bastid_raZorBSG75; i use Ktorrent.. but transmission is excellent and so is deluge.01:29
jpw27_basitd_raZor: nVidia 8800GT, using 169.1201:29
BSG75bastid_razor: thanks01:29
Dr_willisBSG75,  depends on what you want the client to do01:29
BSG75using deluge right now01:29
Scunizibinvij, I can't download it from the provided link even with wget.. I'll search for it and try again01:29
clutsy-ribbonanyone tryed puppy linux b401:29
BSG75Dr_willis: what do you mean?01:29
kindofabuzzdeluge suxs at creating torrents, and it not supported by most trackers01:30
Dr_willisBSG75,  they can all do the basic torrent downloads.. its the other features that people want that make them differ.01:30
WindowSmasherHi all!!!  I just installed samba.  How do I get it to start?01:30
Dr_willisBSG75, ktorrent has a web interface. which is nice.. it all depends on what features you want.01:30
Dr_willis!samba | WindowSmasher01:30
ubotuWindowSmasher: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.01:30
rectec794613Dr_willis, this is the output I got: robert@Ubuntu:~$ dmesg01:30
bastid_raZorjpw27_; i've seen quiet a few people having issues with 8800GT's.. i can't remember what the fix was though.. search the forums there has to be an answer there.01:30
rectec794613[    0.000000] Linux version 2.6.22-14-generic (buildd@terranova) (gcc version 4.1.3 20070929 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.2-16ubuntu2)) #1 SMP Tue Feb 12 07:42:25 UTC 2008 (Ubuntu 2.6.22-14.52-generic)01:30
rectec794613[    0.000000] BIOS-provided physical RAM map:01:30
rectec794613[    0.000000]  BIOS-e820: 0000000000000000 - 00000000000a0000 (usable)01:30
rectec794613[    0.000000]  BIOS-e820: 00000000000f0000 - 0000000000100000 (reserved)01:30
FloodBot1rectec794613: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:30
rectec794613[    0.000000]  BIOS-e820: 0000000000100000 - 000000002f770000 (usable)01:30
DragginIs there a room specifically for problems with Evolution?01:30
kindofabuzzdeluge has a web interface too now01:30
jpw27_bastid_raZor, I just moved to a new HDD a few days ago, this problem never occurred before, so I'm thinking about reinstalling. a number of problems have manifested themselves under this new drive.01:30
Dr_willis!pastebin | rectec79461301:30
uboturectec794613: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:30
BSG75dr_willis: just a quick'n'dirty downloader which won't suck my system dry like azureus or report back to it's master :)01:31
binvijscunizi: try this download link http://vp.video.google.com/videodownload?version=0&secureurl=uAAAABMUduSyL0kXk5qZ-z1wT17iKp3gx4U6v00foobqY3HfGUPjA00qUcJ3wNu4B1K_HBQ8G6kWmmZx-BqaMM46wekOE89hS6HuPkHENsKEjqq1KlsZqqqYHdjA_KEcLc6ywuoBRdNOSHoEd0lM-rxJ96WKIwglmaHT_QGIcibTLF6t-TqkxM1sbdgwZX-AeNE-7TPlM--nRESsABZtzyGMRk1SfqY34bJ6UgN3kdCSJAKE6CYdOR47UX7sZvFzaEd7jw&sigh=rI9rd2CTECMombbGhJ85NJkshcw&begin=0&len=3322400&docid=-456710403677824940101:31
FlannelDraggin: probably on gimpnet01:31
BSG75my demands are very lil :)01:31
Draggingimpnet?  chat.gimpnet.org?01:31
Dr_willisBSG75,  i tend to use ktorrent, but its been a little flakey at times. latest updates to it make it real nice.01:31
zero88binvij, lol long ass link01:31
georgeguitarMifuyne, I didn't work, the automount is not working :(01:31
Mr_Bad_Newsdoes anyone know a fix for that01:31
Mr_Bad_Newsi cant find anything01:31
Scunizibinvij, downloading now.. that worked01:31
jpw27_bastid_raZor, yea I'll check the forums. thanks for the help, have a nice night01:31
zero88georgeguitar, are you using gnome?01:31
FlannelDraggin: Or whatever the gnome irc is called now.  irc.gnome.org01:31
DragginFlannel, thanks, I'll try that01:32
FlannelDraggin: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeIrcChannels  there is an evolution channel01:32
georgeguitarzero88, yes I am01:32
ScuniziFlannel, gimp.net01:32
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, have you tried the modprobe usb_storage?01:32
piqoniwhy there is no f-- sound in flash with firefox, or with whatever browser, does ANYONE know how to fix this common problem <------------------------01:32
ScuniziFlannel, sorry gimp.org01:32
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes I did01:32
style23when you download a file that has a .tar.gz how do you install it?01:32
BSG75Mr_Bad_news: I am running the same nic on my wife's laptop01:32
piqonistyle23, its very difficult01:32
Mifuynedid you plug the flash drive in before you used that command?01:32
BSG75I used ndiswrapper .. if memory serves me01:32
Scunizibinvij, I'm at 50% and counting.01:32
Mifuyneor insmod01:32
piqonistyle23, believe me01:33
Flannelstyle23: That depends on what the tgz contains.  All a tar.gz is is a collection of files.01:33
zero88Mr_Bad_News, so you upgraded to Feisty and are still having problems?01:33
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, did you plug the flash drive in first?01:33
clutsy-ribbonwhy is a tar.gz file hard to install?01:33
Mr_Bad_Newsyea zero8801:33
tonyyarussostyle23: what are you trying to install?01:33
Mr_Bad_Newssame nick BSG75 ?01:33
zero88Mr_Bad_News, Why arent you usin Guisty?01:33
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes I did01:33
style23tonyyarusso a torrent client01:33
BSG75mr_bad_news: yup01:33
tonyyarussostyle23: which one?01:33
Mr_Bad_Newshavent upgraded yet zero8801:33
SlalomManhey guys!01:33
BSG75I had to use the windows driver under ndiswrapper01:33
piqoniIm not saying that you can, but sometimes you do it wrong,01:34
style23tonyyarusso Bittornado01:34
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, did it return any errors or simply didn't mount it?01:34
clutsy-ribbonplease don't use caps piqoni01:34
zero88Mr_Bad_News, also, are you using any windows drivers with ndiswrapper?01:34
piqoniok ok sorry01:34
Mr_Bad_Newsi dont have too zero8801:34
Mr_Bad_Newsits a mobile centrino01:34
BSG75the newest one didn't work properly but one of their older ones worked like a charm01:34
tonyyarussostyle23: why are you using a .tar.gz when it's in the repositories?01:34
style23tonyyarusso i'm getting rejected by alot of trackers with the one I have01:34
Mr_Bad_Newsits supported01:34
Mr_Bad_Newsit shows up01:34
SlalomManalright. is anyone willing to help me with my issues?01:34
Mr_Bad_Newsi just cant connect01:34
Mr_Bad_Newsit says i have 99%01:34
FloodBot1Mr_Bad_News: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:34
piqonianyway, can anyone help me about the muted sound that is in flash in firefox currently. <--------------------------01:34
Flannel!enter | Mr_Bad_News01:34
ubotuMr_Bad_News: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:34
Mr_Bad_Newsi just dont send out any packets and i only recieve one at a time01:34
BSG75I know .. I was about to say .. it showed up but I couldn't send a packet out01:34
georgeguitarMifuyne, It just didn't mount it01:35
binvijScunizi: ok01:35
BSG75but I seem to get some packets01:35
BSG75is that the same for u?01:35
zero88Mr_Bad_News, Ok. well the only thing I can suggest is maybe upgrading, you upgrade some wireless driver's as well. That might change a few things.01:35
style23tonyyarusso how many torrent clients are in the repositories?01:35
Chris|woot, got my mouse fixed for cli mode :D01:35
zero88Mr_Bad_News, NEWER Versions of the wireless drivers01:35
Mifuynedo you know if Ubuntu recognizes the drive at all?01:35
Mr_Bad_Newshow do i know which ones to upgrade zero8801:35
DragginThanks for the help. See you soon!01:35
soundray!info bittornado | style2301:35
ubotustyle23: bittornado (source: bittornado): bittorrent client with enhanced curses interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.18-4 (gutsy), package size 155 kB, installed size 876 kB01:35
piqonican anyone help me about the muted sound that is in flash in firefox currently. <--------------------------01:35
rectec794613so can u help me?01:36
Chronixhey i just downloaded the iso and mounted it to a drive but now can seem to get it running.01:36
SlalomManAlright. I'm trying to install GTK2.0+, but I need to downgrade libpango to do so. But when libpango tries to downgrade, it wants me to remove ubuntu-desktop, compiz, and many other packages.01:36
style23soundray ok I'll take a look01:36
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, do you know if Ubuntu recognizes the drive at all?01:36
soundraystyle23: you can install it with a one-liner, 'sudo apt-get install bittornado'. No need to fiddle with .tar.gz files01:36
zero88Mr_Bad_News, Sorry, I meant through upgrading, the upgrade updated some wireless drivers.01:36
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes I always use my flash memory in ubuntu, and it never gave any problem01:36
rectec794613sorry guys i'm a noob01:36
ropoyhello can anyone help me in uprading to 7.10?01:36
style23soundray ok01:36
tonyyarussostyle23: I count at least a dozen offhand, probably more, not to mention lots of libraries for building others.01:36
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, what I mean is, maybe you did something else and now Ubuntu won't interface with the device at all.01:36
BSG75mr_bad_news: try zero's way .. if that fails .. try with an older version of ndiswrapper01:36
Flannel!upgrade | ropoy01:36
uboturopoy: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:36
BSG75sec I can prolly tell you which ver01:36
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, what I need you to do is to tell me what lsusb prints out01:37
Chronixhey i just downloaded the iso and mounted it to a drive but now can seem to get it running.01:37
zero88ropoy, I suggest a NEW install of the newer version. Backup the files you want and Upgrade.01:37
soundrayrectec794613: what's the issue?01:37
Jester009Im having problems getting my WUSB54G wireless usb adapter to connect to my network. It can see the signal but it will not connect. The connection is no encrypted. I think i may have found the fix but i dont exactly follow the instructions. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=478558 Any help?01:37
Mr_Bad_Newsi dont have to use ndiswrapper BSG7501:37
Mr_Bad_Newsits working01:37
Mr_Bad_Newsi just cant connect01:37
SlalomManAlright. I'm trying to install GTK2.0+, but I need to downgrade libpango to do so. But when libpango tries to downgrade, it wants me to remove ubuntu-desktop, compiz, and many other packages.01:37
zero88Jester009, what card is it?01:37
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok, can I paste the result here?01:38
soundrayrectec794613: don't bother01:38
zero88Jester009, are you using Ndiswrapper?01:38
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, go for it :)01:38
Cle0i can't download eclipse01:38
Jester009zero88 its a WUSB54G v4 wireless adapter. The version of Ubunutu is fresh with no driver alterations01:38
=== VoX is now known as vox
bastid_raZorsoundray; stop bothering people by asking them how you can fix their issues.. jeez01:38
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok I got this: Bus 005 Device 015: ID 0471:085c Philips01:38
georgeguitarBus 005 Device 001: ID 0000:000001:38
georgeguitarBus 004 Device 001: ID 0000:000001:38
georgeguitarBus 003 Device 001: ID 0000:000001:38
georgeguitarBus 002 Device 010: ID 19d2:000101:38
FloodBot1georgeguitar: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:38
georgeguitarBus 002 Device 004: ID 15d9:0a3701:38
Mifuyneeep :x01:38
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, pm me, sorry @_@01:38
BSG75Mr_Bad_news: good luck then.. i hope you get it working01:38
rectec794613soundray, If youve been with us for the last 5 minutes you would know what my problem is.01:39
FlannelMifuyne, georgeguitar, just use pastebin01:39
Scunizibinvij, works fine here.. mplayer, gxine, vlc ..01:39
clutsy-ribbonjester is ur Wifi card installed?01:39
zero88Jester009, not sure if that card is native or might need to use windows drivers. Do you?01:39
rectec794613Ubuntu wont detect my iPod01:39
soundrayrectec794613: if you can't be bothered to repost, I can't be bothered to help01:39
style23soundray how do you run it once it is installed01:39
=== Charitwo_ is now known as Charitwo
binvijScunizi: ok, let me install mplayer01:39
zero88rectec794613, Is automount enabled? Also are you using gnome?01:39
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, okay, it does recognize your USB drive...01:39
hexoroidthere a way to open up .tar archive ?01:39
soundraystyle23: try Alt-F2 bittornado01:39
Scunizibinvij, I think you're just missing the codecs.01:39
Jester009zero88: Ubuntu has a driver its using for it I just cannot connect to anything. It is USB not a card.01:40
Chronixhey i just downloaded the iso and mounted it to a drive but now can seem to get it running.01:40
soundrayhexoroid: try with file-roller01:40
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes it does, but It can't be mounted01:40
AngryElfafter I log in, I get a blank screen -- it never cuts over to my desktop, I can crtl+alt+backspace, but that just brings back the same situation -- any ideas what's goin on?01:40
bastid_raZorChronix; what iso?01:40
style23soundray nope01:40
Scunizi!multimedia | binvij01:40
ubotubinvij: Ubuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications01:40
Scunizi!codecs > scunizi01:40
hexoroidsoundray i am using console only01:40
piqonianyone knows why I dont have sound in FLASH PLAYER in firefox?????01:40
binviji am on 7.1001:41
piqonihelp me pleaseeeeeeeeeee01:41
piqonimusic is my extasyyyyyyyy01:41
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, I assume your flash drive is connected?01:41
bean-ohpiqoni, look in the ubuntu guide, its an easy two step process01:41
zero88Jester009, well I have built in card, but is considered a usb card.I have to use windows drivers and use Ndiswrapper. I have the same problem for you and couldnt connect. I checked out the Ndiswrapper website and it told me thats all that I would be able to do and not connect. So  thats why i was asking if you use windows drivers?01:41
ricanelitepiqoni, download automatix01:41
ropoyi like to have automatically upgraded but the updater says could not download release notes01:41
Scunizibinvij, try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:41
max_Anyone, What's the difference between the kernels 'generic' and '386' ?01:41
Starnestommy!automatix | ricanelite and piqoni01:41
uboturicanelite and piqoni: Automatix is no longer developed or supported by its creators and is not recommended, supported or needed by Ubuntu. See http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77440.html and « /msg ubotu WorksForMe »01:41
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes is the Philips device01:41
Starnestommyricanelite: no, that will make things much worse01:42
soundraystyle23: have you looked in Applications-Internet ?01:42
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, if it is, then try the following: lsmod > lsmod.txt01:42
rectec794613I recently posted my problem on the forums but it seems the server is down :(01:42
ricanelitei didn't know it was not supported anymore01:42
binvijScunizi: ok doing that now01:42
tonyyarussoricanelite: It never was.01:42
thinHow do I tell if ubuntu has my network card working properly?01:42
style23soundray its not there01:42
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, then type gedit lsmod.txt, copy and paste everything in it and put it up on pastebin.org and send me the link01:42
piqoniSo, guys, WHAT should I install, and what they have to do with flash and firefox????????????01:42
Traveler6hey all01:42
soundray!info bittornado-gui01:42
ubotubittornado-gui (source: bittornado): bittorrent client with enhanced GUI interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.18-4 (gutsy), package size 39 kB, installed size 232 kB01:42
LjL!flash | piqoni01:42
ubotupiqoni: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash01:42
Jester009zero88: at the moment I have the system dual booting xp and ubuntu. I have not tried to use windows drivers on ubuntu mostly because I dont quite understand how and I'll have nothing to reference besides commands i scratch on some paper. Does the website give good step by step instructions?01:42
soundraystyle23: you need bittornado-gui as well01:43
piqoni<ubotu> But I have already installed flash01:43
=== theseus is now known as bonhoffer
Traveler6Question : When I start up my fresh intall I get a "grub" command line... what command to I use to boot ubuntu?01:43
piqoni<ubotu> it just is without sound01:43
style23soundray what torrent client do you use?01:43
AngryElfwhat package do I remove to remove gnome?01:43
soundraystyle23: none01:43
bean-ohpiqoni, http://ubuntuguide.org/01:43
Starnestommypiqoni: ubotu is a bot01:43
thinWhy do I have to know the name of the wireless network in my house? Shouldn't it just autodetect that there is an open wireless connecion and ask to connect to it?01:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about remaster - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:43
AngryElfall of it, gtk, etc -- so I can reinstall ubuntu-desktop01:43
tonyyarussoAngryElf: You'd have to do more than remove one package.01:43
style23soundray oh01:43
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about remastering - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:43
AngryElftonyyarusso: i'm sure it all depends on some libgtk somethin or other01:44
Starnestommythin: there may be othr wireless access points in the area with different names01:44
zero88Jester009, ya it's really good. Not much to it. Just apt-get install it.It is in the repo's.01:44
Flannelvalberg: What are you looking for?01:44
psycardisIf i install a new video card driver can i just ctrl+alt+backspace to start using it instead of rebooting?01:44
style23soundray do you download movies or music?01:44
thinthen shouldn't it give me a list and ask to choose one?01:44
piqoniStarnestommy, and piqoni then is a MORON :)01:44
Flannelvalberg: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization01:44
Jester009zero88 I'm brand new to linux so what you just said made no sense to me01:44
valbergFlannel: yeah thats the thin01:44
rectec794613N00b here01:44
georgeguitarMifuyne, this is the link: http://pastebin.org/2844401:45
Scunizipsycardis, sometimes but the preferred method is to log out and in the drop down box at the log in screen choose restart gdm.. or sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart01:45
MonobiJester009, look up apt-get . You need to know how it works.01:45
ricanelitepiqoni, head here for all of your installs including flash http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy01:45
psycardisthanks scunizi01:45
thinI *think* my wireless is working, it's listed in the device manager so I assume it's working01:45
soundraystyle23: no, I work on computers and I spent some of my free time here. For the remaining time, I lead a non-digital lifestyle ;)01:45
Jester009monobi: what is apt-get?01:45
thinbut I have no idea how to get on the wireless network.01:45
ScuniziJester009, or if you have a gui... System/Admin/Synaptic Package Manager..01:45
zero88Jester009, sorry. Apt-get is a package manager.You use it as a command such as sudo apt-get install "ndiswrapper" in a terminal.It will automatically download and install it for you.01:45
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)01:45
zero88Jester009, go to that website01:46
MonobiJester009, apt-get install is how you get programs. Try apt-get install moon-buggy .01:46
style23soundray oh ok. Sound very focus. I need to be in that state of mind01:46
clutsy-ribbonwhen making a new partition does it want to be primary or logical for a complete reinstall01:46
rectec794613*cough* sudo *cough*01:47
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, I wanna make sure, you haven't tried using: sudo insmod usb_storage at all?01:47
soundraystyle23: when you've got bittornado-gui, there should be a menu entry01:47
style23soundray I don't know where to get the gui01:47
Scuniziclutsy-ribbon, make three partitions all primary...(if there's no other Os on the drive) / (root) should be 10-12 gig.. /swap 1gig max... and /home the rest.01:48
soundraystyle23: 'sudo apt-get install bittornado-gui;01:48
zero88thin have you ever connected wirelessly?01:48
soundraystyle23: 'sudo apt-get install bittornado-gui'01:48
georgeguitarMifuyne, I tried but it give me an error that can't find a file01:48
Mifuyneeven with the underscore?01:48
thinon my mac this morning, yes01:48
pleasedontspammecan anyone help me? I installed the clamtk package, but it says that I dont have a definition loaded. when i click update definitions, it says that i need root privileges. what do i do?01:48
lewenchAnyone know how I can make my network music play on Amarok?01:48
lewenchI drag it in there but it gives me an error01:48
georgeguitarMifyune, shal I try again?, I think the module can't be loaded or something like that01:49
Scunizipleasedontspamme, you need to run clam from the terminal using sudo.. as in sudo clamtk01:49
Mifuynehang on01:49
max_lewench : network music?   like files on a shared folder?01:49
style23soundray thanks yea that worked01:49
soundraystyle23: logging off now, good luck01:49
style23soundray thanks yea that worked01:49
zero88thin so do you know how to input your Essid and Wep Key?01:50
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, what version of Ubuntu are you using?01:50
lewenchmax_, yes I have a 500 Mybook, I setup the connect server to it, but when I drag a song to amarok it gives me an error01:50
Frogger62I have Ubuntu 7.10 GG, and I can't get the resolution above 800x600.01:50
thinno security, didnt have to input anything01:50
max_lewench : just amarok?01:50
max_what is error?01:50
zero88thin do you know how to open up a terminal and use commands?01:50
georgeguitarMifuyne, I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 - the Gutsy Gibbon - released in October 200701:50
Cle0what the "su" password?01:51
lewenchmax_, No suitable input plugin. This often means that the url's protocol is not supported. Network failures are other possible causes.01:51
lewenchsmb://lewench@ Doors Down/The Better Life/01. Kryptonite.mp3.mp301:51
Frogger62Does anyone have any ideas01:51
zero88thin k. you trying using ifconfig and checking to see if you have an I.P. address?01:51
Scunizibinvij, is it working?01:51
thin*however, this laptop belongs to someone who's completely compute illeterate, so the more graphical technique would help me more01:51
=== Ademan__ is now known as Ademan
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, have you tried other usb ports?01:52
max_lewench : but can you play it in another player?01:52
lewenchhaven't tried01:52
lewenchsuggest any?01:52
zero88thin using the command line is alot more informative and quicker sometimes. And its not hard to understand.01:52
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes I did01:52
lewenchmax_, suggest any?01:52
binvijScunizi: i got a slow internet connection :-) its just 18% now01:52
Frogger62How do I raise the resolution above 800x600?01:52
thintell that to the middle aged lady who owns the machine :)01:52
thinno ip01:53
Scunizibinvij, ouch01:53
max_lewench : try it in totem01:53
binvijScunizi: its downloading java01:53
dubbyhey anyone know a good webcam program?01:53
BarryToemanFrogger62: you can try to reconfigure xorg: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:53
zero88thin try    sudo ifdown eth0    or change eth0 to wlan or whatever your interface name is.01:53
max_!driver | Frogger6201:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about driver - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:53
lewenchmax_, Works on Rhythmbox01:53
pleasedontspammewhen i do that, it lets me click updat ewithout the error, but then it says that it is up to date. but when i check, it says that i have no definition01:53
max_!nvidia | Frogger6201:53
ubotuFrogger62: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:53
thinok, my neighbour brough over his mac, I'm going to find out the name of the wireless network and type it in01:53
Monobidubby, no, this is #ubuntu :S01:53
Scunizidubby,  for communications to another computer?  ekiga, skype01:53
jaffarkelshachow do you put wireless card in monitor mode01:54
dubbyScunizi nah just so that I may be able to take pictures with it or movies01:54
thinzero88: where do i find out the name of my 'interface'?01:54
binvijwhat all packages come inside ubuntu restricted driver  ?01:54
Scunizidubby, camorama01:54
zero88thin ifconfig should tell you. Should be something line wlan0 or wlan101:54
pleasedontspammeon my last computer with ubuntu it had something called freshclam that would be updated with update manager, but it doesn't show up now01:54
thierryhow can I output a command in english and not in the default language of my ubuntu01:54
thindont have tht, just eth0 and lo (loopback)01:54
thindoes that mean my wireless card isnt detected?01:55
BarryToemanFrogger62: make a backup of xorg config first: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf{,.bak}01:55
ricaneliteanyone here has played the fps urban terror?01:55
noys_ anyone know how to set up internet connection sharing i have a computer with 2 cards one is a wireless card which connects to the internet, The other is a ethernet card that connects to my xbox. I want the ethernet forwarded to the internet through my wireless\01:55
zero88thin possibly or maybe it wasnt started.01:55
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, honestly, I'm stumped...I can't see why modprobe or insmod isn't working for you =/01:55
noys_ so ethernet to xbox ;  wireless  to internet so then ; Ethernet to wireless = both get internet access.01:55
zero88thin did you say you could see wireless networks?01:56
Frogger62BarryToeman: After rebooting (using the LiveCD) will the resticted drivers still work?01:56
thinwell there's a lot of accurate info about my wirelss adapter in the device manager window, so i assumed it was working01:56
noys_sorry i also asked this in kubuntu01:56
thinhow do i tell for sure?01:56
Jester009zero88: i found drivers for the adapter online but the file is a .exe. will that be a problem?01:56
b4l74z4rhave anyone noticed that xchat seem to render font differently from the rest of gnome?01:56
thinyes i'm on a pc and mac right now wirelessly01:56
georgeguitarMifuyne, How can I know that the module is loaded?01:56
Mifuyneremember when I told you to use lsmod > lsmod.txt01:56
Mifuynelsmod lists the loaded mod01:56
lewenchmax_, Any suggestions?01:56
Mifuyne> lsmod.txt tells it to send the output into that file01:56
max_thierry set the LANG setting in bash to en_US.UTF-8     or just en might work01:56
Mifuyneso, I suggest you open that file and search for usb_storage01:57
max_lewench just a sec01:57
Frogger62Will the restricted drivers still be in use if I reboot using the LiveCD?01:57
Mifuyneit isn't just missing on its own, it's missing from the usbcore module01:57
lewenchmax_, K01:57
zero88Jester009, Not sure. If I remember correctly you might need to get the files from the .exe .You need two files only. I think it was a .inf and something else.Let me see.01:57
BarryToemanFrogger62: no.01:57
georgeguitarok, I'll see01:57
Mifuyneand why usb-storage or usb_storage is deemed as missing is kinda strange01:58
Frogger62Dang. How do I do it then? I don't have an extra HD I can use here.01:58
pleasedontspammeI got this error when i loaded clamtk with sudo01:58
pleasedontspammeWarning: No virus definitions found! If you are sure you have definitions installed, please inform the developer where your definitions are held so the paths can be added.01:58
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, maybe try to reinstall usbcore01:58
evan2is there a package that has the bsd userland (i.e. the bsd equivalent of gnu coreutils)?01:58
BarryToemanFrogger62: if you install ubuntu onto the hard drive, then changes will be persistent01:58
evan2actually what i really want is bsd sed01:58
georgeguitarMifuyne, the file doesn't have usb_storage, how can I reinstall the usbcore?01:59
Frogger62Windows is on the HD, so that's not quite an option.01:59
Cle0i want to install java for mozilla01:59
Lokii-can i get some help with my nautilus please. it'll open but i cannot close the windows nor can i navigate any folders. when i ps aux from console i cannot see any processes for it running either so i cannot kill -9 them... anyone have a solution or mind working though this with me ?01:59
BarryToemanFrogger62: you can do a dual boot01:59
CrackGuyI am  totally a newbie on ubuntu, running 7.10.. could somebody help me to setup Samba01:59
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, open Synaptic and search for usbcore01:59
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, then set that package to reinstall01:59
bbeattieIs 7.04 not compatible with Wolfsdale core 2 duo / E8400 CPU's? /proc/cpuinfo reports it as a xeon E3110@3.0ghz01:59
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok01:59
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, if you haven't done so in a while, try reloading before you search for it01:59
Frogger62BarryToeman: That got me in the jam I'm in now (Can't boot Win and Ubuntu didn't work)02:00
Frogger62Messed up the MBR02:00
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok02:00
rectec794613ok people who can help, the server is back up, Here is my post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4680784#post468078402:00
thinGood News! She doesn't ever use her wireless anyway. So I can move on to my next question.02:01
ScuniziFrogger62, you have a Grub issue.. it sounds like.. check out http://users.bigpond.net.au/hermanzone/p15.htm for an easy fix.02:01
thinIf I install windows After i installed ubuntu, will grub still function properly?02:01
Scunizithin,, no.. you'll have to reinstall it.02:01
thinreinstall grub or reinstall ubuntu02:01
Scunizithin.. save the link above your post to do that.02:01
clutsy-ribbonso is ubuntu ever going to overtake windows?02:01
Scunizithin, grub02:01
Frogger62Scunizi: Don't know if it helps, but (if I remember right) the error was either Error 15 or 21 (on boot02:01
=== evalles_ is now known as effie_jayx
zero88Jester009, try unzip -a nameoffile.exe02:02
che_how to filter the broken package, my problem is my 2 package broked i need locate them02:02
Gilouclutsy-ribbon> already has.02:02
Jester009zero88: i unziped the exe into a folder and i dont see any .inf files.02:02
ScuniziFrogger62, grub.. use the link.. do you have more than 1 HD in the machine?02:02
Frogger62Scunizi: One partitioned into two.02:02
rectec794613you have to do some things though02:02
ScuniziFrogger62, then no other gyrations needed.. the link has saved me several times.02:02
zero88Jester009, Hmm. ok try and google for that drivers .inf file. They should be out there02:02
zero88Jester009, what driver was it again?02:03
Jester009zero88: Linksys WUSB54G v402:03
CrackGuyI have problem installing Samba package, it says "E: Package samba has no installation candidate"02:03
bruenigcalm down02:03
Frogger62Scunizi: Thanks much. I was afraid I was going to have to buy Vista to fix it :P I'm going to try to fix it. Sayonara!02:03
psycardisI just installed avant window navigator and would like to know if there is anyway to back up the bottom panel before I delete it, just in case...02:03
Riskbreakerhey boys. i am trying to compile something and getting an error. a forum page says to apply a patch. here's the page.02:04
Riskbreakerhow do i apply the patch in question?02:04
ScuniziFrogger62, actually if you have windows and ubuntu installed in a dual boot setup you'll have at minimum 3 partitions.. windows, / (root and /swap02:04
BarryToemanHe's gone, Jim...02:04
psycardisbarry: lol02:04
che_i have a problem(error), it's saying: you have 2 broken packages on your system , use the "broken" filter to locate them. how to do it ?02:04
ricanelitei just notice that I dont have xserver-xgl install02:04
ricanelitedo i need that installed02:05
brainiac8008hey i have 2 gb of ram but the 7.10 livecd says i only have about .9gb.  any ideas?02:05
CrackGuyI have problem installing Samba package, it says "E: Package samba has no installation candidate"02:05
Lokii-can i get some help with my nautilus please. it'll open but i cannot close the windows nor can i navigate any folders. when i ps aux from console i cannot see any processes for it running either so i cannot kill -9 them... anyone have a solution or mind working though this with me ?02:05
ricanelitei have compiz installed and everything02:05
rectec794613che_ got to synaptic02:05
max_anyone, I have 20 ubuntu workstations on my server.  How do I remove packages from all 20 at once, remotely?02:05
georgeguitarMifuyne, I can't find any usbcore in Synaptic02:05
caveymasonhi guys i forgot what the manager is called that lets you customize your effects? help pwease?02:06
T1m0thycaveymason: ccsm02:06
T1m0thycomp-comm settings manager, i believe it is02:06
brainiac8008compizconfig-settings-manager is exact name02:07
T1m0thyah yes02:07
che_rectec794613: how ?02:07
rectec794613if u have it installed press: alt+f402:07
CrackGuyI have problem installing Samba package, it says "E: Package samba has no installation candidate"02:07
caveymasoni knew it was something along them lines, thanks :)02:07
ricanelitedo i need to have xserver-xgl?02:07
brainiac8008hey i have 2 gb of ram on my computer but my 7.10 livecd says i only have about .9 gb.  any ideas?02:08
rectec794613che_, go to applications>system>administration>synaptic02:08
rectec794613sorry for the wait02:08
geniiCrackGuy: Since samba is in main repo, either you have no internet on that machine or your sources.list doesnt have much in it02:08
che_rectec794613: then what ? edit-fix broken packages ?02:09
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, try sudo modprobe usb_storage again, but right after, type "dmesg | tail -n 20"02:09
Mifuyneagain, paste the output to pastebin.org and send me the link02:09
CrackGuygenii i dont have internet in that machine yet. could you help me to resolve it?02:09
rectec794613in the costom filters section at the bottom left, click on "Broken"02:09
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok02:09
Lokii-can i get some help with my nautilus please. it'll open but i cannot close the windows nor can i navigate any folders. when i ps aux from console i cannot see any processes for it running either so i cannot kill -9 them... anyone have a solution or mind working though this with me ?02:10
rectec794613it should list all the broken packages02:10
geniiCrackGuy: What seems to be the main issue preventing it from being on the internet?02:10
clutsy-ribbonout of interest, I have a media HD that uses ntfs and then another HD to boot. the ntfs disk works fine on ubuntu, is there any advantage to changing it to ext302:10
phs5555where can i look for drivers for a touchscreen?02:10
Jester009zero88: i have the computer dual booting xp and ubuntu. Could i just use the driver files that are on the computer working already?02:11
CrackGuygenii say am on dial-up! can't do much.. is there any other solution?02:11
geniiCrackGuy: If you have the alternate install cdrom, uncomment the cdrom line in sources.list and use that to install samba from02:12
CrackGuygenii yeah i do have the installation cd. let me try02:13
rectec794613che_, are you in synaptic?02:13
rectec794613he left :o02:13
=== __Lokii- is now known as Lokii-
CrackGuygenii, where exactly can i find the file sources.list ?02:13
AngryBaconNeed help with nvidia drivers, see:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=468070002:13
Christophe_hello everybody02:13
geniiCrackGuy: Only the alternate cd can be used as an offline repository, not the regular livecd.02:13
rectec794613I mean :(02:13
geniiCrackGuy: edit the sources.list with: gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list02:14
ricanelitedo i need to have xserver-xgl installed?02:14
Christophe_somebody can help me02:14
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: did you try reseating the ram?  Also put in an ubuntu install disc and try the memtest option to test for bad ram.02:14
CrackGuygenii, oh, i think i have the live cd. i downloaded it ubuntu image online and burnt it, is that livecd?02:14
Christophe_i have just one or two questions ?02:15
geniiCrackGuy: If it boots to a graphical desktop, that is the regular livecd, yes.02:15
AngryBaconChristophe_, don,t ask to ask02:15
che_rectec794613: yeah but i'm confusing.02:15
BarryToemanChristophe_: that was one...you have one left.02:15
BarryToemanjust kidding02:15
brainiac8008barrytoeman, i found the answer.  check it out: http://gentoo-wiki.com/FAQ_Linux_Memory_Management#The_mysterious_880_MB_limit_on_x8602:15
Enulcan someone tell me if ubuntu will work with an external usb modem?02:15
CrackGuygenii, yes it does. i will try to get system online02:15
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: i've never run into that problem before02:16
georgeguitarMifuyne, nothing02:16
Mifuynedmesg came up with nothing at all?02:17
derspanksteranyone using FreeNas as a file server with Ubuntu?02:17
Christophe_im on powerpc and i want to know if a linux application can be installed on any architecture or not : for example in fedora02:17
brainiac8008barrytoeman, me neither. idk but that must be my problem.  do you know how i can change it? the article says make menuconfig but it doesnt work02:17
Mifuyneokay, georgeguitar, I actually got that from this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5219702:17
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, the last post suggest you search up linux-image-* and reinstall it02:17
Gilou!tab | brainiac800802:17
ubotubrainiac8008: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:17
ropoyhow to upgrade when it says "could not download release notes"02:17
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes it says: usbcore: deregistering interface driver usb-storage02:17
georgeguitarat the end02:18
pleasedontspammemy computer has an old nvidea tnt2 video card, why can' i set the resolution higher than 800x600? i have the legasy driver installed, and before i did it would go larger than that02:18
Mifuynegeorgeguitar,  O.o weird...02:18
AngryBaconChristophe_, usually, but you may need to compile yourself02:18
StarnestommyChristophe_: most binaries compiled on one architecture won't work on another02:18
Mifuynewell, like I said, try to reinstall linux-image and you'll probably have to restart02:18
georgeguitarMifuyne, may be is because I've created a rule in /etc/udev/rules.d02:18
Christophe_is it hard to copile or its just take the package and make "yum" ... ?02:18
Mifuynebleh, I probably should've read that page more thoroughly02:19
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: i'm not sure.  sorry about that.02:19
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, if you did, remove it02:19
StarnestommyChristophe_: the package manager should automatically get the rioght binaries for your architecture02:19
brainiac8008BarryToeman: k. thanks anyway02:19
AngryBaconChristophe_, this isn,t fedora support02:19
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, I'd be surprised if that doesn't fix it02:19
phs5555i have found drivers for a touch screen for mandrake or redhat would they work for ubuantu?02:19
Enulanyone know a good distribution for a linux newb other then ubuntu?02:20
georgeguitarMifuyne, ok, I'll do it, just wait me, I'll remove it and restart all over again02:20
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: at least try some other ram or a memtest if you have any before messing around with the kernel.02:20
Mifuynealrighty, I'll be here02:20
AngryBaconphs5555, get the redhat one and use alien to make it a .deb02:20
Christophe_yes but if a aplication is not on the package manager ... how to know if the application will work ?02:20
BoohbahChristophe_: and why don't you get a distribution that has ppc packages?02:20
brainiac8008BarryToeman: okay.  can i do a memtest via the terminal02:20
ropoyHello, how to upgrade when it says "could not download release notes"02:20
phs5555sorry new here whats alien?02:20
ropoyHello, how to upgrade when it says "could not download release notes" in update manager02:21
Enuli dunno.. i cant get anyone to asnwer my questions wither ropoy02:21
lewenchsmb://500gmybook/JAVIER/Music/All That Remains/The Fall of Ideals/02. Not Alone.mp302:21
shivamibrpm to deb package conversor? (correct me if im wrong)02:21
Christophe_yes i have 3 choices in ppc : ubuntu but the support is finished ... fedora and yellow dog02:21
lewenchHello, im having an issue when playing a song with amarok I get this error: No suitable input plugin. This often means that the url's protocol is not supported. Network failures are other possible causes.02:21
jribshivamib: avoid such a thing02:22
ropoyWhats ur probz Enul?02:22
jribropoy: what are you upgrading to?02:22
geniiCrackGuy: If you have another ubuntu box and some removable thing like usb stick, you can d/l only any install files by mounting the media somewhere like /mnt/tmp. Then: echo 'dir::cache::archives "/mnt/tmp"' | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/apt.conf          then issue: sudo apt-get install --download-only samba                   then sudo rm /etc/apt/apt.conf  , unmount the media, put it in machine without internet and copy the files to02:22
genii/var/cache/apt/archives      where you should be able to install them02:22
Enuli'm trying to find out if ubuntu can use a usb modem02:22
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: probably, but i've never tried. there is an option for it on an install disc02:22
ropoy7.04 to 7.1002:22
geniiSorry for long post guys02:22
ropoyi accidentally cancelled the last upgrade attempt02:22
Christophe_in order to be more precise, i want to have 3 protocols : soulseek , mule and torrent02:22
brainiac8008BarryToeman: o right it's on startup of the livecd. brb02:23
Peloevening folks02:23
AngryBaconnvidia drivers hate me02:23
pleasedontspammeno, they hate linux02:23
Christophe_but i don't know if these application packages exists on the powerpc architecture02:23
ropoyjrib, do you know anything that i will have to edit02:24
jribropoy: what program are you using to upgrade?02:24
EnulI remember reading somewhere that ubuntu has problems with usb modems but i'm assuming the problems are with the newer thumbdrive sized modems. What i need to know is if the usb modem is controller based will ubuntu have a probelm with it or not02:24
ropoythe update manager02:24
Dr_willisChristophe_,  there should be torrent clients  for powerpc. not sure about the other 2 since i dont use them02:24
AngryBaconpleasedontspamme, me in particular02:24
lewenchHello, im having an issue when playing a song with amarok I get this error: No suitable input plugin. This often means that the url's protocol is not supported. Network failures are other possible causes. Can anyone help me with this?02:24
ropoyjrib, i use the update manager02:24
jribropoy: in GNOME?02:24
AngryBaconlewench, what are you trying to do?02:25
Pelolewench, there is an #amarok they might know better02:25
ropoyyeah its gnome jrib02:25
Christophe_there are pysoulseek, museek and nicotine for soulseek and amule for mule02:25
ropoywas that a bug02:25
ropoywas that a bug?02:25
lewenchPelo, Tried didn't get a response.02:25
AngryBaconlewench, what are you trying to do?02:25
lewenchAngryBacon, I have a Mybook500g that has all my music, when I try to load it to amarok I get an error02:25
Pelolewench, patience is sometime required, not all chanels are as busy as this one ,  you could also try looking for an amarok website and forum , you are more likely to find anwers there02:26
Christophe_if fedora says that they support these application ... can they run on the 2 architectures ... its my big problem02:26
clutsy-ribbonwhen i use fsdisk to reformat a disk to ext3 i get the following error "wrote partition table, but re-read table failed. Reboot to update table." -- i have rebooted twice but still no luck, any ideas?02:26
AngryBaconlewench, from a different pc?02:26
lewenchPelo, Im on there now, trying to read through somethings02:26
crowbarI'm trying to build epiphany trunk against webkit.  I have webkitgtk-dev installed but i'm still getting this message:  checking for WEBKIT... configure: error: Package requirements (webkit-1.0) were not met:02:26
lewenchAngryBacon, Its not a PC its an external ethernet hard drive02:27
jribropoy: pastebin your sources.list02:27
AngryBaconlewench, how are you accessing it?02:27
Starnestommycrowbar: is libwebkitgdk-dev installed?02:27
ropoyjrib how to?02:28
crowbarStarnestommy, yes.  libwebkitgtk1d, libwebkitgtk-dev are both installed02:28
jrib!pastebin > ropoy (read the private message from ubotu)02:28
jribropoy: open /etc/apt/sources.list in a text editor, then follow ubotu's instructions02:28
FezzlerMy boot HD is old and slow.  Can I install a second HD and make an exact copy of boot drive on new HD?02:29
Alley^Awaydoes ubuntu support the Turbo Memory 'drives' (NAND Flash memory) on high-end mobos?02:29
lewenchAngryBacon, I mount the drive using the "Connect to server" then drag the file in amorok, then it gives me an error. I also tried going to the files tab in amarok and typing the address to the machine smb://500gmybook/JAVIER/Music/ but that gives me the same error02:29
lwizardlcan someone help me getting stereo sound working?02:30
AngryBaconlewench, do you have the proper codeco installed?02:30
Pelolwizardl, you can't get basic stereo ?02:30
lewenchAngryBacon, If I put the song on my desktop and try to play it, it works.02:30
Pelolwizardl, are yo sure the file yo are playing is stereo ?02:30
lwizardlPelo, nope only right channel works02:30
lwizardlPelo,  yup even DVDs only play from my right speaker02:31
Pelolwizardl, ok so no sound comming out of one of the speakers, not mono on both ?02:31
=== theseus is now known as bonhoffer
lwizardlPelo, exactly02:31
che_how locate the broken packages02:31
che_my error saying use "broken" filter02:31
Pelolwizardl, see the volume icon in the top bar ?  dbl click on it02:31
Phoenix2I just installed ubuntu and I am running it from the first time... is it normal for GRUB to come up?02:32
Peloche_, check in synaptic there is a filter for them02:32
brainiac8008BarryToeman: hey.  just ran a memtest for a couple minutes. It recognized 1.919 gb, which is right. i decided it would take too long for the whole test so i exited out and rebooted.  no it's recognized all 1.9 gb02:32
StarnestommyPhoenix2: yes.  GRUB us used to load ubuntu02:32
lwizardlin my volume controls under file>change device i have nvidia nforce2 alsa mixer & realtek alc650f oss mixer02:32
Christophe_thanks at all bye02:32
dtsare people here talking about hardy yet?02:32
Phoenix2starn. what command do I use to get into the graphical operating system... and what steps to I need to take in order for it to bypass the console?02:32
PeloPhoenix2, if you have more then ubuntu installed on the comp grub comes up to display all the options available02:32
ropoyjrib i have opened it in gedit, pastebin is also open. what do i do next?02:32
AngryBaconlewench, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66183302:33
jribropoy: copy it to pastebin02:33
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: how odd.  well, now you know that the ram is (probably) good.02:33
che_how to ?02:33
lwizardldts, not me02:33
lordleemoche_: on the right in synaptics choose custum filters02:33
Phoenix2I did a fresh intall on a harddrive so it should only be ubuntu on there02:33
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: try searching for similar issues at ubuntuforums.org or making a post there about it.02:33
Pelolwizardl, I was thinking more along the lines of how each slider for sound is devided in two ,  and the rigfh one might be down02:33
ropoyjrib here it is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62582/02:34
geniiche_: If that fails perhaps try: sudo apt-get install --fix-broken02:34
che_lordleemo: got it thank you02:34
brainiac8008BarryToeman: how can it be so unpredictable? i've found that a lot with ubuntu, at least with livecd, sometimes things work and sometimes they don't, and i reboot, and then they work. i swear it's how long you take to get the livecd in the drive02:34
brainiac8008BarryToeman: will do02:34
lordleemoche_: welcome02:34
spl0itI'm looking for a wireless pci card for my desktop that has ubuntu support - I've been looking around on tigerdirect.com and directdial.com and I'm not sure what a good choice is - I've basically confused myself at this point - any direction or suggestions would be good (I listed those websites because I'm located in canada)02:34
lwizardlalready checked that they are linked and both are set at even lines02:34
PeloPhoenix2, if it botters you , you can change that in the /boot/grub/menu.lst file,  hidden list or sometnig near the top ,  just remvoe the #02:34
AngryBaconNeed help with nvidia drivers, see:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=468070002:34
che_lordleemo: do i need remove all of them ?02:35
Pelolwizardl, can it be possible taht one of the speaker is damaged ?02:35
caveymasonjust installed ubuntu and there is some space left on my hard drive that is un partitioned is there any way of partitioning it from ubuntu?02:35
jribropoy: and /var/lib/update-manager/meta-release ?02:35
Phoenix2what command do I use to start the kernel or to start the graphical interface?02:35
lwizardlPelo, nope tried 3 different sets02:35
Pelolwizardl, this is an nvidia sound card ?02:35
lordleemoche_:  in a term sudo apt-get install - f   then go to synaptics see if any there and remove02:35
lwizardlPelo, yes nforce board02:35
caveymasonpartitioning and formating within ubuntu help guysss?02:36
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: sounds like most os' to me, but the community support is good.02:36
Pelo!sound > lwizardl review the info in this there might be something   check for a private message windows with instructions from ubotu02:36
PeloPhoenix2, I don'T allow private msg, please talk to me in the channel02:36
=== KnifeHat_ is now known as KnifeHat
brainiac8008BarryToeman: true, true02:36
lewenchAngryBacon, What part of this relates to me?02:36
Phoenix2my bad .. sorry02:36
Alley^Awaydoes ubuntu support the Turbo Memory 'drives' (NAND Flash memory) on high-end mobos? Or some other kinds of linux extensions/programs do this?02:36
thechitowncubsWhat is a way I can completely format my hard drive, I get a unable to read block 0 with fsck and i can't mkfs.ext3 either02:36
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes that was the problem, the rule was unloading the module usb_storage, this was the script: http://blog.ufsoft.org/2007/11/30/zte-mf622-usb-modem-under-linux02:37
Phoenix2so when "grub" comes up and its the command line.. can I type something to bring up the graphical interface?02:37
pxfor some reason the scroll wheel and touch pad scroll area dont respond unless i start xev.02:38
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, oh =/02:38
PeloPhoenix2,  when grub comes up you just select the first option , and  hit enter and it will boot ubuntu02:38
ropoyjrib my /var/lib/update-manager/meta-release is blank02:38
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, there's gotta be a better way of surpressing the module without taking it out of the picture entirely...02:39
Odd-rationaleDoes anyone know when the release party channel will be opened? I remember last time it was a few days before the release...02:39
caveymasonformatting partitioning? anyone?02:39
Odd-rationalecaveymason: what about it?02:39
Phoenix2there are no options... its is just a console in which I can type things02:40
caveymasoni have un partitioned space is there ayway i can partitoin from in ubuntu after the instalation02:40
jribropoy: hmmm, now we have the issue that I don't remember how it was in feisty.  Give me a sec02:40
SeaPhorPhoenix2: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start   (I think)02:40
pxHas anyone ever hear of an issue where the scroll wheel doesn't work unless xev is started?  I have a bluetooth mouse and the touchpad on my laptop, but do not work unless xev is started.02:40
Odd-rationalecaveymason: use gparted.02:40
spl0itanyone have a good wireless card suggestion for gutsy?02:40
ropoyjrib okies02:40
brainiac8008hey guys i want to confirm something. does the 386 kernel support up to 900mb of ram, but none more?02:40
caveymasonodd-ratinale do i have to download that?02:40
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes, instead of doing all automatically, I found that is just enough to unmount the usb modem and then it starts working as a modem and it creates the ttyUSB that I need02:40
Odd-rationalecaveymason: yes. sudo apt-get install gparted02:41
Mifuynegeorgeguitar,  probably easier and less problematic that way :)02:41
Odd-rationalecaveymason: or use synaptic02:41
caveymasonpoop im updating02:41
Phoenix2ill try that02:41
jribropoy: while you wait, does 'locate meta-release' return anything?02:41
KillerKiwi2005__how do I hide ntfs volumes from nautilus sidebar?02:42
ropoyjrib it returns a blank page02:42
thechitowncubsWhat command can i do to list my hard drive partitions?02:42
geniispl0it: My D-Link dwl-g630 worked like a champ first time out02:42
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: you're using 386?  i think you're on the right track.02:43
jribropoy: it would return a list of files if anything02:43
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes, I really sorry to have waste your time, I never thought that the script was the problem, but thank you very much for all your help, with you I will never guess what was happening02:43
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, hey no worries :)02:43
brainiac8008BarryToeman: 386 is default for the livecd right?02:43
spl0itgenii: thanks02:43
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, just glad it worked out :D02:43
BarryToemanbrainiac8008: i'm not sure.  i don't use the live ever.02:43
geniispl0it: np02:43
Odd-rationalespl0it: check this page out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported02:43
jribthechitowncubs: sudo fdisk -l02:44
ropoyjrib it did not return anything02:44
pimplifehey will my wifi card with ubuntu02:44
arvind_khadribrainiac8008, i couldnt get you..02:44
ropoyhere is the command jrib02:44
ropoysudo gedit /var/lib/update-manager/meta-release02:44
bazhangpimplife: what card02:44
owen1how can i make a folder on my ubuntu available to other ubuntu on the wireless home network?02:44
brainiac8008BarryToeman: im pretty sure it does. that still doesn't explain why it didn't recognize all of it the first time but it did the second time02:44
Odd-rationalepimplife: check this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported02:44
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes, thank you very much, now everything is working perfectly, I really like Ubuntu and the forum for all the help that one can find02:44
spl0itodd-rationale: thanks!02:45
linuxmongerAnybody know if there is an issue with the toolbar and menu icons? All of my toolbars had been set to display "Icon only", and they still are, but all I'm getting is the text labels - very confusing.02:45
Odd-rationalespl0it: np02:45
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, awesome :D02:45
brainiac8008arvind_khadri: i am asking whether the i386 kernel will utilize only 900mb of ram, even if you have say 2 gb of ram02:45
CrackGuyhow can I install Samba without connecting to Internet?02:45
CrackGuyhow can I install Samba without connecting to Internet? I am using Ubuntu 7.1002:45
bazhangbrainiac8008: nay02:45
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, personally, I found Ubuntu gives me a lot less trouble...I even managed to revive a dying laptop with Ubuntu (bad HDD) :)02:46
arvind_khadribrainiac8008, ohh,no idea...02:46
linuxmongerIt should be on the Ubuntu 7.10 CD.02:46
Odd-rationalespl0it: just a pointer, stay away from broadcom. although I have gotten both of my broadcom to work, I've heard not so good results from others...02:46
AdemanCrackGuy: linuxmonger thinks it would be on the cd, and i agree02:46
CrackGuyAdeman linkinxp I am totally a newbie, just got my hands on linux from windows, could you please assist me stepwise02:47
brainiac8008bazhang, i just started up the livecd and it recognized only 900mb. then i rebooted (still using the livecd) and it recognized all of my ram. ?? it does say on the web that there is a restriction of 900mb btw, so i dont get it02:47
arvind_khadribazhang, hi..good morning02:47
linkinxpCrackGuy,  i got it 1 week ago :D02:47
bazhanghi arvind_khadri ;]02:47
linkinxpCrackGuy,  what do you need?02:47
georgeguitarMifuyne, yes, at the end you always find a way to make work everything, even my cell phone works in Ubuntu, but I didn't try to make it works as a modem, but soon I will do it02:47
arvind_khadribrainiac8008, the live cd is cranky sometimes :)02:47
bazhangbrainiac8008: what is the link that says that02:47
jribropoy: k, run 'gksudo update-manager -c' in a shell and pastebin the output (get to the error about releasenotes)02:48
brainiac8008bazhang: check it out: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9877502:48
CrackGuylinkinxp need to install samba from ubuntu cd02:48
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, neat :O02:48
linkinxpwhere i check how much ram its ubuntu detecting?02:48
CrackGuyi've inserted the cd02:48
spl0itodd-rationale: thanks found a $19.99 dlink thats fully supported, just checking another couple cards and then I'll pick02:48
linkinxpCrackGuy,  from cd? why?02:48
georgeguitarMifuyne, thanks again and good night02:48
arvind_khadrilinkinxp, use fdisk -l02:48
CrackGuylinkinxp because i dont have internet connection on the other machine02:49
AdemanCrackGuy: insert the CD, go to system->administraction->synaptic package manager,   enter your password, and then scroll down in the list until you find samba (you can use the search function) and then click on it and choose install, then hit apply02:49
Mifuynegeorgeguitar, no problem, it was fun xD take care02:49
brainiac8008bazhang: or http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28911 - 4th entry02:49
bazhangbrainiac8008: look at the date on that02:49
georgeguitarMifuyne, thank you, byeee02:49
CrackGuyAdeman thanks, i will try that02:49
brainiac8008bazhang: '0502:49
linkinxpCrackGuy,  system> administration> software source  and make sure CD's are selected :D02:49
linkinxparvind_khadri,  thanks02:49
Erickj92are there programs like cheat engine and art money available for Ubuntu?02:49
brainiac8008bazhang: huh. so they fixed it since then?02:49
Odd-rationalespl0it: ok02:49
bazhangbrainiac8008: that was for hoary02:49
PeloErickj92, what do those progs do ?02:50
Erickj92Pelo, they edit hex values i belive02:50
Phoenix5Back.... still cant get out of grub... do you think its a bad install?02:50
Erickj92in a program loaded into processes02:50
brainiac8008i guess arvind_khadri was right then when said that livecd is cranky lol02:50
PeloErickj92, try checking in synaptic,  do a search for hex maybe you'll find someting02:50
arvind_khadribazhang, brainiac8008 hey live cd's are really cranky sometm=imes,they work to0 fast sometimes,and sometimes too slow02:50
Erickj92ok thank you02:50
Ademanthe gutsy livecd was a steaming pile for me, every livecd since dapper has worked great for me until gutsy...02:51
linkinxparvind_khadri,  are you funny?02:51
SeaPhorPhoenix2: did what i post not work?, what errors?02:51
* Pelo is gonna upgrade to the "beta" , he's realy bored02:51
arvind_khadribazhang, brainiac8008 ,i have had wierd expiriences with them02:51
linuxmongerarvind_khadri: Could you please explain a CD tat is 'too fast'??02:51
arvind_khadrilinkinxp, am sorry if fdisk -l wasnt the one u wanted :s02:51
bazhangarvind_khadri: some others have had as well02:51
brainiac8008arvind_khadri, ademan yep. confirmed.  should be reported as a BUG!02:51
Phoenix5no it didnt work... said that the command wouldnt work02:51
CrackGuyAdeman there are only libsmbclient samba-common and smbclient02:51
linkinxparvind_khadri,  nvm02:52
PwrSurgeis openssh 4.6p1 the latest for ubuntu?02:52
CrackGuylinkinxp, CDs are already selected there02:52
AdemanCrackGuy: one sec02:52
linkinxpCrackGuy,  well it should prompt for the cd when u are not connected i guest02:52
Phoenix5im going to reinsall and try with kubuntu02:52
Phoenix5see if it goes any better02:52
Christina18Hi I cant mount my windows partition. It is listed as /dev/hda1 ntfs with 'fdisk -l', but 'mount /dev/hda1 /media/hda1' returns an error02:52
arvind_khadrilinuxmonger, installation from it once took me 20 mins for a same system whereas once it took 40 mins or so :)02:52
Phoenix5does it matter if I have the drive set to master, slave, or cable selecT?02:52
SeaPhorPhoenix2: sorry 'bout that, i'm a n00b here and its been a while since i've had to use that02:52
AdemanCrackGuy: hrm, sorta sounds like you need an internet connection...02:53
Phoenix5no problem... just wish it would install/work likes its supposed to lol02:53
brainiac8008hey if i were to partition my drive and install ubuntu (i currently have vista), can gparted resize the vista partition or must i go into vista and resize it there?02:53
bazhangPhoenix5: what errors are you getting?02:53
geniiPhoenix5: for IDE drives, ideally drive on end of cable->master  drive in middle of cable->slave02:53
CrackGuyAdeman, is there anyway i can download samba and copy it in a usb stick and then install on ubuntu machine?02:53
bazhangbrainiac8008: the ubuntu install disk will resize it for you02:53
AdemanPhoenix5: it shouldn't matter to ubuntu really, but there is a specific setup that will work for your hardware02:53
Odd-rationalebrainiac8008: the ubuntu installer can resize your windows partition02:53
AdemanCrackGuy: sorta, one sec02:54
Phoenix5when I boot up the drive that has ubuntu... it goes directly to a grub command line and it says it has "minimal" commands02:54
ropoyjrib there seems to be a problem it says the -c option is invalid02:54
=== ka2u0 is now known as ka2zzzz
Odd-rationalebrainiac8008: just be sure to defrag ment windows first02:54
Ububeginhow to open chm file in Ubuntu02:54
Mkoso who knows mk02:54
arvind_khadribrainiac8008, it'll work for u,if u dont want tat to happen select manual aoptin02:54
c3rb3rus5what programs would you use for linux to do backup and recovery like ghost or acronis would for windows?02:54
geniiPhoenix5: In this configuration when set to cable select they will have same order as well02:54
Mkonot me02:54
jribropoy: k, what is the output of 'update-manager --help'02:54
SeaPhorPhoenix2: it may be just /etc/gdm start02:54
Christina18HELP me please!  I cant mount my windows partition. It is listed as /dev/hda1 ntfs with 'fdisk -l', but 'mount /dev/hda1 /media/hda1' returns an error02:55
linkinxparvind_khadri,  i was looking for command free ;)02:55
bazhangMko: do you have a support question?02:55
shivamib*oh yes, defragging windows is really a must02:55
Phoenix5im going to try and install kbuntu.. ill be back02:55
StarnestommyChristina18: what error does it give you?02:55
jribropoy: ah, no '-c' needed in 7.04 it seems.  Just drop it02:55
arvind_khadriMko, give us ur querry02:55
arvind_khadrilinkinxp, oh :) i dont know command free02:55
Mkowhats the best firewall?02:55
bazhangiptables Mko02:55
Mkoim new02:56
Christina18Starnestommy: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62584/02:56
Pici!firewall | Mko02:56
ubotuMko: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).02:56
ryan-ciptables -P OUTPUT DROP && iptables -P INPUT DROP is the best firewall02:56
ropoyokies, jrib it opened the update manager and it say the system is fully up to date02:56
SeaPhorhey all what the command to start/stop/restart GDM?02:56
tonyyarussoSeaPhor: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm restart02:56
arvind_khadriMko, linux/unix OS come with default firewall's known as iptables...use man iptables02:56
tonyyarussoSeaPhor: (or of course stop or start)02:56
brainiac8008bazhang, Odd-rationale, see http://apcmag.com/how_to_dualboot_vista_with_linux_vista_installed_first.htm - this made me think i must resize in vista. i guess i trust gparted more than vista's program for partitions anyway lol02:57
geniiSeaPhor: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start/stop/restart                    as well02:57
jribropoy: no offer to upgrade?02:57
Mkoas in the amount02:57
linuxmongerarvind_khadri: My best time was 11 minutes to restore from a backup image and I thought that was way to long. I get the question on time variation though - maybe a different configuration of the drives or a different vendor of CDs, it does make a difference. I had an old HP cdwriter - 8x I think - it would work fine being secondary to a Western Digital drive, but wouldn't write if it was secondary to a Maxtor. Weird.02:57
SeaPhorTY :-))02:57
PiciMko: amount?02:57
Mkoof ip tables02:57
SeaPhorPhoenix2: did you catch those?02:58
ropoyjrib there is no offer upgrade,02:58
owen1how can i make a folder on my ubuntu available to other ubuntu on the wireless home network?02:58
arvind_khadrilinuxmonger, :) my time variations were on the same specs,no changes in hardware :)02:58
PiciMko: iptables is a command, not a thing.02:58
jribropoy: how did you get one before?02:58
Odd-rationalebrainiac8008: if with vista, you can only decrease the sixe to a certain amount at a time. 25% i *think*02:58
c3rb3rus5what programs would you use for linux to do backup and recovery like ghost or acronis would for windows?02:58
PwrSurgedebug3: channel 0: close_fds r 4 w 5 e 6 c02:59
brainiac8008odd-rationale, that's stupid. w/e i'll use gparted if i install ubuntu.02:59
PwrSurgeRead from remote host chestnut: Connection reset by peer02:59
caveymasonhow do i get root privlages terminle?02:59
jribbangbros: do you have an ubuntu support question?02:59
PwrSurgewhat does close_fds mean?02:59
StarnestommyChristina18: use sudo02:59
jrib!sudo | caveymason02:59
ubotucaveymason: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information.02:59
Starnestommycaveymason: use sudo02:59
ropoyjrib: there was an upgrade option, i upgraded but an officemate of mine accidentally cancelled it02:59
Christina18Starnestommy: I did02:59
PwrSurgethat's ssh in debug mode02:59
PwrSurgessh -vvv02:59
Odd-rationalebrainiac8008: no even with gparted02:59
ropoyand now it says could not download release note02:59
Mkoi need a key02:59
StarnestommyChristina18: are you sure that that's the right partition?02:59
ropoyno internet connection02:59
Mkofor kaspersky02:59
bazhangMko: wrong channel for that03:00
Pici!piracy | Mko03:00
ubotuMko: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o03:00
brainiac8008Odd-rationale: huh will have to look into that03:00
jribropoy: what is "it"?  Is it not the same thing we just opened from the terminal?03:00
geniithanks Pici03:00
Picigenii: of course.03:00
Mkoi did it03:00
Christina18Starnestommy: yes, output of fdisk -l: /dev/hda1   *           1        1044     8385898+   7  HPFS/NTFS03:00
linuxmongerarvind_khadri: Different disk vendor maybe - it's getting harder to find the gold tinted CDs, but they always seemed to work the best for me - and I've burned thousands of CDs - literally. My first burner was a 486 DX2-80 with SCSI and dual speed burners.03:00
brainiac8008BarryToeman, arvind_khadri, bazhang, Odd-rationale, ty for your help.  i have to go. cya guys.03:00
CrackGuyAdeman you there?03:00
bazhangbye brainiac800803:00
arvind_khadribrainiac8008, you are always welcome03:01
StarnestommyChristina18: I'm not sure what could be causing it other than a bad filesystem03:01
ropoyjrib its the same03:01
PwrSurgewhy would you need kaspersky with ubuntu?03:01
bazhangdont encourage him03:01
AdemanCrackGuy: still searching, i don't think there's an easy way to go about this03:01
Alley^Awaydoes ubuntu support the Turbo Memory 'drives' (NAND Flash memory) on high-end mobos? Or some other kinds of linux extensions/programs do this?03:01
PwrSurgeis there a linux version of kaspersky?03:01
owen1how can i make a folder on my ubuntu available to other ubuntu on the wireless home network?03:01
Pici!feeding the troll03:01
ubotuThe above mess was caused by someone who thought it was funny (they're gone now). Please ignore it completely, since discussing it and making a fuss will only make them think they've reached their "fun" goal.03:01
CrackGuyAdeman hmm, thanks03:02
arvind_khadrilinuxmonger, i tried to burn images,they dont work fine,live-cd's of gutsy are cranky,fiesty was smoothly smooth03:02
stephanok, i just changed monitors, and ubuntu has not detected it, so its blank screen03:02
ropoyjrib: now it can no longer download the repository index03:02
AdemanCrackGuy: out of curiosity what good is samba if you have no internet connection anyways?03:02
jribropoy: okay, so what is the output you got from the shell?03:02
PwrSurgelol, i was about to suggest to him the best windows antivirus out there, format c:03:02
=== ethan961 is now known as TheEasterBunny
CrackGuyAdeman i need it for my local network to share files and stuff03:03
PwrSurgeand install ubuntu03:03
=== code_kill is now known as Drex
u007-1hi, when unbutu poweroff, does it write the clock time to bios?03:03
AdemanCrackGuy: but if your ubuntu box is on your local network why can't it get at the internet?03:03
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:03
PwrSurgeso anyone know what this means: debug3: channel 0: close_fds r 4 w 5 e 6 c03:04
CrackGuyAdeman i don't have internet on that local server yet, only this machine has it which is stand-alone03:04
linuxmongerPwrSurge: Not enough to format c:, the proper thing is to boot off of your favorite distro and run 'shred' against /dev/<M$Partition>03:04
CrackGuyAdeman just got my hands on linux, want to learn it so was trying different things, i think internet connection is the core to learn and install things on ubuntu03:04
=== pierre_ is now known as pierrelourens
CreationistI'm still trying to figure out why Firefox is so slow and just stops loading pages after a while.  I have plenty of RAM...03:04
AdemanCrackGuy: rather unfortunate... lol... ubuntu without an internet connection is pretty crappy in my opinion, makes things incredibly hard03:04
CrackGuyAdeman yeah :)03:05
AdemanCrackGuy: if you had internet you would just click on the samba package, hit install, then apply, and you'd be good to go... as it is... ugh lol03:05
owen1how do i share a folder with another ubuntu?03:05
kravlinhey. I'm trying to install ubuntu 6.10 because it's the most recent cd i have at the moment. I get two errors on boot. One says Mp-bios bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC.03:05
stephanmy monitor cant display the resolution ubuntu is running at, how do i change it03:05
kravlincan anyone help?03:05
stephanwithout being in the actual GUI03:05
AdemanCrackGuy: I can tell you the hard, hard, hard way, if you'd like... lol03:05
ropoyjrib: here it is 'Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.'03:05
LjL!fixres | stephan03:05
ubotustephan: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto03:05
CrackGuyAdeman if that works!03:05
PwrSurgecreationist: google: firefox reduce memory usage03:05
CreationistPwrSurge: According to top it doesn't use very much.03:06
stephanok thanks03:06
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg stephan03:06
PwrSurgethere are a few fixes you can do under about:config03:06
LjLstephan: you can possibly also hit Ctrl, Alt and minus in the GUI that you don't see, and it might show up03:06
AdemanCrackGuy: lol, alright, it will definitely work, but it's so horribly i hesitate to tell you lol03:06
jribropoy: that's the full output?03:06
CrackGuyAdeman please, i am too eager to learn!03:06
kravlinhey. I'm trying to install ubuntu 6.10 because it's the most recent cd i have at the moment. I get two errors on boot. The first is Mp-bios bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC.03:07
kravlincan anyone help/03:07
ropoyjrib: here: warning: could not initiate dbus03:07
ropoycould not send the dbus Inhibit signal: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.03:07
ropoycould not send the dbus Inhibit signal: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.03:07
ropoycould not send the dbus Inhibit signal: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.03:07
FloodBot1ropoy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:07
AdemanCrackGuy: as long as you understand that it's normally not this bad :-)03:07
jribropoy: use pastebin...03:07
bazhangkravlin: that version will reach end of life soon (if it hasnot already--best to get a more recent version)03:07
kravlinbazhang: i figured i would update off of the internet.03:07
CrackGuyAdeman am ready for start, please consider, it's been an hour i started using *linux*03:07
failHey there, im trying to partition my SATA-2 HD with the ubuntu live cd using gparted, windows xp is currently installed on the HD, however gparted has been sitting at "scanning devices" for the last hour, ive never been able to get gparted to work, why is this?03:08
bazhangkravlin: the huge number of updates would be far larger than just downloading a new cd03:08
b4l74z4rdoes xchat use its own font rendering system apart from the rest of gnome?03:08
faildo i need to mount the HD first to use gparted?03:08
pokerfacepenguinfail: i would use the actual gparted live cd....give that a try03:09
ropoyjrib: here it is 'http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62586/'03:09
kravlinbazhang: Currently out of cds anyway. from what i'm reading though the problem doesn't go away.03:09
failah ok, ill try that poker, thanks03:09
soulreaperi have ubuntu is there any good mp3 players for ubuntu i can download??03:09
arvind_khadrisoulreaper, they come default03:09
bazhangkravlin: a bios bug? that is in your system?03:09
jribropoy: that can't be the full thing because it does not include what you first told me about "possible causes"03:09
AdemanCrackGuy: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/samba   you'd go here, download the package from the link 'i386' from the bottom, then download all of the other packages in the same way that are marked with red circles.  (and each of those packages will have their own packages with red circles, and you keep going until you reach packages without red circles)  it WILL work, but it's absolutely horrid, when ubuntu is connected to the inte03:09
Ademanrnet it has a program that can handle all of this for you automatically03:09
kravlinbazhang: the thing's never been booted...03:10
kravlinbazhang: it's possible it's just incompatable.03:10
linuxmongerAnybody know if there is an issue with the toolbar and menu icons in OpenOffice.org? All of my toolbars had been set to display "Icon only", and they still are, but all I'm getting is the text labels03:10
arvind_khadrikravlin, dont u have someother cd03:10
decayWhere do i view nvidia control panel?03:10
owen1right click on a folder doesn't show 'share folder'.  anyone?03:10
Alley^Awayhmm is my question not making sense, or?03:11
bazhangkravlin: just speculation until you try; do you live far in the country and unable to access/buy new cd's?03:11
backgenhello kind people, can you please point me out to the Mac Leopard version of this lovely chat room?03:11
CrackGuyAdeman i will wait for an internet connection :) but i appreciate your time and effort03:11
AdemanCrackGuy: then you'd load them all up onto a usb disk, bring it over to your ubuntu machine, take a terminal, navigate to where all of the *.deb (package) files are, and type    sudo dpkg -i *.deb03:11
bazhangbackgen: that is unsupported and illegal03:11
AdemanCrackGuy: yeah, lol, it's really bad03:11
AdemanCrackGuy: you made the right choice lol03:11
backgenbazhang: lol03:11
kravlinarvind_khadri: I have another cd for Redhat. I'd prefer not to use it.03:11
CrackGuythanks anyway :)03:11
soulreaperi hooked up my mp3 player to my ubuntu and its not reading any of the music files off of it that are mp303:11
arvind_khadrikravlin, :) i meant any other ubuntu cd???03:12
owen1right click on a folder doesn't show 'share folder'.  anyone?03:12
genii!mp3 | soulreaper03:12
ubotusoulreaper: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:12
ropoyjrib: the last one is the returned by 'gksudo update-manager' the first was returned by sudo update-manger03:12
kravlinarvind_khadri: I might be able to get one from a dorm mate.03:12
faili also have a question for swap space, ive read somewhere that by rule of thumb you need twice the space for swap as you do RAM, i have 2gigs of DDR2 800mhz ram, so i would allocate 4gigs of swap?03:13
backgenor...are there any mac gurus on tonight? My good friend is having a problem with her macbook (leopard OS) and we are in the middle of exam period!!!03:13
arvind_khadrisoulreaper, did ubuntu detect ur mp3 player??try another port maybe03:13
arvind_khadrifail yeah03:13
=== m0 is now known as `m0
bazhangbackgen go to ##apple03:13
soulreaperya it detected it its on the desk top03:13
ropoybasically just the same except the sudo has the possible causes'03:13
backgeni realise that this is the ubuntu chatroom but any help would be incredibly appreciated03:13
monkeybritchesIsn't it 1.5 times, or is that just for windows?03:13
backgenbazhang: thanks!03:13
fail4 gigs of swap?, sounds like over kill though really no?03:13
arvind_khadrisoulreaper, try opening it,if gui doesnt work try CLI03:14
kravlinarvind_khadri: ok. one of my friends had an Alternative install cd of feisty.03:14
kravlinarvind_khadri: we'll try it.03:14
soulreaperwhat is CLI03:14
arvind_khadrikravlin, try getting it and check if u get the same errors...seems like ur bios is buggy03:14
htmljunkiehello all03:14
Alley^Awaycommand line interface03:14
Alley^Awayalso known as shell or console03:15
arvind_khadrisoulreaper, command line interface,i meant terminal by tat03:15
=== sjovan_ is now known as sjovan
htmljunkiehello to mac as well03:15
thundr2Hello htmljunkie03:15
kravlinarvind_khadri: got the same errors. it seemed to ignore them though.03:15
htmljunkie<funky> raid0 is just mirroring03:15
hikejinxsouldreaper, can you see the files? Is the problem with not havint the codecs to play the mp3s?03:15
sgroverhow do I install the Electric Sheep screen saver?  It's not in the add/remove list.03:15
htmljunkiesorry for that03:15
soulreaperwhy would i open it in the turminal03:15
Alley^Awaydoes ubuntu support the Turbo Memory 'drives' (NAND Flash memory) on high-end mobos? Or some other kinds of linux extensions/programs do this? Any ideas?03:15
kravlinarvind_khadri: so it may work.03:15
urthmoveris there a way to have a higher resolution Electric sheep?03:15
arvind_khadrisoulreaper, yeah03:15
Nertos_UfaВсем доброго времени суток03:15
soulreaperi can go into the mp3 player and look trew files03:16
genii!ru | Nertos_Ufa03:16
ubotuNertos_Ufa: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke03:16
arvind_khadrikravlin, i suggest putting it in a differnt port and trying once03:16
htmljunkie so get this everyone , I was on the linuxchix server just to see what it was all about, I say a few jokes and they tell me to get off their server. PLEASE go to that server irc.linuxchix.org and flood #linuxchix and protest this sexist abuse of power. Thank you, all people who go are free to do, this is not being forced upon anyone . They wouldn't answer any of my questions about linux either03:16
Starnestommy!ot | htmljunkie03:16
ubotuhtmljunkie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:16
soulreaperi tryed putting it in a diff port and same thing happends03:16
hikejinxsouldreaper, have you installed mp3 support? Tried opening a player and paying them?03:17
arvind_khadrikravlin, hey tat wasnt for u sorry :)03:17
arvind_khadrihikejinx, he says that the file's arent being red in03:17
arvind_khadriurthmover, hi03:17
soulreaperthats what im haveing troubles with i cant see the mp3 files03:17
soulreaperso i cant get the updates and whats nots03:17
IdleOnehtmljunkie: if you ever read the ubuntu c.o.c. you would know that doing what you ask is against the c.o.c. wich any good ubuntu user would have read and signed03:17
Creationisthmm... maybe htmljunkie should just grow up, get some sun, and read a book?03:18
soulreaperi did it a while ago before i reformated my comp and now i cant read the file any more03:18
bazhangmaybe he should be kicked03:18
hikejinxsoulreaper, which player do you have?03:18
Alley^Awayarvind_khadri: am I talking black or being ignored or something?03:18
IdleOnebazhang: good idea03:18
sgroverCreationist: that's what I was thinkng03:18
kravlinarvind_khadri: would be pretty sad if all soulreaper's files had periods at the beginning of the filenames.03:18
=== code_kill is now known as Gifted
arvind_khadrisoulreaper, you mean nautilus its file manager  for Gnome03:18
soulreaperits a sansa m35003:18
jribropoy: it's very easy to be precise with errors, you just copy them in full and paste them on the pastebin.  Paraphrasing what happens just creates confusion.  I have to go now, but here is what you can try: 1)  Consider whether you have a strange internet setup that prevents update-manager from fetching meta-release and address this.  2) Try to fetch meta-relaes from03:18
jribhttp://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release yourself and save it as /var/lib/update-manager/meta-release03:18
arvind_khadriAlley^Away, not at all,sorry if i made u feel so03:18
Creationisthtmljunkie: Go create #linuxbros and you can make your own rules, okay?  Okay.03:19
IdleOneAlley^Away: racism is not tolerated either03:19
urthmoverI make my own rules03:19
ropoytnx jrib ill remember that03:19
decaycould someone tell me where the nvidia control panel is?03:19
Alley^Awayno thats ok, just wasn't sure :) just updated my Miranda today, could be faulty03:19
arvind_khadrikravlin, :) yeah but i dont think tats possible03:19
urthmoverI've never had good luck with miranda03:19
soulreaperwhat arvind_khadri03:19
Alley^Awayehh what? racism??03:19
urthmoveror psi very much03:19
hikejinxok... in the options you may have to go to the prefs on the player, go to usb and put it on msc.03:20
kravlinarvind_khadri: seems to be working. i'm at 5%.03:20
IdleOne<Alley^Away> arvind_khadri: am I talking black or being ignored or something?03:20
=== reconnect is now known as recon
hikejinxI have a sansa and I had to. Different model though.03:20
IdleOnein any case03:20
arvind_khadrisoulreaper, i asked did u mean nautilus03:20
IdleOnegood night03:20
bazhangcya IdleOne03:20
arvind_khadriIdleOne, night03:20
ltcabralhello ppl, how can i open port 5432 to test a socket program i made... just a client and server connecting to myself03:20
IdleOnelater bazhang arvind_khadri03:20
Alley^AwayI'd even take advice from green and blue people..03:21
soulreaperwhat is nautilus03:21
Starnestommysoulreaper: it's the file manager in gnome03:21
urthmoverwhat is a terminal screen?03:21
soulreaperya i can use that on my mp3 player03:21
arvind_khadribazhang, hey can it happen tat i can view videos of youtube in gnome but not in xfce03:21
soulreaperand go threw files03:21
soulreaperon the mp3 player03:21
urthmoverwhy don't most people use Dvorak?03:21
bazhangarvind_khadri: what is the browser in xfce? also firefox?03:21
arvind_khadrisoulreaper, nope :) u cant03:22
arvind_khadribazhang, yeah03:22
Starnestommyurthmover: because qwerty is more popular and it's been around longer03:22
soulreaperbut i cant find the suport for the mp3 files03:22
hikejinxi can help.03:22
soulreapergo on03:22
hikejinxsoulreaper, go to /media and see what the playername is03:22
urthmoverwhat version of the alphabet are we up to now?03:22
bazhangarvind_khadri: not sure there; perhaps the plugin is not loading? what error do you get or does it ask you to download the plugin03:22
urthmoveris it in SVN?03:22
Alley^Awayjust want to know if there's any sense in investing in a high-end motherboard with a 1 gb NAND Flash thingy in it - I know *brr* Vista uses it for ehh ReadyBoost or somesuch thing, and wanted to know if Ubuntu (or any other linux) can take advantage of it too03:23
ToadinatorA music messaging session has been requested. Please click the MM icon to accept.03:23
kravlinarvind_khadri: he does have support for mp3 files correct?03:23
arvind_khadribazhang, i dont have xfce now,jus askin...all the plugins were loaded...the video never used to load up03:23
soulreaperrhythembox i beleave03:23
ltcabralcan anyone help me to open a port?03:23
urthmoverI don't have the right dependencies for compiling new new alphabet03:23
urthmoverboy I'm bored I'm goona go budg a different channel guh nite folks03:23
arvind_khadrikravlin, he cant read the files :) so he doesnt need the support for it....for playing the files he will need support03:24
soulreaperhikejinx its rythmbox03:24
hikejinxsoulreaper, we need to make a file an put it in the players folder so that it is recognized.03:24
arvind_khadrikravlin, to be precise he'll need codecs03:24
Toadinatorcan someone help me with a scanner problem?03:24
ropoydoes anybody know how to deal with this? 'http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62588/'03:24
hikejinxsoulreaper: can you open a terminal please03:24
kravlinarvind_khadri: Ah. i don't think i've been following close enough then.03:24
soulreaperok done03:25
hikejinxcan you type cd /media03:25
ToadinatorI'm having problems with scanning images...03:25
soulreapercd /media03:25
ropoy does anybody know how to deal with this? 'http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62588/'.03:25
hikejinxtype ls03:25
backgenhey guys, does anyone know if it's possible to un-install updates that i've just installed on my Macbook (Leopard OS) , because i think they just screwed my computer real bad03:25
jaffarkelshachow do i find out if my wifi card can be set to monitor mode03:26
hikejinxsoulreaper: what do you see03:26
bazhangbackgen this is the wrong channel for that03:26
owen1do i need samba to share folder with other ubuntu machine in my home network or there is better way?03:26
kravlinbackgen: you might want to try #apple.03:26
kravlinbackgen: we're a community for support of Ubuntu.03:26
soulreaperyou want me to type is03:26
Toadinatorcan someone help me with xsane?03:26
ToadinatorLS not is03:26
hikejinxtype ls and then enter. it lists file in the directory.03:26
kravlinsoulreaper: LS. It's a command to show files. Kinda like dir in windows.03:26
arvind_khadrisoulreaper, ls ,l for love , s for super03:26
caminomasterI have a trouble with Komposer: trying to edit the source of the page makes Komposer Close03:27
soulreapercdrom  cdrom0  cdrom1  floppy  floppy0  SANSA M35003:27
Toadinatorcan someone help me with scanning images?03:27
soulreaperthat is what i go03:27
bazhangowen1: only linux machines? what about nfs03:27
timo1teoim going to sound like such a noob but alot of ubuntu is starting to intimidate me especially the terminal controls of the OS, is it worth putting time into it and getting over the learning curve or will i be completely lost gor a good long time before i get anything to work03:27
hikejinxok. give me a sec.03:27
slashzuldoes ubuntu support pcmcia serial port cards ?03:27
StroganoffToadinator just state the question03:27
caminomasterEverytime I try it, Komposer fails...03:28
Scunizicaminomaster, try saving the source on your machine and editing it there. then ftp back to the site.. or use komposer to upload.03:28
ltcabralplease someone help me to open port 5432 for a tcp connection to myself :(03:28
bazhangtimo1teo: put in the time it will be worth it; just a few basic ones you need to know really03:28
Scuniziltcabral, on your router?03:28
caminomasterScunizi, i'm editing a local page03:28
ropoywhy cant i upgrade to 7.10 from 7.04?03:28
ToadinatorOh sorry... when I scan an image there are weird lines going vertically on the image... is this normal, because it doesn't happen on windows03:28
Starnestommyltcabral: just start a program that listens on that port if you're connecting from localhost03:28
timo1teothanks :)03:28
PanzerMKZtimo1teo it is worth it03:28
orudiehow can i find out which version i have installed?03:28
Toadinatorshould I show an example?03:28
arvind_khadriropoy, does tat sound like upgrade???03:28
bazhangropoy: you mean 8.04?03:28
ltcabralim using sockets to connect to myself...03:29
Scunizicaminomaster, you could try nvu (pretty much the same) or netscape suite. (same) all are based in nvu including komposer03:29
ltcabralno router03:29
hikejinxsoulreaper: cd /media/SANSA\ 35003:29
miketoshhe said TO 7.10 FROM 7.04,03:29
bazhangorudie: version of ubuntu? lsb_release -a03:29
arvind_khadriropoy, if u meant 8.04 its not released so u cant03:29
backgenkravlin: i know it is!! But i swear all the other chatrooms are very inactive and i trust you guys since you've saved my computer for the brink of destruction so many times before03:29
soulreaperyou want me to put that in the turminal03:29
ropoyno from 7.04 to 7.10. i have the upgrade buton on update manager but wheni click it03:29
hikejinxyes souldreaper03:29
Ashfire908ok so my computer recently became really really really slow and laggy (hanging for awhile before launching even simple programs) and i don't have a clue what's wrong. I couldn't find anything in my system logs to why. sorry for being so vague on what's wrong but i don't know anything about it really.03:29
owen1bazhang: what's nfs?03:29
Scuniziarvind_khadri, it there.. and yes you can upgrade to it.. :)03:29
bazhangbackgen you cannot do that and this is the wrong place to ask03:29
StroganoffToadinator have you googled your scanner+xsane?03:29
cchild'dmesg" shows acpi error, how do i fix this03:29
sgroverowen1: network file system03:29
ropoyit says cant doanlod release notes03:29
miketoshAshfire908 top03:30
soulreaper No such file or directory03:30
kravlinarvind_khadri: well it installed.03:30
Ububeginropoy: still 15 days left for 8.04.. might as well wait to get it...03:30
LadyNikonhey .. i am trying to install some compiz plugins from synaptic03:30
kravlinarvind_khadri: reboot is giving me a new error now though.03:30
sgroverowen1: good for sharing files on a local network tween *nix boxes.03:30
Toadinator*one sec03:30
ScuniziLadyNikon, and...03:30
Ashfire908miketosh, no nothing shows as sucking up the reasources.03:30
arvind_khadriScunizi, its beta and is un-safe for newbie's03:30
LadyNikonbut it tells me if i install compiz-commpcomm-plugins-main that it will uninstall compiz and the other themes03:30
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo owen103:30
hikejinxsoulreaper: type cd/SAN and then hit tab and see if it autocompletes the rest of the name.03:30
orudiebazhang, what will be the main update in 8.04 from 7.10 ?03:30
arvind_khadrikravlin, wats tat???03:30
ropoyububegin: im trying to upgrade to 7.1003:30
Scuniziarvind_khadri, yea.. sorta03:30
orudiebazhang, or some of them03:30
owen1sgrover: even on wireless?03:31
bazhangorudie: best to head to the hardy channel for discussion of that03:31
Buhmanatori have a cryptic error message from konqueror. my problem is that konqeror refuses to browse the file system. It wont open ANYTHING. no folders, pages, nothing. here is the error message it gives me when I type "/" into the location bar:03:31
Buhmanator"this appears to be a configuration error.  you have associated Konqueror with inode/directory, but it cannot handle this file type"03:31
BuhmanatorNow, last time I checked, the WHOLE point of konqueror was to browse the file system.  How can it not support "inode/directory"?03:31
BuhmanatorMajor problem, when I go to the said dialog in the emedding tab of  the file associations tab of the configure-konqueror dialog,03:31
FloodBot1Buhmanator: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:31
arvind_khadriScunizi, its better not to suggest it,as sometimes it may do a serious damage to hardware03:31
hikejinxsoulreaper: we need to change to the directory for SANSA 35003:31
Buhmanatorwhen I click on the "add" button on the services preference order subsection to add " Icon View (konq_iconview)" to the top of the list, there are no items in the list to add!03:31
soulreaperit just beeps at me03:31
sgroverowen1: nfs doesn't care bout wireless - as long as you can reach the remote box by IP it can be used.03:31
kravlinarvind_khadri: now i get PCI: Cannot Allocate resource region 3 of device 0000:00:00.003:31
Toadinatoryes, but I get nothing03:31
arvind_khadrikravlin, Ahh i too keep getting tat :) never bothered03:31
kravlinarvind_khadri: then it goes into the loading screen and stalls out.03:31
hikejinxok, type gedit /media/SANSA\ 35003:31
ltcabrali want port 5432 to be open, but when i check in nmap only other 3 ports are open.. how can i open 5432 (tcp)03:31
caminomasterScuzzinni, I've installed Komposer since nvu is not in my Synaptic listm but never thought thats it has what a kind of bug03:32
Starnestommyltcabral: start a program that listens on port 543203:32
slashzulhi guys , what do you use for a usb to serial adapters?03:32
arvind_khadrikravlin, u mean the loading screen with the bar doesnt show up right!!03:32
StroganoffToadinator is your scanner listed here?03:32
owen1sgrover: cool. thanks03:32
StroganoffToadinator: http://www.sane-project.org/sane-backends.html03:32
slashzullooking for one that is compatible with ubuntu on a t6003:32
Toadinatoryes it is, Lexmark X110003:32
kravlinarvind_khadri: the screen shows up right. it just freezes at that point and the bar never actually goes up.03:32
ltcabralwell i started my server application that i made... it should be working :P03:33
Toadinatorshould I post an example of the weird effect?03:33
BuhmanatorFloodbot: I did not flood, I used my gangsta skills to use inline carriage returns!03:33
soulreaperok another window poped up03:33
caminomasterScunizi, is really stupid the way it hangs by only deletting (exactly trying to delete) a simple letter03:33
slashzulhi guys , what do you use for a usb to serial adapters on ubuntu?03:33
hikejinxok. is it empy?03:33
arvind_khadrikravlin, jus leave it for some time,sometimes its slow,do u have enough swap??03:33
bazhangslashzul: serial? for a mouse?03:33
cilkayHello. How would I have ssh-askpass prompt me before I get to the KDM login screen?03:33
ropoyhow do i know what version of ubuntu i have?03:33
kravlinarvind_khadri: I let it guide itself.03:33
timo1teohow will you know if you need to install drivers for your graphics card once you install and boot ubuntu03:34
StroganoffToadinator have you tried different resolutions? by the way: http://www.sane-project.org/man/sane-lexmark.5.html03:34
Scunizicaminomaster, tab is your friend for completing nicks..:)  netscape had an editor based on nvu as well.. deleting a letter bombs it? that's weird.. unless your keyboard file is strange somehow.. sorry can't help there.03:34
Starnestommyropoy: lsb_release -a03:34
hikejinxsoulreaper: copy and paste this into the file.03:34
kravlintimo1teo: usually it'll look really bad or it'll let you know.03:34
Scunizitimo1teo, what kind of card do you have..03:34
arvind_khadrikravlin, i didnt get u,wats the size of ur ram and swap??03:34
bazhangtimo1teo: you will be able to see if the resolution is what your card and monitor support hopefully; otherwise there is a simple command that will let you check or you can use the gui to do so03:34
hikejinxsoulreaper: then save it.03:34
n-iCehow can I set up the title bar03:34
n-iCeisn't there anymore03:34
harriseldonropoy: you can also use System->About from the menu in the top03:34
timo1teoati mobility radeon X140003:35
ltcabralStarnestommy, when i open my application and use nmap in another terminal it shows the port 5432 in the list of opened ports, but the server application stops running and gives me an error message03:35
Scunizi!ati | timo1teo03:35
ubotutimo1teo: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:35
arvind_khadribazhang, would u mind helping kravlin out,i need to rush to college03:35
tsamancan help me, about ebox03:35
timo1teothanks alot03:35
Pelon-iCe, it's a decorator issue in compiz,  open the advance effects manager and check the decorator box03:35
bazhangarvind_khadri: cya; study hard ;]03:35
soulreaperit wont let me save it03:35
Toadinatoryes I have... should I report this to the sane mailing-list?03:35
caminomasterWho can help me with a rare nvu/Kompozer trouble?03:35
Starnestommyltcabral: what was the error?03:35
kravlinarvind_khadri: I've got 512 because i pieced this together just buying the few parts i had to to make it run.03:35
slashzulhi guys , what do you use for a usb to serial adapters on ubuntu?03:35
ltcabralStarnestommy, i tested in another place and it worked well, so the problem is with my computer03:35
n-iCePelo,  I unistalled compiz03:35
arvind_khadribazhang, thanks,i hate to go to college03:35
timo1teoi'm going to be in this chat nonstop to try to absorb everything03:35
caminomasterI must work but it is working really bad03:35
ltcabralStarnestommy, Invalid argument03:35
Pelon-iCe, you probably need to restart metacity then03:36
soulreapersaid i dont have permition to but im the admin03:36
arvind_khadrikravlin, make bazhang follow you up,i need to go,sorry03:36
n-iCePelo how03:36
Scunizislashzul, how do you mean..03:36
tsamancan help me, about ebox03:36
Starnestommyltcabral: was this from the server or the client?03:36
hikejinxok. souldreaper, quiit and type sudo gedit /media/SANSA\ 35003:36
arvind_khadribazhang, bye ciao,tc03:36
bazhangtimo1teo: you might also read some stuff in ubuntuforums.org and see the !training pdf (you can /msg ubotu training for link03:36
tsamanwhy my ebox in ubuntu can't sharing internet03:36
erat123does anyone know how to download streaming video?03:36
kravlinarvind_khadri: that's fine. thanks for all the help!03:36
Pelon-iCe, not quite sure how,  check in gconf-editor under apps/metacity ,  therer is probably a box to check03:36
kravlinbazhang: so you want the rundown?03:37
slashzulScunizi: Im looking to buy a usb to db9 serial port to use with a cisco switch03:37
Pelon-iCe, or you might just have to reselect a theme03:37
bazhangerat123: use miro03:37
slashzulwant something that is supported03:37
ltcabralStarnestommy, server...03:37
erat123bazhang: thanks!  i'll look into it!03:37
sgroverElectric sheep? How to install in Ubuntu for novice user?03:37
bazhangkravlin: sure go ahead03:37
Starnestommyltcabral: it might be a server bug03:37
Scunizislashzul, ah.. the cisco uses the db9 i take it.. older?  I'm not sure if you'll have to install anything or not.. might just work.03:37
soulreaperok i did sudo and typed in my password03:38
soulreaperand another blank window poped up03:38
slashzulScunizi: my laptop has only a usb port03:38
kravlinbazhang: I finally got ubuntu to install. It gives me an error saying PCI: Cannot Allocate resource region 3 of device 0000:00:00.0 and then goes to the loading screen but freezes there.03:38
hikejinxwhen the new window pops up, paste that info and save03:38
ltcabralStarnestommy, but worked perfectly in other place03:38
ropoycan anyone please take a look at this03:38
slashzulI need a usb to db9 converter. Looked up ubuntu help and noone has recommendations03:38
dtsso i just put hardy on for the fun of it but i can only log in in gnome fail safe, not normal gnome. Where do i check the debug file?03:38
bazhangokay kravlin hang on a sec while I check03:38
doodlerhey guys03:38
shivamibdts: dmesg03:38
dtsshivamib: for x related stuff+03:39
soulreaperwhat do you want me to do next??03:39
dtsshivamib: well actually gnome related03:39
dtsX works fine03:39
Scunizislashzul, here's a link for the adaptor.. but I still think it might just "work" without any intervention  http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=123071&CatId=46403:39
Peloropoy, download the alternate intstall cd and upgrade from that03:39
shivamibusually its in /var/log/Xorg.log or something03:39
ropoyPelo: is there no other way/03:40
Peloropoy, it will be quicker03:40
hikejinxsoulreaper, we need to make a file. can you switch to the music players folder.03:40
mophead_Hey everyone. I'm running what I think is the latest version, on Ubuntu (gutsy). I can't seem to figure out how to turn on the automatic spell-check (wiggly red line). Any ideas?03:40
ropoyah okies03:40
mophead_Sorry, I'm using openoffice03:40
ropoyPelo: ill try03:40
soulreaperas in witch one03:40
soulreaperthe mp3 players or the rythmbox03:40
slashzulScunizi: doesnt work with Ubuntu 7.1003:41
Pelomophead_, in openoffice ? check in the options , or ask in #openoffice.org03:41
hikejinxthe music players03:41
slashzulI picked one up and it gave me loads of problems on dmesg03:41
slashzulnever loaded up.03:41
hikejinxwe need to make a file that lets rhythmbox recognize the player03:41
harriseldonmophead_ there is a button on the toolbar with ABC, a check, and a squiggly line03:41
slashzulyou need drivers for it03:41
bazhangkravlin is this 64 bit ubuntu cd?03:41
mophead_Pelo: I've already checked the spelling tools and checked off "check spelling automatically"03:41
soulreaperrythembox is a music player on ubuntu03:41
hikejinxyour mp3 player03:41
mophead_harriseldon: I've unchecked and checked that button a few times, to no avail.03:41
kravlinbazhang: Shouldn't be.03:41
Pelomophead_, let me check my settings03:42
bazhangkravlin: that is an unequivocal no? or not sure03:42
soulreaperya i can go into my mp3 players folders03:42
hikejinxsoulreaper: do it in the terminal.03:42
shivamibdts: what happens when you try to log normally03:42
kravlinbazhang: assume it's a no.03:42
Scunizislashzul, check this out .. it might shed some light http://www.zimbio.com/pilot?ZURL=%2FUbuntu%2BLinux%2Farticles%2F61%2Fscie%2Bnti%2Bst%2BKeyspan%2BUSB%2BSerial%2Badapter%2Bsupport&URL=http%3A%2F%2Fscie.nti.st%2F2008%2F3%2F13%2Fkeyspan-usb-to-serial-adapter-support-in-ubuntu03:42
soulreaperim not that talented with the terminal03:43
slashzultoo long a link03:43
slashzultry again03:43
harriseldonmophead_ it works fine for me, check the dictionaries in Tools-Options Language Settings->Writing Aids03:43
hikejinxsoulreaper, well click on the icon for you music player. what is the address location?03:43
Pelomophead_, just click the abc tool in the toolbar ,the one iwth the checkmark and the squiggly line, when it is pressed the auto check is enabled03:43
hikejinxmp3 player03:43
Scunizislashzul, try this one.  http://tinyurl.com/46wvf803:44
bazhangkravlin what video card, what cpu what motherboard and are you sure about the 64bit cd? if you say assume no, then I could give you advice that might compromise your system--best to be 100% sure on that last point03:44
soulreaperits just on the desk top03:44
dryrotwhy dont i have sound in skype ?03:44
soulreaperor the otherone is in my apps03:45
yahya_why don't Debians like to support Debian based distros03:45
mophead_Pelo: Yes, that's what I thought it should be too, but it doesn't seem to be working.03:45
Scuniziyahya_, because there are changes here... not much but could be significant.03:45
ToadinatorI'm here.03:45
bazhangyahya_: this is ubuntu support channel; do you have a ubuntu support question?03:45
mophead_harriseldon: "check spelling as you type" is checked03:45
Pelomophead_, maybe you didn'T make any spelling mistake03:45
IamReckIs there a special Channel for dealing with bugs in the latest Beta release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron?03:46
hikejinxbut open it into a window, then you can see it's location.03:46
dryrotubuntu is pretty well supported!03:46
StarnestommyIamReck: #ubuntu+103:46
PiciIamReck: Please join #ubuntu+1 for Hardy/8.04 support/discussion.03:46
bazhang#ubuntu+1 IamReck03:46
kravlinthe cpu is a 2200+ AMD 64 Athalon. I've had the motherboard because it was meant to be on a project that never was started but i don't know what it is. it's made by jetway and is fairly03:46
ScuniziIamReck, launchpad for reporting bugs03:46
hikejinxthe icon on the desktop is a link03:46
mophead_Pelo: I tried typing "lfkjldksfj ewrjewkl dsfopje" to test it, and it's not underlined03:46
kravlinold because it's a socket 754.03:46
Pelomophead_, I'm out of ideas03:46
Scunizikravlin, that's old?! I've got a socket 47803:47
bazhangkravlin I asked four (4) questions; you answered two (2) only03:47
kravlinbazhang: but i started it again and it worked for some reason. it's the 6th or so time that i've been starting it.03:47
slashzulthats it. Ill have to rebuild a driver for it.03:47
Toadinatoryou here?03:47
slashzulits ok, done it before. THANKS03:47
b4l74z4rwhat's that weird vertical line in xchat gnome that i can't seem to get rid of?03:47
Scunizislashzul, I hope it works for you.03:47
mophead_Pelo: Hm.  My surname and some jargon words are underlined, but it doesn't recognize gibberish as a spelling error.  ...odd.03:48
shivamibit's where you left the window03:48
slashzulill post if I get it done, there isnt much out there on using ubuntu for a cisco console03:48
shivamib(assuming its the red one)03:48
Toadinatorstroganoff are you alive?03:48
b4l74z4rno its black and vertical03:48
Pelomophead_, it might be that it recognises them as possibly being some type of serial number and ignores them03:48
kravlinbazhang: fine. old compared to today's stuff thanks to moore's law.03:49
mophead_Pelo: a-ha!03:49
PeloToadinator, try in private please03:49
Pelomophead_, ???03:49
lewenchHello, i'm getting this error with Xchat "Cannot find 'notify-send' to open balloon alerts. Please install libnotify" I checked my packages, and I do have this installed. Can anyone help me out with this?03:49
bazhangkravlin: not sure what that means; what video card and what cd (32 bit or 64 bit)03:49
StroganoffToadinator whats ur problem?03:49
mophead_Pelo: your serial number theory makes sense03:49
StroganoffToadinator yes go to the mailing list03:49
dtsshivamib: it starts gnome then screen goes black (presumably crashes) and it returns to the login screen03:49
kravlinbazhang: it's not the 64bit cd.03:49
Pelomophead_, ah03:49
StroganoffToadinator send an example03:49
Scunizilewench, I have the same issue.. not sure what causes it but it doesn't seem to effect anything.03:49
shivamibcan you ctrl+alt+f1?03:50
Toadinatorok... one second03:50
bazhangkravlin: you need no further assistance then?03:50
kravlinbazhang: video card is a 128mb 6600 Geforce.03:50
shivamibusually this is a video card thing03:50
kravlinbazhang: not unless it hangs up again.03:50
mophead_Thanks for the help!03:50
hikejinxokay soulreaper, I haven't heard back from you. I need to head out. In this thread is a solution. It's roughly thesame as one that worked for me and another model sansa. Try to finish or get someone else here to help. Good luck.03:51
Scunizikravlin, that's a pretty solid card.. have you checked xorg.conf under driver to see if it says nvidia?03:51
harriseldonlewench: try using the run dialog to create your own test of notify_send. You can use notify_send "Test Title" "Test Text"03:51
kravlinscunizi: it's not a video card issue.03:51
lewenchScunizi, yeah I know, just that pop up error is annoying. Was thinking about trying Kopete if its compatible gnome. Just don't know how good it is.03:51
harriseldonlewench: if that does not work, it may be path related.03:51
FliesLikeABrickif I told gnome to rotate my display under System->Preferences->Screen Resolution, what file is that option saved in?  I changed it, nothing shows up right, and I need to manually revert the change03:51
bazhangkravlin: almost all of those errors are either with the motherboard or the 64bit cd; you say it is not the 64bit cd so not sure what else to recommend at this point--you may file a bug at launchpad if you feel it is warranted03:51
yahya_yeah I have a problem03:52
kravlinbazhang: probably the motherboard then. the guy i got this cd from says it's not 64 bit.03:52
hikejinxYou basically need to make a file in the mp3 players root foler named is_a_player or something, add some info to the file.03:52
Scunizi  harriseldon how do you get to the run dialogue.?03:52
soulreaperi reported back to you03:52
soulreaperbut you no answer03:52
harriseldonScunizi: I use Alt-F203:53
bazhangkravlin: the guy? might want to download the 32bit and see if that is the case and if you run into the same errors--I would trust ubuntuforums over the guy03:53
yahya_after I installed the ubuntu.. I downloaded the adobe nonfree plugin but it didn't work .. Then I installed it manually and now when any flash site launched the browser quits03:53
FliesLikeABrickyahya_ did you install flashplugin-nonfree or something else?03:53
FliesLikeABrickfrom APT03:53
StroganoffScunizi: is use winkey+R muhahaha03:53
kravlinsoulreaper: if you use their name before your quote it usually highlights it for them. makes things easier.03:53
kravlinbazhang: got it.03:54
shivamibdts: usually this is a video card thing03:54
ToadinatorOk, stroganoff I'm gonna send two files. out.png is the xsane one, and favpic.jpg is the windows one.03:54
soulreapero didnt know that03:54
Stroganoffok do that03:54
CreationistMan, why doesn't ANYONE ever support Linux?  Comcast, AT&T...03:54
StarnestommyCreationist: it's because everyone uses windows03:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about true - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:55
CreationistStarnestommy: Well, that was just a silly statement.03:55
kravlincreationist: because that would be intelligent. Kinda like how they plan on capping bandiwth instead of increasing flow by improving cables.03:55
yahya_have you got my question?03:55
Starnestommysilly, but true03:55
ScuniziCreationist, because .net and asp programmers are a dime a dozen?03:56
FliesLikeABrickyahya_ I asked you a follow-up quetion03:56
Creationistkravlin: Well, I'm paying for 6mpb/s and gettting about 280kb/s. :)  I talked to tech support and all they said is "We don't support Linux."03:56
Toadinatorthey're ready stroganoff... you're using an irc client that supports file transfers, correct?03:56
lewenchregister 0p3ns3s4m303:56
kravlincreationist: they just don't understand it.03:57
yahya_FliesLikeABrick when the flash non free plugin didn't work I downloaded the Adobe Flash Player as tar.gz and installed it throught terminal03:57
Starnestommylewench: if you're trying to register with nickserv, it's '/msg nickserv register password'03:57
ZeltaCreationist: Do you have any Windows OS' around?03:57
shivamibwell, if anything, it does make installing obscure hardware fun03:57
Zeltaif so: are they getting 6mbps?03:57
CreationistZelta: I dual boot with a slipstreams install of XP, yeah.03:57
StroganoffToadinator yes.03:57
n-iCe /join #xubuntu03:57
CreationistZelta: And no.. under Windows it is slower too.03:57
ScuniziCreationist, what's a slipstreams install ?03:57
StroganoffToadinator alternativly use www.imageshack.us/03:58
lewenchStarnestommy, Thanks, forgot the /msg03:58
Toadinatorok I'll just upload them to photobucket03:58
ben18mdoes anyone know why my i cant get video to work on youtube03:58
CreationistScunizi: It lets you create a customized Windows install disc without all the crap you don't need/want.03:58
ScuniziCreationist, do you do that from the original install cd?03:59
CreationistScunizi: I created it specifically for gaming so it doesn't have all that extra crap (services, drivers, etc) that MIcrosoft puts on every machine.  It's much faster this way.03:59
CreationistScunizi: Yes.  Look into a program call nLite.03:59
ScuniziCreationist, cool thanks.03:59
r00723r0Why can't my desktop effects be loaded?04:00
bazhangr00723r0: what video card and what drivers and how installed04:00
r00723r0nVidia 7600GT, latest drivers, Synaptic. It might help to say that I'm running Hardy.04:01
ToadinatorStroganoff: xsane scan: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c334/SUPERTOAD45/out.png04:01
mophead_r00723r0:: #ubuntu+1 is for hardy specifically04:01
bazhangr00723r0: then you might wish to join the hardy channel ;]04:01
harriseldonCreationist: you can try a site like this http://reviews.cnet.com/7004-7254_7-0.html don't know how accurate it is though04:01
ToadinatorStroganoff: windows scan: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c334/SUPERTOAD45/favpic.jpg04:01
bazhang!cn | langziyang04:01
ubotulangziyang: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:01
Creationistharriseldon: I usually go to dslreports.com for my speed tests04:02
harriseldonCreationist: are you getting the same results as you posted?04:03
StroganoffToadinator i once had similar stripes on windows with a hp scanner :D --- well i'd contact the sane-backend mailing list with these pictures.04:03
Creationistharriseldon: Yes.  The speed test you gave me doesn't even list AT&T Yahoo for an ISP ;)04:03
Stroganoffim out.04:04
harriseldonCreationist: I picked AT&T Worldnet. I do not think it matters04:04
blackvdI have a dual boot on my Dell Inspiron 6400 with Vista and I would like to remove Vista completely and have my whole HDD for Ubuntu only. Is there an easy way of accomplishing this? Thanks.04:05
ToadinatorStroganoff: Alright! Thanks for your help, stroganoff. I'm off to the mailing list. Goodbye, or as they say in China, Zaijian!04:05
Creationistharriseldon: Yeah, I was just thinking that shows it's pretty outdated.04:05
Creationistharriseldon: 231kb/s04:05
harriseldonCreationist: I got 714 kb/s04:06
Buhmanatori got 500,000 kb/s04:06
harriseldonCreationist: I have AT&T DSL as well04:06
Toadinator714 kb/s? wow04:06
Buhmanatori have an international US backbone04:06
Creationistharriseldon: I have their Elite service... up to 6MB/s04:06
ToadinatorI get like 150 kb/s at max04:06
lewenchlewench, test04:06
Buhmanatori'm working on 182gb/s04:07
Buhmanatornot quite there yet04:07
CreationistI love the "up to" part.  I could get 1k/s and they still fulfill their agreement lol04:07
Toadinatorbuhmanator: lol04:07
lewenchCan anyone see this ?04:07
Starnestommylewench: yes04:07
harriseldonlewench: yes04:07
Buhmanatoryess suh!04:07
mophead_!ask | lewench04:07
ubotulewench: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)04:07
LeGreffi3Rthe site is far from real04:08
pawanwhen is the new version coming out04:08
geniiWell, see you crazies later04:08
mophead_pawan: april 24.  See #ubuntu+1 for questions about hardy heron.04:08
BuhmanatorCreationist, at home I have 503b/s 24/7/36504:08
Pici!schedule-#ubuntu+1 | pawan04:08
ubotupawan: A shedule of Hardy Heron (8.04) release dates can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule04:08
LeGreffi3Rcan't see if it mistakes the bit/octet or is it too far from France?04:08
LeGreffi3R(or overloaded)04:08
Toadinatorpawan: ubuntu 8.04 is coming out in... 16 days I believe?04:08
CreationistBuhmanator: I used to have a 1200bps modem :)  That was fun.04:09
mophead_!fr | LeGreffi3R04:09
ubotuLeGreffi3R: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.04:09
bazhangthe bot made a spelling mistake!04:09
LeGreffi3Rmophead_> i can talk english, see04:09
LeGreffi3Rmophead_> I already contribute on -fr.04:09
Toadinatorpawan: April 24 is when 8.04 hardy comes out.04:10
Buhmanatori have an "up to" 512k/s connection and I get 503.417b/s every second of the year04:10
Buhmanatorprecisely the above value04:10
Toadinatorgoodbye peoples, or as they say in China, Zaijian!04:10
Buhmanatordown to the last 10 thousanth of a byte per second04:11
tonyyarussobazhang: so correct it.04:11
Buhmanatorgood evening04:11
ScuniziCreationist, I use to have a Hayes 300 baud that cost me $40004:11
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!04:11
ziltoidhello, does anyone know if there are lists of all the packages that come with certain distributions (i.e. gutsy server) anywhere?04:11
r00723r0Buhmanator, there is no such thing as a ten thousanth of a byte.04:11
bazhangtonyyarusso: not sure how to do so; would if I did--saw an error yesterday with the wubi factoid and wanted to do so there as well04:11
Buhmanatorof a byte per second yes there is04:12
=== elkbuntu_ is now known as elkbuntu
r00723r0Aye, my mistake.04:12
FezzlerWeb design program.  Komposer?  or Amaya?  Looking for simple but WYSIWYG04:12
tonyyarussobazhang: To change significantly, say "/msg ubotu no, factoidname is blah blah blah".  For minor edits, "/msg ubotu factoidname =~ /fou/foo/"04:13
louciouskompozer i good04:13
tonyyarussobazhang: The edit will be forwarded to #ubuntu-ops for review / implementation.04:13
googlahhi guys, running a critical server and after 69 days i decided to reboot, but now it won't get past grub. it says alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid-34123 does not exist. dropping to a shell and i get into (initramfs). now lots of websites is down. please, can anyone help?04:13
louciousis good04:13
bazhangtonyyarusso: thanks so much04:13
dabbillI cant seem to get my grub setup correctly to boot my windows install. I have 2 HDs in my computer, sda(linux) hda(windows) sda is set as boot drive with grub04:13
Buhmanatorlol, I tried hosting a Warcraft3 game once, that was fun04:13
googlahcan i force grub to boot anything?04:14
dabbilli have root (hd1,0) for windows04:14
Buhmanatori also tried hosting bzflag too04:14
Scunizigooglah, sounds like the uuid of a partition has changed.. try blkid to discover current uuid's and compare to fstab04:14
bazhangFezzler: html?04:14
|TroubleMaker|I've got a little problem with CUPS I am using a Linksys print server for my networked printing. When printing the first print job prints without fail, but never clears the que so the 2nd and so on jobs do not ever print. I have to go in and delete the jobs as they finish. anyone seen this and know of a solution?04:14
Buhmanatorit became so popular that I had 100/100 people04:14
mophead_Fezzler: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25660404:14
Buhmanatoruber lagg04:14
Fezzlerbaz:  Yea, very basic.  But WYSIWYG.04:14
googlahScunizi: okay, i'll try those in initramfs. one sec04:15
Buhmanatorlike 20 minute lage +- 2 hour jiitter04:15
Buhmanatorno joke04:15
bazhangFezzler: you can /msg ubuto html for some suggestions04:15
mophead_Fezzler: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&hs=oSl&q=+site:ubuntuforums.org+ubuntu+wysiwyg04:15
bazhangoops that should be ubotu Fezzler04:15
googlahScunizi: problem is that NO /bin/sh command can be recognized04:15
ubuntuhi guys, looked around the net to see if i could find a guide for it, but they all seem to be reversed04:16
Scunizigooglah, you might want to head over to #ubuntu-server.. more brain power there for servers..04:16
bazhangubuntu: guide to what04:16
ubuntuis there any particular method or tutorial to install xp and ubuntu, only with ubuntu being the first installed os04:16
ubuntui'm on the live disk installing it now, and i left an NTFS primary partition for windows04:17
googlahdon't seem to find anything at all. Scunizi: right. but as in desktops it is at least a very similar problem, but this is a bit more urgent04:17
Scuniziubuntu, you're asking for trouble if you do it that way.. if you have no other choice you'll have to reinstall grub..04:17
bazhangubuntu you can do it that way but then need to edit the grub menu04:17
ubuntui don't mind editing the grub menu04:17
googlahurgent. damn04:17
ubuntui'd prefer it really, since recovery console causes BSOD for me04:17
dabbillHere is my grub menu http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62595/ cant seem to get windows to boot, have 2 HD's sda(linux) hda(windows)04:17
ubuntuso i can't reinstall ntldr04:18
Scunizigooglah, I understand .. I just don't have the answer.. post the question again and hopefully someone will pick it up.04:18
kravlinhey bazhang: it's doing it still i think it's the motherboard at this point.04:18
bazhangkravlin: that is the 754 socket?04:18
ubuntuso i'll install ubuntu now, then install xp, which will overwrite grub04:18
=== shivamib is now known as andthensome
ubuntuhow can i reinstall grub so that it will chainload ntldr, and not the other way around?04:19
Scuniziubuntu, it's not editing the grub menu per se.. it's that windows over writes grub with its boot manager.. so you have to reinstall grub.. not a huge issue.. just a live cd and about a minute once you have the right guide.04:19
=== andthensome is now known as andthennone
FezzlerOne more.  I have two hard drives in my Ubuntu PC.  One has OS and other is all storage.  The 2nd is new fast 200gig HD.  OS is old slow 6gig.  Can I buy new OS hard drive and somehow make an exact copy?04:19
ubuntuFezzler: image it :d04:19
googlahrunning a critical server and after 69 days I decided to reboot the machine. Now GRUB won't boot anything, it just sends me to (initramfs) where I cannot do anything. Lots of websites is down atm. GRUB was using UUID to boot, but it seem to be changed or something. Anybody who can help me to get this server up? quite urgent. =/04:20
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=584661 from this link kravlin04:20
ubuntuI'm fond of the acronis projects04:20
ScuniziFezzler, you can use partimage to image the small drive.. reinstall onto the new drive and then use gparted from live cd to make it larger04:20
=== andthennone is now known as andthensome
FezzlerScun:  Above my head!  But sound like fun.04:21
dabbillHere is my grub menu http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62595/ cant seem to get windows to boot, have 2 HD's sda(linux) hda(windows)04:21
bazhanghave to step away for a bit back later04:21
googlahScunizi: anyway, thanks for tryin :)04:21
Scunizigooglah, no problem.. post your fstab to pastebin04:22
ubuntuso i'll reinstall grub, will that leave the ntldr in a place where grub can still chainload it?04:22
charles|64help please flasplugin-nonfree isnt installing because of the checksum mismatch ive tried everything on the bug reports and be trolling to forums for an hour with no solution. im running 7.10 64 bit04:22
FezzlerRe: Web design program, looks like Kompozer gets the thumbs up.04:22
Buhmanatori have a cryptic error message from konqueror. my problem is that konqeror refuses to browse the file system. It wont open ANYTHING. no folders, pages, nothing. here is the error message it gives me when I type "/" into the location bar:"this appears to be a configuration error.  you have associated Konqueror with inode/directory, but it cannot handle this file type" Now, last time I checked, the WHOLE point of konqueror was to browse04:22
Buhmanator the file system.  How can it not support "inode/directory"? Major problem, when I go to the said dialog in the emedding tab of  the file associations tab of the configure-konqueror dialog, when I click on the "add" button on the services preference order subsection to add " Icon View (konq_iconview)" to the top of the list, there are no items in the list to add!04:22
=== andthensome is now known as msiladnav
ben18m_does anyone know why im getting this http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e33/benhd2008/Screenshot.png04:22
charles|64help please flasplugin-nonfree isnt installing because of the checksum mismatch ive tried everything on the bug reports and be trolling to forums for an hour with no solution. im running 7.10 64 bit04:23
googlahScunizi: if i could. i don't seem to be able to type any command ?04:23
Scunizigooglah, are you ssh-ing into the box or are you at terminal?04:23
=== msiladnav is now known as shivamib
googlahScunizi: I'm in grub. don't get past it at all04:24
ben18m_anyone know why this is happening http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e33/benhd2008/Screenshot.png04:24
googlahnow i'm on my workstation04:24
TheFearsomeFufucharles|64: It's workign perfectly fine for me, on 7.10 64-bit. Do you have the gusty-updates in your apt sources?04:24
dapiz987my ubuntu system will not detect my samba shared printer, can anyone help me with this plaese?04:24
Scunizigooglah, do you have a live cd?04:25
mophead_ben18m_: What is the problem?04:25
millige1I am in trouble. My Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon HP DV2000 laptop was acting a little funny, and I (dumbly) decided to run fsck (no parms).  When fsck said "Warning this is a bad plan! Are you sure? Y/N" I entered Y (dumb yes,) Now the system won;t boot grub error 17 and if I run the liveCD and it logs to syslog "no volume manager".  How can I recover from this dumb mistake?04:25
soulreaperhi i have ubuntu and i just had a friend send me a file that is 8 mb and it was transfering at 2kbps how do i set it so it gose faster04:25
ben18m_well there is blue over the "videos being watched part"04:25
tuxussoulreaper: via Internet, or...?04:25
soulreaperwe both have 1.5 mbps uplead and download internet04:25
ben18m_and my videos freeze my browser04:25
FezzlerJust got amazing monitor at Goodwill for $40 - 15" acer AL511.  Ubuntu looks great on it!  Goodbye giant 21" Dell.04:25
Buhmanatorgoodnight, all!  (16 core AMD Opteron OVCLK 5.215ghz, 512tb DDR4 RAM, 1,000,000 tb HDD)04:26
Scunizigooglah, ping04:26
lewenchNight all04:26
Jester009I changed my video drivers to the generic nvidia 6 series and now i cant see anything cept blue and input not supported how do i revert back to the default driver?04:26
charles|64TheFearsomeFufu: yes04:26
soulreaperover pigin net messenger04:26
tuxussoulreaper: those are ideal speeds offered by your ISP... not necessarily actual speeds that can be gotten04:26
charles|64TheFearsomeFufu: gusty updates multyverse04:26
mophead_ben18m_ ask your question again and specify the issue with the blue thing - somebody might be able to help.04:26
soulreaperwhen i had windows it transferd at like 60 kbps04:27
birgihey all, how can i make an initrd image in ubuntu, i was using mkinitrd in gentoo?04:27
anderswcthis strike anyone else as funny as it does me?04:27
dabbillHere is my grub menu http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62595/ cant seem to get windows to boot, have 2 HD's sda(linux) hda(windows)04:27
soulreapernow i have ubuntu it transfers at 2kbps04:27
anderswc"At least they dont change there operating sytem every 2 months and makes the other outdated. Microsoft took 15 years to come out with a new Operating System and make XP go outdated"04:27
soulreaperhow do i fix it04:27
anderswcsomeone nocking non-windows OS's04:27
harriseldonben18m: do other flash sites work?04:27
charles|64help please flasplugin-nonfree isnt installing because of the checksum mismatch ive tried everything on the bug reports and be trolling to forums for an hour with no solution. im running 7.10 64 bit04:27
Jester009I changed my video drivers to the generic nvidia 6 series and now i cant see anything cept blue and input not supported how do i revert back to the default driver?04:27
jonseyapt-get install mysql-server  complains that the package can't be found, and i've already ran apt-get update, what else must i do?04:28
tuxusFONTS anyone??  I really like the clear fonts one gets when installing for example using Anaconda... is there ANY way that kind of clear font can be obtained while running a full desktop?04:28
ScuniziJester009, how did you change the drivers? specifically04:28
Jester009Scunizi: in the gui graphic i think it was under administrator04:28
Scunizijonsey, if you have a gui go to synaptic and search for mysql.. there are 2 versions.. install there.04:28
tuxussoulreaper: how are you transferring files? via the Internet, or what?04:28
ben18m_Does anyone know why i am getting a blue box over the "Videos being watched right now" section on the youtube home page.  http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e33/benhd2008/Screenshot.png04:29
pxHas anyone ever hear of an issue where the scroll wheel doesn't work unless xev is started?  I have a bluetooth mouse and the touchpad on my laptop, but do not work unless xev is started.04:29
ScuniziJester009, there should be a backup of your old file.. go to the terminal and type cd /etc04:29
charles|64help please flasplugin-nonfree isnt installing because of the checksum mismatch ive tried everything on the bug reports and be trolling to forums for an hour with no solution. im running 7.10 64 bit04:29
ScuniziJester009, forget that.. wrong directory.04:29
harriseldonben18m: do other flash sites work? What flash plugin is installed?04:29
ScuniziJester009, cd /etc/X11/04:29
TheFearsomeFufucharles|64: Put the line "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy-updates universe main multiverse restricted" in your /etc/apt/sources.list, then run apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, then try to install flashplugin-nonfree. Also, stop freaking spamming your problem over and over.04:29
tritium!repeat | charles|6404:29
ubotucharles|64: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:29
Jester009scunizi: what would i do from there i am very new to linux04:30
ScuniziJester009, are you there? if you are let me know and I'll tell you the rest.04:30
Jester009scunizi: i am here04:30
mophead_ben 18m_ also try try #firefox on irc.mozilla.org04:30
tarkushi. anyone here using aptana? im trying to figure out the best method of install. for some reason its not in the repos..04:31
ColdBeerhow do i install IE 6 on ubuntu, for web browser test, i do html crap04:31
harriseldonben18m_: do other flash sites work? What flash plugin is installed?04:31
ScuniziJester009, ok.. now type ls.. that will give you a directory listing.. look for xorg.conf and any other files that say xorg.conf.<something> .. I want to know how many and what the names are of the 2nd listing04:31
TheFearsomeFufuColdBeer: Youd' have to use WINE to run IE.04:31
Starnestommy!ies4linux | ColdBeer04:32
ubotuColdBeer: ies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!04:32
ben18m_no and the videos just freeze my browser also. and  i have the non-free flash installed04:32
mophead_ColdBeer: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&hs=Jkl&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=ubuntu+ie6&spell=104:32
flash_how can i run "sudo sh /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/dyndns_update.sh" inside of a file?04:32
Jester009scunizi: i am in xp right now i cant really work that way :p04:32
ColdBeerdo i need to install compiz fusion?04:32
harriseldonben18m_: do you see flash listed in firefox when you type about:plugins in the location bar?04:32
charles|64help please flasplugin-nonfree isnt installing because of the checksum mismatch ive tried everything on the bug reports and be trolling to forums for an hour with no solution. im running 7.10 64 bit04:32
tuxusben18m_: are you using 32 or 64 bit?04:33
ScuniziJester009, ok.. are you cutting and pasting my lines for printout and "doing"? if so I'll continue04:33
jonseyi don't see any package for mysql in the synaptic package manager, i see other things, though04:33
mophead_!patience > | charles|6404:33
Jester009scunizi: well im writing it down04:33
tuxusben18m_: I'd say first uninstall non-free04:33
Starnestommycharles|64: run 'sudo apt-get update' then try installing it again04:33
tuxusben18m: then re-install but not through synaptic04:33
QUEBALLi was told you could run window programs using ubuntu04:34
StarnestommyQUEBALL: using wine, you can run many windows programs04:34
tarkusdoes anyone use linux for web development? i need some help choosing my toolset. just need a good editor/environment to work in (XHTML/CSS, Python/PHP)04:34
ben18m_tuxus_: what then do you prefer i use04:34
tuxusQUEBALL: alternatively, run a VM server and have Windows as a guest...04:34
QUEBALLhmm vm hmmm04:35
QUEBALLwell i could do that04:35
Goldinteldo what04:35
tuxusben18m: I always have d/l the linux file directly from adobe, untar it, install it, and that04:35
Jester009scunizi: you there?04:35
tuxusben18m: and that's it04:35
QUEBALLtxxus how do you open port 22 for your router i have vonage router04:35
ScuniziJester009, ok.. that works.. old school :).. once you have the list.. you probably only have one maybe 2 other listing for xorg.. one may say "backup" at the end or a date.. take a guess as to which one then type.. sudo mv xorg.conf.<suffix> xorg.conf  .. and hit enter.. nothing will happen.. now CTRL+ALT+Backspace to restart the gui.. should fix it.04:35
anderswctarkus: eclipse is intended for java dev but there are plugins for PHP, Web Dev, and Python (among others)04:35
flash__Guys, How can i run "sudo sh /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/dyndns_update.sh" inside of .bashrc?04:35
charles|64starrnestommy no go04:35
ScuniziJester009, if it doesn't do the same thing again but choose the other file.04:36
tuxusQUEBALL: you'd have to go into the router. Find out what your gateway is. most likely something like
harriseldoncharles|64: have you looked at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+bug/17389004:36
QUEBALLya i know i saying do you tell ip start and close on port 2204:37
Jester009scunizi: thanks ill try it04:37
=== flash__ is now known as Flash-xD
ScuniziJester009, good luck..04:37
harriseldonflash__: why would you run it there? why not create a cron job?04:37
tuxusQUEBALL: ???04:37
charles|64harriseldon: tried that no go04:37
mophead_my eyes are closing, goodnight04:37
Scunizimophead_, nighty night04:38
Flash-xDharriseldon, i need to run this comando on startup04:38
cchildi am on opensuse 10.3 and thinking of moving to ubuntu, what can i expect to be different --advantage/disavantage04:38
soulreaperhow do i get plugins for my media players on my ubuntu04:38
soulreaperi need one for my mp3 files04:38
harriseldonFlash-xD: you can do that with cron04:39
charles|64ok this is irritating same md5 mismatch04:39
Scunizicchild, apt package manager.. lots of software in the repositories.. easy use and techi geekdome behind the scenes..04:39
charles|64help please flasplugin-nonfree isnt installing because of the checksum mismatch ive tried everything on the bug reports and be trolling to forums for an hour with no solution. im running 7.10 64 bit04:39
Scunizicchild, not to mention one of the best support irc channels around.. and forum too.04:39
tuxussoulreaper: google for medibuntu04:39
cchildi know suse uses rpm and ubuntu deb, i really like rpm04:40
QUEBALLDo you have to setup kernel and all that fancey stuff and c complier04:40
Scunizicchild, you won't dislike deb..04:40
harriseldoncharles|64: it looks like it is part of an open bug report. I am not sure what anyone in this channel can do.04:40
tuxuscharles|64: that is a known issue. THere are some sites I've seen that offered a working solution04:40
cchildi notice ubuntu does have the best irc support04:40
dabbillgrub menu http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62595/ when i try to launch XP it just says Starting ... but never loads04:40
tuxuscchild:????? you've GOT te be kidding04:40
Scunizicchild, there's a fever among us.04:40
charles|64harriseldon: tuxus ive been all over for the last hour or so with not sucess04:41
Starnestommycharles|64: do you have the gutsy-updates repos enabled?04:41
harriseldonFlash-xD: look at http://blog.lxpages.com/2007/05/10/neat-crontab-tricks/ for some help with cron schedules04:41
cchildhow bout yast, you can configure almost eveything with it, any comparable app in ubuntu?04:42
charles|64Starnestommy: gusty updates multiverse yes04:42
tuxuscharles|64: google for 32-bit firefox on 64bit04:42
tuxuscchild: what exactly do you need help with?04:42
Flash-xDharriseldon, thx man04:43
Scunizicchild, I've never used yast.. so I don't have a basis of comparison .. I've just read that once you've used apt every thing else is harder.04:43
cchildtuxus, i am deciding whether to move to ubuntu form opensuse 10.304:43
harriseldonFlash-xD: yw04:43
=== akoe_ceweq is now known as Cow_21
Scunizicchild, you could always install vmware server and load up ubuntu for a whirl04:44
dabbillgrub menu http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62595/ when i try to launch XP it just says Starting ... but never loads04:44
tuxuscchild: I'm a distro -hopper..  I've used just about everything under the sun, including Gentoo and FreeBSD.  In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Don't look for "what is best" - you'll never find it04:44
kindofabuzzdidn;t opensuse make a deal with the devil?04:44
damo23 dabbill: you need one extra line that says "boot"04:45
AliRezaTaleghanihello, auestion ;)  is their any i686-smp kernel for hardy heron??04:45
harriseldoncharles|64: did you look at this forum thread yet?04:45
Scunizituxus,  I don't think he's asking about what is best.. just the differences between the two.. and any convincing reasons why he should try it.04:45
harriseldoncharles|64: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63639704:45
Jester009Scunizi: that was the ticket thanks!04:45
AliRezaTaleghaniauestion* == 1 Question04:45
ScuniziJester009, glad it worked..!  now you've learned something new.. pass it on.04:45
dabbilldamo23, just boot? or do i need any thing after iet?04:45
ziltoidis there any list of packages that come with the gutsy server install?  I can't find any on the packages.ubuntu.com site04:46
damo23 dabbill: just  "boot"04:46
cchildtuxus, am getting a little irritated because my wifi jus stopped working and am getting acpi an irq errors--i think it is the kernel but i downgraded to the default and still getting the errors04:46
dmsupermani always mess this up, i'm on the live cd04:46
charles|64harriseldon: yup no go04:46
dmsupermanand i'm not sure exactly what the hd numbers stand for04:46
dmsupermanin setting up grub (sudo grub(04:46
yrlnry_on my GG laptop, if I don't press a key or click the mouse for a while, the screen brightness is automatically set to maximum.  I can't figure out how to disable that behavior.   I want it to leave the screen brightness alone at all times unless I explicitly change it.04:46
tuxuscchild: this with openSuse?04:46
dmsupermani did find /boot/grub/stage104:46
dabbilldamo23, thanks, going to give it a try04:46
dmsupermanand got hd1,504:46
dmsupermanshould i do root(hd1,5) and setup(hd1) ?04:46
cchildtuxus, yes04:47
cellofellowdmsuperman: looks right to me. I just got GFX working today, that's what I did.04:47
tuxusdmsuperman: are you running a dual boot?04:47
Scunizicchild, you can always boot the live cd and see if the wifi works.04:47
dmsupermani'm about to04:47
dmsupermani installed ubuntu but when i rebooted, it said ntldr not found04:48
dmsupermani have a 75gb ntfs partition at the beginning of the drive04:48
tuxusscunizi: my sentiments04:48
dmsupermanwhere i'll put windows later04:48
ColdBeerubuntu 8.0 rules04:48
tuxusdmsuperman: if you want dual boot, first install windows, THEN linux04:48
ColdBeerubuntu 8 is better than fedora 804:48
ColdBeerdebian rules!04:48
AliRezaTaleghani/join #kernel-beginner-help04:48
dmsupermancan't, that requires me to go into recovery console and reinstall ntlder04:48
dmsupermanand for some reason the combination of my hardware causes recovery console to BSOD04:49
tuxusdmsuper: why?04:49
dmsupermanevery time04:49
AliRezaTaleghani/join #ubuntu-kernel04:49
tuxusdmsuper: so you've got win running currently?04:49
dmsupermani'm on the live cd04:49
dmsupermani've got 75gb free where windows will go04:49
dmsupermanprimary ntfs04:49
damo23it IS possible to install ubuntu first and then xp04:49
dmsupermanbeginning of drive04:49
tuxusdmsuper: ok, but you have Win-whatever installed already?04:49
dmsupermanand i just installed ubuntu04:50
cchildI have been using suse on this note book since 10.0-10.3 and the wifi has always worked, but am sure the kernel update has something to do with it. but i downgraded but to the default and still can get it working. the suse channel is of no help, that s why i am seriously considering ubuntu04:50
dmsupermanthat would be no04:50
tuxusdmsuper: is your system powerful enuf to do a VMware ?04:50
dmsupermani don't want to vmware04:50
dmsupermani could vmware04:50
dmsupermanbut it's just not what i want04:50
dmsupermani basically want04:50
cchildi meant still cant get it working04:50
dmsupermanubuntu for most things04:50
dmsupermanthen if i need a windows only app, or games or such04:51
dmsupermanboot into windows04:51
damo23dmsuperman: make sure you have a copy of ubuntu cd so you can install grub again after xp, then just install windows xp04:51
dmsupermanaye, got that04:51
dmsupermani just wanted to make sure i was installing grub correctly04:51
dmsuperman75GB ntfs Primary, then ubuntu04:51
dmsupermanis how my partitions are set up04:51
balzacI'm wondering how to do a segmented tar archive04:51
dmsupermanonce in sudo grub04:51
dabbilldamo23, still no boot :( still just says starting up ....04:51
dmsupermani do find /boot/grub/stage104:51
tuxusdmsuper: I had a dual boot at my office, Winxp and opensuse. I got rid of suse b/c of funny looks, and ntldr problems immediately popped up.04:51
dmsupermanand it returns hd1,504:52
damo23dabbill: strange04:52
dmsupermanso i do04:52
dmsupermanroot (hd1,5)04:52
dmsupermansetup (hd1)04:52
harriseldoncharles|64: there are some solutions here, but it involves not using debian packages: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63210704:52
damo23dmsuperman: yeah04:52
tuxusdmsuper: I've never did it that way - couldn't tell ya04:52
dmsupermanand if i already happened to accidently do setup (hd0)04:53
dmsupermanwhat might that do?04:53
dmsupermani have a second hard drive (though it's probably in SATA 0 port) just for storage04:53
tuxusdmsuper: I'm assuming hd0 is your c: drive...04:53
dmsupermani haven't a C: drive yet04:53
tarkushey, anyone here using linux for web development? im trying to choose a toolset. just need a good editor/environment to work in (XHTML/CSS, Python/PHP)04:53
damo23dmsuperman:  you cant install grub to the slave ide it needs to be on hd004:53
brunoAlguem fala portugues na sala?04:53
harriseldoncharles|64: also some help here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash04:53
dmsupermanthey're both SATA04:54
dmsupermanbut i think, according the mobo at least, my secondary actually comes first04:54
tuxusdmsuper: you said I believe you're running windows ergo, you must have a c drive04:54
Flash-xDbruno, eu falo mais n fika falando pt aew aki n que os cara vao te manda opra canal ubuntu-br04:54
tuxusbruno: no04:54
dmsupermani've said several times i'm going to be installing windows later04:54
damo23dmsuperman:  you do root (hd1,5) then setup (hd0)04:54
brunoDo you speek portuguese?04:54
dabbilldamo23, right now i have Title Windows XP then root noverify (hd1,0) then chainloader +1 then boot04:54
tuxusdmsuper: sorry - too much to read :)04:55
n-iCewhy when I reboot a terminal starts with ubuntu? how do I disable it?04:55
=== GPB is now known as RSO
dabbilldamo23, err rootnoverify (hd1,0)04:55
tuxusn-iCe: any messages pop up?04:55
n-iCetuxus,  no04:55
dmsupermanwouldn't setup (hd0) install it to a different hard drive than the drive hd1,5 is on?04:55
damo23dabbill: not sure04:55
damo23dmsuperman:  correct, it needs to be on the primary drive so it boots off it04:55
n-iCetuxus,  also xchat servers list starts04:56
dmsupermanok, then i need hd1 not 004:56
dmsupermani'm pretty sure bios boots from hd104:56
damo23dmsuperman: grub needs to be installed on hd0 mbr04:56
dmsupermannot hd004:56
brunoHello manch3st3r!!!04:56
damo23bios usually boots off hd004:56
dmsupermani think i switched them04:56
dmsupermanwhen i installed my first hdd04:57
dmsupermani think i installed it to SATA 104:57
dmsupermannot SATA 004:57
dmsupermanthinking SATA 1 was first04:57
damo23dmsuperman: why would you do something crazy like that04:57
dmsupermanso my secondary drive is probably now in SATA 004:57
snarksterwhat is the command to reset graphics?04:57
g666RLdoes anyone know a channel for gnutella help?04:57
tuxusdmsuper: does this help: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=11157104:57
dmsupermanno, i'm installing it to the mb04:57
dmsupermani'm pretty sure i've gotten it figured out04:58
mheathHmm, how does dpkg determine what is a configuration file and what is not? Theres two different purge options, one for keeping confs and one not....and it handles conf file upgrades in a sane way....but I can't find any info on how it determines if a particular package file is a configuration file or not.04:58
dmsupermani'm gonna reboot and it should boot grub and in turn my ubuntu installation04:58
damo23dmsuperman: ok then if bios is set to sata1 then grub needs to be installled in hd104:58
tuxusn-ce: is Gnome or KDE running?04:58
dmsupermanif not then...i'm screwed :D04:58
n-iCetuxus,  indeed xfce, xubuntu04:58
dmsupermanbecause i need to get httpd back up :D04:58
n-iCetuxus,  then thing is a terminal and xchat aren't in the startup config04:58
tuxusn-iCe: from what I understand, xfce defaults to a "terminal" - it isn't a desktop environment like Gnome or KDE04:59
snarksteranyone? help me?04:59
brunoAnyone can clarify a doubt my?04:59
kindofabuzzusers shows users logged in right? why am i logged in twice?05:00
tuxussnarkster: your question is a bit unclear: the command to reset graphics?05:00
kindofabuzztuxuxxfce is a desktop05:00
snarksterright i think its dpkg  something or other.05:00
kindofabuzztuxus i meant05:00
tuxuskindofabuzz: 'cuz you're special?05:00
Starnestommysnarkster: sudo dpkg-reconfigue xserver-xorg ?05:00
snarksterthats it!!! thank you05:01
kindofabuzzspeacial maynot be good though05:01
kindofabuzztuxus xfce is a gui desktop, very nice one in fact05:01
AliRezaTaleghanihello, is their any i686-smp kernel, available for Hardy Heron??? i will be so tnx if someboddy tell me!?05:02
=== elmer_ is now known as elmer
brunoanyone!!!Help me please!!!05:02
kindofabuzzAliRezaTaleghani, check the download page?05:02
Ademani'm totally unfamiliar with using gpg with ssh, what do i need to do in order to login? i've generated a key on the server side, do i need the public and private keys on the client side? if so where do they go?05:02
Shadow420bruno I can help05:02
AliRezaTaleghanibruno: ? what is up?05:02
kindofabuzzAdeman, ssh <whatevertheipis>05:02
brunoshadow, do you speek portuguese?05:03
elmerSo I have a network printer on a PC that works fine from XP but does not work in Ubuntu. Can anybody help?05:03
kindofabuzzwithout <>05:03
AliRezaTaleghanikindofabuzz: which page! maybe i don't know that, plz give me the like, if u know!05:03
htmljunkiemacogw: you there?05:03
brunoalirezataleghani, do you speek portuguese?05:03
htmljunkiemacogw: i sent you a pm05:03
kindofabuzzelmer, i got my network printer working, and all i did was follow the steps05:03
Shadow420bruno no sorry but I can use a translator program05:03
AliRezaTaleghanibruno: no, sorry :)05:03
Ademankindofabuzz: yeah, without gpg it would be that easy, i've done that a million times, i have public/private key encryption going on i need to contend with05:03
b4l74z4ri've forgotten the default font rendering setting in ubuntu, can anyone tell me which one it is?05:03
kindofabuzzAliRezaTaleghani, i dunno, look for downloads05:03
elmerkindofabuzz, what steps?05:03
dmsupermanman do i love how EVERY thing goes wrong when i install OSes05:04
kindofabuzzelmer, add printer05:04
AliRezaTaleghanikindofabuzz: :) thx ;)05:04
kindofabuzzelmer, system > admin > printers05:04
elmerkindofabuzz, thanks I'll try it05:04
dmsupermanwhen i run "sudo grub" and i'm in grub installation05:04
Shadow420bruno so send me the issue in a pm and I can help you05:04
dmsupermanthen do find /boot/grub/stage105:04
kindofabuzzthat should've been the first thing you tried05:04
dmsupermanhow do i determine what hte result actually points to05:04
dmsupermanit returns hd1,5 for instance05:05
elmerkindofabuzz, Windows printer via SAMBA?05:05
brunoEverything well, I give good idea to use one, if can, help me!05:05
dmsupermanhow can i tell which partition that is?05:05
Shadow420dmsuperman whats up?05:05
dmsupermanit's definitely not the 5th partition of hd1, that's for certain05:05
tritium!enter | dmsuperman05:05
ubotudmsuperman: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:05
elmerkindofabuzz, should I use ipp or Windows printer via SAMBA?05:05
brunoshadow Everything well, I give good idea to use one, if can, help me!05:05
harriseldonelmer: if the printer is a windows share, use Windows printer via Samba. If it is network attached like jetdirect, use ipp05:06
starscallinghow long has hoary distros been dead?05:06
Shadow420dmsuperman well then if you installed grub to the linux partition05:06
dmsupermani did05:06
dmsupermanwhen booting grub05:06
dmsupermanit says partition not found05:06
FloodBot1dmsuperman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:06
elmerharriseldon, ok, thanks. SAMBA it is05:06
dmsupermanall i've done so far is install ubuntu05:07
pythondasnakea good site on making my ubuntu box a firewall ??05:07
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Shadow420bruno what are the issues pm them05:07
=== Presto is now known as Presto123
pythondasnakebest place to go for instructions for a noob?05:07
Shadow420bruno to me05:07
fitoriaIs there any requirements to make an official ubuntu repo?05:07
astro76!iptables | pythondasnake05:07
ubotupythondasnake: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).05:07
dmsupermanLike, why does it return hd1,5, when the ubuntu partition with grub on it is the second partition on hd105:08
pythondasnakeubotu understand but I have my reasons for using it strictly as a firewall.. I will look at your link thanks05:08
noodles12i'm using kubuntu gutsy. I've connected an external harddrive and when i'm transferring files over. at about 98% it says the file protocol was unexpectedly terminated!. how come i can't transfer any files over?05:08
dmsupermanshouldn't it return hd1,2?05:08
kindofabuzzso anyone know why i'm logged in twice according to users?05:08
irccan someone help me install a program?05:08
Shadow420dmsuperman you can set the installer to install grub to the linux partition the then make a grub boot floppy05:08
astro76dmsuperman: primary partitions are 1-4, logical partitions start at 505:08
LadyNikonhey i am messing around with screenlets and beryl.. for some reason i dont get the screenlet-manager05:09
brunoshadow Is the following, I downloaded a program to record the disc dvd, but I am not having it open with my compiler05:09
dmsupermanShadow420: I haven't got a floppy drive05:09
kindofabuzzLadyNikon, system- peferances05:09
brunohello fitoria!!05:09
fitoriahello bruno05:09
elmerSo the printer doesn't work05:09
irc can someone help me install a program?05:09
LadyNikonkindofabuzz: not there either05:09
dmsupermanShadow420: So if find /boot/grub/stage1 returns hd1,5, then i run root (hd1,5) and setup (hd0), why does it say partition not found when selecting the partition from grub at bootup?05:09
elmerit acts like it is going to print, and then it doesn't05:10
Shadow420dmsuperman hmm maybe you can make a grub boot cd05:10
elmerthat is it starts up like normal, but doesn't pull in any paper05:10
dmsupermanShadow420: Grub is installed05:10
brunofitoria where do you live?05:10
elmerit is an HP deskjet 374005:10
fitoriaNicaragua and you?05:10
harriseldonelmer: what does it say in the status for the printer in the system-administration-printers?05:10
Shadow420dmsuperman thats weird are you in the Live CD05:10
dmsupermanShadow420: The only problem is the partitions it setup for menu.lst don't point to the correct partitions05:10
brunoMinas gerais, brazil05:10
dmsupermanand yes, i'm on the live cd right now05:10
fitoriabruno: :D05:11
elmerharriseldon, I see no status on that page05:11
brunofitoria Do you speek portuguese!!05:11
shivamibbruno: i do05:11
fitoriano man just english and spanish05:11
harriseldonelmer: does the printer seem to do anything?05:11
elmerharriseldon, printer state: idle05:11
Shadow420dmsuperman then grub is not installed properly05:11
jtg23hey all05:12
elmerharriseldon, yeah, it makes noises like it is going to print, but then it doesn't pull in any paper or anything05:12
irccan someone please help me install a program05:12
dmsupermanShadow420: I just installed it, following the basic directions that every tutorial gives05:12
ircim stuck and i cant seem to gt it to work05:12
Starnestommyirc: which program?05:12
ircyami pod05:12
dmsupermanShadow420: "sudo grub" "find /boot/grub/stage1" returns hd1,5 "root (hd1,5)" "setup (hd1)" "quit"05:12
jtg23i don't have an ubuntu box handy, but i'm wondering, does anybody know ...can i manually set my mac address on any box or does hardware override my changes in some cases?05:12
Agent_bobhello.   i have an hp pcs 750 that is well supported by linux.  the printer is working fine but i can't get the scanner to work.   any help apreciated   (not a newbee here.)    xsane reports no device found.   ???05:12
brunofitoria Yes to understand, that you are even parents?05:12
dmsupermanShadow420: Then I reboot, grub loads, and it says invalid partition for selecting the partitions05:13
ircit said i need to run it as root or some thing05:13
fitoriabruno: ??????05:13
harriseldonelmer: are you sure the connection parameters are correct? you can try selecting "Show printers shared by other systems" under Server Settings in the printer configuration dialog. Then add the printer again. This time, the system will search for listening printers.05:13
Shadow420dmsuperman are you going to install grub to the mbr?05:13
bruno fitoria Yes to understand, that you are even parents?05:13
dmsupermanShadow420: I just installed ubuntu less than an hour ago, i haven't even been able to boot into it05:13
dmsupermanand yes, i want to install grub to the mbr05:13
dmsupermanwhich is on hd105:13
omar_ Guys, some of the python based applications don't work with me, maybe because I tried to install the latest alpha version of python. can anyone help?05:14
elmerharriseldon, I'll try that05:14
Starnestommyirc: put 'sudo' before the command that you're trying to run05:14
irci need to know the whole command05:14
ircthats the thing05:14
ircit says i need to run it as root05:14
brunofitoria:  /?????05:14
Starnestommyirc: which command are you trying?05:14
dmsupermanirc: "sudo COMMAND"05:14
brunofitoria: Ask me ..!!!05:14
fitoriabruno:  I dont understand your question can you re write it??05:15
Shadow420dmsuperman ok then re-install ubuntu then after when you get the installing the bootloader click on advance the set the install to (hd0)05:15
Agent_bobirc it helps if you tell what you are trying to install, and where you got it.05:15
elmerharriseldon, I just submitted a test page05:15
harriseldonelmer: any change in printer status?05:15
elmerharriseldon, no05:16
dmsupermanShadow420: I don't want to install to hd0. hd1 is my primary hard drive. Bios boots to hd1. I installed grub to hd1. Ubuntu is installed at hd1,5. My menu.lst points to hd1,5, but complains that it's invalid05:16
brunofitoria: How many years you have?05:16
fitoria19 and you?05:16
Shadow420dmsuperman I don't see how hd1 is primary when on my setup my primary is hd005:17
dmsupermanthat's your setup05:17
dmsupermani have 2 hard drives05:17
dmsuperman1 for storage05:17
Shadow420dmsuperman so do I05:17
Agent_bobso anyone good with sane/devices ?05:17
dmsuperman1 for system05:18
dmsupermanstorage is on hd005:18
dmsupermanwhen i first installed my system drive05:18
brunofitoria: Also ... that legal, we have the same age .. In fact I have 18, I will do 19 days now 27!!!05:18
omar_ Guys, some of the python based applications don't work with me, maybe because I tried to install the latest alpha version of python. can anyone help?05:18
dmsupermani put it in SATA 1 thinking it was the first slot05:18
harriseldonelmer: you are sure the connection parameters are correct? That is the olny issue I can think of.05:18
dmsupermanhowever, on my board it starts at SATA 005:18
dmsupermanso my storage is at SATA 005:18
fitoriabruno: come to #ubuntu-ni05:18
dmsupermanhowever, bios boots to SATA 105:18
harriseldonirc: did you follow the directions at the yami pod site http://www.yamipod.com/main/modules/docs/help/install_linux.php05:18
elmerharriseldon, state changed to processing05:18
dmsupermanso, hd0 = storage, hd1 = system05:18
harriseldonelmer: good sign!05:19
elmerharriseldon, I agree!05:19
Shadow420dmsuperman then u need to set bios to boot sata 0 also move your storage drive as a slave05:19
elmerharriseldon, the state went to held05:19
dmsupermanSATA doesn't have slaves or masters05:20
dsl546is ubotu still here?05:20
elmerharriseldon, and when I tried to release it it went processing then held again05:20
Starnestommydsl546: yes05:20
brunofitoria: Not enter, I do not know mecher very well that, you do not use msn?05:20
dmsupermanand why would i want bios to boot from my storage hard drive?05:20
ubotuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/7.10/server/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)05:20
fitorianah thats from M$05:20
MrSoReadyhello I have a Compaq F756NR. I just installed Ubuntu 7.10.  I want my graphics to be displayed correctly.  I just installed this nvidia-glx-new package that I needed to install but my resolution only still can be 800x600. How do I fix this?05:20
dmsupermanit doesn't matter the order of the drives in SATA05:20
Shadow420al crap05:20
harriseldonelmer: seems like a connection problem. Is there any authentication on the printer share that you may have forgotten?05:20
Shadow420big thunderstorm05:21
fitoriaAngeltronix: que nota que norri como lo trata la maribel05:21
bookmarkMrSoReady, did NVdriver load?05:21
fitoriabruno: #ubuntu-ni05:21
elmerharriseldon, I have authentication on, going to try it without authentication05:21
kindofabuzzelmer, is that printer even shared in windows?05:21
akatsukiHi, I have some problems trying send my laptop image to my external monitor.. using VGA...05:21
Angeltronixfitoria: guasaimaralayucaconlamarinahuana, yumeikin güevo compadre?05:21
akatsukianyone know how can i fix this?05:21
brunofitoria: As not understand!05:21
fitoriaAngeltronix: ya no sabueso como es la miercoleta05:22
Shadow420dmsuperman well my drives are IDE's so SATA I can't really help you05:22
MrSoReadyafter checking my computer has a GeForce 7000 M05:22
MrSoReadywhat is NVdriver load bookmark? are you asking me if I installed something?05:22
dmsupermanall i want to know is05:22
elmerkindofabuzz, yes. I know that for a fact, because I can print to it in XP05:22
dmsupermanhow can i determine which parition hd1,5 points to, vs hd1,1 and so on05:22
kindofabuzzthat don't mean it's shared05:23
elmerkindofabuzz, you sure?05:23
kindofabuzzelmer, that don't mean it's shared, is the printer connected to the XP box?05:23
elmerkindofabuzz, yes05:23
elmernot mine05:23
eeyore0022dmsuperman: I think you can see that in /etc/fstab05:23
elmerbut a seperate one05:23
Shadow420dmsuperman well I can't relly tell you except for look around in forums05:23
kindofabuzzgo to you printers in XP and right click it and choose sharing05:23
bookmarkdoes extension 2 require a separate partition for scratch?05:23
akatsukiHI, I just install ubuntu on my laptop. but i always use my external monitor to work on my laptop... i use VGA for that... and im not able to send the image using ubuntu.. anyone know how to fix this?05:23
elmerkindofabuzz, wait... it is connected to a Vista box. Sorry. >.<05:24
Shadow420bookmark what are you doing?05:24
elmerkindofabuzz, do the same thing anyway?05:24
bookmarki was wondering if i can put linux all on one partition05:24
kindofabuzzyeah make sure it's networked shared05:24
bookmarkbut it requires at least two doesn't it?05:24
Agent_bobdmsuperman the partition numbering is 0+   i.e.  0 is first 1 is second 2 is third...   the device.map file in /boot/grub/  determines which drive hd0 is.05:24
Shadow420book yeah05:25
kindofabuzzwell if your xp box can print to it and it's connectd to your vista box then yeah it's hshared already05:25
Shadow420bookman yeah05:25
bookmarkman i already have 8 partitions on my computer05:25
bookmarkand its a laptop05:25
kindofabuzzmake more!05:25
dmsupermanAgent_bob: /boot/grub/menu.lst?05:25
Agent_bobdmsuperman no.  devices.map05:25
Agent_bobor device.map05:25
dmsupermanah, gotchya05:26
kindofabuzzthaelmer, that's probably the problem, you have it on Vista05:26
Shadow420bookmark and it's has to partition 2 more to partitions to make it's swap and extended05:26
dmsupermanthen why is it not working...05:26
kindofabuzzelmer i meant05:26
bookmarkyeah, yikes05:26
dmsupermanlogical partitions start at hd?,5 right?05:26
Agent_bobdmsuperman the (hd?) listings in menu.lst are only referances to the mapping in the map file.05:26
bookmarkso many partitions my head is swimming05:26
bookmarki should have put vista programs with vista sys05:27
kindofabuzzyou should have not put vista at all =)05:27
bookmarki didn't know that ntfs doesn't really require defragging when i decided to partition so much05:27
Agent_bobdmsuperman ummm  no.   logical partitions can start anywhere from 2 up05:27
bookmarkhehe i have two vista installations incase one fails05:27
luis__hi guys05:27
kindofabuzzand they will05:27
dmsupermanthen is there any reason that find /boot/grub/stage1 returns hd1,5?05:27
bookmarki doubt it will05:27
=== sascha_ is now known as aquil
Agent_boberr actually hd?.1+ dmsuperman05:27
luis__good night05:27
kindofabuzzwanna bet?05:27
bookmarkhmm i suppose i could just move the program files now and reghost05:28
Agent_bobdmsuperman because that's where it finds it   ?05:28
dmsupermanthere's only 4 partitions on hd1, and the second one is the ubuntu/grub partition05:28
Shadow420bookmark so pastebin your fdisk output05:28
elmerkindofabuzz, back05:28
Shadow420bookmark so pastebin your fdisk -l output05:28
elmerkindofabuzz, it is indeed shared05:28
bookmarkim actually in vista as we speak05:28
elmerkindofabuzz, but it is Vista so that sucks05:28
kindofabuzzcan you ping your vista machine elmer?05:28
elmerlemme see05:28
bookmarkwell i stripped vista down, i don't use any graphics05:29
bookmarkor superfetch05:29
elmerI don't even know it's IP, kindofabuzz >.<05:29
Shadow420bookmark then I can't figure it out because I don't know vista that well05:29
luis__can somone help me, i had have tried to install games on my computer, with konsole and it actually says that there are installed some games but  i dont see them can someone tell me how can i install the simple ones, solitary and poker and those simple ones please??05:29
kindofabuzzelmer, well you need to ping it just so you can see if ubuntu can even see it first05:29
tarkushey, anyone here using linux for web development? im trying to choose a toolset. just need a good editor/environment to work in (XHTML/CSS, Python/PHP)05:29
kindofabuzzelmer, when troubleshooting, gotta start with simple things05:29
elmeryeah, I know that kindofabuzz, I just have to find the IP05:29
bookmarki wish i could just have vista and linux share a scratch partition05:30
dmsupermanAgent_bob: I've got partitions, in this order: NTFS Primary (empty) - ext3 logical (ubuntu with grub) - swap - NTFS Logical (storage)05:30
bookmarkthat owuld be ideal05:30
bookmarkthen i could just have my 4 primary partitions05:30
dmsupermanAgent_bob: yet it finds it at hd1,5. shouldn't it find it at hd1,2 ?05:30
Giloutarkus> a friend of mine doing that uses eclipse as an IDE for that05:30
kindofabuzzwhat's a scratch partition?05:30
luis__any one please?05:30
andrew__hi i just installed 8.10 beta and i'm trying to compile something (fwcutter) but it spits out a few pages of errors. What should I do ?05:30
bookmarkoh wait i know how to solve this05:30
bookmarkforget it05:30
bookmarkgonna take some time though05:30
Flannelandrew__: #ubuntu+1 for hardy (8.04) support, thanks.05:30
kindofabuzzandrew__, install gutsy =)05:30
andrew__i did05:31
andrew__n ew is better05:31
Agent_bobdmsuperman yes but what i'm saying about partition numbering is that there is no "chisseled in stone" law as to what "number" the first logical will be.   most common setup is for the first extended partition to be numbered as hd?4  "grub (hd#,3)"  and the first logical partition to be +1 that.05:31
Shadow420andrew__ I don;t know hard but stick with gutsy for now05:31
=== roaksoax_ is now known as RoAkSoAx
Flannelluis__: What's the problem?  You can't find them in the menus or what?  What did you install?05:31
sutabiAnytone here knoiw how to do cate5 crossover to share internet connection? I have windows xp and Ubuntu, but my windows has wireless and ubuntu has a crossover connectted to my xp box with the wireless.05:31
kindofabuzznew is not always better05:31
Flannelandrew__: Newer is not always better.  Suggested that you install a stable version instead of a buggy one.05:31
dsl546new is better if it's really new05:31
kindofabuzznew just means more bugs05:32
dmsupermanAgent_bob: Then do you see any reason why when i run root (hd1,5) setup (hd1) and boot into grub it says cannot find partition when selecting one of the partitions?05:32
Shadow420sutabi ubuntu can be set to use the wireless conncetion05:32
dmsupermanAgent_bob: menu.lst points to hd1,5 for the partitions in the list05:32
dsl546no, new means cash05:32
sutabiShadow420: From my Windows XP that has the wireless?05:33
sethrdI don't much care for all the apps that ubuntu desktop installs. Anyway to cut it down during installation, or possible do a server install, and install JUST Xorg and whatever apps I want, instead of a full blown GNOME desktop? gnome-light from Gentoo comes to mind05:33
luis__i went to konsole and typed sudo aptitude to fiiiiind uninstall programs then i found games uninstall and i did install them it took like two days, now it just finish but there are bi games on the menu is there any simple way and not that long to get just simple card games thta you can help me please flannel?05:33
Agent_bobdmsuperman i don't even use a partition.  there are a thousand ways to setup an hdd.    dmsuperman and to answer "do i see a reason" not really, but; one thing to check is if bios is changing the order of the disks.  you may have to adjust the hd# accordingly.05:33
Shadow420sutabi are u dual-booting XP/Ubuntu?05:34
Flannelsethrd: Grab the alternate CD and you can install a text-only system (or the server CD, but you'll want the generic kernel)05:34
dmsupermanAgent_bob: Alright, thanks :D05:34
sethrddmsuperman: Also, if your drive is SATA, it will show as sda, not hda05:34
sutabiShadow420: no these are 2 complete differ computers05:34
Flannelluis__: Which games did you install? do you remember?   You should ask about the games in #kubuntu, I'm unfamiliar with KDE games.05:35
dmsupermansethrd: It is SATA, but find /boot/grub/stage1 returnd h1,505:35
Shadow420sutabi ok where is ubuntu installed on a laptop or dektop05:35
dmsupermansethrd: Should I replace that with sd1,5 ?05:35
akatsukiHI, I just install ubuntu on my laptop. but i always use my external monitor to work on my laptop... i use VGA for that... and im not able to send the image using ubuntu.. anyone know how to fix this?05:35
Agent_bobdmsuperman what i'm saying there is that, bios may call one disk hd0 and as soon as the linux kernel loads the drives may swap. as far as the   0x80 0x81  bios calls are concerned.05:35
luis__it says only games uninstall05:35
sutabiShadow420: desktop05:35
luis__so i just choose to inistall but nothing appears on the menu05:35
|Slurpee|i finally got vista to shrink my drive properly.  now I have a 25 gig vista, 20 gig free, 10 gig free, and 7 gig free allocations setup on 1 drive.  i am trying to setup ubuntu on my 20 gig free space.  how can i setup the partition in ubuntu?  I am having trouble with manual05:35
luis__and i just want to install some card games thats it but i just cant05:36
sethrdFlannel: So, I could install via the via CD, then just do apt-get gnome, and have a bare minimum GNOME desktop, or will it still grab all the crap that comes with the ubuntu-desktop package?05:36
Flannelluis__: Like I said, I'm sure there's some Kubuntu games like the ones you're looking for, but I don't know them.  You should ask in #kubuntu05:36
sethrd*via the alt CD05:36
Agent_bobdmsuperman it's always worth a shot to reverse the hd# in menu.lst and see what happens.05:36
dmsupermanAgent_bob: trying that now :D05:36
Shadow420sutabi ok ubuntu should be able to access the ethernet card regardless even on the live cd05:36
luis__ok and how do i get there sorry but i am new on kubuntu and im learning05:36
elmerkindofabuzz, I have no clue what the machine's IP is, but I do know that it shows up when I click browse to find the printer05:37
sethrddmsuperman: I know what I did my last (gentoo) linux install, installer saw my drive as hd1,0 because I was using an external USB cd-rom to install.05:37
sethrddmsuperman: When I booted, I had to edit the drub line to be hd0,005:37
kindofabuzzelmer, ok, is the printer on?05:37
sutabiShadow420: it can access eth0 fine..... but from my other desktop with the internet connection thats it connects to it doesn't do anything05:37
Flannelsethrd: the gnome package in universe grabs stock gnome (which includes the gnome apps, like epiphany, etc).  There are other packages for a bare gnome install, yes.  I don't believe there's a pre-fab metapackage, but yes, you can build your own lightweight one.05:37
Agent_bobnow can anyone offer any advanced help on a scanner setup ?05:37
dmsupermansethrd: Thanks for the tip, gonna try hd0,5 now05:37
elmerkindofabuzz, yes it is05:37
kindofabuzzelmer, did you go to admin  > printers and go through that?05:37
dmsupermansethrd: Since my primary drive is actually the second SATA drive in the list for bios05:37
elmerkindofabuzz, yes05:37
Agent_bobFlannel maybe ?  when your not busy ?05:37
kindofabuzzhmm dunno, man out of ideas sorry05:38
sethrddmsuperman: If it is your second drive onthe ribbon, odds are it would be hd1,505:38
Shadow420sutabi ok so it's your xp install not accessing the internet?05:38
Chronixhello i need help05:38
sethrddmsuperman: But you are more then welcome to try. Won't hurt anything05:38
Chronixcan anyone pllz help?05:38
sutabiShadow420: no winows has the internety05:38
sethrdFlannel: How would you go about building a stripped down version of GNOME without pulling everything from universe?05:38
sutabiShadow420: ubuntu doesn't05:39
Flannelsethrd: what?  You mean without installing the "gnome" package?05:39
Agent_bobChronix the rest room is down the hall on the left.       help with what ?05:39
sethrdFlannel: Yes, I apologize. How would I go about installing a bare minimum GNOME install?05:39
akatsukihas anyone try before e17 on ubuntu? how does it works? it is slow?05:40
Flannelluis__: `sudo apt-get install kdegames` should do it.  I don't think anyone knows what you mean when you say "only games uninstall" but, they may in #kubuntu (since kubuntu uses adept, instead of synaptic)05:40
sethrdFlannel: I want the bare minimums, as I don't use 3/4th the apps the come with the ubuntu-desktop package.05:40
ChronixAgent_bob: umm when i burned the cs and put it in the drive and rebooted my PC when i got the ubuntu page and selected what to do it would say cannot boot from cd.05:40
ChronixAgent_bob: umm when i burned the cd and put it in the drive and rebooted my PC when i got the ubuntu page and selected what to do it would say cannot boot from cd.05:41
Shadow420sutabi ok so pm the full issue to me05:41
phuzionDoes Ubuntu normally have the Magic SysRq key enabled in the kernel?05:41
Starnestommyphuzion: I think so05:41
tonyyarussoIf I had a document open in GEdit, but had not saved it yet, and then lost power, would there be a backup somewhere?  (For files that already have been saved once, it's configured to autosave every 5 minutes)05:41
tonyyarussophuzion: yes.05:41
ChronixAgent_bob: do u no whats wrong?05:41
phuzionAwesome, thanks05:41
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
houbuntuhey guys, does anyone know how to setup apache2 where you can store your shared files i a specific folder?05:42
Flannelsethrd: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/gnome is that package, which depends on http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/gnome-desktop-environment, which looks to be a standard gnome desktop without too many other things.  Epiphany, Ekiga, evolution, and that looks like that's it when it comes to extras.05:42
shivamibphuzion: skinny elephant for great justice05:42
Agent_bobChronix umm  that is a sad storry.    seeing that i'm still using dapper LTS   i'm not likely to be any help with that...  maybe someone else can.05:42
Nasrahello and hi ...how do I update for next new Ubuntu?05:42
Shadow420Chronix it's possible that the cd got screwed up05:42
tonyyarussohoubuntu: like ~/public_html?05:42
Randocalif i'm buying a new video card, who do I wanna go with. Is ATI/AMD's driver support better or worse than Nvidia?05:42
phuzionshivamib, raising elephants is so utterly boring05:42
tonyyarussoRandocal: Intel.05:42
ChronixShadow420: thank you i will try re downloading and burning it again05:43
tonyyarussoRandocal: Of your two choices though, NVidia.05:43
Agent_bobChronix yhou can check the MD5 sum tool05:43
sethrdFlannel: So install with the alt CD, then just do apt-get install gnome?05:43
houbuntutonyyarusso, i want to share files on my home network, but where others can just log onto my 192.168...05:43
dmsupermanAgent_bob: I love you05:44
dmsupermansethrd: You too :D05:44
dmsupermanin a totally normal, non-creepy way05:44
Shadow420Randocal ubuntu can use the Nvidia and ATI Restricted drivers they are more easier to use05:44
shivamiboh, the love05:44
RandocalI'm running into a bug with my current nvidia card and compiz. Apparently it's still present in Hardy from the bit of reading i've done. Is the ATI/AMD driver support actually bad? or just not quite as good as Nvidia ?05:44
tonyyarussohoubuntu: Sounds like a job for NFS or Samba rather than Apache.05:44
houbuntucool, i will check it out, thx05:44
dmsupermannow, i've got a 7900gsko, anyone have any recommendations for a driver for dual monitor?05:44
Flannelsethrd: gnome will include some extras, gnome-desktop-environment includes fewer.  gnome includes synaptic, rhythmbox, etc.  Take a look05:44
Agent_bobsethrd do the server install and then install x-window-system-core and the gnome base package  not "gnome"  it's a meta package that will bloat your system.05:44
dmsupermanis the propietary one the best choice still, or are hte open ones working good for dual monitor now?05:45
Nasramy question went by unnoticeable....how do I update to new version of Ubuntu coming at the end of April I beleave is Ubuntu 8.04, correct?05:45
tonyyarussoRandocal: depends on the card.  My (ATI) card is downright awful, but newer stuff is a bit better.05:45
sethrdFlannel: Ok, so then do apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment ?05:45
tonyyarusso!upgrade | Nasra (and for questions about running it before the 24th, see #ubuntu+1)05:45
ubotuNasra (and for questions about running it before the 24th, see #ubuntu+1): For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes05:45
Flannelsethrd: yep (and xorg)05:45
Agent_bobdmsuperman so changing the disk order did the trick ?05:45
Shadow420Randocal due to the copyrights perfectly making a free version of a high card is hard05:45
RandocalI think it's an X1300 - dunno if that'd fall under "newer" in your books05:45
elmerI've created a monster05:46
sethrdFlannel: Heh, you would like that doin that would fetch xorg in the process.05:46
elmerthe pages won't print05:46
elmerso I delete them from buntu print thing05:46
elmerbut they are still on the vista print queue05:46
Nasratonyyarusso: thanks alot05:46
elmerand when I del them from there it gives access denied05:46
elmerthat is bad05:46
MrSoReadyok so I just installed the Nvidia Linux driver for the GeForce 7 Series05:46
RandocalI'm not looking to do anything super fancy with it... the machine it's in is only a single core mobile AMD 2600. I just wanna be able to have some of the compiz elements turned on and have the PC setup for basic browsing/email/IRC/and some Torrenting05:46
MrSoReadywould a GeForce 7000M be considered a 7 series?  also my scren is still only able to be 800x600?05:47
Randocalbut there are 3 in the house that use this PC, and right now it's exhibiting the compiz/amd/beige login screen error05:47
akatsukihello i want to work with my monitor from my laptop using VGA, but ubuntu does not recognize my monitor,, why is this?05:47
htmljunkiemacogw: sorry05:47
Randocalso i'm thinking to move to an ATI x1300 I can get off a buddy05:47
Shadow420Randocal well I never used it because I have an older Nvidia Card05:47
Flannelsethrd: Not necessarily.  Just because you've got those apps doesn't mean your Xserver is on this machine05:48
Agent_bobsethrd x-window-system-core05:48
RandocalI think I might try out the X1300, i think it's new enough that's ATI's restricted driver will work for it. What do I need to do in order to change video cards without hosing my system?05:48
Agent_bobsethrd that's the meta package you want ^05:48
RandocalDo i just change to a generic driver, then power down, put in the new card, power back up and then install ATI's?05:49
akatsukihello i want to work with my monitor from my laptop using VGA, but ubuntu does not recognize my monitor,, why is this?05:49
Agent_bobRandocal yep.05:49
Agent_bobRandocal vesa = generic driver.05:49
Randocalkk, sounds easy enough05:50
jazzleshi there05:50
RandocalThank you guys for the help/info05:50
MrSoReadyI installed the GeForce 7 series for my GeForce 7000M on my Compaq 756NR laptop and it doesn't seem to work!  it now gives me this graphics card can't be detected bullshit05:50
Agent_bobhello.   i have an hp pcs 750 that is well supported by linux.  the printer is working fine but i can't get the scanner to work.   any help apreciated   (not a newbee here.)    xsane reports no device found.   ???05:50
MrSoReadythats a F756nR05:50
akatsukihello i want to work with my monitor from my laptop using VGA, but ubuntu does not recognize my monitor,, why is this?05:51
Agent_bobi think i'm missing a device node.   anyone have a clue for me ?05:51
FinnishWhere can I get MS-fonts for OpenOffice?05:52
ubotuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer05:52
MrSoReadyI want to cry05:54
MrSoReadyI just want the display too look normal05:54
iceswordcry,my baby05:54
MrSoReadywhy is this so freakin hard05:54
MrSoReadyI instaled the damn driver05:54
MrSoReadynow what I gotta do?05:54
=== flash_ is now known as Flash-xD
x0xhow to change file ownership?05:55
Agent_bobx0x chown05:55
iceswordman chown05:55
Agent_bobx0x AND you'll probably need root05:55
akatsukihello i want to work with my monitor from my laptop using VGA, but ubuntu does not recognize my monitor,, why is this?05:55
sethrdThe solution to all problems...05:55
sethrddeltree c: /y05:55
dmsupermanoh joy05:55
m0rganppl .. can somebody tell me if this website loads in ubuntu ?  : www.blokr.net05:56
sethrddmsuperman: What's up?05:56
m0rganwith mozilla/konkeror05:56
x0xAgent_bob ok chown username?05:56
iceswordm0rgan, what is it?if it isnot down05:56
Flannelsethrd: Please don't be malicious.05:56
dmsupermanall my other partitions and hard drives show up as empty :D05:56
Agent_bobsethrd i thought it was cat /dev/zero > /dev/hdd05:56
x0xAgent_bob how to use it?05:56
sethrdFlannel: I'm not. It solved all my issues.05:56
m0rgandid somebody tried to join ?05:56
FlannelHey guys, this is #ubuntu.  Go screw around elsewhere if you must.05:56
Agent_bobx0x chown --help05:56
m0rganjust tell me if load05:56
akatsukiwhy ubuntu does not recognize my lcd monitor?05:56
IdleOneAgent_bob: sethrd please do put out harmful commands please05:57
sethrdAgent_bob: I prefer /dev/urandom05:57
m0rganapt-get install lcd-monitor05:57
m0rganWOTSUP ELMER!05:57
elmertried to print to network printer05:57
dmsuperman /media/sdb2 and /media/sdb1 should be my 2 partitions from windows, and /media/sda1 should be the other drive05:57
elmerdid not work05:57
dmsupermanbut going to any of those results in empty directories05:57
elmerfiles still on queue on printer, but can not be cancelled05:57
elmerHow do I fix it?!05:58
x0xgive me an example of chown05:58
elmerPLZ HELP!05:58
iceswordelmer, reboot?05:58
sethrdxorix_: chown sethrd. file05:58
sethrdxorix_: man chown for for information05:58
elmericesword, I rebooted the host05:58
dmsupermanchown -r .us ./base05:58
elmericesword, reboot this one?05:58
akatsukimorgan what you mean.. i type apt-get in terminal?05:58
m0rganppl .. can somebody tell me if this website loads in ubuntu (mozilla/konqueror) -> www.blokr.net <- thanks05:58
elmerI will reboot05:58
iceswordelmer, yaaa,take out paper?05:58
akatsukior apt-get install lcd-monitor?05:58
dmsupermanm0rgan: it loads05:58
akatsukiin terminal?05:58
elmerbye for a bit05:58
IdleOnem0rgan: no it doesnt05:58
m0rgantnx dmacnutt05:58
Agent_bobx0x from chown --help    Usage: chown [OPTION]... [OWNER][:[GROUP]] FILE...05:59
m0rgando'h IdleOne05:59
m0rganakatsuki i was kidding with apt-get install lcd-monitor =X sry05:59
Flannelx0x: What are you trying to chown?05:59
dmsupermanm0rgan: it loads but view source results in malformed xml error05:59
akatsukiwhy ubuntu does not recognize my lcd monitor?05:59
omar__Guys, it seems that gtk is not installed on my machine, which is important in order to run Python based applications, what's the command to install it?06:00
dmsupermansethrd: any clue why it is that my hard drive mount points show up as empty directories?06:01
dmsupermansethrd: and how i might determine if the files are actually gone?06:01
sethrddmsuperman: Permissions?06:01
icesworddmsuperman, try sudo mount -a06:01
sethrddmsuperman: NTFS based partitions? If so, that might be an issue.06:01
dmsupermanyes for NTFS, but it's got "Everybody" for read/write/modify06:01
omar__Can anyone give me the command to install gtk??06:01
dmsupermanthough it shouldn't be an issue06:02
Agent_bobomar__ synaptic     or apt-get install blah   if you know the exact package name.06:02
dmsupermani've been able to read from the very same directories from ubuntu before06:02
dmsupermana different ubuntu installation06:02
=== akoe_ceweq is now known as Sk_Cew_Dewasa
sethrddmsuperman: I'm not going to lie to you. I haven't ever used ubuntu.06:02
yahya_ubuntu rocks06:02
sethrdHowever, am considering the switch from Gentoo.06:02
sbingnerI'll lie to you06:02
omar__Agent_bob: I know the command, but actually I'm looking for the correct name for the Python GTK06:02
Agent_bobomar__ apt-cache search gtk | sort | less06:03
dmsupermanicesword: that results in errors about the partitions being marked for use06:03
dmsupermanhow can i unmark them for use?06:03
yahya_I can't view FLV videos in my browsers even all the plugins are installed06:03
Agent_bobomar__ you can filter with grep if you want also06:03
Agent_bobomar__ but as you can see the list is long and that's why i sujested synaptic06:04
=== Hesham is now known as Jeefo
dmsupermanit says right in the error how to force it06:04
backgenhey guys, Do any of you know if there's an app that allows me restore my comp to an earlier time (like Window's System Restore) on Mac OSX Leopard (I realise this isn't a linux question but please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! If anyone knows, it would be much appreciated.)06:04
dmsupermanwoot :D06:05
Flannelomar__: http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/libgtk2.0-006:05
dmsupermannow here's a good question:06:05
sethrdbackgen: Time machine?06:05
dmsupermancan linux and windows have a dual boot, and both point to the same firefox and thunderbird profile folders?06:05
mgmzHi, how do iset up my graphics card?06:05
sethrddmsuperman: Yes.06:06
dmsupermanfor both firefox _and_ thunderbird?06:06
backgensethrd: don't have an external hard drive :(06:06
sethrddmsuperman: You would need to setup a partition that both OSes can read and write too.06:06
sethrdbackgen: Then not to my knowledge06:06
sethrdMacs are too expensive for me.06:06
brunoSomeone knows the site of the conversation of brazil?06:06
Agent_bobbackgen you could backup the system with tar and then restore it that way.  but as for there being a predetermined way. no.06:06
sethrdI've got a kid to put through college.06:06
Flannel!br | bruno06:06
ubotubruno: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.06:06
mgmzhow do i set up my graphics card?06:06
backgenAgent_bob: oooh thanks!06:06
dmsupermansweet :D06:07
dmsupermansethrd: do what my parents did06:07
dmsupermansethrd: tell me to do it myself :D06:07
backgenWell it all happened after i installed updates...do you guys know of a way to un-install that stuff? like through Terminal or Console or something?06:07
x0xamyone here who has played with dns? (bind9)06:08
Agent_bobbackgen you can force down grading of specific packages  it's not easy/fun/clean/or reccomended.06:08
dmsupermanwhat's a good ubuntu irc client?06:08
dmsupermani liked mIRC from windows06:08
dmsupermandoes that wine well?06:08
Flanneldmsuperman: xchat (or xchat-gnome)06:08
x0xdmacnutt xchat06:08
iceswordx0x, dns service?dns server?06:08
Agent_bobbackgen what exactly did happen ?06:08
prettyrickyxchat I agree06:09
dmsupermanalright xchat it is06:09
x0xicesword dns server ie ns.something.com for domain06:09
dmsupermanand probably one of my last questions for the evening06:09
backgenAgent_bob: i installed some new updates, and now the whole computer is SUPER slow...i've restarted tons of times but theres just nothing to it06:09
dmsupermanhave they made the open drivers for nVidia dual monitor good enough to use yet? or am i still going to need the propietary one?06:09
MrSoReadydoesn't anyone have a F756NR but me06:09
crob3006anyone willing to help with WAD, WAD306:09
iceswordx0x, go an apply one domain then?06:10
=== x0x is now known as xx0xx
mgmzanyone know how i can fix my graphics card cause when i start planeshift its all flickery06:10
Agent_bobbackgen heh yeah, this is not windows   restarting shouldn't have any affect.06:10
backgenAgent_bob: :)06:10
Agent_bobbackgen run top or xtop and see what is eating up the processor06:11
crob3006is rltoday and ultimate launch any good compared to WAD06:11
flyback-how do I tell ubuntu livecd to fuck off and allow full control by any user on a file system I choose to mount06:11
xx0xxicesword ok can you help me?06:11
iceswordxx0xx, what you want?06:12
backgenAgent_bob: apparently nothing is...06:12
backgenAgent_bob: the system says everything is fine, no abnormal CPU or Memory usage06:12
Agent_bobbackgen umm then it's either i/o   or network06:12
dmsupermanflyback: yell at it really loud06:12
xx0xxicesword i want name server (dns) ie ns1.aaa.com ns2.aaa.com06:12
mgmzhow do i setup my intel graphics card in ubuntu?06:13
flyback-oh I am beyond yelling06:13
xx0xxholy god 1142 user in this channel ;s06:13
backgenAgent_bob: what's i/o? and if it's a network problem how would i fix it? (i'm thinking it might be a network prob since my internet isn't working...i'm on a friends comp right now)06:13
flyback-there's plenty of stuff in ubuntu that I would love to my get hands around a developers neck and chocke the life out of them06:13
flyback-over and over06:13
shivamibo rly06:13
iceswordxx0xx, one ip with two domain name ?06:13
Agent_bobbackgen htop  can show if it's network.   i/o  input/output    i.e. the hardware read/write to hardware system calls.    i/o is the super system of the whole system.   if you have i/o errors it can drag the system down to a very very slow crawl.06:15
xx0xxicesword no... i want dns server. thatz it. /dns hotircchat.com << doesnt work :(06:15
khampaubunto do brasil por favor?06:15
xx0xxicesword hotircchat.com is my domain06:15
iceswordxx0xx, you want some domain name point to your ip ,right?06:16
crob3006anyone familiar wit WAD is it any good?06:16
xx0xxicesword yes06:16
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:16
xx0xxicesword yes yes yes yes yes06:16
Flannel!br | khampa06:16
ubotukhampa: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.06:16
ubotuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging06:17
Agent_bobbackgen basicly if it's  an i/o issue the kernel is spending all it's time waiting on the call back from the proccessor to send the next system call....06:17
iceswordxx0xx, you need some dns service then?buy one from a dns service company06:17
backgenAgent_bob: ah ha! so how do i fix an i/o problem?06:17
acuHow can I see the log from the boot ?06:17
backgenAgent_bob: ok so that would really explain what is happening....because it's very sporadic, sometimes its working fine and fast as usual, and most of the time its just dead slow06:17
iceswordxx0xx, coz you want the .com domain,i am afraid you cannot get it for free ?06:17
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:17
xx0xxicesword lmfao i have about 15 domains.06:18
xx0xxicesword or so06:18
dmsupermanwhat's a good ftp server for ubuntu06:18
Agent_bobbackgen first find out if it's network i/o     if that's the issue you can probably fix that.  if it's kernel i/o (in box hardware)  you either fix broken hardware. or replace malfunctioning modules(driver)    "possably the whole kernel, but not likely"06:19
iceswordxx0xx, if you want to now if some domain point to your ip,just run nslookup domain name06:19
xx0xxicesword teach me how06:20
backgenAgent_bob: okie...so how do i find out if it's network i/o?06:20
Agent_bobbackgen was there a full kernel update ?   if so boot the older kernel and test it.06:20
Agent_bobbackgen   htop >>><backgen> Agent_bob: okie...so how do i find out if it's network i/o?06:20
dmsupermanwhat about a multi-use codec like ffdshow, is there a good one for ubuntu?06:21
Agent_bobbackgen  sorry.   iftop   might be better. >>><backgen> Agent_bob: okie...so how do i find out if it's network i/o?06:21
iceswordxx0xx, how did you get your domain,it is likely you need some software to communicate with the dns service offer,or may say dns server?06:22
backgenAgent_bob: kk many thanks!06:22
dmsupermanhere's a good one: firefox just froze, how do i bring up something like task manager to kill it :D06:22
Agent_bobbackgen good luck with it.    i'm going to another channel looking for help with my issue.06:23
xx0xxicesword oh god... i bought them. i had to pay 10$ each.06:23
backgenAgent_bob: Thanks a lot for everything bob06:23
sboyselcan anyone help me installing nvidia drivers06:23
iceswordxx0xx, then you run nslookup your domain or ping domain see where it points to?06:24
flyback-you people piss me off06:24
=== solid_li` is now known as solid_liq
iceswordflyback-, you lost?06:25
xx0xx> Default server: ns1.amaderbanglachat.com06:25
xx0xxits cant beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee06:25
flyback-not really06:25
iceswordxx0xx, if that,you can contact them for futher issues?maybe06:26
Duskinanyone know of  a c# channel?06:30
xx0xx./join #c++06:30
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:34
iceswordxx0xx, i apply a domain for free,and i use some app to get online of my domain,you maybe need some simillar thing,i guess06:34
xx0xxfree domain ?06:34
Flannelxx0xx: Check out dyndns06:35
iceswordxx0xx, yaaa,it is bad domains.like aaa.vicp.net06:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dyndns - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:35
xx0xxicesword oh you cant set dns06:35
iceswordxx0xx, ?06:36
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bind - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:36
RedScarehey guys06:36
xx0xxhey redblacktree06:36
RedScareanyone deal with gnome power manager/xbacklight?06:36
Flannel!language | flyback-06:38
ubotuflyback-: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:38
tarkusanyone know how to work on a remote file on an ftp server with gedit?06:39
xx0xxtarkus cuteftp ?06:40
flyback-that pretty much sums up the last 6 months of desktop and server06:40
xx0xxfor windows06:40
tarkusxx0xx: what?06:40
tarkushmm k06:41
doorknob60tarkus...ur name sounds familiar, do you play simcity?06:41
xx0xxhttp://pastebin.com/m6906913c << is it looks ok to you guys?06:41
tarkusdoorknob60: nope06:41
doorknob60hmm i know someone on a smicity forum with the name tarkus06:41
doorknob60nvm then06:41
tarkusnot me :)06:41
unopxx0xx, ns1.AmaderBanglaChat.com still resolves to nothing06:42
tarkusthis is strange i added ftp to the list for gedit inside the gconf-editor06:42
tarkusand i cant see where i can open a file remotely06:42
xx0xxunop so i need change ns1.AmaderBanglaChat.com to my ip?06:43
RedScareneed to know how to make gnome power manager manage my laptop backlight06:44
selig5 /exit06:44
unopxx0xx, no, you need to configure the NS records for your domain, you need to contact your domain reseller/ISP and find out how that is done, usually they give you a sort of 'control panel' where you can set this up06:45
dmsupermanin amarok, how can i make it so when i double click a song under catalogs on the left it'll play the song, not enqueue it06:45
xx0xxunop oh ok06:46
gokee2_I just installed crossover office and all its programs seem to be in /opt/cxoffice/bin/ but bash does not know to look in this path..  How do I tell it to look there?06:46
unoptarkus, why don't you mount the remote ftp directory with nautilus ?06:46
unopgokee2_, edit your ~/.bashrc .. and add this line in.  export PATH=$PATH:/opt/cxoffice/bin06:47
mEck0god morning! Amarok doesn't recognize my Ipod Nano 3rd Gen :( Have tried to mount it in Amarok too, but doesn't work :( I've red that it's a bug,but haven't found how to get rid of it06:47
unopgokee2_, you might need to log out and log back in for changes to take effect06:47
gokee2_unop, Ah great, thanks :)06:47
gokee2_It works now :)06:48
tarkusunop: aah, thanks. didnt know about that06:49
xx0xxunop how do i install web server with php,mysql ?06:49
jshriveranyone know of a command-line program like kdiff3? and not diff.06:49
jshriversomething that will split the two files and show line by line what is different and visually show you06:49
Daisuke_Idoanyone have any experience with the hp L7680?06:49
dmsupermanxx0xx: go into the synaptic package manager06:49
unopxx0xx, follow a good LAMP howto, maybe !lamp06:49
doorknobooh...are the ubuntu irc on freenode and ubuntu.com linked or something?06:49
dmsupermanget the apache2 package06:50
xx0xxdmsuperman i dont have06:50
doorknob60oh yep they are06:50
dmsupermanthe mysql-5.0 package06:50
ubotuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:50
J-_Is there a way to save Exaile podcasts, and internet radio stations that are bookmarked?06:50
dmsupermanwell wherever06:50
dmsupermanget apache206:50
dmsupermanand php506:50
FloodBot1dmsuperman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:50
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unopjshriver, sdiff ?06:50
unop!enter | dmsuperman06:51
ubotudmsuperman: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:51
Rat409jshriver: its not console but meld is excellent06:51
xx0xxst3v3n@AmaderBanglaChat:~/HICIRCD$ sudo tasksel install lamp-server06:52
xx0xxsudo: tasksel: command not found06:52
dmsupermanhow can you do file associations in ubuntu?06:52
dmsupermanlike i want mp3s to open with amarok06:52
jshriverok will look into them. I enjoy using kdiff3, but when I work from home I dont want the burden of piping X over the internet so prefer to stick cli-only06:52
omar_Guys id it possible to install the KDE desktop in Ubuntu?06:52
unopxx0xx, what is tasksel?06:52
blue-frogomar_: yes06:52
xx0xxhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel :S06:53
dmsupermanyou don't have that06:53
xx0xxhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel << i dont know what is it06:53
dmsupermanso you have to get them manually06:53
dmsupermanapache2, mysql5, and php506:53
unopxx0xx, sudo apt-get install blah06:53
dmsupermanas well as the various extensions for apache and php06:53
gokee2_omar_, apt-get install kubuntu-desktop I think it is installs kde with all the stuff it likes06:53
omar_gokee2_ :Uhuh, thanks. :)06:54
dmsupermanAnybody: Firefox won't start up, it says it's already running. I can't open it to google where it keeps whatever file keeps track of that. I've restarted, it still won't open06:54
dmsupermanDoes anybody know where the file it stores that tells it if it's already open is at?06:54
xx0xxergh tasksel scks06:55
dmsupermanxx0xx: you have to get the packages manually since you don't have it06:55
unopdmsuperman, first make sure that no other instances of firefox are running. killall firefox-bin  and that usually takes care of it06:55
Filled-Voidomar_, http://www.filledvoid.com/2008/02/15/how-to-install-kde-on-your-ubuntu-gutsy-gibbon-desktop/ heres how I installed KDE on Ubuntu if it helps06:55
SisyphusINCi intalled the adobe non-free flash plugin but i still cannot seem to play anything with flash and the file handling part of firefox does not show anything handling flash any ideas?06:55
dmsupermanunop: i've rebooted, there aren't any firefoxes running06:55
dmsupermanunop: most programs create a file, like apache creates httpd.pid i think06:55
xx0xxdmsuperman give me good how to06:56
owen1i don't see subtitles in totem 2.22.0  any idea?06:56
TefadWhat is the proper method to share files between multiple ubuntu systems across a network?06:56
Rat409dmsuperman: try fireofx -ProfileManager and create a new profileor rename/mv your .mozilla/firefox06:56
dmsupermanxx0xx: scroll down that tutorial you were at06:56
owen1Tefad: someone just told me about nfs06:56
=== Kungo is now known as Maxfactor
dmsupermanxx0xx: it tells you how to do it if you don't have tasksel06:56
unopdmsuperman, ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/{lock,.parentlock}06:56
Tefadis there a nice GUI for setting it up06:56
owen1it's a way to create a shared folder on a machine.06:57
Tefadi'm not a linux n00b. only new to ubuntu.. and i'm helping a friend by proxy06:57
owen1Tefad:  it's a way to create a shared folder on a machine.06:57
dmsupermanRat409: The whole point is that I'm trying to access that particular profile.06:57
dmsupermanunop: There's no file like that06:57
tritiumosuCan anyone help me set up an iptables rule to drop RST packets with a ttl of 255?06:57
Tefadi'd rather not have him be editing a bunch of text files06:57
unopdmsuperman, that's two files there06:57
Flannel!NFS | Tefad06:58
dmsupermanthere's neither, nor is there any file like that06:58
ubotuTefad: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.06:58
owen1Tefad: maybe samba can help. not sure.06:58
xx0xxneed to install php and mysql :D06:58
Tefadsamba still seems to want text editing06:58
dmsupermani've changed /.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini to point to /media/sdb2/Profile/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/profiles/myprof/06:58
dmsupermanso i can use both windows and firefox simultaneously06:58
unopdmsuperman, uughh06:59
Tefadyeah all the ways to share files involve the command line06:59
owen1i can't see subtitles in totem 2.22.0  any idea?06:59
Tefadhmm, how about sftp, what's a good gui for that, gftp?06:59
dmsupermanunop: it shouldn't really matter should it? i have write access to it06:59
dmsupermanunop: and there's no lock file in the folder06:59
dmsupermanunop: that i can see at least06:59
MadpilotTefad, for basic FTP/SFTP/etc, the file manager - Nautilus - does nicely07:00
thejeswihello guys07:00
Tefadis that part of gnome?07:00
MadpilotTefad, ues07:00
Madpilotyes, even07:00
Tefadwhat's epiphany07:01
ColgateRaiderHow can I boot an ubuntu ISO off the hard disk with grub?07:01
owen1Tefad: fast browser07:01
Tefadis the uri styled like "sftp://" or so?07:01
MadpilotTefad, Epiphany is Gnome's webbrowser; it's a varient of Firefox07:01
unop_dmsuperman, you mentioned simulatenously, does another process have that directory open? perhaps an instance of firefox on windows?07:01
Tefaddoes nautilus interact with it if you try to browse a web page from within?07:01
MadpilotTefad, in the filemanger, go File->Connect To Server and set yourself up there07:01
mjs7231Hey Guys07:02
dmsupermanunop_: I don't even have windows installed yet, nor do i have anything else accessing that folder or any files in it07:02
Rat409dmsuperman: type ps aux and look for anything firefox then kill pid-number-here07:02
dmsupermanRat409: firefox isn't running07:02
dmsupermanRat409: I haven't been able to run it since bootup07:02
dmsupermanRat409: it's complained that it's running even after i reboot07:02
Tefadepiphany is switching to webkit soon isn't it?07:03
dmsupermani don't have konquerer07:03
dmsupermanor i'd google it myself07:03
Rat409strange,i'd create a new profile07:03
Tefadand i don't think it uses firefox as much as it uses gecko07:03
ColgateRaiderIs there any way by which I can boot the ubuntu live cd off the hard disk?07:03
dmsupermanRat409: and do what?07:03
unop__dmsuperman, what does this say?  lsof | grep -i /path/to/your/profile07:03
dmsupermanRat409: I need my old profile :P07:03
NKGPhello guys07:03
NKGPi have an error07:03
Rat409use it to run firefox then exit,the old profile won't be over-ridden07:04
MadpilotTefad, apparently they are going to switch to webkit; not sure what this is really going to mean for endusers...07:04
Tefadanyway, does ubuntu run sshd by default07:04
Tefadwhere would a user go to enable it if not07:04
unop__Tefad, install the openssh-server package07:04
capiTefad, yes07:04
mfiersdunno Tefad. But if you install it, it runs it by deffault07:04
mjs7231You guys know the UnZip program in Ubuntu.  Anyone know why I can't drag and drop files out of a compressed container07:05
mfiers... as unop__ says07:05
dmsuperman/media/sdb2/Profile/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/firefox.profile07:05
kane77is there an option in tar to simulate what files would be packed?07:05
NKGPim not able to install the driver of my ati radeon to make desktop effects work07:05
dmsupermandeskbar-a 6007 dmsuperman 20r REG 8,21 37303 4235207:05
dmsupermanthen the path to my profile07:06
owen1does anyone use nfs to share files?07:06
capiNKGP, I use nvidia so I'm not much help. However, have you searched the forums as that's a common problem?07:06
Rat409kane77: tar --help07:06
dmsupermanunop__: does that mean that file is locked?07:06
NKGPI got the right drivers and stuff07:06
MadpilotNKGP, what model of ati radeon?07:06
=== capi is now known as capiCrimm
m0rganwhen u got time07:07
m0rgansend me screenshot of blokr.net =X07:07
MadpilotNKGP, more modern than mine, sorry07:07
=== capiCrimm is now known as capi
=== capi is now known as capiCrimm
unop__dmsuperman, hmm, hard to say, what is deskbar doing having that directory open?07:07
dmsupermannot even sure what deskbar is :D07:07
Rat409gnome-panel earch-applet i think07:08
NKGPwhen i try to start the restricted drivers manager i get an error07:08
unop__dmsuperman, .. try this. killall deskbar && firefox07:08
CreationistHey, is it possible to make my taskbar close a task when I middle click on it (ala KDE)?07:08
NKGPso tried to use synaptic to reinstall it07:09
dmsupermandeskbar: no process killed07:09
dmsupermansame with firefox07:09
xx0xxhow to find file?07:09
unop__dmsuperman, killall deskbar-applet07:09
NKGPsynaptic says that i has to uninstall my ati radeon driver07:09
Tefadbest way to find local IP of ubuntu machine?07:09
ColgateRaiderxx0xx: locate <search where> <filename>07:09
dmsupermanshall i reload it?07:10
NKGPbut it does nt work07:10
Creationist!best | Tefad07:10
dmsupermanunop__: should i reload immediately deskbar?07:10
ubotuTefad: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bootfromiso - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:10
unop__dmsuperman, first try firefox out07:10
CreationistTefad: I, however, find it easiest to just run 'ifconfig' in the terminal.07:10
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.07:10
Tefadgrawr, ok what's the "ubuntu way" to do it07:10
ueGood day, how can I install a hardy package in gusty ?07:10
m0rganbye guyz07:10
CreationistTefad: Short of that, you can just go to www.whatsmyip.com07:10
Tefadlocal ip07:10
dmsupermanunop__: still no good07:11
NKGPthe error is07:11
NKGPRemoving xorg-driver-fglrx ...07:11
NKGPdpkg-divert: rename involves overwriting `/usr/lib/libGL.so.1' with07:11
NKGP  different file `/usr/lib/fglrx/libGL.so.1.xlibmesa', not allowed07:11
NKGPdpkg: error processing xorg-driver-fglrx (--remove):07:11
FloodBot1NKGP: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:11
NKGP subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 207:11
unop__dmsuperman, to be honest, i'm concerned about the spaces withing the pathname in your profile .. not sure how the linux build of firefox handles spaces07:11
dmsupermanunop__: I'll try and remove them. What is deskbar, and how do i re-enable it sicne i've killed it?07:12
unop__dmsuperman, the better way to have done this would have been to mount the profile in your ~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile> directory07:12
dmsupermanunop__: how do i mount a folder as another folder?07:12
unop__dmsuperman, run this command.  nohup deskbar-applet07:12
crdlbNKGP: reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx first07:12
unop__dmsuperman, mount --bind /path/to/profile /path/to/new/mountpoint07:12
NKGPthat didnt work07:13
unop__dmsuperman,   nohup deskbar-applet & # i forgot the & at the end07:13
crdlbNKGP: can you be more specific? :)07:14
NKGPAfter a cold boot every thing seems to be strange on ubnutu07:15
unop__it didn't appreciate the cold boot eh :)07:15
NKGPIt started in safe graphics mode the next time i strarted ubuntu07:15
NKGPit didnt07:16
dmsupermanunop__: alright, i think i've almost got it. Remvoed the space, then accidently mistyped the mount point. how do i unmount what i just mounted?07:16
zcat[1]I turned desktop effects off.. is there any way to get it back on without resetting all the effects back to the default settings (which is what the 'appearences' dialog will do..07:16
=== jords__ is now known as jords
unop__dmsuperman, umount /path/to/mountpoint07:17
darktamahey, so.. how is one supposed to install ubuntu on an existing mdraid array?07:17
zcat[1]np, found it07:18
darktamaI can assemble the arrays myself manually easily enough, but can I trust the installer to not do something bad and kill the array?07:18
dmsupermanunop__: woot! thanks a ton! :D07:19
unop__dmsuperman, so it was the spaces then?07:19
=== NKGP is now known as thejeswi_nk
patcherI'm trying to run a dapper live cd on a powerpc machine which doesn't have a VGA card, only an rs232 output. Do I need to pass special parameters to yaboot? right now, everytime I try to run the live cd, the machine reboots itself07:19
dmsupermannot really sure07:20
dmsupermani removed the spaces07:20
dmsupermanand removed them in teh profiles.ini07:20
unop__darktama, i'm not sure what happens .. see !raid perhaps07:20
dmsupermanand it still didn't work07:20
thejeswi_nkIs wine good for windows games?07:20
=== Cc2iscooL_ is now known as Cc2iscooL
dmsupermanwhen i mounted the folder to ~/.mozilla/firefox/default.profile and then used default.profile in profiles.ini it worked07:20
dmsupermanthejewwi_nk: in my experience (and that of my friends' as well) not usually07:20
thejeswi_nkdoes any body know how to fix the error that I posted a while ago?07:22
dmsupermanin fact, for some reason wine causes my entire screen to go black when it's in focus07:23
dmsupermani haven't rebooted since installing though, and it might be conflicting with my newly installed video drivers07:23
dmsupermanwhich require a reboot07:23
zcat[1]thejeswi_nk: my experience wine is generally crap fot games.. some people get lucky, I've only ever got WoW to run in it, nothing else ever seems to work07:24
richardHi, what is ~/.local/share/Trash   used for?07:24
zcat[1]shared trash?07:24
zcat[1]GVSF file system I think.. Trash that knows where it came from so you can restore it rather than dragging it back to the folder manually07:25
JanPeterHey does anyone know why i wouldn't be having a hell of a time trying to remove and reinstall nvidia-glx???07:26
usamahashimiHello Everyone!07:26
richardThere are files in this folder.  My trash bin is empty.07:26
JanPeterI've tried everything and it wont let me uninstall it!07:26
thejeswi_nkwhats the error " subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 2" supposed to mean?07:27
zcat[1]JanPeter: wouldn't, or would?07:27
usamahashimiI visited #amule channel but its dead, i want to know that in which folder amule saves its downloaded files?07:27
richardill look up GVSF07:27
richardbuh bye07:27
JanPeterthejeswi_nk: same problem07:27
zcat[1]If you're not having a hell of a time I don't know why you'd be complaining..07:27
JanPeterzcat[1]: Wouldn't. Haven't been able to get it to be removed, purged, etc07:27
jazzlestell me #ubuntu07:28
jazzleswhat is the meaning of life?07:28
alteregoai have a problem with the adobe crash plugin07:28
Rat409thejeswi_nk: try apt-get -f install07:28
alteregoathe meaning of life is ubuntu07:28
zcat[1]JanPeter: I'd guess that at some point in the past you installed the binary drivers or used envy?07:28
alanbshepard70ummm.... I just booted up my Ubuntu machine and accessed the net when a update notification popped up. I clicked it and selected ok to update 5 packages. After the 5 new packages were downloaded my computer started running a Distribution upgrade. Has this happened to anyone else? Hardy isn't out yet right? What's going on?07:28
unop__usamahashimi, if you know part of one of the filenames you downloaded. you can use this command at a terminal.  find ~ -iname "*filename*"07:29
JanPeteri haven't tried envy yet, seeing as it wont let me now07:29
thejeswi_nkit didnt do any difference Rat40907:29
JanPeterzcat[1]: and i'm not sure what the binary drivers are, but i've done everything by the book basically07:29
alteregoai tried to watch a tamagotchi flash, game but i have only a crash with flash07:29
usamahashimiunop__: ok, thanks07:29
JanPeterzcat[1]: installed the drivers when i installed ubuntu, havent had any problems until now07:29
Rat409thejesw1: hmm try dpkg --purge nvidia-glx07:31
zcat[1]JanPeter: well, that's weird. I know I had a hell of a time fixing up the nvidia drivers after my previous 'nvidia website download' install left some mismatching libraries behind..07:31
JanPeterdpkg: error processing nvidia-glx (--purge):07:31
JanPeter subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 207:31
JanPeterErrors were encountered while processing:07:31
JanPeter nvidia-glx07:31
FloodBot1JanPeter: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
zcat[1]anyhow gtg but pastebin it and someone might have the answer..07:32
JanPeterbtw me and jesw have the same problem07:32
Rat409sorry try apt-get remove --purge nvidia-glx07:32
unop__JanC, try this.  sudo dpkg -r --force-all nvidia-glx07:32
mikearr_hello all, I'm using awn in gnome. I want to set it so if i maximize a window, the bottom only goes down to the top of awn. what app do i need or where can i set that?07:33
JanPeterunop__: sorry that didnt work either!07:33
JanPeterpastebinning something07:33
unop__JanPeter, include the output of both commands07:33
a211hi, how can i disconnect ijala using varipoll?07:33
unop__JanPeter, what version of ubuntu?07:34
JanPetermore thorough: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62605/07:34
JanPeterhardy heron07:35
iceswordhi to all07:35
unop__ohh god07:35
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu07:35
JanPeterI had it working fine ever since i installed ubuntu, up until today. Perfect hardware acceleration07:36
unop__JanPeter, it still is _beta_ software .. and you know what that entails, don't you?07:36
JanPeteryes i suppose, but wondering why with nothing changing why it would suddenly spew forth all this07:37
gluerany way to enable flag+shortcut keys? im os used to using them for quick run, search, etc07:37
iceswordJanPeter, sudo?07:37
unop__JanPeter, what you are seeing is characteristic of beta software .. JanPeter, please ask about this in #ubuntu+107:37
Sonjahow to synch Palm treo ???07:38
JanPeterallright, im in there07:38
blbrownis there an easy way to replace lost files that have been deleted.  "Essentially 'rm -f thefile'"07:38
=== mfiers is now known as mfiers|afk
PupenoWhat option do you recommend me to have permanent (not one-time) access to my desktop from somewhere else? using ssh encryption if possible.07:38
mikearr_Pupeno: ssh07:38
Rat409i see/cl07:38
unop__Pupeno, a fuse/ssh filesystem ?07:38
mikearr_Pupeno: you can also use vnc if you need a gui07:39
Pupenomikearr_: ssh by itself is not enough.07:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about treo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:39
ubotuA good guide for setting up Palm devices is at http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/PalmOS-HOWTO.html#PC-CONNECT-USB07:39
mikearr_also, not sure if it's in the ubuntu repos, but check out x11vnc07:39
Agent_bobPupeno if kde  konqueror fish:/ip.07:39
Pupenomikearr_: by "accessing my desktop" I mean not only GUI (I know how to do X forwarding with ssh), but also my currently running desktop (not even nomachine style).07:39
unop__!undelete > blbrown (see private message from ubotu)07:39
mikearr_Pupeno: then you want x11vnc07:40
Pupenounop__, Agent_bob: I don't mean my files, I mean my (running) desktop.07:40
mikearr_Pupeno: you fire up x11vnc, then use vncviewer to connect to you exiting desktop07:40
Pupenomikearr_: will that use ssh or similar encryption?07:40
Agent_bobPupeno i think you'll have to edit gdm and make your session permisc.07:40
mikearr_yes, i believe it's configurable07:41
unop__Pupeno, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH  and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC07:41
Agent_bobanyone on a sane issue ?07:42
JanPeterbtw unop__: and anyone else interested: I have a solution for the unremovable nvidia-glx07:43
JanPeterRunning rm /usr/lib/xorg/modules/libwfb.so and rm /usr/lib/xorg/modules/libnvidia-wfb.so.107:43
JanPeterthere was some writing error, had to manually remove that file07:43
Agent_bobso nobody active here can offer the slightest assistance with sane ?     and the !scanners page is useless.   no trouble-shooting help there.07:48
shivamibmaybe they're all passive. :)07:49
Cain_E: Dynamic MMap ran out of room07:49
Cain_how do i fix that?07:49
richardHi, why does Mozilla Firefox randomly crashes when i access a flash object like Youtube?07:49
marlunWhat is the easiest way to change the ID3 tags of songs in my library? When changing it in Rhythmbox it doesn't seem to get saved to the file.07:49
Sonjai use amarok07:50
xtknightrichard, i don't know.  same thing happens here.  are you using 32bit or 64bit?07:50
richardxtknight : Are you using Firefox 3 Beta also?07:50
hikejinxmarlun: maybe easytag07:50
CrshmanHi all, is there a way to remap items in the lost+found back to their original folder/file names?07:51
xtknightrichard, yeah.  are you on gutsy or hardy?07:51
Crshmanfor some reason my stupid XFS file system corrupted and dumped 700Gb of crap into lost+found and it hurts....07:51
xtknightrichard, we had a recent flash update (mine actually) and i want to make sure that's not the culprit07:51
xtknightrichard, let's take it to #ubuntu+107:51
hikejinxCrshman: you can right click on the menu and editnthe menu or run alacarte07:51
richardxtknight : ok07:52
Crshmanhikejinx: what menu?07:52
* Agent_bob boots a live CD so the stinking scanner will work...... !07:52
hikejinxI was thinking you meant in the apps menu, I was lost.07:52
marlunhikejinx: I'll take a look, thanks07:54
Cain_E: Dynamic MMap ran out of room07:55
Cain_how do i fix that? thanks :D07:55
* xx0xx slaps dns07:56
CreationistHey, is it possible to make my taskbar close a task when I middle click on it (ala KDE)?07:57
=== cewe is now known as dede
ashokhey ppl.. anyone has a link for easy installation of wireless on a compaq presario 5207 TU.. I am using feisty...07:59
ashokintel/pro wireless 3945 driver07:59
unop__xx0xx, that's just the way DNS works.. otherwise anyone could hack anyone's domain and have websites redirected, have you got in touch with the domain reseller yet?07:59
xx0xxunop__ no. i am using domainsite and godaddy08:00
xx0xxunop__ can you test this domain for me? www.hotircchat.com08:01
unop__xx0xx, well, i suggest you get in touch with whoever sold you the domain and start this process because, it takesupto 48 hours for the public DNS servers to notice changes you make to the domain08:01
xx0xxhmm ok08:01
unop__xx0xx, that website works, apache seems setup but the site isn't yet08:02
Cain_why does everyone use godaddy?08:02
xx0xxunop__ :D oh yeah :D08:02
Cain_dynadot ftw08:02
xx0xxgodaddy is good :)08:02
richardanyone a Ubuntu Hardy Trash Bin Expert?  http://img02.picoodle.com/img/img02/4/4/9/f_Screenshotm_ee73adb.png    Black circle explains it.08:03
xx0xxunop__ that is my server :D08:03
unop__xx0xx, :)08:03
xx0xxso all i need is change it to ns1.hotircchat.com :D08:04
unop__xx0xx, i dunno, you were doing something with amderbanglachat.com, i thought that was the domain you wanted to host the dns zone for08:05
xx0xxunop__ umm yes but i couldnt done it08:07
unop__xx0xx, i already told you, you can't without authorisation from your domain reseller08:07
unop__xx0xx, it's like you buy a domain xx0xx.com  and i try and host the dns zone for it (without your express permission) -- would that be possible?08:09
Darkusi have a problem with my wlan card08:11
Darkusit's an intel...08:11
Hermanonhello , my ubuntu runs very slow hangs and act like windows whats wrong ?08:11
Breberhi all08:12
DarkusWhen it disconnect i hae to reboot my pc to remain it work08:12
Breberi need some help regarding display of chinese words08:12
Brebercan seem to see all chinese words on firefox08:13
iceswordi need a job,apt-get install job doesn't work.lol08:13
iceswordBreber, chinese?08:13
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Brebericesword: yes08:13
icesword!cn > Breber08:13
Darkusany one can hel ? :(08:14
Hermanonhello , my ubuntu runs very slow hangs and acts like windows whats wrong ?08:14
yclianI like that, "slow and acts like Windows". :)08:15
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu08:15
shivamibyou booted the wrong partition?08:15
b0xwats a good torrent program that works on linux?08:15
omnz0rb0x: deluge08:15
b0xthank u08:16
iceswordb0x, utorrent08:16
icesword!p2p > b0x08:16
owen1i can't see subtitles in Totem 2.22.0  any ideas?08:16
Daisuke_Idoutorrent is a poor suggestion.  focus on native first.08:17
cewedede' virgo08:17
Daisuke_Idodeluge is a good option, as are ktorrent and azureus08:18
ubotuPeer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information08:18
Daisuke_Idoyes, i can see you like triggers.  it's slow.  a personal response won't kill anyone.08:18
iceswordDaisuke_Ido, lol08:19
iceswordDaisuke_Ido, sir,i need a job08:19
Daisuke_Idome too :D08:19
iceswordDaisuke_Ido, :(08:19
Daisuke_Idoso i should really get some sleep08:19
dmsupermanhow can i mount a folder automatically to another folder on boot08:21
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
dmsupermani want to mount /media/sdb2/somefolder to /var/www08:21
dmsupermanon boot08:21
dmsupermanhow can i do that?08:21
FloodBot1dmsuperman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:21
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions08:21
Daisuke_Idognight for real this time :D08:22
prodigelHi. I'm using ubuntu 7.10 with gnome. Is it possible to create a 'shortcut' on desktop similiar to thoose on windows that points to a samba share and can be browsable when trying to attach a file to mail from that location08:22
dmsupermanicesword: isn't that for partitions?08:22
unop__dmsuperman, see the --bind option to mount08:22
Daisuke_Idoi would just symlink it08:22
dmsupermanicesword: I want to mount just a folder08:22
dmsupermanso i've rebooted08:22
dmsupermanwe mounted that folder for firefox08:22
dmsupermani want to do that automatically on boot08:22
dmsupermanDaisuke_ldo: what's that/08:23
unop__prodigel, sure, just use nautilus to mount the samba share on the desktop08:23
prodigelunop__: how do I do that?08:23
unop__dmsuperman, if you want mounts to be permanent across reboots, you need to add entries into the /etc/fstab file08:24
unop__prodigel, alt+f2 .. type in 'nautilus-connect-server' .. and it should all become clear then08:24
dmsupermanunop__: do i just put the folder where it says file system?08:24
dmsupermanfor example, this line:08:25
dmsupermanUUID=F11EA6452986E83B /media/sdb2     ntfs    defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0       108:25
Daisuke_Idodmsuperman, is the directory you want to mount called "www"?08:25
dmsupermanwould i just do /media/sdb2/whwatever/blah /var/www ntfs defaults,umask=007,gid=46 0 1?08:25
dmsupermanno, it's DocRoot08:25
dmsupermanbut i could make it www08:26
Daisuke_Idoyou could do sudo ln -s /media/whatever/www /var08:26
unop__dmsuperman, /media/sdb2/whwatever/blah /var/www  none  bind 0 008:26
Daisuke_Idolooks like unop__'s suggestion is probably better though08:27
dmsupermanThanks :D08:27
dryeyesI can't change my laptop screen brightness08:27
pvh_sa|wrkhi all... on ubuntu 7.10 i've found some problems with the preview / print functionality of evince... plain lp works, however...08:28
pvh_sa|wrki'm just wondering, is there some kind of "graphical lp" which i can launch for users to allow them to set printer options in a graphical manner?08:28
tarelerulzI am trying to install Gizmo the sipphone/im client . I really don't understand what you do ? Most program it is clear what the tar is and the deb . I don't understand if those are the things it need or What . here is the download page http://gizmo5.com/pc/download/linux/?PHPSESSID=452f103d4219ca41b052609d164a000908:29
dryeyeshay all I have a issue with ubuntu 7.10 and the brightness applet not working.any ideas?08:29
pvh_sa|wrktarelerulz, looks like this is the right deb: http://download.gizmo5.com/GizmoDownload/gizmo-project_3.1.0.79_libstdc++6_i386.deb08:30
=== arief is now known as co_gatel
tarelerulzWell, I feel dumb . I thought they where lib and not the program itself . thanks pvh_sa|wrk08:30
pvh_sa|wrkthey also recommend their version of bonjour http://download.gizmo5.com/GizmoDownload/bonjour_1.0.7-1_i386.deb08:31
pvh_sa|wrkinstead of avahi? strange08:31
pvh_sa|wrktarelerulz, don't worry, it was obscure labelling... they got a deb for libc5 systems, and a deb for libc6 ones. strange... since libc5 is really ancient08:32
dryeyesany ideas in the brightness applet not doin crap08:32
* mark[oz] away08:32
tarelerulzMost program are just named  program_name_version.deb and nothing else .08:32
pvh_sa|wrkdryeyes, where is this applet in the menus?08:33
ubotuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P08:33
kadkoOne program like alcohol 120 or nero for ubuntu?08:33
unop__tarelerulz, a .deb file is just another archive, you can have something very useful in something like foo.deb :)08:33
pvh_sa|wrkkadko, k3b08:33
DJoneskadko: have a look at k3b or gnomebaker for burning cd's08:34
dryeyeswhen I right click on the tool bar and choose the brightness applet it has a red X over it08:34
tarelerulzI converted the red hate version of Gizmo and  really don't understand how you know if it is working or not.  No real mic check build into it.  Now that I know what deb version of the program I need I will do that one08:35
poni I got a problem in hardy, except for not being able to find nvidia drivers in Hardware Drivers, I also lag a bit, mouse freezing few secs once in a while, etc... Any ideas? Trying my luck in here as #ubuntu+1 is kind of dead :)08:35
pvh_sa|wrkdryeyes, same here08:35
wizohey, is skype supposed to be available in the repository?08:35
pvh_sa|wrkdryeyes, its part of "gnome power manager" and it seems to be related to power management... are you using a desktop or a laptop? and is your power management configured?08:36
mathhi, my modulefile isn't working!, in particular the "set-alias" doesn't work. Can someone help me?08:36
dryeyesdamn I guess I'm back to ubuntuforums.org08:36
dryeyesand I think so08:37
pvh_sa|wrkdryeyes, what does apm -v tell you?08:37
maththe error is: module just doesn't define the alias08:37
dmsupermanwithout doing sudo gedit, is there a way to open (in File Browser) a file and run the gedit as su08:37
dryeyesnot installed08:37
kadkoWell I have another problem, when I install the video drivers what ubuntu say me to install, when i restart my pc, my LCD Screen goes crazy and show a loot of colors but dont show the login screen.08:38
wizodo i have to get the sykpe binary from the site?08:38
tarelerulzHave any of you used Gizmo ? for sip/im ?08:39
dryeyespvh: should I install it (apt-get)08:39
pvh_sa|wrkdryeyes, well, there's the problem ;) i tried modprobe apm, and it failed on my side, so i don't think i've got the right hardware...08:39
pvh_sa|wrkcould try "insmod apm" and see if it works for you08:39
ponino ideas to the issue I had? :]08:40
=== x0x is now known as xx0xx
dryeyeswell I got not supprted by kernel08:43
kadkoThere are any like the gadgates of windows vista but for ubuntu?08:43
=== rodserling is now known as rodserlingNotLap
xx0xxunop__ check your pm plz08:44
pvh_sa|wrk  dryeyes well i guess you could ask on ubuntu forums... but yeah, that seems to be the underlying problem08:44
pvh_sa|wrkkadko, what kind of gadgets? sidebar stuff? clocks? there's tons08:45
dryeyesthanks bye08:45
kadkoye sidebar and clocks08:45
kadkocpu monitor08:45
kadkoram monitor08:45
maekI wonder if you can run the Windows Sidebar in WINE ??08:45
kadkoi want free soft08:46
shivamibwhy does it seems you have great ideas when you're stoned?08:46
xx0xxmaek there is something like windws sidebar :p08:46
iceswordkadko, lol,want what08:46
unop__!pm | xx0xx08:46
ubotuxx0xx: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can also benefit AND help you. Please don't PM a user in the channel without asking first, some find it rude.08:46
kadkoworng window sorry haha08:47
xx0xxunop__ oh i am sorry08:47
xx0xxunop__ can i pm you?08:47
maekxx0xxx screenlets with compiz is very buggy08:48
b0xif im geting " E:couldn't find package deluge-torrent" after i execute sudo apt-get install deluge-torrent08:48
b0xam i doin something wrong08:48
pvh_sa|wrkthere's a very cool looking project called "jackfield" for gadgets... http://www.kryogenix.org/days/category/software/linux/jackfield08:48
b0xi keep getin these errors when tryin 2 install stuff08:48
mmm4m5mQuestion: Hi all. I need little help please. In shell script I want to save input stream to file. Here my example: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62607/ (it is only 11 lines). I am not sure is it correct, and is it possible anything else to change the initial input stream?08:48
pvh_sa|wrkbut its still incomplete08:49
=== rodserlingNotLap is now known as rodserling
prodigelunop__: about those shortcuts, I'm unable to see my connections in the attach file window. I only see search, recently used and mounted filesystems. Can I browse for it somewhere in the filesystem tree?08:49
hackelDoes anyone know how to configure a sound device with virt-manager / libvirt?08:52
geirhammm4m5m: I would probably do it more like this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62608/08:53
iceswordwhat is that08:53
blbrownI am doing some backups and have a silly question; where are the list of packages stored that installed.  somewhere in the /etc directory?08:56
rajusmart card is not detecting in my laptop08:56
doennerhello, i am looking for a solution for remotely accessing my files and streaming them by choice08:57
doennerdoes anyone know about a program that can do that?08:57
xx0xxunop__ http://img80.imageshack.us/my.php?image=92505716kt9.jpg08:57
xx0xxtake a lok08:58
* doom_ good morning all! :D08:58
mmm4m5mgeirha: 10x a lot. my case is litle different, but your example do answer my question. thank you again.08:58
malekgood morning08:58
malekhow r u sathya08:59
doennerso i could remotely log in using ssh and run vlc for example to stream a movie?08:59
=== doom_ is now known as DOOM_NX
tarelerulzIs ekiga to call other user of the network ? I try it before and my acount kept timing out after one day . I thought maybe I missed you had to pay some where in there09:00
bazhangwubi is coming ;]09:00
iceswordtarelerulz, you need to buy something likely09:01
iceswordbazhang, it sucks09:01
bazhangicesword: not so; no more partitioning woes09:01
bazhangwoes = problems09:02
iceswordit is damn slow?09:02
xtknightwhere does wubi install ubuntu?09:02
bazhangnot if you use lvpm to transfer to its own space09:02
adamthow can i make the desktops wrap around (not using compiz)?09:02
iceswordxtknight, search wubi,if you have 512+ ram09:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 3d - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi09:03
bazhanginside of a file initially xtknight; though you can put it into its own partition if you wish09:03
bazhangxtknight: you can /msg ubotu wubi for some very good links09:03
tarelerulzWubi is  right movie for Ubuntu.  Anyway you can get Ubuntu to more people is all ways better.  I don't know how good Ubuntu install that way is .  it looked to be all Ubuntu was in couple of files and not really layed out on the ntfs partition09:03
iceswordbazhang, wubi still uses .virtual.disk?09:04
bazhangicesword: nay it is a real install09:04
iceswordthen it is good09:04
tarelerulzbazhang , It really installs Ubuntu on the Nntfs partion ?09:04
bazhangtarelerulz: into a file; you can move it onto its own partition later if you wish; you can read more at wubi-installer.org09:05
tarelerulzIs have Uubntu in file better then have the files that make Ubuntu installed on the partitoin ?09:06
iceswordlucky_su, su zhe?hiya09:06
tarelerulzAny of you Use Gizmo ?09:06
iceswordno what09:06
bazhangtarelerulz: for newer users it is the best way; once they get used to it they can put into its own partition--not difficult at all really09:06
bazhangwhat is gizmo tarelerulz09:07
damo23gizmo is like skype09:08
bazhangthanks damo2309:08
tarelerulzI think so for the most part09:08
tarelerulzBeen trying to get it working .  I read it can call gtalk09:08
Devilhow to install the ubuntu linux in eee pc09:08
damo23what is gtalk?09:08
mmm4m5mgeirha: would you like to take a look again. I think using sudo and redirect is wrong: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62610/09:09
blbrownwhat is a preferred gvim?  vim-full?09:09
tarelerulzGtalk is goolge's im/voip calling system09:09
iceswordDevil, from cd i guess09:09
bazhangDevil they have a channel #eeepc and a very good wiki at www.eeeuser.com09:09
bazhangblbrown: depends on your needs I would suppose09:10
qrweis this the place for ubuntu studio concerns?09:10
ganestell me how to use the smart card in my laptop09:10
tarelerulzThey only thing about gizmo is I can't find anyone to call to see how it wall works09:10
damo23qrwe: /join #ubuntustudio09:10
bazhangqrwe: you can ask though they do have their own channel as well09:10
Devilbut my friend tell me it can not use the wireless09:10
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone know how to put my card in monitor mode (or even if it can be done for my card) how do i find out if i cant be.09:10
qrwedamo23: thanks09:10
bazhangDevil: that is simply not true; it can use all of the features now09:11
mmm4m5mgeirha: my question is about this line: gksu echo > "$sudo_save"09:11
geirhammm4m5m: yes, that won't work09:11
bazhangDevil: check out their wiki09:11
geirhammm4m5m: how about something like this? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/62611/09:12
mmm4m5mgeirha: I want full input stream redirect (hope other commands will not read from input)09:12
geirhammm4m5m: you save it to a temporary file first, then move it to the correct place09:12
ganesbazhang, i am using smart card but it is not detecting09:12
ganesbazhang, there is no any info related to this in dmesg09:13
bazhangganes you need to provide more info; what are you trying to do and what errors have you gotten, etc09:13
damo23mmm4m5m:  you can play nice games with "tee sudo"09:13
mmm4m5mgeirha: 10x a lot :)... step by step to linux guru :)09:13
mmm4m5mdamo23: what is "tee sudo" :)09:13
ganesbazhang, i just want to make it to detect(smart card) in my laptop09:13
damo23mmm4m5m: tee lets you send a pipe to 2 directions09:14
ganesbazhang, after inserting the card i didnt find any message09:14
ganesbazhang, how to check whethere it is detected or not09:15
jaffarkelshacdoes anyone know how to put my card in monitor mode (or even if it can be done for my card) how do i find out if i cant be.09:15
lucky_suicesword: no09:15
damo23jaffarkelshac: im guessing iwconfig ...09:15
geirhammm4m5m: yes, as damo23 suggests, you can also do: cat | gksu tee "$sudo_save" >/dev/null09:16
iceswordlucky_su, hehe,you use ubuntu or ?09:16
kane77jaffarkelshac, sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor09:16
kane77jaffarkelshac, or use kismet09:16
jaffarkelshacmy card is ath0, but it does not enter monitor mode, i get an error09:16
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=600354 ganes here is a thread at the forums; that is your best bet unless someone here has a similar situation--I just searched for smart card in the ubuntuforums search box and this was one of the hits I got09:17
mmm4m5mdamo23: 10x, for this example I think temp file is better for me. I am 2 months old, yesterday I hear what is pipe :).09:17
mmm4m5mgeirha: why >/dev/null - I would like to see if any output/errors are there. And temp file is better... because immediately I take full input stream09:18
cwilluwhat's the bash substitution for the pid of the last command?09:18
cwilluman bash is useless09:19