quitttwhat is avahi deamon for?00:04
TheSheepquittt: advertising your services on the net00:05
TheSheepalso for ad hoc networking00:06
quitttwhat is ad hoc?00:06
TheSheepwithout servers or routers00:06
TheSheepfor example firends come over and you want to make a local lan to play games00:07
quitttwhy should I need it?00:07
TheSheepI have it disabled00:07
TheSheepnever needed it00:07
quitttx font server?00:08
TheSheepthere is documentation for all this, just google00:08
TheSheepyou can run w3m if your computer is slow, that's good enough for text browsing00:09
quitttdo you use cron?00:10
TheSheeponly anacron00:10
TheSheepno cron or atd00:10
quitttis anacron better?00:10
TheSheepanacron runs scheduled jobs at startup/shutdown00:11
TheSheepcron runs them at specified time00:11
TheSheepsince this is a desktop computer, it gets poweroff frequently00:11
quitttdoes it regulate update manager?00:11
quitttand makedev?00:11
TheSheepno idea, I have the update manageralso disabled, I do updates manually00:12
quitttfor me, Xubuntu desktop is perfect00:12
TheSheepmakedev is a script that's run at startup to create the device nodes in /dev/, it's needed00:12
quitttbut my PC sucks =/00:12
TheSheepyou can really find all this easily with google00:12
TheSheepI gotta go sleep, 1 am here00:13
quitttgood night00:13
oliver_g_hey Stroganoff00:22
oliver_g_your icebuntu script is still running here...00:22
Stroganoffwhat is it doing?00:22
oliver_g_I hope it doesn't use up all space before finished :-)00:22
oliver_g_still setting up packages... gsfonts right now00:23
oliver_g_thanks for adding network-manager00:23
Stroganoffi hope you havent chosen too many packages :D00:23
oliver_g_yes :-)00:23
oliver_g_will see...00:23
oliver_g_I have made a copy of the command-line online install from the SD card00:23
oliver_g_so can retry if it runs out of space now00:24
Stroganoffi haven't updated yet, you have to install gnome-system-tools manually to get network manager working00:24
oliver_g_hmm... is the wrong md5sum in gutsys flash packages still not fixed, or has adobe released yet another update?00:26
Stroganoffi ran the script 3 hours ago including flash00:30
oliver_g_it said the usual "md5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz" message00:31
oliver_g_not fatal, I will try a reinstall of flash later00:31
oliver_g_well it has finished!00:34
oliver_g_apparently without running out of space00:34
oliver_g_lets see how it comes up :-)00:35
ubotuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash00:39
oliver_g_Stroganoff: nice work :-D00:41
oliver_g_it boots up fine and gives a good desktop00:41
Stroganoffsudo apt-ret install orage dates-00:41
Stroganoffjust now i replaced dates with orage (calender on doubleclick-clock), is much faster00:42
Stroganoffanother bug: toolbar still shows firefox instead of swiftfox00:43
Stroganoffmousepad ~/.icewm/toolbar00:43
oliver_g_how can I start swiftfox manually?00:43
Stroganofflast release was kidn of rushed :D00:43
Stroganoffswiftfox is in the main menu00:43
Stroganoffi'd edit the toolbar config00:44
oliver_g_wait, I think I didn't select swiftfox during installation00:44
Stroganoffthe swiftfox repository is included nonetheless00:45
oliver_g_ok, I have 477 MB left...00:45
oliver_g_1.2G used (plus 500 MB for swap)00:46
Stroganoffthat much swap00:46
Stroganoffare you going to run photoshop? ;)00:46
oliver_g_heh :-)00:46
oliver_g_I simply used default settings...00:46
oliver_g_but usually I have too few RAM/swap on any computer :-/00:47
Stroganoffdoes hibernate work?00:54
oliver_g_moment, will try...00:54
=== danielm_ is now known as danielm
oliver_g_it didn't hibernate when closing the lid (probably needs an acpi handler script)00:57
oliver_g_but it shut off and locked screen00:57
Stroganoffthe acpi deamon is selectable in my script00:57
Stroganoffyou have to edit /etc/acpi/events/lidbtn to make it hibernate on lidclose00:59
Stroganoffi should add this to my script00:59
oliver_g_those are the eee-specific customizations01:00
oliver_g_ok, pressing power button starts suspend, but it then fails with "not enough swap space" (?)01:01
oliver_g_I will look at that tommorrow...01:01
oliver_g_it's quite late again :-)#01:01
oliver_g_thanks again for your script!01:01
oliver_g_see you01:01
MadI tried booting the xubuntu disk just now 7.10 and it seemed to not send any signals to the display, is this a known problem with the nvidia drivers with xubuntu? I have been able to use the plain ubuntu disk without issue01:26
kebit is the same driver01:27
Madok is there any reason it shouldnt work then?01:27
kebmaybe the disk is corrupt01:28
Madah ok ill check that01:28
doodlerhi everyone01:47
kebgood morning doodler01:47
doodlermorning? where are you?01:48
kebat my desk01:48
Stroganoffeven after uninstalling thunar-volman thunar01:49
Stroganoff..is still able to detect and mount my usb drives01:49
Stroganoffon the other hand gnome-volume-manager is not working01:49
Stroganoff(after uninstalling thunar-volman and rebooting)01:49
kebdoesnt ivman handle automounts01:50
Stroganoffok ivman mounts the cdrom but not usb02:01
Stroganoffinstalling usbmount02:05
pc-illiteratei forget how to config xserver...any help ?02:06
pc-illiteratei just scroll up02:07
n-iCewhen is the 8.10 version released?02:21
n-iCe8.04 *02:21
pc-illiterateok. i try recovery terminal and rundpkg-reconfigure xserver.org. im told xserver isnt installed. any ideas ?02:29
n-iCeHow do I appear the title bar again?03:35
n-iCeI don't know where is it03:35
j1mcn-iCe: the title bar?03:35
j1mcare you using compiz?03:35
n-iCeI uninstalled it :|03:35
j1mcyou uninstalled compiz?03:36
n-iCeoh shit03:36
n-iCeI used compiz --replace03:36
n-iCeand compiz is back :|03:36
n-iCewhat the heck03:37
j1mcin the future, you can go to #compiz for compiz support03:37
n-iCehow do I uninstall it all03:37
j1mcthis isn't really a compiz support channel.03:37
n-iCebut how do I unintall it03:37
j1mcsudo apt-get uninstall compiz?03:37
j1mchehe... sorry03:37
n-iCethat's whay I did!03:38
j1mcsudo apt-get remove compiz03:38
n-iCethat's whay I did!03:38
j1mcthen you'll need to log out and log back in03:38
n-iCeI did! I rebooted03:38
n-iCesame thing right?03:38
Stroganoffsudo apt-get remove compiz-core03:39
Stroganoffsudo apt-get autoremove03:39
n-iCeok let me try03:40
n-iCewhat's the autoremove for?03:41
n-iCeok done, let me reboot03:42
n-iCeDidn't work03:57
n-iCeI don't see the title bars yet03:57
Stroganoffalt+f2 -> metacity04:00
n-iCedoesn't exist04:02
j1mcalt-f2 xfwm404:02
n-iCeI was pulling out my hairç!!04:03
n-iCethank you j1mc04:03
Stroganoffhey it was my idea04:03
* Stroganoff goes.04:04
pc-illiterateok....can someone help me find the pci busid in the 0:1:0 format ?04:16
kebpc-illiterate did you try       sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg04:16
pc-illiterate i forget what mine is and i looked everywhere on ubuntu forums...searched n searched04:16
pc-illiteratei need the pci busid04:17
pc-illiteratewont autodetect04:17
kebwhy would you need that?04:17
pc-illiteratei remembered thinking it was 0:15:0 but thats wrong04:17
pc-illiterateno thats garbage for this04:17
kebthe lspci command should get it for you04:17
pc-illiteratethats hex i need binary or its binary i need hex04:18
pc-illiterateat least this time i have 2 pc's hooked up to net so i can research while i try04:19
pc-illiteratebut...this is my xubuntu box here and im in xp now04:19
kebmy video card shows up as   01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1)04:19
pc-illiterateim plain ol pci04:20
pc-illiteratekernel tried helping me 3-4 weeks ago the first time around04:21
pc-illiteratetech 404 finally got it though04:21
kebit should work in vesa mode even if it doesnt detect your card04:21
keber, if it doesnt know what kind of card you have.  it has to detect the video card or it wont display anything :)04:22
pc-illiteratei dont get my desktop...black screen at login04:23
pc-illiteratei only get the splash for progress bar04:23
kebdid you have a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log after logging in from the command prompt04:24
kebthat should tell you what went wrong04:24
pc-illiteratetried that looong time ago04:24
pc-illiteratex doesnt start04:24
kebit should also tell you why x didnt start04:25
n-iCeNow the title bar is ok, but it disappear when I reboot, why?04:25
n-iCeNow the title bar is ok, but it disappear when I reboot, why?04:37
kebif you save your session before logging out or rebooting, it might be there when you come back04:38
kebif you save your session before logging out or rebooting, it might be there when you come back04:38
kebyou can play around with the stuff in Applications, Settings, Desktop  or thereabouts04:40
pc-illiteratei type what in terminal to uninstall my drivers and what to install new ?04:48
pc-illiteratei cant freakin find it....04:48
pc-illiteratei have the nvidia glx new and i want nvidia glx04:49
pc-illiterateapt-get-uninstall nvidia-glx-new&&apt-get-install nvidia-glx ?04:50
pc-illiterateapt-get-uninstall nvidia-glx-new && apt-get-install nvidia-glx ?04:50
pc-illiterateapt-get-uninstall nvidia-glx-new && apt-get-install nvidia-glx ?04:56
pc-illiterateis this correct ?04:56
pc-illiterateis this correct ?05:09
pc-illiterateis this correct ?05:09
pc-illiterateis this correct ?05:09
pc-illiterateapt-get-uninstall nvidia-glx-new && apt-get-install nvidia-glx ?05:09
pc-illiterateoops sorry05:09
pc-illiteratedidnt mean to rererepeat05:10
pc-illiterateapt-get uninstall nvidia-glx-new && apt-get install nvidia-glx ?05:10
pc-illiteratei mean is this right...man its a loong day05:10
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xfce_noobieIs there a way to mount remote folders with ssh using thunar like in gnome using nautilus?06:02
=== xfce_noobie is now known as paul928
mbirkishi! i installed the xubuntu package from apt-get, but i think i have done something weird... because when i try to use the window manager settings, i get some error saying that i am running metacity13:36
mbirkisis there any way top get back to standard xubunt (like it was when i first installed)13:37
mbirkishow do i get the xfwm4 window manager instead of metacity in xubuntu?13:40
maxamillionmbirkis: xfwm4 is default in xubuntu13:42
mbirkismaxamillion: but i think i have done something to mess it up, when i try to run window manager settings it says that i am running metacity13:43
maxamillionmbirkis: you sure you are running xfce?13:43
mbirkismaxamillion: yes13:44
maxamillionmbirkis: ok, check in applications->settings->autostart and see if there is a listing for metacity there13:44
mbirkismaxamillion: the autostart won't work :(13:45
mbirkisi click it but it doesn't open13:45
mbirkis[ 2194.136255] xfce4-autostart[8746]: segfault at 00000004 eip 0804beda esp bff7ef30 error 413:45
maxamillionmbirkis: you by any chance running 8.04 prerelease?13:46
mbirkismaxamillion: yes13:46
mbirkislol, so it is broke then13:46
maxamillionmbirkis: you might want to check launchpad to see if the autostart bug has been reported, if not please submit one so that it can be fixed13:47
maxamillionmbirkis: yes, its probably just broke13:47
mbirkismaxamillion: ok, will do13:47
mbirkismaxamillion: thx alot for the help13:47
maxamillionmbirkis: anytime :)13:47
mbirkismaxamillion: btw, it is already filed at launchpad13:50
maxamillionmbirkis: ah wonderful, thank you .... i'll be sure to mention it to the devs to make sure its being addressed13:51
Banan_wiihey all14:57
Banan_wiianybody know why my xfmedia and mpg123 dont work while in torcs i have normal sound?14:57
cody-somervilleWhat version of Xubuntu are you using, Banan_wii?14:59
Banan_wii6.06.1 LTS14:59
Banan_wiimpg123 says it cant enable default sound device14:59
cody-somervilleIs libxine1-ffmpeg and liblame0 installed?15:00
Banan_wiihow to check it?15:00
cody-somervilleOpen up synaptics package manager and search for them15:01
Banan_wii... where?15:01
cody-somervilleFrom the menu under System15:02
Banan_wiithere s no libxinel15:05
Banan_wiiand there isnt any in my repos ...15:06
Banan_wiiliblame is installed15:06
Banan_wiiwhere to get libxinel then?15:08
Banan_wiiplz its really weird ....15:13
TheSheepBanan_wii: it's libxine1 not libxinel15:16
TheSheepuse good a font15:17
Banan_wiibut its still isntt in my repos :(15:17
TheSheep!info libxine15:20
ubotuPackage libxine does not exist in gutsy15:20
TheSheep!info libxine115:20
ubotulibxine1 (source: xine-lib): the xine video/media player library, binary files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.7-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 2431 kB, installed size 5528 kB15:20
Banan_wiihey! i mean :D it works :D15:22
TheSheepno problem ll!l15:23
meccahey guys --- i just built a new PC and im trying to install xub 8 beta15:55
cody-somervillemecca, Are you having trouble?15:55
meccaafter the grub menu "install" the screen goes blank forever w/ a blinking cursor at the top15:55
meccaso i downloaded xub gutsy ---- same thing15:55
meccaany ideas?15:57
meccacody-somerville: ?15:57
TheSheepmecca: try different boot options15:57
ubotuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto15:57
meccaTheSheep: i tried changing the resolution etc..15:58
TheSheeptry the noapic, nolapic, nopci, etc.15:58
meccaok will do15:59
meccathanks for the help :)15:59
NekoKunHi all17:53
NekoKunhow big is xubuntu default install?17:54
cody-somervilleA few gigs17:57
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Ultraputzis there a list of caveats for going from gutsy to hardy ?19:00
zoredache_I am not aware of any such document Ultraputz did you have a specific question?19:01
=== zoredache_ is now known as zoredache
Ultraputzzoredache_ - my specific question is "is this going to break my machine," which I figured might be answered by a document of caveats :-)19:02
=== danielm_ is now known as danielm
zoredacheat the moment the answer may be yes... it is still beta, if your need your system to be stable I wouldn't switch yet19:03
zoredacheyou could look at the list of open bugs19:04
Ultraputzhow close are they to stable, do you know ?19:04
zoredachedon't really know19:04
Ultraputzmore mundane question -- is there anything other than awn that would function as a dock/launcher on a system that does not have a compositor enabled?19:07
Ultraputzer, like a nextstep or macos dock?19:07
zoredachehave you tried just adding a panel, centering it, and not having it expand to the full screen?19:08
Ultraputzja. not quite happymaking, but i suppose i could futz with it some more.19:09
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Ultraputzanyone familiar with Evolution ?19:48
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redwhitewaldois there a terminal command to import pics from digital camera to computer?20:10
redwhitewaldopleia2: is that a _terminal command_?20:11
redwhitewaldooh, i thought it was a gui program.20:12
redwhitewaldopleia2: what command line do we use for gphoto2?20:13
pleia2gphoto2 -P20:13
redwhitewaldoeasy. thanks20:14
keonneGood afternoon guys20:26
keonneIm thinking about xubuntu for my dad. He is officially tired of windows so I told him I would look for a nice easy to use linux distro20:27
keonnedo you think Xubuntu will be good for him. He isn't the most computer savvy, but gets the basic idea20:28
cody-somervillekeonne, Have you considered Ubuntu?20:40
redwhitewaldohi there, i was speaking to someone here re: gphoto2. who was that? I was wondering what gphoto2 command to run to import all photos from digital cam AND delete all imported pics afterwards.21:06
danielmredwhitewaldo, check the manpage, there is a couple of --delete options21:09
redwhitewaldodanielm: yes, i see 2.21:10
redwhitewaldo-d, --delete-file=RANGE         Delete files given in range21:10
redwhitewaldo -D, --delete-all-files          Delete all files in folder21:10
redwhitewaldodanielm: u use gphoto2, too?21:10
danielmi use gThumb to import photos21:11
redwhitewaldodanielm: u prefer gui?21:11
redwhitewaldoi prefer gui, too, but i want to save memomry21:12
danielmif i'm not wrong, the gThumb backed is gphoto221:14
danielmwell.. i like gThumb, and isn't a very heavy software21:14
redwhitewaldothat's all u use gthumb for: importing?21:14
redwhitewaldois there a smaller importing-pics gui program than gthumb?21:15
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magic_ninjai got a serious problem23:35
magic_ninjawhen one user is logged in (no virtual terminals) my comp shows 2 users on23:35
TheSheepmagic_ninja: check /var/log/auth23:36
magic_ninjaTheSheep: dir doesn't exist23:37
magic_ninjaTheSheep: found the file,w hat am i looking for23:38
zoredachewho is logged in, and where the logged in from23:39
magic_ninjait says rubix rubix from users23:39
magic_ninjabut i have a strange port listening23:39
zoredachewhat tool are you using to get a list of active users from?23:39
magic_ninjapam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)  just a ton of that23:40
magic_ninjajust the users command23:40
zoredachetry using the command 'who'23:40
zoredachethat will also show you hwere the user is..23:41
zoredacheI bet you are just seeing all the terminals you have open23:41
magic_ninjazoredache: already checked that, with no vterminals and no other terminals open, i still get two users23:42
magic_ninja pts/023:42
zoredacheso that would make sence, a login for X, and an entry for the terminal you ran users from23:42
magic_ninjazoredache: no i have 2 dumby terminals open and no virtual terminals and its showing 4 users (ie should be three)23:44
magic_ninjais there a command to log out all users and end all sessions?23:44
zoredachejust find the process id and use kill on it...23:45
zoredachesomething like 'lsof -n | grep '/dev/pts' might tell you want you want23:46
TheSheepmagic_ninja: kill -9 -1 will end all programs23:47
magic_ninjaand all users?23:47
zoredacheyup, it seems to have ended his login23:49
magic_ninjashowed 1 user (the vt i was logged in on), now showing 2 users again soon as i start x23:50
magic_ninjaso i wonder...why23:50
zoredachewhy is it bugging you?23:50
magic_ninjatcp        0      0 *:10245                 *:*                     LISTEN23:51
magic_ninjathats why23:51
zoredacheand that is something you to recogonize?23:51
TheSheepnetstat -p will show you which process owns it23:52
zoredachedid you try a  'sudo netstat -ntlp' to see what process it is?23:52
magic_ninjadidn't show a process23:55
magic_ninjathats why is bugging me23:56
zoredacheyou ran your netstat with sudo?  the pid information sometimes isn't visible to your account23:56
magic_ninjayea, the command that gave me that is netstat -a | tcp23:57
magic_ninjagrr *grep23:57
zoredachedid you try 'sudo netstat -ntlp'?23:59
magic_ninjathats ice control center daemon i would guess23:59

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