supremeI finally discovered the problem with session restarting in a intel chipset !!!02:44
supremeit's cause e1000 module02:44
kgoetze1000 has firmware doesnt it?02:45
supremei actually dont know, but reading about the problem I realize intel chipset has a problem with its gigabit integrated network card02:46
supreme'Corrupted MAC on input'  <--- that was exactly the error in auth.log after rebooting x session in some terminal02:47
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BBlakeHello, is anyone willing to try and help me with installation woes on a laptop?05:23
LaserJockwhat kind of woes?05:28
BBlakeSorry, I got distracted.05:41
BBlakeIt's having trouble with the hdd. I can install Vector Linux but Edubuntu wont play nicely.05:41
LaserJockwhat does it do?05:42
BBlakeOkay lets see05:43
BBlakeI get as far as writing the partition changes to disks - that's where it craps out05:44
LaserJocknot a particularly great spot to do that05:44
LaserJockdoes it give and error message or anything?05:45
LaserJockhave you done the CD check that's in the boot menu?05:45
BBlakeIt can give one of several, this time it shows babble about "The instalelr needs to remove operating system files from the install target, but was unable to do so. The install cannot continue". It can also give other complaints though.05:45
BBlakeAnd that is babble because it's unformatted :P05:46
BBlakeI tried using the generic IDE driver but that didn't help05:46
LaserJockand what kind of install are you doing exactly?05:47
BBlakeum, as in workstation05:47
LaserJockon 7.10?05:47
BBlakeI'm using the hardy dvd05:47
LaserJockBBlake: oh05:49
LaserJockBBlake: you might talk to #ubuntu+105:49
LaserJockthe text-based installer for Edubuntu is the same as for Ubuntu05:50
LaserJockand they have a larger audience05:50
LaserJockI really don't know how to help you at the moment05:50
LaserJockother than doing the CD check to make sure you got a good burn05:50
BBlakeThanks for your time (and I've checked the DVD)05:50
LaserJocksince it's hardy it could be a bug05:50
BBlakeI get the same thing with the 7.10 CD tho05:51
BBlake(I tested)05:51
LaserJockBBlake: I gotta get to bed, sorry I'm not much help05:56
BBlakeNo problem.05:57
remitaylori have multiple working thin clients, but one, which is using a pxe emulator from rom-o-matic, sees my gateway as the rootserver and dhcp's to my main LAN network instead of to the LTSP server ... all mounts fail because it things (my LAN gateway) is the LTSP server ... has anyone run into something similar?06:24
remitayloras soon as my thin clients start to boot (after dhcp-ing properly from my ltsp server), they re-dhcp and hit my LAN's main dhcp server ... this gives them a new IP and, more importantly, they lose their rootserver (becomes the gateway instead of my ltsp server) and their rootpath (becomes empty) ... and they drop to busybox.  anyone know how i can prevent this?  can i add something to my /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf or some08:13
remitayloryou can see what it's doing here [http://remi.org/ltsp-redhcp.png] ... it gets an IP from my ltsp's dhcp and starts to boot ... but re-dhcps, gets a new ip, and loses my rootserver/rootpath  :(  (gw=,ltsp=.99,gw-dhcp-range=.100-110,ltsp-dhcp-range=.170-180)08:19
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kwakhi, does anyone here know of a presentation about opensource not just ltsp but also using Linux. I will present open source and the use of Linux OS in our school in two weeks11:36
kwakI want to show them the PROs and the CONs and other information.11:36
* ogra_cmpc points kwak to RichEd-1 11:36
mcfloppyi have a runnung LTSP under Debian Etch. yesterday i done a server reboot. now the clients dont show the loginmanager. when i use the ldm, it works, but slow.11:37
mcfloppywhat can this be?11:37
ogra_cmpcno idea, we dont suport anything but ldm in ubuntu (its possible to use xdmcp, but not encouraged)11:39
ogra_cmpc(also etch is pretty ancient, it would be on par with ubuntu edgy which will be unsupported soon, ltsp changed a lot in these 18 months since then)11:40
ogra_cmpcmcfloppy, best is to sit in #ltsp and wait for vagrantc, he maintains the debian port11:41
mcfloppythank you11:43
mcfloppyill do so11:43
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supremehi all16:00
supremesomebody knows about 'Corrupted MAC on input' error?16:01
supremeubotu, have you ever used edubuntu as thin client server, right?16:10
supremeogra_cmpc, have you ever used edubuntu as thin client server, right?  And wich specific hardware configuration have you used?16:11
supremesomebody... help... me16:28
LaserJocksupreme: try #ltsp, they might be more help16:28
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LaserJockogra: seems like most of the responses for specs are LTSP related18:01
ograthats what i suspected18:03
ograi'm actually waiting for the first request for AD integration :P18:03
Muhammad_SaadHello ogra_cmpc, The keyboard layout file is not Ubuntu specific. It is a part of the xkb-data package. What should I do?19:44
sl0000has anybody install edubunut 7.10 with ltsp21:58
LaserJocklots of people have21:59
LaserJocksl0000: do you have a particular question about it?21:59
sl0000yes, I have just install edubuntu 7.10 and I cannot get my client to boot in pxe22:00
LaserJocksl0000: do you have one NIC or two on the server?22:03
sl0000i have two nic and whe I boot my thin client up.  I keep getting the cursor.22:07
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LaserJockogra: should I do one last edubuntu-docs upload now?22:34
ogrado you have fixes öeft ?22:35
LaserJockno, it would just be updating translations22:35
LaserJockwell, kinda I guess22:35
ograsure, thats always good22:35
LaserJockI had a mistake with the release month of Hardy22:35
LaserJockI accidentally said Hardy was being released October 2007 ;-)22:35
LaserJockI thought I had it all fixed, but my .pot had a mistake22:36
LaserJockso I reuploaded a few weeks ago22:36
LaserJockto get "April" translated22:36
LaserJockso I'd like to pick up as many of those as possible22:36
LaserJockogra: do you have a sec to help sl0000 with a 7.10 LTSP problem?22:36
LaserJocksl0000: another place you can ask is #ltsp22:37
LaserJockmy guess is that it's an X problem with your video driver22:38
ogratell me abount it22:38
LaserJockogra: from earlier: sl0000: i have two nic and whe I boot my thin client up.  I keep getting the cursor.22:40
ograsl0000, do you know which graphics hardware is in the client ?22:40
sl0000i install on a dell 6550 server22:41
sl0000join /#ltsp22:42
LaserJocksl0000: but what about the thin clients?22:42
sl0000i install on a compaq with intel integrate card built in.  I boot up and the splash screen comes up22:43
sl0000after the splash it has a cursor. i heard that I need to use the ltsp-manger to configure the client environment but I install the package and was unble to run in terminal22:44
ograno, you dont need that22:44
ograsudo gedit /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf22:45
ograadd the following lines:22:45
ogra    X_COLOR_DEPTH=2422:45
ograsave the file, reboot the client22:46
ogra(thats fixed in hardy btw)22:46
sl0000the client boot up through pxe22:46
sl0000let me try .22:48
sl0000I runing ltsp 5 and cannot find lts.conf on /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lst.conf22:52
ograjust create it as i showed above22:54
sl0000ok, now pxe is now working23:01
ograyou see the login screen ?23:03
sl0000no, I having problem pxe booting23:04

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