swatTXdexter: what version of ubuntu are you using?00:00
esoxSergeant_Pony: and when you are between 7.10 and 8.04, is there ubuntu+0.5 channel ?00:00
swatTXdexter: type lsb_release -a  - into your terminal to find out00:00
Sergeant_Ponyesox: lol, nope either 7.10 or 8.04 beta00:01
pewshanyone running software raid in 8.04?00:01
esoxSergeant_Pony: so, you are in deep sh... like me00:01
Sergeant_Ponylol, alway's am ;)00:01
dexteri m using 8.04 beta00:01
swatTXthen you are in the correct place00:02
dexteri m totally new to linux and ubuntu00:02
Sergeant_Ponydexter then this is the channel u need00:02
T1m0thymy wifi just goes out sometimes. :\00:02
T1m0thyhave to reconnect.00:02
dexterso help me out plz00:02
swatTXdexter: prolly not the best idea to start off with a beta version though =p00:02
dexterya but i had to start some where00:02
Sergeant_Ponyicanhasadmin: what I don't like too is on a reboot I have to type in those last 2 commands before the wifi wakes up...00:03
dexteri tried red hat a fewdays ago same thing happend then00:03
swatTXdexter: gutsy still works fine as far as i know00:03
dextermy moniter screen goes blank when ubuntu loads00:03
dexteri mean when it boots up00:04
Sergeant_Ponymine did that as well....00:04
dexteri think it is screen resolution probblem00:04
devildoes the ubuntu 8.04 has the flash player 900:04
dextermost of tthe screen goes blank but a thin vertical line apears in the middle00:05
orudieso how is 8.04 different from 7.10 ?00:05
dexter<sargent pony> can u help me?00:05
Sergeant_Ponydexter: I installed compiz and adjusted the resolution and it worked.00:06
dexteri m new have never used any other os . but windows.00:06
swatTXorudie: from what I can tell it's pretty much the same. Some things just worked out of the box for me that hadn't worked in previous versions. still a n00b though so not sure about the bells and whistles00:06
pouhello, I've installed unbuntu hardy today on a laptop with a 4318 chipset, I've installed b43 driver and I can connect to a wep network but it doesn't work with wpa00:07
dexteris there any way to setup screen resolution while booting?00:07
pouI mean both networks appear on network manager but I'm only able to connect to the wep one00:08
dexterany one plz help me00:08
swatTXesox: I'm at 314 of 332 (crosses fingers)00:08
pouexcuse me, I forgot : broadcom 4318 wifi chipset00:08
icanhasadmindexter: it's in /etc/X11/xorg.conf00:10
iroquick question: is the directory .mozilla-thunderbird still in ubuntu 8.04?00:10
dexterbut how to get ther i m new00:10
swatTXicanhasadmin: love the name, haha00:10
icanhasadmindexter: if you're new why are you using a beta distro? and if you're not why don't you ask in #ubuntu instead of #ubuntu+1?00:10
esoxswatTX: I pray for you00:11
pouthanks :)00:11
Ssam`anyways text based installer for hardy?00:11
dexteri have tried but there i was told to go to ubuntu+100:11
Ssam`umm dexter state your problem00:11
dexteri just downloaded it00:11
icanhasadmindexter: sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf <- i'm not sure 100 percent where but i'm pretty sure it's under "device"00:11
dexterwhen ubuntu boots up my moniter goes blank but a thin vertical line appears in the middle same happens in windows if i set my resolution to 1280x124000:12
Ssam`dexter:  thats a hardwares fault00:13
swatTXdexter: and under device I think you want to try "vesa" next to driver? not 100% sure though, ymmv00:13
dexterbut in lower resulotions it works fine00:13
Ssam`does the screen go back to normal when u smack the monitor arround?00:13
picard_pwns_kirkbrb reboot00:13
dexterno it doesnt00:13
Ssam`are you using a cathord ray tube monitor or a liquid crystal display one?00:14
dextercathrod ray tube moniter00:14
Ssam`uh huh00:14
Ssam`32 mb agp card?00:14
dexterits acompaq s70000:14
dexterno 128 mb vga00:14
[GuS]Hi people00:15
Ssam`hrmmm shouldent happen....do u live in humid climate?00:15
dexternvidia gefoce mx400 is my vga card AGP00:15
[GuS]question.. is there a problem with latest kernel on hardy?00:15
dexterwhat is humid climate?00:15
[GuS]cause may things are failing realted to harware00:15
[GuS]since *-1500:15
todd_I installed the Hoary beta last night, used the installer to set my keyboard to dvorak but when I installed the 500+ updates, my keyboard settings were lost00:15
Ssam`near a river bank sea lake?00:15
todd_is that a bug I should report?  how do I change my keyboard at the terminal so its dvorak again?00:16
Ssam`may be the capicitors are out00:16
Simpl3xtodd_: there should be an icon that looks like a keyboard on top, click that and re-select your keyboard00:16
poutodd_ : the hoary beta, lol00:16
swatTXGuS: I read that just as I was updating =X00:16
Simpl3xit did the same thing to me, switched me to arabic for some reason00:16
dexteri m in a dry area with nothing like a sea or river closer to me in 30 miles00:16
nemocan anyone help me downgrade to 2.6.24-5 ?00:16
todd_Simpl3x: does that change the terminal as well?  I'm not looking for an xorg-only fix00:16
todd_pou: oops :) Hardy beta, then00:17
[GuS]swatTX: cause with -14 works perfect my system00:17
[GuS]only with the -15 release is failing00:17
dexterit never happend ever before, it only happens when ever i try any linux, 1st time i tried redhat 9 a few days ago same thing happend then00:17
Simpl3xtodd_: then I'm not sure, I only had the problem in X00:17
swatTXGuS: what's failing exactly?00:17
esoxswatTX: what's happ on your side ?00:17
[GuS]swatTX: for example, my TV card which is an encore TVFM00:18
[GuS]and tiill *-14 was working perfecttly00:18
[GuS]when it loads the driver... kernel bugs....00:18
swatTXesox: applying the changes now...00:18
todd_Simpl3x: you're right .. I just checked and the command line is okay .. you're right .. sorry00:18
iroumm Ssam` i still have no sound after installing the alsa mixer and rebooting ;(00:18
Ssam`dexter: i am not sure......try keeping the resolution lower all i can suggest00:18
esoxswatTX: I'm progressing also... I hope... !00:18
DanaGNOTE: dpkg-reconfigure -a is NOT the same as dpkg --configure -a00:18
[GuS]so i am stick to -14 release...00:18
icanhasadminDanaG: lets pretend ;)00:19
DanaG.... and end up accidentally running dpkg-reconfigure on every package on the system?  Not good.00:19
dexter<Ssam>yes u ri right but how to keep it low? this is what i m trying to do but i dont know how to do it.00:19
iroSsam` me?00:20
todd_now that I can type normally again ... when I first installed the beta, there was a program to adjust my resolution and setup a second monitor ... that program seems to have moved and/or isn't available anymore ... thoughts?00:20
Ssam`no dexter00:20
K|has anyone compared advantages/disadvantages of a self-compiled kernel in ubuntu? bootup-time etc. Wondering if it would get me anywhere00:20
dexteri dont know much. it is ubuntu 8.04beta.00:20
dexterand i think it is gnome.00:20
swatTXesox: i hope so too!00:21
Ssam`iro: are you sure sound worked fine on gusty?00:21
dexterSsam plz tell me any way to setup screen resolution in booting00:21
iroSsam` Hell yeah ;P i was watching anime and playing music :P i had 15 GB of music :P it had to00:22
Ssam`dexter: you cant seem to boot?00:22
irodexter: boot up manager00:22
Ssam`iro: probably a bug00:22
Simpl3xtodd_: it's now under applications and other00:22
Simpl3xthey moved it for some reason00:22
dexterSsam first 2 boot loading screens come up. but after that this happens00:22
irocan't turn on alsamixer... crashes00:22
Y_Less`Hi, I have a very odd problem.  I'm running Kubuntu 8.04 beta on an HP Pavilion dv6000.  I've installed a few libraries to get things like wireless support installed and working, as well as quite a few bits for games but for some reason my hard disk seems to periodically just flood itself.  I'll get a message saying that the HD is less than 4% free, but I know there is a aroung 38gb free.  I tracked the data down to a folder in00:22
Y_Less`home->.strigi.  Deleting it doesn't seem to adversely affect the system but after a while the messages start coming back and just now my entire hard disk was full for no apparent reason.  Does anyone know what's going on?00:23
Ssam`dexter: are u live cd00:23
Ssam`iro:  try reinstalling the sound driver00:23
todd_Simpl3x: I don't have an 'Other' hanging off Applications00:23
Simpl3xhmm...odd, one second00:23
todd_Simpl3x: does it need to be installed separately?00:23
Simpl3xno, it should be there00:23
dexterand i have tried Wubi install and standard installation00:23
Simpl3xdid you fully update and reboot?00:23
iroSsam` i'm not new to linux using it for about 4 months but how the hell i do that ;P00:24
esoxswatTX: I'm moving, for sure, bur I dont know yet if it is in the right direction00:24
todd_I am fully updated, but I haven't rebooted since it disappeared, no00:24
hmullerK|: Not worth the effort IMHO.  Meaning it'll add extra work maintaining your system.00:24
Simpl3xtodd_: try at least restarting X and see if it shows up00:24
dexterwubi installation was sucessfull but after restart cant boot it.00:24
todd_brb then00:24
Ssam`dexter: which release are u using?00:25
Ssam`iro: hold on00:25
irokkz np :P00:25
swatTXesox: i think i'm headed in the right direction, but I'm worrying about the kernel problems that the new kernel apparently have.00:25
Simpl3xtodd_: anything?00:26
todd_Simpl3x: still no 'Other' menu, and the dvorak settings only take effect after I've logged in; it's still qwerty at the login prompt00:26
dexterSsam, 8.04 beta.00:26
esoxswatTX: what problems have that 2.6.24 ?00:26
swatTXesox: i00:26
Ssam`dexter: how fast is your connection?00:26
swatTXesox: i've just seen a few people say they were having problems with the latest one 2.6.24-15, the -15 being the borked kernel00:27
Simpl3xtodd_: I'm not sure what's going on with the login thing, mine worked fine everywhere except under X until I changed it to the proper keyboard again, you may need to do a full reboot to get the login window to work again, but that's just a guess. As for the other thing, Try going into the menu editor and see if "other" just isn't visible00:27
Simpl3xI seem to recall having to do that on one of my boxes00:27
dexterSsam. it is 115 kbits00:27
esoxswatTX: what is borked ? sorry for my poor english00:28
todd_Simpl3x: Other does show up in the menu editor, good call00:28
Ssam`iro:  http://www.tux.org/~tbr/sound-debian/#Setting00:28
Ssam`dexter: download Gusty00:28
dexterSsam.8.04 works fine on my laptop00:28
swatTXesox: no worries. borked is kinda slang i guess. borked meaning that -15 is the latest kernel that's giving the problems.00:28
Ssam`you can update when the official release comes out in 15 days00:28
dexterwhat is gusty?00:28
dexterSsam what is gusty?00:29
Ssam`dexter: 8.04 is a beta release00:29
esoxswatTX: wow, I think I'm done... I try a reboot, pray and cross all fingers and toe for me...00:29
swatTXdexter: the previous version of ubuntu00:29
todd_Simpl3x: do you have any experience using the Screen and Graphics utility to set up a dual head display?  I also seem to have ended up with two Screen 1's00:29
hmullersame as hadry?00:29
dexteru mean 7.10?00:29
dexterSsam u mean 7.10?00:29
swatTXesox: see you on the other side!!! (hopefully)00:29
Simpl3xno, I only have one monitor00:29
iroSsam` lol i just remembered a CD came with my sound card and it had linux drivers too :P need to find it00:29
todd_Simpl3x: thanks for your help00:29
Ssam`dexter: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download00:29
Simpl3xI haven't messed with dual head under ubuntu since 6.06 which was still does in xorg.conf00:29
swatTXesox: right behind you actually!00:29
dexterit takes 3 days to download an iso here. i think i can wait 14 more days.00:30
Ssam`iro: if you want linux try installing a distro from scratch on a virtual box. but i bet ull still love ubuntu00:30
Ssam`at 115 kb?00:30
Ssam`i download 12 kb at it takes me 20 hours00:31
hmullerSsam: Or use linux from scratch for a half a year.00:31
iroSsam` me and my friend are trying to build are own but i first need to get this and of course i LOVE UBUNTU!00:31
Ssam`hmuller: eventually u get frustrated at how much you have to install i suggest a vbox00:31
Simpl3xiro: if you're looking to build your own flavor of linux, check out linux from scratch, it's quite the experience00:32
dextermy download speed is also near 15 Kilo Butes. but i cant keep my pc always on.00:32
irotime to run to VMware :P00:32
irodexter: use torrents ;)00:32
Ssam`well yea VMware is like 300 mb00:32
dextercuz of some electricity probblem here00:32
hmullerSimpl3x: If you like to learn and don't mind toiling  =)00:32
Ssam`dexter: where do u live00:32
irolike i care :P 100GB :P00:32
dexteryes i use torrents.00:32
billydI have problems with 7.10 DVD according to Apt.  I'll wait until 8.04 is out and downoad at a LUG meeting.   only have 128K here00:32
dexteris pakistan.00:33
dexterin pakistan00:33
Simpl3xhmuller: yea, I got about 6 hours into it and said screw it when all I had was a kernel and bash terminal LOL00:33
Ssam`i do too00:33
iro1.8ghz 2gb of ram ati 256mb what else do i need for ubunut ? :P00:33
dexterSsam r u in pakistan?00:33
Ssam`i do too use Vmware00:33
Ssam`i mean virtual box00:33
hmullerSimpl3x:  I did it for 6 months, and then transitioned to Ubuntu00:34
Ssam`dexter wait another 14 days for ubuntus offical release00:34
romeloHi folks....i' m facing some performance issues with Hardy Heron...00:34
dexterok, i waiting already.00:34
romeloanyone have this kind of problem?00:34
Ssam`lol okie dokie00:34
Ssam`lol romelo join the club00:34
dexterThanx for your time Ssam00:34
detedagowahow do i update to hardy?00:34
Simpl3xhmuller: I'm currently working on doing gentoo on one of my machines as we speak, it's now attempt number 4 today to get it, the kernel keeps failing to compile00:35
Ssam`sorry we couldent help00:35
dexterits fine.00:35
Ssam`have you tried the command line interface? does it show?00:35
esoxok, hardy messed up my udev rules...00:35
detedagowacan anyone tell me how to go from 7.10 to hardy?00:35
dexterSsam m waiting00:35
dexterit might show if i know it how to sho00:35
jbroome!upgrade | detedagowa00:35
ubotudetedagowa: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:35
romeloI've downloaded from web and installed it in my pc...it was not a upgrade from another version00:35
detedagowaso its a new instalation not upgrade?00:36
hmullerSimpl3x:  I went from Gentoo (2yrs) to LFS.  Sounds like you are missing a dependency.00:36
Ssam`dexter: are you compleatly new?00:36
irodetedagowa: update-manager --devel -release00:36
dexterSsam. yes00:36
romelodetedagowa, yes..it's a new installation00:36
swatTXesox: you make it back?00:36
dexterSsam. i have never ever used a Linux here00:36
Simpl3xhmuller: that or the internet connection keeps dropping like it so often does causing emerge to crash while importing a dependancy00:36
Ssam`hrmm.....wait for the offical realese ubuntu is the place to start00:36
irodexter try mandriva might be esier for you but it is a 4gb DVD iso .....00:36
dexteriro, that is a big big probblem.00:37
Ssam`lol iro let him try ubuntu i started from it its got the most repositorories simplest installestions and easy management hell go by gine00:37
irodexter i know even for me :P on a 15mb/s down connection00:37
romelodetedagowa, In my old installation(gutsy) I used to compile my code in at most 10 minutes but now I have spent about 22 min00:37
pouSsam : i agree00:37
esoxswatTX: yes, but my midibox doesnt run anymore...00:37
Ssam`iro where u from00:38
savvaswhy is mandriva easier?!00:38
iroSsam` now or origianlly :P00:38
Ssam`trust me you dont want to install debian as a newbie its a pain in the ass00:38
detedagowacananyone help me do a network install on a laptop?00:38
savvasif he's going to use a deb distro, he should use a deb distro :P00:38
Ssam`detedagowa: we can try state your problem00:38
Ssam`iro: either00:38
dexteri have downloaded Damn small linux, pc linux os, and now i m downloading back track.00:38
detedagowait has no cd rom drive and i have no flash drive00:38
iroSsam` US, NY, ; Poland00:39
romeloIs there any place where I could find instructions to downgrade from hardy to gutsy?00:39
Ssam`dexter: how is DSL working for you00:39
Sergeant_PonyAnyone know what this means? --> sudo: unable to resolve host Voyager00:39
Simpl3xdetedagowa: does it have a floppy drive?00:39
m1rdetedagowa ; same problem here00:39
Ssam`kewl........after poland NY must be hott as hell for you00:39
Simpl3xI believe there is a way to make a boot floppy from the live cd if you have another computer that has both floppy and cd drive00:39
detedagowahow do i do that whole name thing where u put my name befor that00:39
swatTXesox: I think i'm good here. system is up to date!00:39
Simpl3xgoogle search for how to make a boot floppy from linux live cd00:39
dexteri m not using dsl it a wireless modem of some kind made by LG.  i m going to swich to broadband. 512 kbits very soon00:40
iroSsam` actually where i live is extra boring :P there are 1200 kids in my class :P and i sit on the computer all day long00:40
LunksI've got a remote control from HP notebooks.00:40
LunksIt's not working at all.00:40
dexterwhen my deal with this current company ends.00:40
poudexter : ubuntu is a good choice but you should begin with the stable version00:40
LunksProbably due to some kernel module I removed. Which kernel module would that be?00:40
Ssam`you dont have to see another kidd for 4 months00:40
Ssam`yes ubuntu is great for noobies00:41
savvasdetedagowa: i00:41
m1rSimpl3x: i have same problem but only network option, cd broken, no floppy00:41
iroSsam` :P no but all my friends are Asian and i don't trust white pplz here and i'm white :P00:41
Ssam`iro:  that might be intrerpreted as derogatory :P00:41
dexterpou, i have tried redhat that caused me the same probblem too.00:41
savvasdetedagowa: i'm not sure if this is possible, but maybe you could download the alternate cd, extract & put it the harddrive and install from there?00:41
swatTXesox: best of luck to you. I'm off for today00:42
Ssam`hrmm a newinst on ubuntu?00:42
iroSsam` yeah i'm going to go MJ and turn asian00:42
m1rsavvas: u mean copy cd data to HDD ?00:42
detedagowai just dont get this i cant do a net install thats not working no cd rom drive no flash drive only has a floppy drive00:42
esoxswatTX: do you know a bit about udev rules ?00:42
Ssam`which asians? middle easterns or the other ones00:42
detedagowai was gonna try to put HDD nio my main box but then realised i dont have the aadpater00:42
Ssam`the ones famous for anime00:42
[GuS]swatTX: also many of my webcams at my company started to fail as well with latest kernel...00:42
iroJapanese ones :P00:42
swatTXesox: affraid not. sorry00:43
dexterha ha ha00:43
Ssam`heh i cnat afford ny00:43
iroSsam` it is crap00:43
esoxswatTX: ok, good nite00:43
iroSsam` my parents pay 2300$ for the house00:43
savvasm1r: exactly, maybe he could use a linux-based boot disk to run it from the hard drive ;)00:43
swatTXGuS: not sure how to roll back to previous kernels... that's over my head. sorry00:43
Ssam`megapolis i live in one of the worlds largest cities as it is00:43
detedagowaif i ran a ethernet cord form one pc to another and net booted the laptop would that do anything for me?00:43
dexterSsam where r u from?00:43
Ssam`Asia! and lets keep it discreet00:43
dexterwhere is asia?00:44
m1rsavvas: no cdrom there, also here00:44
Ssam`Asia :P00:44
iro?!?!?!?! DEXTER?!?!?!?!00:44
dexterha ha ha00:44
Gilouwtf lol00:44
Ssam`iro: did u install the driver?00:44
dexterSsam tell me one thing00:44
detedagowathis suckkssss00:45
iroSsam` idk how00:45
m1rdetedagowa: u have one heavy option00:45
Ssam`i forwarded you a link?00:45
iroSsam` bad experiance with compiling00:45
m1rdetedagowa: u can try PXE install server00:45
savvasm1r: you don't need a cd-rom, you need a fast internet and partitioned hard drive and a working operating system already installed00:45
Ssam`dexter: ?00:45
dexterSsam. if i try to run live . can i run command line and enter some command to change my dilplay settings?00:45
iroSsam` i couldn't compile anything in 7.1000:46
m1rsavvas: none of that i have :)00:46
savvasm1r: you could try with the debian floppies then: http://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/dists/etch/main/installer-i386/current/images/floppy/00:46
Ssam`dude....trust me you can hardly anything. the only thing ive ever successfully compiled was real player00:46
dexterSsam. if i try to run live . can i run command line and enter some command to change my dilplay settings?00:46
m1rsavvas:  detedagowa has floppy , lucky guy , my laptop dont have that :/00:47
iroSsam` i tried ManGOS and failed cuz said couldn't create executales or somthing00:47
sypher7hey room. anyone else having keyring troubles with seahorse in hardy? when using ssh i get a prompt at the terminal but not in the GUI. seahorse still shows my ssh key in there.00:47
m1rsavvas: so only input option is network on my laptop it atm:/00:47
poudexter : you have help with F1 for the boot options00:47
Ssam`try xinit00:47
iroomg!!!! guys xchat says i have a 0.2 ms lag ;(00:47
dexteryes i have tried but was not able to find any thing helpfull there00:48
dexterSsam, what is xinit?00:48
savvasm1r: http://www.us.debian.org/distrib/netinst#verysmall - read network boot and.. good luck :P the manual is huge :)00:48
Ssam`its managing your X server00:48
poudexter : have you tried the different display options (wesa, etc...) ?00:48
m1rtnx savvas00:49
Ssam`Xserver is managers the gui which is the graphics you see forth other wise linux is like a cli...just like dos00:49
dexterpou, i have not because i dont know how to.00:49
iroyoyoyoy how to dowanload the headers? for the new kernel i have the old ones ;(00:49
poudexter : on the boot menu of the livecd00:49
Ssam`pou:  he cant seem to get the display right00:49
Ssam`and he is on hardy00:50
dexterthe boot menue apears.00:50
Ssam`the boot menu appears?00:50
savvasm1r: especially this part :) http://www.us.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch04s06.html.en00:50
Ssam`ugh i forgot boot menu options00:50
poudexter : you may have some options with F1, F2, etc...00:50
dexterthe boot menue apears, then what should i do? i mean what should i press?00:50
dexteryes there were these options.00:51
iroSsam` https://bugs.launchpad.net/~irek219100:51
pouF1 helps you for the options00:51
irohow big can i make it :P00:51
dexteryes. but where r boot options where i can boot with diffrent display settings?00:52
dexterSsam, pou.00:53
poudexter : your problem was that the loading hanged in a black screen ?00:53
Ssam`iro: his problem is he sees just a singular line00:53
dexterpou u r rite00:53
Ssam`you said u just saw a singular line00:53
sypher7dexter: do you have SLI/multiple video cards?00:53
poudexter : maybe you should try to add "acpi=off"00:53
iroSsam` i'm about to download gentoo :P00:53
dexteryes it was all black but a thin line in the middle00:53
Ssam`iro: okay.....but i hear the support people are not nice00:54
irono worries00:54
dexterno i have only one agp installed00:54
iromy friend has 4 gentoo machines :P00:54
Ssam`sabayon people wenrnt in my experience00:54
dexterpou , i will only be able to enter it in command line but how to open command line?00:55
Ssam`dexter: you want to change your display settings via CLI?00:55
poudexter : I think it's F8 or something like that to add command options00:55
poubut F1 tells you that00:56
sypher7anyone aware of issues with seahorse in hardy? i have my ssh key setup properly in seahorse, but when i connect to a server to use it, i get prompted for the ssh key passphrase inside the terminal00:56
Ssam`pou he cant see anything to start with00:56
dexterok i m noting. and Ssam tell me if u too have figuredout some thing00:56
sypher7it was working properly in gutsy00:56
dexterSsam boot screen apears. there are some options.00:57
Ssam`dexter:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397300:57
Ssam`this should help00:57
m1ri am trying to install package netkit-inetd but it gives me to options to install - inetutils-inetd and openbsd-inetd , what should i pick to install ?00:58
Ssam`i am out peace00:58
LunksHow to install a single module from kernel source?00:58
poudexter : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions00:58
dextermy moniter doesnt totaly goes black untill ubunto loads some thing and a progress bar stays there for some time and when progress bar is full then my moniter goes blank00:59
dexterthanx pou00:59
sypher7dexter: sounds like X. can you CTRL-ALT-F1 and get a terminal?00:59
dexterSsam , Pou. thank u both00:59
pouyou're welcome00:59
sypher7dexter: if all of the other suggestions fail, i've had this problem with SLI configurations, so i wouldn't think it would apply to you... but you could CTRL-ALT-F1 and get a term01:00
sypher7then edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and look for a line with the setting like "PCI:6:0:0"01:01
iroSsam` listen i switched the sound card to the other one (have 2 exactly the same) and it works fine plug in and play01:01
sypher7and try to comment it out. then restart GDM01:01
sypher7it should in theory match the video card PCI bus setting listed by lspci01:02
dexter sypher,   should i change pci:6:0:0   to some thing else????01:02
sypher7in my configuration i had to change it to PCI:7:0:001:02
sypher7but it may be different for you.01:02
dextermy vga is agp01:03
sypher7again, this was only needed in my case because I used SLI01:03
dextersypher one more thing01:03
sypher7but if you have onboard video in addition to your AGP card, i wonder if that might also cause similar behavior01:03
dextercan disply resolution be changed in cli?01:03
pikeshouse88can someone explain why 8.04 beta STILL cant use the macbook's wireless card out of the box?01:04
sypher7while you are in there editting the xorg.conf file, there is probably a "Modes" line where you can alter the resolution01:04
pikeshouse88i mean comeon, what is supposed to be the difference between 7.10 and 8.04 here? it's not like the macbook is a backwater computer no one knows about01:04
esoxOk,  so I finally manage to update to hardy, but the udev rules for midisport usb midibox dont work anymore01:05
poudexter : I may be wrong : you have the issue while booting your installed ubuntu or the livecd ?01:05
pouwich one ?01:05
dexterwith both01:05
pouhow did you install, so ? with the alternate ?01:06
dexteri installed it in windows. cuz i was not able to get to the standart installation menu cuz of my display probblem01:07
pouin windows ?01:07
LunksUsing Wubi, right? =P01:08
dexterinstalled it using wubi01:08
pouOK, I don't know this method01:08
Lunkspou: only changes how partitions work. nothing related to his video card.01:08
LunksThat should not be an issue at all.01:08
Lunksf'pikeshouse88: it will never support broadcom chipsets01:09
Lunksf'pikeshouse88: you will have to download firmware driver.01:09
pikeshouse88well now it seems that the drivers are available, they just have to be built. and my question is, why? why arent they included in 8.04? 7.10 i might be able to understand01:09
pikeshouse88i shouldnt have to build driver support for drivers that are available for a very popular computer, they should be included with 8.0401:10
Lunksf'pikeshouse88: they're not free, or smth like that01:12
Lunksf'pikeshouse88: it's like not including nvidia drivers. ;)01:13
pikeshouse88Lunks: its claled madwifi01:13
pikeshouse88those are open source and free01:13
Lunksf'pikeshouse88: isn't it broadcom?01:13
Lunksafaik macbooks use broadcom01:13
pikeshouse88macbooks use atheros01:13
Lunksdidn't know about it :>01:13
Lunksf'pikeshouse88: there's probably something on wiki on why they aren't supported01:14
Lunksthere is a lot of drivers, there must be something about it which makes it not qualified. ;P01:14
RyanPriorMy Firefox keeps interpreting my middle-clicks multiple times, opening or closing multiple tabs per click. (as many as 6!)01:15
RyanPriorAny clue why that might be, or what I can do to fix it?01:15
DanaGwtf?  Wine is broken.01:16
DanaGMy shift key doesn't work in it.01:16
DanaGAnd Wine doesn't support surround, it seems.01:17
iroit doesn't ;( i tried01:17
RyanPriorShift works in my Wine.01:17
RyanPriorAt least in Wine Notepad it does.01:17
RyanPriorIs it broken in Wine Notepad?01:17
LunksWhen is Exaile supporting new Gnome shortcuts?01:18
DanaGWorks there.01:18
Fritzelplasma just got an update, any chances a fix for a taskbar that goes invisible on occasion was present?01:18
RyanPriorDanaG: What application does it not work in, then?01:18
Lunkslooks like now. ;D01:18
DanaGI'll tell it to use the surround51:1 device, it'll IGNORE me and use hw:1.01:18
DanaGNow it works again.. .odd.01:18
RyanPriorWine is awesome these days. The number one feature I'm waiting for is automatically skinning the Windows GUI to imitate GTK.01:20
os2maclot of updates today.01:20
DanaGIf I try to use surround51:1 device, it instead gives NO audio at all.01:20
DanaGThat's just bugged.01:20
RyanPriorDanaG: That might be a question to ask in #wine01:20
Sergeant_Ponyanyone know why I'm getting this? --> sudo: unable to resolve host Voyager01:22
chuyhi, my music hard disk is not mountable anymore (hdb1) since an update that changed hd?? dev files to sd?? files. does anyone have an idea?01:22
Fritzelsudu doesn't have access to delta quadrent? >< sorry couldn't help it01:22
Fritzelman I need new fingers01:22
Sergeant_Ponyhuh? I'm on my laptop at work...01:22
Fritzelnevermind ^^01:23
Fritzelbetter that that one gets lost in the shuffle01:23
RyanPriorchuy: Is it unmountable, or just not mounting by default? Perhaps your fstab is borked?01:23
Sergeant_Ponygee thanks..  I don't get that error on my laptop at home when I'm on my ownnetwork....01:23
RyanPriorSergeant_Pony: We can't help you much given the info you've given us. What are you trying to do? How is that error being presented?01:24
RyanPriorSergeant_Pony: No point coming in here, asking cryptic questions, then making sarcastic comments when you don't get quality help. :-)01:24
Sergeant_PonyI'll paste the entire command and maybe there is a workaround...01:24
Sergeant_Ponythat was a paste from my konsole window01:25
chuyRyanPrior, I was trying to mount it manually as sdb1, and I had this error telling me it was not a block device, I did a file /dev/sdb1 and it told me it was a char device, now, I updated the system today again and now I don't have sdb anymore, my sdb1 partition is accesible through windows though, using the ext2ifs driver01:25
Sergeant_Ponyso it wassn't cryptic01:25
DanaGNo help in #wine.01:25
Fritzel!pastebin | Sergeant_Pony, just in case01:25
ubotuSergeant_Pony, just in case: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:25
Sergeant_Ponyit's only 2 lines01:25
RyanPriorchuy: That is nothing I've ever had to deal with. Perhaps you can ask in ##linux if you don't get an answer in here.01:25
Sergeant_Ponyrichringer@Voyager:~$ sudo modprobe ath_pci01:26
Sergeant_Ponysudo: unable to resolve host Voyager01:26
Fritzelso it can't resolve the same machine it's executing from?01:26
RyanPriorDanaG: perhaps a good candidate for a missive to wine-users, then.01:26
chuyRyanPrior, I just installed gparted, and it recognizes it as an ext partition, can you check the image pls and see if you recognize anything01:26
RyanPriorchuy: What image?01:27
Sergeant_PonyFritzel: what's strange is I don't get that error at home on my own network01:27
os2macDanaG what's your problem?01:27
RyanPrioros2mac: Wine isn't playing nice with his/her surround sound.01:27
chuyRyanPrior, http://img86.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotvi7.png01:28
FritzelSergeant_Pony: the same machine you're connected to now? even if where you're typing at is different?01:28
Sergeant_Ponyubotu: is there a way to have that run on start-up?01:28
* DanaG is a guy.01:28
DanaGIt is an ambiguous name, true enough.01:28
Sergeant_PonyFritzel: I'm at work on a college network01:28
RyanPriorchuy: Have you tried building a new superblock with e2fsck?01:28
DanaGAt least people get that G is a last-name initial; when I play online, people often call me "dannag" (spelled as they pronounce it).01:29
chuyRyanPrior, no01:29
FritzelSergeant_Pony: what I mean is, the machine "Voyager" is it the same machine that you're connected to when that works at home?01:29
FritzelSergeant_Pony: also ubotu is a bot I think01:29
os2macDanaG: have you restarted? I assume you just updated?01:29
RyanPriorchuy: Make sure you backup important data before you do it, but that might work.01:29
Sergeant_PonyFritzel that is the name of this machine... Toshiba Satellite Laptop01:30
DanaGnOPE, THAT'S -- aagh, and my caps are screwed up, too.01:30
DanaGIn wine.01:30
chuyRyanPrior, can you tell me how?, I've remember doing it a few months ago, I had to copy a superblock from another, or something like that, but I don't remember how I did it01:30
quentusrexHow can I get the servers connect to for work to automatically mount when I login?01:30
Gilouusing dd, probably01:30
quentusrexI hate rebooting and having to remount all my remote servers.01:30
Gilou(for chuy)01:30
os2macDanaG: when did you start to notice the problem?01:30
Gilouquentusrex> have them configured in /etc/fstab maybe?01:31
DanaGWine has never supported surround for me.01:31
chuyGilou, I mean e2fsck, nm, I will check google01:31
quentusrexIs there a gui yet? something that will do the 'connect to server' portion?01:31
Gilouchuy> to copy bit to bit data on a disk, dd is better01:32
Gilouquentusrex> I don't think so :)01:32
RyanPriorchuy: Assuming you've got whatever backups you need, just run "fsck -y /dev/sdb1"01:32
RyanPriorchuy: The -y flag means "yes to all questions", so it will fix anything it finds without asking you. If you want it to ask before messing with stuff, don't use the -y flag.01:33
quentusrexThere is a gui for 'connect to server' and with the new gnome file system upgrades there should be a way to auto 'connect to server' after login...01:33
chuyRyanPrior, mmmm, I don't have sdb dev files, somehow gparted recognized sdb01:33
RyanPriorquentusrex: You can add a server, or a folder within that server, to your bookmarks for easy access.01:34
chuyRyanPrior, I have sdb, but not sdb?01:34
RyanPriorquentusrex: If you add the passwords and so on to your keychain, it will automatically connect without prompting when you click on the bookmark.01:34
Dr_willisI tend to just use the sshfs, or smbfuse tools intesd of connect to server.01:34
RyanPriorchuy: You don't have a device called sdb1?01:34
T1m0thyOkay.. so sometimes after one thing takes over the sound, and I get out of it, I can't get sound back in anything else.. How can I restore it?01:35
chuyRyanPrior, not since the today's update01:35
RyanPriorchuy: That is strange to me.01:36
RyanPriorchuy: Your gparted specifically says /dev/sdb101:36
chuyRyanPrior, yes01:36
chuyRyanPrior, but there is no dev file01:36
chuyRyanPrior: chuy@ubuntu:~$ echo /dev/sd*01:37
chuy/dev/sda /dev/sda1 /dev/sda5 /dev/sda6 /dev/sdb01:37
RyanPriorI don't know how to help, unfortunately.01:37
DanaGHmm, sounds like the partition table is screwy.01:37
DanaGTry installing TestDisk (it's a package) and running it on the bare drive.  Just don't do "write" until you know what you're doing.01:37
chuyDanaG, the weird thing, is that I can access through windows using ext2ifs, I will download a live-cd and check if its just hardy heron, if its linux, I will use testdisk01:38
quentusrexRyanPrior, How do I add them to my bookmarks?01:41
sivel27can someone please help me out with sound issues for a laptop? ive searched "hither & thither" to no avail01:41
RyanPriorquentusrex: Navigate in nautilus to the folder you want to bookmark, then under the Bookmarks menu, choose Add Bookmark.01:42
RyanPriorsivel27: Give us information and we'll tell you if it makes us thing of something useful. :-)01:42
sivel27here we go01:42
T1m0thyOkay.. so sometimes after one thing takes over the sound, and I get out of it, I can't get sound back in anything else.. How can I restore it?01:44
sivel27its a toshiba running heron, all up-2-date, my volume icon is displayed, and i can adjust the volume, but theres no sound. lspci shows intel ich6 chipset, which is know to work w/ubuntu01:44
macogwT1m0thy: is either thing flash/01:44
T1m0thyit's happened with youtube and java01:45
T1m0thyso yeah..01:45
T1m0thyand skype but i fixed that01:45
macogwT1m0thy: is libflashsupport installed?01:45
T1m0thyone sec01:45
sivel27when i type alsamixer in the cmd, i get this: alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device01:45
esoxok, many issues with hardy... scons gives errors where it didnt in gutsy01:46
T1m0thymacogw: Yes.01:46
macogwk then idk01:47
macogwwhats a scons?01:47
T1m0thyWell I was just thinking some command to restart it or something.. killing and restarting didn't seem to work..01:47
T1m0thylet me try again01:47
RyanPriormacogw: It's like a cookie, except made with more dough and often eaten at tea.01:47
esoxmacogw: its to compile01:47
T1m0thynevermind it worked01:48
macogwRyanPrior: no that has an e...01:48
Fritzelok this is probably something simple but does anyone know why I would get this message when attempting to compile a plasmoid? http://pastebin.com/d1595a17b01:51
sivel27any idea RyanPrior?01:51
RyanPriorsivel27: I'm terrible with sound diagnosis, personally. If it's not something I've dealt with, I can't help much.01:52
Fritzelmy best guess is that something can't find something but I don't know where Its looking or where it should be, or even what it is01:52
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:52
RyanPriorThat's what I know. =D01:52
Daisuke-Laptopyay, time for today's 216 updates01:52
cyclonutany idea why a desktop would hang on reboot?01:53
Fritzelyeah they updated plasma too and so far no vanishing taskbar :D01:53
cyclonutit gets all the way to the end of the shutdown sequence, then hangs01:53
cyclonutdoes fine on shutdown though01:53
zeyarplz help m for setting up cam01:53
zeyari did a lots of  way but not  found01:54
RyanPriorHello Zeyar. We'd love to help you, but you're not providing much useful info.01:55
Dr_willischeck the hardware list, see if the cam is even supported.. Its very possivle it has no linux support.01:55
RyanPriorIf English isn't your first language, you might be able to find help in another channel.01:55
zeyari am burmese01:55
diefordethkloksudo apt-get install compiz* will install emerald right, I'm doing it right now01:55
Dr_willisemerald is not needed for compiz01:56
Dr_willisemerald is ONE of the window decorators you can use for compiz01:56
Dr_willisand one does not normally use wildcards with apt-get install :)01:56
RyanPriorzeyar: Funny. My government hates your government irrationally. =D01:56
diefordethklokDid i just break my system?01:57
* cyclonut wonders what would happen if he did apt-get install *01:57
RyanPrior!webcam | zeyar, if you haven't already checked01:57
ubotuzeyar, if you haven't already checked: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras01:57
Dr_willisit would try to install packages based on the names of the files in the current directory01:57
cyclonutdiefordethklok, you probably didnt break anything.01:57
cyclonutDr_willis, neat01:57
Dr_willisits the bash SHELL that expands the wildcards. Not the apt-get command01:57
cyclonutwell, that makes sense01:58
Dr_willisin theory you could make a dir of 'filenames' of packages and do that sort of thing.. :)01:58
Dr_willisbut thats just weird.01:58
diefordethklokHmm, I only have one workspace now01:58
mohbanahow do i configure the no. of lines that are scrolled?01:59
Dr_willisdiefordethklok,  common compiz faq's :)01:59
diefordethklokI used to have two ...01:59
Dr_willisdiefordethklok,  install ccsm, and use it to set the # of desktops01:59
ubotuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion01:59
esoxanother issue : cant access my usb drive... permission denied...02:00
jast-mxmgot an issue w/ ssh tunnels02:00
diefordethklokI edit the settings but nothing has changed02:00
RyanPrioresox: Do you have permission to access removable drives set?02:00
jast-mxmi have a server behind a firewall with port 22 open02:00
jast-mxmalso an ftp server running on said server but port 21 is not open and want to ssh tunnel into it02:00
diefordethklokonly one workspace is still there02:00
Dr_willisthen you did it wrong. :)02:01
esoxRyanPrior: dont know, just upgraded... how do one do that ?02:01
Dr_willisand No i dont use compiz.. its in the ccsm tool, general tab. the #;s are confusing.02:01
diefordethklokIt's under general options right02:01
mohbanahello did anyone get my message?02:01
jast-mxmso in commandline of client i do ssh -L 5950: user@hostname02:01
diefordethklokdesktop size02:01
Dr_willisyou want like 4,1 or 1,4 or somthing..02:01
RyanPrioresox: System -> Administration -> Users and Groups, click on your user, click properties.02:01
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion02:01
jast-mxmwhen i try to connect to it just says connecting but never lists anything02:01
diefordethklokno dice willis :(02:02
jast-mxmif i open port 21 it works fine02:02
RyanPriormohbana: I got your message asking if anybody got a message, but none before that,.02:02
esoxRyanPrior: yes it is checked02:02
RyanPriormohbana: Actually, scrolling up, there was one before.02:02
Dr_willisdiefordethklok,  i would say check the faq/guides - thats got to be like a #1 top Faq. :) i HAVE noticed that ccsm can get stuck at times where the changes to not get applied.02:02
RyanPrioresox: Okay, that's not the problem them. What error is given when you try to access your flash drive?02:02
esoxRyanPrior: in fact I cant change anything on those properties02:03
RyanPrioresox: If you unlock the interface you can.02:03
zeyar when i installed the skype,i saw this message  Error:Wrong architecture'i386'02:03
RyanPrioresox: It's locked by default to keep you from accidentally screwing with things.02:03
RyanPriorzeyar: Perhaps you're trying to install a 32-bit Skype on 64-bit, or vice versa?02:04
zeyarhow to solve it out?02:04
Dr_willisdiefordethklok,  looks like ccsm is goofed here also.02:04
esoxRyanPrior: if I insert a usb memory stick it says (translated from french) Impossible to display the directories, you dont have permissions requiered to display the content of...02:04
Dr_willisdiefordethklok,  could set the #'s and restart compiz02:04
RyanPrioresox: Does it show up in /media ?02:05
esoxRyanPrior: yes02:05
zeyardo i need to change to 64-bit ubuntu ?02:05
Dr_willisdiefordethklok,  now ya know one of the reasond i dont use compiz much. :)02:05
esoxRyanPrior: my usb external hardrive also02:06
mohbanaso how do i set the no. of lines that are scrolled?02:06
Dr_willisgee i think he restarted X, not just compiz.. :)02:06
diefordethklokrestarting x fixed it02:07
zeyarRyanPrior pls , do i need to change it instead of 32-bit?02:07
Dr_willisdiefordethklok,  you just had to restart Compiz, not X :)02:07
esoxRyanPrior: in fact when I insert those devices a nautilus window opens up but It says I dont have permssions02:07
diefordethklokI wasn't running anything anyway02:07
diefordethklokbesides pidgin02:07
Dr_willisdiefordethklok,  the  fusion-icon - tray icon to launch and manage Compiz Fusion02:07
jast-mxmany takers?02:07
Dr_willisis a handy tool to install also02:07
RyanPrioresox: what do you get when you run ls -ld /media/yourflashdrive ?02:07
diefordethklokI can get those through apt?02:08
RyanPriorzeyar: You can only install 32-bit apps on 32-bit OS and so on, unless you set up a chroot, which I don't know how to do,02:08
chuy_maxhey RyanPrior, running feisty from hdb1, so there is something wrong in hardy02:08
esoxRyanPrior: drwx------ 9 root root 16384 1970-01-01 01:00 /media/CLEUSB_JMB02:08
RyanPriorjast-mxm: You aren't giving much info. Have you tried connecting to a different FTP server? Tried pinging the url? Tried contacting their sysadmin?02:09
jast-mxmi gave my whole problem up a bit02:09
RyanPrioresox: So, it's owned by root and only readable by the owner. There's gotta be a way to fix that, but I don't know what that is.02:09
jast-mxmryanprior: anyhow, i connect to my ssh server via ssh -L 5950: -l username hosturl02:09
mohbanaso how do i set the no. of lines that are scrolled?02:10
RyanPriormohbana: In what application?02:10
diefordethklokSorry, I don't know that much about linux in general, but wouldn't sudo-apt-get install compiz*  install kde stuff?02:10
jast-mxmryanprior then i try to connect via ftp   using  ftp://username@
jast-mxmit just sits at connecting and never goes anywhere02:10
esoxRyanPrior: ah, too bad...02:10
mohbanaRyanPrior, firefox i'd like global affect aswell02:10
RyanPriordiefordethklok: That doesn't sound like a command you'd be likely to run. Compiz is already installed on Ubuntu machines.02:11
jast-mxmryanprior: if i open port 21 on my router i can access it just fine but i want the ssh tunnel02:11
mcgrofwhere do I tell xorg nowadays to use a specific video driver? I want to tell it to use "nvidia" but don't see it on xorg.conf anymroe02:11
RyanPriormohbana: What do you mean, how many lines are scrolled? (Also, if English is not your first language, you might be able to get help in another channel)02:11
RyanPriorjast-mxm: I'm not sure what's going wrong, then. I'm not keen on network diagnostics - I usually just google around for answers.02:12
jast-mxmhmm, i have tried looking around and my commands are right and ssh gets in just fine just the ftp through it does not02:12
mcgrofI just installed hardy, and xorg was working fine. I then upgraded and to the latest things available and now the resolution isn't somehow making the monitor we have happy02:12
mcgrofits a 22"02:12
jast-mxmguess i'll post on teh forums02:12
mcgrofI'm on the console now and on irssi :)02:12
mohbanaRyanPrior, i basically want it to scroll faster02:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mmorpg - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:13
RyanPriormcgrof: That's cool, GUIs are for n00bs anyway.02:13
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php02:13
RyanPriormohbana: Do you mean your scroll wheel?02:13
mcgrofthe console works at least. I then tried to install linux-restricted-drivers and nvidia-new but still I cannot get xorg to come up fine02:13
mohbanaRyanPrior, yep02:13
mcgrofI'm wondering what's up, I wanted to then change xorg.conf to use nvidia driver but I don't even see the driver section anymore in xorg.conf02:14
mcgrofWTF, when did this change? :-P02:14
Fritzelis there a way to reload plasma on the fly02:14
Fritzelother than killing it02:14
mcgrofFritzel: reload a plasma?02:14
Dr_willismcgrof,  new minimal X configuration02:14
Dr_willismcgrof,  i ran the nvidia config tools and it filled in a rather normal xorg.conf that worked forme02:15
nomasteryodamcgrof, its part of the new "automagic" xorg02:15
mcgrofDr_willis: I like it, but know where the Driver for the video is specified now?02:15
Fritzelplasma, it's a kde4 component02:15
RyanPriormohbana: I'm not sure where you do that.02:15
Dr_willismcgrof,  alli did was install the nvidia-glx package, and restarted X and its tarted useing it.02:15
Dr_willisi dident 'need' to mess with the Driver Line at all.02:15
chuy_maxdoes anyone know why ide dev files where changed from hd* to sd*?02:15
Dr_willisI did however do some other tweaking02:15
nomasteryoda now if the devs could get hidd --search back into bluez-utils...02:15
mcgrofDr_willis: hmm,02:15
chuy_maxI think I've found a bug02:15
nomasteryodathe only way my bluetooth mouse will work02:16
Dr_willischuy_max,  thats part of the ide-subsystem changes. Its been sort of progressing that way for some time now.02:16
* mcgrof wonders if he needs nvidia-glx-new or old02:16
Dr_willischuy_max,  i have sevarel machines that the ide disks show as sd# now. On some of my machines they dont change. on ONEmachine the hd dident change but the cdrom did. :)02:16
Dr_willismcgrof,  what video card?02:16
RyanPriormcgrof: You need whichever one the Driver Manager picks, in all likelihod.02:17
chuy_maxDr_willis, my secondary hard disk, partition1  is not mountable in hardy heron, it has feisty in it with a broken grub (I boot it rarely, but mount it and use it for music, videos, etc.)02:19
chuy_maxI booted feisty live cd, and I could mount it, I repaired grub and now I'm booting it02:20
mcgrofDr_willis: GeForce 6100 nForce 43002:21
Dr_willischuy_max,  try mounting it manually.02:21
mcgrofI was hoping to be able to convince my dad to stick to Linux02:21
Dr_willismcgrof,  Not sre on that card. the !nvidia factoid had a link to the Nvidia list of what cards needed what drivers02:21
chuy_maxDr_willis, I did it, udev doesn't create sdb1 anymore02:21
mcgrofDr_willis: I tried, both, and no go :-P02:21
chuy_max*I tried it02:21
Dr_willismcgrof,  start printing out all the virus alerts :)02:21
esoxany ideas to change ownership on usb external drive ?02:21
mcgrofOh man..02:22
Dr_willischuy_max,  no idea then.02:22
Dr_willisesox,  what filesystem is on the disk.02:22
mcgrofesox: depends on the filesystem02:22
mcgrofesox: mount | grep mount_point02:22
Dr_willisfor ext2/3 i normally make a directory on the filesystem and chown it to be owend by the main user i want to use the device.02:23
Dr_willisso the drive has only 1 folder in the root of the disk. "willis_storage"  (in my case)02:23
esoxDr_willis: fat02:23
Dr_willisfor fat/ntfs - you MUST set the options when mounted to allow users to access the disk.02:24
esoxDr_willis: how do one do that (I didnt have that on gutsy) ?02:24
Dr_willisI got no idea about the automounting of fat filesystems. what tool does that. ntfs-config does it for ntfs/ntfs-3g, it may set it for fat also02:24
Dr_willisCould install/run ntfs-config, and check the 'allow users to access removeable disks' option and see if it helps02:25
Dr_willisUNmount the disk  then replug it inm and see if it kicks in.02:25
esoxmcgrof: /dev/sdb1 on /media/LACIE type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal,shortname=mixed,uid=0,utf8,umask=077,flush)02:25
Dr_willisnote the uid=0, that means its owned by root.02:25
anubis26would anyone be able to help out with compiling a wifi driver (ralink rt73)?02:25
anubis26make keeps erroring out ( No rule to make target `arch/x86/kernel/asm-offsets.c', needed by `arch/x86/kernel/asm-offsets.s') and it seems as though a few people are having an issue with this02:27
Daisuke-Laptopuid=1000 then, doc?02:28
zeyarwhen i set up the camera in ubuntu 8.04,i saw this message  "could not connect to video device(/dev/video0).please check connection"02:29
zeyarme webcam is SN9C1xx pc camera02:32
zeyari duno02:32
anubis26zeyar: did it work in your previous (stable) ubuntu installation or is it the first time you're trying it?02:33
Sergeant_Ponyis there anyone here that know's about hardy Wireless setup's? I'm running a atheros AR242x 802.11abg wireless card and I have a few questions02:34
zeyaranubis26. yeah02:34
McGodI am running Hardy, I had finally gotten WPA2 to work with my wireless, I added a preup and predown to my interfaces file. I then restarted the computer and now when I login it goes through then gets stuck with a grey box in the top left with the beige background.02:34
zeyari did it all is stable when i upgrade to 8.0402:34
anubis26i cant even get my wifi drivers compiled02:34
anubis26zeyar: did you try reinstalling the driver?02:35
zeyari did02:35
anubis26and thats all the error messages it gave? like it compiled fine?02:35
zeyarin this laptop i did at least 3 times02:35
zeyarn ur?02:36
zeyarwht is wrong/02:36
zeyarwht version r u using?02:36
McGodHow do I get save permission when using the live-cd02:36
esoxDr_willis: the weird stuf is that I can access with no problem my fat internal partitions...02:37
zeyari didn't use with live -cd02:38
zeyaryeah  Sergeant_Pony02:38
zeyaranybody use ubuntu 8.04?02:39
anubis26zeyar: i do02:39
Sergeant_Ponyzeyar: I compiled the drivers for the wireless card and it's working but when it connects to a wireless network it's pulling a wrong ip address...02:39
IdleOne Sergeant_Pony gimme a sec I will get you a link02:39
Dr_willisesox,  internal may have a fstab entry. that ntfs-config tool has 2 check box's one for internal, one for external filesystems. I normally manually mount things. :) Im old-skool02:40
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: what ip is it getting?02:40
Sergeant_Ponya 169 ip address02:40
Dr_willisperhaps its connecting to the neighbors network. :)02:40
McGodthat sometimes means the DHCP didn't work02:41
McGodpre-up seemed to have messed me up02:41
Sergeant_Ponyhmm.. it happenes to me even st home on my own network...02:41
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: so it is picking up someone else ip in your neighborhood then02:41
ZambeziI don't have any sounds at all after yesterdays and tonights packages.02:41
esoxDr_willis: ok I think I sloved the problem !  unmounted the usb stick and I've asked for a password because it was considered mounted by an other owner, then I plugged it again and its ok now02:42
ZambeziSound is like disabled.02:42
esoxDr_willis: same for the usb HD02:42
zeyaru should set up the sound02:42
Sergeant_Ponyidleone if I have it set for here why would it pick up something else.. could it be a channel issue?02:42
zeyar Zambezi double click to sound02:43
Zambezizeyar: I did, but it says there's no drivers.  I have a redicon over the mastervolume.02:43
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: I am not certain to be honest02:43
DanaG169 is link-local IP (like the "Automatic Private" in Windows)02:43
tomahasamootMy wife & I switch back and forth between VT's, and sometimes when my wife switches to her screen (ctrl+alt+f9), it will switch back to mine a few seconds later and my loggin has crash and kdm is up02:43
Sergeant_Ponyidleone what get's me is I get the same ip address, the wrong one, even at home on wireless..02:44
zeyar Zambezi  did set up the external amplifer?02:44
tomahasamoot... it mainly only happens to my wife02:44
zeyar Zambezi if you didn't,you couldn't get any sound02:45
Zambezizeyar: It's been working all the time, just not since yesterday.02:45
zeyar Zambezi did u change the sound driver?02:46
tomahasamootI'm using an nVidia 8600 w/ latest driver,  I had the same problem in 7.10 (be less frequently)02:46
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: your router setup properly? maybe have it assign a specific ip addy ? throwing out guesses here02:46
zeyarif u open the sound system ,u will c the sound devices02:46
zeyaru should set up in there02:47
jbroome!u | zeyar02:47
ubotuzeyar: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officier, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..02:47
tomahasamootwe're using KDE 3.5x02:47
zeyari really apologize  for my spelling02:48
IdleOnelmao and sorry02:48
RyanPriorCompositing Compiz is awesome - why isn't it set to default?02:49
RyanPriorI said Compiz, but I meant Metacity.02:49
Zambezizeyar: Not me of course.02:49
tomahasamootzeyar: yeah, y u wanna b like dat?02:49
RAOFRyanPrior: Because it's slower for people without awesome drivers, and has some of the problems of Compiz?02:50
RyanPriorRAOF: I thought it didn't even need 3D drivers?02:51
zeyar Zambezi  did you change your sound device?02:51
McGodI can't connect to wireless nemore02:51
RyanPriorMcGod: That's because you angered /dev/penguin02:51
chuyapparently, udev is not creating my dev files (/dev/sdb?), is it possible to do this while my pc is on?02:53
chuysdb1 (ext3) and sdb2,sdb5 (extended, swap) are missing02:54
DanaGThere may be a "reread partition table" command in hdparm.02:55
RAOFRyanPrior: It doesn't.  That doesn't mean that it's not (a) slow or (b) exposes the same sort of bugs as Compiz does.02:57
Sergeant_Ponyidleone you here?02:58
McGodsudo gedit doesnt work for me02:58
Sergeant_Ponyidleone: I don't know what I did but my wireless is working!02:58
RyanPriorRAOF: I guess that may be true - I don't understand the issues well enough.02:58
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: :) dont undo anything you did that you dont know about doing lol02:58
ubotuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)02:59
Sergeant_Ponythe only thing I need to figure out is how to get it to run the mod on startup02:59
RyanPriorWhen I right click and left click at the same time, it middle clicks. Is there a way to disable that behaviour?02:59
chuydamn DanaG, you are the man, I'm bothering with this bug hours ago, I just had to re-check the partition table with hdparm, I can mount my partition now02:59
DanaGAlways glad to help.03:00
chuyDanaG, do you have any clue on what package should I report this bug to?, maybe udev?03:00
DanaGHmm, if the partition table itself was screwed up, then that's not a package bug.03:00
chuyDanaG, it is not screwed, I can mount it in feisty/gutsy/windows03:00
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224349&highlight=acer_acpi check out this link may help03:01
chuyDanaG, without any trouble03:01
Sergeant_Ponyidleone: thanks :)03:01
IdleOnestill googling I'll see if I find something more03:01
DanaGI'm not sure where you'd report the bug.03:01
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: 4th block of code should do it03:02
derspanksterEither I totally don't understand PulseAudio or I don't have all of it.03:05
IdleOnewich is it?03:05
Sergeant_Ponyidleone: ok, cool thanks03:05
derspankstergood question03:05
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: if you keep reading it tells you how to enable it on start up03:05
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: hope that helps you . might have to edit a little but you can figure that out03:06
derspanksterIdleOne: reading what?03:06
IdleOnederspankster: that was for Sergeant_Pony03:06
derspanksterIdleOne: OK, sorry03:07
IdleOnederspankster: state your issue maybe someone can help03:07
derspanksterI just finished my taxes and can't see straight03:07
IdleOnewife did my taxes 2 months ago03:07
IdleOnedid done got my refund and spent it also03:08
naianyone here that can help me?03:08
IdleOnehello nai03:08
IdleOne!ask | nai03:08
ubotunai: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)03:08
naiok sorry. thanks03:08
naihere is my problem03:08
derspanksterIdleOne: not sure I have a problem but I see PulseAudio as an option but it doesn't seem to work if enabled03:09
naiI have been recently tryign to switch over to linux (ubuntu) and have used the wubi installed to get my ubuntu up and running. i can get the system updated with my video drivers and everything set up properly (i believe) but sometimes the system crashes and freezes (falshing caps lock light, and mouse cant move) forcing me to do a hard reboot. but when i reboot and try to load up ubuntu again it looks like its about03:10
naianyone have any suggestions for that?03:12
IdleOnenai: your post was cut off03:12
IdleOnebut when i reboot and try to load up ubuntu again it looks like its abou03:13
IdleOnethat is where it was03:13
naiit looks like its about to load the desktop but just sits at a black blank screen03:13
naibut i know its on cuz i can change the brightness of the screen, ,turn caps lock on and off03:13
naibut i cant get the desktop to load03:13
DanaGNewest gnome-session seems broken for me; I went back one version on that package.03:14
naiso i dunno if there is a command i can use to get past that or what? :S03:15
IdleOnenai: try typing startx at the prompt03:15
naiso when it at the black screen03:15
DanaGSwitch to vt1 (ctrl-alt-f1)03:15
naii press alt+f103:15
DanaGthen xinit -- :103:15
naithen type that camand?03:15
DanaGLog in first, of course.03:15
DanaGStartx works, too.03:15
naibut i get to the screen by alt+f1 tho right03:16
DanaGYou'd still want startx -- :1 (to start a new x server)03:16
IdleOnenai: at the black screen ctrl+alt+f1 then login then type startx03:16
naiso startx       and xinit03:16
IdleOneDanaG: can you give him the exact sequence please03:16
DanaGstartx is better, actually.03:17
DanaGJust startx.03:17
naiso at the black screen ctrl+alt f1   --> login --> type startx03:17
naiis there a reason why it does this?03:17
Fritzel``alright knotify finally gave me something to work with, when I logged in this time I got this message http://pastebin.com/d3741355b03:18
Fritzel``if I disable aRts (no clue what that is, but I think it's sound related) will I have less troubles with KNotify crashing on logout?03:19
naijust wondering is there any reason why my OS freezes like that?03:20
IdleOneFritzel`: maybe03:20
owen1how do i fix firefox-2 fonts? i can barely see anything...03:20
Fritzel``IdleOne: if I disable it will I loose sound?03:20
irohmm guys anyone knows anything about virtual box?03:20
owen1iro: yes. it's great app.03:21
iroi get en error ;(03:21
owen1iro: what do u needL03:21
IdleOneFritzel`: I would guess so.03:21
iroVBox status code: -1908 (VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED).03:21
McGodmy DHCP no longer works03:22
IdleOnenai: if you really want to give ubuntu a shot I suggest you try a dualboot03:22
owen1iro: do u use the sun version or the other one?03:22
IdleOne!dualboot | nai03:22
ubotunai: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookPro https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:22
iroummm sudo apt-get install virtualbox one :P03:22
ZambeziIt's annoying I don't have any sound when I'm watching Stanley cup!03:22
naii have dual boot03:22
virtualdhora@leksak:~$ sudo LC_MESSAGES=C whois
virtualdgetaddrinfo(whois.arin.net): Servname not supported for ai_socktype03:23
naiim using windows nwo03:23
pawanwhen is the new version coming out03:23
virtualdanyone else getting this?03:23
DanaGMAC is incorrect.03:23
virtualdwithout sudo03:23
DanaGIt should be "Mac".03:23
IdleOnenai: yes but you have a wubi dual boot. I mean actually installing ubuntu to the hard drive on it's own partition03:23
owen1fonts are terrible on firefox 2. can anyone help?03:23
DanaGAfter all, I don't own any apple hardware, but my laptop does have two MACs: one wired and one wireless.03:23
naiok so that makes a big difference03:23
iroowen1: idk which one i use apt-get to ge tit03:24
Zambezi"No volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found" when I doubleclick mastervolume.03:24
DanaG(extremely nerdy joke, if even a joke at all)03:24
Fritzel``you can do a wubi dual boot? how does that work? I would have thought windows would have been stubborn about resizing on the fly03:24
owen1iro: i use the version from sun. try it.03:24
adredhi, i have just installed ati driver via restricted driver manager. how would i check if 3D is fully enabled?03:24
iroowen1: where do i get it from ?03:24
owen1iro: it comes with some additional stuff, i think.03:25
owen1sun's website03:25
Fritzel``adred: I generally check by "glxinfo |grep direct" and look for a "Yes" but I'm not sure if that's obsolete, or even ati relative03:25
tlpThat's what I do, Fritzel``03:26
IdleOnethat works for me03:27
McGodI cannot bring up gedit in root03:27
DanaGI grep -i rend, instead.03:27
McGodgksudo or sudo03:27
iroowen1 OSE or binaries?03:27
owen1iro: binaries03:27
iroowen1: they have no ubuntu 8.04... which one shoould i choosE?03:27
adredFritzel: it says yes. is there a tool in ubuntu hardy to download eye candy themes? like emerald?03:28
owen1iro: 7.0403:28
ironot 7.10 :P ?03:28
owen1iro: the great feature it has is the ability to share the content of the vm.03:28
owen1iro: sorry 7.1003:28
Black_Magicsudo: unable to execute /sbin/dhclient: Permission denied03:28
Black_Magicit didnt even ask for a password i tried sudo -i then doing it too03:29
Black_Magic-bash: /sbin/dhclient: Permission denied03:29
owen1iro: my /home is accessable to my xp vm!03:29
adredFritzel'': it says yes. is there a tool in ubuntu hardy to download eye candy themes? like emerald?03:29
iroowen1 i did that with VMware03:29
iroowen1 but i can;t install it now not supported yet03:29
owen1iro: mm..ok (-:03:29
ZambeziI'm impatient and I want sound now so I installed all with gstreamer. :-P03:30
iroowen1 so i need a quick alternative to convert videos to my MP3 player :P03:30
Black_MagicZambezi: Would you happen to have digital sound?03:30
iroowen1 and some web design :P but can i install os on it or does it have to be installed already?03:30
owen1guys, please help with crappy fonts in firefox.03:30
Black_Magicor a toshiba03:30
owen1iro: u can install any os u want, i think.03:31
ZambeziBlack_Magic: Just a soundcard from 2002, so guess not and everything worked until yesterday.03:31
Black_Magic:/ well i had a digital sound card and had to use03:31
ZambeziBlack_Magic: And I'm watching Stanley cup and I want to do so with sounds.03:31
Black_MagicDigital Option03:31
iroowen1 what do you mean crappy :P03:32
Black_Magicinstead of PCM03:32
Black_Magicbut i dunno how to do that now because its PulseAudio03:32
owen1iro: it's hard to read..03:32
ZambeziBlack_Magic: Maybe I can activate my onboard soundcard.03:32
owen1iro: not sure why. very bright and spacious.03:32
tomahasamootwhen switching VTs, sometimes my loggin crashes and dumps back into kdm03:32
tomahasamootthere is a delay of a couple seconds after switching, then it spontainously switches back... and the loggin is gone03:32
tomahasamootthis is between VT7 and VT9, using the ctrl+alt+fx hotkey03:32
tomahasamootI'm on kubuntu 8.04 amd64 with an nVidia 8600 (using the "real" driver)  I had the same problem on 7.10, but less less frequently03:32
iroowen1 did u try to modify the CSS for the browseR?03:33
owen1iro: no. how do i get info about this?03:33
iroowen1 i'm not sure about firefox3 but u should try preferences/content first then u can get a developers toolbar and turn off the website's CSS if u can't read it, it will show up as black text :P03:34
IdleOnewords to live by: Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night03:34
IdleOneooops wrong channel03:34
owen1iro: it's firefox203:35
irooh cuz i'm in 8.04 it is 3 here :P03:35
iroowen1 let me check quickly03:36
owen1iro: firefox3 dosn't support my favorite rss reader - sage...03:36
Sergeant_Ponyidleone you still here?03:37
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: shoot03:37
iroowen1 http://www.techspot.com/guides/44-firefox2-tweak-guide/page19.html this might help03:37
Sergeant_PonyI went thu the webpage real quick... it will help so I can load the 2 mods on boot-up.03:37
owen1iro: ok. thank03:37
owen1iro: s03:37
DanaGHmm, northbridge overheating..... well, that's one possible explanation for those freezes I was getting.03:37
iroowen1 hope it helps03:38
DanaGI opened my laptop and found the heatpipe thingy NOT CONTACTING the chip.03:38
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: glad it helped03:38
DanaGAnybody know where I can get some good thermal tape?  It has to be tape to fill the 0.5 to 1mm gap Gateway left.03:38
Sergeant_PonyIdleOne: thanks again I appreciate it.03:39
IdleOneSergeant_Pony: my pleasure03:39
macogwDanaG: thermal tape?  whats that for?03:39
IdleOneDanaG: any place they sell elctrical supplies03:39
DanaGIt needs to be good, not just cheapo generic.03:39
iroowen1 how do i start it up i installed but i see no icon ;(03:40
Sergeant_Ponybe back later!03:41
owen1iro: try virtualbox from terminal03:43
iroowen1 The program 'virtualbox' is currently not installed.03:43
owen1iro: V not v03:43
iroowen1 command not found03:44
owen1iro: VirtualBox03:44
iroowen1 something showed up :P03:44
owen1iro: coool03:44
iroowen1 now lets see what it can do "{03:45
owen1iro: look for an icon under system tools03:45
iroowen1 not there maybe after restart03:45
iroumm error :P03:45
iroowen1 i need to log out03:46
IamReckHey, I am having trouble getting Custom Desktop effects working, the only error message I am getting is "Desktop Effects could not be enabled."03:47
Fritzel``you know what you really and truely start to appreciate linux when you pull off 60fps in wow at the same time you're running an mmo server (granted no one is connected but regardless) and your processor has itsself underclocked by almost a ghz03:47
iroowen1 now installing that shitty OS :P called windows03:49
owen1iro: yes...the same here. just for quickbooks.03:52
owen1iro: gnuCash is not there yet..i tried.03:53
iroowen1 i have 11 and i need to wake up for school tomorrow so this Os better speed it up03:53
iroowen1 uuu ;(03:53
iroowen1 i set it to a dynamic size thing right and to 2GB but it will expand if it needs to right?03:54
owen1iro: yes. that's what it say..03:54
iroowen1 i never trust it :P03:54
iroBTW anyone knows why firefox3 is mega slow on my myspace profile ? but if click home it is fine03:55
jbroomeiro: probably all the javascript and crap on MS03:57
irocould be ....03:57
iromight have to use Windows for it03:57
irobut i still can;t play gmaes over virtualbox right?03:57
DanaGmyspace sucks and is full of Flash, most likely.03:58
irowell mine is alittle more "pimped out"03:58
iroi did it myself ;P03:58
DanaGOh yeah, the dynamic-expanding thing sets the MAX size.03:58
DanaGSo 2GB might not be enough.03:58
irooh shit ;P03:59
ironow u tell me03:59
DanaGYou can make a new VDI and use the LiveCD in the VM to clone with gparted.03:59
=== nivek_ is now known as nivek
RavenkinUpgraded to Hardy and I lost sound, any suggestions?03:59
akkmyspace pages tend to have tables built around huge slow-loading images03:59
iroRavenkin same thing happened here i took out the sound card and put it back in and it worked04:00
Ravenkinirc can't do that it's onboard sound04:00
iMatterHow do i add files to proftpd?04:01
iMatteri tried adding a file to /home/ftp04:01
iMatterdidnt work04:01
iMatterthe file didnt show up on the page04:01
iroRavenkin hmm weird.... maybe in Bios turn it off and then reboot and turn it on04:02
=== kromono1 is now known as kromonos
RavenkinIs there like a device manager in Ubuntu?04:02
iroowen1 i think fixed size is better04:06
iroowen1 mcuh faster04:06
irohmm u guys know why after installing my proprietary drivers i boot up to a Black screen of doom?04:07
usserhey guys anybody here uses intel 3945 wireless chipset i stumbled into a rather annoying bug04:08
irosryy i'm fan of wires...04:08
usserthat one http://www.intellinuxwireless.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=152204:09
usseranybody seen anything like it04:09
ubotuwww.intellinuxwireless.org bug 1522 in WPA & WPA2 "[iwl4965 & iwl3945] Can't connect to network with IEEE8021X security" [Major,Assigned]04:09
usserseems like the issue with the kernel cause old gutsy's work just fine04:09
usseroh cool04:09
ussergotta give it to you guys hardy is awesome!!04:10
usserthanks for all the hard work04:11
nomasteryodairo,  way folks at pauldotcom tell it, wired is the only way to be sure you don't get p0wned04:11
owen1iro: why is it faster?04:11
ironoif i'm on wireless i get higher pings in world of warcraft :P04:11
iroowen1 wireless = 50mb/s wire 100mb/s  +04:12
* DanaG can't use WIne because it doesn't support surround sound -- at least on my Audigy2.04:12
f0rmati see the beta version of ubuntu still has the same problem as 7.10 in the fact that when i play music nautilus failz and doesn't show directory listings it just starts when i double click within the file manager all the icons start turning white04:13
=== bluefoxx_ is now known as bluefoxx
macogwf0rmat: huh?04:16
iroowen1 i ended up downloading firefox 2 ;)04:18
f0rmatbefore when i played like 5 different tracks of music when i whent to click an icon in the file manager it would turn the icon white when i tried to open a folder after that it would say unable to view files then after i couldn't even see that i can't open a file manager04:18
=== MikeB is now known as Technoviking
macogwer...i dont recall having any nautilus issues after using rhythmbox...04:21
f0rmatwell i dunno i use Movie Player as it is default i just double click the track and it opens within Movie player04:23
MrKeunercan I log vino connections(any attempts) in 8.04.24?04:23
tlpI've got issues with PulseAudio and Rhythmbox. Changing workspaces causes the audio to stutter. Seems the only way to fix it is to disable pulseaudio.04:24
sypher7anyone aware of issues with seahorse in hardy? i have my ssh key setup properly in seahorse, but when i connect to a server to use it, i get prompted for the ssh key passphrase inside the terminal04:32
RavenkinAfter installing Hardy I lost sound, any suggestions?04:35
lucianhow do i upgrade to 8.04 using apt?04:37
iroupdate-manager -devel -releas04:39
prakritii just upgraded to ubuntu+104:39
prakritibut I didn't get a new kernel04:40
bluefoxxyea...the driver for my nobo's onboard networking is shot. every time i try to use it i get a kernel panic and crash to reset button...can i get some help? maybe give info on it?04:40
irolucian: so alt+F2 and update-manager --devel-release04:40
prakritiI got a new kernel04:40
prakritibut it didn't put it in grub04:40
irome too04:40
irohow come?04:40
prakritiis there a quick way to update grub?04:40
bluefoxxi want to use the onboard to connect instead of my wifi as my torrents keep saying theyre unregistered...and wont download04:41
=== bluefoxx_ is now known as bluefoxx
iroso u guys like 7.10 better or 8.04?04:43
bluefoxxand fucking transmission disconnects me from everything else whenever i try and use it. im getting a *little* annoyed here.04:44
irouse utorrent :P04:44
irothat's what i use04:44
DanaGYou can ndiswrap wired network drivers.04:44
bluefoxxim too lazy. sides i allready have some files downloading04:44
bluefoxxDanaG: ??04:44
hackelHas anyone gotten sound working with virt-manager/libvirt/qemu?04:45
iroen ingels profavor ?04:45
owen1iro: why did u get ff2?04:45
iroowen1 firefox 3 lagged my ass of04:45
owen1iro: ok..04:45
iroowen1 took me only 4 minutes to scroll down a page04:45
DanaGYou can use ndiswrapper with Windows wired ethernet drivers.04:45
bluefoxxDanaG: the drivvers for my onboard chipset worked fine in gutsy, cant they just be ported over? it allways kind of just worked and i never had to do anything to it...now its as buggy as all hell. and the hardware is fine, i inspected it and tested it on a gutsy boot disk even04:46
owen1guys, what mp3 app do u use. from some reason the default app is totem, which can't even play mp3...04:46
converge_Starting a Kubuntu 8.04 installation on my laptop.. after the kubuntu progress bar goes back and forth, I arrive to a blue screen with a mouse where I would usually see an option to select my language..But I see no dialog boxes, only a mouse which I can move around..04:46
converge_nothing happens. any ideas?04:46
iroowen1 first thing i do is uninstall totem install mplayer and gnome player04:47
owen1iro: why?04:47
iroand then gnome player will be default04:47
* bluefoxx is away: /nick bluefoxx|away04:47
irocuz totem cux ass :P04:47
xtknightwhat's diff between kern.log, messages, and syslog?04:47
* bluefoxx is back (gone 00:00:37)04:48
owen1is mplayer it the repositories?04:48
xtknight!info mplayer | owen104:48
bluefoxxok...hardinfo is broken04:48
ubotuowen1: mplayer (source: mplayer): The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 2:1.0~rc2-0ubuntu13 (hardy), package size 4244 kB, installed size 9892 kB04:48
iroowen1 sudo apt-get install mplayer04:48
bluefoxxbluefoxx@azUre-prIDE:~$ hardinfo -r|Computer Summary|Segmentation fault (core dumped)|04:49
owen1iro: and gnome player is for movies?04:49
bluefoxxthe | is in place of a enter04:49
converge_screw ubu04:49
bluefoxxall it gives me04:49
converge_back to windows i guess04:49
iroowen1 it can't play mkv tho that's why u use mplayer :P04:50
dot22hi, i've installed the beta but apt-get doesn't find any packages, is there something i should do?04:51
frosty_11i was wondering if anyone could hep me on the dual boot matter04:51
dot22things like svn04:51
cyclonutfrosty_11: the dual boot matter?04:51
frosty_11i plan to dual boot ubuntu and xp,i have two partitions, c: and e: i was wondering if i could install ubuntu on my e: partition04:52
owen1iro: mplayer donsn't seem to play my mp3 and it refuses to close..04:52
cyclonutfrosty_11: you should reformat it as a proper filesystem04:52
cyclonutas it is probably in there as ntfs04:52
irou have Gstreamers?04:52
cyclonutfrosty_11: but, you could very well install it on that partition04:52
frosty_11yes it is in ntfs04:52
iroowen1 it might be the problem04:52
owen1iro: yes04:52
cyclonutfrosty_11: ntfs stinks.04:52
frosty_11i was trying to install it there  but i cant, it say i cant acces it.04:53
converge_6.06 is better than this POS04:53
frosty_11any suggestions?04:53
iroowen1 weird..... i din't play many mp3 here yet04:53
cyclonutfrosty_11: boot from the live cd04:53
cyclonutdont use the wubi installer04:53
dot22oh, apt-get update solved it04:54
iroowen1 try sudo apt-get install gnome-mplayer04:54
owen1iro: ok, vlc can play it.04:54
frosty_11yes i did that already,but the partitioner said guided:increase adjust space and use the largest space possible04:54
cyclonutfrosty_11: there are other options there.04:54
frosty_11can i just install it on my e: drive04:54
cyclonutthats what the other options are for04:55
cyclonutI would repartition your C and E drive into one04:55
cyclonutthen resize your C drive while installing04:55
cyclonutyou wont be able to see your linux partition from windows anyhow, but you'll still be able to see winddows from your linux partition04:55
frosty_11what if i remove e: using disk management in windows and install it there04:55
frosty_11would it work?04:56
cyclonutjust stick it back together with your C partition04:56
Fritzel``can anyone make any suggestions for a game I may not have heard of for linux? (outside fo the repos, or wine compatible are fine)04:56
cyclonutneverwinter nights?04:57
=== kromono1 is now known as kromonos
frosty_11well that would eat up all of my space?i mean i would like to just keep xp on c: and ubuntu on e:04:57
Fritzel``good game but not my style of play, it always feels like it's going to slow for me04:57
iroBALDUR's (Freaking) GATE04:57
cyclonutiro: amen.04:57
Fritzel``slower than neverwinter ^^04:57
Fritzel``but also a good game04:57
irohmm u have Cedega?04:58
cyclonutfrosty_11: no, you tell the installer how much space to take up04:58
Fritzel``not at the moment but what were you thinking of ?04:58
cyclonutfrosty_11: so, you could tell ubuntu to use exactly the same about of space as your E drive currently is04:58
cyclonutfrosty_11: you just drag the little bar in the partition screen (while in the ubuntu installer)04:58
=== Fritzel`` is now known as Fritzel
frosty_11ok ill try ur suggestion04:59
cyclonutfrosty_11: Also, it seems like you are new to linux. I'd stick with the stable version (7.10, not 8.04)04:59
prakritidoes anybody know how to regenerate grub.conf?04:59
Fritzelgrub-install maybe? that's a guess05:00
Fritzeliro: what game did you have in mind when you mentioned Cedega?05:00
prakritigrub writes the boot sector05:00
prakritii mean05:00
iroFritzel: Dungeon Siege or WoW :P05:01
rycolehey all. how would i upgrade from gutsy, to hardy?05:01
prakritiI'm talking about the ubuntu script that builds menu.lst05:01
rycolewithout reformatting.05:01
Fritzelhmm I have Dungeon Siege 2 here does it run on wine / cedega?05:01
cyclonutrycole: sudo apt-get dist-upgrage05:01
prakritiI just upgraded and it didn't get updated05:01
Fritzeland I need a break from wow05:01
iroFritzel: it runs on cedega05:01
cyclonutFritzel: I believe it does05:01
rycolecyclonut: that's it?05:01
iroFritzel: i tested on Cedega :P05:01
rycolethat easy? :P05:01
* cyclonut cant play WoW since 2.4 patch :(05:02
cyclonutrycole: your quetsion is google-able05:02
cyclonutso you know05:02
* cyclonut throws the feeding spoon away05:02
Fritzeliro hmm DS2 shows up as platinum on wine, good call ^^ that'll work05:02
cyclonutnow I want DS205:03
cyclonuteaaasy with that.05:03
Fritzelit's a MS product so I never even considered it might work05:03
cyclonutFritzel: MS products have to run on that OS of theirs anyhow, wine should take care of it nicely05:03
iroWell i know mutli player won;t work at all and in DS over wine if u click on it will crash the game ^_^05:04
Fritzelwell it wouldn't run Freelancer, so I never even thought of a more recent game05:04
cyclonutFritzel: you could also break out a classic.... worms :)05:05
cyclonutI just fount my worms world party disc05:05
Fritzelhaha that's a true classic ^^05:05
cyclonutI lost a lot of hours of my life to that game :-P05:05
Fritzelis worms commercial or free I can't even remember05:06
Kl4mOf course there is a FLOSS clone with penguins somewhere on the net05:06
cyclonutI love tux and all but I despise him in games05:07
Fritzelnow if my cdrom will just read the disc's I'll be in good shape05:07
iroumm help! virtual box05:08
iroi can't install anythin05:08
irosays: The InstallShield Engine iKernel.exe could not be installed05:08
iroand i can;t go any further with any installation over VirtualBox ;(05:09
Kl4miro: virtualbox on hardy? you're asking for trouble05:09
iroi need it05:09
irowine doesn't want to install it either05:09
irowine gives me the same message ;(05:10
Kl4mThere are too many kernel changes for the vbox maintainers to always keep up it seems05:10
Fritzelhmph, my drive won't read the discs :/ so much for ds205:10
iMatterErm im getting errors from Mysql05:11
evandcyclonut: why did you tell frosty_11 to not use Wubi?05:12
cyclonutsiro: do you have the min specs for DS2?05:13
evandcyclonuts: why did you tell frosty_11 to not use Wubi?05:13
Fritzelhang on cyclonuts I have the box right here05:13
ironot sure what u mean05:14
irou mean requirements?05:14
cyclonutsevand: because I've heard war stories about wubi05:14
h3sp4wniro: Just get the gutsy deb direct from - innotek05:14
cyclonutsevand: and the regular installer works great05:14
iroh3sp4wn: thats what i got05:14
cyclonutsevand: I was trying to simplify things so that more people could help05:14
h3sp4wniro: Works fine here05:14
iMatterIm gfetting errors with Mysql05:14
iMatterERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)05:14
cyclonutsFritzel: thanks05:14
Fritzelcyclonuts: 1.8ghz 512MB, 1.5GB space, ATI Radeon 7500 or Nvidia 5750 or better05:15
iroh3sp4wn: i get ikernel.exe error05:15
iMatteri went to /var/run/mysqld and there is no mysqld.sock05:15
Fritzeland those are based on windows xp05:15
evandcyclonuts: such as?  It's better to encourage people to try and file bug reports if they run into issues, and this counts for all parts of ubuntu, otherwise the problems will never get fixed.05:15
iMatteri tried to locate it too no luck05:15
cyclonutsevand: point taken. However, he did not seem like the type to file a bug report, as he didnt have the first clue of what was going on05:16
cyclonutsif you noticed, I recommended that he use a stable version and avoid hardy altogether05:16
cyclonutsFritzel: cool, thanks05:16
Fritzelyep you bet05:16
owen1i want to create a backup. should i get /home and /usr or /home is enough?05:16
Fritzelnow back to finding something to play05:17
evandcyclonuts: Everyone can file a bug report.  Even if it's just "I tried this and this happened", it's a start and gives us a point of contact.05:17
h3sp4wniro: Remembered to rebuild the kernel module when you get a new kernel right ?05:17
Fritzelhmm I wonder if black and white2 runs05:17
iroh3sp4wn: no idea with kernels man i never touvh that ... ;P05:17
evandcyclonuts: Mind you, I don't mind people suggesting that users stick to stable releases.05:17
h3sp4wniro: sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv status05:17
evandIf they're concerned about data loss, etc.05:17
cyclonutsevand: I was thinking more on the individual help level rather than the community. For that, I was wrong, but I think he'll get through things smoother this way, and in the end possibly become a more valuable user.05:18
h3sp4wnIf its not loaded then - sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup (shoudl fix it)05:18
iroitsays it is05:18
cyclonutsbut again, point taken.05:18
owen1what should i save for a backup?05:18
iroowen1 i used to save /home05:18
FritzelI have oblivion here but my dvdrom is worse than my cdrom :/05:18
evandcyclonuts: Fair enough.  Do you happen to have links to the reports of the Wubi war stories, or was this on IRC?05:18
owen1iro: will it keep all the setting of the apps u use?05:18
cyclonutsnothing I've tracked05:19
iroowen1 when i reinstalled and kept the home partition untouched it had all the settings ;P even log files for IM :P05:19
owen1iro: cool05:20
owen1iro: but u had to install all the apps, right?05:20
iroowen 1 yes but the configs were saved05:20
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cloen - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:21
Fritzelis there any form of simulation game out there, similar to simcity that is as complicated?05:21
ubotuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo dpkg --set-selections < my-packages && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade » - See also !automate05:21
h3sp4wnowen1: ^^ - that and a few backups of /home and you should be fine05:22
owen1h3sp4wn: great. can i try it with an ubuntu vm?05:23
iMatterAnyone can help me?05:23
owen1h3sp4wn: what about /etc ?05:24
jbroomedidn't know about !clone, that's pretty sweet05:25
cyclonutsFritzel: I feel like you can get sim city 2k for free now05:25
cyclonutsor its compiled for linux or something05:25
cyclonutsI just remember reading about it... hold on05:25
iro1muahahahah that would be fun :P05:25
Fritzeloh please tell me I can that's what I really want to play05:25
FritzelI tried lincity, unfortunatly it fought with me the whole time05:26
FritzelI might be able to give it another shot but I'd prefer the real deal if I can find it05:27
cyclonutsFritzel: http://maketecheasier.com/city-simulation-game-for-linux/2008/02/0705:27
Fritzelthank you I'll try that one out in a minute05:28
cyclonutsim trying lincity now05:29
cyclonutsits in the repos...05:29
Fritzelthe only real complaints I had about lincity is that (imo) the scrolling area around the sides of the screen are too large, and I couldn't figure out what I needed, other than that I can't complain much about it05:30
cyclonutsI wasnt a huge sim-city guy way back when, but we'll see how I like it this time around05:30
XceIIis there a way to add shoutcast to rythmbox?05:35
h3sp4wnowen1: Yep you can try it - You shouldn't change things in /etc05:37
h3sp4wnowen1: Well if you can avoid it05:37
Fritzelis there a way to do a reset on a cdrom (similar to a reboot) without actually rebooting?05:40
Fritzelalright I'll brb then05:41
cyclonutsFritzel: quite enjoying lincity :)05:46
FritzelII may give it another shot if railroad tycoon 3 doesnt' install05:47
h3sp4wnI have been playing = Beneath a steel sky - glad that was added05:48
Fritzelwe have a winner ^^05:50
bluefoxxerm...how do i install ndiswrapper?or drivers with ndiswrapper rather...05:54
cyclonutsgoogle. it is friendly05:55
bluefoxx-. -i just spent the last half hour or so sifting through it's 'friendlieness'.05:55
BBlakeHello, is anyone willing to try and help me with installation woes on a laptop?05:56
BBlakeBasically, it craps out when trying to write the partition table. However, Vector Linux can get through that stage and install successfully.05:56
bluefoxxim well aware google exists, however i am tired and cant find a simple step by step[do this, type in this, install this by doing this...that kind of thing]05:56
DanaGinstall ndiswrapper-utils, then go to directory with inf, then sudo ndiswrapper -i (name of inf file)05:57
DanaGThen modprobe ndiswrapper to make sure it doesn't cause a panic.05:57
Fritzelwhat kind of device is /dev/sg0?06:05
Fritzel21, 0 major/ minor06:05
Fritzelor better yet, how do I find that out myself06:05
FAJALO1i don't know how to start even06:05
FAJALO1one what should the kernels be?06:05
FAJALO1for hardy06:05
FritzelI don't know that I understand your question perfectly, but I'm running 2.6.24-15-generic on hardy if that's a help?06:06
FAJALO1ok yes it does06:07
FAJALO1b/c see my kernels didn't update06:07
FAJALO1and i don't know why06:07
FAJALO1so i installed the new kernels and used grub to boot in the new kernels06:07
FAJALO1and then ndiswrapper didn't work06:07
FAJALO1im on wireless.06:08
FAJALO1and my nvidia card isn't even showing up on my system,06:08
ethana2broadcom chipset?06:08
ethana2oh, ok06:08
FAJALO1it's working on my manual configuration for the kernels below it.06:09
FAJALO1that's what im on now06:09
FAJALO1but my graphics card is what i want the most06:09
FAJALO1nvidia geforce 620006:09
FAJALO1but my kernels are messed up too06:10
FAJALO1so ethana2 what should i do06:10
ethana2I don't know, all intel and ati here06:10
FAJALO1ok.... im just really confused,06:11
ethana2wait two weeks?06:11
FAJALO1b/c i was up until 1 local time trying to figure this out, to no avail06:11
ethana2sorry, I don't know06:11
FAJALO1im gonna download from nvidia's website06:11
ethana2I don't have any hardware that needs restricted drivers06:12
ethana2good luck06:12
FAJALO1yah really06:12
Fritzelhmm should a burner have rw permissions to my login?06:12
Fritzeler not a burner06:12
Fritzela cdrom06:12
Fritzelcrw-rw---- 1 root root 21, 0 2008-04-10 00:42 /dev/sg006:12
FritzelI'm getting an access denied on that06:12
FAJALO1ok how can i downgrade back to gutsy?06:16
FAJALO1b/c this is making me mad and stressed.06:16
FAJALO1i can't do it right now06:16
cyclonutsFAJALO1: not possible :-\06:16
FAJALO1it has to be06:17
cyclonutsFAJALO1: thats why they say not to put hardy on a production/important machine06:17
cyclonutsFAJALO1: you could format and start with feisty from scratch06:17
FAJALO1 gutsy06:17
FAJALO1i would start from gutsy06:17
cyclonutsguty, feisty, sorry06:17
FAJALO1but even gutsy gave me problems06:17
FAJALO1getting my monitor etc set up.06:17
FAJALO1see right now is what's happening is that i run sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:18
FAJALO1in terminal06:18
FAJALO1and insted of reconfiguring everything it stops after the mouse leaving out the monitor, and the video card.06:18
FAJALO1any reasons?06:18
cyclonutstry going without an xorg.conf06:18
cyclonutscopy it to a backup06:19
Fritzelmeh, ok back to lincity, Railroad Tycoon works fine as long as you only use it once06:19
cyclonutsFritzel: lol06:19
cyclonutsFAJALO1: then remove xorg.conf (/etc/X11/xorg.conf)06:19
FAJALO1just remove it?06:19
cyclonutsthen restart X (ctrl + alt + backspace)06:19
cyclonutswell copy it somewhere first so you can back it up06:19
FAJALO1well it's already backed up believe me06:19
FAJALO1but will that solve my problem06:20
cyclonutsjust try it, you didnt give me much to go on though06:20
cyclonutsbut X does a pretty darn good job of running without one06:20
cyclonutsso see if it works for you06:20
FAJALOUnope didn't work06:26
penis it possible to create a mime type for nfo?06:33
Zeddieanybody packaged up firefox3 beta 5 yet?06:33
octoberdanMy webcam works when I run ekiga, but when I run the "webcam" program provided by the webcam package, I get "Device or reource busy," even if I haven't used ekiga yet. fuser /dev/video0 returns nothing.06:38
owen1tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors06:45
owen1i get this message after attempting to backup my /home06:46
octoberdanowen1: How are you trying to back it up?06:47
=== MikeB is now known as Technoviking
owen1sudo tar cvpzf backup.tgz /home --exclude=/home/oren/shared .....06:47
owen1i am following the instructions of a long thread.06:48
h3sp4wnIs there an e17 repo for hardy anyone can remember06:48
octoberdanowen1: is there any information before that line?06:48
octoberdanGot that from googling...06:49
octoberdanh3sp4wn: there's tons of responses  for hardy e17 on google06:49
owen1i assume it's the last zipped file06:49
octoberdanIt is06:50
octoberdanDid you try googling the error message?06:50
owen1octoberdan: yes. nothing crazy. now i try on the forums.06:51
f0rmatit's done it again06:52
f0rmatit's starting to really get on my nerve06:52
f0rmatdidn't work for me06:53
h3sp4wnoctoberdan: Yeah but how to know who to trust06:55
iMatterUhm...How do i add annoymous user using Gproftpd?07:07
iMatteranyone here...07:19
Fritzeldoes anyone know another way to override an unmount a cdrom? "umount -f /media/cdrom2" gives the error /me laughs at you07:30
WGGMkFritzel: what is the error though?07:31
Fritzeldevice or resource busy07:31
Fritzelbut I can't... nm I think Is ee what's doing it07:31
Fritzelyeah that was it I'm good now07:32
WGGMkFritzel: if your in the directory when your trying to unmount it, it will give that error.07:32
WGGMkFritzel: lol07:32
Fritzelno I finally learned not to try that one07:32
Fritzelit did take several years however07:32
Fritzelthis was a dolphin window I forgot about07:32
Fritzeldoes anyone know of a easy to read command line port scanner?07:34
FritzelI'd use netstat but I'm netstat retarded07:34
penanyone here can recommend a download manager or accelerator to download zshare files?07:36
Raspberryanybody else having issues with flash & firefox3b507:40
iMatterOk last question....07:44
iMatterHow do i update to proftpd server?07:44
penanyone here can recommend a download manager or accelerator to download zshare files?07:47
iMatterAnyone know...07:50
WGGMkI am having a problem with installing the current linux-image for amd64. No matter if its thru update-manager or downloading the .deb package and installing it.. Even from /var/cache/apt/archives it still gives me this http://pastebin.org/2869807:53
savvascan someone do this and give me the output: ls -l /etc/qt3/qt_plugins_3.3rc07:55
savvasinstall libqt3-mt that is :)07:57
kane77hardy looks very good... I have been testing it on desktop for about week and no bugs so I decided to install on my laptop.. suddenly suspend and hibernate all work without any problems!!!07:58
WGGMksuspend pwns!!!!07:59
Fritzel-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1388 2008-04-09 23:14 /etc/qt3/qt_plugins_3.3rc07:59
savvasthanks Fritzel08:03
savvasI wonder why mine shows -rw-r----- 1 root root 761 2008-04-10 08:37 /etc/qt3/qt_plugins_3.3rc08:03
iMatterno one cares...08:05
Fritzel-shrug- not sure, I am completely up to date though as of about 45 minutes ago08:05
iMattersavvas: Can you here me...?08:05
FritzeliMatter: I have no experience with proftpd or any other ftpd's for that matter08:05
Daisuke_IdoiMatter, just because no one answered doesn't mean no one cares.  if no one's answered, then no one knows08:06
iMatteri wasnt seeing an upload button or anything so....08:06
iMatteri tried googling not much avail08:06
WGGMkiMatter: try FileZilla08:07
savvasiMatter: hey :)08:07
iMattersavvas: Hey i finnaly got a better router...08:08
savvasgood suggestion08:08
Fritzelok I'm done sitting here awake staring blankly at the monitor, I'm going to bed to stare blankly at the back of my eyelids, g'night08:08
iMatteri have HTTP and FTP Servers now08:08
savvasgreat :)08:08
iMatterjust getting them to work ATM08:09
iMatterdownloading filezilla08:09
iMattersavvas: your fix halfway worked...08:10
iMatteri stopped it after 20mins of it being at some weird thing but that was after purging SELinux08:10
iMatterthen i reinstalled it and ref policy and eveyrthing works08:10
iMatterhopefully it stays this way08:11
savvasiMatter: you should've let it finish08:12
iMatteri acctualy waited longer...08:14
penanyone here can recommend a download manager or accelerator to download zshare files?08:15
iMatterit was at a randomized prompt...08:15
iMatterhmm getting critical errors..08:15
iMatterStatus:Starting upload of /home/son9524/Files-From-Ubuntu-Ultimate-1.7/Pictures/Backgrounds//2435901.jpg08:15
iMatterResponse:227 Entering Passive Mode (99,148,255,244,221,189).08:16
iMatterCommand:STOR 2435901.jpg08:16
WGGMkpen: whats wrong with Firefox's download manager?08:16
iMatterResponse:550 2435901.jpg: No such file or directory08:16
iMatterError:Critical error08:16
penWGGMk: not fast08:16
iMatterWell i removed that unsupported distro08:16
penWGGMk: and can't resume08:16
iMattersomeone informed me so dont pay attention to that part08:16
WGGMkpen: well speed I wouldnt think would change with any download manager08:16
penWGGMk: if  you have used any download manager in win then you know they are fast08:17
WGGMkpen: this isnt windows08:17
penWGGMk: but same technology08:17
WGGMkpen: Internet Explorer is programmed to cut 20% bandwidth down08:17
WGGMkpen: not same technology08:17
penWGGMk: 20%?08:18
ethana2pen: are you freaking serious?08:18
WGGMkpen: I may be out of date in facts but im pretty sure its still the same08:18
penWGGMk: how do you know?08:18
penethana2: ??08:18
ethana2maybe i should read the logs....08:18
WGGMkpen: IT Tech by prof08:18
WGGMkpen: IE also limits multiple downloads to 3 i believe08:18
ethana2you make no sense08:18
penWGGMk: but I'm not talking about IE here08:19
penWGGMk: it's download manager08:19
ethana2gecko on posix under gnome08:19
iMattermmm says cannot start transfer....08:19
iMatterthen disconnects from server a couple seconds layer08:19
WGGMkiMatter: on firefox?08:19
WGGMkiMatter: err FileZilla?08:19
iMatterWGGMk: FileZilla08:19
WGGMkiMatter: is it in Passive or Active mode?08:19
penWGGMk: however, I have found some download manager in ubuntum but they just can't download zshare files08:20
* iMatter scratches head....08:20
WGGMkpen: you spoke of the difference in Windows to Linux, IE is default in Windows so I assumed you referred to that08:20
penWGGMk: I mean Flashget or Orbit etc08:20
penWGGMk: they are win only too08:20
WGGMkpen: im not to sure what zshare files are, but if you can download them, any download manager would be the same08:21
penWGGMk: no, they can't, or I just don't know how to configure them08:21
iMatterWGGT it does Commands: PASV then Response 227 Entering Passive Mode08:21
WGGMkpen: sorry, i cant help you out with those apps08:21
iMatterCommand STor Cool Background1.jpeg08:21
penWGGMk: fine, I think I will just wait08:21
iMatterRepsonse 550 Cool Background1.jpeg:no Such file or directory08:21
WGGMkiMatter: how would you feel about giving me some credentials to try and upload08:22
iMatterWGGMK,I have Anonymous set up go right ahead08:22
iMatteri msged you IP08:22
WGGMkiMatter: got it08:22
WGGMkiMatter: default port?08:23
WGGMkiMatter: is it behind a router? cause I cant connect08:25
iMatterWGGMk: Dont use the :Port Number thing08:26
iMatterjust FTP://My.IP.Ip.Here08:26
WGGMkiMatter: i dont but it will default to 2108:27
iMatterwell others could get there....08:27
iMatterthis computer is outside firewall...08:27
WGGMkiMatter: ok, but can anyone outside your internal network get there?08:27
iMatterthats what i said08:28
iMatterOthers could get there.08:28
WGGMkiMatter: well I can "view" it with Firefox but FileZilla cant get thru08:29
WGGMkiMatter: which would be difficult to upload things lol08:29
iMatteruse anonymous08:30
iMatterno password..08:30
WGGMkiMatter: acctually, lemme check my firewall.. I might be blocking it (I am using anon)08:30
iMatterwell im using noobish firestarter ;)08:31
* iMatter checks it08:31
iMatterGProftpd says no ones connected :/08:32
xtknighti dont really like the new Unlock system08:32
iMatterso does Firestarter08:32
xtknighti feel like im using vista lol08:33
iMatterit doesnt really work on ALL aps08:33
iMatterif it worked on more aps id be happy...08:33
xtknightit's just one more button to push, when gksu just asked me my pw when it needed.  also doesn't seem to even remember your pw.08:33
xtknightfor example, system->administration->Services press unlock.  then immediately go back it still asks08:34
xtknightsure it's a nice prety button but it still makes things more difficult08:34
iMatternice pretty button :P08:35
iMatterCant you set a keyring?08:35
xtknighthmm i dunno?08:35
iMatterme neither...08:35
orvokkiYays, Adblock plus works again with FF3. :)08:37
iMatteryea the dev versions PWN08:38
iMatterWGGMk: You here still08:39
WGGMkiMatter: yes, but I forgot i need java webstart to change my firewall around.. having a bit of trouble with it on hardy08:39
orvokkiiMatter: Dev versions? This is just normal version, I think.08:41
iMatterorvokki: thats dev version....08:41
Fritzelokay beyond a doubt this is the coolest keyboard08:41
Waistlessjust came in... is that for adblock? i got auto updated to that version for it so I assume it's not a dev version08:41
orvokkiiMatter: What would you coun ta non-dev version then?08:42
orvokki1.0? :P08:42
orvokkis/coun ta/count a/08:42
savvasxtknight: you can configure it through policy kits i think, system > admin > authorizations08:42
Fritzeli'm typong from across the room on my ipod via vnc  with it configured to zoom my moniter by pinching08:43
Fritzelwhich shows in my typing ><08:44
Raspberryanybody have a suggestion for a ubuntu package that'll play Real Video 3.0 ?08:45
iMatterVlC Player...?08:45
iMatteror Real Player08:45
Raspberryvlc doesn't08:45
Raspberrymaybe the helix playeR?08:45
Fritzeldoes dragon play it?08:45
Raspberrymplayer doesn't , xine doesn't, totem doesn't08:45
Raspberryi'll install dragon08:46
Raspberrymy problem is probably that I'm running 64bit08:46
iMatterRaspberry: Real Player for linux will play it im sure...08:46
WGGMkiMatter: well im not going to be able to check my firewall because of a java issue, but im pretty sure all outbound lan traffic is passed on my network08:47
Fritzelthats a guess i haven't tried but dragon will definitely work on 64bit08:47
iMatterWGGMk: I keep getting file not found or file doesnt exsist if i try and upload08:48
iMatterim like Course it doesnt exsist yet because it hasnt transferd...08:48
iMatteri ca download but not upload..Go figure08:48
WGGMkiMatter: do you have write permissions to the directory your trying to upload to?08:48
iMatterits /var/ftp...08:49
* iMatter tries Filezilla as root08:49
* iMatter gksu ftw...08:49
iMatterWGGMk: Get Critical error then i loo at bottom...it says Reason Could Not start transfer08:51
iMatterits not possible to upload from the same computer is it?08:52
WGGMkiMatter: lol08:52
iMatterlol WGGMk What08:52
WGGMkiMatter: well yes & no08:52
WGGMkiMatter: pointless would be a more appropriate term08:52
iMatterLol im trying to get Upload working08:52
iMatterbefore i use it from other comps08:53
WGGMkiMatter: well if my traffic allows outbound port 21, uploading might be a lower priority cause i still cant connect to your FTP server08:53
iMatterftp://<my ip>08:53
iMatterSNuxoll was able to connect08:55
iMatterand usualy im not able to type my IP in and connect08:56
iMatterunless its working08:56
iMatteri mean usualy i have to do localhost...08:56
iMatterwell night08:58
iMattercya tommrow08:58
WGGMkI am having a problem with installing the current linux-image for amd64. No matter if its thru update-manager or downloading the .deb package and installing it.. Even from /var/cache/apt/archives it still gives me this http://pastebin.org/2869809:01
mvoWGGMk: can you run sudo sh -ex /sbin/update-grub to see on what line it dies? is your grub up-to-date?09:02
WGGMkmvo: im using GFX-Grub09:03
WGGMkmvo: would this have a negative impact?09:04
WGGMkmvo: this is what I get from the command http://pastebin.org/2870709:04
mvoWGGMk: possibly, I don't know about that package, it might be a bug because ubuntu uses dash as /bin/sh09:05
WGGMkmvo: not sure I follow ya09:05
mvoWGGMk: what is the package name for gfx-grub?09:06
mvoWGGMk: I think its a bug in the package09:06
WGGMkmvo: grub-gfxboot_0.97-11_amd64.deb09:07
blinkizHow do I get swedish spell checking support in tomboy? (ubuntu 8.04, tomboy 0.10.1)09:07
mvoWGGMk: is that in the archive? I seem to be unable to find it. the line with "==" in it needs to be "=", then it will work :)09:08
WGGMkmvo: in the archive? as in /var/cache/apt/archives? it was a third party deb package for amd6409:10
mvoWGGMk: aha, ok. its probably best to tell the person who provides the package about the problem, its easy to fix (just replace the "==" with a "=").09:11
WGGMkmvo: so ill need to reinstall the package with the appropriate changes?09:12
mvoWGGMk: yes, once the changes are in, a reinstall will work. for now I would suggest to remove it until the bug is fixed (where was it downloaded from?)09:13
x1250someone was asking the other day about xorg.conf and modelines? http://howto-pages.org/ModeLines/09:13
pheldare there any translations for ff3 available in hardy yet?  or even updated locale pkgs for ff2?09:13
WGGMkmvo: random google search, I cant recall anymore. I just keep a copy saved on disc09:14
savvaspheld: i think only the british english one, maybe they updated since beta 5, better check that out at irc.mozilla.org #firefox09:15
WGGMkmvo: is there a work around for it besides reinstall with the fix?09:15
mvoWGGMk: cowboy it in yourself with "sudo vi /sbin/update-grub" (or your favorite editor)09:16
f0rmatcan i aske does anyone know what may be the cause of me being unable to view folders in nautilus :S09:17
WGGMkmvo: lmfao cowboy lol09:17
mvoWGGMk: a shame that the package is not in the ubuntu or debian official archive, then it would be easy to fix for everybody :)09:17
savvasin which groups do i have to add a user to use a HP printer?09:17
WGGMkmvo: sorry to be a pain, but what kind of negative impact should I look forward to if i use the "cowboy" method?09:17
savvasf0rmat: which folders?09:18
f0rmatall folders09:18
f0rmati can't open the nautilus manager09:18
f0rmatit happens after i play music09:18
f0rmatin movie player09:18
savvasf0rmat: run this in terminal: nautilus $HOME09:18
mvoWGGMk: if you just edit that file then it shouldn't become worse (its already broken) - but generally I would be careful with messing about with grub unless you know how to recover if the system does no longer boot :)09:18
redwhitewaldowierd. i somehow got dual-display working on 8.04 by adding a "virtual" line in xorg.conf and running a xrandr command in terminal. but after i enabled the restricted driver for my ATI (radeon) card, i can't get dual display to work. It seems I have to choose only one: either video driver (nice graphics) OR dual-display. How can i get both to work at the same time? How can i get dual display to work while i have driver on?09:19
WGGMkmvo: well that will be fun... im due to learn something new anyway09:19
pheldsavvas: I'm aware of language packages from mozilla, but it's a long way from their way of packaging to the normal ubuntu way if using locale-packs separated from binaries. It's a bit disturbing to see that this work is not completed so close to a release.09:21
blinkizHow do I get swedish spell checking in TomBoy? I have english as my main gnome language but also swedish language pack installed from administration->Language Support.09:22
_Rambaldi_my trash bin has disappeared and i cant seem to add it to the panel again09:26
noob123any sugestions on how to manually install ubuntu09:27
savvaspheld: i think the package translations are done by volunteers, as most of other stuff are and.. you can't actually make a volunteer do something, the more there are the better the translation will be; If I were you and I wanted something translated, I would do it myself :)09:27
redwhitewaldohow can i get my dual monitor set up to work ?09:28
noob123i dont like doing it the guided way,it messed up my xp,and i was planning to do a dual boot,i have 80g hd, 60 i use for xp and the other 20 for ubuntu09:28
_Rambaldi_is there anyothe way to install it? the safest if you are not sure is use wubi installer09:28
savvasnoob123: you should be asking that in #ubuntu - this is a testing release09:29
pheldblinkiz: tomboy doesn't seem to have UI support to choose language. You can set swedish from the commandline and start it manually: "export LANG=se_SE.UTF-8 ; tomboy"09:29
noob123sorry..i had the hardy beta i thought these might be the place09:30
blinkizpheld, aha, I see. maybe I can put that string in some startup file for TomBoy?09:30
savvasnoob123: it is, I was judging by your nickname :)09:31
savvas!grub | noob12309:31
ubotunoob123: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:31
pheldsavvas: translations are already done from mozilla.org. It's re-packaging in ubuntu I'm worried about, and I'm no .deb wiz ;)09:32
blinkizpheld, btw, it works great. "export LANG=sv_SE.utf8;tomboy &"09:32
savvaspheld: me neither, and I didn't know :P09:33
pheldIs there something missing in the most recent totem pack (2.22.1-0ubuntu1) ? youtube videos don't play anymore09:36
penpe1hi all, what's the package name for the ffmpeg command line tool? After isnstalling the ffmpeg package 'which ffmpeg' shows nothing. Thanks :)09:43
WGGMkCan someone put the contents of /usr/sbin/update-grub into pastebin for me?09:49
penpe1hmm, sorry, the reason was I couldn't install ffmpeg (404 Not Found) - I'll fiddle some with my repository settings09:50
coz_hey guys what is the state of affairs with sun java  and wacom tablet drivers on hardy?09:51
AmaranthWGGMk: why? just reinstall the grub package and it'll be fixed09:51
pheldDoes anyone have a bluetooth 1.2 headset working through bluez? I suspect that the kernel-code to support fallback from eSCO (bt2.x) to SCO (bt1.x) never gets activated so that only bt2.x headsets will work.09:51
WGGMkAmaranth: because I want to look for comparison, I use grub-gfxboot09:51
jscinozhey guys09:51
AmaranthWGGMk: why did you overwrite your update-grub?09:52
jscinozrunning up-to-date hardy, for some reason login from GDM takes an incredibly long time (from pressing enter after typing password, 2-3minutes until the login screen fades and my session starts loading), login in tty0-6 is very fast, so just GDM is slow, any ideas?09:52
Amaranthand not make a backup?09:52
jscinozalso i've tried wiping out my gconf to no effect.'09:53
WGGMkAmaranth: i didnt overwrite it. I just want to see what an unchanged one looks like to troubleshoot my situation09:53
nekostaranyone else having notification tray problem?09:53
nekostari get a dead icon in there09:53
Amaranthnekostar: stop using KDE and compiz?09:54
nekostarkillall fixes for a bit..09:54
nekostarhave to investigate tomorrow09:54
pendo anyone know why sometimes when doing an animation in compiz it would freeze the screen but not the sound? Ctrl+Alt+Backspace doesn't work.09:55
Amaranthpen: ati?09:55
penAmaranth: NVIDIA09:55
nekostarits the wine/utorrent one09:55
* nekostar puts on back burner09:55
redwhitewaldocan someone help me get dualmonitor setup working please? I have ati radeon. i got it working with xrandr. but when i activated my video hardware driver, it stopped working. thanks.10:01
Raspberrypheld: I've never been able to get bluetooth handsets working in Linux -- they detect, but just don't work10:03
pheldRaspberry: I had bt1.x headsets working a couple years ago, but I know it's been flaky in recent releases. Most of the work is going into bt2.x though, and it looks promising for the next major release of bluez. The current version seems to be in kind of limbo, with bt1.x suffering the most.10:06
jscinozrunning up-to-date hardy, for some reason login from GDM takes an incredibly long time (from pressing enter after typing password, 2-3minutes until the login screen fades and my session starts loading), login in tty0-6 is very fast, so just GDM is slow, any ideas? i've tried wiping out my gconf to no effect.10:13
jscinozpen, i sometimes get the same thing with compiz, i'm also using nvidia10:18
penjscinoz: would it because nvidia driver is buggy?10:18
jscinoznot sure >_<10:19
jscinozi'm using the beta driver, seems to be a tad faster and dies less :P10:19
penjscinoz: beta?10:19
penjscinoz: did you install the one from nvidia?10:19
jscinozyeah from nvidia's site10:20
jscinozusing their installer10:20
jscinoz171.06 is my version10:20
penjscinoz: I see10:20
penjscinoz: is it better overall?10:20
jscinozIMO, yes10:20
penjscinoz: cool10:20
penjscinoz: like?10:20
orvokkijscinoz: Might be card-dependent though.10:20
jscinozseems faster and more stable, but as orvokki said, may be different with your card10:21
penorvokki: 169.12 has the shadow bug in which the shadows are pink10:21
jscinozi've got an 8400M GS10:21
penjscinoz: same here10:21
jscinozxps m1330?10:21
penjscinoz: no10:21
penjscinoz: HP10:22
jscinozi love my m133010:22
jscinozawesome hardware support10:22
jscinozevery single thing worked out of the box10:22
penjscinoz: really?10:22
jscinozsuspend, hibernate, sound from all 3 headphone jacks10:22
jscinozthe headphone jacks are awesome, all 3 can be toggled between input and output10:22
penjscinoz: suspend, hibernate, sound, java, flash , etc?10:22
jscinozyeah, once installed those packages10:22
jscinozno hackery needed :P10:23
penjscinoz: wow10:23
jscinozi wish hibernate had a progress bar though10:23
jscinozannoying just staring at the flashing _ for 30secs10:23
pensend a wish list10:23
jscinozthere is one already i think10:23
redwhitewaldohello, can someone here with a fresh/regular install of ubuntu, please pastebin for me his xorg.conf file? thanks.10:23
penjscinoz: can you play java sound and also with amarok playing at the same time?10:24
jscinozredwhitewaldo, you can just regenerate it with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"10:24
jscinozpen, java and rhythmbox :P10:24
jscinozdon't use amarok :P10:24
penjscinoz: I see10:24
redwhitewaldojscinoz: well, that doesn't put back my xorg.conf file the way it was before i enabled restricted video driver. 8-)10:24
penjscinoz: but you said you have the freeze bug right?10:25
jscinozredwhitewaldo, it should give you the choice to change grpahics driver to what i was before (probabl nv)10:25
jscinozpen, yeah but its pretty rare10:25
jscinozmaybe once a week10:25
redwhitewaldojscinoz: it doesn't. it just puts a backup copy of xorg.conf in folder10:26
penjscinoz: I got freezes when I have too many windows10:26
jscinozhmm apparently you can get usplash for suspend/hibernate with uswsusp10:26
jscinozredwhitewaldo, strnage.. it should overwrite it10:26
jscinozredwhitewaldo, is the failsafe xorg still running:?10:26
redwhitewaldojscinoz: sorry i was wrong.10:26
redwhitewaldoi get the list now10:26
redwhitewaldopls hold10:26
penjscinoz: usplash for suspend?10:27
redwhitewaldoquestion one: " Use kernel framebuffer device interface?  " what should i choose?10:27
jscinozpen one second10:27
jscinozredwhitewaldo, shouldnt matter, just say no :P10:28
jscinozuswsusp looks to be a different way of suspend/hibernate with usplash support and a bunch of other nice looking features10:28
redwhitewaldojscinoz: oops. i said yes.10:28
jscinozdoesnt matter10:30
redwhitewaldoit doesn't?10:30
redwhitewaldo i have a microsoft natural keyboard elite (http://www.datavisionergonomics.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/292341_large.jpg) . is this pc104 or pc105?10:30
jscinoznot sure, just say 105 :P10:30
redwhitewaldojscinoz: what would happen if it were 104? what errors/problems would i face?10:31
jscinozpen uswsusp looks really nice, offers compression and/or encryption of suspend image10:31
jscinozredwhitewaldo, one key wouldnt work :P10:31
jscinozcant remember which one though10:31
penjscinoz: what is that?10:31
jscinozsuspend image = data it writes to swap when you hibernate10:32
jscinozcompress it to use less swap and according to the man page, faster suspend/resume10:32
jscinozalso lets you do both s2disk and s2ram at the same time10:32
jscinozmeaning you have the fast resume of standby10:32
jscinozbut if you lose power, you can restore as if it was hibernating10:33
jscinozbrb testing new suspend :P10:34
saltedlightanyone know why is my /etc/apache2/httpd.conf file empty? i'v just installed lamp and did no changes... anyone know how or where i can have a default httpd.conf file?10:35
ArelisThe beta is constantly changing, of course. So my question is, what is the current state of the beta, with updates and all? It's about 15 days away, so it shouldn't be THAT bad.10:36
esoxHi, my midibox doesnt work since I'm on hardy, undev rules are not working10:37
jscinozoh wow10:39
jscinozthats really nice10:39
jscinozresume is very fast, and i had music playing in rhythmbox from a network share, it continued playing on resume10:39
penjscinoz: cool10:41
penjscinoz: did you configure anything for suspend?10:41
jscinozsplashy is officially better than usplash lol10:44
tech0007is it possible to record sound from playback thru pulseaudio?10:47
ArelisHello everybody. I haven't tried out Hardy yet, but the beta has been released about a week ago, and i think it has evolved in the time. What has become of the beta, as of now?11:27
cpk1its a week closer to release, thats what11:28
Areliscpk1: but what has changed?11:29
cpk1its due two weeks from now, I dont see why you wouldnt wait11:29
Arelisstability. compatibility. slowness remedy11:30
cpk1in the week that its been in beta? I dont know, I imagine tons of bugfixes going by how many updates I've had11:30
Arelisbecause really, my ubuntu right now is unstable, uncompatible with my wacom bamboo fun (while hardy is) and slowness is everywhere11:30
cpk1I havent had any problems with slowness11:30
cpk1never had slowdown problems11:30
Arelisand nobody has cared to help me as of yet.11:30
Arelisnot even on the forums.11:31
maxbArelis: I think you're being unrealistic expecting anyone to have made a summary of changes during this phase of development.11:31
Areliswell, they did, but then the conversation got stuck and the topic got forgotten11:31
Arelismaxb: well, since hardy is only 2 weeks away..11:31
maxbPrecisely what I mean. I expect everyone is paying more attention to fixing things than keeping lists of what has been fixed since beta.11:32
cpk1Arelis: there have literally been hundreds of updates to stuff I probably dont even use on my maching, how can I document what has changed? especially since I dont even reload all my libraries after an update11:32
cpk1I think we are a couple days from the freeze now though11:32
Arelisa couple of days from the freeze? meaning that by then, the bugs have been fixed?11:33
penanyone know how to make Creative Labs SB X-Fi work?11:35
pendoes it have to use OSS?11:35
Lynourepen: http://opensource.creative.com/soundcard.html is their official page, I think11:39
popeypen: there is no driver for that i dont think11:39
penpopey: no?11:40
Ngcreative's open source support has never been more than fleeting, ime11:40
Lynourepen: they are kinda not very open source friendly company anymore11:40
maxbcpk1: Are we not already in final freeze? Or is HardyReleaseSchedule only a guideline, not an absolute documentation of freeze times?11:40
popeybug 6335211:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 63352 in linux "Creative labs X-Fi sound card unsupported" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6335211:40
NgLynoure: they never were11:41
cpk1maxb: I just am going off memory from when I last looked at the schedule and final freeze was right around this time =P11:41
LynoureNg: even less recently. :(11:41
popey✁☻ ✁☻ ✁☻ Creative11:42
maxbThe continued stream of "Accepted" mails on hardy-changes would suggest that perhaps the freeze isn't quite in force yet. That, or lots of exceptions are being granted :-)11:42
cpk1well, bug-fixes are still allowed right?11:44
Ngmaxb: some things have blanket exceptions11:45
Nge.g. gnome 2.22.1 went in in the last few days11:45
pheldpen: forget Creative. Give your money to someone less hostile to open-source11:49
penpheld: it's not my sound card, my friend has one11:50
penpheld: he is trying hardy the first time11:50
pheldpen: x-fi is going to be a problem anyway unless he's got something that's able to run the unsupported x64 beta11:52
penpheld: maybe I should suggest him to buy a new sound card?11:52
cpk1whats wrong with most onboard mobo sound?11:54
cpk1mine has spdif out which is great11:54
Ngcpk1: hardware-wise, creative's soundcards are pretty powerful, where onboard things aren't11:56
Ngthe emu10k1 on the Live! cards is great11:56
Ngthey bought EMU just to get it11:56
pheldpen: OSS from 4front is supposed to have preliminary support for x-fi. replacing alsa with oss isn't trivial though11:56
penpheld: hm11:56
cpk1spdif just passes the signal on to my reciever I dunno if it even does any work11:56
penpheld: what should I tell him?11:56
pheldpen: be honest. x-fi is going to be a problem. to get started use onboard-sound if possible11:58
penpheld: hm, i don't think he is onboard12:00
pheldpen: must be an ancient MB then.12:01
penpheld: how to use onboard if he really has one12:01
jscinozi wonder..12:01
jscinozadding the debian repos to sources.list and upgrading everything to the more recent versions indebian sid... is definately going to break something right?12:02
pheldpen: sure it's not just the backplate with connectors that is not mounted.12:03
jscinozamiright? :P12:04
pheldwrt soundcards: is there an unbiased list of soundcards that work 100% somewhere?12:05
pheldit's awfully hard for newbies to work out what works well and not based on the alsa-project wiki.12:08
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=== bhb is now known as ajmorris
Almindoris it possible to get composite/visual effects with fglrx/hardy? I'm getting this http://pastebin.com/d119733f9 when I try12:40
Almindornormal 3d works for both 32 and 64bit apps (this is hardy/64)12:40
* Almindor tought the latest ati drivers had AIGLX?12:41
Dr_willisHmm.. here i go and set up Konqueror as the default file manager, and all these tools keep popingup that lame dolphin.. egads12:41
Dr_willisanyone else noticing this issue?12:41
orvokkiAlmindor: Hmm, ubuntu-desktop system?12:42
Almindororvokki, yes12:42
orvokkiAlmindor: Just a bit puzzled about that last line.12:43
Almindororvokki, amd64, ati mobility radeon X1600 and compiz is in /usr/bin/compiz12:43
esoxHi, I really need help to retore my midibox that ran perfectly on gutsy12:43
* Almindor too12:43
orvokkiI'm not much help though now. I'm getting back home next Sunday.12:44
Almindorcat /usr/bin/compiz | grep '/usr/local/bin'12:45
AlmindorCOMPIZ_BIN_PATH="/usr/local/bin/" # For window decorators and compiz12:45
Almindorguess the compiz script is borked... for some reason12:45
AlmindorI'll try to reinstall12:45
orvokkiYeah, good idea.12:45
Almindorhmm same12:46
AlmindorI even deleted the script to make sure12:47
orvokkiI can't really check if it's the same on my system until Sunday. :/12:47
Almindorguess its a bug, there's no reason for /usr/local/anything in debs12:47
Dr_willisunofficial apps :)12:48
Dr_willisI got one app in my /usr/local12:48
Almindoryes, I got stuff in there too but not .deb stuff12:48
esoxOk, how do I send a bug report ?12:48
mvoAlmindor: it gets its default from /etc/default/compiz (or compiz-manager, can't remember)12:49
Almindormvo, no compiz* in /etc/default12:49
mvoAlmindor: sorry, make that /etc/xdg/compiz/compiz-manager12:51
Almindorls /etc/xdg/compiz/12:51
Almindornothing :)12:51
Almindorempty dir12:51
Almindoronly compiz-manager file on the system is a png12:52
esoxnobody to help for my midibox ?12:52
* Dr_willis has no idea what midibox is.12:53
* Almindor neither12:54
Almindorwell in any case, thanks for the help12:54
* Almindor doesn't really use compiz stuff normally but it's nice for converting unbelievers12:54
Dr_willisI let the unbelivers notice that I never need to defrag, or worry about viruses..12:55
Dr_willisthey can have their eyecandy and  ocular cavaties12:55
esoxDr_willis: do you know why the fat partitions are not named by the name I gave on fstab like on gutsy but only named by "media+size" ?12:56
Dr_willisesox,  its using the DiskLabel - and if its not set  its using the  media+size name i guess12:57
Dr_willisgnome has properties to set/change where they get mounted to/name I think. But im not using gnome12:57
esoxDr_willis: iy was different on gutsy, why changing ?12:59
Dr_willisesox,  no idea. Since my disks have labels. I never noticed any change.. of course Im not using gnome here..  :)13:00
esoxDr_willis: even for vfat partitions ?13:00
Dr_willisI always have disk labels even for my vfat filesystems.13:01
esoxDr_willis: well I labelled them on windows...13:03
Dr_willisi got no idea then, you can right click on the disk icons and set different names/properties i recall.13:06
whitehawkI have 2 machines with 8.04beta1 i386 and one has HAL failing in the last few days. Since it missbehaved, I reinstalled it yesterday, updated, and it has it again..13:09
nemocould anyone help me downgrade to the -5 kernel?13:10
nemosupposedly that helped some folks with the iwl3945 problems13:10
nemolooks like there has been some bug activity. yay13:11
DistroJockeywhitehawk: I had that HAL failure also with 2.6.24-15-generic13:11
whitehawkso it is kernel, ok13:11
whitehawkhow did you fix it?13:11
DistroJockeywhitehawk: 2.6.24-14-generic  works ok13:11
whitehawkso thats how :D13:11
DistroJockeyyup :)13:11
whitehawkwith no hal, there is no networking.. gladly I know the manual way so no problem :D13:13
DistroJockeywhitehawk: I can't seem to get 2.6.24-15-generic working anywhere13:13
DistroJockeywhitehawk: yeah, no network, no sound with broken HAL13:13
whitehawkI have 2.6.24-15 working here13:13
whitehawkit is on the other machine13:14
DistroJockeywhitehawk: I got the can't initialize HAL with 2.6.24-15-generic after waiting 2 mins or more for it to get to desktop13:14
whitehawkI know that13:15
whitehawkI have the same13:15
DistroJockeypreviously, I gave up and Alt+SysRq 'd it13:15
whitehawkbut it works here on this Fujitsu Siemens A64 machine (i386 system)13:15
whitehawkand doesn't work on the HP AthlonXP system13:16
DistroJockeywhitehawk: mine looked to hang at the check for a restore image13:16
DistroJockeywhitehawk: but it's worked fine with earlier kernels13:17
whitehawkdamn.. I need a restart now13:17
DistroJockeyrunning a desktop and not using suspend/hybernate here13:17
IdleOneso I take it everytime I get a kernal upgrade I will have to manualy fix my wireless and reinstall the drivers/modules?13:17
DistroJockeyIdleOne: depends how you implemented your wireless I guess13:19
DistroJockeyif you did it like a source install of the driver, then probably13:20
IdleOneI had to follow this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=669267 to get wireless working13:20
DistroJockeyI'd say you probably would need to.13:21
DistroJockeybut you may be lucky :)13:21
IdleOnemaybe -15 supports my card now? how could I check?13:22
DistroJockey-15 ?13:22
orvokkiDid you mean 2.6.24-15?13:22
whitehawkwhat card13:22
IdleOnethis is my card  Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)13:23
whitehawkI see13:23
whitehawkdoes 8.04 use ath5 kor madwifi?13:23
* DistroJockey runs off to get another vodka13:23
IdleOnewhitehawk: no clue13:23
whitehawkI meant13:24
IdleOnewell I'll have to look at it later tonight anyhow. have a good day folks13:24
DistroJockeywireless crops up alot :(13:25
DistroJockeyglad I don't use it myself13:26
whitehawkI had a problem when I tried the liveCD (usb)13:26
whitehawkin 2.6.24 there is a mechanism, that doesn't allow to bring up invalid MAC addressed if-s13:26
whitehawkand the ipw2200 driver has an rtap interface that has an all 0 mac13:27
whitehawkI filed a bug in gentoo, and there's a patch in upstream13:27
whitehawkshould make it to 2.6.2513:27
Juzzy`Hi guys, running mythbuntu updated to hardy... now I have mutliple copies of mythtv come up on startup13:29
Juzzy`and it pretty much freezes the pc13:29
nemohey folks. generic ubuntu question13:33
Pici<generic ubuntu answer>13:33
nemowhy is it that my linux-headers aren't updating?13:33
nemoThe following packages have been kept back:13:33
nemo...linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic13:33
PiciDid you do a full-upgrade?13:33
nemo# uname -r13:33
nemodid an apt-get upgrade13:33
dns53do a dist-upgrade, it might include new packages13:34
nemoah. thanks13:34
nemosee. that's the sort of ubuntu knowledge I lack :)13:34
Piciyou need to do a dist or full-upgrade (same thing)13:34
dns53upgrade only upgrades what is currently installed, dist-upgrade installs everything including new dependencies and removes old ones13:34
nemonow, if someone could just get my RTL8185 working, that'd be lovely. but looks like that might still be a little while...13:35
nemohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/196285 :-/13:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 196285 in linux "[Regression] Realtek RTL-8185 Wifi not recognized in Hardy 8.04 Alpha 5" [Medium,Triaged]13:37
m1rvirtualbox OSE generic kernel module dont get upgraded with system ?13:43
x1250hey guys, does someone has a working epson printer on hardy? I'm getting some Unauthorized Errors, and ubuntuforums is helpless13:43
esoxsomeone to help on firmware loader for midisport 2x2 ?13:50
nemohm. looks like the realtek driver would work if I could find someone better with kernel sources to help me13:52
whitehawkOk, I made a reboot HAL still works on this machine14:06
whitehawkthe other is still crap14:07
DanaGHeh, my CPU is at 14 C, and my ACPI temperature is 9 C.  That's immediately after resume from suspend, in a cold room.  The GPU is already 33 C.14:07
DanaGRandom, but amusing.14:07
DanaGNow if only my battery wouldn't drain astonishingly quickly when I'm using compiz-fusion...14:08
DanaGThat's part of why I'll be switching to ATI in summer: I'll be able to lock the thing into low-power mode manually.14:08
whitehawkthere should be some mechanism that starts basic networking if hal fails14:10
whitehawkjust do dhclient ethX14:10
KrimZonwow... 4000 load cycles in the past 2 days14:15
humboltoremovable disks and cd/dvd media don't show up anymore in "removable drives and media" config dialog! why is that?14:21
humboltoI want to disable that a nautilus window appears for each newly attached media!14:21
jaffarkelshachow do i remove programs from the wine list, they dont appear in the uninstall section14:22
Derspanksterjaffarkelshac: good question! Wish I knew the answer to that as well.14:24
jaffarkelshaceven purge removing does not get rid of it14:24
DerspanksterI haven't been able to find a  solution14:25
DistroJockeyhumbolto: In Nautilus, goto Edit - Preferences - Media  and untick  Browse media when detected14:25
jaffarkelshacfound it, its in /home/user.local/share/applications/wine14:25
DanaGOoh, you can set Wine to take KDE colors, if you install kcontrol.14:29
Derspanksterjaffarkhelshac: can't find it14:30
DanaGBut then, you still have to MAKE the kde colors match Gnome, manually.14:30
jaffarkelshachow do i close wine system tray adapter14:31
DanaGkillall explorer.exe, or do "wineserver -k" if you want to close all wine apps.14:31
DanaGHeh, tried to install WB6 in Wine.  Needless to say, it didn't work.14:35
richardHi all, how to i change my grafic driver under 8.0414:36
rvallesI'm going to install 8.04 from this. Any known problem with today's image? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/current/hardy-dvd-amd64.iso14:37
richardi have a radeon 9250 but currently no 3d support....14:37
Derspanksterjaffarkelshac: OK, found it - done, Thanks!14:37
richardx11.org only shows up this:14:37
richard       14:37
richardSection "Device"14:38
richard        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"14:38
Picirvalles: Daily ISOs do not receive the same amount of testing as milestone releases do.14:38
gatestoneHas anyhting been done to this in Hardy: if you have a fixed size big dialog, you may for example have an Apply or Ok button vanishing from the bottom, and it is not visually indicated, that msot important part of your screen is missing!!! Happended to me with Skype and Firefox/Leechblock options diallogue, Only Alt-dragging will solve this!14:40
DarkMageZrichard, go ahead and run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" , it should build a proper config file.14:41
rvallesPici: yup, but we're at 14 to release14:41
hti_proany word on whether the libata dma bug will be fixed in this release14:41
rvallesand the last "milestone" is from early may14:41
richardDarkMageZ: i did that already, nothing changes ..14:41
rvallesI doubt things will change much till release, while I'm sure they've changed in a whole month14:42
LjLis nvidia-glx-new actually newer than nvidia-glx in hardy? the version numbers confuse me a little :o)14:42
Picirvalles: You probably wont have any issues installing, but then again, if you do, you know what it could be.14:42
gatestoneHmmm...Alt-drag will not help! Because when the dialog first is drawn, it is already damages and stays that way when alt-dragged!14:42
DarkMageZrichard, hmm. that's new... not sure what to recommend.14:42
rvallesPici: we'll see :)14:44
rvallesit's to replace a upgraded-way-too-many-times ubuntu on some laptop my bro uses14:44
rvallesthat one is broken in too many places, and has too many "by hand" workarounds cummulated through the years14:45
Nghti_pro: a) which bug, b) kernel questions are probably better asked in #ubuntu-kernel14:45
rvallesI believe with the kernel current hardy has and all, he won't need anything of the sort anymore, and will be able to use a clean ubuntu14:45
=== Sebast1an is now known as Sebastian
hti_proNg: Bug #110636 in linux-source-2.6.2214:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 110636 in linux-source-2.6.22 "hdparm - cannot set dma on IDE hard drive that works via pata" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/11063614:46
LaggywareHas anyone else got serious audio problems?14:47
LaggywareAs in, I can play music when I first boot, but after about 10 mins, everything dies.14:47
Nghti_pro: looks like the bug is not filed against hardy's kernel, and is incomplete14:48
Nghti_pro: if you've tested it in hardy, perhaps you could comment?14:48
hti_proworkin on the upgrade now14:48
hti_proNg: still 4hrs to go, not sure an upgraded system would be the best test subject for this though14:49
hti_prodoes #ubuntu-kernel deal with all ubuntu kernels or just stable?14:50
Nghti_pro: you could boot the live CD?14:50
Nghti_pro: all14:50
hti_proNg: thats a good idea14:50
hti_proNg: can't burn it though, because my burner is in the system with no dma, all i get is coasters14:51
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
Nghti_pro: doh14:51
james_wHi all, has anyone got an audigy 2 sound card?14:51
hti_proNg: this is also a mythtv box, I know mythtv, no dma, sounds like a joke right????14:52
hti_proNg: I wish it was a bad nightmare14:52
whitehawkdo you know where is the logfile for hal?14:53
whitehawkI tried greping for hal things but.,.14:53
whitehawkit doesn't create an error report14:53
LaggywareYeah, so, list of bugs: After restarting X, panels and desktop don't load, Audio fails randomly about 10mins after boot, requiring reboot to fix, gnome-terminal crashes about half of the time I load it, then if I try and kill it with the panel-applet that kills software it hangs everything, pidgin does the same thing on occasion, and the 'quit' menu freezes everything as well.14:54
strabesDoes anyone else's rhythmbox not able to play anything upon resume from suspend?14:57
strabesand rhythmbox must be restarted14:57
jaffarkelshacyeah i can even play sound if another app is using sound14:57
strabesjaffarkelshac: i know that, but if i pause rhythmbox, suspend, resume, then try to unpause, it doesn't play anything. the slider doesn't even move14:58
jaffarkelshaccant help you there, i cant hibernate or suspend it never wakes14:59
Ngstrabes: works for me15:01
NgI suspend several times a day, every day :)15:01
strabesNg: oh; strange. Maybe it will work on final release15:01
Ngstrabes: it may well be too late to fix it if not, but you might want to consider filing a bug15:02
strabesi wonder if, to make it easier on me, i could just add "killall rhythmbox" to the suspend script15:02
strabesNg: do you think i should file it in the ubuntu hardy section of launchpad or upstream?15:03
strabeslike here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/15:03
Ngstrabes: go to /ubuntu/ search for rhythmbox and file it there15:04
DarkMageZstrabes, does totem play sound upon resume from suspend?15:04
strabesDarkMageZ: not sure, let me check15:04
strabesbrb need to suspend15:05
kjetilkWorkanybody else see bad stability problems with synergys?15:06
strabesDarkMageZ: no, totem also doesn't play. this must mean it's a pulseaudio thing15:06
kjetilkWorkit segfaults 15 times a day for me... :-(15:06
DarkMageZstrabes, why do you suspect pulseaudio? could just be a gstreamer problem.15:07
strabesDarkMageZ: Don't know for sure, but it never did this before they implemented pulseaudio15:07
strabes(of which i am a big fan, by the way)15:07
DarkMageZah, nice logic there ッ15:08
strabesdo you know how i would tell? i'm not sure where to report the bug, or even to look if it has already been reported15:08
DarkMageZstrabes, i would suggest removing totem-gstreamer and installing totem-xine and see what happens.15:09
strabescan rhythmbox run w/ totem-xine?15:09
strabesi guess it wouldn't matter since i'm installing TOTEM-xine15:09
mydoghaswormsSince upgrading to 8.04 Beta, the system does not seem to recognize my soundcards anymore. I have no sound. How can I find out what the problem is?15:09
DarkMageZrhythmbox isn't worried about totems backend ッ15:09
whitehawkmydoghasworms, do you have networking?15:10
whitehawkcause since I have HAL not initing, I have no sound and net15:10
mydoghaswormswhitehawk: I do15:10
strabesDarkMageZ: alright, it's downloading. I'll let you know if that fixes it for totem. the issue with totem isn't really a big deal for me though.15:11
DarkMageZit's more of a diagnostic step rather than a fix15:11
strabesDarkMageZ: yeah, i know. well totem-xine works after resume. this must mean it's a gstreamer thing.15:12
MadProcessorAm I the only one seeing problems with avant window navigator? After I installed it, my computer has frozen up 3 - 4 times15:13
MadProcessorCould be something else I guess, but it didn't start until I had that installed, and now that I've removed it, it haven't frozen up again15:13
DarkMageZstrabes, there's a #gstreamer channel. there's also a #rhythmbox on irc.gnome.org . have fun.15:13
strabesDarkMageZ: lol, alright15:13
m11i am trying to install 8.04 to laptop over network with PXE server (broken cdrom / no floppy/ usb not detecting external cdrom). now when i boot that laptop, it detects netboot and start install. on install process it asks me which mirror should i select to install. is there any way i can make it work from my main PC to server alternate CD content and not have to use internet mirror for that as my line is very slow ?15:16
DarkMageZstrabes, yeah. those gstreamer guys aren't the most friendly & helpful people ever. maybe just throw everything you've gathered up on a launchpad bug or poke the rhythmbox guys who are alittle more receptive.15:20
Davo_Dinkumi can switch to a tty, but switching back just gives me a screen with a flashing _15:23
Davo_Dinkumany ideas on that?15:24
yacc_Just wondering, what package provides Python.h?15:34
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
_someguy_in the last round of updates, I've lost the vertical scrolling on my laptop's trackpad... any ideas?15:35
Piciyacc: have you tried searching packages.ubuntu.com? or using apt-file?15:35
yaccPici: it's working it was just a missing apt-get update ;)15:36
alexvd_hello i am trying to upgrade to Hardy heron beta from Gutsy and the update manager is hanging on the first step.  I commented out all third party repos and made sure all updates were applied.  Anyone know what the issue is and how to resolve?15:44
tomd123does ubuntu 8.04 alternate have an option to install just base system, no gnome?15:45
whitehawkgod damn gnome terminal tabs always pop out to new windows15:58
whitehawkfucking sensitive crap15:58
LjL!language | whitehawk15:58
ubotuwhitehawk: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.15:58
whitehawkanyway it is still irritating15:59
sphinx_hello all,16:00
whitehawkcan't even find a checkbox to not allow this kind of behavior or something16:01
whitehawkI just click and sometimes it pops out16:01
alexvd_ hello i am trying to upgrade to Hardy heron beta from Gutsy and the update manager is hanging on the first step.  I commented out all third party repos and made sure all updates were applied.  Anyone know what the issue is and how to resolve?16:01
sphinx_can i remove pulse audio and use alsa untill the stable version ?16:01
mindframe-sphinx_, just set your sound preferences to use alsa16:02
tlpsphinx_: Disabling "Enable software sound mixing" in System>Preferences>Sound>Sounds seemed to work for me.16:02
sphinx_i will try now16:03
gatestoneThere definitely must be VISUAL indication, if the a dialog window misses parts from its bottom. See screenshots here: http://flickr.com/photos/anssi/ The first picture has Cancel and OK in the window bottom, the second does not have that part of thw window at all, and the user will never know!16:10
tlpsphinx_: you may have to reboot. I don't recall exactly. Are you getting audio stuttering?16:10
sphinx_mindframe-, tlp unfounatly nothing exist in soud settings, btw i'm using kubuntu16:11
gatestoneDifficult to say if this is firefox, leecblock or Gnome bug?16:11
mindframe-ah sorry, i assumed ubuntu16:11
gatestoneBut I just wonder if it fixed in Hardy? Can anyone with 1280x800 screen try Leechblock?16:11
sphinx_mindframe-,tlp  there is no kubuntu+1 room for this i ask here :)16:11
sphinx_but i assume is the same16:12
sphinx_what appear everywhere is pulseaudio16:12
gatestoneCan you see the OK and cancel with the default conf of panels top and down screen taking some vertical pixel space.16:12
cshadowrunHey, i've tried both versions of ubuntu (But i'm currently using hardy heron) and my sound doesn't work properly.16:21
cshadowrunThe main problems are when 2 applications try to use sound at the same time16:21
cshadowrunso like flash + wine = no16:21
cshadowruntotem + vlc also = no16:21
cshadowrunand of course it's a bit difficult to diagnose exactly what programs screw with what, it also seems to work sometimes and not work other times16:22
jharknHi, ubuntu noob here, can anyone point me in the right direction? I tried booting 8.04 beta, 64bit version; the kernel appears to load and then the screen goes black and stays black :/16:22
tech0007does anyone know what filesystem should a dvd use? udf or iso?16:22
tech0007jharkn: did u try the live cd first?16:23
jharknyeah thats what I'm foing16:23
jharknbooting from the cd16:23
jharknI'm guessing it's a display issue16:25
tech0007jharkn: you may want to google first if ur how your PC/display should work16:25
sphinx_mindframe-, tlp now i back to alsa, i disable configuration in the file /etc/asound.conf16:25
tech0007jharkn: i'm guessing u checked the CD first before u tried booting from it16:26
jharknwell actually trying to check it from the boot menu seemed to work but the screen was black, how can I check it from windows?16:27
jharknthe iso itself should be fine since it was torrented16:29
tech0007jharkn: this shld work https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM16:29
jharkncheers I'll try that16:29
tech0007good luck16:30
=== drif_ is now known as drif
unicumwhere again was i supposed to look to find out whether or not macbook wifi would work in 8.04?16:31
hischildso, are the latest updates stable enough to install? i heard gnome updates broke it last night?16:31
tech0007hischild: just did it a few minutes ago, seems to work fine--for me16:32
hischildtech0007, including loggin out and back in with gnome?16:32
hischildi'd like to be sure before i update it all16:32
tech0007hischild: yup...i have 2 user accounts and they all worked well16:33
hischildtech0007, alright, thanks16:33
whitehawkif hal is dead how can i make sound?16:35
jbroomeif hal falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?16:36
seb1Ive got a problem, i can't get my qc usb webcam work.16:36
whitehawkseb1, is it a qc messneger?16:37
kosmonauti could need some advice: I have updated ubuntu to hardy today. It worked fine. Since I have a separate /home partition all my data are still there. BUT i cannot enable my secondary user. Whenever I want to enable it with "System->Adminiastration->User". My computer says that I already have that 2nd user. But the 2nd user "add-able" any ideas?16:37
whitehawkjbroome, thx but that is not quite helpful16:37
kosmonautbut the 2nd user is not add-able16:37
seb1whitehawk: yes16:38
seb1quickcam usb messenger16:38
whitehawkthen I think it wont work16:38
whitehawkonly if you compile your own driver16:38
seb1ohh why16:38
seb1ok is that a problem with the Kernel?16:38
whitehawkI have the same here16:39
unicumquestion rephrased: can anyone tell me if macbook wlan will be working with hardy heron?16:39
whitehawkthere are two qc-usb drivers16:39
whitehawkone for messenger16:39
whitehawknow ubuntu doesn't have that AFAIK16:40
tech0007kosmonaut: you may want to do it thru cli...man usermod16:40
unicumwhat do i need to do if i changed the rc.local and want it running?16:40
nemoI have a laptop running Hardy where if the screen turns off, when it comes back on, it is a little distorted.16:40
nemolines appear across the content, as if it has been squished like an accordion16:41
jharkntech0007: I think it's my graphics card, I have an 8800 so see bottom of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsNvidia .  I'll try using the latest stable release in safe graphics mode ( I tried safe graphics with this cd but no luck).  Also, is it possible to upgrade to x86_64 from within a x86_32 installation?16:41
nemoseemed like some display settings issue, was looking for inspiration on what to change16:41
nemolike. refresh rate, res...16:41
tech0007unicum: its an executable...run it from terminal16:41
whitehawkseb1 there is a repo for that driver in the thread16:42
whitehawkyou might not need to build it16:42
alexvd_tech0007: hello i am trying to upgrade to Hardy heron beta from Gutsy and the update manager is hanging on the first step.  I commented out all third party repos and made sure all updates were applied.  Anyone know what the issue is and how to resolve?16:42
tech0007jharkn: no idea..from what i heard..32-bit works better than 6416:42
whitehawkseb1, or you should, cause that driver is old16:43
tech0007alexvd_: when i upgraded from gutsy, i used an alternate cd iso..how are you upgrading16:43
jharkntech0007: ok, I'm going to try 7.10 32-bit in safe graphics mode then. tyvm for the help! :)16:44
alexvd_tech0007: i am going to run application manager and doing a update-manager --devel-release16:44
whitehawkI think I will just buy a UVC compliant cam..16:45
kosmonauttech0007: not to sure what you mean16:45
seb1I hate that, Its my third cam and they all dont work :-(16:46
whitehawk**it happens16:46
whitehawkI will compile it for myself16:46
whitehawkbut I have no idea howto package it16:46
tech0007alexvd_: i remember...i mounted my alternate cd iso, then ran gksu sh /media/cdrom/cdromupgrade,,,the upgrade went smoothly16:47
john149Hi. I just installed the hardy beta, but I'm having a strange problem. I have an Nvidia 7000M, and need the non-free drivers. I selected through the "Hardware Drivers" tool, but I can't change resolution. I tried doing a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg", but it never asks me to choose my driver or resolution, only keyboard layout and other options.16:47
Morten^Toftanybody here know the solution to the no-sound problem when running on a macbook=16:47
tech0007kosmonaut: cli=commandline...if you're sure that user is already recognized, you just have to make it the owner of the /home partition16:48
=== DavidF2 is now known as dfeuer
kosmonauttech0007: oh...well it is excalty the opposite. /home/2user existst. but i cannot add athis 2nd user16:49
seb1Any Ideas what cameras are out of the box supported?16:50
houdiniI think I've found a bug in the liveCD, and I'm wondering if anyone could help me brainstorm it before I report it16:51
kosmonauttech0007: if i *would* do a adduser "2user" is there any chance that this command yould delete /home/"2user"16:51
houdiniI've got a Dell XPS M1330, and neither 8.4b or 7.10 x64 will boot on it16:51
tech0007kosmonaut: ok, then remove and then add the user, see man deluser16:52
kosmonauttech0007: this would be very bad ;-)16:52
houdiniI've got Xubuntu 7.10 x86 working fine16:52
tech0007kosmonaut: check man userdel before you do it16:52
kosmonauttech0007: ok i'll do16:53
tech0007kosmonaut: or better back up all your files first before you do anything16:53
zo0mguy#apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client libmysqlclient12-dev . is this hwo to install mysql?16:53
tech0007zo0mguy: normally it will prompt u to install missing dependencies16:55
unicum"aptitude dist-upgrade" doesn't bring me up to hardy. how come?16:55
tech0007unicum: whats ur version now?16:56
RyanPriorDoes anybody have Virtualbox running on Hardy?16:56
tech0007unicum: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades16:58
Morten^ToftI have a problem with the sound on a macbook. Internal speakers works fine, but line-out does not. What to do?17:03
amortvigilhey why cant i open the loginscreen edit util?17:07
amortvigildoes anyone know the command to open it?17:07
chloetwowhere is ISO? can't see it here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04/beta/17:08
chloetwoi need beta release, not current, but nevermind, found it at http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04/17:09
chloetwodaily releases may be broken17:09
hyper_chhiho, anyone got vbox (or preferrably) vmware running on hardy17:21
cvd-prNew updates , 113mb damnit17:25
hyper_chupdates are great17:26
tech0007hyper_ch: i do17:27
hyper_chtech0007: with vbox I always have networking issues ;)17:27
hyper_chtech0007: did you compile it from source or download the gutsy .deb?17:28
tech0007same here. same with vmware, i tried that also17:28
muszekI have vmware, but haven't touched it for months (certainly not since dist-upgrade from gutsy)17:28
tech0007i used the repo from hardy17:28
hyper_chvmware worked always fine on networking... I could easily ssh from my host into the guest17:28
hyper_chI'll try first vbox17:28
tech0007sadly vmware server aint included in hardy17:29
hyper_chit was in the partner repos in gutsy17:30
tech0007yup, does vmware in gutsy repo work in hardy?17:30
hyper_chok, logging out for the vbox group change to take effect17:30
jharkntech0007: I'm in :)17:33
tech0007jharkn: its working17:33
jharkntech0007: yeah I didn't need 32-bit 7.10 after all17:34
tech0007jharkn: great17:34
jharkntech0007: for future reference this is how I did it17:34
jharkntech0007: hit F6 to bring up the command line, remove 'quiet' and 'splash' switches, add 'nosplash' switch17:35
jharkntech0007: works fine now :D17:36
Seveasjharkn, 'nosplash' isn't needed17:45
ubotuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression17:46
=== whitehawk is now known as wh|gone_home
=== Mez is now known as Floodbot5
nemoin this bug, supposedly "linux-backport-modules-2.6.24" fixes the problem17:49
nemohow do I go about installing that?17:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190968 in linux "[hardy] [regression] iwl3945 doesn't associate on kernel 2.6.24-7" [Medium,Triaged]17:50
nemo'cause,  doesn't seem you can just do apt-get install linux-backport-modules-2.6.2417:50
=== Floodbot5 is now known as Mez
nemohiredgoon: networking issues?17:52
nemohiredgoon: never had a single networking issue with vbox17:52
nemoheck. ran my machine off it for months17:52
jharknseveas: looked a bit suspect to me too but it worked in any case :)17:53
hiredgoonnemo have you ocnfused me with someone else?17:54
nemo12:27 < hyper_ch> tech0007: with vbox I always have networking issues ;)17:54
hiredgoonor are you sensing the echo of my firewall issues from three days ago?17:54
nemooh well17:54
nemowas just taking exception with that statement17:54
hyper_chthat took longer ;)17:55
aldarsiorIs there a way to make xchat-gnome use a proxy server?17:55
hyper_chhmmm, vbox doesn't want to run debian ;)17:57
_Rambaldi_do you have a problem with the beta?18:00
echinosis there a way to do the "best server" test from command line?18:00
hyper_chechinos: best server trest?18:00
_Rambaldi_no idea what that means18:00
jbroomefor apt repos i believe18:00
_Rambaldi_oh to find the best servers for download18:02
nemohyper_ch: vbox works fine on ubuntu/debian - they have pkg on their website18:03
hyper_chnemo: I can't install debian as host18:04
hyper_chnemo: as guest I mean18:04
hyper_chwith the gutsy version of vbox18:04
echinoshyper_ch: in the gui "software sources" tool, there is a "select best server" option, to see which mirror is fastest for you18:05
ubotulocate is a command-line file search utility. To make sure its cache is up to date run: sudo updatedb18:05
hyper_chechinos: I don't use gui tools for isntalling software18:05
fromportmore people developed "problems" with drag&drop of windows last 10 days or so ? when i click the top border to grap a window and drag it to the side it switches to full screen. And i'm _not_ double clicking !!18:06
_Rambaldi_hyper_ch, is there a log file for the data and txt that installing in terminal generates18:07
hyper_ch_Rambaldi_: apt-get install PACKAGES > ~/Desktop/output.txt18:07
hyper_chthat would do it18:07
_Rambaldi_i know how to output that, but i was wondering if there was a file for it for previous installs18:09
echinoshyper_ch: neither do I. ihave one box with no GUI on it, and that's where I need to test for the fastest mirror18:09
echinoswhatI need is a netselect for ubuntu18:10
echinosit's an available package, but it doesn't work properly for ubuntu18:10
hyper_ch_Rambaldi_: I don't know18:12
hyper_chechinos: normally you use the country mirror18:12
doofy_Im trying to install w64codecs, but i cant find it anywhere in the repos18:13
hyper_chdoofy_: medibuntu18:13
RyoushiHey, how come GCC doesn't work on hardy?18:14
echinoshyper_ch: Icould do that, but I'd just like to know if there is a faster one18:14
hyper_chdoofy_: SWITCH is very fast for me18:14
doofy_hyper_ch, got it, thank you18:15
echinoshyper_ch: netselect works if you specify the mirrors, but it won't write the sources.list for you18:16
echinosoh, well, I'll just edit by hand18:16
echinosIt's not bad for the one or two times I install it at home, but it gets to be a pain when installing for work, other people, etc.18:17
hyper_chyou can make your sources.list available somewhere and just wget it18:17
echinosyeah, but depending on what ISP the box is going to e using, the server will be different18:19
nextstepso how many other people complained about gnome being corrupted yesterday after those updates?18:19
echinosAnd Iinstall boxes not near where I am18:19
hyper_chhmmm, damn... can't compile vmware either :(18:19
hyper_chwho uses gnome anyway ;)18:19
echinosI'm doing a hardy upgrade now... am I in for a problem? :/18:20
nextsteplol ... well after yesterday, I dont .. ha18:20
hyper_chXfce ;)18:20
blueyedIf I get the black window bug with the linux-server kernel (but not the generic one), should I file a bug against the kernel or linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24. I'm using nvidia-glx-new.18:20
hyper_chechinos: altering your system may always lead to problems18:20
nextstepno seemed a small number of us had gnome go completely south after that update yesterday18:20
hyper_chechinos: don't do it on production machines without backups available to directly replace them18:20
mohbanahow do i set the no. of lines are scrolled when i use the scroll wheel on the mouse ... like as in system wide effects18:21
echinoshyper_ch: no, it isn't "production"18:22
hyper_chechinos: but still, an upgrade can render your system unbootable18:23
hyper_chechinos: it's not likely but it can happen18:23
hyper_chechinos: did you already test the desktopcd?18:23
hyper_chanyone here runs his/her own business?18:24
echinosnope, just doing an update-manager -d18:24
hyper_chit should work without flaws... but one never knows18:24
echinosI'm self employed... so kinda18:24
bluefoxxwhy isnt poweriso in the repos?18:24
hyper_chbluefoxx: no clue what that is18:25
hyper_chechinos: looking for some software that will do contact management, case management where you can create timesheets / attach documents and billing (based upon those timesheets)18:25
bluefoxxhyper_ch: it lets you extract iso image files, among others. i need it to burn a .daa file i require to make another computer of mine work18:25
hyper_chbluefoxx: you can mount an iso in your file system18:26
bluefoxxhydrogen: i dont need to mount it.18:26
hyper_chbluefoxx: you can mount any iso in the file system and then you have access to the files18:26
echinoshyper_ch: haven't seen anything FOSS for that18:26
Le-Chuck_ITAhi there18:26
bluefoxxhydrogen: i meant hyper_ch not you <<18:26
Le-Chuck_ITAhow is one supposed to make tablet input work on hardy?18:26
hyper_chechinos: vtiger seems be able to do it... but it's a full featured crm which seems a bit overkill18:26
bluefoxxhyper_ch: its a .daa, ubuntu doesnt recognize it. powersio should let me convert it18:26
gaetronikit's just me or the grub paquet is broken?18:27
bluefoxxhyper_ch: i know i can mount .iso files allready, i can also open those in archive manager18:27
jbroomebluefoxx: check out acetoneiso, might handle daa's18:27
hyper_chbluefoxx: apt-cache search daa18:27
Le-Chuck_ITAit is not enabled by default as it was in feisty but should I modify xorg.conf as I used to do in pre-feisty18:27
bluefoxxhyper_ch: i allready searched for the file tyupe. first thing i did18:28
hyper_chxmms2-plugin-daap - XMMS2 - daap plugin18:28
hyper_chit's not that?18:28
jbroomehyper_ch: no18:28
jbroomethat's for talking to itunes18:28
gaetronikno one with this issue18:29
hyper_chno clue... never used itunes... never will use it18:29
gaetronikgrub reclams for udev which is not at good version18:29
hyper_chgaetronik: there's an update to it from today18:30
gaetronikfuck it might not be on my mirror18:30
hyper_chgaetronik: change to "ch" that's where I just got a few updates from18:30
gaetronikjust a letter to change18:31
hyper_chcz --> ch ?18:31
hyper_chsh --> ch ?18:31
hyper_chwhat's cl?18:31
unicumcan anyone help me activate my sound? running hardy on a macbook.. alsamixer tells me i'm sound's on.. i get no output though18:31
jbroomeuniversity of chile18:32
jbroomeerr, chile itself18:32
nastasthere is a folder that i can't delete in trash can. is this a bug? any solution?18:32
hyper_chco would be colombia18:32
unicumneither on mp3's nor on vids18:32
hyper_chunicum: don't have a macbook18:32
hyper_chnastas: you could empty your trash as root18:33
jbroomei have a macbook, but it's running the OS that Steve intended18:33
nastasi tried in the command line hyper_ch18:33
nextstepwoohoo the update didnt brick my laptop ... lol18:33
nastasit doesn't work18:33
hyper_chI don't even know where the trash folder is18:34
nastashyper_ch do you mean the command  "sudo rm -fr $HOME/.Trash/"?18:35
hyper_chI don't have a .Trash folder18:35
nastasneither do i18:35
hyper_chthere you go... so trash is somewhere else18:35
kbmaniac big trouble in kubuntu hardy .... it just did an upgrade and appears to have wiped everything apart from memtest86+ in /boot :(18:36
hyper_chwhy not just sudo updatedb && locate FILE ?18:36
gaetronikhyper_ch, what's the version18:36
hyper_chgaetronik: what version=18:36
gaetronikof grub from update?18:36
hyper_chgaetronik: how to find out?18:36
kbmaniacyep, simple update - looks like all kernal images have been wiped18:37
jbroomehum, that might not be kubuntu-only18:37
kbmaniacI still have /boot/grub/ but no kernel images18:37
gaetronikhyper_ch, dpkg -l | grep grub18:37
unicumanyone here running hardy on a macbook?18:37
hyper_chii  grub                                       0.97-29ubuntu20                                    GRand Unified Bootloader18:38
cvd-prwat the hell the update manager ask me to do a Partial Upgrade?18:38
nextstepcvd-pr:  its normal ..no worries18:38
kbmaniacproblem is I logged out before I found out,18:38
cvd-proh ok18:38
nextstepcvd-pr:  mine did it too when i did an update through update-manager18:38
kbmaniacI guess I need a rescue cd ... then do that chroot thing ....18:39
hyper_chonly used once the upgrade manager18:39
kbmaniacthen reinstall a kernal18:39
Le-Chuck_ITAIn hardy beta, nautilus is showing my home directory instead than my desktop18:39
Le-Chuck_ITAand "desktop is home dir" is NOT checked in gconf18:39
greg-gquick question: anyone know if the package volumeid should be removed from hardy? (apt-get dist-upgrade wants to remove it right now)  Or, anywhere I can look for the answer myself?18:41
nastashyper_ch i found that your Trash location is in .local/share/18:42
nastasnow i can delete the file using command line18:43
hyper_chnastas: how did you find it?18:43
nastasi google it18:43
nastashyper_ch http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=48859518:43
Le-Chuck_ITAnobody knows why home dir is desktop in hardy?18:45
chloetwohome dir is ~ and desktop dir is ~/Desktop18:47
_Rambaldi_by default home dir is not desktop it cam be changed18:49
MTecknologyis volume-id supposed to be getting removed18:55
xtknightMTecknology, what context?18:55
MTecknologyxtknight, updating atm18:55
xtknightMTecknology, me too.  i don't see volume-id on the remove list though18:56
xtknightdid you do dist-upgrade?18:56
MTecknologyno, through synaptic18:57
greg-gxtknight: "remove list"?18:57
MTecknologyI haven't done it yet18:57
greg-gI am doing dist-upgrade and it is wanting to remove it18:57
xtknightgreg-g, "these packages will be upgraded" "these have been kept back", tec18:57
* greg-g hasn't done it yet either18:57
xtknight"these will be removed" it sometimes says18:57
MTecknologyjust wanted to make sure this is supposed to be removed18:57
greg-gxtknight: oh, I thought you meant a list from the developers18:57
xtknightoh i always stick with upgrade i think it's safer18:57
MTecknologyelse I wait to update18:57
xtknightwell i do care a *little* about what's on this machine so i'm a *little* more cautious :P18:58
taconehello. slocate has been obsoleted. what should I use to get "locate" command again ? (locate?mlocate?)18:58
xtknightlocate is still there isnt it?18:58
greg-gxtknight: that is why we asked in here if volumeid is supposed to me remove, because we are cautious18:58
MTecknologyxtknight, this is my only protable system18:58
taconeno, the command is not anymore there18:58
xtknightah i never executed slocate directly18:59
xtknightgreg-g, hehe.18:59
xtknightgreg-g, well prolly not safe18:59
taconewhat surprises me is that they didn't replaced. just removed.18:59
xtknightgreg-g, i'd use upgrade not dist-upgrade, only dist is teling you to remove volumeid isnt it?18:59
greg-gxtknight: correct18:59
xtknighttacone, hmm.  i had "locate" ever since i installed hardy.  maybe it got removed later on18:59
taconextknight: it got removed 5 minutes ago :D19:00
xtknightmaybe it's that last "dist" update19:00
xtknightscares me19:00
taconeme too, but I did it.19:00
taconeI still have to reboot anyway19:00
MTecknologyHow do I disable nautilus from automatically opening when I put in a cd?19:00
xtknightMTecknology, i dont know.  i was going to file a bug for more configuration of hardware devices with the hal, because it seems to want to open a window every time the device is even in memory19:01
xtknightlike if i double click something in a fileopen window, a whole big nautilus window pops up agai19:01
xtknighthappens w/ HDs not just cds even19:01
xtknightat least i don't see a GUI way to configure autoplay19:02
taconeguess I'll try to reboot (*scared*)19:02
MTecknology8.04 is almost entirely stable for me "knock on wood anyway (with 114 updates going atm)"19:03
xtknightit's a lot better for me than gutsy beta was19:03
xtknightgutsy was crashing programs on my pc that didnt even exist :P19:03
_Rambaldi_xtknight, you mean when you mount something it auto opens19:03
xtknight_Rambaldi_, yea19:03
_Rambaldi_open the gconf-editor19:04
_Rambaldi_in terminal gconf-editor, apps>nautilus>preference19:04
wolf4914anyybody problems with X and nvidia drivers after updates?19:04
_Rambaldi_and untick media automount open xtknight19:05
xtknight_Rambaldi_, got it.  ill have to read through these to make sure that's what i want19:05
xtknightThis only applies to media where no known x-content/* type was detected; for media where a known x-content type is detected, the user configurable action will be taken instead.19:05
xtknightdo you know where this "user configurable" option is for known media?19:05
_Rambaldi_i do not xtknight sorry19:06
xtknight Le-Chuck_ITA /apps/nautilus/preferences/desktop_is_home_dir19:07
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, i just came across that, maybe that's the problem you're having?19:07
Le-Chuck_ITAxtknight: I did that19:07
Le-Chuck_ITAbut nothing changes19:07
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, restart nautilus?19:08
fiXXXerMetIs Hardy supposed to be out toward the end of the month, or?19:08
xtknightafter changing the option19:08
tacone14 days ?19:08
xtknight!hardy | fiXXXerMet19:08
ubotufiXXXerMet: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu19:08
fiXXXerMetAh, 24th.19:08
Le-Chuck_ITAxtknight: nope19:08
fiXXXerMetAnd when it goes stable, I can use apt to upgrade from beta?19:09
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, so your desktop is showing the home dir?19:09
Le-Chuck_ITAI changed that setting19:09
Le-Chuck_ITAit was not checked anyway19:09
Le-Chuck_ITAso I checked it19:09
Le-Chuck_ITArestarted nautilus19:09
Le-Chuck_ITAthen unchecked, restarted again19:09
Le-Chuck_ITAnothing changed19:09
xtknighthow did you install ubuntu?19:09
xtknight and separate /home partiton?19:10
Le-Chuck_ITAusing beta cd yesterday19:10
Le-Chuck_ITAyes I have separate home partition19:10
xtknighthmm i've been hearing of problems with separate /home partition.  one poor guy had all his data wiped.19:10
xtknighti have a separate /home my self and no problems (yet)19:10
iroguys anyone here knows stuff about VirtualBox?19:10
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, anyway let's try and fix this19:10
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, type ls -al in /home19:10
JuanquiWhat about VirtualBox?19:10
xtknightiro, yeah, what's up/19:11
taconeJuanqui: ?19:11
iroI get en error message when i try to install anything says "iKernel.exe"19:11
Le-Chuck_ITAxtknight: I suspect this may be due to the name nautilus expects from the desktop directory19:11
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, if it's a single user system the entry should look like this, besides your name instead of andy: drwxr-xr-x 63 andy andy 4096 2008-04-10 03:38 andy19:11
JuanquiDid u install virtual box with apt-get ?19:11
xtknightiro, are you having a problem w/ windows?19:11
Le-Chuck_ITAvincenzo@frattaglia:~$ ls -lad .19:11
Le-Chuck_ITAdrwxr-xr-x 42 vincenzo vincenzo 8192 2008-04-10 20:02 .19:11
irowindows and wine19:11
irosame error shows up19:12
xtknightoh ok19:12
taconeJuanqui: I have the .deb from their site19:12
iroi installed from sun's website19:12
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, alright, what about the permissions on Desktop folder?19:12
Le-Chuck_ITAnow the question is19:12
xtknight drwxr-xr-x  4 andy andy      4096 2008-04-10 03:26 Desktop19:12
Le-Chuck_ITAWHICH is the desktop folder19:12
Juanquiwhat are you using wine for?19:12
Le-Chuck_ITAthe localized "Scrivania" or19:12
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, ahhh localization19:12
xtknightdid i see a bug about this?19:13
xtknighthold on19:13
iroTrying to install a program in Windows and failed so i tried to do it in wine on linux and it has the same error19:13
Le-Chuck_ITAboth have rwxr-xr-x19:13
Juanquisudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-modules-generic19:13
LaneyDoes a DAAP-enabled console music player exist?19:13
Juanquithat should get you up and running with Virtual Box. When it's installed your going to want to add yourself to Vboxusers19:13
Juanquiand then reboot19:13
xtknightBug 13838719:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 138387 in xdg-user-dirs "[gutsy] Localized folders are linked to nothing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13838719:14
xtknightBug 21306719:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 213067 in xdg-user-dirs ""Desktop" localized folder name causes missunderstandings with some p" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/21306719:14
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, i dont know if those are related to your problem19:14
xtknightanyway for now you could symbolically link the proper desktop dirs together19:14
xtknightln -s realdir fakedir19:14
xtknightfind out thru experimentation i guess19:15
Le-Chuck_ITAxtknight: I have two proper directories, not links19:15
Le-Chuck_ITAmaybe I got the point19:15
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox19:15
Le-Chuck_ITAnope :)19:15
Le-Chuck_ITAok I am getting used to this anyway19:16
Le-Chuck_ITAit's not uncomfortable19:16
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, gksu xdg-user-dirs-gtk-update19:16
xtknightdoes this tell you anything/19:16
xtknightdoes nothing on my pc but i have no localization so i wouldnt know19:16
Le-Chuck_ITA xdg-user-dir Desktop19:16
Le-Chuck_ITAthis is the culprit19:16
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, but mine says that too and i don't have a problem19:17
xtknightnot sure if that command takes parameters19:18
Le-Chuck_ITAxtknight: do you know where the name of directories is recorded?19:18
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA,  cat /home/andy/.config/user-dirs.dirs19:19
iroI still get "The installShield Engine (iKernel.exe) could not be installed" ;(19:19
xtknightcan't beat that19:19
x1250is it just me or alsa has better sound quality than pulse?19:19
Le-Chuck_ITAthey are all wrong19:19
Le-Chuck_ITAI now will fix them19:19
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, try cat the same dir, filename locale19:19
Le-Chuck_ITAand not care at all since we don't have the history of what happened :)19:19
xtknight user-dirs.locale19:19
xtknightmight need to run xdg-user-dirs-update afterwards, who knows, i dont know how to use that program19:20
Le-Chuck_ITAthere's a comment at the beginning of the file that says to just change the file manually19:20
Le-Chuck_ITAso I am installing emacs for the purpose :P19:20
Le-Chuck_ITAthanks xtknight I solved my problem19:22
iroJuanqui: i stll got the error after installing vbox19:22
Fritzelif I wanted to disable compiz while I ran a specific program is it as easy as kwin --replace;/path/to/program;compiz --replace19:22
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, something tells me this bug will slip through to the release version too19:23
xtknightLe-Chuck_ITA, if it was a clean install you might want to report a bug19:23
Le-Chuck_ITAif it was the only one :(19:23
Le-Chuck_ITAyes I know I have more or less 100 bugs opened :)19:24
Le-Chuck_ITAthanks and bye, back to work19:25
Le-Chuck_ITAhowever hardy is starting to rock19:25
Le-Chuck_ITAlet me say that19:25
Fritzelis there a shell command that would allow me to create a 2 second delay before executing? what's the best way to do that?19:28
_Rambaldi_what site is good for port scanning19:28
jbroomenmap localhost19:28
Juanquisleep 219:28
Fritzelthank you19:28
xtknightFritzel,  sleep 2s19:28
Juanquiyep, more precisely19:29
xtknightwhat's the default?  seconds?19:29
xtknightthought it was ms must be mistaken19:29
Juanquiman sleep19:29
Juanquiman sleep > "Pause for NUMBER seconds.  SUFFIX may be ‘s’ for seconds (the default),19:29
Juanqui       ‘m’ for minutes, ‘h’ for hours or ‘d’ for days."19:29
jbroomei'd like to sleep for days19:29
irostupid Vbox errror.....19:30
xtknightiro, what? kernel modules not loaded or groups problems?19:30
_Rambaldi_so what is the synthax for using sleep19:31
iroidk this  "The installShield Engine (iKernel.exe) could not be installed" im new to Vbox used VMware before19:31
taconeiro: are you should it's not just something about your new windows install ?19:31
xtknightiro, that sounds like an issue with the program you're installing19:31
xtknightyou said you tried it under wine and real windows with the same problem?19:31
taconeservice packs or something.19:31
iroumm any program says  that19:32
irono i tried over wine in my linux and i think it said the same thing19:32
xtknighthmm i dont get it, what says this?19:32
nemohow would I go about installing "linux-backport-modules-2.6.24" ?19:32
xtknightsurely cant be everything19:32
nemoiro: um. you are using VBox under wine???19:33
iroidk wine gives exactly same error message with ti Kernel19:33
xtknightnemo, sudo apt-get install linux-backport-modules-`uname -r`19:33
xtknightnemo, this will install it for your current kernel.19:33
iroi tried in Vbox faild so tried in wine also failed19:33
nemoxtknight: gotcha19:33
irowould it be because i upgraded instead of installing cuz i didn't have any CDs so installed fresh 7.10 and upgraded19:34
taconeiro: you could try to ask in #windows ?19:34
nemoError reading block 16388 (Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read) while getting next inode from scan19:34
irokk i'm on vbox too :P19:34
nemoI think I broken this disk :(19:34
nemoshould have been more careful. external drives are delicate19:35
xtknightnemo, hmm where did you see this error? what context?19:37
billisnicewelcome to the JuNgLE!19:37
FritzelCould I borrow someone who can script for a second, my level of scripting expertise is very much newbie, but I can't figure out why this is not working, correctly, Warcraft III never launches, no wine output at all, the paths are correct and work outside the scripthttp://pastebin.com/df9490d719:37
Fritzelhttp://pastebin.com/df9490d7 rather for easy clicking19:38
xtknightFritzel, i dont know.  for some reason compiz is hard to script with19:38
Fritzelxtknight: 5 seconds should be plenty duration though wouldn't you think?19:39
xtknightFritzel, technically you shouldn't have to sleep at all but yeah19:39
xtknightwhat exactly does "cd -" do?19:39
Fritzelreturns to the previous directory19:39
xtknightcd ~mhollisjr/ is this supposed to be cd ~/ ?19:40
Fritzelyes and it is, that's just out of habit19:40
FritzelI can change that19:40
xtknightoh i didnt even know ~user worked19:40
irowtf? it says partial upgrade wtf is that?19:40
xtknighti need to brush up on my "cd" skills19:40
xtknightiro, it's a dist-upgrade, a more involved upgrade.  "partial upgrade" is sort of a misnomer19:41
xtknightit means they changed something big in hardy19:41
Fritzelyeah it does and it's handy for working with a program you have running as another user ^^19:41
xtknightsuch that it requires that19:41
irooh cuz i have one now and i'm on 8.04 ;P19:41
xtknight type cd ~ and press tab19:41
xtknightthere's a whole host of directories that pops up19:42
askandI understand now that the archives in hardy is now frozen and "Uploads to19:42
askandmain should at this point focus on release-critical bugs only"..when will these archives be unfrozen again?19:42
xtknightand some are in /var/19:42
xtknight? :|19:42
Fritzelahh I never thought to try that19:42
Fritzelcourse I was happy when I foulnt out you could user tab completion with apt-get packages ^^19:42
xtknightaskand, they wont be unfrozen until the beginning of development of the next release of ubuntu19:42
xtknightaskand, until then you can request a freeze exception if you feel the program is vital19:43
xtknightaskand, see #ubuntu-motu about this19:43
Fritzeloh we've moved into the final stage before release?19:43
askandxtknight: but 8.04.1? What is that for? Only fixing releasecritical bugs too?19:43
xtknightaskand, yea19:43
xtknightFritzel, umm i think main is frozen and univ is not?19:44
ubotuA shedule of Hardy Heron (8.04) release dates can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule19:44
xtknightFritzel, alright i guess everything is frozen starting today19:44
xtknightthat's what it looks like.19:45
Luckriderso... I have a quick question, in 14 days when hardy goes live, will this chan be for Ubuntu 8.10, and cease to cater to 8.04 users?19:45
jbroome8.04 will move to #ubuntu19:45
GInhow do you run command A and wait 10 sec then run command B?19:45
Luckriderthat is what I thought19:45
GInall that in 1 command of course19:45
Luckriderman... I like this chan better, there is faster response because there is less clutter19:46
jbroomethen get your version of hardy set up like you want it now. :)19:46
nemoLuckrider: also expectation of knowing your stuff :-p19:46
LuckriderI just like it here, conversation is more complete19:47
Fritzelis there a roadmap for 8.10? I'm curious what's planned19:47
john_For some reason "artir" has marked bug #109889 as "Fix Released", but no new -ubuntuN version of Rhythmbox has been released and it's my understanding that the solution won't make it into Hardy. Anybody know why he marked it released?19:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 109889 in rhythmbox "use cover stored to id3 tag" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10988919:47
jbroomeaw, crap19:47
john_Should I just set the bug status back to "In Progress"?19:50
nemoxtknight: your suggestion didn't help - still can't find the package19:50
xtknightnemo, then you need to enable the repository19:50
nemoxtknight: oh. n/m19:50
nemoxtknight: comment author had a typo19:50
nemoxtknight: backportS not backport19:51
xtknightjohn_, he probably thought that patch being posted meant released19:51
xtknightset it back to confirmed19:51
john_Will do.19:51
xtknightjohn_, i guess it will not make it.  hardy is frozen already19:52
john_Yeah, that's what PPAs are for ;)19:52
renfrewthis might be the wrong place to ask, but is anyone using an MSI tv tuner card succesfully with mythtv/mythbuntu?  I'm shopping for a card and need suggestions...19:54
Fritzelhmm is it normal to get a system beep when you kwin --replace? or do I have something doing something it shouldn't19:55
Fritzelor rather something not doing something it should19:55
_Rambaldi_when you install aptitude in other languages does the commands change20:02
Tilllinuxheya there. Is it possible to install edubuntu via apt-get after installing a "vanilla" hardy (either server or desktop)?20:02
FritzelI'm really curious what Ubuntu 13.04 will be like20:03
_Rambaldi_why 13.0420:03
redwhitewaldofunny. .mov files play in totem with sound, but it's all black for video. what's wrong?20:03
dany_21aFritzel: will be based on GNU/Hurd20:03
Fritzeljust a few years from now picked a number20:04
Fritzellinux has made massive strides in the last 5 years, it just leaves me wondering where the next 5 will take us20:05
Seren___I have selected "no splash" in hardy20:05
Seren___it starts but it looks rather broken20:05
Seren___ there is no icon, only a rectangular blue area with a truncated text20:05
Seren___is that the standart "no splash" screen, it looks somewhat buggy but I haven't found any bug on launchpad20:06
prodigelHi. Drebelion sent me here:). I'm having problems with my ubuntu installation. all worked well till 2 days ago when I realised X won't start automatically anymore. I think it has to do with my heron updates. Where do I configure X to start at boot?20:06
gunashekarubuntu 13.04 Rocking Raven20:06
FritzelI'm not completely sure this is the correct way to do this prodigel but if you install the bum package with 'sudo apt-get install bum' you can set kdm or gdm to start at startup20:09
Fritzeldepending on your installation and preference20:09
_Rambaldi_i would like to know the ubuntu for h in 26 years, since hardy is my first ubuntu20:11
Seren___holy howl20:12
Tilllinuxzappy zatacka20:12
Seren___and it is only in 13 years since there is 2 release a year20:13
_Rambaldi_oh yeah20:13
gunashekarHappy Hummingbird20:14
_Rambaldi_do you all use just ubuntu or windows as well20:14
prodigelFritzel: I don't see neither gdm nor kdm in bum list20:14
x1250_Rambaldi_: just linux here, ubuntu and debian20:14
_Rambaldi_x1250, which do you like the best20:15
x1250desktop: ubuntu, server: debian20:16
Tilllinuxso: is it possible to install edubuntu on top an ubuntu hardy (desktop/server) installation, or do I have to download the edubuntu-addon cd?20:16
_Rambaldi_you can install edubuntu-desktop20:17
Pelogood afternoon folks20:17
_Rambaldi_it install additional 331mb of files Tilllinux20:18
Tilllinuxwell yes, but I'm actually asking because of the "outofthebox"-ltsp20:19
JuanquiQuick question guys. If I installed the drivers for an nVidia card from the restricted drivers manager under Kernel A and then Kernel B is released and upgrade to it. How can I recompile the nvidia module interface to make the graphics driver work with the new kernel?20:19
PeloI upgraded to the beta a couple of days ago and I have this one issue that kind of bugs the hell out of me ,   /dev/sda2 mounts to /home/jean/Downloads but since the upgrade , for some reason  it also shows up on my desktop as Média 69.3 Gio and in  Computer and twice in places since I already had a bookmark for ~/downloads20:19
Fritzelprodigel: is it possible that they got uninstalled?20:19
prodigelno, I'm running it now:)20:20
prodigelFritzel: just that it's started from console20:20
Fritzelthat's odd20:21
prodigelFritzel: It seems gdm had been uninstalled20:21
prodigelFritzel: probably by mistake ...20:21
Fritzel-nod- well that should be a simple enough fix I'd think20:21
prodigelFritzel: I'll test it now. btb20:22
prodigelFritzel: brb*20:22
XceIIEverything works great, but, how can i make my audio universal, instead of only being able to use 1 program for audio use @ 1 time20:23
x1250XceII: pulseaudio, though in my experiencie sound quality is not that good.20:25
XceIIif i switch to paulse, will it break?20:25
XceIIill give it a shot, tx20:25
* Pelo still wonders about his curious double mount20:26
Seren___pelo what if you remove your bookmarks ? and the Media link on desktop ?20:28
PeloSeren___, it won't let me remove the link from the desktop ,20:29
Seren___if you do ls -l in ~\Desktop20:29
Seren___who owns it ?20:29
PeloSeren___, it is as if it views my /dev/sdb2 partion as a cd and mounts it to the desktop, and totaly ignores thefact that fstab mounts it20:29
=== TRGMichael is now known as Don_Miguel
Seren___I understood that but I don't know how to fix that in a clean and elegant way20:30
Seren___I don't even know why it does that20:30
PeloSeren___, not shows in ~/Desktop  ls -l20:30
Seren___you can update a few more time until release and hope that it will be fixed somehow20:31
Seren___( not very helpful I know :) )20:31
PeloSeren___, a while back it dd it for a fat32 partiton  had for a sahre with my xp but it eventualy went away on it's own ,20:31
tiagoboldthi, I've upgraded something yesterday, and when I booted today, I went to a busybox shell, with the error message that my disk uuid was not found. tried it directly with /dev/sda2 (and others since it could have changed) and nothing worked.. help? :\ @livecd now20:32
x1250Pelo: if it doesn't work you can always use the... "Ok, it doesn't work, let's start again" strategy :P20:32
XceIIwhat im getting when i try to use more than one device for audio, it keeps saying device key is busy, how can i get around this20:32
Pelols x1250 you mean reinstall ?20:33
x1250Pelo: Nope20:33
Pelox1250, ok I'm confused then20:33
Seren___tiagoboldt: http://www.joeblog.info/index.php?/archives/369-Finding-the-UUIDs-of-your-harddisks.html20:33
Seren___try to find the uuid of your disks20:33
Seren___and put that in fstab20:33
x1250Pelo: undo everything related and then carefully redo20:33
Seren___uuid are safer to use20:34
tiagoboldtSeren___:  I've checked it, it's fine.. must be something else :\\20:34
Pelotiagoboldt, the command to get the uuid is blkid20:34
Seren___tiagoboldt: ok I didn't understand that you were using uuid before20:34
Pelox1250, that's the thing , the only thing that was done is that caused this was upgrading to beta20:34
x1250XceII: you must use pulseaudio sound server. Install it and then: System -> Prefs -> Sound, and select pulseaudio20:34
* Pelo is watching a truly crappy movie and attempting to keep track while getting help in here20:35
XceIIoh ok, sry, thx20:35
Seren___can you run fsck ? ( I am not sure since you can't see your disk)20:35
aldarsiorI have a weird issue with gnome20:35
aldarsiorI have 3 monitors, two of which are on an nvidia card20:35
Luckriderwhat is the partial upgrade that came out today?20:35
aldarsiorthe middle one is not20:35
aldarsiorand gnome isn't managing it20:36
PeloLuckrider,  msotly gnome related stuff20:36
esoxhi; I try another time : my midisport usb doesn't work anymore on hardy, it was working fine on gutsy20:37
tiagoboldti've checked again my menu.lst and udevinfo for my disk uuid, that's ok :\20:37
tiagoboldtI have access to all the partitions with the live cd20:37
Seren___tiagoboldt: did you try to run your computer with a previous kernel version ?20:37
Seren___it might be related to a kernel update maybe20:38
tiagoboldtSeren___:  ups, sure, but I've deleted the old ones :\20:38
tiagoboldtsince I've booted once and it was working, I've deleted the previous version as I usually do :\20:38
XceIIum, pulse audio server is installed, and i was using it20:39
jdn I have an external harddrive that I use with ubuntu. Everytime I reboot it makes a new mount locaton in media. The first mount for example was everything, the next reboot is everything_, the next is everything__, so on and so on, is there a way to get rid of the clutter of "everything" folders/mounts that are residing in my /media location?20:40
tiagoboldtcan I, somehow, fakeroot into the partition, and try to update it inside the livecd session?20:40
Seren___tiagoboldt: I dunno20:40
jdnBasically, when I reboot, I want the mount location to stay the same each time. Instead of ubuntu creating a new location with each boot..20:41
x1250tiagoboldt: uncomment #hidenmenu in /boot/grub/menu.lst and install previous kernel version. You can uninstall linux-image-generic and family also. In that way your kernel will be updated only if you update it manually (I prefer that)20:42
tiagoboldtx1250: how can I install a previous version? :l I'm running the  live cd, can I fakeroot into the partition? I'm able to use it, but not to install anything, since it's just a mounted partition and anything installed would be in the livecd session20:44
tech0007tiagoboldt: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery20:47
x1250Uhm, I think it is: chroot /mnt/disk /bin/bash20:47
tiagoboldtsudo chroot /mnt20:47
x1250replace disk with your mounted partition20:47
tiagoboldtthat's it :)20:47
x1250tiagoboldt: you probably want to get rid of this metapackages: linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic linux-restricted-modules-generic. You'll have to upgrade your kernel by hand in the future, but the way I understand it, thats a good thing20:53
tiagoboldtfirst, i need to understand why I cannot update my packages20:54
tiagoboldtafter apt-get update:20:54
tiagoboldtFATAL -> Could not set non-blocking flag Bad file descriptor20:54
tiagoboldtE: Method http has died unexpectedly!20:54
Luckrideris there a way to view WPS files with Hardy?20:55
malnilionWord Perfect?20:56
Luckriderum... let me try20:56
malnilionLuckrider, are those word perfect files?20:56
Luckridernot sure20:56
Luckriderlet me google20:56
mheathMicrosoft Works, most commonly.20:57
mheathAnd, I doubt it.20:57
Luckriderit is microsoft works20:57
x1250tiagoboldt: is that partirion read only?20:58
malnilionIf Open Office can't open them, I think you're out of luck20:58
mheathLuckrider: Those files are pretty old, I think, too.20:58
tiagoboldti'm able to touch files20:58
Luckriderlet me see if OO can open it20:58
mheathLuckrider: As, in later version of Microsoft Works, it just uses Word.20:58
LuckriderI was just sent it today for an english project20:58
tiagoboldtwent to /var/cache/apt/archives, I'll install something old from there and reboot:)20:58
tiagoboldtwell, installing now, thanks for the help, let's wish I'm not back;P21:00
Luckriderhey... Mheath, open office did open it, when i first clicked it, it said there was no data, when I clicked open in OO, it came up21:00
mheathLuckrider: cool, glad it worked out. It's encouraging to find out that Open Office even works with such obsolete formats21:01
LuckriderI love open source technology21:01
mheathMS doesn't even make Works anymore, and that particular format was apparently obsoleted in 2000. I don't know who sent that to you, but they're either confused, or way behind.21:01
LuckriderIt was a freind of mine for an english project21:02
LuckriderI am actually switching him to Ubuntu21:02
=== topyli_ is now known as topyli
Luckriderhe like compiz and the ease of use21:02
malnilionMy dad is a fervent supporter of WordPerfect because of the font spacing and kerning options he can use.21:04
malnilionI think OpenOffice users could benefit from such features.21:04
mheathI haven't even paid attention or cared, so I may be misinformed, but I wasn't even aware WordPerfect was maintained as a serious word processing competitor anymore.21:05
malnilionIt kind of is...my dad's one die-hard supporter.21:06
Sergeant_Ponygood morning / afternoon / evening21:10
x1250+= / night21:10
Jaymacheh, latest upgrade wants me to do a partial upgrade involving the removal of volumeid.. I think I'll wait a while21:18
x1250does # aptitude why-not volumeid, say something?21:20
tomd123does ubuntu 8.04 have an minimal base system installation?21:21
x1250you can # aptitude safe-upgrade, and it wont be deleted...21:21
Jaymacit says the package volumeid is manually installed21:21
Jaymacx1250: yeah I know, but then it holds everything back :) all 40 or so21:21
Pirate_HunterJaymac: what happens if you remove volumeid?21:22
JaymacPirate_Hunter: I'm not going to remove it21:23
kane77should amarok work with pulse audio?21:24
Jaymacgrub initramfs-tools udev are being held back21:24
tomd123so no one has used the alternate install then?21:24
tech0007i did the update, it removed volumeid, is that bad?21:24
x1250that could fix it, remove and reinstall before or after upgrade. Take a look at # aptitude show volumeid, depends...21:25
x1250I have it installed, so you should too I guess21:25
tiagoboldtHi again, came back just to say thanks ;P21:27
tech0007x1250: cant install it, apt says its missing, obseleted etc, udev replaced it21:27
tiagoboldtInstalling an old kernel version solved it for me. I just had to mount myself the partition (If if let nautilus do it for me automatically, it wouldn't work)21:28
x1250maybe my repos are lagging behind.....21:28
tiagoboldtthanks :)21:28
x1250tiagoboldt: yes, nautilus mount read only iirc21:28
Pirate_HunterJaymac: why not what does it do in plain noobish english plz21:28
icanhasFunny question. If i install hardy using the live cd on a lappy, is there any way to transfer the running kernel / modules / proccesses to the new install and off the live cd WITHOUT restarting?21:29
JaymacPirate_Hunter: Synaptic says: volume identification tool21:29
Jaymacvol_id is a tool that uses a standard set of algorithms for identifying21:29
Jaymacthe filesystem type of a volume and information about it.21:29
x1250strange thing I don't see udev is replacing it, but again, maybe my repos are lagging behind21:31
Pirate_HunterJaymac: i did the latest update and here is what my system says, it seems everything seems fine http://pastebin.com/d708a5b0321:31
Pirate_Hunterhas the .zip file bug been fixed as file manager doesn't recognise & open zip files on my system by default which is weird.... hmm will test it out it might be fixed with he latest update21:33
tech0007strange, just did apt-get update, volumeid is not showing up still, but the deb is present in /var/cache/apt/archives21:37
esoxok, one more time, maybe someone will answer that time.... Since update to hardy udev rules of my midibox don't work anymore21:38
Pirate_Huntertech0007: have you tried that command to see if it is installed because i did the same update and mine says it is installed as can be seen in my pastebin link21:38
x0xst3v3n@AmaderBanglaChat:~/NeoStats-3.0.1$   :/home/st3v3n/NeoStats-3.0.1/src/perl.c:1640: undefined reference to `Perl_Gt21:38
x0xcan anyone help me with it ? st3v3n@AmaderBanglaChat:~/NeoStats-3.0.1$   :/home/st3v3n/NeoStats-3.0.1/src/perl.c:1640: undefined reference to `Perl_Gt21:38
Pirate_Huntertech0007: oh yeah that has nothing to do with why aptitude is not showing the volumeid package21:38
tech0007Pirate_Hunter: i did, it says21:39
tech0007No current or candidate version found for volumeid21:39
tech0007Package: volumeid21:39
tech0007State: not a real package21:39
tech0007how come?21:39
Jaymactech0007: I think the real package is lib-volumeid0 or something21:39
tech0007still nothing21:40
tech0007ok i see itlibvolume-id021:40
esoxok, so I think there will be no help on that. Finally microsoft is not so bad...21:41
tech0007libvolume-id0 is installed on my box21:41
x0xcan anyone help me with it ? st3v3n@AmaderBanglaChat:~/NeoStats-3.0.1$   :/home/st3v3n/NeoStats-3.0.1/src/perl.c:1640: undefined reference to `Perl_Gt21:41
x1250uhm, I've just full-upgraded and yes, volumeid is being uninstalled.21:42
x0xi am getting error on make21:42
Killeroidx0x: trying to compile the neostats irc services daemon, try the neostats irc channel21:44
Pirate_Hunteresox: lies all leis m$ the root of all evil :D21:44
esoxPirate_Hunter: well, at least I can run my midibox on windows and can help when it doesn't...21:45
esoxcan have21:45
Pirate_Hunteresox: so cool wait i cna do the same but then in ubuntu i have better security, vbox works, better filesystem FF rocks, opera rocks and net speed is way faster in ubuntu wtf m$ root of all evil everyone shouldnt be admin21:46
esoxhardy-studio put  terrible mess n my sound apps, and nobody to at least answer one question since this morning...21:46
Pirate_Hunteresox: have you tried the ubuntu forum thats how i got resolution working they seem to put the menu else where, why dont ask me but seriously annoying21:47
Pirate_Hunteresox: ask again and you might get happy otherwise do it in the forum and wait a day for response it wont kill21:47
esoxPirate_Hunter: of course I tried ubuntu forums21:47
Pirate_Hunteresox: now be patient and wait, rome wasnt built in one day the same as your question is not going to be answered straight away21:48
Pirate_Hunteresox: as long as the system still works just make do21:48
x1250I shouldn't worry about volumeid21:49
x1250udev says Conflicts: hotplug, ifrename, libdevmapper1.02 (< 2:1.02.08-1ubuntu7), volumeid21:49
x1250volumeid is vanished21:49
esoxPirate_Hunter: thats just that I'm musician and working without midibox is like having schumacher without a car21:49
Killeroiddid  tell anyone how much i hate the audio support in ubuntu/linux. its annoying when the sound in a flash video doesnt work even though i have puased my music player21:49
Killeroid*did I21:50
esoxx1250: udev also gives me nightmares21:50
Xioldoes anyone know whats going to happen with firefox for the release of 8.04? will it ship with the beta version of firefox, even though it's an LTS release? cos i didn't think Firefox 3 would be released before 8.0421:50
Pirate_Hunteresox: lol i see, now i understand... *sympathises for you*21:51
icanhasXiol: that's up to the package management gods21:51
Pirate_HunterKilleroid: hmm flash not working? havent tested that yet?21:51
esoxPirate_Hunter: but comparing the building of rome to a midibox is quite not kind for roman people21:51
x1250there are no broken packages in here, so I guess is a goodbye for volumeid21:52
atlefXiol: as i understand it will be released with hardy, but ff3 is not finnished until june/july21:52
KilleroidPirate_Hunter: try listening to music in your music player, start firefox and try to play a flash movie, sound wont work. even if you puase the soong in the meida player,still wont work, same problem the other way around21:53
inspired12hello hardy'21:53
x1250Killeroid: use pulseaudio, system -> prefs -> sound, select pulseaudio21:53
inspired12I am running it on my toshiba laptop and all the issues I had with gutsy have been resolved21:53
inspired12so I am a happy supporter21:54
inspired12I am a member of a multimedia collective from Houston, and we use Ubuntu Studio to record audio.21:55
inspired12they are all excited about upgrading to heron21:55
Killeroidx1250: i thoguht pulseauido was used by defualt, apparently not on my box21:55
inspired12so I jumped on it first to see how things were developing21:55
x1250uhm, Killeroid I really don't know, since I updated from gutsy. Maybe on a clean hardy install, but I don't know21:56
Killeroidx1250: i upgraded from gutsy too21:56
x1250I had to select it...21:56
coz_guys real quick .... the nvidia 9755 driver refuses to install on hardy... is this directly related to xcb?21:57
DJones!hardy | coz_21:57
ubotucoz_: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu21:57
coz_DJones, yes I know that part :)21:58
coz_DJones, however every driver from the 100,xx series and later all install with no issues21:58
cellofellowI'm using the Hardy Beta LiveCD right now and am very impressed. My NVidia HDA-Intel soundcard actually works.21:59
LuckriderWelcome to Ubuntu+1 the place for Hardy Heron discussion and support21:59
acusterhey all, is anyone having issues with java x bindings?21:59
x1250does someone in here use hardy from alpha's version to now?21:59
gunashekaryes x125022:00
coz_acuster, yes  I have no java22:00
gunashekarme from the first alpha22:00
cellofellowBut, my RealTek 8185 wireless card isn't detected. It was automatically working in Gutsy, although encryption didn't work so I used NDISwrapper.22:00
coz_x1250, I am running from alpha 422:00
cellofellowWhat gives?22:00
Luckriderwell cellofellow, i am glad to hear that you like Ubuntu, enjoy and maybe instsall22:00
cellofellowBeen using Ubuntu since just after Dapper came out.22:01
LuckriderIt is possible that it is a restricted driver22:01
x1250hardy is the first version of ubuntu I use since hoary :O22:01
coz_x1250, yikes :)22:01
* Luckrider has been using only since Edgy22:02
acustercoz_, 'no' == what? you run and crash or can't even run java apps?22:02
* truthfatal since Hoary, off and on.22:03
coz_acuster, I get nothing working that concerns java  including online stuff  at this point and I have tried icedtea and all22:03
cellofellowdoesn't seem to be detecting that my GeForce Go 6100 needs a restricted driver, either.22:03
* acuster looks for 7.3 plus java issues22:03
Luckriderhmm... have you tried going to screens and graphics to change the graphics card drover22:04
Luckriderit is easier to configure the card there22:04
cellofellowhuh, they moved that tool.22:04
Luckriderit should be in the apps under other22:04
cellofellownot available in the list22:04
LaggywareUgh, is hardy becoming really unstable for everyone?22:04
jyroin some things22:05
LaggywareI seriously am having to reboot every hour or so22:05
Laggyware*I am22:05
jyroim having weird samba issues22:05
cellofellowLuckrider: no nvidia option, only nv.22:05
Luckriderum... have you checked the drivers towards the bottom22:05
Luckriderthey are open source replacements for linux drivers22:05
cellofellowdisabled, says only Open Source Driver22:06
Luckriderthey are retardedly named22:06
Luckriderwell... at the bottom was the fglx one that I needed for my Radeaon FireGl22:06
jyroquestion: so in smb.conf, i have authentication set to user and I have a folder shared.  When I click on that shared folder from a windows computer, I get a password prompt, but when I enter my password, nothing happens.22:06
cellofellowI know, nv is the Free driver for NVidia, but only 2D no acceleration. NVidia is the restricted one.22:06
Luckriderthat is strange,, there should be a 3D version of that22:07
cellofellowMust be because of LiveCD.22:07
Luckriderthat is possible22:07
LuckriderI actually forgot that you said that it was a LiveCD22:07
cellofellowNow, why would Gutsy automatically detect my wifi card while Hardy not?22:07
NET||abuswhy does synergy suck over wifi?22:08
Luckriderthat is another strange thing, My intel cards were automaticly detected in both22:08
x1250cellofellow: maybe some buggy kernel22:08
cellofellow(Still very happy with it. I can probably fix it easily. The sound has me all happy.)22:08
NET||abusor is that old HP nx6110 laptop, just have the worst wifi card ever?22:08
x1250try using another one22:08
=== NET||abus is now known as NET||abuse
NET||abusesilly nick22:08
cellofellowLuckrider: Intel rocks. I couldn't afford an all-Intel laptop, though, so I got an AMD+NVidia+RealTek laptop.22:08
NET||abusehah, lol22:09
LaggywareNET||abuse: Probably because you are not getting the speeds necessary. Synergy is the dual monitors with two machines thing, right?22:09
LuckriderI have a IBM T42p, it came all intel, it was free (it was my mom's old work lappie) and it is worth about 1800 bucks22:09
LaggywareIf you are using it like that, surely you could hook them up with a Cat5/622:09
NET||abuseLaggyware: yup, gottit in one :)22:09
cellofellowRealTek sucks big time. In Windows, at least, it's always dropping connections. (Works fine in Linux if you get it working.)22:09
Zaqqhi. when is the expected launch date for the finl release of 8.04?22:10
LaggywareI mean, you are hardly going to have them a distance apart.22:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about launch - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:10
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases22:10
cellofellowMine I got on sale for $650. Gateway.22:10
Luckrideroh, that isn't a bad price Cellofellow22:10
NET||abuseLaggyware: well it's a case of the HP NX6110 has a broken touch pad due t having to push down on the casing to keep the thing from not freesing, and the usb hub is burned out, has been for a few months22:10
Luckrider!release | zaqq22:10
ubotuzaqq: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases22:11
NET||abuseso i have to use my other laptop with usb mouse plugged int to use it at all :P22:11
cellofellow1.8Ghz dual core Turion, 2GB ram. GeForce 6100, 160GB HDD. Yeah, good deal.22:11
Luckriderhat is great22:11
cellofellow14.1" screen, too. I like smaller laptops. :)22:11
LuckriderMine is 2ghz 2gig RAm, Radeon FireGL with 128mb22:11
Luckridersame here22:11
Laggywareright... but still, why not just get a cat5/6 in there?22:11
LuckriderI also have internal Bluetooth, and other great stuff22:12
cellofellowShared memory here. Only downside. :(22:12
cellofellowBluetooth I lack.22:12
Luckriderahh... I only use it for my wiimote22:12
cellofellowWell, 2 weeks. Maybe I should see if there's a bug for RealTek wifi cards.22:12
Luckrideryeah only 2 weeks to go22:12
Luckriderhave you tried doing an update with the Live CD?22:13
cellofellowI've been using a USB headset for sound these last few months. Very nice for Skype, but sucks for multimedia stuff.22:13
Luckridercan't you update in the RAM with the live cd22:13
LuckriderI think it is possible22:13
LaggywareI want to check out the eeePC. My only problems are the screen resolution, and the cost. It's a lot for such an underpowered device. The whole point of it was to be small and cheap, but they lost the latter.22:13
LuckriderI haven't used it much though22:13
cellofellowYeah, just installed nvidia-glx-new22:14
LaggywareIt's now more of a poor-man's macbook air.22:14
cellofellowhaven't set it up though.22:14
Luckrideralthough cellofellow, I have "installed" beryl in edgy off of the live22:14
cellofellowI love the EeePC, wish I could afford one. (Spent all me money on this full-power laptop.)22:14
LaggywareShould see soon enough though, if Asus's PR department ever get their act together.22:14
=== kubrick_ is now known as kubriq
LuckriderI want a new MBP, I will probly get one for college at the end of the next school year22:15
LaggywareProblem is, I want a laptop, sub-notebook, LAN rig, and to upgrade my current rig.22:15
cellofellowI'm not going to do a dist-upgrade to Hardy, I've had bad experiences with those. (Just old settings messing up new programs.) So, I need to backup my data and reinstall one of these days. I think I'll wait for the final release.22:16
LuckriderSee, I just don't want Windows, and I like macs, plus... My mom gets a discount through IBM from apple22:16
=== kubriq is now known as kubrick_
=== nonix4_ is now known as nonix4
LaggywareI mean, my current rig is powerful, but It's large and heavy. (Coolermaster Cosmos, thing weighs 20kg itself, plus components, plus water cooling (rads weigh 5kg by themselves, and fluid is heavy too) - if it wasn't for the rails on the case, I doubt i'd be able to move it) - It's powerful though, I really just need more hard disk space.22:17
Laggyware1.5TiB seems like a lot, but I manage to use it all up.22:17
Luckriderlol, You should get a few 1 tb ecternal HDD's from somewhere like newegg22:18
Laggywarea) England :P b) External? Please. My case is huge for a reason. c) 750GB is the sweet-spot price-wise ATM.22:19
LaggywareI'll probably grab a pair of 750s to bump me up to 3GB22:19
Luckrideror there is this rig22:19
Laggywarefortunatly I use LVM, so I can add space easily.22:19
cellofellownever bothered to figure out LVM.22:20
Luckriderquite a hefty price though22:20
LaggywareI hate laptops because you can't build them yourself22:21
cellofellowOnly problem with them?22:21
LaggywareI would never buy a pre-built PC ever again.22:21
Luckrideryeah, the only way to do that is very carefully22:21
LaggywareNo, plenty of others.22:21
LaggywareYou pay a lot, in both money and performance, for a laptop.22:22
LuckriderI like lappies though, I am on the move to much for a desktop22:22
LuckriderWell, I have a lappie that is faster than most new desktops, and it is 2 years old22:22
LaggywareHeh. Mine is the exact opposite of a laptop. It's huge, powerful, and pretty much as quiet as is possible.22:22
Luckrider2ghz is very fast still22:22
LaggywareI was shocked by the 45nm Intel CPUs though, or rather, their stock cooling.22:23
LaggywareHave you seen the stock coolers?22:23
sourcemakerare there any known problems with vitualbox and windows 2003 server? I can't establish a connection with remote servers with vpn using my windows 2003 server...22:23
LaggywareThe 65nm intel coolers were these big circular aluminium things, with a copper core, and a fan on top22:23
LuckriderI have a desktop that has 3ghz processor from 2002, but it is slow even with 2gig Ram because it has Xp, and is full of crap22:23
Laggywareabout 3 inches deep22:23
Laggywarethe 45nms have the same design, except it's about 1cm thick22:24
cellofellowsourcemaker: are you using NAT or Bridge networking with vBox?22:24
LaggywareBecause they run so much cooler22:24
sourcemakercellofellow: yes22:24
Laggywareit's crazily small, no copper core either22:24
Laggywarethey just don't need as good cooling.22:24
LuckriderI like my desktop for hardware, it is fast, powerfull, small and black22:24
LaggywareUnless you overclock them like I would. Although, even then, you don't need that much.22:24
LaggywareHeh. My desktop is basically overkill centeral. My PC is huge, water cooled, I have two 24" monitors, and a 5.1 sound system with a sub bigger than most people's PCs.22:26
LaggywareI use it all though22:26
LuckriderWell, for being 6 years old, it is very fast. Also, 2gig RAM is still not bad. The final thing I like about it is that it is not so ugly as other computers22:26
sourcemakercellofellow: why are there so many problems with vbox... maybe it's better for me to leave vbox and stay at vmware...22:26
Luckriderthat is overkill22:26
LuckriderI would like that though22:26
LaggywareIt isn't overkill, actually, since I use it all22:26
LuckriderI would too22:27
LaggywareThat's why if I did get a laptop, I'd have to get one of those super-high density 17"ers.22:27
Luckriderexcept, i would get frustated sitting in the same position22:27
LaggywareOtherwise I'd hate the cramped display.22:27
LaggywareI mean, I hate being without duals for a start.22:27
LuckriderI would like to have a computer like yours, and then controll it from a lappie22:27
LaggywareDual monitors is just so useful.22:27
LuckriderI have a dual for my 14" lappie22:28
Luckriderit is another 14"22:28
cellofellownever got that working.22:28
Laggyware14" >.<22:28
Luckriderit is small enough to sit on my lap22:28
cellofellowand I don't have a decent monitor to do it with.22:28
LaggywareA friend of mine has dual 19"ers and even that seems really cramped now to me22:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 206149 in ubuntu "The system doesn't recognize my Realtek RTL8185 wireless card." [Undecided,New]22:28
Laggywareeven though I ran dual 19"ers not so long ago22:28
LuckriderMine is a 14"  from IBM, it is in perfect box shape, but it was "thrown out" by IBM22:29
hiredgooni use synergy to link at least three pcs together now instead of using dual monitors etc.  :)22:29
=== Laggyware is now known as Lattyware
LuckriderI have several 19"s, but they are too big22:29
LattywareYeah. I'm just saying, I'm so used to large displays.22:29
cellofellowBiggest monitors here are standard 17" CRTs.22:29
LuckriderI know how you feel, I am the same way with tV's22:30
hiredgooni got to take two 19"s with me when i left my last job but then one broke22:30
LuckriderMine are all LCD, there is only one really old CRT that isn't used22:30
hiredgoonnow i want a 22" lcd22:30
hiredgoon1680x1050 would match my laptop nicely22:30
LattywareI hate high def TVs too, Every time I look at one, I just think 'Ouch, low pixel density'.22:30
hiredgoonjust below hd res22:30
Luckridermine are all 1400x150022:31
Luckrideroh wait22:31
LuckriderI just realized22:31
Luckriderthere is a 20 year old monitor upstairs22:31
Luckriderno, it is22:31
Luckriderthat is it22:31
hiredgoonhehe, np22:31
hiredgoon1280x1024 is all i can drive this sucker at if i want a decent refresh22:32
LattywareI have a total res of 3840x1200, I wish I could get bigger, but triple monitors lack good support, and 30"ers are just too expensive.22:32
hiredgoondecent = 78hz or above22:32
hiredgooner, 75hz22:32
Luckriderbut, there is a 13" upstairs from 1989, it is for a 1989 IBM22:32
hiredgoondoes compiz handle big res desktops now?22:32
LuckriderI have 50 for the built in22:32
Luckriderand 60 for the 14" external22:32
Luckriderthe 19" monitors are > 7922:33
cellofellowthe Restricted Drivers app isn't setting up my nvidia card, I don't get it.22:33
Luckriderthat sucks22:34
LuckriderI hate when that happens22:34
cellofellowI'm not in the mood to reconfigure xserver-xorg just to see some fancy GUI stuff on a LiveCD distro neither.22:34
cellofellowwell, I can wait two weeks22:37
Luckriderlol, accidental close and join22:42
jaebird_althas anyone gotten an ATI Radeon in Dual Head under hardy beta?22:42
LuckriderI have a radeon FireGl22:42
Luckriderthat works22:42
Luckriderwith 3d accelerator22:42
LuckriderI use the flgx driver22:42
jaebird_altLuckrider, no "white screen" ?22:43
Luckrideror something close to that jaebird_al22:43
Luckriderwhat do you mean "white Screen"?22:43
jaebird_altwhen i installed the flgx driver i got logged in to a white screen...no actuall desktop shows up22:43
jaebird_altjust a white screen and a mouse cursor :(22:44
Luckriderhmmm. that is strange22:44
Luckrideris it an x cursor?22:44
LuckriderI mean to say, is it in the shape of an x22:44
jaebird_altno, actual mouse pointer22:44
cellofellowok, there is no rtl8185 driver in Hardy. Huh.22:44
LuckriderI don't know22:44
jaebird_altok...i'll keep trying22:45
Luckridersorry cellofellow, I don't think so22:45
Luckridersorry I couldn't be more help22:45
cellofellowwell, looks like it'll be ndiswrapper again.22:45
Luckrideris that the 2D driver?>22:45
cellofellowno, that's the wrapper for Windows wireless drivers in Linux.22:46
cellofellowUsing that in Gutsy.22:46
Luckriderso... if it works do try to fix it22:46
LuckriderI do that, and brake it22:46
akleinhohello, I'm having a lot of 'lookup errors' using kubuntu 8.04 (for example with firefox), has anyone heard about these?22:46
cellofellowwell, there was an rtl8185 driver in Gutsy, although packages.ubuntu.com doesn't know that.22:46
Luckriderwhat do you mean lookup errors?22:47
cellofellowakleinho: you mean DNS errors?22:47
akleinhoi mean an error like the following:22:47
akleinho(wait a moment, i'm copying the error)22:47
Luckrideruse pastebin22:47
Luckrider!pastebin |akleinho22:47
ubotuakleinho: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)22:47
sTiVoI am trying to develop some interfaces to AIM in java on ubuntu 7.10.  I am having a little trouble.  There is a package available in RedHat called nss-devel that is required for the AIM SDK to work.  Does something similar exist for Ubuntu?22:48
akleinho /usr/lib/firefox-3.0b5/firefox: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_dpgettext22:48
Luckriderthis chan is for Hardy sTiVo22:48
Luckridergo to #Ubuntu22:48
akleinhoubotu: this is the only line i get, hope it isn't too much?22:48
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots22:48
sTiVoI guess I don't belong here because I don't even know what Hardy is.22:48
Luckriderakleinho, ubotu is a bot22:49
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 24, 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE BETA SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu22:49
akleinhoLuckrider: ah, I see :)22:49
Luckriderthe ! calls him22:49
ubotuFor discussion and help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubotu equivalents22:50
Luckriderthere must be 1 million commands for ubotu22:50
Pirate_Hunterubotu that brings back memories i remember the first time i tried talking to it thinking it was a person :D22:50
LuckriderI thought so too22:50
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ditto - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:50
Luckriderthat was a few weeks ago (I am new to Beta testing for Linux)22:51
inspired12well ubotu, ditto is what people say when they agree22:51
ubotufreedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing22:51
akleinhoso has anyone any experience with these kind of 'lookup errors'?22:51
inspired12freedom is important!22:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sppech - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:51
akleinhoI thought this room was about ubuntu, not ubotu ;P22:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about speach - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:51
Pirate_Hunterakleinho: what errors?22:51
LuckriderI can't spell22:51
akleinho/usr/lib/firefox-3.0b5/firefox: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_dpgettext22:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about speech - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:52
Pirate_Hunterakleinho: its about hardy but mostly anything goes if no one needs help22:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about computer - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:52
cellofellowakleinho: something up with libgtk having a but, or Firefox 3b5.22:52
akleinhoPirate_Hunter: I understand, only kidding ;)22:52
Pirate_HunterLuckrider: stop abusing ubotu22:52
LuckriderI have22:53
akleinhoyes, i think it is libgtk then, because it happens with other programs too (audacity for example)22:53
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!22:53
Luckriderlol, wasn't me22:53
Pirate_HunterLuckrider: lol22:53
cellofellowakleinho: what version of libgtk?22:53
Pirate_Hunteri know but that response was funny22:53
Luckrideralthough, I like how an official company has fun with their support IRC channels22:53
akleinhohow to find out?22:53
sourcemakerhow can I configure virtualbox in kubuntu using direct connection without this fucking NAT?22:54
cellofellowakleinho: aptitude show libgtk22:54
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox22:54
Pirate_Hunter!language | sourcemaker22:54
ubotusourcemaker: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.22:54
cellofellowsourcemaker: try the wiki, I think it has stuff about the Bridge mode.22:54
Luckriderwow, that was a random guess22:54
gribelusourcemaker: everything you need is in the virtualbox manual22:54
cellofellowLuckrider: haha.22:54
akleinhohmm, I'm currently using a ubuntu7.10 cd, so i guess i'll have to go back to 8.04 to find out?22:54
LuckriderI am good like that I guess22:55
Pirate_Huntersourcemaker: go to vbox channel for that22:55
sourcemakerI have already been there+22:55
Luckriderno on eis there?22:55
gribeluthe manual will do .. i used it and i got it :)22:55
Pirate_Hunterakleinho: if youre using 7.10 why are you here?22:55
cellofellow#vbox is very quiet.22:55
Luckriderthat is the problem I have with some of the other chans22:55
Pirate_Huntercellofellow: it always is those b******22:55
ubotuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox22:55
cellofellowhe's using a livecd cause his install is messed up.22:55
akleinhoI'm using the 7.10 cd at the moment, because there are more problems then only this one with 8.04...22:55
Luckriderhmm. I thought it might give info on that chan22:56
akleinhobut my question is about 8.04, so i guess that question belongs here22:56
Pirate_Huntercellofellow: i installed 8.04 on my reformated hd stupid i know but watdheck youre only young once :D22:56
Sergeant_Ponywhat's virtual box used for?22:56
Pirate_HunterSergeant_Pony: read ubotu message22:56
GInSergeant_Pony: google22:56
Luckriderthat is what I did Pirate_Hunter22:56
cellofellowSergeant_Pony: It's a virtual machine, run one OS inside another.22:56
DBOanyone wanna guess why after suspend my computer tries to load ip6_tables?  (this also seems to cause suspend issues)22:56
ubotugoogle is the helpers' friend; many newer users dont have the google-fu yet; For GNU/Linux:  http://google.com/linux22:57
Sergeant_Ponycool will it run win xp?22:57
cellofellow!virtualbox > Sergeant_Pony22:57
cellofellowSergeant_Pony: anything from FreeDOS to Vista.22:57
Luckrider!virtualbox | Sergeant_Pony22:57
ubotuSergeant_Pony: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox22:57
Pirate_HunterSergeant_Pony: yes it will just dont try to run mac os22:57
Luckriderthat is better22:57
Sergeant_Ponynice, I have winxp on my other partition22:58
LuckriderIf you want mac, try Kalyway22:58
Luckridergoogle it22:58
Luckriderok... food time22:58
cellofellowAnybody use the new virt-manager thing instead of VirtualBox?22:59
taconecellofellow: I tried.22:59
cellofellowtacone: and?22:59
taconenice, but slow22:59
taconeand forced me to create a virtual hd. (I was only going to run hardy iso)23:00
cellofellowI thought KVM benchmarked faster than VirtualBox.23:00
cellofellowVirtualBox needs a VDI, so what?23:00
chloetwowhy ubuntu only see 3.8 gb? bios report 4gb, memory remap enabled, ubuntu is 64-bit23:00
Pirate_Huntercellofellow: what new virt machine tell me tell me i wanna know23:00
taconecellofellow: I didn't do extensive testing, and didn't turn off debugging, benchmarks etc.23:00
taconecellofellow: I am not sure about what vm engine I told it to use, tough, just did a quick test :)23:01
cellofellowPirate_Hunter: apparently Hardy comes with a new KVM-based Virtual Machine installed by default.23:01
cellofellowtacone: KVM needs a CPU with virtualization built in, while kQEMU and VirtualBox don't.23:02
taconecellofellow: not installed by default. not in the beta at least. or not the gui :)23:02
cellofellowok, what's up with the notes on the wiki?23:02
taconecellofellow: I have a cpu like that, I guess.23:02
taconecellofellow: but virtualbox and vmware avoid built-in virtualization, for performance reasons.23:02
cellofellowYou can turn it on in VirtualBox if it's supported for a speed boost.23:03
Pirate_Huntercellofellow: oh forgot about that 0_o how good is it and compared to vbox/vmware how does it performe?23:03
taconeI rode that on vbox faq and on a vmware whitepaper23:03
cellofellowPirate_Hunter: ask tacone.23:03
Pirate_Huntertacone: oh forgot about that 0_o how good is it and compared to vbox/vmware how does it perform?23:03
Xiolchloetwo: does your BIOS report exactly 4gb? cos RAM sticks usually vary in size slightly. plus i think the kernel reserves some RAM for itself that doesn't show up (may be totally wrong tho)23:04
taconePirate_Hunter: I really can't tell. tested for too few time (minutes). but if you're on hardy you can install it straight away23:04
cellofellowI'm a happy VirtualBox user myself, but I want to set up Hardy on some other people's computers and Virt-Manager seemed useful.23:04
taconecellofellow: for now I'll stick with vbox23:05
cellofellowI'm somewhat worried about what SUN might do to it, though.23:05
taconeI guess they're building bases for further grow23:05
chloetwoXiol yes it says 4096 mb and vista 32-bit says 4.00 GB, and i highly doubt that ram sticks vary in size23:05
Pirate_Huntertacone: ok will test it myself since i need to check out a few small distros what is it called?23:05
taconeanyway, it's feels usable, not an beta-ish thing23:05
Xiolchloetwo: well, when i mean vary in size i mean a few mb.23:06
Pirate_Huntertacone: why would you stick with vbox when you havent tested it properly?23:06
taconePirate_Hunter:  it's called virt-manager :)23:06
Xiolchloetwo: well, they used to. i don't pay attention to my bios anymore23:06
Pirate_Huntertacone: thanx will do so now23:06
taconePirate_Hunter: because I don't really need virtualization for now :). I have windows already installed on vbox, so I'll just stick with it for now23:07
taconePirate_Hunter: the thing I'd be really interested in is better-than-vbox hameless-mode support, and directx emulation23:08
taconePirate_Hunter: both things are not likely to happen soon.23:08
Pirate_Huntertacone: ok I guess its the same when i using gutsy "why arent you using vmware" answer cause vbox was the app that i found first23:08
ian__is anyone else concerned that hardy heron will be going out before firefox 3 is released?  is there any discussion/documentation around the support for that?23:08
cellofellowdirectx would be a real pain, seemless mode is a little crabby with Compiz.23:08
Xiolian__: i asked the same question about 20 mins ago23:08
ian__xiol: lol  nice23:08
Xiolian__: doesn't seem to be a decent answer except that it's up to the package managers23:09
ian__xiol: my main concern is that there's very few plugins ready for ff323:09
Pirate_Hunterian__: well the beta is performing well no sites are broken so i dont mind and my net is fast compared to when im in windows and i mean that which is sad23:09
taconePirate_Hunter: vmware player felt (very) slightly faster than vbox and (little) less memory intensive. but the free edition of vbox allows me to setup vmachines via gui, which is what I need23:09
cellofellowthe only thing I could think of allowing full acceleration in a VM is to allow the guest to directly access the GPU using its own tty, like X.23:09
Xiolian__: yeah i agree. it seems silly that an LTS release will ship with a beta browser23:09
taconeian__: there's a plugin to convert your plugins to support firefox 323:10
cellofellowFirefox 2 has grown on me and Firefox 3 is a bit of a breath of fresh air. I like it.23:10
Xiolian__: as much as it kicks ass :)23:10
taconeian__: many will likely work23:10
Pirate_Hunterwhy would anyone tor their connection to freenode, its freaking freenode23:10
taconeian__: because firefox3 refuses plugin only because of plugin configs.23:10
[Neurotic]Heya - I got an update this morning, and now Flash in Firefox3B5 no longer works.  Is this something that's a known issue?23:10
Xioltacone: a lot of them do work if you disable compat checking, but you still can't install new extensions from the website unless the extension is compatible (unless there is a way around this i don't know about)23:11
taconeian__: also, If you need some specific plugins, check out the official sites, not mozilla's. firebug works .)23:11
cellofellowMy firefox 2 plugins in firefox 3 worked great, I had to create a symlink. (This in Gutsy.) Firefox 2 extensions, like Google Toolbar, didn't work though.23:11
ian__tacone: that's awesome.  that's the kind of answer i was hoping for23:11
cellofellowFirebug ROCKS!23:11
cellofellowoh, huh, virt-manager is from Red Hat.23:12
taconecellofellow: firebug's the best plugin ever. nifty.23:12
taconecellofellow: yes. that's why you can likely already rely on it. is not beta-ish, as I told you .)23:12
Pirate_Huntergeez ff3b is still beta and ppl are already attempting install goodness sake and they bother complaining why it is not working23:12
ian__tacone: did find firebug, that was the show stopper for me.  so that one's good to go.  now i just need lasttab.  the other ones i can live without23:12
Xioltwo questions: how can i speed up my synaptics touchpad? it's too slow to move across the screen and the synaptics touchpad config thing doesn't have an option, and the mouse speed option doesn't do anything. and secondly, is there a key-combo you can use to give the firefox search box focus23:13
taconeian__: what's lasttab ?23:13
cellofellowUbuntu seems to use more and more Red Hat utilities, like switching from gnome-cups to system-config-printer last release.23:13
cellofellowXiol: gsynaptics23:13
ian__tacone: it treats ctrl+tab like alt+tab where there's a notion of recent-ness23:13
taconeian__: ok, I see23:13
cellofellowXiol: you have to add one measly line to xorg.conf, and then you can use gsynaptics to graphically adjust your touchpad.23:13
Xiolcellofellow: i've tried that23:14
Xiolcellofellow: it doesn't have an option to speed up the mouse23:14
Fritzeldoes wine by default use any runtime debugger on kubuntu? I have a program that won't run because it detects something looking over it's shoulder23:14
cellofellowno accell or speed options?23:14
Xioli've got both a nipple and a touchpad on here so i have to resort to using the nipple. i've found this problem in 7.10 as well so it's not a beta issue, just this laptop!23:14
Xiolcellofellow: nope, not in gsynaptics. and the gnome mouse options thing doesn't seem to affect it23:15
cellofellowXiol: qsynaptics, for kde, has a few more options.23:16
[Neurotic]AhI found it - looks like Adobe has release a new version of Flash, and the md5sum doesn't match anymore23:16
cellofellowgutsy flashplugin-nonfree updated today.23:17
taconeany gutsy-to-hardy upgrader has gstreamer and flash working, here ?23:17
Pirate_Huntertacone: virt-manager does not do what i want it is the oposite of vbox, it does not run other OS it is more like a desktop connnection to another pc if im not mistaken23:17
Xiolcellofellow: somehow i'm not surprised :)23:17
TotemI am trying to install ati graphics card drivers, but when I do, I get this error: X Server: unable to detect23:17
Totemcan someone help me fix this? I need these drivers installed23:17
[Neurotic]hasn't come through to my mirror yet it seems23:17
taconePirate_Hunter: you're mistaken.23:17
taconePirate_Hunter: click connect and then localhost23:18
cellofellowI'm happy with Hardy so far, but going back to my hard-drive-installed Gutsy and it's lovely sound of silence. (Hardy sound works. I guess I can use that USB Headset for then next two weeks.)23:18
Pirate_Huntertacone: i hope so, than i dont know how to install but will try your way23:18
taconePirate_Hunter: you may need to install kvm or something like that, I don't remember23:18
Pirate_Huntertacone: whats hypervisor, which should i choose Qemu or Xen?23:19
taconePirate_Hunter: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=983&num=123:19
ZambeziOkay, no sounds for the last three days. Anyone else with this problem? I want it so desperatly I could downgrade till Gutsy.23:19
taconePirate_Hunter: you choose what you want (and have installed)23:19
Totemcan someone help me?23:19
taconePirate_Hunter: read the link :)23:19
Pirate_Huntertacone: ok will do so23:20
topyliTotem: looks like nobody nows right now23:20
topyliTotem: patience, sooner or later someone will help you23:20
Totemtopyli: oh well. Is there another IRC channel besides #ubuntu that might be able to help?23:20
topyliTotem: are you using hardy?23:20
taconePirate_Hunter: puppylinuxer ? :-D23:21
topylithis is the one then Totem23:21
Pirate_Huntertacone: yeah ive been testing it as well as dsl why do you ask23:22
ZambeziAm I the only one with a red disable-icon on the mastervolumeicon beside the clock? I wouldn't mind, but I want to see NHL with sound.23:22
topylimaybe there's a channel like #compiz or something with people who know graphics23:22
topylii don't know. anyone help?23:22
taconePirate_Hunter: also check http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=656&num=123:22
taconePirate_Hunter: nothing, I tested it too. very nice :)23:23
Pirate_Huntertacone: thanx for the linx i do need kmv since its not installed and yeah i like dsl better even knowing puppy has better look but the repo let me down in puppy23:23
* Fritzel is blinded by the misuse of x's 23:24
taconepuppy has better look ? mmh. they're almost there imho23:25
taconewish ubuntu had the inmemory support puppy has.23:26
ZambeziThis is odd. I didn't have alsamixer installed after last days upgrade and now when I installed it, I can't start it.23:26
Pirate_Huntertacone: hmmm not sure ubuntu to me is an alternate to xp better features but puppy cna be tuned to be just as powerful as ubuntu23:26
Pirate_Huntertacone: and so can dsl but i really liked dsl the cli was just beautiful and nirc got me hooked23:27
taconePirate_Hunter: tuning puppy would very long.23:27
=== artenius is now known as noble-
Pirate_Huntertacone: some have someoen in the channel said she/he had a disk with puppy and kde together 0_o23:28
=== noble- is now known as artenius
Pirate_Hunterfrom artenius to noble that was a bold step23:28
Pirate_Huntergeez users that cant make up their minds23:28
taconePirate_Hunter: yes I know, you can put kde on it. that would be nice, but you wouldn't have debian(1) userland and ubuntu(2) repositories23:28
arteniusI'm schizophrenic, don't make fun23:29
TotemI am trying to install ati graphics card drivers, but when I do, I get this error: X Server: unable to detect23:29
crimsunwow, people ranting on the devel-discuss list about PulseAudio23:29
Pirate_Huntertacone: true, i think you cna do mix repo on dsl lol since its repackaged anyway and soemone has tried damn dont have the link talking about that23:30
crimsunlots of things missed when you're away for months23:30
Xiolhow so23:30
Pirate_Huntergoing afk for quite a while still ahvent installed my apps yet in hardy :( and got uni 2morow morning which will be today in half an hour :(23:31
* Daisuke_Ido grumbles23:32
crimsunXiol: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2008-March/003641.html and the resulting thread23:32
taconenever mind Pirate_Hunter, we're going OT23:33
TotemI am trying to install ati graphics card drivers, but when I do, I get this error: X Server: unable to detect23:33
Daisuke_Idowhy in the **** would my wireless *completely* die EVERY TIME i suspend :\23:33
Daisuke_Idoi cannot figure this out23:33
Pirate_Huntertacone: OT.. whats that dont know that terminology?23:33
crimsunZambezi: you should always have it via the alsa-utils package.23:33
taconePirate_Hunter: Off Topic :)23:33
Daisuke_Idoa manual on and off for the radio doesn't work, restarting networkmanager doesn't work23:33
Pirate_Huntertacone: true so true23:33
Daisuke_Idoremoving and reloading the module for the card doesn't work :\23:34
Pirate_Huntertacone: will be back in a while if your on and its quite here will talk some more23:34
Daisuke_Idothis is getting frustrating, i can't afford to pull any more hair out, i'm bald enough as it is!23:34
crimsunDaisuke_Ido: KDE3 or the remix of KDE4?23:35
taconePirate_Hunter: ok23:35
Daisuke_IdoPirate_Hunter, tacone, if you want to engage in off-topic discussion, you don't have to wait until it's dead in here, you can /join #ubuntu-offtopic23:35
Daisuke_Idocrimsun, neither23:35
taconesorry Daisuke_Ido :)23:35
crimsunDaisuke_Ido: ok, and you're running udev 117-5?23:35
Daisuke_Idotacone, no need to apologize23:35
Daisuke_Idocrimsun, i do not know, i'm waiting for the laptop to restart now, so i'll hop on there and be back before you can say...  something that takes several seconds to say...23:36
crimsunok, time's up, I'm gone.23:36
Daisuke_Laptopalrighty then...23:38
Daisuke_Laptopcrimsun: what am i looking for?23:38
crimsunDaisuke_Laptop: the version of udev.23:38
woodwizzleI need help :( I'm trying to configure 3 monitors on 2 nvidia cards and so far no luck at all23:38
crimsunDaisuke_Laptop: and which wifi chipset?23:38
Daisuke_Laptopintel 496523:39
crimsunDaisuke_Laptop: with l-b-m installed?23:39
Daisuke_Laptoperr, i thought i installed that...23:39
Daisuke_Laptopinstalling now23:40
Daisuke_Laptopin theory, i should be able to suspend/resume and have it work?  or is there something else i should be looking at?23:41
woodwizzleAnyone in here tried setting up multiple monitors in Hardy?23:41
LuckriderI had for a while23:41
Daisuke_Laptopbe *right* back23:42
woodwizzlebtw, so far hardy's new RandR gui has been absolutely useless23:42
woodwizzleit only detects one card, and doesn't even detect that 2 monitors are plugged into it23:43
woodwizzleand I've already crashed X... a lot...23:43
Luckrideroh, then I don't know I just used screens and Graphics23:43
woodwizzleLuckrider: what do you mean?23:44
LuckriderI did too when I was doing it, you just need to play with it for a while woodwizzle23:44
Luckriderthere is a gui called screens and Graphics23:44
Luckriderit should be in apps - other23:44
Luckriderit is something like screensand graphics23:45
b4l74z4ris it possible to make gthumb zoom images using the mouse wheel?23:45
Luckridermaybee monitors23:45
woodwizzleLuckrider: nothing like that on my system :(23:45
Luckridergive me a little bit to find it23:45
Luckridermonitor and display maybee woodwizzle?23:46
Luckriderthat is KDE23:46
Luckridergo to add/remove apps23:46
Luckriderand look for23:47
LuckriderKDE control Modual23:47
Luckridernope sorry woodwizzle23:47
Luckridernot right23:47
BoohbahSystem Settings23:48
BoohbahMonitor & Display23:48
woodwizzleSystem > Preferences > Screen Resolutions is all I have23:48
Daisuke_Laptopwish me luck23:48
woodwizzleBoohbah: what do you mean System Settings?23:49
Boohbahare you in kde?23:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 215425 in brasero "brasero crash while inserting cd after tell it to burn image (multi burning) . if you wait and close nautilus-burn before chose last project this is ok" [Undecided,New]23:49
benjis there anybody have the same thinggs under hardy23:50
benjand is it enough ?23:51
* martalli enjoys kubuntu 23:56
* Luckrider enjoys having Gnome and KDE on Ubuntu23:56
martalliI have never had a problem with k3b doing that, going back to mdk 9.223:56
LaneyIs Hardy going to ship with a prerelease version of Firefox?23:58
lamalexfirefox-2 is in universe if you need it23:58
martalliIt's not that I have a problem with gnome...I used gnome with ubuntu from 6.10 through 7.04, but kubuntu 7.10 worked fairly well witht he nonfree parts I just gotta have (flash pugin and all that23:58
martalliHardy has ff-3.0 as default23:58
LaneyNah, 3 is fine. I was just curious. Seems pretty brave for an LTS release23:58
LaneyBut b5 has been stable enough for daily use for me23:59
Daisuke-Laptopso much for luck :\23:59

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