cody-somerville_MMA_, I can't join #ubuntustudio-devel00:19
_MMA_Try now00:31
troy_skwwii: +1 on attempting to breathe some colour back into the thing.00:39
Yacowhere can i find a list of free fonttypes? or where should i ask?01:21
DanaG  * Updating the wallpaper and the simple background with a red crested07:55
DanaG    version and more colorful background and adding Ashton to the authors file07:55
* DanaG goes off cheering, but redirects it (the cheering) to /dev/null07:55
DanaGanother random thing: I ♡ unicode.07:58
DanaGBecause you can do exactly that with it.  SCIM extra tables: "latex"07:59
troy_sDanaG: You can browse the checkout code at bzr08:03
troy_sDanaG: And see the changes.08:03
DanaGIt's in an update package I'm installing through update-manager, actually.08:03
DanaG///usr/share/gnome/help/blackjack/el/blackjack.xml:402: parser error : Entity 'Βοήθεια' not defined08:04
DanaG                  <para><guimenuitem>Προτιμήσεις&Βοήθεια;</gui08:04
DanaGheh, that just amused me.08:04
DanaGI am sooooo going to get a case skin for my next laptop, with this heron on it.08:11
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mrdoobI just had one quick question15:59
mrdoobis that bird wallpapaer going to stay for the 8.04 release15:59
mrdoobor is it just for the beta?15:59
_MMA_Its final.15:59
mrdoobwhat happened to this one?16:01
mrdoobimho that was very attractive16:01
mrdoobthe problem I have with the bird is the swirls, is as if somebody discovered the swirld distortion boom, done. Not very "human" after all ;)16:02
_MMA_Its done. Can't please everyone.16:02
mrdoobok ok, sorry if I have said something I shouldn't16:04
_MMA_No. Just this close to final there's nothing to be done. :P16:04
mrdoobI can imagine yeah16:05
_MMA_Also, just realize the amount of people that come and and do what you did. Can be taxing. ;)16:05
mrdoobcomplain about the bird?16:05
_MMA_"What happened to X? I liked X better."16:06
mrdoobno, seriously, I really apreciate all the work everyone behind ubuntu is doing16:06
mrdoobis amazing16:06
mrdooball the icon work, all the skins, all the developers16:06
andreasndesktop backgrounds are really easy to change in GNOME, the bird is fine16:06
mrdoobbut that just seemed so weird that I was very curious16:06
mrdoobso, when would be a good time to submit wallpapers for the next release?16:09
_MMA_mrdoob: Most ideas go on the wiki.16:09
Toma-...what bird?16:10
* Toma- shuffles off to the wiki16:11
_MMA_It's a chicken.16:13
mrdoobanother suggestion, took me a bit to find out where #ubuntu-artwork and/or #ubuntu-meetings was16:13
mrdoobI mean, the irc server16:13
mrdoobon the wiki doesn't always specify where it is16:13
troy_s_MMA_: Hey have a look at the Thunderbird icon in Hardy against dark -- it doesn't look the proper alpha transparencied version.19:18
_MMA_I haven't seen it. Ill install in now.19:19
troy_s_MMA_: I have some grey/white pixels around the wings which suggests that the icon is using 1 bit transparency.19:19
_MMA_Maybe the .xpm or something.19:19
troy_s_MMA_: Probably not obvious against white, but against AWN or studio's bg it wil be an issue.19:19
* _MMA_ boots up Hardy.19:20
_MMA_troy_s: Ok. Where do you see the issues. In the gnome-menu, it looks fine here.19:26
bersacekwwii: i updated humanlist20:10
bersacebzr merge seems to kill my work :(20:11
bersacekwwii: finally, i took the liberty to keep the old background and touche the transparency of the bouding box20:12
bersacethis mean that i do not just update bg and bounding box20:12
bersaceand that sabdfl wont like it20:12
bersacebut i guess sabdfl don't care at all of HumanList20:12
bersaceeverybody know that sabdfl uses kdm20:12
bersacethat's all for today20:13
bersacei actually do not trust bzr and thus i'm pretty lazy on updating HumanList, sorry.20:13

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